A Look at Weird Al in Live Action Shows (plus more cartoons)




Annoying Orange-Generic Holiday Special


Ask the Storybots-Where Do French Fries Come From?

Voltron Legendary Defender-The Depths

Star Vs- The Forces of Evil-Trickstar

Pig Goat Banana Cricket-The Ding A Ling Circus

Danger & Eggs-The Trio

Mighty Magiswords-They See Me Trollblin

We Bare Bears-The Fair

Little Big Awesome-Sorry Mr Sun

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle-Almost Famoose

Scooby Doo and Guess Who-Attack of the Weird Al-osaurus!

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic-That’s a Laugh

Archibald’s Next Big Thing-Glide & Gobble

Where’s Waldo?-Venice the Menace

New Looney Tunes aka Wabbit –  King Bugs and the Island of Lunacy

Blaze and the Monster Machines – Recycling Power!

Pete the Cat – The Singing Cabbage

Close Enough – The Canine Guy


Amazing Stories-Miss Stardust

Square One Television/Mathnet-The Case: Off the Record

The Weird Al Show – He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Hamster

Tim and Eric–Salme

Yo Gabba Gabba-Circus

How I Met Your Mother-Nortetta

30 Rock-Kidnapped by Danger

The Aquabats Super Show-Pillgrim Boy/Showtime!

Children’s Hospital-Country Weekend

Drunk History-Montgomery

The Hotwives of Orlando-Staycation

Galavant-Completely Mad…Alena

The Odd Couple 2015-Enlightening Strikes

Wet Hot American Summer-Audition

The Goldbergs-Weird Al

Bajillion Dollar Propertie$=Amir vs Dean

My Brother, My Brother and Me-Candlenights & Vape Ape

Lady Dynamite-Little Manila

Adam Ruins Everything-Adam Ruins Games

Happy-19 Hours and 13 Minutes

Work in Progess-162


Hello, Spongey here

It’s time for a long overdue followup to a post from…2016?! Man, where does the time go? Back then I covered all (sort of, we’ll get to that) of the cartoon episodes featuring Weird Al Yankovic. Why? Why not? He has appeared in tons of them over the years and has made some memorable cartoon appearances. I decided to honor that and it was fun. It was interesting to see how he was used over the years and there was plenty of variety as far as the episodes go.

Sometime after I did that, I realized he has appeared in plenty of other live action shows as well. It didn’t take long to figure out that covering those was likely a good idea. I wasn’t sure at first since finding live action shows can be harder but thankfully I was able to find most of those generally easily. There are exceptions I’ll get to but yeah, I was good to go.

I had been planning this for a bit things kept getting in the thing. Either I just forgot or other projects kept popping up to distract me. That and new ones kept popping up! Seriously, one even came up while I was finally gearing up to do this. He certainly stays busy.

Butt the thing is, in the time between posts he has managed to pop up in more cartoon episodes. More than I expected, seriously. Plus, it turns out I forgot a couple last time. Only a couple but that’s still embarrassing.

So we got a super sized one today. We’ll be going through all his live action appearances and catching up on the cartoons as well.  There are about 41 or so episodes all together so yeah, we’ll be getting into it. However, while I did find most there are some that slipped through the cracks or I skipped on purpose.

See, I try not cover just small cameos, although some of these amounted to that because I wasn’t sure going in. But some I was aware of and opted out of doing it. One was a very recent American Dad episode “First, Do No Farm” where there is montage set to a parody of Beastie Boys’ Saboatge. Cuz why not. I saw the clip and it was amusing but that’s all it is so yeah.

One I was sad to have to not cover is the Crazy Ex-Grlfriend episode “I Have a Date Tonight”. It’s just a brief scene where someone visits him and he does a parody of an earlier song from the show. It was cool but just that one scene in a 44 minute episode. Plus, it’s like the next to last one and that makes it hard to talk about. Shame. Then there’s an episode of Sabrina the Animated series that I learned of last minute that I almost did but I skimmed through and it’s just a small bit. It is funny, with him doing a parody of an universe song but that’s it, not worth doing the whole thing, really.

Then there are the ones I couldn’t get a hold of. There’s an episode of The Drew Carrey show called “Drew between the rock and a hard place” that for some reason I couldn’t get a hold of. I saw a clip of it at least and I think it was another cameo but stll, wish I had at least full context like with these others.

He appeared on a few episodes of Comedy Bang Bang and I wanted to do at least the first but for some reason I couldn’t get it. I thought it was somewhere but alas, not so much. I’m not in the mood to just buy these separately or whatever and it’s not a huge shame. Still, wish I could be slightly more complete. And if IMDB is anything to go by, there coule be more but some seem to be just shorts, cameos or things I can’t find.

