A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas

A baby on coke, angry Ukrainians, and Neil Patrick Harris. Merry Christmas!

A baby on coke, angry Ukrainians, and Neil Patrick Harris. Merry Christmas!

Previously on Spongey444, The Ghosts of Christmas past and Present showed him 2 bad Christmas films that got him a serious funk. Will the final ghost change his mood? Now for the conclusion..

It’s….the Paranormal activity demon!

Yes, it is me!

Wait, ….you’re just the ghost pretending to be him, right?

Actually no, it’s me. The guy who moves doors and made you watch crappy Spy kids movies.

….You?! What are you doing here? …Gasp, is gonna turn out that you were all the ghosts and that this was a plan to make more of a Nostalgia-tard?!

….No, this is just a side job that the big guy gave me as punishment for what I did to you.


Eh, it pays okay.

So what is your job?

Well, I’m here to take you to the future, to show you what will happen if you become a Nostalga-tard.

Yeah, we’re not doing that.

But we-

I don’t care. I’m sick of you ghosts trying to force a point I already know. Yeah, it’s funny that people are forcing a view point I already hjave. Linkara did it better, fool.

But you wrote i-

Don’t care. I am not a Nostalgia-tard, and I know how this all works. Everything made today isn’t all bad, but everything isn’t all good. Bad films existed years ago and were some of the worst ever.

You must remember the balance. Good and bad both exist, and you should focus on the good, as it does exist. There.

…Was this whole thing done just to give that ham fisited moral?

Nah, I just like a Christmas carol a lot.

….Look, what are you gonna do? The big guy isn’t gonna let me go until l I finish this thing.

I’m gonna turn the tables on you. I will review a GOOD Christmas movie that came out a couple years ago to show you I know of the good that exists!

…What Is it?


Hello, Spongey here.

Holy crap, I’m posting a review on Christmas day itself. It’s that magical time where we exchange gifts and hang out with our families. And for my main Christmas review, I’m pulling out one of my new favorite Christmas films!

Now, if you recall, back in February I reviewed “Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo bay”, the sequel to Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. Go read that review if you want to know more.

The first film about two stoners going to white Castle was well reviewed for it’s insanely funny humor, but the sequel about them trying to get to Amsterdam was not well reviewed for it’s “offensive” humor.

I found both films to be very funny with the kind of humor I love. The 2nd was not as good, but I still liked. They actually wanted to do part 3 right away, but had to wait because Kal Penn went to work for the Obama Administration.

But eventually he was allowed to do the 3rd one and come back. Yes, a guy was allowed to leave the White House to do a stoner film, and come right back. …That is amazing.

Anyway, 3 years after the last one, they finally came out with another. It’s said to be the best of the whole trilogy. Even those mixed on part 1 enjoyed it.

Do I agree? To an extent. Either way, it’s still a great way to the end the trilogy, and I love that it’s a Christmas movie.

So what is it that makes this one so good? Well, on this merry Christmas day….let’s find out!

This, is A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas!

…We’ll get into the 3D thing later.

The movie opens on Christmas eve, as a classic song is playing, and everything looks happy. Of course the one to ruin it is Kumar (Kal Penn) who is at the fall and jumps on “Santa”, played by Patton Oswalt,’s lap.

“Hold the fuck on, your kid can rub his ass on Santa’s cock in a minute”

It’s only a minute in, and I see this is everything I wanted.

Kumar meets up with Patton later and it turns out he’s one of his drug guys. Of course. They grab themselves a pipe and start smoking. As you would expect, this all shown in slow motion and some of the smoke turns into the title.

What a perfect opening.

So we join Harold, played by John Cho as we find out this takes place 6 years after the last movie, and the duo has parted ways. Harold is now successful on Wall street, and we join him in his office with his assistant.

And it’s where the 3D thing comes in. The assistant dude shows him what he thinks is a good gift for Harold’s dad: a state of the art 3D TV.

“It makes Avatar looks Avatarded”

Heart of a poet.

“Hasn’t the whole 3D thing jumped the shark by now?”


