The Legend of Hercules

This movie skips the Hero part and goes straight to Zero.

This movie skips the Hero part and goes straight to Zero.

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, it’s that time once again. It is time to review a poorly received 2014 movie. Divergent doesn’t count. I’m talking about your Jack and Jill’s and Movie 43’s. Yeah, this might be that kind of review.

But since it’s not a Comedy, it might not be. Either way, let’s talk about this thing. This is one of those January movies that I just didn’t care about. I figured it would be some dull film that would come out and no fucks would be given.

I was wrong. It didn’t really top all the worst lists (Thank you, Left Behind) but it was still called one of the worst things ever, by a lot of Critics all over the internet. So of course I couldn’t wait to watch.

Honestly, if i had it my way, I’d have done it a while ago. But here we are, talking about it. As usual, certain things will be mentioned in the review so there won’t be a ton to cover. When it comes to Hercules, I know the following:

Basic myth

Decent Disney Movie

Weird movie with the Rock that came out the same year.

He went to New York than became a big action star.

Weird games JonTron talked about once.

So yeah, any feelings I have will come from how bad the movie itself is more than anything else. Our humble director is Renny Harlin, who’s done way too many movies. A majority of them don’t sound good, and I hear he isn’t too good anymore. But…Die hard 2. Suck it.

With our 4 (sigh) writers, not only do we have the director, but we also…nobodies who have nothing. Yay.

Sounds like a recipe for an amazing movie, right? So without further ado, let’s dive into a movie I hope isn’t as bad as some people say.

This, is The Legend of Hercules

The movie opens in Ancient Greece, 1200 BC as The Asylum’s version of 300 is being filmed. Actually, from fake everything is, it might as well be Meet the Spartans. Actually, King Amphitryon of Tires, played by Scott Adkins, is invading the shores of Argos.

Instead of a flat out war, Scott Adkins and King Galenus fight to the death. Through the power of slow motion, Amphitryon easily kicks his ass. Laughably easily, honestly. After that, he goes to his wife, who isn’t happy because of reasons I don’t care about.

She goes to her tent and talks to her royal adviser, Chiron. He’s a human for some reason. Wow, one of the few things I knew about this stuff was botched. I’m sure there’s worse mistakes that I will be missing.

After their chat, she goes to a statue of Hera and cries about how evil her husband is. Then Hera just kind of…shows up and tells her that she will bear the son of Zeus.

That’s…random. She’s just like “bitch, you gonna be preggo” for pretty much no reason. I’m sure this is what kind of happened but in this context, it’s weird.

Also, someone comes and tells someone they will give birth to the son of a god and he will be their savor? That’s new!

Unlike that other story, we get to to see it happen. As in, that night a weird force comes in and she starts um…making sounds and movie. Not only is that very silly, but this movie is PG-13 and it has a brutal (but bloodless) death and a very rape-y scene.

I just got through a shockingly violent PG-13 movie, don’t do this to me guys.

Anyway, Amphitryon happens to be hanging around and he gets angry when he sees this because he think she is cheating on him. He swings his sword around and…it cuts to 9 months later as the son is born.

….So I’m gonna assuming NOTHING happened after he found out his wife got screwed by Zeus? Seriously?! He didn’t get angry and try to do something about this? He just lets it happen and tells his new kid he sucks?

Besides the logic problems, it just cut to this right as he’s being angry. There’s no transition, or explanation to what happened. It just cuts. Good editing, what’s that?!

Whatever, I can deal with it as long as it doesn’t that again-and it does it again as it cuts to TWENTY years later as Hercules is all grown up and played by some guy who was in Twilight.

This movie is called the Legend of Hercules. You think that would mean they slowly show his progression from normal person to strong legend. Instead, it just skips the “boring” parts to get to what the writers think is important.

Even the Disney one got this right!

We see him hanging out with his love interest, Hebe. And yes, since this guy was in Twilight, he takes off his shirt as he goes swimming with her. She gives an important Necklace that came from her dead mother. Of course her Mom is dead. They try to get us to care about these two in this one scene which would be cool if we….knew anything about these two.

This scene feels like it would be super important it we had a better introduction to them just than them swimming and sharing jewelry. Anyway, they are found by Hercules’ brother, as a search party was sent out for Hebe.

“It’s lucky you knew where to find us”

She would be great at Cinema Sins.

Hebe is taken back home and we …abruptly cut to that night. By that I mean the world’s worst day for night shot. They are hanging out for some reason as they are attacked by a lion. Instead of throwing it into space or something, Hercules just chocks the bitch to death.

They head home with the skin of the lion, and the brother takes all the credit. Not only does he do that, but he goes out to his way to make Hercules look bad. What a dick.

Then Amphitryon announces that the brother and Hebe are going to be married. Does anything happen in this in a natural way?! She and Hercules immediately run away which is hilarious.

“Would you enlighten me on what just happened?”

Glad we’re on the same page.

Then once again, it just cuts to the next morning as the king’s men are chasing them down. Either they waited way too long to chase after them for some reason, or they have been chasing them for this damn long. Either one is stupid and it would be less stupid with TRANSITIONS.

Anyway, Hebe falls into a lake and almost drowns and while Herc saves her, they are captured and taken back to the King.

Instead of truly punishing Hercules, they just kind of forget about all this and tell him he must join a campaign of Soldiers to Egypt. Yeah, he hurts the brothers and he in turn says if Herc comes back, he’s dead but come on.

Amphitryon planned the ambush in hopes of killing Hercules. Uh…wouldn’t it be easier to just…do it without sacrificing over 60 of your men for now reason? If you didn’t want anyone to know you killed him, have someone kill him in his sleep and just cover it up!

Wait, why am I helping a bad guy?

Of course, they force him to be a Gladiator and put Hercules into a fighting arena thing. Meanwhile, Hercules is presumed dead, and Mom tells Amphitryon that Zeus knocked her up and Hercules is their savior. Wait, you didn’t tell him how you even got knocked up? That raises even more questions than before!

Anyway he kills her, as you would expect. Back with Herc, he and Sotiris (that other guy) convince the promoter to send them to Greece in order to fight in an arena battle in which two gladiators fight six undefeated gladiators. Before he can make the deal, they must fight two dudes.

They win but Sotiris is injured. So our hero is sent instead to fight 6 guys on his own. Normally I’d say he’s dead but given how damn perfect he is, he might not even break a sweat.

Yeah, this is one of the films where all the tension is sucked away thanks to a boring invincible hero. The poorly directed fight scenes with too much slow motion don’t help. Still better than Getaway though. I mean, I can see what’s going on.

And oh hey, he wins easily. What a shock.

Chiron pops up, because he somehow found out exactly where the sellers took him to, and tells him about his Mom. As you might expect, he’s not happy. In the meantime, Sotiris and Hercules seek refuge in the home of the human vessel of Hera. Isn’t that convenient.

She tells him to fulfil his destiny and go kill Daddy. He reacts with passion, and by passion I made the same expression he’s had all movie. As a side note, him becoming a slave wasn’t really a problem for him.

He easily overcame that and won all the fights. He learned nothing from it. In other words, it was just a minor inconvenience on the way to fighting Dad. Thus, once again a major shift in the story is poorly handled and stupid. What a shock.

Chiron uses his weird powers of the plot to jump back home and take Hebe over to Herc for some lovin’. I’m so glad the most boring couple this side of Bella and Edward got back together. The evil meanie king finds that Hercules is alive, so he has some of men track them down and it doesn’t take long for them to do so.

Herc’s brother happens to be one of those men, and he’s more than a little shocked to see him alive, much less the savior who has been causing the king so much trouble.

Hercules is taken into town and whipped like a naughty boy ….Forget I said that.

The King continues to scream his lines, and he orders the brother’s whose name I can’t spell to kill Chiron. Oh no he was such an important character. In the face of this, Hercules yells to his God Daddy to give him strength.

CONAN/ARNIE: And if you don’t, than to hell with you!
Sorry, I had to.

And of course this works. He turns on God Mode (literally) and uses it to escape and kick lots of ass. Glad to see his problem was solved by calling on his Daddy and not his own inner strength or anything. Why should I care about this guy again?

I’ll say this: The slow motion actually works in this part…at this, then it gets overused and chunks of a pillar fly towards the screen because 3D. This director has been making films for 30 years, right?

Amphitryon and Iphicles (the brother) escape like little girls, and our heroes get ready to storm the Palace to face the final boss. They do so and Herc challenges the king to a battle, much like in the opening scene.

He rejects his offer, and Hercules’ sword is struck by lightning and he uses his lightning sword to kill all the soldiers. Okay. This is getting fucking ridiculous. I know he’s the son of Zeus, but this is beyond over powered!

Herc storms in and finally faces his evil father.

“Come at me boy!”

…No comment.

Since the lightning sword stopped working (It’s almost like it was pointless) they fight the old fashioned way: With slow motion! Just when it seems Hercules has the upper hand, the brother shows up with Hebe, threatening to kill her. Guys, we have plenty of conflict with a Demi God fighting an evil king, we don’t need this to make things bigger.

Hebe stabs the brother but ends up stabbing herself as well, falling down. If she’s gonna do dome stuff like that, I really don’t see why I should care about her dying. Hercules just kind of ignore this, as the fight with the king rages on.

Eventually, Herc grabs his sword and…stabs the ground next to the king…and then he gets a dagger and kills him. Because…it’s more personal?

Herc consoles Hebe so they can exchange overly dramatic love speeches. By the way, the change from fighting, to the brother’s threats, to fighting,, to this is very rushed. Yeah I know, rushed editing in this movie, what a shock!

Speaking of which, we cut to many months later, as Hebe gives birth. …She survived that? Seriously?! I’ve bought a lot of bullshit from this movie, but this crosses the line. They played up her dumb death so much only for it to be pointless?!

Fuck it, we’re almost done with this thing. We get overly dramatic love poses between the two as the new baby is born. Then it cuts to Hercules watching over his new kingdom, happy he took down the king with no effort at all, complete with “epic” music and a pan shot.

Roll credits. With how this movie is paced, I would be bitching if there WASN’T a terrible abrupt ending. By the way, the credits only mention 2 writers. You have to suck pretty hard to be left out of the credits of this movie.

Final Thoughts:

Allow me to quote Martial Horror.

“The Legend of Hercules sucks. Don’t watch it”

Yeah, that about sums it up.

It’s far from the worst thing I’ve seen on her, but it’s still pretty bad. I’m not sure if it’s the worst Hercules movie ever (I’ve yet to see Hercules in New York or the really obscure 1988 animated one. Yes, really) but it gets a lot wrong.

The reason I say it’s better than a few others, is that sometimes it just bored me and I wasn’t tortured a lot of the time. To focus on the positives, some of the action is cool and they clearly tried to make something big in scale. Plus, Scott Adkins is very enjoyable as the villain. The problem is they used their budget very poorly.

You’d have to watch some clips to get (or Cinematic Excrement’s review) but this looks like an Asylum film sometimes. The sets look very cheap and the effects are anything but special. This seriously costs 70 million?

This effects the action scenes, which have too much slow motion and wire jumping to look real or exciting. There are a lot of other problems I can pick on, like how it butchers the source material, the insane amount of clichés in the story, or the mediocre acting.

But my biggest problem lies within the characters. It’s not that they are annoying or the worst, but my Zeus, they are so freaking BORING. Hebe is a really dull love interest who does nothing of her own, the brother is just a dick for no reason, Chiron is useless, that other guy is even more useless, and the villain is evil to be evil.

But easily the worst is Hercules himself. Look, I don’t need my hero to be amazingly complex or anything like, especially in a dumb action movie like this. But he still needs to be able stand up as a hero worth rooting for. Action is nothing if you don’t care about the characters.

I don’t care about Hercules in this movie. Besides the actor being very stiff and having no chemistry with his co-stars, he is a terrible lead. Why? Like I said, he’s way too overpowered. At no point does he ever seem to struggle with anything. Sure, he has Daddy issues and stuff with romance, but when he is ever face with a challenge he overcomes it very easily.

At no point does he ever learn or grow. He starts out as a perfect spray tanned man, and simply gets stronger as the plot demands. We never see him train or do anything to earn any of this. He doesn’t show compassion for anyone but Hebe and did I mention he’s boring?

I could tolerate him not learning anything if he was in any likable or heroic. He isn’t, he just sucks.

Oh, and I did mention the horrible editing and pacing? There is no transition in this movie, so every time something major happens, like a passing of time, it is very poorly handled to the point that there are plot holes.

Plot holes should not be caused by simply CUTTING TO THE NEXT SCENE. It feels like scenes are missing half the time! It becomes less of a problem in the 2nd half, but the ending brings it all back.

So yeah, it may not be the hardest film to get through, but all these critical problems make it a bad film. It’s poorly made, poorly written, boring, and just plain bad. Some of these issues can make enjoyable bad, but it’s far too dull to be even good on that level.

It’s as bad as something like Getaway but it’s still a bad movie. All I can say is…The Rock one has to be better.

Grade: D

Next time…well take a look what date next Wednesday falls on.

See ya.

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In a world where heroes always have their backs to you..

In a world where heroes always have their backs to you..

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, it’s time to talk about YA once again. Awhile back I went into this world with Vampire Academy, a movie from last year no one saw because it was not good. However, I don’t think that fully captured what YA films tend to be like, despite the presence of Vampires.

So, against my better judgment, I’m looking at a film from last year that’s closer to what Modern YA films tend to be like. I’ve gone on about them before and how they aren’t for “Young Adults” at all, so I’ll skip the spiel.

You just need to know that these kinds of books are all the rage, especially the books. However, the landscape has changed a bit. YA films were mostly about supernatural creatures and romance and crap like that. However, eventually we got a type of YA film no one really expected.

The Dystopian Future YA film. When a little book called The Hunger Games hit the scene, people were shocked since it was a YA story that was about a Dystopian future, and because of that it was mature and more about telling a good story than having crappy romance.

Even the 2nd book which was about crappy romance did well. The target audience got sucked into it, as well as normal people. In some ways, this changed YA entertainment for the better, forcing most of the books and movies to focus more on story.

However, when something is popular, there’s always a ton of knockoffs that only care about cashing on the trend and nothing else. Thus, we’ve had a couple films trying to cash in on the Dystopia Trend, and perhaps the most well-known example is today’s movie.

Released in 2011, the original book got decent reception but as time went on, I heard plenty of complaints about logic and the obvious Hunger Games knockoff element. I’ve never read it so if you want comparison, go somewhere else.

I’m not gonna knock the book, cuz for all know it’s nothing like Hunger Games and it actually tries to be something interesting and original. I’m here to mock the movie, which has been mocked for all kinds of reasons.

While the author of the book was involved in the movie, all kinds of things can happen to make it…lesser, to say the least. Either way, this movie has had mixed reception, with a 41 on Rotten Tomatoes. It got better reviews than some others, but its’ still seen as the perfect example of the effect Hunger Games has had on YA films, in a bad way.

There is one difference: Most of these movies fail to start a franchise, while this one has a Sequel coming out. You gotta give it credit for having enough staying power to get a sequel while others usually get nothing.

With that sequel coming out, I figured go back and see if it’s worth getting angry over, or it’s actually an underrated gem. The director did Limitless, which was very good. One of the writers has done nothing, while the other has done Snow White and the Hunstman, which I actually enjoyed, and last year’s Ninja Turtles film, which I haven’t seen yet.

Yes, I’ll get to it.

So, let’s see how this YA adaptation holds up, if it’s any good at all.

This, is Divergent

After 2 minutes of logos, credits, and opening pan shots, the movie opens with narration telling us that the “War was terrible” and the world was destroyed.

“Our founder built the wall to keep us safe, and they divided us into 5 Groups”

Oh, this isn’t gonna be like Vampire Academy with its narration, is it?

Let’s go over the factions: Abnegation (the selfless), Amity (the peaceful), Candor (the honest), Dauntless (the brave), and Erudite (the intelligent). Our humble narrator is in Abnegation, which helps runs the Government.

“Everyone knows what they belong. Except for me”

Yeah, I totally have no idea where this is going.

We get properly introduced to our narrator, who is Beatrice Prior, played by Shailene Woodley. Today she takes the test which recommends their best-suited faction. At this place, this lady tells what our narrator said but in a less subtle way: There was a big war and people were divided into groups to keep the peace.

Hey, it’s kind of like that other YA Movie…Mortal Instruments! …Wait..

She tells us that while they choose your best suited faction, you can pick whichever one you want later regardless. So…what’s the point of them picking it for you?

She takes the test which involves drinking this thing and tripping balls. At least that’s what I think is happening when she appears in a weird room where another one of her tells her to choose a way to fend off an attacking dog.

After thinking, she just tries to be nice to it, then it turns nice, then bad again, then it chases after a young version of her, she chases it and she wakes up.

Like I said, tripping balls.

Maggie Q here is worried and tells Beatrice that her results said she belongs in Anegetation…and Erudtite…and Dauntless..

“Your result were inconclusive”

Dun dun dun?

“They call it Divergent”

he said it

She tells her to just claim that she got Abnegation to keep things all normal and stuff. That won’t last long. I hope we find out why the test got all wonky. It could be that she displays attributes of all faction, which wouldn’t make sense given that we have no proof she acts like any kind of faction. She was nice to a dog. That’s it.

Otherwise, she’s a blank slate for far. But maybe the explanation makes sense. She goes home and tries to keep things under wraps which works and we cut to the choosing ceremony the next day. Beatrice goes up and she volunteers as tribute, I mean chooses Dauntless. Okay then.

After that, Beatrice meets a fellow new Dauntless named Christina and meet a Dauntless leader played by the son from Die Hard 5. Yay. Right away he says there’s going to be a test and they all must make a leap of faith. By that I mean they must jump from a tall building to a dark hole.

Beatrice volunteers to go first, making me kind of right when I made the cheap Hunger Games reference. She jumps and lands in a net. She meets the instructor and tells him her name is Tris. Good, that’s easier to type for me.

Speaking of names, this guy’s name is Four. First Hunger Games, now I am reminded of I Am Number 4. That movie no one saw, if you recall. Then we get the typical stuff with our trainees getting their uniforms and having the “obligatory cafeteria scene” as the Vampire Academy chick put it. This also involves plenty of training montages, and you may play your montage song of choice.

Eventually, Tris is forced to fight some random other chick to test their skills…or give us a catfight. Either one’s likely. That doesn’t really go anywhere and after it we get her getting a tattoo for some reason, and another training montage. We also have bits that show how tough the training is, and some of is pretty interesting to watch, I’ll admit.

Some of it even gets pretty intense, like when Tris has to stand in front of this board thing and not flinch as a guy throws knives at it. Damn. She does well and earns the respect of the others. Later she is forced to fight this random guy and she her ass handed to her. Thanks to this, she’s out.
This society confuses me. They tell you which faction you belong in but let you choose anyway, but then you gotta train in order to be in said faction and can possibly be kicked out? Just force them into one and stick with it!

Also, I don’t care if it made sense in the book, it should make sense in the movie too. Anyway, she escapes and joins her team and…they are cool with it. Huh? Before this can make sense, they jump into some war games they were doing before Tris came to. Long story short, she helps them win.

So that hospital stuff with her being out was pointless. Yay! The next day, Tris and her pals are doing stuff when her Mom pops up, having snuck in to tell her something. She is told that Tris is Divergnt and that’s bad because nobody likes them Divergent people.

Mostly because Divergents can think independently and the government therefore cannot control them, they are considered threats to the existing social order. In other words, Tris is a special little follower because the plot says she shows many amazing qualities when we’ve only kind of seen some of them. Yep, it’s a tween YA Movie.

Before Mom can say anything else, she leaves before she can be spotted. Later, Trix takes a test where they put stuff in her to make her have dreams that make her face her worst fears. She does well in record time which people find a bit odd. She talks to her friends only to bump into a well and suddenly be in a thingy full of rising water.

Yep, this was part of her weird dream test. Going all inception on us, nice. Her mentor dude is even more impressed and thinks something is up. She tells him she got Abnegation on her test and he doesn’t buy it. He still lets her go anyway.

Tris visits her brother Caleb, and he tells her that Erudite is planning to overthrow Abnegation and become the ruling faction. Oh, rebellion, now this movie can get interesting!

On her way back, she gets attacked by two guys and Four pops up to save her. One of those guys was Al, a teammate of hers. He’s being overshadowed by her so he did…that. Good sport, old chap.

Later, Al tries to say sorry and she doesn’t buy it for obvious reasons. So of course, he kills himself.

Wait, what. He …commits suicide a bit later? Um…wow. I wasn’t expecting that. I…don’t know this bugs me or not. One on hand, it’s an effective and dark moment that shows they are willingly to outside of their YA comfort zone. On the other hand….it tries way too hard to be “edgy” and it’s in a movie mostly for kids about 12-16 or so.

This thing is rated PG-13, not R! What’s next, are they gonna be put suicide in Spongebo-oh wait.

Tris is upset about this, and blames herself. Four says it’s not her fault cuz he was being an idiot, and she’s not sure if he’s right. Then we move onto another dream test.

Sigh, of course this really dark for a teen movie bit is pointless.

\Anyway, this time he takes Tris into his own fear simulation thingy to prepare for the final test. As part of his test, he has to….shoot a little girl for reasons I missed, and this time, he brings himself to do it.

When did this movie get so needlessly dark?! I mean, they cover it up by putting Tris in her place but come on, two showings of death in the span of about 10 minutes?!

Moving on, we find out Four’s name is Tobias and the scene just sort of ends. After that, they talk a bit and Tris asks to see his tattoo and of course that means he takes off his shirt. Through his, he says he doesn’t want to be just one thing, implying he may be Divergent.

Then they kiss. Oh hey a romance that didn’t exist suddenly exists, what a shock. This moment wasn’t too bad and I’ve seen worse but it feels darn obligatory. Then they forgot about it as we move on to our final test.

It combined all the previous tests, and it’s a pretty damn intense scene all things considered. This movie isn’t completely dull, I’ll give it that. Anyway, they go all inception on us with the test having a part where the people tell Tris to shoot a girl and when she does she wakes up.

Okay, stop with the death! This time it’s quick and stuff, but oh my god, why is still rated PG-13?! You could at least shake the camera like Hunger Games did!

Anyhoo, she passes, to the shock of no one. After the test, the new Dauntless are injected with a serum, supposedly for tracking. The next morning Tris is woken up and heads on a future train with the others for mysterious reasons.

As it turns out, it seems they are flat out invading Abnegation yet Tris and Four aren’t compelled to do so like the others. Tris runs to her Mommy but finds that her parents are not home. Eric catches Four and suspects he is Divergent so he puts a gun to him.

“Say goodbye”

Tris pops up and aims a gun at him.



She doesn’t get a shot in because a gun is aimed at her. This is almost comedic with the escalation.

“She’s not gonna shoot”

“You may be overestimating my character”

…Are you watching me?

The two are eventually captured and taken to this leader chick we’ve seen but I haven’t gone into detail on her yet. She’s played by Kate Winslet which is cool I guess. She says they are invading Abnegation because they think they suck, I guess. Yeah, they think they are doing the right thing by taking them out of power, going back to the planned invasion thing.

Neat idea until you remember how cliche this is, for villains to act they are doing something right when they are not. After an argument, Tris is ordered to be executed. Mom finally pops up to save her and takes out the guys. Nice.

When they eventually come to, we have a chase scene which ends with Tris shooting and killing them.

“I killed them’

Whoa, are we gonna get a death scene that actually feels like it belongs in the movie? They just move on so….I’m guessing no. More guys pop up and kill Mom. Okay NOW we have death that matters! It’s cliché but it matters!

It’s kind of sad and I’ve seen worse attempts at this so I will let it slide and say it works. She runs to Dad and cries some more. Her acting is pretty good here, so that helps as well. They are in hiding now, but she’s gotta get back into Dauntless for our climax.

Wait, her Mom just died and she was crying but she gets over it a second she can be a badass? I get being so mad that she died you turn into a badass but it usually isn’t this rushed!

She bumps into a dude named Peter and she forces him to explain some stuff.

“It’s not like your gonna shoot me”

“Why do people keep saying that?”


He leads her to the place where the dauntless guys are being controlled from. Oh yeah, they are being mind controlled by the serum. They head in and Dad jumps into a room of gun totting guys to sacrifice himself.

Okay, is getting fucking stupid. Pardon my French but seriously?! Even if the Mom was the only death so far, this would be overkill. Having both parents’ die in the span of 10 minutes is overkill. Both could have been great scenes on their own, but due to this, the Dad one feels cheap when it could have worked without Mom and vice versa.

Seriously, at least Hunger Games didn’t linger on its many deaths (You know who aside) and the editing tricks made most of them less brutal. Plus, there’s other minor reasons I can see why that one got away with its rating while this is just dumb.

While Mom’s was lingered on nicely, here they just move on quickly. The situation calls for that but you get my point. She gets to Bad Guy HQ and finds Four under mind control. Kate Winslet pops up and says they are safer thanks to conformity.

Zombie Number 4 attacks Tris and naturally, we need a “You’re in there” fight. In this case, she uses his shown fear of killing to snap him out of it. It’s a cool scene but as you guessed it, it is a bit cliché.

They make it to big mind control thingy, where leader lady plans to make the Dauntless execute the entirety of Abnegation. Again, PG-13. After a struggle with a one liner, Tris injects the serum into her and She orders her to shut it all down, and she does. EPIC CLIMAX!

Yeah, it kind of works in context but whatever. Also, Mind control solves all problems! Anyway, the Dauntless are free and Tris and Four run to them and escape the place. She hugs it out with Four and Tris is sad over her parents and not knowing who she is due to being divergent and faction-less.
As they ride along on some train, Tris gives us a speech:

“We’re like the factionless now. We left everything behind. But we found ourselves in each other. Tomorrow we may have to fight again. But for now we’ll have to ride the train until the end of the line, and then we’ll jump”

Roll credits.

…Usually I’d get super angry over the abrupt ending AND cliffhanger but I’m just…sighing, because this is yet another tired YA cliché. I mean, whenever any book series is adapted to a movie, that first one very arrogantly puts a cliffhanger, thinking it will be a big series and get another one.

Usually, this will leave you feeling empty, since the movie more or less has no true ending. Even if they do make a sequel, if the cliffhanger is poorly handled, you will wait like a year to see the actual ending.

This is one of those times. I’m shocked this one actually got a sequel, but whatever, at least it’s finally over. This thing is 130 minutes or so, geez. We’re done.

Final Thoughts:

Meh. That’s the word of the day because every aspect of this movie makes it….meh. It has its very good bits, and it’s rather weak bits, making for a very…average experience.

For me, the best parts come from the author’s original vision and attempts to give us a unique experience with interesting ideas. The worst parts come from either the author’s attempt to do everyone else is doing, or Hollywood’s attempt to do so. Who knows, I heard the book has flaws but I’m 100 percent sure it lacks my issues with this one.

The problem here is that it feels so…obligatory. A lot of it seems like it’s there to cash in on the YA trend, doing everything they do. There are a lot of visuals cues and plot elements from The Hunger Games, and general stuff you see in these movies.

