The Disney Sitcom Happy Madison Trilogy

Hello, Spongey here.

This is a bit of a random one, so you might think this is some last minute filler idea. And it kind of is, but this is something I actually had the idea for a while ago and had been wanting to do it. It just wasn’t too important and I was more focused on reviewing certain bad kidcom episodes.

Now that I’m less interested in doing that, there’s more free space to just do random things like this. I might do weird things like this, where I review some KidCom thing because I find it interesting rather than it being really bad or whatever. Anyway, let’s talk about Grown Ups 2.

It was an especially bad Happy Madison movie, starring Adam Sandler along with Chris Rock and Kevin James. Also some other people but those are the relevant ones. It also featured Cameron Boyce and Chyna Anne McClaine, two Disney Channel people who had gotten a bit bigger between the two Grown Ups movies.

And there’s no way Disney Channel wouldn’t take advantage of it. Sure, they might not even own that movie, since that’s Sony, but they can still work with all this. So in 2013, around when the film released, they aired some episodes of their shows guest starring actors from the movie. It wasn’t quite advertised as a tie in stunt, for that aforementioned owning reason but it totally was.

…Then two years later they did another episode guest starring a Happy Madison actor that wasn’t actually tied into the others but was still a movie tie-in. We’ll get to that later though. But yeah, it was an interesting idea for one for their gimmick-y theme things. Remember when they did those?

Because Disney Sitcoms and Happy Madison movies are things I like to talk about/make fun of, I kind of loved that they came together like this. I’ve always wanted to review them for fun. I had nothing deep to say about them, just wanted to make a few jokes and such. I have no special reason to cover these beyond…I feel like it.

So set your expectations accordingly. With all that, how did this stunt turn out? Did these episodes at least make good use of their guest stars? Are they any good, at least by these shows standards? Let’s see.

This, is The Disney Sitcom Happy Madison Trilogy

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A Look at Spooksville

Hello, Spongey here.

Today we are basically doing an extension of something I did in April. I review Goosebumps books quite often on here and I had always been interested in the ripoff series that sprung up in the 90’s to cash in its success. So I reviewed a few entries from some of those series and it was all fun for everyone.

But the thing with those was that, with the exception of Shivers which I explained, I had no real experience with those prior to doing reviews/research besides knowing them by reputation. However, this is one series that is lumped in with the ripoffs that I actually was familiar with.

I sometimes bring up my middle and high school libraries, which is where I read a lot of the Stine stuff while I was also attempting to collect them. Alongside those, I found some of one series there that caught my interest, due to it being pitched as a similar series. It took me by surprise at the time and I got into them.

They only had a select amount though so I didn’t read them all at the time. This series stood out from the other series like it. For the most part, the middle grade horror series that sprung up were anthologies, which makes sense since they wanna follow in the footsteps of Goosebumps.

This one however, has a consistent cast of characters and the stories have continuity with each other. This one basically jumped on the Goosebumps hype train to do something more original, at least when compared to some of the others. That isn’t to diss the others too much of course, it was just interesting to see one that did something a bit different in terms of how things are set up.

The other difference revolves around the author, Christopher Pike. He has a legacy of his own, to the point where this wouldn’t be one of his most well known works. He’s known for YA/adult thrillers, of which I am not very familiar with outside of a few reviews I’ve gleamed here and there. (So don’t expect too many direct comparison in terms of quality or whatever)

It’s interesting for a well established author at the time deciding to dip their toe in this pool. The series wasn’t super long lasting, having 24 entries from 1995 to 1998, starting with “The Secret Path” and ending with “The Witch’s Gift’., It was published by Minstrel/Pocket Books who also published Fear Street/Ghosts of Fear Street at the time. Thus, you got an advertisement for this series in one of the Fear Street books, which I found rather amusing.

(To make the Ghosts connection stronger, the usual cover artist for Ghosts also did the last 3 covers for this series, although the rest were someone else)

Then suddenly in 2013, The Hub, back before it was Discovery Family announced a television series adaptation that ended up only lasting a single season of 22 episodes. It was interesting to see this announcement as someone who actually was familiar with the series.

I was taken aback by certain things we’ll get to, but otherwise I did enjoy it. Doing all that work for Goosebumps Rip Off Month made me recall this series and want to re-visit both it and the TV show. But I also wanted to talk about and go over what made me like it and see how it holds up these days.

