Hotel Transylvania

Hello, Spongey here

My goal in 2013 is to review more good movies. From the start, I wanted to do both good and bad, but ended up doing too many bad ones.

Well, as you’ve notice, i’ve done more good films so far, and that will continue. For Today’s film, I picked a 2012 animated film that I quite enjoyed, mostly because not many people have talked about in detail

and besides, reviewing Paranorman and Wreck it ralph has been done. While this wasn’t one of the best movies ever, it was still a lot of fun.

It comes from Gendy Tartaosky, creator Samurai jack and other such cartoons. Him doing something like this seems odd, but given his dexter work, it makes sense. His goal was to make an actual cartoon to counteract the realism of pixar productions.

And really, we need that. Dreamworks and Sony (who did this movie) have been doing that film with their films and I applaud them. I love realistic cartoons as much as the next guy, but cartoons were made to be fun, and energetic. I think it’s important to remember that

But why waste time talking about it?

This, is Hotel Transylvania

The movie starts with Columbia logo, where torch lady turns into a bat. Awesome

The movie opens in, you guessed it,. Serbia, as Count Dracula flies into his castle…to say hi to his baby daughter

Dracula is voiced by none other than Adam Sandler. This is his best movie in years. Why? He sports an accent…and it never gets annoying

I never thought that would be possible. I don’t know why I dig the accent. Maybe cuz it’s an accent we are so used to, thus it has no effect on us. Plus, Sandler uses it to great comedic effect

we see him being a cool dad as he bonds with his daugher, mavis. It’s adorable as hell. He promises her no one will hurt her, and tells her to avoid humans and all that good stuff.

We find out his wife is …well, dead as thus wants to protect mavis for her. He builds a massive hotel hidden very well, in order to raise her.

Many years later, it is now Hotel Transylvania, the hotel for monsters of all kinds. We see a carriage dropping off some of our cast

First, is the wolfman, voiced by Steve Buscemi Some of sandler’s buddies get in here, but they actually prove to be quite funny.

We go inside to see what feels like an ad for the place, with Dracula telling us about the place and we see all the wonderful monsters, who really aren’t all that bad

Randall playing a nice monster is wonderful irony. The scene is a bit hectic, but I works to set up the fun tone, and there are plenty of fun gags. And also potty jokes, but hey, it’s an Adam sandler movie…plus it’s only in this scne

Next is Frankenstien, voiced by Kevin james. Don’t worry, he’s funny too. Mostly cuz his character isn’t fat. Nor is he a transgender cow

then there’s the invisible man, voiced by David spade. Kevin james, david spade…OH GOD IT’S GROWN UPS NOOO

kidding, this is MUCH better than grown ups. Don’t worry, Rob schnider isn’t in this one.

Then there’s the mummy, voiced by Cee lo green. Odd choice, but eh, he’s cool. They are all fun characters and they take advantage of what type of monster they are. Mostly with david spade, since he’s invisible and stuff

there’s a bit where Frankenstien falls a part, literally, and he makes his lower half fart behind mummy while he’s talking to drac. Dumb, but drac’s face is pretty priceless.

So Mavis’ 118th birthday is today and of course Dracula wants to put on a great party for it. He almost informs them of how humans are getting worse, and may try to over power them.

they are wearing less clothing”

i’ll leave that one for you to think of the true context.

I have to see my little girl”

she’s not so little anymore”

Frank, keep it in your pants!

Speaking of, Frank’s wife is fran drescher. Perfect casting, I must say.

We then meet present day mavis, voiced by Selena gomez. You just found my other reasons for reviewing this. Anyway, they make her look like gomez, which in this case is a very good plus.

Unlike others of her kind, her voice is distinct , and thus is able to give off a good voice acting performance.

She’s a vampire version of a teenager, which means she wants to check out the world and such,. Thankfully, she doesn’t angst forever, and her stuff with Dracula is well done

He shows up but of course-]

you can”

i said you can go”

wow, cliché subverted/played with! Refreshing as hell! But they still talk a bit before she runs off, mostly cuz everyone came for her birthday, so she can’t just run off to paradise

he tells her there’s a human village nearby, and she can go there to see the human world. And instead of being all “SO LONG SUCKERS” she hugs him and is grateful for this.