But taking that stuff aside, it has its strengths and weaknesses. It’s certainly a well-made movie with very solid direction, making for intense scenes sometimes. The visual aesthetic feels too familiar but that’s my only complaint as far as production.

It’s also a decently acted movie, mostly. Half the actors, just as Theo James as Number 4, are filling in their roles, while some, like Kate Winslet are very good. Like everyone else, I give the biggest credit to Woodley as she does a good job making her character more interesting than the script ever did.

There are some good ideas here beyond the cliché ones, and possibly interesting themes and character moments. However, the problems drag it down a bit in some areas. \
I went on about this, but it tries WAAAAY too hard to be edgy. I read an article telling the biggest differences between the film and book and it says the movie is LESS violent. If several deaths and a suicide is less violent, I don’t think this book is for me. Though to be fair, like in Hunger Games, it seems they just “showed” the stuff they simply implied here.

Hunger Games made it big for being more violent than your average YA story, and while that has higher body count, it actually fit with the story. Aside from the parents, all the death feels forced and it’s not pleasant to watch, nor is it compelling.

The Dad death cheapens what could have a nice moment, too. I have no problem with showing suicide or anything like that, it just needs to fit the story you’re telling.
As for the story itself, it’s half interesting, due to themes and such, half dull and predictable. I knew most of what was gonna happen which is fine since predictable doesn’t always mean bad, but here it did not work in its favor.

It hits a lot of the notes this kind of story usually does, and most of the cool bits are some specific parts rather than the story itself. I’m fine with that but they could have worked harder to make it less dull.

The biggest trappings of the story include the pointless romance, and how our hero feels too special and is less interesting as a result. You can make them part of this whole thing without feeling too sue-ish.

Speaking of which, this is a case where only like 2 character ever do anything. With Tris, they spend too much trying her into the story that they failed to make that interesting. She has some cool parts with her working hard, but the usual problems make her feel kind of dull despite their best efforts.

Four is even worse, having little personality to speak of and only having like one or two cool moments. The rest are just kind of there. That’s fine but they still don’t stand out. Even the villain isn’t much of a villain since she’s kind of there until the end, and even then they don’t finish exploring the themes she helps present.

I may be sounding negative, but that’s only because it’s a case where it’s weaker when I think about it. As a viewing experience, it’s alright. I was rarely annoyed despite my bitching and some of it is interesting to watch, but in the 2nd half the cracks show and I just lost interest.

Bless them, they tried but it just didn’t work too well. It’s pretty average, but it’s at least tolerable. However, there are better options that are half the length. If it helps, the trailers for the new one make it seem like it will explore it’s themes more and be more interesting.

Even if it is from the director of R.I.P.D

As for this one, it’s alright but nothing special in the end. Not as bad as everyone says it is, but not the best either. Meh.

Grade: C+

I hope you liked this review, cuz it ended up taking forever to get out due to lack of time for various reasons. By reasons I mean I do these reviews on my Mom’s computer now and she didn’t work at night this week and morning is when I was working on the pony list.

So once again, everything can be blamed on Ponies.

My final thoughts section may be a tad rushed as a result, sorry. Our next movie is shorter so it should be easier. …It’s bad isn’t it?


Yeah, thought so.
See ya.

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Top 15 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Episodes

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, it’s time once again to talk about ponies. I suppose I may as well introduce it again for newcomers. There’s a cartoon called “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” which has some ponies learning lessons about friendship and shit.

It got a bunch of male fans, due to being actually good. Those fans have a bad rep because liking MLP makes you gay or something.

But seriously, I’ve talked about it before, so I have no need to introduce it again. While I always liked it, quite a bit, I never imagined I would be talking about it so much on here. Not too long ago, I did a list of the best Season 4 episodes!

I’ve grown to like the show more as time goes on. After doing this list, I kind of love it. I’ll get into why during the actual list. Now I follow the Analysis community, and thus I apologize for the opening of the Mare Do Well review. It does make sense to analyze the show, and most of the things people bitch about are valid….for the most part.

I still think some look too deeply in some ways, and some bitch about the stupidest things. But overall, I see where they are coming from. I did that top 10 Season 4 List, since the Season ended when I came up with the idea, and I thought it would be fun.

That’s why I did it BEFORE this list. Whoops. Anyway, I enjoy the show quite a bit, and many others do. Plenty of people have the same favorite episodes, but some lists end up being different. Really, the only episode you will never see on a best list is Mare Do Well. Seriously, does anyone legitimately like that episode and find no flaws in it?

Since I hadn’t seen a lot of these episodes in awhile, I decided to marathon the first 3 Seasons to make this list. I remembered a few standout episodes, but I wasn’t sure what the best were.

And now I’m here to decide that. Which episodes, in the first 3 Seasons were the best? Which ones had the best Comedy, best morals, and best stories? Today, we shall find out.

This, is the Top 15 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Episodes (Seasons 1-3)

Now, this list is gonna be…different. Instead of a normal top 15, I will be doing the Top 5 Episodes from each Season. Why? Because I couldn’t really organize a full top 15, and it would be too hard to decided the best overall episode. At least from Seasons 1-3, as Twilight’s Kingdom comes damn close to Number One.

I could have done separate posts from the Top Ten of each Season, but even I think that’s too much pony. Besides, for Season 1, most of them would be filler, and Season 3 demands a Top 5 anyway, So here you go. So let’s get started!


To be honest, I think Season 1 is the weakest Season. It’s pretty good, but it suffers from typical first Season syndrome. But eh, it’s still good, with some all time great episodes. Here’s 5 of them.

5. Suited For Success

Writer: Charlotte Fullerton

Every show has it’s growing the beard moment. Where it turns from Good, to great. Swarm of The Century got things going, and a couple others kept it up, but this the first truly great episode. And it’s only number 5.

Yeah, despite it being one of the staff’s favorites, it’s only 5 here. Mostly cuz the next 4 hit me in the gut more. But it’s still a solid episode.

Rarity wants to make dresses for her friends for the upcoming Grand Galloping Gala, but has trouble satisfying all their requests.

I suppose this is a good spot to discuss Rarity. Most say she took awhile to grow on them, and I suppose I’m one of those people. She’s not exactly the kind of character I like, but I’ve always liked her. She took a bit to grow on me, but I never had a problem. No, another pony holds the “Hardest to like” spot, and we’ll get to that one in a bit.

But yeah, it was this episode that helped make her awesome. What I like about this episode is that the character it’s about still learns a lesson about with the others being more at fault. If I told you the others learn the lesson, then you would say it would mean Rarity learns nothing, but thankfully, she learns something here.

That’s part of what makes her awesome here. I’m not sure why people bitched about her randomly being Generous in Rarity Takes Manehatten when she was just as Generous here. She offers to make Gala dresses for everypony, and her generosity causes her to blindly follow their demands.

And in the end, she learns that’s a bad idea, and that it’s impossible to please everybody. This whole conflict is based on her dealing with her element, which is great. Of course, nopony should be defined by their Element but it’s good when their conflict deals with the thing they are supposed to be.

As I’ve stated before, Rarity tends to deal with NOT obeying that element, but this deals with the bad parts of it. And that’s not even the main point of the episode. The main point is to showcase the types of crappy customers people usually deal with.

Twilight knows what she wants, even if it goes against aesthetic design. Fluttershy thinks she knows more than the creator does. Apple Jack doesn’t give a damn about what it looks like at all. Pinkie just says what she wants on the spot, without considering the final product. And Rainbow is the “know it when I see it’ type.


“It needs to be about 20 percent cooler”

There, I said it. Happy?

All of this of is done very well, and it adds a lot to the episode. Rarity episodes have a reputation for being good, and there’s a reason for that. For some reason, her episodes always have a lot to them, even if only 1 got a huge reaction out of me. Can you guess which one? And it’s not the one I already mentioned here…

This episode is no exception. We have both parties learning an important lesson, for one. The Mane 6 Learn to let the artist do their own damn work. While listening to feed back is important, it’s even more important to do your own thing. Most of the time, your fans, I mean customers, don’t know what they really need.

…Wait, I’m still talking about ponies, right?

Anyway, I see why this episode is popular. People expected something “girly” but instead got a very well written plot that showed why Rarity is awesome. The other ponies aren’t even being bad, as I see where they are coming from.

And no, it’s not contrived that they all take advantage of Rarity at the same time. For most of them (Especially Applejack) she had to beg to get them to agree to their offer. Only a couple said yes before the offer. Why am I the only one who noticed that? Then again, only Mr Enter pointed that out, to show that any episode can be called bad for any reason. So whatever.

I know it probably deserves to be higher, but I tried really hard to balance objective quality with my personal perception of the episodes. And this one just isn’t as epic as other episodes, in terms of writing. It’s great, but I like other episodes more.

As a side note, I do not dislike the writer as much as you know who does, but I will agree that this is her best episode, as the only other ones I’d call Good are Baby Cakes and Power Ponies…both of which he dislikes. Whatever.

As a side note, this episode is very funny thanks to Rarity’s little breakdown, when her new dresses bomb. Yeah, the main thing I love about Rarity, is her over-dramatic nature always leads to hilarious moments, making her one of the most entertaining ponies. She even outdoes Pinkie sometimes. I’m dead serious here.

Everything involving Rarity’s breakdown is funny, from this…

“I guess technically I’d have to move away to live in exile. Where would I go? And what would I pack? Oh, it’s going to take me forever to do all of that packing. What are you supposed to pack when you go to exile? Are you supposed to pack warm?”

To This:

“She’ll become a crazy cat lady!”

“She only has one cat”

“Give her time”

So yeah, that’s all I got. This episode has a lot of elements to make it great. It has a solid story, spot on writing, good morals, and an awesome song. Really, what else could you want in a Pony episode?

Suited for Success: The point where the show really got started. And speaking of Growing the Beard moments..

4. Sonic Rainboom

Writer: M.A. Larson

This episode is seen as the point where the show went from being good, to being Great. With how divisive every episode is, it’s interesting to see that this is one of the episodes that everyone loves. It’s on everyone’s best lists, and is seen as the best episode of Season 1, besides maybe our last pick.

And it’s only number 4. Please don’t kill me. It’s a great episode, but it never really hit me the the way it hits others. It may be due to the fact that everyone praises it so much, that I find it hard to summon up that same enthusiasm since it gets enough praise it is.

I know, that’s unfair, since I have no problem loving all these other episodes, that are just as popular. Guess I just heard about this episode too much for awhile. However, I can look past all that as it is indeed, a great episode.

Rainbow Dash is entering the Young Fliers Competition, and plans to impresses everyone with a thing known as the Sonic Rainboom, but she starts to worry if she can do it, and soon, she gets stage fright.

I suppose now is a good time to say something that will get me crucified: Rainbow Dash is kind of my least favorite of the Mane 6.

A few hours later


Okay, let me rephrase that. Rainbow Dash has the highest chance of bugging me, on average. HOWEVER, this is mostly in the earlier episodes. While her intro scene in the Pilot was actually well done, it seems like she has this tiny moments early on where she’s a bit too much of a bitch for her own good.

One such example is Boast Buster, where she more or less says it’s okay when SHE brags, but not when somepony else does. Now, don’t take this to mean this happened often, as it was only a few times. But those times did bug me enough for me to like her the least.

This even plagues good episodes, like Dragonshy and Luna Eclipsed, though she did get her comeuppance in both. Also, her episodes don’t have the best susses rate. May The Best Pet Win, Rainbow Falls, Mare Do Well…need I go on?

But despite all of that, she grew on me and her attitude got easier to sit with. Then came this episode, which made her awesome. This episode has her deal with Stage Fright,which is a complete 180 from her usual portrayal.

I mean, isn’t that Fluttershy’s thing? Thankfully, it makes perfect sense in the context of the episode. She promises everyone she’ll pull of an amazing feat people think is an old pony’s tale, and she is frequently mocked. That would put strain on anyone, and seeing Rainbow going through this is pretty interesting.

But before we continue on with Rainbow, let’s talk about Rarity. She notices that Rainbow is clearly having stage fright, so she gives the others the idea to use a spell to go to Clousdale and cheer them on. Yes, another bit where Rarity shows genuine generosity. It’s small, but I really liked this part, even if the rest sort of negates it.

They plan to use a spell to give everypony wings so they can visit Cloudsdale. Rarity volunteers to get the wings first, even though the spell is untested and, as Professor Professor would put it, highly dangerous. Again, that’s pretty awesome.

She gets her wings, and everybody throws a huge fit over it. …Wait..

The spell was too hard for Twilight to do 5 other times, so she cast a spell that lets them walk on clouds. …Why didn’t she do that to begin with? Whatever. This kind of makes the wing plotline pointless, but I works.

Rarity gets noticed for her lovely wings, and she lets it go to her head. Spoilers, it all goes wrong and she learns a lesson. Yep, a different pony than the focus pony learns a big lesson. However, it works since it’s clearly a Rainbow episode.

Though I do think the episode could have been fine without Rarity’s little subplot. But it did lead to RD proving her worth in the climax, so I suppose it has it’s purpose. Rarity is a little bitch-y here but it’s only as annoying as it needs to be, and it works in the context of the story.

While I’m sure some may not like Rarity in this episode, she added just enough to the story to make her tolerable. She didn’t need to be in it this much but hey, she is not wasted, so that’s good.

Before I go any deeper, I must discuss some side things. This episode gives us some World Building as we visit Cloudsdale and learn more about Pegasi and how they make weather. It’s really cool and gives us some more reasons to appreciate the episode.

While this episode is normally watched for it’s story, there’s some great Comedy as well. You all know the big one the episode opens with. …



It’s still funny. And really giving us that is good enough, but the other jokes work too. Like the bit where Pinkie literally tastes a rainbow. It tastes spicy, apparently. And then there’s bit, with Fluttershy, that some of you may find interesting:

“Just because you’ve failed the sonic rainboom a hundred thousand times in practice doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do it in front of an entire stadium, full of impatient, super-critical sportsfan ponies.”


“Yeah! It’ll be so amazing! You’ll be there on stage, basking in the hooflights! The center of attention! A shining star! Everypony staring at you, judging you, jealously noting how they could be way better than you? Why wasn’t it them? Why wasn’t it them? And then, when you choke, they’ll turn on you, becoming a seething, angry mob, and you’ll be horribly humiliated, never able to show your face in Ponyville again! “

Guess which one fans threw a fit over. (Hint: Its not the Fluttershy one).

Anyway, All of this is pretty cool but let’s get back to the important stuff.

Going back to Rainbow Dash, I should say that, while she did bug me sometimes, I hardly disliked her. She just didn’t seem as likable as the others. However, she got a lot better and the writers made her more tolerable. Her bitch-y side got a lot easier to stomach, in “Fall Weather Friends” and this episode pushed her to flat out likable.

So it did for me what Suited for Success did for Rarity with some people. I like RD now and she can be pretty awesome in plenty of episodes, though some of her best moments come in Non-RD episodes, for some reason.

Dealing with Stage Fright through her was an interesting choice, since she’s the most “social” of the Mane 6, but it worked pretty well given the context. It really added a lot to her character and I very much appreciated it.

By the way, here’s the moral…as said by Rarity.

“I learned how important it is to keep your hooves on the ground, and be there for your friends.”

That’s cool but I’m pretty sure this is a Rainbow Dash episode. She’s supposed to learn an important lesson. Okay, jokes aside I’m okay with this but I’m surprised no one has cited this as a flaw with the episode.

This section is taking a little while, because I’m really grasping at straws for things to talk about. There’s one major thing it does, and it does that thing really well. The same can be said for a lot of episodes, (Especially in Season 1) but I managed to say a lot about those. So I don’t know what it is about this episode that leaves me with nothing to say.

I can guess I say a bit more before we end this. As I said before, this as seen as the show’s real Growing the Beard Moment. It does do a lot of things that the show itself is known for. It takes a character that you expect to be one dimensional, and makes her interesting and relatable It has good humor, good morals, and it puts a creative spin on a mundane concept. It also pushes the boundaries of what Flash animation can do, with the Sonic Rainboom scene.

This episode is used as the first episode people show to Non-Bronies to get them into the show. It’s the first episode most people see, if they needed to be convinced with a certain episode. And due to all those reasons, I can see why but personally, I’d use Lesson Zero. Mostly to scare the pants off of them.

I’m cruel like that

I suppose all that is what makes this episode great, more so than the whole Stage Fright stuff. And when I watch it, I love it. But it doesn’t quite hit m sweet spot as much as others do, I guess. But don’t take this as anything negative, as I have no real issues with the episode itself. I’m not even sure what it is about it that prevents me from getting into as much as others, even though I’m plenty into it now.

I guess we’ll never know. Either way, I can agree that this episode does so much right, that it earns it’s spot on this list. And hell, making me love Rainbow Dash is enough for me to love it. There really isn’t a lot more to say that hasn’t already been said.

Rainbow Dash gets some great development, there’s some interesting world building, and we get a good story with solid morals and some truly memorable moments. All this and more is enough to make this episode a true classic.

Sonic Rainboom. It’s awesome enough to earn a Fluttershy Cheer. …Yay.

3. The Best Night Ever

Writer: Amy Keating Rogers

This show is really good at finales. Not matter how many issues I may find with each Season Finale, they manage to close each Season on a high note in their own way. And spoilers, each of them is on the list. Yes, ALL of them.

This Season 1 Finale may seem like the weakest due to a smaller scale, but it actually does some things better than the others. It was an awesome way to end the first season.

Before I get into the summary, I should mention that this was actually part of a Mini-Arc. In “The Ticket Master”, we learn about the Grand Galloping Gala, held in Canterlot. Twilight got two tickets and there was some cliché plot that was okay , I guess. At the end, they all got Tickets, which Celestia didn’t do from the start because Trollestia. Then in Suited For Success, those dresses were made for the Gala.

And now we have the Gala. It was kind of cool to have a Mini-Arc, even if it wasn’t much. I guess it was practice for Season 4. Anyway, onto this episode.

The Mane 6 finally go to the Grand Galloping Gala, and they hope to do what they dreamed of. But things go really wrong, and soon it becomes The Worst Night Ever. Now, they must find a way to make things better for them.

This episode gets everything right. The story, the humor, the emotion, the characters, everything. It’s an awesome episode all around. See, one thing people complain about when it comes to the other finales, is that they don’t really spread the screen time evenly. We don’t get an equal amount of Screen time for each of the Mane 6 a lot of the time. They have a big enough role for me, but I sort of why that can be a problem.

Which is part of why this episode works. This episode has 6 Simple stories with Each of the Mane 6 trying to deal with their crappy luck. Applejack wants to sell her Apple stuff but no one wants it. Rarity wants a date with Prince Blueblood, but he turns out to be an asshole. Pinkie wants to party but she finds out it’s not that kind of event.

Rainbow Dash gets to hang with the Wonderbolts but they get too busy to talk to her. Fluttershy wants to hang with the animals in the garden but they don’t want to be with her. And finally, Twilight simply wants to talk to Celestia about life, but she gets too busy greeting everypony.

Each character gets equal focus and they come together perfectly. Each character is at their best, even Applejack who doesn’t do a lot in the story for some reason. While some have more memorable parts than others, the episode still does a good job at juggling all of them. While Applejack’s parts are lacking, the others have something special in this.

Rainbow gives us more time with the Wonderbolts, as we found out more about Spitfire and Soarin’. Soarin’ likes pie and he is named after the writer’s son. That’s sweet. Spitfire …sounds sexy in Swedish. That’s all I got from this episode.

Rarity gives us another character for the Bronies to hate for no reason, Pinkie Pie gives us a funny version of the Hokey Pokey, Twilight gives us the ultimate moral, and Fluttershy goes absolute batshit crazy, trying to get the animals to hang out with her.

Seriously, she goes off her rocker, trying to capture the animals just so she can be with them. She even laughs evilly, complete with lightning! Yeah, her story is the best, as it’s just hilarious.

But the real joy is seeing how these stories come together to create an awesome climax. We have Pinkie singing the “Pony Pokey” to liven things up, as everyone just goes through their weird-ness. We have a lot of humor and insanity as things ultimate in Fluttershy bursting through the door, with all the animals running around.


Mommy, I’m scared. But seriously, Fluttershy’s going crazy actually works as it’s well paced, making it so it makes perfect sense given her character. This show is weird sometimes.

In the end, nothing goes right and the Gala is ruined. However, Celestia tells them the Gala always sucks because it’s so boring, and she invisted to lighten things up. Which makes the whole 2 ticket thing even more confusing.

Anyway, through this they learn that not everything will go as planned, but you can still make the most of it. It’s a solid lesson to cap off the episode. Also, Spike is left in the dust and spends most of his time at Doughnut Joe’s shop.

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough?”

He’s a Donutholic.

I think the main reason this episode works is because everything just flows so well. The humor, the pacing, story, and characters are all top notch. I think the song sums it up: A bunch of small good parts come together to form one great whole.

On top of that, the episode has some emotion as well. By this point in this season, I really care about the characters, so seeing them sad for most of the episode is rather heartbreaking. They get better, but the episode still gives us the obligatory emotional moments.

This episode just flows really well, like no other episode in the first season. No time is wasted, and everything is just pitch perfect all the way through. Each pony is in top form and everything is well done.

Great, now I’m repeating myself. I suppose I should wrap this up as quickly as I started it. It’s an episode that just works really well due all the little things piling up. Amy Keating Rogers tend to do simpler episode, but they always give me something to enjoy and as such, I can always rely on her for a fun episode. But this one really plays to her strength, by giving us 6 simple stories that are connected really well.

Overall, it’s a really enjoyable episode with perfect writing, that give us everything we wanted in a Season finale. And they kept getting more insane from there. It was the only Season finale to be unanimously loved until Twlight’s Kingdom came along, and that alone is an accomplishment.

And the best song of the Season is just the icing on the cake. All I can say is…it’s awesome. It also gives us the best line in the whole show:

“Beg Pardon Rarity, but we don’t normally wear clothes”


The Best Night Ever. It may not be the best episode ever, but it’s still pretty great.

2. Party of One

Writer: Meghan McCarthy

Oh boy, this episode. This is an episode that surprised a lot of people with its …content. It has spawned a lot of talk within the fandom since it aired, and it’s pretty darn popular. It earns that popularity, as it’s a pretty…interesting episode.

Everypony starts making excuses not to go one of Pinkie Pie’s parties, and Pinkie investigates this, believing her friends don’t like her anymore. …Things ensue.

Now, remember how I said I tried to balance objective quality with my personal perception of the episodes? If I didn’t do that I would just put the most entertaining episode at the top, which wouldn’t look good on a list like this.

If I did that, this would be number one. Yeah, it’s that entertaining to me. Mostly due to the …big scene but even before that, it’s pretty damn funny. This premise has been a done a million times, where a character thinks their friends have ditched them cuz they make excuses not to hang out. Not to mention the variations, such as the forgotten birthday plot.

This episode does a…fairly unique take on it, by making it really funny. And making the character go crazy but we’ll get to that. First, we’ll focus on the story itself.

At the start, Pinkie has a Birthday Party for her pet alligator, Gummy aka Best Pet. (Ranking from Best to Least: Gummy, Angel, Opal, Tank, Owl with the hard to spell name, Winona). We see exactly what a Pinkie Pie party is like, and while her friends obviously like them, it’s easy to see why they wouldn’t want to do 2 of those in a row.

So we can see why would make excuses not to go to another one, but thankfully, their reasoning isn’t quite so dick-ish. However, they make it so at least we see why they would ditch a party so there is that.

Anyway, before the big moment we get a lot of enjoyable gags as Pinkie tries to figure out what is going. The highlights being the Applejack scene and the part where she interrogates Spike. Now that was funny and it transitions to the big emotional moment.

So let’s get to it. Spike is forced to tell Pinkie what she wants to hear: Nopony like her parties and they don’t want to be her friend anymore. She gets a bit depressed, to say the least. It’s fairly emotional, actually. You really feel for here in this scene, even though she kind of…told Spike to say that. Ah well.

After that…we get to that scene. Pinkie has a party of her own…with imamate objects. She gives them weird voices and acts like they are alive. The stuff her “friends” say is…well take a look.

“I’m just glad none of them ponies showed up.

“Oh, they’re not so bad.”

“ Not so bad? Puh-lease! They’re a buncha losers!”

“ Oh, c’mon now. “Losers” might be a little strong, dont’cha think? “

“ After the way they treated you? I say “losers” isn’t strong enough.”

Yeah, she goes crazy. Like, too creepy for a children’s series crazy. Actually, I’m jumping the gun on that one because a much creepier type of crazy will pop up later in this post. It’s done in a wat that both creepy and hilarious.

The episode was pretty funny up to this point but this sticks out as the most enjoyable scenes in the entire first season. It’s become a fairly iconic one, mostly thanks to a certain fanfic that came out before this episode, but we won’t get into that here.

Anyway, to make a long story short, Pinkie finds out that this whole time they have been planning Pinkie’s Birthday party. Yes, the party expert forgot her own Birthday. That’s odd but it’s really minor and hey, maybe she was wrapped up in all this stuff it just slipped her mind.

There’s an obvious takeaway here: NEVER EVER BE SECRETIVE ABOUT SOMEONE’S BIRTHDAY. It always lead to wacky sitcom crap at best, and this at worst.

Jokes aside, this episode is great. Not only does it give us a twist on an old formula, it really dives into Pinkie’s character, showing how unstable she can be. There’s plenty of heart, as well as a nice little lesson.

It’s one of those episodes that sums up the show: Twist on familiar formula, outside the box jokes, character insight you never expected. As much as I love the emotionally charged episodes, it’s always nice to get just those small moments in a mostly comedic episode.

Like I said, this episode has a lot of fun gags and the most weirdly hilarious scene in the first season. It does a lot of things right and it has a lot going for it, from the story to the characters, to the humor.

It deserve its reputation, to say the least. It’s not just the episode that spawned a bunch of tedious jokes about Pinkie killing people, it’s a really well done episode with a decent plot and some fun gags.

It’s a ton of fun to watch and it’s the most entertaining episode of the season. However, it’s not quite my favorite, per say. Despite that, it’s a party of fun. Not much more to add, honestly.

Before we reveal number one, let’s look at the runners up….and By that mean, I mean 10-6.

10. Dragonshy (Meghan McCarthy): Another Growing the beard moment, with good comedy and Fluttershy being amazing. I just like other episodes more.

9. Swarm of the Century (MA Larson): Gotta love a good creature invasion story, and it’s a lot of fun. Also, Pinkie being Pinkie.

8. A Dog and Pony Show (Amy Keating Rogers): Did I mention Rarity is kind of awesome?

7. Winter Wrap Up (Cindy Morrow): Another beard moment, with wonderful development for Twilight.

6. Call of the Cutie (Meghan McCarthy): The first CMC episode, and it holds up pretty well with its mature moral. Too bad they forgot it in the their next 50 episodes

And My Number one episode of Season 1 is…

1. The Cutie Mark Chronicles

Writer: MA Larson

I can’t really pinpoint what it is about this amazing episode. What makes it better our last few gems? I suppose it’s one of those personal things, but I’ll get into it after the plot summary. Actually, there’s a lot to say before we spoil it:

The Cutie Mark Cruaders ask everypony how they got their cutie marks and …that’s really it. It starts with Scootaloo wanting Rainbow’s cutie mark story, but they end up making unwanted detours. The episode is just each of the mane 6 sharing their cutie mark story.

