A Look at Disney/Cartoon Network/Nick Halloween Episodes (2020)


The Rocketeer-The Haunted House/Halloween Heist

T.O.T.S.-A Spooky Delivery

Puppy Dog Pals – 221b Barker Street

Teen Titans Go-Ghost with the Most

Ducktales-The Trickening

Vampirna-Double Double Halloween Trouble

Raven’s Home-Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 4b

Ollie’s Pack- Nightmare Frightscare

Amphiba-The Shut In

Craig of the Creek-Trick or Creek

It’s Pony-Scarecrow

Hello, Spongey here.

It’s time of year again, my friends. Time to see what goodies we have in our bag this year. The big screen might be empty for…obvious reasons but thankfully TV is able to make up for it. Well, at least in terms of animation.

In terms of size, the haul is a bit better than previously. but we’ll get into that as we go. …So…yeah, that’s all I got. Look, what more do you want from me, I wrote this last minute and I gotta get this out. And Happy Saturday, because Nick put out the last one last minute!

This, is  A Look at Disney/Cartoon Network/Nick Halloween Episodes (2020)

The Haunted House/Halloween Heist [The Rocketeer]

Episode 19

Writer: Brian Holfield/Kendall Michele Haney

Airdate: July 16

You did not read that wrong. For some reason they aired both this and a Christmas episode way back in July as they were burning off the rest off this show’s first season.  Okay, Christmas in July makes sense but yeah, this doesn’t bode well for this show. Anyway, I haven’t seen the original movie much less any of this so let’s see what we got.

Kit explores a local haunted house/A villain named Sylvester tries to distract Kit so that he can steal some costumes so no one notice him when he robs places.

These episodes were decent. I actually enjoyed them more than I expected. Although that’s more for the villains than anything else. The stuff with Kit is just kinda standard, nothing that stands too much. I do sorta like the arc in the former episode with the brother (?) learning to be brave but otherwise there’s not much to that stuff.

Meanwhile, in the former episode we have a magician villain voiced by Charlie Adler who started this Haunted House just to make extra money. That’s so amusingly mundane of a motivation, and then he wants to take The Rocketeer’s jetpack which I assume is a recurring thing. He has some genuinely funny lines, along with his assistant.

In the latter one, we’ve got Sylvester who dresses like a cowboy so no one knows its him but Kit can tell because he already tried that 3 times…this week.  I don’t know why but something about that just made me laugh. He also has a ferret minion who is clearly done with him, it’s great. Also, it just hit me that with his disguises, he’s basically Robbie Rotten. Nice.

I kinda wish the plot was him trying a ton of plans to distract Kit instead of just the one but ah well. There’ s a fair bit of focus on him too which is good. Now, only the latter mentions Halloween but the former clearly has Halloween decorations on the house and it honestly felt more like Halloween.

The other episode just has them trying to get some stolen costumes back, and it doesn’t feel like Halloween until the end. So this one is best seen along with the other one. I thought both were about on par, although the latter was funnier due to Sylvester. I think if you’re up for it, these aren’t bad watches for kids and if you like a funny incompetent villain, it has some value for adults.

Again, mostly just for the villains. So yeah, some fun villains make for two decent enough episodes. Also, I guess songs are infrequent in this one as there was only one in the latter episode.

A Spooky Delivery [T.O.T.S]

Season 2, Episode 8a

Writer: Jennifer Hamburg

Airdate: October 2

Pip and Freddy try to help JP get into the Halloween spirit.

This episode was fine. It was the definition of decently acceptable. Basically JP is the brave head guy who turns out is scared of Halloween but is afraid to admit. He learns to admit he’s scared and try to have fun and all that good stuff. It’s a fine moral done in a fine way. The song was fun and the vibe of the whole was decently “spooky”.

Plus, the ending was cute. It just doesn’t give me much to say outside of that, really. It doesn’t do much extra but it doesn’t have to given the audience. It works for kids and just won’t have anything super clever for others. It does have enough charm to work for what it is so I can say it’s decent. That’s…just about it though. I don’t recall how I felt about the Christmas one but I imagine it was likely better but this was still alright.

It’s about what I expect from these kind of things at this point and it’s okay as a start.

221B Barker Street [Puppy Dog Pals]

Season 3, Episode 23a

Writer: Jean Ansolabehere

Airdate: October 2

When treats go missing from the Puppy Playcare Halloween party, Bingo and Rolly set off on a mission to solve the mystery.

