General Review: Boo! A Madea Halloween

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, after a break I’m back with a new general review.. To be honest, I wasn’t sure there would be one for this month because October looked so empty, devoid of anything I was interested in, and the reviews coming in for most of them didn’t excite me.

But I promised one general review a month, and since nothing interesting comes next week, I figured I’d put my foot down and see something this week. There’s actually an okay variety of things I had mild interest in.

There’s Keeping Up With the Jonses, which as a decent concept and a good cast, and Jack Reacher 2, a sequel to a movie I heard is good. Then there’s the ones I wasn’t as interested in, like Ouija Origin of Evil, I prequel to a movie so dull I couldn’t do a review for it.

Then reviews cam in and of them the one with the best review were…Ouija? With some calling it their favorite horror film of this year?! Seriously?! I mean, it is from the director of Occulous but…seriously?

And of course, by the time I saw that, I set up a poll on Twitter so my followers can decide what I see, and spoilers, it lost. As you can tell from the title of this post, the winner is…uh…interesting.

I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this, but it had to happen eventually. But yep, it’s finally time to tackle Madea. It’s one of those franchises I’ve kind of been wanting to tackle, as it’s an easy target, but its also an odd one.

Basically, Madea is a character created by Tyler Perry, first appearing in 2005’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman. The title should say everything, really. The reason I wasn’t sure about doing one of these movies is that it’s one of things that’s clearly for an audience I’m not a part of.

Yes, that’s no excuse for making crap but if the target audience likes it, so be it. However, these movies are clearly still…not good, and being for a certain audience has never stopped me before.

I’m clearly no longer part of Adam Sandler’s Audience but he’s still my whipping boy. So screw it, it’s about time I tackle this series. I figured it would be with a scene by scene review of an older one…but nope, I’m here to look at the new one.

Since Madea already ruined Christmas, it makes sense that Halloween would be next on the chopping block. According to Wikipedia, . The idea for the film originated from a fictitious Madea Halloween movie from Chris Rock’s 2014 film, Top Five.

Yep, Tyler Perry has reduce himself to taking joke ideas and making them real. Yeah. But you what, I gotta stop being grumpy. Not everything he does is bad, and …well, there’s a low chance of me liking this, but maybe it won’t be totally terrible.

No need to go into the creative, as Tyler Perry wrote and directed this, on a small budget meaning this is going to do be a hit regardless of what happens. Honestly, I’m surprised my theater got this since we didn’t get Max Steel last week. You know, maybe I’m only salty because Madea goes to Jail was a direct inspiration for The Ooogieloves. On a final note, there’s no reviews for this yet as I’m writing this intro the night before. Yay.

So with that said, will my first experience with Madea be horrific, or will it be…okay-ish? Let’s find out.

This, is Boo! A Madea Halloween

(I’ll be doing this in that loose style again, as there’s no point in breaking down the elements this time)

Madea winds up in the middle of mayhem when she spends a haunted Halloween fending off killers, paranormal poltergeists, ghosts, ghouls and zombies while keeping a watchful eye on a group of misbehaving teens.

So, where shall I began? Well, I’ll start with the fact the offical summary and trailer are a blant lie. Nothing supernatural happens in this. The “Zombies” from the trailer are part a prank. The concept of Madea fighting Zombies is a good one so of course Tyler Perry doesn’t use it.

But hey, as long as what they go with is good…It isn’t. Yeah, to the surprise of no one, this was pretty bad. Perhaps not quite as offensive as I expected, but way more aimless. Let’s start with the biggest problem with this movie.

Nothing happens for most it, and it goes on for way too damn long. There’s one scene in pairtucally that just has Madea and her pals talking, and it goes on FOREVER. I genuinely got anxious in my seat because it was going on for so long.

If any of it was funny, it would be fine, but it wasn’t. Honestly, most of the scenes Madea is in tend to drag because she won’t shut the hell up. Above all else, that is what kills this movie. “Jokes” going for way too long.

But then there’s the “story”. There barely is one. The actual plot has this girl named Tiffany whose Father is sick of her disobeying him all the time. She wants to go some frat party and tries to sneak out, and yada yada.

This takes up the first 5 minutes and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I was waiting for Madea to show up. The actual plot is so dull and cliché. Nothing new is done and the charecters don’t bring it up.

Tiffany is a typical whiny teenager, and she is never likable. I know she’s going to learn something but it still doesn’t make her more likable. Dad is more level handed but still fits into a cliché.

Oh, and Tiffany is played by the 2nd voice of Fireside Girl Holly from Phineas and Ferb. Why. Speaking of people I’m losing respect for, Bella Thorne is in this. Seriously.

She’s one of Tiffany’s friends who turns out to be a not so nice person ,and that’s about it. She’s also meant to slightly order so she gets to be fan service up. Yeah, And yes, this is a worse role for her than Blended and Road Chip.

I’d go back to the story, but there’s not much more to say. The concept is very cliché and the film wastes a lot of time on dumb stuff. Even scenes where things happen go on too long, like the prank I mentioned.

This thing drags so much. As for the comedy, I guess that wasn’t quite as awful as expected, but it’s still not very funny. The humor relies on sterptypes and people rambling about nothing. I will admit I did chuckle every once in a while, which I suppose puts above some other comedies out there, but it’s not enough.

The only real source of laughter is one of Madea’s old people friends, who is genuinely amusing for the most part in how he just doesn’t care. The other characters are throwaway. Honestly, the only ones that matter are Tiffany, Dad, and Madea.

As for Madea herself, she’s not quite as unlikable as she seems to be in some of the other movies. Honestly, I can kind of see the charm in here, but the writing does her no favors. She’s often a joke and just never shuts up. As I said, every scene with her drags so much.

I’m kind of struggle with things to say because there’s really not much to say. Well, except for the abrupt ending, which reaches Wild Life levels. I mean, the finale scene goes on too long and hardly wraps up anything, even though the film was pretty much over by the end.

Yet it still had a bad abrupt ending. Honestly, this whole film feels…cheap. It’s shot like a TV Movie, and there’s no flair to it whatsoever. I have no idea why this is a wide theatrical release.

That in itself would be fine is this was an actually good TV Movie, but it isn;t. Honestly, it’s more like a half hour sitcom episode stretched to over 100 minutes. Why is it that long?

Are there any positives? …Uh, well like I said, that one character was amusing. Outside of that, I can only say that at points it was less painfully, mostly in the middle where creepy things begin happening.

It’s still dull but less painful, at least. But otherwise, this was bad. Maybe not offensively so, it barely feels like a movie as it is. It takes to near the end to start feeling like it’s about something and it’s too little too late.

At the moment, this now has a 29 on RT…higher than Jones. Okay, that doesn’t look that good, but it has to be better this that. That looks like it has a consistent plot and looks like an actual movie!

Perhaps this isn’t the worst Madea movie, but it looks one of the laziest. There’s barely anything happening for most of it, the actual story is cliché, the characters are unlikable, or throwaways, and almost every scene drags on for too long.

Making a movie for a certain audience is no excuse for such incompetence. Some parts, I can excuse but the empty writing is not one of them. Sorry I’m not going into a ton of detail but there’s not a ton to say for a movie like this.

It’s just empty, and not very funny. And not even that fitting for a Halloween film, really. For a TV episode that could be fine, but again, this is a full length film.

This is a fancy way of saying I would not recommend seeing this. Even if you’re a fan, just rent it. It doesn’t look good enough to see on the big screen. Now, if you are part of the target audience…i guess I can’t judge you if like it.

As always, as long as you’re not a jerk about it, I’ll respect your opinion and yada yada. But sorry, this movie still sucks.

Grade: D

An aimless review for an aimless film. I should have seen Ouija. Will I ever revisit Madea? …There’s an animated one. So yeah, maybe.

What’s next for the general reviews? Well, I’ll see you in two for weeks for something special. See, Dreamworks in a ballsy movie, is releasing Trolls on the same day as Disney Marvel’s Doctor Strange.

I gotta see the animated stuff and Marvel movies are always a must see. So…two reviews for the price of one! Let’s hope they are good.

See ya.

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A Look at Disney Halloween Episodes (2016)



Gamer’s Guide-The Ghost

Lab Rats Elite Force-Sheep Shifting

KC Undercover-Virtual Insanity

Best Friends Whenever-Night of the Were-Disiel

Bunk’d-Camp Kiki Slasher


Walk The Prank-Prank or Treat

Liv and Maddie-Scare-Rooney

Girl Meets World of Terror 3


Sheriff Callie’s Wild West -The Great Halloween Robbery/The Ghost of the Scary Prairie

Pickle and Peanut-Trick or Treat

Star Vs The Forces of Evil-Hungry Larry

Elena of Avalor-A Day to Remember

Future Worm-Reeman

Hello, Spongey here.

October is in full swing here on the blog. I’ve already covered the Disney Sitcom Halloween Episodes, as well as Mostly Ghostly 3. I’ve got more stuff for ya, but for now, it’s time to be a bit more timely.

I’ve now covered all the Disney Holiday episodes, we’re all caught up. I’m not sure if I mentioned this last year, but that means we will still be covering Disney every year along with whatever I do for that year.

Later you’ll see the Live Action Nick Halloween Episodes, but today we’re looking at what Disney gave us this year. Yeah, it seems a bit early but Disney always gets their Holiday stuff out of the way so they can rerun them endlessly.

Meaning, Nick is waiting until this weekend (mostly, Harvey Beaks had another Halloween ep already) and Cartoon Network is basically waiting until the last minute. However, this year Disney decided to wait a tiny bit.

They had a DCOM on the 7th, ( a Non Halloween one they could have aired in November) meaning only a few eps aired, meaning the rest had to be on the 14th, Lame. Disney😄 aired there’s on normal days.

Monstober is always a fun time for me, so let’s see how this year goes now they’ve basically chopped up half their lineup since last year. They’ve added new shows, at least. So with that short into, let’s do this.

This, is A Look at Disney Halloween Episodes (2016)

We’ll be doing the Live Action and Animated ones on their own, to make things easier.


The Ghost [Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything]

Season 2, Episode 9

Writers: Devin Bunje, and Nick Stanton

Airdate: October 1, 2016

Conner and Wendell accidentally unleash an evil spirit. Meanwhile, Franklin helps some kids stop some bullies from stealing Halloween candy.

This episode was decent-ish. I say ish because it does start out slow, with some weak humor. But once the plot kicks in, it’s mostly enjoyable enough. The weirdest thing about is that there’s no twist where it turns out to be a dream.

Nope, ghosts just exist in this world now. It’s not a big deal, it’s just odd. Then again, Suite Life had canon ghosts so eh. Anyway, the evil ghost Jasper provides most of the laughs with his wacky personality.

The bullies in the subplot have their moments too. Plot-wise, it’s nothing too special and Conner and Franklin are kind of jerkish at the start. Things kick off when Ashely’s Grandmother dies and she supposedly could talk to spirit, and Ashley thinks she might have the same gift.

Spoilers, she does and it is kind of interesting. Speaking Ashley, I haven’t watch a new of the show in a while, so it’s interesting that she’s a stronger character instead of the shy weirdo she was early on.

As for the Halloween element, it works even if it only truly factors into the subplot. The subject matter and music is enough to make it fit. As for the subplot itself, it does factor into the main plot in an amusing way and the bullies…actually get motivations for their actions. Huh.

Overall, this episode is nothing too memorable, but it’s mildly amusing. It starts off slow but becomes fine in the end. I think it’s a fine enough start for our 2016 lineup.

On a final note, a lot of the writers and production people from Kickin’ It work on this show, which explains why it has a similar feel sometimes, and Franklin is pretty much Milton. This certaintly handles a recent death better than that show did..

Sheep Shifting [Lab Rats Elite Force]

Episode 12

Writer: Maxwell Theodore Vivian

Airdate: October 1, 2016

Yeah, Disney😄 made their own Crossover Spinoff, and so far I like it enough. It has the same pros of the shows it came from, with some dark elements but it also has some of the cons, like characters being jerks and Chase being a Butt Monkey but more details on that some other time, hint hint.

So let’s see how it’s Halloween episode goes.

When Oliver skips out on their tradition of pulling Halloween pranks in favor of a date with Skylar, Kaz continues on his own. Meanwhile, Perry enlists Bree’s protection for the night.

This episode was decent. Unfortunately, Halloween is more of a plot device since it doesn’t quite have that feeling outside of the spooky version of the transition music,. They never mentioned any pranking traditon in Lair Lair.

On it’s own, it works fine. It’s kind of cliché but I think it works to strengthen Kaz and Oliver’s relationship. Both work well in this, which is good because Oliver has been Flanderized in some episodes, but here he’s mostly dialed back.

There’s even some sweet moments near the end which aren’t ruined by the dumb joke! The subplot is nothing special there, as the conclusion is kind of dumb. Why did Perry have to be included in the spinoff?

So yeah, this episode is fine on it’s own with a decent plot and nice moments, but as a Halloween episode it’s not the best. It doesn’t really effect much and I just don’t quite get the Halloween feeling.

I guess Curse of the Screaming Skull is the most fitting Halloween episode across both series. Still, on it’s own this is fine, but not the ideal Halloween episode. It’s mildly recommend as a normal episode, but as far as Halloween episodes go, the one I mentioned is a better option.

Either way, it’s okay.

We’ll go back to😄 later, but now time to begin the Disney Channel stuff!

Virtual Insanity [KC Undercover]

Season 2, Episode 19

Writer: Darin Henry

Airdate: October 2, 2016

When K.C. goes into a virtual reality game to rescue Ernie, it becomes the craziest Halloween ever for the teen spies as they try to tackle the alternate universe and enemy agents Darci and Damon, the masterminds behind the evil game.

This episode is the opposite of All Howl’s Eve . That one fit for Halloween but had average to weak writing, while this has actually decent writing…but does not fit for Halloween at all. There’s a Halloween dance, but that’s it.

This could have been a freaking Valentine’s Dance and the episode would be no different. It’s clear the network forced them to just throw Halloween into a random episode as the writers didn’t have time to make a real Halloween episode.

It doesn’t help that this is part of the show’s plot, so you’ll be lost if you haven’t seen much of the show. I know because I haven’t seen much of Season 2 beyond the premiere so I had no idea who these bad guys were. Are they new this ep, or what?

It’s sad because otherwise, the episode is decent. The concept of a virtual world is always a good one, and they have some fun with it. Ernie is unaware he’s in this world, and here he’s popular, while KC is Fashionista and Marissa is a nerd.

There’s some decent jokes with how this world plays out, and the plot is rather intense for a Disney Sitcom. Yeah, the show is taking cues from Disney😄 is being more plot driven, and from what I can tell, it’s working surprisingly well.

As far as joke highlights, I like the banter Darci and Damon have, especially with Damon having a crush on her in one joke. Speaking of crushe, Ernie has one on Marrisa which is news to me. Then again, I’m not caught up with the series so maybe it became a thing, it was only teased on one episode in Season 1.

Speaking of here, there’s a part where Virtual World Marisa and KC (who might I add are played the psychically attractive Zendaya and Veronica Dunne) fight in a kiddie pool full of frosting. Uh…no comment.

My only issue with the plot is that it starts a bit too quickly. At the start, Ernie has already been kidnaped and they ready for KC to jump in. This made things even more confusing for me. I know you want to avoid filler but maybe pace yourself a bit better.

So yeah, this is a mixed bag. As a normal episode, I like it, but as a Halloween episode, it fails. I can recommend this is a normal episode but not as a Halloween one. There are episodes out there not set on Halloween that feel more like one than this.

As solid as it is, I sadly have to suggest you skip it if you’re watching Halloween episodes. Not that most people would want to include Disney Sitcoms in their yearly lineup but this is all theoretical.

All Howl’s Eve may fit more, but it has problems so if you want a Zendaya Halloween, you’ll have to stick with Haunt It Up. This is decent on it’s own but as a Halloween episode, it’s just forced.

Night of the Were-Disiel [Best Friends Whenever]

Season 2, Episode 6

Writers: Rick Willams and Jenna McGrath

Airdate: October 2, 2016

When Cyd tries to protect Diesel from Barry’s wolf serum experiment, she accidentally gets the serum on herself and turns into a menacing werewolf. Now Shelby must try and figure out how to get her best friend back before the she-wolf destroys their high school’s Halloween carnival.

This episode was decent. It fits well enough and is fairly enjoyable spooky fun. The plot is a bit odd but it works for a Halloween episode. There’s even a nice moment with a “They’re in there somewhere” fight

Is that weird or creepy?”

A little bit of both”.

The mood is set pretty well, since this is set at a Halloween Carival, and each involves Halloween. Speaking of the plots, the other plots aren’t quite as good. Barry’s setting up as a maze that is itnded to trach people ala Justin Russo. It ties into the main plot so I can forgive it not being too funny.

But Bret and Chet’s plot…isn’t even a plot. They wanna got the Carnival now that they are 1. They do. They don’t like it. The end. Such an amazingly written story. There’s some good jokes, and it’s harmless but pointless.

Thankfully, the main plot is enough to make me like it. Compared to Cyd and Shelby’s Haunted Escape, it’s about equal. The mood is better here and the humor is more consinent, but that technically had a better plot, and there was only one subplot which was good. I like both roughly equally I suppose.

Despite the sort of weak subplot, I’d recommend this more. The plot is silly but the package just works slightly better. Either, this is a fun Halloween episode for me regardless.

Camp Kiki-slasher [Bunk’d]

Season 2, Episode 7

Writers: Mike Montesno and Ted Zizik

Airdate: October 7, 2016

Things get scary at Camp Kikiwaka when the campers start disappearing one by one. When they finally uncover the culprit with the axe to grind, he takes them on a thrill ride the campers will never forget!

This episode was alright, but on the upper side of alright. That’s surprising given what show this is, but is one of the better episodes I’ve seen. It’s mostly due to the mood. It captures the mood of a slasher film with people being picked off one by one.

The episode starts witrh them watching such a slasher fil (because thgat’s what you show kids at camp?) so Ravi points out the cliches happening around them. This actually leads to some amusing jokes, my favorite about how an entry is the horror franchise they were watching was a musical comedy.

‘It was the low point of the franchise’

A character in Bunk’d shouldn’t be talking about low points in franchises but whatever.

So what bring it down? Besides the usual weak jokes, there’s one thing that’s techinally small but was a sort of big thing for me. Spoilers, this turns out to be a big prank byt Timmy, who is doing this as revenge on Glady for kicking him out of camp.

We never saw this character before in the episode, or saw this action. See the problem? Now, it’s likely this is from a previous episode but I haven’t seen that one if that’s so. As I keep saying, relying on continuity in Holiday episode is bad for new viewers.

And even if so, he was never in the episode, so no one would think it’s him. There’s making your twist surprising, then there’s pulling something out of your ass. Since I don’t know of backstory of Timmy being kicked out, I don’t know if it was unfair and this is Gladys desrerved it..

It’s amazing how many problems can happen if your viewer is out of the loop. Besides, one small joke at the end makes this all pointless. Which is sad because this was mostly decent due to the mood and how amusing the prank ended up being. It gets rather dark, even if no one is actually dying, which is cool.

Overall, if you’re a fan of the show and have seen whatever episode is being referenced, you will likely enjoy. Most others won’t, although you are more likely to enjoy it if you’ve seen that episode. If it turns out I’m wrong and this is new to this episode, my point stands taller.

Stil, it’s from from the worst Bunk’d episode, that has to count for something.

Halloweenvark [Bizardvark]

Season 1, Episode 12

Writer: Eric Friedman

Airdate: October 7, 2016

Oh boy, this show. It’s the latest one and also the latest to become popular to hate. And I don’t 100 percent don’t get. Oh, what I’ve seen so far isn’t that good, mostly because it’s made of elements from other Kidcoms (especially iCarly and ANT Farm) but is just kind of…eh. There’s nothing horribly offensive so far. I get why it’s seen as a weaker Disney Sitcom but horrible to the extent of some others? Nah. Anyway, hopefully the Halloween ep will be good.

The v-loggers have to make a scary Halloween video for Vuuugle’s homepage, but they can’t decide whose video is the scariest – Frankie and Paige’s tale of the ghost of Hollander Prep, Dirk’s haunting world without dares, or Amelia’s zombie apocalypse.

Yes, another Treehouse of Horror style episode, and this one is…kind of decent. Yeah, this actually managed a better episode for the show. It’s not amazing but I actually mostly enjoyed. Mostly due to the different format and not being quite as dumb as usual.

I’ll get my main flaw out of the way: Bernie is useless. From what I’ve seen, he adds nothing besides being the Butt Monkey. Hell, even in the intro that’s his only roll! All he does is get killed in the stories, and he’s mad about it.

If he wasn’t useless otherwise, this would have even funny. Also, of course some jokes do bomb. Each manages to be decent enough with an interesting angle. The first is the most straight forward, but I thought it was the funniest.

Dirk’s had a neat concept and an honestly good twist ending. Surprising for the dumb character. It does go on too long which mean Amelia’s fun zombie story is too short. Each story has a unique and a manages to be an amusing.

The mood  isnt’ crazy creepy, but it works enough for Halloween, I think. So yeah…i guess I enjoyed this episode. It’s flawed and nothing great, and still has issues the show, but it’s not bad. It has a fomrula you just can’t mess up, unless you’re Girl Meets World.

Yes, this show did something better than GMW. 2015 has been an odd year.

So if you can tolerate the show, I would recommend this. There’s better options, and if you want Disney Stitcom doing Toh, I’d pick the Austin & Ally ones, but this isn’t too bad either. Detractors, of course, will hate it but it less bad than the other eps, so there is that.

It’s a surprisingly passable episode from a show that isn’t really that good.

Prank or Treat [Walk The Prank]

Season 1, Episode 15

Writers: Adam Small and Teor Moore

Airdate: October 10, 2016

This show is an odd one. I thought it would just a prank show (because Prankstars turned out so well) but apparently this is a scripted show that has pranks thrown in. I’m not a fan of prank shows to begin with it being scripted did catch my interest.

An interest that both went up and down when I heard it was co-created by the guy who played Tucked in Miss March. The universe hates me.

But hey, I haven’t seen the show yet, so let’s see if it’s Halloween episode is any good.

The gang is in deep trouble after a prank they pull on Becky Snyder goes horribly wrong. Meanwhile, Dusty sends a target on a roller coaster ride while posing as a popular mascot for an Italian restaurant, and Bailey and Herman trick a target into believing he has uncovered a buried treasure.

This episode was…eh. Yeah, it about what I expected. It’s basically a prank show that happens to have a story in the background. The pranks are the focus and the ‘story” is an afterthought. So let’s talk about the pranks.

They are so obviously fake, but I’m not sure if I should complain since it’s better than if they actually played cruel pranks on people. But these situations are so clearly fake that it’s hard to believe anyone would fall for them.

I mean, some of them I can suspend my disbelief for, but there’s one where this guy breaks this important trophy case, and his reaction is so understated, it’s clear that this is an actor. I will that some of these can get creative, but most of them are clearly fake and a bit cruel.

I don’t even get the “world” of the show. The prank parts feel distant because the parents ground them for one prank that is honestly less bad than the ones see, so do they know of the prank show? This is a prank show in universe, they even show off the clip to each other, inside the story.

It’s confusing. As for the story, it’s supposed to be simple so I can forgive that, but there’s still nothing to it. For one, it has them grounded on Halloween so of course the mood isnt’ there. Heck, only 2 of the 4 pranks are spooky themed.

The prank they are grounded for is kind of cruel and they don’t really feel sorry for it. However, Bailey (thanks for reminding me of a better Disney “Sitcom”) does apologize, but it’s…awkward.

It’s hard to describe, but I’m not sure what is even going on. Spoilers, it turns out Becky Snyder is the principal, which makes the cruel-ness even worse. She apologizes but Becky ac ts…weird. She says it’s all good, but in that awkward way where it’s clear she isn’t telling the truth but is saying this because she likes Bailey, or something?

Right after she compliments Bailey in really awkward. I don’t get it, what are they implying here? As a result, the story just fails unsatisfying.

So yeah, I didnt’ care for this and I wouldn’t recommend. The mood isn’t strong, most of it is dumb pranks and the story is very weak. If you actually like prank shows, you may enjoy this but I bet there’s better options out there.

Someone must like this, because it’s getting a 2nd season. This means I’ll have to talk about this show again come December, yay. This wasn’t that good, even by the standards of what I was expecting.


Scare a Rooney [Liv and Maddie]

Season 4, Episode 3

Writer: David Tolentino

Airdate: October 14, 2016

Liv takes Ruby to a spooky dinner and runs into an old acquaintance and Maddie comes face to face with the real-life “spider-sprayer.” Meanwhile, Parker and Joey must convince their classmates to celebrate Halloween.

This episode is decent. Don’t really have much to say about it though. Each plot does it needs to do, and has a nice mood with some decent jokes. Not much more than that, and that’s all I need.

Seriously, there’s not much to say about each plot. Maddie’s plot has a good twist, Liv’s plot has a neat setting and fine ending, and Joey and Parker’s plot has a nice sort of moral. Nothing too complicated, but fun.

I guess that is a problem. Most of the plots go through the motions and don’t do anything crazy. It’s fine to stay simple but that does mean not much really sticks. It’s a fun sit but nothing that will stick with you.

But I guess that’s fine sometimes. Like I said, there’s really not much to say other than that this the first ep of the Season I’ve seen and it seems fine. The new character they added was enjoyable here, which gives me decent hope.

I think Helgaween is the best Liv and Maddie Halloween Episode but this worked fine too. If you want something simple but nice, this is a decent one to check. Just don’t expect anything amazingly special.

And our live action roster ends with..

Girl Meets World of Terror 3 [Girl Meets World]

Season 3, Episode 15

Writer: Joshua Jacob

Airdate: October 14, 2016

Auggie tells a story of what would happen if Riley and Maya never met.

This episode…continued the tradition of of Girl Meets World of Terror episodes not being that good. Thankfully, it’s better than the 2nd one, and has only one clear story, but it still has problem. The big one being the…Halloween element, oddly enough.