“It’s gonna be amazing!”

He says as he sticks his thumbs out at us.

“Who are you looking at?”

Yep, this movie is in 3D, but I am watching it in 2D. See, I think the studios wanted some stoner comedy to be in 3D….so the team chose to mock the hell out of it.

This is some of the best 3D you’ll ever see…cuz it’s a huge spoof of it. Everything that can be in 3d IS. Even that smoke from a second ago was in 3D. The closest I’ve gotten to smoking….despite what you may have heard.

It’s a hilarious way to spoof how far 3D has gone, but it also serves as very good 3D. But I’m viewing it in 2D, how can I say that? Well, I think it’s even FUNNIER in 2D, cuz you can see it as a satire on how 3D always looks so dumb when viewing 2D.

NOSTALGIA CRITIC: In 3D, this looks great. In 2D, I look like a jackass!

And a lot of these close up/slow motion jokes are even funnier than the actual jokes at times.

Anyway, in front of Harold’s building are a bunch of protesters that are pissed off cuz…of something. Harold heads out, and his assistant covers him. He does so by pissing off the guys so they can attack him and Harold can run free.

This launches an egg fight-

PENGUIN: Why is there always someone who brings eggs and tomatoes to a speech?

-shut it. And yes, it is awesomely hilarious slow motion. They take out the assistant, and go after Harold. Well, that plan failed …cuz it was kind of dumb on his part.

Harold is saved when he jumps into the new of his new friend Todd. Todd is even more of a pussy than Harold which leads to some good jokes.

But let’s peek in on Kumar who has gotten a bit worse as he lives in his crummy ass apartment, and Vanessa (the chick he hooked up with in the last movie) broke up with him.

Some may feel it is odd that after the events of film 2, they kind of reset their characters, with them spiting up. Well, this might have been done for those who wanted more growth after the flanderization of last time.

And it kind of makes sense. Harold is still a bit less uptight and it seems only Kumar is the same. However, I do like the idea that eventually things got bad, they split up and moved on. It is kind off after Kumar cleaned up to get with Vannesa last time, but I can sit with.

Kumar is visited by his new friend Adrian, who is an awkward perv. Adrian says this hot virgin he meet online wants him to…deflower her at her house tonight. Also, her name is Mary.


Kumar figures why not and decides to tag along with Adrian. We then cut to Harold and Todd arriving at Harold’s place, as he has moved in with his lovely girlfriend Maria. Just go read my last H AND k review for info on her.

Harold walks in to find-

hk 1
…Maria. She’s more than a little horny. But their love making is interrupted by the arrival of Maria’s family. Maria goes upstairs to put real clothes on, as Harold meets her Dad, awesomely played by Danny Trejo.

He is not approving of Harold, and he’s very scary, which makes him hilarious. Right off the bad, he takes issue with their fake tree. Though Maria popping up calms him down.

The rest of the family shows up, and yes they are Mexican stereotypes…but at least they are funny.

We join Kumar as he is watching a commercial for a thing called a Wafflebot A small robot that makes waffles. We see the ad, which is hilarious, by the way. I mention it cuz…it’s actual a plot point.

But then Vanessa drops by for a visit. Why is she here?

“I’m pregnant”

AMY: Surprise.

Yep, we got that cliché, only I like it here. Mostly cuz it adds to the reason why the movie is so good, but we’ll get to that. Needless to say, Kumar has no idea what to think. Vanessa tells him off for being so immature.

With that, she storms off. A tad bit later, an odd gift shows up at Kumar’s door, addressed to Harold. By the power of abrupt transitions we join Harold as Daddy trashes their fake tree, and replaces it with a real tree he brought.

Of course Harold questions why trees are such a big deal. The background stops. At least there wasn’t a record scratch. Danny Trejo explains: Back in Mexico, his family was very proof and didn’t have a Christmas tree.

When they moved to America, his Mom promised they would have a tree every year. But one week before Christmas, Mom got killed by Korean thugs.

“So yes, you can it is a big deal”.

This backstory is not only kind of sad, but it’s also funny in the over the top way we see it. I dig it.

