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A Look at Disney/Cartoon Network/Nick Halloween Episodes (2020)

INDEX: The Rocketeer-The Haunted House/Halloween Heist T.O.T.S.-A Spooky Delivery Puppy Dog Pals – 221b Barker Street Teen Titans Go-Ghost with the Most Ducktales-The Trickening Vampirna-Double Double Halloween Trouble Raven’s Home-Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 4b Ollie’s Pack- Nightmare Frightscare … Continue reading

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Point Horror – Halloween Night

Hello, Spongey here. Welcome to October, my friends. Usually I’d say we’re now in the scariest month of the year…but insert obvious joke here. I don’t have as much for you this time but hopefully what I do have is … Continue reading

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A Look at Weird Al in Live Action Shows (plus more cartoons) INDEX: ANIMATED Annoying Orange-Generic Holiday Special Mr.Pickles-Vegans Ask the Storybots-Where Do French Fries Come From? Voltron Legendary Defender-The Depths Star Vs- The Forces of Evil-Trickstar Pig Goat Banana Cricket-The Ding A Ling Circus Danger & Eggs-The Trio Mighty Magiswords-They … Continue reading

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A Look at the other Disney Sitcom Crossovers INDEX: Hannah Montana – Take This Job and Love It I’m In the Band – Weseals on Deck Good Luck Charlie-Charlie Shakes It Up Austin, Jessie & Ally Jessie-Karate Kid-tastrophe Lab Rats Vs Mighty Med Raven About … Continue reading

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More better versions of bad episodes I’ve reviewed Hello, Spongey here. It’s time to follow up on a post from a couple years ago. I had been reviewing bad TV episodes in various posts for years and I was getting a bit tired of it. But just … Continue reading

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The Disney Sitcom Happy Madison Trilogy

Hello, Spongey here. This is a bit of a random one, so you might think this is some last minute filler idea. And it kind of is, but this is something I actually had the idea for a while ago … Continue reading

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Fear Street – Silent Night

Hello, Spongey here. Since I took a big break from Fear Street, I figured I’d make up for it by doing two books in a row. Well, actually I’m doing this as a fun Christmas in July thing, but let’s … Continue reading

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In the Land of the Lawn Weenies

Hello, Spongey here. Well, for some of my readers this may come across as a bit…different but real OGs will be getting flashbacks. So on here when I dive into the world of books, it tends to be R.L. Stine … Continue reading

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Fear Street – Bad Moonlight

Hello, Spongey here. I just wanna start by saying I really hope that Spooksville post is out by now. Even if it’s not, I’ll keep this here to show how bad I am with keeping promises but hopefully you’ll understand … Continue reading

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Shadow Zone: The Undead Express

Hello, Spongey here. We have an interesting subject for this review. So in April, I talked about a bunch of Goosebumps ripoffs, and in the last post I mentioned some of the others that I wasn’t able to get to. … Continue reading

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