There is no reason for Halloween element. Hell, without Auggie you wouldn’t know this is a Halloween episode. In the main story, it’s just decoration, it’s never involved in the episode. And Auggie’s role is…so confusing. Okay, so there’s a classroom scene at the srtart where Riley and Maya say they are too old for Halloween.

Auggie comes in to be our ghost, and says he’ll tell the story of …well, what I said. ..What does this have to do with the opening bit? As it is, the opening bit it useless…mostly because they never come back to it!

Yeah, it never comes back, making it pointless. As for Auggie, he appears in the story he’s telling…and can interact with it…and is worried about how he’s never born, and has a conflict due to that.

I’m so confused, how is this happening? Is this happening? The others were clearly not canon but this is…unclear. As for the story itself, It’s a neat what if story, but nothng special. It’s nice to see what happened,. Although there’s nothing crazy.

If they never met, they would become Flanderized versions of themselves, same with Farklee and Lucas. And somehow Auggie would not be born, I don’t get that. There’s some little things I like, but as a whole, it’s just …alright.

Mostly because the resolution isn’t that special. I mean, there isn’t much of a big moment which brings the world back in check. They confront each other I guess, but the thing that makes things normal is small, and it doesn’t feel as important as it should.

As a what if story, it’s mildly interesting, and I have a soft spot for these, but it doesn’t do anything crazy. It’s amusing, but that’s it. As an overall package, this thing is confusing. The Halloween element is pointless, and even makes no sense.

Why can’t this show just do a Halloween episode right? Either go all out, or do a normal ep, just on Halloween? I can only blame executive meddling, but here they don’t do the 3 shorts format, meaning they could just change things and be normal!

Fun Fact: When Auggie pops up and says he’s gonna tell a story, the class groans. At this point, I can’t blame them. Each ep has it’s moments, but so far, the first felt the most complete, which is sad.

The show is usually fine, so it’s sad to see it’s Halloween episodes be…confusing. Not one I’d recommend, sadly.

And those were the Disney Sitcom Halloween episodes of 2016. I’ll give my full thoughts at the very end, but yeah, the usual mixed bag. Now onto the sadly lacking in numbers animated bunch.


The Great Halloween Robbery/The Ghost of the Scary Prairie [Sheriff Callie’s Wild West]

Season 2, Episode 16

Writers: Steve Sullivan and Andy Guerda

Airdate: October 3, 2016

Bandits hide the giant jack-o’-lantern full of treats for the entire town/Peck tells Clementine a tale about the Ghost Rider of the Scary Prairie!

These episodes were alright. I’m not even sure what to say because they were just kind of…there. They were nice to watch and had their moments, but nothing crazy memorable. The Christmas ones stood out just a bit more.

These did have their charm but there’s not much to say about the stories. The first one is pretty simple, and the 2nd is predictable. The first one had the bandits to bring things out, as they were amusing.

The 2nd one had some enjoyable moments, with how Peck and the others think there’s an actual ghost chasing them. Neither do anything wrong and are good for kids, but I doubt anyone my age will get too much out of them outside, of sme amusing moments.

And good songs. Yeah, both episodes have a good spooky song, and the first is even a villain song!

There’s a nice Halloween mood, and fair share of amusing moments. But there’s not much that’s insanely interesting. There’s nothing too wrong, so I can recommend this to young kids, and while adults won’t hate it, there’ better preschool options out there.

Sorry I didn’t have much to say, but there’s not much to say, especially given the audience. Things I normally complain about aren’t too bad here for that reason and it doesn’t do them too badly.

It’s totally fine, but nothing too special.

Trick or Treat [Pickle and Peanut]

Season 1, Episode 21a

Writers: Ed Skudder, Ryan Gillis, Sunil Hall, and Kim Roberson

Airdate: October 10, 2016

…You’ve gotta be kidding me. I thought I was done with you! I guess I should have known they’d do another one…but this is Season 1, who does two spooky themed episodes in one Season? Yeah, it’s bee n over yeah and the show is still in Season 1.

Now, this is an actual Halloween episode, meaning the spooky themed episodes I reviewed last year officially don’t count. I haven’t seen a single new episode since the Christmas ones. Has the show improved? Let’s find out.

When Pickle and Peanut get caught trick-or-treating by Lazer and Hot Beth, they try to cover it up by putting together a last-minute Halloween party.

This episode was…actually on the upper side of alright! This is honestly the best Pickle and Peanut episode I’ve seen so far….i know that isn’t saying much but it’s true. The main reason is that this episode actually has a story!

Yeah, Pickle and Peanut go through a situation that makes them learn that it’s okay to go Trick or treating as adults. It’s a basic story that I’ve seen before, but it is a story with a good lesson.

What prevents this from being better is that story is still nothing special, and it’s not really that funny. Oh, there’s less bad humor and I did laugh a few times, it’s just not funny enough to make it flat out good.

Still, I don’t have as much to complain about as usual. Even some dark jokes work, like how the Demon fries Hot Beth for being a jerk. So yeah, it’s still nothing that special, but for this show, it’s kind of decent-ish.

Fans will certainly like and people like me may get something out of it. In general, it’s nothing I’d go out of my way to see, but for what it is…it’s not too bad. Huh, maybe Pickle and Peanut is getting better..

Hungry Larry [Star Vs The Forces of Evil]

Season 2, Episode 11a

Writers: Mark Ackland, Dominic Bisignano, Riccardo Durante, and Aaron Hammersley

Airdate: October 10, 2016

While I don’t quite love this show like some do, I do like it. There’s a certain charm to it makes up for some of it’s flaws. Anytime it fails, it brings itself back up with a sweet moment or some good laughs. So, it’s nothing amazing, but it’s fun. Let’s look at it’s Halloween episode!

Star and Marco help Mr. Diaz create the scariest Haunted House on the block.

This episode was good. It follows the format of “Star uses magic to solve a problem and it backfires’/ but it manages to do something neat with it. It’s not quite the funniest episode, but it has it’s moments like how Hungry Larry is just kind of a dull guy until he goes into monster mode.

It is another episode where Star is a bit careless, but she does it for a good reason and it doesn’t focus on it too much. The focus is on Mr. Diax who shines here. You do feel sorry for him with how lame his haunted house, and he saves the day in a pretty badass way.

The climax is the highlight for two reasons. One is that Mr Diaz is awesome and the other is that it’s…honestly kind of creepy. Larry eats almost everyone and it’s shown in a legit creepy way. It’s the atmosphere that makes it so creepy.

Kudos on the animation team on that one. So overall, I’d recommend this one. There are better Disney Cartoon Halloween episodes, but it’s still a solid one. The mood is good, and the plot is solid enough with a cool climax. The ending is abrupt, but ah well.

Not quite my favorite, but still a good one.

A Day to Remember [Elena of Avalor]

Season 1, Episode 9

Writer: Silvia Olvias

Airdate: October 16, 2016

Interesting stuff has happened with Sofia the first since I did my post on it. Most notably this spin off. Well, it technically functions as an original show that is just linked to Sofia, but whatever. It’s still rather early in it’s run but so far it has the same charm of Sofia. Not quite as good, but again, it’s still young.

The lead being a teens gives it it’s edge, so I say it’s fine so far. And with it comes a Dia de los Muertos episode! This should be fun.

On Dia de los Muertos, Elena discovers her ability to see ghosts and sets out to help the spirit of a woman mend the rift between her grandchildren and save the family restaurant.

This episode was good. Actually, I was surprised at how much I liked this one. This one moves out a bit and focuses on other characters outside the main one, but still contains the sweet family stuff some episodes have.

I’ll get my problem out of the way: It’s not quite about Dia de los Muertos for most of it. It’s an excuse for her to see ghost, so we can get into the plot. However, it is thematically linked to the overall theme of lost loved ones, since the main plot has Elena helping a family’s dead grandmother.

And they link it to Elena in the end. This focuses on the sweet side of Dia de los Muertos rather than the spooky side. Meaning, if you want a spooky October episode, it’s not the best choice. But for a just plain good episode, this fits very good.

I’ve oddly seen the whole save the family restaurant plot before, but this is a good take on it. Mostly because they develop this family and we even see some flashbacks. We get an idea of what they were like before, and are like now that Granny’s Dead.

Through Granny, we seen their connection and get some nice moments. It’s well done and fairly interesting to watch. There’s also some amusing bits here and there to keep things from getting either too dull or too sappy. They don’t exactly pack in tons of sweet bits, they build up to them.

Speaking of sweet bits, the ending is…well, no spoilers because damn, it’s incredibly sweet. It’s what we made me decide that I really like this episode. Perhaps the main plot and the ending bit could have been connected better, but ah well.

Oh, and the song is nice.

Overall, this is one I recommend in general. T shows that this show will be able to stand on it’s own and be pretty solid, with a well written plot and nice moments. However, it doesn’t embrace the spooky side of Dia de los Muertos meaning it’s not ideal Halloween viewing for older people.

But if you’re younger, or want something nicer, go again. It’s a nice way to end this years’ offerings….At least at was until I randomly found out about..

Reemen [Future Worm]

Season 1, Episode 9b

Writer: BrianWysol

Airdate: October 17, 2016

Yeah, this one came righto ut of nowhere. See, nowhere on the Disney😄 October 2016 Press Release did they mention that this was a Halloween episode. Seriously, nowhere. So when I left the TV on after tonight’s Milo Murphy, and it got to this ep, I happened to looking at the Tv, and I was shocked to see Halloween stuff going on.

I managed to record another showing going on that night. So thank you, for telling us ahead of time that this was a Halloween Episode! …Anyway, Future Worm is following in the heels of Pickle and Peanut, being very not Disney.

Thankfully, it’s way better. It’s still not my thing, but it has some actual heart sometimes and sometimes they actually write stories! Again, still not my thing, but it has it’s charms. With that said, let’s look at the Halloween episode.

Monsters that feed off fear attack the neighbor hood, and it ends up being up to Danny’s Dad to stop them.

This episode was alright. Everything was technically fine, but I guess it just didn’t grab too much. I think the main problem is that it’s not that funny and the shitck of Danny’s Dad saving the day has already been done, even this early on.

And here it’s worse, ebcause Future Worm has to put him down like a dick for some reason. The episode ends on a joke like that. Can’t let Danny Dad have a moment, can we? I think the real problem that this episode is only 7 minutes (yeah, one of those kind of shows) so there’s not as much time to juggle some of these element.

Why the Halloween episode wasn’t the main feature is a mystery.

Outside of that, this episode is harmless and at least somewhat interesting. But with that issue I mentioned, it ‘s just nothing too special. It was neat to have Doug overcome fear again but those jokes kind of ruined it.

But it’s short length means if you like the show, I can somewhat recommend this. But for the most part, it can be skipped. I was hoping the strong Elena one would close us out, but nope.

And those were this year’s Disney Halloween Episodes. Overall, slightly underwhelming, honestly. Even taking aside the short animated lineup, this year seemed a bit lackluster. Sure, each year is equally hit or miss, but after last year’s stunt, this felt a bit weak.

The quality of episodes is, like I said, as hit or miss as usual. But we did a few more unfitting ones, most notably KC. Thankfully, most of the episodes were fine, with only Walk the Prank really bombing.

None of them wowed be, but that’s not a big deal given what shows we’re talking about. I think BFW and Bizzardvark stood out the most, which is kind of sad when you think about it. For Disney, nothing too noteworthy here, Prank aside, they were equally.

As for the animation goes, Disney proves that they seem to only care about the preschool stuff at this point. Thankfully, by this time next a couple new shows will premiere, and Milo Murphy is confirmed to have some holiday episodes in the works.

By default, Star and Elena win this year. They were very good. This year was slightly underwhelming in some ways but mostly the same in others. Not much to really say.

We shall be doing this next year, along with next years Live action Nick offerings. I realize that they more of these I do, the more work I have to do every year, but ah well. I like doing these anyway.

So there you go, more hit or miss content from Disney. Join me on the 30th or so for some Live Action Nick Halloween fun.

See ya.

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Mostly Ghostly: One Night in Doom House


That’s the face of someone who doesn’t wanna be here. Can’t say I blame him

Mostly Ghostly 3 is property of Universal.

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, my friends, it’s a few days into October. Just because I’m not doing weekly reviews anymore doesn’t mean I’m missing on my holidays! Infact, each October and December, I’ll be doing about 3 reviews for the season.

They won’t be weekly, they just be about 3 reviews at random points in the month, with the final being on the holiday itself. And what better way to start the official Holiday reviews than with more RL Stine junk!?

More specifically, we have our next Mostly Ghostly movie. That’s right, there’s already a new one, and it came out last month, making this our first live action 2016 review. I might do more, I know I have my eye on Nine Lives..

In 2013 I reviewed 2008’s Mostly Ghostly, based on the Stine book. I did read the book series at one point but it was long ago and I barely remember them enough to compare. The movie was fun with some good acting a fun feel, with a passable story.

Then a mere 6 years later came the 2014 sequel, where most of the cast replaced because most of the actors got too old. When you look past the cast changes, it was still fine with some good replacements and nice moments, even if it wasn’t as fun as the first one.

When they announced a third one, I wasn’t too shocked. They were trying to make up for lost time and with this new cast, they’d get the franchise back on track. …This is not quite what happened.

I was skeptical when it was announced they were changing the cast AGAIN, this time even no one from the first film on board. Seriously. One of the bigger issues in the 2nd was that it took awhile to get to the new cast, and some choices were a bit jarring.

I figured they’d kept the new cast and perfect their portrayals of the characters to give a more solid sequel. But nope, let’s go through this all over again. Ah well, I could look past the cast of the previous film, so I can do it here.

But I am sick of it. Again, I watched the film before reviewing it, so hopefully this review turns out better than the previous one. We now have no crew people from the first one, but we have an interesting choice for out writer/director: Ron Oliver.

He was a frequent director for the Goosebumps show, and he also did other kid shows from that era like Are you afraid of the dark. He did the better episodes of the shows, and is pretty cool.

Getting him back to Stine media is awesome, and was the main reason I was hyped for this. Was the hype worth it? Is this the best film in the series or the worst? Time to find out.

This is, Mostly Ghostly: One Night In Doom House

After the opening credits, the movie opens with Phears visiting his boss, that he inexplicably has now. His boss is played by Danny Trejo. Don’t get too excited, he’s completely wasted in this. Seriously.

He’s mad at Phears for failing to do his evil stuff.

You’re telling me two completely inexperienced ghosts are the only thing standing in your way?’

When you say it like that, it sounds silly. This entire bit exists for clumsy exposition on who the characters are.

My sources tell me he’s a lonely awkward kid with no friends”

…Wow, that’s just…bad.

He’s popular now, he’s even won the heart of Cammie”

Yep, they’re keeping the love interest from the previous film and now they have hooked up. They had some romance so eh sure, they’re together, why not. Danny Trejo would usually fire him but Phears’ Mom is his sister so he kind of has to give him another chance.

Thanks Uncle Morgo”

Don’t call me that”

Okay, that’s funny. Phears in general is still enjoyable here, even if I miss Arwin. With that, we cut to Max, now played by Farkle. This is one of the better choices as he fits the character as written.

But since putting him with Bella Thorne would look awkward, and even she has better things to go, Camme is now the female friend from Gamer’s Guide. Eh, not sure if she’s believable as the super popular girl but okay.

We see them practicing dance stuff, cuz they are into that now. They need to make money to go regional or whatever, so Max sets up a seemingly fake Seance type thing at his house, which people are willingly to pay for, because reasons.

Of course, Nicky and Tara are helping out. They are played by Tyler from Dog with a Blog and this person:


A dead ringer for Madison Petis, eh? Both actors not only look nothing like either original, they look way too old be 12 year olds, which Nick and Tara were. Ghosts age pretty fast, I must say.

Anyway, they point out that they haven’t had much time to look for their parents. They were able to contact them at the end at the last movie, so they must be really lazy if they haven’t found them by now.

Depending how long this is since the last film. The 2nd one was a year later but we don’t know if that’s the case here.

Ever since you and Cammie started going out together…it seems like we’re never gonna find them”

Oh boy, girlfriend getting in the way of other stuff. At bet better than Tara randomly being jealous in the 2nd movie…but just like that plot, this goes nowhere. Heck, even in this scene they just cut to the next scene, not showing Max’s rebuttal or something.

Max starts his little trick and it works on them.

Wait, if there really are such things as ghost, why do waste their time floating candles around the room?”

This guy would be great at Cinema Sins.

The table starts shaking but Nicky and Tara aren’t doing it. Nope, it’s..


Oh yeah, that houseworker chick from the first movie. Cool that she’s back…but instead an older woman, she’s a young-ish…french maid. Huh?

Who’s Lulu?”

…You’ve met here before.

She’s our housekeeper”

.Wait…no…you’ve gotta be kidding me. We’re not only rehashing an element…we’re rehashing an entire element point for point and the charterers just forgot it happened? They went through this before, meeting a Housekeeper name Lulu. If it were a different name that would be one thing, but it’s the same name!

The writers could not be this lazy and or incompetent! How does this happen?

Lulu informs them that their parents are not dead, even though they already know this from the last movie. They are in the Elsewhere, which is pretty much Purgatory.

Lulu then leaves, never to show up again. So they lazily rehashed something for the sake of exposition, some of which they should already know!

Everyone leaves and we meet Max’s parents again. Remember how in the first one, the Dad was played by David Deluise, the Dad from Wizards? Here he’s played by that actor’s brother, Peter Deluise.

If that name sounds familiar, that’s because you better him as a director, doing works as such RL Stine’s Monstville, a bunch of Haunting Hour Episodes, and 16 wishes. Yes. Weird to see him as an actor, and his real life wife plays the Mom here.

Anyway, the other kids left since talking to people they can’t say makes Max look a bit crazy. Cammie gets pissed causing a contrived rift between them. More on that in a tiny bit.

After a pointless scene with Phears, Max talks to Cammie the next day. Told you it would be a tiny bit. She says they need to “take a break’. Yep, one bad situation and they need a break. Because all know how much I love pointless romance crap in movies!

We’re prefer together, even our names our perfect together. Camme and Max, sounds like the tittle of a really great TV Show”

That’s funny.

So we get a boring moping scene, complete with pop song which is so short it may as well not be here. He goes home to find out that they are renovating the house so they can sell it. This is interesting since Nicky and Tara kind of lived here and are bound to, making it less cliché than it could have been. More on this in a bit though.

He talks to Nicky and Tara about this and they basically say what I said, adding that they literally can’t leave the place. Then a ghost hunting conveniently comes on to drive the plot further.

It’s hosted by Simon Drake who is advertising his next episode, set in a local haunted house.

Join me Simon Drake for One Night in Doom House!”

Roll credits!

Why do they always to make ghosts so creepy and horrible? We’re not all Ax Murderers”


I’m not sorry.


On a minor note, the credits of Simon’s show are the same as the end credits of the movie. Is that clever or lazy? I don’t know.

Max thinks they could use help from a professional like Simon Drake. Because all TV Ghost Hunters are legit, as we all know. Max goes to Doom House to visit him, hoping he’s there at that exact moment gearing up for the show later that week.

He is, but we have go through a long scene of the house seemingly being empty so we can get cheap fake out scares. It doesn’t make sense, Max keeps calling out and no one answers, and when Simon pops up his assistant says they heard him at the moment. Did they somehow arrive after he went in, and if so, how did Max not hear them?

Max tells him what is going on and at one point he says the word Crap twice. Weird to hear a that in a Stine product that’s otherwise pretty kiddie. Anyway, Simon unsurprisingly is a fraud and doesn’t believe Max, and can’t help him.

It’s real enough to be the number one ghost realty show on TV”

I imagine there’s not much competition.

Now Max is back at Step Zero. Simon does have a point later on, don’t worry. Speaking of things having a point, you know that interesting plot point of Nick and Tara maybe being without Max?

Doesn’t amount to anything. There’s some gags with them trying to stop them from renovating, but that’s it. They never milk it for any kind of drama after this. As you can tell, the script for this movie is very solid.

After such a scene of them trying to stop the renovations, it’s back to the romantic drama you all came to see. Honestly, it’s hard to care about their romantics lives when they are like 14 and look a tad younger than that.

Doesn’t help that they introduce this new asshole friend she has, to tease as love triangle that never happens.

Meanwhile, Phears needs a body to take over in order to do his job and he picks Simon Drake. Told you he had a point. Took too long for Phears to become important again though.

Max arrives home and tells his ghost pals what happened. But they just drop it right away, as we move on to Max discovering a trinket hidden in the walls of the house. He doesn’t find this suspicious at all despite what his life is like.

He decides to give the mysterious trinket hidden in the walls of house to Cammie. Yes, he really is that stupid. This becomes a plot point and things go south for him and he only has himself to blame.

Phears as Simon Drake drops by Max’s house and Mom lets him in because she’s a fangirl. And the scene ends as soon as it begins. Okay then. Max gives Cammie the odd trinket and she likes it. This makes her start to re-think the break.

And we’re back to Phears. Please stop having such short scenes, I’m having flashbacks to the start of this blog which I bitched about that kind of thing a lot. Phears finds out about the trinket and of course it’s something he wants.

So Max’s stupidity only happened so the black Crystal could be away from Phears. Lame.


Max comes home to see that Phears froze time in the house, for some reason. Nicky and Tara pop, having see what happened, yet didn’t show up in that scene. They explain to Max what happened and now they have to get Crystal back from Cammie. I wil never get wrong how dumb and contrived this is.

Because Mom told a man who doesn’t know personally where her son’s girlfriend is, Phears goes to the school to get the crystal.

I’m looking for a cute 16 year old girl, do you know where she is?”


There’s the dance competition going on so Max must get on stage with her to talk to her, because waiting if for chumps. And also the movie needs more padding. After the dance, Max asks her for the crystal, but she doesn’t have it because she gave it to a friend to make into a bracelet.

Eh, I’ll buy it, for now.

She wonders why he needs it, and he tells the whole truth. Unsurprisingly his ghost story doesn’t impress her, so she fully breaks up with him. Well, that whole bit of him giving something nice to her is now completely pointless.

She runs off before he can comment so Max just runs off to visit Cammie’s friend. She isn’t here but her brother is and he allows him to look in her room. Before I can comment, she pops up like a second later. Once again, someone entering a house does not make any noise for some reason.

Although that’s not as odd as her having no reaction to him randomly being in her room. She’s almost…happy.

You know Max, I heard about you and Cammie, and how you’re on a bit of a break. If you ever want to watch a movie or get ice cream, or just need a shoulder to cry on…”

Uh….moving on!

The TV conveniently turns and it shows Phears, as Simon, saying he has Nicky and Tara. He even shows them, which is odd because they can’t be seen by mortals normally, so he now looks crazy on notional TV and if people can see them, authorizes may see it and want to dissect the ghosts or something.

Max takes the crystal and leaves to get his friends back .But on the way, Max bumps into Aaron who attacks him because he’s just that petty. Phears shows up and turns him into a pig, which is the last we see of Aaron in the actual plot. Glad he had a point!

Max runs inside to get his friends, and Phears asks for the crystal in exchange for their freedom. Then we finally find out what the Crystal is: His life pod. See, Nicky and Tara’s parents captured Phear and pals, and put them in these ball things.

Phears escaped and swore to free his baddie friends but can’t because his pod thing needs to be in the crystal tree thing for him to take form in the mortal world. That is not how he escaped as they explained in the previous film.

For one, he turned into a normal body without possessing anyone in the first film, with no problem. Then the 2nd film went into this backstory and none of this factored into it.

Max gives him the crystal, but don’t worry, it’s a fake. I figured that out on first viewing because it’s that predictable. Speaking of predictable, Phears goes back on his word cuz he’s evil. Max’s fake crystal causes his plans to go bust and the ghost tree to blow up.

Max runs and bumps into Cammie. Don’t worry, it’s Phears in disguise. Thankfully, Max figures it out right away. Phears attacks him and suddenly, Max wakes up in a white void aka the Elsewhere aka Purgatory.

As such he finds Nicky and Tara’s parents. They explain that Doom House used to be their lab so they made up the story of it being haunted so no one would see their ghost experiments. Phears sent here. The last part checks out but the rest is still an ass pull.

Anyway, the parents can’t leave until the most evil ghost of them all is sent to the other side for good. Thus, Max smashes the crystal hoping to do just that. This works and Max is sent back to the real world.

Kind of a lame climax but whatever, at least we’re one step closer in getting the parents back . The house starts falling apart but the real Cammie conveniently shows up to save Max.

Unfortunately, Nick and Tara seem to be gone. Well, that sucks. At least it finally gives us some good emotion in this movie. Oh, and Max and Cammie get back together, in case you cared about this cliché and dumb plot line.

And if you’re wonder, real Simon break his mind over seeing this stuff, and Aaron woke up naked beside a church and was arrested. Yay?

Max arrives home and his parents don’t question where he was all night. Oh, and they aren’t selling the house. Glad that plot line was totally pointless and lead to nothing.

Also, on the news, they interview Cammie’s friend and she is asked how she felt seeing a naked Aaron outside her window. She is smiling when asked this.

…Moving on!

Max goes to his room to see that Nicky and Tara are alive. ..Uh, I mean they still exist. Max tells them what happened. But wait, they said they would be free if the most evil ghost is gone. So where are they?

Well, Max asks this too./

That means there’s something else out there”

Yeah, but who?”

Evil Danny Trejo laughs. Roll credits. Yep, abrupt ending with a cliffhanger to boot. I’d be mad, but honestly this makes interested in seeing 4th one, as we’d have a new villain and finally a fresh story.

But after this one, I’m not sure if it’s worth it..

Final Thoughts:

As you can tell, I didn’t care for this one, sadly. It’s not bad, but very underwhelming. There’s two big problems, the first being the writing. When you get down it, most of it is pointless or poorly written.

The main story with Phears is too basic and has nothing to until the very end. They do nothing to fill up the story. There’s the romance, which I don’t care about because they aren’t set up well enough here and it’s done in a way where I don’t care. And it’s quite rushed in the end.