Anyway, they have no ornaments to put on the tree, and Trejo says they have to skip midnight mass to go get some stuff for it.

HAROLD: I’ll take care of the tree.

That’s right, in order to get on Trejo’s good side, he’ll get some some stuff for the tree. And yes, this is what head starts the goal: Getting a tree. A tad small in scale since part 2 had them fighting the government, but this one goes DEEPER, and that is what matters.

Anyway, we join Kumar and Adrian on their way to drop off Harold’s package. Kumar intends to just drop it at his door but he slips which gets Harold outside. So our amazing duo are reunited!

They seem cool but we know things aren’t so rosey with them. Either way Harold invites Kumar inside. So what is in this odd package? A giant joint.

Oh boy.

There’s so address on it, so they have no idea where it came from. Spoilers, it wasn’t Harold or Kumar. Kumar figures he should get not low and smoke the joint. Harold gets mad and throws it out the window.

…But it magically flies back in through another window and lands on the tree. It catches fire. While all this happens, Harold says he quite drugs cuz so much bad shit happened with them in the last 2 movies.

This is a big part of the development for both characters. Kumar will realize that he should actually try in life and ditch his ways, while Harold will learn to not be uptight. Granted, they’ve learned that before but it’s done even better here.

Anyway, the tree pretty much dies thanks to the fire, and now Harold is shit out of luck. Yep, our goal of this movie is to find another tree, and like I said before, it makes sense.

Harold doesn’t flip out, and instead takes full responsibility, and kindly tells Kumar to leave. Kumar is okay with this and leaves. After Kumar leaves, Todd comes back with his daughter.

“It’s 3D…Daddy daughter day”


Todd says he found a place with a tree they can get. And while this is going on, Kumar and Adrian drives by that place and stops there to get the tree for Harold. At the tree farm place they run into the owners, two black guys.

One is fairly nice, while the other is well…a stereotypical black guy. But like all the race humor, it works cuz it mocks the stereotypes to great effect. Anyway, they tell Kumar the only tree is reserved but Kumar is willing to pay triple.

Oh the irony, Kumar is getting a tree Harold wanted but it’s all gonna go wrong! I kid, this is actually funny. Also, Adrian jokingly calls Harold Sulu. Get it cu John Cho is Sulo in Star Trek 09….yeah it’s not that funny.

They leave, and the black dude argue over which stereotype they get to black. See, that’s hilarious. Anyway Harold and Todd show up, only to be told their tree has been taken. They spot Harold’s car, not knowing it’s him, and go after him.

They hot in their car and chase after Kumar’s car. This ends well as Kumar’s ride slips on some ice and crashes. They all get out to find that Kumar indeed took Harold’s tree.

“That is a perfectly salvageable tree!”

The car blows up.

“That was a perfectly salvageable tree!”


Well, now they are truly up shit creek. Duirng this, Harold and Kumar introduce their respective friends. But then Adrian shows a video of his Virgin Mary (on his flip phone…in 2011) and Harold notices she has the exact kind of tree they are looking for.

Yeah, one thing I love about this movie and the others, is that, while the plot is very loose, it all makes sense. Everything is connected, and every event happens because of the last event. It’s all a bunch of crazy stuff happening that has a reason, and it’s all funny. Why can’t more comedies learn this?!

So now the 4 must head to Mary’s place together to get the tree. But they catch Kumar in Todd’s car smoking a joint…with his baby daughter in there.

“You got my baby high!”

That is so off the wall and bad….that it’s HILARIOUS.

Sure enough, the baby is high as a kite as they drive to Mary’s place. Kumar calms the kid down with some Wu tang clan. Clearly all babies need that as their lullaby.

So they head there, and they say this:

“By the way if anyone asks, I’m Robert Pattinsons acting coach. It’s this life I sort of got caught in. Also I told her you work for the white house”

‘Yeah, like anyone is gonna believe that”

Hardy har har.