So…here we are. This will be interesting since we’re covering both in a general way, compared to how I handled my last A Look At for a book and TV series. It could get clunky but hey, that’s my MO around here.

With all that said, after reading all the books and re-watching the show, what makes it all tick? How does it hold up? What is all even about? Let’s dive in and see.

This, is A Look at Spooksville

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Fear Street – Silent Night

Hello, Spongey here.

Since I took a big break from Fear Street, I figured I’d make up for it by doing two books in a row. Well, actually I’m doing this as a fun Christmas in July thing, but let’s go with that too. The main reason I am doing this now instead of December is that there’s a book I am doing then I am far more interested in and don’t want to wait on. So we’re doing this now, Merry Christmas!

It’s amusing how Goosebumps stayed away from Christmas in the mainline series until 2014 while Fear Street had a whole trilogy, plus The Best Friend. Oh that’s gonna be a fun review but until then we have this.

As I mentioned, this month’s book managed to be able to spawn two sequels later down the line, so this must be quite the popular one. Well, as far as these go, it seems people are split on it and that’s mainly due to the protagonist but not quite for the usual reasons. This is basically the Fear Street equivalent to Headless Halloween, where the lead is intentionally a jerk and naturally some are more tolerant than others.

I mean, Stine isn’t always the best at making characters likable when we’re supposed to tolerate them, I get the apprehensive about him making an asshole lead on purpose. This one is interesting as Stine has gone on record saying that these were some of his favorites to write because he had fun with such a rude character.

To me that sounded familiar because that’s the same reason he likes writing Slappy. A villain. Yeah, that’s a warning sign right there. But hey, it’s merely divisive and is still a favorite for some. Besides, it’s more important how I feel about it. Does the book actually pull this off? The answer is not quite what you might expect.

So let’s get into it and if this book is naughty or nice.

This, is Silent Night

This cover is decent. It’s an iconic enough image, with her in some sort of danger. Nothing to complain about here, just a solid cover. I also appreciate that they show us off the bat that she is our red-head for the evening. That was fast!

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Cop and a Half: New Recruit

There’s a current events joke in here somewhere..

Hello, Spongey here.

I generally don’t care too much about bad direct to video movies, at least not in a super deep way. They’re direct to video, and most people only watch them to make snarky interview reviews about them. It’s better to pay more attention to the bad stuff that actually had more money behind it. It doesn’t mean i won’t join the crowd, duh, but it does mean i won’t get truly angry about them most of the time.

However, certain movies are just baffling in their existence and that’s the case for the weird trend Universal’s home video department has joined in. That would be late sequels to movies that no one really cares about. I mean, I understand things like Kindergarten Cop 2 as the originals were at least well remembered.

But then you had the previously reviewed Bigger Fatter Liar, where the original has a following but not enough to warrant a sequel this far down the line. Universal has been keeping this up, with classics like Benchwarmers 2 and most bizarre of all, Bulletproof 2. Seriously, that one makes no sense.

Then comes today’s subject. 1993’s Cop and a Half was just some random buddy cop movie with Bert Reynolds and a kid which came and went. It has no strong cult following that I’m aware of and I only knew of it because of He Who Shall Not Be Named’s review. The Siskel and Ebert review of it was remembered more fondly!

And yet in 2017 we still get a remake disguised as a sequel. Yep, another one of those. Weirdly, some of these have been at least in continuity but this is not. This feels so odd, like it was only made for people like me to be baffled about.

But hey, perhaps it’s actually good, or even better than the original. Spoilers, it is not and…I can’t say how it compares as I couldn’t get a hold of the first one for this review. That was a bit frustrating for me but ah well. Guess we’ll just riff this one as it’s own thing and see how it fares.

The writer’s only credits are Nick TV movies, such as the all timer Liar Liar Vampire. Strangely, this did remind of that one quality wise but we’ll get to that. The director also made a Nick TV movie, along with the Disney XD movie Pants on Fire, along with tons of Disney Sitcom episodes.

Oh and before we start, you might think that it’s not the best idea to review a cop movie at a time like this. But eh, it’s got enough problems without bringing current events into it. It’s not like the child protagonist has a phone case that has the Blue Lives Matter flag on it or something like that.