Still, I basically got everything important I wanted to find. With all that said, how does everything I could find stack up? How do the live action ones compare to the cartoon ones and are there new gems for the cartoons? Let’s see.

This, is A Look at Weird Al in Live Action shows (Plus more cartoons)


Generic Holiday Special [The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange]

Writer: Tom Sheppard

Airdate: November 26, 2012

The fruits celebrate the holidays.

Oh joy, we start with a reminder that this was a thing. Yeah, a bit after Annoying Orange made it big on YouTube, there was a show on Cartoon Network for him. It was bad from what I recall, so you’d think I was just unaware of this one and that’s how I forgot it. Uh…I actually saw this when it aired since Weird Al would appear on it.

It really says something that I blocked it from my memory but this is also research should not end at Wikipedia, since they forgot to remind me of it. Either way, we’re here to talk about it and it’s …okay. I mean, given what I recalled of this show, it’s not the worst.

It’s just them putting on a “generic holiday special” (Merry Christember?) and we see various skits and certain troubles that happen. There’s a part where this one character is jealous of this one woman guest that I’ve never heard of because she was talking with Orange. Why someone would crush on him enough to get jealous, I’ll never know. She tries to sabotage her performance and it’s amusing enough, not too bad.

There’s some dumb random humor as you’d expect, but the format makes it more bearable. I can grump all I want about the show but this episode is just sorta there. There just isn’t really much to review here. As for Weird Al, the whole joke is he’s just a random celebrity appearance so him not doing much isn’t a big problem. It is worth noting though. His main speaking part is when he’s told his part has been cut, which is funny.

It’s not quite worth it just for that though. So yeah, for what it is, it has it’s moment but not much to really see here. Not bad to be honest, but you can skip it. Man I am easier on these kind of things these days while still being grumpy enough to not put a ton of effort into talking about. I’ve really hit that age, huh.

Now onto the ones that came out after my thing…sort of, the next couple were like a few months earlier but just barely, so I can forgive myself.

Vegans [Mr. Pickles]

Season 2, Episode 8

Writers: Will Carsola & Dave Stewart and Sean Conroy

Airdate: June 5, 2016

Beverly is invited to join a group of Vegans at the Vegan Headquarters without the intentions of how to be a true Vegan.

Oh god. I remember watching some of this show back when I thought it was a good idea to watch random bad new-ish shows just to rant on them and I really did not like it. However, I would later watch an episode from a bit later that I actually didn’t hate so this has a chance.

And…it’s actually decent! And it’s not just me being easy on it, it actually was kind of enjoyable. Mostly because it doesn’t focus on the shock stuff like other episodes. It’s there and it is the weakest part, like how Mr. Pickles is horny for the mom. Ew. But the main focus is on this vegan cult and it’s actually fairly funny.

I just like how this whole concept of a Vegan cult and how they are so dedicated to this while getting upset with Beverly for not fully committing to it. The contrast between them is amusing and it works. Mr. Pickles is barely in it which is fine not only because his bits weren’t that funny but also because it’s nice to branch and focus on other concepts and characters.

Al plays one of the cult members who is clearly out of sync with the others, leading to my favorite moments. He doesn’t do a lot but he is a stand out at least. The part that surprisingly made me laugh out loud was when Mr. Pickles storms in to kill them all and Al just kills himself to be nice. Now that’s funny.

So while it has some of the trappings of the show, the main idea is able to carry it and make it decent. If you can stomach certain bits, it’s not bad. Al isn’t in it a ton so it’s not high up per say but it’s not a waste of time either.  And given for I felt about the show before, that’s impressive. I guess it improved, that’s nice.

It actually ended last year but now it has a spinoff about the sheriff guy. Sure, why not.

Where Do French Fries Come From? [Ask the Storybots]

Season 1, Episode 5

Writers: Gregg Spiridellis, Evan Spiridellis, Erik Weiner, Anthony Holden, and Craig Kellman

“Air”date: August 12, 2016

So this is a Netflix kids show I had never heard of, that is basically about these robots going around and answering kids questions about things. I didn’t put a summary as it seems like every episode can be summed up like that. In this case, they try to find out where french fries come from. That feels weirdly specific given other topics include “Why s the sky blue?”

Anyway, this was honestly decent. Given that it’s aimed at young kids, it was fairly entertaining. There’s some decent humor and there were some fun characters, like their angry boss. I like how after they’ve answered the question, he’s like “okay enough fun, back to work”, and it’s funnier than I make it sound. There’s some medium blending with the visuals that kind of reminded me of Gumball in a way, so that was cool.

