Ice Age: Continental Drift


This series is really on ice at this point

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Hey, what franchise should have ended after part 3?



Thank you arnold.

Yeah, I love blue sky, but man, they had a hit and milked it.

It all started with the 2002 film about prehistoric animals who dislike each other, but due to a series of events they end up together, trying to surviving the ice age. Oh, and they also find a human baby and try to get him to his parents, where they all learn to bond and stuff

It was a huge hit, so it became a series,. Not only did it have 2 sequels, but shorts, and plenty of merchandise. Now, I am a fan of this series. People have different opinions on the sequels, but I think they are both very good

Infact, this past week I marathon’d the original trilogy and was surprised by how well they held up. Especially the first one as it gets very deep and emotional. The sequels do a good job of keeping that going as they explore the characters further.

Granted, they didn’t match the exact charm of the first, but they had their own charm. To me, The Meltdown was the better one, mostly due to more consistent humor and characterization

But I will say that part 3 did have signs of the franchise getting tired. Thankfully they didn’t do what most movies do and milk it with a pointless 4th chapte-

oh…they did.

Yeah, whenever a franchise gets to part 4, it starts to overstay it’s welcome. And..This one was no different. But why isn’t it that good? Let’s find out

This, is Ice Age: Continental Drift

ice age 4

The movie opens with Scrat. In the first 3 films, there a saber toothed squirrel who often chased after his acorn, which lead to some great chuck jones style slapstick. He usually doesn’t figure into the plot (though he SAVES THE DAY in part 2) but he’s usually a great little aside. Some people may be sick of him, but I love the little guy

He’s pretty popular. Hell, they ripped off the idea in the previously reviewed happy feet 2!

As the movie opens, Scrat is on the ice with his acorn. Well that  was fast. Maybe he’ll finally eat the damn thing! Oh wait, it’s the Wile E coyote rule. Scrat will never eat the acorn.

Instead, he sticks it in the ice to save it. Seriously, after 3 movies you think he’d eat it. Instead, the ice cracks open and Scrat falls way down. He even passes by dino land and we get a cameo of buck, from part 3!

Sadly, this is all we see of him. This movie needs more Simon pegg.

So Scrat falls to the center of the earth. Uh, okay. Down there is a giant…rock…ball thing. He runs on it to get the acorn but this…causes the earth to shift and it makes…the continents break up.

Uh,…what? So Pangaea broke apart cuz a squirrel spinned on a ball at the center of the earth? Were the writers high?

Despite that, Scrat’s scene in this movie are great. Slapstick at it’s best. Sadly, they are much shorter in this chapter

Scrat eventually flies up to land…but the acorn eludes his grasp. With that, we cut to our main characters once again.


We have Manny the mammoth, voiced by Ray ramano. In part 1, he was a stubborn guy who wished to be alone, but ended up with the others due to wacky stuff. He thought he was the last mammoth until part 2, where he not only found the others, but also a female one.

That leads us to Ellie, voiced by Queen latifah. In part 2, she was found with two…possums. As a kid she ended up lost until these guys took her in and from then on, she thought was a possum. Long story short, Manny made her see her true self, and they found love, slowly but surely.

In part 3, they fucked, and she got preggo. At the end, she had the kid, so now we see the kid in part 4.

Her name is peaches, and as we join them, she has gone missing as they wake up. As they consult those two possums, Eddie and Crush, voiced by Josh peck and Sean William Scott respectively.

They let it slip that Peaches sneaked off to hang with her friends. Okay, here we run into the first issue: the characters.

Manny is now exactly like Mumble in happy feet 2: the father who is honestly a bit of a dick to his kid. They do try to go deep, but Manny is one note in this movie and has none of his usual charm.

Ellie is just the mother who is nice to peaches, and…there’s not much else to her aside From that. Crash and Eddie don’t do anything, so they suck too.

Manny is told she is going to the “falls” which is a gateway hangout

First it’s the falls, then she’s piercing her trunk and the next thing you know, she’s addicted to berries!”

Drug reference! Yay?

We join peaches with her molehog friend Louis,. Peaches is voiced by Keke Palmer, from True Jackson VP.

…What? Am I the only one who watched that?

Also, she’s…a teen Um..kind of a weird transition there. What, nothing interesting happened in all those years? And how old are our heroes by now anyway? Shouldn’t Eddie and crash be older?


