R.A.Q. (Rarely Asked Questions)

Hello, Spongey here

No one ever asks me any questions. Because EVERYONE HATES ME SOB

…Nah, i’m okay that all that. But I figured that eventually, people will ask me questions, so I came up with many questions that people could ask, and provide answers for them, so thus, if people ask them, i’ll be ready

This, is the R.A.Q. (Rarely. Asked. Questions)

Will you review X?


Why the hell did you like X?

Cuz I have an opinion?

Why did your top 11 X list not have X?

Didn’t like it enough

Have you reviewed X?


Why haven’t you reviewed X?


Who is Best pony?


Are you a gamer?

Nope. I love the meduim, just don’t have a console. I used to have a PS2 and i’d play it a lot, but now it’s busted

Do you watch x?


Have you seen X?


Favorite Actor?

Morgan Freeman. That man can do no wrong

…Evan almighty? Never heard of it

Favorite Actress?

Don’t have one. Mostly cuz all the one’s I can think of is due to hot-ness and …no

Favorite Voice Actor?

Tom Kenny, and Tara strong. Spongebob and Twilight sparkle. Gotta love ’em

Favorite Food?


Favorite show?

Can’t pick, but I guess Animaniacs if I had to choose. As for shows on TV now..well there’s this one with a platypus…i think I talked about it once

Fave LIVE ACTION show?

Can’t pick there. As for current ones…The haunting hour. No, I’m not kidding

Fave Non TGWTG reviewer?

Doing a blog on it so I won’t say it now

Fave sport?

Not a sports guy. Watch the angry video nerd’s atari sports video and find out why.

Fave Nostalgia Critic now?

Did a short list, but a plan to re-make it

Thoughts on his return?

I’ll open up that can of worms soon, but right now, I rather like it. The son of the mask review is so good my old review is useless. The skits actually worked for the plot and were funny, and the jokes were amusing

I blame you for that shitty 3rd season”

for the most part…ugh

Fave AVGN?

Again, doing a list


Did a list, but now the one more day one is my fave

Other reviewers?

Film Brain: Good luck chuck/Seven Pund/Going overboard

Mike J: Fred the movie

CR: My little pony retrospective

Cinema snob: ET the porno

Cartoon Hero: Atlantis

Mr coat: A look at International Dubbing

Hardcore Kid: Fred the movie. (I really hate Fred ok)

Hewy Toonmore: Freddie as fr07

Ani-mat: Hoodwinked 2

The DVD Shelf: Following

Favorite Episode of X?

Okay, i’ll say it for the shows I don’t plan to do top 11’s onE:

Fairly odd parents: School’s out the musical

Transformers Prime: T.M.I (At the moment, still need to watch the rest of the series but…damn that was a sad one)

Regular show: Trucker hall of fame

Adventure Time: I remember you

Rocko’s modern life: Wacky deli, but if you want a non cliché one, the one where he builds a kitchen

Wordgirl: A Hero, a Thief, a Store and Its Owner

Robot and Monster: Family Business

How I met your mother: The Final page. It aired after my tribute so that’s why I didn’t mention it.

Community: Remedial Chaos Theory.

Rugrats: Ruthless tommy

Avatar The last airbender: ember island players

The penguins of madgascar: The return of the revenge of dr blowhole

NFL Rush zone Season 2: EVERY SINGLE ONE]

Catdog: Great parent mystery

There’s more, but that’s just the tip

Alicorn: Yes or no?

Yes. Fuck the haters

Fave Youtube reviewer?

Jeremy Jahns

Fave Animated film?

The Incredibles

Fave disney film?


Fave Post 2000 disney film?

Lilo and Stitch

Seen any more Adam Sandler films besides the Sandler month ones?

I’ve seen Grown ups, click, Eight crazy nights, and 50 first dates. I plan to review all of those in some way or form. I did a review of 8CN way back during spongey’s christmas carol, but I re-watched it for my next blog list and…it needs a better review

Also, if I did grown ups for sandler month, i’d rank it above the waterboy and little nicky on the worst sandler films list. It’s that bad


Not a big anime guy, but I’ll watch any I feel like watching.

Anime review please?

We’ll see


Never read it. Never saw it. NEVER WILL

Marvin Marvin?

Lucas trying to a career after fred? Adorable.

Celeb Crush?

Look up every time on this blog where I said “she’s nice”

Best Review?