….Okay, let’s just start before we get too political.

This, is Cop and a Half: New Recruit

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In the Land of the Lawn Weenies

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, for some of my readers this may come across as a bit…different but real OGs will be getting flashbacks. So on here when I dive into the world of books, it tends to be R.L. Stine based. That’s because A. I admit to that being most of what I read these days and that is also because B. that’s one of my “things” and I tend to only have time to read stuff that ties into projects. Although recently I have had more a desire to read other stuff these days. I did more reading back in High School compared to now, as you saw with that Moragnville Vampires thing.

Man, remember that? Anyway, you don’t care about my reading habits, you care more about my reviewing habits. I’ve always wanted to do reviews of books from other people, I’ve just been tied down to other stuff. That and I feel like giving thoughts on random other books is best left for Goodreads, and on here I’m more into scene by scene snark. Although perhaps A Look Ats for some series could be in the cards someday.

Anyway, we have a series I have been wanting to re-visit for a while. I covered the 2nd entry, Invasion of the Road Weenies back in 2012. ( )I did so badly of course, and I cared way too much about nameless characters in a short story, but I still did it. This is a series of kids short story collections by David Lubar with the thing tying them together is one story in each poking fun of a certain kind of people who get too serious about certain things.

There’s about 35 per collection, so they tend to be pretty short. Based on the titles, you’d assume they were just all silly farces and quite a few are. However, these often veer into kid friendly horror, with some forgetting the kid friendly part. The big claim to fame to these for some is how unexpectedly dark these can get, and that’s part of why I enjoy these.

That and the short story format allows them to experiment with different styles, and Lubar is often pretty clever and creative with these. I had read the first few of these back when i reviewed Road Weenies and had wanted to review at least one more. Better late than never, eh?

In the middle of last year, I recalled these and then went wild and binged all of them, including reading the ones that had come out since I stopped so many years ago. That was one thing that lead to me doing this. The other was…David Lubar following me on Twitter. I don’t know why I keep getting these connections either but hey, it’s cool. I won’t tag him or anything when this comes out, he might see it on his own, hopefully.

There are currently 9 of these overall running from 2003 to 2018, along with a recent spinoff series called Teeny Weenies, which is the same idea but for younger readers. Thus, no dark stuff, boo. The interesting thing about this first one is where it started. David first did a pair of collections in 1997 called the Psycho-Zone and Lawn Weenies was just a random story in one of them.

He took those and put them all in this collection and bumped Lawn Weenies up to the top slot, and the rest is history. Without further ado, we should dive in to see what we have in store with these. I will warn you that there may not be as much room for snark in these since they are short and there’s already 35 to get through as it is. I’ll still try though. Oh and I won’t rate each one since it’s harder to rate stuff like this, but the overall book will get a meaningless rating.

Anyway, let’s go.

This, is In the Land of the Lawn Weenies (and other warped and creepy tales)

I’m only putting this here because it’ll make the post look good when I link it on Twitter. I don’t have much to say about the cover other than it’s cute, as are all of the other covers. That is all.

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Fear Street – Bad Moonlight

Hello, Spongey here.

I just wanna start by saying I really hope that Spooksville post is out by now. Even if it’s not, I’ll keep this here to show how bad I am with keeping promises but hopefully you’ll understand why it was late when it comes out. (…Yeep, I swear it’s coming)

Anyway, I think it’s finally time to return to Fear Street. Full disclosure, I was originally going to have Fear Street reviews all this summer to tie into the movies but that got pushed to some other time so instead I decided to have fun and do Twitter poll to let my followers decide what they wanted me to do. The choices were The Thrill Club, One Evil Summer, Goodnight Kiss and this.

It was quite the close race but in the end this won. All would have been for interesting reviews (especially Thrill Club for one certain reason but that’s for another time…) but this one I’ve been wanting to cover since I read it so I’m glad it was picked.

I’ve noticed the Fear Streets I’ve reviewed so far have been mostly before Goosebumps started. Sure there was Broken Hearts and The Cheater but only just barley, being early 1993. I point this out because the series took quite a turn after Stine started Goosebumps. He got so used to the more wacky supernatural stories that they seeped into Shadyside big time. Opinions are naturally mixed on this direction and I think it’s a case by basis, but usually they were certainly wild and memorable. This book is the perfect example of that and I can’t wait to get started.

