Top 11 Regular Show Episodes

Hello, Spongey here.

You might have noticed that November has been chock full of these Non Review posts, most notably lists. Yeah, if you want a short explanation, I just got busy with a ton of these kind of posts around the same time, and I thought it would be fun to finish and release them around the same time.

Don’t worry, this isn’t overload on me. I just work on a small section of a certain post a day. It doesn’t took much out of my day, especially since I don’t do much to begin with. I do like to think I work hard on these but it doesn’t take too long to do these.

The reason I went into that, is because…i don’t have much for an intro here. I already went Cartoon Network and how it’s improved, so I can’t really segue way into the subject of this list.

With that said, Regular Show! You’ve seen me rant on a crappy episode, now let’s talk about it in a more positive light. Created by JG Quintel, this series centers around the surreal adventures of a Blue Jay and Raccon named Mordecai and Rigby that work at a park with a gumball machine named Benson for a boss, a ghost, an immortal yeti….and a fat guy.

This show, along with Adventure Time, helped make Cartoon Network great again. This show in particular got quite the adult audience because of how….strange it was. Even by Cartoon Network standards.

The main shitck of the show is that it starts out with a fairly normal situation that somehow becomes crazy and supernatural, most of the time with no real explanation. For example, in the pilot (which was retooled into a prequel episode), they are playing Rock, Paper, Scissors to get a chair.

Benson tells them it’s an evil game, but they keep going and when they tie 100 times, an evil monster thingy shows and tries to suck them up. …Yeah, no explanation for why that happens.

On top of that, the humor is pretty adult. For one, they say “sucks” and blows” a lot, and say things like “How the H are we gonna fix this S?”. That’s the tamer stuff. It was popular at the start because of the strange-ness and the adult humor, but as it went on, it become popular due to actually being good.

…Okay, I’ll stop being boring. I love this show. While Adventure Time may technically be better, I always enjoyed this show more, because it appeals to my sense of humor more. But much like Ed, Edd, N Eddy, I SHOULD hate this show.

I mean, the two main characters are slackers and are often jerks to each other, and never seem to learn their lesson. Not to mention Benson seems like he could be the Squidward type who can’t stand them and is punished unfairly. How does it still work? Well, it’s mostly because they do a good job at making these two very likable.

They have good chemistry and you really see their bond. They also get a lot of development later on. The writers do a good them at making distinctly different characters despite often doing the same things.

That’s something a lot of the ripoffs can’t get down.

But while I love the humor, surreal visuals and characters, the real reason I love the show is how …emotional it can be. Yeah, much like Adventure Time, this silly show actually gets kind of complex.

(Although not to the…extent of that one)

As the show goes on, it becomes more focused on telling good stories that really dive into these characters. They even go story arcs where things change. Not to the extent of some other shows, but they still exist.,

Granted, this can involve some hit or miss romance stuff, but the hits on that front work very well. Even going into 7 Season, this show is still great being fun and well written. Although I can why some may think it’s gotten a stale, I still like it because they still squeeze stories out of the formula and don’t rely on it quite as much.

Plus, there isn’t THAT much romance. They do like a couple, have a bunch of normal bunch, than a couple more romance. And most of the time, the love arcs work very well, and only sometimes do I feel it’s a bit much. (Season 6 did get slightly off in that regard, though)

Anyway, with the movie coming out, I figured I would do a list of my favorite episodes. I had to work hard to get this list on time, since I had to re-watch all the episodes first and I choose to do it a bit too close to November.

But I got it….hopefully I will, since I am writing this intro before I finish the re-watch. I better not have to put a bold parenthesis statement about how much I suck.

(….Looks like I didn’t. Haw, made you look)

Now doing this list was a bit hard, not only because it has hard to pick some favorites from this many episodes, but because most of the great episodes are on the same level of great-ness, so ordering them was a bitch.

But I promised it on DA and I spent a while re-watching all the episodes, so I have to do this. Thankfully, I’m proud enough of the list to post it. My only rule is no Season 7, because that is the current Season, and I feel like it’s unfair to include those episodes at the moment.

With that said, which episodes are the best? Which have the best humor, and tell most the most interesting stories? As I always say, let’s find out!

This, is the Top 11 Regular Show Episodes


  1. Terror Tales of the Park (All of them)

Writers: JG Quintel (1 only), Ben Adams (1 only), Andreas Salaff, Sean Szeles, Kat Morris, Benton Connor, Hilary Florido (2 only), Calvin Wong (3 only), Toby Jones, Owen Dennis, Sarah Oleksyk (4 only), Minty Lewis (4 only), and Ryan Pequin (5 only).

We’re starting with a bang, as we have at least 5 episodes for the price of one! Yeah, as you might recall, I’ve gone on at least 3 times about how popular the Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors formula has gotten lately.

It popped up sometimes but in the last few years, it has taken off with Phineas and Ferb, Fairly Odd Parents, and Gravity Falls pitching in with their own takes. Hell, even the live action Austin & ally and Girl Meets World did a few!

With how long The Simpsons has been doing these, why did it take this long for this style to blow up?

Of all of the recent shows to do it, this one has become the most famous for doing it. Why? Because they have made it into a tradition, just like Treehouse of Horrors. They did it in Season 3, and has done one each Season since then.

Which could have been just a lazy rehash of that shows formula, but it ends up working so well. Mostly since they seem to be doing it because they have a lot of creative ideas and couldn’t just keep it to one episodes.

Sure, they started to do it out of tradition but they STILL manage to keep them creative to this very day. Due to how iconic the Terror Tales episode have become, at least one had to go on the list. …But I couldn’t pick just one.

I have a favorite but I think the series in general desires a spot on this list. Although even I kept it to just the best, it would still be at the bottom, since there are better written episodes. Even then, this whole series deserves a spot.

I’ll go into what makes this series itself so cool aside from the ovious…after I rank the episodes! Yeah, might as well. Let’s go!


Yeah, the one that brought this concept back for the first time is in last place. It’s the only one I would not call great….but it’s still very good. My only problem is that there isn’t a stand out amazing story here, and they are slightly uneven. Payback has a good set up, but a weak payoff, even if that was the point. Party Bus was pretty cool, but didn’t quite pack a punch, and I don’t really an issue with Wallpaper Man, although it just didn’t quite get as creepy as some other stories in these episodes.

The stories didn’t’ quite have a huge hook this time, they were mostly just really cool. The highlight is of course seeing some dark stuff we not see in a normal episode, such as the amusing ending to Party Bus.

The highlight is the wrap around, with them just driving to a Halloween party. They have amusing exchanges, it’s the first one with Thomas (more on him later…), and the ending is dark and hilarious.

But aside from that, just a bit average compared to the others. Good follow up, just not my favorite


No huge problems on this one, so you know they get good from here. This one just isn’t quite the greatest. The interesting thing is how creative the stories get this time. The Hole is a retelling of a classic story with the park workers having a raffle for who gets put in a hole to help appease some higher ups.

The pacing isn’t the best but it’s a cool idea and they do lampshade the odd choice. Unfinished Business is a funny twist on the “Haunted by recently killed loved one” story, complete with ending that rips off a certain M Night movie. As in, the person telling the story rips it off and is called out for it.

Scary Movie Night was easily the best, as it was cool, fun and creative, as it had them entering a movie. But instead of just a generic movie, it’s a mash up of 3 sub genres, due to the backstory I won’t go into. It’s a really cool story and it’s the highlight.

The framing device has them going to finally meet Muscleman’s Mom. Yes, really. I won’t dare spoil the payoff, as it’s predictable but still awesome.

While it may not quite be the best, it sticks out due to being creative and having a cool ending. It’s a solid one


The one that started it all! While the framing device isn’t as strong, this one still holds up pretty well even after all this time. I do like the unique strucure. It just starts with the first story, with it being story as a reveal. Muscleman leaves and his antics turn out to be the 2nd story being told. Then it goes into story 3 normally, with a normal ending.

It’s a cool way to write this. Although for some stupid reason, on the DVD and I tunes, the stories are put as separate episodes all together. Well, the first two are put as one episode and the last is it’s own….but the framing stuff stays in, although the full title card for the special is missing.

I could see why would do it for reruns but why the official releases most people will be introduced to the episode through? At least it’s intact on Google Play, which I use most often.

Speaking of the structure, the thing I appreciate the build up to this one, and how the stories play. At first glance, only the 3rd one seems to stick out, but think of it this way: When they announced a Regular Show Halloween episode, peope were pretty interested.

This show is pretty freaky to begin with and has fittng enough episodes (most notably Ello Govnber) so people were expecting something pretty crazy but The first story was a bit…tame. Sure, it’s called and about a Creepy Doll, but the joke is that it wants to write on people’s faces.

It’s funny but not creepy. The 2nd one, Death Metal Crash Pit had death but was mostly Comedic and honestly, one of the weaker stories in this series. So people just figured they defy expectations and be light, which seems fine.

.Then comes In The House, which is a perfect combination of a real scary story, and a Regular Show episodes. This story alone could have been on the list. Rigby eggs a Wizards house, and gets turned into a house.

It seems rather silly but it manages to be genuinely creepy. It has the set up of a scary story and eventually the other characters are picked off and this is where it gets kind of creepy and suspenseful.

Then the others are flat out killed in creative and rather gruesome (for CN standards) ways. Seriously, this is some crazy stuff. Then we get an incredibly hilarious pay off that I won’t dared spoil.

This story makes the whole episode and is pretty much perfect. While plenty of these type of epoisodes build up with the stories, this one does in a very clever and fun way. Overall, a great way to start.


Yes, I know I said no Season 7 but I figured i’d include this one given it’s part of the series and it’s really good. It’s unique compared to the others and does a lot right. First, it has 4 stories instead of 3 and unlike Sanjay and Craig, it’s still well placed and each story has weight to it.

The framing story does something different. Benson gets a weird wish machine and it ends up implantn these stories into their heads when they make wishes. It’s a cool way to shake things up and it ends up working pretty well.

While I wouldn’t say any of the stories stand out as amazing, they are equal. Usually there’s one that’s weak, but all are equally creepy and fun in this One. Even the simpler ones like Going Up stand out pretty well.

I appreciate how they still mix it up and keep it fresh, even on part 5. It’s more creepy fun with some stand out elements, and a great ending…even if it reminds me of Terryfing Tri State Trilogy of Terror.

Of the episodes, it’s the best contrucured, but not quite my favorite. That would go to.

Terror Tales of the Park 3

Season 5 gives my the best of the series, by far. It may not be as cleverly contctused, but it’s simple yet is still great. Here they are just doing a contest to see hwo tells the best and worst story. Loser has to wear their costume till Thankgsgiving.

Thomas loses. And sure enough, we see him in his costume n the next couple eoisodes, and he takes it off in the Thanksgiving episode. I love the cintinuty here. They didn’t need to do this but they did, cuz the people hwo work on this show care about little details like that. Otherwise, the framing device isn’t the best but it has that going for it.

Also, I love how they say “That’s the Thomas’ Story of Costunes”. I wish the fandom would use “Thomas’ Story” as a ehpamsim for bad things. White Elepahtn Gift Exaange is the Thomas Story of Episodes!

.Sorry, figured i’d throw that in.

The highlight comes with the actual stories. Like in the House, they are all creepy and awesome in their own way. Killer Bed is the weakest but still quite crazy and has a hilarious ending.

Jacked Up Jack O Latnerns and The Previous Owner both get decently creepy and have a nice sense of dread. Jack o Lanterns is almost as dark as In The House, although the story isn’t quite as interesting. But it’s still tons of fun.

The Previous Owner plays it’s premise for laughs, as the creepy ghost spews out 80’s phrases….despite being from hundreds of years ago. However, it has a sense of dread and is still creepy.

While i’d argue In The House is the best story ever, this is the best of the actual episodes. I like the simple framing stuff, and each story is ewually solid in their own way, and the big two are both really solid, with one being very funny and one being very creepy.

I high the best reaction of all of these, so that’s why it’s my favorite.

So what makes these special aside from the usual stuff to come from these kind of episodes? Well, it’s that they are actually creepy. Sure, other takes on this can be creepy but these actually try to capture a spooky atmosphere and do some rather dark things.

They act like real scary stories people tell, as well typical funny Regular Show stories. Some get rather dark and creepy, even for this show. They also captured that Halloween spirit very well.

Overall, the Terror Tales episode have solid variety, and can be quite creepy while still being a lot of fun. For they’re unique-ness, they serve as a great way to start the list.

  1. The Last Laserdisc Player

Writers: Calvin Wong and Toby Jones

Regular Show really does have a talent with making epic stories out of the dumbest things, and as well as having fun putting average-ish people in crazy situations. This episode is a perfect example of that.

Mordecai, Rigby, and Muscleman find a Rare Laserdisc, but they need a player and their quest leads to them being involved in a literal format war where they are the chosen ones.

That summary should have you hooked from the start, just from absurd it is. This episode works because it’s a classic case of something mundane become something crazy and epic.

We’ve seen stories of normal people being put in epic situations, and in Comedies the joke tends to be that they are as normal as can be and just don’t care. That’s the angle this one goes with.

The guys just want to watch a rare movie and could care less about this chosen one stuff. At some points you side from this stuff because it starts out tame and you just want them to get their movie.

This episode does a lot of the stuff that makes the show interesting. As I said, we have some typical stuff being used for an epic story. This is a simple format war….turned into an actual war.

Apparently the VHS lord guys didn’t like that Laserdisc was better so they tried to wipe them out, but the last player was kept by some Librarian and the prophecy says three guys will reunite the last disk with the last player.

It’s incredibly overblown and crazy, making this whole hilarious. They go far with it too, having a fake out death, and an epic transformation complete with over the top fight scenes. I just love how this whole silly situation is taken seriously, while still having the humor with the characters’ reactions.

And some of it is geungely cool and epic, like when Archie becomes the Laserdic guardian, complete with weird but awesome design. They don’t treat like it some silly joke, they make it as epic as a real story might make out.

That’s a good way to do something like this. I went into how a good parody takes itself as seriously as what its mocking, and making a silly idea serious works the same way. This episode picks a great topic for it as well, since it was kind of a war, just ….not very serious like this.

It does make you wonder what time line of this world is like. We know from Prank Callers it’s past 2005, and one episode mentions only one rental place in town due to DVD’s, but this acts like VHS rules the world and all that.

But this is supposed to be silly, so that can be ignore. But it makes you wonder what VHS would think of Dvd….but you don’t have to because in Season 6 we got “Format Wars 2”

It was pretty good….but not as good as this one. They just couldn’t recapture the magic, since they just the same stuff was before, just escalated bit. They do still get some epic stuff in like a death.

And not only do they bring up Dvd, but they bring up Internet Streaming! (which must be hilarious if you watch the show off iTunes or something). I think they could have saved it for a 3rd one but I guess they didn’t want to do a 3rd one ala Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special.

Although there is still Blu-Ray to talk about…

Also, DVD is voiced by Joel McHale! That almost makes up for Blended. Almost. But as a whole, it’s a case where the sequel just isn’t as good.

Nothing could top the original, at least in this case. Of course, there’s a punchline where they find all of this wasn’t worth it which is typical but still really funny.

This episode perfectly makes a normal idea as epic as possible, with an epic story and some cool action. The angle of average people getting wrapped up in it just makes it even better. There are many episodes like this, but is a favorite just for they how did it.

It’s creative, epic, and just plain fun and funny. A nice example of the show doing a lot with something so simple. There isn’t much else to say, say the fun is seeing how this all plays out. It may not be deep, but it’s fun and that’s I all I ask for sometimes.

Overall, it’s just the most epic story involving Laserdisc ever made. And really, that’s high praise indeed.

  1. K.I.L.L.I.T Radio

Writers: Benton Connor and Sarah Oleksyk

There’s no doubt that Muscleman is a dviise character, but his girlfriend Starla is close to just being hated. Ever since her introduction in Muscle Woman people just didn’t her. She’s a perfet match for Mitch, being fat, gross, and a bit of a bitch.

She is like Muscleman but she did stand out in her own way as the series went on. To be honest, I never minded her. While she is fat, they didn’t milk it for jokes too much, even when they gags where they kiss and it’s lolgross.

Most of the people who hate her seem to hate her due to being “Gross” which has….implications, but I won’t judge. I appreciate their relationship as it ‘s sweet sometimes, and it’s just nice a romance between characters who aren’t pretty, and aren’t just there for a joke.

We’ve had a few episodes for them, and most of them stand out as good. I really like Married and Broke for it’s commentary on how producers try to be “relateable” by using unrealistically pretty people.

But in the end, I went with this episode, as it’s still my favorite Muscleman and Starla episode….even if it barely has Starla.

Muscleman wants to write a song for their anniversy and play it on his favorite radio station, but that proves to be harder once they find out the truth behind K.I.L.L.I.T Radio.

I’ll admit the writing isn’t quite as good as something like Married and Broke, but this one is just plain fun and sweet. There’s a bigger angle besides the Starla stuff. There’s more focus on the radio and station and what is going with it, and they tie into the Muscleman stuff pretty well.

KILLIT Radio was once a pretty normal and cool place, but one day some higher ups made everything autmated to save on costs. And of course, it becomes self aware and tries to kil everyone. Everyone escaped….except Donny G, the face of the station. The discount Skynet kept him there to clean it, and it just faked Donny’s voice, and kept on going with no one knowing.

No, I don’t know why no one who escaped called anyone to help. And the creepy AI thing has a female voice, so the cleaning thing is…weird.

Anyway, this would be a good premise on it’s own, but it’s even better when attached to the other stuff. Muscleman doesn’t care about Donny G being a pussy, he wants to play his song. And not in the way he just doesn’t care about what is going on.

He thinks music should be “for the people, by the people” and this injustice fires him up even more. Yeah, the whole message about music seems a bit preachy, but in execution it works. Mostly because it’s still a fun episode and the message is true in the end.

Plus, they put plenty of emotion into it. You do start to care about Donny G and what is going on. Speaking of the emotion, the ending makes the episode. If it were not as cool as it was, I would have just went with Married and Broke.

I suppose I can spoil it. Eventually, they break in and Donny G starts to get control of the station back, even as the voice thingy fights back. However, the only way to stop it to blow up the station.

So Donny G starts that up, and plays Muscleman’s song as a way to go out. So everyone runs away from the explosion (“That was like a movie or something!”) as Muscleman’s song plays. There’s no noise outside of the song.

This whole bit is awesome. We have Donny G asserting the moral, and sacrcfigin itself while we have a decently haunting moment with the action being offset with the song. The song is what you would expect from MuscleMan, meaning it’s kind of lame, but that’s why it works.

This ending as humor, sacrifice, and of course some emotion. It becomes a deeper story at this point but is still humorous. It becomes more about the station than Starla but that’s what makes it great.

It mixes in another source of good themes to give us an involved story. It’s fun as they figure out what to do, and how the story plays and things work up to an awesome climax. And the rather sweet song helps too.

Episodes like this really endear you to Muscleman and Starla. When all is said and done, they really love each other, and you really feel in their episodes. The bond is tronger in some other episodes, but this has the most interesting, at least to me.

Really, what other show can mix in a typical story like this with a Discount Skynet? And have the main couple be overweight people? The way it’s done makes all of these elements come together to create a really cool story.

It may not the most original thing the show has done, but it helps represents a relationship I like and has a pretty cool story to boot.

Trust me, this list is only heating up. Overall, it’s just another episode that is interesting, sweet, and fun.

There’s only one more thing to say: You know who else likes Muscleman and Starla’s relationship?

I had to, shut up.

  1. Benson’s Suit

Writer: Ryan Pequin

By the time most shows get up to Season 6, it’s hard to stay as creative as it once was. Regular Show has been mixed with this, sometimes relying on Romance and previous episodes.

But even this late in the show, they can churn out a really inspired episode like Benson’s Suit.

Benson finds a suit which helps him get more respect, but of course it turns out to be a living suit created for evil reasons, that ended up at the park because it wanted to escape some eivl guys, who are now back for the suit.

Pretty typical plot, I know.

This episode really captures the feeling of an early episode, where you were just surprised by all the crazy things going on. But it goes a step further to create an engaging story. It actually starts by explaining the deal with the suit before it ends up with Benson.

This works to set up the story and hsow this epoisode will be a different than others, even by this point. While it does come down to stopping bad guys from getting something, they steal make it really engang with the human element.

The suit starts to feel like a character because of it’s connection with Benson. The respect he gets makes Benson really like the suit, which makes the Suit realize Benson is a worthy wearer and now the suit wants to be a “simple suit worn by a simple man”.

The absurdity and emotion of it prevents it from being too weird or cheesy. There’s also Benson’s side of it. He’s again trying to get Mordceai and Rigby in shape, and the suit gives him the respect he needs to make them shape up.

We’ve seen this before to an extent, but this really puts you in Benson’s shoes and gives him interesting development. They do end up doing that tihng where it turns out that Benson’s own confeicne gave him more respect than the actual suit. Most of it was him.

Yeah, it’s a more typical part but it does serve his arc in the episode pretty well. The connection between Benson and the Suit is strong here, even if it’s a bit….silly.

And then of course there’s the more epic side to the episode. The suit has all of these crazy powers so with it Benson becomes a badass, fighting the bad guys. This leads to some classic epic Regular Show fight scenes which are a lot of fun.

And don’t think the episode isn’ funny, because the bad guy and the suit get some funny moments, including one of my favorite out of context lines:

I didn’t pay you to NOT blow yourselves up!”

But it’s the scale and story that makes this episode so great. My only problem is the ending. Not the ending itself, but it’s a bit abrupt, although it works in it’s own way. Infact, the ending is what really makes this episode one of my favorites.

I won’t spoil it, but it ends on a note that’s kind of bittersweet as far as Regular Show episodes. Yes, really. I dare say it’s close to being a small tearjerker. I was not expecting that.

That’s this episode in a nutshell. From the title, I wasn’t expecting any of what would happen. While some of it’s the most original, the execution is a big surprise. I wasn’t expecting an episode this fun, interesting and even kind of sweet.

Overall, It’s just a great episode, if only for how much fun it is on all fronts. It tells a surprisingly interesting story with an interesting connection and even a bittersweet ending.

It proves that even this late in this series, they were able to make a really creative episode with twists and turns. It was a big surprise and I love every moment of it.

This is easily the greatest story about a gumball Machine and a living suit I have ever seen in my life.

  1. Steak Me Amadeus

Writers: Benton Connor and Hilary Florido

…Yeah, you knew I had to put at least one romance episode on here. There’s quite a few of them, and the show can pull them off well, so I had to put one on here.

Honestly, it was hard picking which one. The other ones considered include Meteor Moves and Sad Sax. I almost wanted to tie these 3 but I have a tie later on the list, and I didn’t want more than one tie.

So while I did eventually settle on Steak Me Amadeus, you can consider this an unofficial tie with those other ones. This is the popular one, so why wouldn’t I pick this one? The odd thing is that I shouldn’t like it as much due the context of the whole thing.

But first, let’s go over Mordecai and Margret’s relationship. At the start, it was a bit of drag because it was cliché and Margret wasn’t that interesting. But I was willingly to let it slide because they mostly played it for laughs.

There was something about it that I enjoyed to an extent, Then as the show went on, it slowly became more interesting. We more insight into both characters and how they feel about each other. They got some fun episodes out of it, too.

It was still kind of cliché, but I couldn’t help but like it. It become more emotional and their episodes just got better written. However, it did go a bit slow. It feels like it took forerver to get them together for real.

I suppose Season 1 being short could add up, since it’s a micro Season and Seasons 2 and 3 are full Seasons. So the fact that it took until Season 4 isn’t too bad, but it still took until Season 4.

But I did like the progression in this Season. Do Or Diaper goes a bit deeper into Mordy’s feelings and has Margret act a bit different, although I myself was mixed on that part. Then in Picking Up Margret, they finally kiss in damn, is it ever so satisfying.

Metor Moves finally decided to put them together after Wayne Knight helps them sort out their feelings. That one was close as I said, but it just barely got off this slot. It’s safe to say things were rocking but by this point, I really cared about these 2, at least to the extent of a shipper.

Nah, I don’t go over over a couple. Wait, they just did another Rigby/Eileen episode? DFEEFEFEYESYESYES.

…Anyway, everything comes to a head in the Season 4 finale. Mordecai sets up a bit date with Margret at a restruant with the best name ever. He gets some of the places’ weird made up currency but they get caught for having counterfeit Amadeus Dollars, and they must catch the guy making them so they can clear their names.

Even before the ending, this episode is interesting. It’s another case where it starts out simple but gets crazy. However, this one is different because it doesn’t get supernatrul til near the end, and it just results in a gun fight.

Most of it is them working with these guys to track down the guy who gave Pops the fake money, and it’s pretty interesting to see play out. They do have the shtick with Mordecai having to cover it up,but it adds something here.

It’s a cool and interesting plot, but things pick up with the reveal. As it turns out, the mysterious counterfeiter is….that robot bear gangaster guy from Fuzzy Dice!

  1. wasn’t asking for his return, but hey it’s a unexpected twist and that’s cool. This leads to a badass gun fight set to classical music. It’s another really insprited moment. And it makes what happens next even better.

While all of this is going on, Mordecai sucks it up and asks Margret to be his gifrlfriend for real this time. But just as he says that, Margret reveals some bad news: She’s going off to university, so she can’t be here to with him. They can’t be together.

Ouch. Needless to say, this is a crushing blow. It’s a very emotional moment, and the episode ends with Mordecai just sitting on the roof thinking about all this. It’s a nice mix of subtle and big and emotional.

They do a really good job at showing their feelings here. It’s not just a dumb cop out ending, it’s a mature moment. Which kind of leaves me to the issue I hinted at earlier.

After so many episodes, they finally get them together….then split them apart. They aren’t give time to just hang as a normal couple until this happens. It feels a bit …cheap.

But it’s a testament to how good this episode is when it still gets on the list. Sure there is that element, on it’s own it’s done very well. They likely knew this wouldn’t be the most loved choice, but they went through with it, because they wanted to test things a bit.

Granted, most peoples romance issues started here, since this lead to CJ coming back in the next Season. But I think that stuff is done well, and this episode is great on it’s own. It works as it’s own little story due to the actual plot, but it also has that emotional ending to make it even better.

It’s a simple story compared to something like Sad Sax, but it works very well. I’m glad this is a fan favorite despite splitting up a couple and having those other issues. It shows sometimes a fandom can accept this stuff if it’s done well.

.Which makes the hate for Merry Christmas Mordecai even more confusing. Ah well.

The main reason I wasn’t sure about putting this one I that there’s not much to say. Infact, I think I said everything. But I think it deserves this spot just for the mature ending and how they handle it.

It’s a risk and it payed off due to how emotional and interesting. Having a fun callback and an awesome climax doesn’t hurt either. If that isn’t good enough, then just remember that Metor Moves and Sad Sax are unofficially tied for this spot.

Overall ,this episode is pretty simple but it did a lot in the long run. It was fun, interesting, and even mature and emotional by the end. It’s a good example of how the romance element can really help the show sometimes.

Also, that is the best title ever. End of story.

  1. The Thanksgiving Special

Writers: Calvin Wong, Toby Jones, Benton Connor, and Andres Salaff

When it comes to Holiday episodes, Halloween and Christmas seem to get all the good ones. Sure, others have their gems, but it seems like those are the ones you will remember. I watched a bunch of Thanksgiving episodes recently and I found out that they are typical kind of average.

Despite how big the holiday is (in America at least, and Canada I guess), these episodes aren’t always the best. Most of them are surprisingly cliché, either having characters save a turkey, or find a turkey at the last minute. Most of them didn’t leave an impact on me.

But there a few notably good ones. Hey Arnold’s was great of course, but leave it to Regular Show to come out with another great Thanksgiving special.

When Mordceai and Rigby ruin the turkey, they have to win a Thanksgiving song contest to get a Turducken, but some evil guy is also interested in getting it.

This sounds fairly typical of both a Thanksgiving special and a Regular Show episode. Getting a turkey at the last minute is very cliché and Mordecai and Rigby ruining something and having to fix it is even more cliché.

Season 5 alone had like 5 episodes like this. But it’s the heart that pulls this one through. When they screw up, it feels like a huge mistake instead of something that happens. Benson really calls them out on this, and how they it’s one thing to ruin Benson’s life, but it’s another to screws things up for their families.

This is the worst thing you’ve ever done”


As the episode goes on, it does some of the typical Thanksgiving morals, but piles on the heart, big time. It manages to rather sweet in it’s cheesy-ness, and it stll has those Regular how elements.

Although I suppose I can get the flaws out of the way. It could have been a bit crazier because it does seem a bit tame. My biggest problem is the vilain. He’s an evil rich guy …and that’s about it.

He wants to get the Turducken because it has a wishbone that can grant wishes. Kind of a weak plot device but ah well. He just seems a bit typical compared to other Regular Show villains, he just isn’t fun.

I’m also not found of his voice. Yes, JG himself voices him but he puts on this sounds like Patrick Star and Uncle Grandpa’s secret love child, and some of his line reads are honestly a bit weak.

But I can overlook that, and some of these weak reads are funny bad.

There are a couple subplots that seem a bit pointless at first, like Muscleman fighting a football player. But eventually you realize they do have a point. A few other parties are running around trying to some stuff and just run into trouble, and fight each other.

In the end, they learn to just drop it and bond over what Thanksgiving is all about. Those bits show their progression to learning that, and it’s done pretty well. It also gives us some of the humor and energy.

MuscleMan fights with the guy because he insulted his end zone dances.

This episode uses it’s typical premise to it’s advantage. It has some decent energy with nice balancing of subplots, and gives us some well done heart to bring it all home. It manages to work very well in spite of some possible problems.

Also, there’s some sort of commentary with the bad guy’s song being an overly produced nubmer feature pop stars and focusing on America. It’s catchy and trying to having meaning while not really having any.

It is spot on.

Of course, Mordy and Rigby’s song is way better. It’s catchy and has good meaning to it, being a really nice and memorable song, complete with Spoonboning. There aren’t a lot of Thanksgiving songs, and I can honestly see this one becoming a classic.

Naturally, the ending is when it all comes together. Everything starts to go right, and they all have a big dinner. And yes, Thomas takes off his costume. It’s an incredibly sweet moment, that even has nice jokes and tons of reoccurring characters making cameos.

Muscle Man’s Dad is even nice enough to show desite being , you know, dead now.

This ending is just really nice and makes the episode even better. Sure, the moral is typical but it’s nice coming from this show and they go the extra mile. Everything else works to give us this big moment, instead of it just being there.

It manages to be a genuinely great Thanksgiving special, along with being a good Regular Show episode. From start to finish, it’s a lot of fun and is extra sweet. They do a lot with the Thanksgiving concept with the jokes and plot, and it goes the extra mile with a really sweet ending.

Overall, it might have some minor issues but it’s still a great Thanksgiving special, with tons of humor, action, and even some heart. And also an awesome. That’s in here too. For all of that, it earns it’s spot as one of the great thanksgiving specials, as well as Number 6 on this list.

Also, you gotta love that totally complicated title.

5. Prankless

Writers: Benton Connor and Hilary Florido

We saw Muscle Man and how awesome he when he comes to Starla, but he can be great on his own, and this episode perfectly shows it.

When Muscle Man pranks Pops too hard, he swears to never prank again. He does this just as a rival park manager starts a prank war that has been going on for years, and since Muscle Man saved them before, they need to get him back.

Once again, the plot isn’t all that original. But of course, the charm is how they do it, and they make it epic. By that I mean they make it so overblown that it is freaking awesome.

They treat like this like a serious war story and use the cliches to help make it even more like an epic story, and it really works. You really get sucked into the story because of how epic they make it.

The “war” scenes feel very serious and epic, which makes them really interesting and engaging. Of course no one dies or anything, but it makes you feel like this is really important. It’s pretty impressive that they made a prank war feel as serious as a real war, especially since no one is actually getting hurt.

Except Pops but you know what I mean. And of course, you can’t forget what this does for Muscle Man. As cliché as this is, it fits him very well and shows some nice development. He sees just how dangerous his pranks can be, and later learns to fight back if people end up doing that kind of thing.

It’s a typical arc done in a way that’s interesting and fits the character. It’s interesting to see him learn that his harsh pranks cal hurt people. They came slightly close in See you There but this really showed that.

.Then he forgot lesson in Stater Park but whatever.

The highlight for him has to be the climax where he pranks Gene. Oh yeah, this introduces us to Gene and his prank. He’s always cool to see. Anyway, I can’t quite describe it but the way he gets Gene is just awesome, and is a sight to see.

Let’s just say there they use a certain bit from Willy Wonka to amazing effect.

This whole episode manages to incredibly epic despite a cliché plot and a silly concept. That’s pretty impressive, and the whole thing is a ton of fun. It also gives us great development for Muscle Man all the way through.

Really, the only issue is that maybe a bigger message could have been learned, and maybe the ending is slightly off. But that’s jut a nitpick in another wise fun and even slightly emotional episode.

Overall, this epic war is tons of fun and gives a really cool Muscle Man story, and at this point he really needed those.

  1. Eggcellent

Writer: J.G Quintel

There are three episodes that are on every single RS’ fans list, no matter what else is on there. This is one of them, and really it’s the most deserving on a story level. I mean, it won an Emmy.

No, not nominated. It WON. There’s huge given typical shows like this don’t get picked to win. RS has been nominated and thankfully they were all worthy (most notably Last Laserdisk player)…except for you know what. That wouldn’t be too bad if it wasn’t up against Wander’s The Gift 2 and Steven U’s Lion 3! Seriously.

…But back on topic.

A local restaurant has an eating challenge where you have to eat a huge ommlet to win a trucker hat the says “I’m Eggcellent”. Rigby really wants to win it but fails, and even ends up in a coma trying to do it.

He asks Mordecai to do the challenge in his honor, and he goes out to do this favor for his comatose friend.

So as you can tell, this one is a bit dramatic with the humorous edge. Pure Regular Show really. The dramatic element is what makes this one popular, and I can certaintly that it’s great for that reason.

This is another one that has the show do a twist on a slightly cliché story. And just like Prankless, it works because they go all out, and it’s interesting to see it play out with these characters.

Given what Rigby is usually like, it’s cool to see Moredcai go so far for him. Especially since Rigby got into this coma because he was allergic to Eggs. Yes, he knew this but went into the challenge anyway because….he wanted the hat that badly.

That’s incredibly stupid but the episode does a good job at making you forget about that.

Mordy does a lot of work to try to beat this thing and get the hat, and you really see how he tries, no matter what. We have the training montage, the easy way, and him getting a bit unhinged from that.

There’s a scene where Benson gets angry because they did all this when they were supposed to be working. Mordecai rightfully calls him out for being a bit dick-ish in this situation. It’s pretty powerful just for how it’s presented, and Benson later apologies, as he didn’t realize how serious this all is.