There’s Max moving but it goes nowhere. There’s no emotional stakes here outside of the dumb romance. A simple plot is fine but the first film, and even the sequel, still had other things going on.

This leads us to the other problem: It feels kind of watered down. What made the first film work was the charm. It had a snarky sense of humor, and the actors were allowed to all out. That and the tone gave the film it’s edge.

There’s no edge here. There’s little humor that stands out, and the actors, while fine, aren’t given much to do. Even Phears is wasted since most the time he’s in a body played by a lesser actor.

Plus, the characters themselves aren’t developed too much. Especially Nicky and Tara, who do very little for the most part. The film just feels half heatrted. There’s effort but it’s not as fun as before. (Oh and wasting Danny Trejo is inexcusable)

Also ,there’s too many examples of the plot moving because the characters act like morons.

To be fair, there’s nothing offensive here. Some of the acting is good, there’s some okay moments, and it’s rarely hugely annoying or boring. It’s biggest crime is not being interesting enough.

But overall, this was just very….eh. At this point, they should just stop. If they wanna make a new one, I have two requests. One is go with the ending and bring Trejo back. By the same task, KEEP THE CAST THIS TIME.

Otherwise, just pack in. Because it’s clear they aren’t trying quite as hard at this point. Ah well.

Grade: C+

Hopefully our next film will be less dumb.


…So much for that.

See ya.


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A Look at Disney Sitcom Halloween Episodes


Even Stevens-A Very Scary Story

Lizzie McGuire-Night of the Day of the Dead

That’s So Raven-Have a Cow

Phil of the Future- Halloween

Hannah Montana-Torn Between Two Hannahs

Suite life of Zack and Cody-Arwinstein

Zeke and Luthor-Haunted Board

JONAS-The Tale of the Haunted Firehouse

Wizards of Waverly Place-Halloween

Suite life on Deck-GHost and Mr Martin

Sonny with a Chance-So Random Halloween Special

ANT Farm-Mutant Farm

Good Luck Charlie-Scary had a Little Lamb

Shake It Up-Beam It Up

Kickin’ It-Boo-Gi-Nights

ANT Farm-Mutant Farm 2

Jessie-The Whining

Good Luck Charle-Le Halloween

Austin & Ally-Costumes and Courage

ANT Farm-Mutant Farm 3

Dog with a Blog-Howlween

Jessie-Ghost Bummers

Good Luck Charlie-Fright Night

Liv and Maddie-Kang a Rooney

Shake It Up-Haunt It Up

Crash and Bernstein-HealthOween

Kickin’ It-Temple of Doom

Dog with a Blog-Howloween 2

Girl Meets World of Terror

Jessie-Runaway Bride of Frankenstein

Austin & Ally-Horror Stories and Halloween Scares

Liv and Maddie-Helgaween-A-Rooney

I Didn’t Do It-Next of Pumpkin

Mighty Med-Liar Liar

Kirby Buckets-Flice of the Living Dead

Jessie-The Ghostess with the Mostest

Girl Meets World of Terror 2

I Didn’t Do It-Bite Club

KC Undercover-All Howl’s Eve

Best Friends Whenever-Cyd and Shelby’s Haunted Escape

Austin & Ally-Scary Spirits and Spooky Stories

Liv and Maddie-Haunt a Rooney

Lab Rats-Curse of the Screaming Skull

Kirby Buckets-School Spirit

BONUS:Ultimate Spider Man-Halloween Night at the Museum

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, it’s finally October, which means it’s time for my favorite time of the year. Yep, it’s now the Season of Halloween! Man, this year is going by fast. (THANK GOD). You’ll hear about how I’ll handle the big reviews in a few days, so let’s focus on other stuff.

In December of 2014, I reviewed the Disney Sitcom Christmas Episodes on Deviant Art, and I posted the reviews, along with new ones, on the blog last year. I planned to do the Halloween ones back in 2014 but that fell through and I moved on to Christmas.

Last year, I got caught up in doing the animated Disney ones, and I wanted to the Disney Sitcom Halloween Stuff in July of this year, but that fell through too. Well, now I’m here. Granted, I had to write these in September to get this out before Monstober 2016 began, but ah well.

There’s not much to say. At this point, you know my stance on Disney Sitcom Stuff and you’ve seen me cover the Christmas episodes, so you know what to expect. Like with Christmas, Halloween is a big deal on Disney Channel, as since 2011, the whole Channel is decked out for what they call Monstober.

It’s always a fun time since over they years, we’ve gotten fun episodes that go all out. Even weaker shows can be enjoyable for Halloween, depending on much effort they put into it. So let’s finally celebrating that.

We’ll be reviewing every Disney Sitcom Halloween episode going from 2001 to 2015. You know the drill, only official Sitcoms aired on Disney Channel or Disney😄 and only Halloween episodes, or spooky themed October episodes. The line isn’t as weird for these shows, but I had to point that out.

For once, this intro is the last thing being written so I just wanna get into it \. Let us see exactly how spooky Disney Sitcoms can be.

This, is A Look at Disney Sitcom Halloween Episodes

Let’s go back to the 2001 for the very first one aired…

A Very Scary Story [Even Stevens]

Season 2, Episode 13

Writers: David Brookwell & Sean McNamara

Airdate: September 7. 2001

Louis plans on pulling a big Halloween prank, at the same time as certain strange goings on, are occurring, possibly linked to some free eye exams.

This episode was good, although there’s not a lot to talk about. It mostly amounts to Loius finding about some ccrazy creepy plot. Nothing complicated, no moral, just a bunch of creepy stuff.

And for that, it’s fun. I do like crazy plots like this. What happens is that kids come back from the eye exam with sunglasses, and an urge for milk, with no desire to so anything bad. While this is a silly kind of creepy, it does mange to be tnese to an extent, especially as things ramp up.

Speaking of ramping up, the pacing is maybe a bit off. It gets right into this stuff and it isn’t long before we see weird stuff happening and know something is up. I know it’s pretty clear something up, but more build up would have been nice.

Also, the twist of it being a story being told is really obvious. I mean, the episode is called a Very Scary Story instead of something regarding the plot itself. With this idea, it’s clear already but come on.

My favorite part is the whole twist that Ren is the one doing all this, wanting to create perfect Ren clones out of people. Her silly evil outfit just makes this even better. It’s just funny and crazy and I love it.

This is a good start for the Halloween episodes. It doesn’t mention the holiday that much but it still goes all out, being crazy and fun. That’s what I like in Halloween episodes, and I hope the others are as good in this regard.

It’s nothing too special in terms of story, and it could have been paced better, but as it is, it’s fun. Could also have been funnier, as there’s nothing I can really quote, but it’s still good. I’d recommend this one if you want a fun one, just don’t expect anything more.

Between this and the Hunakah one, I do wanna watch more of the show. What I’ve seen is nothing crazy great, but it is fun, and that’s good enough. I bet these reviews will be short in general, but hopefully I’ll have more to say for the others.

But yeah, this one is fun.

Night of the Day of the Dead [Lizzie McGuire]

Season 1, Episode 24

Writers: Tim Maile & Douglas Tuber

Airdate: October 5, 2001

Lizzie wants to become the “Dungeon mistress” for the 7th grade Halloween fright night at school. However, Kate becomes the dungeon mistress and Lizzie is forced to become a clown. Peeved by this, Lizzie, Gordo, Miranda along with Matt devise a plan to embarrass and humiliate Kate in front of the whole school.

This episode was good. The interesting thing about it is that it touches on Dia Del Los Murtoes as well as Hallooween ,which gives it an edge. It’s simialr to the Even Stevens one, with scary stuff that ends up being fake, only this time it’s a prank.

The pacing is also better, easing us into it. While it goes by slightly quick when it happens, it has better build up and it works. The prank has them making Kate think Lizzie has been possed by evil spirits and is out for revenge on her for insulting the day of the Dead.

It’s fun with how all out they get. Obviously not scary but the spooky vibe makes it enjoyable. If you’re wondering, I’m okay with the cruel prank because it fits better for one a one dimensional alpha bitch and in execution, it doesn’t feel too cruel.

It is, but it’s a more fun kind of cruel and the pacing is better. There is an issue, in that there’s an abrupt ending. Not a big deal but it does just kind of end when the prank is reaveled. Also, there’s a subplot with the parents being interrupted by trick or treaters while trying to have…time, if you know what I mean.

It’s kind of funny, but the final joke is very predictable. Also, very little of the brother for some reason. Otherwise, this is another fun one with some cool stuff to offer, like culture, and some funny moments.

With a better Halloween vibe, this is the one to check out so far. Nothing crazy well written, but good cheesy fun. I recommend it enough.

Have a Cow [That’s So Raven]

Season 2, Episode 2

Writer: Micheal Carrington

Airdate: October 17, 2003

On Halloween, Victor accidentally switches Raven and Chelsea’s burgers at the Chill Gril. They then conjure up a wishing spell from Viv’s book and use it to go to Alana’s Raven’s arch-nemesis, Halloween party that they weren’t invited to. However, Chelsea’s badge falls into the cauldron they were using, and this causes Raven and Chelsea to both slowly turn into cows.

Of all the early ones, I remember this one the most, which might be due to the unique premise and ending but we’ll get to that. That aside, this episode is good. It doesn’t go full force with the creepy-ness like the last two but it does have an odd enough premise.

I do tend prefer when they go all out and while this one does it in an odd way, it is fun. I like that they still take advantage of the cow thing even though it takes awhile for it to happen. The comedy there is awkward but in a good way.

I don’t want to imagine how…certain people feel about the cow transformation though..

The Halloween element works too, since they have trick or treating in the subplot along with weird stuff in the main plot. Speaking of the subplot, it’s slightly mixed. It has Corey not wanting to Trick or Treat with his Dad, which leads to some nice stuff in the end,

But it only amounts to two real scenes, spaced out. The time is used fine, and I don’t mind the subplot wrapping up early, but better pacing in that regard would have been nice. Also, there’s a joke where Corey mentions The Talk but it’s a different kind of talk.

What is with Disney holiday episodes and jokes about The Talk?!

The thing people remember most about this episode is the twist, where it turns out the whole episode was just a Raven hand, showing what would happen if Chelsea ate the wrong burger. Yes, a whole episode vision.

Usually this kind of twist is lame but the vision aspect makes it…interesting. I didn’t know she could have visions that are well over 15 minutes. Does that mean she was just staring into space for 22 minutes?

It’s a big cop out, but it is interesting due to that concept at least. And it’s kind of obvious since even for this show, magic spells seem out there.

Wait, in the Christmas episode time got revered (don’t ask) and here it’s all a vision. Will these Holiday episodes ever actually happen?!

That aside, this episode is good with it’s Halloween elements and strange cow jokes. It can be awkward and weirdly paced sometimes, but it’s an odd fun episode regardless. It’s another I can recommend.

Halloween [Phil of the Future]

Season 1, Episode 15

Writer: Micheal Caine (Not the one you’re thinking of), and Jason Cox

Airdate: October 8, 2004

Debbie is revealed to be an evil cyborg, who terrorizes Pickford, leaving Phil and Keely to save Halloween.

…Well, the Summary just spoiled the interesting thing I was going to build up to. Doesn’t matter because like Even Stevens, this mostly fouces on that so there’s not much to mention. But in short, this one was good.

Oddly, might be the most enjoyable one so far, even if it’s not the greatest plot. Despite focusing mostly on the big element, there are some other things like how it builds up to it, and minor jokes like Phil and Keely being a two headed hockey player.


The Halloween element is kind of small, since this could have taken place on any day and only their costume is Halloween-y but the general creepy-ness makes up or it. Even more so than the Even Stevens one, this has a creepy vibe to it.

I mean, Debbie’s plan is just to force people to make cupcakes (if anyone makes the most obvious joke when faced with evil cupcakes I swear I will be mildly upset!) but the setting o the school at night, and Debbie makes it interesting.

Seriously, she does this stuff but is all smiles through all of it, which makes it kind of creepy. The actress does make it all pretty convincing, surprisingly. (Can’t remember which Panabaker this was).

Speaking of Debbie…yeah this was a…weird twist. When this aired this didn’t actually happen wand was just a Halloween thing, but there’s nothing to indicate that here, and after this, Debby vanished and this was never mentioned again.

So if you skip holiday episodes, you’ll wonder where the heck she went. This is an odd choice but it does make for a good episode. Since it wasn’t brought up again, it is easy to brush it off. And with the shows’ premise, it’s not too implausible.

But what I don’t get, is that they say her kind was sent here after being discontinued. So instead of throwing her away, you send her to the past to screw others over? Huh?

Also, I like the way they stop here. It has a minor joke from earlier coming back ,which ends up being pretty clever. Weird premise aside, this one was solid. A good creepy vibe and funny jokes (it bookends with a Twilight Zone Spoof for some reason) make it a fun one.

It’s another one I can recommend, as long as you don’t think about it too hard.

Torn Between Two Hannahs [Hannah Montana]

Season 1, Episode 17

Writers: Todd J Greenwald, story by Valerie Ahern & Christian McLaughlin

Airdate: October 14, 2006

Miley’s evil identical cousin, Luann from Tennessee visits, and disguises herself as Hannah in order to reveal Miley’s secret at Traci Van Horne’s Halloween party. Meanwhile, Robby and Jackson decorate their house to make it look scarier than Dontzig’s.

This episode was okay. The problems come from the plot they picked rather than the show usual issues. See, this ends up being the plot where someone is paranoid and is telling everyone someone is evil or something.

This plot tends to fail because it seems like they are going to teach about jumping the conclusions, but usually they actually turn out to be evil. This episode fails in that same way. Miley keeps going on about how evil Luan is, and we only see her being nice and she’s nice to everyone.

Since we only hear about her deeds, Miley kind of looks like a bitch and people are right to call her out. But then she actually turns out to be evil and then any message they were going for is gone.

This is not the worst case I’ve seen, but it is a classic example. To be fair, otherwise, the episode isn’t too bad. It did remind m how better the supporting cast was, as they get the best jokes, especially some of Billy Ray’s remarks.

Speaking of jokes, at one pint Lilly makes a remark about Laun seeing dead people. Usual’s this would just be a dumb reference but then I remembered that Haley Joel Osment happens to be the brother of Emily Osment,

So now it’s a lame actor allusion, yay!

The subplot doesn’t amount to much but the ending is pretty sasyftying with how much of a jerk the neighbor guy is. Plus, it’s where the Halloween amount comes in. Seriously, with the main plot, the evil Twin is the only spooky element.

This could have taken place at any costume party. It fits on enough in some parts, but it could have been better. Yeah, that’s a trend with some of these older ones, they don’t always feel Halloween-y enough.

That aside, this one is okay. The plot is not done too well, but it has it’s amusing moments. I don’t really recommend if you don’t like this plot and focus on the moral stuff, even with its’ good moments. ‘

If you don’t care, go ahead. Not high on my list though. Without the plot, it would be one of the better episodes of the show, though. As it is, it’s just okay.

Arwinstein [The Suite Life of Zack and Cody]

Season 3, Episode 12

Writer: Pamela Eells O’Connell

Airdate: September 30, (?) 2007

When looking for Arwin, Zack and Cody accidentally release a robot Frankenstein monster (created by Arwin), who is almost an exact replica of Arwin.

This episode is interesting because this show had a spooky themed episode that was used as it’s Halloween episode, but then this official one came around near the end of the series. As a result, I didn’t have a ton of strong memories and people don’t tend to remember it as much.

This could be why it doesn’t’ go all out as they would of if there was more pressure to make a big episode they could air in October. That could be why this aired like a day early. Also, I think this aired during the period where Maddie was absent so a core character is missing.

Otherwise, this episode is decent. Like the others, it doesn’t go all out despite the premise and the Halloween party. I’m not sure what it is but these just don’t feel as Halloween-y as they could, mostly.

That aside, it’s fine on it’s own. The show has had it’s supernatural episodes before, and this at least seems more plausable. The story is pretty basic, and it amounts to what you would expect, but most of it works.

Maybe they spend too much time messing around, but the better jokes make up for it. I have a soft spot for the dumb humor of this show so I enjoyed this. Although the running gag of London insulting Carey in some way is not funny.

Arwinstein himself is likable and they get some amusing stuff out of him. If the plot was a bit stronger, I could recommend this a lot more, but it is, it’s a mildly interesting one to check out. It’s typical but more than amusing enough for me to like.

Just don’t expect a ton out of itself outside of some amusing and even sweet stuff. Arwinstein being sent to Arwin’s Mom is kind of weird, given he’d never appear again but ah well. Also, there’s a joke where Mosbey says he’s a “Horse’s-Nevermind”.

Hardy har, you know for kids.

But yeah, a solid enough one, just nothing crazy special. It’s fun but not my favorite. Still, not too bad. And hey, better than the last Suite Life Episode by this writer I watched.

Haunted Board [Zeke and Luther]

Season 1, Episode 10

Writer: Boyd Hale

Airdate: October 5, 2009

Zeke and Luther are haunted, when a cool looking board they bought off the internet, turns out to be the legendary cursed, “Eye of the Cat”. Which appears to be possessed, and have a mind of its own, every boarder who has ever ridden it being in an unfortunate accident. In the meantime, Stinky Cast strikes a deal with Ginger in which he bets that he can truly frighten her.

Now we begin the Disney😄 ones. I sometimes forget how old this show is. Anyway, this episode was good. It’s another canon supernatural one, which I think is one with how this is. This has a nice spooky vibe with the legend of the board and what it does to people.

It’s not crazy funny but there are amusing moments, like this one guy’s doorbell being an evil laugh. While it’s clear the board is evil to begin with, it does take awhile for Zeke to really buy it, and some mildly creepy-ish stuff happens as it builds up.

There’s a twist with the board’s owner that I saw coming but is still interesting with his backstory. Spoilers, the board just wanted to get back to it’s owner. Which is why it made a guy randomly combust for some reason.

That aside, it’s a good reveal. As for the subplot, it doesn’t lead to much but it has amusing moments and a decent pay off. Overall, it’s not crazy good but it’s a fun spooky one with a solid story and amusing subplot.

This and the Christmas Subplot make me want to watch more of this show, since I couldn’t see a ton for my old Disney😄 Post. As cheesy as it be, it’s pretty enjoyable from these episodes at least.

Anyway, not my highest recommendation but it’s worth a look.

The Tale of the Haunted Firehouse [JONAS]

Season 1, Episode 17

Writer: Julie Sherman Wolfe

Airdate: October 11, 2009

Here’s a show I’ve never spooky about before, mostly because everyone forgets it exists. Which is odd given who is in it. I’ve seen a few episodes…and honestly it’s not that bad. While Nick had the better boy band show, this was in a similar vein being fairly amusing. Nothing crazy great but honestly decent. Let’s see how it’s spooky episode is.

When Kevin thinks there’s a ghost in the firehouse, he enlists Stella, Joe and Nick to help him find it.

This episode was good. Man, we’re doing well so far even the Jonas Brothers can make a good one. It’s not on Halloween but fits very well, with the spooky stuff, the music, and how the transition are Spooky-ified.

The only problem with this one is that it’s very predictable. You know they are going to bump into creepy stuff, only for it to be fake or a prank but then oh no, there was scary stuff after all. It’s not the worst offender but it’s a bit of a small issue here.

The thing that sticks out about is that it’s mostly done in a found footage style. This was before PA was huge, so it’s more Blair Witch but at one point someone says this is paranomal, like it’s supposed to mean something. Weird.

This style really makes the episode stand out, and makes the creepy stuff feel more legit even if we know it’s fake. There’s also good humor, especially with one of the brothers telling this story in a wrap around. There’s some dumb jokes but the format makes it more tolerable. This show doesn’t take full advantage of the single camera thing since it doesn’t shoot on location too much and the jokes aren’t crazy subtle, but it makes less annoying at least.

So while the episode is fairly typical, it’s still pretty enjoyable with how it goes all out. If you can look past the stars, I think you could enjoy it, so I actually recommend it. That is odd to say but it’s true.

Yeah, let’s shake off the shame of liking this with a good show. (Still nto the best horror themed TV episode with Frankie Jonas at least).

Halloween [Wizards of Waverly Place]

Season 3, Episode 2

Writer: Todd J Greenwald

Airdate: October 16, 2009

Okay, it’s okay for one to show to give their episode the most generic name possible, but you did it again? Are these writers that uncreative!? …Anyway:

The Russos’ haunted house has been lame every year, mostly because Justin insists that they focus on safety. The person in charge of the haunted house, Mr. Evans, threatens to take the Russos’ contribution away if it is not scarier this Halloween. Alex then goes to the wizard world and gets three real ghosts.

This episode was good. It’s another that mixes the Halloween element well, as it’s about a Haunted House and has tons of jokes about the ghosts. Speaking of jokes, that’s what the episode is about.

The plot is fairly light and the focus is on the joke, be it the quips from Alex or the various ghosts. I can see this episode not being loved by some since not all the jokes can work. There’s a lot of Alex being a jerk and minor Justin torture, and jokes about him being lame.

He wants the house be all about making the right decisions, which is silly. I mean, if you want something scary about making decisions, just make everyone watch Doorbees!

I tolerate all this because I personally found most of it funny. The ghosts all get at leats one solid moment, Mr Evans gets some good snark, and I liked how Alex’s Costume was a shirt that said Costume…until the explained the joke at least.

And while the Alex jokes should bug me, I think the acting manages to save them, like in almost every episode. While the plot is light, it leads to some good jokes, and is a good story for a Halloween episode.

It fits for the Holiday while standing on it’s own as an episode. This would be perfect if the jokes were better thought out in places. Besides some Alex’s jokes, there’s a joke where a ghost who holds his head says he has a headache.

Hardy har.

So yeah, I do recommend it for it’s comedy but you do have to tolerate the jokes to enjoy it. I can see someone not liking it. It’s not a high recommendation for that reason but it’s worth a look for that reason. I like it.

The Ghost and Mr Martin [Suite Life on Deck]

Season 3, Episode 11

Writers: Adam Lapidus and Jerry Quines

Airdate: October 8, 2010

When the ship docks in New Orleans, Zack is haunted by the ghost of a captain of a sunken ship. Meanwhile, London and Bailey try to help Mr. Moseby overcome his fear of playing the piano in front of a crowd.

This is another spooky themed episode that aired in October, which is close enough even if this franchise already had a Halloween episode. I can’t quite review it as a Halloween episode, but I can say it’s decent.

It works better on it’s own but it’s still solid. I mostly like it for the story. I like plots where they find out there’s more to history than they thought, like that one Kim Possible episode, minus the bullshit dream cop out.

It doesn’t go too deep, but it is interesting. This is a good episode for Zack as he does develop slightly and I like that he was choosen to deal with this plot. That’s certainly the highlights. Oh, and a real ghost being here works fine since this series seems to do all the time.

Hell, there’s a callback to when the original series did the ghost thing. Nice. The subplot is alright, at least it’s nice to see London helping out even with some dumb jokes. Speaking of, the jokes are hit or miss, which is to be expected from this show.

But as the episode goes on ,they get better. My favorite part is the short found footage style bit, which Is like PA this time! About as much happens as in those land of nothing segments.

Sadly, it’s not the best spooky themed episode. There are ghosts, but the found footage scene is the only creepy part. The rest is usual antics. And also a Ghostbusters reference because why not. Debby will do that again in due time.

Overall, this is an enjoyable Suite Life Episode, but not a hugely fitting spooky themed episode for October. Honestly, the best Suite Life Episode to watch would be that Sutie 13 one, as it’s creepy-ish and fitting for Halloween.

But this isn’t a bad option, just not the best for the Holiday. I’d recommend it, just not highly for those reasons. Still, the plot is good enough to make it mildly enjoyable.

A So Random! Halloween Special [Sonny With a Chance]

Season 2, Episode 18

Writers: Josh Herman & Adam Schwartz

Airdate: October 17, 2010

If you recall, for the Christmas episode, they did a full episode of the Sketch Show within a show. Well, they did previously for the Halloween episode. This is also basically a poorly disguised pilot for the So Random Show they eventually did.

This one does have a bit with the actual characters bumping into trouble so it fits into the actual show better, at least. I feel the same way I did about the Christmas one: It was Hit or Miss, but mostly just …eh.

It’s hard to review a sketch show because all that matters is if you found it funny or not. Well, some of it was funny, most wasn’t. Nothing was horribly unfunny, just kind of weak.

There’s a skit about a monster under the bed who is more off an annoyance which is a funny idea, but kind of annoying in execution, especially with the shitck of the kid trying to show it to her Mom. Thankfully, there is a good ending

The rest are like that, kind of funny but also not that funny. We get some of the Check Out Girls, a Skit I’ve never liked. The joke is that there are these airheaded girls who react to everyone and everything by being shallow bitches and saying “Check out that X” out lout. It was never funny, although occasionally the person they talk to can be amusing.

The main recurring skit here is “Halloween Party Dos and Don’ts” which is mostly amusing. Like the Christmas one, we have a guest host with Shaquile O Neal. Yes. He’s actually not too bad here and does brighten up some sketches.

But yeah, him being here is weird. They waste time with some songs here. One is for a musical guest which is fine, but then Sonny gets to sing then the other is part of a sketch, which is also fine.

But we did need to waste at least 5 minutes of the episode on this. You could have cut two of those because each episode of a show like this does need a musical guest, but does not need the Sonny song or the sketch song.

The song skit is about how this guy likes to scary babies. It’s meant to be so weird it becomes funny, but that never happens, so it’s just awkward.

Overall, this was as hit or miss as I expected. I enjoyed some parts, but was annoyed by others. My recombination is only watch if you like the show and can tolerate some of these jokes. Otherwise, its’ an easy skip for the concept alone.

It at least works for Halloween, minus the songs which aren’t even creepy themed. I personally liked the Christmas one a bit more, by the way but both are equal in merit. So yeah, an easy skip although not too terrible.