A party is going on at Mary’s place and it’s off the wall, but at least the tree is there. Adrian heads upstairs with Mary …well get the tree of course….and also have sex. While they wait, Hartold and Kumar end up pissing off some punk kid dressed as Jaden Smith in Karate kid.

Wannabe Jaden’s posse is not pleased at their presence. He also doesn’t want to get the tree, for whatever reason. So he challenges them to a game of Beer Pong cuz why not.

But who cares, let’s see how “lucky” Adrian is right now. Mary says that no one at her school will touch her for some reason. Adrian isn’t sure why but they start to fuck anyway. Then we join our heroes for an epic game of Beer Pong.

Harold steps in and ends up showing some serious skills and kicks Phony Jaden’s ass. Again, we cut back to Adrian and Mary. He sees a picture of her Dad in her room…which Adrian recognizes as Sergei Kastov, a huge mob boss.

…The wah wah music is almost inappropriate here. But anyway, this is why people don’t want to fuck Mary, and Mary is not happy.

“That’s it, give me your dick!”

She….still wants some dick after all the times guys walked out on her cuz of her daddy. Adrianb is not happy. This is hilarious.

Anyway, the punk ass kid gives Harold and Kumar some eggnog to make up for what he did. They drink it and also Todd goes looking for a place to change his baby, but he walks into a room full of people doing cocaine.

One guy blows some in their face….but mostly on the baby who eats it up. Oh god, this movie is weird…but awesome. But back with our duo, they start to feel weird…cuz that eggnog was drugged. Oh boy…

Speaking of things that make me say ‘oh boy’ Mary quits on Adrian and shows up pissed. So Mary forces herself onto Harold cuz female on male rape is funny….when Daniel Tosh isn’t writing about it, anyway.

Then who shows up to see this? Sergei. Wah wah. Even worse, Mary puts on a nice act and says Harold was trying to rape her. Pissed off, Sergei tells his goons to kill the two. I swear, every turn this movie makes just gets more and more hilarious

I just love movies like this that have one insane moment lead to he next, in a way that is written and funny. It helps that the actors play off each other so well and I love they try to control a clearly insane situation.

While this goes on, Adrian, Todd and the baby hide in the closet, which will lead to a hilarious subplot later on.

One awesome slow-mo scene later, Harold and Kumar escape the building. And then….we get the best scene in the movie. What happens? The drugs from the punk kid take effect….and now everything is claymation.

This…is fucking hilarious. This entire scene is GOLD. Also, Kumar takes out his claymation dick for sec. Hey, a naked dick in a movie for once. Nice!

The claymated duo are attacked by a giant killer snowman which chases them. As this happens, a jolly tune shows up called “It’s a very merry day for you to do die”. Carnage and blood is all over the place and it Is AMAZING.

This is easily the funniest thing in the movie, but don’t worry, the rest is good too. Yes, this scene is a BLAM….but it’s a good one!

We cut to real life as the two are just screaming at a tree. They are found by their friends Rosenburn and Goldstein. Remember how I said Bernard from Santa clause had a better 3 to be in? This is the one I was talking about.

They sober up and stop for some food….at White Castle. Don’t worry, it goes much more smoothly this time. Also, between movies Goldstein got a wife who made him become a Christian.


This bit is pointless, but it’s still pretty funny. The two leave once they see a big ass tree at a place next door. They can’t get in, but Kumar has a plan. It’s pretty hard to explain but it ends with Trejo seeing the tree and jizzing all over it.

Yes, we see a bit of that jizz. In 3D.

3D Jizz.

This is the best Christmas movie ever made.

Harold shoots down the plan as they duck an alleyway cuz Trejo and Maria happen to be around for Midnight Mass. Kumar asks why impresses Danny is so damn important when Harold has it pretty good already.

“You should not have to go through all this just to make him happy”

“You’re right…I WANT to”

A nice sweet moment, but some lady shows up saying they need them onstage. Yep, it’s that cliché. How did that even become a cliché? She drags them in some place, dresses them up as nutcrackers and puts them onstage for some show.

This is show a big performance lead by…

hk 2

NEIL PATRICK HARRIS! Told you neil will live!

