General Review: Black Panther

Hello, Spongey here.

Now that we got the animated film out of the way, it’s time to tackle the Comic Book movie. Weird how that pairing happens a lot. Marvel is gonna have quite a year again, as we’re getting 3 MCU films once again.

Of course a certain war is the big one but before then, we got a solo film to get us ready. T’Challa aka Black Panther was introduced back in Civil War and was a solid edition to the film. Not quite as scene stealing as Spidey but still pretty interesting.

And now he and Wakanda have their time to shine. Here to help is the director of Creed who also writes along with someone has done nothing of note. So far this is getting big praise, which is typical at this point but people are swear it really is that great this time.

Even if it doesn’t live up to the hype, it’ll still at least be solid like these movies usually are. Will this be one of Marvel’s best and will it start 2018 off well for them? Let’s take a look.

This, is Black Panther

T’Challa returns home as king of Wakanda but finds his sovereignty challenged by a long-time adversary in a conflict that has global consequences.

I’ll start by saying that yeah, it was pretty great. It mostly lives up to the hype as a really strong Marvel that stands as a better effort from them. I will say that just because I really liked this one doesn’t mean I like any other Marvel movie any less, so none of this “let’s trash all other Marvel movies because this one happens to be really good” nonsense, okay?

Anyway, this one works mostly because it’s actually more grounded than most of the other MCU films. It’s a tad more serious, there’s far fewer jokes and there’s a tad more nuance at times.

It’s not super dark or anything of course but they did something a bit different with this one. It has parts of the formula but it’s not as black and white as some can be, and I applaud them for doing that with this one.

There of course is humor here and here but it’s all natural, except maybe for a reference to “What are those”. I am not kidding. Otherwise, the humor that is there works. They do a good job of fleshing out this country and making it really interesting.

It’s a tad bit of a slow burn as it reveals more about the characters and such, and it was pretty intreguing to me. Thankfully it stays interesting once things happen. It helps that the cast is strong.

Granted, it’s not quite as strong in the supporting department as other MCU films but everyone is interesting to some degree. T’Challa is a strong hero and his own issues to work out, especially as king.

Characters like Shuri and Andy Serkis’ character are also quite solid and enjoyable. But oddly enough, my favorite is the villain. Not only does Micheal B Jordan give a great performance, but he actually has a good motivation for being evil and you see where he’s coming from. He’s not evil for the sake of it, he’s actually quite interesting and makes the story more interesting. Now that is impressive.

The production values are of course really strong, giving us one of the more visually interesting Marvel films due to the tech and action. There isn’t a ton of action but what we get is solid.

Speaking of solid, that’s the way to sum this one up. It’s one of the most solid MCU films. Yes, some have better stand out moments and perhaps appeal to me more, but this has flaws than some of them.

There’s things I can nitpick but nothing is actually wrong with it. Any issues are due to personal taste and minor things. There’s no weak villains or filler this time. The things I complain about a lot aren’t here this time!

So while I may like some elements in others better, this is objectively stronger one due to not messing up too much. It was a really interesting watch that gave me solid characters, a cool world and of course fun action and a few heartbreaking moments I won’t spoil.

Overall, Black Panther is another Marvel film I can call great. I do prefer others in some ways but this was still really good. It succeeds at having a more serious tone with a strong hero, great visuals, and most surprising of all, a great villain.

I’m already getting just a tad sick of people throwing all other MCU films under the bus to praise this one, because it keeps happening but otherwise I pretty much agree. So sorry I didn’t do my “eh, it’s not that good” shtick I’ve done before.

What more is there to say? It’s another really solid MCU outing with plenty of good stuff to make a somewhat stronger one. On and the Mid and Post Credits scenes are just Infinity War teasers, nothing too crazy.

Rating: Great

Man, 2018 is doing pretty well so far. What’s next? No idea. Because of money, I may not see anything for a little while. I’d love to experience the return of Vanguard, a live action Disney movie not based on an animated movie and of course Sherlock Gnomes, but I have no idea if any of those will happen.

Either way, as soon as I can, I’ll see what I can do. Either way, can’t wait for whatever I see next.

See ya.

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General Review: Early Man

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, looks like it’s general review time again. In between Paddington 2 and now, I’ve seen two films off Netflix, one bad (Woody Woodpecker, yes) and one quite Good. (The Cloverfield Paradox. You know, that surprise movie everyone hates for some baffling reason?).

But now we’re back to theaters to starts 2018 animation. And just like last year, we’re starting with promise, with the help of Aardman. I haven’t talked about them much but everything from them I’ve seen, I’ve really enjoyed.

I’ll talk talk more about them in that project I announced on DA though. For now we have their newest project, that seems pretty interesting. It’s an amusing idea and over in the UK it’s getting some pretty early buzz.

Not amazing per say but people say it’s charming fun, which is what these guys are best at. The directors and writers are mostly people who did their previous main projects like Shaun the Sheep Movie and such so no need to go into detail there.

So, will their stone age romp be a good way to start the year for animated films? Let’s see.

This, is Early Man

In the Stone Age when prehistoric creatures and cavemen roamed the Earth, Chief Bobnar \is the leader of a small tribe living in a valley where they hunt rabbits.

One night, Chief Bobnar’s tribe is driven out of their valley home by a Bronze Age army led by Lord Nooth who claims that the Age of Stone is over and that the Age of Bronze has begun. They are forced to live in the volcanic badlands outside it. Eventually they are challenged to a

Soccer/Football and if they win, they get their valley back, but if they lose they have to work for the Bronze people.

I can hopefully make this one quick. This movie was good. Not great by any means and not Aardman’s best work, but still an overall pretty enjoyable family film. The main thing holding it back is that it’s mostly safe and simple.

The story and charecters are typical of this kind of movie, and it goes in the direction you’d expect. It becomes a slightly typical sports movie and there’s no deeper themes or anything of that nature.

That’s mostly fine but it can make it a bit too simple at times and it’s no Chicken Run or anything like that. I also feel the climax goes on a bit long and the love interest is pretty forced.

For the most part I didn’t mind all that, because it was still pretty charming. That British wit we expect is here with plenty of decent one liners and visual gags. Not a ton of huge laughs but plenty of chuckles to spare.

Being a “Football” movie, it has some British-isms that could go other people’s heads. I’m a dumb American so I may have missed some jokes here and there in that regard. But I mostly got into it fine without needing to know everything about Soccer.

The characters are at least likable and enjoyable, especially the villain and his silly accent. The lead is a decently likable chap and everyone else has at least a couple good lines here and there.

The animation also brings it up. It’s their usual great work with some nice lighting and impressive sets and such. It’s definitely a great looking movie. There’s also some nice moments, that while not complex b any means, do give the film some decent heart.

It’s just simply a charming and likable movie. It never blew me away but I was never too bored either. It grew on me as it went on due to it’s great animation and mostly solid humor. It’s not one of those REALLY good kids movies but it is a good one.

There’s enough humor for both kids and adults, and it’s well made. Overall, it’s solid. It’s simple-ness keeps it from being anything simply Good, but that still puts it above plenty of films of it’s kind sometimes.

If you’re really into this studios work, that it’s an easy recommendation. If you’re a tiny bit more demanding when it comes to family films, the either see it at a matinee or just wait until you can rent it. Either way, it’s worth at least one viewing.

I can see some finding it just okay but I thought it solid enough. Not great but still solid stone age fun with plenty of decent laughs and charm. A solid way to start the year.

Rating: Good

I think that “first animated film of the year being bad” curse is gone but we’ll see what happens next year. Come back…later, as we’ll go from the stone age to modern day Wakanda.

See ya.

(Even for these this was short..)

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Furry Vengeance


Insert Furry Fandom joke here

Hello, Spongey here.

Furry Vengeance is property of Summit Entertainment 

2010 was an interesting year for movies. It was generally pretty good with a lot of great or really good films and not an insane amount of outright bad ones,. But somehow, the worst films ended up being some of the worse I’ve personally ever seen.

Hell, 2010 gave us a couple of the worst films I’ve covered on here overall. That’s pretty odd, and today’s movie can be thrown on the bad pile. It’s not nearly as rancid as something like Fred The Movie but it’s a bit worse than Dinner for Shmucks.

I remember when this came out and how people were making fun of it, but then it just kinda vanishes once it came out. Not many people remember it, to the point where no full reviews of it from notable reviewers exist.

