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I'm 20 and I'm a slightly below average man who can barely spell. I mostly spend my time watching TV and movies, hence why i ended doing a blog all about those things. I tend to have weird tastes, but I like think I'm just fair on things.

A Look at Modern Nicktoons Halloween Episodes

INDEX: Catscratch-Scardey Cat Wayside-Rat in Shining Armor El Tigre-The Grave Escape The Mighty B-Catatonic Back at the Barnyard-Back at the Booyard Fanboy and Chum Chum-There Will be Shrieks T.U.F.F Puppy-Happy Howloween Kung Fu Panda Legends of Awesome-ness-The Po Who Cried … Continue reading

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A Look at Disney Halloween Episodes (2017)

INDEX: LIVE ACTION: Raven’s Home-The Baxtercism of Levi Grayson Stuck in the Middle-Stuck in a Merry Scary Bizzardvark-Halloweenvark: Part Boo ANIMATED: Puppy Dog Pals-Haunted Howl-oween Mickey and the Roadster Racers “The Haunted Hot Rod / Pete’s Ghostly Gala Milo Murphy’s … Continue reading

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Friday the 13th: Part 2

Hello, Spongey here. It’s October again my friends, which means it’s time for some frightful fun! This year we got just 2 reviews but we’ll make the most of them. Today is Friday the 13th which means it’s time to take … Continue reading

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Goosebumps Wanted: The Haunted Mask

Hello, Spongey here. It’s time to get into the next Goosebumps “Mini” Series. However, there’s one thing to tackle before we get into it. In October of 2012, before Most Wanted started, we had ….this. This 200 plus page book … Continue reading

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TV Review Subplot Spectacular 2

Hello, Spongey here. Time for a quick-ish TV Review. My ideas are piling up again so it’s time to do a sequel to what I did last year. I reviewed 3 subplots last year because while subplots can be bad, … Continue reading

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General Review: The LEGO Ninjago Movie

Hello, Spongey here. …Yeah, it’s been awhile in terms of general reviews, hasn’t it? About a month, I think. There’s two reasons for that. One is that I am cutting down on what I see for money reasons. Sorry. The … Continue reading

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Another Cinderella Story

Hello, Spongey here. It’s September 21, and you know what that means. Yep, it’s my brother’s birthday and I do my annual review for him. You know how this works so we’ll cut to the chase. Out of the choices … Continue reading

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