How is he alive? ….We’ll get to that. But some now, enjoy this awesome number. After it ends (and seriously, it is amazing) we see it was just a rehearsal.

The…head dude, I guess, is pissed at the background dancers for fucking stuff up. Neil takes pity on one called “Gracie’ and offers up some one on one rehearsing. If you saw the first 2, you will see that Neil being “Nice” in these movies…is odd.

“You think Neil will give us that tree?”

“After all we’ve been through with that guy, he fucking betters”

Anyway, Neil is then hounded by some press.

“Well, it’ll be tough between How I Met your mother and all my charity work…”

If HIMYM obviously exists here, I wonder if both Kal and John do as they were on that show once, believe it or not.

Also, you know how in between movies, Neil came out as gay? …Yeah, he did that in here too and we see him with his partner (played by his real life partner) David.

…And after they head in their room, we find out Neil lied about that. Saw that one coming.

‘The only reason I put up with this homo crap is for the p-tang”

Now that is hilarious.

Anyway, Harold and Kumar snuck in here so keep that in mind. David leaves and Gracie comes in for that one on one thing. Long story short, he does some shit to get her naked so he can cum on her.

Don’t act surprised.

She catches on and gets pissed.

“I thought you were Gay”

“I am gay. Gay for that pussy!”

That makes no sense but for NPH, I’ll let it slide.

She leaves and that entire bit is never mentioned again. She doesn’t call the police or anything. Okay. Anyway, Harold and Kumar pop out. Neil is pretty happy to see them after all this time.

“How the fuck are you still alive?!

Neil explains. See, in part 2 Neil branded a prostitute (Don’t ask) and he got shot as our duo ran away. Neil ended up in heaven (which is odd as the Neil in THIS movie is from from deserving) which of course, acts like a club.

While there, Neil pumped into some dirty hippie named Jesus. Neil stole two of Jesus’s Back up hoes (for lack of a better term) so he called up his Daddy to kick Neil out.

That is the only explanation I would have accepted.

Anyway. They move on to the matter of the tree. Neil says yes, and even gives Kumar his waffle bot. Told ya it was important.

“See ya in the 4th one”

So ends the shortest NPH cameo in the trilogy. That sucks but he’s still awesome. It makes up for those other movies he was in during 2011.

The two leave with the tree. We’re an hour in with plenty left to go, so obviously we’re not done.

Anyway, their almost happy moment is interrupted as Harold gets a call…from Vanessa. See, Harold is having this party, and did not invite Harold. Vanessa called to say she won’t show up cuz plot connivance.

Kumar is not happy about this.

“Maybe if you acted more like an adult, you’d get invited to adult parties”

The two argue a bit and they decide to part ways yet again. How could it get worse? Sergei’s goons show up and kidnap them.

….Good answer.

They wake up half naked and tied to a pole with both goons there. They plan to pour gas on them and light it. You can guess what will happen after that.

But then one goon reveals he forgot the lighter, and they both argue. But then…

“I understand that you guys have your issues, okay? But wasn’t there a time where you 2 guys actually used to get along? You might be in a different time or place right now, but that doesn’t change the fact that you guys have a long and probably beautiful history together.”

“Maybe one of you fucks up every now and again”


“Maybe he fucks up all the time. Doesn’t mean the other should forget about all the good times that you’ve had.”

“…Right. And maybe just cuz the other one is trying to act a little more like an adult doesn’t mean he’s being a fucking chode”

“Maybe he’s been a chode. Caring more about bay windows and scones then a lifetime of friendship.”

And there you go, the 2nd best scene in the movie. (Sorry, nothing stops killer claymation snowmen). The reason I love this movie so much is that it really touches on their relationship. Both have to learn how important their friendship is and on top of that, they need to learn separate lessons.

The 2nd touched on this, but it mostly focused on Kumar. That was nice, but like I said in that review, Harold didn’t do a lot. That was a Kumar and Harold movie. This is a Harold and Kumar movie. And it’s all the better for it.

Also, the “using speech to villain to aplozoe to friend” is an (odd) cliché but it’s great here. So where were we?