And after watching it, I have no idea why. It’s one of those movies you think everyone would have covered by now. It’s that kind of movie. It’s a stupid one so this will be pretty fun to look over.

It’s reviews were pretty terrible (8 on Rotten Tomatoes) and the Box Office wasn’t much better. And as for te crew, the 2 writers did nothing and the director did College Road Trip which I hear is also not good.

With that said,let’s get into this. Just how stupid wlll it get? Let’s see.

This, is Furry Vengeance

The movie opens in the Forrest, as Rob Riggle here drives by a Squirrel who screams bloody murder. He didn’t actually hurt the creature but he laughs like a douche but he must be stopped.

He also has a cigar in his mouth but isn’t smoking it. I’m not sure if that was intentional or a screw up. He throws his cigar out and the animals will not put up with this dangerous littering.

So of course their solution is to use this convoluted contraption to push his car off a cliff! Wait, what? Yeah, they do a few things that activate a boulder that his him and leaves his car dangling.

Then a raccoon gives it an extra push and he falls to his death.

Oh, there’s an ADR’d line he has but screw you, he’s either dead or horribly injured and not perfectly fine like his line read says. This is only the opening scene and someone has been murdered.


 Oh boy. After a crappy animated title sequence, we meet our lead Brendan Fraiser. He has a name but let’s be honest, you won’t remember it. And yeah, this movie pretty killed his already kind of weak career.

Brendan has uprooted his family and moved to near this Forrest because of his job demanding it. His family isn’t crazy about this and I know this because we see the son typing something on social media saying “Tyler is missing his old life”.

Man, Exposition has really evolved. We from from clunky dialogue to clunky visuals! Also, why is he typing in the first person?

His wife, played by Brooke Sheilds, is also clearly not happy but she’s at least not saying stuff like this:

“I had this awful nightmare that my insensitive parents uprooted me from my wonderful home and dumped me in the middle of nowhere”

Oh, I hate him already!

Brendan meets up with his boss, played by Ken Jeong. Yeah, this was that period where he just accented any script handed to him because he hit big with one movie. As we’ve already seen a few times on here, most of it wasn’t pretty.

His character sometimes speaks gibberish to his assistant No, not actual Chinese, just random gibberish that kinda sounds like it. I don’t get it either, I’m not sure if I should even be offended or not.

Ken is of course an asshole boss who plans to wipe out the Forrest and put in a shopping mall. A Forrest themed one, so it’s okay.

“Do you know why they call me the king of Green?”

Wait a minute…Ken Jeong ruining the environment…green…. oh god, this is a secret prequel to Norm of the North, run!

…Anyway, Brendan is put in charge of this project and it will make his family stay here for 4 years rather than just 1 like they planned. To be fair to him, Ken put him on the spot and pretty much pressured him into saying yes.

But his family doesn’t hear that part so they get mad. It’s pretty understandable otherwise. And then we get this image:


 ….Wow, that’s some frankly hilariously bad product placement, disguised as a joke. It’s so bad even Tyler randomly screams at it.

The animals catch wind of this and decide that it’s simple, they kill the fraiser. Oh sure they act like it’s just random vengeance but you saw that opening. Still, they start simple by just turning the sprinkler on him cuz haw it’ll look like he peed.

This is our premise, and these are our jokes.

Brendan drives to work but the animals won’t have any of that. So like before, they try to murder him with their contraption which makes Brendan exclaim:


Because…she was a thing that existed!

Just like before, he goes over the cliff and dies. What, we don’t hear from him and we cut to the next scene, so clearly he’s dead. Or again, horribly injured.

I’m not the only one who thinks this, as we see that everyone is worried that he didn’t make it to work and this weird guy that works for Ken theories it could be a murder. It’s supposed to be a joke but he’s kinda right.

And then Brendan pops up. Bull. Shit. You are either dead or so injured that you shouldn’t be walking as well as he is now. Sure, he’s shaking and all but come on. And after coming home to his worried family, what does he do?

“I have to call Lyman”

…Wow, you’re an asshole. All sympathy for you just went out the window!

Sure, he apologizes in the next scene, but it was still pretty scummy and he still should be dead!

“I’m married to a lunatic”

An invincible lunatic.

That night, the animals then…mildly annoy him at night. We went from attempted murder to this. A crow pecks his window and Brendan chooses to get up and make a fool of himself trying to shoo it away.

Even when the crow comes back and he should have learned his lesson, he still gets up and yells at it, and lands him a spot on the couch. Didn’t know that cliche still existed.

And then he tries to get on the roof to stop it and this results in him falling on his crotch. Took longer to get to that joke than I expected but either way, boo.

The next morning, the wife calls him out on his insanity but he assures her everything is fine. But spoilers, that isn’t so as we now get a montage of the animals pranking him in various not funny ways.

As you’ve likely guessed, this is pretty much the movie. It’s more focused on wacky antics than it is on telling any kind of story and when it tries to do that, oh boy it fails.

After the montage, the animals then get into his car and try to crash it while he’s in it. At this point, it’s a bit hard to feel for the animals when they are this…murderous.

On one end, we have a kinda lame workaholic and on the other we have animals that try to kill people. Who am I supposed to be rooting for?

The chain of humiliation continues, as they steal his clothes somehow after he takes a bath, which forces him to wear something embarrassing, haw haw.

We’re only 40 minutes into a 84 minute-ish movie. At least that means we’re almost halfway done.

Then merely halfway through, Tyler his kind of sort of love interest at school, Amber. She’s a tree huger so she hates Brendan but is willingly to give Tyler a chance.

This doesn’t go anywhere interesting, next scene. There’s another scene of animals embarrassing Brendan, because we didn’t have enough of those.

This is followed by a double dream sequence. Yes, a dream that turns out be another dream. Because they wanted to say they did it before Inception? Otherwise this scene is stupid.

Have an out of context line:

“No banging until 7!”

The next morning, he finally snaps and starts setting up traps for the animals. He tells the wife about the animals and of course she thinks he’s crazy. Because frankly he is at this point and it’s more disturbing than funny.

He’s so crazy they finally force him to see a therapist, played by Wallace Shawn. Don’t get too excised, he’s in one scene and he’s uncredited. Because would you want to be credited for this?

The animal decide he deserves no breaks and messes with his car while he’s in there and he can see it through the window. So we get a scene where someone sees something out a window but Wallace Shawn won’t let him take care of it.

Then Brendan throws him through the wall-wait, wrong movie.

Instead he runs outside to take car of the animals that have somehow hot wired his car and try to drive it. Something that no one outside hears or sees somehow. It’s stupid.

I do kinda like the part where he comes home and is extremely calm about everything. It’s almost kinda funny. Let’s fix that.

“I need to remove a leech from my no no zone”

Lovely. In the scene, Brendan sums up the movie:

“See, I got these Indian Investors coming to town and there’s a maniacal sociopathic raccoon that’s been ruining my life but no one seems to believe that it exists”

Yep, that sums it up and yet it’s still dumber than it sounds.

Tyler comes in and sees he’s been reading on local folklore and he found out that many people have tried and failed to settle in that Forrest because the animals always stopped them.

Yes, these murderous animals go all the way back to the Cavemen. Honestly at this point I’m seeing THEM as the evil villains we have to stop!

“The animals are out for revenge”

Revenge that involves fur. If only there was a catchier name for that…

Later, the animals get worse and send a bear after him. Well actually it’s a guy in a suit but sure, let’s pretend the suit looks good. It chases Brendan into a porta potty and yeah, you know how this ends.

Then the next morning the port a potty got into a tree, somehow. The worst part of this is that the animals have made no progress in stopping Ken Jeong. You know, the real person they should be attacking.

After Brendan is hosed down, he snaps further and decides it’s time to finally kill this raccoon leader. I’m rooting for him and that’s not a good thing. He backs down like a wimpy which gives the raccoon a chance to bite him in the nuts.

Ouch. After a small fight, the army guy shows up and Tranq’s it. Yep, he’s my favorite part of the movie both because he’s funny with how over the top he is and for doing god’s work.

Sadly, we’re not done yet. We get another scene with Tyler and Amber where they almost kiss but then she gets mad once she finds out that the animals have been captured.

Tyler didn’t know about this but sure, get mad at him. He tells off Brendan and I simply don’t care. Brendan isn’t that interesting, Tyler is a whiner and the animals are attempted murderers.