I’m a sucker for a good flashback episode. I just like finding out more about a character’s history and stuff like that. It can used to great effect and a lot of flashback episodes tend to be good by default because the story of how something came to be is almost always interesting, and fills up the time well.

That’s part of why Friend of Foe is one of the best Modern Spongebob episodes but that’s a story for another time. This is up there with some of the best Flashback episodes, due to having 6 in one!

Each of the stories is pretty interesting, either revealing more about the character, or just being endearing and fun. Most of my love for this episode comes from seeing 6 unique stories in one episode, with a lot of really amusing and even emotional moments.

Let’s look at each of the stories, in the order they appear:
As a filly, she left Sweet Apple Acres to live a glamorous life with her Aunt and Uncle in Manehattan. But she finds it really isn’t for her, she doesn’t fit in and she miser her family. One morning, she realizes that she truly belongs at home on the farm and runs home. She hugs it out with Mac and Granny, and boom, she’s got butt apples.

This is a nice one to start out with. It’s not anything crazy amazing, but it’s a sweet little story that showed how important Applejack’s family is to her. It adds a bit more to her characters, and it’s a pretty solid way to start things off.


I guess they’ve never heard of saving the best for last.

When she was little, she was shy (and also the sky is blue) and the weakest flier at flight camp. After two jerks mock her, Rainbow Dash shows up to stand up for her. Yeah, RD’s and Fluttershy’s are connected which makes sense in context. The bullies and Dash agree to a race to determine who’s “the big shot.”

All three take off, but Fluttershy is knocked off of the cloud and starts free falling. Thankfully, butterflies carry her safely to the ground. She had never been near, and thus she is so enchanted so nature that she sings about it. As LittleShyFim put, it’s the girliest song in the show yet you can’t help but sing along. That’s both a good and bad thing.

After that, there’s a loud bang sound which scares the animals. Fluttershy kindly calms the animals, discovering her innate ability to communicate with animals on a “different level.” Boom, butt butterflies.

This is certainly the most “endearing” story here, which makes sense given it’s about Fluttershy. All of these are character driven and this one works well in that regard. It’s a lot simpler than some of the others, but it’s cute and the song is nice.

Sadly, favorite pony does not get favorite story. Well, I couldn’t pick a favorite but we’ll see how it goes.


When she was a filly, she was put in charge of costumes during a school play. The day before, Rarity is told the costumes are quite nice, but for her that’s not good enough. She tries to do something cool with them but to no avail.

Suddenly, her horn glows and stars dragging her somewhere. After a long journey it leads her to…

“A rock?!”

SPONGEBOB: It’s not just a boulder, it’s a rock! A rock! A big beautiful, old rock!

Sorry, obvious joke had to be made. Suddenly, there’s a loud bang and the rock splits open, revealing a bunch of gems. Rarity puts them on the dresses and thanks to her gem finding and awesome dresses, she gets her butt gem.

Honestly, this is the weakest one, or at least the least interesting. It’s sold and I do love the rock reveal, but it’s not quite as interesting as the others. It doesn’t show as much of her character, at least. It’s still a nice story though and it did leave me wondering where it was going, at least.


After witnessing Princess Celestia raise the sun with magic at the Summer Sun Celebration, Filly Twilight is inspired to study magic. Her parents enroll her into Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns. The entrance exam is to hatch a dragon’s egg using magic. Under the scrutiny of the judges, she is too stressed to cast a successful spell.

Just as she gives up, she hears a big boom outside. Inexplicably, it triggers her magic and insane stuff happens. She hatches the egg, at least. This exam has very odd implications when you think about it.

Celestia say all this stuff going on and shows up to tell Twilight that she has never seen a filly with such raw ability. She offers to take Twilight as her personal protégé to teach her how to control her magic. Twilight gets her butt star and the rest is history. Also, the baby in the egg became Spike.
Now this one was great. It’s the most interesting of the stories since it revolves around our main character gives us some interesting backstory. It’s pretty interesting all the way through and it’s a very enjoyable one.

Not a whole to say, really.


Oh this one ought to be good.

Pinkie worked on an incredibly dull rock farm with her family, and there was not much in the way of smiling or happiness. One day, she heard an explosion from the sky and sees a rainbow ring. This brings her great joy and even gives her the poofy mane we know her for today!

She is so overwhelmed that shewants to spread this happiness. So the next day she makes a party of her family, and after some hesitation, Pinkie wins them over! Thus, she got butt balloons.

“And that’s how Equestria was made!”

I really liked this one as well. It captures Pinkie’s character perfectly, and it does a very good job at showing how she came to be the Pinkie she is. It’s a really nice one and of all the stories, it gives us the most interesting insight. I mean, Pinkie’s Parents are rock farmers. That’s interesting. Maud Pie would go on go a bit further on this but I’ve gone into that one already.

And last but not least..


As you recall, Rainbow Dash was racing for Fluttershy’s honor. During the epic race, RD found a love for speed. Her desire to win helps her gain enough speed to beat the bullies and, most of all, perform the ultimate trick that was only told in legends: the sonic rainboom.

Then she got her cutie mark, the end. …Yeah, most of her story was already told back in Fluttershy’s story, so this is likely the weakest of the stories, at least on its own due to being so short. But if you pack in with Fluttershy’s, it’s quite good since it shows RD being nice by standing up for Fluttershy.

That brings me to the ending, where I must mention something that appeared in all the stories. Apple saw a rainbow which lead her to home, Fluttershy saw a rainbow that seemed to have caused the big boom, Rarity saw a rainbow when the rock split open, a rainbow was seen with the big boom that made Twilight’s power go into overdrive, and Pinkie saw a rainbow that made her very happy.

Yep, everyone saw a rainbow and Rd happened to cause a big Sonic Rainboom. Which means that Rainbow Dash actually caused everypony to get their cutie marks at roughly the same time. And she caused the rainbow because she was standing up for Fluttershy.

And that proves once and for all that Fluttershy is best pony. Wait, didn’t I say that before in a post no one read?

Some people have mixed thoughts on this reveal, and I rather like it. You could argue it drags it down, as a forced way to give this a bit more meaning, as well as tacked on lesson.

“.Everypony everywhere has a special magical connection with her friends, maybe even before she’s met them. If you’re feeling lonely and you’re still searching for your true friends, just look up in the sky. Who knows? Maybe you and your future best friends are all looking at the same rainbow”

“When did you get so cheesy?”

But I personally didn’t mind it. It’s kind of a clever twist that does a good job at giving the episode a bit more meaning. The moral isn’t exactly much of a moral but eh, it works. Though the forced moral is probably one of the reasons they ditch the “lesson to Celestria in ever” episode thing later on, but we’ll get to that.

I’m not sure what makes me like this one more than some of the others, but I just really love it. It’s really interesting to see some of these stories, and having 6 decent stories in one episode is really cool. There’s heart, humor, charm, character depth, and all the stuff I like seeing in this show.

It’s just one of those things that’s hard to explain. But either way, it’s a great episode and while it may seem like an odd choice for my favorite of Season 1, I still stand by it. It was a really interesting concept done well, by giving us 6 very good stories for the price of one, creating one amazing episode.

The Cutie Mark Chronicles: It’s my favorite episode of Season 1. And that’s how Equestria was made!


Well, that’s Season 1 cleared. Two more to go! Overall, Season 1 may be the weakest Season so far, but it’s got plenty of solid episodes and CMC alone is enough to forgive its flaws. However, that was only the beginning.

So let’s move on to…


Season 2 is where things really got started. Everything was improved from the stories, to the songs, to the animation. The show reached new heights in terms of both popularity and quality. Of course, that’s what happens with most shows 2nd season.

With everything established, you can now go ahead and do some more complex with stuff in terms of development. As such, the 2nd Season will usually be everyone’s favorite (See: Spongebob, Phineas and Ferb). For me that’s the case, at least with this show. Well, it’s my favorite of the 3 Season we’re discussing in this post, anyway.

Season 2 is very interesting, and a lot of people seem to agree it’s better than Season 1, despite how mixed this Season could be. I think Mr. Enter put it best when he said that the weak Season 2 episodes knew would they were trying to do better, which means they were harder to take issue with, and if you did, they line up as the worst episodes up to that point.

But none of that matters, because we’re talking about what Season 2 did right. This Season contains some of my all-time favorites, even more so 1 and 3. Picking my 5 favorites was dead easy, but unlike Season 1, 10-9 is almost as good in a lot of ways. So I’ll have more to say when we get to that part.

For now, let’s look at all the excellent Season 2 episodes you’ve seen praised a million times before!

5. The Return of Harmony

Writer: M.A. Larson

Well, we’re off to an interesting start already. In this show, the parters tend to the most divisive episodes of any given Season. All of them have some criticisms lodged at them that make them hated a bit more they likely deserve. Friendship is Magic has clunky pilot pacing, Crystal Empire has a lame villain, and so on.

Of the two parters, the ones with the most loved are Twilight’s Kingdom, which has its share of criticism but gets less hate, and this one, which is often seen as the best of the two parters besides that one.

Or at least the best of the Season openers. And I’m somewhat included to agree. I say somewhat because on a critical level, there are things about Princess Twilight Sparkle that are better, like how It balances character screen time and all that. But let’s not bogged down in that, because we’ll be here all day if we just compare everything.

This episode is great either way. It does everything a Season opener should do, and then some. It’s easily the most entertaining 2 parter besides Twilight’s Kingdom, in terms of oust enjoyment. There’s a reason but we’ll get to that after the plot.

Discord, the Spirt of Chaos and Disharmony is accidently freed from his stone prison. Now the ponies must stop him but he has a few tricks up his sleeve…

I’m not sure where to begin on this one. Oh wait, I do: Discord is awesome. Yeah, there’s a reason everyone loves him. He’s a perfect mix of hilarious and evil. He knows just how to get things to work in his favor. When the Mane 6 must go into a big maze to find the Elements of Harmony, he uses tricky to get everyone to turn into the opposite of themselves.

The ways he does so is quite interesting, being both funny and kind of depressing. This is the kind of villain where you wonder just how they will stop him. Spoilers, it’s the same way they stop every villain, but it’s the journey that counts.

Besides, they work so hard to get to that point I don’t mind a rushed climax, but more on that later. Part 1 is mostly spent on the Mane 6 in the maze, and it’s very interesting to watch. Discord proves his worth very well, and everything he does is both funny and scary at the same times.
Yeah, it’s mostly due to John DeLancie who does a great job.

I had never heard of him until this show (really) but now I greatly admire him. Just don’t expect me to make a 10 minute animation telling you why he’s cool or something like that.

And yes, Fluttershy is the only one who doesn’t quite fall pretty to Discord’s tricks. He just gives up and turns her into a bitch himself. Again, best pony.

Speaking of which, the Discorded Mane 6 is the real highlight. Pinkie is a downer, Rarity fawns over a rock named Tom, Rainbow Dash leaves everyone to stay in what she thinks is Clousdale, Applejack is a liar, and Flutershy is a bitch. All of these changes leads to some really funny moments and it’s just awesome.

My favorite is Flutterbitch because it’s just funny. I won’t comment on Putting Your Hoof Down, so don’t say a word.

Between seeing our heroes corrupted and an awesome villain, this is easily the most entertaining two parter to date. There are better ones, but this one is just so much fun to watch.

But of course, there are plenty of feels to be found. Twilight giving up after her friends go crazy is really heartbreaking. It’s got nothing on some other moments in the show, but it’s pretty emotional. It really adds to the tension of the whole situation.

The twist with the friendship letters from previous episodes helping was genius. It gives you the feeling that each episode is important and added up to this moment. But man, I feel so bad for Spike here, throwing up all these letters.

Like I said before, the climax isn’t the most shocking or…climatic but it never bugged me. They end up zapping Discord with a rainbow beam once again and it mostly happens because Discord becomes stupid for no reason.

However, it still looked cool and they worked so hard to get there that I don’t mind it too much. It’s a little rushed but not enough to drag the episode down in any way. As a Two parter, this episode gets everything right, from the story to the villain.

It’s gripping all the through and it does everything it’s supposed to do. It has a lot of tension, great character moments, good writing, some tear jerking parts and an awesome villain to push it all forward.

Really, I don’t need to say more. It’s got everything you could want in a two parter and it was an excellent way to open Season 2. I dare say it’s a better pilot than the actual pilot. I think showing this to someone will get them into the show better but I don’t know.

Either way, it’s great. If an episode this good is only number 5, the rest have gotta be amazing. So let’s move on.

4. Lesson Zero

Writer: Meghan McCarthy

Remember how I said Party of One would be number one if we were sheer entertainment value? Yeah, the same applies here. This is one of the enjoyable episodes period. It’s just awesome. You all know why but let’s get into it.

Twilight sends a Friendship letter to Celestia almost every week but for once, she finds that’s late to sending one out. She sets out to do so she goes a bit crazy trying to find something to report on for the week.

And when I say crazy, I mean it. Yeah, much Party of One, this is famous for someone going crazy in a creepy way. But this one goes even further, as it not only has some rather disturbing stuff, but it also focuses on it all the way through.

I mean, Twlight looks downright scary at some points and you honestly wonder if she’s gonna be okay. They do milk it for excellent cartoon Comedy but they do a good job making you worry about her. I think Meghan, Tara Strong, and the animators had way too much fun with this one.

Speaking of disturbing, two scenes stick out. Twilight teleporting inside the CMC’s beach ball (Not sure how that works) and going HI GIRLS in the scariest way possible. Then when Twilight visits Fluttershy, she sees him snapping the neck of a bear.

Yes, it turns out she was just massaging him but think about it: They made us think a character was snapping a bear’s neck.

Little girls’ show my ASS.

But onto the episodes actual quality. Everything is done right here. I think the best element is the pacing. They do a great job showing Twilight descant into mad-ness. She goes from just wandering around, worried she would miss the letter and get in trouble, to …doing that.

None of it feels forced, and there’s a slow burn as she slowly goes insane. The tension is high throughout and the writing stays on point. Twilight’s insanity is insanely (no pun intended) enjoyable, as they do a lot of crazy gags with her. It’s just naturally fun to watch her go crazy, mostly because of how creepy it is.

And on top of that, we’ve got a good story. I mean, the episode is essentially about someone failing to find the typical lesson the week you saw on every kids show. That’s a clever concept in itself, but they do a lot with it.

See, her friends see all this and fail to really reason with Twilight. They don’t ignore her but Twilight just leaves before they can get through to her. Plus, they don’t care her worries 100 percent seriously. They aren’t insensitive at all but they genuinely should have Twilight more seriously, so they can get her back down to Earth.

Thus, when it seems that Celestia will punish Twilight, they say it’s their fault for not listening and apologize. That’s some top notch writing right there, making them still likable but having something to learn themselves.

This episode offers two morals: Take your friends worries seriously, no matter how silly they are, and calm yo tits. Both solid morals. This also did wonders for the series.

See, one issue with Season 1 is that the format forced them to shoehorn in Twilight into every episode, as well as a message.
So they fixed that here, as Celestia tells her to only send a letter when they learn something AND everyone else can send letters 2. This stopped Twilight from being in every episode and well most eps had a moral, they didn’t need to say it all the time.

It’s the safe this is another episode where everything is great. Not only is it a hugely fun episode with someone going insane, with a lot of fun and creative gags, but it’s got a nice story with great pacing, top notch writing that fixes an issue with the series.

It goes beyond just a fun insanity story that’s kind of creepy. It’s also hilarious, fun, with a lot of stuff going for it. It really is a gem and it stands as the most enjoyable episode of the Season.

It’s a blast from start to finish and the fact that it’s also very well written makes it even better. Really, what else can I say? Yes, these are short sections but I just to make you get why I love the episode in question and you’ll be happy.

Besides, I really do have nothing else to say right now.

So overall, Lesson Zero is crazy fun with some great writing to make it even better. Just…watch out for Fluttershy it’s you’re a bear.

And speaking of which…

3. Hurricane Fluttershy

Writer: Cindy Morrow

Earlier, I said very few episodes are universally loved. Each Season has at least one episode everyone likes, even Season 3. For Season 2, it was this. But it may very well be the most beloved episode of the first three seasons, period.

It’s the one episode that pretty much everyone likes. And it’s only number 3. Now, I’m not saying it’s bad, because it is amazing…but there happens to be two others I put in higher regard. It was close to number 2, though.

There’s a good reason everyone loves. I’d do as far as to say it’s one of those episodes everyone should see, regardless of who you are. Along with Party of One, Lesson Zero, our number one spot, Flight to the finish, and Pinkie Pride.

So let’s go over the plot. The Pegasi must generate a whole bunch of wing power to make…a thingy to put water to Cloudsdale, or something like that. It’s cool world building so I don’t care if I can follow it. The point is, they need all the wing power they can get.

However, Fluttershy isn’t up for it because it involves doing this crazy stuff in front of a crowd. Drama ensues. We’ve seen episodes about Fluttershy’s whole shy-ness problem, as well as an ep about stage fright, so how is this different?

Well, it goes a lot deeper into it. It goes into exactly what it’s like to have this kind of fear and it’s more relatable than it’s ever been in the show. We see how Fluttershy was teased as a kid for her lack of flying skills, and that gives her the huge fear she has now. Everytime she tries to go out, she fails and can’t generate enough wing power.

She tries to get out of doing it in some funny ways, but it mostly shows just how afraid she is. Rainbow helps her out through all this and that brings us to one of the best aspects of the episode. This is the best Rainbow Dash has ever been. Aside from being a bit of a bitch to Thunderlane for pretending to be sick only for him to actually be sick, she’s a wonderful friend to Fluttershy here.

This is the Rainbow Dash I like, and she’s got another awesome performance in our next list. She was also great in Flight to the Finish. See, despite what I said about her, I do like her mostly due to episodes like this. It makes up the ep right before this, where she meanly mocked Spike for no reason.

Anyway, as you might expect this episode is very emotional as it explores these themes. You really feel for Fluttershy all the way through and once again the pacing is spot on. But of course, there is also some Comedy. Not a ton but there are some amusing moments like Fluttershy being a tree and of course, the introduction of Best pony aka Bulk Biceps.


I think the main thing that makes this one as great is it is the moral. Actually, there are two morals, both of which are amazing. Allow me to explain. Eventually, Fluttershy decides she shouldn’t give up and thus we get a training montage where she works hard.

She works really hard for quite a while in order to gain enough wing power to contribute. Eventually, she’s finally ready. She goes out there with all she’s got…and she fails?

Yes, she actually only gets 2.3 wing power, which is far below what is needed. Allow me to repeat that: She tried as hard as she could…and she still failed. They tell her that what she gave was still good, but to her, it wasn’t enough.

“How would you feel if everypony else was flying with 10.0 wing power and you were flying with 2.5?”

This…is awesome. Of course, we’re used to media telling us that we can anything if we set our mind to it. But here, that’s not what happens. Someone tries hard and still fails. The only other time I’ve seen that moral taught to kids is Monsters University, but that’s a post for another day.

However, that’s Pixar, who always does stuff like that. This is My Little Pony, a show mostly for little girls, and it’s teaching one of the most mature morals you’ll see in a kids show. That’s…pretty amazing.

And that’s not even the main moral of the episode. Eventually, other Pegasai get sick which means they can’t seem to get enough power to do their thing. They try anyway and as hard as they can it’s just enough. Fluttershy shows up for Moral support but eventually, she has to…pony up and try to help.

Long story short, her little bit of power is enough to drive them over the edge. Thus, the other moral is that every little bit helps, even if it seems like it’s enough. Yet another great moral and it ties into the other one very well.

Yes, Fluttershy eventually helps out but only with the measly bit she had, and she didn’t succeed at what she wanted to do the first time. It’s saying that even when you fail, you gotta keep trying cuz even the little bit you have can help a tiny bit. Even Bart Gets an F kind of had that.

I’m not really saying anything new here, but it’s all true. This episode is pretty great. It’s very emotional all the way through, with a releatable story, excellent portrayals of the characters, and two fantastic morals that should be taught more.

It may not be my favorite, but it’s still a great episode that’s a highlight of the series as a whole. It’s everything you heard it is and more. It’s emotional, well written and just excellent.

So yeah…it’s pretty good. And now onto the obligatory choice that will piss you off!

2. A Canterlot Wedding

Writer: Meghan McCarthy

Oh boy, here’s an episode that gives me stuff to talk about. Here’s the thing: When this episode aired, most people pretty much loved it despite a few issues here and there.

Then someone nitpicked it for half an hour and everyone hates it.

Okay, that’s not entirelty true. It’s just more than any episode, people use the nitpickiest reasons to hate this episode. Usually these reason would make sense but with the way they bitch about this episode, it sounds like nitpicking.

It’s like they deliberate ignore the awesome parts of the episode to complain about it. Okay again, that’s not 100 percent sure. I mostly get why some people don’t like it, but a lot of the reasons seem easy to ignore for me.

Before I move on, I should say that that me putting it above Hurricane Fluttershy is purely just my tastes. I love HF but I also love epic two parters, and I just felt this should be higher. I see why most of you would disagree, but this is my lost.

Also, while The Return of Harmony has less flaws, I enjoy this one more for what it does right. Now onto why it’s great!

Twilight learns that her brother, who exists, is getting married to her old Foalsitter. But she finds Princess Cadence is acting a little off. But of course, no one believes her and she finds out the truth a bit too late..

Before I move on, let’s the address the big thing: Twilight has a brother we’ve never heard of. Yes, Shining Armor is introduced out of nowhere and there has been evidence against his existence.

Honestly, I think people are making mountains of molehills with this one. Yes, it doesn’t make a lot of sense but come on, it’s not THAT big of a deal. It’s really more of a nitpick in the grand scheme of thing. Whether he’s a good character or not is not dependent on how plausible his existence is.

And quite frankly, people should focus on how great their relationship is. Twilight tells us that he was her B.B.B.F.F.

“Big Brother best friend forever!”

Besides how nice it is to see a positive sibling relationship like this, the way it’s done is quite. The song about him shows off some cute flashbacks, and the song itself is nice too. They quickly establish their relationship and we actually get a nice feel for it, even if it’s mostly through them telling us. The visuals help with that issue, at least.

Back to the plot, we find out Cadance was kidnaped by the evil Queen Chrysalis. She’s the queen of the Changelings, weird looking creatures that can take the form of others. She took the form of Cadence to marry Shining Armor and take over the kingdom of something.

Her actual plan involves feeding on love, which is a creepy idea when you think about. Now, her real plan has said to be a bit…flawed. This is another minor thing people love to think is a big problem. It’s kind of big but not a huge problem.

Again, I’m more focused on how awesome she is. She gets pretty powerful and she makes for a decent villain that gives the Mane 6 a run for their money. Meghan isn’t known for the best villains but this one was pretty good, if she got surpassed by Tierk later on.

She also gets a villain song that topped my song list. That’s nice too.

Back to my reasons for loving the episode. As you might expect, there’s a lot of emotion in this one. Not only do we end up feeling pretty bad for Cadence (just listen to her verse in This Day Aria), but there’s some crushing moments with Twilight.

When she makes a fool of herself trying to prove Cadence is off, she pisses everyone off, even Shining and Celestia.

“You have a lot to think about”

Damn. Just seeing Twilight’s own mentor say look down on her is a really crushing moment. Moments like that make this episode great. Naturally, the real awesome-ness comes in part 2 where we get some awesome action.

Remember, there wasn’t a ton in the way of action at this point. So seeing Pinkie using Twilight’s tail to shoot lasers at Changelings’ is amazing. This ep had the biggest scale of any episode up to that point and that’s part of why I like it so much.

There are a lot of really awesome moments and it stays interesting all the way through. Like Return of Harmony, it has a lot of tension and it has decent Comedy mixed in with the more serious stuff. There are a few things that kind of bug me though.

The minor one is that Twilight does kind of take over the plot. The others take part but mostly for the action scenes and that’s it. They get a few moments but Twilight is the focus. There’s nothing really wrong with that but I wish they had more to do.

Also, the climax is a bit odd. Oh, it’s a nice climax, more so than Return of Harmony, but in the end, Chrysalis is defeated pretty easily. Cadence and Shining Armor join together and stop her with the power of love. Yes, really.

One minute she’s like “I’m evil hahah” and bam, love conquers all. The love theme is nice I suppose but for some it could be a weak way to stop the villain. Guess it’s a good thing we have the comics. Don’t worry, I’ll get to those.

My other problem is the moral. Not so much the moral itself but the way it’s executed.

“You persisted in the face of doubt, and your actions led to your being able to bring the real Princess Cadance back to us. Learning to trust your instincts is a valuable lesson to learn.”

In other words…jumping to conclusions is okay? Cuz that is seemed like Twilight is doing from their point of view. Okay, the moral isn’t too bad, since there are times where you gotta trusty your instructs even when everyone else is against you.

Btu the episode right before this had the moral that jumping to conclusions is bad! Isn’t that a bit hypocritical? That’s really the big thing I can see people having an issue with.

However, they aren’t huge problems, and I can look past them I can see why those issues could bug someone but for me I can look past it because there’s just so much to love.

The ending is pretty nice. The actual wrap up is well done, giving us a nice sense of accomplishment. There’s another sweet moment with Shining Armor and a catchy song to close us out. It really is the kind of ending that gives you a good feeling.

Someone once said that everyone loves this episode even if they say they don’t, because of all the good there is in it. I think that’s true but what do I know?

This episode may be flawed, and I may admit I would be praising it more if Twilight’s Kingdom didn’t exist, since that one did a lot of the stuff this one did, but even better. However, it’s still great.

It had a scope beyond anything we had seen before, a sweet sibling relationship, an awesome villain, great songs, and fun action scenes. I honestly do like Shining Armor and Cadence. They aren’t the most complex characters ever, but they are quite likable, especially Cadance. Her bit in the song alone sold me on her.

They don’t do as much as I wanted, but the stuff they do in this and later on is enough to make me happy.

Overall, this episode really is awesome. It really had a lot to love, from the heart, to the songs, to the animation. It had an epic scope and it did everything it needed to do. And really, the flaws, aside from the maybe the moral, are nitpick-y things that don’t matter.

I think some of the people who are hating are just taking minor issues and making them seem bigger than they actually are. A lot of the complaints comes down to bitching about plot holes, like they actually matter or something.

However, I’ve heard legit complaints that at least make sense, so if you hate it, I can deal with it, as long as you’re nice about it. But just remember: Even the great movies have the kind of issues you’re bitching about. No movie is without sin.


No matter what people say about this episode, I will always love it. It’s got epic-ness coming from all sides and it has some nice substance to go with it.

It was an awesome finale and it does a ton of things right to distract from the flaws. It’s just awesome all around.

A Canterlot Wedding: One of the most unfairly hated episodes ever. But maybe not THE most…but we’ll get to that later on.

Like last time, let’s go through 10-6 before we hit number one.

10. Sweet and Elite (Meghan McCarthy): You did the “choosing money over friends” plot line without making Rarity unlikable. What. How.