This story is played for drama and it works just because you feel the emotion. The build up is great, spending just enough time on each part, from finding out about the challenge, to Mordy bulking up via a montage. It really gets you into the situation, and has the proper of one of these kind of stories. The pay off is hilarious because of how anti climatic it is. Mordecai finally wins, but it turns out if you win you are teleported to a discount version of the guy from Last Crusade, as you must pick the right prize or you die.

It’s a nice reference that works here pretty well. And yes, only one guy did this before but I think he was so into working up to this that he forgot what the hat looked like, because he choose….poorly.

Of course, Mordecai figures it out quickly and is able to leave. This is great because it’s just so weak compared to the build up, and that’s the joke. This is how you do that kind of thing correctly, cuz the situation works, it’s the easiness that makes it anti climatic.

My only problem with this episode is the final joke which is a bit mean to Rigby after all that happened. Not nearly bad as some other episodes that do a joke after a sweet moment , but it’s still otherwise.

Otherwise, this episode deserved that Emmy. If you are wonder, the other nominees included Adventure time’s Too Young, a MAD Halloween episode, a Robot Chicken episode, and Phineas and Ferb’s The DoonkleBerry imperative.

Yeah, this one was the most deserving. The others are good but this is he only one great out of them .Sorry Lemongrab.

Anyway, It puts a mundane situation with a typical story, and crazy cartoon elements. It combines to make a really compelling story that is just as funny as it is sweet and awesome.

Why isn’t it higher? Eh, I think the show has more compelling stories to be honest. Not to undercut this one, I just like other ones more. But trust me, I love this one. It’s more proof they can tell a good dramatic story, even with some cliches and crazy elements.

It perfectly sums up what this show can do. It has a mundane situation made crazy, as well as surprisingly compelling story with good humor. You can tell they put a lot of effort into it. JG wrote this himself and like usual got the idea from real life, minus the whole ….coma stuff.

The fact makes it extra obvious this was a more personal one, and it really payed off. It’s a really enjoyable episode with a compelling story, good humor, and even some emotion. It’s the full package.

Not much more to say, really. You know this one is great, but it’s my job to state the obvious about great things, dang it!

I know you will hate me for this, but for it’s mix of elements and emotional parts, this episode truly is…Eggcellent

…Now that I lost my readers, let’s move on.

  1. Exit 9B

Writers: Calvin Wong, Toby Jones, Andres Salaff, and Madeline Queripel

Speaking of popular episodes, here’s the episode almost everyone else would put at number one. I’m such a rebel. Allow me to explain why it’s not higher, after I explain this it’s awesome.

I just need to say how it opens. It starts with a new intern named Thomas arriving at the park for his first day, only to find out that everyone is gone. Suddenly, they all start running towards the house, with some bearded dude chasing them down, trying to strike them with a laser thing.

He gets some of them, but Mordecai and Rigby escape with the time machine from Bad Kiss. Then the guy says “you should have sold it to me when you had the chance” and procees to blow up the house.

Damn, that’s one hell of a way to start out! It fools you into think it’s something simple, but catches your attention with this intern, then suddenly has this huge even that makes you wonder what the hell is going on!

It’s the prefer opening, especially since it’s a cold opening, with the usual intro made slightly more epic.

You would think we would go back a bit to explain what happened. …But nope, we actually go forward 2 months, as everyone’s minds have been earsed and are now at different jobs. Mordecai and Rigby end up here via the machine and find out the bearded guy has taken over the park, and now they must get everyone back to normal and take the park back.

This is one of hell of a unique and interesting plot we’ve got here. They don’t do the usual thing and just explain everything. We find out what this was about, but we don’t find out how the opening happened.

We just jump forward and get into the plot, and it works really work. Sometimes a plot is more interesting is we don’t know everything, and this is such a case. This episode is epic but it builds up the big ending and while it could have been boring, they manage to make it interesting.

They know when to slow down to show certain moments, and when they speed through things. Like a lot of plots where they must gather the party, it goes through the first couple in detail, then rushes through the others.

Yes, I suppose this couldc be slightly cliché but it’s cliché in a good way, if that makes sense.

Honestly, I originally had this at this spot because on a writing level, it does slow down a bit in the middle and isn’t the most well written thing ever. But after watching it again for this, I didn’t have those problems.

It moves pretty well at every part, putting in humor where it’s needed and not having anything go on too long. And when it gets to the climax, it goes on for a while and has a ton to like. Even on a writing level, there’s plenty to like.

There’s a lot of call backs that work, the villain is cool and ties in nicely to another episode, and we get some nice stuff with them standing up for the park against all odds. It’s basic but done very well, and we even have character stuff with them trying to get Benson out of the spell, and Thomas proving himself.

Although I do wonder why he didn’t book it as soon as the house blew up, or why he even took the job to him. He says to his Mom that he considered quitting so he could have quit….Whatever, it’s just a cartoon.

Speaking of which, I suppose this is a good place to talk about him. He got a good introduction here, as proved himself to be a badass, and he was likable. They set up good groundwork for a decent character.

…Then he did nothing forever. Well, okay, he mostly did nothing except just exist in most episodes. I get that he’s only an intern but as a character, he needs to do more. To be fair, I didn’t mind him too much as a whole but even in episodes about him like Cool Cubed, he does nothing!

Speaking of which, Starter Park being bad did not help at all.

Then in Season 5 they turned him into a butt monkey, which kind of worked. Kind of makes fun of how useless he is, and that Halloween costume thing is still great. Then he proved himself to be a badas in “Thomas Fights Back”, which felt like a big response to the criticism he got.

…Then “The Real Thomas” happened. Now, I’m on the positive side when it comes to that episode, and they did handle the reveal well, but it was forced and a bit odd. I will only accept him as evil if he sings about being evil for extra credit!

I hope he comes back at some point, but all in all he was a very odd character with how he changed. But overall, he is okay and this was a good introduction to him.

My only problem now is that the ending is a bit rushed. For such an epic episode, it just kind of ends without a ton of fanfare. It’s not a big problem, but it’s a bit odd.

Then we have the climax. We find out that the evil guy is Garret Bobby Feurgson Jr, the son of the bad guy from High Score. He’s pissed that they blow his Dad up because it’s bad form to do it.

Gotta love how simple his motivation is. Although I might feel a bit bad for him. I mean he did get blown up and when GBF Sr is defeated he says Jr won the universe record for disappointing their father.

Ouch. Of course they don’t into it, but it works in this context. He makes for a cool villain. The climax is just amazing. Not only does have an epic feel to it, but it pool in tons of villains and allies from previous episodes, making it fun on many levels.

It shows you how much has happened, even by this point, with all the good guys and bad guys showing up to fight. It’s so damn epic and fun to watch. It alone makes this whole episode.

But the rest is great too. It has a pretty interesting story that is fun to watch, with the usual good humor. It also has one of my favorite lines, with Muscle Man bragging that his “John Hancock” is the biggest and he has a “huge signature”.


The whole thing is just epic with cool callbacks and an epic climax. It’s a ton of fun and it’s clear they put a ton of effort into it. But I wouldn’t call it the best. There’s at least couple episodes with better writing, even ones from before this one.

Not saying those could be higher on the list, but it is true. I can see why people can be sucked into the epic tone and call it the best, but I don’t like to be typical with my Number one….and it’s not my favorite.

But hey, it’s a great and epic episode that started Season 4 with a huge bang. Overall, it’s just awesome all around. That’s all there is to it, really.

  1. A Bunch of Full Grown Geese/Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special

Writers: Clavin Wong, Toby Jones, and Owen Dennis (Duck Special only)

Yep, we got a tie because the 2nd one is a direct sequel, and they are equally awesome in the end. These and Exit 9B fought for this slot, and while it pains me to put that one lower, I just ended up putting these higher.

Mostly because…just look at them! …Or we can talk about them. So this all started with Season 2’s “A Bunch of Baby ducks”. Basically,they found some baby ducks and decided to take care of them. The babie found their Momma after bonding with the two and doing a badass thing.

It was charming episode, although not my favorite. They saved the real awesome-ness for the sequels. In A Bunch of Full Grown Geese, a bunch of geese are terrorizing the park, so they must call upon the ducks to get rid of them.

Then in Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special, another weird bird is doing evil at the park and they just call the ducks again. But it turns out the bird was sent by these executives so they can get the ducks here to strike a toy deal with them. They also want to make toys out of Mordecai and Rigby but the toys suck so it’s no deal. They take it well…and by that I mean they team up with the geese to create a big monster they have to fight.

There’s a lot to say with that one, but let’s focus on Full Grown Geese for a moment, It’s pretty simple when you think about it. There’s no themes or anything, they just form a create to fight the geese monster.

You gotta love how can say that and stil call the episode simple.

It works because of the scale. The ducks fuse to form this human bird thing, then fist bump in order to fuse with Mordecai and Rigby and form this huge robot duck warriro thing. And its all set to The Touch.

The ensuing action scene makes this one of the most epic things I’ve ever seen in a modern cartoon. The sheer scale, combined with the visuals makes this episode so much. Plus, it involves a ton of continuity as the parts of the crazy creature involve objects such The Power and the Eggcellent hat.

So this works on pretty much ever level. The writing is good because it comes up with a crazy idea and the music, visuals, scale, and continuity work to create something truly awesome. This was the 100th episode segment, and it certainly works as an awesome mile stone.

I suppose if I had to nitick, I think the bit where Benson is a jerk so the Momma Duck can call him out is a bit dumb. Benson felt a bit more dick-ish than usual just so the Mom can get a moment. It’s her only real moment in either of these episodes, sadly.

…Which is kind of mocked, as there’s a scene in Crisis Special where it randomly cuts to a focus group as a girl complains that there are no female characters and he lady writer down that she hates boys.

Yeah, it’s interesting commentary but I just love how it comes out of nowhere and has nothing to do with anything. Which brings us to Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special, which is the previous episode….turned up to 11.

It starts with a parody of an anime opening. Yeah. It gets crazier than there. While the last one has a big scale to, it, this one is just huge. Not because we have even bigger creatures fightign this time, but because how much they have going on.

They add in a plot this time with the toy company, giving the characters a better reason to do this. Then they add in more characters that form the creature, then crazy twists just keep happening up until the very end.

This could have made the episode crowded but it works because it’s still the same basic plot of them fighting a bad guy. Other things happen, but they happen along with the main plot, so it keeps focus.

And not too many things happen, it’s just enough to make it crazy but not too much as to make it bloated. Highlights include the ducks’ long lost brother randomly showing up and that weird focus group scene I mention. Thankfully, that’s the only weird out of normal thing in this. And just like before, they have music and visuals to help give this a simple scale.

They pace it decently well, building up properly with some good jokes. The fight doesn’t’ even start off huge. There’s no music, it’s just them fighting. It’s pretty cool on it’s own and builds up to the action we expected.

Then there’s the commentary about people who sell out to toy company’s, which is funny coming from a network that canceled shows like Young Justice due to lack of toy stuff. Seriously.

They do make good points, but it’s done for laughs as they make fun of these good episodes just as much as it’s an example, in a good way. The very ending adds an extra note about how people who refuse to sell out for toys…will sell out for video games.

No such thing as a bad game”

…A certain nerd would beg to differ, Mordecai. Hell, even AU!Cartoon Hero wold disagree,

I’d like to take a death bump on this fucking game!”

My only nitpick in this one is that there’s so much action going on that sometimes I do kind of get slightly bored and check out. But then it picks back up near the end. I suppose this one episode deserves the spot for all it does, but I think the tie is fitting.

I think both work equally well. One is just plain epic all around, while one is epic still still being a simple story. I lean towards first one just cuz it’s shorter and there’s less to take in, but the other is just amazing as well.

The reason I put this higher than Exit 9B is the creativity. Any show can create a cool story with tons of callbacks, but only this show can do something this crazy. What other show has a duck robot in an anime parody?

…Don’t answer that, I don’t wanna know what show they ripped off that I’ve never heard of.

The music, subject matter, and even writing are all just pure Regular Show, you can’t get this anywhere else. That’s why it’s higher, the writing shows more creativity and it shows how crazy awesome this show can be.

Overall, these episodes represent the show in it’s purest form. All this awesome-ness from a bunch of baby ducks. They are funny, interesting, cool, and most of all just plain epic. These episodes are just plain awesome.


But of course, we have to get a through Honorable Mentions before hittng my fave. Here a couple good ones that sadly couldn’t get on here.

Married and Broke: I mentioned thhis before, but this one deserves credit for some thought provoking commentary on how the media attempts to relate to people. In reality, showing people like Muscle Man will get more people identifying to your characters rather than pretty white people. It also has a hilarious subplot with a great pay off.

Sad Sax: The arc may have been odd, but this episode sticks out with it’s message and nice moments. In a situation like this, it’s best to be completely 100 percent honest, and explain exactly WHY you did what you did, and get your feelings out. It’s one of the deeper takes on the moral I’ve seen.

Grave Sights: Of of the earlier ones that was just plain epic and fun. A very simple zombie-ish story but still awesome.

Meat Your Maker: The most underrated episode ever, and my favorite from Season 1. This was the earlier emotional episode, as Rigby is just trying to fix his messes, and you just so sorry for him in this. It also also Tim Curry as a hot dog. That is amazing.

Yes Dude Yes: I like this one simply for the ending, where Mordecai doesn’t get either girl because of his actions. It’s a bit more realistic instead of just a clear happy ending. Plus, the introduction to CJ.

This is My Jam: Probably the funniest episode, just for the idea of going all out with the ‘song stuck in your head” thing EarWorm kind of touched on. Also ,that song will indeed never leave your head.

And my number one favorite Regular Show Episode is…


  1. Trucker Hall of Fame

Writers: Calvin Wong, Toby Jones

When I think of proof that this show can do emotion perfectly, while still being it’s own thing, I think of this episode. And it’s all about Muscle Man.

It starts with him trying to call his father on Father’s Day, only to find out that he has passed away. …Well, that’s another way to start out. He was a great trucker, so Muscle Man wants to spread his ashes over the trucker hall of fame, but a few things get in his way.

The main thing that makes this one is great is actually Muscle Man. Sure, the story, jokes, and emotion are great but it’s Mitch who brings it all together, See, this is another sort of tyical story, and while putting tons of emotion into it helps, it mostly works due to being about Muscle Man.

Let’s face it, he’s kind of a jerk. He’s rude, is always playing cruel pranks on some people, and is in general a nuisance. He has plenty of good qualities that has been explored before, but he’s typically not someone you would really want to follow.

So giving him this kind of story already adds a lot to his character. But he still acts like Muscle Man, and reacts the way he usually does. He still loves a good prank and this explores more of why.

He tries to keep his cool while at the funeral but he just randomly freaks out because he just can’t handle it. Later on he tells them to tell him to stop if he starts freaking too hard. This is a small thing but it really adds to his character in this, and actually helps us releate to him more.

Of course, then we have the other stuff. He had a real connection to his Dad, as he was a great prankster and all around fun guy. He got his love of pranking and My Mom jokes from him.

Which is why it turns when he finds out Muscle Dad was a fake. Yep, he wasn’t even a trucker. He was a forklift driver. He ended up lying to Mitch to make him proud of his father and like many father’s in Media he wrote him a note to read when he died.

In later episodes, Muscle Man finds more notes from him. Geez,did this guy ever talk to his son about anything?

Anyway, this is also a bit been done but it adds a lot. Not only do we have him going through the death of a loved one but he deals with finding out the loved one was living a lie. It’s some pretty heavy stuff for this character to go through, and they handle it really well.

They make it emotional and show all the stuff that comes with it. Although, it’s not quite a tear jerking. It has those elements but it’s mostly sweet and heavy with how it plays out instead of trying to super sad.

It gets heavy but it is a light due to being a fairly simple story about a “trucker”. And Muscle Man is at the center of it. In a way, focusing on him makes him more releatable. Focusing on someone who is average like us is fine, but sometimes when you focus on a less traditionally likable person, people will actually responding to it better.

Married and Broke went deep into it, but this episode oddly shows it better than any other Muscle Man episode. Than of course it has the Regular Show element with the climax. They still want to throw the ashes at the Trucker Hall of Fame, but must face snobby ghost truckers in an action scene.

Then Muscle Man’s Dad’s ghost shows up to have a nice moment and apolozie. Then as they leave, the defeats the ghost trucker. But wait…he’s a fork lift driver and he….uses it to..

…That….that means….Does that mean I can finally….


.Okay, jokes aside this climax brings it all home. It reminds you that this is stll Regular Show. While there aren’t a ton of jokes, they do exist and it even ends on a joke that reminds you that this is still Muscle Man.

Now it’s time to quote the moment that sums ups this whole episode, and what it does for Muscle Man.

Look, bros. My old man was a screw-up. And let’s face it, so am I. I’m overweight, I work in a lame park, and you two and Fives are my only friends. But the one thing that a Sorrenstein almost never screws up is a prank. And my dad’s hat ashes in that stuck up Trucker Hall of Fame is the funniest thing I can think of right now. Now, are you ladies in or aren’t you?”

That just sums it all up. It perfectly shows us who Muscle Man is and why this take on the plot is unique. It makes choice that could only apply to this character, and thus makes the arc in this episode way stronger.

Some cliché plots should take notes from this.

And that, above anything else is why is the best. Sure, it has a great story, good jokes, cool action, and nice themes but it’s about how it represents Muscle Man. It takes a simple story and makes it different than deeper, because it adjusts itself to apply to a character who typically isn’t all that likable.

It doesn’t just make him act sad than ask us to feel sorry for him. The writers put him in a unique situation that fits him and has him do things only he would do. Only for him would playing a prank be the thing that solves everything.

While the show has told many great stories, and will continue to do so, no episode can do it better than this one in my eyes. It just ends up being the perfect storm of everything the show stands for.

It can make mundane plots funny by making them just insane, and then add in development to make us care for the characters. While the duck episodes sum up the show in terms of scale, this sums it up with the writing.

And all that is why Trucker Hall of Fame is my favorite Regular Show episode of all time.


There’s my list. As I said, it was a bit hard compare to my other lists, because this isn’t the kind of show that’s meant to be analyzed, like Steven Universe, nor is at as varied as Gumball. But I promised it and I reaaaaly wanted to go deep into my number one and what it means to me.

I think I’m done with huge projects for the year. I got something in December, but it’s Christmas based so I’m willing to do it. With that, you can look forwarder to my holiday stuff and maybe a special end of the year project…

And of course, check of the Regular Show movie premiering tomorrow. If you already saw it on DVD or itunes….watch it again, because it’s really good. Maybe I’ll do something with it, we’ll see.

As usual, enjoy my choices, and respect my opinions. It really is impressive how crazy this show, and how nice it can be as well. While it’s glory days may be gone, I will always dig it for what it does, and I hope it keeps being great up until the very end.

See ya.

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Top 11 Steven Universe Season 1 Episodes

Hello, Spongey here.

I like liking things. That goes without saying, but I naturally like some things more than over. We all have our unique obsessions. I have Phineas and Ferb, Goosebumps, and Disney Channel crap. Its fun to obsess over something when it feels like no one likes it more than you.

You like it just as much, if not more than most, so it’s special. That’s why I LIKE liking underrated things. But it’s less fun when you love something everything else loves. In this case, you just won’t have as much fun with it. Not that it still can’t be fun to love something popular, but in some cases this can be kind of true.

Why do I bring this up? Because it ties into this show and the list I am about to do. You’ve seen me praise some hugely beloved shows, most notably Gravity Falls and MLP. All this should apply but I mostly have fun with those. Steven Universe…is a weird story.

I love it and I totally love loving it. I have fun watching and discussing it and whatever. Some love it more than me but like with Gravity Falls, we’re mostly on the same page. So what’s the problem? I think it’s because it’s a…weirder and quieter show, so it’s a bit harder to get people into it.

And it’s fandom has started to get a weird side ala MLP that turns people off. So it’s become weirder to love. Why am I even talking about this? Just something I wanted to share. It’s just something to keep in mind because everyone and there Mom has praised this show.

So this list will likely just be more of the same. I had a lot more passion going into the GF list but this is still something I REALLY wanted to do. So here we are.

(Don’t read into any of this, these feelings have gone down, I just had to speak my mind)

Steven Universe. Man, did this show end up better than what we expected. It was just another in a long recent line of weird Cartoon Network shows, but like Adventure Time, it grew into something huge.

And now it’s seen as one of the best CN shows ever, and the best one right now. For all none of you who don’t know, here’s the gyst of t. Created by Adventure Time writer Rebecca Sugar, this series follows the story of those race of people called the Crystal Gems, which are basically just people with…well gems that give them freaky powers.

One Gem, named Rose screwed a human and had a half gem, half human kid. Now she’s kind of dead and three gems named Pearl, Garnet, and Amethyst take care of Steven and train him to use his gem powers in the town of Beach city. Along with his guitar player Dad. Hilarity ensues.

You all know why the show is awesome by now, so I’ll keep the pre list explanation brief. First, it’s got a cool mythology and they do a great job of revealing it as the show goes on. The story arcs are done very well and almost every episode is important, either for later story development, or just minor character development.

Hell, even the “bad” episode is important in a way. On top of that, you have characters who seem like one dimensional stereotypes but turn out to be way more. Steven is a realistic and rather likable child character, Pearl isn’t just some stuck up bitch, Garnet isn’t just silent and boring, and Amethyst ends up being …complex later despite how she acts.

It defies everything expected from this type of show. Oh, and it has great original songs, and lovely animation. You all know this. Sure, it can a bit slow in some parts and as a result some may not be into it at first, but as of mid Season 2, it’s mostly awesome. Also, it can get…really depressing.

At first, I just liked it but with each episode I loved it more and more. Since mid Season 1 I’ve fallen in love with it and now I praise it like everyone else. Since i pretty much need to praise the show on a venue I have to do so, I’ve created this list.

I was going to do something a bit different but after thinking about it, I decided to do a list. Mostly because some of my favorites are a bit different, and my number one is…no one’s number one. And I wanted to discuss that one in detail.

So join me as we look at the best. There are about 50 episodes in season 1 because CN needs huge seasons now for some reason, so of course it’s hard to narrow down the best. But I’ve done it. Which ones have the best stories, character development, and all that jazz?

We’ll see which episodes represent the best of this awesome show. Let’s just get my obligatory praise of it out of the way so you can get back to seeing me talk about Jessie or some shit.

NOTE: For this list, Season 1 ends at The Return/Jail Break and episodes like Full Disclosure and Open Book are Season 2. In other words, I am going by airdate order.

Oh, and BIG SPOILER WARNING. Most of the time I gotta spoil the episodes to explain why they work, sorry. Oh, and don’t bitch if I get something wrong, usually I know it’s not exactly how I say it, I just don’t think it’s too important.

This, is my Top 11 Steven Universe (Season 1) Episodes

  1. Alone Together

Writers: Hilary Florido, Katie Mitroff, and Rebecca Sugar

It’s impossible…or at the very least inappropriate”-Pearl

.Well, we’re off to an interesting start already. This one of the strangest, yet most popular episodes. There’s so much to go over with it, it’s crazy. And it’s only at the bottom of the list.

The odd thing is, it almost wasn’t here at all. Originally I was just going to say it’s my unofficial number 11, but as I looked over the list, I accidentally made a mistake and skipped a number, meaning I only had a top 10.

I needed an episode to slap on the episode, and I had many choices because there are that many good episode. I watched this one to see if it’s worthy….and in hindsight, it should have been there to begin with….but it’s still at the bottom.

I’ll explain why in a bit. This episode is all about fusion. Simply put, it’s a power the gems can use to combine and become a new being. Up to this point we had seen Pearl and Amethyst (Opal) and Garnet and Amethyst (Slugilate…. I likely spelled that wrong).

It’s interesting but let’s go over the plot first.

It’s pretty simple: Steven wants to try out fusion but they think he can’t since he’s only half gem. After an incident with his female friend Connie, he and Connie suddenly fuse, becoming Steveionne.

Man, where do I even begin with this one? You could write an essay about the issues and implications found in this episode….more so than the actual story. Let’s address the obvious:

Steveonnie is a fusion between a boy and girl. Up to this point we’ve just seen the same gender fuse. (Before you say that gems have no genders, remember that I don’t care). It’s…interesting. Stevonnie does look more like a girl, hence why Lars is into…her. Yeah , I think that’s the right word.

Before I move on, I should say I am no way trying to offend anyone with anything I say, because I know this is a sensitive subject matter. Remember, I am not 100 percent knowledge about this stuff or the proper words to use all the time, and while I tried to look into this stuff to be sure not to offend anyone, I am still say some odd things, so keep all of that in mind.

Yes, I had to do research on a rather touchy gender issue to discuss a children’s cartoon. Let that sink in.

Anyway, onto something funny: Lars is briefly being into what he doesn’t know is a child. Lovely.

Actually, this whole episode is awkward like that. But not in a bad way, as it’s mostly rather innocent. Remember, they are fusing to become this new person, and they have no idea what to do.

Everyone else seems to sense that Stevonnie is different but are mostly accepting. Really, it’s just Lars and Sadie being weird, since she did just randomly walk in, waving her wet hair around.

The cool kids even invite her to a party. If handled poorly, this could have been awkward or offensive, but it’s done very well. These are still kids after all, and this is still a fantasy element we are dealing with.

Speaking of which, I’ve liked the fusions we’ve seen. They could have just been literately been the characters combined but they are usually their own character, just with both of those characters traits.

Stevonnie is interesting because she is more like the two characters put together, because it is the first fusion involving a human. She still stands as her own character, being both awkward (like Connie) and confident (like Steven).

There are a few little moments that remind you that this is Steven and Connie inside there, as well as being her own character. (“You are an experience!”)

We see how they deal with this new form and it’s really interesting. This is not the kind of stuff you tend to see on this kind of show, at least with the execution.

To paraphrase Garnet, this episode is an experience. It’s mostly Stevonnie doing stuff, and dealing with all of this, but the presentation makes it kind of …magical. The animation is really good here, especially the background covers.

The music is even better, giving a lot of the scenes a rather magical quality to them. It’s hard to describe, but this episode is just fascinating to watch.

Oh, and I have to give credit to Stevonnie’s voice actress for capturing all of this perfectly. They don’t use Steven and Connie’s voices for her, she is just that good at being on person AND two people.

Who voices her? ….Well, do you old Disney Channel people remember Ally and AJ? You recall what happened to Ally, but I’ve always wondered what happened to AJ/

.Well, she’s been doing a voice for a cartoon. …Yeah.

Since I have all of this praise, why is this at the bottom of the list? Well, when it comes to this show, I prefer the more complete stories. I like small bit size viewings, but my critical mind enjoys the more complete stories with more action.

As good as this episode is, the story isn’t all that great. We get lots of interesting stuff at the stuff but then it boils down to this: They fuse, they wander around, they got a party, they dance, they un-fuse…the end.

The ending is the weakest part. It doesn’t’ even end…it just kind of stops. It’s not a big problem but it does make it weaker on a critic level.

But really, it’s not meant to be a big interesting story, it is supposed to be a magical experience. But it still makes sense as a story. It has deep thmes while still being a simple story at the end of the day.

I can see why it might be higher on your list, because it is just a great episode. But as magical as it is, I like others more.

But with it’s subject matter, concepts and small details, Alone Together is just a really solid 11 minutes of TV all around. Wow, I said a lot and I still had to leave out a couple things. …Don’t expect that for the next few entries.

10. Rose’s Scabbard

Writers: Raven M. Molisse, Paul Villeco, and Rebecca Sugar

…Well, we have another interesting one. This is one of many episodes fans go crazy for, and get excited when someone is discovering it. Just look at the moment of Doug’s SU Vlogs.

(As a side note, I hope he goes into Say Uncle blind because it would be hilarious)

And yeah, like most episodes, it’s deserving of praise. However, it’s also one I don’t have much to say about it.

Pearl takes Steven to a special place that belonged to Rose Quartz after Lion finds the scabbard for Rose’s sword. And after that, some interesting things are released about Pearl’s relationship with Rose.

So…i don’t need to say what the big deal about this episode is, right? We get info about Rose, as we realize just how close Pearl was to her. We see that Pearl really….looked up to Rose and always stood by her side, even when Rose offers her a chance to walk away from an important battle.

Which is why she is baffled when she finds out Rose kept secrets from her, like that she hide a magic lion that kept her stuff. Yeah, this around when he get some serious vibes about just how much Rose liked pearl.

Okay, she was kind of in love with her. There’s really no doubt about it, and while it was more apparent in later episodes, this one of the deeper looks into in Season 1. And yeah, it’s rather interesting.

Not just because “omg so progressive” but because it’s just an interesting thing to begin with. Someone being in love with their leader and losing them is really tragic, especially with a character like Pearl.

They make a point about how Steven reminds Pearl of Rose, and we get hints that this kind of bugs her. There’s a bit where Steven is dangling from a floating land mass thing, but Pearl doesn’t try to help him, and he climbs up on his home. It could have made her look bad, but it’s a just treated as a quick bit, and it serves as an interesting look into her character.

They mostly analyze the Pearl stuff directly, but this is cool too. Of course, the emotion drives this all home. The ending is incredibly heartwarming with Steven confronting Pearl and there are a few little moments as well.

I could comment on how the emotion in this show works, but we’ll have plenty of chances on this list to do that. But I will say that here the emotion and effort saves what could have been a cheesy moment.

This episode just serves an interesting look into an relationship with some cool moments and a heartwarming ending. It shows that even the smallest bits in this show go a long way.

Why isn’t it higher on this list? Well, it’s a smaller story that mostly just has people talking, and not a ton of action. It has good writing and emotion to make up for it, but honestly I prefer episodes with more going on.

Objectively, it does deserve to be higher but as I said, I prefer episodes that can have great emotion AND an involved plot. And there are more interesting and dare I say emotional episodes anyway.

But it’s still a really interesting episode with fascination developed and some very nice moments. It’s one of the better small episodes from the series. Honestly I had hard time picking Number 11, but I think this is a good place to start off.

It shows the emotional side of the show while not being too flashy. While the next few aren’t as deep, this serves as a nice transition either way. And hey, I said more about it than I thought it would.

Overall, just another really good, sweet episode from Steven Universe.

9. Steven the Sword Fighter

Writers: Joe Johnston and Jeff Liu

After a rather heavy episode in terms of themes, we have a rather simple one. Well, in terms of what happens. It’s heavy for other reasons.

Pearl starts to teach Steven about Sword fighting with this Holo Pearl thing. She is stabbed by Holo Pearl but it turns out when Gems are hurt like they, they go into their gem to heal for a bit. However, two weeks later and she is still not out. Saddened by Pearl’s absence, Steven tries to use Holo Pearl as a replacement.

A lot of the things that make this show good are in this one. Mostly with it’s balance of elements. We have bit of world building with the Holo Pearl stuff, some emotion, some intense moments, and plenty of Comedy.

All of this is mixed in well to make for an enjoyable experience that is just as fun as it is interesting and well written. It even ends on a funny joke. The plot is simple in a very good way.

It’s no big complex ordeal. Pearl is just out of commission and Steven misses her. Of course they into deeper stuff, but it’s done in an accessible way, with humor mixed in well.

Of course, the plot and emotional stuff helps as well. That scene where Pearl gets stab is…..yikes. When this happens, you don’t know she will regenerate so it’s a crushing blow. And while it’s not Gorey, we see it right up front!

While it’s not quite a tear jerker, there are quite a few sad moments with Steven dealing with all of this. While it is played for laughs, it’s sad that he has to use Holo Pearl because he misses Pearl so much.

We also get hints of themes that would appear later in Coach Steven as Pearl goes on about real sword technique. It’s a small version of all that strong in the real way stuff we got in that episode. Speaking of which, they would later go even further into Sword fighting next Season…but more on that some other time.

Also. Holo Pearl is a good combination of creepy and funny. Due to how it’s shown, it can be just a normal device used for teaching, then funny as it keeps fighting when Steven wants it to be Pearl…and then scary as it attacks Steven at the end.

It adds to the episode fairly well. Then there’s the Comedy, which have a decent amount of have. We have a good parody of badly dubbed kung fu movies, with Pearl commenting how predictable the twist is.

Garnet and Pearl have a funny little background gag, and as I said, the ending gag is funny. They mix it in well so it’s not too goofy and the dramatic stuff sets in properly. When I put this on the list, it was due to the dramatic parts, but after watching it again, I realized how well done it is in general.

It manages to mix a few elements to make for a very enjoyable episode, despite the heavy moments. It gives some neat development and plenty of nice moments, as well as good comedy.

While the heavy stuff is why it’s on here, the other stuff makes it good as well. It’s interesting to see how Steven cares about Pearl, and all the sword fighting stuff. It’s great in a smaller way than most episodes, but it’s still great.

Overall, it’s another example of this show can combined various elements to create one fun experience. Even when it’s heavy, it can bounce back fine, for the most part. It’s yet another great, if small, episode.

  1. Space Race

Writers: Joe Johnston and Jeff Liu

Okay, I swear this is our last big Pearl episode. She’s not quite my favorite gem (cough Garnet Cough) but she is arguably the deepest and thus gets some of the best episodes.

After hearing about how Pearl misses space, Steven and Greg try building their own space ship.

This is another rather simple story that still ends up saying a lot. As I said before, it’s a Pearl episode and dives into her character. Again, a rather simple start to what we would get later, but it’s still great.

Like a lot of episodes, it knows how to put it enjoyable as well as tear jerker. Infact, most of this episode is spent on Comedy as Steven and Greg try to make this ship.There are many fun moments with this.

My favorite joke happens at the start as Greg watches …Crying Breakfast Friends.

I must be getting old, I used to like cartoons”

This episode has a nice structuce and build up to it. It starts with a slighty bit of building and has you feel a bit sorry for Pearl as she talks about space, then goes into hinkx started by Steven being amazing.

It starts off innocent, then Pearl gets involved and makes this more complicated. It properly builds up and becomes more dramatic while still being fun. So when it gets all sad, it feels earned.

Getting ready to see me say stuff like that, because that’s a big strength of the show in general. Even the most tear jerking episodes build up to correctly, and aren’t too “deep” about it.

I don’t want to say pretentious because I hate that word. Ironically, it has become pretentious!

The antics are amusing and of course every character shines. Yes, Pearl is awesome but let’s focus on Greg for a bit. We’ll talk about him in the next entry (hint hint) but he shines here too.

He works with Steven and helps him with the ship even though it’s an odd idea, and later on he isn’t happy with Pearl wanting to take him into space for real. Despite how he looks, he’s not a dead bet and is very likable here. With this premise, it’s not too hard to make him right, but you’re be surprised how many shows could get it wrong.