MutANTFarm [ANT Farm]

Season 1, Episode 14

Writers: Jerry Quine and Dan Signer

Airdate: October 7, 2011

…Yeah, I already covered all three Mutant Farm Episodes way back in 2013. As such, you’ll have to just read the review againt. I got nothing to add to them mostly. You can just skip the if you want:

In a universe where all our kid characters are mutants. Chyna is a Medusa, Olive is a mad scientist with a brain on her head, Fletcher is a wimpy vampire, and Angus (the creepy kid from Ted, aka the fat one) is a zombie.

Instead of the Ant program letting awesome kids be in high school, it lets awesome kid mutants be in high school. The “Normal’ characters like Chyna’s brother Cameron are well, normal.

You can have your “race” debate in the comments below.

The plot is a clever spoof/role reversal of the first episode. In that first episode, the kids worried about the “big kids” not liking them and how they are treated badly. The teens have a party at Lexi’s house, and the main kids plan to sneak in against their parent’s wishes.

In Mutant farm, it’s the teens who are treated badly and the mutants go free without any trouble. After all, who would mess with these freaks? So it’s the teens who must sneak into a mutants only Halloween party.

While that is going on, Chyna tries out at a plan to get mutants and humans to work together. The whole ‘spoof of the 1st episode” thing is why I enjoy this episode so much. Some can see it as lazy but they do mess around with a few ideas and lines from the pilot to great effect. They also combined this with the other good thing: Taking full advantage of the setting.

An example of the former has to do with this line from the pilot. Chyna caught her brother at Lexi’s party, and a bit after that..

“Oh hey, you got a text from Satan. It says SEE YOU SOON”

Then in Mutant farm…

Oh hey, I got a Text from Satan…he says SEE YOU SOON….we’re going bowling later”

Never mind that they say SATAN, not “devil” in a Disney show, this is an amusing callback.

The episode is full of stuff like that. Like how in the first episode, Chyna and the gang make fake versions of themselves to fool Dad at home. Here, Lexi, Paisley and Cameron do the same thing. But with the IQ that they have…it’s a lot more amusing.

They mess around with the first episode, but they still fit in plenty of monster gags. Like how Angus the zombie keeps eating limbs. …Yeah, it’s a surprisingly dark running joke, but it works. There’s also a gag involving Fletcher’s evil laugh, but I won’t spoil that one.

It’s a pretty enjoyable Halloween episode that’s good for getting me in the mood. I won’t say everything that happens but Chyna easily gets Mutants to accept humans a bit more and she ends up singing. By the way, this show loves to LAMPSHADE the out of nowhere songs that plague these shows.


The song itself is called “Calling all the monsters’ and it’s actually pretty catchy. Don’t judge me, it’s good. Sorry this summary isn’t more detailed but there isn’t a ton to the plot. It’s simply an amusing spoof of the first episode that takes full advantage of its setting.

It’s actually of my favorite episodes for that reason. It’s fun. (Guess I can add this: For it’s fun concept, it’s one to check out if you like the show’s humor)

Scary Had a Little Lamb [Good Luck Charlie]

Season 2, Episode 25

Writers: Phill Baker, and Drew Vaupen

Airdate: October 9, 2011

It’s Halloween and when Charlie gets scared by Karl a jerk, Teddy decides to give him a taste of his own medicine with Ivy’s help. Meanwhile, Gabe agrees to protect Mrs. Dabney’s house from teenagers, but when her house gets trashed, Gabe has to do what ever she says. Also, PJ becomes a Goth because of his new girlfriend, Zoe.

We’ve reached an interesting turning point in the episodes. Up to now, they have been normal episodes set on Halloween, with some going more all out then others. Sure, JONAS and ANT Farm got a bit better but one is a single camera show, and one went to another world.

This is the first canon laugh track episode to go more all out, mostly by changing the shows transition music to be spooky. From this point, they go more all out for Halloween, even when they are typical episodes.

You can debate this all you want, but I think it works better. I’ll talk about more that at the end though. Anyway, this episode is decent. It’s interesting, because only half of it is set on Halloween ,with the rest covering the after math.

It’s unique in that regard, and the plots do translate to this section and they still manage to manage to make it spooky. PJ’s plot is the least interesting since the most Halloween-y part is how the end of it takes place in a Cementary, but there’s some good jokes, and a sweet enough ending.

Gabe’s subplot has a good twist, but doesn’t have much to it. There’s a good set up but they arent’ given enough time to flesh it out. I’m fine with 3 plots to give everyone time to shine in a Halloween episode, but more could have happened.

Teddy’s plot has the least to until the 2nd half, where she scares some jerk who was a jerk to Charlie. This one works the best due to ending of it. Their revenge is cruel, but really enjoyable with how far they take it, and Bridigt plays crazed murder surprisingly well. Plot-wise this is slightly mixed as there doesn’t seem to be a central conflict to speak but there is the theme of Halloween to tie things together, and they seem to be mostly equal.

Taking place all on Halloween with better focus could have worked more, but what they did works okay too. Joke-wise, there’s some decent bits here, most coming from the small quips here and there.

One of the main gags is Amy and Bob dressing up as the other one. While Fairly Odd Parents beat them to this joke, it’s still kind of funny. When Bob comes in as Amy, Teddy remarks that he is Ashley Tisdale.


Speaking of odd jokes, Teddy wanted to go as Bo Peep but the only costume avaible has “not enough Bo, too much peep’

…You know,for kids?

So yeah, this one is enjoyable but slightly mixed on a critical level. The decision to go beyond Halloween might not work for some, as well as how the plots are written. But as a simple slice of Halloween comedy, it does fairly well.

It’s nothing special, on either level, but it is fun. It’s not high my recommendation list, but it’s not too bad of a choice. It’s decent enough.

Beam It Up [Shake It Up

Season 2, Episode 4

Writer: David Holden (Grr…)

Airdate: October 9, 2011

Rocky and CeCe go to a Halloween party at the Shake It Up, Chicago studio. Meanwhile, Flynn suspects that his new neighbor, Zane, is an alien and has a dream that he and Henry have been abducted.

Before I get into this one, I have to mention something. That Calling All the Monster song from the ANT Farm one appears in this during the obligatory dance scene. Yes. This makes very little sense.

I mean, the song only exist in another universe in the canon of that show. How is it able to be here? The DCLAU is confusing.

Anyway, this episode takes a page for Good Luck Charlies’ book and sets the 2nd half after Halloween. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as successful this time. This episode is…debatable. The first problem is that the 2nd half barely relates to Halloween.

They are with these guys from the party but that’s it. Flynn’s plot features candy but that’s it. You could watch the 2nd half and not know it was connected to Halloween, they could have met during any old Halloween party.

GLC tied the plots to Halloween better, and was just better in general. But that in itself isn’t a big problem, the main plot is. Flynn’s plot is cliché but mildly amusing. Speaking of amusing, there are funny moments, mostly due to some of Rocky and Cece’s quips.

For the shows faults, I do think these two had a chemistry which shows up even in certain episodes that will not be named. Now, what’s the problem with the main plot? I’ll need to recap it.

Cece refuses to interact with most of the boys at the party because they look weird. Rocky calls her out for this and forces her hang out with one certain guy to actually get to know him, with Rocky picking out a guy to know for herself.

It turns out Cece’s guy is hot so he likes him, while Rocky’s guy is guy as weird on the inside, as he acts like a middle ages dude. Cece brags about how Rocky was wrong for most of the story, then in the end it turns out that Middle Ages dude was giving THEM a chance and doesn’t like them.

The hot guy leaves Cece because her snort laugh is annoying. And the plot ends with Cece gloating to Rocky again. …Yeah, there’s a message here, I just don’t know what it is. There’s a clearly a “It’s what on the inside that counts” moral, with it saying that some people can be bad on the inside.

But in the end, Rocky is punished for giving someone a chance and rightfully calling Cece out, and despite what happened, she doesn’t seemed to have learned anything and gloats to Rocky again.

Who am I supposed to be rooting for? Rocky is right, you shouldn’t avoid someone because they look weird. Especially at a costume party where’s you’re supposed to look weird! Rocky takes an honest chance and is punished for it.

Yeah, some can be weird on the inside, but giving them a chance isn’t bad. Rocky wasn’t even being a bitch about it, Cece was being dumb and she called her out.

The two guys both being shallow-ish is amusing but the Middle Ages guy disliked the two even though from perspective, they were fine-ish. Him being dick-ish is fine in general for the “some are bad on the inside’ aspect but it’s still unfair punishment for Rocky.

And Cece, who was worse didn’t learn anything and gloats. If she was clearly hurt by what happened that would work but she shrugs it off just to be a bitch. Yeah, I wasn’t a fan of this one.

It has some good ideas but the execution is off. All it tells me is that some people are bad on the inside and that’s it. There’s a way these ideas could have worked but man does it not. To make it worse, Middle Ages guy wasn’t a jerk for most of it.

He was just acting odd, he seemed like an okay guy at heart. If rocky found he was a jerk at the start, that would make the moral work but as it is, this teaches me that the weird guy who acts differently than me may actually be a jerk.

Yeah. I know they didn’t intend that, and I like certain ideas, but…yeah. Itwas all likely meant to be ironic. Rocky gives him a chance and he’s weird on the inside, Cece doesn’t and he’s hot but is shallow. The show just isn’t smart enough to pull that off.

I know you can’t tell, but I don’t recommend this episode. It barely has Halloween ,and on it’s own, it fails on a lot of levels.

It has it’s moments, but even fans won’t be too big on this one. Our first true Halloween dud, I’m afraid. Disney Xd, save me!

(Also, David Holden, you’re on my list)

Boo-Gi-Nights [Kickin’ It]

Season 1, Episode 12

Writers: Eric Goldberg and Pete Tibbals

Airdate: October 24, 2011

The Bobby Wasabi gang is determined to stop the Black Dragons from ruining the mall’s annual Halloween Boo-Stravaganza. I simplified that because there are actually FOUR plots in this episode.

Plot A has Frank finding out tjhat Jack is afraid of clowns, Plot B has Rudy meeting a girl on costume and wanting to find out she she looks like, Plot C has Eddie teaming up with the cafeteria lady to make a pumpkin and Plot D has a legend about the Dojo being built on a Butcher Shop which the dumb one whose name escapes thinking it might be real.

This episode was good. A huge breath of fresh heir after the last one. I’ll lead with the big problem: There was no need for there to be four plots. To be fair, they all connect…except the D plot.

At the start, it seems like it will be important, but goes nowhere. They tell the story to scare Rudy, the dumb one meets this guy who claims to own the shop the Dojo was built one, he thinks he’s scary, but he is told the story is fake…and that’s it.

That guy never appears again and it doesn’t factor into anything. Eddie’s plot does factor into the main story, so this could have been cut even though it gives us the creepy stuff. It leads to a joke where he after he meets the creepy guy and tells his friends, Mitlon brings up a Witch Descortino and says..

Show me on the witch where he touched you”


I’ve got nothing. I think someone beat Textual Harassment.

Anyway, outside of that, the episode is good Ruby’s subplot has an amusing ending, Eddie’s plot is worked in nicely, but the main plot is the highlight. It leads to the usual cool action, and it has some awesome moments with Milton kicking butt and Jack protecting his friends.

Jack doesnt’ get get over his fears, but he faces clown Frank in the end. It’s a nice compromise and works well for the story. Joke-wise, some fail but most hit, again mostly the quips from some of the actors.

It may not be spooky but the costumes and such make it fitting and enjoyable. So yeah, I liked this one. It’s funny, the main plot is good, some of the plots are worked in nicely, and there’s some nice moments, even if one plot is pointless and one joke is…odd.

I would recommend this. It’s just Halloween-y enough is in general written and funny. Not perfect, but one of the better ones we’ve seen so far. It continues Disney😄’s trend of being good. Solid episode.

Mutant Farm 2 [ANT Farm]

Season 2, Episode 13

Writers: Stephen Engel & Mark Jordan Legan

Airdate: October 5, 2012

(Again, previous review from 2013 is copy pasted)

In this EXCITING SEQUEL, Mutant Chyna gets a crush on human boy and when they find out their true nature, they must get past that, and whatever.

Meanwhile, Olive clones herself in order to multi-task. That goes about as well as you’d expect.

There were a couple changes in the proper show that had to go in this one. First off, this “Violet” chick entered the cast who is snarky. Here, she is Olive’s Igor, and it’s amusing. Also, for a while Lexi was a waitress at a restaurant that changes its type all the time as part of its gag. That’s here too and it’s cool.

The 2nd one isn’t as good as the first. It’s good but it lacks a lot of the memorable bits the first one had. Also, I don’t get why Chyna is having a problem when she strived to get rid of that in the first episode. Thankfully, it’s done well even if we know the boy isn’t showing up again, ever.

For the 2nd one, we have no Cameron, or Paisley or people like that, which is fine since we got our of fill of them before. We have less of Lexi (my favorite character) but she is still there and has some okay bits. Less of Angus but again, we got our fill before.

While I wish some of those popped up, the episode was decent without them. I’m not quite sure why I am so sour on this 2nd one. I have no real issue with it, and it keeps doing new and fun things with this concept.

Since part 1 used an earlier episodes plot, they needed a new one that still tired into the mutant thing. So they had to resort to a romance type thing, when I think they could have done some new plots. The subplot with Olive more than makes up for it, of course.

I don’t remember as much about this one other than general plot things. But I do remember it being amusing (as amusing as I find this kind of stuff anyway) and fun. They didn’t run out of stuff to do for this one, like I feared. They could have run out of jokes to get out of this idea, but they still had plenty here.

Of course, A.N.T. Farm wasn’t the first show to do the “other world where are main characters are monsters” thing…but we’ll get to that one later. Regardless, they do a fun spin with both of these episodes

(Recommendation is about the same, but since it’s a weaker one, you can skip this if you only have time for one Mutant Farm Episode)

The Whining [Jessie]

Season 2, Episode 1

Writers: Eric Schaar and David J Booth

Airdate: October 5, 2012

(Yep, review from 2013 again)

On Halloween night, Mr Wright from Ned’s Declassified tells them a spooky start about stuff on the 13th floor, and a nanny from the 20’s who went insane.

They end up going to the 13th floor while trick or treating in spite of this and them being out after curfew pisses off Jessie a little bit and she’s bent on finding them and stuff.

Perhaps the title tipped you off as to what this is spoofing but I’ll give you more details: Before She heads out, she is working on a short story to give to some dude. On the 13th floor, the kids see an elevator full of “Blood”, and also some twins saying “play with us”

Still don’t get it? How about this?

Here’s Jessie!”

Yeah, it’s the Shining. A Disney sitcom is spoofing the shining.


That’s my main reason for reason for liking this episode. It’s a good nod to that film. It’s been done before, most notably by the Simpsons-

Simpsons did it!”

Shut up. But would you expect THIS show to do it? …Well, they would later do Rear Window and then Terminator 2. So I guess this was a hint of things to come. Anyway, they hit all the marks but they have it make sense in the narrative of the show.

So if you somehow don’t know anything about the shining, you would probably get what is going on. Yes, Jessie was able to pull off a spoof more than you know who. That’s actually kind of sad.

Anyway, the explanations for why some of this stuff make some sort of sense. Well, I get why Jessie would be cranky but perhaps going all Nicholson wasn’t the best way to get them to listen.

A lot of the shining references lead to some amusing jokes, both cuz it Is actually amusing and cuz I know what it’s a reference to. But that’s not all we got. We have more amusing Halloween jokes, like a running gag with how Betram can’t seem to scare anyway.

Which gives us the best line in the episode.

Werwolves used to be scary. I blame Taylor Lautner”


Speaking of interesting lines, we have this bit with Jessie and her boyfriend dude Tony:

I have a great Flapper costume”

What’s a flapper?”

It involves me fearing a short skirt”


..I think the writers found out why this show is popular.

Anyway, most of the episode is amusing with Jessie going all insane and stuff. If The Haunting Hour has proved anything, it’s that Debby Ryan pull of kind of evil. Only here it’s not evil but it’s fun.

Granted, she’s no Jack Nicholson, but we can’t all be, ya know?

Though ike the ANT Farm eps, the usual baggage of lame jokes come with it., However, with the actually amusing bits, this ep is one of the better ones.

Also, Zuri’s costume is a race car driver and she has a car thingy that she names Christine. SUBTLE.

Anyway, there’s not a whole lot to say other than that. Eventually, things get settled and thing return to normal. Except it turns out the creepy doorman Mr Wright here is a ghost dude who was just fucking with the kids.

Then we see him with the ghost of the 20’s nanny and they go ghost stuff and they scare Luke who pops up.

Debby Ryan is quite hot-i mean fun as that ghost nanny for a second. I could be shocked that ghosts now canonically exist in this world…but this is the same world as Suite life, which had ghosts for real in one episode.

So I can’t be too shocked. This is a fine episode overall that serves as an amusing spoof and a good Halloween episode. They do take advantage of the Halloween thing like I’ve said before and that works well.

Also, it was the Season 2 premiere, which is also cool. It’s a fine episode. (If you like the concept and can tolerate some bad jokes, this one is worth it.)

Le Halloween [Good Luck Charlie]

Season 3, Episode 12

Writer: Dan Staley

Airdate: October 7, 2012

It’s Toby’s first Halloween and Amy wants Bob to dress up. Plus, Teddy enjoys PJ’s cooking, so she asks him to cook an authentic French meal in honor of her one-year anniversary since she got back together with Spencer. Meanwhile, Gabe is deceived by Mrs. Dabney into attending a ceremony in honor of her charitable work.

This episode was alright. It’s funny but plot wise, it’s not the best. For one, only one of these plots has to do with Halloween. Gabe’s plot could have happened anytime, and Teddy’s plot only involves Halloween because it’s raided by Clowns from their own Halloween party.

The first one took place after Halloween mostly and was tied more to the holiday. The actual writing issues do make it worse. The main story, isn’t actually a story. It’s a bunch of jokes about their costumes, Topped off by a bat coming and doing nothing.

And that’s my favorite of the plots, mostly because it was tied to Halloween and was mostly funny. I love the incredibly snarky trick or treater who is just having none of Amy’s crap. But how did that one kid not know what a Kangroo looks like?

Teddy’s plot is nice but derailed by the clowns. There’s a thing about how Spencer forgets something Teddy feels is important, but that’s resolved very quickly. The scene is nice, but is a weak resoltuion.

They don’t do anything with the clowns, after they are introduced, they show up but we cut before they even really do anything. Teddy tells us what happened later, which doesn’t sound too interesting.

Gabe’s plot is the most sound, as they actually complete it somewhat, and it’s funny to see them team up eventually, and realize it’s a bad idea. It has a complete ending, making it the best plot despite not being releated to Halloween.

As much as I complain, this episode isn’t too bad. The plots at least mostly have solid ideas, and are actually funny. There’s plenty of amusing quips and ideas, like Emmet playing music for them or that trick or treater I mentioned.

This episode is an example of the ABC plot structure can go wrong, but it’s at least funnier and more substantial than other examples I can think of. Overall, this one is just okay. It’s funny but has weak writing in some areas despite nice moments.

As a Halloween episode, it doesn’t’ give you enough of what you want. The first one is the one to go with, but we’ll see how the 3rd one pans out. So yeah, I don’t recommend this one too much. It’s funny but there’s so many better options out there

Slightly disappointing, but it’s the 2nd one, so it’s not a big deal.

Costumes & Courage [Austin & Ally]

Season 2, Episode 1 (Another Season Premiere?)

Writer: Rick Nyholm

Airdate: October 7, 2012

Austin’s new record label owner, Jimmy Starr, invites him to perform at the Starr Records Halloween party, where he will sing a duet with Taylor Swift to Ally’s newest song. Meanwhile, Trish and Dez decide to go on a ghost-hunting mission since the mansion they are in is supposedly haunted.

This episode was decent. The thing about it is that it has two aspects to the main plot, and the first only exists as filler in the end. Because of a wacky misunderstanding, Austin is mad at Jimmy and Ally so he makes a fake angry text to let his anger out, which Dez sends by accident because he’s stupid.

Yes, that plot. It’s not done horrible, but it’s cliché and Austin finds out the truth almost right away and once they delete the text, they never bring this up again and there’s no conflict until Taylor Swift is knocked out.

And no, they couldn’t afford her, so they just say she’s in costume and put some random Extra in there.

Also, the subplot only really starts later on and amounts to later on. What’s with all the basic writing problems happening in these episodes? But thankfully, there’s some positives here. There’s enough amusing jokes for my tastes, and the other aspect is done well.

Ally has to deal with her shy-ness again, this time because she wants to talk to this nice guy she meet. Putting on this costume gives her confidence, and when Taylor is knocked out, she is willing to out there in her place since she is someone else and thus not as shy.

It’s nice development for her, and even leads to some amusing jokes and a semi decent song. Although I have no idea how anyone fell for their trick at the end. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think Laura Marano and Taylor Swift sound anything alike, at all.

I like that she doesn’t get over her stage fright right away, but she does later on in the Season after this episode helped start that path. It’s a nice balance that other shows can’t quite reach, and I have to give the show credit for doing that right.

Not a fan of Dez is dumb jokes though, as we’ve discussed. Overall, the writing is mixed but the good moments make it up for it, abiet just barely. The Halloween works well enough, although not amazingly.

So in the end, it’s a decent option if you can stomach certain parts. Nothing ctazy special but as a Austin & Ally episode it’s important with the ending.

Oh, and in an example of an actress I know now appearing in an earlier show, Veronica Dunne aka Marissa from KC Undercover appears as Trish’s boss. Weird but cool to see. Ironically, Marissa could act like Trish does here sometimes.

But yeah, not my favorite, but still a decent enough one.

Mutant Farm 3 [ANT Farm]

Season 3, Episode 11

Writers: Tim Pollock & Jeff Hodsden

Airdate: October 4, 2013

(Again, same review from 2013)

At the very start they have the mutants arriving at the Mutant world Z tech. Zolan is a fairy, which is hilarious. Then there’s a joke with Z tech’s room-evator which here goes all the way heaven and down…to boiler room.

Also, the underworld”

Love that. Also, they say the evil one is coming…and it’s just Lexi. Hey, they already made a joke about Satan, I wouldn’t put it past them to have him come out for real. See, it turns out Lexi is a mutant….as in, she’s a mermaid. The kind with the fish part on top.

Sure, it makes more sense (As Family guy pointed out) but it is much less good on Lexi. Also, that evil one joke with Lexi proves that evil is sexy.

Did I just say that out loud?

Anyway, long story short, Winters (Zoltan’s bitchy assistant) takes over Mutant world Z tech and makes every mutant do a bunch of terrible jobs that they hate. Then Lexi accidentally ends up opening a portal to another dimension.

It happens.

To escape Winters, they go through and end up in….the normal A.N.T. Farm world. That’s right, we’ve reached that point. I thought it would turn out to be a dream or something….but nope. This is for real. A.NT. Farm has joined Suite life and other mostly non-magical shows in having canon-weird stuff in them. …That’s cool.

The rest of the episode has them hanging out and then some other things happen that even I won’t spoil. They up the antee here by having the mutant characters and normal characters bounce off each other. They get some good jokes out of this and I highly enjoyed it.

The funny parallels and funny ideas that the first one had are back at full force. Ideas like Zoltan being a fairy and a twist with Winters makes this pretty cool. I may actually like it more than the 2nd one. I’m not sure if I like it more than one. The plot is more interesting, but I liked the gags a bit more in the first one.

I may have to give the edge to 3. Why? Well, see, the first two had an AWESOME Halloween-y version of the theme song, which the title changed to Mutant farm for the intro. Season 3 got a cool new intro (visual wise) so they did a Halloween version for it here. And it’s AWESOME.

That alone makes the 3 the best, at least story wise. They even fit in a cute moment at the very end that I like. So we have a rare part 3 that is the best of the trilogy.

Also ,3 has this line from Vampire Fletcher-

I learned from this terrible adult novel that girls find vampires irresistible”

They flat out called Twilight terrible. THIS IS THE BEST SHOW EVER MADE.

Anyway, This trilogy as a whole is very enjoyable one.

The idea was cool on it’s own and they filled it with some really creative and funny ideas. It still has the trademark Disney sitcom….stuff, but I like that shit. It was a fun way to spend Halloween with these characters, instead of a normal Halloween episodes.

I now always say that Halloween episodes are the PERFECT kind of episode. For any show, it’s the chance to do some really creative jokes and plots. Every Disney show tonight that had Halloween in it proved that in spades.

This show proves that, of course. I actually hope ANT Farm gets a 4th season just so we can have a Mutant farm 4. Sure, I always say NO PART 4 but fuck it, I want it in this case. I didn’t go in depth, but when we get to ANT Farm in the look back ,you’ll see that this isn’t exactly the deepest show on right now.

But these episodes are among the most genuinely funny, and that’s nice. (I recommend this as mujch as the first one. If you only have time for one, go for the first one since it’s easier to get but this one is fine too. And whoops, no Season 4 thanks to ratings and maybe Mighty Med).

Howloween [Dog With a Blog]

Season 2, Episode 3

Writers: Steve Jarczak, and Shawn Thomas

Airdate: October 4, 2013

Avery’s family decides to throw a Halloween party, and Avery is upset when her parents will not let her attend a different party. Stan’s costume is a robot, and he talks with Bennett and Ellen.

First off, I totally forget Peyton Meyer was on this show before Girl Meets World. I got so used to him there that seeing him here was so surreal. The show are so different it’s kind of amusing. Anyway…

This episode was decent. I’d actually almost call it good, but a few quibbles do hold it back, although it was ultimately a nice surprise. The biggest plot problem is how Avery wants to go this other party that Wes is at.

When Wes eventually decides to go to Avery’s Party, she changes gears and focuses on this party again. Then the plot is about fixing the party and stuff. Avery’s behavior doesn’t really go nowhere, so why not just have her invite Wes to begin with?

I’m not sure how interesting that would be, but what we have now just slows things down. It’s not to horrible though, so I can let it slide. The other problem would be the usual failed jokes, which isn’t unique, to be fair.

There’s a joke where Tyler, Mom, and Dad are dressed as Dominos. You know where the joke is going but it’s still amusing when it happens…until Tyler explains the joke. Ugh. Aside from that, I did enjoy this one.