As you can tell, it’s a werewolf book and we all know how much Stine loves werewolves. Oh and it’s a Super Chillers so it’s needlessly long, but at least it’s only 195 pages this time. So what will happen when Bad Moonlight shines over us? Let’s find out.

This, is Bad Moonlight

This cover was actually done by a different artist, named David Jarvis and it’s amazing. I mean….just look at it. Everything about it, from the funky lights, to the two girls singing, to the wolf head, makes it the most amazingly cheesy thing I’ve ever seen. It’s super 80’s despite this being 1995. Even the tagline is great! It’s the perfect cover to hype you up for the story.

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Shadow Zone: The Undead Express

This one really goes off the rails. Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

Hello, Spongey here.

We have an interesting subject for this review. So in April, I talked about a bunch of Goosebumps ripoffs, and in the last post I mentioned some of the others that I wasn’t able to get to. I thought I mentioned basically all of them but one or two slipped through the cracks. But one of them was actually on purpose, because I didn’t count it.

That would be The Shadow Zone, by J.R. Black. I mean, by all counts it should be included, we even got the two initials names! Not to mention titles like “Teacher Ate my Homework”, and “Guess Who’s dating a werewolf?”. In the very least, it’s close enough to be lumped in. It has more in common than something like Spooksville does and it’s often counted.

My thing was that it started in 1993, which feels like too soon for people to want to cash in. I mean, the series didn’t even become monthly until July of that year. So I chalked this one up to coincidence rather than trend chasing, it certainly wasn’t the only thing like it prior to Goosebumps coming out.

But it is close in every other respect so perhaps I should have let it in. I mention all of this, not because I’m reviewing one of the books. Oh no. You see, for some reason I will never understand, some executive thought this short lived book series no one has heard of warranted a TV movie in 1996.

Actually, it warranted TWO TV movies. Not even kidding. These actually exist. They aren’t hard to find either, one is on Amazon Prime and both are on Tubi. They even got a few well known actors for those. The other one was Teacher Ate my Homework and it had Margot Kidder in it. But we’ll cover that one some other time, maybe.

I went with this one for no other reason than other one podcast covered the book and so I had a stronger need to watch this one. They were not kind to it, so if the movie was anything like it, I didn’t have the highest hopes. Then again I haven’t read it so who knows how I’d feel.

Either way, I popped this in so we’re talking about it. The director’s only other movie credit is the other Shadow Zone and otherwise works in TV shows like the recent Watchmen HBO show. So at least he still gets work. The writer was less lucky, the only thing listed on IMDB that I’ve heard of is Friday the 13th the Series.

So how does taking a roughly 120 page book and turning it into an hour and a half movie fare? Let’s see.

This, is The Shadow Zone: The Undead Express

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A look at the theatrical DC movies


Superman and the Mole Men (1951)

Batman (1966)

Superman (1978)

Superman II (1980)

Swamp Thing (1982)

Superman III (1983)

Supergirl (1984)

Superman IV: The Quest for Price (1987)

The Return of Swamp Thing (1989)

Batman (1989)

Batman Returns (1992)

Batman Mask of the Phantasm (1993)

Batman Forever (1995)

 Batman & Robin (1997)

Steel (1997)

Catwoman (2004)

Costantine (2005)

Batman Begins (2005)

Superman Returns (2006)

The Dark Knight (2008)

Watchmen (2009)

Jonah Hex (2010)

Green Lantern (2011)

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Man of Steel (2013)

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Suicide Squad (2016)

The LEGO Batman Movie (2017)

Wonder Woman (2017)

Justice League (2017)

Teen Titans Go! To The Movies (2018)

Aquaman (2018)

Shazam (2019)

Joker (2019)

Birds of Prey (2020)

Hello, Spongey here.

I’ve talked quite a bit about Marvel movies over the years. Mainly the MCU but last year I looked over the Misc Marvel movies as well. I had fun with that, as it allowed me to look at some stuff I had never seen before and re-visit a few movies to see if they hold up. Doing that gave me the idea for today’s post.

This one’s self explanatory, we’re looking at DC’s side of film. Their film roster is kind of the opposite of Marvel in terms of how they’ve grown. Marvel was spotty at first before getting way better and more consistent, while DC started off generally really good, but became more uh, hit or miss with people in the 2010’s. They are getting more praise now though.