Then there’s Pearl. Man, between this and Rose’s Scabbard alone, you gotta feel bad for her. She might have the most bagged of the gems, at least in terms of just how much has happened to her over the years. Here we see that she misses space so much she’s willingly to put Steven in danger to get a taste of it again.

By the way, I think there was a disconnect between animators and writers, because they clearly meant them to just be leaving the atmosphere, but the background shows in space…with Steven still breathing. Maybe his gem-ness does that, idk.

This of course leads to a nice moment with Steven giving us the moral: There’s no shame in bailing out. This was foreshadowed earlier, and while it wasn’t too subtle, it worked in that context so it doesn’t come across as weird when it happens.

This bit is yet another sad part that is just…damn. This is one of those moments that got me to like the show even more. It’s an intense and heartwarming moment that gives us character insight, and a nice, if basic moral.

It’s the icing on a pretty awesome cake. This is one of those episodes I go back to when I think of examples of how emotional the show can be, even it’s a simple story. It’s charming, fun, well written, and of course, emotional.

And proving why Pearl is amazing and complex isn’t too bad either. Not much else to say, really. Just another solid Pearl development episode.

As side note, Sanjay and Craig had an episode with the same name around the same time. …This one is better but that one is actually good too.

7. House Guest

Writers: Lamar Abrams and Hellen Jo

I said that the characters in this show are more than they seem. This extends to the supporting characters. The biggest example will come later, but Greg is another big one. He is Steven’s Father…and we all know how fathers in cartoons tend to be.

Since Greg is a former rocker who lives in a van, you think he would be another dumbass Dad…but he’s not. Sure, he isn’t the brightest man ever, but that’s because most people would be clueless around all this gem nonsense.

Given what he went through with Rose, it’s easy to see why he is the way he is. He tries hard to be a good father even with Steven living with the gems. He is a bit goofy, but he is no way stupid.

And as you have guessed, this episode is a good example of why Greg is awesome.

Left homeless and with a broken leg after the events of the previous episode, Greg stays with Steven and the Gems as a temporary house guest.

The premise doesn’t sound too interesting at first. It’s the story of that house guest who outstays their welcome and relies too much on their care taker. But of course, this show manages to make it work, just with the character motivations.

First off, there’s a pretty sweet song by Steven about Dad. It’s not one of the shows best songs, but it’s cute and sets things up nicely. They do a good job of showing their relationship, and we see how much they bond.

It’s a simple and effective way to make everything that happens later hit harder.

I suppose I should cut to the chase, because before the reveal, there isn’t a lot to discuss. We have some cute scenes and Greg calling Steven to do really minor things. This work because it’s clear he is doing this to see Steven and not be a moochng douche bag.

But then it turns out Greg has been faking it the last couple days. Yeah, Steven actually healed him with his powers (don’t ask) earlier but Greg faked it to spend more time with him.

This is pretty predictable and usually this is where things would fall apart….but it’s actually where it gets better!

How the heck does it actually work? Because of how Greg was written. He just did it because he really wanted to hang out with his son. And given how things are, you can’t blame him too much. He doesn’t come across as too unlikable.

Mostly because he is quickly called on it. Then Steven says Greg messed up because after he “Failed” to heal Greg, he was not confident enough to help fix this gem machine…thing the other gems wanted him to take care of.

Because of this, Greg sees the consequences of actions. Now that’s even better. Not only is he slightly justified, but he is called out AND sees exactly how his careless actions have negatively effected his son.

Of course he manages to heroically make up for it with a Checkov’s Gun. This has some of the best character writing in Season 1, if you ask me. Sure the bigger complex episodes are fine, but this is more subtle in how it’s done.

It’s a story that is so cliché and so easily could have failed, but they did everything right at every step. Instead of just mooching off Steven like a jerk, he does this to be closer to him, which is understandable in context.

Their relationship is properly set up beforehand, and Greg is called out for his actions and he sees just how bad they were. Sure, there a few small moments where Greg seems annoying but that is fixed very quickly.

This episode shows the strengths of Greg’s character and really makes me like him. This seemingly weak story ends up being really well written and decently emotional.

I was really surprised, because I’m the first to complain about a cliché story, even if the product is fine. I will almost always go “gee, I wonder if X will happen”. But this episode is done so well, I didn’t do that.

Now that takes talent. Sure, it’s not perfectly and it’s far from the best story, but it’s still a very well done story. I mean, as good as this show is, it could easily screw up this kind of plot, but it didn’t.

By the way, this episode came right before Space Race. Now that’s a double dose of awesome. It’s sweet, has a cute song, and is a well written story that has great development for a great character. A surprisingly great episode if there ever was one.

Go Greg!

6. The Test

Writers: Hilary Florido and Katie Mitroff

Steven finds out that the events of Cheeseburger Backpack were just a test, and demands a real test that challenges him.

…So right off you see one crazy thing about this episode. I love it when they have a twist revealing something we saw before we not what it seemed. Here, a whole episode was not what we thought it was!

This episode gets to off a great start. After some good jokes, this is revealed and it’s such a great moment. Steven isn’t exactly happy that he got tricked like that, especially since he technically “Failed” that test.

To be honest, I almost want to make this really short, because I really don’t want to 100 percent spoil this one. The “fun” comes with finding out more about all of this, and seeing the awesome ending.

But I kind of have to go into more detail to further explain why this one is good so…SPOILER WARNING GOES DOUBLE FOR THIS ONE. Seriously, if you haven’t seen the show and have made it this far, you should skip ahead because I just personally feel the episode won’t be the same if you know what happens and how going into it.

I have some stuff to say before we get there. Steven’s make up test is really cool, as each stage made by each gem is creative and interesting. It’s really cool seeing how he goes through this, and it gets fairly intense.

You really get worried for him when it gets quite dangerous. And given what happens next, that’s pretty impressive. This episode was really interesting already with the reveal, and the cool test.

Then we have the ending to all of this. Basically, it turns out that….this new test is fake too. Yes, even after what Steven said, this still put him through a fake test. He’s a bit upset, but after overhearing them talking, he starts to kind of understand.

I don’t think I could properly sum it up without basically copying the script word for word, but I’ll try. In short, they really wanted Steven to get his confidence back because he’s come so far and this boost could help him get even better.

Remember, failing to heal his further hurt his confidence a bit back there, and they don’t want a repeat of that. I may be convincing that this move was justified, but they say it better than I do.

We really see how they feel about how this, and how they kind of had to do this. While they seem perfect, they are really clueless without Rose, and they aren’t sure this is even the right choice.

This really helps you get why they are doing this, and evens even more to their characters. So what does Steven do? Does he call them out but then say he gets it?

Nope, he “passes” the test and acts like he learned nothing, because he wants to make them happy, just like they were doing for him.

This…actually makes it even better. Sure, the traditional ending with Steven calling them out and them making up would have be fine, but this is even better. It shows Steven gets what they are going for, and thinks it would be easier to just do what they are doing.

Steven is put in a difficult position just like them and decides to do something kind of mature. It puts his character to…the…test. Whoa, my mind is blown. Is it right for both parties to pretty much lie?

Maybe not but in this context, it is what is best for both of them. As cheesy as it might sound, it’s really mature and incredibly well done in context. AND it proves this show can do a “lying is sometimes fine” moral correctly!

This episode is just excellent when it comes to the themes and development. My only complaint is that some parts are dragged out slightly to meet the 11 minute mark. The test itself could have gone on a bit longer so they didn’t have to make some other minor parts go on a bit.

But that’s a nitpick. Otherwise, it’s a really great episode that shows more of what this show can do. As if revealing something about a previous episode wasn’t enough, it goes to dive into these characters and do some really awesome stuff.

Needless to say, these writers get an A.

…Wow, that was lame.

5. On the Run

Writers: Joe Johnston and Jeff Liu

Oh boy. The rest of the episodes on here are great, but the ones from this point on are kind of amazing in one way or another. And we start it with this. So I must confess something: For awhile, Amethyst was my least favorite Gem.

She was still awesome but she had a few jerk-y moments that were more annoying than funny, most notably in Joking Victim. Bits like that made her less awesome than the others, even if it’s not enough to make her bad

…Then this episode happened. I like her more now.

While Steven and Amethyst are on the run to replicate Steven’s favorite book series, they make a stop at where Amethyst comes from. Drama ensues.

This is another episode where the big thing is pretty much the only thing, so I am forced to just cut to the chase. Meaning you can skip if you don’t want the impact ruined for you, even if the plot points aren’t exactly too shocking.

It’s another simply story, and typically those aren’t my favorite but this episode is so good I can let it slide. Honestly, for that reason it could have been lower, but there’s no way an episode with this much emotion could not be in the top 5.

To put it simply, Amethyst was created on earth, in a place called The Kindergarten. They made gems there and it was not for a good reason, let’s put it that way. As you might imagine, she’s not too proud of her origins and this visit creates plenty of drama

Honestly, all of the …, if you wanna call it that, is from exactly what the characters and how they discuss all of this. Anything I could say to sum it up could not possibly capture all the emotion goes on here.

But I could have to go into it a little bit. I guess I can touch on the little things for a second. I like how charming the start is, fooling you into thinking this ight be just fun.

There’s a cute song and some good jokes as well. I love the comment about the supposedly bad graphic novel version of No Home Boys. This show really gets fandoms, as if the Dub/Subs comment in Keep Beach City Weird was not proof enough.

It transitions rather nicely, as all this talk of having no home reminds her of her home and all of this trouble. It’s slightly jarring going from the start to the actual meat, but it’s still decently done.

Then we have the real stuff. I’m not quite how to sum it up, but let’s see. To put it quickly, Pearl shows up and they end up having a talk about how Amethyst feels about all of this.

As I said, summing it would be hard because everything that happens here is character driven. Just two characters talking about their feelings and having a real talk. You can’t just sum it up, you know?

I suppose that makes this story weaker when you sum it on paper, but there’s a nice mix of story and deeper stuff. It just feels so real. Most of the credit goes to the voice actors, who make you forget these are two cartoon characters spewing words made by a guy hired to write this stuff.

The raw emotion is just awesome. It’s just interesting to hear Amethyst talk about this stuff. She basically goes into how she was pretty much a mistake and how she feels about it.

It really makes you respect Amethyst a lot more. I know after this I loved her a lot more. It explains why she’s a bit more human than the other Gems…and thus slightly more annoying.

A recent episode revealed something about her origin that made her even more tragic, which shows that even now the show is still growing. It’s interesting how after this episode, I had no issues with Amethyst ever again.

Mostly since after this she got a bit more open and was not as troubled by all of this. This episode is like the super complex version of Sonic Rainboom. An episode developing a slightly problematic character that makes me love the character.

Oh, and the Kindergarten looks cool. It’s so barren and creepy, and it makes for a great set piece.

I’m not gonna get all psychological abut all the “deep themes” here or whatever. I just feel that this is a really raw and emotional episode that happens to be a bit deep.

Just seeing Amethyst talk about this stuff is interesting on it’s own. Everything about this episode is just plain fascinating and gripping. Sure, it may not be the biggest story ever, but it’s still pretty awesome.

I’m sorry I didn’t quite recap all of it, but I dare not spoil everything in here. Trust me, what they say is too good to spoil. …also, I couldn’t figure out how to phrase it all in my own. I suck at writing, as you can tell by now.

But Joe Johnston and Jeff Liu don’t! Brought it back, yes. I think these two are tied with Raven M. Molisse and Paul Villeco for my favorite writers. Both of these duos almost always churn of amazing episodes.

…Except the dud, but no one is perfect.

Overall, this is a great important episode that deserves the praise it gets. I am may be overselling it, but I just really like it. The revelations are interesting, the song is fun, and the interacts are great, showing some fantastic emotions.

If this is only number 5, then you know I think highly of these next 4. As a whole, this is another great character driven episode.

4. Mirror Gem/Ocean Gem

Writers: Raven M. Molisse and Paul Villeco (Mirror Gem), Joe Johnston and Jeff Liu

(Ocean Gem)

…Given what episode(s) we are not discussing, I should say that my top 4….are almost tied. They are almost equally fantastic, and it was hard to put certain ones over another. But eventually I decided which ones were better, and while it felt weird to put this slightly lower than most people would, I still confident.

So…where do I heck do I begin? Steven finds an Mirror that can somehow talk to him, and from there they discover another gem that is not happy with our heroes.

After watching this episode again, I didn’t quite get as emotional over it as I remembered…but it’s still pretty awesome just for what it does. It seems a bit odd to half this special be spread out over 2 11 minute episodes instead of one 22 minute episode.

Adventure Time does that too (even for something like Holly Jolly secrets, as it’s just called part 1 and part 2) but Regular Show thankfully just does it normally. But an extent, I can see the benefits of this.

When you have one 22 minute story, you’ll just focus on the main part of the story. You’ll want to spread out only one story, so sometimes people may rush certain parts or take too long.

With this, you have two separate stories that just build off each other. Part 1 is mostly about one thing, and part 2 is about the other. So thus, both can go as deep as they want, and create a perfectly paced story.

And that’s how this one works. Mirror Gem is really good on it’s own, as they get some good gags out of the mirror and how it reacts to things. It starts with Steven wanting to experience school, because he’s a kid, of course he doesn’t realize the horrors of what what School is. They get some nice jokes out of that to ease into the plot. This one focuses on fun antics with Steven and it works really well.

Even some of the supporting characters like Lars and Dewey got some amusing moments. This episode paces itself rather well, building to the big moment. When things get going, oh boy it’s interesting.

We get to see the gems angry at Steven as he refuses to give them the mirror when they ask for it, because the mirror doe not like this. It’s….pretty interesting. Anytime a character usually shown as liking our main character gets like this, it makes for some intense stuff.

To cut to the chase, it turns out there’s a gem in there, named Lapis Lazuli. And she’s not too happy. She leaves and takes the ocean with her. That’s the main conflict of Ocean Gem (“I’m gonna get the ocean back, or get really thirsty trying”)…but let’s talk about Lapis.

I could recap the rest of the plot, but we’ll get into the big thing about this episode. Before now, some of us figured the gems were fugitives from home world, or something odd was going on.

While we find out more about later, this episode gives us a glimpse into how other gems view them. She’s been trapped in that mirror and her gem stone is cracked, and she blames the gems for this.

Again, they don’t go to deep into it, but they do reveal at least some other gems are not the best people, and don’t like the Crystal gems. This is pretty interesting, as it makes things a bit black and white.

It’s not a simple good vs evil battle, it’s way bigger than that. Granted, most other gems seem to be jerks, but given what we find out, it’s easy to see why some feel the way they do, especially Lapis.

She’s pretty amazing. She’s not really a bad guy, as she’s she pissed about what has happened in the past. She is really sympathetic and shares a decent bond with Steven, especially after he heals her.

He heals with his spit. This show can do that and still keep the moment effective. Yes. They do a good job of balancing both sides of her, being very lovable and also pretty intimadating.

And through her, we get some of the best animation in the show. Seriously, Lapis herself is really smooth, and anteing involving the water is great. There’s a whole fight scene taking place at this water tower she made, and it looks just great.

The colors are striking and everything is just so lovely and detailed. The best is when Steven and her at the top, kind of in space. It looks just go damn good. While some shows have better character animations at times, this may be just be the most beautiful looking cartoon on right now, at least with the colors.

And as usual, the music helps build the atmosphere too. This episode just oozes atmosphere all around.

This thing was so huge when it came out, as it revealed quite a lot and showed us so much. Like a lot of episodes that set the ground work for later, it still holds up as something really good.

It gives us an incredibly sympathetic and interesting character, along with some fun antics and beautiful animation. It reveals more about the world and even now, it’s still fascinating how they reveal all of this.

It even leaves you with a good feeling at the end. It certainly feels like a mid Season finale, as it marks a new beginning, as even more great episodes come after this. Actually, I think most of the list comes after this.

Hell, House Guest is RIGHT after this, as Greg breaks his leg in this one. Interesting.

This is certainly a great way to end the first half of the Season. It reveals more stuff and gives a lot to chew on. It’s funny, it’s intense, and of course decently emotional. Everything I’ve come to expect, really.

With all of that in mind, this really earns it’s place on the list. While I respect the next 3 more to an extent, this is still one I dig a lot.

It’s pretty awesome, is what I’m saying. …Although in a way I perfer…

3. The Return/JailBreak

Writers: Raven M. Molisse and Paul Villeco (Return), Joe Johnston, Jeff Liu, and Rebecca Sugar (Jailbreak)

Yep, I put both two parters close together. Really, how could I not? I almost tied them…but that would look clunky. This is the big Season ender…and it’s even bigger than the previous entry.

Once again, we get a bit to cover, so let’s get into it. While Mirror and Ocean just kind of happened, ths had a lot of build up. The now infamous Steven Bomb premiere week lead up to with little episodes building up to this one, resulting in this.

After the events of those build up episodes, Perdiot finally arrives with a ship that is a giant hand. Because…reasons. Well, there’s a reason for the ship, not so much for it being a hand. Anyway, some bad gems finally come to earth and they have to deal with that.

When that faisl, they end up in jail on the ship and must break out. So before I get to the fusion in the room, let’s look at the episodes themselves. They are a bit different than Mirror Gem and Ocean Gem.

They worked together as separated stories and built up to their respect main plots. This one goes right in and feels like a slightly smaller plot that is one big story instead of two smaller ones.

In other words, it’s a 22 minute episode split into 2 rather than 2 11 minute ones, like that one. While some may perfer that one, I like how they did this one. Mostly because the best moments are even better one.

For one, it gets pretty intense and interesting. Everyone is forced to leave the city, and you get the feeling some bad stuff will be going down. On top of that, they force Steven to go because it’s too dangerous, and it brings more drama.

Greg has a talk with him and we basically find out right then and there the whole thing with the gems and home world. Yep, they are fugitives, as the other gem were doing bad things to earth, and Rose didn’t like it.

That’s the basic version, anyway. Greg saying this makes it even more interesting as opposed to the easier way the gems might tell it, since Greg isn’t exactly as into this stuff.

Speaking of the other gems, we pretty much see first hand how they feel about certain things, most notably fusion. Trust me, I’m getting to that. The world building is just a small part of this episode though.

For one, the animation and music are somehow better than in the last one. They really know how to use color perfectly, as well as music even when it’s not too flashy. This creates some amazing moment in both episodes, especially the end of both of them.

Also, I actually love the abrupt ending of Jail Break. Something epic happens…then Garnet makes a quip and then it just ends with Connie calling Steven. You aren’t given any time to let it sink it…and that’s why it’s hilarious.

There are plenty of little nice moments, most of them dealing with Steven, of course. But I’m just stalling, let’s finally get to use.

Yep, it turns out Garnet is actually a fusion of two gems named Ruby and Sapphire. The two are pretty much lovers who cared so deeply for each other they becaome a somewhat permanent fusion known as Garnet.

Most people would go crazy over this due to them being kind of being lesbians and again, OMG SO PROGRESSIVE. ….Okay, before you correct me by saying gems do not have gender, just remember this:

I don’t care.

Anyway, that’s not why I got crazy over it. Yeah, the lesbian thing is cool but with how it’s shown, you could see it as…good friends? …Hey, that’s likely how the writers phrased it so CN would air it.

At least it’s not as dumb as Korra and Asami holding hands=LOVERS FOREVER.

Okay, I’ve pissed off enough people, let’s get serious. This reveal is great because….Garnet is a fusion! Not only does it explain a lot but it makes her character even more interesting.

We see that fusion is frowned upon by certain gems, and we have certainly seen what fusion really means. It some ways it’s a relationship and from wat I can see, Ruby and Sapphire were pretty darn close.

All of is shown perfectly during Garnet’s song, Stronger Than You. Yeah, the song is amazing, and not just for the singing and tune. It perfectly sums up Garnet and the stuff revealed in this.

And you’re not gonna stop what we made together.
We are gonna stay like this forever.
If you break us apart, we’ll just come back newer.
And we’ll always be twice the gem that you are.

This alone shows just what Garnet is all about and makes me care about Ruby and Sapphire. While they aren’t on screen for long, we get just enough to see their connected. And once we find out they are Garnet, we have eveything we need to know, the song goes even deeper than that.

One to composers/sound people said thst they wanted to emphasize the euphoria of Garnet being reformed and think that is what makes the song and thus the episode, so great.

The reveal is cool but they way they show it so interesting. But even taking that away, I like how epic this one used. While it’s not the biggest thing ever, it certaintly fits as a season finale.

It reveals some more things, has interesting themes and has some pretty epic stuff in it. I personally thought it was completely satisfying, and even after all this time, it’s still awesome.

…It came out this year and I just said it like it came out years ago.

Oh, and Lapis fuses with Jasper so she can keep her in the ocean. That is amazing. You feel even worse for Lapis here so doing this is just awesome. It makes for an epic ending and a perfect note to end things on.

Overall, this episode is pretty awesome. It gives us a ton to like, from the character development , to action, to an epic scene. It was an awesome way to end the season, even if we didn’t know it ended the Season until later because CN Schedulers suck balls at their job.

I think Disney, Nick ,and Cartoon Network want to see who can piss off their fans the most with bad scheduling You decide who is winning right now.

Anyway, with all of that, this is a Season ending that deliverers, and it certainly deserves to be at this spot.

But if this is only number 3, which episodes could I possibly respect more? Well, let’s see. But yeah, great episode, insert bad pun here.

2. So Many Birthdays

Writers: Raven M. Molisse and Paul Villeco

Many times on this blog, I have talked about the Growing the Beard trope. It is the moment when a series starts becoming truly special. It may have been decent up to that point, but this is where it gets going.

For Steven Universe, this is the Growing the Beard Moment. The show was pretty good up to this point, but this is where we got our first glimpse of deeper themes. This is the first episode to blow me away in some away, and the first time I seriously payed attention.

And while other episodes are written better, I keep going back to it.

When Steven finds out that the Gems are thousands of years old, he tries to make up for lost time with tons of Birthdays, but starts to wonder if he’s getting too old for child stuff.

By objective standards, this episode may not hold up as well as a few others. It’s one of those episodes that peeks into themes instead of using them to create a perfect story, and it ends a bit abruptly.

It ends before reaching a meaning….but it still works very well. For one, you can tell what the meaning is if you just use your brain for a moment. We don’t need a moral force fed to us, and this show can be good at that.

It makes up for those issues by giving us a really unique experience, with themes to think about it. Really, the only thing I find odd is that Steven didn’t know the gems live for that long. I suppose at this point they wanted us to think that he hadn’t know them for that long…..but we later find out they have been taking care of hm since he was little so yeah, it makes no sense.

But that’s a nitpick, so let’s get into it. Over the course of this blog, you may notice I tend to like stories that go into themes about age. Stories that ask when you should grow up, or what it’s ike to mature.

I mean just look at 16 Wishes, and my enjoyment of the Pepper Ann, Recess, and Weekenders Halloween episodes with these themes. It’s just always interested me. I don’t have any personal problems with this, as I’ve always been fine with my age.

I know it’s fine for me to like certain kid things, and I’m okay with becoming a mature adult. Even if some may think I’m not trying at all.

It is an interesting theme to think about it, and this episode tocuhes on it. When Steven starts to feel old, his gem suddenly makes him age. Okay, that’s another thing I don’t get. They don’t explain how it can do that.

They have more or less stated his gem often reacts to emotions, but it mostly just means that his shield/bubble goes up when others are in dangers and stuff like that. It hasn’t done much else so this is a bit odd. Maybe it’s an idea they kicked around but didn’t go through with.

Either way, it makes for a great plot. Despite this episode being known for it’s emotion, it’s actually pretty funny for the most part. They do some good jokes with each section, especially the party stuff at the start.

It’s amusing how the gems don’t know about party traditions and things are goofy and funny up to a certain point. Even when he starts to age, there are jokes about how odd this is.

My favorite joke is when Steven asks Sadie and Lars to help him into his birthday suit. …It makes sense in context.

This is another episode that sets up the drama well with nice Comedy. Other episodes so it better, but I like how they do it here too. Of course, the highlight is the ending where things get emotional.

This is the biggest tearjeker in the show to be honest. I know other episodes get more emotional when it comes to….actual mention but this came to closest to getting me teary eyed.

Steven ages to the point where he’s pretty much on the brink of death. Yeah, it’s that kind of kids show, if you can’t tell. This is given the weight it deserves, as it gets pretty depressing.

The gems desperately try to get him back to normal, and damn is it sad. They do have jokes in this part but they are only funny because of how said it is. It’s so heartbreaking seeing Steven go through this, and the Gems reacting to it.

This whole part is the perfect combination of strange, amusing, and sad. The animation even looks a bit gloomier to fit this and it’s so good. The drama just works here, and it’s quite geneuine.

Of course, there’s a happy ending as Steven goes back to normal once he starts to actually younger. The episode pretty much ends here. While this can be seen as a problem, I like to think they wanted you to think about themes for yourself.

With how they show it, I think they are saying that you are only as old as you feel. The Gems are god knows how old but are still quite spry. Sure, the whole…alien might have something to do with it, but they don’t think about how old they are, since it doesn’t matter.

Steven let it get to him and that’s why he got so old. It doesn’t matter what you do art any age, as long as you don’t worry about that silly stuff. You can like childish stuff as an adult, just don’t go to overboard with it.

They do a good job at presenting this moral without being too obvious about it. It is obvious but not stated. If they keep it too open, it would come across as pretentious or forced. But thankfully, they know how to keep it light.

This episodes holds a special place in my heart, because it’s the first time I saw what this should could be. It could actually be an emotional and complex experience,and not just fun antics.

It’s when I started to pay attention to the show, and I think others can agree with me. This is when Steven Universe went from a good show to a great show. Well, I suppose some of the episodes around Mirror/Ocean Gem can be seen as the moment too, but this is close.

As a story, it’s not as well put together as a few others. But I still love it because it’s interesting, funny, and emotional. Just like most of the show, really. It does a lot for the show and personally, it holds up as a great experience.

Even if it gets overshadowed now by other episodes, this is still a really great episode with interesting themes and some really emotional moments.

It’s when I get invested in the show, and for that, it deserves a spot at number 2, at least in my opinion. It might be the best, but it’s great and I love it.


Before we get to number one, we naturally must go over some honorable mentions. I will only have 3, because if I went through all of them, I’d just list too many “great, but not my favorite” episodes. So here are those 3:


Coach Steven (Raven M. Molisee and Paul Villeco): This popular episode was very close, as it has a cool fusion, cool moments, great themes, and an amazing song. However, the very ending takes away from it. The whole episode shows that Pearl is jealous and just wants to be right. They show both sides are not being 100 percent right…but Pearl boasts about how she was right. The end. I expect that kind of dumb joke from a lesser show and it takes away from the themes. But it’s still good, so consider it number 13 or so.

Lion 3 Straight to Video (Joe Johnston, Jeff Liu, and Rebecca Sugar): Yes, the ending is very emotional and awesome. But like I sad, I prefer the more complete stories. Nothing really big happens in this one until the ending. It works but as a story, it’s not in my top 11, sorry.

An Indreict Kiss (Raven M. Molisee and Paul Villeco): I have no special reason for leaving this off. It’s another episode with interesting revelations and some great moments. It’s the episode that got me to think this is the best show on CN. It’s where I became a real fan. Why is not on the list? Not enough room, that’s all. It’s number 12. I didn’t fit in because there are episodes I just prefer with what they reveal, that’s it.

Since a majority of the fan favorites have been mentioned, you mgiht wonderful what the hell my number one. Well, here we go.

My number one favorite episode of Steven Universe Season 1 is…


1. Joking Victim

Writers: Raven M. Molisse and Paul Villeco

I know what you are all thinking: Really, this episode? I don’t remember it being THAT special. What the hell? I’m going to burn your house for having a different opinion!

And I can see why this may shock you. At most, people think this episode is decent. Nothing special but good.

And it may not be the best written….but If you ask me, this episode represents the big thing that makes this show so great.

Let me explain.

I suppose I should get my big negative out of the way. Remember how I said this was one of the episodes where Amethyst kind of bugged me? While it flat out opens with her pulling a prank on Steven where she has him eat fries with Fire Salt in them.

Not only is this cruel but it’s just here to introduce a Chekov’s Gun for later. In other words, they had her be a jerk just for the plot to work. Then later on as Lars is going all crazy, she just sits there laughing at him.

Yes, it’s Lars but it’s still annoying. She has a jerk moment at the end, although it is kind of amusing. She says she and Steven make a good team.

You were of no help whatsoever’

That was funny. But I can let her slide since the rest of the episode is so good. Now onto the actual plot.

Lars is sick and can’t go to work, so Steven fills in at The Big Donut to help Sadie. Right at the start, we see than Lars is typically a big jerk, When Steven makes a mess, he has Sadie clean it even though it’s his turn.

This nicely sets up what he’s usually like as it’s important for later. Steven likes working with Steven, and this section gives most of the humor of the episode. It also shows us more of Sadie and the Big Donut, so it serves a very good plot purpose.

It also gives a training video starring someone voiced by Sinbad. That’s amazing too.

Eventually Steven suggests just firing Lars, but Sadie says he is a nice guy deep inside. She tells story about the time she really helped out and they played video games, with her as Player 2.

We spent the whole night together”

That really is nice…must’ve been one great video game. “

…Yeah, it was”

.No comment. Except that this is super important, because it shows a nice side to lars, as well as show why Sadie is willingly to defend him. They had a connection at some point.

They decide to do something nice for him, so they go to his house with some Donuts…only to find that he was faking being sick and he’s just hanging out with the cool kids.

This isn’t really a shock given how Lars acted earlier, but after that backstory, it’s a crushing blow. You can really feel how Saide feels here, seeing this after she just went on about how awesome Lars is. The animation really adds a lot here.

She wants to get him back, and the next day Steven suggests giving him a fire salt Donut. Sadie doesn’t want to do this at first because it’s not really nice to just be an asshole back at him.

But then Lars comes in to say something dick-ish, so in anger she does it. While I was taken aback at first, you can’t really blame here given the context. Sometimes we do dumb things like that when someone wrongs us and it’s Lars. Enough said.

But of course this backfires, making Lars breath fire all over the place. After some antics, they catch up to him and then we get the big emotional stuff that makes me love the episode.

First, Sadie calls him out for his Lars-ness.

After all I do for you, you LIE to me? So you can sneak off with some other girls?!”

Then we get the big wham line of the episode:

That night we played video games, I don’t know what it meant to you. But ever since then, I can’t get the thought out of my head that you’re a good person. That night, I really thought… Player Two. Is that just your way of saying I could’ve been anyone?”

There’s a bit more before I go on my praise rant. You can tell by Lars expression that he’s starting to realize the consequences of his actions, and how he hurt Sadie. After they stop his whole fire thing with a nice callback, Lars offers to help despite Sadie not wanting to talk to him.

The episodes ends on that Amethyst joke I mentioned earlier. There is much to talk about here, I don’t know where to begin. This episode is kind of brilliant in a few ways, mostly in how at looks at Sadie and Lars.

I said this episode represents the big thing that makes this show so great. Here’s what I meant by that. I said one the shows biggest strengths is how the characters are better and more than they seem.

I explained how they did this with Lars and a few other characters, but here they do it with Lars. Lars is basically the asshole character, meant to be a jerk most of the time. You can think of some example of his type off the top of your head, and I don’t meant jerks with a heart of gold like Muscleman (most of the time).

I mean the ones that are just side characters that exist to be unlikable. Typically they come in the form of Alpha Bitches such as Diamond Tiara, although they can development sometimes.

With how Lars is, you think he might be like this forever or when they do have him be nice, he’ll just do some nice then go back to normal with nothing too deep. They did show some more to him in “Lars and the Cool Kids” where he just simply wants to fit in, and when he screws up, Steven….calls hm out on it.

What do you know about my Mom?! I DIDN’T EVEN GET TO KNOW MY MOM! But I do know, she saw beauty in everything! Even in stuff like this and even in jerks like you! “ “

Consider that another runner up. But that one just had him realize he might be a bit dick-ish and that’s about it. It was a bit deep but in a more subtle way. This takes it head on. Most of the time, he’s a jerk here, pretending to be sick to skip work, and just being uncaring towards his friend, and Steven.

But we find out that at one point, he was nice. He can caring towards Sadie, and he does have a nice side to him. At the end he does want to help after seeing how he screwed up. He knows Sadie isn’t interesting in talking to him, but he figures he could sort of make up for it anyway.

Notice that he doesn’t apologize at all, yet he clearly has realize he may have been a bit of a jerk. They don’t try to magically have him learn his lesson….but he’s also not shown as just a jerk who can never change. He’s at nether extreme by the end, he’s just a bit of both.

Yes, he is a jerk but there is something nice inside him. He’s been good once and he can tell when he has majorly screwed up.

They don’t go for either easy right, by having him just suddenly be nice, or just get his comeuppance and have that be it. I know what you’re thinking: Well duh they showed him being nice in the end, he’s had a slight nice side before. When that happens, it would make no sense to have him still be a jerk in a story like that.

That’s true, but I’ve seen shows just have a character go back to being a jerk, even if they have a nice side. Sometimes n the same episode! Uwsually it’s just for the sake of a mean spirited joke.

But Steven Universe knows going that route is usually a bad idea. It’s mostly a nice show and every character is more complex than makes the eye. They could have made an exception with Lars, but they didn’t.

Yes, he isn’t a saint after this but he’s a jerk in smaller ways and isn’t going around doing stuff like this again, at least in the present. And that’s not even the end of it!

They could have ended it here, but then we have Island Adventure, which further develops the relationship with him and Sadie. This one even shows Sadie as flawed, in a bit that some found off, but I found acceptable.

Then it has this line from Lars:

Have you felt lonely…even when you’re around people?”


Then in Horror Club, we find out he and Ronaldo have a backstory, further developing him. This one was so good some people even decided to change their minds about Lars. Others…not so much.

Which actually kind of bugs me. See, the thing I love about this episode it doesn’t go too far either way, so you can him a nice guy now, or you can see him as a jerk who has lost his way.

But either way, you say he had redeeming elements and can be nice. But there are some people who act like he’s a completely irredeemable jerk who has never been nice and never well.

.Have those people just not seen these episodes? While he isn’t exactly a saint here, they have spent at least 4 episodes showing he has a nice side and they have really developed him as a character.

He’s not just a jerk, he has at least a bit more to him. And if you don’t find ihm or funny or whatever, that’s fine. But some people act like he’s just the worst person ever and he’s never done anything good or whatever.

People are just stubborn, even after these episodes. I don’t get how people can just ignore this stuff just so they can hate a character.

But one episode of Diamond Tiara being nice, and she’s best pony. I don’t get it. This is why people think we’re worse than Bronies!

Back to my point. While Island Adventure has Lars’ deepest moment, and Horror Club is a bit more even (the only reason it wasn’t on the list is because I had more to say about him in this), this is still his best development as a whole.