I don’t care about anyone, hooray. We get our sad moment as Brendan visits the caged Raccoon.

“What did I ever do to you?”

You worked for someone who plans to tear down his home. Granted, it’s not enough to warrant murder but come on. And then we find out the Raccoon has a family he’s been protecting.

Too little too late. You can’t pull all this after all the “comedy” we’ve had to sit through thanks to this bastard. I don’t know why this suddenly changes his mind, if he didn’t mind tearing down a Forrest worthy of animals, surely a few kids don’t change much.

I get what they are going for but no dice. With that, onto this Forrest festival they’ve been building up that I didn’t mention because those scenes didn’t have much to them.

Amber is now protesting the whole thing and Tyler joins her. Still don’t care about them. Brendan frees the animals who begin their assault. Oh boy, it’s gonna be a bloodbath!

Man, wouldn’t that be amazing? The animals start just brutally killing people and this becomes an R? THAT would be a good movie.

Instead, Brendan calls out Ken Jeong and rambles on about what he’s learned. It’s clunky, moving on to the epic climax of silly animals antics. At this point the creators just gave up and I kind of love it.

The birds poop all over the place,everyone’s running and screaming, and one animals play wack a mole with people. Yes. It’s so stupid it’s almost great. Almost everyone runs away except for Ken Jeong.

His defeat amount to…the animals beating him up off screen and then dragging him away. Lame!

They just watch as this happens and simply wrap up. Yeah, wife doesn’t have much to say about her crazy husband being right other than “ah well”.

They kiss and make up and we cut to 3 months later as we see that the animals are safe and a sign tells us Brendan is a ranger now. At least they used some visual story telling this time.

Roll credits. I’d complain about the abrupt ending but …there’s more. In the credits, the entire cast performs Insane in the Membrane. Because…frankly, doesn’t that song title sum up this whole movie?

Frankly, there’s no better way to end a movie as insanely stupid as this.

Final Thoughts:

 Well, that was stupid. If I’m being, this movie isn’t full on horrible as it just doesn’t get me upset like some movies do. Plus, it’s another one that can be enjoyed for how stupid it is ala Nine Lives.

But it’s still pretty bad. Not much really works, outside of a few funny lines, the army guy and I guess some semi decent effects. Minus the very obvious suit they use for the bear.

It’s main problem is that it cares way more about it’s one joke of animals pranking the lead then it does about telling any kind of story. Thus, any story elements are incredibly rushed.

Brendan’s change of heart is very forced and no one is that interesting or likable. That’s another huge issue. There’s really no one to root for as Brendan is dull and kinda unlikable and as for the animals…oh boy.

This might be the worst environmental movie ever simply because it makes you WANT the animals die. That’s bad. I get that they are protecting their animals but boy do they go too far at times.

As for the acting, no one is given anything to do so they are forced to just kinda stand there, and poor Brendan just seems lost the whole time…which is kinda funny.

Overall, a very repetitive and stupid movie where no one is worth rooting for. Can be a funny kind of bad but otherwise, there’s not much here. It’s just stupid.

Rating: Meh

 Well, that was a fun one. Gave me a nice break after some critical ones. Next time…oh boy.

Come back in a couple weeks for…my 300th REVIEW! Yes! What is it on? You’ll have to find out then, won’t you? No hints this time!

See ya!


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Ranking the Disney Animated Canon: 1940’s

Hello, Spongey here.

Today on our Disney Canon Quest we go back. All the way back to the very beginning. That’s right, we’re covering the 40’s. And also the one 30’s movie.

Is there anything I can say about this decade? It’s what started it all, and it’s mostly full of movies people love and remember. Of course it was a slightly bumpy start thanks to a certain war that started.

This lead to both package films and some of the films not doing the best. Thankfully they became beloved and now we’re here. In terms of quality, these started the pros and cons of these older films that we’ve gone over a bit.

These did tend to be a bit better mostly because they are more forgiven for certain flaws, being older. That and having better good stuff in general.

With that said, how do I rank these? Which classics do I love the most? With this short intro over with, let’s dive in.

This, is Ranking the Disney Animated Canon: 1940’s

And at the bottom we have…

The Package Films

It’s cheating to put a whole bunch of them in one spot but honestly, I mostly feel the same about each of these and I wouldn’t rank any of them above one of the narrative films.

These movies were made because of that whole World War going on at the time and they had to make these mini compilations. I get that but that does make them stick out a bit these days when do these kind of things for a reason rather than being forced to.

Still, they had to happen, I get it. You’ll learn quickly (or learned by now after the last one) my preferences tend to be more modern as I tend to look at down at the simpler films of the past, at least when it comes to Disney. It’s a preference thing, there is usually nothing too wrong with them.

Most of these are perfectly enjoyable but again the nature of them makes them weaker than the narrative films. I didn’t have nearly enough to say about each on their own so they are all going here. But let’s go through each very quickly

Saludos Amigos (1942):

This is the only one I just don’t care for. Even for a package one, this seems just kinda pointless. T’s not even an hour long, so does it even count as a movie? It was made for a certain reason so it was neat for the time but now it just feels like a South American Tour rather than a movie.

But it has some amusing moments here and there that make it…alright. But mostly it’s forgettable.

Fun and Fancy Free (1947): For some reason this has 2 stories instead of a bunch and they’re both…fine. Enjoyable to an extent but not good enough to really carry your attention all the way through. The 2nd part is better just because I remember it better.

Melody Time/Make Mine Music (1948/1946): These 2 are more or less the same but I lumped them together. These have a bunch of segments and some are actually pretty enjoyable but some go on for way too long especially the Baseball and Johnny Appleseed ones.

But there is some especially good/energetic animation in the latter one so I think it’s worth a watch if you’re interested.

The Three Caballeros (1944): The better version of Saludos Amigos but not by an awful lot. It simply feels more focused and is more fun to watch. Still has the padding and other issues but it has personality at least.

Ichabod and Mr Toad (1949): Easily the best one of these. Not so much for Mr Toad, it’s only mildly amusing but for the Ichabod part. It’s got minor padding but when it gets going, it’s a lot of fun. I like how Ichabod isn’t that much better than the bully, and the Headless Horseman is really cool, especially with how the animation is done.

Still not quite that good, but there’s enough cool moments to make this my favorite package film.

So yeah, the package films are a fun curiosity and I can see some enjoying them more but it’s not quite my thing. I really like certain segments for them but as a whole they’re just kinda okay.

Neat but I’d rather watch certain segments over and over again rather the entire features. Now onto the real movies!

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1937):

Behold, the oldest movie I will ever review! This one was the hardest to rank, especially taking it’s legacy into account. First off, no this wasn’t the first real animated film ever but eh, it’s still old so close enough.

See, being of the first animated films, they weren’t worried about creating the deepest film ever. This ones’ more about showing off the animation and being a simple sweet story.

And boy is it simple. No big twist or big themes here. That’s not bad but for some it may not quite be up to snuff. It has the usual padding, a bit worse than some but is slightly more fun than in others. For example, rhe part from the Dwarves intro to them meeting Snow for real lasts a bit too long./

The simple-ness is an issue in that regard but it does make up for with the charm. The songs are decently enjoyable, the animation is still really good (minus some faces…), and the Dwarves are a pretty fun group.

I love the parent and child dynamic going on here. The evil queen is also fun, especially as the old woman.

It’s age shows ver m uch in terms of story, and truth be told i would like it less if it came out later, but for what it is, it’s charming and enjoyable,. Simple and draggy but I’ve seen worse in that regard. Does it hold up? I’d say so in some areas. Not  for everyone, but I still respect it 80 years later. It also has a lot of heart, especially at the end. It’s of the few fake out death moments that really works for me.

So yeah, it is what it is. Weaker than some older ones and better than others, but given what i is, I’m not too surprised. Even with it’s flaws, it’s still an enjoyable enough watch, I just prefer these next few more.

Dumbo (1941):

It was hard to decide if I like this or Snow White more. This has more flaws but it has more I like. In the end, I went with this because why not. Like with most of these, I mostly enjoy but it has the usual problems..

One problem is the padding which sticks out more because it’s short, meaning not a lot of time to waste to begin with. I think if you’re gonna have an hour to tell you’re story, use it more wisely.

I mean, I love the pink elephant scenes as it’s one of the most creative bits of animation ever but does the story need it? Not really.