There’s some  fun  bits with how they look into the answer, like the potatoes getting ready for the “Great picking”. Weird Al comes in near the end where he’s basically a monk getting the potatoes ready. That concept is fun but not much is done with him. It’s kind of a waste to be honest.

I have nowhere else to put this but I have to mention the part with “Molepheus”. Yes. There’s also a Rodney Dangerfield parody. Sure. Things like that are at least…interesting references. I will say that this didn’t need to be a full 20 minutes, as there’s some padding that barley connects to the theme. Like a song about cars, which have nothing to do with french fries.

Still, for the audience this was cute and fun enough. It’s not worth watching for Al though as he’s just a quick cameo and not an especially amazing one. That’s a shame but otherwise this was fine and fun for the target audience. And that’s about all I got.

The Depths [Voltron Legendary Defender]

Season 2, Episode 2

Writer: Joshua Hamilton

“Air”date: January 30, 2017

Hunk and Lance crash-land underwater and follow a mermaid to a civilization whose queen promises to keep them safe and help find the others. While resting, Lance is kidnapped by a trio of mer-people who believe the queen to be mind-controlling the populace.

This one was pretty decent. The underwater civilization stuff was pretty cool to see and it ended up being a fun adventure. Spoilers, it turns out that the queen is not evil and the mind control they suspect is actually coming from a different source. That adds a decent trickle to this since with the setup it seemed to be going in the more standard direction.

Al voices one of the mer-people and he has some funny lines with how he, along with the others helps Lance try to block out the mind control. He doesn’t get a lot to do but he gets enough given they need to spread out the focus. It’s a bit like Mr Pickles one in that regard, although here he contributes a bit more plot-wise.

Also, Alyson Stoner is in this too which is neat.

Overall, a pretty fun episode that doesn’t do anything mind blowing but works as an underwater adventure. It even works well enough as a stand alone so that others can jump in just to see Al if they want. Although again, there’s not like a ton since he has to fit as ana actual character in all this. And yeah, that’s what I got, it’s good.

Trickstar [Star Vs The Forces of Evil]

Season 2, Episode 15b

Writers: Jushtin Lee & Sarah Oleksyk

Airdate: February 7, 2017

Star and Marco attend the birthday party for Marco’s sensei. Star becomes suspicious of magician-for-hire Preston Change-O, who, after every magic trick he does, seems to be taking something spiritual from the person, and that his hat is becoming longer and longer.

This episode was…confusing, The only thing I know for sure about is that I didn’t like it very much. So Star is thrown off by the existence of fakey Earth magicians and thinks Preston could be a real one, and no one believes that. Then she sees that he seems to be sucking out people’s joy and she confronts him about this.

He admits he is doing so but only because he can’t make his own joy and only sucks up a bit. He seems to be taking more from Sensei because he has way more joy to spare. He wants to do a finale trick and says his cat is basically full so he can’t take much more joy anyway. She allows it but whoops he lied and starts sucking out joy from everyone.

She stops him and forces him to say the truth…but he just admits he tricks are simply tricks, which ruins the illusions for the audience and they get mad at star. Preston admits the real truth but they don’t care I guess and focus and the first part. They leave but Sensei admits to Star that Preston was a little creep and then he says he put Preston in the trunk off screen. They check and he’s gone, Star says aha, she was right about everything, the end.

….See what I mean by confusing? This episode goes all over the place for the story and I don’t know what the point is. Preston switches from at least having an okay reason to do this to straight up lying but then Star doesn’t seem to point that out or care. The story where someone is too suspicious and is proven right is already shakey but this can’t seem to decide where to go with it.

Perhaps it flows better than I make it sound but it still wasn’t exactly a good watch. It’s so focused on this story that it doesn’t have much fun with it, so there’s not many funny moments here. I like that at least Sensi is cool with her by the end so the ending isn’t a total bummer, although her being right about everything is…eh.

On the bright side, Al was good. He gets to play more of  character and he does a decent job. I wouldn’t say he does anything funny and of course the writing makes this hard to recommend, but at least he pulled through. But man for an episode featuring Al, this was a big disappointment. The story is confused and Al’s character is sloppy so his performance can only do so much.


The Ding A Ling Circus [Pig Goat Banana Cricket]

Season 2, Episode 5

Writers: Eric Acosta, Justin Charlebois, Jacob Fleisher, Johnny Ryan, and David Sacks

Airdate: April 19, 2017

The gang helps save a failing circus; Goat beautifies the oddities; Banana rigs the midway; Pig starts a flea circus; Cricket trains the animals.