9. Read it and Weep (Cindy Morrow): Great and relatable moral, good portrayal of Rainbow, and Daring Do. Not much else to say.

8. The Last Roundup (Amy Keating Rogers): Very funny, with one of Applejack’s best conflict/portrayals. Also, Derpy. She is not offensive but I see why Hasbro/Hub thought so and changed her. That’s all I will say on that.

7. Luna Eclipsed (M.A. Larson): Yeah, Luna is awesome and I love Halloween episodes by default.

6. Ponyville Confidential (M.A. Larson): This is how you do a mean/harsh correctly. By using it to impact the story instead of using it for crappy jokes. Best pure CMC episode in the first 3 Seasons. There, I said it.

And my favorite Season 2 episode is…

1. Sisterhooves Social

Writer: Cindy Morrow

This isn’t the usual choice, nor the one you all expected. Yes this is a popular episode, but it’s not one that ends up on the top of most people’s list.

Mr. Enter had it as the 2nd best of the whole at one point, and Norty still has it there, but that’s about it. Now I join the group of people who really loves this episode, and the latter even has it his favorite of the Season like me.

Now, why do I have this one as my favorite? Let’s get into it.

Rarity and Sweetie Belle’s parents are going on vacation for a week so Sweetie must stay at Rarity’s. Naturally, the two start to get on each other’s nerves as Sweetie starts making mistakes. Eventually, it gets to the point where Sweetie leaves and takes in Applejack as her new big sister. Now Rarity has to get Sweetie back and mend their broken relationship.

Now, that doesn’t sound like anything new or amazing. But as it turns out, it’s done extremely well. As I’ve said before, it’s no secret that sibling stuff isn’t always done the best in media. Usually they’ll be the worst of enemies half the time, with the sweet moments being just there everyone once in a while.

While I’m sure that’s the way with some people in real life, it’s usually a bit different. I’ve explained why Gravity Falls goes against that mold but before that, this show did it really well. Leave it to My Little Pony to give us a realistic look at sibling relationships.

Wow, I just said realistic and My Little Pony in the same sentence.

Let’s look at what happens. Sweetie tries to make breakfast and burns it. She tries to do the laundry and just shrinks Rarity’s favorite sweater. She accidentally uses rare and important Gem’s for a project, and when she cleans Rarity’s room to make up for it, it turns out Rarity considered it to be “organized chaos”.

Usually in this type, I either think the older sibling is being a jerk and doesn’t consider that these are just accidents, or that the younger sibling is being an annoying screw up, Usually, it’s both. However, here it’s actually neither.

Shockingly, no one is the bad guy in this episode. Sweetie honestly does make understandable mistakes but Rarity’s anger is understandable. She does try her to best to keep her cool through most of her mistakes and tries to get that it’s all just a bunch of mistakes.

We can see both sides here, but they still make it so Rarity is the one to learn the important lesson. They do that thing where she realizes Sweetie’s mistakes were understandable, in some ways for the better, but they still make it so you get why she was angry.

It’s really amazing how well written this whole thing is. One person clearly needs to learn the lesson but they are still both likable and no one is the bad guy. Not to mention that Rarity it’s forgiven so easily. It doesn’t take long to figure out she was being a jerk but Sweetie has already turned to Applejack.

Rarity still just wants to do what she wants to do, and she still doesn’t understand that being a sibling is a team effort. Applejack had an amazing apple pie metaphor but I forgot it.

So it’s not as a simple as it usually would be, and Rarity has to actually work to earn Sweetie Belle’s respect. Sweetie isn’t even being
unreasonable, since kids can be impulsive and when they get an idea, it’s gonna get stuck. Plus, Sweetie has mad so it’s easy to see why she wasn’t so forgiving, at least with how Rarity still couldn’t learn the real reason.

This is honestly one of the most well written episodes of the show, because of they take a cliché plot and do it correctly. No one is the bad guy and they use it to teach an awesome moral: Being Siblings isn’t always easy, but there’s way more good than bad.

Then of course, there’s the sweet moments, and I’m not just talking about the d’aww inducing ending. After Sweetie leaves, Rarity cleans up her messes and slowly sees that some of her mistakes were for the better.

Then she finds out that project that she was working on, was a paper heart thingy with cute drawn picture of the two. Yeah, Sweetie was giving her a sweet gift and she didn’t even look it cuz her gems were being used on it.

This scene is damn heartbreaking. Like a lot of things, it’s better in Context when just written down. Rarity’s over dramatic reaction even works because the situation makes it heartbreaking despite Rarity being…Rarity.

Then we get the ending, which we might as well go over. Applebloom lets Sweetie borrow AJ for the titular social (which is actually a race…) for one day (“ONE DAY”), or at least just this race. They do it and while they don’t win, they have fun.

Then it turns out it was Rarity the whole time. She covered herself is mud right at the starting line so they could switch places and Sweetie wouldn’t notice. Yes, Rarity got herself dirty to prove herself to her sister.

Now that is amazing. Naturally, this is what gets Sweetie to forgive Rarity and they make up. Now much like Hurricane Fluttershy, there’s still some decent Comedy to offset the drama. Infact, this one of of my favorite jokes in the show. It happens when AJ and AB herd some sheep into this pen. Then one sheep says…

“You have just asked”


You can guess why I picked this one as my favorite. Not only is it really heartwarming with great character development, but it handles a subject matter most shows botch, very very well. It takes a somewhat tired plot and handles it extremely well in a way I never expected.

This episode is also relatable for the obvious reasons. Some people (ahem) may relate to Sweetie, if they have an older sibling they see as a jerk who hates on them for no reason, while some releat to Rarity, as they were acting like a jerk to their sibling and didn’t even realize it.

So yeah, there’s something for everything here. Yes, I do have an older brother, why do you ask? Wait, I’ve mentioned here before, and he’s even picked out 2 reviews, why would you forget about him?

By the way, he was a bit confused when I told him this was my top pick over Canterlot Wedding. Just wait til he reads this…

This episode is my favorite because it just goes above and beyond. It just needed to go through the motions and give us a couple sweet moments, but instead they gave us a realistic situation where no one is really the bad guy.

It’s amazingly written, relatable and extremely heartwarming. It really does do everything right, and while it can be a tad contrived at some points, it’s an amazing episode. You can argue over what’s the “Best” but this is my personal favorite episode of Season 2, easily.

And that’s two down. Season 2 was certainly a great Season despite some off moments here and there. If you can look past some flaws that aren’t too big, you’ll see some of the best stuff we’ve seen in the show.

…Kind of like A Canterlot Wedding. Weird.

I hope you liked mostly agreeing with my choices, because it’s time to move on to….


Now we get to the fun part of any list: Pissing people off no what you pick! Yeah, this Season had a mixed reception to say the least. The main reason is that Lauren Faust officaly stepped down as showrunner and was replaced by Meghan McCarthy.

That’s the only real reason, really. If they watched these episodes thinking Faust is still onboard, then they wouldn’t hate on all them. The hate has died down but it’s still there. Now, I get why some wouldn’t like some of these episodes, but the hate for the Season is just kind of dumb.

This Season was shorter, with only 12 episodes, but for whatever reasons all the Hub shows did that for their 3rd Season at the time. At least Haunting Hour had an excuse. Thus, the usual problems stick out a bit more.

That being said, this wasn’t as good as Season 2 for obvious reasons. I actually like it more than Season 1, since I can get through all the episodes easier, even then the kind of bad one. Of the 12 episodes, I’d call 6 of them great. That’s half the Season, so yeah, it’s a good one.

The great episodes still reached new heights, and I have 5 that stand as highlights of the show. Thankfully, the ones I picked tend to be the ones people like more, with 2 exceptions we’ll get to it.

So let’s look at the episodes that prove why this Season was quite solid.

5. The Crystal Empire

Writer: Meghan McCarthy

And we’re already starting off with a controversial choice. Yay. Yes, I think this episode is great, and while that’s not quite the rarest opinion (Mr. Enter and The Cartoon Hero would agree with me) more people should be loving this one. The reasoning makes a little more sense than Canterlot Wedding, at least. However, it is still underrated, and I will explain why.

First, the plot. An ancient empire reappears after being gone for 100 years, and Twilight is tasked by Celestia to go there along with the others and discover its secret to get it back to its former glory.

Before I address the evil elephant in the room, I’ll go over the main reason I love this episode: The mythology.

One of the many thinks I like seeing is the Mythology of certain worlds, and a lot of this episode is spent on The Crystal Empire. Not just on the story taking place here, but the actual empire, with its cultural and all that good stuff.

This episode has been compared to Atlantis The Lost Empire, and as I’m one of people that loves that movie, I can say that’s a compliment. The best part of that movie was seeing how they fleshed out Atlantis and that’s no different here.

It’s really interesting to see what the Crystal Empire is like and it gets more interesting as the episode goes on. Beside just the idea of it all, they get a good story out of it as we see how the citizens fear Sombra and really don’t want to think about what it was like when he was around.

Speaking of which, let’s talk about him, while also lazily just recapping what they said in the episode. 1000 years ago, an evil Unicorn known as King Sombra took over the Crystal Empire and did all kinds of messed up stuff.

He was eventually overthrown, turned to shadow and banished to the ice of the Arctic North. Before he left, he put a curse of the Empire that caused it to vanish. However, the Empire needs love and stuff to survive and that’s not exactly there with the citizens being all frazzled thanks to being gone for too long.

Cadence, (“One of these days we need to get together when the fate of Equestria isn’t hanging in the balance”) being all about love, has been able to hold up but our heroes still must get the empire back to its former glory.

Just read all that, and tell me this episode isn’t at least ambitious. Of all the locations/characters that were likely brought in to make money and toys, this is easily the best of them. I actually forget that this one of those toy ploys, since they do such a good job making this place a solid part of the world.

As for Sombra, I actually like him. Yes, I’ve made some jokes about him and he’s not the shows best villain, but he isn’t the worst. (Sorry EQG 1 Sunset, you win that prize). The thing with him is, he’s a different kind of villain than we’re used to.

The others were more like actual characters, with built in backstories, and were present as such through most of the episodes. Sombra is more a big evil force looming over everything, and he spends of the episode on the outside, trying to break in. He doesn’t do anything big until the end and he’s stopped before he can do a whole lot.

Granted, all he does is look evil while saying like…4 words but my point still stands. He shouldn’t be judged as a character like the others, because he’s not a character in the same way the others were. As an evil force, he works pretty well. His presence is felt, and the stuff he’s implied to have done is pretty horrifying.

Overall, I’d call him a decent villain for what he is, since he works as an evil threatening force. Yes, there could have been more to him and sadly we won’t see more since he kind of died, I think. Well, there won’t be more in the show.

Since that comment in the Rainbow Rocks review, I’ve read that little comic Arc he was kind of in. I’ll cover that at point so I’ll say more there. But man…it’s interesting.

While I see why some people dislike him, I don’t think he’s an awful villain, even with his flaws. I think he adds to the positives of the episode, honestly.

Now onto the other stuff I like. While Twilight has had bigger development, she goes some neat stuff here. Celestia tells her that this is a test and Twilight is of course worried about passing. She even sings a song about it!

Side note, the songs in this episode are pretty good. Not the best songs ever, but still solid. Between the two songs, I like the one I just mentioned more, if only for the animation and the fact that SPIKE sings. Awesome.

Twilight spends most of the episode just trying to solve the problem, but she gets some key moments. With that, we get to my favorite part of the episode. She bumps into Sombra’s old throne room and finds a door that shows her worst nightmare: Failing the test and having Celestia tell her that Twilight is no longer her student.

Needless to say, this scene is pretty interesting, and hearing all that come from Celestia makes it even more surreal and heartbreaking. But the best part is actually when Spike comes down and looks at the door himself.

“We were home. You told me you didn’t need me anymore. You were sending me away…”

“A fear that will never come to pass. I’m never gonna send you away. And I’m not gonna fail my test!”

…Damn. This little bit is likely the most meaningful Spike development we got until Equestria Games came along. We don’t need to see what he saw to feel the impact. It’s a really sweet scene that’s short, yet manages to be the highlight of the episode.

Even if Spike forgot about his little fear when he left Twilight to serve Applejack later that season, but whatever.

Speaking of Spike, that’s not the end of his awesome-ness in the episode. See, they had to put up this Crystal Fair, full of the Empire’s culture to bring the citizens up a bit and they gotta bring the Crystal Heart there to stop Sombra once and for all.

They get the heart but Twilight gets captured by black crystals made by Sombra, and it looks she can’t bring the heart to the fair in time. So she asks Spike to do it.

With the help of Cadence, Spike gets the heart to the faire and Sombra is defeated. Somehow, his defeat was more anti climatic than Chrylis’ but it bugs me less.

Mostly of how awesome this is for Spike. I mean, HE saves the day in a two parter! In the others, he’s pushed to the side. Here, he’s…more important. Also, this big act gives the mane 6 Crystal coats for a minute, which looks nice. Rarity agrees which is why she’s sad when they go back to normal.

“But… good things are better when they’re a rarity.”


Anyway, that brings us to our moral, another reason to love this one:

“Spike brought Princess Cadance the Crystal Heart because you weren’t sure how quickly you could find a way to escape the tower. You weren’t willing to risk the future of the citizens of the Crystal Empire in an effort to guarantee your own. Far better that I have a student who understands the meaning of self-sacrifice than one who only looks out for her own best interests.”

Once again, My Little Pony shows that it has more maturity than a lot of actual adult shows. Not only does Spike get an awesome moment (that they even build on later) but Twilight gets minor development with a rather mature moral about self-sacrifice.

So yeah, you get why I like this episode at this point. It really does have a lot going for it, from the mythology to the story to the characters. There is one minor issue that I kind of agree with: The tone. The action is splint between Twilight going after Sombra, which is more serious, to the others setting up the fair, which is more comical.

They keep switching between serious and silly and yeah, it can be a bit jarring at times, especially since the other 2 parters mix the tones a lot better. However, I don’t mind it since they are done so well it doesn’t bug me.

The Comedy is pretty spot on, especially with Rarity obsessing with the Crystal Empire, and pinkie…being Pinkie. Rainbow is a kind of a bitch in one part, but it’s so minor I can let it slide.

Now, how does it compare to the other 2 parters? Well I will admit I like Canterlot and Return of Harmony a bit more, since they are more even and all that stuff. However, Crystal Empire is almost as good with it’s epic scope and solid mythology. It even fixes minor issues by giving each of the mane 6 more to do. It does end up being about Twilight and Spike but the others are just there more.

With the exception of Twilight’s kingdom and Friendship is Magic (which are the best and worst respectively), I like all the two parters about equally since they each do something a bit better than the other. They are all still great in my eyes.

Overall, this episode may not be perfect, but it’s still awesome. It has interesting mythology, great drama, some heartbreaking moments, wonderful character moments, good songs, and just plain good writing all around. It even has an underrated villain.

It’s okay to dislike it, but the only complaints I hear are Sombra and the usually nitpick-y stuff. If you look past whatever issues it may have, you’ll see it’s pretty amazing with a lot of the best moments of the Season.

With all that awesome stuff going for it, this is a great underrated 2 parter, that serves as a good way to start a solid underrated Season.

Don’t worry our next picks are less controversial.

4. Too Many Pinkie Pies

Writer: Dave Polsky

I’m gonna let you guys on a little secret: Dave Polsky was one of my favorite writers before Season 4. Yes, really. The main reason is that I can always rely on him to make episodes that I like. I always wonder if they will be GOOD but I always enjoy them. He’s a humor based writer, so all of his episodes have enough humor for me to enjoy, even if the writing can be flawed.

Feeling Pinkie Keen may be the MLP version of Wizards Only, Fools but it has well timed and funny slapstick. Games Ponies and Keep Calm and Flutter on have their own problems but still continue very good comedy that makes them easy to get there. This even extends to Spike at Your Service, which he only wrote the story for.

However, there were two times before Season 4 that he showed he can craft a decent story on top of just being funny. There was Over a Barrel which did a good job with its two sided story despite a few odd implications here and there.

Then there was this episode, easily his best Pre Season 4 Effort. Now, I actually won’t have a lot to say about this one compared to all the others on these lists, and I’ll explain why after the plot:

Pinkie can’t find the time to hang out with all of her friends, so when she stumbles upon a cloning pool, she clones herself so she can have more time for her friends.

Yeah, not a big summary and that’s part of why I can’t say a lot about the episode. I can analyze it all I want, but I can’t exactly go on and on about how complex it is like I can with other episodes. Party of One and Lesson Zero had…interesting stuff to go over, while this doesn’t have that.

Don’t worry, it’s still great though. Mostly because…it’s funny. Yeah shocking I know, but it’s funnier than even your typical Dave Polsky episode. I mean it’s about a bunch of Pinkie Pie clones walking around. How can it NOT be funny?

As you might expect, they really run with this concept. They clearly had a lot of fun with this one, as the episode just has a great energy to it from start to finish. There a ton of creative gags both with the clones and in other places.

This is one of the most interesting takes on the Clone plot I’ve seen, as well as the “Has to be in two places at the same time” plot. It actually feels like what would have happened if Spongebob’s Overbooked actually did it this way instead of sticking it at the end to piss me off.

(NOTE: That’s a really good episode but it would have been better if it was like this. Sorry about the Scabies!)

I like that they didn’t give the clones any weird ticks or signs that they are clones. You know, as a lazy way to tell them apart. Instead, they all look the same but act differently, so it’s still obvious to tell them apart. You can from how they move that they are different from Pinkie, and that’s a nice touch.

Speaking of the clones, they are pretty good. They manage not to be annoying somehow, and they are really funny with how they cause so much chaos. The big difference between the clone Pinkie and the real one, is that the clones are just hyper freaks who shout “Fun!” all the time. They don’t care about their friends, they just cause havoc.

So…Pinkie after 20 pounds of Flanderization.

I’d tell you all the gags but that would spoil all the fun. But I will say that there are tons of amusing gags to keep you laughing, and I will spoil a few key gags. There’s Pinkie turning into a timer, the final test (which I’ll get to) and…the face.

Yeah, at one point a clone says “I bet you can’t make a face crazier than…this” and then makes a face that looks like….G3 Pinkie.

Twilight immediately zaps this clone. BEST PONY.

There’s no doubt this is one of the most enjoyable episodes, up there with Party of One. However, I also really like the writing too. I’ve gone other the clones so let’s move on to the story.

Much like SB in Overbooked, she’s doing this to keep her friends happy. Her intentions as pure as they come and that keeps her likable. Plus, when she has a choice of 3 friends to spend time with, they don’t put any pressure on her. They say that she can pick who she wants, it doesn’t matter.

Then later in the episode, Pinkie is devastated when she sees how the clones are hurting her friends. Then she actually gets depressed and wonders if she’s even the real Pinkie. Yes, this may be the only clone story like this where the original doubts they were the original.

That’s pretty awesome, and it gives some depth to Pinkie’s character. But like everyone else I must mention this: Twilight and the others see what they think is a clone, all depressed and coming up with a genius idea to tell the clones apart and they don’t think for a second that maybe this could be the original.

Yeah, that’s kind of stupid.

Their big idea is to the force the Pinkie’s to watch Paint Dry and zap whoever looks away. …Yeah’s a lot of reason that go badly and it doesn’t help that Twilight just zaps on sight! I think they should have established that zapping the real Pinkie would hurt her, but not send her to the pool for obvious reasons. Thus if they did hit her by accident, it would just bbe an inconvenience.

But you know, whatever.

The real Pinkie manages to be the last pony standing and everything is happy. We get the moral that sometimes you can’t make time for all your friends and all that good stuff.

It would have been easy to just half ass the plot to give us a funny clone story, and while I would have liked the episode for its wacky Comedy if the story was simpler, it’s great that they put work into the story.

It’s the most complex thing the show has done, but it had some emotional depth that I did not expect. The whole doubting she was the original thing is enough to make it different. Really, the only story problems you could find is that it’s a bit predictable, since it does have the Overbooked type of moral.

But it still works and it’s the kind of cliché story that just works when given to a certain character. While this episode clearly needed more Scabie cakes, it’s still a great one.

But really, it is the Comedy that makes it work. No matter how much I talk about the story, the main reason I enjoy it is for the Comedy. It has a great energy to it with a lot of fun gags of all kinds all over the place.

It has jokes you can see coming, and jokes no one saw coming…like the nightmare face. The writers, animators and voice actors clearly had a lot of fun with this one.

It’s just proof that a pure Comedy episode can have just as much merit as a dramatic one. It also proved that Dave could write another solid story to match his wonderful comedic sensibilities. Why am I talking about him more than any other writer? I don’t know, just wanted to say I liked him before he got better.

Though I didn’t realize it til recently, meaning I DIDN’T like him before it was cool. Sadface. But don’t worry, I’ll say more the writer of our next entry.

Anyway, this episode is simply great. It’s really funny with a lot of energy and even has a solid story with depth for Pinkie Pie.
Overall, it goes the extra mile to give a well written and hilarious episode. Oddly enough, this came after the Season premiere, which was number
5…which happened with the Season 2 list as well. Weird.

3. Wonderbolts Academy

Writer: Merriweather Williams

I told you I’d say more about our next writer. If you ask me the biggest Woobie associated with the show isn’t Fluttershy, Luna, or even Rainbow. It’s Merriweather Williams. With some overheated writers, such as Zeus Cervas, I can kind of get it in a way despite how overblown the hate it.

With her, it’s weird. She has the misfortune of being attached to episodes people tend to dislike such as Putting Your Hoof Down, Dragon Quest, and of course, the Mysterious Mare do Well.

Its okay to dislike those episodes (even I don’t care for them that much) but the hatred for her went way too far.
It’s one thing to dislike a writer’s work, but it’s another to constantly bash an episode simply because she wrote it, and act like she’s a bad person. That’s the kind of thing that pisses me off. You can rag on Casey Alexander or Charlotte Fullterton all day, but just because they make bad art doesn’t make them bad people.

The hate has gone down thanks to both this and Bats, but it should not have happened in the first place. Anyway, Merriweather Williams seems to have bad luck even ignoring her hatedom. With all her episodes, it seems like she’s really trying to make something interesting, but they don’t always pan out.

All those episodes are honest attempts to make interesting and even mature stories. However, she just didn’t think them all the through, especially in Dragon Quest. I think that’s her problem, she should think things through better. With some fixes, she could be the BEST writer.

And she is…on Spongebob. See, Merriweather Williams actually has a pretty interesting resume, working on stuff like Adventure Time and Camp Lazlo. She’s most famous for being one of the major Pre Movie Spongebob writers, as she wrote not only the most pre movie eps (or any pure pre movie writer) but also the best/most popular.

Band Geeks. That is all.

However, even that one isn’t safe, because she wrote The Great Snail Race, which is seen as the worst pre movie episode. And as you can imagine, her Littlest Pet Shop episodes don’t fare better with fans, sadly.

What I’m trying to say here is Williams seems to have bad luck no matter what, and as hard as she tries, she just can’t escape people’s hatred. That makes her the biggest Woobie on the show. However, there is one episode everyone agrees is her best, due to lacking any of her usual problems.
And that’s this one. Oh hey, we’re talking about the THING I’M SUPPOSED TO BE TALKING ABOUT.

Since I spent too much time already, here’s the plot: Rainbow Dash is invited to the Wonderbolt Academy where she (as you might have guessed) trains to become a Wonderbolt. She befriends a Pegasus named Lightning Dust who turns out to be a bad influence. Tested loyalty ensues.

I’ve gone on about Rainbow Dash earlier, and this is easily her best solo episode. Yes, even once you consider Read it and Weep or Daring Don’t. I know she doesn’t tend to have the best track record but it’s still great.

Despite what people may think, Merriweather actually seems to write Rainbow fairly well. In Mare Do Well, she acts like she normally would, it’s just highlighted due to the faulty writing. Thanks to that whole alone scene, Rainbow became pretty likable in that one, and it was the others that became the problem.

With this episode, it became obvious that Merriweather can write Rainbow very well if given the right story. That story was a bit cliché but this one is a lot more interesting. This one of those really interesting stories that was fun to see play out.

See, Rainbow Dash always strives to the best and she’s shown she will do anything to be admired. She becomes friends with Lightning Dust for obvious reason but things go sour when Lighting shows she’s willingly to do the wrong thing to get ahead.

Rainbow doesn’t like this but forces herself to go along. She’s picked as Lightning’s wingpony because Lightning pushes herself harder, and this disappointment fuels her further. This is a great dilemma that is portrayed well.

I’m sure a lot of us feel pressure to do the wrong thing sometimes, mostly people who do seem to get ahead. At no point is Rainbow unlikable, as the way it’s written makes her relatable all the through. You can see why she does what she does, and she of course has her limits.

But wait, we gotta go over the little stupid things no one cares about. The fandom thought they knew Spitfire from her appearance in Best Night Ever, but as it turns out, she’s a female R. Lee Ernie. Seriously. It’s awesome and this voice actor clearly had fun with the role.

It was very jarring but it kind of makes sense, since some people do act completely different at …work let’s call it, then it public. Also, we got a meme in the form of the whole “That’s an Academy record” thing.

Also, Bulk Biceps makes his glorious return. Oh, and there are Top Gun references in My Little Pony. That’s nice.

Anyway, this is the type of story that fits Rainbow very well and it brings new depth to her character. There’s a reason this is the best she’s been in a solo episode, as they perfectly handle her. She’s shown to be flawed but still likable and complex.

I think the problem arises when writers think RD is just a one dimensional tomboy jerk, which is why we get some of her weaker moments. But it seems like Williams was at least trying to ditch that with mare Do Well, and with this, we saw how she make her into a complex and likable character.

They also fit in plenty of Comedy, mostly coming from Pinkie Pie. There’s a subplot where she obsesses over waiting for a letter or card from Rainbow. Some people find her bits to be weak, but I thought they were funny. Pinkie is mostly doing this cuz she loves her friend so much and she keeps her Pinkie charm through all of it.

Plus, it adds to the plot, as they later visits Rainbow at the Academy, where they get into danger thanks to Lightning Dust. Speaking of which, she’s an interesting villain. She’s kind of like Rainbow Dash but she’s not just a copy. She is used to show what RD will become if she keeps doing that Dust forces her to do.

She’s a fun one shot character who has a very well done place in the story, and you can see why Rainbow likes her. Of course in the end she gets what she deserves and it’s a big happy ending.

Speaking of ending, some people don’t like it, calling it “ambiguous”. Well, let’s work our way to that, cuz I gotta praise the scene where Rainbow quits. She tells Spitfire that Lightning used a tornado for Cloud busting, and when Spitfire says she’s okay with it, Rainbow quits because if doing the wrong thing gets rewarded here, she doesn’t want any part of this.

Rainbow wanted to be a Wonderbolt more than anything, so seeing her quit her dream is amazing to see. It’s the most mature the character has ever been, period. It’s a very mature and good moment in general, really.

Then there’s the ending. After quitting she gets ready to leave, but Spitfire shows up and says RD is right. She gives RD her place back, and strips lightning of her position and she walks away. Rainbow is now Lead Pony, and everything is happy.