“We have some killing to do”

Ah, thanks.

So who saves the day? Wafflebot of course! Yep, “he” comes and kicks some bad guy ass for Kumar. After doing that, Wafflebot announces that he is sadly losing power. But in his last, he gets rid of Harold and Kumar’s ropes.

“You’re welcome Kumar. Pancakes are fucking gay”

Then he ….dies. I won’t do the head stone this time cuz…eh, it’s Christmas.

So the bad guys are stopped….but Harold’s dick is stuck to a pole. Yes, we see it. Two dicks for the price of one. Merry Christmas!

This is a bit pointless, so I will skip it….but it’s still pretty damn funny. After that, we join Todd and Adrian back in hiding at mary’s place. We saw them a few times, I just skipped those parts for you.

Sergei catches them but he is stopped…by the Coke Baby. Yes, the baby ends up distracting him while Adrian knocks him out. This movie just has awesome moments all around. So the two leave, ending that subplot.

Anyway, Harold and Kumar walk out and find that they are in the middle of nowhere. So now it looks like all is lost for real….and also Kumar tells Harold about how Vanessa is preggo.

“I thought Weed was supposed to stop stump fertility, thats why I quit!”

“…That’s why you quit weed?”

That was simple amusing moment, but back to the matter of getting home. Harold uses this gun they got from the bad guys to shoot up and alert someone. But as it turns out, he shot down Santa.

No, really.

Santa was flying overhead (how no one saw him is anyone’s guess) and Harold shot him. Padding this may be, it’s still pretty amusing.

Also, Santa is played by….the guy who played Santa in The Search for Santa paws.

…That is amazing. Also, Santa says “Fuck” in this part, which is great after the kids movie he was in.

But then Kumar saves Santa by getting some medical stuff from his bag and using them to fix up Santa. Remember how Kumar was a medical dude? Well, at least you do now.

Yep, Kumar saves Christmas with the help of a callback. Yeah!

Santa is okay, if a little woozy, and the two apologize for almost killing him.

“You two have always been good boys”

So doing illegal drugs=good? Huh.

Anyway, Santa gives them a ride. He drops Harold at home, but with no tree. By the way, Santa says he gave Harold his present…the joint.

“It was my little way of bringing you boys back together”

I love Troll!Santa.

Harold finally invites Kumar to that party, and says he will make a great Dad. Santa and Kumar leave, which means we gotta wrap Trejo’s thing.

Harold goes inside to find Trejo asking where his damn tree is. Harold tells him what happened to it back in the bad guys place. Yeah, I forgot to mention that it burned down.

Trejo says Harold ruined Christmas…but Harold turns the tables.

“I introduced a baby to cocaine. I was almost burned alive by Ukrainian Gangsters. I was drugged by asshole teenagers, then I danced onstage. I almost had my dick ripped off. Then I shot Santa in the fucking face. Why? Cuz I wanted you to have a perfect fucking Christmas. Here’s a newsflash: This is my house. Maria is my wife. If you want to be in our family, you best show me some fucking respect.”

…That is fucking awesome. That is a great moment where Harold finally grows some balls and learns to stop taking shit from others. Where was that kind of moment in the 2nd one?

What does Trejo think?

“…I like it. I always knew you were a nice guy but that’s not enough to be with my Maria. I didn’t want her to be with some wimpy pussy. You showed me you’ve some Cajones!”

Like I said, lots of awesome moments.

So that is wrapped up. But we still need a moment for Kumar, so he sneaks into Vanessa’s room. Kumar tells her that the more he thought about the idea of being a dad, the more excited he got.

Kumar wants another chance, and says he’ll get a real job, and even Quit weed.

“When I saw what Harold did for his family tonight…it made me realize how important you are to me.”

“You don’t have to do this”

“I want to”

Yet another sweet moment. Who knew a movie with a claymation dick could be sweet?

“Don’t quit weed. Just remember: Next time you take a drug test, take my pee”

True love.