This episode was decent. I  like mystery stuff enough that even something like this will have it be an edge for it. There’s some amusing moments with the other characters as they try to figure out who did this. There’s even a decent twist with who did it that worked. For this kind of show it’s sort of safe but nice in the execution.

I actually looked up how I felt about the previous Halloween episode from this show and yeah, I liked this more as it is has just more to it. For what it is, it’s cute and had enough to like. So…yeah.

The Trickening! [DuckTales 2017]

Season 3, Episode 10

Writer: Christian Magalhaes

Airdate: October 5

At Louie’s behest, the kids abandon Huey’s Halloween trick-or-treating plans and venture into a haunted house that is said to contain years’ worth of candy left there by terrified kids. Meanwhile, Della and Donald decide to spend the evening with Launchpad, who has grown up believing that Halloween is an annual curse that he brought upon the world.

This episode was decent. It is a typical setup and that drag it down in places, as they didn’t do anything too new with it. But it still manages to be fun and it takes some interesting turns. The mood is nice and spooky and there is at least one actually creepy moments. It’s far from the moodiest episode ever but it works.

There’s some decent drama with Louie that works to add a little more substance and there’s a nice moment. The subplot is okay, mostly because just the idea that Launchpad doesn’t know what Halloween is and thinks it’s his fault is weirdly amusing. Plus, it helps resolve the main plot in an interesting way.

I liked the twist with the monsters in the house and as a whole it’s just a fun episode. Nothing that great compared to what I was kind of hoping but still, it is good. An easy one to get into even if those new to the show may question Della being there. It’s a long story. Not my highest recommendation but it’s worth a look.

Ghost with the Most [Teen Titans Go!]

Season 6, Episode 29

Writer: Brady Klosterman

Airdate: October 5

When the Halloween Spirit is kidnapped, the Titans must team with Beetlejuice to save the holiday.

This episode was decent. Yeah, WB is taking advantage of what they own and I think that’s cool. OK KO did some random crossovers so why not TTG? They do have fun with Beetlejuice although it is weird hearing someone else in the role since I haven’t seen the animated series. Not sure who voices him here but he’s okay.

There are some neat references to the movie, my favorite being the surprising nod to the canned sequel. Things like that make this more fun. There’s nothing too amazing here but there’s some fun turns and a decent mood it all. I also liked the ending gag as it it was a callback to an earlier line.

As far as unexpected crossovers go, this is a decent one. It’s certainly no OK KO meets Sonic but it works fine. As far as the TTG Halloween eps, I’m too lazy to look up how it compares to the others but this is one I enjoyed a fair bit. Overall, worth a look, especially if the Beetlejuice thing interests you.

Double Double Halloween Trouble [Vamprina]

Season 3, Episode 5a

Writer: Mia Resella

Airdate: October 9

The Hauntley family must decide if they should go to a special family banquet or stay home and go trick or treating.

This episode was decent. Basically, the family gets divided in the issue so each side decides to go their separate ways but in a nice respectful way. Vee doesn’t want to choose so we can a trying to be in two places at once plot.

It’s done alright and some amusing moments come out of her going from place to place. The Trick or Treating side feels more Halloween-y though. It results in an obvious moral that is fine and a nice ending where Vee opens up about how she split between basically both sides of herself.

It’s about on par with the other episodes from this show I’ve seen, where the nature of the premise gives it a slight over some of these other Disney Jr shows. Still doesn’t give me a lot to say though, as there’s nothing too grand. But once again it all works well for what it is.

That’s about all I got, we can move on from Jr stuff. Oh and there was an episode with Racheal Bloom that I of course watched. Also, according to Wikipedia the next episode from this show is called Phantom of the Auditorium. Lol.

Don’t Trust the G in Apt 4B [Raven’s Home]

Season 4, Episode 1

Writers: Chase Heinrich & Micah Steinberg

Airdate: October 9

“I love a reboot”

Booker and Nia persuade Levia, Tess and Ramon into ditching trick or treating and go to a haunted apartment instead.  Meanwhile, Raven and Chelsea take  a neighbor kid to a Halloween party.

This episode was decent but there’s not much to say about it. It’s a typical “exploring a supposedly haunted location” plot and it’s done okay. It feels like it drags too much but otherwise it actually get decently creepy at times. Although it does have nothing on that similar Suite Life episode. There’s a few chuckles and there was nothing egregious like in some other Disney sitcom episodes.