….I’m not seeing the problem here. It’s a little rushed, but it sounds pretty clear cut to me. Spitire saw the error of her ways, Rainbow isn’t gonna quit, and Lightning Dust got punished. Or you guys missing something’s, or am I?

Now the ending was changed from how it was originally. In the original ending, Lightning stays and is made wing pony and Lightning apologizes. Hmm…eh, the change isn’t that big. Actually, I prefer I since it isn’t yet another forced face heel turn. Then again, the next one we got lead to Sunset being amazing in Rainbow Rocks so ah well.

Despite the ending being perhaps a bit rushed, the episode itself is pretty great. It’s the kind of story that just fits the character it’s given, making it very interesting to watch. It gives more depth to Rainbow Dash and is a very solid story in general.

In some ways it’s your basic Great episode, and trust me, that’s a good thing due to just how it’s written. There really isn’t a whole lot more to say than that.

So I ended up saying less about this one than the episode I said wouldn’t take long to explain. Heck, I said more about the writer than the actual episode! But that’s only because a lot of the episodes strength fall on the writer and how she normally does things.

I suppose you get the point: Merriweather Williams is awesome even when she’s not. …Also, Rainbow Dash is interesting and this episode is great in every way.

Before I make a lame meme reference, let’s move on.

2. Sleepless in Ponyville

Writer: Corey Powell

I had a hard time choosing between this and Wonderbolts Academy for this spot, but I went this one simply because I enjoyed it more, and the best moment pushed it over the edge. Of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Scootaloo somehow was the most popular, despite getting the least screen time up to this point.

I’m still not sure why everyone was wanting a Scootaloo episode besides the fact that the other got a bit too many of their own sometimes. But I’m glad she got one, because it ended up being great. What makes this one interesting that it was the debut for a new writer.

When you have an established writing staff, it will be cool to see new writers come up to the plate. Thankfully, this was the best first shot ever. Until Flight to the Finish, of course. …Do new writers do well with Scootaloo, or what?

While camping with the other CMC’s, their sisters, and Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo is frightened by some scary stories and finds herself unable to sleep thanks to some nightmares.

First up, why does camping with Michelle Creber always turn out bad? First Discount Freddie attacks an Alpha Bitch on Haunting Hour, now this!
Now that I have that joke out of the way, let’s move on.

The plot may not seem like much, but like a lot of episodes, it’s in the execution and how it feeds into the character. We have the plot where someone is scared and doesn’t want anyone else to know it, and that eats them up. But with these characters, it work.

We had seen how much Scootaloo likes Rainbow Dash, to the point that she started a fanclub which might as well be Non-Canon thanks to that episode’s reception. This episode explores that a little further, as it starts with Scootaloo fangirling after Rainbow says she has nice moves.

So of course, Scootaloo would be embarrassed to admit she’s afraid on front of her idol. This doesn’t lead to go things for Scoots as she’s tired for most of the day and messes up a lot. Most of the episode is spent on Scootaloo in nightmare scenes, or trying to stay awake so she won’t have Nightmares.

That sounds kind of boring but naturally, it works because they keep it entertaining all the way through. There’s a lot of Comedy here, from the stuff before the Campfire scene, to Sweetie’s Campfire song.

“Let’s gather round the campfire and sing our-“

Not that one.

This episode has been compared to Look Before you sleep due to having a running gag where Rarity is well…rarity about the situation and Applejack snarks at her. That’s fair but it doesn’t feel like a retread since it’s only a running gag and it’s camping. As someone who found that episode to be okay, I’ll say that improves on it and it’s only a minor element.

The main reason I put this at number is indeed the Comedy. It makes it more fun to watch and there’s plenty of other things to like. Like the nightmare scenes! They aren’t gonna scary anyone anytime soon, but they are really well done with genuinely creepy atmosphere and nice music. It’s about as dark as you can get on this show outside of a mental break episode, and it works.

This episode has been compared to Courage the Cowardly Dog and that’s high praise indeed. It is kind of like Courage in that it can genuinely creepy while giving us a good story with heartwarming moments sometimes.

They do a good job at showing Scootaloo’s progression as she gets more afraid, and not just of the “Headless horse”. As a side note, when Rainbow tells the story, Applejack keeps poking holes in the logic.
AJ is new best pony.
Back to my point, she becomes more afraid of both the fake scary things, and Rainbow finding out about her fears. It’s another of those relatable issues that is done very well. And kind of Scootaloo is just adorable at the start with how they fangirls over Rainbow Dash.

Then we have the…interesting part. Eventually, during one Nightmare Scene, Scootaloo is visited by Luna. I accidentally spoiled this a bit by covering her next dream visit, but I get to go into more detail this time.

Luna says she’s the Princess of the Night, so she kind of has to go into dreams. They just leave it at that. Yeah, it does raise too many questions, but I can forgive it because the idea is so awesome. Luna being able to do into dreams raises a lot of possibilities and it seems like they will be exploring those.

But the important thing is the role she plays in this story. She tells Scootaloo that obvious, that her greatest fear will still exist when she wakes up.

“Face your fears!”

Yeah thanks Luna, I’m glad you took time out of your night to say that thing no one could figure out on their own.

Joking aside, this gets the job done but they did better stuff with Luna in the next season. However, I’m glad she’s getting an important role seeing as she didn’t’ exactly do a lot up to this point.

Scootaloo wakes up and ends up getting into danger by falling into a dangerous rushing river thing. That’s a pretty intense scene by the way. Rainbow saves her and Scootaloo finally tells her the truth.

Now, this was a very good episode due to Scootaloo, the Nightmare scenes, but it still simply a really good episode. This is where it becomes a GREAT episode. See, there are a lot of scenes that can emotional, gripping, and even tear jerking. But very few scenes in this show are so d’aww inducing, sweet, that I’m left with the biggest, dopiest smile in my face.

This is one of those scenes, and it may not sound like a lot, it’s epic in full context:

Rainbow reveals that she actually scared when she heard the stories-

“I realized pretty quick that if there was such thing as a Headless Horse, I could totally take it on”

-and she doesn’t care if Scootaloo is facing these same problems. Scootaloo was mostly scared of telling Rainbow about all this because she figured if RD knew she wasn’t “cool” she wouldn’t take her under her wing and all that stuff.

“Yeah, I might be up for something like that.”

Then they hug. Like I said, this sounds like something small, but with how it’s staged, written, and acted it becomes of the sweetest moments in anything ever. It’s mostly due to how it feeds into Scootaloo’s character, as she finally has a moment with her idol.

It’s all in the character and how the moment feeds into it. I’m starting to think this show’s strength is taking stories that could be dull and making them great by feeding into a rather complex character. This is also the best Rainbow Dash had ever been up to that point, and only Flight to the Finish ever topped it.

Guess Scootaloo brings out the best in her.

The real kicker is the actual ending, where RD and Scootaloo race against the others and Rainbow carries Scootloo to help fly. The entire bit is beyond adorable and keeps that smile on my face. Then it actually ends with a fun dream scene to show how Scootaloo has gotten over her fears

This one of those episodes that is a bit hard to sell in some ways, since the story doesn’t seem all that grand compared to some other episodes, but it really is amazing. It has a relatable conflict with some wonderful character development for Scootaloo.

She was alright before but she really didn’t have much to her. The only episodes that showed any real big traits to her were Mare Do well, which went more into her fan girl thing, and Cutie Mark Chronicles where was kind of a bitch.

I failed to mention that earlier so I mentioned it now.

She was the Applejack of the CMC, but with this she became at least the Rarity. Then with Flight to the Finish, she become a lot of people’s favorite CMC. In some ways she is the best, but sorry, Sweetie Belle is still best CMC.

Now that I’m done pissing people off for this section, let’s wrap this up. This episode is wonderful for creepy Nightmare scenes and a nice story, but especially for the heartwarming ending and character development.

Everyone is top notch and it’s just fantastic all the way through. Sure, it doesn’t become truly great until the ending, but it’s still a nice episode with quite a bit of good things to help make a highlight of Season 3. This and Wonderbolts were the most acclaimed episodes of Season 3, and I can see why.

While that one is arguably better written in some areas, this one hits me more with its comedy, creepy-ness and amazing ending. It took an underused character and made her incredibly likable, and it gave us one of the most heartwarming scenes in…well anything.

Well it got its thunder stolen by Flight to the Finish, it’s still pretty great. But we can stop using Sleepless in Seattle as a stock spoof title? It’s getting overdone and I have no idea how this trend started in the first place.

So yeah, it’s safe to this wonderful episode is a dream come true.

…I need to stop apologizing for my bad puns.

Now, for obvious reason I can’t do runners up in the same way I did last time. So I’ll just rank the other Season 3 episodes from worst to best. Yeah, it’ll be me reviewing the Season but eh, it’s a neat idea I wanted to do. So here we go.

12. One Bad Apple (Cindy Morrow): This is an episode I should hate more due to how much it botched the whole bullying thing, for reasons I’ve explained before. But I guess can’t, because I really have no experience with bullying. Yes, I know that’s REALLY hard to believe, but it’s true. So I can’t get that angry since I’m not sure if this really is unrealistic or whatever. I do know it’s a weak episode, even if it has some decent Comedy (“Why does life have to be so ironic?!”) and an awesome song.

11. Keep Calm and Flutter on (Dave Polsky, story by Teddy Antonio): I’d label this one as “Debatable”, and not for the usual reasons. Well, sort of. See, I like a lot of the Comedy and there are some sweet moments, but yeah the pacing is messed up. They spend too much on time on crazy antics, and not enough time on actually reforming Discord. Also, a lot of the conflict happens because Celestia is a moron. Yeah, I’ll give this villain to the girls and not expect him to try anything. What could possibly go wrong?!

10. Spike at Your Service (Merriweather Williams, Story by Dave Polsky): I actually kind of like this one, but I can’t decide if it’s “good” or not. It handles the really cliché plot better than most, with Applejack’s conflict, and I actually think most of Spike’s actions are excusable. However, him leaving Twilight was not well handled. Like I said, it goes against what Crystal Empire established. I think putting the writer known for mean spirited stuff and the one known for wacky comedy together was a bad idea. However, it’s amusing enough to make it watchable. I love the bit about Rainbow’s unfinished novel.

9. Games Ponies (Dave Polsky): I think it’s enjoyable, but that’s about it. Everything is simply “Serviceable”, from the plot to the characters. It’s a bit contrived but it’s funny so I don’t care. Also, doing the in between episodes thing was neat and pointless.

8. Apple Family Reunion (Cindy Morrow): I think this was a nice little story, with a decent moral and some solid Applejack development. It doesn’t have as much as meat as other episodes, but a fail to see how people like Mr. Enter view it the way they do. Also, dat song is amazing.

7. Just for Sidekicks (Corey Powell): This one is underrated. It’s not my favorite, but it’s pretty funny and has some nice moments. No, I have no problem with Spike being greedy since he can’t go over the events of Secret of my Excess that quickly, and the abuse he got was deserved. He also learned his lesson. Better than the other story going on that same time, which was way away from it in production order for some reason.

6. Magic Duel (M.A. Larson): Okay, this one deserves more explanation. Yes, it’s not on the Top 5 and it’s only an honorable mention. Now, this one is great and it’s more even than Crystal Empire, but I explained why that one hits me. Trixie is cool and there are a lot of fun moments and all that good stuff. I just happen to like the heavy stuff featured in Crystal Empire a lot. I really like this episode, I just barely like one more. I can kind of see why some people love it more, though I can’t quite see it as number one above Wonderbolts Academy and such. But it’s still great, so don’t bitch.

And since I’ve mentioned every Season 3 episode except one, you’ll all figured out what my top pick is. To your horror, my favorite Season 3 Episode is…

1. Magical Mystery Cure

Writer: M.A. Larson

…Yeah, buckle up and grab some popcorn, because this may take a while. Or knowing me it will only take 5 minutes. Let’s see.

I’m not going to act like this episode is some big hot button thing, because at this point, it’s not. The main issue is regarding a major character change, and as of Season 4, it has been accepted. A majority of the fanbase is now onboard with the change after the idea’s use in Twilight’s Kingdom alone.

As such, this episode isn’t quite the hot button it once was, and thus loving it is not a crime. Now people agree it is flawed but either very good, or at least gave us some interesting ideas that were done better later. The fans of this episode are becoming a majority, and hating on it is becoming rather old fashioned.

However, it still gets hit with various criticisms, and very few people would call it the best of the Season. And you know what? That’s totally fair. At least here, the problems I keep hearing are actual flaws that exist, or make sense.

And you know what? It’s not quite the best written episode of the Season…but it is my personal favorite, for being an experience unlikable anything I’ve had before, in animation or otherwise. I am not kidding. I felt this way back when I first saw it, before I looked at the show with a critical eye, and I think it now more so than ever.

It’s still unfairly mangled by some, so I’m still here to defend it. However, I will be defending the concept of Alicorn Twilight as most people are accepting of it now, and thus don’t need me to say too much on the issue. I will defend this episodes way of handling it, as it is important to how the episode is written.

I will also only gloss over the ‘logic issues” people discuss, since those aren’t important anymore. I know you may be sick of me mentioning Mr Enter at this point, but his review of the episode, from when it was a hot button issue, goes over everything I don’t in detail. Even if you’re on of…those people, it’s worth checking out.

With all that out of the way, let’s dig in. The plot is pretty simple: Twilight messes up a spell for reasons I’ll get into letter, and causes everypony else to switch talents. Rarity has Rainbow’s, Rainbow has Fluttershy’s, Fluttershy has Pinkie Pie’s, Pinkie has Applejack’s and Applejack hass Rarity’s. Now Twilight has to fix this or everyone’s lives are ruined forever.

I suppose I should just address the Non-Purple Elephant in the room. Yep, this is a musical episode. The important thing to keep in mind is what type of musical this is. The two main types are the kind that are simply movies or episodes with songs in them, and some that litterly use the songs as a device to tell the story.

While plenty of musicals use songs to move the story along, they can still be the same story without them, with the basic story being told normally. What I mean is this episode is more of a musical experience, where the songs are there in place of exposition.

They move things along more effectivity than normal dialogue. Pinkie Pride did this, and arguably better with how Super Duper Party Pony and Pinkie’s Lament together tell a story. The songs here are more self-contained are more…classical, I suppose is the correct phrase here.

It’s important to keep that in mind because the biggest complains are that the episode has rushed pacing and too many songs, many of which are technically pointless. Many have made the case that only the last 2 are needed, and the rest of the episode could be just normal with much smoother pacing.

And you know what? That’s technically true. It does move fairly fast. I mean, What My Cutie Mark is Telling happens almost immediately after the true opening where the conflict is established. Let me recap the story until the big moment:

Twilight sings an establishing song, sees Rarity messing with weather, MY LITTLE PONY AHHHH, talks with Rarity and goes to Rainbow’s, where we get a song showing all the mane 6 and what they are dealing with. Twilight goes home and finds out why this is going on via flashback and quick exposition.

Sad Twilight is sad, song tells us so, she cries a bit, bucks up, realizes the power of friendship, gets her “big crown thingy” and goes out to try to set things right. She gets Fluttershy to realize animals are her calling and after a little bit, there’s a song where they to the ponies and use a magic touch to get them back to normal. They celebrate friendship and go back home until the elements zap Twilight and…it happens.

That both sounds like a lot and too much. It is a somewhat simple concept but the pacing is done in a way that makes it move a bit too quickly. The songs do take up quite a bit of the story as it moves itself along.

It is a problem…but it doesn’t bother me. After all, it’s better to have too much happened and have to think about stuff, than have nothing happen and sit there bored. And the songs actually help the pacing in some way, with how many there are.

Also, each song is important in moving the story and each makes for an experience in itself. The opening is mostly there to be the opening, but “What My Cuitie Mark Is telling me” comedically shows what is going, “Find a Way” shows how bad things are, and a “True True Friend” shows how friends are amazing. Aside from the opening, that’s only three songs before the ones that are apparently the only needed ones. 3 is a big number now, I guess.

Though it is in this context, I suppose. The songs help make the episode enjoyable despite the pacing issues, and it’s a nice excuse. You can argue about the too many songs thing all you want, but they help the pacing more than hurt it.

Now, this is the type of story that can be helped with better pacing, and some say it could have worked better as a two parter to flesh things out more. In a way that is true, but it’s actually already a 3 parter. The other 2 parts are Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Meghan claimed that at the time and it’s true. So watching that right after this makes it better, as every possible problem raised here is fixed there. Is it fair to still bash the episode despite that? You make the call since we didn’t have those others parts for many months, and I can understand both sides of the argument on that front.

Onto the important part of the recap: Celestia sent Twilight an unfinished spell from Starswirl the Bearded and wants her to see what it is all about. She doesn’t quite get it (“It doesn’t’ even rhyme”) and says it out loud, causing all…this to happen, and with it unfinished there’s no way out.

Until the typical answer shows it face, of course. Now, this is all cool but for now it’s just something to keep in mind once we get to it…the big moment. Before we do, let’s cover a few things.

First, the songs themselves. Most people would at least agree they sound pretty and that’s an understatement. I said this is a musical experience and it really is. Every song is expertly done by being on a level not heard of in the show at that point.

They sound like real songs more so than silly tunes for a cartoon. This show has always been good at that and this is a wonderful example of that. I’ve gushed about Find a Way before and it is especially amazing with its emotion. Too bad the best version is only found on Itunes because the most popular show on right now doesn’t deserve an in store release for some reason.

The songs are such an amazing and important part of this episode, that Daniel Ingram deserved a writing credit along with Larson. Ironically, M.A. Larson was not a fan of musicals despite being on this show, and the first song he wrote (“So many Wonders” in CM Chronicles) wasn’t the best, but when he had to do research for the Flim Flam song in the Cider episode, he got into them and…this happened.

I suppose now is a good time to get into the main event, so to speak. Here we go. When Twilight is zapped, she is taken to their weird realm where she meets Celestia. We never find out what exactly this place is, but that’s not important.

“You did something today that’s never been done before. Something even a great unicorn like Star Swirl the Bearded was not able to do, because he did not understand friendship like you do. The lessons you’ve learned here in Ponyville have taught you well. You have proven that you’re ready, Twilight.”

Oh boy, here we go. There’s a lot of ground to cover here, but I’ll address the important part first. Every single time I watch this episode, I enjoy it greatly up to this point, but I always feel unsure about it being my favorite for the Season.

Then this happens and I remember why. I will agree that there was no need for the episode to be paced this way with the songs up to this point, since this part could exist either way. But it doesn’t change the fact that everything from Twilight ends up in purgatory is just amazing.

Where do I even begin? Well, the song Celestia sings is arguably the best in the series. I’m about to explain why but you may wonder why it wasn’t on the list? Well, it does belong at number one for all the reasons I say but….my reasoning for living it plays into why I like the episode, and if I explained it there, I would spoil my thoughts on the episode, and I would have little to say here.

So yeah, I kind of broke a rule by leaving a song out just cuz of the explanation I would give…but Find a Way is amazing enough to make the list look right to my opinion. Anyway, onto my explanation. Also, the song is sadly too short to have the impact of the other songs on a critical level.

It’s short, I’ll paste the lyrics to further show why it’s interesting.

You’ve come such a long, long way
And I’ve watched you from that very first day
To see how you might grow
To see what you might do
To see what you’ve been through
And all the ways you’ve made me proud of you
It’s time now for a new change to come
You’ve grown up and your new life has begun
To go where you will go
To see what you will see
To find what you will be
For it’s time for you to fulfill your destiny

Let’s go over the obvious: Yes, the music, visuals, and singing are flat out beautiful and that adds to everything else I am about to say. First, this song helped make Celestia best Princess.

There, I said it. Just the way this song plays out, with you seeing how proud she is of Twilight, it just made me love her. It’s hard to describe, but she displays this personal and regal quality in this song with everything she sings, and that made me consider her for Best Princess.

What cemented it was the flashback in Princess Twilight Sparkle, where we saw just how much it hurt to banish her sister. I mean, Luna is a pretty big Woobie with how she is, but she wasn’t forced to flat out banish her sister and have to deal with that for 1000 years.

It was double cemented with the comics but I’m getting ahead of myself. Back to the song itself, this song does so much it’s insane. Let’s start with how it uses reflection. Not the mirror kind.

See, I’m big on reflecting on the past. I love it when a series, be it book, film, or TV, looks back on it’s past. This can be either through funny continuity references showing, a clip show, or by cleverly using minor things from past stories to build up to something big. I even like it in a pretentious way when someone is ashamed of their past and wants to make up for it. Cuz it’s not like I’m ashamed and everything I’ve done before 2014 or so.


What I’m trying to say is that when shows do something like this, it always get to me in a great way. Some of the most emotional moments in a story comes from looking back and seeing how the characters have grown, and when a story actively goes out of its way to make you do that, it’s always amazing.

It’s actually part of why I like clip shows, and the fact that this song uses clips doesn’t help that at all. This song does that more than anything I’ve ever seen. They show what Twilight has been through up to this point.

They show that she has overcome hardships and learned about the value of friendship and all that good stuff. But the real part of my whole reflection point is how it plays into her being a Princess.

The show has more than a few Toy ploys thanks to Hasbro, mostly because that’s why this show exists in the first place. I never really see this kind of thing as bad, really. It doesn’t matter if a work exists to sell toys, because the writers can still do a good job implanting those concepts to create engaging stories.

I mean, I’ve never heard a Transformers fan bitch about things being put in to sell toys. Hell, Transformers Prime pulled something earlier similar in its third season, but I went into that already.

Most of the toy plugs on this show turn out well, be it Cadence or The Crystal Empire. As obvious as they can be, the writers actually try to create an interesting story out of them. This episode is the best way this kind of thing has ever been done.

All Hasbro wanted is to give Twilight wings, and the crew could have just slapped wings on her with some dumb chosen one plot and called it a day. But instead, they did something that fits the world and character arc they’ve been building up.

Twilight proved herself worthy of Princess-hood by completing a complicated unfinished spell made by one of the most powerful ponies ever. The reason he couldn’t do it is that he apparently didn’t understand friendship which is…yeah I’ll talk about that some other time, hint hint.

Twilight was able to complete the spell with the help of her friends. She was able to do so because she grew up through the course of 3 Seasons. She opened up to having friends and grew as a person/pony because of them. In other words, she had to work hard and grow in order to learn what is needed to complete an almost impossible spell.

It’s not because of just working hard or anything like that, it’s because she earned it due to the stuff she has done, and how she has done.

She earned her princess hood due to her natural character development. That…is amazing. It must have been pretty easy to cook that up but it must have been hard to write in such a Stellar way.

They took a studio mandate and used it to create some of the amazing development of ever seen. The use reflection to show how a character has grown, in order to bring her to a new level that she deserved.

They even kind of hinted at in The Crystal Empire, with Celestia telling Luna something about her being ready for something. This entire scene drives those points home in the most beautiful way possible.

It shows reflection, it shows character development, it shows Celestia is a proud figure to look up to, and it showed emotion and beauty.

And it’s not just this song. Everything after this drives that point home even further, as they celebrate her becoming a Princess. We get her coronation with a speech from Twilight and tons of little things that just make you feel good inside, by driving that point even further.

No, it’s not forced because it just…feels right, somehow. Mr Enter said that this episode is designed to make you proud of Twilight. Not just happy or even accepting, but PROUD.

For all the reasons I just went through, this works amazingly well. Speaking of Princess Twilight, when this episode came out plenty of people were worried about how this would affect her character. The Mary Sue argument has been debunked, as well as it changing her character.

But one argument still remains: Does it make Twilight overpowered? Does this make the show all about her?

Well, the answer is no…kind of. See, this episode didn’t make Twilight the star…because she was already the star. The series goal was to have a character learn the important of friendship. Yes, the show grew out of putting her in every episode, but she was still the main character, everyone just got a piece of the pie.

As far as I know, as long they still teach kids about friendship, the point will never be lost. Does her being a Princess ruin anything? No, because she’s shown to be the same character, just dealing with a new position. Also, this part:

“I can honestly say I wouldn’t be standing here if it weren’t for the friendships I’ve made with all of you. Each one of you taught me something about friendship, and for that, I will always be grateful.”

They go out of their way to show us that her FRIENDS are why she is here. She gets out of her way to remind this of that. She also goes out of her way to not so subtly tell us something:

“Everything’s gonna be just fine!”
Keep it subtle, Larson.

So yeah, Twilight may be ascending but her friends are still important. Not to mention they keep the focus on friendship after this, making all complaints pointless. Yes, Twilight’s Kingdom did this kind of thing better but this episode still did it well.

Everything from Celestia’s Ballad onward displays a sort of emotional complexity I’ve rarely seen in a kid’s show period. It plays on reflection like a lot of shows do but brings it up many notices with how emotional and amazing it is done.

It rewards you for sticking with the show for this long and does everything right. It’s an emotional experience unlike any other. The show has had bigger tear jerking moments, mostly after this but this is this is the biggest piece of emotion in the show, just with how everything is staged.

It makes you proud of Twilight and has you reflect on how she has grown. Is this episode all about Twilight? Yes, and so is Lesson Zero. What’s your point? It’s still an amazing look into her character.

On top of that, this episode had the balls to break the status qou. Sure, it was a studio mandate by…the Studio was willingly to majorly change the status Qou! When shows do this, it’s either just adding a character no reason (Sparky), or killing one off for no reason. (Maude Flanders).

It can also involve minor things, like location changes or revealing the main characters secret, ala Wizards of Waverly Place. Or to keep at it Hasbro, Littlest Pet Shop. With this, they gave us a major change to the characters status.

It’s safe to say that people tend to hate change, because it ends up going horribly wrong in some cases. That’s why a lot of Status qou changes tend to not stick, because people are just bitch-y about it.


Oh sorry, I coughed there. Brian’s death sucked.

Here, they go through it despite the reaction, not only because Hasbro already spent their money on a fleet of yachts, but because they felt the change worked. And over time, everyone accepted it.

Prior to the episode, I was just kind of Neutral to the idea. I figured it could work depending how it was done. It was done well. It’s another reason to love this episode.

All of this is why it’s my favorite episode of the season. Some of the others may have more even writing and stuff like that, but this gets me on a level very few episodes so.

It’s flawed sure, but the flaws make it kind of fun before it gets amazing. It took a cash grab and used it to explore a character in a way I never thought was possible. It shows all of the shows’ usual strengths and themes and kicks it up a notch.

It makes us reflect back as they handle a major change with a lot of depth, emotion and maturity. The plot is interesting, the animation is lovely, the songs are fantastic, and It hits all the emotional chords it needs to.

It runs on emotion, so I can how someone wouldn’t get fully in tune with it and not be impressed with the episode. But I’m pretty emotional, so this episode impressed me greatly.

It’s amazing how something that takes up about 6 minutes of a 22 minute can make a very good episode into a flat out amazing one. It means a lot to me as a fan and while it has been surpassed, it still works.

I’ve hammered in the points about character and reflection, so I think that’s all I got. It’s not perfect but it’s still amazing all the same.
I don’t care what anyone says. Magical Mystery Cure is my favorite Episode of Season 3.

And that, is my list of the top 15 episodes of a show about magical horses. …I guess it shouldn’t be shocking that the Tinkerbell sequels turned out decent.