“Where else are we supposed to get an outdated and questionable form of Entertainment?”

“The deep web?”

This episode was decent. I reviewed the Christmas episode of this show before and talked about its odd/interesting structure. Here, it works fairly well. They are all around the same location, so each section feels connected so the overall story flows better than in some of the eps I’ve seen. Some sections were better than it others, Cricket’s didn’t do much for me and the ending was pretty abrupt and a bit underwhelming. I think Banana’s section was my favorite, because his attempts to rig the booth’s and how they failed were pretty amusing.

Pig’s was certainly the oddest, as his fleas force him to rob a bank. Yes. That was fun for how weird it was. As for Al, he voices the owner of the circus and he gets some funny lines, like the deep web part I quoted up there. He’s in it less in the latter half but he has a memorable presence and is fun.

Not a whole lot more to say on this one. Nothing great but it flows well and has some antics where each section ties together decently. The last quarter or so is a bit weak but otherwise, it’s fine and Al has a solid presence in it. That’s about it, worth a look if you’re interested.

The Trio [Danger & Eggs]

Episode 5b

Writers: Ben Joseph

“Air”date: June 30, 2017

Milo, the third member of D.D. and Phillip’s Bawk Bawk Trio, is moving away. D.D. and Phillip try to convince them to stay as they work through the seven stages of grief.

This episode was decent. It’s a standard setup but it actually does go in an unexpected direction as Milo actually does end up leaving at the end. I’m so used to the status qou being god that this was nice to see. They are still able to keep in touch, which is nice.

The reason they are moving is because it turns out they were actually just staying here for the summer…which I feel like should have been said upfront but whatever. Otherwise, there isn’t much to say. Nothing great to be honest, but there’s some amusing moments and it does a fine job teaching about the stages of greif, and the ending was nice.

Unfortunately, Al’s appearance, as “Polka Sven” amounts to a quick cameo at the start and then having another line during the climax. That climax appearance is the only reason I didn’t cut this one because otherwise he is totally wasted big time. Like, I was expecting at least a bit more than this. I mean, Kate Miccuci is here as “Kate” (Nice), and she does more!

So I can’t recommend this one as far this post goes. While it’s nothing that special on its own, it was a nice enough watch. This is the first episode I’ve seen from this one so I’m not sure if the rest is more of the same or not. Perhaps starting with an ep about a character I don’t know yet leaving wasn’t the best idea, but hey, not my fault.

It’s disappointing as far as Weird Al goes, but otherwise, it’s fine. (Oh and this is an Amazon Prime show, hence the “air” thing. Yes, I could just say Premiere Date for these but…shut up)

They See Me Trollbin [Mighty Magiswords]

Season 1, Episode 29

Writers: Kyle Carrozza and Richard Pursel

Airdate: July 7, 2017

.The tiny Kotassians hire the Warriors to exterminate two humongous Trollblins that have invaded their village. It turns out they’re actually not so bad but are unaware of what they are doing and they must try to get them to leave.

This episode was decent. This show is kinda known for it’s way too fast pacing but that wasn’t a big problem here. It’s still fast but it wasn’t that annoying in this one. Maybe it just is a tad slower or the story is simpler and easier to get into. I’m not sure what it is but I do know I enjoyed this more than the other ones I’ve seen.

The main thing that’s quick is the resolution, where they use a puppet show to tell the Trollblins what they are doing. But that’s not too bad and that segment was pretty amusing. The misunderstanding thing is standard stuff but it works, and it leads to some fun parts like when the Trollblin’s sleep but still end up holding off the Kotassians when they attack anyway.

Weird Al voices Papa Kotassian and he was the best part. He just gets so angry at the two when they don’t destroy the Trollblins and is such a jerk the whole time that’s it’s pretty funny. It feels like he yells most of his lines, but he’s got that kind of voice where it just works. He was a lot of fun and it’s worth watching for him, he is used well.

This made me realize that this show is sort of my style for the most part, it just had wonky pacing and even writing that held it back. This didn’t have that too much so I got into it. I hear they did fix the problems later and I can see that here. It’s still nothing great but is certainly fun and entertaining.

So yeah, I can recommend this one. It may still not be everyone’s thing but it’s got some highlights in there.

The Fair [We Bare Bears]

Season 3, Episode 13

Writers: Sang Yup Lee and Louie Zong

Airdate: August 7, 2017

The baby bears become prizes for a carnival game in hopes of being won and taken to a new home, but the game owner will do anything to keep the Bears from leaving.