And i do know you’re gonna have to make the point that Dumbo is an outcast but dang, these elephants are real jerks. At one point they decide he’;s no longer an elephant. And they don’t even learn their lesson, which honestly might be good since any change in them would be very forced.

And as for the infamous crow’s, I’m in the middle. They are kinda racist but it was 1941 so i can see where they were coming from and their song is nice so…yea.

Oh, and of course the animation is very strong and the few songs we get are fun.

The movie mostly works because of the nice moments, especially the ending. Dumbo is likable and the mouse is a cool guy even if hes a bit like Jimminy cricket. So overall, it is a nice little movie but it’s nothing too great compared to some others. I put it above Snow White simply for having more substance, at least from where I’m standing.

I like it, just not a lot. I can see why some really love it though. It’s sweet at least. That’s all i got, it’s pretty simple. Not too much to this one.

Pinocchio (1940):

I was expecting to like this one just a bit more but I still ended up enjoying it quite a bit.

By now you know my main issues are more subjective. There’s the usual slow moments and padding. Nothing too much worse than some others but I do think it could have been shorter.

 (Also, the whale is more out of nowhere than I remembered)

Other than that it’s pretty enjoyable.It’s a good classic story which tells it’s basic morals (Be a good person and don’t follow shitty people) pretty well with some solid and likable characters. The villains are pretty fun in how bad they are.

The animation and music are of course very nice. Heck, When You Wish Upon a Star is used at the start of every Disney movie. It’s just a very nice movie with plenty of heart to it.

Oh, and I actually love that whole Donkey scene for how messed up it is. Also, someone says Jackass in a Disney Movie. Awesome.

It may not get me in the gut like others (even taking the pacing aside, it’s not the greatest ever in terms of what’s actually there), but it’s pretty good and a somewhat higher Good to an extent.

So yeah, it’s a classic, my preferences just make me like others, especially our next two.

Fantasia (1940):

…I need to explain myself on this one. Most would put this at the top but here it is at only 2nd place. Objectively, the movie is pretty great. It’s exactly what people say it is, and you all know why it’s so good. It’s lovely and all that artistic stuff,.

But personally…well, this movie is 2 HOURS. The longest Canon film i think and boy does it feel it. There’s some segments that go on too long…most of them actually, especially Rite of Spring and the 3rd to last one.

This doesn’t bother everyone but for me there was no need for it to be this long. Some segments go on as long as they need to like the last one but most just feel longer than they are.

Fantasia 2000 managed to be just a bit over an hour, even if it needed to repeat a segment to reach that mark. So yeah, it’s not a movie you can just watch.

However, by all counts it is really good and quite a sight to behold…and listen to i guess. There’s not much “wrong” with it, i just don’t care for how long it is. There’s no need to go into detail as you all know why it’s good.

I do love a lot of it, especially the animation and also certain segments like A Night on Bald Mountain. I put it this high, you know I do quite like it and see how it’s importance.

But it just got too long for him. .But for some, it’s no \big deal. And that’s fine.

…And that’s all I got. As I said, everyone’s gone into the details of why it’s so good i just wanted to explain why I don’t LOVE it. The flaws in this one matter the least and even more so than usual, are up to personal preference.

Either way, the film is quite the feat and the nature of it alone makes it number 1 for most people. I get that so I won’t rain your parade too much. Let’s move on.

And my favorite Disney film of the 1940’s is…

Bambi (1942):

Yep, of the obvious choices I could have picked, I went with this one. I was debating between this and Fantasia but after thinking it over, I went with one, so let’s explore why.

The thing about this movie is that it’s more of a slice of life than a real story, the plot is just Bambi living life.

Which works as a nice little slice of life story, mostly because Bambi’s Mom’s death is foreshadowed (perhaps a bit too much, one scene almost makes you think someone died when no one did, and me knowing of the scene thought this was it) and has an impact, at least with the whole Man thing.

The dedicate a lot of time to Bambi and the mom which gives that scene (which is basically the  “It was his sled” of animation)  real impact. …Even if it has bad mood whiplash with a happy song right after. Yeah that was weird. It’s also odd how the film goes back to being chill right after but the climax makes up for it.

Those two parts are really well done and the rest is charming to combine and make a very good thing. As usual, i see some loving it more but the exact way they did this made me like it more than other older ones. So that’s a big plus.

Overall, a charming classic with two really great scenes with emotional impact. Also pretty animation.The nature of it even makes me forgive the pacing, at least to some extent.

The fact that it managed to make me really like this kid of thing alone makes it my favorite for the decade. But even on it’s own, I think it’s the one from this decade that combines charm with real emotional impact the best.

It’s a nice movie with some really great moments and handles the padding the best. All that makes this my personal favorite Disney Animated Film of the 1940’s.

And those were the Disney Animated Canon films of the 1940’s. Overall, it’s a good star to their legacy. The pacing issue did appear the most here but given the time period, it mostly wasn’t a huge issues.

The package films held them back a bit but they had to be done, I get it. The better films managed to be quite charming and timeless and I see why some could love them quite a bit.

I somewhat apologize for the reviews in this being so short and at times repetitive. I don’t wanna waste too much time with these and most of these have the same main flaw and that flaw isn’t always a flaw to some.

As long as I make my feelings clear, I’m fine with all that. I think that should about do it with this one. We’re almost done guys, just 2 more and we’ll be done with this crazy project.

Next time, we just ahead a bit…and I do mean only a bit. With the two decades we have left, that’s a totally obvious hint but whatever.

See ya.

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Goosebumps Most Wanted-How I Met My Monster

Hello, Spongey here.

Has it been a month already? Dang. It’s already time for our first Most Wanted review of 2018. 2018 will hopefully be a good year for these reviews. But for now let’s focus on this book.

The only thing I remember from this one is the ending which we’ll of course get to. Otherwise, I can only comment on the title which is an amazingly bad title reference. I remember thinking if the title would mean anything, but of course it’s just a pun for the sake of it.

It does play into something but we’ll get to that. Not much more to say about this one, so let us just jump in and see how it is.

This, is How I Met My Monster

The book opens the best way it can: With a dream sequence! Yep, it just has our main character Noah trapped underwater with a monster or something. It’s somewhat creepy but opening with a dream seems cheap to me.

The next morning we find out he has this kind of dream a lot, and his Rocket Scientist Mom says it’s because he’s nervous about swim team tryouts. First off, that exposition is almost just barely natural.

2nd of all…Rocket Scientist. Even Noah says “Really”, because even Stine knows this is silly, even for him.

“Maybe you’re right”

“Of course I’m right, I’m a Scientist”

Remind me to use that line sometime.

Noah tells us he’s shy and only has the one obligatory female friend. We also find Noah is the most easily scared person ever as Lissa the friend touching him gives us a chapter break.

She scared him on purpose by the way. A Jerk friend and a lead who is easily scared? Yep, it’s Goosebumps.

Speaking of Goosebumps staples, we meet our bully, Harlan Egman. …Egman. …Did Stine realize what he wrote? If I was more creative, this review would be flooded with Sonic jokes now.

He does the typical Bully stuff, but he may an even a bigger jerk than most Goosebumps bullies. Hell, he even picks on Lissa when she tries to stand up for him.

At least she’s not a totally bad friend. Anyway, at school we meet the new kid Monroe Morton. With an alliterative name like that, there’s no way something is off about him!

He has moved next to Noah, which means we now have someone moving into a new house. Did Stine use the Goosebumps checklist for this one? At lunch, we get this line:

“I have a MONSTER appetite”

This book is so subtle.

We move on to the Swim Team Tryouts which go well until Noah thinks there’s something down there, like in his dream. But of course, it’s just him panicking over nothing and te bully ends up having to save him.

And don’t worry, he didn’t do it out of kind-ness. Heck, right after he pulls Noah’s swim trunks down. Even for a bully, this guy is just the worst.

A few days later, Noah goes to the pet store at the mall his Dad owns to find something for the school’s pet fair. I guess that’s a thing in some places. I like the part where they mention that Dad drives a Ford Focus and he’s so tall he has to hold himself up to drive.

Reminds me of that guy from that Simpsons episode. He was clearly the thing from that episode everyone remembers, right?

Noah meets up with Monroe and at one point Monroe walks away for a bit, and while he’s gone Noah here’s someone’s yelling about a monster. Monroe comments on the scream when he returns, so it’s something that actually happened and is not another dream.