So let’s talk about Loius. They don’t explain how they met or anything. Also, he’s the quirky best friend who kinda has a crush on her and they sort of end up together, but kinda not. That’s about it for him

As for peaches…well…

We’re ntr risking this so you can meet some cute mammoth”

He’s not cute. He’s hot!”

She is every teen girl character EVER WRITTEN.

Manny however finds her and tells her not to go to the falls.

‘”You are not going alone”

There’s me”

You don’t count wiener!”

Yes there’s my place…and you just put me in there, thanks”

Eh,. That’s a little funny

So let’s move on to our next character, Diego, voiced by Denis Leary. In part one, he was part of a vicious pack of saber toothed tigers, and he only wanted Manny so the others can eat him.

Same goes for the baby, though he was used for other reasons. However, Deigo bonded with them and ditched his asshole pack and joined the hard with Manny and another guy..

In parts 2 and 3, he dealt with issues regarding how soft he got and such. Here, he isn’t given much to do except be tough and…well you’ll see later

As we see him, he notices the ground is rumbling. He roars. It stops. …Awesome

Our next guy is Sid the soth, voiced by John Leguizamo,. In part one he was the comic relief who was abandoned by his family, who was at first a fuck up but was proven to be special. Same goes for 2 and 3 but in 3 he actually found 3 baby dinosaurs whom he bonded with.

Here, he is also given little to do…sort of. See, next we meet…his family!

sid family

Yeah the family mentioned as ditching him and never shows up in 2 and 3 randomly come by here! They show up causing a bit of trouble for Diego.

Oh, and the dad is voiced by Alan tudyk,. Dammit, why does he keep showing up in my reviews?

Oh, and during that, here’s a bit with manny and Peaches

“WWhen will I be allowed to date?”

“When i’m dead…plus 3 days just to be sure”

Yeah this movie does have it’s funny parts

Sid’s family crashed into them as Sid shows up for a big hug. Sid is happy to see them. Though it’s obvious that they didn’t miss him and that totally ditched him, though mom isn’t letting the others tell sid that

grannyOOh, and also here is Sid’s granny, voiced by Wanda sykes. She is the best of the new character cuz Wanda does seem to be having fun in the role, and gives her a couple funny moments. Though she does get annoying and useless at times.

The family sets Sid up with Granny and has them go off

“A A lot has happened since I last saw you. We fought dinosaurs in the ice age! It didn’t make sense but it sure was exciting”

Gotta love a good lampshade

And then…the family leaves.

Granny Is just dead weight”

<span style="font-family:Arial, sans-serif;"That was short. Yes, we never see them again. Even when shit goes on, we never found out what happens. Weak

That explains a lot about sid”

They tell sid that he has been ditched and is now left with Granny. Sid is unhappy but hey, he’s been through worse. Granny vanishes though so they look for her

And…peaches ditches to hang with mammoths. Wow, what a bitch

and Katie, who are just kind of bitchy and serve to…well you shall see later.

Oh, and Steffie is voiced by Nicki minaj. No comment.

And of course, we have her crush Ethan, voiced by Drake. He’s just…well the hunky guy who is also kind of a dick, as we see later

Lou here isn’t into him that much, as the cliché kid’s film rules state. But they are stopped when Crash and Eddie show up, having stalked them for Manny.

Despite that, She goes down to drake anyway. After some stuff, she bumps into him…literally. But their date is stopped when Manny shows up.

Manny tells Drake to go away, and says that Peaches is grounded. This kind of embarrasses her. So to recap, He scolds her for disobeying him, ruins her social life, and then wusses out and tries to reason with her. That is so cliché I can’t even start with this.

it also makes him kind of dickish, but peaches is also a bit bitchy so…I have no side. People mock her so she goes off. Manny gives the whole I’MHELPINGYOU crap we see in so many other films, but she doesn’t buy it.

i wish you weren’t my father”

<span style="font-family:Arial, sans-serif;"Ouch.

Ellie tries to comfort her”

It’s not the end of the world”

And then the continents really start breaking. Irony, you cruel bitch!

The ice starts breaking up, and what do you know, Manny and the gang end up separated from Peaches and Eliie, swept up on an iceberg!

So now the land is breaking around them, causing panic for our heroes, and they are swept up with it.

Oh sorry, I must have put in Ice Age 2 by mistake. Let me put in 4…wait…this is 4?


Yep, the plot is taken from part 2. Sure ,it adds new things, but they aren’t interesting things. The stakes aren’t higher! If anything they are lower.