Hard to pick…I loved my wimpy kid 3 review, as I put a lot of emotion into it, and I perfectly summed up why I liked the movie so much. I also loved my Hoodwinked 2 review, as I really got into the film’s dirty, stinky, rotten core.

I also liked Goosebump a thon, as I got analytical and funny at the same time, and I love my speech in the finale. Also, Bedtime stories for explaining why it hurt me, and Dinner for Shmucks for the same reason

worst review?

Top 4 worst spongebob episodes. The entire thing screamed “LOOK I CAN HATE POST MOVIE TOO AM I COOL YET”. I am sorry I did it, and I am really sorry people loved it,.

Also, punch drunk love was a dull one cuz the movie wasn’t exactly a normal thing to review. Loved the movie though’

Title cards?

Yeah my guy usually can’t get them out fast enough, so as a result, I don’t have that many recently.

2013 animated films?

The Croods: Chris sanders? I’m in

Epic: looks …well epic! …except for the pitbull slug.

Monsters University: pointless or no, it’s pixar

Despicable Me 2: Liked the first one, hated the over-exposure. Not looking forward

Turbo: dumb idea, but funny trailer. May be alright…but I get wreck it ralph flashbacks from the title

Planes: Why.

Cloudy With a chance of meatballs 2: loved first one, trailer is funny. But no mr T? FAIL

Turkeys: Two rival turkeys, discover a time machine in a government lab and travel back in time to the first Thanksgiving to prevent turkeys from becoming traditional holiday meal. …YES


Escape from planet earth?

Look out for that review when the film comes out on Dvd. Ugh

250th blog?

At 230 now, I give it a month. Don’t worry, I got a good movie in mind…

Confused Matthew?

Mixed bag. Great reviews like Independence day,. Transformers, and (mostly) minority report. ..on the other hand, back to the future 2, lion king, 2001…need I go on?

One minute, I like him, the next I hate him. I hate that,.can’t say i’m a fan, but i’m not a hater either

Ben the loony?

Hate him.

TV Trash?

Haven’t much of him in awhile, but looking at tv trope’s claiming that him missing the point of the last chef episode …not a fan.

But thanks for actually NOT saying hannah Montana is ruining children! That makes up for everything.

Fave Bad movie?

Freddie as FR07.

Pet peeve?

Wait for my new novel on all of them. I swear, it’s only 500 pages!

Good CN, Disney, and Nick shows?

CN: Adventure time, MAD, regular show, dragons riders of berk, the amazing world of gumball.

Nick: Robot and monster, TMNT, Spongebob (suck it), Kung fu panda legends of awesome-ness, legend of kora, NFL RUSH ZONE

Disney: Take a wild guess, Gravity falls, Good luck charlie.

The Hub?

Love it. If you want a list of it’s shows I like..

ponies, littlest pet shop, transformers prime, haunting hour, Dan Vs, and hell, I saw an episode of pound puppies and liked it

…that’s like all of their popular shows. I should check out transformers rescue bots…it has tim curry!

Ever had a near death experience?

I watched a Serbian Film

kidding, nah

Doctor who?

Seen some  of it. It’s pretty good

Star trek?

Only seen wrath of kahn. Loved it

power rangers?

Nah. I love linkara’s history of power rangers though

Disney XD?

Better than DC by far. I like Lab rats, early episodes of pair kings, zeke and luthor, kickin’ it, and even crash and bernstien at times. ..all legit. No guilty pleasures. I enjoy them all for real. Well okay, crash’s toilet jokes get tiresome, but otherwise,. I like it.

Fave disney villain?


Turtles forever?

Special was good. Phelous’s review was SHIT

Bum reviews?


Goosebumps horrorlnaD?


Goosebumps most wanted?

I read the first one..wow, what a trip. Haven’t read son of slappy, but it sounds good. How I met my monster sounds fun, but Frankstein’s dog…why?

Atlantis the lost empire?

Loved it

Treasure planet?

Decent enough

Brother brother?


Home on the range?

Haven’t seen…but I have to for a list i’m doing. HELP ME

Meet the robinsons?

So underrated it hurts


Love it. Miley cryus and all

Sucker punch​?

Review coming this year


Gotta see it.


Like it.

Rise of the Gaurdians?

Liked it. Gotta love hugh jackman as the easter bunny

How do you survive all these bad movies?