This episode was good. Baby Bear episodes tend to be cute and fun and this indeed was. There’s a whole rap number they get while people are trying to win them and it’s straight fire. …Did I really just type that? But yeah that was fun. Things escalate nicely as the owner guy sees how much money they are getting and rigs the game so that no one can win.

Al voices the owner guy and once again I realize how much fun he is when he’s an antagonist. There’s a solid transition to him becoming one as at first he’s just desperate for some customers, then starts getting shady. He doesn’t have a lot of “funny” lines oer say but he is just enjoyable as he gets into this role. And the way he’s defeated was pretty great.

There’s also a sweet little ending tagged on that ends the episode on a nice note for the bears even though they don’t get adopted. Overall, a cute and fun episode with Al making for a solid antagonist. It’s well balanced and just a solid outing.

Sorry Mr Sun [Little Big Awesome]

Episode 2a

Writer: Dani Michaeli

“Air”date: April 26, 2018

Lennon offends the sun, which causes a blackout in Townopolis. Both Gluko and Lennon must work on their apologies to save the town and soothe their consciences.

Here’s another Amazon Prime show, but I had not heard of this one. And boy is it…weird. I actually liked it though, or at least this episode, can’t speak for the rest. The best way to describe it is imagine something with the kind of humor of a show like Adventure Time, but aimed for a bit of a younger audience. That’s what this felt like to me.

It has a focus on morals, with the moral being clear from the start and that moral being drilled into you in the end. But it has quite the quirky sense of humor at times. At one point Lennon cries, and his tear has a face and starts crying too. Cryception? My favorite part was when they end up in the clouds and there’s a hamster working out. Yes. It sounds forced but it made me laugh from just how random it is.

The plot itself works, with them having to get around a city that is in total darkness. The moral is at least a good one about being genuine with your apologies. The strange stuff is what makes it though. This extends to Al, who plays as the sun. His live action face is just plastered on a sun and just him getting so angry is pretty funny.

Sadly, he has to go away for the plot to start and doesn’t pop up again until the end. He makes the most of what he does get to do though. That leaves me conflicted somewhat but I feel this episode is worth watching just for him because his appearance is just so weird and memorable.

So while he’s not in it much, there’s still enough to make this worth a look. It has a certain charm to it that makes fun. I wasn’t expecting much but it managed to surprise me. It’s just not that it’s totally surreal all the time but those quirky touches just help give it more of an identity. Overall, I liked it.

Also, Aimee Mann is the moon but I have no idea who she is, just know there’s another live action face in this one.

Almost Famoose [The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle]

Episode 14

Writers: Nathan Knetchel and Keith Wagner/Scott Fellows

“Air”date: January 11, 2019

When Rocky and Bullwinkle damage the largest birdbath in the world, they set out on a musical adventure; Fearless Leader attempts to become a musical superstar so he can amass a legion of devoted superfans who will obey his every command.

This episode was decent but the structure is…odd. Basically, it’s split into 4 parts, each being a full 22 minutes. Apparently all the show’s stories seem to be like this which I really don’t get. There’s no reason to drag these out so much. Thankfully I was able to skim through and see that Al is only the first and last parts, so I didn’t full watch the entire thing. Even more thankfully, there’s a recap to tell me what I missed…which isn’t much it seems.

It seems like nothing in the middle matters that much in the end, which means this could have just been two parts. That holds it back but otherwise I like it. The sense of humor is very much up my alley, with a lot of fourth wall breaks and fun antics. It seems to fit the series well and I rather like the art style.

The fourth wall humor could have gotten old but here it’s not overdosed in an annoying way. Although for a musical adventure, it’s not as much of a musical episode as I hoped although maybe there was more in the other parts. At least the song that starts us off is pretty good, and of course there’s a big finale number.

As for Al, he plays himself as one of the musicians they get for the concert. Fearless Leader wants to kidnap them for his plan and Al escapes, and ends up helping the moose and squirrel when they get kicked out of town. His appearance is pretty standard by this point but he’s still welcome. He still helps out nicely and is funny. He is more minor in part 4 but still has some amusing bits, like when he basically parodies the song he’s in it while it’s still going on.

So I’d say watch just part 1 since it’s actually generally self contained, except for the narrator reminding us a loose end that doesn’t even come back until part 4. Al has some good bits in Part 4 though so if you skip to that, just know you won’t miss a lot, and the narrator does a good job of filling you in anyway.

Despite the weird structure, it is a fun time and I would want to watch more from this, since there was enough fun to make up for it being needlessly long. Even just the first part dragged a tad but the nature of the story made it slightly worth being 22 minutes. So…yeah, there’s that.