And Monroe has stuff in his teeth that looks like raw hamburger. Stine is not fooling around with this blatant proof that Monroe is a beast. I do find it interesting that no one ignores this, police even show up but there’s no proof of anything that screamer said.

It’s small but it’s nice to see something resembling realism in this monster book. His goes with Monroe back to the pet shop where Noah sees a monster but then it vanishes and no one believes him about it being there.

Something like this happened at school but was so quick that I didn’t mention it. It always seems to happen when Monroe is around. Hmm…you think Dad is the monster?

They go home and play with Noah’s “3D Game Player”. Oh man, that’s my favorite system. My favorite game on it is Shooty Action Game.

Later, Noah finds a dead Guinea pig along with writing that says “Monsters Rule!” Animal Murder, how lovely. They clean it up and the parents don’t make a big deal over the fact that someone got in their house and killed something.

After another dream, there’s another run in with Harlan which ends in the way you’d expect, although Monroe almost hulks out on him.

“Don’t worry about Harlan, his time will come”

…That isn’t suspicious at all.

Later, Noah asks Lissa what to do about all this and she suggests simply asking Monroe if he’s a monster, although Noah of course worries he could lose him as a friend if the answer is no.

Now this is an actually interest conflct. Not the deepest thing ever but it is interesting. Will it go to waste like in the previous 2 books? Most likely.

He decides to simply spy on him to see what the truth is. The next day, we find out they walk across Elm Street to get to school. Well, no wonder you have those bad dreams!

Noah spies on Monroe by…being close to him a lot and simply looking at him closely. Pretty sure spy work only works when it’s not in public, and where he knows you are mostly there.

He doesn’t find out much, except that he likes monster stories because subtle. Before we move on, your out of context line of the day:

“I don’t want to talk about my underpants with a girl”

We get another scene of Noah seeing a monster that vanishes when he tries to get people to see it., Only this time it’s more than one monster, what amazing variety.

I’m just wondering how monsters make enough noise for Noah to hear but no one else hears it for some reason.

Sometime later, Lissa has her own swim meet thing and Noah goes to cheer her on but whoops, she fails. But that doesn’t matter as after everyone leaves, a monster attacks Noah and drags him into the pool.

He’s actually able to fight back somewhat and escape, but not before the monster growls “You’re next!”, which also happened in a dream sequence. That either means nothing or he’s really into that one movie no one remembers.

After surviving that, Noah finds out that his parents will be gone for a week so he’s staying at Monroe’s during that time. Wah wah. Oh and in that previous scene he point blank asked the monster if he was Monroe and he just said “Maybe”.

That could honestly mean anything. Either he’s not and wants to keep him guessing or he is and doesn’t want him to know just yet.

Noah meets Monroe’s parents who introduce him to his young siblings.

“They’re little monsters”

Okay, we get it!

That night, Monroe sneaks out and Noah follows him to hopefully find out what is going on. He indeed bumps into the monster and the monster finally leaves himself.

Or should I say,….herself?


What a tweest! I’m split on this. On one hand it is somewhat unexpected…but also predictable because the foreshadowing was just so blunt that it pretty had to be someone else.

It’s also contrived. All this stuff happens just so when Monroe happens to be gone? I like the idea of the twist, it’s just a bit forced. Lissa tries to explain why she did all this but Noah won’t have any of it.

Seriously, he just runs off right when she is about to explain all this. Idiot. He runs back to Monroe’s and he tells him everything but he doesn’t believe him and just laughs about it.

I get that he sounds crazy but come on. Although to be fair, Noah skips the part where he thought Monroe was the monster. Maybe that would have peaked his interest.

The next day is the pet fair thing and of course Lissa the monster shows up while Noah is by himself. She does a bunch of stuff and then leaves. At this point, I question how no one sees or hears the monster coming at all.

This is getting silly, but we’re almost done. Noah briefly mentions Lissa to the teacher who catches him with the mess, which Lissa sees and gets mad about. Yeah, she said earlier as the monster that “Friends don’t tell on friends”.

Not sure why why cares, it’s not like anyone believes him.

He runs to Monroe’s and tells him about his…and then he becomes a monster. Oh Stine you cheater! You’re pretty much having your cake and eating it too. Whatever.

Lissa comes in and they finally just simply explain what is going on. They live in an apartment building for Monsters. I should have figured out since it’s called “Sternom” House. At least it’s a subtle anagram.

And yes, Noah’s parents knew about his because surprise surprise, Noah is a monster too. Sort of. Noah’s monster simply hasn’t “come out” yet, as he has to find out on his own and his parents aren’t allowed to just tell him he’s a monster.

That’s a stupid rule and a forced reason for everyone to not simply tell him instead of being forced to scare the monster out of him. But there is an actual in universe reason for why they don’t tell him…so meh.

Anyway, yes they have been scaring him on purpose so that his monster comes out. There’s a dirty joke in there somewhere. At this point, they just give him a drink called Monster Helper that should do the trick.

They force him to drink it and i guess it works as it just smash cuts to them hanging out as monsters. The book ends with Noah happy that he found his inner monster and that his monster problem is over.

“I met my monster, and it’s me”

He meet himself, whoa this book is deep. And so we end with them going to Harlan’s house to mess with him. At least there’s a very happy ending to all this.

Final Thoughts:

The book was mostly pretty good. It is weird how this is the 3rd book in a row that wastes a somewhat interesting conflict. In this case it’s Noah being afraid of someone he calls his friend.

That’s just kind of pissed away although to be fair it’s done better than in those previous books. The main issues with this one is that it can get repetitive, and some elements can be pretty forced.

Stine at least tries to justify some of what but not all of it works. But it doesn’t bug me too much since I’ve seen worse. I did find most of this to be enjoyable. It’s an interesting set up and there’s effective moments.

I even kind like the ending, even with it’s issues. Overall, this is yet another mostly good one that’s brought down by some issues that preventing it from reaching it’s full potential.

I’m getting a bit sick of that. I know this is Goosebumps but this series has gone all out with ideas before, and I find it odd that they bring up certain conflicts but don’t do much with them.

Ah well. I mostly liked this one fine, even if it’s nothing too memorable.

Rating: Good

Gotta say, I enjoy doing this monthly Goosebumps reviews, it’s a fun thing that no one else is doing. Although if say, a YouTuber more popular than me were doing something like this, I would totally tell you to sub to him.

….Anyway, Next time, it’s a book whose title I remember being a bit of a lie. It’s been awhile though so we’ll see.

See ya.

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Descendants 2

They got all the ways to be wickedly overlong

Hello, Spongey Here.

It’s Disney Channel Movie time again! This year I plan to cover a fair amount in some way because I have…quite a few to go. That and my interest in doing more went up thanks to a certain Mr. Walker.

And yes, he had interesting opinions on certain ones I’ve done but he liked AT2D as all is forgiven. Anyway, let me take you back to 2016 when I reviewed Descendants.

This was Disney’s attempt to cash in to pretty much modernize their classic character by giving some classic Disney villains kids. It was okay. It had some interesting/cool parts and some pretty cringe worthy moments but as a whole it was just Average.

Certainly not the worth ever like a lot of people think but I’m used to disagree with people on Disney Channel stuff. Disney puts of money into letting you know this was a fun so of course it got a sequel last year.

I was glad when it finally airs…because Disney went to the Illumination School of Over-Advertising. Seriously, I couldn’t turn a corner without seeing an ad for this and it’s various spin offs like Books, that animated short series and the merch.

That and they seem to find any excuse to re-air this. It’s the DCOM version of Teen Titans Go, I swear.

That pretty much guaranteed this would be a hit and it was. The director and writers are the same, although I never mentioned the writers work before. Their only notable credit is Additional Materiel for…Chicken Little. Huh.

But with all that aside, how is this sequel? Is it an improvement like I hoped it would be, or does it sink even lower?

This, is Descendants 2

The movie opens kind of like how the first one did. But here they skip the exposition and get straight to the villain kids singing about how evil they are. Yes, this turns out to be not be happening but we’ll get to that in a sec.

This opening song is Ways to be Wicked which is actually my favorite song in the movie. Yeah, they’re kind of blowing their load on this one. It’s pretty much a better version of Rotten to the Core as it has a more enjoyable sound and uses the characters a bit better.

Although I do enjoy the music video a lot more than the movie version, it’s better edited and the clips made for the video fit better than most of the clips from the movie version for some reason.

