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Bone Chillers – Frankenturkey (Book) Hello, Spongey here. Happy Thanksgiving, my friends.  Oh do I have a special feast for you all today. So I don’t do too much for Thanksgiving around here, just because it’s just kind of a stepping stone between two … Continue reading

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In the Land of the Lawn Weenies

Hello, Spongey here. Well, for some of my readers this may come across as a bit…different but real OGs will be getting flashbacks. So on here when I dive into the world of books, it tends to be R.L. Stine … Continue reading

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Shivers – The Ghosts of Devil’s Marsh

Hello, Spongey here. Welcome to the grand finale of Goosebumps Rip-Off Month! Man, I can’t believe we’re almost done already. To recap, we’ve had to deal with religion, trips into cheesy B movies, toy hobos, and a pet shop owner … Continue reading

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Bone Chillers – Little Pet Shop of Horrors

Content Warning: I’m not one to put these kind of things, but this book has a few too many threats of animal abuse for me to not put one so uh…there’s that. Keep that in mind if that bothers you. … Continue reading

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Strange Matter – Creature Features

Hello, Spongey here. Welcome back to Goosebumps Ripoff Month! This time we’re switching gears a bit. I said I wanted to avoid ones that did their own thing but we’re making an exception for this one. Why? I’ll address that … Continue reading

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Spinechillers Mysteries – Dr. Shivers’ Carnival

Hello, Spongey here. Happy April Fool’s Day! I do something special every year for this day, so you might be wondering what is on the agenda this time. In the past I’ve played normal jokes, like having other people review … Continue reading

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Halloween in July: Invasion of the Road Weenies

Hello, Spongey here Welcome to Halloween in July!  Christmas in july is too mainstream. So all this month we look at Halloween stuff, and horror in general. This is a review of a book not by RL Stine. I know, … Continue reading

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