Attack of the Weird Al-Osaurus! [Scooby Doo and Guess Who?]

Episode 10

Writer: Mark Hoffmeier

Airdate: August 29, 2019

Driving through the Rocky Mountains, the Mystery Inc. gang stumbles upon a stowaway, in the form of “Weird Al” Yankovic, who warns them about a horrible Allosaurus raining relentless destruction on his local accordion sleep away camp alongside another dinosaur.

This episode was fine, but I don’t have much to say about it. This show is basically the traditional formula, to the point of having the art style be closer to it, but now they take cues from that Scooby Doo Movies one and have guest stars, from celebs to Batman. So yes, this show does have Batman, Scooby Doo, and Weird Al. The holy trinity of pop culture!

This is the first episode I’ve seen and it really does feel the classic show, meaning it is fairly basic. They do add in a couple subplots to get it to 22 minutes, like Al giving Scooby accordion lessons. That one doesn’t really go anywhere though. The part with a rich asshole wanting to buy the land does play a part though.

This one certainly uses Al the most of all these so far, which of course makes sense given the point of the show. Despite that, he’s a bit hit or miss.  Remember the running gag in the Lilo and Stich ep he was in where he would sing at random points? They do that here and honestly it gets a bit old after a while. It’s just not as funny as it was there. He’s not as his funniest here but he has a decent role and some good moments.

It’s a fine episode but given the setup I was expecting a bit more.Maybe the others do more interesting things but this didn’t give me a lot to comment on. Mystery is standard for the franchise, but it works for what it is. Al gives it a fun edge but otherwise it’s just fine. Enjoyable enough but not one of my favorites on here. Still, it has enough Weird Al to make it worth a look. …But honestly the Brave and the Bold appearance was better.

Also, Fred says he always says “Trappin’ time”, which is odd because I thought he said fu-

The Last Laugh [My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic]

Season 9, Episode 14

Writers: Michael P. Fox and Wil Fox

Airdate: August 3, 2019

Pinkie is invited to Cheese Sandwich’s prank factory but upon her arrival, however, Cheese and his overly formal assistant, Sans Smirk, explain that Cheese has become unable to laugh ever since the two started the factory to satisfy widespread demand for his novelties. So she tries to get him to laugh again.

Guess I wasn’t done with ponies quite yet. This episode was good. The main thing I appreciate is that it doesn’t try to replicate Pinkie Pride, it does more of its own thing. Thus I won’t compare it, outside of saying it’s not quite as great. But that’s just due to being different rather than being lesser.

I like the setup of Cheese losing his laugh, makes for an interesting story. I quite like this factory, they do a lot with the idea and there’s some funny gags and solid moments with how they research comedy. But what I really like is that they don’t actually make Sans Smirk (love that name) a villain.

In the end it’s not the fact that he looks at comedy more scientifically that’s the problem. It’s that Cheese shouldn’t be stuck in a factory all day when he needs to see the laughter his gags bring to people. The factory concept isn’t even commended, Cheese needs to keep up with demand after all. He just needs to be out there, spreading joy.

It’s pretty refreshing and well handled. Turning your passion into a job isn’t bad, but don’t get so into the job aspect that you forget why you love doing this to begin with. It’s something that resonates and it works. Oh and we get a pretty fun song once Cheese gets his laughter back.

Al is still really good as Cheese, especially now that he gets to vary it up a bit. There’s not much to complain about here. It’s not an amazing story or totally hilarious but it’s all just solid. The set up is good and explored well, there’s some good gags, and a good moral. It’s no Pinkie Pride but it’s not trying to be.

So yeah, if you’ve seen that one and somehow haven’t seen this yet, it’s worth it. Not a whole more to say about that.

Glide & Gobble [Archibald’s Next Big Thing]

Season 1, Episode 4a

Writers: Drew Champion and Jacob Moffat

“Air”date: September 6, 2019

Archibald and his friends get stranded in a canyon.

This episode was decent, and I don’t have much to say about it. It’s a good setup and there’s some amusing stuff they get out of it. Archibald is the kind of character who tends to cause problems but not in a way that makes them annoying. There’s some “ha he doesn’t get the obvious” jokes but at least he lucks into the solution here.

It’s not my favorite character type but at least in this episode he doesn’t cross the line. This is the first of this show I’ve seen so I can’t speak for the rest of it. I got a decent feel for what it’s like, pretty straight forward but fun.