The last movie has FUCKING DINOSAURS CHASING THEM,. Here, the stakes are about the same as in part 2. So yeah,. Dumb

Hell, didn’t we see this kind of thing in Happy Feet 2? ripping off another movie is one thing, but one of YOUR OWN movies? Shameful!

So long story short, the mains get washed away on a block of ice. Peaches is all sad about this. If you think the movie will focus on their thing and how sad they are..well you’d be wrong.

Yeah this plot is just dropped after a bit and we get wrapped up in a new plot that never connects with peaches. Hell, Manny doesn’t mention her a lot, and her scenes feel isolated.

So in other words, the plot is kinda jumbled but more on that later.

The gang is swept up in the current and can’t go back. They run into heavy storms. Now, I must say the animation is pretty good. However, it shows us nothing we haven’t seen before, but the character models are nicely done at least.

Though I must say it does have some fun parts, such as this bit as the ice is going through the sea. It’s a pretty decent set piece, to be honest

Oh, and a giant crab shows up

holy crab!”

You know-for kids!

And then it’s washed away, never seen again. Lame!

It may seem like i’m skipping a lot, but not much happens plot wise. They just shift in the storm and stuff. Not much to report.

So the next morning, the storm is clear and they are safe. Oh, and Granny is here. Yeah she got stuck in a tree on the ice, so now she’s here for the long haul.

She jumps in the water to bathe and…dead fish pop. It’s funny cuz she smells, dur hur

They save her and yeah that was pointless. But who cares, SCRAT TIME!

He survived all this, and is now on a bit of ice himself. He ends up on a small island, where he spots a skeleton pointing to the water. Upon looking down there, he spots an acorn!

In another great bit, Scrat goes down there, while trying to…well you know, not die from drowning. However, it was only half on acorn.

But, it had a treasure map on it! How it got there, I have no idea. But now scrat will get his treasure as part of his subplot! I love Scrat so freaking much

Sadly, a bone…harpoon hits the acorn and drags Scrat with it. He gets stuck onto a very big iceberg. But we’ll see THAT later..

Sadly we must go back to the dull plot. They are still alone in the ocean. Oh, and Granny is looking for her pet, named precious. The joke being that there is no “precious” to speak of. Precious is mentioned quite a lot.

Gee I wonder if we’ll actually see precious?

So then they bump into that big block of ice from like a minute ago. They drag the gang’s ice with their bone…thingy.

We see that the ice has a bunch of animals. A seal, a bird, a pig, a rabbit, and more. Oh, and the seal is named Flynn and voiced by nick frost. Well I guess if Simon pegg was in the last one…


Oh, and a tiger named Shira, voiced by Jennifer lopez. Dammit, her again? Antz, now this!

And so the captain greets them. They are pirates.

PIRATES In an ice age movie. What the what. Who the hell watched ice age and thought it needed pirates?!

The last one has DINOSAURS. Aren’t pirates a huge step down? Granted, they do tell the mains that they are not pirates, but we know they are

The leader is an ape named Captain Gutt, voiced by peter dinklage.


This is another performance I like. While Peter is miscast, he does seem to be having fun and at least he’s trying his best with this weak materiel.

Gutt tells them there is no way back home, though Flynn lets it slip that there is a way through a current. Gutt tells him to fuck off.

Your ship belongs to me”

<span style="font-family:Arial, sans-serif;"Oone fight later, they knock Manny out. When he wakes up, they are captured. We see that scrat was captured too

Gutt pulls the friend routine a bit, and wants to introduce his ship to manny.

Allow me to explain”

Now, it’s..


That’s right, a song in the middle of a non-musical. And…it’s really catchy. It’s fun, has nice humor and as pointless as it is, I actually quite enjoy this number. In it, they talk about how they saved their asses, but also hint at how they are evil and will kill them if they fuck up./span>


Anyway, it’s a fun song, and by far the best part of the movie. Sadly, the plot must move on.

“<span style="font-family:Arial, sans-serif;"Aas much as I am temped to join, a monkey, the easter bunny-”

how does he know who the-fuck it, it’s just a movie

Manny passes on the offer, which doesn’t please the crew. So they try to make sid and his granny walk the plank but they escape from their bounds and fight a bit

long story short, Gutt’s ship sinks and the others get on their iceberg. So, the movie’s over, right? Nope! We’re only 35 minutes in! ..There’s padding I skipped. Anyway, Flynn is not pleased

They sunk our battleship”

How is, that what he just said is more faithful to battleship than the actual battleship movie?

