NFL Rush Zone-Gone Viral

Hello, Spongey here.

Well…it only took me a few weeks to find a notable NFL Rush zone episode to review.. If you don’t know this show by now, I congratulate you on waking up from your recent comma.

But really, go read my other reviews for info on this amazing show. Mostly look at my review of the Season 3 premiere.

If you remember, Ish lost his powers, was a little bitch it, and Sudden Death took him in as an evil minion. What happened in the episode after that?

Ish got close to being evil cuz they could help him get his powers back, but he backstabbed them for real this time and join the good side.

Also….he got his powers back. Yep, a storyline that could have worked is fixed right away. Boo!

But they did improve on the premiere. But in spite of having a really cool villain, this is doing what Season 2 did: The bad guy has a plan of the week, a character has troubles, an NFL guest star tells them a moral, they save the day, the end.

It’s a bit better here but it’s still kind of dull. But now we got the new most recent. I haven’t seen all of it yet. Cuz when I saw the first few minutes, I know I should review it. Why?

It’s a Christmas episode.

That’s it, the best show ever made finally came out with a Christmas episode. If this wasn’t a Christmas ep, I wouldn’t review it. But it is, so let’s see how it is.

Not much else to say for the opening. Let’s see how NFL Rush takes on the best holiday ever!

This, is Gone Viral

The episode opens with some Football dude arriving at the stadium for a game.

“A win would be a great holiday present for the fans”

Yep, it’s a Christmas episode.

Some dude shows up with a delivery for the Giants. A guy looks at a suspicious gift from someone he does not know, and peeks inside. Spoilers, it goes wrong.

Green mist leeks out and the dude turns into the hulk, I think. After the intro, we join our heroes as they are playing a game in Ish’s yard. Marty talks to us like he’s a sports announcer.

“Marty…there’s no one to announce to”

Okay, that was funny.

The game goes well, and Ash is happy cuz her Dad is gonna come back from a trip so they visit her cousins in San Diego.

“He’ll make it in time”

He’s not gonna make it. I smell the cliché from here.

We then meet our NFL rush Guest star for the week: Justin Tuck, some dude for the giants. But then the Hulk guy shows up to trash the place. Okay, he looks normal, he just has green eyes and is super strong.

RZ tells the gang about what is going on. I admit, the bits with Hulk dude are awesome watch. Our heroes show up to try to stop him without hurting him, cuz was the Giants’ bus driver.

Long story short, they end up freezing him….


There, my Christmas present to you.

After the break, we find out the bad guys are spreading a virus, as we saw with that hulk guy The good guys figure this out back at HQ.

.RZ says he needs their help right now, even though it is the holidays. But just then, Ash gets a call from her dad saying he got snowed in, and he isn’t coming.

Gee, what a shock.

So Ash decides to help out RZ and the rest can stay home for the holidays. Ash heads to some place where we meet another Guest star, who I don’t care about: Jamml Charles. And like the rest, he can’t act to save his life.

“Hey, you okay”

Hey i’m acting

Back at home, each kid gets an odd gift from someone they don’t know. Yes, we see each is placed by a bad guy. And again, no one sees it as a bad idea to take it when it shows up. Also, we find out Marty celebrates Hanukah,.

…This is also a Hanukah special .THANK YOU SANTA CHRIST!

Ricky notices a bad guy outside and goes out to fight him No one inside sees all this, of course. Some other bad guys show up and kick his ass. Then Sudden Death finally goes something and shows up in the city to spread the green gas.

Why didn’t he do that before!?

The gang gears up and helps Ricky fight the bad guys. Fun fact, the female baddie is voiced by the same person who voices Ash. That is amazing.

They all figure out that the package causes the virus. It’s here where Sudden Death shows himself to be a badass villain, after a couple episodes of doing nothing.

The virus has gotten out of control, but back at HQ, Ish’s Mom has made some of antidote thingy. Also, RZ gives them all an upgrade with new suits. Is this just turning into a video game at this point?

Though I admit, their new powers are pretty cool, even if it turns them into superheroes. Anyway, Sudden Death has captured Ash and says the power of the core shall be his.

Ish comes in and saves them and Ash powers up. So they fight and stuff until RZ’s thingy cures the hulk people. Also, Troy’s dad is there and finds out Troy is a guardian.

Since guardians are well known and so much shit happens in this show, it makes flat out no sense to have secret identities. But whatever.

So in one anti-climax they cure everyone, stop the virus, and Sudden Death….just kind of leaves I guess. Really, he just leaves? He doesn’t just…try again or kill anyone?

Lamest Villain ever.

We join these recurring sports caster character I never mention, as one throws a snow ball at another. Yep, they are so gay.

So the day is saved as the guardians head home to celebrate some Christmas. And guess what? Ash’s dad shows up. Santa Christ, this is cliché.

Still, it’s nice to get that good ol’ Christmas feeling in MJFOOTBALL.

And with that, it just ends. Huh, that wasn’t a very interesting episode. Why did review it, again? Oh yeah, Christmas.

Final Thoughts:

Don’t have much to say about this one. It was another typical episode, and it’s kind of sad that Sudden Death didn’t make the show any different. But this was an improvement over the last couple ones.

It’s pretty basic, but I did like the virus plot. It lead to some fun action scenes, and I think that part was fun. What I didn’t like was Ash’s problem of the week. It was cliché, rarely brought up and just weighed things down.

But outside of that, it was what I expected, as typical as it was. The virus thing is still cool and Sudden Death can be badass.

I’m not sure what else to say. On a critical level, it was mostly just okay but for me it was fun. I liked how they got Christmas in there, and it did have a good feeling at the end.

This is the best Christmas special ever made.

Grade: B-

See ya.


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    It’s ‘coma’.

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