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2020 Blog Post Retrospective

Hello, Spongey here. Well, 2020 is coming to an end. … I’m not doing the thing. You all recall my whole thing i 2018, it won’t take all of…this to break it. Yeah, I will admit I came close but … Continue reading

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General Review: Soul

Hello, Spongey here. For the second year in a row, I have to do a general review for a Disney owned film on Christmas Day. They just want to keep me busy while they’re busy trying to take over the … Continue reading

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Home Alone

Hello, Spongey here. Merry Christmas, everyone! (Or, even the date this is going up, Happy Festivus). It’s time for this year’s official Christmas review. For the past few years, I’ve been using these to review good Christmas movies, mainly nostalgic … Continue reading

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A Look at Disney/Cartoon Network/Nick Christmas Episodes (2020)

INDEX: The Rocketeer-The Christmas Star Vamprina-The Fright Before Christmas DuckTales 2017-How Santa Stole Christmas! Puppy Dog Pals-A Christmas Mission in Toyland/Nine Lights Tonight Thundercats Roar-Mandora Saves Christmas Apple & Onion-Christmas Spirit It’s Pony-Christmas with the Bramleys The Casagrandes-A Very Casagrandes … Continue reading

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Spongey’s Favorite Christmas Episodes

Hello, Spongey here. On December 27, 2010, I posted a list of my favorite Christmas specials, as my very first post on the blog. Yes, I posted it after Christmas…for some reason. As mentioned before, I attempted a blog before … Continue reading

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Top 5 Favorite and Least Favorite Disney Channel Original Movies

Hello, Spongey here. Well, today I get to cap off something I started a long time ago. Something I never thought I’d truly finish. I am of course referring to the most ambitious goal any person can have: Watching every … Continue reading

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Gremlins 2: The New Batch Hello, Spongey here. The year is winding down, and I’ve only got one last scene by scene review for the year after this. Yeah, we’re not doing the bad Christmas movie review this year due to other projects getting … Continue reading

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A Look at Disney/Cartoon Network/Nick Halloween Episodes (2020)

INDEX: The Rocketeer-The Haunted House/Halloween Heist T.O.T.S.-A Spooky Delivery Puppy Dog Pals – 221b Barker Street Teen Titans Go-Ghost with the Most Ducktales-The Trickening Vampirna-Double Double Halloween Trouble Raven’s Home-Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 4b Ollie’s Pack- Nightmare Frightscare … Continue reading

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Point Horror – Halloween Night

Hello, Spongey here. Welcome to October, my friends. Usually I’d say we’re now in the scariest month of the year…but insert obvious joke here. I don’t have as much for you this time but hopefully what I do have is … Continue reading

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A Look at Weird Al in Live Action Shows (plus more cartoons) INDEX: ANIMATED Annoying Orange-Generic Holiday Special Mr.Pickles-Vegans Ask the Storybots-Where Do French Fries Come From? Voltron Legendary Defender-The Depths Star Vs- The Forces of Evil-Trickstar Pig Goat Banana Cricket-The Ding A Ling Circus Danger & Eggs-The Trio Mighty Magiswords-They … Continue reading

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