Gutt is still on a small berg, so there’s that. But Shira got lost in the shuffle…though gutt doesn’t give a hoot.

She’s in the water near Manny’s iceberg, and she ends up with them despite her objections. By the way, she has no personality outside of being tough and ending up with Deigo later. Yeah, spoilers. Cuz that was SUCH a well written, subtle romance.

Once again, we have another movie packed with cliches that make it boring.

Two sloths, a mammoth and a saber? You guys are like the start of a bad joke”

And also the middle…and the end.

We saved you. That makes you the punchline”

Okay that was funny

GRANDMA: if they kiss I;m gonna puke

So was that! Whenever they make a joke I would make, it’s funny. It proves just how funny I am, righT?


Back with Manny’s daughter and wife, that herd decides to rest while heading to their destination.

That night, Drake (fuck it, that’s what i’m calling him) shows up to talk to peaches. As they flaunt their lack of personalities, they sort of bond I guess. But then drake tells her to loose the mohawk dude. Oh see, drake is dick.

Didn’t see that coming did ya? My god, i’m so bored.

Then Ellie talks to peaches but of course she doesn’t straight up say “DRAKE IS DICK DON’T LISTEN” she’s all vague and shit. Thus, peaches doesn’t really listen but she still sleeps and says night to “dad’ anyway. Is she a bitch or not? I have no clue. Bad writing, ahoy!

Back with sid and granny, he wonders why the family hates them

They think we’re screw ups, and we can’t do anything right”

THIS again? It;s part 4, shouldn’t they know sid isn’t always a screw up? Worse, they barely go into it. They bring it up, but it gets resolved just as fast at the end. God, is this movie dumb!

Anyway, they all find some land. Right away, shira tries to run off. But she is caught in time. However, they also find a current that could very well lead them home

…but gutt has made a new ship right there, which sort of blocks the way. And manny suggests they just pirate the pirate ship from pirates. Try saying that 5 times fast

then they…bump into a bunch of …rodents. And he suggests…that they help them raid the ship. The writers must really be out of ideas.

Anyway, one lame comedy routine later, they get the rodents to help them out. But until then, we have to continue the shira thing, as that night, he brings the prisoner some water.

It’s very much slap slap kiss at it’s worst. So she brings up that he’s soft, but thankfully that is gone quickly since they don’t wanna re-hash part 2 even more.

And I guess they do break ground when shira mentions that she left her old pack, which diego can connect with,. I admit, this could have been interesting…but they brush it off and never mention it again

diego tells her she just got a worse pack with gutt.

gutt has my back!”

which is why he ditched you, right?

And…that’s the end of that I guess. Back to rodent battles! The next morning, shira escapes right as gutt sets sail.

She makes it to his ship, and she tells him about manny. And…she says she got captured.

you are a failure!”

so much for “has my back”, eh shira? He tells her to take manny down, or die trying. Can it be both so this movie can end?

Then the rodents attack, and during this, sid finds a berry, though diego warns him it’ll paralyze him. Because he’s an idiot, he eats it anyway.

To make a long story short, the herd is able to take Gutt’s boat from him, and Shira…then decides to ward gutt off. Okay, now she hates him again. CAN YOU MAKE UP YOUR MIND LADY?!

If you’re gonna be cliché, then have it make sense! Oh, and shira ends up getting separated from them, cuz she had to in order to stop gutt.

And…then he makes a new one. Well that was pointless. Shira …stays with him on the…Okay lady, first you stop him, then you join him? LEAVE!

Gutt is pissed, but he keeps her there….wait, what? You’re gonna keep her around? Even though she betrayed you? She’s clearly not on your side? Just kill her now!

So we have a chick joining a guy even though she should not be there, and a guy keeping her there even though he should kill her…this movie is contrived.

So now he wants to kill manny cuz…he’s evil, I guess. As fun at peter is in the role, he’s about as flat a villain as you can get.

Whatever, let’s get back to the boring family. By that , I mean peaches, drake, and her friends. Drake finds a shortcut and they walk through it. They ask peaches if she really is friends with that lame molehog.

She tells them they are not friends…and louis hears this. For pete’s sake, really? We’re doing this? As if this movie wasn’t overcrowded with enough cliches they pull one of the worst? There’s no reason for this at all! It doesn’t affect the story! Peaches/Manny should be the focus, that’s what the problem was earlier!