There’s something about some of the jokes that are so stupid that I actually find them funny. Maybe it’s due to the lack of really horribly mean spirited stuff, I don’t know. There’s some amusing quips and one of Avery’s Friends is going as a 24 year old Barista was a Master’s Degree.’

Scary, huh?”

I don’t know why that’s funny, it just is. Also, for once, Ellen admits that was not a good one. Nice.

The highlight would be the parts where Stan talks to Bennett and Ellen. I won’t spoil what happens but it’s rather sweet, and in Ellen’s case, kind of sad. Yeah, the music kind of takes away from it but otherwise these moments were surprising.

Ellen’s part especially works, explaining something and the explanation is very interesting. Sorry I have to be vague, but it’s better if you can blind in this case. Without this moment, the episode would be on the higher side of okay, but with it it’s pretty decent.

The Hallloween element comes from the party being the main setting, with works out. With the nice moment, some amusing moments, and the Halloween element, this episode is petty alright.

I’d recommend if you can tolerate this shows’ joke usually, and can enjoy it’s stupidity. If you can, you’ll get something quite decent and even a bit sweet, if a little cheesy. I didn’t expect much from this one, so it was a nice surprise.

Kind of stupid in places, but overall well meaning enough to be enjoyable.

Ghost Bummers [Jessie]

Season 3, Episode 1

Writers: Eric Shaar, and David J Booth

Airdate: October 5, 2013

(Last 2013 review, I swear)

The local bitch-y old neighbor Mrs Chesterfield holds a Halloween party and doens’t invite the kids or Jessie so they throw their own party. With blackjack! And hookers!

Okay, no but it is more popular than chesterfield’s party. But as luck would have it, Jessie begins to see ghosts and Emma, and Luke are overcome by ghoulish spirits. Now, it’s up to Jessie, Ravi and Zuri to defeat the ghosts and save the day and the building.

To help you get what this one is spoofing, Luke and Emma are taken over the Doorkeeper and the Codemaster. The big demon guy is Zorag and he does his stuff at the top of the building. And..

Who we gonna call?”

“…I have absolutely no idea”

That’s right, it’s Ghostbusters. This one is a bit more general than the the last one, so it’s not 100 percent everything from Ghostbusters. Which is good, cuz if you’ve seen the movie….you’d know why siblings Luke and Emma being the  wo ghosts that need to join…is really creepy.

This one isn’t as good as the first Hallloween episode, but it’s still fun. Mostly due to the Ghost busters elements and some of the cool stuff. Also, Zorag ends up possessing Chesterfield, which is awesome.

I don’t think there’s a full Zull equivalent here so i’ll do it on Zorag: ZORAG MOTHERFUCKER, ZORAG!

I actually don’t have as much to say about this one, even though I just watched this recently. However, there are couple minor bits to point out.

Jessie is dressed as Mayrlin Monore.

Whoa, are you dressed as Babezilla?”

No I am not babezilla….though I kind of am”


So I spent most of the episode staring…er I mean laughing. Or cringing. Whatever you haters want. Anyway, that costume leads to this bit with her and Emma, who doesn’t get it.

You need to watch more movies without Twilight in the title”

Okay, some Disney writer REALLY hates Twilight. God bless them.’

And that’s really it. There isn’t much to discuss plot wise as there was with the whining. While Ghostbusters is obviously the movie closer to my heart, I just found the first ep a bit funnier.

But does it have Jessie dressed like…that? Don’t think also.

Also, it turns out to be a dream cuz Jessie ate a shit ton of Candy. So they can establish ghosts once, but twice? Don’t be silly.

Overall, both of these episodes prove that Halloween can bring out the best in any show. While they are as flawed as the show itself, we still have plenty of amusing jokes. They were both creative in what they spoof and the stuff they do.

They are both certainty some of my fave episodes now. I mostly enjoyed them for what they certainty were.

(Nevermind, this episode sucks because there can never be a female Ghostbusters. …Shut up, you know I had to do it. Anyway, not as highly suggested as the first one, but it’s not a bad one. Good start to the worst season. Now the 2013 reviews end, thank god)

Fright Night [Good Luck Charlie]

Season 4, Episode 14

Writer: Christopher Vane

Airdate: October 6, 2013

Its Halloween and to raise money for the school drama club, Teddy, Vonnie, Kelsey and Victor sing Christmas carols with a Halloween spin. But when Victor falls into a hole and can’t get out, things start to get really spooky.

This episode was decent. I’d argue it’s the best of our three GLC ones, because the plots are handled better and all are tied to Halloween. Yeah,4 plots again.

One subplot just has Bob and Charlie running out of Candy, another has Amy doing something for Good Morning Denver, and the final plot has PJ and Gabe hanging out at PJ’s apartment and facing the wrath of this one woman.

Each tie in to the Holiday and intersect in the right ways. Each are least mildly amusing in their own way. Bob’s is nothing special but it at least funny, PJ’s get kind of creepy and the ending twist works due to the way they set it up. Amy’s plot is the weakest due to having a problem.

See, it ties into the main plot by having her report on Victor’s plight…but she takes advantage of it just get views instead of actually caring. Even for her, that’s cold. It’s not a big deal in the end, but it is small problem.

The main plot has a passable ending and the main joke of Halloween Carols is pretty funny. That concept would go way better in real life. I’d welcome some Halloween carolers. None of the plots do nothing crazy great, which is why I wouldn’t quite call it that good, but they are at least enjoyable.

They have weight and tie in enough to be decent. The whole episode is just enjoyable, and has the right Halloween vibe. Nothing crazy special but fun. And that mostly fits the show. It’s odd how the last one is the most Halloween-y since usual it’s the opposite with the last of many Halloween episodes.

The first may hit better highs with the plots, but this is more consistent and actually take place on Halloween the whole time. So of the three, I would recommend this one the most for that reason.

It’s set on Halloween the whole time and all the plots tie in. It”s not the best, but if you can find time for it, it’s mostly enjoyable even with minor issues here and there. That’s all I got for this one, I enjoyed it.

Kang A Rooney [Liv and Maddie]

Season 1, Episode 5

Writers: Danielle Hoover, David Monohan.

Airdate: October 6. 2013

It’s Halloween and Ridgewood High is hosting its annual Halloween Scream Fest. Maddie gets invited to join the couples costume contest by Diggie and the pair has difficulty reading into the outing. Meanwhile, Parker discovers a clown doll that once belonged to Karen, who thought she had long disposed of.

This episode was decent, but slightly off in one area. But the other stuff first. This one mixes the Halloween elements with an actual story fairly well. The main story with Joey trying to get better at talking to girls isn’t Halloween-y but most of it is set at a Halloween party, and the subplot has pretty Halloween-y.

So it can be a fitting special, and a solid story on it’s own. I do perfer the subplot since it has the Halloween stuff, and a nice ending. But the episode in general is nicely done, mostly.

This was the first episode with Ocean after Steal-A-Rooney and she proves to work when the story is actually good. Still weird that she just vanished with no explanation. Joey’s story is nice, but a bit mixed.

They go for the Be Yourself message and like the usual, it has the character doing things worth changing. I mean, he was striking out with girls for a reason. But to be fair, he’s not an asshole and the ending with Love Interest We’ll Never See Again #54 was nice.

The real oddity comes from this: To give him someone to practice on, they have Liv, who is in a full body Kangaroo costume, talk to Joey while he doesn’t know it’s her. Yeah, a bit weird but it works in building his confidence.

But it works too well, as he falls for the Kangaroo woman.


I…just…yeah. Now, the character react the way they should, which is pretty funny. But just…wow. Did not expect any incest in a Halloween episode! I mean, they react to it like they should and it doesn’t to anything weird as the record is set straight.

But the fact that this is here is….weird, to say the least. It’s no so much a problem as it is a…weird thing.

Aside from that, this is one that can be worth checking. It’s a fun Halloween episode, as well as a decent enough story. But it has a few hiccups, along with an odd plot turn. If you can get past that, you’ll enjoy it.

But I get if you can’t. Still, I enjoyed it well enough, implied incest and all. …That was a weird sentence. (Sorry there wasn’t much to say for this one, by the way)

Haunted It Up [Shake It Up]

Season 3, Episode 25

Writer: Allison Taylor

Airdate: October 6. 2013

Rocky and CeCe decide they’re too old to trick-or-treat and elect to have a “Mature-oween” with more adult activities. Meanwhile, tired of being treated like a little kid, Flynn challenges Ty and Deuce to a scare off in an old abandoned house believed to be haunted by a young spirit.

This episode was decent. Yes, it’s better than Beam It up, but that goes without saying. This one is exactly what it should have been. It actually embraces Halloween and has a solid enough story to it.

There’s not exactly a lot to the story, but it works. It touches on the too old for Halloween story, but I like it here since they go further with them trying to be mature. Some of that stuff is pretty amusing too.

The plots connect even if the subplot is on the cliché said, and has dumb Deuce Butt Monkey jokes. Yep, he’s the Butt Monkey for this show, which makes it nice that they gave him a steady girlfriend somewhat early on.

My main problem is that the ending is kind of lame. Kind of amusing but there isn’t the most sastyfing conclusion. I like how they realize they need to keep Trick or Treating, but it’s also slightly rushed, leaving room for a weak ending. But it’s not a bad ending and it’s at least amusing enough for me. Some may more issues with the story than I did.

But for the most part, this one was decent enough. The Halloween element is very strong, the story is mostly interesting, and it’s fun despite a weak ending and some dumb jokes. Also ,at one point Rocky tells Dina to get off her App and do something.

What’s with the all joke content in these episodes?!

But yeah, this is another case where you are more likely to enjoy it if you look past the ending and some bad jokes. It’s nothing crazy special, but it’s closer to what a Halloween episode should be than the other one. Even on it’s own, it’s almost there.

Not much else to say, it’s fine.

Health-O-Ween [Crash and Bernstein]

Season 2,Episode 2

Writer: Mike Larsen

Airdate: October 14, 2013

Wyatt is excited for Halloween but the traditions of Halloween are wanting to be changed by Gretchen (aka Mrs. Phlerger), who is now head of the activist group P.O.O.P. (Pauling Organization Of Parents). When Mrs. Phlerger plans to promote Health-O-Ween to the United States, Wyatt, Crash, Pesto, and Cleo receive help from the Nightmare Society to turn the tables on Mrs. Phlerger and get Halloween back to normal.

This episode was alright. It was mostly fine but nothing crazy special. The set up is fairly common with a Straw (wo)man but there’s no actual moral, as this is used just to be funny, which makes it acceptable.

There’s just not a whole to. A good amount of is amusing enough though. I like how Amanda is apparently this scary master of disguise, it leads to some good jokes here and there.

This is actually the first episode that was hard to revview, because I’m not sure what to say about it. It’s…fine. It has flaws but they aren’t horrible, but the good stuff isn’t quite making me passionate.

Most of the good stuff comes from humor. The plot is there for fun and is nothing special on it’s own. Some chick wants to clean up Halloween, they try to stop here, they fail, they try a big prank and it works…the end.

Yeah, they claim Halloween is saved but we see no proof of that. I assume they scared her so much she put Halloween back, but we never see that. So for all we know, this just made her want to keep her stance!

But that’s the only thing to comment on in the pot, other than the prank that starts the plot is kind of dumb on their part, so it could be hard to root for them at first. But then she targets candy and such, making things a bit better.

If you focus on plot, the episode is pretty “eh”, but if you focus on comedy, the episode is fine. There’s some ausing jokes although some bomb too. Apparently Crash can just remove his head and be fine, just for a joke where someone sits on him, hardy har.

Also, Pesto’s crush on Amanda was never funny.

Since we’re on random notes, I should mention that when an actor moves on to a role you eventually become more familiar with, it’s weird to go back to that previous role. I’m now used to Landry Bender on Best Friends Whenever, so it’s weird to see her be 3 years younger here. Her acting oddly works better here sometimes.

But yeah, there’s not much to say here. It’s totally fine for enjoyment, and it fits for Halloween, but it’s nothing too special. If you like the show more you may like this one more, but otherwise, only watch if you feel like it and have time.

I sound so down here, even though it’s totally fine for me. Weird..

Temple of Doom [Kickin’ It]

Season 3, Episode 15

Writer: Frank O Wolf

Airdate: October 14, 2013

Milton is given the responsibility of looking after the Shaolin temple. Kim then decides to throw a Halloween party at the temple making Milton mad until he is possessed by the spirit of Yoshimi who is looking for his lost love. Meanwhile, Rudy and Sam try to make Bobby like Halloween after Bobby had a traumatizing Halloween experience as a child.

This episode was decent. Almost good in a way but it doesn’t hit the highs quite needed to be called that to an extent. Not as good as Boo-Gi-Nights, at any rate. This at least boils things down to only two plots, both of which work.

Although the subplot doesn’t amount to much. Bobby stands up for this kid which is nice but nothing is quite learned and it ends abruptly. Still, it’s an okay subplot. The main plot goes supernatural in canon but for a Halloween episode, it works.

Evil Milton is an amazing idea and they use it well for some amusing moments. Although the part where he hits on this girl is odd because the guy possessing him is pretty old, being an adult and many years dead on top of that and the girl is a teenager.

What is UP with these episodes?!

Anyway, not much to the plot beyond that but I found it fun with how crazy it is. And it has a nice moment with Milton learning not to be a stick in the mud. And unlike everyone throwing a party plot like this, they don’t mess it up. Really, bad things only happen because of Milton.

You can find issues with that, but it’s nice to see them subverting expectations on that way. So yeah, if you only have time for one Kickin’ It episode, go with the other one, but this is fine too.

Both plots work, create a good Halloween mood, and it’s fun with the crazy plot. It’s not a big favorite, but it’s worth a look for fans/people who tolerate it. It’s fine enough and enjoyable.

Howloween 2: The Final Reckoning [Dog with a Blog]

Season 3, Episode 2

Writer: Jim Hope

Airdate: October 2, 2014

When Bennett hears Stan, the kids try to convince their parents that they heard a ghost. Shortest summary ever, but it was easy to condense. Also, amazing title.

This episode was alright. I mostly enjoyed it but it does have a glaring plot problem that drags it down a bit. This is actually a bottle episode, as it’s all set in the house and none of the recurring characters appear.

While this was clearly to save money and quickly get a Monstober episode it, it does work since things are always happening. I didn’t’ even realize it was a Bottle Episode until the end.

The concept is a good sitcom set up and is used fairly well, with a few amount of amusing moments. This episode is just as silly as the other one, but the jokes hit a bit more making a bit more consistent.

Also, Tyler is actually pretty smart here, as he sets up a lot of this stuff. Granted, him working on it is why he fails classes, but it at least shows he can be smart in some areas. So what’s the problem?

Well, their plan is kind of flawed. They want to make them think the place is haunted…but once they think that, they’ll want to move, which isn’t ideal for the kids….Oops. It would be fine if they brought it up, but they don’t.

Yeah, they never suggest moving near the end. If their plan backfire like that, it would be fine but everything works fine. Spoilers, they find it’s a trick which is excused since it’s halloween. Which is the only way Halloween ties into this, beyond a few costumes.

I mean, this could have happened anytime, despite the ghost stuff. This is a downgrade from the first Howleen for that reason, plus the plot issue. Otherwise, this one is fine. The dumb humor works and the plot is a good sitcom setup.

It just needed to address it’s big hole. I can forgive not tying into Halloween a ton for the sake of enjoying it, but that’s a big hole for me. There really isn’t much else to say. It’s a fun episode if you tolerate the show but otherwise, you can skip it.

If you can forgive the hole, you can enjoy it if you have spare time, but if you want a Dog with a Blog Halloween episode, go with the first one, it’s better written even if this can be fun too. Fun, but nothing too special in terms of writing.

It’s alright.

Girl Meets World of Terror [Girl Meets World]

Season 1, Episode 11

Writer: Teresa Kale

Airdate: October 2, 2014

Auggie tells three “spooky” Halloween stories. Yep, we’re going the Treehouse of Horrors route, in live action. We’ll see this a few more times in this post, and I like that even live action is doing it.

As for how this show did it…well, it’s mixed. It’s kind of Decent but kind of Average. I can tell you fails as a Treehouse of Horrors type episode for one simple reason: There’s nothing actually creepy or supernatural until the last one.

Regardless of the actual quality, what’s the point of even doing this then?! The reason most shows do this is to do crazy stuff they can’t do in a normal episode. They don’t do that, everything could have been done in a normal episode, minus the 3rd story.

The first one barely even releates to Halloween. They have costunes, that’s about it. If you didn’t want to break from Canon, then do a regular Halloween episode, or don’t include the monster in the last story!

This episode is confused. Does it want to be a normal episode, or not? As a normal episode, it does work better. The first story is kind of lame, though. Farkle is playing baseball (indoors due to storm, which cannot be safe) and is afraid of the ball. Then he’s not because Lucas does a thing.

It ties into the main theme but it otherwise just..there. The stories are at least tied together with the theme of fear, and how nothing is scary as we make it out to be. That’s a good message and using many characters to do is smart, but doing it like this is just odd.

The 2nd story is my faovirte, with Riley being afraid of sleeping over at Maya’s house. It has spooky stuff with Riley thinking she sees scary stuff, and while it doesn’t go all out, it’s still spooky and is combined with the nice message.

The 3rd story has Auggie dealing with a monster under the bed who is kid. This one is nice but kind of boring because not much happens and the message is a bit forced and cheesy here. We do get the usual scenes with no laugh track though.

This is where it gets confusing because everything seems canon and each story even lead into the other one. But now there’s a monster. Is this canon or not?

My favorite parts of this episode would be the wraparound bits with Auggie, because Topanga keeps coming and she gets in some good lines. Overall, this is …okay? If you forgive obvious problem and judge in on it’s own, it’s nice enough and mostly harmless.

But as a Halloween episode, it’s confusing. If you want a nicer Halloween episode, this may be worth it but if you actually want a fitting one, you can skip .Certainly fine, but what really what I wanted.

Also, there’s a joke during the baseball story where Lucas tells Maya he’s taking her out, and she quips that he’s not her type. At least until the writers say he is…then he isn’t. Yeah, we’re not getting into that mess here.

Runaway Bride of Frankenstein [Jessie]

Season 3, Episode 23

Writer: Vanessa Mancos

Airdate: October 2, 2014

Jessie does not know if she should marry Brooks, so she says she needs time to think. Meanwhile, Brooks tries to get all the children to like him so that Jessie will say yes. …And this is all on Halloween.

…Yeah, from that Summary you can tell one problem with this one, but first some background. Jessie did this little arc where she meet this dude and eventually tried to marry him. It’s a long story, and I don’t want to get into the arc itself here.

But in context it was kind of interesting and almost mature-ish. But that’s not important, what is important is this episode. For reasons I still don’t get, they made part 3 of this arc a Halloween episode.

Which is the main problem with it, as you can tell. That means it fails on both levels. If you’re watching through the Halloween episodes, you’ll be incredibly confused. Especially this starts right where the previous episode left off, with no Recap or anything.

As an episode in the arc, it’s just kind of weird because it just turns into a Halloween episode for no reason .It just wrap itself in Halloween at one point, enough that if this were a normal episode I would be happy, but since it’s tied to this plot, it’s kind of weird.

Now on it’s own as a Jessie episode, it’s fine. It is important step in the arc, as he has proposed to her and she needs to think it over, and get the kids to like him as they are a bit iffy. They are Jessie/Tony shippers, you see.

The ways Brooks pisses them off are a bit contrived, as ar the ways he gets their respect, but some of it is nice enough. This does feel like filler though, especially since a quarter of the episode is spent on a dream sequence.

It is the best part, as it’s a Frankenstein parody done in black and white. It has good atmosphere and amusing jokes. Speaking of jokes, the humor as hit and miss as you woudld expect from a later Jessie episode, but there’s nothing to terrible, and some parts work.

This one Is important due to the kids part and the ending, but the Halloween element does force in some filler-y parts. See, both elements kind of drag each other down. As a Jessie episode, it has enough parts that work to be decent, and as a Halloween episode, it has enough of that to almost work, but together they don’t mesh well.

To be fair, they air this year round due to it’s pale in the arc, but that’s weird because it’s airing a Halloween episode in like July or whatever.

All together, this episode is okay. It has some good stuff on both sides, and is enjoyable enough but it’s impossible to get into without watching other stuff first. So I’d only recommend it to fans who either have seen or willingly to watch the other arc episodes.

It’s not bad anything, just that it’s nature makes it hard to get into. Again, this was a bad idea. But overall, it’s at least okay to decent when taken as an episode on it’s own. Oh, and spoilers, they don’t married and the series moves on without him. Ah well.

Horror Stories & Halloween Scare [Austin & Ally]

Season 3, Episode 20

Writer: Jay Dyer

Airdate: October 5, 2014

When the group prepares to go to Jimmy Starr’s Halloween party a power outage leaves the four friends locked in Sonic Boom. They pass the time by holding a contest to see who can tell the scariest ghost story.

Told you we’d go back to Treehouse of Horrors format, and thankfully this one does it correctly. This one is pretty decent. I’m a sucker for this format, so chances are I’ll enjoy it when it’s done well enough.

The first story has Sheriff Dez discovering a swamp monster and finding out he’s a nice guy. This one is the weakest since it’s not as spooky as the others, but it has it’s moments, and a spooky ending. Also ,i love how everyone has southern accents.

The 2nd story has Austin & Ally trying to reunite a ghost (Trish) with her long lost love. This one actually fits in a nice moment decent mostly being funny and spooky. This one of those story types that just works for Horror sometimes, and here it’s done well.

Plus, the ghost’s love is played by Dez, which is amazing. This story is todl by Dez, by the way. Trish/Dez never took off, which is good because no one wants a repeat of Seddie over on Nick. Shudder.

This story works the best, I think. Also, random creepy piano girl is just there for a random twist but ah well. Also, if she’s a ghost, how was she playing the piano at the start?

The final story has a stalker teddy bear. They make it spookier than it sounds, and it goes inti pure horror the most. Which is fitting because Trish tells it after being sick of non-scary stories.

My only real problem here is that everyone is kind of a dick to Ally, just for not being scary. But they do get their comeuppance in a very awesome way, so I guess it’s fine. Overall, this one is enjoyable.

It uses the format to do creepy stuff they can’t do in a normal episode, and is fun. Not all the jokes hit, but in general it is spooky fun that worked for me. This is an easier recommendation than the last few, as it embraces Halloween more.

Of course, as usual you have to tolerate the show a bit to enjoy it, but at least there’s nothing too bad here. So yeah, it’s a fun one worth checking it out if you wish.

Helgaween-a-Rooney [Liv and Maddie]

Season 2, Episode 3

Writers: Jon D Beck and Ron Hart

Airdate: October 5, 2014

On the night of Scream Fest, Liv comes up with a new theme for it: brown. Against Maddie’s wishes, Liv texts it to the whole school. When Maddie finds out, she wishes that she had not been born a twin. She goes up to her room to find out her wish has come true, only in a different way than expected..

This episode was decent. Although I’m not really sure what was supposed to be learned here. What Liv did was pretty bad, and in the end Maddie allows her to keep it changed after her ordeal. I think I know what they were going for, and Liv did say she was sorry at the end…so eh?

Spoilers, it turns out to be a dream which is pretty obvious, especially since Maddie is seen taking a nap early on. It even makes more sense in context. Although like with Raven, I’m not sure why Maddie’s dream has a subplot.

But anyway, most of the enjoyment comes from Helga herself. She’s so over the top evil that she’s fun to watch and the whole plot revolves around her stuff, so most of is fun. Dove gets to act for 3 here, and she does pretty well with Helga.

My favorite joke…well it requires explanation. Like with Zeke and Luther, there’s these small bits in the show with the charecters talking to us the audience, kind of outside the 4th wall I na way. I showed one in the Steal-A-Rooney review without really explaining it.

Anyway, Helga gets one and it’s funny.

As for the subplot, Parker and Joey find this amulet that seemed to grant Maddie’s wish and they wish for clones to take their place and of course they evil. This subplot isn’t really resolved technically, but it has it’s moments, and I like how one joke comes back.

Helga is how the episode embraces Halloween, since like the last one it’s mostly location based. But the execution manages to make it Halloween-y and fun. Overall, this is another one that’s simply enjoyable.

The story is nothing special ,and has a couple flaws, but it makes up for it being spooky fun with Helga, and having a few good jokes. As far as a recommendation goes, as usual fans are more likely to get a kick out of it, as well as those who think it sounds appealing.

Not quite the best thing ever, but it has enough good stuff to be enjoyable for some. And yeah, I do like it more Kang-A-Rooney for simply being more enjoyable and such. That’s pretty much all I got for this one.

Next of Pumpkin [I Didn’t Do It]

Season 1, Episode 18

Writer: Judd Pilot (…)

Airdate: October 5, 2014

Logan gets upset when Lindy accidentally leaves him behind when the fire alarm goes off. Meanwhile, Delia tries to win an award for growing the largest pumpkin. Jasmine asks Garrett to go to the dance competition with her, but he fails to make it and she ends up dancing with Logan.

Okay, let’s get this out of the way: Yes, the Jasmine/Logan thing from Lindy Nose Best is brought up again here. I could get angry but at least it’s from a good plot in that episode, and you can watch this one without having seen that one.

What’s more important is the quality of the episode. And it’s…eh. Kind of a weird mixed bag. The subplots are fine and mix in with the main one nicely, so no real problems there. The main story however…let me explain.

At the start, it seems like it’ll be an even debate where you’ll see both sides, since Lindy only left him behind because she was just woken up and wasn’t thinking straight, but Logan did actually mange to think first and figure out there was no fire.

But then it turns to Lindy being flat out in the wrong just because Logan was right, forgetting that she did have a reason and what she did wasn’t the worst thing ever. Then Logan is a dick about and refuses to forgive her.

Meanwhile Lindy has clearly learned a lesson and is pleading for him to accept her apology. But then it turns out Logan isn’t that upset and is doing this to torture him. Then it turns out he did have a reasoning, that he was happy be right and he wanted to hold onto that…then Lindy doesn’t care and attacks him, the end.