This was the first time we looked into his relationship with Sadie, and how his nature effects others. Sadie is another reason this episode is so great. We really see how she feels about all of this, and how it hurts others.

Like she said, after that one thing, she can’t think of him of anything but a good person. She found a connection with him, so she is willingly to put hm with his actions. But this time he goes too far, and you just see how it hurts her, with the dialogue, animation, and voice acting.

This show really knows how to capture a moment like that and make every element work to create just a chilling piece of emotion. I think it works best in bits like this, and Lars and the Cool Kids. They know just what words to use, and how to have the actors say them.

This shows always has this very human element, and honestly this one hit me the most because… involves humans. Not a human and gem, just two humans showcasing some real humans.

Sure, I don’t think things would end quite so happily in real life, but the emotions are real. It’s just fantastic with it’s little moments, and how it goes so deep into these characters.

Is it objectively the best? Maybe not, since there are less flawed stories that have the characters be shown better. This is another episode with a lighter story, and it doesn’t have much of an ending.

But here it works just because it makes the most sense, and it has a concrete and naturally ending to this story, so it makes sense before they get back to it later.

This episode may not the best thing ever, but it really gets to me due to the emotions and little moments. It perfectly shows how this series can have it’s character be deeper than you might expect.

I’ve gone on long enough about this episode, but I really do love it a lot. It represents one of the reasons I love this show, in a more subtle way, and it has so much to within it’s simple story.

It’s funny, it shows us more about these two characters, it displays real emotion, and of course it has great development with Lars, writing him perfectly.

That is why Joking Victim is my favorite episode of Steven Universe Season 1.


And that’s my list of my favorite SU Season 1 episodes. I think I had a nice mix of typical and different choices, especially my number one. These are some nice…gems.

I am ashamed.

Although JV is the only reason I went ahead with the list. The rest s a bit too typical and if my favorite matched up with everyone else, what would be the point?

That’s why I’m not sure about doing an Adventure Time list but we’ll see. Overall, I love this show about as much as most people and I’m fine with that. Not every show can be my own special flower.

This show may be loved a tad too much in some circles, but I don’t care what  jargin people throw out, I still love it. Season 2 is going pretty well, and I hope it gets even better. I’ll be doing a list for that once it ends, you can count on that.

So enjoy my list, and please mention some of your favorites, and don’t kill me if you disagree. We have one more list to get through this month. You could say it’s a bit more regular compared to the our other lists, but I think it’s anything but.

See ya.

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Top 11 Amazing World of Gumball Episodes

Hello, Spongey here.

In this day and age, the three main kids networks, Disney Channel, Nickelon, and Cartoon Network have been very…mixed. in the mid 2000’s they all went downhill and it’s been debated if they will get back to their former glory.

However, recently they have had their bright spots. While Disney seems to have shifted animation to XD, (proving why I was right about it), all of their cartoons are still great. Nick is…mostly weak but not as horrible as people claim, although TMNT and Harvey Beaks are great.

Then there’s Cartoon Network…which is on fire right now. While Nick held more memories for me as a kid, Cartoon Network has always had a special place in my heart. It hit probably the worst dork age of the 3 due to the CN Real Bullshit.

But now they’re pretty good again with some really great creator driven shows that challenge what’s okay for kids shows. Adventure Time is like an acid trip that gets very emotional and fun. Regular Show is more of an Adult Swim show half the time (in a good way), and we all know how awesome Steven Universe is.

But with all those shows taking up the spotlight, people forget CN has other shows that are worth watching. Sonic Boom is one of the better Sonic shows and it’s funny (probably because Dave Polsky is on it). Clarence is a nice simple show, and hell, I actually enjoy Uncle Grandpa. Sure, Teen Titans go is mediocre (not as horrible as everyone says) but that’s about it aside from …uh…Ben ten spin off 5000 or whatever’s on.

Then we have the show we’re discuss today: The Amazing World of Gumball.

Created in 2011 by Ben Bocquelet, this show is certainty interesting. It was on the CN Monday Line up with the other stuff, and it seemed to be going in the same direction in terms of popularity.

However, CN thought it was a brought idea to move it to Tuesday around Season 2 or so and honestly, I’m shocked it’s still going strong. Usually, when a show is moved to another day away from the usually lineup, it dies.

And since this show isn’t as well known or popular as those shows, I figured it would sadly die. However, it raged on with mostly consistent airings. Then with Season 3, they finally put it back on the normal line up, Now it’s getting almost as popular as those, but that might be just cuz those shows are winding down.

(After writing this, I found out Adventure Time and Regular Shoe are getting Season 8. Meh)

I always liked the show but it wasn’t until recently that I decided to marathon all of it. But before I get into it, let’s cover the basics. Ben made the show using rejected characters he made he had created for commercials and put them all in one series. And what series it is.

Gumball revolves around the life of a young cat named…well, Gumball Watterson and his frequent shenanigans in the city of Elmore, accompanied by his adoptive goldfish brother/friend, his intellectual younger sister Anais, and stay-at-home fat lazy father Richard ,and workaholic mother, Nicole. On paper, it sounds kind of typical but it’s very…creative.

Besides Gumball being a cat with a fish brother, and his sister and Dad being a Rabbit, the show is odd. The city is full of unique character of different types. Not just other animals, but tons of weird creatures. Some citizens are edible food, and some are indescribable. There doesn’t seem to be two one of creature.

This is all hard to describe, but this world is insanely creative, due to how odd the people are. It’s a fully realized world and as the show goes on, they do more crazy things with it. Not to mention they use a variety of animation techniques on the characters. Some are simply stylized 2D, some are CG, and one is even a freaking puppet.

The animation itself is very impressive, and it gets even more interesting as the show goes along. The show does a good job at mixing typical kids show stuff, with some really creative scenarios.

The characters can bit a bit typical but they tend to be very likable, from the kind hearted Darwin to the lazy father. I’ll talk more about them as we go on but I will say I especially love the side characters, from the teacher, Mrs. Simian, to Banana Joe. One of the characters is a balloon that sounds and acts like a girl but is actually a boy…for some reason.

One of the show’s strengths is its humor. It tells plenty of good dramatic stories, but it can also be really funny. It gets very creative with its gags, and matter what it does, it spins things in some insane and fun directions.

Sure, it can get a bit too mean spirited at times, as I discussed back in my Bad episodes of good Cartoons list, but more often than not it hits. This is one of those shows that ranges from pretty good to flat out great.

But for the most part, it’s just really good. I considered doing A look At, but I didn’t find myself having a lot to say. I don’t have a ton to say about the characters and I would have ended up talking about certain episodes anyway.

It’s the dark horse of the CN lineup, as it’s not quite as popular as the big 3, but I argue it can be just as good when it’s at its best. It’s a fun alternative if you feel those shows get too dramatic at times.

Today I’ll show why it’s so good with a look at my favorite episodes. Which episodes have the best Comedy and writing? Let’s take a look.

This, is my Top 11 Amazing World of Gumball Episodes

11. The Colossus

Writers: Ben Bocquelet, Jon Foster, James Lamont, and Mic Graves

Okay, I already talked about this episode in my Bad Episodes list, but I think it deserves a spot on here. Many episodes were on here at one point but I eventually went with this one because of how much I respect it.

Since not everyone has read that list, and it’s in a unrelated section, I will go over it again.

Gumball and Darwin want more friends on Elmore Plus (Discount Facebook), and one of their school friends, a giant named Hector, declines their friend request, which sucks because his only friend is his Mom.

They investigate and find out his Mom shelters him and prevents him from doing anything exciting and goes stuff like censor his comic books. The two try to get her to change her mood and convince Hector to stand up against his Mom, but things go sour when gets so worked up he rampages all over the city.

This is one of those episodes I appreciate more than anything else. It’s solid but there are better stories, and funnier episodes. However, it’s amazing just due to what it does. I explained it in that list, but I have more to say, especially in contrast to the rest of this show.

We’ve seen this plot often before, and usually they just say that kids should not be sheltered. Typicall they do out and get hurt but say they don’t mind because they have fun. This can be done well but sometimes it can turn out bad. I know this is an easy target but one such example is Sam and Cat’s #OscarTheOuch.

You think this should would go that route since it isn’t exactly known for doing new dramatic takes on typical plots, at least at the time.

But instead, they actually say it’s fine for Hector to be like this. It becomes a moral about respecting other people’s life choices. That moral in itself is gone, but combined with this plot, it becomes something special.

This choice could have easily fallen flat on it’s ass, since it’s rather odd to advcator a lifestyle like this. But somehow, it works!

Mostly because they make sure to show that this isn’t hurting Hector. Honestly, he’s fine the way he is. He’s nice, he has okay friends at school, and Mom is only doing this to prevent him from going crazy.

They aren’t saying it’s going for everyone, just that some people need it, at least when they are young. (Although I have no idea how old he is, given he’s a giant bigfoot thing). Hector is fine the way he is, and he doesn’t need all that stuff.

Sure, it’s not quite perfectly done but they at least try to justify it with this character. Besides, respecting life choices is a good moral in itself. The episode also has some decent Comedy, with plenty of amusing moments, my favorite bieng the Censored comic.

Because it’s read straight, like it’s a dramatic comic, making the silly censorship even funnier. As a side note, the animation on Hector is so flowing and good. That makes this episode even better given he has to do some crazy stuff near the end.

The show has better written stories, but this sticks out due to his unique it is. It would have been so easy for them do the cliché thing, or fall on it’s face with the moral they picked. As I explained before, not even Steven Universe could pull it off.

So they deserve a lot of credit for pulling it off at all. It may not be the best written episode ever, but it’s a gem that does a tricky subject very well with a good moral and some decent Comedy.

Overall, it’s just a well done episode that serves as a nice way to start our list. Now for the episodes I haven’t talked about it before!

10. The Kids

Writers: Ben Bocquelet, Guillaume Cassuto, Mic Graves, and Tobi Wilson

The problem with having actual kids voice child characters is that kid grow up. So that means sometimes you have to age up the character (like they did with Finn on Adventure Time) or change the actor.

Most shows would just do it and move on. …But Gumball is smarter than that, so they made an entire episode to explain it!

Gumball and Drawin find that their voices are changing and have to deal with the fact that they are growing up.

Honestly, this episode got on here just for the concept. The fact that bothered to actually transition into the new voice actors instead of just having it happen. But it’s made even better by the execution and HOW they do it.

It’s yet another story that deals with growing up and while it’s not exactly the deepest, they still handle it fairly well. They mostly use it for a Comedy but there a few little sad moments here and there.

It’s hard to mix in Comedy with a slightly serious topic, but this episode does it really well. The whole thing builds up a punch line that could have ruined the episode, but instead makes it even funnier.

Speaking of Comedy, there are plenty of good jokes to be found here, mostly with how their voices keep randomly changing. One accident with Penny’s Dad on the phone leads to the best part of the whole episode.

Why is the best? …Well, try to guess what they are spoofing here:

Now listen to me. I have a very specific set of skills. Skills I’ve acquired over a very long career. In real estate. If you never call by daughter again, that… will be the end of it. But if you do, I will look for you. I will find you. And I will build a house around you. With no doors.  “

.10/10, best show ever.

Speaking of amazing things, the icing on the cake is the song. Or should I say…rap? Yep, they have a whole rap number about how they should still have fun while they are kids.

It’s amazing. Not only is catchy but it flows well and has tons of great jokes.

Then of course, there’s the ending. After all of this, their voices become young again…but they find that they sound even younger than before. Earlier they were told only a small percentage of people stay young forever, and now they find out they fall into that category.

They cheer….but get a bit sad upon realizng what that means. The end! Yep, we have a semi downer ending….that works because it’s played for laughs and it’s really funny. That’s how you do a funny downer ending.

Plus, it perfectly transitions into the new voice actors. If you wan to know, I think they are pretty good. Honestly, I barely notice they have changed and after a season and a quarter, they have really grown into these roles.

This episode is just really clever, in how it uses a voice actor change to squeeze some good jokes and tackle an interesting subject. It doesn’t really say anything, but it gives you some stuff to think about it.

But really, it’s the concept that puts it on this list. I love that they did this and they pulled it off really well. It perfectly introduces the new voice actors, and it has a great song and a lot of good jokes to boot.

For all of those reasons, it’s another great episode, and was a solid way to start Season 3.

9. The Gi

Writers: Ben Bocquelet, Jon Foster, and James Lamont

Like pretty much evry show ever, Gumball’s first Season was a slow start. Thankfully, it was still very good, showing off all the creatvity and Comedy the rest of the show has. But it did start off a bit slow, but being too funny and lacking a real idenity for a while.

As a result, there aren’t too many Season 1 Episodes on this list. However, it still had plenty of gems, and this is one of them.

Gumball and Darwin are ridiculed for their martial-arts costumes by their schoolmates, and their mother tries to convince them to take them off.

Surprisingly, I don’t have as much to say about this one. Which is odd cuz I remebeted this one being meatier. See this was one of the earlier episodes to prove that the show could tell a good story, on top of being funny.

While it’s not as deep as some other stories we would see later on, this is still a good start. It’s rather simple but it works surprisingly well. Although I can see some seeing the moral in a different light.

Basically, Mom is worried about how they are getting mocked, mostly because the same thing happened to Richard as a kid. We even get a flashback as Nicole actually stood up for him back then.

While maybe slightly cliché, it’s a nice touch as it gives her a better reason outside of just not wanting them to wear the outfits all the time. Also, the mocking from the kids is done well because none of it is mean spirited.

It’s just typical school yard teasing, nothing more. I suppose I should say off the bat that my only complaint is that Gumball and Darwin are a bit too obvlious. To be fair, this was an issue Season 1 that they mostly fixed, but it was still an issue.

While I wouldn’t call them smart, they aren’t stupid either and are usually aware of the world of around them. But sometimes they are dumbed down for the sake of the plot. Here, they have no idea they are being mocked until the end.

But it kind of works here because of how the story is told, and you can argue they were just in denial. Anyway, the big thing that makes this episode work is the heart. Yes, it has quite a few sweet scenes, most notably a rather depressing song.

It’s not the biggest tear jerker ever, but it’s rather interesting. The story is decently interesting despite it being rather simple compared to other episodes. It’s a simple case of someone not wanting a loved one to go down the route or some other loved on, and gives some slight development for Nicole.

In the end, she allows the kids to keep wearing the Gi’s and gives Richard his old cape back. Why? Because Penny ended up standing up for them saying they were at least “brave enough to be themselves”. Nicole said the same thing Richard, so you can see it effected her.

I could see some people seeing this the wrong way, since it’s not exaclty good to just parade around like an idiot like they are doing. Not to mention they aren’t exactly being themselves. ….However, I think it works fine in context, since the moral of being yourself is fine in this context.

I think the emotion is what makes it all work. The story could have failed in lesser hands, but they put a lot of effort into making this a heartfelt story. The sweet and genuine moments really help.

I know this isn’t as all that fair, but if this was in a different season, this may not have been on the list. Oh, it’s a very solid episode with a well told story….but there are better stories out there.

I mostly put this on her to show it as an early example of the show being able to tell a good story. I needed at least one Season 1 episode on here, and I thought this was a good pick. Don’t worry, if it wasn’t as good as it was, I would just take it off, but it’s place in the show is why it’s even here.

But even with that, it is a solid episode. It’s not all that funny, but it makes up for it with a solid and heartfelt story. It may not be the best episode ever, but it’s certaintly good enough to be on this list somewhere.

And trust me, this is where the episodes get ….interesting. Anyway, great episode.

8. The Joy

Writers: Ben Bocquelet, Ben Cottam, Mic Graves, Kieran Hodgson, Tom Meltzer, Jess Ransom, Joe Parham, and Tobi Wilson

Remember my whole spiel in the Phineas and Ferb Season 4 list about Zombies and how homages to them are a dime a dozen? I said 2014 alone had quite a few of them, and I went into Randy and Wander’s takes on it.

.Well, Gumball gave one of the 2014 ones, and while Night of the Living Pharmacist was probably the funniest, this is….almost as fantastic. Yep.

When Richard gives Gumball and Darwin a “Superhug” to cheer them up, they ending become deformed and cause an outbreak of joy-infused Zombies, which only Miss Simian can stop.

So this is similar to the Wander Over Wander one with the set up, but the execution is way different….and way better. Like any good Zombie story, they slowly build up to the out break but manage to keep things interesting.

We have Gumball and Darwin dealing with this random happiness they feel, and Miss Simian getting concerned about this. It actually takes a while for the out break to happen but I was already invested so I didn’t notice.

They fit In plenty of jokes as Simian is trying to prove there is something wrong with them while the nurse thinks she’s crazy. This leads to some really funny interactions. We have a good mood as he wonder what the heck will happen to Gumball and Darwin as they become happy zombies.

Eventually, they pretty much die and become the zombies. …How else would I describe it? They randomly drop down as something leaves their bodies and become drooling happy undead people!

That’s when things get real. Any one can captured a creepy tone in a zombie parody. Even Kirby Buckets did it. But how many shows can be genuinely disturbing? Yeah, it gets interesting.

While it’s not all that gory, it’s pretty disturbing for a family show. We have a dirkly lit hallway full of kids drooling rainbows, looking all dead eyed. At one bit, Simian sees Anias from the back and tries to get her out…only for her to turn around and reavel herself to be a zombie.

It’s a pretty creepy reveal, especially this is a little girl we’re talking about. The whole episode is like. They create a really creepy atmosphere, which makes everything feel real, even though it’s played for laughs.

Of course, even during all of this, we have a few jokes here and there that work. But it doesn’t distract from how creepy this thing is. They really make this feel like a dire situation.

And during all of this, Simian is filming her progress with the case. Yep, this is kind of a found footage episode. Although it mostly places emphasis on the bits with her telling us about what is happening instead of going full Paranormal Activity on us.

It’s a nice touch, as it makes this feel even more real. Then there’s the ending. Pretty much all of these zombie homages have a happy ending, since this is still a kids show. Sure, sometimes there will be a twist ending, or a crazy non canon ending that is somehow canon.

I’m not bitter.

This episode on the other hand…does not have that. I won’t dare spoil the details but it actually does not have a happy ending. It’s…incredibly dark and a bit depressing actually. It’s played a bit for laughs, and even ends on a joke….but that somehow makes it even creepier.

This whole episode is a perfect combination of funny .and creepy. Much like Night of the Living Pharmacists, they play the homage straight and it works so well. It could have been just another boring example of the genre, if it didn’t capture what makes these stories so good to begin with.

Pharmacists captured what it’s like to see your loved ones be taken by a zombie out break ,while this one shows how just damn disturbing this can be. As I said, it’s not exactly bloody but they got away with a lot in this.

Overall, this is another great Zombie homage. Not only is it funny, but it also captures a feeling of dread, and is surprisingly creepy. This episode is way better than it needed to be, but the writers and animators were able to make this great.

The animators deserve even more credit to be honest, but you know, it’s got good writing too.

Despite it’s grim subject matter, it’s an episode that will bring you some creepy joy.

7. The Safety

Writers: Ben Bocquelet, Louise Coats, Joe Parham, and Tobi Wilson

Satires of Censorship are pretty common, and pretty much all of them end up saying the same thing: Censor ship is bad. It’s pretty easy to do, but it’s not easy to make interesting.

As you can imagine, Gumball pulls it off. Does it say anything new? …Not really, but it’s freaking hilarious.

After watching a safety video, Darwin wants to make the whole safe and naturally he goes overboard.

Like I said, the plot isn’t anything too new, and they don’t exactly have a big new angle. However, it still works really well. It’s still a good message after all. Sometimes a little danger is fine.

With a been done plot, you can make it work by writing it better than most…or by filling it with tons of amazing jokes. …Gumball does the latter.

Seriously, they may not change the moral much but they have a lot of variety with the jokes. Even at the start, we have a great parody of cheap safety videos that is nightmare inducing, even to the characters.

From there, they come up with tons of creative ways to have Darwin censor things. They do a few typical things like just preventing them from doing some things, but then he goes and somehow calls the charectors in a cartoon to get them to stop being violent!

One of Darwins reasons for censor is that jokes could cause kids to choke from laughter. …I could use to harshly mock an unfunny kids show I dislike, but that’s way too easy.

This is easily one of the funniest episodes, with just how many jokes they pack in. There’s a nice variety. They use various ways to make fun of censorship and stuff like that.

There’s also jokes not related to it that work, like a great fake out joke with Richard I won’t spoil. I find that most stories like this fail because they just end up saying the same thing over and over again, or they make it so doesn’t work if you just don’t care about what they are saying.

Here, they are more focused on just telling jokes with it. Sure, it has a point but if you don’t care, you have plenty of jokes to laugh at it. And even on a story level, it works fine and doesn’t carry too many bad implications for the most part.

Oh, and doing becoming a crazy joke works. In this kind of show, where everything is silly, this kind of radical change works. The “jerk for the sake of the story” thing works well in shows that have a world where this kind of makes sense.

I say that because of course, there are people who sometimes bash the episode because Darwin is a jerk or whatever. I’d rant on this isn’t the place for that, and I will have other places to bitch about that mentality.

Anyway, this is episode just plain funny, even forgetting the nature of the plot. It’s always good when they have a sold plot or do something great, ubt sometimes just being hilarious will make your episode stand out.

My only problem is that the ending is a bit rushed. They just slap the moral there and it just kind of ends abruptly. The ending gag is funny but they could have done it better.

Otherwise, this is a really good episode. While it’s premise has been done before, they still do it will and fill it with tons of creative and funny jokes. It’s another example of how funny this show can be, no matter what it’s doing.

With all of that, I can safely say this is one to check out. ….Sorry.

6. The Authority/The Man

Writers: Jon Brittain, Jon Foster, James Lamont, Mic Graves (Authority Only), and Guillaume Cassuto, Joe Parham, Tobi Wilson (The Man Only), and Ben Bocquelet.

Yep, we have a tie. I put these two together they are thematic linked. Not to a huge extent, but I couldn’t pick between them and I think they both deserve a spot. Both of these episodes serve as development with Richard and his mother.

Let’s start with The Authority. When Richard is hurt, Granny Jo notices how dangerous their house is, and comes in to help fix it, but goes a bit overboard.

This episode pretty much explains why Richard is the way he is. See, Jojo is very over protective and basically takes some really insane safety measures. She basically makes it so they never have to do anything.

From this, they figure that this is why Richard is so lazy and dumb. Jojo made him this way with how she took care of him. Yeah. How often do they actually explain why the dumbass Dad is a dumbass Dad?

This is a really interesting turn and it kind of makes you feel sorry for him. It doesn’t exactly excuse his weaker actions but it does explain everything. On top of that, it helps give a good moral about being over protective.

It’s one of thing to make sure your kid is safe, but it’s another thing to basically do everything for them. …And yes, I know I praised The Cloassus for doing the opposite, but here’s the thing.

That episode just said that SOME people work better with that set up, and in that all she did was prevent him from doing things that aren’t important, or may set him off. Here, she basically went overboard and stopped him from doing anything.

That’s way different. It’s interesting how those episodes show two sides to this coin. What makes the moral even better is the ending when Richard ends up driving an out of control car, and he’s too dumb now to know how to use the breaks.

Nicole forces him to learn on his own. It seems dangerous but it’s really interesting to see play out, as it shows just how much she trusts him to do the right thing. Nicole gets some spotlight here, as she wonders is she’s a bad mom with how she fails to protect her kids, but learns a bit after seeing Jojo’s methods.

It’s not exactly saying she’s a perfect mother, but she’s at least trying not to go overboard. She has two sides to her character by sometimes being a bitch (in a fun way) and trying a bit harder to be good. Both work depending on the episode, and it’s not too jarring.

Oh, and this episode is also funny. They do some great jokes with how she goes overboard. That mixed with the story and moral make this episode a really good one. The moral works and Richard’s sort of development was awesome.

Now onto The Man. Jojo starts dating again and Richard isn’t happy about it. Yeah, another sort of cliché plot but it works really well, because of Richard’s development. It’s a bit typical for someone to accept that their Mom can date someone, but it’s not too typical for an adult to have to go through this.

So it becomes funny and they do plenty of jokes with this. However, like with the other episode, it goes deeper into his character. It goes into how he really feels about all of those, and it becomes really compelling.

Mostly becauase of the real reason. See, we find out that his father left him a long time ago, and Richard thinks he went out to get cig-I mean milk and will come back. ….Yeah, this show touches on abandonment to an extent.

It’s nothing deep but they handle it really well. Richard is forced to accept that his Dad is gone, and that Jojo should date Louie here. It gets fairly emotional and it’s really well done.

It’s interesting to see him go through this, and helps makes Granny Jojo more likable. And of course, they do have quite a few jokes, including a man off near the end. Nothing huge, just a bunch of little jokes are that are funny and keep the pace up.

While the Jojo/Louie thing isn’t too deep, both characters are likable here and have enough good jokes to make them enjoyable. Oh, and this was the 100th individual episode. A good way to celebrate, I think.

Both of these episodes serve to develop Richard very well. Both work to make him more likable and interesting. They also make Jojo more interesting and both tell really good stories with solid jokes, and even some emotion.

They serve as good companions given what they do as a whole. …And there’s actually a 3rd part to this trilogy in Season 4, but I couldn’t put it here due to that Season not being allowed yet, but I felt I should mention it.

Oh, and spoilers, it belongs here just as much as these two episodes. Yeah.

Overall, these two episodes are great for the development we get, and the stories they tell. If you are wondering, they are about equal to me. The Man is a bit better with the story, but the authority is slightly funnier at times.

This is certainty a double feature worth checking out.

5. The Hero

Writers: Ben Bocquelet, Jon Foster, James Lamont, and Mic Graves

Hey speaking of Richard, we’re not done with him quite yet. We still have this gem. This episode actually gets a bit of flack as well as praise. And I can kind of see why to an extent.

This episode has a decent of flaws, and with them, it usually wouldn’t belong on this list. …But goddammit, what it does right is amazing.

When Richard overhears Gumball and Darwin talking about embarrassing he is, he gets sad and must prove he can be their hero.

So what are the problems I mentioned, and why do some people hate this episode? Well, for one, it’s another screw up story, as well as an embarrassing father story. But as we’ve seen, you can get past a cliché story if you pull it off well.

And to be fair, they had to do this kind of story eventually with how much of a cliché Richard is to begin with. The execution …while flawed, is rather interesting.

The big point of contention for people is how Gumball and Darwin are treated. After hearing about how sad Richard is, Nicole decides to punish them by refusing to care for them or let them use stuff she pays for.

Yeah, they are forced to fend themselves, such as getting their own food and finding their own shower. …Now that I type this, I realize how bad this sounds. You can see some people disapprove of a form of child abuse.

This is why the episode was a bit debatable until a certain point. It was debatable, because I can see where they are coming from. They just want to punish them for being so bad behind Richard’s back.

But yeah, it goes overboard. But I can’t hate it for that because it gets past that quickly. The over flaw is Gumball. He is a bit too dick-ish here. At the start he’s fine but he gets worse.

He refuses to apologize even after being called out, and he keeps heckling Richard while he’s doing his best to try to save them from a serious situation! …But he does end up making for it with the end.

With all of these flaws, why the hell is this on the list at all? …It’s all about the emotion. And I’m not just saying it has some sweet moments.

No, it becomes the biggest tear jerker in the whole show. While I don’t find myself crying at cartoons too much anymore because of how much I’ve seen, sometimes one will get me emotional enough to get close…and some moments in here are one of those.


The big one is a musical number Richard is. Yep, another song and it’s amazing. He sings about how he once was Gumball’s hero as a kid, and how that has changed. It’s an incredibly heartfelt song with the lyrics, tune and even singing.

They clearly tried to make this the most tear jerking song ever, and damn, did it work. It doesn’t even feel forced because they try too hard for it to just be a lame attempt. It does an excellent job of getting you on his side, and after this, I knew this episode would be special.

And that’s not all! The two stage a plan for Richard to save them from something, which kind of fails, so he has to save them for real. We get plenty of little moments from this but then there’s the ending.

I can’t sum it up but well…damn it is amazing. The emotion really shines here as they all make up. It’s so simple but done so darn well. Yes, Gumball was a prick for most of this but in the end he apologies for real.

Not to mention that Richard shows his worth. I can kind of see the usual flaws in this story, as Richard is shown to do a lot wrong and all that. However, they try so hard to make you feel bad for him that it works. He doesn’t do anything that bad until the end but it’s not 100 percent his fault anyway.

They write it just decently enough for Richard to be likable, even before the big moment. Is it manipulative? …Maybe, Gumball is forced to be a bit more dick-ish. …But screw it, the emotion is so good.

I suppose it’s better for the presentation than the writing. It has good moments there like how it expands on their relationship, but it is a bit forced and odd at times. But they capture the mood so well, and really make you care with the great moments.

As I wrote this, I realized how flawed this one truly is. But I think it deserves to be on the list because it proves the show can be very emotional, even when it’s flawed. Also, I have an emotional connection with this one, and when you have, it’s hard to not think highly of, or be bugged when people hate it.

But I still it’s well done enough to make it here. The ending is good, so at least it leaves you with a happy feeling. This is another episode that deserve praise because how it pulls off great things despite big flaws.

Besides, the flaws are things I can forgive since the ending makes up for them. While I do get some may not like this one, I think they should give it more of a chance. It’s too heartfelt to really hate.

Then again, the internet has been good at ignoring heart to be cynically about things. Oh, and yes, is another screw up story where people’s issue is not the screw up. It’s like thing I’ve talked about lately, haw haw.

Overall, this episode is kind of like Richard. It’s not perfect, but it means well and is trying so hard, that it’s hard not to love it. At least to me anyway.

4. The Plan

Writers: Ben Bocquelet, Jon Foster, James Lamont, and Tobi Wilson

I think will be the shortest section ever, because this episode is good for one simple reason: It’s funny. And…that’s really it, although there is more to say.

The kids suspect that Mom might be cheating on Dad with a man named Daniel Leonard, so they plan to stop this from happening.

And by that might, I mean the whole episode is about them coming up with plans to stop Daniel. That’s it, that’s the whole episode.

It is hilarious. Seriously, this is a perfect example of how good and creative the shows comedy can be. This is one of those shows that can creatre gold of very simple premises.

This take the simple idea of making a plan and makes it so crazy. The plan keeps getting crazier and they put so much detail into every aspect and how they interact with the imagine spot.

There’s so little going on, yet so much. Yes, the premise is cliché but they make it work so well. Hell, even the abrupt ending works because it’s so abrupt it’s funny!

I could just end it there because I would not want to spoil the jokes. Trust me, it’s best go into this blind. I like how it starts out simple but then gets so crazy to the point where time travel is involved.

Yes. It’s amazing.

This episode is just a blast. While there is one episode that makes me laugh more, this is still the most creative they have gotten when it comes to a slightly cliché story. It kind of reminds me of The Brainstorm from Wander Over Yonder, as the whole thing is just about coming up with a plan.

It shows that you don’t need a really original premise to be funny. Just use a concept that you can get great jokes out of, and you’re good.

Honestly, that’s all I can without just spoiling all the jokes. There isn’t any plot to analogize, it’s just a ton of great jokes, one after another. That is all you need to know. No warnings or problems here, really.

Don’t worry, there’s more to say in the next 3 entries….to say the least. This is a nice breather before we get to those.

Overall, this is proof this show can take anything and get some good comedy out of it. It’s just a really funny episode. And that’s all you need sometimes.

3. The Finale

Writers: Ben Bocquelet, Jon Brittain, Tom Crowley, Jon Foster, James Lamont, and Tobi Wilson

This episode is the most unusual entry on the list. Why? Because it’s not technically one of the best by conventional means. It’s not the funniest, it’s not the best written, and it can be seen as morally confused or mean spirited.

So why is it a favorite? Because it’s so…fascinating!

The episode starts with he family looking over an photo album, reminiscing over past adventures. Yes, this is a clip show parody at the start, and there are even a few clips ready on.

Although it’s more of a continuity porn episode than a clip show. Things turn sour when Hector’s Mom shows up and gives them a bill for all the destruction that Hector caused back in the Colossus, as it is technically their fault.

Weird, that lady gnome seems to think that things we’ve done in the past have consequences in the now. “

And that’s the whole episode. Everything they did in previous episodes come to bite them in the ass all of a sudden. Gumball and Darwin are held back because they do nothing in school, and they must pay for all the damage they have done over the years.

The whole thing is a deconstruction of Status qou is god. And it’s….interesting. They don’t really go any deeper into it, nor do they teach any kind of moral. It’s just a thing that happens.

Gumball often makes fun of common tropes, like the retcon in The Void. They even mocked Status Qou already in The Job. But this takes it to a new level and plays it for drama just as much as Comedy.

I don’t even think it’s meant to teach anything. They just wanted to see what would happen if some cartoon characters suddenly had consequences for their actions. It’s just really interesting to see.

The whole episode has them scrambling to fix this, only to find that nothing really works. They can’t apologize because people like Larry are too afraid of them (after The Laziest, I don’t blame him) and the mess just keeps getting bigger.

It’s classic case of just everything going wrong. And really, you have to feel sorry for them. They are nice people, they just got used to these odd things happening. You want them to get their lives back in order as they go around trying to fix things.

But I don’t feel it’s too mean because it’s such an interesting plot, and they break it up with some pretty good jokes. I likely should hate this one bcause it’s not kind the characters and unfairly punishes them for most of this.

But somehow, I don’t. The plot is just too interesting. I like seeing the status qou come undone, and I like all the antics. Not to mention the callbacks. It really likes a fitting finale, building off previous episodes.

This written to be the most insane series finale ever…but it got renewed for Season 3. Whoops. But somehow, it makes this episode even funnier. Mostly due to the ending.

Okay, you can skip now if you don’t want spoiler, because the ending is too good not to go into. I didn’t have a spoiler warning until now since this show doesn’t exactly have epic plots, but this is an exception.

Okay, so in the end they try to fix things by making things so bad they just reset. ..Not the best plan and it fails. Everyone gets insanely pissed, create a huge mob of almost every character in the show.

They gang up on the Wattersons, as everything truly seems lost. Then..

The only thing that could save us is reality being completely reset by some kind of magic device! “

The end.

Yes, that’s how it ends. I am not making a joke. Every single version of that episode, on every platform that exists, ends like that.

That has to be…the most hilarious abrupt ending in anything ever. It’s just so…wow! There’s making fun of the rest button, then there’s this. The story doesn’t complete itself. It doesn’t; build to nay kind of moral or take away, it just ends!

Usually this would be bad, but the way it’s done is so….awesome! It makes me laugh just as much as it shocks me. I remember seeing this for the first time and just being weirded out.

And I think that’s why I like the episode so much. Very few episodes get that reaction out of me. Not only does it bring up interesting points about status qou and gives us good callbacks and solid jokes, but it leaves me speechless with the crazy Non-Endng!