D’aww. That’s how you do it!

The other monsters pop up to wish her luck.

watch out for fire. Fire bad”

So she heads out to the village. But of course, dracula spies on her to make sure she doesn’t screw it up. But she does, by revealing herself in front of the humans.

They got pitchforks and other implements of farming, but I don’t think they are in a planting moon. of the humans heads fall off while mavis isn’t looking

yep, Drac put some of his works in disguise to scare off mavis. Okay, it makes the cliché UN-suberted but this is sort of unique, and hey, at least they tried to subvert it.

Mavis actually tries to tell the “humans that she is nice and such, instead of running like a pussy. But eventually she sees it is a lost cause and flies back home

she now sees that dracula was right, and tells him so.

they had garlic..on bread”

they also have it in chips now. …seriously

I’m so sorry I doubted you”

so you could say this is the typical protective father thing…but it’s funny so take that. So that done with, let’s get on with the rest of her birthday

also, it’s taken me 19 minutes, but i’ll say that the animation is excellent. It’s very cartoon, but it’s done very well and while it isn’t as awe-worthy as a pixar film, it looks very nice and for sony, the designs are pleasing (doubly so for mavis) Take that, open season!

Yeah, Dracula looks like Sandler, but eh. Plus, dung some of the sweet moments, I forgot that was him! He gets lost in the role and while at points you can tell it’s him, he never gets annoying.

So Gendy, you may join Paul thomas anderson in the HALL OF PEOPLE WHO MADE ADAM SANDLER FUNNY …but despite happy gilmore, dennis dugan isn’t allowed.

But then when Sandler goes to the lobby…a human walks in. …voices by andy samberg. Huh,andy in a sandler film. Never thought that would ha-

215px-That's_My_Boy_posterWE NEVER SPEAK OF THAT

he’s pretty funny in this. So of course, Drac catches him first. But we see that Andy is kind of…well dumb. Not DUMB dumb but not that smart. His name is Jonathon.

He was hiking when he got lost and ended up here. He doesn’t know they are monsters, he thinks it’s all a big costume party. Drac tries to get rid of him, but with all these monsters asking for his help, it’s hard to do that

they hide in some closet, as Dracula tries to figure out if john is threat to him. There’s a bit where he digs through his stuff and thinks a music player is some kind of evil device

you won’t read my thoughts. I won’t let you!”

you dig jack and jill,you clearly have no thoughts to read. Oh, I kid! John puts on some music for him

it’s stinking my soul!”

to be fair, humans say that of modern music too

so in order to get him out safely, he disuses john as a monster. But then john finds out these are real monsters. He sees a female skeleton, and tries to figure how she got such a good costume touching…the lower part of it

her husband comes and slaps him for it. You know-for kids!

One crazy hilarious bit later,, John runs into mavis, and by the look on his face, he fancies her. Don’t worry, it’s a better romance than tw-

no. let’s not mention the T word. The more we pretend it never happened, the less it exposure it will get. The rifftrax for the last film is out, so thus, we can let if finally go away.

Drac pulls him away and tells him the truth behind vampires and monsters. Heck, drac drinks a blood subtitle as human blood is fatty.

you are like, the real dracula? Like ‘bleh bleh bleh’?”

i’ve never said that in my life. I don’t know where that comes from!”

then Drac gives an epic speech what this place is and-

cool, so it’s like a hotel for monsters”

…way to sum it up”

I think Dracula may the funniest character. Yes, Adam sandler is the best part of a movie. Are you sure the mayans were wrong?

He tries to fly him out, but bumps into Bat!Mavis …no she’s not dresses batman. But feel free to draw that. Drac then hauls him back in and they both turn normal

JOHN: so you had no clothes when you were a bat?

Leave the perv-y stuff to me!