It was beyond fun to do this, sharing my favorite episodes, even if a lot of people’s picks tend to be the same. This show may not be perfect, and some of its fans can be weird, but it’s still kind of amazing.

I may not love it as much as something like Gravity Falls but I suppose I kind of do if it can affect me on a level very few animated shows can. It really has grown beyond just a little girl’s show that happens to be decent.

I mean, it has showed a realistic view of various issues, including sibling relationships, and it has shown a lot emotional maturity even adult shows lack. It also tackled disabilities and got Weird Al to voice a character.

It may be created to sell toys, and some may not accept that, but like some people have said, if a show like this can get a lot of adult men to accept that girly things aren’t always bad, then perhaps it truly is something special.

And no amount of stupid fan bitching can change that. Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. Now the only thing left to do is wait for Season 5, which is totally not the reason I did this when I did.

Say, what’s in store for us in Season 5?

“Announcing the Smooze!”

…April 4th can’t come soon enough.

See ya.

(As a bonus, here are the writer stats, for the top fives only:

Charlote Fullerton: 1
MA Larson: 4
Amy Keating Rogers: 1
Meghan McCarthy: 4
Cindy Morrow: 2
Dave Polsky: 1
Merriweather Williams: 1
Corey Powell: 1

My favorites are obvious)

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Friday the 13th (1980)

You  know, maybe people wouldn't have assumed Jason was the killer in this one if the poster wasn't so misleading.

You know, maybe people wouldn’t have assumed Jason was the killer in this one if the poster wasn’t so misleading.

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, once again, Friday the 13th is upon is. Well, it’s coming this Friday, thanks to my new schedule, but I digress. As you know, I review a Friday the 13th movie every Friday the 13th. If you want a recap…

PART 8: Jason goes to a boat, than New York

REMAKE: It’s the first one, only not as good. In other words, it’s a remake.

JASON GOES TO HELL: Jason dies, possess people, then goes to hell.

FREDDY VS JASON: Freddy fight Jason.

We’ve seen pretty epic tales, and I’ve at least tolerated all these movies so far. For this special occasion, I’ve decided to go back to where it all begin. That’s right, we’re tackling the original movie that started it all!

Believe it or not, I’ve actually never seen the original. Yes, I’ve seen the remake and some of the sequels, but not the first one. I’m a horrible person. Today, I plan to fix that. This will be the only time I review something the Cinema Snob reviewed.

Unless you all want me to watch ET the Porno.

You know the significance the film by now, but I’ll go over it anyway. Released in 1980, this helped kick start the slasher craze. It wasn’t the first Slasher movie ever, (Halloween and Black Christmas would hold that honor) but it started the trend, mostly due to how cheap and easy they are to make.

In a sea of sequels and ripoffs, it’s easy to forget about the one that started it all. The film holds quite the legacy, Jason is on an icon (despite not being the main villain) and people look back on it fondly.

Critics were not kind to it upon release, (nor did they like any of the sequels) which makes its impact hilarious. As a result, the Rotten Tomatoes percentage is a bit low, though you can’t trust RT on old films like this. If you take it seriously, I’ll be shocked that The Pirate Fairy has a better rating.

The director hasn’t done too much of note outside of these films, and the same can be said for the writer.

Does this movie hold up as a horror film, or even a film in general? Either way, I’ll have fun with it. Let’s take a look.

This, is Friday the 13th

The movie opens in Camp Crystal Lake in 1958, as some campers are singing happily. Well, they’re dead. We get the obligatory POV shot and that famous little cha cha cha sound. Two teens sneak off to do it. Again, they are dead.

We get some atmosphere as the POV shots kick in and the two are killed. It’s a pretty cool opening scene, and a nice note to start our franchise on. After the opening credits to “The present” on the titular day.

Hey, an opening taking place in the past that doesn’t take up so much of the movie it makes for the longest pre title scene ever. The remake could take notes from this.

We follow our adult looking teen heroine, Annie as she’s headed to Camp Blood. Naturally, a crazy guy warns her that this is a bad idea.

“It’s got a death curse!”

Some dude gives her a ride and that guy tells her that kids were killed at the camp and going there may be a bad idea. He just mocked Crazy Ralph so he’s a hypocrite. We cut to Camp as the counselors meet up. We see them hang around and exchange some banter.

This may shock you, but most of these guys are jerks who talk about sex. It’s actually funny in places so I can forgive it for now. We cut back to Annie as she hitches a ride with another guy, who drives right past Crystal Lake. Gee, it’s like hitching a ride with a random guy was a bad idea!

She jumps out of the jeep and I must say, it’s odd seeing actual suspense one of these slasher films. The other ones I’ve covered are well…dumb but this one actually tries, so there is that going for it other the sequels.

The driver chases her and kills her. Wah wah. Wait, I actually thought she was our hero. Huh, they caught me off guard. Weird. Back to the camp, we get more antics including fake drowning and snakes. While they are fooling around, a cop shows up, looking for Ralph. He is eventually sent back to do other stuff, making that scene entirely pointless.

Naturally, someone bumps into Ralph elsewhere. He says the place is cursed, and that God sent him. He works pretty well as the creepy guy whose warnings will not be heard. He leaves as quickly as he showed up.

We get more antics after that until one girl gives a weird dramatic speech to her boyfriend that I don’t get. She’s talking about a creepy dream she had or something. By the way, the antics do add something even though I make it all sound pointless.

But as a junkie, I’m just waiting for someone to die. This is still an 80’s slasher movie after all. But we do get another convention as the two run off to do it. Well, they’re dead.

Meanwhile, the other guys play strip Monopoly. Because of course they do. Back with the people that were doing it, the girl leaves to go pee and we get the famous arrow through the neck scene. You know, where someone comes in from behind and stabs him in the neck.

It’s pretty amazing. It’s the first real death and it’s awesome. Did I mention he’s played by Kevin Bacon in one of his earlier roles?

We cut to the girl as nothing happens for a few minute. Eventually the killer finally strikes, making the wait a little bit worth it. Back at Strip Monopoly, they stop the game due to the rain causing a girl to head out to close her Cabin door. Naturally, that girl is the next to die, after more filler.

I’m getting ahead of myself though. She hears cries for help outside and goes out to see what is going on. She is led in the dark to the archery range and she screams, as we cut to two of the others. They find a bloody axe in their Cabin and go out to find their friends to see if they are okay.

One of them tries to get in their car but of course it won’t start. After more stuff, the girl just goes to sleep while the guy heads out. He’s alive.

Eventually Alice, the girl, gets up to make Coffee. We get to watch the whole process. It’s really exciting and it is a very necessary and gripping scene. After it sadly ends, Alice goes to where Bill was and finds him dead. I must say, the kills are cool enough to make up for the lack of …things happening in some parts.

She runs back to her cabin and one girl’s body is thrown through the window. This guy isn’t very clean when it comes to disposing bodies, is he? Well, at least the 1980 audience thinks it’s a he..

Alice runs out and bumps into a woman who introduces herself as Mrs. Vorhees, a friend of the Christy’s. Alice tries to explain but Pamela thinks she’s just getting worried over nothing. She sees the proof.

“What monster could have done it?”

She says this place should not have reopened, and mentions that a young boy drowned here because the counselors were not paying attention.

“His name was Jason”

I’d day the D word but I’ll save it for a moment. The moment right after it that reveals that Jason was her son and she’s the killer.

Dun dun dun! What a twist for all 1 of you who doesn’t know it by now.

PETER: It was his sled from when he was a kid. There I just saved you 2 long boobless hours.

I gotta say, this lady is awesome. Things get really intense when she’s on screen and her acting is quite good. It doesn’t not hard to be more interesting than these chuckleheads, but she’s still awesome.

Thus we have our lone survivor facing the killer. Who is a woman thus breaking the stereotypes of the genre. The lone person being the woman part, I mean. They have a nice long and suspenseful chase scene as they run all around the camp. Eventually, Alice is cornered but she takes out Pam with a conveniently placed Frying pan. So much for breaking stereotypes.

She runs to the lake where Pam catches up. She recovers quickly. More fighting ensues and it ends with Alice cutting off Pam’s head with her own Machete. Awesome. The climax is always the highlight of these films and I’m glad the original started that trend.

Alice gets on a canoe and rows out, for some reason while peaceful music plays. That’s…not the best thing to put after a villain defeat but okay. The sun rises as we get some pretty music and visuals. That’s cool but this is a horror movie and there’s no way this is gonna end on an esoteric happy note.

Thus, ZOMBIE KID JASON pops out and takes her under. This is amazing. It’s well timed and really creepy, from the Zombie effects, timing and idea. There’s a reason it topped James Rolfe Top 13 moments list.

And the credits ro…wait…no? It cuts to her screaming in a hospital bed? That part was a dream? WHAT?! So there was no Zombie Kid Jason that came out?
So how is there a Jason in the other movies?! Well, Dead Kid Jason is likely still at the bottom of the lake so maybe he came back all by himself somehow. Either way, this is a cop out ending and I really question how they got away with ignoring it in the next 50 films.

They cut to the lake with happy music again and instead of having Zombie Jason pop out…the credits roll. Wow, I didn’t think an 80’s movie could come close to outdoing Cloud 9 when it comes to rushed endings, but there you go.

It’s not the worst ending but it just kind of ends. I mean, this is an iconic film that started one of the biggest horror franchises of all time! And it kind of ends without really much a point? What kind of a horror movie has happy music in the credits?!

Ah well, at least the climax was awesome.

Final Thoughts:

So after all these years, does this film hold up? Hmm…I’m gonna say …sure, why not? I’ll be honest, it’s not quite as awesome as it probably was back in the day, but I still liked it.

I think the problem is that barely anything happens. Between the kills, we get pretty much teens hanging out and that’s it. There’s some enjoyable stuff there but in the 2nd half it really slows down in some parts. Seriously, that coffee bit goes on forever.

Say all you want about the remake, but I thought it had a bit more of a point and more actually happened between the kills. Now, with that said this was much better than the remake because the kills were way better, and Jason wasn’t a Momma’s Boy. Since he’s…not even in the movie since that part was a dream.

Speaking of which, the ending goes bug me. It just kind of …stops. Not every horror movie needs a big twist or anything, but when I got into a film with that poster, I don’t expect to walk out with a happy feeling. At least not the way this one did it.

Despite my bitching, there is stuff that works. This film does a pretty good at suspense at points, with every kill having weight to it. After stuff like Part 8, it’s nice to see this one actually try to keep you on the edge of your seat as annoying teens are killed.

The climax is easily the best part. Not only is it fun but Pamela Vorhees is actually an awesome villain. She’s really creepy with how she’s obsessing over getting revenge for her son’s death. It’s an okay motivation and Betsty Palmer certainly does a great job.

The rest of the characters are…not as good. Honestly, most of them are dull and they barely do anything before they die. Ralph is cool but he’s not in it much and while Alice was likable enough, they still aren’t enough. No one is really hatable for the most part but no one sticks out.

I think one of the other issues with the movie is how it keeps to the tropes we all know today. Aside from the twist about the killer, it’s all stuff we already know. This was all new in 1980, I’m sure but I’ve seen dull teens getting killed off tons of times now.

So really, it’s the direction that keeps this thing afloat. It rises above the convention by being fun and suspenseful but aside from a good villain the writing isn’t the best. However, none of that matters because I quite enjoyed the movie despite the dull parts, which I can look past.

So overall, it holds up in the sense that it’s still a fun horror flick, but I’d say Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street are a lot better. Well, I would but I haven’t seen those either.
…Yeah, I’m gonna have to review those at some point, aren’t? I haven’t the remakes, if that helps..

If you still haven’t seen this, it’s worth checking out but don’t expect it to be super amazing or something. It’s the “objective” best film in the franchise I’ve seen yet, but that isn’t hard given what I’ve covered.

I’ll try to cover some of them outside of Friday the 13th, cuz if I keep this up, I won’t cover all of them until 2019 or so. Yeah, I don’t want them, and something tells we’ll see like 5 more in the next few years. I’m also sure it will be found footage or some shit.

Then again, the next one is gonna the 13th overall Friday movie, so maybe bad luck it stop it from being made….either way, I like the original but it’s not the best.

Grade: B

Please don’t bitch about that grade.

Next time, we take out 2nd venture in the wild world of YA adaptions. Yay.

See ya.

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Top 11 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Songs

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, I’ve remade a whole review, so I suppose it makes sense to remake a list I did! Awhile back, I did a short list of my Top 11 songs from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It was a short, mostly because I was too lazy to do a full list. That’s really it.

But since Season 4 has come and gone, it’s time to remake this list. It’s very different from before, with a new Number one. And we now have full explanations!

But before we get into it, let’s introduce things. My Little Pony has had songs since Day 1 and G1 had some decent ones (I genuinely like the Sea Ponies song, shut up) but after that they got…bad.

But with G4, they put actually effort into them, thanks to Daniel Ingram and others. But mostly him. And whoever wrote the episode a certain song comes from. Like everything else in the series, they are of a higher quality than you’d expect.

And man, have there been some good ones. There have been well over 40 songs across 4 Seasons and 2 movies. Everyone has their favorites and so do I. So here, I’ll pay tribute to them…again, but counting down the ones I like the most.

But first a couple rules. The song must be over 30 seconds long, to rule out a good number of Pinkie’s songs (the short ones anyway) and cuz really, I can only think of one short song that was worthy.

Also, no songs from the Equestria Girls films, just to give other songs a better chance. And again, only a couple are worthy…and they’re all from Rainbow Rocks anyway. And they’re all villain songs.

Also, no theme. (Ding!). The Extended (and Italian) versions of a great, but again, bigger chance for other songs. There aren’t many songs as P&F guys. But I still had to make some painful cuts, but I think have all the really popular songs. But I won’t find out until the angry comments start coming in.

So which songs are the best? The insanely catchy and awesome tunes I come back to again and again?

For real this time, this is the Top 11 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Songs

11. Bad Seed (One Bad Apple)

Ah yes, the perfect song to start with. I originally had Hearts as Strong As Horses in this spot, but once I realized I left this song out, I had to remove it. Sorry. Consider it my number 12.

Now, one trend you’ll notice that no matter how divided people are on an episode, they will love whatever song it has. Sometimes the weakest episodes get the best songs, and this isn’t even the biggest example of this.

It’s not a bad episode, and I see what they were thinking with it, but it’s not one of the best. But it gave us a great song, so it’s not all bad.

Pretty much every discussion of this song will mention how catchy it is. That’s because it’s the catchiest song ever. Not the best, (it’s only number 11 after all) but the catchiest. It’s hard to describe, but it has this …thing about it, that makes it so much fun to listen to.

CMC songs don’t always go well with people, for some reason. Actually, no. It’s just their 80’s rock Ballad. People like the others, and this one is their best. Yeah , I know I had their theme on my first list, but realized I just put it there to spite people.

I still love it, and consider it to be the mot underrated song in the series, but it’s not on my list. Sorry. Anyway, in this episode, their Cousin comes over, and for reason that aren’t important, she becomes a bully and we get this song.

Everything about this song is catchy as all hell. The lyrics stick in your mind, the tune is upbeat for a song about a bully, and the visuals are trippy and creative.

Everything about this song is designed to stick in you’re mind. It worked, as it got like 80 remixes by the end of….the hour, once this episode aired. Seriously, every song gets tons of remixes and stuff, but this episode may have been the biggest sleeper hit of all of them. The heavy hitters like the latter ones on this list, don’t count.

This song isn’t really complex by any straight. It’s a really catchy tune with trippy visuals. That’s really all it is, and there’s not a lot to it. The lyrics mostly tell us the obvious, but they aren’t bad.

Babs Seed, Babs Seed, what we gonna do?
Got a bully on our tail
Gotta hide, we gotta bail
Babs Seed, Babs Seed, if she’s after you
Gotta run, we gotta flee
Gotta hurry, don’t you see?
Why so mean? Why so crude?
Why so angry? Why so rude?
Can’t you be nice? Can’t we be friends?
Isn’t it sad? Is this how it all ends?

It’s a very simple song, but it went over really well, because it’s awesome. Whenever I want to pop in a pony song to listen to, I put in this one as it’s a pretty simple, fun one. That’s all fne and good, but it’s why it’s Number 11. That I do honestly like the next ten more.

The only really bad thing about this song is that it gives me nothing to talk about it. It’s catchy. That’s it. I can say complex things about all the songs in the show (even the weaker ones) except this one.

And you deserve more in this section than the obvious. But then again, if you are reading a boring blog post about songs, and depending on that to learn about them, instead of listening to them, it’s kind of your fault.

I don’t want to cut this section short. See, if this was a Video, then it wouldn’t be a problem. But it is, so whatever. This song isn’t really meant to be anything complex. It’s a really catchy song about avoiding a bully, with trippy visuals. There’s nothing to anazle! Unless you’re a pretentious douche who can find complex meaning in toilet paper or whatever.

Great. Now I’m padding this section with me saying it’s hard to pad out the section. What can I say? Well…the visuals officially Canon-ize movies. That’s something. Uh…the visuals arguably make the episode weaker, but I went on about the bullying thing before.

…Look, I’m really reaching here. Can we all agree that I made the only points I can make? The song is pretty much made to get stuck in your head, and it works. It’s a lot of fun, it has good visuals (mostly) and it’s the best part of the episode. But the same can be said for all of the songs, so ….whatever.

Babs Seed. The song that gives me nothing to say. But hey, at least it sticks to you, much like a …Bad Seed.

Let’s move on.

10. Winter Wrap Up

In the first quarter of the series, we didn’t have much in the way of songs. Besides Giggle at the Ghosties from the pilot, the songs were mostly short, if there were any at all. But in the 1th episode, we had out first Real song. And It was awesome.

Yep, even after all this time, this song is great. Most people just remember it for being the first great song and that’s it. But it really is awesome.

I always felt the episode itself was the 2nd most underrated of the first season (The 1st? Overall a Barell). People view it as a Average, when it’s anything but. But we’re talking about music, not episodes. Another rule is that my thoughts on the episode don’t fact into the ranking, since that would be unfair if it did. So even if this episode sucked, this song would be on here.

In this episode, we find out the ponies wrap up Winter together, but they don’t use magic, because it’s been tradition, and their tradition. Since Twilight is the element of Magic, that becomes a problem. And that leads into this song which has everything you could want.

We have parts for each of the Mane 6, a catchy beat, and decent lyrics that convey what is going on. This song perfectly tells us what is going on, in both the event and the episode itself.

The song has a pretty good progression, as it were. It starts out slow, as they establish that Winter was fun, but now they must wrap it up.

Three months of winter coolness
And awesome holidays
We’ve kept our hoovsies warm at home
Time off from work to play

But the food we’ve stored is runnin’ out
And we can’t grow in this cold
And even though I love my boots
This fashion’s getting old

Twilight mentions her dilemma and then we get the incredibly catchy chorus. Trust me, you at least remember that part.

Then it goes into telling us what each pony does to wrap up winter. Then near the end, Twilight gets another verse, perfectly summing up why I like this episode so much.

Now that I know what they all do
I have to find my place
And help with all of my heart
Tough task ahead I face

How will I do without my magic

Help the Earth pony way

I wanna belong so I must

Do my best today,

Do my best today

The song is about 3 minutes, which is the perfect length ,as it gives it time to cover all of it’s bases. Everything I just mentioned is done very well, as it goes seamlessly from one part to the next part.

It’s really catchy and everything is just done so well. While others came along and outshined it in many ways, this still stands as awesome. It’s just fun to listen to, as it perfectly sums up what it is going on, while standing on it’s own.

I’m not sure what else I could say about this. People tend to just remember it for being catchy and being the first real song, and thus, it rarely appears on professional best lists. If you’re definition of professional is the same as mine: Some dude on youtube who has more talent than I’ll ever have.

…Anyway, I think it deserves to be on best list, for all the reasons I’m stating. It did what many other songs did, first, and in some cases, better. It hits all the chords needs to ,telling you all you need to know while also being really well made and catchy.

The song has certainly made it’s impact on the show, as it has been referenced twice. Once in “Bats” where Pinkie briefly sings “Fruit bat round up” to the tune of this song. But before that, in “Princess Twilight Sparkle”, Discord is heard singing it when he first appears.


Now, I can see why it doesn’t show up on a lot of recent lists, as other songs stick out more in terms of style. But I’ve liked this song so it earns it’s spot on my list. Some songs tend to be either too long or too short, but this one of the few songs to have the perfect length.

As I said before, it progresses wonderfully and it covers all it’s bases. It tells you what is going on and it sticks in your head, for better or worse. In this case, it’s for the better.

It’s certainly an “Easy” listen for me, as I turn it on when I’m not in the mood for the more ambitious songs. When a song like this is less ambitious, you have a great soundtrack. Not to mention it gives us something to sing on the last day of winter, to annoy our friends and family!

And really, isn’t that the meaning of life?

While the song is on this list for it’s importance, it’s still a great song. It showed everyone’s skills (both the cast and Ingram’s) very well, and it proved that this show can product high quality tunes.

I consider this episode the show’s first (of 3) growing the beard moment. Guess what the others are. The song is a big part of this. Really, there’s not much else to say about this. So let’s do a section wrap up.


It’s a really great song that does what it’s supposed to do very well. It hits all the right notes, it’s paced well, and it’s very catchy. It proved this show would have good songs, and I’ll always love it.

It’s just awesome. What more could I say? Don’t worry, the other sections get longer…hopefully.
Winter Wrap Up. It’s…really good? …Look, I’m bad at puns, okay? It’s just awesome.

9. Art of the Dress (Suited for Success)

And speaking of the show’s Growing the Beard moments, here’s the 2nd. This episode was more proof the show could a worthwhile one, and once again, the song is part of that.

In this episode, Rairty makes Gala dresses for everypony, and I’ll say more on the episode soon. Hint hint.

This is one of those that will be hard to talk about. There’s more to discuss than with Babs, but it’s still simple. Unlike some of the other songs, this has 2 verses with the 2nd verse being slightly later in the episode.

But it’s still the same song,of course. …Unless you ask the makers of the first Soundtrack. I know it’s unfair, but if the soundtrack makers did it right, I would like this song more. I don’t consider it complete without the 2nd verse.

I’m not really sure how to describe this one. I love how each verse shows the progression of the plot. The first verse has Rarity happily making dresses, singing about how each ponies Dress should be. Between verses, the other members of the Mane 6 tell her they don’t their dresses and in Verse 2, Rarity makes those dresses. However, their demands are a bit too much for Rarity and this stresses her out.

“Don’t you think my gown would be more mean with some Lollops”

“Well, I think-”



“Do it!”

In that regard, this is one of the better songs when it comes to complement the plot. Hey, I found stuff to say!

That progression is what makes this song a lot of fun, along with the usual stuff. The way the song is sung, and the lyrics subtly change to show how different the situation is now.

FIRST VERSE: “…yarn by yarn, never stressed”

SECOND VERSE: “Yarn by yarn, always stressed”

Stuff like that are what makes this show great. That and…everything else. The song progresses quite nicely, and the 2 tones the verses have make it interesting. We even have some Comedy with the visuals, and the dialogue in the 2nd part. Including that line.

No, I won’t quote it. You all know it. You’ve all overused it.

A lot of the strengths of the episode slip in here, including the depiction of the typical customers people have to work with. I really love the climax of the whole song, as their demands get more intense.

“All we ever want is indecision”

“All we really like Is what we know”

I love that line, for some reason.

Speaking of lines, the chorus has the line “Croup, dock, haunch, shoulders, hip”. Apparently the first 3 things are parts of a horse, or something. Horse anatomy ftw? But seriously, if that is true, kudos to the writers for doing their homework.

By the way, the song is a direct homage to Stephen Sondheim’s song “Putting It Together” from the musical “Sunday In the Park With George”. I’ve never heard of it but I’ll trust a Wiki cuz that’s always a smart idea.

But let’s get to back to the important stuff. I’m not sure what else I have to say. Get ready to hear that a lot. I think it’s a really enjoyable song that proved for a 2nd time that this show could create great songs. It has a lot of nuances to it that make it great, as I’ve already established. So if you have it as the best Season 1 Song, or the best overall, than I see why. There are just 8 I personally like more.

It’s a really fun song that progresses very well. It has good lyrics, it’s full of interesting bits and it helped make Rairty best pony for a lot of people. Can’t go wrong with that.

Art of the Dress: Where the MLP crew shows you the art of the song.

8. The Flim Flam Brothers (Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000)

One of the great things about the show’s songs, as that they are willingly to try different styles, and do new things. That makes things interesting and varied, and pretty much most of this list falls into that category.

Case in point, here’s a song lifted out of The Music Man. Yep, much like Art of the Dress, it’s similar to a song I never heard of until the pony version came out. Well, I had heard of The Music Man, I just haven’t seen it.

But whatever, how is the pony version? It’s on this list, so it’s awesome. It’s the first real villain song in the series, though I don’t count it since it’s not…obvious like that other famous pony villain song. In this episode, two con men..-er Stallions, show up to solve the Cider shortage, with a machine with a long name.

Spoilers, they don’t have pure intentions and things go bad, and the ponies learn an important lesson.
“I didn’t learn anything!”

…Sort of.

And of course, Film and Flam convince them all with a song. Since the ponies are desperate for Cider, as the Apples ran out, they don’t need much convincing. Though it takes Granny Smith a whole verse.

This song is just a lot of fun. The brothers do in a fast talking style, which makes it pretty unique. I really like how it progress from a simple sales pitch to a whole crowd song. This song probably forwards the plot the most…as it actually gets it rolling.

This is another hard to describe song, as it’s best to just listen to it. But if that was the case, I wouldn’t even be here, so I have to say more.
The fast talking style allows it to progress pretty well ,as Flim and Flam’s charm take over. So you sort of understand why everyone’s getting into it, cuz you are getting into at the same time.

Then again, if anyone used a song as their sales pitch, I’d buy all their cheap crap. They just have this charm that helps the song really enjoyable. Of course, that’s the point and it works very well.

Despite it’s length (3:54), I find myself listening to it a lot, as it goes by fast, in a good way. The lyrics most use a lot of word play and dialogue to help make the song move a bit better, and stuff like that.

And I suppose by now you’re wondering, where is this promised cider?
Any horse can make a claim and any pony can do the same
But my brother and I have something most unique and superb

Unseen at any time in this big new world
And that’s opportunity
Folks, it’s the one and only, the biggest and the best
The unbelievable
Flim Flam Brothers’ Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

The very nature of this song makes it a lot of fun to sing a lot to. Also, Granny Smith joins as she still has her doubts about a machine doing all this work. But they shut her up pretty quickly, so whatever. But hey, Granny sings!

Flim and Flam actually showed up again in Leap of Faith, doing pretty much the same thing. They had a song there too, and while it’s still enjoyable, it’s still nowhere near as good as their first attempt. Actually, they were kind of useless in that episode. But they got another song, so I don’t care.

It’s just a really fun song that uses a unique style very well. The thing about a lot of these songs, is that the nature of them makes them hard to discuss. You can go over the basics of how they work, but all I can say is that it’s catchy/fun. Phineas and Ferb songs are more…interesting, in how they handle different styles and stuff, so I can analzy the tune and lyrics more, but that’s not the case here.