The fact that this is never brought up again makes it even better. If the show did end here. It would be hilarious, but the fact that it kept going just makes it even more of a great oddity.

It’s just a thing that kind of happened. This episode is just a fascinating piece of the show, as it brings up interesting ideas and is a fun and odd experience.

I’m not even sure it belongs on the list, because it all bring is weird and confusing stuff. As I said, it can be seen as mean and it has no moral or point. But it’s different and interesting that I can’t help but love it.

No episodes interests me like this one, with how it’s done. So while there are better episodes, this gets high up for just for what it is. If you hate it, that’s fine. I get. I just think it’s one of the shows best even when it should not be.

Overall, an odd but still great Season finale in it’s own way.

2. The Shell

Writers: Ben Bocquelet, Guillaume Cassuto, Tom Crowley, and Tobi Wilson

Every show has that one episode. The one that every fan seems to love. The one that everyone says is the best. Even if many disagree, is still seen as the one episode everyone will remember the show for.

For Gumball, The Shell is that episode.

Some people likely expected this to be number one, because it is just that good. And you know what? In many ways it is the best just for how powerful it is. …But it’s not my favorite.

I debate on which spot this would take but as much as I love this one,i thought the top spot should go to a more unique choice, which you’ll see in a bit. But hey, this is still great so let’s go over it.

Gumball has had a crush on this peanut girl thingy named Penny since the show began, and they did a good job at not making this too cliché, We knew she did kind of like him, they just had a few bumps on the way to this episode.

It was wisely played for laughs, even in episodes focused on them like The Party. But they knew they had to something with them eventually, so we got this episode.

Penny’s shall cracks, revealing her true self, but this doesn’t sit with her father and she starts to wonder if her true self is any good.

This episode is a cliché story, and the writers knew this. The whole episode pokes fun at the tropes of this story, just as much as they do it justice. The episode opens with the school putting on a play of Beauty and the Beast.

It’s very subtle foreshadowing.

The episode hits the beats you expect, but does in a way that makes it work. It’s pretty emotional and sweet, as Gumball tries to get Penny accept who she is inside.

Like so many episodes, they use emotion to makes cliches work. Gumball is usually very clueless when it comes to Penny, so it’s great to see him be rather confident, even if him goofing up ended up starting this to begin with.

Actually, this may be Gumball’s best performance to date. I like him typically but he can be jerk-ish sometimes, so whenever he’s likable, it’s good. And here he is really admirable. He comforts penny, tries to tell her to do the right thing, and calls out her father while understanding his position.

It’s still in character since of course he will speak up when something doesn’t go his way, and he still has funny quips.

Are you crying?’

No, my eyes are really sweaty….no wait, that’s disgusting. Yes, I was crying”

Whoa, they did a joke better than Phineas and Ferb. The world is over!

This episode also is a stand in for …certain things. Penny’s Dad says she must be fixed and that she doesn’t know what she wants. That can mean many things but the way it’s done implies a few…interesting things.

Speaking of Penny’s Father, he may come across as a big cliché but they actually make sure not to make him a huge monster. With just this one line:

Do you realize you were wrong? Good! But don’t beat yourself up about it, parenting is hard!”

With that quick bit, they cover something we may have been thinking, in a very funny way. Little things like that make this one as good as it is.

Back to the emotion, the ending is great. They have a talk and it’s really sweet, as they use the perfect words and the two finally get together. It’s really satisfying and just ends things really well.

It’s very heartfelt, which gets you invested in the story despite how cliché it is. Plus, it is interesting to find out Penny is this weird fire….creature that can morph depending on her mood.

Speaking of which, the animation is great here. Penny’s true form is really cool looking and her character animation is very fluid and detaield. Her other forms just add to it, and the whole thing just looks great.

But don’t think it isn’t funny, because there are some hilarious moments in here. They don’t forget this is Comedy. It even ends on a joke. An abrupt end but I can forgive it this once.

I won’t care spoil my favorite joke, but it has little fun moment aside from the big moments. So if the story isn’t your cup of tea, you will find something to like here.

Back to a point I made before, they know this story is cliché and they make fun of it. They play it straight but they lightly mock certain aspects of this story so that it doesn’t too pretentious.

My favorite line has to be this:

It’s a tragic misunderstanding that could have been easily avoided if he just finished his sentence in time!”

I know I say this a lot, but I WILL be using that line in reviews.

The reason that critics see this as the best is that it’s the complete package. It’s further proof the show can tell a good story, and it’s actually rather betufatul in places. It has creative visuals, plays with common tropes, has all the characters in top form, and has many hilarious jokes, some of which mess with the censors.

Everything the show can do is present here, and more. True, most of it’s fans are shippers but even people who watch the show for the humor have it as a favorite. And not cuz it’s OMG SO SHIPPY, but cuz it’s just that good.

The only problem I could find is that suppose now everyone will like the story. Some may find it cheesy or still not like the cliches. It’s not a huge deal but it’s something to keep in mind.

But honestly, I have no real issues, aside from dumb things that don’t matter like the abrupt ending. This episode deserves to be called the best, even if it doesn’t top the list.

Overall, The Shell manages to be a gripping and sweet story that uses cliches well, and has stunning animation with good characters and great jokes. It’s everything I love about the show and more.

Sometimes, a fan favorite deserves that status.


But of course, we must go over a few Honorable Mentions before we hit number one. This was one of the harder Number 11’s to pin down because so many good episodes almost made it, mostly really funny ones that just aren’t as creative as something like The Plan.

The Extras/The World: Both of these are sketch episodes, with one being about inanimate items, and the other being about background characters. Both are really creative, and hilarious all the way through. They even have some good dark humor.

The Remote: This opened Season 2 with a bang. If you’re family has fought over the remote, you will love this one as it captures what that is like with some great energy and a great twist.

The Question: Gumball and Darwin try to figure out the meaning of life. It’s as funny as it sounds, and the ending is brilliant.

The Sweaters: Gumball and Darwin end up in a cliché story with the underdogs going up against the big rival team…and they want no part in it while everyone else is super into. That is a great premise and it’s just so damn funny how they play with these cliches.

The Procrastinators: Gumball and Darwin must take out the trash by 6 but put it off and just …do stuff. This episode pretty much has no plot but it proves just how great these writers are because this one is incredibly funny and creative. But since I could only put so many “funny” episodes, I went with one I felt had more to it.


And my number one Amazing World of Gumball episode is….


1. The Tape

Writers: Ben Bocquelet, Jon Foster, and James Lamont

When doing a list of your favorite episodes of any show, there are two types of episodes that tend to battle it for the top spot. There’s the episode that does something big that no other episode does, which makes it the best. Then there’s the one just simply sums up why you love the show, and gives you a little extra.

Sometimes it can be both, but typically it’s either one. That’s how I decided to put Irrational Treasure at the top of my Gravity Falls list. And in the end, that’s why I picked this episode over The Shell.

While I love that this show can tell a good story, I also love that it can just be plain funny. Sure, plenty of shows can be funny but it’s amazing how creative this show can be with it’s jokes.

It can take almost any premise and squueze tons of jokes out of it. While plenty of episodes can do that, there’s one that tops them all, and it’s this one.

I’d say the story is simple, but there pretty much is no story. Gumball and Darwin are filming films and…that’s about it. Seriously, that’s the best way I can sum it up.

They go all around filming stuff, doing various skits ranging from just doing normal crazy things, to spoofing Commercials and movies. It’s basically an excuse to have a bunch of sketches involving the Elmore gang, although only a couple others like Carrie get skits of their own.

It’s easy to make this kind of episode good, but it’s hard to make one as hilarious as this. Like The Plan, I almost want to end it here because I wouldn’t want to spoil a single second of this episode.

The fun is seeing all the insane stuff they come up with. Some of it is tame but still interesting, then some of it is incredibly hilarious. They do so many creative things here, and you never know what to expect.

I won’t spoil anything but one commercial parody leads to another one that builds off the previous one and it’s just great. Then a gag from it come back later! Each bit goes on as long as it needs to, and they just keep getting funnier.

I suppose the only problem is that maybe or two could have been cut or shortened so they could put in more. It’s the kind of episode that you never want to end because there’s so much to like here!

They did make other episodes in a similar skit format like The Extras, and those are pretty awesome, but this one just makes me laugh more. This makes me laugh the most and hardest of any episode of the show.

Mostly because they use so many ways to make you laugh. Crazy unexpected gags, cliché mocking, style mimicking, and of course, characters just plain being themselves. There’s so much Comedy here and it’s great.

I suppose I could spoil one joke: One skit has Gumball narrating a typical scene with Richard and Nicole, like a Nature Documentary. It’s creative and incredibly funny despite being such a simple concept.

Very few shows can be make laugh as hard as this one episode. Hell, I’d go as far to say that it’s almost on par with Pre-Movie Spongebob. …Okay, it might not be as quotable but I stand by my comparison.

This is an episode that makes me laugh really hard every single time. Although on my last viewing, I couldn’t wake anyone up so I just had to smile in place of that and my face hurt a bit after awhile.

Yeah. I might be exaggerating a tiny but this is still a really funny episode. It shows just how strong these characters are, as you can put them in a simple set up like this can get Comic gold.

In a sea of stand out episodes, this stands as my favorite…because it’s funniest. It may not be the most epic story ever, but it’s just really funny. It’s a perfect example of how good these writers are at comedy. It shows the creativity of the show, and all the crazy things it can do.

While I could have picked the big tear jerker one, sometimes I have to pick an episode that shows that this series can great while just doing normal Comedy. It might be a different Comedy but the comedy is the same as ever.

Really, that’s all I can say about it. Saying more would spoil the great comedy this episode has to offer. All you need to know is what this episode means to me and all that.

It’s my favorite because it is the funniest, and in a comedy show that is really important. There are plenty of episodes that are very funny and could be at this spot, but this episode just happens to have funnier jokes to me.

Even the lesser skits still have something interesting and funny, like the bit with Gumball trying cheat codes in real life with….odd results.

This show in general is very surprising with how interesting and good it can be. I figured it could be funny but I never imagined it would be this funny on a regualr biases, no less have an episode as good as this.

Overall, this episode may not be the best written but it’s funny, and really, that’s all that matters to me sometimes. That is why The Tape is my favorite episode of The Amazing World of Gumball Episodes.


And those are my Top 11 Gumball episodes. I must say, when I started watching this show I didn’t think it would be worthy of a top list. It’s not exactly best Toon of the Century materiel, but it’s impressive in what it can do compared to other comedy cartoons.

It has tons of crazy art styles, it can be creative, it can tell interesting stories, and it can be just plain funny. It’s amazing that I could get a list out of this show and still have plenty of painful cuts.

I did really want to put The Sweaters on there.

As usual, I hope you liked this list and respected my picks. Of course you may mention your favorites in the comments if you wish. If you haven’t seen this show, you should give it a shot. It might be seem kind of lame, but it really is worth watching. Any of these episodes would be good to check out.

After this, you may think two lists are enough for one month. But nah, let’s do another one. But what’s next? Well….let’s just say we’re still on Cartoon Network, to look at some gems.

See ya.

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Pants on Fire

This movie is an amazing masterpiece  ....Anyone bought that lie? ...Figured.

This movie is an amazing masterpiece.
….Anyone bought that lie? …Figured.


Hello, Spongey here.

I’ve talked about Disney Weird Smiley a few times, and I plan to discuss it more in the future. I’ve mostly praised for various reasons and I won’t bore you with the recap of what I’ve said. The main thing is that they do similar things to Disney Channels, but usually do it better.

When Disney XD started, they were trying to find an identity, and they experimented a bit. At the start, they seemed to want to be edgier than Disney Channel, airing some more serious shows, such as Gargoyles rerurns, or their own Aaron Stone.

And in 2009. they throw another experiment out there….with their own original movie.

Yep, they made a Disney XD Original Movie. I guess it just had to happen at some point. Oddly enough, they only made the one and just did nothing else, focusing on TV for the most part.

…Until 5 years later when they randomly made another, which was more focused on Comedy. …Then this week they will come out with another, that they did a good job hiding from us until the last minute.

They seem to be doing one every November which is odd. I suppose with how good they have been doing, they decide to try again and if they are making another, they must be doing well.

I wanted to do their first attempt, Skyrunners, but it was hell to work with, so I’ll go with last years attempt that seems to be starting a new line. I was asked about this one a bit ago anyway, so I may as well answers one of my few requests.

This had a decent amount of promo and reurns compared to Skyrunners, which is why it was a big enough hint to warrant more of these. I was curious, but I didn’t find the the time to watch it…until now.

The director has mostly done Disney Sitcom episodes, which isn’t too shocking. He also did some Haunting Hour which is even better. The writer has done nothing.

Without further ado, let’s see if Disney XD is any better at this TV Movie thing.

This, is Pants on Fire

The movie opens with our main character Jack, played by Bradely Steven Perry, and his friends. A bit of an abrupt opening compared to DCOM’s but that’s fine. We see right away that Jack is big liar, telling some guard that some bear is around to get him away from hos post.

Well, I see why this is called Plants for Hire. …Wait..

It’s bear Season”

This is not over! Bears!

Then out of nowhere, Jack starts taking to us.

See, everyone has a special talent….my special talent….I can lie”

That must be some Cutie Mark.

So we get a scene of him explaining how it all started, as we get examples of his lies. This involves some amusing imagine spots. He’s almost charming with his Douchey-ness, even if he’s more or less being Gabe again.

After the exposition, the kids get to meet this guy who is on the Boston Red Sox, and they leave. I suppose this will come into play later besides an easy way to show us his lies early on.

Jack explain that people are happy to let him get away with things, because his lies make them think it’s for a greater purpose. Most notably his lie about a kid he is supposedly tutoring.

Making people feel good can’t be bad, right?”

Well, someone is learning a lesson the hard way. By the way, yes it is hard to believe they would fall for these laws since he ain’t the best actor. We see an example he uses Mikey as an excuse for being late.

You are the type of teacher they make movies about”

Lies are making our world a better place”

Lies are the glue that hold society together..

He gets called to the principal’s office, as he is proud about the Mikey thing. Okay, no one asks for real proof about most of these lies? No one? Really?!

‘I’m going to nominate you for Student of the year”

Hey, before you do that, make sure he’s actually doing this. ….Maybe?

He’s happy because this could get him on the path to becoming a Red Sox bat boy. …Bat boy? That’s your dream? Not a player just a….bat boy?

He goes home and his parents are happy about this. The more they go on, the less I buy this whole set up. Also, we get a scene of his sister and father trying to kill a possum.

…Okay then.

Later, he goes on the school’s news show thingy to talk about his nomination, along with the other nominees. We only see one nominee talk, so that the others happen to look weaker compared a kid who helped another kid!

And then, roughly 18 minutes in, our true premise starts to take form. A kid pops up, claiming to me Mikey. He’s played by Leo from Lab Rats, which means Dsiney XD at least takes the star power structure from it’s older sister.

He looks slightly older than I imagined Mikey to be, but the actor was still short so it’s good enough.

Jack is obviously baffled to see Mikey exist, but he’s even more baffled when his imaginary girlfriend (who actually does not live in Canada) shows up. One of his lies was that he had a crazy possessive girlfriend to excuse the fact he was nervous around this girl.

Sure, why not.

I’m not your Boyfriend”

Insert Chowder Clip Here.

As you can imagine, she is amazingly over the top due how she acts, he can’t protest or dump her. She’s that kind of girl. So as you can guess, his lies have somehow come true. Will this be explained or will this be a random magic thing that just happens?

How could this possibly can any worse?


Why woiuld you say that, you never say that!”


One of his lies involved him beating up some lumberjacks so they are now real. Why can’t a compulsive liar ever has feasible lies so this doesn’t happen?

I’ve come to wear flannel and kick butt. And I’ve ready got my flannels on”

They give this and for some reason no one sees them running around. He even has time to escape and bump into Mikey and that girl he’s nervous around. By the way, the Lumberjack guys are also amazingly over the top.

Mkey hits it off with Jenny and this is bugging Jack a bit. I foresee conflict on that front. Since the Lumberjacks just vanish for now, he has time to figure out a way to prove “Mikey” is a fake.

It doesn’t work because Mikey remembers stuff he really shouldn’t know. So yes, his lies are coming true. A cliché premise, but a promising one. Hopefully it’ll be as crazy as the Nghtmare room one, complete with Sting cameo!

They take a break from the interesting stuff to spy on Mikey and Jenny because cliches matter more than interesting stuff. Also, we get Discount Mission Impossible music.

One friend distracts her Mom while Jack sneaks around her sounds and gets into some WACKY situations! One such wacky thing is being stuck in the bathrobe as just her Dad wants to take a bath.


He avoids being scarred, but he still slips around to do pratfalls. This scene feels like it goes on way longer than it should, given how little I care for the set up of it. Eventully he hides in the trash as Dad dumps cat litter in here.


After all of that, he escapes having learned pretty much nothing, except that Jenny is maybe worried about Jack or something. I’m sure that will build up to something, but the whole scene was still pointless.

The next day, Jack takes Mikey’s Wallet to find out more info on him. He technically didn’t exist so …i guess it’s okay? They find his address and go there and find out it’s a place Jack claimed he took Mikey to as a reward. So either put a random place as his address, or the lie coming to life magic only goes so far.

One guy claims he and Mikey go there all the time, as if he has those fake memories. Weird. They chase a guy in a Hippo costume (this place is discount Chuck E Cheese) because they think he has a connection to all of this.

It is the most epic Hippo chase I have ever seen.

Sadly, they can’t keep up and lose him,so they just give up and go home. The bad news doesn’t end there as Mikey is at home, just hanging out. Jack is getting pretty determined to figure out the truth at this point. I can’t really blame him, given how odd this whole thing is.

By the way, Mikey is working on a Hippo puzzle. Hippos are the key….somehow. This movie is odd. The next day during Gym, he gets mad and hurls a dodgeball at him, only for it to strike Jenny.

  1. That was a dick move, even for him.2. He doesn’t even go to this school, so why is he here? …Yes, they point this out but it’s still stupid.

He tries to apologies, but she calls him out for sneaking into his house. Oh yeah she figured that one. He did appear outside all dirty, but how she put that together is beyond me.

She asks what is going on and he doesn’t give a straight answer, but they start to sort of hit off anyway. Ah I love it when forced romance blooms.

By the way, one of Jack’s Mikey lies was that he saved his dog by giving him a Bionic Tail. They do use the word Bionic at least once when referring to this.

Hardy har har. Almost as subtle as Quimby Fletcher.

That is all put on hold, as Jack’s sister tells him a bit more about the Hippo, as she uses to work at Funland. His main habitat is a golf course. This better be going somewhere, to justify focusing on this instead of the lie stuff.

He goes there and finally meets the Hippo. Finally, the most epic confrontation in film history!

He actually does seem to know at least a little something, as he knows about the lies and says he told them so often they stopped being lies. He just needs to confess about everything to get things back to normal.

So….who is this guy? Did he do all of this? What is his deal? Al of this could explain how his lies came to life instead of some….vague stuff. And that solution is too simple.

Also, this whole scene is just amazing. The dark music, the booming voice, and look of it just makes hilariously and weirdly epic.

Jack refuses to confess because he’s an idiot, which bites him in the butt. See, one of his lies involved being abducted by aliens so….that happens next. Given the premise, this isn’t too out there.

They escape the aliens but bump into the Lumberjacks.

Did you think you could escape from us that easy?”

Given how easy it actually was….yes.

The kids are cornered until Lisa inexplicably shows up to save them. …Well the friend anyway. She’s too mad at him to want to save him. She wants the truth. Out of desperation, he tells her that she is a lie and she lets him in.

Well, that’s one way to get him to realize the moral.

The hippo speaks the truth”

Words to live by.

Jack isn’t sure about this, because he wants Student of the Year. Not sure why this means so much to him because they don’t go deeper. That and so the friend can call him and given our sad 3rd act scene.

Jack goes home only for another lie to rear it’s ugly head. He said he was adopted by Asian parents so he could get out of something due to Chinese New Year. Somehow that seems scummier than everything else he has done.

This is where Jack sulks, as he realizes just how much he messed things up. It’s actually a rather nice scene with the actor being pretty good here. It’s not hugely deep but the execution is nice.

After some inspirational words from a sports guy (a bit that is played entirely straight for some reason), he decides to pick himself up and set things right.

We cut to the next day during the Student of the year Ceremony.

Everyone up here is a winner, it’s just that some winners win more than others”

I’m sure how to snarkily reply to that.

Jack wins and for his speech, he finally confesses to everything. He says what he has learned, and it’s all big and nice. I suppose people will forget that Mikey actually showed up for them and stuff like that.

He then apologizes to the friend and they are cool now. Typically, I’d marvel at how easy that was, but I don’t care, i’ve seen worse ways to do this. It was too easy but in context it makes some kind of sense.

However, some of the lies are still at large because there’s one more thing to do. Lisa, the aliens, the Chinese parents, the lumberjacks, and now the bionic dog and other minor things are here to case him.

He confessed that they did not exist, so why are they still here? Does he need to tell each person they don’t exist like with Lisa or what?

The Hippo shows up and in a twist, it turns out to be Hannah. What a twist?

Actually, that’s not the whole twist. As it turns out, his lies were not coming true. Hannah was just so sick of the lying that she got some actor friends to do all of this. This was all a big fake plan to get him to stop lying.

I’m….not too sure how to feel. On one hand, like in Anger Management it’s convoluted and has a bit morally off in some areas….but on the other hand, it’s an interesting way to teach him a lesson and not too bad compared to that one.

It’s also just a weird twist in general. Why couldn’t it be just random magic? DCOM’s can do magic, and Disney XD shows can go supernatural. Why do this when magic would be more interesting?

Ah well, I suppose I can’t bitch too much, as weird as it is.

You tried to teach Jack that lying is bad by lying to him?”

…Huh, that’s true. A bit weird bit I suppose fitting in a funny way. I just find it odd that Jack is fine and has no problems with this. Everyone just leaves at this point too, like it was nothing.

As soon as they leave, the parents show up to be mad about Mikey. They weren’t on that stuff by the way, Hannah just used their parents being gone as a way to implant Asian parents.

As punishment, he has to clean the garage as Hannah rubs it in his face. …She’s not looking more morally right at the moment. By the way, the parents don’t seem to know what Hannah did and for all we know, she gets away with the seemingly bad thing she kind of did.

Eh, whatever.

We’re not quite done yet, as Jenny is still a thing. Oh yeah, we’re in wrap things up in a weak way mode. Jack visits her and confesses everything for real. She accept his apology and they seem to hit off nicely, despite not a ton of chemistry going on in this.

So they both ride off to do a thing.

Would I lie to you?”

Yes, the perfect ironic line to end on. Yeah, rushed ending whatever. I’ve seen worse. Not the worst ending, not the best. Got nothing to add, really.

Final Thoughts:

To be honest (haw haw), given the premise and concepts, I thought I would have a lot more to say about this one. But I don’t. It’s…okay, I guess. For all it’s up and downs, it’s just pretty average, even with it’s flaws.

I guess I’ve seen too many DCOM’s at this point, but I guess I shouldn’t have expected Disney XD to be too different with it’s films. I should be more passionate about the flaws of this one, but I’m just not.

I suppose I can say it was fine for what it is, like a lot of DCOM’s. It just didn’t do anything to crazy in terms of writing.

The story itself is a nice idea with a nice moral. And it does it exactly how you think without much deviation. The lies come true, it makes him realizes lying is bad, and after a sulk and speech, he tells the truth. The end.

Going into something like this, you can’t expect anything too new to this story. You just want the moral and all that good stuff. But they could have mixed it up a bit more. They hit the really specific cliches and even rush through them at some point.

But with how the film it is, it’s not a huge issue because despite some dumb bits, the story makes sense. …Yeah, the twist is a mixed bag but it could have been way worse.

The main character is a bit charming but also a bit bland, at least when it comes to his positive traits. I didn’t hate him, so that’s a good thing. The other characters just there, while some are enjoyable.

The acting all around is good, and there are some funny moments and nice bits here and there. Really, there’s nothing too awful here, at least by the standards of this kind of thing.

Sure we have dumb moments, plot holes, and questionable aspects but nothing to terrible compared to what could have been. I couldn’t bring myself to get worked up over this thing either way. It’s nice morals and is fairly amusing despite a weak-ish script.

For what it is, it works out okay but it’s nothing special. I can’t say I’m sad or anything, I just happened to expecting something bigger from DXD, instead of just a DCOM that stars males.

Overall, you already know if you want to watch this or not given what I is. If you like dumb tween stuff, you’ll get a kick out of it, depending on how you can tolerate the writing. Otherwise, it’s a bit of a skip.

There are better written Disney TV Films out there. I can say I tolerated it, but it didn’t give me a ton to say about it, which tells you everything you need to know.

Don’t worry, I don’t find it weak or whatever, it just happened to not the most notable thing ever.

Grade: C+

I might cover the new XD movie, but we’ll have to see. I’m doing a shake up on my DCOM’s reviews and what I choose to do but you’ll hear about that some other time.

Next time, Swan Princess 3. ….Sigh.

See ya.

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Top 11 Modern Fairly Odd Parents Episodes

Hello, Spongey here.

I’m not sure why but the internet really likes to talk about shows that have gone downhill. By that I mean they accuse any show that goes beyond 1 season of going downhill, so of course shows that obviously went downhill will be fascinating to people.

You probably thought of Spongebob, and I think we can thanks MoBrosStudios and Mr Enter for that. Thankfully, that one has calmed down a bit so they can focus on Family Guy. You get the point.

I suppose it is fun to whine about how X show has turned to crap. But as you know, I like to look on the bright side. A while back I did a list of the Top 11 Modern Family Guy episodes, and I really liked doing it.

So I thought I would do it again with another famous show that went downhill, one that needs defending more than the others. That’s right, none other than Fairly Odd Parents.

The exploits a boy who has fairies to grant his every wish has somehow gone on for 9 Seasons for over a decade. To be honest, I don’t know why the show keeps going on. Nick doesn’t air it that often, and it’s not even that popular with kids compared to Spongebob.

Yet it’s gone on almost as long and keeps adding new characters. Now , I certainly agree the show has outstayed it’s welcome, maybe even more than Spongebob. While the yellow guy still has some good ideas, FOP ran out a while ago.

Each Season seems to drag with tons of tired ideas we’ve seen before, and it’s shown all signs of Seasonal Rot. Characters have been flandizered, plots are rehashed all the time, they keep breaking the rules, and of course new characters keep getting added.

To be honest, Poof is tolerable because he can’t talk .(Until School of Crock but I digress). But he’s really useless as he doesn’t add much to the over show and usually just sits there. In the Season where they finally out him in the intro, there are episode he isn’t even in.

Foop was a good idea and I do like him but he is really overused, and most of his episodes tend to be really cliché for some reason.

Sparky sucks, and to make it worse he’s even more useless as I sometimes forget he even exists. He’s a plot device in his own episodes! And of course, right as I’m in the middle of giving them a chance….they announce a new character.

Ugh. …Wait, I’m not here to bash the show. Now despite this, I don’t think it’s gone as low or as Spongebob or Family Guy. Mostly because most of these issues are the same as those other shows. Some of it is unique but so many shows have done the same thing that it doesn’t bug me as much.

And honestly, the characters aren’t THAT bad. Cosmo is certainly jerk-ish but he’s somewhat passable compared to Patrick. Timmy is tortured way more but only sometimes is he flanderized. Everyone else is just there nowadays and are hit or miss.

Crocker is overused though, even more than Plankton. My problem with these characters is how underused the minor characters. We barely see Chester and AJ anymore, and they are Timmy’s best friends!

How about you use the characters you have before you go adding new ones?

But anyway, the show has a certain charm to it even as it’s gone downhill .Honestly, only Crocker Shocker is really offensive, although some come close. Most of the episodes tend to be just kind of average, and there is still some good humor to be found.

That’s where this list comes in. I watched all of the show from Season 6 onwards to see which hidden gems I could found. While the show is weak in general now, it can produce some decent gems.

Honestly, I think it’s dumb that no one defends modern fOP as much as other shows. Yes, it has flaws but it’s more weak now than horrible. Some episodes get discussed, but people like to bash the show more than not.

So here I am to defend it just a little bit. The rules are the same as before. At least one ep per Season, and no filler episodes. Although with only 4 Seasons, and one being like 5 episodes long, it’s not to hard to obey the first rule.

Not much else to say. Let’s look at the few times they can capture magic they once had. …No pun intended. These episodes deserve some love, so here we go.

This, is the Top 11 Modern Fairly Odd Parents Episode

  1. Scary God Couple

Season 9

Writers: Ray DeLaurentis, Will Schifrin and Kevin Sullivan

Season 9 was surprisingly a mixed bag. It added a bad character and had some bad episodes, but it also has some of the best episodes of the Modern Era. Hell, it gave us 5 entries on this list, starting with this one.

The Season improved when it came to Foop episodes, and this is a good example. As a reward for being go evil, the Anti Fairy Council gives me his own “Scary’ God Child, and that “Child” turns out to be Vicky, who uses Foop’s powers for evil.

Honestly, I don’t have much to say about this one, even though it’s 22 minutes. It’s just a solid and fun episode. Yep, another one of those lists. The concept is just kind of cool and they have fun with it.

While it could have been too mean spirited, they keep it amusing. Even some of the harsher parts either work or are fixed by the end. Admittedly, it’s not exactly perfect. The plot does drag due to having to be double length, and not every joke works.

Honestly, my weirdest yet biggest issue is the title card:


…Yeah. It has…implications. The episode itself does not help as Vicky abuses Foop much like someone might abuse their lover, or pet. ….Okay, let’s move on.

Despite the implications, they did pull off that latter thing well. Some of the abuse is kind of amusing and while it does go overboard, do they fix it in the end. Timmy gets Foop to go against Vicky and defeat her.

Given the situation, this heel turn works here and it’s a satisfying payoff. Also there is an interesting set up at the start to give Vicky an excuse to be evil against Timmy. Timmy turns his room into a Circus and basically Vicky tries to get him in trouble for it, but it vanishes making her look crazy in front of Timmy’s Dad, who scolds him.

First off….no comment on what this reminds me of. And yes, Vicky gets in trouble with Timmy’s parents for once. It doesn’t really lead to anything, but it’s so ….odd yet interesting. Oh, and there’s a nice continuity nod as Vicky remembers Foop from the events of When Losers Attack.

The plot itself is nothing too special, but they fill it up with some gags and creative visuals. For example, Vicky forces every kid in the world to play the tuba for 4 hours or a tuba monster will attack them. Weird, but still funny.

Also, something crazy happens: Sparky has a funny line!

As a whole, the episode is just solid. It’s at the bottom of the list because it’s not quite as special as some other episodes. It’s just fun. It has an interesting concept and has some cool scenes as well as funny gags.

.Yeah, I told you I didn’t have a lot to say, and the next few sections will be like that. Either way, this is a nice episode and a scary yet fun episode to start the list with.

  1. Fairly Odd Fairy Tales

Season 9

Writers: Whitney Fox, Joanna Lewis, Kristine Songco, and Alec Schwimmer,

I have even less to say about this one, but I like it so It has to be on there, and thus I gotta talk about it. When Poof has trouble sleeping, they tell him some fairy tales. And that’s the episode.

Yep, it’s one of those 3 segment things, in this case 3 segments spoofing fairy tales. As it turns out Fairy Tales are real stories that happened to real fairies, they just changed the names for security reasons.

It’s really easy to make this kind of episode work, no matter what show it is. Even Family Guy got it right. It’s a concept that is hard to screw up, so of course this show got it right. Not for any special reason….it’s just funny.

That’s about it, really. While there a few failed jokes, most of them hit home. The first segment is spoof of Cinderella…but with Cosmo. The 2nd is The Three Little Pigs, with Foop as the big Bad Wolf. The last is Snow White with the Tooth Fairy as the Evil Queen.

While the satire isn’t exactly brilliant, all of the segments are creative and enjoyable. The 2nd is my least favorite since it’s not quite as funny, but it has it’s moments. My favorite is the first one, because it just had the best jokes.

Plus it has the least obvious set up, with Cosmo in the Cinderella role. They do some good jokes with it and this is the clearly the one they put the most effort into. Even Sparky has an amusing role.

There’s nothing really brilliant in here, but they just happened to pick a topic that is hard to screw up. Sure, some of the dumb jokes you’ve come to expect pop up here, but there’s nothing too offensive here.

They could have some more crazy things but I think the shows usual sense of humor is anything to make these segments special. The inbetween stuff is less funny but there are a decent running gag about Timmy saying he’s too old for fairy tales, while reading a comic book with gross out humor. Even Cosmo says how dumb that is!

By the way, this takes place after School of Crock so Poof talks. Weird how they made a big deal out of that given he already talks a lot, it’s just his name. Also, it’s a ripoff because he sounds nothing like Randy Jackson!

…Yeah, you can tell I really wanted to pad this out. Sorry, but there’s nothing to say. When something is good because it’s funny, then you really can’t say anything except …it’s funny!

This episode does nothing too crazy so there’s nothing to analyze. It’s just a fun episode with a good premise that they take advantage of. Seriously, that’s all I got.

Don’t worry, things will get more entry in a few more entries. For now, we just have this episode. While it’s not the most special thing ever, it shows that the writers can still be funny and creative when they want to be.

Yeah, that’s all I got. It’s funny. What more do you want from me?!

  1. Dimmsdale Tales

Season 9

Writers: Joanna Lewis, Kristine Songco, Alec Schwimmer, and Sindy Spackman

Three Season 9 Episodes in a row? …Weird. Don’t worry, the next one will be different. As for this episode,. It’s another one I don’t have much to say about it, but I’m confident about what I do have to say.

While on a failed camping trip, Timmy tells some scary stories. That’s right, it’s yet another Treehouse of Horrors style episodes. Those tend to be good, and this is no exception…for the most part.

See, while this episode is on this list…it’s mostly for one segment. The other segments have their moments, but only one stands as anything great. The wrap around stuff isn’t all that amusing because it’s just jokes about Timmy’s Dad being horrible, followed by him being rightfully punished, which Timmy doesn’t care about.

The 1st story is about Cosmo and Sparky (first red flag) as they face a banashe…which is actually just Wanda. This is easil the weakest one because it’s just a bunch of Wanda torture jokes, and to make it worse, they never find out it’s here.

It doesn’t even fit in with the others, as we know from the start that there is nothing creepy going on. Why would Timmy tell this story, it shouldn’t even be scary to the characters! But eh, it has a few amusing moments.

The last story is about Cosmo and Wanda hearing about the legend of this ghost with a hook for a hand. This one is alright I suppose, but the pay off is lame and it’s not horribly funny. Although it has it’s moments, and I like it’s done like an 80’s slasher movie.