They’d had quite the history and I want to honor that, from the Dark Knight’s to the Superman 4’s. Now, I’m specifying theatrical because I know they have a ton of direct to video animated movie so I wanna say those are being left off. Perhaps another time…or next year.

Anyway, how does DC’s films fare? Which are the best and worst? I know you’re totally dying to hear my thoughts on Steel. Let’s go!

This, is A Look at the Theatrical DC Movies

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Moses: Prince of Egypt

Talk about a plague.

Hello, Spongey here.

I’ve done pretty much all the rites of passage that all of those snarky reviewers must go through at this point. From directors like Uwe Boll to studios like The Asylum. But there’s one big target I’ve yet to touch and it’s especially embarrassing as an animation reviewer. Today, we correct that.

Yep, we’re finally talking about Dingo Pictures. …I feel like I’m gonna regret this big time. Anyway, Dingo is a German “animation” company that made these short “movies” that often made it on PS2 discs for some reason. They are shrouded in mystery but we do know they made stuff from around 1993 to like 2002 or so. Most of them being rip offs of Disney and the like.

Everyone has torn into them and gone into what makes them tick. Phelous in particularly has gone into way more detail than expected and can you tell you about the weird differences in various versions of their DVDs. Even though he has the market cornered, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to throw my hat in the ring.

Besides, these things are short so I can get something out quickly! I wanted to go with a lesser known one so I picked this thing. No guesses as to what we’re ripping off here. Finding info is hard so I have no crew rundown this time around.

It’s not like anyone of you care who made it anyway. With all that said, how will popping my Dino cherry go? Just how terrible will it be? Guess we’re finding out. I mean, any movie without an IMDB page has gotta be good!

This, is Moses, Prince of Egypt Continue reading

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General Review: Scoob!

Hello, Spongey here.

Last time I generally reviewed something, I talked about that whole…pandemic thing and how it is affecting movies and my general reviews. Trolls World Tour was put on VOD and it ended up doing quite well…much to the chagrin of AMC, but that’s another story. Warner Bros wanted a slice of that pie, so here we are with today’s movie.

I do indeed hope that this is just temporary and that eventually things will clear up, putting movies back on the big screen. But we’re not here to have that discussion, I’m here to review a movie.

So…Scooby Doo. It’s had tons of movies, most of them being direct to video, and of varying levels of quality. But before now, there had not been any theatrically released animated Scooby Doos, just those live action ones. Warner Animation Group is …not chanhing that now due to the VOD thing but whatever, you get my point,

Mostly because they want this to start a Hanna-Barbera cinematic universe. That sounds kinda dumb at first but that could weirdly work. I mean, their works are not strangers to crossovers after all. That and I feel like the use of other characters does help separate from the 50 other Scooby Doo movies out there. This franchise is formulaic as it is, I think this could work if done right.

Either way, guess we’ll see how it pans out in execution. The director is Tony Cervone, who has done tons of Warner Bros animated stuff, including directing one of the direct to video movies. Pretty perfect fit, I think. We’ve got four writers and between them we have things like The Christmas Chronicles, Due Date, and…well, the other two have this as their first credit.

That all said, let’s see how this direct to VOD movie goes. How will this version of the Scooby gang fare? Let’s dig in.

This, is Scoob!

Since childhood, Shaggy Rogers, Fred Jones, Velma Dinkley, and Daphne Blake have been solving mysteries across the globe accompanied by Shaggy’s pet dog, Scooby-Doo. But their greatest mystery together comes in a turn of events when they run into the Blue Falcon, who is trying to prevent his arch-rival, Dick Dastardly from causing a global “dogpocalypse” by unleashing the Great Cerberus on the world.

This movie was fine. Yep, we’re in for one of those reviews, strap in. It’s a fairly enjoyable family film that doesn’t too much above that and I already see the divide with people. It just has negative points for people to consider it mediocre and enough good parts for people to consider it pretty good and be more forgiving.of the flaws. In the middle is a grey area, and that;s where I, and some others, operate.

My main negative is that the story itself is fairly middle. It’s a generic action/adventure story that doesn’t have a lot to it for the most part. Not that I’m expecting much from a Scooby Doo movie but that’s actually kind of the problem. It doesn’t have any sort of mystery so it goes for something more standard.

