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Ranking the Animated films of 2014

Hello, Spongey here. We’re almost done with this crazy project, my friends. We are also starting 2019 right with a year that is sure to make up for 2013 being weak. I remember this being an interesting year and even … Continue reading

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Gumball-The Faith

“I just need you to be a little more positive, okay? You’ve been such a debby downer the past few years that it’s starting to ruin you a little bit”-Norty (sort of) Hello, Spongey here. 2018 is coming to a … Continue reading

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The Nightmare Before Christmas

Hello, Spongey here. Merry Christmas, everyone! As per tradition these days, we’ve got a good movie to cover for our big Christmas review. But because 2018 is such an offbeat year, we’re doing an offbeat movie. It’s one that doesn’t … Continue reading

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A Look at Warner Bros Cartoon Christmas Episodes

INDEX: Batman TAS-Christmas With the Joker It’s a Wonderful Tiny Toons Christmas Special Animanics-Twas the Day Before Christmas/Others Animanics-A Christmas Plotz Tazmania-No Time for Christmas A Pinky and the Brain Christmas The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries-It Happened One Night Before … Continue reading

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A Look At Disney/Cartoon Network Christmas Episodes (2018)

INDEX: Elena of Avalor-Snow Place like Home Muppet Babies 2018-A Very Muppet Babies Christmas/Summer’s Super Fabulous Holiday Surprise Puppy Dog Pals-A Santa for Bob DuckTales 2017-Last Christmas! The Doc McStuffins Christmas Special Bizzardvark-Holiday Video Sketchtacular Coop and Cami Ask the … Continue reading

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General Review: Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse

Hello, Spongey here. It’s time to  close out another year for animated features. I’ll give my thoughts on the year as a whole at the end so instead we’ll get to the review. Spider-Man has gone through a few different … Continue reading

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Ranking the animated films of 2013

Hello, Spongey here. Oh boy, we’ve reached an interesting point in our animated films quest. We’re talking about 2013, which is seen as one of the weaker years for animated films. And just based on memory I sort of agree, … Continue reading

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