After about 3 minutes of that, it all turns out to be some weird vision thing Mal had. There’s no real explanation for why she had a vision thing that elaborate. It’s honestly pretty pointless, which is not good for you big opening number.

Anyway, we are reintroduced to Mal who is being hounded by press asking her tons of questions. At this point she’s fully good and as you can see, getting pretty popular. She’s even blond now for some reason.

She goes to her room with Evie where we get exposition about what has happened. We also get Mal somewhat reminiscing about the old days of being evil,

Because the writers know her dilemma of dealing with her past is easily the most interesting part of this premise. Evie gets her down to earth to now and can I just say these 2 have a far better chemistry than any of the actual romances of this franchise?

We’ll talk more about that later.

The kids get together and we begin Carlos’ subplot by showing he has a crush on some girl and he wants to ask her out. It’s not too much of a subplot, but trust me, there’s plenty of half baked subplots to go around.

Oh and Evie has a love interest too. Even I forget cuz he doesn’t do too much here. Speaking of forced love interests, Ben starts spoiling her a bit, like giving her a purple Motorcycle.

“Do you like it?”

“Does an Ogre like cheese puffs?”

….I don’t know. Is it a thing? Was Shrek really into Cheese Puffs all along?

We begin Jay’s subplot with him in fencing class. It’s a mostly male class so of course some aren’t happy when the very female Lonnie asks to join, right after showing her skills

Yep, we’re doing that cliche that I thought died in the 90’s were a girl must prove she’s just as awesome as the boys.

KNUCKLES: Anytime someone calls attention to the breaking of gender roles, it ultimately undermines the concept of gender equality by implying that this is an exception and not the status quo.

Okay, this isn’t the worst use of it but it is largely pointless. Carlos is there so we can forward his plot where he say he can talk to the girl well enough, so he’s made some progress at least.

We get back to Mal as she is being even more overwhelmed by all this attention…but we get sidetracked again as Carlos asks for a potion that will make him declare his true feelings to his girl.

…And then Carlos dog takes a random potion and starts talking, And he’s voiced by Panda from We Bare Bears. …Yep. We have a talking dog, For…reasons. He is entirely pointless.

Because we needed more Dog with a Blog humor?

On that abrupt note, we cut to the Isle where we meet our villains, a whole bunch of Pirates lead by Uma, played by China Anne McClain. It’s nice to see her again at least.

Oh and she’s the daughter of Ursula, which raises more of those lovely questions no one likes to think about. Also, it’s odd that she’s playing a different character then she played in Wicked World, guess they aren’t canon.

Through some bad exposition, we find out Uma is mat at Mal for not letting her in their crew as kids so her new fame isn’t sitting with her.

“Son of Hook, son of Gaston, and me, most of all, daughter of Ursula!”

Christ almighty, this is clunky. I was going to comment on on her motivation but that distracted me.

Also Gaston is the first character where having a kid is believable in any way.

Speaking of distraction, we jump into her villain song: What’s my Name. It’s…okay. I know that’s odd coming from me but hear me. It’s fun and all but way too processed for my liking. Ways to be Wicked sounded better and it wasn’t even the real villain song.

But when I get past that, the actors do bring this one up because of how much they throw into it. Just wish the song was a tad better. Anyway, Ursula then gets her only line off screen and apparently that line was provided by Whoppi Goldberg.


After that random bit, we get a “Romantic” scene with Ben and Mal as they enjoy a meal Mal mad. But whoops, Ben finds out she made it with magic. She’s been using that spell book for almost everything, actually.

I get why he gets angry here. Although I do wonder if these can have a relationship without any dumb issues. But given it started with a love potion plot, I’m not surprised.

They argue and Mal pours her heart about how this whole lifestyle is overwhelming her which is a sort of nice moment after the contrived set up of this scene.

She runs off and decides to run all the way back to the Isle of the Lost. Side note, love the use of the Rotten to the Core instrumental here.

Evie finds out via a note she left (which is pretty much inviting them to chase you but okay) and tells Ben who regrets getting angry. I like Evie’s concern here, it’s pulled off better than Ben’s, somehow.

But overall these small moments work better than any of the loud stuff. Mal hits a dye shop where we here …a song from Wicked World song playing in the background. …So it is Canon? I’m confused.

The shop is owned by Lady Trermaine by the way. We even meet her grand daughter who is this spunky kid that doesn’t do much. It’s all just a long winded way for her to get her purple hair back, in a new hairstyle I’m mixed about.

One of Uma’s minions comes in and oh boy is this guy hamming it. I love it. I only recapped this part just to mention that. The other kids head out to get Mal back.

“Last thing we need is our parents figuring out we’re here”

That won’t be an issue given this is the only time they are mentioned. Seriously, they are all just gone with no explanation. Even Lizard Malifecent is shown once and that’s it. Lame.

Ben of course is in disguise as a villain kid and has to pretend to be evil. This minor point is apparently worthy of an entire musical number called “Chillin’ like a Villain”. Yeah, this song is largely pointless…but I do kind of enjoy it so I won’t complain too much.

After the song, we find out Ben’s disguise is so bad that even Gaston’s Son can see right through it. Thankfully he’s too silly to be mad right away so the kids just walk away so Ben can confront Mal.
Ben apologizes but Mal still feels like she doesn’t in the real world and the resulting scene is nice, if a bit overblown as you’d expect. To make matters worse, Harry Hook shows up and captures Ben off screen.

We’ve already got the love interest being kidnapped cliche, just with a male. Please don’t rub that in our faces like Enchanted did, which is otherwise a movie I’d rather be watching.

Mal is not happy and I kinda love reaction here. It’s like “Damn it guys, now I gotta go save him”. And Uma informed her to come alone. She does so and confronts Uma and this results in…arm wrestling.

Oh man, this movie is so epic.

Actually I joke, but this almost becomes intense because of how seriously they both take it, especially Mal. She loses so that scene was more or less pointless. If they want Ben back they have to bring her Fairy Godmother’s Magic Wand./

Which is what they were trying to get in the first movie. Well, it only took 51 minutes to start fully rehashing plot elements at least.

Their plan is to simply make a fake one and get out of there before Uma notices. Nice to see some intelligence here. Jay and Carlos go back to Auradon to take care of that while Mal and Evie do some stuff here.

There’s a bit where they visit Dizzy and it’s honestly kind of cute with how she and Evie bond. It also gives Mal and Evie the chance to talk things out a bit, which is again a bit nice.

And so then they share a love song. Okay, nah. They have a duet about their feelings, which shows various clips of them together the first movie, and their faces get very close together in a few points.

Totally nothing at all like a love song. Okay, all jokes aside,I legit believe these two work far better than Mal and Ben, even in the context of the franchise. I mean think about. Ben and Mal have been rocky since the start and especially in this movie.

Meanwhile, Mal and Evie are supposed to have a friendship but are somehow even closer together. They have tons of moments together, most of which are done well enough.

And even before this, they had a song together in Wicked World, although that was less love-y than this one. They’d had two duets together while Mal and Ben have had exactly.

I think that about says it all. It’s a major Relationship Writing Fumble…but I’m not complaining since their “friendship” is actually somewhat well done even taking aside my jokes.

Oh and the song is fine. …Moving on.

The boys finish making the fake wand and are about to leave when the girl from Jay’s subplot shows up. Bet you forgot about her from like an hour ago. She overheard them talking about their plan and wants to join.

At least she is directly involved with the main story but it’s preeety forced. The next morning, Ben and Uma talk a bit as we humanized her a bit more. She’s upset that she and many others weren’t brought to Auradon. The plan was to bring more people after the 4 but whoops, that didn’t happen.

This actually does make sense in the context of the series, and is fairly decent motivation for a villain. Nothing too complex or anything but passable. So with that the kids arrive for our climax.

Which of course leads to a song…which begins with a rap battle. Yes. Evie is probably having war flashbacks from this. The song itself is pretty messy with how it tries to mix in the Rapping Verses and non Rapping Chorus. There’s some neat parts but overall just a bit odd and messy.

Sorta like this franchise.

After that, Uma wants Mal to test the wand to see if it works. Oh crap, didn’t count on her being smart! She actually does manage to fool her…thanks to the talking dog. But she finds out the truth right after so yay the dog is still pointless.