Hours of therapy

Fave book series?

You know the ironic one, but the legit ones are wimpy kid, percy jackson (sequel series kicks ass too) and …the morganville vampires. You’ll see…

Blockbuster buster?

Fuck haters, he’s funny. Granted, he pisses me off at times but he has his good moments to make up for it.

Diamanda Hagan?


Show rebots?

Love ponies, ninja turtles 2012, thundercats 2011…we’ve gotten good ones


Spongey44, add me


You can see my dumb tweets at the top.


Thomas Blalock. Only use It to stalk doug walker though

Deviant art?

Spongey444. It’s my other home for these reviews.










Why the change to wordpress?

Never got to really mention this. See, I noticed I had trouble putting pictures on blogger, so I figured i’d go to wordpress like a friend of mine suggested. I did, but the picture problem stayed. Turns out, I was copy/pasting the pics instead of…uploading them.

So the shfit was pointless. Whoops. Ah well, I found out wordpress is a lot more userfriendly, so there you go. But blogger isn’t bad either

Blogger beware?

Troy says it is on “indefinite hiatus”. Hope he updates before I die.

DVD’s that need to come out now?

The rest of Adventure time (Season 2 is soon, on blu ray no less) Regular show (june, blu ray, MAD, Green lantern, young justice…i could go on ALL DAY.

But how about season sets of goosebumps in the us? WHY DOES THE UK GET THE GOOD TOYS?

Haunting hour DVD?

I have volume.1 See, 4 are out, each with just 5 episodes…sort of. See, for some dumb reason, they think 2 part episodes are TWO EPISDOES rather than one, so vol 1 only has 4 episodes…and as a result, vol 4 finishes season 1…except for the finale. Thus, vol 5 will have season and 2. fuck. That.

AVGN the movie?

He is not stealing money. He is not a hack. Movie looks good.

Cinema snob movie?

Still gotta see it. Heard it’s good though.


used to love him, but is becoming a representation of why people hate bronies.

Green lantern and young justice?

Good, but fuck you CN for canning them.

Finale thoughts?

Loved them. Forget what AV cliub said

Panty and stocking with garter belt?

Like it. Told ya I watch anime


Nostalgia feels for it. Will review the first movie eventually.


only seen prime, and the bay films. Love prime, and you know how I think of the latter.


Seen z and kai. Enjoy both

Will ferrel movies?

Only seen elf, anchorman, and megamind. Like them all. Looking forward to anchorman 2.

Reality TV?


oz the great and poweful?

Need to see it. But I unfollwed linday ellis on twitter after her rants on it, so that tells you what I think of the sexism claims

Dog with a blog?

Everybody has a few, guilty pleasures, you and me and even you..

The hangover?

Liked both. Yes, I liked hangover 2. no joke


The only one I bought for me was Phineas and Ferb holidays favoroties…but thanks to my mom, I own all of Bowling for soup and weird al. Thanks mom!

Back to future?

Love all 3. the telltale game is good too

Walking dead?

Haven’t seen/read/played it.

Robot chicken?

Like It, for the most part.

Worst MAD skit?

Randy savage 9th grade wrestler. It’s a one joke skit, and that joke is..



Randy Cunningham 9th grade ninja?

Really like it. Hence why I hated the mad skit.

Phill collins?

Don’t get the hate. Love tarzan, but brother bear was hit or miss, I admit.


Loved it. I’d like to thank doug giving a positive review to the madgascar trilogy, bee movie, AND inspiring me to revisitr shrek 3 and thus, my review was born


First was decent, 2nd was hit or miss. HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU LIKE THE WILD BUT NOT MONSTERS INC?!

Doug as a person?


Demo reel?

Another time..

teen titans?

Never seen it.

Ultimate Spiderman?

Again,. Another time.]

tv tropes?

I;’d like my sleep back, thanks.


Never read one. But I love linkara, go figure

Worst Nostalgia critic?

Old vs new on willy wonka. Why do it if YOU CLEARLY HATE ONE AND NOT THE OTHER?!

Rated A for awesome?

More like Rated a for ASS

how can you type with boxing gloves on?


Homestar runner?

Love it. Wish it would come back, but matt is working on aquabats, gravity falls…yeah he’s my new hero.


Never was a huge fan, but still liked him..then came the breakdown. Yeah, he got better, and i’m glad he has.

Critiquing the critics?