So Dracula tells her she got this John monster to help him with the party. But as soon she leaves, he tries to get him out again

he takes him through a secret tunnel so mavis won’t see him. But they end up in the room where the other main monsters are planning a song for the party. But they want to, you know, play something real instead of some dull music that drac wants.

i haven’t sung in public since…”

that time you were 2d animated? Yeah, i’d try to forget that too. Then mavis pops up (is she following them or something?) and they talk a bit. John lies and says he is Frank’s cousin. Btw, frank is the “honorary uncle” of the drac family.

Thankfully he’s not a blood uncle, or john being his cousin and…well you fill in the blanks there.

Dracula says no one will eat him as long as they think he’s a monster

that’s kind of racist”

I never said this movie was perfect

Mavis mentions the cousin thing right in front of Frank. Drac just says he’s his long lost 6th cousin, two times removed. Actually, he is the cousin of the guy frank;’s arm belonged to. Also, amazing out of context line

i have pig strangling blood in my arm?!”

so Drac tells them that john Is a party planner. John asks the monsters to try out their song. It’s lame, but john tries to improve

it’s a rock number that alright, I guess. Yeah, this movie isn;’t amazing in the music department…but more on that at the end.

So everyone likes john, as he is very cool compared to lame ass Dracula. So Dracula can’t really ditch as him, as everyone would dislike drac more. Yeah, it’s that cliché, but mcuh like say, Madagascar 3, the humor and style more than makes up for it. Besides, it’s not annoyingly cliché. Right, shark tale?

During a montage, John gets the approval of most of the hotel, as well as Mavis. After all, she finds someone she can connect with, as well as proof humans are nice, even if she doesn’t know that part yet

By the way, I do like that mavis isn’t always “blah fuck you dad” the whole time. We know she doesn’t think too highly of him sometimes, but for the most part, she likes her father, like a normal person, and when the cliches set in, we’d feel the same way.

How is it that a vampire girl is more realistic than human girls in movies? Also, the last movie I praised for realism had gomez in it. Just throwing that out

but Drac has plan to cart him off. They are now near the pool, so he tells john to pretend to strech and break his back, so he can leave without no one being suspicious.

…only the monsters hear it as “get on my back” so cue pool chicken fight. In the middle of it, John’s make up starts to fade, so Drac pulls the plug in the pool to get everyone out.

pissed off, Drac drags him away. John thinks he’s just un-happy that people are having more fun with john around,. Dracula of course denies this.

he tries to use his mind control powers to make john forget about this, but he doesn’t want john sleepwalking about it. Well, that and his contacts make him UN-controlable.. john tries to take them out-

That is the most disgusting thing i’ve ever seen!”

so that mind thing isn’t gonna work. So Drac simply tells him to fuck off. Drac flies off, then mavis pops up again. Okay, is she gonna just pop up like this all the time?

They hung out by going to the very top of the hotel to see the great view. They talk and john mentions the humans places he’s been, which impresses her.

So we have these two extremes-one who never goes out, one is who always out. Yet both are very much alike and establish a connection that way. So, it’s not the best romance, but it beats the last one I saw.

The sun comes out, and he has her watch it from afar (for obvious reasons) so she can see how good it is. Yeah every romance needs a sun scene, right?

So anyway, Dracula is hanging with his friends in the sauna, which is less gross than it sounds. One of the guys mentions how mavis and john are getting along, but drac says it would never work out. Frank is more than a little offended, seeing as john is his cousn.

But thankfully, they do get along just fine as the sun comes up. But then he falls through the roof and lands in the sauna.

So Drac takes him aside, as he pissed off that john stayed. Since there’s no way to get rid of him, as mavis likes him, he just makes him set some tables to occupy him.

But then he just gives him a time out. Heh. Oh, and the tables are alive and drac orders them to move themselves. And thus john takes a john ride on one of them.

Dracula takes one too and they have a fun chase. Dracula actually seems to have fun, and he now sees why people like him, and he actually does see his point. Woot, character development!

However, john gets lost in the process, and while looking for him, drac bumps into mavis, who couldn’t sleep. But also, Quasimodo (hey, he’s not a monster…prick), who had been sniffing for humans the whole time, takes john and drac sends some suits of armor to stop him]

but then Quasi kicks one of them in the nuts,but..

wait, why did that hurt me?”


but the hunchback ends up capturing him and Dracula has to come save him. Drac tells Quasimodo that john is a stein, not a human. So he requests that john scare a mouse.