This leads into the actual big fight which is neat but goes on for too long. And boy do I mean it. It seems to go on forever! But after what feels like 50 years, it finally ends with the kids and Ben escaping.

Okay then, that was our climax so we should be wrapping up, right? ….Nope, we’ve got like like 20 plus minutes left. I am not kidding. It went on for that long and we’re STILL not done.

Needless to say, this is where I got antsy. They go home where Carlos and Jay finally speak about getting nothing to do these movies. Seriously, Carlos reads my mind and points out that the boys tend to get left out.

It’s perhaps a bit too little too late but it does give us a nice moment where they talk about their roots and yada yada. It doesn’t fix Carlos issues as nothing here relates directly to the boys, just how Mal and Evie took all this…but I appreciate the effort?

Speaking of the boys, we finish Jay’s subplot with the team letting in Lonnie. I should have mentioned that was willingly to let her in and it was Chad here who had issues. So Jay pretty much learned nothing and this was resolved very quickly despite taking an hour.

Great subplot.

We then finish Carlos’ with him asking out Jane, which took him very little effort. At least this was character driven but it’s still another rushed subplot.

With that settled, we get to this big Cotillion thing. Ben shows up…with Uma. He’s being controlled by a love potion of some kind. Even when I first watched this,I called it.

So everything before that is revealed is just wasting our more time more than all this already is. And things for on for quite some time until eventually some pretty gift he made earlier proves he was in true love with Mal thus revealing the Uma love is fake-and oh who cares, just end!

Mal confesses her love and a kiss makes him normal again. Uma responds by jumping in the water (Good thing this happens to be on a boat) and pretty becomes Ursula.

This prompts Mal to turn ito the CGI form of her Mom to fight her. Okay, now THIS is a climax! The CG still isn’t great but at least this is somewhat cool. Ben jumps in and tries to plead with Uma to stop this.

She responds by….leaving. That’s right, there wasn’t even a climax there. We wasted all that time after the first climax for this. Boo. I mean seriously, can you say most easily swayed villain ever?

They just kind of move on after that. They care about what happened as much as I do. Ben does agree to starting letting more kids in, like Dizzy so there’s that. Also, Mal won’t use the spell book anymore because that’s enough plot point I forgot.

And so we jump right out finale song: You and Me. It’s a kinda slow and not that memorable song. Perfect for a Dance Party Ending. Set it Off was better. Good choreography in it though.

And right when the song ends, the credits roll but they keep dancing. Then there’s a Mid Credits scene because they went to the Sandy Wexler school of ending a movie.

It has a bit with Dizzy and then it cuts to Uma looking at us.

“What? You didn’t think this was the end of the story…did you?’

After the incredibly blatant cliffhanger with you, I did not. And wow is this the most shameful sequel baiting I’ve seen in a long time.

Okay, now we’re done. Geez.

Final Thoughts:

It’s sad that the main review had to end with me being so grumpy because for the most part I will say that this was better on a 2nd viewing. Thanks to the problems it didn’t become Good but I did get into certain things more.

It had way less of the cringe-y stuff and they do clearly try harder to give us development and all that good stuff. I actually did get into some of the smaller scenes this time around, even if we get too much of it near the end.

The problems are some of the same ones, like how Jay and Carlos get very little to do and just generally having too much going. I get why some subplots need to be there but most are pointless

It just all goes on too long and I’m starting to think this would have all worked better as a full cartoon series, so then they’d have time to flesh a lot of this out. Wicked World only fixes a few of my issues.

Oh and the songs are fine but all of them are processed in some way, so none are as good as Evil like Me was. Then have the 3rd which goes on too long and ends on quite the lame note.

We all know there’s going to be a 3rd one, why the lame cliffhanger? It was clear from the start this was all a cash grab but parts of this made it more blatant. Which is too bad as they are almost on to something here.

Next time, focus more on the small development moments and less on setting up 50 other stories. That’s all I got. It’s much better with some nice moments but this series has a lot to work on.

Hopefully the 3rd one can improve on this one, but I guess we;ll see.

Rating: Average

In the meantime, we have Zombies which looks like this meets Warm Bodies. Can’t wait.

Okay, that’s enough of 2017. Next time we go back a bit for a movie that’s a lot worse than the ones we’ve covered so far. Should be fun.

See ya.

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Ranking the Disney Animated Canon: 1960’s/70’s

Hello, Spongey here.

It’s 2018 and it’s time to get back to our little quest of Ranking the Disney Animated Canon. Today’s is special because we’re killing two birds with one stone.

Some of the middle decades didn’t have too many films but they usually have enough to warrant a full post. Not so much for the 60’s and 70s. The former has only 3 and the latter has only 4.

I’d feel a bit odd doing a ranking post of only 3 or so films, so today we’re doing both of those decades. 6 films, that sounds pretty fair. Don’t worry, I’m not combining both rankings, just see it as two posts for the price of one.

Anyway, this was a pretty rocky period for Disney. Of course, Walt died in 1966 which as you can imagine shook the company and it a while to fully recover.

This didn’t affect most of the 60’s but boy it did affect the 70’s. As such, their out put in that Decade wasn’t quite up to snuff for some but they at least still had some winners in there.

These two decades were pretty tame compared to what came before, especially the 70’s but they still had some classics. They adopted this sort of sketchy style that isn’t for everyone, but I kinda dig it.

I don’t dig the recycling they sometimes did but it never really took away from the films honestly. Anyway, we’re not mostly in the older ones where I won’t have as much to say.

And my tastes will start rearing it’s ugly head. But hopefully you can why I feel the way I do about some movies. With that said, let’s get into. Let’s see what the best and weakest films of these rocky decades were.

This, is Ranking the Disney Animated Canon: 1960’s/70s

The Sword in the Stone (1963):

And at the bottom for 60’s one is the first bottom ranked one that I still kinda like. This one falls in the “Fairly flawed but still somewhat enjoyable” Category. I get how some really like it and some aren’t too thrilled.

The plot is not exactly complex as it’s done in a basic way with Merlin teaching Wart/Athur stuff. This by itself is fine but the pacing is too loose, and sometimes the scenes make you feel like you’re at school, just with a much cooler teacher.

And the ending with the actual sword in the stone is rushed as a result, and they put in the “main characters get split up at one point” thing for pretty much no reason.

But like we’ll see in these others, there is some charm to the overall product that can make up for it.

Merln is very likable and there’s a couple of fun songs and scenes. It switches between mildly amusing and kind of dull or meandering, like that squirrel scene. I wish it stuck to being all enjoyable but the enjoyable parts do make it somewhat worth it.

The animation also has plenty of life and it helps scenes like the wizard battle at the end. Speaking of, Madadme Mim is another fun character, even if she isn’t one of the best Disney villains ever.

Overall, it’s one you’ll really enjoy or fine just okay. I say it’s Decent. It’s certainly slow and could have been better but it also a decent amount of charm and some likable characters.

In some ways a bit lesser than I first watched it ages ago, but still decent enough to be enjoyable for what it is. But our next two are simply better to me, let’s move on.

101 Dalmatians (1961):

Even though I’m not in love with this one, it was surprised me. I was expecting closer to decent like Sword in the Stone but I’d give this one the full Good. It’s not exactly a high Good but I do like it nonetheless.

The only big thing i can say about this movie is that it’s charming. Like most of these old ones, it can drag, mostly in the middle where we don’t spend as much time with the main characters. But it picks back up soon after.

It’s another one that’s just meant to be cute and it works. The main characters are very likable, and it’s all just very chill and I dig it.

I actually like the 1st act, before they get kidnapped more than most of what comes later. I don’t know, I just like the vibe of this part. And of course Cruella is really enjoyable with how over the top she gets.

Oh and the Cruella Song is great too.

It’s nothing too deep, but of course that’s he point, it works as a charming and cute film.

I do think adding some more interesting stuff would have prevented it from dragging, as that did dock it point or 2. But as it is,, it works than some of the other older ones. I put it above Sword because it ends up more consistent and I end up getting it’s vibe just a bit more.

I can some being more attached to this one than I am, but i still like it fine as it is. It’s another charming one.

Not much more to say other than it came somewhat close to topping the ranking. But after thinking it over, I am going with…

The Jungle Book (1967):

As i hinted, It was hard to chose a favorite between this and Dalmatians but in the end I went with this. Mostly because it’s high points just hit me more.

