Hello, Spongey here.

Operating since December 2010, I started over on Blogger before moving here. From 2012 onwards I was mostly known for being Scene by Scene movie reviews and while I still do those, I only do them one per month or so. Now I focus on other projects such as “A look at” where I….look at eithe a certain TV show and go deeply into it, or go into a bunch of things in a series in some way, like when I covered the Misc Marvel Movies, outside of the MCU stuff.

There’s also general reviews of films I just saw in theaters, lists of the my favorite episodes of a show, Scene by Scene reviews of Kidcom episodes, and Scene by Scene reviews of R.L. Stine media. Yes, a lot of these sound weird when you say it out loud but ah well.

I try to be “funny”, and critical but fair, sometimes to the point of being too nice. I apply this to all of my work so regardless of which kind of project you’re reading. Hopefully you get something out all my ramblings.

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DISCORD: Spongey444

There might be others but I don’t remember them all.

For my old blog, go here: http://spongey444.blogspot.com/

5 Responses to About

  1. Mikel6718 says:

    I just hope you’re waiting until Jurassic World: Dominion comes out to review/rank the Jurassic Park and World films.


  2. Mikel6718 says:

    Could you make a “The Lion King (2019) remake” review? A lot of people (including me) are very critical when it comes to that one, considering that the old one was a hit (and my 2nd favorite 2D animation movie (NOSTALGIA)).


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