It doesn’t work


but Dracula stops him cold and runs off. Dracula takes John to his room, and shows him a painting of his wife. Oh, she I forgot to mention that. His wife is sort of dead, thanks to humans. Hence why he hates them so much, and it also explains Mavis as mom was a lot of more accepting of her need to go out.

John actually recognizes her from a painting in a museum, and there is a legend about her.

a lonely count met her by chance…they settled down..a fire started, and it killed both of them…”

the legend is wrong”

oh boy..

it was only the wife that died…she was killed by your kind!”

oh man, here we go. Thus we know why he hates humans, and why he shelters mavis. This adds some alright character stuff, and while it has been done far better in other movies, this makes the cliches work just enough so it warrants watching more than once.

It still works due to how much you liked this character when he was funny. That’s what it sets it apart from other cliché stories. In the least, this one is still fun when it’s not doing a cliché.

You can call “ripoff” all you want at this scene, but I think it still works even if it’s not original.. so anyway, this whole thing is being shattered, as mavis seems to like john, who is a NICE human that proves that drac is wrong

you are a good one”

This is the 21st century, people aren’t the same”

if we came out in the open, everyone would accept us? Everyone”

see, I like the monster/human angle at least. Gives it an okay edge.. so with that, john decides to leave. But, Drac thinks he can be okay if he leaves after the party,. So with that in mind, John decides to stay after all

so now, it’s time for Mavis party. John meets her there and mavis is very happy with how he helped plan it,. Not a fan of the KEWL MUISCS but eh, watcha gonna do?

But Drac sees them…gasp, kissing!

After I shared my pain with you?!”

it was mavis who did it, so there you go. She says she can do stuff on her own, and she may even give the village another chance.

that village doesn’t really exist!”

oh boy. Like in wimpy kid 2, they use the music stop cliché, but it’s funny, so there. He tells her what he did earlier. You could say this is the liar revealed, but eh, it doesn’t follow it EXACTLY, nor do they mope and dope like idiots.

Dracula defends himself using what we already know, so I don”t need to go into detail again. Even worse, the hunchback shows up having escape, and says john is a human. So now that is revealed too.

Everyone runs into a frenzy, while mavis is more than a little disappointed.


i don’t care. I still wanna be with you”

oh, okay.

But, cuz John knows Drac doesn’t like that, he says he doesn’t wanna be with her cuz she is a monster.

John leaves, and mavis is pissed. Drac talks to her, and she asks him to erase her mind of this. Yikes,

so she thinks humans do hate them. But wait, there’s more. See, earlier, they said mom left her a gift to be opened on her 118th, and mavis pulls out said gift. It’s a story book about the drac/wife thing, and that this kind of thing will only happen once in your life, and long story short, drac should let her do stuff. Yeah, I know, but like I keep saying, they don’t focus on it very long, they don’t mope and dope, they just put a small touch and it works better than some other films]

oh, and we hear voice other from mom…and she is voiced by sandler’s real wife

okay, that’s pretty cool

you should be happy. There’s no reason for me to leave”

plus that is…damn

so Drac goes to the monsters and asked for their help to find John. He admits that he was wrong, john is cool, and that he doesn’t even know If humans are bad anymore.

So with that, they go out. Long story short, they deduce that john is going to the airport, and must get to him.

Oh, and at one point, as they driving, sheep end up in the road..then wolfman walks out, he walks back in, burps, the sheep are gone.

hilarious AND awesome

that was pretty sick man”

but then drive through a monster festival. Oh boy. And through this, they see that humans actually do love monsters. They ask a guy in a drac costume for directions to the airport.

there’s only one way, bleh bleh bleh!!”

i do not say bleh bleh bleh!”

so anyway, mummy figures that they should reveal themselves to show them the real…well, them. With the help of fire, Frank is able to convince everyone they are real monsters.

And when they tell them about john, they all make room so the monsters can get through.

go drac!”

so this convinces Dracula that yes, humans can be cool. See, I like this a lot. It’s not often you see this kind of thing, and I think it’s a very nice touch. They could have easily just used john’s romance as way to do this, but this scene actually gives it an edge. It’s the only thing I didn’t fully expect from this movie, and I love it for that.