But the weirdest thing is the ending. I’ll just spoil it somewhat: There’s no “It was just a prank bro!” moment and it seems like the place is actually haunted. Seriously, it ends on a flat note with no explanation as to what went on beyond…it was real I guess. But there’s no backstory on any ghosts in there so it doesn’t feel that satisfying. This isn’t too surprising in a universe with psychics and such but…still.

Overall, it has nothing too wrong in it and can get decently spooky, but it’s nothing too memorable. Oh and if you want context for the quote, there’s a show mentioned a few times called…My Little Unihorsy and there are tons of kids wearing costumes for it, which Raven assumes is due to the reboot. …Isn’t it a bit late to making MLP references now?

Whatever. Also, what is with the title? It references a show from like 2012 that no one remembers the B in the original title stood for Bitch. Perfect Family Entertainment! Alo, there’s a Halloween version of the intro which feels a bit late given this is like the 4th Halloween episode.

Nightmare Frightscare [Ollie’s Pack]

Episode 21

Writer: Unknown. Seriously, not credited at the start nor in Nick’s super small crunched credits.

Airdate: October 17

Ollie and his friends visit a haunted house on Halloween.

This episode was decent. This is a kinda sort Nick show that aired earlier this year that I hadn’t gotten to until now. I didn’t even know what it was about but based on the theme song I guess it’s about these kids saving the Earth from monsters or something while also having one in their crew.

The plot is yet another haunted house story which we’ve done 3 times this year alone now. However, there is a solid Halloween mood to it all. The atmosphere is decent and the main ghost-monster-guy chasing them is cool looking. The conflict is that Ollie wants to get as much candy as possible while the friends want to take things slow and soak in the Halloween ambience.

As a kid I would have related more to Ollie but now I’m on the friends side. Ollie is honestly a bit jerk-ish and while that is the point, I do hope he’s less like that in other episodes. The twist is pretty predictable and has been done before, although I like the bit with the ghost-monster-guy afterwards.

It’s pretty basic all things considered but a solid Halloween mood makes it a fun watch, and it flows well for 11 minutes. I also like how Ollie knocks jump scares and there’s a couple other decent jokes. I will admit I’m not chomping at the bit to watch more of this show but if it’s like this episode, it should it least be fun enough.

So sure, watch it if you want, just don’t expect anything great.

The Shut-In [Amphiba]

Season 2, Episode 11

Writers: Michele Cavin & Todd McClintock

Airdate: October 17

The Plantars stay inside during a blue moon, so they won’t turn into beasts. To pass the time, they tell spooky stories.

This episode was pretty decent. I fell off the show about a quarter into the first season because Disney was bombing it out and it was hard to keep up. Plus I liked it but wasn’t super into it and of course I hear that’s when it kicks into gear. I haven’t watched anything of it since so I was hoping this would get me to get back into it and it worked.

There is story stuff in this show but this episode work as a standalone. In this world, they have The Shut In where everyone has to shut in at night due to the blue moon and beforehand they go to stranger’s houses and ask for tools to help ward off the beasts. Now that’s a fun twist and Anne compares it to Halloween so yeah this is a true Halloween episode. They even got a special intro!

It’s been a bit since we’ve an anthology one on these and this wasn’t one of my favorite examples but it’s still good. They work more of a story with there of course being more of a reason for them doing this and there’s a small arc with Polly trying to think of a good story. The first one has Anne dealing with a cursed phone that was decently creative and interesting.

The second one was my favorite, where Hop Pop basically ends up giving a Grim Reaper figure, voiced by George Takei, a ride. It honestly has the feel of an actual legend you might hear and I enjoyed that. It was even the creepiest of the stories.

The third one has Sprig and Ivy meeting some monster and it was decent, with a good subversion of the kind of thing it was shaping up to be. But it was the weakest just because it was a bit less memorable. I did kinda like the stuff with Polly at the end but it did mean the stories had to be shortest to fit in so thus the last one especially felt a bit short changed.

So as an anthology it’s not a great one but it’s still good. There’s a solid atmosphere to most of it, with again the second story standing out the most.  It’s one to check out, even if you aren’t caught up with the show. We’ll see now long it takes my lazy butt to catch up but this one was pretty enjoyable.