So yeah, this plot sucks. Of course, drake and pals don’t care as Louis walks away. Then they started to get caved in, but they escape

she isn’t happy.

it’s bad enough that your family is half possum..”

jesus, this too? They are pulling out every teenage girl cliché in the book at this point! That night, sid’s thing starts to wear off, making that pointless

GRNANY: i’ll push him overboard, you say it was an accident

i’m in!

Diego is having trouble, as it seems he is being stuck by love cliché #445.

i know what you got..the l word”

yeah, leprosy”

okay that was funny

but they then ruin the joke by stretching it out to the point where it’s not funny. Lame. So diego denies that he is in love…oh just play it

it’s too cliché, I won’t say i’m in love

happy now?

He looks off into the distance and sees…shira. But…said sees..

female sid

and then..granny sees-


what the hell? Wait…it can’t be..


sirens. …IN AN ICE AGE MOVIE. THE HELL!? Weird looking ones, but still sirens. Yes, MAGIC is now here. That’s it, this series has jumped the shark.

If NC can flip over the robot in rocky 4, I can flip over this. The pirates were dumb. The fighting rodents were dumb,. This…is beyond dumb. I know this isn’t a huge a problem, but this movie has already been a huge step down from the first 3 in terms of story, but now they throw THIS at us?!

I just..WHY?!

Even better? This comes out of nowhere, has nothing to do with the plot, makes no sense…and it’s never mentioned again.

big lipped siren moment

lovely. Not only is it shark jumping, it’s also POINTLESS. But i’l admit, it does lead to a great moment with scrat. When the gang escape, scrat shows up and the sirens pretend to be female scrat from the last movie…AND HE REJECTS IT.

Hilarious AND awesome. And then they turn into an acorn, making it funnier. He hugs it, only to see the siren and STOMPS IT REPEATDLY


But sadly, we must return to the plot. Thankfully, we seem to be close to the end as the herd spots land and peaches get ever so close to her destination.

She’s still sad about Louis, and she bitches about drake and whatever. Anyway, they find that the land bridge is gone, this doesn’t please our sub zero heroes (real tag line for the first movie) as they reach it.

Oh wait, the land is right there, tension gone thanks. oh…gutt is there, having captured peaches. …

wait, how did he get there before manny? They left first, and they never saw gutt pass them-oh who cares at this point?

Sacrificing yourself for your daughter…how predicable”

too late for a lampshade movie…but I laughed anyway

FLYNN/; remember us, we’re the bad guys?

Not sure if he’s stupid, or they think the audience is…at this point, i’ll say both.

you destroyed everything I had, i’m just returning the favor”

lame motivation is lame. So Louis tries to be badass. He grabs a sword, and tries to fight gutt. He fails, but this does distract gutt so a big fight can break out.

Oh, remember precious, granny’s fake pet? Well, he’s real, and he’s a whale. You read that right. I’;l sum this up with that they SHOULD have said

“Wait, you had a whale this whole time and you never had him help us?”

“Yeah, what’s it too ya?”

“Well, why didn’t he help us before? We could have used him.”

“I dunno. That’s never explained.”

“Well, it’s not like there wasn’t enough hammered-in build-up to him anyway.”

NEXT. In the middle of this,. Shira changes sides yet again, but she’s good for…good, this time. They use the whale to kick some extra ass.

Gutt starts to crack the ice in order to drop the captured ellie and peaches into the water, but then peaches drops in and kicks him to the side. Okay…that’s kind of cool. Doesn’t make up for her lack of personality though

my daughter is all grown up”

oh, back to this! Yeah, I forgot this was in the plot, cuz over shit sort of drowned it out. Yes, not only is movie cliché, it mixes those cliches up to the point where one gets lost in favor of another!

But wait, there’s more! Manny and gutt end up on a block of age falling through the land (idk) which leads to a sort of fun fight between the two. Peter even gets to show off his chops with his evil rants.

See, this movie had every chance to be fun but somehow, it got drowned out in all the cliches and bad writing. Anyway, manny jumps on the edge of the ice, flings gutt off, and then kicks him away with his tusks. Cool but, really? That’s it? Weak.

Manny then hitches a ride with the whale. But wait, gutt is still on an iceberg! Oh, and I kind of lied earlier..the sirens show up here to kill gutt. ..meh, they are still pointless.

