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A Look at April Fools Episodes

Hello, Spongey here. Oh wow, it’s April Fools day once again. It’s always a fun time over here, usually by pretending to be someone else or have someone else pretend to be me. But this year, I wanted to be … Continue reading

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Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween

Goosebumps 2 is property of Sony Hello, Spongey here. Time to tackle another film from last year I pretty had to cover. Those monthly Goosebumps reviews may be over for the moment but of course least year gave us … Continue reading

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Ranking the Animated Films of 2015

Hello, Spongey here Well, here we are . We’re finally at the end of our crazy project. After 2015, I started reviewing the major releases as they come out so thus this is our stopping point, It feels weird to … Continue reading

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Hello, Spongey here. 2019 is almost in full swing by now, with two posts taken care of. Now to dive into our interesting first Scene by Scene review of the year. We have a Disney Channel movie I should have … Continue reading

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Yet Another Look at my Screw Ups

Hello, Spongey here. 6 Years ago, I did two posts looking at some of my screw ups. Yes, 6 years ago, back when I had only been doing this for like a year. I already had quite a few mistakes … Continue reading

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Goosebumps Most Wanted-The Lizard of Oz

Hello, Spongey here. Well, it’s finally time to end the Most Wanted series, with one of the last reviews of the year. This series has been a pain in the butt to review  but I’m glad we can end it … Continue reading

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The Nightmare Before Christmas

Hello, Spongey here. Merry Christmas, everyone! As per tradition these days, we’ve got a good movie to cover for our big Christmas review. But because 2018 is such an offbeat year, we’re doing an offbeat movie. It’s one that doesn’t … Continue reading

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