…Yeah, there’s some problems here. Mostly that both parities are jerks. At first Logan is the way bigger jerk, then Lindy is at the very end for no real reason. I get that she’s mad, but the plot ends here so nothing is really resolved.

I don’t know who I am rooting for. It seems to be Lindy since Logan is shown as in the wrong at least but that ending shoots that down. This episode is just confusing and kind of cruel. Plus, Logan’s reasoning isn’t good enough. Yeah, it’s cool that you’re finally right but that’s no reason to be a dick about it.

Oh, and the main focus of the episode has nothing to do with Halloween. It kind of ties in when it goes into Deliah’s plot but that’s kind of flimsy. The other plots more directly tie in with it, but it never really feels like Halloween, we just get a few costumes and a giant pumpkin.

To be fair, the ending is meant to be a punchy joke more than anything, Logan is more in the wrong for most of the episode, which makes it a bit better than something like Lindy Nose Best, where Lindy is in the wrong the whole time thanks to the writing.

But still, the ending does bring this down, when it was just about to almost save itself. So yeah, I can’t recommend this. It has some funny moments, and decent subplots, but it has little to do with the Halloween and the main plot is poorly written.

It can’t decide who is in the right, and Logan is a jerk. His motivation isn’t even that good. I get that you liked being right, but that’s no reason to be jerk about it. Look, I’m fine with characters being jerks but in a Sitcom aimed at a young audience, you have to be careful and it’s more important to make them likable.

That’s why Season 1 bugged me so much sometimes. At least they learned their lesson and did plots that made Lindy and the others more likable, so I can let this slide more than Beam It Up.

Overall, just not very good, on either front. Another dud, sadly. Hopefully our next one will be good to make up for it.

Lair Lair [Mighty Med]

Season 2, Episode 2

Writers: Mark Jordan Legan, and Vincent Brown

Airdate: October 24, 2014

You know, I just realized I’ve never mentioned Mighty Med on here, despite going on about it elsewhere. Well, it kept my respect for Disney😄, as this is one of their best. I cant’ go into too much detail here but this gets even crazier with the story arcs and mature stuff.

Heck, this episode is part of the Season 2 opener arc, where Skylar became evil for reasons I don’t wanna get into. One day I’ll look into what this should could do, but let’s see how the Halloween episode turned out.

Oliver and Kaz attempt to visit the Annihilator’s lair to take his collection of superpowers and restore them to the superheroes, but they end up trapped in space by a still evil Skylar. Meanwhile, Alan insists on attending his first normo Halloween party.

This episode was decent. Unfortunately, I can’t quite recommend as a Halloween episode because only the subplot relates to Halloween, and it’s part of an Arc, so you need to watch other stuff to fully get. And this even has a cliff hanger!

But as a Mighty Med episode, it’s good. This was the first one after the Season Premiere so we deal a bit with the fallout of Skylar turning evil. Did I mention the other characters don’t know she’s evil at this point? Yeah, this show got interesting.

The main plot doesn’t amount to a ton, but it does lead to some amusing moments at least, as well as quite the cliffhanger. The show does know how to do a dramatic moment, as it uses music quite well without going overboard. And these moments tend to have no laugh track!

Not that anything too dramatic happens here but there’s some small moments here and there. It’s what this does for the story that makes the main plot, since on it’s own not a ton really happens. Still, it works well enough.

As for the subplot, not much really happens there but it has it’s moments and Alan does prove to be smart here. Although even this has story stuff, as the reason he wants to do this is that he found he’s Half Normo in a previous episode, although they give you slightly clunkly exposition on that.

The Halloween element is just a party but for a subplot, that works fine. I just kind of wish they went all out. They had a Spooky Themed October Episode the previous year, and I like that one a bit more, so maybe that’s a worth a look.

But this is decent too. I cannot recommend it as a Halloween episode, but it shows why you should give some of this show a look, because this episode shows some of it’s strengths, even if it doesnt’ all work. Some jokes fail, mostly due to cruelty. Nothing terrible, some bits of that are here.

So overall, kind of fails as a Halloween episode, but it works on it’s own. I’d skip if you’re not up to this point on the show but if you are, go ahead, just don’t expect anything hugely Halloween-y.

Kind of wish it was recommendable but ah well.

Flice of the Living Dead [Kirby Buckets]

Season 1, Episode 2

Writer: Shawn Simmons

Airdate: October 27, 2014

For the first time in either awhile, or at all, we have a Spooky Themed Episode that aired in October. Since it’s close enough, I threw it in, so enjoy.

Kirby and their friends are old enough to attend the Forest Hills Ninth Annual Fright Night Film Festival. However, when their biology teacher accidentally breaks open a container of Forest Hills Super Flice, the principal keeps the class within the school and they aren’t able to attend. Meanwhile, Dawn and Belinda are invited to a Halloween party hosted by Evan, one of the coolest kids in school; however, the party was for Evan’s little bro.

This episode was pretty decent. Oh yeah, it got ‘pretty” instead of just Decent. You know I mean business. I almost said Good but I realized how odd it would be for this show to get that treatment.

But honestly, this episode deserves it, because if Weekend With Inga does everything wrong, than this does everything right. And it’s the same writer!

I will admit that there are some problems here. It’s a Zombie parody, and there are some logic problems with how it comes about. Some go away once you think about it. Like how the kids are not Flice-ified, and that’s why they don’t want their heads shaved like the others. Some, not so much.

The other problem is the subplot. Like a lot of Dawn’s subplots, it starts off okay but doesn’t go anywhere, stopping on a random note. The plot is alright, and the dance off is amusing, but skippable.

Everything else works here, though. Despite not quite being a Halloween episode, it captures that feeling with the Zombie Apocalypse vibe. It’s not quite scary but the atmosphere is solid here, and the location helps give off a nice vibe of being trapped with no way out.

What makes things extra creepy is Principal Mitchell on the speaker thing I forgot the technical name for, going on about how shaving your head is good or whatever. Something about how he goes on makes it creepy.

There’s not much to say about the humor since it’s more about atmosphere but the basic concept is funny, and the actual jokes they fit in do work, like how Eli nitpicks the movie Kirby is watching. Insert Cinemia Sins joke here.

So this works as an homage, but the thing that puts this into impressive for this show is how it portrays Kirby and Dawn correctly. Dawn does something actually bad for no reason , and is punished for it with her subplot, where bad things happen due to her own ego.

And on top of that, Kirby is slightly jerkish and they not only acknowledge it, but he feels bad is and ready to sacrifice himself for his friends at one point! Even the pilot had the Dawn and Kirby problems, so the very next episode fixing them was so nice.

Aside from some minor things, this episode gets it right as a Kirby Buckets, and because of that, it works as a Halloween episode. It has a nice vibe, is a cool homage, and portrays the characters right so they are mostly likable.

It’s not quite an amazing episode, but it’s a pretty solid one since it shows what this can do. There are episodes just as good as this one in the series too, maybe I’ll talk about one someday. But for now, I can recommend this one.

Weird how a Non-Halloween Episodes fits better than some of the actual Halloween Episodes. Ah well. It’s a good one either way.

We’re now in the home stretch as we enter the 2015 episodes. Oh boy, are these interesting and require a statement from me before we go in. We all know Disney Channel loves crossover between their Sitcoms. Before they did big events, but lately they’ve been getting smaller. They tend to do one a year, and for 2015…they used Monstober for it.

Each episode would have a guest appearance by some characters from another show. It wouldn’t be a full blown crossover, they would just kind of show up. It’s a neat idea, and I’ll give my full thoughts on it after I cover all the episodes. Let’s see how they do it.

The Ghostess/Ghostest with the Mostest (Goes under either title depending on where you look) [Jessie]

Season 4, Episode 18

Writers: Sally Lapidus and Eric Dunlap

Airdate: October 2, 2015

Jessie plans to attend a Central Park Halloween masquerade party after dreaming of meeting a romantic, handsome stranger at such a party. The children are supposed to go trick-or-treating with Stuart, but he tells a story of a lonely ghost girl named Abigail who rises out of the grave to look for ‘friends’, and one by one, the children start disappearing.

I’ll be going over the “Crossover” stuff first on these. For our first round, we have Logan and Deliah from I Didn’t Do It. Weird one to begin with, but fitting since both shows ended in this month. Their appearance amounts to two small scenes…and that’s it.

I get that these are supposed to just small guest appearances, but it’s still kind of lame. They do get a few amusing moments at least and the interact we do get is alright. Luke hitting on Deliah is weird since she’s not quite his type personality wise, or look wise. But Crossover Shipping is always a win.

But onto the episode. It’s decent. It continues the tried and true Jessie tradition of parodies, this time doing The Ring. It’s not as good as The Whining in this category, but on it’s own it works. The kids are picked off and it’s decently spooky when this happens.

On it’s own it’s some nice escalation, and there aren’t too many direct references so this will make sense on it’s own, while The Whining could maybe confuse younger viewers that don’t know what they are doing.

Unfortunately, they decided to wrap up a major plot element here. Yep, this is where Tony and Jessie get back together. Despite being a bit anti climatic, it is sweet but why is it here? I went into why important plot stuff in a Holiday episode is a bad idea, and they’re doing it again?

This time, the episode doesn’t even air year round. Even taking aside my feelings on their whole deal, this should have been resolved in a normal episode, as it is it’s just padding for this episode.

There’s a twist to the main plot this time and in context it mostly works due to who is involved. They do the lame “Maybe it’s still real” stuff though.

And yes, there are bad mean jokes that could drag it down but there’s some decent jokes here and there too. That’s about all there is to say, this one is pretty simple in terms of plot. I was surprised at how decent this one was since I thought they would loose steam after the previous one, but it mostly works.

It’s an interesting parody, on it’s own it’s cool and creepy, and while the Tony stuff didn’t need to be here, it was cute to see. Overall, some problems aside, I mostly enjoyed this one. It’s a fun creepy one to end the Jessie Halloween Episodes on. The Whining is personal favorite of them, since it has the least amount of real problems. But this one isn’t too bad either.

Girl Meets World of Terror 2 [Girl Meets World]

Season 2, Episode 18

Writer: Jeff Menell

Airdate: October 2, 2015

Oh boy, this one is interesting, because this joined in the Crossover thing. That’s right, they put Girl Meets World in the DCLAU. Given what it’s spun off from and that it shared a universe with some shows, this is…very interesting. I wasn’t sure they’d do it…but here we are.

This episode is Non-Canon so a different episode inducted GMW but I figured I’d mention it here. People were kind of salty at first but now no one cares since this is the only crossover they’ve done so far. I’m okay with it for that reason, but it’s just weird to think that Sabrina the Teenage Witch now exists in the DCLAU by association.

…Yeah. Boy Meets World is no stranger to weird crossover. Anyway…

Ava and Doy join Auggie in telling some scary stories, mostly focusing on the ghost residing in the bay window of Riley’s bedroom.

Our special crossover appearance is from Austin & Ally. They get a major-ish scene, even if they don’t that much to the “story”. Ava’s fangirl crush on Austin is kind of cute I suppose, and I like how she becomes disinterested when he mentions he’s from Florida. Man, even Kidcoms make fun of Florida.

The episode itself is…meh. Yeah, if you thought the first one was confused, oh boy. Like the first one, it not only can’t find the balance between Halloween episode and GMW episode, but has tons of filler and is structurally a bit messy.

Instead of three stories we have one story told like it’s 3 stories. The idea maybe could have worked but in executions it’s just messy. Like me recap this “story”: A ghost appears in the bay window, they talk, then they dance, end “Story 1”. They go to a haunted house, talk to Austin & Ally, Ghost appear and explains other stuff, more dancing, end “Story 2”. They go home, talk to the ghost, ghost leaves, the end.

What a riveting story. Now to be fair, there’s an attempt to do something interesting stuff with the ghost, since she was apparently the previous owner of the Bay Window. I can some finding some of this sweet.

Although for me, it’s more Bay Window Worshiping, which I don’t like. This was the episode where I started to get sick of it, since here they really act like it’s some magical amazing thing. Yeah, I don’t seem to be a fan of Bay Window episodes.

This doesn’t fully work as a story, due to the format. It makes it feel disjointed and the filler doesn’t help. Oh god, the filler. I could tolerate the Dancing since it’s releated to the Flapper thing but it goes on too long and did need to happen three times! But then there’s the part where they turn into cartoons.

Yes. Out of nowhere, the ghost turns them into cartoons to do wacky stuff…for like a minute before things go to normal. They don’t even commit to it like the dancing, it’s…a thing that happens. The animation itself is well done and it could have been funny if it wasn’t’ so…random/.

It comes out right out nowhere, has nothing to do with anything, makes no sense, and after it happens, no one ever mentions it again. Didn’t think I’d break this out again so soon but..



As a piece of entertainment, this episode isn’t too bad as it can be enjoyed for how weird and dumb it is. But as a story, it’s such a mess. I can see how some of this could have worked, but the way the format is used, and the filler just kind of ruin it.

I don’t see why they even use the Treehouse of Horrors of Format If they arent’ going to use it correctly. I’m fine with doing something new with it, but how about something that makes in execution?

It’s on the lower end for the show, along with the ep I reviewed. I’ll cut this one slack for being a Halloween Episode and not a normal one, but still, it’s…flawed. As far as a recommendation goes, it can be enjoyed in the right mindset, but I can’t recommend it objectively.

Either way, it’s a sloppy, if slightly amusing, mess. With the Bay Window stuff I at least get what they were going for, less so the overall package. I’m not sure what happened, but let’s hope Part 3 is better.

Still better than the last time Joel Zwick directed Ben Savage I guess.

Bite Club [I Didn’t Do It]

Season 2, Episode 18

Writers: Jeanette Collins and Mimi Friedman

Airdate: October 2, 2015

Lindy and Jasmine are asked if they want to donate blood on Halloween, but Jasmine is suspicious of the guy asking due to how he’s asking. Both volunteer to donate blood, but Jasmine backs out of it later, because she is starting to believe that the guy is a real vampire, wanting their blood. Meanehile, Logan and Delia go to NYC to attend a science presentation, which they show. Garrett also takes Betty’s nephew, Kevin, Trick-or-treating.

I like how they explain why Logan and Deliah are in NYC to be in the Jessie episode. Anyway, our cameo is from Trish and Dez. Is using the same show twice cheating? Ah well. They get the usual two small scenes that don’t add much, but a couple chuckles come from the,. As obvious as the “Dez=Logan” joke is, I find it amusing.

This episode was alright. Better than the first one, mostly due to being more Halloween-y, but nothing too special. The main problem is that it doesn’t have much direction in the plots. Jasmine thinks the guy is a vampire, Lindy donates blood, pranks Jasmine and…that’s it.

In most shows, they would launch some investigation or something. But here she just kind of doesn’t do anything and when it comes to Vlad’s identity, he only get a joke at the end. Which is a pretty funny subversion of the “it was real after all” cliché.

Deliah and Logan meet a fortune teller, and we go through the shitick of them trying to stop some fortune from coming true but it fails and a bad thing happens. That’s about it. Didn’t Austin & Ally ironically do that kind of thing once?

Garret’s plot is actually the most complete since it’s smaller, and it’s cool to see these two bond, and the ending to it works. Entertainment, this episode works fine. The mood is nice, and there’s some decent jokes. Also, Lindy plays a good vampire. Not sure how to feel about that.

As a whole, it’s enjoyable but nothing too memorable. It has a nice Halloween vibe to to each plot has a good idea but in the end, nothing really amounts to anything. Things just kind of end, you know?

Still, it’s better than Next of Pumpkin, and it’s easier to get into since it’s not too incompetent. It’s just kind of forgettable, especially compared to the rest of the season. My recommendation is simple: If you aren’t too demanding and want to see the characters of IDDI be more tolerable, you’ll enjoy it.

Otherwise, you can pass on it. But if you wanna watch an IDDi Halloween episode, this is the one to go with. Nothing special but harmless enough.

All Howl’s Eve [K.C. Undercover]

Season 1, Episode 22

Writer: Dava Savel

Airdate: October 4, 2015

K.C. and Marisa throw a Halloween shindig of their own, with K.C. deciding to dress up as a spy in hopes of impressing River, the new boy in school but loses her expensive heart bracelet for communication with the Organization. Meanwhile, Ernie and Judy’s mission in New York goes wrong when a serum makes Ernie act like a wolf.

Something I haven’t brought up so far is that the guest stars haven’t’ gotten fake applause…except for Dez and Trish in the previous ep for some reason. Yet in this, we get one when KC comes out in her costume.

I don’t know get it. Anyway, here we get Emma and Zuri. This time have an impact on the plot as Ernie bumping into them gets the serum all over him. Aside from that, the usual jokes although Zuri and Judy interacting was more enjoyable than I expected.

This episode was alright. It comes close to decent but it kind of peters out in the end. Ernie’s plot amounts to him doing dog-like things…and that’s it. He doesn’t’ even turn into a werewolf or anything, the plot ends with the parents finding out and taking him to be fixed. …Not like that.

KC’s plot doesn’t even show her getting the bracelet back, We focus on how her one off love interest doesn’t like her after he caught her with a kid she kidnapped. ..Yeah, that happens. The Braclet gets in some kids bag and when she goes to get it, he doesn’t cooperate, so she kidnaps him and tortures him.

…Out hero, ladies and gentlemen. She never even tells him that she lost something, because that would be logical. It doesn’t even go anywhere, after the guy catches her, we don’t see him again or anything.

Yeah, the writing gets kind of weak near the end. But on the bright side, I like the party setting more here than in some of these other episodes, and most of the jokes do work. Marisa gets some of the best lines here.

The Halloween element works okay. Doesn’t quite go all out but the mood is there, and if the writing worked better this would be fitting and solid. As it is, it’s fine but has minor issues that will hold it back for some, especially KC’s actions.

It’s just so out of nowhere and weird. The kids is reoccurring and he’s the secondary butt monkey which sometimes can work but usually results in stuff like this. The other problems can be forgiven but this is just…odd.

I suppose if you somehow look past that, you may enjoy this, but once again, I mostly think it’s skippable. Not bad, and mostly fine, just has some kinks to work out. It’s another just okay one. Season 2 of the show has seen improvement, so hopefully it’s 2016 Monstober effort will be a bit better. This one is just okay.

Cyd and Shelby’s Haunted Escape [Best Friends Whenever]

Season 1, Episode 9

Writer: Jim Martin

Airdate: October 4, 2015

Barry creates a teleportation device, allowing Cyd and Shelby to travel to New York so they can attend the Halloween Spooktacular in New York. Meanwhile, Renaldo tries to scary Barry.

This crossover is the most interesting for a few reason. For one, there’s a bit at the end where they actually kind of lampshade the whole thing as they watch a crossover between two things they happen to like. Nice.

2nd, our guests are Riley and Lucas. Yep, this is where Girl Meets World got officially inducted. I went over how I feel about this already but I guess I can say more here. It’s funny how they used this show to do it, since it’s like the opposite of that show. Granted, a down to earth show existing in the same world as a crazy magic-ish one isn’t uncommon in the DCLAU but still, a bit weird.

The main reason this one is interesting is that Riley and Lucas are not a common, they’re part of the actual plot. Yeah, this is more of a full blown crossover than just a cameo. Again, the fact that it’s GMW makes it odd, but it’s cool that they did that. So I’ll comment on them when talking about the episode in general.

This episode was decent. The main thing I appreciate about it is that the main plot tackles Halloween indirectly by being spooky while the subplot is a direct Halloween episode since they are taking care of Trick or Treaters while this is going on. It’s a smart way to please people who prefer either type of Halloween episode.

As for the actual main plot, it’s all about them become ghostly due to the side effects of the teleport machine, while being in a haunted escape room attraction thing with Riley and Lucas. Riley and Lucas do add something to this since them dealing with this on their could have gotten kind of boring.

Riley and Lucas are pretty amusing here, and get some good lines. Although there is a weird part where Cyd and Shelby posses them and we get a line about getting into Lucas from possessed Riley. Yeah.

As for the subplot, doesn’t amount to much in the end, but it’s amusing enough for what it is. Speaking of amusing, I enjoyed this more than I expected. There’s something about the dumb humor that I enjoy in this show more than others. I can see others annoyed by this kind of humor, but it kind of works for me, usually.

Overall, this is a decent one. It nicely combines spooky stuff with typical stuff for the show, while actually using their crossover guest stars. Fans/toleraters will very likely enjoy this, other not so much. But you gotta appreciate how it’s constructed, at least.

Didn’t think I’d be praising this one a bit more than others, but he are. It’s a surprisingly decent one in the 2015 lineup.

Scary Spirits & Spooky Stories [Austin & Ally]

Season 4, Episode 15

Writer: Garron Mia

Airdate: October 5, 2015

The group goes to Central Park Spooktacular in New York, where they tell stories while in the haunted mansion.

Our crossover guests this time are Ernie and Judy. We’re back to them just making a couple cameos and that’s it. They leave the least impact of all the crossover guests so far, but they have at a couple chuckles I guess. Although the jokes referencing Judy as a robot will be confusing to those who don’t watch KC Undercover.

This episode was decent. About on par with the other TOH Style one, perhaps slightly better due to more memorable stories. The first story has a bunch of people in a mall, with one suspected of being an alien. A classic set up and while not much of a mystery, is amusing due the arch types used. Laura Marano pulls off Valley Girl (and the blond wig) surprisingly well..

The 2nd story involves a Discount Siri going a bit crazy. That’s been done before but there’s a reason it’s been done, because it’s just a good creepy concept. This is my favorite story for that reason, since it manages to be kind of creepy, especially with the ending.

The final story has Dez becoming a Were-Chicken. It’s the weakest since it doesn’t amount to much but I like Austin and Ally as a Discount Men in Black. An overall package, it’s another fun TOH style romp.

It works for the same reason the other one worked. It’s just plain creepy fun. There’s not much you can really say about it. Either you enjoy it or you don’t, and I quite enjoyed it. A bit weird they did this again like it would be a tradition, when this was the last season, but ah well.

Like with the other, I recommend this. Mostly to fans of course. Far from my favorite take on the concept, but it’s still enjoyable. Yeah, sorry I don’t have much to say, there’s only so much you can say about this kind of episode, and I’ve already covered a few in this block.

I’m glad we’re in the home stretch of this thing. Now for the finale of Disney Channel Monstober 2015!

Haunt-A-Rooney [Liv and Maddie]

Season 3, Episode 4

Writer: Danielle Hoover, and David Monhan

Airdate: October 4, 2015

Maddie’s inability to get scared is put to the test when Johnny Nimbus is killed by a falling portable toilet after swearing revenge on Maddie for pranking him. Meanwhile, Liv and Joey attend the Central Park Spooktacular to promote “Voltage” and things get awkward when Holden shows up. Also Meanwhile, Karen and Pete get help from Evan to raise their Treat Beat rating and get more trick-or-treaters.

Our final crossover guests are Cyd and Shelby. BFW was inducted in the DCLAU pretty dang quickly, as even KC waited about 20 episodes. Like with their episode, the guests actually play a part in the plot, as they kind of get Liv’s subplot truly rolling and help resolve it. How come Best Friends Whenever got involved in the better crossovers?

This does come with a problem. At the end of the BFW episode, they go back in time to stop themselves from going yo New York…which means Liv’s plot never actually happened. Ugh, time travel.

Although Cyd and Shelby did kind of start the plot, by accident alerting the Paparazzi guy of Liv’s presence so the plot not happening isn’t too bad. On a final note,. Austin Moon is mentioned! Yeah, even more crossing over going on.

This episode was decent. Liv’s plot was actuallly the weakest though, since you need to be caught up on the show to get why Holden being here is awkward, and not much really happens. As soon as the conflict happens, it is resolved. Cyd and Shelby did make it memorable, I guess.

We’ve done the prank thing before (yeah spoilers, they didn’t kill off a Disney Sitcom Character) but I like how it’s done here. Maddie deserves it for being so smug and pranking Nimbus, and especially their prank on Parker. So him getting back makes sense.

The prank is perhaps a bit cruel,especially on everyone else who isn’t in on it, but the way it’s done makes me forgive it a tiny bit. This is another one that mixes direct Halloween stuff and Spooky stuff pretty well, which should make everyone happy.

There’s not much to either plot, really but for this kind of episode, that’s fun. Plus , most of it is spooky fun with some amusing bits here and there. I like how Joey’s costume is a cat with a Joey shirt. Like he said, it’s ironic!

The 3rd plot is mostly just a bunch of jokes, but it works as the smaller plot and the ending gag is odd, but funny for that reason. I’d say Helgaween is the most memorable of the three Halloween episodes, but this episode fits the most, and I still enjoy it.

Some of the minor issues could bug people further, especially the prank being a bit cruel, but otherwise, it works. It’s a fitting Halloween episode, and uses the crossover guests pretty well. It’s nothing crazy good, but it’s a decent enough one. Weird how Liv and Maddie never interact in it though.


While we’ve got some Disney😄 ones left, we’re done with the Disney Channel Monstober 2015 episodes. Taking aside the episodes themselves (which were about par for the course), how was it? Eh, slightly mixed. The idea of the crossover is cool (and I like they used New York as sort of a hub) but most of the time the cameos added nothing.

They tended to not be too intrusive, but I imagine 10 years later (once these shows are nostalgiac enough to be used as proof that Disney was better back in my day, whippersnapper) kids then will be slightly lost until they look it up.

Only Liv and Maddie and Best Friends Whenever did anything with the guests, and I think more like that was needed. This was a cool experiment, but I see why they’re just going for normal episodes this year.

We’re in the home stretch overall, so let’s start it with…

Curse of the Screaming Skull [Lab Rats]

Season 4, Episode 16

Writer: Loni Steele Sosthand (There’s a name for ya..)

Airdate: October 21, 2015

The Gang finds a supposedly cursed skull on a deserted island which causes trouble.

Okay, some shows may wait until Season 2 to do a Halloween episode, but this show waited until Season 4? They were on a freaking Bionic Island by this point and had two Christmas episodes!