There are some out there concepts like Dick’s evil plan but the broad stroaks are pretty standard.There’s an arc with Shaggy and Scooby that starts and ends fairly well, but in the middle it’s so cliche and it feels like they’re just hitting the expecting beats. I also feel like the rest of the gang should have been involved more, since what they get can work.

And while I have no problem with modern references, some of the jokes about social media were pretty lame. These problems don’t make it super annoying or anything like, just makes it more middling compared to what it could have been. Also, the pacing can be rushed, especially in the first half as they try to get us into the plot. However, there’s anything that works for me to like it.

For one, the animation is pretty good. It doesn’t look quite as good as the other cartoon-y movies we’re getting these days, including the ones from WGA but the style is still pretty appealing the character animation is pretty fluid and fun. The models like fine although there can be a slight canniness at times, most notable when they recreate the classic theme. It kinda looked like an HD remake of the intro to that Night of 100 Frights game.

The main positive is that it just had a general sense of enjoyment. While some humor failed, a fair amount of it does work. There’s a radar dodging moment that was pretty great. Charecter wise, Shaggy and Scooby fare pretty well and get some fun moments. The rest of the gang could have been more involved, but they act like they should, generally and get some solid moments when they actually cut to them.

But speaking of acting, yeah I don’t like them picking random celebrities for the sake of it. Will Forte I guess fares the best since he at least sounds like he’s trying to be Shaggy, while the rest just sound like themselves. They sound fine on their own but it’s just not the same. Come on, Matthew Lillard managed to star in a live action version of a classic cartoon and go on to be THE voice going forward. How often does that happen?!

The best actor is Jason Issacs as Dick Dastardly. He’s clearly having fun and he’s the only one I feel was chosen for his talents over his name. As far as the Hanna Barbaba element goes, it does overtake things but it wasn’t too bad. It’s not overstuffed with cameos and there’s some neat background nods. Blue Falcon is a basic jerk hero we’ve seen way too often though. He also gets the worst of the social media jokes. I liked Dynomutt with how done he is though.

The positives being a “general sense of enjoyment” is faint praise but that was the best way I could describe it. It’s not like the humor or action were super amazing but it was able to keep me entertainment with some solid antics. I liked the general cartoon-y antics more than the broader stuff though, if that makes sense. Plus, certain things like Dick were able to be solid highlights.

The script is far from ideal but it was at least fairly consistent in terms of the main arc, compared to some other movies of this caliber. It had solid moments and felt complete despite how cliche it all was. One of the projects one of the writers worked on was last years Addams Family movie and that’s very fitting.

Both are fairly flawed when it comes to the writing but they have a certain charm that makes me like them. That and I like everything I guess. I will say I liked this more due to being more consistent and just being tighter. I can see some rating this higher than what I will give it due to some of the consistent entertainment.

It just left a general sense of me wanting more out of than what I got. It could have risen above just being fine but it didn’t quite do that, which isn’t great for something that is meant to launch another cinematic universe. That said, it works better than certain other attempts I can name,

Overall, Scoob! does end up being too much of a basic adventure for a Scooby Doo movie and those elements could have been utilized better, and had a more interesting story. Some of the bad humor and forced celebrities (speaking of which, there’s a…weird cameo you’ve likely already seen on Twitter, that makes this more 2004 than I was expecting)  don’t help.

But it’s able to make up for it with solid cartoon-y animation and some fun antics, along with decent characters even if some could have been used much better. It’s a fairly fun family movie, just not ideal compared to what I wanted. So, it’s about on par with Trolls 2 as far as these VOD movies go. …This is better though, sorry.

Both I feel like I’m easy on but this I felt more comfortable with liking. Honestly, I feel I’m being hard on it in terms of my rating so take that for what its worth. If you can forgive certain things, you’ll get what you pay for but those wanting more than just standard stuff may need to think before forking over 20 bucks on this one.

So yeah, this was a thing. I liked it though.

Rating: Decent

At this point, this is my cop out rating. Usually this would be one of those “oh yeah, that came out this year’ movies but at this rate…yeah, we’ll see what actually comes out. SpongeBob is scheduled to be next, we’ll see how that pans out …God, I can’t wait for this to be over.

See ya.

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