Al plays Jasper, a typical crazy man kind of guy who they meet in the caves. He’s good enough to make him funny if I’ve seen some of these jokes before, like him thinking these rocks with faces are real people. He gets plenty to do, he helps out, and he has a nice ending where he meets up with his brother. It’s in that area where he’s not amazing or anything but he does plenty and is decently funny.

So yeah, I’d say check it out. Not great but better than average, I think. Just a fun little episode, nothing that new but still decent. I’m not in a hurry to watch more from this show but I enjoyed what I got here.

Venice the Menace [Where’s Waldo?]

Season 1, Episode 12

Writer: Sam Cherington

Airdate: October 12, 2019

Odlulu is in Venice, where she aims to become belle of the Venetian Carnival ball with the help of the Crystal Glass Key. So the Wanderers Waldo and his friend must stop her, with the help of the wizard Artbeard.

This episode is fine, but I have basically nothing to really say about it. It has them going through Venice and learning stuff until Odlulu shows up and uses that magic object so she can have glass shoes and be the belle of a ball. Basic stuff and while it works okay, there’s not a lot to critique here. It flows fine I guess, it was entertaining enough. Just basic kids show stuff, which is fine for watching but not so much for reviewing.

Could have been 11 minutes though, it does drag a fair bit. Odlulu was a fun villain at least. Al voices Artbeard and has a decent sized roll. His art shtick leads to some amusing bits and he dwfeintly seems to be into the role. Otherwise, not a lot to say for him. He’s good and sure, you can watch it for him. It’s not an amazing role but it’s not wasted either.

It’s all a big bowl of fine. I didn’t mind watching it but it’s not one I will remember for that long. Al is good but there’s better roles on here. Still, it’s all fine and perfectly watchable. That is all.

King Bugs and the Island of Lunacy [New Looney Tunes/Wabbit]

Season 3, Episode 35

Writers: Matt Craig, Kevin Fleming, and Rob Janas

Airdate: January 30, 2020

King Bugs and his friends Porky and Daffy journey to the Island of Lunacy in search of the Sword of Rothgar.

This episode was decent, but man this show is an odd one. It started off as Wabbit, then became “New Looney Tunes” and of course got booted to Boomerang. I figured it was long over but apparently episodes continued to be released up until this very year as you see. And yet Season 3 is not on HBO Max yet, guess they didn’t want the glory to be taken from those new shorts, so I had to hunt to find this one. I’ve had that trouble with this show before, why is this show so elusive?

The strange-ness doesn’t end there. I saw that this was just one episode and not an “a” or “b” like usual with this one so I thought this would be 22 minutes. Nope, it’s 11 minutes but split up into a part 1 and 2 anyway. I can’t tell if it was made this way or the place I watched it at sped it up. I’ve believe the latter because this went by super fast.

It means it doesn’t drag but it does mean not much room to breath for an adventure story, even if it’s a comedic one. So it does kinda just go by without much impact but it was still fun. There’s some good jokes like them tricking these trolls in a very classic feeling gag. Fun stuff, just could have been stretched out further.

Weird Al voices two trees named “Al” and “Weird” (cute) who challenge them to an accordion duel. It was a fun part and the name gag was amusing. Not a big part but he does return at the end and it was a fun segment. He could have been in it more but it was still a notable and fun part of the episode.

And that’s really it. This episode went by faster than I could blink. Not high up on the list since it’s so fast but it’s enjoyable and Al’s appearance was solid. That’s about all there is to it.

 Recycling Power! [Blaze and the Monster Machines]

Season 5, Episode 8

Writer: Clark Stubbs

Airdate: February 11, 2020

When Axle City is visited by a littering raccoon, it’s up to Blaze to save the day as a Super Recycling Truck; he cleans up the town and rescues his friends just in time for a final showdown with the Litter Critter.

This episode was eh. I don’t like talking about most preschool shows because really I have no business criticizing something for that young of an audience. But this still falls on the lesser end of that, as it leans hard on the interactive stuff. Which wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t repeat a lot of the same situations so many times in a row to fill up time.

This did not need to be a 22 minute show, as everything is so repetitive. The message is fine but that’s the main thing this has, outside of Al. Speaking of which, he voices the Litter Critter and he is the highlight. He’s always fun as a villain and that is true here, especially with his fun little villain song, which he calls back to a few times. A few too many actually, even his shtick starts to get old because of how much they stretch this out.

He gets redeemed in the end, in a rushed way but that’s just what you expect from this I guess. Al brightens this up but I wouldn’t say you should watch it for him since he’s fun but doesn’t make up for the long stretches of not much going on. It’s stricly for kids which is fine, but people like me hearing this has Al in it should at best just hear his villain song and then jump out.