When I re-visited this one I figured it would be one of those Disney movies that’s light on story and all that but it actually had more to than I remembered. It’s not an epic or anything and it has some of the same issues I go on about but the story has more to than the other films around this time.

Okay, that’s likely more because of the books it’s based on but Walt flat out told the writers to not read the book. Not even kidding. The first version Bill Peet had come up with was more faithful but Walt was like “lolno” and here we are.

I kinda wish we had gotten that version but whatever. The set up of Moglii being found and having to be protected from Shere Kahn is an interesting one, especially when they highlight how dangerous the jungle can be.

I mean he has to deal with someone who wants him to teach him how to make fire and a hypnotic snake voiced by Winnie the Pooh. The episodic nature works in the way as at times it can play a bigger role in the story.

Kahn himself is threatening every moment he’s on screen just with his voice and mannerisms. Not the biggest baddie ever but still decently memorable, and he gives us a half decent climax.

On the other hand, that means the usual pacing issues become worse because you know it can have more of a story. There’s eome nice scenes like when Bagherra tells off Baloo but we also have 5 minute dance parties. I love Louie’s scene but it still goes on for way too long. Same with the Vultures that are sadly not voiced by The Beatles. I’ve seen worse but I do feel like the story needed more agency.

Sometimes you can forget about the bigger elements because they often dick around,. Some of it works, some doesn’t. However, the film still works because it has those interesting elements to keep it engaging.

Plus, it’s just fun. It has a cool style to it, mostly with the music. I like the songs but the music itself is what makes them. Yes, I Wanna be Like You is my favorite. Another big positive is the characters.

They are all surprisingly memorable. Moglii is a good enough lead to follow and the Baloo is just cool. He’s the kind of guy you want to hang out with. Then again, so is Louie somehow so maybe I just have weird taste in friends.

(As my IRC Buddies can attest to…)

Side note, the animation is apparently recycled at points but I didn’t notice it too much. It’s mostly pretty decent to me.

Overall, The Jungle Book perhaps could use more agency but it’s a mostly fun time with some nice moments here and there to make it more interesting experience. The jazzy music and likable cast of characters help round a solid film.

And because the high points are as high as they are, it becomes my favorite Disney film of the 60’s. Barely.

Okay, onto the Decade with more films.


The Aristocats (1970):

Once again, I am not surprising anyone. This our film in these rankings I can say I full on dislike. Then again I only 100 percent dislike 3 in total and to be fair, this is the best of those 3.

Mostly because it’s flaws are understandable and are seen in all these others movies, they are just made worst movies. This has all the worse traits with not as many of the high points.

But there are some okay things in this. It does have it’s moments of charm, like with some of the songs. And there’s my favorite part, Uncle Waldo,a drunk cat.

I’m not kidding, he’s actually drunk. He acts like it and they say so. That’s just…amazing. Too bad he’s in one scene and that scene is pointless. Then again, that’s the order of the day.

This movie is mostly just cute cats doing things. There really isn’t much of a story for most of it. Of course the films of this era aren’t tightly written too often but there really is a lot of nothing. Which would be fine if the characters were good but they are mostly bland.

The kid cats are just annoying with no personality, same goes for the Mom and most others. Thomas O Malley is okay but he’s just Baloo again. Same voice too. The butler villain is kinda but more in concept than execution.

The charm can carry some scenes but a lot of iit s just fluff and filler. Heck, even the animation, while decent, is nothing special. Plus, the cat owner lady’s head is really roughly animated for some reason.

Some can get into for the charm for me, it was mostly empty with nothing to latch onto. It has it’s moments but if I want charm, I’d go with most of the other movies in this ranking.

It’s not total cat barf but that cute-ness can only take it so far. Sorry.

The Rescuers (1977):

We talked about the beloved sequel so now we step backward to see where it began. I watched this one before I watched that one so this section will be judging it on it’s own.

Although having seen the sequel, it does make my problems with this one stick out more. Like most of these, this one gets too slow for my taste, especially in the first quarter.

But it can be an enjoyable adventure, with some moments of heart. They at least tried and i can some people really liking it. But it isn’t totally my thing.

I also wish we had more character depth, what we get is a good start but there’s not much beyond the surface. Even the villain who kidnaps the girl isn’t as great as she could have been, I also don’t get why she needs this kid to get the diamond.

So yeah, has enough good to be rated Decent but it is on the low end of that rating, for the most part, at least compared to what it could have been. And since I’ve now seen the sequel, I do know what it could have been.

It is a 70’s movie, so it likely couldn’t quite do what the sequel did but I do think it still could have done more in some places. As it is, it’s simply fine and honestly, I hardly remember most of this movie so if I hadn’t written something about it on DA when I watched it, I’d be really lost here.

Still, I can see some liking it more. Heck, I’ve seen people prefer it to Down Under which I suppose I understand. But for me, it does everything this one does but better.

But for what it is, this one does it’s job fine, it’s just not one I see myself re-visiting.

…Oh and there’s a naked woman in a window in one scene or something.

Robin Hood (1973):

.Now we get to te 2 I full on like, although this one is still in the Decent range. Like the rest of these, some can be mixed but it mostly has quite the audience nowadays and I see why.

It’s pretty fun a fair amount of the time, , especially in the more energetic scenes, but it can also be rather slow, with a bit of padding. Are you sick of me saying that about these older movies yet?

This was done when they were going through some troubles, and it shows a tiny bit, since they fell so behind schedule that they had to recycle animation from Jungle Book and other films. Seriously.

But the animation is decent despite that and the film is mostly fine with some enjoyable stuff. It’s decent because there;s more good than weak but the good stuff isn’t quite great enough to make it fully good.

Robin Hood himself is of course pretty likable and the villain a decent comedic one. Although once again we have a Baloo copy, only this one is even more blatant. Doesn’t help that all 3 characters share a voice actor.

Despite that, the cast is a good one and the climax brings this movie up a bit.

So yeah it’s mostly fun and harmless. Nothing amazing but fun.. …Yeah, that’s all i got. Not that complex of a movie, which can be a good or bad thing for some. I don’t like it AS much as some seem to, but it’s a somewhat high Decent for me, and I do remember various bits from it.

That should account for something, right? Either way, this is a decent little fun tale that is enjoyable enough for me despite some of the usual flaws.

And my favorite Disney film of the 70’s is…

The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (1977):

This seems like an odd choice, especially compared to the adventured focused film I could have put here.

Especially since this movie is a compilation of shorts that were already made, strung together. Yet it has a better narrative than Sword in the stone and such. Huh.

This one is just charming,. There’s always a charm to Pooh stuff from the new adventures of pooh show to the movies, including the Disney Tons ones. I’m nostalgic for some of Pooh so i think i was going to enjoy this on level and I’m glad it works me.

Not exactly the strongest story, but the charm of it all works. Plus, the stories connect a tad and the ending makes it all nice. It’s nothing complicated but it’s pretty likable and with the solid characters we’ve grown to love. It can be slow sometimes but the nice moments make this a solid watch.

Plus, the narrator is funny.

So in other words, everything I said about the 2011 movie. Both movies are really charming and get over their story problems, even if I kinda have wish we’d have a more focused Pooh movie again like The Tigger Movie which we’ll get to soon, hint hint.

Honestly, the fact that my favorite Disney Movie of the 70’s and my least favorite film of the 2010’s are on par, says a lot about both decades. I normally would put a film like Robin Hood here but this movie has a charm to it that made my like more.

Like with Jungle Book, it has flaws and I don’t love it but it just works really well with the characters and overall Pooh charm. Much like these two decades, it’s not the best written, but has an enjoyable charm that makes it worth watching.

I spent more time explaining how it got to number one rather than “Reviewing” the movie but that’s the kind of movie it is. Either way, it is my favorite Disney animated of the 1970’s.

And those were the Disney Animated Films of the 60’s and 70’s. As you can tell by the length of the sections, this wasn’t the most interesting bunch. They clearly hit a bit of a rut around this time but they still had some charm there, especially in the 60’s.

It got a bit rough at times but thankfully the 80’s improved on these somewhat. Plus, the faves for both decades had enough good things to make me forgive Aristocats.

From here on out, expect these Mini-Reviews to be shorter since 2 of the remaining decades are older ones where I don’t have too much to say about the films. But that’s fine, I don’t need a 500 word essay every time.

That about wraps up this one. Next time, we got all the way to the beginning.

See ya.

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