As you can guess, the 2nd story is what gets this episode on the list. It’s a parody of Nightmare at 20,000 feet….but it’s about Timmy’s Dad facing a plane full of dinklebergs. It’s every bit as funny as it sounds.

This is what I’m talking about it! Not only is it a fun concept, but it’s quite creative. The other stories are just kind of generic, but this is a creative parody that has an interesting concept. Sure, the Dinkleberg jokes had gotten old by this point but this makes it work again.

It has some neat atmosphere, and the whole thing is even in black and white! They really nailed the parody down and I think this will make sense even if you don’t know about the source.

Just the concept of facing a plane full of Dinklebergs is solid enough to get people interested, and it works on it’s own. It’s not the most brilliant satire, but they at least nail the style down.

If the other segments were this good, this episode would be higher on the list. But eh, this spot isn’t too bad. The episode as a whole is uneven, but it was a neat change of pace, and this story made it all worth it.

While it’s no Terryfiny Tri State Trilogy of Terror, or even Terror Tales of the Park 3, it’s still a decent episode, even if only one segment is great. There’s not much else to say, really. When only one part an episode is worth praising, it leaves you with little to say.

Overall, the episode may not be the best but this 2nd story is really solid. It’s a good homage with a great concept pulled off very well with lots of solid, and of course a good Here we go Again ending.

Just further proof the writers still have it in them to be creative.

  1. Odd Squad

Season 6

Writer: Scott Fellows

See, now here’s one from Poof’s debut Season! Hopefully this is the last “little to say” one for a bit.

Timmy wishes to live out a show he watched with his parents, and finds himself searching for Mama Cosma when she goes missing.

So our last entry featured a short that was a good homage. But I bet you want a whole 11 minutes dedicated to a good homage. Well, here you go!

This whole episode is an homage to 70’s and 80’s show such as Magnum PI and Knight Rider. The show in the episode is called CC Cruiser, and it features freeze frames, and the main character is basically Tom Sellick.

They go decently far with the parody and cover quite a few things and it’s all done really well. The capture of these kind of shows very well and it’s funny to boot. They even have a female sidekick who is “hot but smart” and serves to be progressive and stuff. I don’t remember the exact line but they say something along those lines.

The homage really drives this episode, but there is a bit more. The homage at the start is good but it gets even better as we see the characters in this kind of situation. Timmy driving this cool car (this is Cosmo) with Wanda as the sidekick gets some good gags on it’s own.

Sometimes just putting good characters into an homage will be enough to get tons of good gags. I was a bit worried that the gags at the start would be the only thing here, but they squeeze quite a few creative jokes out of the premise.

Just when it starts to get boring, it gets more interesting as they go to different and cover over aspects. Timmy says this is the part where a pretty woman gives them advice….but instead they get Juandissimo.

Honestly, the only thing I don’t like is the plot. Yeah, the plot being creative is part of the homage but it wasn’t done too well. The payoff is predictable and the ending is a bit weak. It just kind of makes you feel like this whole episode was pointless.

The other homages the show has done (most notably Action Packed) had more of a story and pay off to them, you know. But the jokes are enough to make me forgive it. It actually almost feels like a classic episode at points with the humor, at least until you get a fart joke or something like that.

If it written a bit better, this may a couple spots higher but as it is, it’s pretty solid. I think it’s easily one of the funniest modern episodes. Most of the better ones tell good stories, but this one is just plain funny.

It may be flawed and not the best homage ever, but it’s still good. It has creative jokes, and is a really solid homage that gets most of the tropes right. Even this early into the modern era, this was a pleasant surprise to see.

Huh, I ended up saying quite a bit here. Overall, it’s another good homage with plenty of good jokes to spare. If you are familiar with the subject matter, this is an easy recommendation.

  1. Cosmonolply

Season 9

Writers: Ray DeLaurentis, Kevin Sullivan, Will Schifrin, and Beck Wangberg

From this point on, the episodes got even better. This is were we get the really well done stories instead of just fun plots.

Timmy and the gang get trapped in a board game made by Cosmo, and must escape before someone throws it away because it ended up at a Garage sale.

Like a lot of these episodes, this may seem it could be bad. Maybe another episode with Cosmo being annoying or something like that. And while it some classic bad Cosmo humor, it’s actually better than it sounds.

This is one I may not say much about because there isn’t a ton to. At first, it’s good because the creative premise leads to some fun moments. While not every joke works, most of it is interesting. The board game is about Cosmo so have jokes about board games, and jokes about his past.

This works out pretty well, and it’s good they went with this instead of just making it a bland board game parody. However, the highlight comes with the…sweet moments. They aren’t amazing, but they actually are there.

See, the game doesn’t exactly just tell his life story. No, it’s actually all about his relationship with Wanda. It goes through how they meet and everything. Eventually it’s revealed he made the game to remind himself of all of this, and why he likes Wanda.

…Yeah. Call it forced, but I think it’s pretty sweet. After so many episodes of Cosmo being the typical uncaring husband, it’s so refreshing to see him actually be sweet to her again. It’s not a crazy twist or anything, but it reminds that Cosmo isn’t always bad.

I’ve heard bitch about the fact that continuity is messed. The way they meet her is different then they have said in the past, most notably in School’s Out The Musical. Honestly, I don’t care. They clearly did it for the sake of the story, since it would hit harder if the backstory was something we didn’t hear about before.

So for once, I don’t mind the retcon don’t much. Let Sleeper Dogs Lie could learn a lesson from this.

And honestly….that’s basically it. This episode has good comedy and a solid concept, but it really is the Wanda stuff that makes it good. Yes, it is very simple compared to other episodes, but it works well.

It’s effective and serves the plot well. It also helps partiality redeem a character, even if they have a long way to go to completely make him great again. This episode isn’t trying to be too epic, it’s just a silly story that happens to have a sweet element.

With how it is, I figured I would say more but…i don’t. I could go into the jokes but with this one that would spoil the fun. Yes, I spoiled the sweet stuff but I would have even less to say if I left that out.

This episode doesn’t do anything too crazy, but I really appreciate what it does as a whole. It has a sweet moment with Cosmo for the first time in a while, and it’s amusing. Plus, Sparky helps the plot AND he barely talks!

I remembered it being a bit bigger when I put on the list, but it’s still worthy as It is. I put this here since is the first episode on here that works for the story, so of course it goes above those other ones.

It may not be huge, it’s creative, sweet and refreshing. Again, it proves they can do certain characters right, even this late into Season 9. It’s well worth checking out.

6. For Emergencies Only

Season 6

Writer: Butch Hartman

Here’s a weird fun fact: This is the sister episode to Odd Squad. Yeah, that was a solid half hour.

When Cosmo and Wanda get too busy to grant wishes, they give Timmy an emergency wand so he can make his own wishes. Hilarity ensues.

This is another fairly simple that rides off the solid premise, but it goes a bit deeper to an extent I was no expecting. Much like Cosmoply, there isn’t a lot to cover until that deep stuff so that may take up most of this section.

While it’s not as it’s partner, the premise alone leads to some good moments. They do the basic things you would expect, like using the magic to impress Trixie. But it’s still done an amusing way with a decent amount of good jokes.

It’s not exactly hilarious but it’s still fairly enjoyable. Honestly, if it weren’t for the ending, it wouldn’t be on here. It’s good but it’s the other stuff that makes it. So let’s get to it. Cosmo and Wanda are busy trying to get ready for their first family photo, and this is what causes them to give Timmy the wand.

Timmy notices that Cosmo and Wanda have been neglecting him a bit due to being so busy with Poof lately. Yep, they couldn’t avoid doing this cliché. This could have failed….but somehow it works.

They don’t something big or edgy with it, but it still works. Why? Because of the emotion. In the end both parties apologize, as Timmy realizes that Cosmo and Wanda will sometimes just be busy since they have a kid now, while Cosmo and Wanda realize they could have payed a bit more attention to it.

Yes, this is not but the emotion is really good here. Mostly because of the ending with Timmy being the family photo. The whole ending is incredibly heartwarming. It’s a bit cheesy but it works. The emotion is so strong that it makes up for any writing problems.

Typically I wouldn’t be all that interested but they managed to pull it with how sweet it is. It was the kind of episode we needed since Seasonal Rot was setting it by this point. Too bad it couldn’t come after it really got bad.

(I think Butch himself writing this one helped out with the emotion thing)

You really feel the connection here and how they really do love each other. The writing itself isn’t that great but they are able to get past and make it really enjoyable and satisfying.

That’s decently impressive. At this point in the show, they couldn’t quite make really cliché premises like this work too well with emotion but they did it here.

It’s not a brilliant episode but it’s sweet enough to be on the list. It has a good premise, some funny jokes and an incredibly sweet ending despite some cliches. That’s…really all there to is.

Hopefully is the end of the really short sections where I have nothing to say, because this is where the really good ones. Anyway, this episode may not be perfect but it’s fun and surprisingly sweet.

Just another solid modern episode.

5. Food Fight

Season 7

Writer: Ed Valentine

Oh hey, a pony writer. Fancy seeing him here. …He’s not even the only one, as Amy Keating Rogers had a few episodes, Charlotte Fullerton had one, and Joanna Lewis and Kristine Songco were writers in this before moving to ponies recently.

Anyway, yes, this is the one Mr. Enter praised in a video. Which means I am just a dumb fanboy praising it because he liked it! ….No, I actually like it on my own.

Timmy wishes Mom was a great cook and hilarity ensues. This is another episode that works in spite of itself, but it’s done better than the previous. Honestly, my only complaint is that it’s a bit similar to other episodes where Timmy wishes his parents were good at something.

But they still pull it off here with how solid the rest of the writing is. The other complaints end up being fixed by the ending. At the start, it seems like this episode may not be very good, since the very premise is that a Mom is a terrible joke,

Because dur hurr women can’t cook. I’ve never that 500000000 times.

But it quickly gets better as they do some creative things with this. Timmy and his Dad stash her food in the cellar, and it looks pretty horrifying. Infact, most of the stuff down there is pretty dangerous.

As harsh as this is, they do some really creative things with the visuals here. The creatures are pretty cool and there are some funny jokes here. It’s rare for them to get creative on this show now, but this episode has some creativity when it comes to the food jokes.

I even kind of like the terrible puns, like a chef named Sue Shi. …Hey, it’s better than that other Food Fight.

There, I got the obvious joke out of the way.

And after she becomes a good cook, they have even more creativity with the food world she creates. The animation shines here with how creative it gets, and again, it’s pretty funny. Even when the story is lacking, they make up for it with the visuals and jokes.

That doesn’t happen too much in episodes like this, so it’s nice they put a bit more effort into this one. Some bits are bit a harsh early on, but they do get punished. Mom becomes a famous chef and turns the house into a restaurant, and Timmy and Dad can’t get a reservation.

As cliché as it it is, it’s proper punishment for their actions, and it leads to more good jokes. Mom is invited to go on a cooking show and of course you can’t use magic to win a contest so she loses her cooking powers. Again, this is all seems typical but they manage to make it work with the ending.

The ending is the big reason why this is so high on the list, as it does something I was not expecting, even when other shows do something like this. When everyone sees her bad cooking, they laugh at her.

But Timmy actually stands up for her and claims she’s a good cook. He’s willingly to actually try her cooking….and he likes it! No, he really does. He’s not faking. Everyone tries and it turns out everyone loves it too!

Then it hits you that no actually tried her cooking. Then you realize this episode just got smart. For one, they made sure not to show anyone eating it so that this would make sense. And it makes the early parts better to an extent.

They could have just had them accept her bad cooking, or just be called out as jerks for lying to her about their feelings. But instead they go for a different moral: Don’t knock it until you try it. If they tried the food, they would see that they liked it.

With the execution, any bad sides to this are gone for the most part. You could call it forced, but I think it works pretty well. If they just did the obvious thing, I wouldn’t care about this one. But they took the high road and actually did something interesting.

It creates a good moral as well as a sweet ending. Not to much it makes each character likable, and even characters like Cosmo are toned down here.

While it’s not the most brilliant thing ever, it still gets everything right. It has some creative and funny humor, makes a good story out of cliches concepts, and has a very unexpected and well done ending.

This is certainly one of the more pleasant surprises I’ve seen on the list. I’d say not too shocking coming from this writers, but his FOP episodes tend to be hit or miss and this is only really good one. Ah well.

Overall, this episode defies expectations is overall a pretty good insert food pun here.

  1. Dog Gone

Season 9

Writers: Kevin Arrieta, Ray DeLaurentis, Will Schifrin, Sindy Spackman, and Kevin Sullivan

This is an episode primarily featuring Sparky and timmy’s Dad. And it’s great. ….Let that sink for a moment, while I say the plot.

Mr. Turner’s boss asks to have Sparky for reasons I forgot, but Mr. Turner refuses to hand him over, so Ed Leadly makes his life a living hell as revenge.

Timmy’s Dad is a bit of mixed bag. He can still be funny but they use him way too much, which means he can be annoying sometimes. Making a good story out of him is hard….but they manage to do it here.

By the way, this Sparky episode being good isn’t a huge feat because Sparky is pretty much a plot device. He doesn’t do anything intrusive, although this does show how useless he is as a character.

The story keeps subverting my exceptions when it comes to Timmy’s Dad’s character. (Ugh, I wish I knew his first name. They made a joke about it in a previous episode in this, oddly enough).

You think he would just give Sparky away because he cant’ care about Timmy…but no. He refuses to because Timmy likes Sparky. Usually he wouldn’t give a damn about what Timmy thinks!

Then when he gets tortured, you actually feel sorry for him. On top of that, he keeps going! He puts up with being tortured just to make Timmy happy. He doesn’t even think about giving in!

Okay, it’s going to stop there right? He doesn’t get any better? Nope. Timmy decides to pretend to give Sparky away so Timmy’s Dad will stop being tortured, but Sparky will just poof between the two homes.

This seems to work but Timmy’s Dad feels really bad for giving away Timmy’s Dad. Leadly called him spineless for doing but it’s mostly the Timmy part that gets to him and makes him want to get Sparky back.

Holy crap, how did they mostly fix this character so damn well?! It’s one thing to make him passable, but it’s another to do all of this!

At every step of the way, he is sympathetic and actually cares about his son. He even has development here for the stuff that happens and his dumb moments are actually funny!

Even taking that away, the story works because every character is written very well. Even Sparky isn’t too bad due to just being a plot device. There’s a dumb joke with Cosmo but that’s about it.

The story is cliché but they manage to make it gripping with the solid character writing. And of course, they have a few solid jokes, even with the torture. This is how you do torture. Use it make us sympathetic with a character and make the story stronger.

The jokes made with it could have been bad, but mostly hit since you know it won’t stick. And yes, there is a happy ending thanks to Dad. He’s still good at the end. While is not the most creative episode ever, it’s one of the best written episodes in the modern.

They make a sort of okay story work by making the main characters really interesting and likable. It creates an interesting story and it still fits among the other episodes. It’s also sometimes funny.

If only Mr. Turner was this interesting in most episodes.

Every time I watch this episode, I still can’t believe they got it this right. The only reason it isn’t higher is that the next 3 are more interesting to me, but this is a really good one too.

It helps redeem a flawed character and pulls off a very interesting story with surprisingly good character writing. This is the Season that gave us Sparky, right?

It’s certainly one to check out.

  1. Bad Heir Day

Season 7

Writer: Kevin Sullivan

Yep, you all saw this one coming. This is pretty much the FOP version of Plankton’s Pet, the episode everyone loves. While it is only number 3, it is still really good.

While looking for an heir, Poof accidentally ends up at Crocker’s house and gets adopted as his son.

My Plankton’s Pet comparison is pretty apt, as this is good for similar reasons. This episode finally throws a bone to a often torture villain, and has a sweet ending when it could have just been the status qou.

And given this is in the same season as Crocker Shocker, it’s very welcome. …Wait….same writer?!

Even the torture jokes in this work, because he doesn’t really mind it for the most part. This episode gets almost every right, actually. The odd thing, this episode is a slight rehash of Sooper Poof, another episode where someone accidentally adopts Poof.

.But that one wasn’t very good, so for once, they did a re-hash that was actually BETTER! And to be fair, this plays out differently than that one, which is why it doesn’t kind of suck. Most of it has Crocker just trying to raise Poof, and teach him how to do this.

While some of this results in pain for him, it still brings him closer to Poof, and gives us some nice moments. The torture here is done in a sort of light manner and most of it is funny. Pus, Poof doesn’t mean and most of it is Crocker’s fault. I mean, he tried teaching a Baby to drive. Actually, my only problem with the Crocker side of the epoisode is that he’s a bit too dumb in some parts.

He doesn’t know what a Football. Come on, he might be a loner but he’s not that stupid. Otherwise, the Crocker stuff is really good.

And I should get my other problem out of the way. Timmy loses Poof, and this is how he bumps into Crocker. He spends most of the episode looking for Poof all over the place, buthe yook to dangerous places throughout the day, so he gets hurt a lot.

For the most part, this is fine since Timmy feels bad for neglecting Poof, and this is a good punishment. But at the end, Wanda finds out after Poof and returns…and punishes him by poofing next to these Alligators from earlier.

.A bit extreme, don’t you think?

One crappy joke aside, this really is great. Most of the Crocker and Poof stuff is sweet, and even pretty funny. But of course, the ending is what makes it even better.

Crocker’s fairy capture device captures Poof…and he thinks he was just turned into a fairy. (“It’s the only logical conclusion!”). Because he can’t raise a fairy like this, he is forced to give him away.

And it’s not in a harsh way. He really likes Poof but he is forced to give him away. It’s rather heartbreaking in done very well. And as the icing on the cake, Poof takes pity on him and gives him a robot son that loves him.

A bit weird, but still rather sweet, as it shows Poof has started to like Crocker as well. They coould have just ended with Crocker sad or something, but they threw him a bone. Sure, even I knew this robot wouldn’t appear again, but it’s nice that thye did this, knowing tihngs would be back to normal next time.

It really is a well made and sweet episode. It shows that Crocker has a heart and he does just need a son in some way. Even if they went on to treat him like garbage in other episodes.

It’s also the best use of Poof ever. He has funny moments and feels like he has his own personalty in a way.

While it has a few weak moments, it is overall a great episode. It has good development, good humor, and some really sweet moments. It’s the kind of episode that gives you hope for this show, even after all this time.

I would say the top 3 are among some of my favorite episodes of the show, even if they may not crack the top 5 or anything. …Although number one comes close.

It’s safe to say this deserves all the praise it typically gets. It’s just a really good and nice episode all around. Since it’s number 3, you might be wondering which ones could possibly top them.

Well, let’s get into that. …But yeah, great episode

  1. Wishology

Season 6

Writes: Scott Fellows, Butch Hartman and Kevin Sullivan

…Yeah, I have explaining to do. To an extent, this is an obvious choice. It was kind of awesome and it’s easily the biggest the show has ever done. Three hour long specials, creating an almost 2 hour FOP event!

But on the flip side, it’s not quite the best written or most complex thing. On top of that, it’s mixed for some people. People are not fond of it mostly. …Although the only two reasons aren’t really good enough to me. One is slightly understanble and we’ll get to the other one.

Honestly, this is such an obvious choice for me, I thought I would not have it unless I felt I needed it to round out the last. …I needed it, so here we are.

I’ll try to keep this short, as to not spoil the jokes or go on for too long Although I might hint at the ending, or flat out spoil it. We’ll see.

In short, Timmy learns of an ancient danger called The Darkness, which sends robots called Eliminators to try to capture Timmy. When his friends and family are captured, Timmy must ally with his greatest enemies to save them and stop The Darkness.

By typical standards, this may not seem like it deserves to be this high, since it’s not really the best thing, even though it tries to be. It clearly tries to be THE special. Bigger than anything that came before. It has tons of Comedy, tons of action, an epic plot, guest stars, and tons of parodies and reference.

And to some people, it is not. It’s not quite a rattings trap, for the most part. And yeah, to an extent you may be right…but I can’t help. I really like this one.

It’s mostly because it tries so hard. They put so much effort into making this thing huge, that it can grows on me. But it has some issues. For one, maybe it didn’t need to be 3 parts. Like a lot of trilogies, Part 2 is the weakest as not much happens, and it clearly exists to set up the final chapter.

…But that’s kind of the point. This special has many references to famous film trilogies such as Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. It even opens with a rip off of Abra-catchphrase, with Timmy in movie parodies.

One which is Harry Potter….which wasn’t a trilogy.

Speaking of which, the magic muffin has a cameo…because. It doesn’t even has a reason to be there, it just pops up as a lame callback.

But yeah, I think two parts would be enough, but part 2 still ain’t bad. As far as other flaws, there might be too many references. Some I can forgive, like the Discount Terminators, but Part 2 ends up turning an incredibly contrived Star Wars parody. It’s sort of clever but a bit too obvious.

I’d compare Part 2 to The Two Towers but that had Gollum so it was still awesome.

Anyway, the plot is a bit generic compared to other specials. They felt a lot more unique to the shows world. This is just a Choosen One plot, but with these characters. But to be fair, they do make fun of it and it is a common trope in trilogies like this.

There are other minor issues that are just in certain parts and not the whole thing. Then there’s the ending. Let’s just say some did not like the reveal regarding the Darkness. Without spoiling it is a bit….weird.

If it called it cheesy, it may clue you in, so that’s as far as I will go. It’s play straight to boot. I can’t exactly defend this….but it’s not a big deal for me. It’s the only problem that bugs me in a way, as the rest can be overlooked.

Honestly, besides that, the only reason I see for people hating is that Timmy and Trixie kiss. Sure, her memory is erased and It doesn’t stick but it happens. So shippers went insane. They hated it just for a kiss that amounts to nothing.

This is why I hate shipping so much. It clogs their mind and makes them hate things for dumb reasons. I can’t say I have any thoughts on the kiss because it means nothing. Yeah, I don’t like this couple too much but the way it’s shown here is fine as it is.

Honestly, I don’t like Timmy with Trixie or Tootie. Thanks to the writing, Trixie is still a bitch, and Tootie is a creepy stalker. Neither are very fitting. There’s a reason they had to drop the latter’s deal in the live action movie.

Anyway, I can see some may not be huge fans of it, but it’s not awful. Now onto why I still love it. While it may try too hard to be epic, I still like how epic it is. The scale is huge and there’s a lot going on.

And despite some filler, it doesn’t feel like too much is going on. It’s a simple chase with the villain wanting Timmy gone, and them needing some plot devices. Yeah, a bit too simple but it has enough to it, and just the characters doing this makes it interesting.

Part is the best by objective standards, as it flows the best as a story. It’s simple and has a lot happening in a good way. Like most trilogies, {art 1 is one stand along story, while the first “sequel” is just a follow up and has a cliffhanging that part 3 concludes.

Huh, this really is a faithful send up to film trilogies.

Part 1 just flows the best and has everything. Although it’s not deep, I would be happy if it ended there. But the rest is really good too. The epic scale makes it really interesting and it kept me invested all the way through.

Of course, things get deeper in part 3 with interesting moments and some sacrifice. It hits then notes you may expect, but it works really well. On top of that, this thing is pretty funny too. Each part has it’s share of really good jokes, and they work with the story.

Also, KISS is in it. That’s amazing. …Brendan Fraiser is in too but that’s not as cool.

This whole thing just has that epic scale that makes it work. But the writing also has plenty to like, with good humor, decent character moments, and even some clever ideas. I don’t want to spoil a lot, so I’m being a bit vague, sorry.

But trust me, it has plenty to like. I’m not even sure why I like it as much as I do, despite saying all of that. It’s not nearly as well done as Channel Chasers or even Abra-Castraophe as big epic Tv Movies go.

But has it’s own charm, due to how hard it tries to be something amazing. I feel like that did honestly try, despite some forced elements. I get the feeling they wanted it to be the series finale, since it does seem like it could not be topped in terms of scale.

It did end Season 6,….in production order, and made episodes 95-100. But of course, it went on because this show cannot end. Seriously, the writers have tried to end it many times, but it can’t die.

At least SpongeBob has accepted it will live forever.

But anyway, that effort helps make this one as good as it is. And on it’s own, it’s still kind of awesome and does a lot right, especially when compared to Fairly Odd Baby or Timmy’s Secret Wish.

I know this an choice to have this high given it’s flaws, but I can’t help but love it. It has a ton of good jokes, and it’s huge scale leads to some great moments and it’s just really cool all around.

It doesn’t do a certain thing better than most modern episodes, it just happens to have less flaws than them. The characters are mostly spot on too.

Overall, it might not be the greatest epic ever, but it tries so hard and has a lot to love. While it’s not the best thing as it was made to be, it’s still great in it’s own way. Disagree all you want, but this is my list.

So yeah, it’s a good choice for number 2.

Well, I suppose this is where I put some honorable mentions. I honestly don’t have a lot, but I have a few. These are mostly ones that were considered for Number 11.

Fairly Old Parent: The plot is cool and Poof is sympathetic, but the stuff with Crocker’s Mom is a bit forced and could have been done better.

Add a Dad: It’s another solid Mr. Turner episode where the conflict is good and has some amusing jokes. Although the writers clearly liked it more because it has two sequels fo r some reason. Also, I find it amusing that this only has 3 voice actors in it.

The Fairly Oddlympics: The moral is nice, the humor is decent, and it actually has a very funny use of a celebrity. These 3 were just barely beat out by the ones on the list. They are still solid.

And my number one Modern Fairly Odd Parents Episode is…

  1. Meet the Odd Parents

Season 8

Writers: Ray DeLaurentis, Will Schifrin and Kevin Sullivan

I suppose this equally as obvious the previous two entries…but I can’t care. This is the only episode I could possibly put at the top. Above all else, it’s just feel good in many ways.

Perhaps it’s not quite as well constructed as some other episodes, but it gets so much right and it is a lot fun on top of being rather…sweet. At first this seems like a lame ratings trap but it ends up being way more heartfelt than it looks.

As the title implies, Timmy’s parents find out about his fairies, but he finds that maybe this might be a good thing for both parties….as long as Jorgen never finds out.

This episode seems it would be easy to make good, given the nature of the plot. Just have them have fun together, slap a weak ending and call it a day. But no, they take the effort and put a lot of little things work.

For one, the characters are in character. Yes, there are a few too many dumb Mr. Turner moments, but every feels closer to their early selves. They don’t feel like asshole parents, and seem to really care about their kid, even when they figure out that Timmy could have been helping them out all this time.

Everyone else is about normal, at least when compared to usual. They are likable and you just like seeing them happy. Most of the jokes are pretty funny all around. The build up to the reveal nicely, with some gags with the parents trying to figure out why weird stuff happens.

There are jokes with them discovering the fairies, jokes about Jorgen being distracted, and jokes with them just hanging around. They milk a lot out of this premise and most of it works. Even the jerky moments can be a bit amusing, given that they now have the power to live our fantasizes for the most part.

They could have just not cared, but they managed to make the characters and humor work well. Yes, there are a few off moments but they are mostly not distracting, and the good moments make up for it.

But really above else, it’s the emotion that makes this episode. And not just the sweet parts at the end. The whole thing is just kind of sweet. After so much crap they everyone has gone through, Timmy finds that he can share his fairies with his fairies.

Timmy’s Parents get some stuff they wanted and they get to genuinely have fun with their kid, and Timmy doesn’t have to worry about hiding his secret. He can just have fun with his parents and his life doesn’t’ seem too bad anymore.

It’s really sweet to see them have fun. Both parties just like each other, beyond just getting cool magic stuff. This makes this episode fun and rather sweet. After so many episodes that make you wonder why they even bother to keep Timmy around, it’s great to see that they do care about him at the end of the day and they all love each other.

Then of course, there’s the ending. Yes, Jorgen ends up finding out and their memories must be erased. He almost takes the fairies away but after seeing a sweet moment, he just takes memories away.

It’s predictable but they manage to make it work so well. It’s rather sad to see Timmy have to give all of this up, especially after everything we saw, but he has to do it. It leads to an incredibly sweet moment that is nice to see.

It’s not just a dumb downer ending for the status qou too. Timmy realizes that he can still do nice things for his parents, even if they don’t know it. He even helps Dad find his long lost wedding ring. D’aww.

They let you know that in a way things have changed even if Timmy’s parents won’t remember it. The episode ends in a way the says things have improved even if the Status qou stuck a tiny bit.

I suppose this is a good to mention the elephant when it comes to this episode: It was meant to be the series finale. For real this time. They said it would be before it aired, and it took at least year until the next episode aired.

This episode feels the true end, as Timmy sees how he can improve his life, even with a status qou thing. It even ends with a family album being closed, and it just feels final.

.And it was not the end because the show just can’t die, even when it wants to. It bugs me because this would be the perfect way to end the show, even after it went downhill. But no, it’s not the end so it’s just a thing that happened.

I can’t hold that against the episode, but it still sucks that this episode was not even better by being a finale. Ah well.’

The whole is just really satisfying to watch. It’s interesting, it’s creative, it’s funny, and very sweet. After all the up and downs of the show, it’s nice that they put a lot of effort into this one as great as it could be.

Even if it’s not the finale, it’s still nice and makes you look back on the whole show in a good way, due to how it’s written, and what it’s about. True, it’s a bit weak in some plot areas. Most of the episode has them just goofing around and sometimes tricking Jorgen.

While some bits feel like padded, I don’t mind because it’s really about the experience rather than the plot. It’s about seeing these characters be so happy and get involved in some good gags.

As I said, it’s just feel good at the end of the day. It gives what we didn’t know we wanted to see, and it’s just great. It’s not the best written, but it reminds why we loved this show. It’s emotional, funny and just plain cute.

Pretty impressive for a modern episode. Yes, this is an obvious choice for number one, but sometime you have to go for the obvious choice.

Besides being sweet, it just does everything right on every front, and it’s an incredibly fun experience from start to finish. It’s good to know that no matter what happens, the writers can produce episodes as great as this.

All that and more is why I think is the greatest modern Fairly Odd Parents episode.

And that is the list. While I had some bumps, it was fun to finally watch all of the episodes and give them a chance. Sure, as a whole the show isn’t what it used to be, and it should end as soon as possible, but it can still be rather solid if it wasn’t to be.

Even in Season 9 with two flawed characters, they can give us a great story. They can do some creative ideas really well, and make us love the characters all over again. While this list a bit harder than I thought, I still feel like I picked the best of the ….less good.

All of these episodes are very solid and while some are better than others, I would watch any of them any day. While only a couple are among my favorite episodes, they are still great gems.

Hopefully, this will convince you that this show can still do good, and it’s not all bad. No matter how far downhill a show goes, it can still do good, be it Family guy or Spongebob. I’m glad I’m giving these shows chance because it gives me gems like Brian’s Play and Dog gone.

And before you ask, no I won’t do The Simpsons. IGN did it and that’s way too much for me to watch. Sorry. But hey, enjoy the lists that already exists.

That’s all I got. Check out all of these episodes, and let’s hope even this other new character gives us some good magic in the future.

See ya.

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Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives

....For once, I can't think of anything clever to put hre

….For once, I can’t think of anything clever to put here

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, it’s yet again Friday the 13th time. That means I must review a Friday the 13th movie. This has been an odd tradition for me, but I’ve kept it up, since I do like reviewing these movies.

They are quite fun to do, even in the weaker entries like the remake. Plus, the reviews tend to be good despite being tie ins. I wanted to just go in order from this point on, but I couldn’t find Part 2 in time…so we’re just going with a random one.

This one seems cool and I don’t think I need to watch the others. ….Watch me be wrong. Anyway, there isn’t a lot to say going into this entry, except for the backstory.

Part 4 was supposed to be the last one, with Jason being killed for good, and implying this boy would take his place in a way. But they went ahead with another film because money.

The 5th one took a new direction with this new villain, but it did poorly forcing them to just go back to using Jason. Because the popularity of a villain will prevent anything creative from happening in a horror franchise.

Remember how Micheal Meyers being popular caused Halloween 2 to exist, and thus Halloween 3 to flop?

But thankfully, this entry was one of the more popular ones, as critics actually managed to like it for once! Not much to say about the writer/director, he’s mostly done stuff I’ve never heard of.

With all that, out of the way let’s celebrate the unlucky day once again by diving into this film to see how good it really is.

This, is Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

The movie opens with Tommy Jarvis, te guy from two movies, and his friend Allen heading out to destroy Jason’s corpse so that he can finally have closure. Even if Jason Lives was not in the title, I’d know this would badly.

Jason belongs in hell”

Give it a couple more movies.

They arrive at the cemetery and dig up Jason’s corpse. You know, they really should have cremated him in the first place given how evil he was. Then again, we wouldn’t have a movie.

They stab him a bunch and start to leave. …That’s it? After all Jason put you through, you only stab his corpse? You don’ try to….burn it or something?

Geez, no wonder lightning strikes to bring him back. …Don’t act shocked, everyone knows this happens. With the power of movie lightning, Jason is back and kills the friend.

Tommy gets off scott free, which is really lame, and we get our title. Which comes when they zoom in on Jason’s eyes, and….do a Bond-eqsque Gun Barrel thing.

Huh, guess I did a tie in for Spectre after all.

But anyway, I agree with James, this was a pretty cool intro. It’s a nice throw back, had cool atmosphere, and a fun little homage with the title. I’m digging this already.

After the opening credits, Tommy goes to the sheriff and tells him that Jason is back. There are only so many ways I can mock the cliché fact that they don’t believe him. They throw him in a cell, which seems like overkill, but okay. Douche-y cops aren’t too common in film, anyway.

Then we cut to Darren and Lizbeth, two young adults who are currently lost on the road. Because we need some dumb sort of teens to be killed off before we get into the plot.

It doesn’t take long for them to bump into Jason and they just act like he’s a minor inconvenience. Seriously, they just talk about trying to get him out of their way. And they know this guy is trouble due to her saying she’s seen enough horror movies!

It’s still not nearly enough if you ask me.

To the shock of no one, he kills them both. Weird how they were self aware, yet still genre blind. How do you even do that?

The next day, Lizbeth’s Sister Paula and her friends ask the sheriff to look for her since she is sort of missing, at least as far as they know. Of course with Tommy still in the cell, he thinks Jason might be after her. Oh hey, he’s still here, I figured that previous bit was their way of writing him out of the story.

Naturally, no one listens to him and Sheriff has had enough of his crap. We then cut to a guy who works at the Cemetery, trying to clean up the mess the kids made, and he scolds them for digging up Jason.

…Then he looks at the camera.

Some folks have a strange idea of entertainment”

…Okay then.

Meanwhile, Paula and her friends head out to Camp Forrest Green (actually Crystal Lake) to take care of things with their missing friends gone. The main chick in this group is actually Megan, the sheriffs daughter….instead of the one connected to the people we went a few useless minutes with.

The kids arrive for camp, which means we’ll get to see Jason slaughter kids. Yay! ….Man, that graveyard guy was right.