I’m not a Music Critic, (I’m barley a Critic in general) so this kind stuff isn’t my forte. I’m just doing this list for fun, really. What else do you want from me? This is why I made this a short list in the first version.

This is a very enjoyable song that moves the plot along nicely, while serving as a great introduction to some fun villains. It’s a cool Homage, and I just love it. The style, in both the music, lyrics, and singing, is great, and the whole thing is fun to listen to.

Overall, it’s a great song that easily the highlight of the episode. …Besides Applejack’s letter.

The Flim Flam Brothers. With a song this good, I’ll buy all of their cheap crap.

7. You’ll Play Your Part (Twilight’s Kingdom)

I spent a good chunk of my last pony list fanboying over this episode. Now it’s time to do the same for it’s first song! Really, that’s the only thing I didn’t go into detail on, since I knew I would do so here.

I think Season 4 had the best Soundtrack, and this song alone is enough to justify that opinion. I don’t need to explain the context but I kind of have to.

Twilight feels like her role as a Princess doesn’t equate to all that much. She sings about it. There, that’s all the context you need.

Even though all of these songs are awesome in their own way, there are only 3 songs in the whole show I could describe as beautiful, (and one of them ain’t on this list). This is one of them.

It’s really how to describe here, but there’s something about the song that is just amazing. It’s one of those songs you just have to listen to, you know? Most of these songs have a certain style that could lead to a deeper analysis, so I can at least try to act like I know something.

This one, not so much. All I can say is that it’s …lovely. I’ll see what I can do. This song is sort of sad, as Twilight is singing about how she doesn’t seem to do a lot. But as the others tell her that she has her place, it gets a lot more triumphant and the song becomes a lot happier. You can tell that they put a lot of effort into the music here, making it song really lovely, as it goes from sort of somber, to triumphant and less sad.
…I’m not good with words.

This is one of those cases where I simply have to link the Instrumental version, even if you can hear the voices just a little bit:

The only thing more lovely than the music is the singing. I don’t usually talk about the sheer quality of the singing, at least not to to this extent but ..damn. Everyone sounds just lovely here (take a drink when I say lovely in this section) and this is some of their best work. I believe that the best singer in the show is Nicole Oliver aka Celestia, and she only has 2 songs to her name. That’s pretty impressive.

In both of her songs, she just sounds amazing, bringing about a higher quality than you would expect. And given the quality already here, that’s saying something. Of course, she doesn’t deserve ALL the credit.

We also have Rebecca Shoichet being excellent as Twilight’s singing voice once again and the beginning is especially good with her. She really brings on the emotions, as Twilight is wondering if her role as a Princess is pointless. It’s one of those things that helps make her Best Princesses, because screw you she counts.

And I’m sure people will kill me if I don’t point out that this is the singing debut of Princess Luna. Since she’s voiced by Tabitha St Germain aka Rarity, her singing voice is the same as Rarity’s. She’s pretty good here, but I can’t help but think of Rarity when she sings.

And last, but not least, Cadance joins in, and while she doesn’t outdo her last performance, she’s pretty good. Great, now I’m just padding this out by talking about each singing. But I suppose I must give credit where credit is due. They all come together to form a great singing group, that should totally go on tour. Celestia and the Princesses!

Jokes aside, this is song is just really nice. It runs on emotion all the way through, and it gives me a serious case of the feels, especially at the end. It’s one of those feel good songs, that is meant to put Twilight in a good mood, and man does it work. It also works for us, as it’s so uplifting despite how somber it can get.

The lyrics aren’t anything amazing, but they work pretty well, I suppose:

Know that your time is coming soon
As the sun rises, so does the moon
As love finds a place in every heart
You are a princess; you’ll play your part

Also, the visuals take the animators another chance to tell us they have a budget, and it works. We get some fancy stuff in the sky in some parts and it looks nice. Though it’s far from the best animation in that episode. Though that just says how amazing the animation is here.

This song does a great job at doing what it’s supposed to do. It forwards the plot, assuring Twilight she will play her part, and it happens to have beautiful music and singing. It really is a lovely song that I like to play over and over again.

I know what you’re thinking. If it’s so amazing, why isn’t I nay higher? Keep in mind, this is a purely subjective list, and as lovely as the song is, there are 6 others I love even more. It’s awesome, but I happen to enjoy the next 6 more.

But that doesn’t change how beautiful this song is. It has way higher quality than you expect in a show like this, and it’s another reason why Daniel Ingram Steffan Andrews are Gods among men. And maybe the singers and Meghan McCarthy, who wrote the lyrics alongside Daniel, but mostly the first two guys!

There, I said more than I thought I would say. Overall, this is an amazing song that works on every level, and it’s not even the best part of the episode. I love it.

You’ll Play Your Part: So good, you’ll forget that it’s about yet another Princess who wants more.

6. At The Gala (The Best Night Ever)

Season 1 may not be my favorite Season, but it sure ended on a high note. And this song is a big reason for that.

This will be easy to give context for: The Mane 6 go to the Grand Galloping Gala and hope to have the Best Night ever, and they sing about it. SPOILERS: It doesn’t go the way they expected. Shocking, I know.

But before we get to the predictable part, we get an awesome song. Each of the Mane 6 have a Separate verse about what they want to do At the Gala, and it’s back up by some other ponies who wanted to join in for whatever reason.

Much like Winter Wrap Up, this showcases each of the Mane 6, but this time each verse is more directly about them. Each Verse is like a Brand new song and it works really well. It’s another one of those songs that’s just fun to listen to.

I listened to each song as I wrote these sections, and this song has played like 3 times by the time I got to this sentence. Yeah. Let’s talk about each verse, shall we?

Best Pony aka Fluttershy goes first, and she sings about wanting to hang out with the animals in the garden. Naturally, it’s simple and light, reflecting Fluttershy in this instance perfectly. It’s the first verse, so it sort of has to be simple to set everything up.

Next up is Applejack, who wants to sell her Apple stuff to make money for her family. Oddly enough, her intentions are more pure than the others. She wants money, yes, but to specifically help her family. This was established in an earlier episode, but it’s still cool.

Nothing special about the verse itself, which I suppose sets it apart from the others. No, it doesn’t reflect AJ cuz I’m not on the Applejack is awesome part of the fandom.

Speaking of awesome Ponies, Rarity is up next. She wants to meet Prince Blueblood, hoping he will fall in love with her and all that good stuff. This verse is also rather nice, reflecting this situation well, and it’s the least catchy of the verses. That was on purpose and it works very well, actually. I should mention that all of the singing is great, but that’s to be expected at this point.

Then comes everyone’s favorite, Rainbow Dash. She wants to fly with the Wonderbolts. To reflect Rainbow, this verse is fast and awesome. It’s really catchy and it single handily made people want an RD solo song. Her voice actor is an actual singer and of course her most popular character has not had a true song in the series proper. It’s just logical, you know?

Anyway, this verse is the best cuz it’s just kind of awesome. Not much to say here. Then we have Pinkie Pie, who also has a fast verse because she’s Pinkie Pie. She just wants to party At the Gala. It’s simple, But she’s Pinkie so you’ll remember this part.

And last but not least, e have Twilight. She wants to talk to Celestia. Another simple one, but it’s the most pure one, since she simply wants to hang with her mentor. This one just sounds normal, which is fine for the last verse before we hit our climax.

Yeah, this song is hard to describe Everything just comes together so perfectly. Each verse is really well done, and it’s back up an awesome choir and we have a climax with everypony combined with the choir.

Did I mention I’m not a music Critic? Anyway, this song is definitely very Disney-esque with how it’s done, and how great it is. Lyric wise, it’s nothing amazing but the lyrics work fine.

Each verse tells you what you need to know, the chorus works just as well. No quotes here, since it’s late at night as type this section and I’m tired.

This song is mostly about the sound, and in that regard it’s amazing. It has 6 Unique verse that show off the casts’ talents, and it combines all that to create a very lovely song that was a perfect addition to this finale. It’s another case where it’s hard to describe in words, but it really is a great song.

It does a lot of little things perfectly, and it all comes together into something truly outstanding. Kind of like the episode itself, but I digress. In all honestly, it proably deserves to be slightly higher, but this is my list and all things considers I enjoy the next 5 more. Look, it came really close to the Number 5 spot, but I couldn’t make a tie cuz the songs are…different. And you’ll see the other reason in a second.

All in all, it’s a really epic song that delivers on every single level. It’s a lot of fun, it’s well made, and it’s just a delight to listen to. There’s no wonder Daniel Ingram had this as his favorite song, before Season 2 came around. I wonder what his favorite is now…
So yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

At The Gala…there’s probably a good ending line. But we’re not there, so let’s move on.

5. Super Duper Party Pony & Pinkie’s Lament (Pinkie Pride)

That’s right, we have a tie. That’s why I couldn’t tie a tie. Tieception? Yes, I’m allowed to do that. But only If both choices are related enough, and being from the same episode is good enough.

But seriously, why are these two tied? Because I seriously couldn’t decide which one deserves the slot more. None of the others had a chance, as stuff like the opening song isn’t quite as good, and The Goof Off doesn’t really “end”, so that hurt it’s chances. If I picked just one of these songs, I’d feel really guilty for leaving out the other. Pinkie’s Lament has the best chance, but I wasn’t really sure.

So screw it, here’s a tie. At least this means I don’t have to super in depth on them, since that would make this section too long. Both these songs forward the song excellent, and the first one leads into the next very well. But let’s discuss the first one first.

Again, I went through the plot before but let’s set the stage again: A New party pony named Cheese Sandwich comes to town and he sings a song to show how amazing he is. They got Weird Al to voice him. I don’t know how it happened, but it did. And of course, they had to make him song, which is pretty much the only reason this is a musical episode.

And since is Weird Al, his intro song is amazing. It really thinks like something he would write, but he actually didn’t write jack shit for this episode. So that means Daniel Ingram and Amy Keating Rogers really know Weird Al.

This song just captures the character perfectly. It has everything you could want in an Intro song for a character like this. It’s fast paced, catchy and really funny. This has some of the best lyrics of any song on this list, and everything else makes it even better.

It’s amazing how much they were able to pack in a 1:41 song. It sounds like they had a lot of fun making it, and that’s quite infectious. This is the point where the episode really got going, and it never let up.

It’s done a Polka style, which is kind of required, and allows for a fast pace that gives us rapid fire awesome-ness. Here’s a taste of the lyrics going on here:

When I throw a Cheese party, be sure to not be lame

And miss my pie fights, wacky kites, and streamers in your mane
Fizzy drinks, Hawaiian shirts, and brie fondue delight
You know that with Cheese Sandwich, you’ll be partying all night!

Wait, Hawaii exists in Equestria? …Weird.

Yes, the signing helps all of this even more, but that’s to be expected, really. It has such a high energy level, and that shows in every single aspect. It’s just an awesome, fun tune. But at the very end…

“But what about the super party pony named Pinkie?”

And that leads us into our next song. After a little bit, Pinkie thinks that Cheese is taking over, and is far better than her. Thus, she gives and sings about it. This is another song that’s sort of beautiful but it’s not in those 3 I mentioned.

Remember how I said You’ll Play Your Part is Sad AND uplifting? This song is even better in that regard. It starts really sad, as Pinkie genuinely thinks she should give up her true calling. It’s really depressing and the emotions work really well. While there is one sadder song, this almost hits more due to the type of Pony Pinkie is.

She loves seeing people smile, and having someone else do Dash’s party isn’t sitting with her. And since Dash said “No offense”, it’s clear that this is her problem here. Yeah, I’ll still keep explaining why this is a better version of Owl’s Well that Ends well. Anyway, hear Pinkie say all this is just…sad.

I’ll Try to Get up on my Hooves
And Try a Different Task
I’ll find something new to do
There’s gotta be more to me, than planning a party of too.

Just look at those words. Pinkie is wondering if she was just a Party Planner, and if she should just give up. Then the real brilliance of song comes in, as she starts packing her stuff up, which should be hilarious, but it’s actuallt quite sad. She says she’s delafting all of her Ballons, and they show us that…but it’s done in suhc a somber way that it’s…depressing.

She then looks at some pictures of past party’s and sees how happy they made everyone. This includes some awesome Callbacks.

“Oh, I remember this one: my first party ever. My whole family was there. (The Cutie Mark Chronicles) And that’s Twilight’s welcome-to-Ponyville party. (Friendship is Magic Part 1) She didn’t even expect that one. Oh, look at Gummy! He just looks so excited for this birthday party!.(Party of One) Hmm. Shining Armor and Cadance’s wedding sure was special, (A Canterlot Wedding) especially once I got a hold of the music.’

She sees just how much fun parry’s are. Not because party’s are just genrally fun, but because they made all her friends happy. And that made her happy.

Oh, look at those happy faces
All the parties that I had thrown
I made them laugh, had such a blast
A smile that’s all their own
They loved seeing me, the real Pinkie
Show them the time of their life like they’ve never known

It’s where she realizes why she’s been doing all this to begin with. If she gives up now, than she’ll be doing a disservice to everypony. This entire song is just….amazing, for all the depth it gives Pinkie. Just this one song tells you everything you need to know about Pinkie and her dilemma.

Not only do the lyrics excellently show this, but the music is rat. It starts out slow and sad, but it gets amazingly triumphant. Seriously, this part makes you just as happy as the first part made you sad. Pinkie saying she’s going to go out and show everyone who she really is, just makes me happy, mostly due to the music, singing, and lyrics.

And also, the visuals. This is has some of the best animation in the whole show. Not kidding. Just go watch the video for yourself. Everything looks amazing during the climatic part, and it’s just beautiful to look at.

This is a classic case where every element in the song is excellently done and helps the sell the point of the song brilliantly. So after all that, you may wonder this is a tie. Well, I think you can’t have one song without the other. Showing how Cheese is and how Pinkie changes in that very song alone, brilliantly shows how the situation is going down.

That and I had to give major credit to the writers for nailing Weird Al’s style down perfectly in his first song. Both songs fit the episode really well, and the latter is just amazing. Before I finish this up, there’s one thing I must mention:

When Pinkie looks at the picture from her first party, we see she has an extra sister, who clearly was not in Cutie Mark Chronicles. Then several episodes later, we are introduced to Maud Pie. Yes, they actually foreshadowing this new sibling, so it makes a bit more sense that they appear. That’s pretty clever. Certainly better than Twilight’s randomly appearing brother. I didn’t mention that in Season 4 list, so I had to bring up here.

Anyway, with all of that, it’s easy to why I love these 2 songs. The former is very funny and fast paced, and the brother amazingly shows off the situation and Pinkie’s character as a whole. They are both amazing and are part of why this episode is so great.

Super Duper Party Pony and Pinkie’s Lament: Managing the impossible of task of making us like someone who makes Pinkie Pie sad.

4. Bats

Did I mention Season 4 has the best Soundtrack? Like, literally in the last section? Because it does. And this is the top of that heap. Yeah, the Top 3 are Not from Season 4. It may have the best Soundtrack Overall but there are certain selections I like more than this one.

While I love those Pinkie Pride songs, none of them touch this song, in my book. Remember how I said this show likes to use different styles in the songs sometimes? This is the biggest example of that. In this episode, Vampire Fruit Bats are swarming Sweet Apple Acres, and Applejack doesn’t like that.

However, Fluttershy feels that the bats are innocent in this situation. AJ isn’t listening and of course, they sing about their disagreement.

Everyone who has talked about this song has compared it’s style to The Nightmare Before Christmas. There’s a reason for that, as it has a rather dark style like songs in that film, and other films like it. Mr Ingram really tapped into his inner Danny Elfman here, and that’s awesome.

This episode has some high production levels for a typical episode, but that’s par for the course for Season 4. They brought out some of the show’s best animation in the “Normal” episodes because screw you, we have a budget. But yeah, this song is awesome in every category.

It’s not often that Applejack gets to sing, but songs like this make me want to hear her sing more. Like I said, Ashleigh Ball is an actual singer and while she doesn’t get to something closet to her normal voice often, she at least to gets to sing with a Southern Accent. That’s…good enough. But she’s awesome here, so I suppose it’s more than good.

The song gives equal time to Applejack and Fluttershy for most of it, and their verses are very different. When Applejack sings, it’s very dark, not only in the rather epic music but in the visuals as well. It’s really nice to look at and some awesome animation comes out of this song, in these parts alone.

When Fluttershy sings, everything sounds a lot of nicer, and the visuals are much better. Applejack mostly sings about how horrible the bats are, while Fluttershy suggests the bats are nice creatures. Here’s how the song opens:

Those vampire bats will give you a fright
Eating apples both day and night
They rest for a minute, maybe three
Then they’re eatin’ every apple in your apple tree
They don’t care about nada, not zilch, no, nothin’
Cept bringin’ about an orchard’s destruction

And here’s Fluttershy’s rebuttal:

Now wait just a minute, there’s another side to this
And if I did not defend them, then I would be remiss
These bats are mamas and papas too
They care for their young just like we ponies do

All this back and forth is done really well and it makes the song very interesting ontop of being really enjoyable. Both sides are represented faiely and the whole episode made this conflict work.

Granted, AJ does some a tad villian-ized (she forces Fluttershy to use ”The Stare” on the Bats and…things happen) even though she has a good reason to be like this since the bats are ruining her orchard. However, it’s still done better than you would expect.

But wait, we’re talking about the song itself. Context doesn’t matter, and this song is still done well without taking any of that stuff into account. They really went all out with the orchstariton here, as everything sounds big and awesome, during the “Scary” parts. And as the song goes on, we hear less and less Fluttershy, until the others take AJ”s side and chant STOP THE STOP over and over. It’s a very nice progression that is pretty well done. Yeah, seeing them gang up on poor Flutters is kind of weird, but for the sake of the song, I’ll let it slide. Just this once.

Besides, the whole climax is awesome. Everything about this song is awesome. It feels huge and it’s so much fun to listen to, and it’s fun to watch as well. But unlike a few other songs, it’s just as fun much to listen to as it is to watch so I don’t really need to see the visuals to love it.

Going back to the whole Nightmare Before Christmas Vibe, I really like how they use a different style here, and everything awesome about this song revolves wrong this style choice. It feels very cinematic, more than the actual movie. The human one, not the one they just announced. We’ll see about that one.

Lyric wise, it works for the reasons I’ve mentioned. It shows each side and how they are feeling about the bats, and they work pretty well. This song was a huge hit with fans, and it’s easy to see why. It lends itself to a lot of remixing possibilities , and while I’m not one to listen to Fan Remixes, I’m sure there have been some awesome ones for this song.

Oh hey, I said quite a bit this time. That gives me a free pass to wrap this up. It’s an awesome song that uses it’s unique and dark style to great effect. It fits the story perfectly and the lyrics are just as great as the visuals and music.

Everything about it is interesting and it’s easily the best song from Season 4. And that’s saying a lot. It’s really popular for a reason and it’s just an awesome song. Really, there’s not much else to say here. Overall, it’s great for the reasons I just listed. …Yeah, that’s all I got.

Wether we stop them or defend them, they make for an awesome song.

3. Smile Song (A Friend in Deed)

When a list like this is made, there’s at least one item that will be on everyone’s list, no matter how different is from everyone else. Every Best P &F song list will have Summer Belongs to You or Gitchie Gitchie Goo, and every Best Spongebob episode list will have Chocolate with Nuts or Band Geeks.

And every pony song list must have this song. Plenty of my picks are popular, but this song tends to be on everyone’s list, even if it’s not always in the Top 5. And there’s a damn good reason for that: It’s awesome.

Context is not needed, as the song has nothing to do with the plot. It just delays the plot for another 3 minutes and tells us stuff the scene before it already established. Yeah, this is why context doesn’t effect my thoughts on a song.

This is a song where the greatness lies in the tone and attitude, rater than music or singing. That’s all great but it’s the tone that makes it awesome. While each of the Mane 6 have had a nice tune, none of them had a song that perfectly sums up their character.

This song explains why I love Pinkie Pie. She’s mostly known as the “funny” one and she can easily be seen as just a typical “Comedic relief’ character with nothing to her outside of that. However, like all the characters, she has a lot more to her to make her awesome.

This episode spells it out perfectly. Pinkie isn’t just a joke machine. Her whole deal is that she loves to make people smile, and this song is mostly 3 minutes worth of telling us that. Everything she does stems from her love of fun and her need to make people smile. Pinkie Pride went deeply into this, but this song sums it up better than any 22 minute episode can.

Just from this song, you know what Pinkie is all about. The whole song is about making people smile, and chances are, it makes you smile as well. It’s just so happy. It’s the kind of song you don’t even need to analyze it, but I kind of have to.

Everything about the song is designed to make you smile, and it works wonder. The music is upbeat, the lyrics are upbeat, and the singing is upbeat. Even the visuals work to get the point across, as we see Pinkie going around, making people happy in various ways.

Right from the start, you know things are gonna happy up in this bitch. This song is a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, through and through. Oh god, I’m gushing instead of critiquing. Bah.

It’s hard to describe the beat itself, but it has a more general feel that oddly makes it stand out, due to how it’s done. Just listening to the instrumental clues you in the nature of this song. As a said, it’s designed to be happy all the little things work to create a feeling. So “reviewing” is almost pointless.

But I’ll see if I can say more. The lyrics are really strong, as they hammer in the point perfectly. Here’s a really short sample to show what I mean:

I really am so happy
Your smile fills me with glee
I give a smile I get a smile
And that’s so special to me

The lyrics are mostly like that, and it works. This is all sounds cheesy but trust me, it’s awesome. The song gets bigger as goes on, as Pinkie makes everypony smile. By the end, she’s collected a bunch of ponies to help her sing. And this creates an amazing climax.
This is a case where I’m running out of things to say about the song. That’s mostly because it’s a lot harder to critique the elements here, as they mostly blend into one awesome song. I’ve touched on the lyrics and stuff as much as I could, but there’s only so many ways to say that a song is really really happy and awesome.

Of all the songs on this list, this probably has the most effort put into it, besides maybe one coming up. It feels like they tried really hard to make this the most epic happy song ever, with music that builds up to an epic climax, and some cheesy but heartwarming lyrics. This song was pretty much designed to be the happiest song in the world, and the anthem for Pinkie Pie and the Brony Community in general.

It’s kind of amazing how much a song like this can affect people. Especially since it it’s sadly pointless, as I mentioned before. But then again, you can say the same for any song in the show, even the ones on this list. So I don’t care.

As a side note, the song originally had fairly different lyrics and melody, which Amy Keatng Rogers revealed in a video I shall link, if you’re curious about the original version:

It’s pretty good but I prefer the final version by far. It’s one of those songs that everyone likes. Mostly because the upbeat attitude of it makes it impossible to hate. No matter how cold, cruel, and dick-ish you are, you will find yourself cheered up by this song in some way. It’s just that powerful.

All 3 songs in the Top 3 are honestly interchangable, and I could come up with good reasons for any of them being Number 1, but I think this is a good place for it. It’s so perfectly upbeat that I can see it would be a favorite.

So I think I’ll wrap this up. For the others, I didn’t feel right wrapping things up but given much there is too say about the song, I think it’s fair to end things here. It’s a song that’s meant to be enjoyed for how Happy it is, not analyzed for the the minor elements like the other songs.
It does one thing and it uses all the elements to do that one thing really really well. The lyrics are sweet, the tune is upbeat, the singing is great, and it just gives you a great feeling inside. It sums up why Pinkie Pie is awesome and it just works all around.

Not much else to say, really. It’s a really happy song that happens to be amazing in every way. I may not consider Pinkie Pie best pony, but this song alone put her in the top 3, at least. It’s pretty good.

The Smile Song. Never has a song had such a fitting title.

2. Find a Way (Magical Mystery Cure)

When I started making this post, I wondered if I should put it before or after my episode list. Mostly because of this song. Spoilers, I do mention this episode (Not saying it’s on the list, it could be a runner up, you never know) and I rank the songs, citing this as the best. Did I want to spoil it here before I got to discuss the episode itself?

Eventually, I said screw it. So yeah, whatever. I’ll try not to get too deep into the episode and it’s…reception as I will have PLENTY of time later to do all that crap.

For now, we’ll talk about one of the best songs ever. This is a musical episode, with a lot of great songs that help tell the story. People usually Celestia’s Ballad as the best song in the episode, and I do love it. But this song tends to get overlooked, and it’s a shame.

It was actually really close to being number one, no joke. It’s so damn amazing, and it blew my mind when I first heard it. Let me set it up for you: Twilight has changed her friends talents and everyone is screwed over because of it.

Eventually, she gives up and cries about it. Then this song kicks in. A lot of the songs on this list is emotional, well made and awesome. This song is genuinely beautiful. Seriously. I thought that when I first heard it, and I still think that.

It goes beyond just a great song from a cartoon. It almost sounds like a real song, in a good way. Everything about is done perfectly. It works better in context but it’s still awesome. When this song plays, you will be emotional by the end of it.

There have been depressing songs in cartoons, but this one takes it to a whole new level, especially with the visuals. Everything’s all grey and everyone is all sad. It’s also raining because of course it is. How come it’s never sunny when someone is sad?

The song is designed to be as depressing as possible, and the bit at the end where Twilight cries just hammers it home. It certainly has a pop feel with some of the music bits, but it still works very well. It makes somewhat catchy so that it’s not all sad.

I don’t need to say that Rebecca Shoichet knocks it out of the park again, so I’ll move on to the lyrics. They are what you would expect from a sad song, but they still work to create a wonderful feel.

Something is wrong, it’s plain to see
This isn’t how it’s meant to be
And you can’t see it like I do
It’s not the life that’s meant for you

They aren’t the best lyrics in the show, but they work. The only problem the song has its length. In the show, it’s barely a minute long. It gave me the feels but it ended before tears could form. It’s short length is what held it back from being the best song in the episode.

Then they came out with an extended version that is about 1:41. Problem solved. The sample I gave you is the extra verse they added. The soundtrack version grips me so much more and it’s exactly how the song should have been.

But since the perfect version is not in the actual show, it could not get the top slot. Trust me, it was hard to put this only at number two, because I love it so much. It creates the perfect mood and everything works to make it really emotional.

It may be the most well-made song in the show, but it has still competition with our number one slot. Either way, this is just perfect in my eyes. It’s sad and depressing but it keeps a good pace, and it feels like a real song in the best possible way.

It’s got a solid beat and the visuals help make it one of the most tearjerking moments in the whole show. Really, there isn’t a whole lot to say. Yes, a song this good didn’t take much explaining.

It really is the type of song that speaks for itself. That and I just needed to say to it’s sad, and that’s it. I may be overhyping it, but it really is a nice song. Perhaps having a sad song at number one would be a downer so maybe my number one pick is much more fitting.

Either way, Find a Way is a depressingly amazing song that Finds its way on the number two spot.

Before I unveil the number one, here are my Honorable Mentions:

15. Glass of Water (Three’s a Crowd): Very enjoyable, with a lot of jokes but a bit too clunky in some spots. Kind of chaotic but I guess it’s fitting for Discord.