Love it.

Todd in the shadows?

Bugs me now and again, but I like him overall more than some others of his ilk..

Fave game?

Super mario world. Gotta love emulators.

The oogieloves?

Would love to review it, but I can’t find it.


Gotta see.

Dark knight rises?

Did a review of it. Doug’s review sucked, but Savage broadcast explained why

Amazing spider-man?

Once again, another time.


Never got to review it. Loved it

Fave film of 2012?

Cabin in the woods


A thousand words. See review.

Worst animated film of 2012?

Next review.



Upcoming CN, disney, nick shows?

They all seem alright, even the bad sounding ones.

Best dreamworks movie?

Kung fu panda 2

Blue sky?

Ice age.




Surf’s up




Haven’t seen it in years, but I liked it


Seth Mcfarlane made something I liked? Yay!

Family Guy?

Used to like, now I hate it


Seth Macfarlane?


hit or miss on his work., but he seems like a nice guy, and as bad as family guy can get, i never got the impression that he a douche or a bad person. Seriously, can we PLEASE attack familyguy without calling a fine man a bad person?!

American dad?


Cleveland show?

Best part is the intro. IT WILL NEVER LEAVE


Never seen it. Really.


Haven’t seen any 3d films, and I never plan to.

Hey arnold the movie?

Like it. Yes.


Now that derpygate is over, I’;m good

Worst Nick show?

Marvin marvin. BORING.


annoying orange. It takes a lot to out-suck the problem Solverz

Kids next door?

Good. Can’t see adults liking it though, for obvious reasons.

Is this an excuse to give your thoughts on things that will never get their own blog


So anyway how’s your sex life?



No matter what they do. No matter how dumb some get. No matter how much shit gets thrown at them. No matter how much some can whine like jerks. No matter how bad their rep is no matter how many people I respect bash them. I will always love, toelrate, and respect the bronies…Because I am a brony

…okay, i’m not ending it there. One more..

How and why did you start this blog?

I have 2 inspirations for the concept, and one for after I started it. I have many opinions and thoughts and I never had the chance to really get them out online without rambling too long for people to care.

But then I discovered Blogger beware, and saw how funny it was, and how good blogs can be for making jokes and expressing thoughts. That alone would have got me into it, but Doug walker aka the nostalgia critic showed me how far humor can go and how you can express your thoughts on something without being boring. You can be snarky, and hateful but also thought provoking and joyful as well. Both of these helped shape my sense of humor, and so I made this blog.

Before i’d post on various on sites on many topics, but with the blog i’d do all that more easily. First I just did a bunch of lists, general reviews, and actually many of the things I still do. Heck, it wasn’t until January of 2012, that I deiced to do play by play reviews, NC style.

This was due to me wanting to do an NC parody in a fanfic but then I decided I wanted to use the play by play form on my blog. Fear Street and Shadyside snark also helped shaped my style in minor ways, and the writer of the former has commented on my blog and I have guest posted on there.

So on top of that, Mr coats’ wide variety of videos, and positive out look influenced my “tributes” and other such stuff. So , thanks for that too. And recently, many of my Heroes weather they be internet reviewers, actual Tv/film workers, and such, have spoken to me through twitter and I am grateful. You guys have all helped me somehow, and there are too many to name, but the ones I mentioned just influenced this blog.

Without this thing, I wouldn’t be able to get out my thoughts on things, and while my spelling needs work, I think i’ve done a good job.

To everyone who has read a post on here, even if you hated it, thank you.

See ya. 


About Spongey444

I'm 20 and I'm a slightly below average man who can barely spell. I mostly spend my time watching TV and movies, hence why i ended doing a blog all about those things. I tend to have weird tastes, but I like think I'm just fair on things.
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2 Responses to R.A.Q. (Rarely Asked Questions)

  1. sweetie buttons says:

    I have a question: What’s your Favorite GB book? Top 13?

  2. sweetie buttons says:

    As for the Most Wanted series…How I Met My Monster is just The Girl Who Cried Monster, except the protagonist is less of a shithead like Lucy and just paranoid and easily scared, with a Calling All Creeps-esque ending. Son of Slappy is oddly depressing…in a creepy way. It’s also actually a pretty popular book. There’s a bunch of headcanons and fanart and analysis for it on Tumblr. There’s even an ask blog for the two main characters! …that I think got deleted…but it used to exist!

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