Out in the woods, some guys are playing paintball and we get two obvious fake outs, where we are supposed to think it’s Jason buts it’s not. One bad fake out is fine, but two in a row?

Eventually he does kill some random guy and then kills the others. Except for one guy, who he chases. I hope this bit becomes important later, so for now I won’t complain too much about it since it could turn out to be necessary.

Meanwhile, the Sheriff guy takes Tommy out to get him out of his jurisdiction, but he tries to make a run for Jason’s grave to prove he was right. It doesn’t work. ….I have nothing to add to that, nothing really stupid happened there.

They kick him out of town and we move on. Usually I’d bitch about the characters being stupid but there’s not much to comment on here. While the guy is guy a bit overboard, I can’t say they really should believe given what he’s apparently been like.

So let’s see if there’s something to bitch about in the next scene. The Graveyard guy from earlier stumbles around drunk until he bumps into Jason and he is killed. Well, at least we’re getting somewhere.

This sound catches the attention of a random guy who was about to have sex with his girlfriend, because this is an 80’s slasher movie, of course he was. Jason comes over and kills him. So yeah, we’re in the Jason goes around killing random people that have little to do with the plot section of the movie.

Although to be fair, those guys saw him kill a guy, so he has a good reason.

Back at camp, a kid says she saw a monster but of course it is dismissed as a nightmare. It’s Jason in some way. There, we can skip to when she dies. Before that happens, we cut this one having sex with his girl.

Didn’t we just have a scene like this?

They drag this a bit to make “suspense” until they suspect something odd is going on, and drive off. Wait, a vehicle works in a time sensitive situation? WHAT WITCHCRAFT IS THIS?!

But that doesn’t help them as Jason got on board and takes the girl. The dumbass guy doesn’t hear her obvious struggle and they drag this out until Jason just kills her. And the dumbass guy who is apparently deaf gets to live for the time being. Great.

Thankfully, Jason kills him right after that. You have to love that the horrific killer is a hero most of the time.

The Sheriff catches wind of these murders, and immediately blames on Tommy. He really thinks that lowly of him? Speaking of which, after he leaves, Tommy calls Megan for help with Jason.

Megan decides to meet with him, because defyng her Daddy is a bit more than thinking about if this is the smart thing to do. While that is going on, Jason heads to camp and kills a random counselor. Yay?

Someone else hears a neck snap and just says “try not to take the kids”. …This is a new level of oblivious-ness. Megan meets up with Tommy, and they drive off to discuss this further, but the cops see her car and we get a chase scene,

In the middle of this, Tommy has to stay done and there are jokes about how he is close to her crotch. Lovely. …Although it does lead to a funny reaction when the cops catch them and Tommy has to raise his head.

The Sheriff takes them in but he gets informed of the previous few deaths….and he still thinks Tommy did it.

…How could he done it with HE’S RIGHT THERE WITH YOU RIGHT NOW?! Not to mention he’s been in that car with Megan for the last few minutes, and there could have been no time for him to do for him to do this, at least with her knowing!

Tommy was with me all that time, Dad”

Thank You!

But of course, He doesn’t buy it because he’s an idiot. After Jason kills someone else back at Camp, Megan just kind of hangs out while Tommy is in a cell. Long story short, they trick the guard go into letting them go.

Don’t do this Megan. Megan!”

Insert Drake and Josh joke here.

Jason is about to kill someone else when the cops show up. He kills a couple that are snooping around, and I must say this is a decent scene of suspense as they build up the mood nicely. It helps that there is a little girl walking around, afraid of Jason. And knowing these movies, I don’t know if they would kill her or not.

The jerky sheriff guy has a run in with Jason and shoots him several times, but can’t keep him down. Megan and Tommy arrive as sheriff guy tries hitting him. Yeah, shooting him didn’t work so clearly just hitting him will do it!

This rightfully results in his death. He dies just as he learns that Tommy is telling the truth. Oh cliche-ly tragic. Wait, is that a word? …It is now. Anyway, Jason finds Megan but Tommy lures hm over to him.

He tries out this plan where he ties Jason to a boulder that he will drop to the bottom of the lake, and he lights the water on fire before he is actually able to find Jason to tie him to the thing. That intelligent move results in Jason getting at him before he can do anything.

They both fall into the lake and fight for a bit until Jason pretty much drowns him. …Spoilers, I accidentally read ahead into the Wikipedia article and he’s alive. I won’t bash it for being predictable since this kind of movie could very well kill him.

Megan goes out to get him and she is able to turn the boat motor into Jason’s head, killing him. …Well, a bit weak compared to that whole climax, but it had decent build up, so I’m fine with it.

She takes Tommy to shore and uses CPR to revive him. Yep, turns out this movie has no balls after all.

Jason’s home”

The two comfort each other, as we cut to the lake during the day as Jason is still at the bottom of the lake. Guess no one thought to pick up the body and burn it to prevent….this from happening again.

If you guessed that they do a close up on his eye as it opens, than yay, you’ve seen another movie like this before. Roll credits. Bit of a lame “Twist” but an abrupt ending is nothing new for this kind of movie, so I can forgive it.

Oh, and the credits have the Alice Cooper song “He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)” which is pretty cool.

Final Thoughts:

Eh, that was alright. Honestly, it’s not my favorite of the series, but it’s far from terrible. It has all that typical dumb stuff I like to mock, but it doesn’t go all that far with it. Nothing too crazy happens, as it’s slightly dull in some spots.

Not to mention that the kills, while cool, are nothing special. It tries a bit harder than a couple others, but basically means it might be as fun for some people. But objectively, it has a few things going for it.

I thought it started strong and had a good climax, but the middle part was a bit weak. I do like having Tommy has a protagonist, trying to take down Jason for good after he brings him back to life, but it’s nothing to deep. It’s just another story where someone doesn’t believe the crazy person who is right.

I’m not expecting too great from this movie, but the bits with the boring humans aren’t too special. There’s nothing explicating bad here, as the characters are tolerable, and the story at least kind of makes sense.

But it doesn’t do anything too special aisde from seeing Jason do his thing again. This was the first entry to officially make him an unstoppable zombie killer, and that is pretty cool.

This film was supposed to be an new start….after the other new start, and I suppose it’s a nice throwback. This film got praise for the meta humor….but there isn’t that much of it. I showed you all of it, really.

I’ll call it average, but not in a terrible way. It does exactly what it should do, and it is fun. Yeah, it has some dull parts but there are tiny amusing moments and some decent kills. It doesn’t do anything new with the story but if you aren’t asking for much, it’s okay.

I wish they had gone deeper with Tommy and Megan, but it’s more interested in the typical stuff. It looks very nice and has some decent suspense in a few scenes. But the characters aside from the leads barely exist, and it has some typical dumb moments.

This review wasn’t quite as fun to do as the others due to being less notable, but ah well. Jason was pretty cool and has plenty to like, but it’s nothing special. As both a film and a Friday the 13th film, it’s just okay.

It could have been a lot better, but as it is, I’ve seen worse. Honestly, I agree with James Rolfe: Once you see the opening, you can stop there. But if you don’t, eh, you might like.

So yeah, that’s all I got. It’s just okay but eh, it’s tolerable.

Grade: C+

Now what of the future of my Friday the 13th reviews? Well, since i’ve done Part 1, the remake, Part 8, Part 9, Freddy Vs Jason, and this, I have roughly 5 or so left. The next Friday the 13th is in May 2016….but I have something special planned for then and maybe before than. You’ll see.

Next time, we do a Disney TV Movie….but it’s not quite a Disney Channel movie.

See ya.

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A Look at Littlest Pet Shop

Littlest Pet Shop is property of of Hasbro, DHX, and Discovery Family.

Hello, Spongey here.

When a network has one show that is amazingly popular, it’s always hard for other shows to get any sort of attention. After all, usually the network’s biggest hit will be shoved in your face so it’s likely to take away the attention from any other show you could possibly get into.

Or the other shows simply get overshadowed, regardless of how popular the other shows might still be. If you’re REALLY lucky, a new show will come along and become the new king. The only example I can think of Gravity Falls becoming way more popular than Phineas and Ferb.

But they both overshadow Wander Over Yonder. See what I mean? One of the prime examples of what I mean is Nick with Spongebob. We’re just glad any show got popular, even in this age with how they treat that guy.

One extension of this is when the big hit is be loved that people will refuse to give anything on that channel a chance. All of this stuff naturally happens and there’s just no stopping it. And as you guessed, the punchline is that My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is popular.

Let’s face it, this little show is the single reason The Hub took off at all. It’s also the reason that Discovery Family exists now so it’s a doubled edged sword. For reasons not even I still comprehend, this show about ponies has become one of the most popular things ever.

I don’t need to explain further, do I? It’s an incredibly popular show, and sadly, that means everything else on the channel sits in its shadow. Thankfully, most of the other shows managed to be popular, most notably Dan Vs, and Transformers Prime. While TFP didn’t need to work hard, given it has a built in Fanbase, the fact that Dan Vs still managed to get a cult following is pretty amazing.

But here’s a question: Do you remember the Pound Puppies reboot show? Or that newer Care Bears Show?


And if you’re wondering about that show I’ve talked about to death, it did sadly get overshadowed by all that stuff, and while it managed to stay alive, it bit the dust recently. I can’t blame that on those confounded Ponies but you never know.

Despite all that crap, one show managed to stay alive and be just as big a hit for the channel. Of course, that’s due to having a lot in common with the ponies, but we’ll get to that.

While it still isn’t anywhere as popular as MLP, it’s managed to get its own solid fan base and it’s arguably the secondary show on the channel, next to MLP.

Naturally, that’s what I’m here to discuss. We will talk about a cartoon that I quite enjoy on its own merits despite the ever looming shadow of the equine.

This, is A Look at Littlest Pet Shop

Before we get into the meat of things, we gotta cover a little history. Being on a channel owned by Hasbro it is based on toys. Created in 1992, Littlest Pet Shop was a toy line that…involved a pet shop, I’m pretty sure.

Wikipedia isn’t being helpful, but from what I can gather from obvious, these are toys that revolve around pets and pet assocorices. You know, the usual toy stuff that little girls eat up. Despite being kind of new when compared to something like My Little Pony, it was quite popular and naturally, made a lot of money.

So like with any toyline, it got an animated series in 1995, produced by Sunbow Entrainment. I know nothing about it. Hell, I barely know anything any other versions besides the toys before this new show came out. It only lasted for 1 year but they got 40 episodes out of it, which is impressive. By the way, this same company produced G. I. Joe. Yeah.

The franchise was bought out by Hasbro in 2003, which means they milked more money out of it than ever before. Once My Little Pony proved to be very successful in the modern era with Friendship is Magic, Hasbro naturally looked at other franchises that can bring back.

They picked the one that honestly sounded the dumbest. But hey, MLP sounded dumb too and look what happened. So in 2012, the world was introduced so this version of Littlest Pet Shop.

Produced by DHX, which, as you expect, is also attached to you know what, this show was created by Julie McNally-Cahill and Tim Cahill, the same people behind My Gym Partner’s a Monkey. They must really like animal centric cartoons. Two writers from that show are on this, but we’ll get to one of them later.

Before we go into the influence the horses have had on the show, let’s go over it on its own for a bit. It centers on Blythe Baxter, a teenage girl who is forced to move out from her suburban hometown because of her father’s promotion. She moves into an apartment located in a crowded city. Her apartment is located above titular Littlest Pet Shop, a pet store containing a day camp for various pets.

She discovers that she alone can miraculously understand and talk to all of the pets as well as others. Hilarity ensues.

Allow me to answer your first question: 3 Seasons in and we still do not know exactly why she has Doolittle powers. Heck, there’s a subplot in one episode the pets wonder for once why she can understand them and in the end they’re all “eh” and that’s it. What an amazing subplot.

But I do have a theory. See, the pilot opens with her back home hanging with animals and of course she has to say that she wishes she could understand them. She clearly has no powers her. However, she later crashes the dumbwaiter leading to the pet shop, and it’s after that where she meets the pets.

So that gives us a few possible explanations:

Blythe hit her head and this is all in her head and none of is real, or there’s some magic to either the pet show or the dumb waiter that we don’t know. In one episode, we find out the dumbwaiter was built on top of a tree hideout the pets of LPS’ owners /Ancestor made. And said Ancestor did communicate with the pets. Perhaps there’s a connection?

Besides the talking to pets thing, there’s no mystical elements in the show, so who knows? Well, actually there are a few times magic has clearly happened:

Sunil uses magic to replace him with someone in one episode, and since he was falling of a building and the other guy was miles away, there’s no other explanation. Then in another episode, Russell finds himself in a Groundhog Day loop. It’s not a dream or anything, it’s shown to have happened.

As a side note, the loop mostly happens after he is frustrated with an actual Groundhog. Yes, and his name is Harold. As in, Harold Ramis.


Before we move on, I must cover the obvious MLP connections. It has some of the same voice actors, who I will discuss when I get to the characters. Daniel Ingram makes the songs for this show as well, another subject I’ll get to.

And of course, some MLP writers jumped on board for this show too. 4 MLP writers have been on this show, with 1 of them just doing one episode. That one timer was Cindy Morrow, if you are wondering. The regulars are newcomer Corey Powell, fan favorite MA Larson and not so favorite Merriweather Williams.

Her status isn’t better on this show, sadly.

Most of the similarities are purely production based, as the show is a bit different. It can be similar in that they can tackle similar themes and some of the characters can be a tiny bit similar. However, the show manages to stick out on its own and none of the characters feel like rip offs of the mane 6.

But Zoe totally stole Twilight’s mane cut.

The main difference with this show is that it’s grounded in “reality” with a more urban setting. That means three things:

1. No magical ponies

2. More direct pop culture references and stylized songs

3. Slang

This is a both good and bad thing. Bad because it means more cliché stories and stuff like that, but Good because it means more interesting or relatable stories. It really depends on the episode, really. With the best episodes, they create rather compelling stories with the depth and sweet moments you could get in MLP.

As for the slang, it’s a minor issue, I guess. There is “hip” lingo in the dialogue, mostly with Blythe and her friends. But honestly, it’s only a minor issue. They just put it in sometimes and that’s it. They do mock it sometimes (usually with the adults being confused) and somehow Blythe’s voice actress, who I will get to, makes it work somehow.

There are other Modern References but most of them work and aren’t too intrusive. Hell, even the entire episode dedicate to memes did it pretty well by mocking internet fame and stuff like that. Besides the episode songs being a hilariously bad parody of internet music videos, there’s even a part where the Alpha Bitches’ Butler hears a “popular” song and upon hearing it, immediately smashes the laptop. It’s hilarious, and the song totally doesn’t reference Friday. Nope, not all.

However, the other difference is with the writing itself. It’s not quite…let’s say careful as MLP can be, or at least was by the time this show came along. That means it’s easier for certain people to nitpick moral type problems that aren’t really there.

The show, even to this day isn’t quite as even with its stories and that can hold it back sometimes. That’s not exactly the shows’ fault though, since it is going for something a bit different. Usually when it attempts any type of story, the correct moral comes through and stuff like that.

But more so than MLP, it’s more likely to screw up certain things in some people’s eyes. One example is the subplot of the “Penny for Your Laughs” where Blythe protects the local Alpha Btiches from a bigger bully voiced by Trixie. (I got stuff to say about them later, trust me). Said Alpha Bitches than decide to make Blythe their BFF, by giving her fancy stuff.

Her friends aren’t happy with this though, and they are kind of bitch-y about it even before (spoilers) Blythe becomes an Alpha Bitch herself. Yeah, they just offer Blythe a few fancy devices and a fancy lunch and the friends do not approve on the grounds they are the Alpha Bitches. Never mind that Blythe stood up for them and it would be rude to shut down their offer to be nice back.

But they do turn out to be rather bad people in the end as they more or less force Blythe to become like them (Via a song, of course) and Blythe ends up insulting one of the friends before realizing who she insulted. So they did turn out to be kind of right. See what I mean?

That kind of thing doesn’t happen too often (and I love that particular episode) but it is an example of how the writing tends to compare. If you are a bit too picky, this show may not do a lot for you, but if you can look past that stuff and see the good writing that is there, you can get into it.

This leads me to another big difference: This show is more humor based. MLP has plenty of humor in it too but this show seems to aim to entertain more than that one. Every episode has an actual story with a point (most of the time) but even then it’s usually just plain fun. One of the writers even said this isn’t really a “learning” show. There are obvious exceptions, since every show needs a tear jerker episode, of course.

And frankly, this is where the show shines the most. The show can very enjoyable with its humor, as it all the kinds of humor I like. You have slapstick, word play, and of course 4th wall breaks and lampshades.

I feel a song coming on!”

What a surprise”

Most of the characters can provide these funny moments, with some that are funnier than others. Then there are the fantasy scenes. In a lot of episodes, the pets have fantasies that are tied to what’s going on. These usual involve parodies or just plain out there stuff. And yes, sometimes it comes with a song.

Some classic examples include the obligatory Star Trek spoof, and the Spy spoof, complete with gun barrel opening. They have a lot of fun with these scenes, and they usually steal the show.

My personal favorite is in the episode Back Window. I won’t spoil it but it ties into the title..

It’s hard to describe but the show has an entertainment value that can make up for some of its faults. I’ll be covering more of that as we go on. I’ll say that the show is usually at its best when it’s different from MLP. My favorite episodes either do something different to get an emotional connection or use its style of humor to create something hilarious.

However, it can actually do well while doing MLP-like things. When it does a specific plot that MLP has done…it usually does it better? Yes, really. Not all the time, but more often than I expected.

The most famous example is Sweet Pepper, which is a lot like Simple Ways. Both have someone falling in love, going crazy over that and learning not to change yourself to impress someone. I like Simple Ways (if only for Rarity being Rarity) but in Sweet Pepper, the character doing this feels more believable, since Pepper is a pretty crazy pet to begin with, and the way this plot plays out feels more natural.

The creepy thing is, both of these characters have the same voice actors…and both these episodes aired on THE EXACT SAME DAY. I’m not kidding! You can look it up!

There was no theme or anything like that, it’s just the world’s creepiest coincidence.

Since we’re talking about Pepper, we have Frenemies which is like Look Before You Sleep, as it has a proper lady clashing with a less clean person. The difference is that it acts more of a clashing of ideologies (look at me, using big words) than them actually hating each other. That worked for LBYS since it was their first bit of extended interaction but it’s more fun to watch here.

Oddly enough, when this show takes a plot we see a lot, they tend to do it better half the time. Their take on The Prince and the Pauper plot, has a twist where the prince is actually an over pampered dick and he actually liked it. He just didn’t’ like the actual work.

And that’s not the biggest example, but you get my points. However, it can also not be as good when it’s doing MLP-ish stuff. I mentioned Penny for Your Laughs earlier, and it was the first big “tear jerker” episode and some people didn’t care for, even the main plot. Though even that one managed to do the insult Comedy plot a tiny better than Spongebob’s Squirrel Jokes.

Yeah, I said it. Want to fight me?

Then we have something like the Season finales, which does emotion a lot better. When it’s actually doing stuff like it, it can be good, but it’s not as good when it’s doing something “similar”. Like I said, it works better when it is its own thing and it as went on, it managed to do that,

Oh, and if you are wondering, they have made explicit references to MLP. Aside from clever actor allusions (A guy voiced by Peter New is told he’s not much of a talker), the biggest example comes in the episode Blythe’s Pet Project.

Blythe brings a stray Squirrel to the park and tells him it’s going to be great,

Just imagine”

Then…this happens.

my small

Yeah. It’s freaking hilarious to say the least.

Now, you may wondering how the songs are. Well, I’ll say this: If there is one element in this show that’s just as a good as MLP, it’s the soundtrack. Yes, really. Right from the start, they put just as much effort into the songs as its older sister. Daniel Ingram and his team clearly have even more fun on this show, since the setting allows them to do more varied styles.

You can have a Bollywood style song, an 80’s pop song, and then a Tim Burton-y villain song, all in the same show. MLP can do this as well but this one does it even more masterfully, perfectly paying homage to tons of different styles. Needless to say, they are also very catchy.

Now, I can’t really say they are better though. Mostly because they don’t quite have the “Artistic merit” some of the MLP songs have. Every once in a while you’ll have a sad song but that stuff tends to only happen in the Season finales and episodes like that.

Some songs can be comparable to This Day Aria and Bats, but not many are like The Smile Song or Find a Way. I’m okay with that, but it doesn’t push the boundaries of kids show songs like MLP.

So keep that in mind. Now, you may wondering what my favorite songs are. Well, I was actually going to a full blown blog list that would go up along with this post…but I got lazy and didn’t want to go to the trouble of doing full explanations.

And because I don’t like doing Short lists as full posts anymore, here’s a special short list with brief explanations! Free of charge.

11. The Sweet Shop [Topped with Buttercream]

Much like Bad Seed, this one is just insanely catchy with its sort of 50’s Do Wop style and it’s about as addicting as its subject matter.

10. We’re the Littlest Pet Shop Pets [Blythe’s Big Adventure]

This way a very good way to introduce our pets, and it’s a solid start for the shows songs, as it’s very enjoyable with good introductions to each pet.

9. Superstar Life [Lights, Camera, Mongooses]

Gotta love a good Bollywood Homage and this one does it perfectly, and it’s fun to see this guy being such a spoiled jerk while bitching about being spoiled.

8. Fashion University North [Missing Blythe]

Much like MLP, this show doesn’t give Ashleigh Ball nearly enough songs but when they do, they end up being excellent. This song greatly shows Blythe’s excitement as it turns into tired-ness as she gets sick of all the fashion obsessed people. It even gets a creepy reprise with her being attacked by Coraline rejects!

7. The Lost and Found Box [Blythe’s Pet Project]

Funniest song in the whole show. This one feels like a Phineas and Ferb song, as Youngmee and her Aunt give Blythe a musical tour of their lost and found box, and it’s full of tons of weird and fun gags. It’s a ton of fun.

6. Cyril McFlip [Sunil’s Sick Day]

This is another one gets a style down perfectly, as a Detective Russell tries to figure out the mystery of why Sunil and Vinnie are mad at each other. The animation is pretty cool here with the shadows and fog and the tune is nice, dramatic, and mysterious. It’s one of the most popular songs for a reason.

And to think, the tune started life as something Daniel Ingram pitched for the Gravity Falls theme.

Wait, what?

5. Humanarian [What did you Say?]

Here’s an awesome 80’s pop tribute that’s incredibly catchy with cool visuals. Not a whole lot more to say…except the song actually comes out of nowhere, has very little to do with the plot, and after it happens…well you get the rest.

4. Hangin’ by a Thread [Sleeper]

I take it back, THIS is a Phineas and Ferb song. I mean, the show often has epic beats for silly situations. And this is a big rock song about…a Weekend at Bernie’s plot. And it is incredibly amazing. This is really something P&F would come up with…wait…who wrote this episode?

tom minton


3. Wolf-I-Fied [Door Jammed]

Before this song starts, we hear Blythe’s Dad making a Hammertime reference as the howl he makes after hitting himself launches Sunil and Vinnie into this fantasy/song that is a homage to Thriller.

This show is weird.

Jokes aside, this one gets the style perfectly, being very catchy and stylish, and has some very nice animation. I dig this one.

2. Biskit Family Business [A Night at the Pawza]

I love a good villain song, and while this isn’t quite as good as This Day Aria, it’s close. The Alpha Bitches’ Dad launches this awesome tune that is Tim Burton/Bats eqisuqe with its music and it’s very awesome. The music alone gives it a ton of weight, like that MLP song and the lyrics are even very good, with words no kid has ever used, ever.

We make choices for expedience, forget if it’s exorbitant…”

And to top it off, Sam Vincent is a pretty excellent singer here. This song is so good, I can ignore the mess it causes with Fisher’s personality, but man, I’ll get to that in a bit. It’s got all the things that made This Day Aria great, so you can see why my top 3 changed places a lot.

And my personal favorite LPS song is…

1. Biskit Twins Rhapsody [Grounded]

I had a hard time picking a favorite out of my top 3, and while I typically listen to the previous 2 more, I picked this as my favorite for honestly having the most critical value to me.

You’ll notice that the more emotional songs, such as the big ones in the finales, are missing from this list. I like them (especially Stay Here Forever) but somehow I got into this one more…since it has the awesome-ness of the songs I tend to like more.

It’s another homage, this time to Queen and it has Blythe’s Dad trying to get the Alpha Bitches’ to be a bit nicer, through his usual ways. You’d think his efforts would be futile but in the half of the song, he tries way harder then he needs to, and eventually…his attitude rubs off on them.

Through the span of only a few minutes, they really think about what he’s “saying” and consider his point of view on life. And so they change their mind and get into his stuff. With how the song goes, it doesn’t feel too rush and we get introspective moments with the twins during the song. This song does what a song should: Pack something that normally takes a while into about a few minutes without feeling rushed.

Hell, this song is a bit inspiring with how Roger talks about how it’s best to be nice and yada yada. It’s not even preachy since he’s so awesome that you just like seeing this happen. It also has my favorite lyric in any LPS song, from Roger:

I would like to see the day where nobody has to hate. We see each other’s point of view, and always tolerate”

I think can all agree with him there.

So yeah, this song is pretty awesome with its progression, lyrics and rocking tune. I may have more fun with some others, but this has the most critical merit if you ask me.

Also, you notice something about this top 3? Two are sung by the Biskits, and one is from an episode focusing on them in the A plot. ..I guess villains truly inspire the best songs. Also, two of the episodes were written by Corey Powell, and they were both the major Biskit development ones…Hmmm…

Honorable mention goes to Dance Fu Fighting, which is pretty much a rap battle. …Yeah. Still has nothing on Bubbles Vs Seagulls.

With all that out of the way…let’s move on. Let’s go over the animation real quick. I’m not sure how to describe it, but it’s …simple, I suppose. I know some people were turned off by the art style and I can kind of see why but I think it works for what the show is trying to do.

Seeing as it doesn’t get too crazy, it doesn’t need anything huge with the animation. The character designs on the humans are rather simplistic and “cute”, even on the adults, albeit less-so. It seems odd at first, but you get used to it and I grew to like it.

It was a tiny bit stiff early on, but that’s just gonna happen and it gets better. My only complaint is, oddly enough, that it isn’t all that flashy. While you can’t really do the crazy stuff MLP can do, there aren’t as many amazing tiny moments with shading like in MLP or other shows.

You have a few moments like that as the series goes on, but it’s nothing too special aside from a few “oh, that looks cool” moments. That’s fine for what the show is going for, but there doesn’t seem to be a sign of the animation getting better aside from smoother movements.

But to be fair, it’s not like they have many chances to be flashy, since most episodes aren’t on a large scale. The rare times they get to play with the animation is when the location changes, such as in the Season 2 Vacation episodes.

The main times we get impressive animation are, of course, during the musical numbers. They do a lot of cool things with shading, and they usually do a great job emulating a certain style. Some highlights include Wolf-ified, Biskit Twins Rahpsosy, and Cyril McFlip. They all look really nice, so if you great animation from this show, look at the music videos.

So overall, the animation is nice, if a bit unremarkable. Now for the real meat of things.

This show actually did a Season long arc at the same time MLP was doing it. Aside from adding a new character 15 episodes in, it was mostly episodic like MLP. And like that, it still is but they have put in a story sometimes.

Besides the usual development with the characters, and minor moments that have consequences, we have our first true arc in in Season 2, as Blythe entered the International Pet Fashion Expo.

And thus, the rest of the Season had her getting ready for it in certain episodes. On top of that, they introduced the Pet Jet, which is basically a plane for pets. They mostly used it to give us vacation episodes that were part of this arc.

It’s not exactly the deepest arc ever, but they did a good job with it. It mostly existed to give further development for Blythe as she moves up in the fashion world and stuff like that. The finale was especially good as it kind of made you a bit proud of her, and they showed how the pets helped her get to that point pretty well.

Hmm…finale that showed the growth of our main character that tries to push how important her friends are despite some saying the main one overshadows the others sometimes?


That finale also uses other episodes, not only in the arc but normal ones as well, to further push the development and overall feeling that our characters have gone far, even in only 2 Seasons.

Then in Season 3, we had another story arc, though this one was a bit more minor. Well actually there was a story arc and a big status qou changing event. Since most people know what happens, even from fan reactions or the official freaking summary (good going TV Guide’s and Netflix), I’ll just spoil it here. It’s something that we all saw coming anyway.

About halfway through the Season, Blythe is forced to tell her friend Youngme that she can understand pets. Yeah. Pretty much every show where our hero has a weird secret has an episode where it is revealed to a friend or something like that. Most of the examples I know are shows like Wizards of Waverly Place, so maybe it’s only common in lesser works of art.

Either way, it happened. Despite me seeing this kind of plot before, it was a pretty awesome change and it changed the dynamic between the friends nicely. It also helped start the main theme of that Season which ties into the story arc. They did it pretty well and of course that episode was one of the emotional ones I mentioned before.

And let’s just say it was almost the Twilight’s Kingdom of the LPS community, as everyone said it was the best episode ever, or at least up to that point. I can’t quite agree, as I think a few others are better written, but it’s still pretty great, of course.

The actual story arc of Season 3 came very late into it. In “Proud as a …Peacock?”, Youngmee and Blythe get the idea to start a Pet Fest, which is a big celebrating centering around the Relationship between pets and humans.

And they didn’t mention it again until the Season finale…which was just a few episodes later. Yeah, not much of an arc it got it finishes only a few episodes after it starts. That aside, the Season did have a theme to make up for it: Pets and Humans. And I’m not just talking about the finale.

A lot of episodes explored this theme either in small ways or big ways, such as The Secret Recipe or Pet Sounds. Heck, the episode “Two Pets for Two Pests” (which managed the task of entertaining me despite the title reminded me of…something) is all about getting the Biskit Twins to appreciate pets, by giving them their own pets. This was very interesting and they pulled it off pretty well, I must say.

The show had always been touching on this subject, but Season 3 really went into and Pet Sounds especially showed these themes. But I’ll get into that a bit later. They didn’t really say a lot in the end but it managed to be very sweet and if you ever owned a pet, (or happen to have 4 cats and a dog.) you’ll really dig what they did here.

By now you know that I feel that MLP got better with each passing Season, and you may wonder if I feel the same about LPS. Well…it’s complicated. If you want to be technically, both Seasons past Season 1 push the boundaries of what I expected and have their fair share of great stories.

However, I can’t really say they are about better than Season 1. I feel that each Season is about equal, each with their strengths and weaknesses. Some people (such as some of the more die hard fans) feel it has gotten better, while some …do not share those thoughts. To be fair, only one or two real fans feel that way.

Yeah, most of the stuff MLP had carries over into this and that includes Season 1 Elitists. We also have a few reviewers (most notably the League of Petshoppers, which I personally recommend), song remixes, Youtube videos of 5 second clips, and of course fan art.

And maybe porn, I don’t know. I don’t want to know.

Season 1 was…well Season 1, so all the usual problems are here such as Characters acting differently and a few weak episodes. As you would expect it had its share of forgettable episodes and stuff like that. However, it’s one of the more even Seasons, as we had episodes all about wacky hilarious comedy, multiple episodes focused on each pet, and more dramatic and writing driven episodes. So it still ended up being a pretty good starter season.

Season 2 was a bit different. There were a lot smaller stories which isn’t bad at all, and plenty of them worked. However, there were less wacky episodes than before, and so the simple episodes didn’t quite hit as hard. Some examples include Plane it on Rio and Day at the Museum. Both good and simple episodes but they don’t quite have the oomph factor something like Topped with Buttercream may have.

That’s not to say there weren’t any big fun episodes, as we have “What, Meme Worry?” and “So Interesting”. Both of which have the same writers, and those were the only episodes they wrote in that Season .Hmmm..

The other issue is The Biskits. They appeared a bit too much and while I do enjoy them, in this Season they were often shown as one dimensional antagonists. Of course they were used well in a couple episodes such as the aforementioned What Meme Worry, and the finale, but then you had something like Littlest Bigfoot, where you could have written them out and lost nothing.

Thankfully, the Season is still very good thanks to the Expo story arc and a number of very interesting stories, including some of the most well written episodes in the whole show.

Season 3 was an improvement as the simple stories had a lot harder such as Snow Stormin’ and Room Enough. Interesting is the word to describe the Season as most of the stories were just interesting to see unfold, bit or small. Even the weakest episodes were at least interesting.

Even the Biskits improved as while they did have many appearances they were spaced out more, and they were a lot funnier.

It still had its fair share of problem episodes but it was still a good Season. Again, I say each Season is about on par but I will say I like Season 3 better than Season 2…which almost makes 2 weakest by default. Huh.

Since we’re kind of on the subject, you might be wondering what my least favorite episodes are. None of them are bad enough to be on a certain list I’m doing, so we’re discussing them here. There are a couple episodes I have some issues with, but they are mostly okay.

There is one episode I just don’t like, so let’s talk about it. It’s called “What’s in the batter?” It’s from Season 1, and honestly, it’s more meh than bad. Of all the dud episodes out there, it’s one of the tamest since my issues are rather minor when you think about it. Hence why it wasn’t on that list.

Basically, Blythe is helping make Cupcakes for The Biskits when she accidentally drops an important necklace that was a gift from her Dad, in the batter. So of course, she has to get it back.

Now I like the concept here, and I certainly see what they are trying to do here. The episode should work since it has a fair amount of decent jokes and energy, which is all a good episode needs. So what’s the problem?

Well, first, the pets are pretty much shoe horned in. See, Blythe has to go the Biskit’s party to get the Necklace from the Cupcake, and the pets sneak in with her because…um…reasons?

There’s no good reason that they should even be here. I mean, I get that they want to help but they don’t ALL have to be here and I wouldn’t mind this too much if they didn’t make the episode worse.

Well okay, Minka did want “the shiny” this whole time so maybe it’s because of her…but Minka is pretty much doing this for selfish reasons, so that isn’t any better.

They pretty much end up trashing the place and do they (or Blythe for that matter) receive any comeuppance? Nope. I don’t care if it’s the Biskits, party crashing is still wrong, especially in this context. This is certainly the Pets worst appearance, to be honest.

Now for the ending. Of course, the Biskits end up with the Cupcake that has the Necklace in it and long story short, Blythe wants it back. The Biskits don’t like the Necklace and pretty much insult…but they are willingly to give it back for that very reason …And yet Minka still feels the need to jack it and annoy the two.

You didn’t have to sic your crazy monkey on me, Blythe!”

Yeah, Brit was happy to give you back that that piece of junk!”


But then the incredibly horrible act of insulting Jewelry sets Blythe and the pets off. Blythe pretty much explodes and tells the Biskits that the pets and the Necklace mean more to her than The Biskits will ever know and blah blah.