They did have a spooky themed October episode but this is no different from that, and they slapped Halloween on this one. Anyway, this episode decent. With how weak the Halloween element, I was kind of surprised by that.

The whole idea is spooky enough, but there’s plenty of episodes that are about as creepy and it doesn’t quite feel like Halloween. Despite that, this is enjoyable. The skull isn’t actually cursed, but it has a virus Douglas made, which makes Bionic People go crazy and want to kill people.

‘..I was going through a rough patch!”

They have fun with the idea of the virus effecting people, and creates a decently intense situation. It’s quite a bit of fun with how they use the idea, even if takes awhile for it to fully happen.

But to me the most impressive aspect was Adam. Yes, really. He’s paired with Bob here, and since he’s also dumb you think it would be annoying, but they have some amusing back and forth since Bob can be slightly dumber sometimes, meaning Adam has someone to bounce off of instead of just mock a lot.

Chase is the first possessed, yet he gets to unfair mocking here, surprisingly. And in the end, Adam saves the day by actually coming up with a smart plan! Yes, really! It fits in context and gives him a nice moment.

Even his dumb moments here mostly work. Good on them for getting him right, even this late in the series. Overall, this episode isn’t the best Halloween-wise, but on it’s own it works and maybe it has enough to make people happy.

It’s not the highest recommendation, but I enjoyed it more than when I saw this last year. It’s nothing too special but for what it is, it is a fun one. Although I was never a fan of Principal Perry being on the Bionic Island, since she is the weakest thing here.

Still, this one is decent. And to finally close out the official Disney sitcom Halloween episodes….

The School Spirit [Kirby Buckets]

Season 2, Episode 3

Writer: Kristofor Brown

Airdate: October 21, 2015

When Kirby wants to find out a mascot he uncovers the ancient grave of a school mascot that possesses Fish when puts on the head. Meanwhile, Dawn and Belinda get trapped in the emergency room.

This episode was decent. Not quite as good as Flice, but still solid in it’s own right. This one goes full supernatural, but given the nature of the show, that’s fine. Mostly since they do use the concept well.

While this is only a spooky themed episode, the atmosphere makes this one fitting enough. There’s something about this one that’s just kind of fun. It doesn’t anything clever or interesting to the extent of Flice, it’s more straight forward, but it works.

There is more of a story to this one, as they find out why there’s no mascot currently and the mascot’s whole deal. Unlike other stories like this, there’s no big sweet moments with the spirit but that’s fine given what show this is.

My favorite part is the climax, where we find out that Princpal Mitchell comes from a line of Mascot Slayers. Yes, Mascot Slayers. He gets decked out in all this gear in order to fight the mascot.

Yes. It is awesome. As for the subplot, it starts off interesting as it seems that Dawn will learn to let Belinda have a break…but then it goes nowhere, and after they get trapped, it just leads to a bunch of noise, and the subplots with them leaving, not having really learned anything.

Told you her plots tend to be like this. It’s not a big deal but this part is skippable.

So yeah, I enjoyed this one. The subplot is weak, some not bits here and there are kind of dumb, but in general, I don’t have too many issues. The spooky element works, the story is decent enough for this kind of episode, and we get some awesome moments here and there.

Not as interesting in terms of writing as Flice, but this is a decent enough Halloween-ish one too. I’d recommend watching that one first, but you have time for this one, go ahead. I think it makes for a solid one to end the Sitcom Halloween Episodes on…for now.


Well, that does it for the official Disney Sitcom Halloween Episodes. …However, we’re not done yet. There’s one Halloween episode tied to a Disney Sitcom that we need to cover as a bonus, Oh yeah, we’re going there….

Halloween Night At the Museum [Ultimate Spider-Man]

Season 3, Episode 21

Writer: Danielle Wolf

Airdate: October 10, 2014

Emma Ross, Luke Ross, Ravi Ross, Zuri Ross, and Ravi’s pet Asian water monitor Mrs. Kipling visit a museum on Halloween. Jessie finds a medieval sword coveted by Morgan le Fay while unknowingly freeing her from her imprisonment. Jessie and Spider-Man work to save Halloween and the world from the evil plans of le Fay’s and henchman Jack O’Lantern

Come on, you know I had to cover this. It just took me 2 years, that’s all! Before we even get into this, I have to comment on how odd this idea is. I know USM is on Disney😄, so getting in a star to supply voice, like they did with Ross Lynch and more recently did with Dove Cameron, but flat out having a crossover? I’m sure Jessie fans watch USM, not so much the other way around. Especially since Disney😄 operates differently from Disney Channel and tends to have a different audience.

But hey, just because something sounds weird doesn’t’ mean it’ll be bad, so was this? This episode was alright. Mostly fine-ish but something about it is still kind of …weird. The biggest problem of how these two shows fix.

This is basically the Jessie cast, caught in a Comic Book plot, more than a real crossover, since there are no extra Spider-Man elements. For the sake of simplicity, that’s fine. In terms of design, the Jessie characters look fine, and yes, animated Debby Ryan is neat to see.

But their faces look kind of weird and stuff, which clashes their voice acting style. Acting wise, they fit in enough and honestly, they’re humor works way better here due to being animated. Character-wise they are in character, and aren’t too jerk-ish. Although I do wish each had a bigger moment, as some like Zuri don’t really do much in the end.

Jessie obviously gets the most to do, and the highlight was her fighting Morgan Le Fay on her own. Yes. While it would be more awesome if she actually fought with Spidey for most of it, it’s still cool as it is. I mean, Animated Debby Ryan holding a sword and fighting someone who is voiced by Grey Delise? That’s like every wet dream come true!

  1. didn’t type that.

In general, I enjoyed this. It was funny in parts, and nothing was really wrong here. It’s neat that both parties learned from each other. Although this had nothing to do with Halloween in the end, so it doesn’t quite work as a Halloween episode.

I’m not sure what it is that is “wrong” with this. It should be more than just alright, but I can’t qutie bring myself to say it’s better than that. I think it might just be that as much as they try, these two just kind of clash.

I mean, USM is more comedic and has Drake Bell as Spider-‘Man, this really isn’t’ that far out. And in does it fits, but overall, it’s just…weird. But as a whole, it is better than it sounds and at least it’s painful of really awkward, just…kind of odd.

It has enough cool moments and effort put into it to be recommend to some. If you are willingly to tolerate Jessie and you like USM enough, you will enjoy this enough. Fans of either show that can tolerate the other will like it? Everyone else? Nah. It’s not bad, but not quite good enough to sway you.

It was an interesting experiment, but I hope they don’t try something like this again. This worth it for that one awesome thing, but nothing I’d really go out of

my way to watch again. So there, you have my opinion on this thing. It’s alright.

And those, were all the Disney Sitcom Halloween Episodes, at this point in time. It’s unfair to compare them to the Christmas episodes, so I’ll address them on their own. These can be hit or miss, as we had a couple “Bad ones” but mostly, they worked and we get some good ones. To me, Halloween means beng able to do something different, be someone else, and just have fun and that’s what Halloween episodes should do.

And these show that. My favorites tend to fit in the context of the show, but still go all out, being crazy spooky fun. A good story is nice too, but as you can tell, the mundane don’t do as much for me.

Earlier I said I’d give my thoughts on the later ones going for more all out. I prefer it. I mean, I get that some like them more when they are either more down to earth, or more directly tied to Halloween.

However, my personal preference tends to like ones that embrace the Holiday more by going all out. That, and let’s face it, Disney Sitcoms are better when they do something different since normally they can be uh….not the best.

People tend to like Christmas Episodes that actually feel like Christmas, so I think the same logic applies to Halloween. I’m not too picky, I can enjoy some of the ones that aren’t too much to the Holiday.

But I’m reviewing these as Holiday Episodes, not just episodes of the shows. If I was reviewing the shows only, the reviews may be different since I’m comparing them to the rest of the show.

Most of the Decent ones would be called Good on a Scorecard for the shows, usually. These ramble seems weird, but since some peolle in some circles feel differently, I thought I’d share all this.

Monstober is always a fun time since they can go all out and as we’ve seen, the episodes can be fun. If you’re wondering, some of my favorites included Halloween (Phil of the Future), Mutant Farm 1 and 3, The Whining, and Flice of the Living Dead. There’s others that are up there but those are the big ones for me.

As for least favorite, Beam It Up, duh. I may dislike Next of Pumpkin and Girl Meets world of Terror 2, but this ditched Halloween in favor of a failed ironic plot where Cece is annoying in her unlikable she is. It’s just bad.

What’s up for Monstober 2016? It’s September 20th as I’m writing this, and we already what Disney Channel is doing. Not a ton this time but some sound interesting. Not sure about Disney Xd. Hope Gamer’s Guide has a proper one at least.

I’ll be covering all the Disney eps, live action and animated, together since there isn’t a ton of either so doing them separately will be odd. Once they have all aired, I’ll do a post for them. I’ll be watching them as they air and typing the review then to get it out faster.

So I’ll see you all then. Outside of that, I’ve got something else for a big Halloween project. On, or around, Halloween, I hope you join me for A Look At Live Action Nickelodeon Halloween Episodes!

See ya.

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General Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Hello, Spongey here.

Time to return to live action for our general reviews. Today we got one I kind of want to just jump into since I don’t have much to say, but I kind of need an intro. Like pretty much everyone else, I was interested in this one due it being a Tim Burton film.

I haven’t seen a ton of his films, but what I’ve seen has mostly been gone. I’ve managed to avoid the weaker ones it seems. He’s well known for his style but it also makes him infamous since his style does get tiring especially in later films where there’s some style over substance going on, among other problems.

But at least they usually look pretty, and lately he has been getting his mojo back. I really liked Frankenweenie and I hear Big Eyes is pretty good too. Thus, I was interested in this one when I saw the trailer.

It’s based on a book series I’ve never heard of but it had a neat premise. Everyone jokes about it being like X-Men and that’s exactly why I was interested, because Tim Burton’s X-Men sounds like an amazing idea, if done right of course.

So far, the reception has been pretty eh but was so the reception for Storks so I won’t put too much stock in that. I’m excited to see how this turns out.

As for our writer, she has written Kingsmen and is also credited on…two X-Men movies….That explains a lot.

With that short intro out of the way, is Tim Burton’s latest as awesome as it sounds or is it not good? Yeah, didn’t want to do a lame school pun. Let’s just find out.

This, is Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Skipping production this time, not much to say and I just wanna get the important stuff. Spoilers, a Tim Burton movie looks nice.


When tragedy strikes close to home, 16-year-old Jacob “Jake” Portman is forced to travel to an island in Wales filled with mystery in order to discover the truth of what really happened. Jake’s ordinary life takes an extraordinary turn as the childhood fairytales he heard from his grandfather start to become more plausible. After stumbling into what seems to be a different world, Jake is introduced to the extraordinary Miss Peregrine and her peculiar children at Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. But when what seems to be a fairy tale takes a horrific turn, Jake is forced to make a life-altering decision in order to protect the ones he loves from the monsters of his grandfather’s past, the creepy Hollows and the dangerous Wights led by the terrifying Mr. Barron.

I said before that this was based on a book, and I figured that wouldn’t factor too much into anything. This seemed like a Tim Burton that happened to be based on a book. Instead it’s a…YA movie that happens to be made by Tim Burton.

That’s not a bad thing in itself, it’s closer to Harry Potter than Divergent. However, this does come with the problems this sub-genre can have. It’s on the better aside, because overall the writing isn’t bad…but I can’t call it great either.

You have a regular kid whose life has problems, and things get better when he finds out about this crazy world he has connections to, but a bad guy comes to ruin that. Yeah, this is been done there done that sometimes.

It does manage to stick out sometimes, especially with the Tim Burton elements, most notably the children in the school and their powers. However, it stays typical in terms of narrative. Which would be fine if it focused more on the craziness than it did.

Instead, at least half of it focuses on the story elements and all the mythology, like a lot of films like this, there’s a lot that makes no sense or is just overly complicated. The best parts of the film heavily feature what you’ve come to see, children with weird powers doing their thing.

So parts like Jacob meeting the kid and parts of the 3rd act are decent enough with the creativity. However, too much of it focuses on story elements and Jabob who isn’t that interesting, which I’ll go into detail on in the next section.

To be fair, I can see this stuff not bothering people for most of it. Some will be engaged enough with the basic stuff going in to ignore what I’m pointing out. For me, I can forgive this when it’s about the fun stuff as the movie is better at being a Tim Burton movie than a YA movie.

And the film can’t quite balance both elements enough to make for a coherent script. Speaking of coherency, the film goes off the rails in the 3rd which is both good and bad. Good because then it becomes a lot more fun, as they show off the powers, giving us neat action scenes, and it just embraces it’s nature.

However, the plot gets a bit too convoluted around. See, this movie has time travel, very very confusing time travel. Can’t spoil anything but even the main time travel plot device this world is built upon raises too many questions.

This is also where some of my writing issues really become a problem, as characters aren’t given the development they need, and they randomly expect to care about one guy who did nothing up to that point…and after that bit they never bring it up again!

Oh, and since it’s a YA movie, there’s a rushed ending and sequel beg. Not a horrible one, but it still exists. To sum it up, the film works best when it’s focus on the weird side is simple, as it become enjoyable with the powers, and certain characters.

When it’s about the “normal” side with Jabob or goes too complex on the weird side, it can be too dull or too confusing. The writing is far from bad, and I’m willingly to forgive some of it, but this movie should have been more engaging than it was.

As it is, the story is either too simple or too confusing, and it just can’t quite keep up. However, the mythology can beat, it’s fun to see the powers, and there’s nothing too offensive here. It’s just kind of….average, honestly. Almost fine, almost weak, but it’s mostly…okay.


As I said, the main draw of this would be the strange characters, and….sometimes it delivers. Other times, not so much.

Sadly, the biggest example is the main character Jabob, played by Asa Butterfield. He’s a blank you are meant to project yourself onto, and while he’s not bad, he’s pretty boring. This is the kind of film where he’s supposed to special, but he’s not. He’s just dull with not much personality to speak of.

What he goes through isn’t even that special. At the start, his life is just first world problem-y aside from a tragic event, which doesn’t work because it happens way too early to fully care. He his moments, but overall, he’s just…meh.

Running our home is Miss Peregrine, played by Eva Green. Her character isn’t crazy interesting by the end, but she is enjoyable. Eva Green has a lot of fun with the role while still being believable when she needs to be. She stops really mattering by the end but for the most part, she’s fun enough.

Speaking of fun, our villain is Mr Barron, played by Samuel L Jackson. Character-wise he works well enough as the villain with his motivation and such. But he wouldn’t stand if it not for Sam Jackson just having a blast. He’s chewing the scenery in a good way, while still being creepy enough in some scenes.

He’s easily my favorite part in terms of pure enjoyment.

Then we have our children. The most notable one is Emma Bloom, who can control air and needs lead shoes to stay on the ground. She’s the main friend for Jacob and she works fine in that role, and they have cute moments together. She’s fine.

The others have about equal importance so I can rush through them. There’s the invisible one, the fire one, the one with bees inside them, and the one who hates Jacob for…reasons. Charecter-wise they don’t amount to much but they are fun with their various powers.

The one who hates Jabob is weird because he’s the one who hates the “Normie” but that’s as deep as it goes until a random bit near the end which goes nowhere. The kids are mostly fun with some standing out more than others.

And of course the rest that exist aren’t worth getting into. Like the Dad who is sometimes a dick, other times fine, and the Grandpa who I can’t go into without spoiling anything. They are okay but don’t leave too much of an impact, mostly.

The characters are overall mixed, with some being fun with their idea, and some being too bland or underdeveloped. But still, none of them suck so there you go.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is just….okay. I’m slightly conflicted as mostly the problem aren’t too major, and I can see someone enjoying without caring about anything I say. The film can have fun with the idea, giving a few decent characters and fun performances. But it also has a lot of the “based on the book” problems, getting too complex with the story, and leaving a lot underdeveloped.

This all evens out to be an…Average film. It can be fun but it doesn’t have the writing to make it fully good. I’d recommend to those who don’t care quite as much about logic and can just enjoy some crazy stuff, as long they are willingly to through some boring parts.

Hardcore Tim Burton fans can enjoy this, not so much people who are mixed on him. It’s serviceable and has some very fun moments, but overall it needed work. Perhaps a sequel can improve, but we’ll see it it gets one.

So…yeah, it’s just okay.

Writing: C+

Production: B (It looks pretty, although not crazy mind blowing save for a cool skeleton battle)

Characters: B-

OVERALL: B- (Subject to change)

This is more of a BFG review in terms of how I wrote it, but as usual I hope I get my thoughts out there and you see what I mean. See, THIS deserves the 60 something on RT. As for next time….i have no idea.

Nothing in October looks that interesting, but maybe I’ll see them if they get good reviews. I want to do one general review per month so I need to pick something. Guess we’ll see what happen. In the meantime, Disney Sitcom Halloween coming tomorrow, Mostly Ghostly 3 a few days later. Should be fun.

See ya.

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Goosebumps HorrorLand-Heads, You Lose!


I bet this guy isn’t getting any head tonight. I’m not sorry

Hello, Spongey here.

Time for more of HorrorLand Arc 2! I…got nothing to say for the intro here. Doing these Modern Goosebumps reviews is becoming as part of my work as the scene by scene reviews were.

And unlike them, there’s nothing to say for each intro, as each book has the same credited writer and now we’re at the point where they aren’t pulling directly from other sources. I mean, the last one had an odd concept and a interesting backstory.

This is just…a book. Spoilers, not even it’s quality is interesting to discuss beforehand. At this point, the intro just wastes time until the review. Hell, I’m only saying this because I have to say SOMETHING before we begin.

But seriously, there’s nothing to say. The Arc 2 books aren’t quite as interesting to introduce for reasons I went into. The rest could be amazing in execution but that would still be true.

So yeah, nothing to say about our third helping from Arc 2, so let’s just get into it. So far we haven’t hit a really good one yet, just a decent one and an average one. Hopefully this can change things up.

This, is Heads, You Lose!

The book opens with our female protagonist, Jessica, and her pal Ryan hanging out in the Zombie Plaza. They are big into magic and thus want to visit the Horrorland magic shop. Let’s just hope Amazo doesn’t get a cameo.

After a false scare so lame even the main character doesn’t fall for it (Seriously), they meet the owner who has tons of cool tricks. He shows them the forever box, which is supposed to make anyone who lies in it vanish forever.

That doesn’t sound as appealing as most magic tricks like it. Which of course means they try it out. Predictably he actually does vanish and can’t be found anywhere.

Jessica goes in the box to find him and the bottom falls out and long story short, she ends up in Chiller House where Ryan is. Okay, this opening was especially weak since it was short and the way they end up in Chiller House is too odd for the characters to not question.

But whatever, let’s get into the real story. Jonathan Chiller pops out and shows them around. The McGuffin of the book is a double headed coin that they think could be good for magic tricks.

And with that, they take it and are given the ‘pay later” spiel. End part 1. I think Stine is sick of these intro already given how weak of a start this was. At home, we get fluff with Jessica’s Dad before she heads off to school and bumps into a bully who is bothering Ryan.

He’s like a bad cartoon’

I’ll be the judge of that!

Jessica pulls out her trick coin and she says if it lands on heads, he has to leave them alone and he gets their lunch money forever if it’s tails. He goes with it due to the 50 percent chance of gettign what he wants,

Heads. You Lose”

Roll credits!

This works and he leaves. Huh, I didn’t expect a bully to honor a deal like that. They accidenlty drop the coin and when they find it, they suddenly feel dizzy,’

The world starts looking weird, and long story short, they sit up and see that they seem to be somewhere else. They are in a big green field with no streets or anything like that. They wander around until they bump into a giant castle.

Yeah, spoilers, they are in the Middle Ages ala Terror Tower. Spoilers, this lacks the great twist. They find a blacksmith and try to figure what is going on.

What year is this?”

I am but a blacksmith. How would I know the year?”

I didn’t know you needed wealth or stature to keep track of time.

The Blacksmith thinks they are some people the guards have been searching for and he calls on them. They run but the guards catch them and they are mistaken for people who murdered the prince.

Whoa, framed for murder? That’s dark. Nice.

They are taken to the castle to be executed. They meet The Duke and his Wizard, the former of which likes to bet a lot. Gee, I wonder if this will be important. The kids try to explain themselves but of course they aren’t having any of it.

They take him to,…the prince who was killed. No, not his dead body. He’s alive…just with no head. Uh, they said the kids killed the prince. He’s not dead, the liars.

How is he alive? Magic. No, that’s the actual explanation which does make sense in this world. He demands to know where his head is, and since they won’t tell him, he orders them to be killed.

They are thus taken to the Not Lord High Exceuctinor.

I could see the goose bumps on his arms”’

Roll credits!

Before the book can end early, Jessica offers The Duke a bet in the form of a coin toss. Gee, didn’t I see that coming back. Her deal if if they win a coin toss, they have to be let go. Okay,. I see why it worked on a dumb bully, but someone in this time, who doesn’t seem too dumb? Really? He must have a real betting fetish.

It doesn’t matter because the Wizard won’t stand for this and wants them killed anyway .The Duke convinces him to honor the deal, but he wants them thrown in the dungeon so they can still be punish. Okay, is the bet scene pointless or not?

I guess it wasn’t because they are thrown in the dungeon like he requested. The kids think about how to get rid of this and try and see if the coin can bring them back. There’s a fakeout where they think they lost it, and a guard comes with prison food.

What are we having for lunch?’

“”Lunch, what is lunch?”

Don’t we get spoons?”

Crazy prisoners, making up your own words”

I get spoons, but lunch wasn’t a concept back then?

The guard leaves, but Ryan was able to take his keys without him noticing. They establish that Ryan is a conveniently good pickpocket. Uh, wasn’t that also an element in Terror Tower? So far this at least had a different plot from that, but then they lifted that.

The kids escape and end up on the outside. They hear someone but there just happens to be a robe around there they can use to disguises themselves. This works but they can’t get the coin to work meaning they are stuck for the moment.

They figure the best thing to do in the meantime is find the real killer. Ah yes, now we are getting an interesting plot. This is now a murder mystery. Not something I expected in this series but it’s still interesting.

They figure whoever killed the prince is around since there’s no way he could he escaped with the guards around, and they perhaps dumped the head somewhere, since hey, their goal was to kill the prince so who cares where the head is, perhaps they didn’t know the prince could use magic to stay alive.

Some of the logic is slightly off, but this mostly checks out, at least enough for me.

So the kids decide to search for the head on off the chance it’s been hidden on castle grounds. They search in a shack and bump into a guy who claims to the prince’s…rat Tender. Yeah this is his…rat house.

The prince likes his rats because he feeds them to his cat”

…Sure, why not.

The kids leave right after that. Well, that had a point to it. …Unless he’s the killer. Shit, forgot this is a murder mystery, so I have to suspect everyone! Um…I think either Duke or the Wizard guy did it.

They bump into the Blacksmith who isn’t sure if these are the kids who were taken by the guards, because robes are an amazing disguise somehow. While in his place, they find a human head. …Well, I was wrong.

The Blacksmith doesn’t act all weird about the kids seeing this though. I mean, he tells them it’s not leaving his place but that’s about it. Thankfully, they are able to escape with the head stupidly easily.

They plan to give themselves up to get the head back…but they have no proof someone else did it, so they’re gonna be boned. The guards take them to the prince and they hand him his head but…whoops, turns out it’s not his head.

It’s the head of a random enemy they caught once. I bet we’ll get an explanation for why the blacksmith had this random head in his house. The kids escape the guards (okay, these guys officially suck at their jobs) and notice something.

There’s no cats around like the rat guy said. Meaning Simon the rat guy lied to them.

Maybe the rats are there to guard something that is hidden there”

Like the prince’s head!”

  1. was joking when I said he might be the killer! I hope Stine isn’t THAT obvious. Even he has to knows the first rule of murder mysteries is that the first really obvious guy usually didnt’ do it.

They escape the castle (Seriously, the duke needs to fire everyone in charge of keeping people in the castle) and get to the Rat shack where they find the Prince’s head right away. How did they not find it earlier when they were looking for it?

Simon pops up but they get past him (the kids escape everything too easily) and find the guards who take them to the dungeon, They never show them the head for…reasons. They do show it to the Duke when he pops up. However..

Once Warwick has head back, he’ll figure out that Henway and I are the ones who chopped it off!”

Yawn, called it. You know, to make a good mystery, you need more than 3 suspects. Heck, all 3 are involved as simon was hiding it for them. Because a shack two kids could get into is an amazing hiding place.

They killed him because they prefer to be in charge, and they were disguises when they did it so no one would know. Hey, that’s actually smart compared to their hiding place. They hid it because their attempts to burn the head failed. Because remember, prince has convenient magic.

So of course, the kids have to die to hide their secret. But of course, Jessica tries to appeal to his betting fetish again. This time if the kids win, they can go, although the bad guys keep the head. Eh, I guess no one will belelive them but come on, is your bet fetish so strong that you can’t think logically?

This time their plan fails as they catch on and switch it with a real coin which lands on tails. Okay, I can forgive his logic fail now. The kids are taken away…but then the prince’s head speaks up.

I get how this can happen (magic) but why didn’t he speak up until now? Now the prince knows…i think, so the bad guys need to keep the head with them. However, they end up losing it to two kids, as the manage to get it back to the prince.

And with that, the prince is whole again and sends the traitors to the dungeon. There’s only so many ways to snark on how easy the kids have it in this book. After that, they prince asks about the coin and points out that his head on his on it.

It brought us back to help you”

Eh, fair enough. He flips the coin and like magic, it flips them back to the present. Next to Boomer who is pissed. They pull out their coin trick again which he falls for a 2nd time. …But it fails because the prince switched out the coins like a jerk for some reason.

So the main story ends with the kids having to give the bully their lunch money. I love a happy ending. And of course, we have the epilogue where that night the little horror takes them back to chiller house. No variation, just the same stuff from before. It’s book 3 and I’m already tried of it.

But yeah, the end!

Final Thoughts:

This in the same category as Camp Slither, as it does nothing really wrong, but it’s nothing special either. It’s very average, but not even in the “So okay it’s average” as it does things right, and things wrong, but either no far in either direction.