The next morning, Harold finds a full tree there for Trejo’s enjoyment. That is pretty awesome. So we get a montage of everyone enjoying that Christmas party later on with a nice song in the background.

Also, Wafflebot got fixed. I’d do the X WILL LIVE joke but …eh. So as Harold and Kumar hang out, the camera backs out while a song plays us out. Also ,we see Santa smoking a bond.

Roll credits. So ends the best Christmas movie since Die Hard. Yeah, it’s another abrupt ending but we got that good ol’ Christmas feeling. So you know what? I don’t mind.

Final Thoughts:

I don’t have much to add from I said in the review. This is the best Harold and Kumar trilogy ender we could have gotten. It takes what made the first two work and puts it all in one movie.

It has the humor and character moments of 1, and the sweet-ness of 2. It even trims down the flaws the 2nd one had. That’s what a good sequel should!

Everything good I said for 2 applies here. The actors have a wonderful chemistry, and not just during the comedy bits. They have this bond that makes you believe their friendship.

The supporting cast is also great, with Danny Trejo being scary and hilarious, as usual. Todd and Adrian both prove to be funny, and that baby was awesome. And do I need to mention NPH, again? Like with the first 2, there’s plenty of social commentary with some of the jokes.

It’s not mean or spiteful, it just shows us that we all have to laugh at ourselves. The jokes go pretty far to be offensive, but like say, Family Guy, it’s controlled and very funny. Not evey joke works, but the ones that do, are very funny.

On top of that, this one is very sweet. But unlike a lot of bad comedies, this good one doesn’t feel forced. It makes sense given what we know about these characters after 2 films. They aren’t flanderized, and they clearly have grown from the other films, but they still have more growing to do.

They both get a moment to shine and it’s great. The way the plot goes, as I explained earlier, helps the humor and I love things like Wafflebot.

On top of that, the 3D is used to great effect to help mock the trend. I saw this in 2D but it was still great. The film also, oddly enough, is a good Christmas movie. Yeah, it has off the wall humor, but it somehow captures the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas isn’t just about presents, it’s about feeling good. And part of that is hanging with your best friends and doing whatever you can to spread cheer. And if you need a baby on coke to do that, so be it.

It just has everything you could want in a Harold and Kumar movie and a Christmas movie. It gives you that good ol’ Christmas feeling, while also making you laugh.

Is it the best of the trilogy? Well, it is the best writtne, but I think the first was a tad funnier. Either was, this was a great comedy and I’ll watch every Christmas.

Grade: A-.


See Demon? I just showed you a good modern Christmas movie?

Heh, that was pretty funny, actually. So I guess my job is done.

What do you mean?

Oh, did you think you turned the tables on me? This was my plan all along!


We knew that you weren’t a Nostlaiga-tard, we just wanted you go through all this to….screw with you. But as we won’t along, we kind of felt bad. So I did this to make you turn the tables on us and stick your guns.

…Wow, you really can do good work when you don’t close doors.

Look, I don’t do that. It was those damn writers! …Okay, I did do most of that, I’m just insecure about that. But either way, we did all of this to help you appreciate a good Christmas movie. Did it work?

…Actually Yes. This was one of my fave reviewing experiences in awhile, even if the review wasn’t my best.

Look, I know we’ve all had our differences. But we can set all that aside in the spirit of Christmas?

You’re a demon from Hell. Isn’t Christmas kind of…wrong for you?

Eh, what Satan doesn’t know won’t hurt him./

Well…thanks for Christmas Caroling my ass. It was…fun. Bye!

Bye. By the way, please review that dumbass Paranormal Activity spin off for me, okay?

You got it!


Well readers, that ends my Christmas reviews. I hope you all have a very merry and wonderful Christmas. You guys helped make this a lovely Christmas, and you guys are just amazing.

So Christmas is over. Now we look to new years. But what could I end the year on?


….Hmmm…it’ll do.

See ya.



About Spongey444

I'm 20 and I'm a slightly below average man who can barely spell. I mostly spend my time watching TV and movies, hence why i ended doing a blog all about those things. I tend to have weird tastes, but I like think I'm just fair on things.
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