That is so weird”

I agree. Now, I will give them some level of credit here as I do see what they were trying to do here, and normally this would be an awesome moment…but they kind of messed up. It all comes down to something called “Disproportionate Retribution”. This is when the Punishment exceeds the offense.

While I can’t say the Biskits are totally innocent, what they get is far worse than they actually deserve. All they do is hold a big party for selfish reasons, un-invite

Blythe (who didn’t even care in the first place) and insult pets and Jewelry. That’s not nearly bad anything to justify what happens.

I get that for Blythe it’s the principle and to be fair, she had been up all night so she’s a bit cranky. But come on. Also, where’s the pet’s excuse? So yeah, the problems are minor and I give them credit for trying, but with its flaws, it is my least favorite episode.

But you know what many weak episodes can be done right by other shows later down the line? Well, it happened…on this show. Yes, two episodes later on basically did this episode correctly. Two episodes later there was Bakers and Fakes, where The Biskits actually do something bad enough to deserve punishment and the pets have a good reason to be there.

And that one gets more hate than WITB. Go figure. In Season 3 we had “If The Shoe Fits” where Blythe and her friends are accidentally invited to the Biskits party. Blythe actually tells the Pets not to show up…after what happened last time. And they play a clip from the episode to drive home the point.


Thankfully, they use this to fix the problem by having the Pets basically get in there for more amusing means, via a man in a trench coat act. They somehow fit in the plot more and they don’t screw anything up, at least not as much as last time.

So good on them for fixing their problems. Hmm…wait a second…they were clearly trying something mature, with giving Blythe a breaking point…but they didn’t realize the full implications of what they had written.

Who wrote this?


Let’s move on.

Let’s briefly go over something I touched on earlier: The Balance of Blythe and the pets. You know how a lot of people claim that the rest of the mane 6 have been phase out in favor of Twilight? You know how I feel about that claim and it has been lodged at this show sometimes.

And…well in a way they have a point but in a way it’s justified. Season 1 did a fair job of balancing them out, usually with a Blythe centered plot, and a pet centered. Sometimes it will be all the pets or a specific pet. But sometime around Season 2, things got a bit murky. The big story arc mostly had the pets helping Blythe and it was mostly about her. Plus, there were less pet specific episodes. They still existed but not every pet had one, and some were just in subplots.

The latter was more of an issue in Season 3. …However, I don’t think this is that big of a problem. The pets are…well pets and Blythe is a human that can kind of communicate with humans. She kind of has to be the focus as she’s the easiest relate to and all that. It’s at least justified.

Plus, the pets still have a good amount of focus. They had their fair share of development in Season 2 and while they were all about helping Blythe, it was a natural direction to take the series. It is kind of important to show how much they appreciate Blythe, after all.

And if that isn’t good enough, then Season 3 is all about pet/human connection and how much the pets mean to Blythe. And even without a lot of Pet Specific episodes, they still managed to stick out and how some decent stuff going on.

While a better balance would be nice, it still works out pretty well as I never felt that the pets were totally phased out. Plus, you still had good stories no matter what is happening, and I feel that Blythe is likable enough to hold up the show.

So we’ve covered MLP, the shows pros and cons, the animation, the songs, the humor, the story arcs, and my least favorite episode. I guess there’s only one more thing to do before we get the characters…my FAVORITE episodes!

Yeah, why not. I was going to just go through random episodes I like, but like with the songs, I decided to go with a Top 11 list.

Now, this list isn’t concrete like most of my lists. It’s just to show the episodes I tend to enjoy the most, and this is to show a variety of episodes. My number one is my number one. So here we go!

11. Terriers and Tiaras/So You Skink you Can Dance

Writer: M.A. Larson

I put these together because they do have similar themes…and the same writer. Let’s go over the latter first. Vinnie and Blythe visit the set of his favorite dance show, and when he attempts to audition he is shot down by the judges. The fact that he’s a gecko is only part of the reason.

This episode combines a lot of the shows qualities. It has a good story but it’s also really funny. Besides gags like all the dancers having the same names, there’s a funny subplot where the pets try to put the remote in a place Vinnie can get to so there won’t be a big rage when he can’t find it. It’s silly but funny.

On top of that, they do that whole “ignore critics” thing correctly, by just saying you shouldn’t let harsh criticism get to you. It works since these guys, while they have their reasons for saying what they did, had no right to judge him in this case. It also doesn’t feel insulting.

The moral actually has its intended effect, and it leads to good development with Vinnie, as well as a good song. This is only one of his only big episodes. As for Terriers as Tiaras…it’s interesting.

I’ve seen a lot of shows do pageant episodes that basically say the concept is stupid, yet a lot of them don’t quite get to the nitty gritty of why they can suck so much. This one does. Man, are they harsh in this one, in a good way. Blythe enters Zoe in a dog show and she gets swep upt into the competition and becomes a huge bitch.

This has been done before, but this one really bashes these kind of things and what it does people. As the title implies, it’s mostly targeting Toddlers and Tiaras, which is amazing. I respect this episode a bit more than I like it. It’s good, but not the funniest and other episode have better stories.

But because of the reality show satire, it earns its place here. Notice how both episodes feature commentary on reality TV? Yeah, MA Larson must have a real bone to pick.

10. Sunil’s Sick Day

Writer: Merriweather Williams

Oh hey, look who it is.

This episode focuses on the Vinnie and Sunil friendship, as Sunil fakes sick to avoid him, because they had a huge fight. Most of the episode has them trying to figure out why they are mad at each other, as we explore their relationship.

It’s done very well and it’s just really interesting to see this play out. I also like the Rashmon nature of the plot, with them having conflict reports on what happened. And of course, Cyril McFlip is amazing.

It’s safe to say this is the Wonderbolts Academy of LPS.

9. So Interesting

Writers: Evan Gore & Heather Lombard

This episode is just fun. Everyone has to tell an interesting story that happened to them, but Penny Ling is stumped so she just tells a fantasy story. It plays out like Excliferb or Bloo Superdude from Fotgher’s home, which is good cuz those eps are great too. It’s some creative jokes with a fun story, and a nice ending. Very enjoyable.

8. Topped with Buttercream

Writer: Roger Esbacher

Another one with great comedy. This episode introduces Sweet Delights, the sweet shop next to LPS. The pets are locked in with tons of sweets and sugar. Hilarity ensues.

This episode just has a ton of energy with great comedy and an awesome song. It also has a nice moral about how sugar is kind of bad sometimes. Which is odd, since this episode is obviously made to sell the whole Sweet Delights line of toys. Yet the episode is all about how sugar is bad…


7. Pet Sounds

Writer: Guy Toubes

This episode is the most…solid. Not the best, but the most solid. Minka’s Cousin visits and her owner has been working on a machine to help pets talk to humans. It doesn’t work as it just spouts gibberish. Through a misunderstanding, Cheep Cheep ends up thinking it finally works and he goes to his owner to tell him about it.

This episode really enforces the big theme of Season 3 as it goes into how Cheep Cheep wants to talk to the humans, and the various forms of pet communication. They have a song about it that was also close ot making that list.

This episode is very even. It has good characters, a solid story, interesting themes, a good song and good humor. It has everything you need for a good LPS episode, and that’s why it’s here.

6. Sue Syndrome

Writer: Tom Minton

This episode defies all expectations in a good way. A new skunk named Mitzi visits LPS who sends out good smells which of course attracts the pets, causing them to ignore Pepper.

I know what you’re thinking. Oh, this is the plot where someone replace one of our characters and they have to learn to not be jelly, even though they really did ignore him/her in favor of the new guy. You know, like Owls Well that ends well.

But that’s not what happens. It turns out Mitzi views this as a curse because everyone is always asking her to use her good smell powers and doesn’t care about her feelings. The episode becomes about how you should be in touch with your emotions and express how you feel.

That’s pretty mature for this kind of show. It gets fairly emotional, especially with the song which you can consider my number 13. It’s really interesting and it avoids the bad aspects of this plot. The replacement has to learn the lesson for once. That’s pretty awesome.

And this was actually just the SUBPLOT. The main plot with Sue was good too but the subplot is what makes it great.

Also, I have to give credit to Ashleigh Ball, because she voices Mitzi with a southern accent yet I didn’t think of applejack until the song. Oh, and Tom Minton recently retired from animation, leaving this is as his swan song.

It was good a note to close out on.

5. The Secret Recipe

Writers: Julie Mcnaly Chail and Tim Cahil

Told you I liked it. There isn’t a whole lot to say that I didn’t already but I’ll get into why she has to reveal the secret. Youngmee made pet treats and wants to show them off on Discount Shark Tank. The pets hate them…but Blythe claims they liked them.

Yeah, it’s that cliché but it works because it’s a solid reason for her to reveal the secret. It works for the story and its very nice. Also, another song that I like which did not make the list.

It was just a cool status qou change. Also, in airdate order, this is episode 65. Episode 65 of MLP is Magical Mystery Curse, which also has a big status qou change. Weird.

4. Summertime Blues

Writer: Roger Escaher

Now for the Season 1 finale! Blythe has to decide whether to leave for the summer to go to Fashion University North or stay. It’s another typical plot but it’s one that works. She decides she wants to go early on, causing an issue for the pets but she still needs to think about it. So there’s still a conflict even though it’s not the most eventful plot.

Of course it has a lot of emotion. It might be the most emotional episode, as it makes you reflect on their adventures, even after only one season. It also has another great song and good comedy.

In the end, she actually does leave, unlike most takes on this plot that aren’t series finales. …Of course she comes back in the Season 2 premiere but ah well. It’s still a great Season finale.

3. Door Jammed

Writer: Corey Powell

Much like So you Skink you can dance, this episode combines the shows two big strengths, but this one is even better. Blythe and one of the Biskits (I can’t ever tell them apart, since their names contradict their hair colors) end up trapped in a room and basically have to deal with each other.

Meanwhile, the pets think there’s a were hog on the loose



There have been plenty of plots where the pets think there’s some evil thing going on that isn’t there but this does it the best with plenty of comedy and of course that amazing song. Speaking of Comedy, this happens to be one of the funniest episodes with a ton of great moments, from each plot.

Including a small plot with Twombly going all Gollum over a doorknob. Yeah.

But like others, it also has a good story. Here, we find out that one of the Biskits is actually fine with Blythe while the other is a bitch. It’s really interesting and I dig it. They do go back to the Status Qou, but it’s done fairly well. Even though it kind of ended up being pointless, it’s still great with everything I like about this show in one episode.

2. Expo Factor/It’s The Pet Fest

Writers: Roger Esbacher, Adam Beechen (Expo Factor only), and Guy Toubes (Pet Fest only)

I put these together because they are the Season 2 and 3 finales. They are about equally great because they wrap up their arcs in an awesome fashion. They both make you reflect on the show and have some great moments.

In Expo Factor, Blythe attends the pet fashion expo and has to deal with all that, while in the latter she has to set up the pet fest. The former wraps up it’s arc well and is just an easy one to love. The Biskits serve as villains for the like 1000th time that Season but here I can forgive that because of the ending where their butler quits.

And then gets hired back in Season 3. Ah well.

I actually like Pet Fest more, because it was more memorable and interesting. Blythe basically has to run around making sure the pet fest goes awhile, even after changing venues. Things keep going wrong which makes her dilemma interesting and helps make her more likable. Of course it all ends in a nice way with a sweet song.

Both episodes have fun guest pets, with the former one poking fun at the imagination scenes, while the latter is voiced by Heidi Klum. The former doesn’t add much the plot which is why I like Heidi more. She helps get the plot started, after all.

Also, there’s a band named Adam and the Spidermonkeys. Subtle, Julie and Tim.

This one also handles the Biskits better, as they are forced to help out. They have to rent out the park but forget to do so, and they actually have to live with the consequences as they finally called out for their actions. It even manages to sink in a bit!

So yeah, both are great finales even if I like the latter more. However, there’s one episode I like more..

1. Alligators and Handbags

Writer: Adam Beechen

This one requires a better explanation. Usually in episodes with two plots, one will be better than the other. Like how in Sue Syndrome, just one plot was amazingly admirable. Here, both are equally admirable in their own way. Let’s go over the B plot first.

Remember how I said this show does certain MLP plots better? Well this one is comparable to One Bad apple. Yeah, we’re going there again. The pets are bullied by a visiting alligator and have to deal with it.

As you might guess, just standing up to him solves the problem. But there’s a bit more to it. They try brute force as well as sneaky tactics. They trying telling an authority figure but they can’t because Twombly doesn’t understand them and Blythe is too busy in her plot to listen.

In the end, Zoe just calls him out and he steps down. Remember, they tried violence but in the end flat out standing up to him personally fixes this. While The Little Witch certainly did the job right, this one covers all of its bases.

It goes out of its way to show that just standing up to the bully will work. It shows that fighting doesn’t work but something more personal does. It also gives him a good motion for being a bully even if Sofia did that aspect slightly better.

So the B plot is very admirable and does a tired plot correctly. But the A plot is even better and does the same thing. Blythe wants to impress fashion designer Mona Autumn but she doesn’t like the designs she shows her. This doesn’t turn out well, and Blythe gets some confidence issues.

Remember that whole criticism plot I spent a whole review talking about? This is the best use of it I’ve seen. See, the problem is that Blythe tried way too hard thinking about what Mona would think of her designs, so she sent in designs she wasn’t’ really proud of. When she decides to stop caring about what others think, she sends in the designs she likes and Mona likes them.

So the problem is fixed by finding out why she was criticized and fixing that issue. Holy crap, it’s a miracle.

So many writers just decide to say “Screw critics” and have our character keep on doing the same things. But here, they say that you should sure what you show to the world is something you’re proud of, and you shouldn’t try hard to impress someone if you are confident enough in yourself.

That’s great. It does everything right, and Roger is especially amazing here as he gives Blythe that advice. More on him later. Overall, this is my favorite episode because it …well, fells like MLP with how it defies convention and gives us great writing with good morals.

No other episode matches MLP’s quality in terms of writing like this one does. Not to discredit the others, but they succeeded on their own terms, while this is equal to some of my favorite MLP episodes. Hell, it’s better than their own take on the critic plot, in that comic AU Me reviewed.

So overall, that’s why this is my favorite. I could end it there but we still need to cover an important element: The characters. Like other shows, the characters are a strong bunch and they are all worth talking about so let’s do that.

But first, I must praise the voice acting in general. Most of them come from MLP, but they might be even better here. They show amazing range and give great performances overall. I’ll go into more detail as we go on.

Of course, we must start with our heroine, Blythe Baxter, voiced by Ashleigh Ball aka Rainbow Dash/Applejack. Since she is the main character of the show, people kind of accuse her of being a boring Sue. And while I can kind of see of that, I have to disagree.

See when it comes to main characters, there’s many ways to make them likable. You can make them deep and complex…or just simply given them likable traits. They don’t need to be complex, they can be likable for other reasons. That’s where Blythe comes in.

First off, Ashleigh Ball alone does a good enough job to make me kind of like her, because she has emotion and likability in her performance. The writing on her is good, but the voice acting is what helps seal the deal.

She does seem fairly typical at first, being a teen into fashion and all. But as the show goes along, we see go through some situations that help her make likable and relatable. You all read my bit on Alligators and Handbags, and stuff like that makes her more interesting.

She does have a few character flaws, such as how she can be changed quite easily, as you saw with Terriers and Tiaras. We also see this in Penny for your Laughs and The Hedgehog in the Plastic Bubble. The latter especially shows her flaws, and it’s pretty interesting.

She also makes a good straight (wo)man to all the craziness going on and as such, she gets some funny moments. You get the point. She may not be the most complex character but she is pretty likable, especially as the series goes on. I think she’s a fine lead character.

Then we have her father, Roger Baxter, voiced by Micheal Kopska aka that villain from Barbie Princess Power. The Idiot Dad Character is pretty common and pretty overdone, but leave it to this show to actually do it right. Mainly because he’s not really an idiot. He is a bit bumbling but only as much needed. For the most part he’s shown as a pretty smart guy who just happens to make mistakes.

He’s a pretty decent father and Blythe is just embarrassed by her because she’s a teenager. And they only really show it in one episode, and it was a pretty good one. As the series goes on, he gets even more awesome, leading up to “Grounded” and “Alligators and Handbags” where he’s a pretty awesome voice of reason.

You heard that song up there, so you know how amazing he is. He makes some good points in those episodes, and he’s the most part a genuinely funny and likable character. Definitely different from what I was expecting, and for that, he’s one of my favorites.

Then we have Mrs. Twombly, voiced by Kathleen Barr aka Trixie. She’s the owner of LPS and she’s rather eccentric. And by that I mean crazy and hilarious. It’s sort of hard to describe, but she’s one of the most popular characters for a reason. It mostly started with “Eve of destruction” where she spends the whole episode trying to clean everything and basically going insane. It’s amazing.

But she can also have a bit of depth as shown in episodes like Commercial Success. She even has a crying scene that really makes you feel sorry for her. But of course people ignore that because oh crap one character is being jerk-y so it sucks even though he learns his lesson.

Sorry about that, I’m a bit bitter sometimes. But yeah, she’s a very funny and memorable character for how crazy she is. Plus, she can make “old people don’t know modern things” jokes that are actually funny! She is definitely my favorite character.

And then we go from fan favorite to…The Biskit Twins, Britany and Whitney Biskit, voiced by Shanon Chen Kent aka Silver Spoon. Yeah, that’s a fitting casting choice because these two are this shows version of Diamond Tiara and Silver spoon. They are the spoiled daughters of a rich dude and thus are ‘popular” and bitch-y.

There are some differences with them and Diamond Tiara. For one, they like talk like valley girls, like a lot. It’s sort of annoying at first but it can actually be funny when you get used to it.

And unlike those two, they’ve actually shown a bit of depth.

(This was typed before a certain Season 5 Episode Aired)

There have been a few cases where we find out there’s a bit more to them than meets the eye. I already talked about how Door Jammed reveals that one is actually okay with Blythe, and I kind of went into how they were in Grounded.

That implies that they were this way because they lack good guidance in their life, which Roger provides. Heck, in that episode they try to get him away from Blythe mostly because they like being with him.

And in the end they randomly bash Blythe so Roger can quit working for them because status qou is god. Whatever. Honestly, that episode was so close to being one of my favorite but the ending dropped the ball.

But the development they got still exists. On top of that, they can be quite enjoyable when used correctly. Yes, they can be overused in some episodes but in Season 3 they were used pretty well, and served as decent villains.

My favorite performance of theirs was in Hamster Hoods, were they pretended to be like the leads of their favorite TV Show, Super Cute Investigators, to prove shady suff was going on in LPS.

It’s amazing.

Just like confess already so we can roll the end credits!”

So while they can be mixed, I think they are overall enjoyable and would be better than Diamond Tiara if they weren’t used so often.

Which leads us to their father, Fisher Biskit, voiced by Samuel Vincent. He’s…the most complex character on the show. And now exactly in the good way…sort of. See, there’s a thing called “Alternate Character Interpretation’ which a character is wildly different depending on your point of view.

Imagine both sides of the coin actually being right…because that character switches between them regularly. Yeah. Okay, in his first major showing of his personality he was actually rather nice and wanted The Biskits to work for they want.

I thought it was rather refreshing to see an Alpha Bitch’s Dad be kind of nice like this, even if the morals didn’t get through their heads. This kept up in “Nest Hats Craze” and in Heart of Parnkess, he chews them out for letting a cobra loose.

But he kind of has it illegally and wants to get it before he is caught. That’s…a bit murky, but then comes Grounded to make it mostly consistent again despite the guidance thing….

Then there’s “Littlest bigfoot’ where he’s pretty much the villain of the episode. Yeah, he wants to cut down the forest and stuff like that. There’s no doubt he’s a bad guy here. Then he’s outed as a bad guy in Expo Factor, although he doesn’t actually appear.

This keeps up with Sleeper having him doing stuff to compete with LPS. …Then in “Winter Wonder-Wha..?” he wants the Biskits to learn the spirit of the Season and disguises himself as the butler to make sure they do good stuff.

Okay, so he’s good again right? …Nope, cuz next is A Night at the Pawza where he’s just flat out evil. I mean, he has a villain song where he says “Embrace your inner villain-y!”

So he’s just a bad guy now, right? …..Nope. In “It’s The Pest Fest” he refuses to help the Biskits when they screw up, wanting them to fix their own mistake. To make this even more insane, Blythe remarks that he’s just now deciding to be a good parent

.I don’t get it. Is it on some Jekyll and hyde potion or something?! I’ve seen characters flip but this guy is like two different people! I’ve been trying to crack this code for a while.

No matter what I say it’s obvious that this is just a huge case of “Depending on the writer’ and each writer doesn’t really care how anyone else sees Fisher.

Yeah, different writers tend to do these episodes. Adam Beechen alone has his first appearance as a nice guy and the Season 3 finale, but also his bad parts in Heart of Parkness and Season 2 finale.

Grounded is Corey Powell, Littlest Bigfoot is Roger Esbacher, Sleeper is Tom Minton, and A Night at the pawza is Evan Gore and Heather Lombard. Some of them have had hand in episodes that hint at him being one way at least. The only writer consistent with him being good is Merriwether Williams. Make that of what you will.

I’ve heard various excuses of why this fits with his character but I’ve gone on long enough. As for me, I actually like him either way. As a good guy, he’s’ refreshing but he is a fun villain. Although sometimes he can be a bit too dumb like in Sleeper where he doesn’t get love.

So good or bad, he’s still pretty cool.

Then we have Blythe’s friends,Youngmee, Sue, and Jasper. I’m putting them together since I don’t have much to say about either of them. Youngmee is the main friend and she’s mostly the typical female friend character, but she works pretty well.

She serves as a nice friend and has some moments here and there. Their friendship can also be shown well like in The Secret Recipe. Sue is the back up friend and early on was just there when Youngmee wasn’t. Later they used her less and she mostly just appeared with group during those kind of scenes.

She hasn’t really gotten much development, which is kind of sad because the one time we did (Sue Syndrome), it turned out pretty well. She’s had a few fine moments but it mostly feels like she’s underused. They seem to be fixing that, and I hope she does more later.

Jasper is the most defined of the three but is the most hated. He’s….well, not really a jerk but sometimes he says the wrong things and comes off as sort of inconsiderate and a bit dumb. I think he’s funny for that reason but plenty of people don’t like him….for that reason.

Like Sue, he hasn’t much development, but he’s technically had more. At least two episodes gave him more to do, most notably Commercial Success. In that episode, he tries to make a commercial for the pet shop but becomes a jerk about it,and in the end we learn why he was like that, and he clearly learns his lesson.

But he was a jerk, so the episode sucks. …I’m not bitter. While he was a bit off in some places, he did work well there, but I see why they didn’t try much with him afterwards. By the way, he’s voiced by Kathleen Barr. Yeah, she’s got range but this isn’t the first time she’s shown that.

She was also Kevin on Ed, Edd, N Eddy. ….Huh, imagine Trixie in his place almost makes Your Ed Here tolerable. ….Almost.

Anyway, while one clearly gets spotlight over the overs, this is still an okay group of friends. Oh, and Youngmee lives with her Aunt Christie, but the only the personality I get from her is that she’s a busy body who is nice….and likes the lost and found box.

I pointed her out to transition into her pet, a bunny named Buttercream Sunday, voiced by Cathy Weseluck aka Spike. I would have put her with the pets but eh, she fits better her.

She’s the crazy one, and since she lives at a sweet shop, she is ….hyperactive, to say the least. As a result, some can find her annoying. Not to the extent of some other characters, but still. Thankfully, she did improve by appearing less. Yeah, this show has an issue with character focus and explore sometimes.

As for me, she’s enjoyable. Her energy can be enjoyable and often has amusing lines, and she’s used well in episodes she appears in. I also like her …hard to describe running gag where she gets so hyped she forces herself to relax and go “Anyhoo”. In other words she tenses up and relaxes while moaning.

You know what that can be seen as a reference to, don’t act like you don’t.

She hasn’t gotten too much development aside from one subplot, but I accept her as a good character. Speaking of sweet character, we have Sugar Sprinkles, voiced by Kelly Metzger, aka Spitfire.

I can’t remember where she lives or whatever, but she is associate with the sweets truck and was introduced in the same episode as that truck. She’s a nice contrast to Buttercream as she is very chill.

I mean, she invites people to lick her lead….because she has sprinkles on her head. Yeah, she’s weird but in a chill way. I really like her for that very reason. I wish she would appear more often. Although she was tarnished for some fans by her actions in Secret Cupet.

Yeah, she somehow uses this song to make people fall in love with each other. This is the oddest supernatural element to appear it’s totally canon but is never explained. I don’t have time to go into it here, but there are the usual awkward implications when it comes to this kind of plot.

And she doesn’t look so good after that, but I can forgive her. Mainly because she gave us a hilarious in hindsight moment by making a goat fall in love with a pig.

Going back to the humans, there are a few minor characters to go over. There’s the aforementioned Butler who is amazing. There’s Ramon, a villain who has appeared twice. In “The Big Feathred Parade” he steals Blythe’s designs and passes them as his own.

…Just like that one MLP episode…which aired AFTER this one. Anyway, he fails and comes back in “Plane It On Rio” to….do the exactly same thing, really. He’s mixed. He’s pretty crazy and over the top, and some people find it really annoying, and some find it amusing.

I think he’s both. He can funny and annoying at the same time, and usually he’s fine. I didn’t really want him to return though, and he wasn’t exactly the highlight of either episode.

We also have Emma Hart, this one chick who served as Blythe’s tour guide during some of the pet jet episodes in Season 2. She’s quirky and that’s about it. But she was amusing, so she’s cool.

Speaking of amusing, there is Madison, voiced by Shanon Chen Kent. During Blythe’s short time at Fashion Unviersity North, she was her replacent. She is ….hard to describe. She’s….awkward, and rather odd. In the best possible way.

I’m not even sure how to sum her up, but I can she isn’t too bright, although I wouldn’t call her the dumb one. She’s only had a few appearances but she got a slightly bigger role due to working at the Pawza, and thus helping out with the pet fest.

She’s pretty amusing every time she appears, even if she is an odd one.

And to round off our human character, we have Josh Sharp, voiced by Samuel Vincent. He is Blythe’s love interes-

…wait, don’t go! It sounds bad but it’s not….for the most part. Just from how I describe his role, you might be reminded of everyone’s favorite punching gag from Equestria Girls.

It’s worth nothing he did get similar reception….but no one called Josh the worst character ever or anything like that. They just didn’t like him. The end. …Anyone else perfering the LPS fandom right now?

So with that said, how do I myself feel about him? …He’s okay. Yeah, the thing is, he doesn’t appear all that much. He his appeared in “Blythe’s Crush” (Merriweather’s debut episode) and it wasn’t all about him per say, so the episode was still fine. He then had a small appearance in Helicopter Dad, then mostly vanished until Season 3.

So even if he did suck, you won’t be subjected to him much, and the romance stuff is less weird than it was with Flash. And guess what? He actually gets better in Season 3! While he doesn’t because a hugely fleshed out character, they did flesh out his relationship a bit more.

It’s not a lot but it’s a good step in the right direction, especially in “Back Window”. I suppose having him in a Tv show randomly than a film trilogy gives you more room to develop him more. He’s still not the best, but he’s okay.

I think that’s all the important humans, so let’s finally talk about the pets. Now besides the main pets, we get plenty of guest pets, and there is a good variety. Some are just there for the plot, but some stand out like Old Bananas, Shivers, Wiggles, and a few others. I don’t have a lot yo say for all of them, so I just wanted to quickly mention that a few that stand out.

But onto our main pets. Instead of the Mane 6, we have the Main 6. As expected, they each stick out pretty well, so let’s go over them.

Let’s start with Zoe Trent, voiced by Nicole Oliver aka Celestia. She’s a bit of diva, which proabably made you think of Rarity. Well, she stands out on her own. Like with Rarity, she’s more likable than you think she could be. Mostly since she’s usually not a bitch about diva-ness and is typical a nice person, she just happens to rather over dramatic.

Of course this leads to some funny moments and decent development. While I couldn’t pick “best pet”, she is up there because she’s likable and very enjoyable. She has an older sister voiced by Tabitha St Germain (ha get it because luna) and had a rivararly with a dog named Madame Pom, although that only lasted one episode.

Oh, and of the pets, she seems to sing the most, although someone else does the singing for her. …To be fair, this show started before Celestia’s Ballad blew everyone’s balls off.

Next, we have Pepper Clark, voiced by Tabitha St Germain aka Rarity/Luna. She’s a comedian skunk, That’s the best combination of career and animal ever. Her personalty so rather simple, but it works. She just likes to make her friends and she loves classic Comedy.

Naturally, this makes her one of the funniest pet. Well, mostly for personality and not her actual routine. While she is simple, she gets some of the best episodes. Guess that Rarity charm carried to this character. Her development ends up meaning the most, as seen in episodes like Lotsa Luck or Penny for Your Laughs. Oh, and she smells bad. They won’t let you forget that.

Then we have Vinnie Terrio, voiced by Kyle Rideout, a gecko who is….um, not so bright. Yeah, he’s the dumb one. And that’s basically. To be honest, he is my least favorite of the pets, but I still like. The problem is that he doesn’t develop much.

Outside of a couple episodes like So You Skink you Can dance, he mostly stays about the same. That’s not too bad in itself….but he may actually be regressing. Don’t worry, I am NOT saying he’s getting worse, or anything like. I may saying what people were saying about Pinkie Pie in Season 4 or whatever.

I’m just saying he got slightly dumber in a few episodes and they didn’t develop him as much. At one point he says “Hey, I’m not the smartest guy……that’s all I had to say”. Yeah. He’s still likable, but I hope they fix this minor problem soon.

Despite that, he’s pretty funny and enjoyable. Oddly, most of the main cast see him as their favorite. ..Usually that means the character will be OVER exposed, not under developed!

But whatever, he’s fine.

Next up we have Minka Mark, voiced by Kira Tozer. She’s a pink monkey who is often random and crazy. Yeah, again, she sounds a bit like Pinkie Pie, and of all the pets, she is most like a MLP character….but she’s still good.

Mostly since she’s not quite as random, she’s just a bit…crazy. Naturally, this makes her pretty funny and yet she doesn’t get too annoying most of the time. She usually means well. Well she’s not the most developed, she has her moments. She’s an artist so that gets spotlight sometimes.

She’s not quite the most complex but she’s still very likable, with her weirder moments. Oh, and she has 4th wall breaking tendencies like Pinkie, although the only example is when she moves the camera to what they are pointing to. Heh

Then we have Sunil Nelva, voiced by Peter New aka Big Mac. He’s an Indian Mongoose, who is a magician. He could have an awkward stereotype, but he works pretty well. For one, Peter does a decent Indian accent, and he’s an actual character.

He’s a bit of a coward and they milk that for a decent Comedy, although there’s more to him than that. Some of his episodes go deeper into his character and give him some rather badass moments. Let’s just say he doesn’t like Cobras.

And of course he has that friendship with Vinnie, which I went into a bit earlier. Sunil may seem a bit off, but he’s a pretty solid addition to this cast

Then we have Russel Ferguson, voiced by Samuel Vincent. …Yeah, he has quite the range. He was Double D on Ed, Edd, Eddy which only makes him more amazing, but shows with this character. He’s more or less the leader of the group, making sure everything is in order. He’s also a Hedgehog, but I already made a Sonic joke. He’s another favorite of mine, because he’s one of the more interesting pets.

His uptight nature leads to some funny moments, and also some great development. Like with Pepper, his development tends to be some of the best. He has other aspects to his character that flesh him out, and that is showcased in those episodes.

He also seems to have the best friendship with Blythe for some reason, which also helps him more interesting. …Yes, there are people who ship hm with her. …I’m not shocked, really. He does share a voice with Josh…which was lampshaded on one occasion.


And last, but not least, there’s Penny Ling, voiced by Jocelyne Loewen. She’s a panda who is shy. …Yeah, you are thinking of Pinkie Pie. But like the others, she stands out on her own. For one, her development has stuck a bit more and not quite shy in the same way Fluttershy is.

While she’s not the most original character with her development, she’s still pretty solid. Her episodes can be a bit deeper than a typical episode, like the aforementioned Penny for your laughs, and “What’s So Scary about the jungle? Everything!”. Despite having the worst title ever, it’s a nice episode that does some slightly deeper stuff fairly well.

.Yeah, it’s another good Merriweather Williams one. Anyway, by focusing on her sensitivity more than her shy-ness, she becomes a more dynamic character. She seems slightly self centered in some bits, but otherwise, she works well as a character.

And those are the main pets. Overall, they are a good group. While they aren’t always perfect, they are diverse and all get good development. Although they should make the focus more even.

In some recent episode, some pets will get less episodes to themselves. I went into the Bythe balance before and this is a product of that. Usually the pets will develop in a subplot or just as a group.

I get that they don’t want to copy MLP but some more episodes about Vinnie would be nice, you know?

And with that, I think I said everything I needed to say. Anything else can be discussed elsewhere, since I plan to at least count down the best episodes of Season 4 once it finishes up.

As a whole, this show manages to step out of the forshadow of it’s older sister and stand on it’s own. Sure, it’s flawed with a few weak episodes, and the writing is not quite as strong.

But at it’s best it can be just as good with clever writing, great voice actor, and some memorable characters and songs. As much as I like MLP, sometimes I can enjoy this one more just for the humor, especially at times when I get sick of the drama going on in the Brony fandom. Although there’s been less of that lately.

Nah, Steven Universe gets horrible drama now.

So what is the future of this show? Well, it will be getting a 4th Season, that premires tomorrow. Yay, my laziness pays off. However…it will be the final season. …Eh, I’m fine with it, since it has a good run.

You know, as long as Season 4 fixes some of my problems and is as good as the previous Seasons. But knowing the excellent crew, I think we’ll be fine.

So yeah, despite all of the flaws, the show has earned it’s place as a staple of The hub/Discover Family’s line up. It has a lot of what makes MLP work while still standing on it’s own decently well.

If you like MLP and haven’t seen this show, give it a chance. If you actually try out fairly, you will probably like it, as long as you take what I say into account. Actually, no matter who you are, as long as you give it a fair chance, you may enjoy it, even if you don’t like MLP.

As a whole, it’s pretty solid. At the moment, they just have random complication DVD’s, but every episode up to this point is on Netflix, so there you go. At worst, you’ll just forget about it.

That’s all I got for this one. I had fun finally going into this show and explaining it’s pros and cons, and hopefully from this you can decide if you may like it or not.

Either way, it’s another modern kid’s show worth checking out, for it’s humor, characters, and even heart. And hey, when MLP Season 5 ends, this shows 4th Season will be getting started, so it’s a good time to get into it!

…I’m not sure how to properly end it so….here’s my weak ending catchphrase.

See ya.

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