So the villain is dead, guess we’re almost done. Manny arrives home on the whale. A mamoth on a whale, I must be high

you know sid? You’re not such a screw-up”

gee that’s about as effective AS THE FIRST 3 TIMES HE WASN’T A SCREW-UP. I mean geez, of all the cliches, this is the one that should have been left out. I can take the rest, but not this. Screw you, sid

oh, and now shira wants to join them and she loves diego and such. Pile on some more badly written cliches, I date ya!

Welcome to our herd”

yay, she’s only…like the 1000th member now? Sid, granny, manny, diego, ellie, peaches, eddie, crash, louis, and now shira. That’s 10 CHARACTRS in this movie, and only like..half of them even do anything!

Oh, and peaches is happy with Louis now. And now, these aren’t cliff notes in my review, they are cliff notes In the movie too.

GRANNY: all this sweet-ness is gonna rot my tooth

that’s why she’s the best new character. Not quite as alright as Gutt, but 10 times funnier…though ten times 0 is still 0.

anyway, their home is destroyed now, so they sail to an island that they found to settle down. Also, Manny tells peaches she can roam and have fun now. Glad that was solved!

Seriously, I hated that they used this cliché at all, but they DROP it for like an hour, and it barely ties into the main plot with gutt! There’s no story here! No theme, no real moral…bah!

And then drake and his friends show and ask to hang with her. They accept..even though she knows drake is an asshole. They don’t even show what they do, it just cuts away. Wow, that’s new levels of lazy storytelling.

So at their new home, they gather and are happy after their adventure…but wait, scrat is still here! Yeah, they should of put that BEFORE the heartwarming ending./

so Scrat finds a giant acron-ish shaped island, where his treasure lies. Then he bumps into…

ice age 4 patrick

this guy….voiced by…PATRICK STEWART?!

How the hell did HE end up in this thing?! Whatever. Wait, why can’t scrat talk like every animal can?

He introduces him to scrat-lantis, yay. It’s full of smart squirrels, gold, and acorns. Eh, it makes more sense than the sirens.

Scrat goes acorn crazy since, after all, it took him 4 movies to finally get a damn acorn! He sees a giant one, but patrick tells him to be more than a mere rodent. But he gives in and takes it

turns out, it was the plug. Whoops. So Atlantis was really full of squirrels and scrat shrank it…okay NOW this is dumb,

he is rejected to what is now death valley, and once again, with no acorn. The end!

Final Thoughts:

In all honesty, this wasn’t HORRIBLE. Just a typical bad sequel…but it’s the only 2012 animated movie I didn’t like, so there.

While not awful, it’s still pretty bad. The first three ice age movies, were funny, entertaining, and gave us really interesting characters with some deep issues and each sequel continued the story in a good way

This, however, is very lazy. The plot is re-hashed from ice age 2, from the obvious thing, to the whole “love interest in a misfit group” thing. When it’s not rehashing the 2nd one, it’s doing really dumb things like the pirates, or really cliché things like peaches.

The story is written badly too, with no real theme or story or going on to tie these elements together. It feels like a mish-mash of every animated sequel trope out there. The jokes range from “meh” to “kind of funny”

It’s not as un-funny as some other movies i’ve seen, at least. But the story is a re-hash, cliché, and badly written. The characters are worse, with the characters from the first 3 given little to do, and if they do anything, it is cliché and boring.

The new characters do little as well, except for Gutt, granny, shira, and peaches, and they are all flat and dull. Granted, peter dinklage and wanada skyes do good jobs, but that’s enough to save it. Peter can make a surprisingly fun villain (especially if you know what is like in real life) but not a good pirate.

The pirate crew do nothing, though nick frost gets a few good lines here and there. Even with some good animation, and action scenes, this film is still not very good.

All the cliches get tto be oo much. It’s lazy, and the sirens only prove the writers have no idea what to do with the herd. However, this is THE HIGHEST GROSSING ANIMATED FILM OF 2012.

It made more than Wreck it ralph, Brave and Paranorman. That, is a crime. Which means we’ll likely be seeing ice age 5 in a few years.

Something tells me it’ll have aliens in it….also that song is still awesome.

Grade: D-

See ya.


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I'm 20 and I'm a slightly below average man who can barely spell. I mostly spend my time watching TV and movies, hence why i ended doing a blog all about those things. I tend to have weird tastes, but I like think I'm just fair on things.
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