14. Raise This Barn (Apple Family Reunion): An insanely fun Country Western-ish tune that further proves Applejack’s vocal skills.

13. Apples to the Core (Pinkie Apple Pie): Amazingly fun with some sweet bonding stuff and fits the episode very well.

12. Hearts as Strong As Horses (Flight to the Finish): I love montage songs, and the CMC and they happen to be A perfect combo. All these songs are good, but I just like these 11 more.

And my number one favorite My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic song is, say it with me now..

1. This Day Aria (A Canterlot Wedding)

Okay, look. When making a list like this, it’s pretty hard not to be predictable. It’s also hard to pick you’re number one if you have two choices, and one seems odd and one is predictable. Sometimes you just have to pick the obvious one as sometimes, it’s just deserving.

And trust me, I tried to have the Non-Obvious one as the top spot, but it just didn’t feel right. I can’t explain exactly why I feel this one is my favorite, but it just kind of is. Honestly, it didn’t know it topped so many lists until recently. I knew it was popular, but the best?

After really thinking about it, I decided it’s at least my personal favorite, just barely going ahead of Find a Way. I could explain why but don’t you all know why it’s the best at this point? Well, I’ll try to explain.

While it’s common for a villain song to be the best in a movie, it’s odd for it to be the best of a whole show. I think it’s because it has this big epic quality no other song seems to have. There are plenty of big songs in the show, but this one feels huge, in a way you would you never expected a song from this show to be.

Of course, it doesn’t start that way. It starts out slow as we at first think this is an inccoent pony singing about her wedding, until the music quickly changes to show the truth. The music does just as good as job at telling the story here as the lyrics do, as it goes get a lot darker as the song goes on and things get more evil.

And of course we have the parts with Cadence singing, which do a good job of making you feel sorry for her. Things ramp up as she tries to get to her wedding while (spoilers) Queen Chralyis gets closer to her goal. Naturally, this leads to an epic finale with the two singing.

I don’t think any of things songs got quite as epic as this one. It’s not just the music, it’s the situation itself. It’s an incredibly intense situation and the song is just building on that. The music alone does a fantastic job at doing that but the lyrics help as well.

I could care less about the dress
I won’t partake in any cake

Vows, well I’ll be lying when I say
That through any kind of weather
I’ll want us to be together
The truth is I don’t care for him at all

No I do not love the groom
In my heart there is no room
But I still want him to be all mine

I don’t think I need to vouch for Britt McKillip’s vocals sings as both the Good and Evil Cadence’s but…yeah that’s another thing that makes the song great. Pretty much every little thing in this song works to make it one of the biggest things in the show up to that point, even the animation.

It goes beyond just a fun villain song, it’s an epic and well done song that happens to be a villain song. Yeah, my love for Villain Songs is why it’s my favorite now, since it’s very enjoyable and much easier to listen to on a regular biases then find a way.

It’s my favorite for pretty much all the reasons everyone says it’s the best. It’s got an epic Scope beyond anything we had seen at that point. The music goes a great job of telling the story on its own, it has an awesome Hero vs Villain thing going on, and its just exceptionally well made all around.

You can argue all you want on if this is truly the “Best” song, but most people seemed to have agreed it is. Even after stuff like Bats, nothing seems to have topped this in sheer scope. Even those who have other songs as their favorite think this is really “the best” due to how well made it is really.

And I can whatever I want, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is my personal favorite. Honestly, the only reason my original number one was different was cuz I wanted to be contrarian. I’ve changed since then.

This has grown to my favorite for all the reasons I mentioned. It was the first song to really go beyond just being a really good song from a cartoon. It was an awesome and well produced song in itself. And it’s just a silly villain song, which makes it more impressive.

Like with Chains on Me, there are other songs in this show I may listen to more, but this is just my personal favorite. I understand this is a cop out but I think we can agree it somewhat deserves this spot, even if you like other songs more.

And if you doesn’t make you happy, at least we can all agree the episode this comes from is good! ….Oh, we can’t? Shut up!

Regardless of how much this deserves to be number one, I still love it. It’s an awesome villain with an epic score that has everything going for it. It was easily the highlight of the episode and the series as a whole.

I feel weird giving the top spot to the obvious one, even more so then when I usually do something like this. But I do feel it deserves it over the other songs.

Regardless if anyone agrees or not, I still say that This Day Aria is an awesome song that stands as my favorite song from MLP, no matter how overrated it may be.

And that’s my new list of my top 11 MLP songs. I hope this one is better than my old list, now that I can explain myself. It really is amazing how much effort they put into the songs for a show like less. Even the lesser songs (Cough some of the songs in Equestria Girls) are at least tolerable.

It both easy and hard making this list, since I knew which ones stood out the most, but I had to make some painful cuts. However, I think I have a list I’m proud of. It was fun making this list, but now I’m getting sick of most of these songs cuz I had to listen to then while I was writing the sections to make sure I know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this list. Next up is the episode list, which will come out before Season 5. I’m close to done with it so it shall be out soon, I swear!

That’s all I got.

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The Pirate Fairy

It's Fairies vs Loki in the battle of the century!

It’s Fairies vs Loki in the battle of the century!

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, it’s time once again to tackle Tinkerbell and we are actually almost done. Why almost? Well, I thought today’s entry would be the last one for now, but I found out a NEW entry was coming out on this very week.

And it will be out by the time this goes up. Which means we are not actually done and we have one more to go. We’ll do that one when it eventually pops up on Netflix. For now, let’s do the last Tinkerbell movie we can do for now.

It still shocks me how this franchise has managed to be okay. It’s nothing amazing but most of the films have been at least bearable. The first one was fairly weak but it had some good parts that carried over into the next films.

The 2nd and 3rd ones were flawed but they had a lot going for them and they had some really nice moments.

Then came the 4th one, which I actually kind of liked. It’s no masterpiece but it had plenty to like, and if you read that review, you know why I feel that way. I was actually looking forward to watching that one due to how tolerable the previous films were.

And that now I’ve seen one I fully enjoy, I can safely I was very much looking forward to watching this one. From what I hear, it’s about as good as Secret of the Wings and it has the same director, which bodes well.

On the writing front, we’ve got a writer who has done nothing, and one who previously wrote the first TinkerBell film…and Planes.

That, does not bode well. But hey, maybe he learned his lesson. Oh, and I can’t help but notice that one of the many names in the “Story by” section is Craig Gerber aka the creator of Sofia the First.

That…bodes a bit better.

I’ve heard of some interesting things regarding this film but we’ll get to that later. For now, let’s see if this series can keep up it’s shocking quality.

This, is The Pirate Fairy

The movie opens in the fairy world we’re all too familiar with at this point, as the fairies are doing their usual stuff. During this opening scene, we follow Zarina the dust keeper fairy, voiced by Christina Hendricks.

We see that she’s pretty curious about how Pixie Dust works but her follow workers don’t really care.

I’m to go ahead and assume her curiosity gets her in trouble, correct?

She’s asked to do some thing with her supervisor, Fairy Gary and she’s naturally being a bit curious.

“You’re the Tinkerbell of dust keepers”


Zarina keeps asking questions that annoy Gary who tells him that they can’t mess with Pixie dust or do any experimenting. Well, I can tell what the moral is going to be.

Despite that, she still stays up that night, doing some experimenting and stuff. She succesfly does some…thing with pixie dust, and she goes to Tinkerbell. She points out that Tink was the first one to use lost things, and while everyone thought she was crazy, they are now using them.

“And remember when you crossed the winter border, and you knew it wasn’t allowed but knew you just had to anyway?”

Continuity, yay. (Boom)

Zarina shows Tink that she can now bend light thanks to her experiments with orange pixie dust that she made. Then she creates purple pixie dust by combining the blue and orange.

I wasn’t aware that the trick to make pixie dust was something I was taught in Pre-school. We get more experimenting but Tink thinks she should slow down.

Naturally, right after this an accident happens and a giant plant starts growing all over the place. It doesn’t long for them to figure out that Zarina caused this. As a result, Gary prohibits her from being a dust-keeper.

This bit is way more depressing than it should be, given how predictable it is.

She runs away…and we cut to 1 year later. Well, okay then. Based on the title I can figure out what happened to her, but I suppose we’ll see.

Pixie Hollow is celebrating the Four Seasons Festival, and the winter fairies are there. Glad to see so much continuity with the movie I liked! Perriwnkle even makes a cameo, though she just giggle and stuff.

During the big even thingy, they spot Zarina flying around. Wow, that didn’t take long. She summons a bunch of poppies that make everyone in the audience fall asleep. Tink and her friends happened to not be there when this happened so they are okay.

They poke around and find out that Zarina stole all of the blue pixie dust, the only way to make the yellow dust that the fairies use to fly. Well, that’s a solid enough conflict, I’ll say that much.

Even though I will question why the thing that makes the thing that lets them fly has such shit security. I’m sure they had guards that fell asleep but they couldn’t magic up a security system or something?

They follow Zarina’s trail and end up on the coast, where they spot a pirate ship.

“Great, now there’s pirates”

They assume pirates captured Zarina and forced her to take the pixie dust. They sneak onto a boat that holds her and they find out that she’s actually the pirate captain. Hence the title.

They are spotted and they fight over the pixie dust and …get their asses handed to them. Dust is thrown at them and they fall asleep.

When they wake up, they find that their talents have been switched. So…the first movie was Winter Wrap Up and this one is Magical Mystery Cure. Got it. I could make some crack about people hating for dumb reasons but that would be too obvious.

After some wacky stuff with that, they try to find their way around. By the way, Vidya is now a tinker, which is as funny as it sounds. They find the main pirate ship, and sneak on. It’s here were we are introduced to that interesting thing I mentioned. See, the Cabin Boy here is actually a young version of Captain Hook himself.

That’s really cool and interesting, but the other interesting thing is that he is voiced by Tom Hiddelston. Yes. There’s a lot of jokes I can make right here but you’ve already made it in your head, so why bother?

They hear James saying how the pirates met Zarina after drifting off course, and she became the captain with the promise of making the ship fly so that they could plunder anything without getting caught. Then they sing about it.

Yes, this movie seems to have real songs. Before, we just had pop fodder in the background. This song is decent. I like a good Pirate song, so there’s no way I was going to hate it. I mean, even Ice Age 4 made a good pirate song.

After the song, the ship arrives at Skull Rock, where the fairies discover the pirates’ camp and a mysterious Pixie Dust Tree. They do some sneaking around for a bit and eventually they are caught.

They try to take Zarina out of this, but she says these guys actually appreciate her talents and this is where she belongs. Like I said, obvious moral is obvious.

The pirates make some Pixie Dust and Hook wonders what it’s like to fly, so Zarina uses some dust to make him fly. After his flight, they land and…he captures her.

“Our plan worked perfectly. Fairies are such Gullible creatures”

What a twist, the character we know for being a villain is a villain! Yep, this whole time he was just using her so he can make his pixie dust and use that to plunder stuff. Well, I can safely this version of Hook is a decent competent villain.

Kids must be shocked to see him be like this if they watch Jake and the Neverland pirates. Which I’ve actually never seen a ton of, but I’ve seen enough to make that comment.

Hook puts on his iconic outfit just so kids will know this is supposed to Captain Hook. So yeah, Zarina has been double crossed and everyone is in a bad place right now.

Eventually, the fairies use a big trench coat to sneak out. Seriously, we’re using the old trench coat gag? I thought that was retired years ago.

And they are pretty much caught right away. There’s a reason it was retired. Hook shows up and says he will throw Zarina into the sea unless Tink gives up the blue pixie dust she has. She does so…and he tosses her over anyway. They rescue her but not before the pirates escape.

Then we get a nice moment where Zarina is shocked they save her, and she apologizes for everything. Now they gotta go after the pirates, as they are headed to the 2nd star.

They storm the ship and we get the most epic Pirate Vs fairy battle ever animated. With their quick wits, they manage to defeat the pirate goons.

It’s cool to see the fairies use their messed up talents to their advantage at least. It’s a cool battle all things considered. Seeing a flying hook battle a pirate fairy is something that must be seen.

After a while, it seems like Hook has the upper hand, when Zarina throws Blue pixie dust at him, making him fly all over the place. With that, Hook is defeated and they get the dust back.

“Curse you fairies, curse you!”

Then hook is chased by a baby crocodile. Heh, cute reference. Also, finally a fitting climax that went on for a bit and made our heroes work for their victory.

Everyone hugs it out, now that Zarina is safe. Zarina accepts their offer to go back home and they do. They wake everyone up and celebrate. Zarina tells Gary about how much she’s learned and he starts to see that he shouldn’t be such a dick to her.

Yeah, once again we’ve learned if someone does something different from the norm, let them or bad shit will happen.

Huh, this almost rehashes the first one, except it kind of works this time. With that, the Four Seasons Fest thing is back on, and everyone gets their talents back. That little plot was pointless, but at least no one became a princess. There, I made the joke.

The display they all do here is very nice, by the way. Everyone is happy, having learned a big lesson and Zarina uses her dust to summon the credits. This movies will always have abrupt credits, but ah well, I’m used it to by now.

Oh, and that one song plays near the end of the credits…and there’s a mid-credits scene. Hook is seen by someone who saves him. That someone, is Smee.


Final Thoughts:

Once again, a Tinkerbell movie manages to be tolerable. Did I like it as much as Secret of the Wings? Eh, sure. Like that one, it’s less flawed than the other ones. Honestly, between both movies, their only flaws are being kind of generic, while everything is fine.

The stories aren’t too terrible, and the writing is mostly competent.

I will say there was a bit more emotional depth in that one with how Tink and Perriwinkle’s relationship played out. As cliché as that kind of weak, I got invested there and my enjoyment came from that. There isn’t as much of that here, and my enjoyment comes from other places.

The story is nothing too special compared to that one, but it’s okay I suppose. It mostly trends ground the first film covered, with how a fairy does something her kind isn’t expected to do and all that. It works a lot better here because the character has more personality, and I was more interested in this dust stuff.

It doesn’t change the fact that the story is weaker than in Secret of the Wings, since there’s not quite as much substance. However, like all the films, the story is saved due to the world itself. We get more info on how Pixie Dust works and it’s really interesting to see. The best part comes in the form of Hook, who brings some excitement to the story.

The main reason I enjoyed this one is due to the entertainment value. There are quite a few action scenes and fast paced parts that make the movie very enjoyable at times. It keeps a decent pace all thorough and I never thought it was dragging.

The animation is very good as usual, and it has quite a few impressive moments. As for the characters, the old ones don’t have a ton to offer. There’s a plot with the talent switching, and while it gives some funny moments, it doesn’t really have a point.

Tink is still the same blank slate and everyone else is just a one note joke. I don’t mind that but the other ones had a bit more for Tink to do, but then again, it’s not named after Her, is it?

The important characters are thankfully solid. Despite how cliché Zarina, she was likable and she gave us some nice moments here and there. Plus, she makes for a badass pirate. I did want more from here, but she was fine, really.

Hook is the highlight, as he’s a lot of fun as the villain. He’s the Captain Hook we all know and love, and he’s enjoyable every time he’s on screen. And yes, Tom Hiddleston gives a good performance. The Pirate element brings out the best in the movie, that’s for sure.

Overall, this one was decent. It didn’t quite impress me as much as Secret of the Wings, and you can argue that that one is better, but I liked this almost as much. It’s quite enjoyable and it plenty of stuff for me to like.

It’s not gonna blow anyone’s mind (nor will the other films) but if you’re daughter gonna force you to watch a dumb kids movie, might as well make it this one.

Grade: B

And that kind of ends out Tinkerbell reviews, until the new one comes out on Netflix. So I give we’re not done. Whatever.

Next time we go from kid’s movie to Slasher movie. Why? Well, look at next Friday’s date.

See ya.

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DCOM Month 2: The Cheetah Girls

The story of how 4 Cheetahs lead to Camp, High School, and boy controlling apps.

The story of how 4 Cheetahs lead to Camp, High School, and boy controlling apps.

Hello, Spongey here, and welcome to the finale of DCOM Month 2!

My new schedule has prevented this from being an action packed month, but we’ve had some fun this month. Although we oddly enough didn’t get a really really good one last month. Tiger Cruise was decent but not really my kind of thing.

Still, it’s been interesting. And really, I can think of no other way to close out this month than with the one that started it all!

See, 2006’s High School Musical is credit as the start of the Modern Era of DCOM’s, but in reality this one got the ball rolling. 2003 is when we got introduced to That’s so Raven and this film, both products started Disney Channel’s trend of pushing pop stars with the help of Sitcoms and movies.

The beginning of the end, if you will.

It’s safe to this film is pretty darn legendary. Of course there were plenty of normal DCOM’s between 2003 and 2006 with no stars of anything. Which is why most people consider HSM to true start of the downfall.

But that wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for this one. And guess what? I actually haven’t seen it yet! Yeah, you think I would have seen it, but nope. I just haven’t gotten around to watching the whole thing in one sitting.

My brother has seen all 3 of them, so there is that. He did like them too much, if you’re wondering. I’ve been curious to see “good” this epic film is, so today we shall find out. Apparently it was based on a book series, which I did not known until just now, looking it up.

The director and writer have not done anything interesting, and didn’t come back for the sequels so we can move on to the actual movie. Is this legendary, historical film any good?

…Actually the better question, will I like it? Let’s see!

This, is The Cheetah Girls

The movie opens with our titular 4 girls singing. Well, they aren’t beating around the bush on this, are they? When the song ends, it turns out they singing it at some kids birthday party, and it doesn’t end well. They feel they aren’t ready for some upcoming talent show.

These girls are Bubbles, Cuchie, Do, and Aqua. These are nicknames, thank god. Bubbles is played by raven Symone and she’s the only person I really know in this movie. Well, I kind of know Sabrina Bryan cuz she a couple other Disney things, and she got top billing in Mostly Ghostly 1 despite only having a cameo.

They talk like Disney Channel teens for a bit, and after some time is wasted, Raven goes home to her Mom. Raven tells her about the whole talent show thing and how the winner gets time in a recording studio where they can record a demo. Talent show winners at this school tend to get notice so this is a big deal, I guess.

Do goes to her home where we get we find out she is of Spanish descent and yep, that means stereotypes and some annoying chatter from her family members. Hey, that’s just how they are shown in movies like this, I know this isn’t the deal in real life, I’m not racist, nor is the movie…it’s just stupid. More time is wasted there (her scene added up to nothing, really) and we cut to the next day at school.

This is a good time to mention that even by the standards of a movie like this, the girls chatter is kind of annoying and wastes quite of a time. I’m not sure how it could have been fixed, but it’s a minor issue so for. It is annoying in a fun to mock way, at least. Time is wasted at school, and we get them auditioning for the talent show, which means another song.

They make it in ….but not before the teacher joins in with some singing for a bit. Uh…okay. This isn’t a HSM style a musical, by the way. I…heard one of the sequels is tough, but we’ll get there. And by some truly insane stroke of luck, big-time producer named Jackal Johnson shows up. He went to this school once and I guess he wanted to visit his old teacher. Flimsy excuse aside, this is incredibly convenient. This is the stuff they make fun of now!

He’s looking for the next big thing and of course he wants The Cheetah Girls. Raven’s Mom shows up and she doesn’t like this idea, for some reason. Their dreams are crushed for the time being. I guess the writers didn’t’ want to start up the plot too quickly. Then again I doubt we’re gonna find out more about the girls than we already know:

One is Raven and acts exactly like all her other characters, one is sassy and white, one is sassy and Spanish, and one is black. That’s about it. Later, Raven argues with her home about this and Mom still says no. She uses that whole “realism” thing as an “excuse” for why they can’t do this. Dad convinces her to change her mind, and she does and says Raven can this.

Well, that was pointless.

After more time is wasted, they visit the prouder guy and boring story short, they sign a contract and blah blah blah. From this scene, they’ve made it obvious where this is going: The girls are going to let fame go to their heads, argue a lot, break up, make up, yada yada. It’s a time honored cliché so it’s not really this film’s fault but…still.

The producer tells them to go home and sing a little demo for him and immediately Raven starts acting all Diva-ish at school and the other girls are not happy. Wow, that quick. This should happen after their semi famous, not after one meeting!

Raven continues to act like a bitch and she starts being especially bad to Do who quits on the spot. Shouldn’t this happen near the 3rd act, not 44 minutes in? Yeah, poor pacing is a trend this month. It seems like time is wasted in the next few minutes, but it turns out to be semi important as Do visits the white one (‘m already forgetting their names) who lives in a crappy run down place. They talk and she starts crying and-

“My real Mom didn’t want me, I’m a foster child and live with ten other kids!”

…Now that is some bad exposition. It’s not even worth the Modern Spongebob reference.

It’s the most character depth we’ve seen so far, and on its own it’s nice but it fails because it’s so out of nowhere, and has no lead in at all. It’s disconnected with the plot currently going on.

Later Do visits Raven who shows her a CD cover she made, which features Raven very prominently, Of course. As a side note, Raven is the most prominent on most of the marketing materiel for the movie.

“I did write the songs”

Her bitchy-ness is both amusing and annoying in this. Naturally, Do gets mad and she tells Raven about the white one’s whole deal. They calm down and Raven assures her it’ll be fine.

The next day they visit the producer who wants them to change their image for marketing reasons. Oh look he’s sleazy and it’s all too good to be true. What a shock.

Also, mock over marketing while you can, cuz after this movie becomes a hit you’re gonna be guilty of all the same stuff!

They go on anyway and we get another song. All of these are about you’d expect so that’s why I’m not offering my thoughts on them. They’re all alight, I guess. After the song, the producer shows them the song they want them to sing which is autotuned crap. …Well, the song they just did wasn’t overly auto-tuned so I can’t get mad here.

Raven finally wises up and tells him they won’t do this. …But the others want to stay. They are seriously just doing this to mad at Raven, cuz she’s very much on the same page now. But nope, we still need conflict.

“He knows the business, I think we should consider it”

Shouldn’t Raven the one wanting to play into this crap and the others say it’s not the right? You’ve had Raven being like the kind person who would do that but now you just flip flop for no reason?

“It’s not your song so you wanna walk”

They are trying to make this feel in character, but it really just isn’t. Anyone with half a brain would see this guy as a sleazy douchebag with his plans being overly marketed crap, but for the sake being terrible to Raven the gotta side with him.

This is the worst time to have them call out raven. You know, when she’s actually right! With that, Raven leaves and the others take the deal. The producer says they will find a new singer and make Do the lead.

After a sad montage, Do goes home only to get chewed out by her Mom for running out her credit card. Then suddenly Do just kind of starts crying about some stuff I’m not following. I’m pretty sure it involves forced exposition, just like with the white one.

I feel so racist when I don’t know anyone’s name. Raven goes to the school to sulk via singing and some guy hears it and likes it.

After they talk a bit, we cut to the next day as Raven is walking her dog. The dog gets loose and falls down a hole. Wow, they went for the dog conflict? That’s how you know they didn’t know how to write a proper story like this.

Then again, we need something to bring the girls together and it breaks from cliché a bit and makes sense…so why did I complain?

Also, the dog’s name is Toto and when the news reports this…

“Toto is not in Kansas anymore”

No. Also, slow news day.

Naturally, this is going on at the same time as the talent show. The other girls show up to help and the people over at school show up as well, having caught wind of this.

Man, I wasn’t aware some random dog getting trapped in a whole was such a big deal they’ll stop a talent show for one. Granted, the power went out but it came back on right before they get the news, so there.

Jokes aside, they do a nice job of making this decently suspenseful, I suppose. But it does get a little silly when the girls start signing to make the dog come out. It’s supposed to sweet but it’s just…silly.

The dog is saved and everything’s happy. Well, it actually gets a little sad again until Raven starts signing. This time for pretty much no reason other than to have a “Sweet” scene where the girls join in. With that, it cuts to them at the talent show, finally banding together as one.

I think I’m okay with how this happened. I’d usually bitch that this randomly got resolved weakly, but the dog thing is a…strong enough set piece to make it work, I guess. Also, Jackal is watching this somehow and one of lackeys says he blew it. Cute, he’ll be back for a fiery vengeance in Cheetah Girls 2: Return of the Jedi.

With that, the girls are all friends again and of course they win the talent show. They celebrate and yep, it’s where the credits roll. I’m getting shock of bitching about abrupt endings, and since I’ve seen worse, even this month, I’ll keep my mouth shut.

I will say that the credits are the shortest I’ve seen in a long time, which is great.

Final Thoughts:

Well, that was both exactly what I expected, and different at the same time. I figured it would have that story with the friends forming a band, getting famous thanks to a producer, and appointed leader becoming a bitch. I also figured it would all that crap I know DCOM’s for, and I would greatly enjoy it no matter how it is.

That only…half happened. It has that story but it somehow gets in the wrong in the smallest ways. I’ve harped on how Raven randomly becomes a bitch out of nowhere before they even strike a deal, and how the big moment where the friends strike back is in a moment that makes them seem out of character.

They somehow got the most basic story in the world wrong, but they also strike the right notes. We got the story about fame in here with a nice little message and puts it above some other DCOM’s in that aspect. This movie really is an even mix of getting things right and getting things wrong.

Allow me to answer your first question: I did kind of enjoy it. I can snark on the dumb moments like I usually do, no problem there. However, I don’t have as much fun as I do with other films. The over the top insanity shown in stuff such as High School Musical, Camp Rock 2, and even Princess Protection Program managed to entertain me just a bit more on that guilty pleasure level.

I think it’s because this movie is sort of trapped between the classic era and the modern era. It’s the small and personal feeling of a Pre 2003 DCOM while also having the tween-y feeling of a modern DCOM. Thus, it doesn’t quite go all the well and isn’t as fun.

Don’t worry, I can get through it so don’t think I’m saying something like HSM is better or anything. While this screw up its structure more than that one, it has less of the weird stuff people harp on.

The story, like I said, gets some things wrong and is also insanely cliché. I can forgive the latter but the former does harm it a bit in some areas.

The characters are about what you would expect. The only important characters who ever do anything are the titular girls, and only Raven and Do seem to get any sort of development, as their friendship is highlighted the most.

Despite the whole bitch thing, Raven does get the better development and I buy that she learned her lesson. The others just fill their archetypes though, and don’t really stick out.

The mom is the typical Mom, and the producer isn’t nearly as fun as he should have been. They work okay in some parts, but maybe more development was needed. Also, in the end their chatter wasn’t a huge problem and that is where the more enjoyable element comes in.

Also, the acting is fine, I suppose. They at least try and hey, Raven’s got talent at least.

As a whole, it set the stage for Modern DCOM’s as much as I expected to. It’s less enjoyable than osme others, but that’s due to the reason I gave above. It’s more flawed than I figured it would be, but it has its heart in the right place and is a decent one to make fun on.

It’s almost like Camp Rock where it was worse than I thought it would be, but this one actually has a semi competent despite its flaws.

It’s alright, by my guilty pleasure standards. But I hope the sequels are “Better”.

Grade: C+

And that ends DCOM month 2! Will there be another one? Most likely not, but if you want one, I’ll see what I can do. It was a fun ride even if we didn’t exactly get a Smart House this time around.

Next time, we go back to normal by almost kind of wrapping up Tinkerbell!

See ya.

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