But it’s too late, the plane is taking off. So drac must fly himself, and face the horrible fun, to help get john. Damn, that’s awesome.

And then…drac flies by one of the windows, and sees john watching a movie, with a pale vampire with odd hair, asking a girl if she dreams of being a vampire

This how we’re represented, unbelievable”



e sees him, and tries to talk to him. Drac flies up to the front of the plan, and hypothesizes the pilots into telling John ,in drac’s voice, that he is sorry for everything. So thus, he gives john his approval, and hopes john can forgive him.

He also makes the pilots land the plane. Not exactly a nailbitting climax, but it works. So they head home, and Dracula apologizes to mavis.

So both he and mavis have learned their lesson, and he lets mavis and john get together. He also allows her to go out and see the world with john. Now their romance wasn’t exactly the best, but it was decent, and…well better than some other vampire romances.

They kiss and all is well. They go back to the party, and have fun. And…now, it’s time for…the dance party ending.

I like this movie. I like andy samberg, selena gomez, cee lo green, and adam sandler. But I do NOT like this ending song. Why? Well it starts out poorly enough but..

DRACULA. FREAKING. RAPS. And it’s very annoying and stupid. This is exactly what I hate in an animated film. This movie was doing so well, but this…ending? Nope. Not a fan

and that’s where it ends. Great, I end a positive review on a negative note. Lovely! Thankfully, the 2D credits are very amusing and funny, even with the song playing. So, the end.

…by the way, I forgot to mention, that there is a hilarious fly voiced by the hilarious chris parnell. Yeah I didnt’ see him as important, but he was funny so I have to mention him.

Final Thoughts:

It may not have the adult subject matter of parnorman, or creativity of Frankweenie, it still offers up plenty of laughs, visuals wonders, and even heartfelt moments.

The animation is excellent, the voice actors do wonderful jobs especially Sandler and gomez. You don’t hear Adam sandler as dracula, you hear Dracula, just played by Adam Sandler! Yes, at points it’s easy to tell, but for the most part, he pulled it off.

Even his buddies manage to be funny, and they all l do good jobs. It’s very cartoon-y and it really feels like a classic 2d film, even if it is CG. It’s filed with one liners, visuals gags, and all kinds of jokes. Like the best comedies, it warrants a few viewings.

It’s zany, quirky and the way it plays with the monsters is very cool. It’s a very good Hall ween film, and while most will likely only watch it in October, it still is a decent film on it’s own.]

The story doesn’t exactly offer a ton of substance, even in it’s cliché moments, it still inspires some smiles a few nice touches. But the film is a comedy, and Genndy pulls it off very well with his usual comedic style.

Sure, some jokes don’t work, and I hate that ending, but that doesn’t hurt this otherwise pleasant film. It’s not exactly made for adult, but they can watch it with their kids without wanting to shoot themselves.

It won’t make any best animated films lists any time soon, but I still rather enjoyed it. A sequel has been greenlit. Here’s hoping it’s just as good

Grade: B+

see ya.,


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7 Responses to Hotel Transylvania

  1. Marquis Brown says:

    Great review, but you also forgot to mention Molly shannon (Who was also in Igor, another monster movie). Also, if you do text commenteries, can you do a text commentery on AniMats review of the film?

    • spongey444 says:

      The molly thing slipped my mind, sorry. I do not do text commentaries, so no to Ani-mat. While i don’t agree with him, i don’t have much to say about the review

      • Marquis Brown says:

        OK, Thanks for the reply. (I’m on skype, BTW)

      • Marquis Brown says:

        Also, you forgot to mention that sexy and i know it by LMFAO plays during the scooter scence. When that happend, I facepalmed and said “Atleast the song placement in Megamind was greatly executed, but here its just… ugh”

      • Marquis Brown says:

        look up the clip on youtube and see what I mean.

      • Marquis Brown says:

        P.S. sorry if I’m bothering you with my comments

      • Marquis Brown says:

        P.S.S sorry if my comments are stupid.

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