Trick or Creek [Craig of the Creek]

Season 3, Episode 10

Writers: Deena Beck, Jason Dwyer, Tara Helfer, & Amish Kumar

Airdate: October 19

“My diagnosis is you have something broken. It’s your political system”

The Stump Kids learn from the Witches about the legend of No-Neck Natthew, a boy who ate popping candy and drank soda at the same time, causing his head to explode. Later, Kit collects on Creek Kids’ candy debt, under threat of being banned from the Trading Tree. The Stump Kids, joined by Jessica, plan to trick-or-treat as much as possible to clear themselves, but must take a detour through the Creek, where No-Neck Natthew supposedly resides.

First off, I didn’t typo that, the name actually is Natthew, not Matthew. Second, guess I didn’t need to review that spooky episode last year but whatever. This episode was good, mostly because it’s well balanced.

Halloween wise, it’s about Trick or Treating and it revolves around an urban legend so it fits really well. The atmosphere could have been a bit better but otherwise it works. This show generally captures what it was like to be a kid and it extends to this episode. The show is usually 11 minutes and this is 22 which works out fine to balance our the trick or treating and Nattehew stuff.

There’s also a subplot where the dad is visited by the same Trick or Treater which is decent with even a creepy moment but the ending to it is a bit underwhelming. I love how how the dad is dressed as Steve Urkel though. Speaking of, Craig is video game mascot Sly Co-I mean Slide the Ferret. Subtle.

Jessica is a Doctor President, leading to that great quote. I’d vote for her.

The twist of who the ghoul chasing them actually is a good one that was setup is well and there’s an extra twist that gives this a nice ending. This episode is just solid. I wouldn’t say it does anything amazing but it’s good. It has some funny parts, like one charecter saying he’d totally fight a baby but ghost are his limit. It has a strong Halloween factor and a decent story with a good conclusion.

The subplot could have ended better but outside of that there’s nothing wrong and everything works. Just a pretty fun little episode. I’d say it’s easily worth checking out. And…yeah that’s about it, it’s just pretty solid.

And finally…

Scarecrow [It’s Pony]

Season 1, Episode 20a

Writer: Alex Colier

Airdate: October 23

Pony hits a scarecrow, which causes crows to infest the pumpkins and the house.

This episode was decent. Like with Ollie’s Pack, I hadn’t seen any of this show yet and this was fine as an introduction. The show is paced sort of like a show for younger kids but has the kind of wacky humor similar to other Nick shows which felt a bit off to me. The humor did work, the best jokes belonging to the dad who is very precious about his pumpkins.

The rest is alright but faster pacing would fit this kind of wacky story better. Despite that, it was pleasnt to watch and it was a fun story. It doesn’t leave me with a lot to say though. The characters seem alright, Pony could have easily been annoying but he was fine. I really like the art style too.

Halloween wise, it start and ends decently on that front but in the middle it is easy to forget it is a Halloween one. So on that front, it’s just okay but otherwise it’s decent.  The pacing is an issue but not a terrible one. I can appreciate more chill shows, it just didn’t always fit the story.

Still, it’s worth a look and maybe I’ll see more and find out if the rest feels more balanced. As it stands, it is a perfectly one to end this on.


And those were this year’s Halloween episodes. They were…fine, that’s the word I would use. As far as the haul goes, I’m glad Nick finally gave us some animated stuff, and from new shows to boot! However, Disney Channel still refuses to let other sitcoms besides Raven’s Home a shot at a Halloween one. Yeah, Sydney to the Max and Gabby Duran finished their seasons beforehand but the former has had two seasons already and yet nothing?

Hell even another Bunk’d one would have been fine!

As usual, I wish there was a few more but I liked having more non Disney Jr cartoons at least. Quality wise, most of there were simply fine or good. My favorite was Craig of the Creek with Amphibia behind it. There were pretty solid but the rest were just fine. They just didn’t quite have as much spark as they should.

But none fell below fine at least so it’s not a big loss. Honestly, there at times where I can get tired of these but episodes like the Craig one do make me like talking about these. Yeah, some others could have been better but it’s mostly just the Jr ones I’m not wild about talking about and thankfully there weren’t too many this time.

I wasn’t even sure about doing one this year but thankfully we had enough and I enjoyed them. Yeah, I wished more were stronger but I liked them all fine all least so I’m happy. It’s weird how Nick fared better than usual while Live Action Disney slagged again. Although there’s still no Live Action Nick ones. Do they even have anything on besides that Young Dylan show?

Anyway, we’ll see how Christmas goes as we already have a few planned. As for these, they were a fine Halloween treat, even if some could be better here and there. And…that’s about all.

See ya.

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