The main problem is that half of this has nothing that interesting happening. The main draw in the location…which has been done in Terror Tower. It picks up near the end once it becomes a murder mystery.

But even then it’s mostly just kids running around. Not very exciting. The twists are predictable, although the 3rd act does become enjoyable for all the plot issues that pop up. I mean, the book is mildly enjoyable, it just rarely reaches beyond that.

I wish it did do very bad things so I could at least rant on it, but nope, it’s just…decent. A very basic kind of decent, where it doesn’t competent and that’s it. Don’t think this review is negative, because the book is fine, just nothing that special.

Hopefully this arc picks up soon cuz so far things have been pretty…eh.

Grade: B-

Hopefully, that will happen as next we have a double length Halloween book…which I;ll review in October! Wow, It’s almost like I planned it that way!

See ya.

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Top 5 Amazing World of Gumball Season 4 Episodes

Hello, Spongey here.

Time to do a list for a recent Season of a show I follow! Yeah, this is now a thing I do, sometimes. Just remember that I’m not obligated to do these kind of lists every time. Only if I have enough to say, or I am passionate enough, will I do a list for the Season of a show I follow/did a list for before.

This is why I have no plans to do a Steven Universe Season 3 list. Yeah, sorry. You don’t wanna see someone praise Mr Greg for the 1000th time anyway. I wasn’t quite up for doing another SU list, but you bet your ass I’m going back to Gumball!

Yeah, back when I did my Top 11 Amazing World of Gumball Episodes list, I planned to do a list for Season 4 because I was passionate about some episodes, and was actually sad I couldn’t put them on that list due to my own rules.

Yes, even before I get into this I am telling you some of these would have been on that list back when I did it, not even factoring any new ones since then that could make it. Man, Gumball is weird.

It can go from “pretty solid” to ‘BEST THING EVER” very often. Like with Wander, it has episodes so good that the show can be close to the quality of insert whatever show people see as amazing right now here.

Season 3 onward has kept the show mostly “very good” to “Great”. Yet it’s not a show you would think would be like that, given the problems it can have. (Not to mention having one of my least favorite “Dud” Episodes…).

You can read my previous list for my details on the show in general and such. I’ve noticed with some shows Season 3 is either a weaker one, or the best one. And in the latter case, Season 4 will be not quite as good, but can often pump out some of the best episodes ever.

Happens on CN a lot. Happened with Kids Next Door, Adventure Time, Regular Show, and now Gumball. Season 4 is fairly close to great with how good the best episodes, and how it keeps raising the bar for the show.

But it’s not quite as great as Season 3, since it has more lulls between awesome eps, and a few more weaker ones. Season 3 had none that come to mind (even if some could be a bit mixed) but I can think of some in Season 4. Not a big deal, that’s gonna happen.

Season 4 did up the ante by having a minor arc. By minor I mean there’s this guy who is a sort of recurring villain now, who appears like 3 times in the season. Nothing huge, but man, even this show has an arc of some kind.

But yeah, Season 4 was pretty solid. Here’s hoping Season 5 will be as good, without dropping too much. Some of the episodes impressed me so much that I’m here. Today we’ll look at the episodes from the past season that I liked the most.

Which ones would make it on my current Top 11? Which ones were the most interesting, funny, and creative? Am I rushing this to just go with the list? Yes, to the last one! Let’s do this.

This, is my Top 5 Amazing World of Gumball Season 4 Episodes

(This was almost a top 8, but I decided to lighten my workload, as I just finished something that took 20 days total to do. Yes. Look for that October 1st)

5. The Origins

Writers: Ben Bocquelet, Mic Graves, Louise Coats, Andrew Jones, Ciaran Murtagh, Daniel Berg, Nathan Auerbach, Joe Parham and Tobi Wilson

Oh boy, we’re off to an interesting start. This is the obligatory big one that everyone praises, or at least was until another episode we’ll get to. And yes, my usual reasons keep it low on here, but most of my choices are about equal as it is hard to rank these episodes as they are great for different reasons. Except the top 2, they are my top 2 episodes.

This episode is the first true double length episode of the series, although it’s done like two 11 minute eps, with part having it’s own title card and brief funny recap. As the title suggests, this is as flashback to show us the secret origin of Darwin, how he came about and all that.

This is an episode that works more than it should. See, the story focusing a lot of Gumball and Darwin’s love for each other, a lot. To the point that it pulls out a lot of cheesy tropes you expect in a story like this.

By the way, I mean Darwin literately only survives off Gumball’s love, to that point that it’s because of a comment from him that Darwin grew legs. Seriously. A lot of this isn’t directly parodied…and yet the whole is just as emotional as something like this is supposed to be.

I can’t pin down why. One reason would be that it’s still funny. They still have tons of jokes, and it’s not a cheese fest all the way through. There’s great moments like the reason Sussie is the way she is, how Darwin comes from the Van from The Puppy, and tons of other little asides.

The comedy doesn’t distract from the drama, it actually makes it easier to digest. This show tends to be good at mixing the jokes in the drama, most of the time. If I’d compare this to anything, it would be The Shell.

I like that one better because it more directly parodies it’s tropes, but this is in the league. The story itself is also well written. It starts with them trying to deal Kid Gumball, who is very yperatic and he calms down when they get him a fish, but they keep having to replace the fish as they keep dying.

This helps really establish the family dynamic. Gumball may be hyperactive and hard to deal with, and they are doing this to keep him calms, but they clearly love him anything to go such lengths and all that good stuff.

Each step of the story showcases this well, and the character are all in top form. And while some of this is cheesy, it’s also sweet. You do see Gumball and Darwin’s connection pretty well, and the 2nd half especially goes all out in showing their love for each other. It’s a journey home story as Darwin is accidentally flushed and ends up in the Ocean. They manage to make this engaging with how sweet it is.

They go all out in showing their love and as over the top as it is, it’s effective. There’s a number of close calls where Darwin just barely misses them and it’s just as emotionally intense as it is funny.

So when they get back together, it’s really satisfying. Also, the music and animation are genuinely strong in the bigger parts. We even get a musical number about how Darwin is on his way, which is all big in how he’s going home, but it becomes funny with all the dangerous terrains he comes across.

Gumballw should do a musical episode, because it’s songs to be really awesome. My favorite is the one about Gumball wanting his ass slapped. That’s a thing that happened!

There’s just a emotional quality to this special that makes it, despite how cheesy it is. You can tell put a lot of effort it into to make it genuinely work as a story, even with all the silly humor. The whole episode is just sweet even though it shouldn’t be.

It just shows how weird this show is. Also, the timeline confuses me. The show seems to take place around the present, and Gumball is 12 so this episode set when he’s around like 5 or so should be set in the early 2000’s or so, right?

Well, wrong, it seems like the 90’s because there’s a joke about Richard creating “The Internet” which is literately just a bunch of nets. He also has a Nirvana parody shirt. Either time is weird of Richard is just that stupid.

I’m leaning towards the latter.

But yeah,it’s nature does prevent me from loving me, but it’s still great in it’s own weird way. It’s cheesy and cliches, but it’s done in such a way that makes it surprisingly engaging and emotional.

A well written story and tons of good humor makes this one better. It’s cheesy but gosh dang it’s loveable. I don’t know what more I can say so I’ll end this here. The Origins is a strong special that shows the strength of the show, as it can make something cheesy into something funny and sweet.

It’s good for their first special.

4. The Signal

Writers: Ben Bocquelet, Mic Graves, Joe Parham, Andrew Jones, Ciaran Murtagh and Tobi Wilson

Gumball is a show that does a lot of experiments, but there’s only so many experiments you can do. By this point, I thought the show couldn’t really surprise me with what experiments it does. Episodes like this prove me wrong.

It’s hard to really describe the premise, but basically Gumball and Darwin’s relationship is strained when some some freaky accidents makes Darwin think Gumball is insulting him. By that I mean, the world is glitching like a TV causing it too look like Gumball said crazy stuff.

Yeah, that’s the gimmick of this one. It’s kind of a more subdued version of that one Futuarama episode, but which it playing out like a TV signal going crazy. This episode goes all out with ,to the point where the title card glitches out.

That did get me, because my TV is an asshole, so it’s entirely believable it could have gone out at that moment.

This does start out a bit slow, mostly just having Gumball stuffier a bit, but later he it gets crazier, from having Gumball skip words and thus say something bad, to having them skip through time a bit and stuff like that.

Because their falling out happens due to misunderatanding, this could have been boring or stupid, but I think it works. Mostly because they keep it funny instead of just having Darwin be boringly mopey.

They make some good jokes with him being upset he is, and how Gumball is screwed over. Plus, from his perspective, it makes sense that he would be upset. I don’t get why this doesn’t’ effect Darwin until later though..

To be fair, this isn’t supposed to make sense. Nothing is ever quite explained, at least now why TV effects “real life”. This is an episode that exists so they just can have fun with a crazy premise, and it works very well.

Of course, the highlight is when all hell breaks loose, with time skipping all over the place and commercials interrupting life. It’s fast paced with tons of great creative gags. There’s tons of gags with this idea, including how this ends up affecting Richard.

This episode really took me by surprise with how creative and enjoyable it was. Even if this was somehow done before, this goes all out with the premise, and is a lot of fun. It also has kind of a creepy ending.

No spoilers, but the way things are resolved is interesting and a bit of a mindscrew, especially since it’s never brought up again.

I suppose there are better “experiments” episodes this is one of the most interesting due to how none it makes sense, in the best possible way. There’s honestly not much more I can say. When something is funny, it;’s just funny.

This has a creative slant to it, but it’s not the kind of creative I can ramble on about, you know? Still, it’s an out there episode with a great set up that they do a lot of funny things with. Doing a misunderstanding plot right is just the icing on the cake.

Oh, and it has a joke about someone being hurt by barbells that’s actually funny and not horrible! What’s not to love?

The Signal may not give me a lot to talk about, but it’s a creative fun episode to wa-

3. The Signature

Writers: Nathan Auerbach, Daniel Berg, Ben Bocquelet, Louise Coats, and Tobi Wilson

Hey, remember The Authority and The Man? I tied them on my Top 11 List because I felt they were thematically linked due to focusing on Richard and his mother. I bring them up because this episode is basically a part 3 to the “Richard’s family trilogy” and thus would have been on the list along with those.

(I even mentioned this ep in that section, something I forgot I did until I went to re-read it for this post)

When Richard finds out Louie and Jojo plan to get married, he adopts Louie to stop that from happening. Yeah, that’s the basic plot, and is the focus for half of it. The episode works at first due to how hilariously absurd that premise.

We get good jokes about Louie being treated like a kid, but then it becomes a story of escalation with everyone trying to fix this by starting a chain adoptions, starting with Louie adopting Nicole.

Yep.It’s a lot of fun with some good silly gags. Then it takes a turn. Eventually, it gets to the point that the person in the family with the most power is…Richard’s Dad. You know, the one who left him a long time ago.

Yeah, we’re going into that again. This time they track him down to get him to adopt Richard and fix this whole mess. This is where the episode becomes something special. To the surprise of no one, Frankie Watterson is a deadbeat who is kicked out of his residence and only visits Richard because he figured they’d give him a home.

And of course, it gets emotional as Richard and Jojo face the deadbeat they hate so much. Spoilers, this is one of the stories where the deadbeat dad is forgiven. I know I praised Blendin’s Game for subverting that, but just because I like a subversion doesn’t mean I don’t like it when it’s played straight, when done correctly at least.

I think it works due to the emotion, and how unexpected it is. It starts like a silly episode but drops this bomb on you. And it’s at a good point in the episode, giving them time to focus on it enough.

They don’t explain exactly why he left, but what they do here is nice enough to make up for it. I won’t spoil exactly how certain things play out, but it is very heartwarming. Yeah, it’s cliché to go this route but I think it works in context.

However, I kind of have to dock points because…well in the end his Dad adopts Richard again and is willingly to be his Father again. …And he hasn’t’ appeared since! This was early in the Season, so they’ve had plenty of time to bring him back.

They brought Rob back a few times later in this Season, so why not Frankie? I mean, Louie being their grandpa is addressed in The Check but not Frankie. This especially stands out because this show has good continuity, especially in this Season.

I loved this one a lot more back when I first saw it because I thought Frankie would become a major character but nope, haven’t seen from him since? Maybe he’ll appear in Season 5 but it shouldn’t have taken that long.

It does prevent this one from possibly being higher, but I still see it as great. It’s just very nice to see them address, and Frankie making up for his mistake is very heartwarming? Cliche? Maybe? Rushed….eh, sure but dang it, it just works for me.

Yeah, first few eps on the list have some cons that prevent them from being higher and I consider them to be interchangeable. This is just higher due to a better joke/story mix and the story being more interesting.

This is another episode where the helps make like it more than I might otherwise. Although unlike The Hero, the problems aren’t too big a deal. Frankie vanishing is the only one that really bothers me, and it’s not this episodes’ fault.

So yeah, there’s not much else to say yet again. This episode as a great entry to a sort of trilogy, and gave me something I was interested in seeing. It starts as a absurd premise turned into something very good, but becomes something pretty sweet.

While I hope they build on this, the episode stands as great for now. It’s another episode that’s just as funny as it is sweet, while having some interesting stuff in the sweet bits to boot.

Sorry I’m not saying too much but I think the top 2 will make up for it. But yeah, The Signature is another get angry in a sort of trilogy that isn’t a trilogy.

The top 2 is where the list gets interesting because these are the ones that are in my current top 11. Sure, Signature is but tied with two others. These would have their slots, and these would be roughly in the overall top 5. Yeah, let’s do this.

2. The Routine

Writers: Ben Bocquelet, Louise Coats, Nathan Auerbach, Daniel Berg, Andrew Jones, Ciaran Murtagh, Tom Neenan, Andy Wolton, Joe Parham and Tobi Wilson

When it comes to the major characters, Richard is one of the more divisive ones, at least early on. He’s another example of a dumbass Dad, and you either dislike him before of that, or like him in spite of that.

Recently some have lightened up on him since he has been getting better episodes here and there. Episodes about him can be divisive, most notably The Hero although that’s due to his treatment more than Richard himself.

I’m in the camp of mostly liking him but I will admit his episodes aren’t always the best, although there’s a few on my top 11. But I don’t think he had one I could call “Amazing”….until this episode.

The plot is that Richard goes to the store to get Mayo. Yeah, that’s it….oh, and it’s done in the style of an epic fantasy adventure. That part is important.

This show is really good at parody, and making mundane things surprisingly awesome/funny, and this one is a perfect example of that. I’m not sure what to say without spoiling everything. This episode hits a lot of notes parody various fantasy stories, most notably Conan.

I mean, it even begins with similar narration from Discount Mako. There’s also a bit of Neverending Story with the Car being Richard’s Steed, called Cartax. Spoilers, it also meets a similar fate in a swamp.

The thing that makes this one work so well is the tone and scale. Despite being a big joke, it really captures the feel of a big adventure, being really epic. Especially with the music, and animation.

I’m starting to realize how good the music is on this show, when you really listen to it. It can set the mood so perfectly. Like any good parody, it captures the mood of what they are parodying, which makes the actual jokes even funnier.

Most of the humor comes from Richard, as the concept of him being an fantasy adventure is funny enough. There’s plenty of good jokes that come from his interaction with fantasy tropes, like the “Trolls” at the Toll Booth, and the Witch.

Along with the humor, there’s slight emotion when Cartax sort of dies. You didn’t exactly get to know it or anything but just the way it’s done makes it just a little bit of sad, with how Richard reacts.

My favorite joke is the reveal of who the narrator is. I won’t spoil it, but it’s hilarious, and awesome at the same time.

Which sums up this episode. Character wise, it’s good for Richard showing he can be competent. Sure, he’s not perfect but he got that mayor is and I like how the family doesn’t know he got it.

But it’s not done in a mean way, it works for how the story is set up. One detail I found interesting as that it starts out as mundane as it sounds, and Richard just treats it like an epic adventure.

But as the episode goes on, it becomes more like one for real, with the obstacles he faces and how the big bad is an actual villain ravaging the land. I think it works to give us a taste of both ways to do something like that, and the escalation is neat.

This episode is just awesome. Not only did it do good things for Richard, but it serves as a great homage to classic epic fantasy adventures. It has the feel of those epics to make it even better, and the whole is just a ton of fun from start to finish.

I was impressed when I first saw it, and I still love it with each viewing. This is the kind episode that makes this show so good, and it shows that Richard can hold an episode on his own if you do it right.

Overall, this is a very strong fantasy adventure parody, that is also the best Richard episode, and is just awesome all around. Yeah, that’s all I got, it’s just good epic fun.


  1. The Uploads/The Love: I think they need to cool it on the compilation episodes, but they still can be good, and these were the best of the four we saw this season. Both take simply concepts (internet videos, and love) and makes tons of joke with the format. Some highlights include an Up parody, and Richard’s game review. Also, a sort of gay joke that’s actually funny!
  1. The Detective: In love mystery episodes, and while they did one before, I like this one more since it’s less like clue and more like True Detective, being a bit more gritty with an actually solid comedic mystery. I dig it
  1. The Nest: This is a sequel to the Puppy and it’s even better, being more messed up in the best possible way. This was the closest to making the list, but I guess the ones that made it just had more to them.

And my favorite Gumball Season 4 Episode is…

  1. The Disaster/The Rerun

Writers: Ben Bocquelet, Joe Parham, Andrew Jones, Ciaran Murtagh Nathan Auerbach, Daniel Berg,, and Tobi Wilson

Okay, let’s address something first. The latter episode of this two parter is technically a Season 5 episode. Yes, this takes from one season to the other, and they just aired together. But it’s impossible to talk about one withot the other, and it’s the package as a whole that makes it my favorite.

Sorry if you’re picky about that kind of thing, and yes if I do a Season 5 list, The Rerun can’t qualify. Anyway, we need some context before I get into the plot. Rob was a minor character who was dropped and they took advantage of this starting with The Nobody.

See, in The Void they discovered…well a void, where the world’s mistakes vanish to. Rob apparently ended up here and escaped after he failed to Gumball and Darwin’s attention when they went there in that episode.

Long story short, he’s a nobody in the world now and before finding out his backstory, Gumball and Darwin give him the role of the villain since all the other character types had been taken.

And now Rob is their nemesis, complete with backstory. Then comes The Nemesis, the Season 4 premire, which further explored his villain role, He also appeared in The Bus but it’s not important to this episode.

The point is, Rob is their enemy, and they know it as this is the shows way of parodying stuff like that. This is the minor arc I mentioned, and oh boy does it come to a head here.

Rob gets his ultimate revenge when he gets his hands on a Universal Remote straight out of Click, as in one that actually controls the universe. This comes from the same van Darwin and the Evil Turtle came from, by the way.

I’m not even sure where to begin with this one. When I saw these episodes for the first time, I was blown away beyond belif. I know this sound weird but a cartoon episode hasn’t quite affected me in a long time, at least when it comes to big event episodes like this.

But let’s slow down a bit. When you get down to it, the concept is pretty simple, just one using a magic remote to get revenge., The show often takes simple concepts and takes advantage of every possibility.

But usually it’s every comedic chance…but here, it’s every dramatic chance, along with the usual comedy. There’s tons of great jokes with the idea, especially in the parts where Gumball and Rob finally have a big fight.

The creativity and humor is exactly what I’ve come to expect from this show, just turned up to 11 due to the scale. The Diaster is mostly spent with Rob ruining Gumball’s life, which is funny, interesting, and really heartbreaking.

Most notably, he makes Darwin think he’s been insulted, and he makes Richard and Nicole gets a divorce, and it all just gets worse from there. I mean, it’s insane how bad things get for Gumball and it’s cruel in the best possible way.

It’s heartbreaking watching all this happen, andit never really goes overboard, as the chain of bad luck stops right there it should. Although Penny falling to her near death may have been a bit much. At least Rob pauses life before anything crazy happens there.

This is like a souped up version of The Signal, as this has also life becoming like TV in order to screw with Gumball. At the end of Disaster, Gumball ends up rewinding time back to the start to the episode, giving him a chance to fix things, which is what The Rerun is mostly about.

Yep, it’s Gumball’s take on Groundhog Day, pretty much ,and it’s one of the more unique takes I’ve seen, since it’s done on purpose and we only go through the day one extra time. This time he’s aware of Rob and tries to thwart him but things only become worse.

Mostly because long story short, Gumball accidentally makes his parents way younger which through complicated time stuff, worse things happen, let’s say. This time it gets rather dark and I won’t spoil it here because it’s…yikes.

Okay,so the episode is hilarious, intense, and creative but what really makes it amazing is the story, and Rob himself. Before he was just a silly parody of a villain, but here he becomes a real threat, that you feel sorry for.

Let’s think about it. As he said, he didn’t want to be the villain. He’s only that because Gumball and Darwin made him into a Nobody, and this was the only rule he could fill. They really screwed him over and he has a good reason for being mad at him.

They really take advantage of all this, to say the least. Instead of just stopping him and forgetting he has a reason, Gumball eventually takes pity on him and is able to apologize for what happened.

There’s way more to it than that, but I don’t want to just recap everything. I could do a full review of this episode to explain why everything is so awesome, but I don’t have the time for that.

They turn all this into an engaging and emotional story. You feel bad for Rob and the writers thankfully know this, so he gets a happy ending in a good way.

Well, sort of. I won’t spoil the very ending but it’s slightly bittersweet ending. But a very good one, since it still ends with Gumball having apologized for everything and all that. The way the ending works just makes this episode even better.

Since there anything wrong with this episode? Uh…well one joke near the ending is a bit off, but the follow up to it makes up for it. Also, some of the 4th wall jokes have references to the full credits, the full theme and even CN’s bumpers.

The first jokes will fall flat for some because CN shortens the theme in America, and the credits are pushed back. And Bumpers are always changing. Yeah, that’s the biggest nitpick ever but whatever, it’s something I noticed.

Now, all of this is totally great. It uses a concept to give us something very funny, creative, dark, engaging and emotional with an awesome villain. But there’s one thing that makes this even more amazing.

Think about the basic plot. Someone is mad at Gumball because he screwed him over in the past. Sound familiar? …Yeah, that was the plot of The Promise, my least favorite episode.

And this episode….does it right, by acknowledging that Gumball was the reason for everything going on from the start, and it takes pity on the person who is mad, giving him an actually good ending,

They took my least favorite, and not only fixed it, but made it into something amazing. Okay, this episode really only has what I mentioned in common ,and this was likely unintentional but still, they did this kind of story really well this time!

That’s just the icing on an amazing cake. I was worried I’d like this one less on re-watch, and I only loved it as much as I do because of the hyped, but nope, I still love it. It just blows me how how they put so much into these two episodes.

At it’s core, it’s a genuinely great story, that happens to have tons of creativity and humor to it. I said The Shell kind of summed up every aspect of the show that is great, and so this does one, but I like it even more.

Mostly the basic story is more interesting me. I know I don’t like to give the “favorite” award to the “Big” episode but sometimes they deserve, and these episodes are perfect examples of that.

But you know…being my favorite of the season isn’t where it ends. I considered this when I fist saw it, but I needed to wait a few weeks and come back to it be sure. And now I am. This episode combines everything I like about the show.

The creativity, the humor and the animation are all here, and it has great story and heart to make it even better. In an odd way, it sums up the show in a nutshell, with how unexpectedly well written it is, beyond just being funny.

I know this is a bold thing for me to say but,…i think this is not only my favorite episode of Season4…but my new favorite episode of the show, topping The Tape.

…Yeah, I may regret saying that but at the moment, I seriously believe this. It seriously has everything I personally like in the show, and on it’s own is just mind blowing. Maybe not everything feels the way I do about this episode, but it’s like Twilight’s Kingdom

I start of loving it, before deciding it is my favorite episode because it is nearly perfect. Am I overhyping it? Maybe but I don’t care, I genuinely think that, at least at the moment. I think I’ve said enough.

With all of this and more, at the moment say The Disaster and The Rerun combined makes up my favorite episode of The Amazing World of Gumball. Because it’s…well, amazing.

And those were my favorite Gumball Season 4 Episodes. Not my best list, but I think my top choice made up for it. And yeah, those episodes solidified my decision to do this list. There’s not a whole lot more to say, this was another good season for the show.

It’s so weird how the show goes to simply pretty good, to being something truly special. This is the same show that has one of my least favorite “Dud” Episodes ever. Usually, it is just pretty good/mildy great with just bits of Amazing-ness here and there, like plenty of other shows.

So I guess it’s not too weird. Will I do a Season 5 list? If I’m passionate enough sure. Honestly, don’t be shocked if I don’t do MLP Season 6 list for that reason. Season 5 should be interesting, as the creator teased a crossover special with another CN showing.

I guess that’s just gonna be a thing they do now. 2015 had Say Uncle, 2016 has TTG v PPG and 2017 will have Gumball and…hmmm….the upcoming Ben 10 Reboot? Hey, they keep doing these with divisive shows after all.

We’ll just have to wait and see. I guess you want me to adress the show ending, since I’ve talked my anger for the current trend of shows I like ending. Well, see, the show is going to end after Season 6.

The show will have had 6 Seasons. That’s more than enough, and as long the show ends the way the creators wants, I’ll be happy. Also, we actually don’t know what’s happening. He said:

Also you know, I’m the one leaving after season 6 but it is not necessarily the end of The Amazing World Of Gumball’

He has yet to elaborate on that. Who knows what this means but I honestly hope it doesn’t mean he’s leaving and the show will go on, because that would be way worse than if it ended without getting a real ending.

But I suppose we’ll have to see. There’s plenty to look forward to in the meantime. As for what’s next for me, Part 1 of my big Halloween 2016 Special hits on the 1st, and the next Horrorland review should be up before that.

And a scene by scene review will be soon after both. I’m gonna be busy the next 3 months, Holiday Clusterfuck indeed. Either way, hope you enjoyed this, list some of your favorite below or whatever, I don’t care.

Guess that’s all I have to say so…

See ya.=

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