So yeah, as far as his Nick Jr appearances go, Wallykazam was better. That was at least weird, this was just bland. But again, who am I to say any of this stuff? Let’s move on.

The Singing Cabbage [Pete the Cat]

Season 2, Episode 5b

Writer: February 8

“Air”date: June 26, 2020

Pete and the gang go to the art museum to see a piece called The Singing Cabbage but find themselves disappointed with it.

This episode was decent. I knew of this show due to the involvement of Jeff “Swampy” Marsh so I’m glad this gave me an excuse to watch an episode. It’s aimed at younger kids which means it’s pretty simple but thankfully it’s of the actually cute and watchable kind.

There isn’t a lot of wacky humor, it’s mostly them going on about how much they like art and what certain pieces mean to them. It goes into a moral about how art can mean anything and the titular piece ends up helping in teach that. It’s a lesson I very much agree with so that helped. If it was a more generic or botched message, that could have been made this dull but instead it was reasonably cute.

Al voices the artist Wawa Weasel (wonder if he knows Art Beard) and he’s okay. Doesn’t get much as far as humor, he doesn’t stand out as much as in some of these others. But he does get to sing so that’s good. He’s decent, but despite being important it’s not one of his more standout roles. That’s fine, just something to note if you wanna watch this.

It’s not a must watch but it was cute enough for me. It’s not exactly my mind of show totally, but I liked this fine. I can’t imagine the rest being too different but who knows. Either way, it’s fine and Al was fine in it.

Also, it’s fitting that Swampy is behind this since Pete is a like Ferb in that that he only spoke once in this.

The Canine Guy [Close Enough]

Season 1, Episode 8

Writers: Andres Salaff & Deepak Sethi

“Air”date: July 9, 2020

After a fight with Alex, Josh befriends a talking dog. Meanwhile, Emily and Bridgette receive inspiration from Weird Al Yankovic on a songwriting retreat in the forest.

This episode was decent. It’s a typical story where two friends fight and the one of them gets a new friend that the other is jealous of…but with a talking dog that turns out to be a product of an experiment. It’s that kind of show. It works, leading to some fun stuff with the dog. Especially the reveal of the real reason he was made, it’s pretty out there and funny.

It’s a solid balance of nice and weird. Not a whole lot to say other than that, outside of I’m just glad this show is finally out at all. You can tell it’s from the same guy behind Regular Show and that can be distracting but it does have a certain unique flavor that I enjoy. It feels a bit wackier in terms of humor, even though Regular Show was plenty wacky I guess. The being an adult cartoon thing plays a part too but thankfully it doesn’t lean into the more annoying aspects of those, at least from what I’ve seen.

Anyway, Al plays himself and he sadly doesn’t do a lot but what he does is pretty good. He is foreshadowed in an earlier bit where they see a billboard of him, stating he is the “only respected comedy songwriter”. Accurate. He gets a few out there jokes I liked. He isn’t super useful but his appearance is funny enough to make up for it.

So it’s not one of his grander appearances but it is good and the episode itself is solid and enjoyable. Oh and I like how both plots do involve friendship troubles, it’s just more notable in the main story. Overall, a fine one to end the cartoons on, until he pops up yet again.

Finally, here becomes our feature presentation.


Miss Stardust [Amazing Stories]

Season 2, Episode 21

Writers: Thomas E. Szollosi & Richard Christian Matheson

Airdate: April 10, 1987

An alien threatens to destroy Earth if the Miss Stardust beauty pageant doesn’t allow contestants from other worlds. This causes a public relations worker to give in to his demands and allow aliens to compete in the Miss Stardust pageant.

So this is an anthology series created by Steven Speilberg that seems pretty interesting. Mr. Coat has a video on it if you want to know more but as for this episode, I enjoyed it.  It’s basically a wacky comedy and I thought it was funny. Both the alien and human sides get in some funny moments, like when this one woman is zapped to Dimension 49 and PR guy is like “well, we gotta dock her pay while she’s gone”.

The story isn’t really the focus here as they just get some mileage of a beauty pageant that allows aliens that the humans find hideous. If this were a Twilight Zone episode there would be some commentary on our standards of beauty or something but that’s not what this is about. That could have worked but it’s fine that it just wants to be funny.

Al plays the main alien and he’s fun. He is a bit too over the top at times, being perhaps a tad too loud at points. Despite that he’s still fun, and he comes with wacky cartoon sound effects. Okay, some of those were a bit much. He also gets enough to do given we have to set up the PR guy (I love how good I am with names) and show off other aliens.

The PR guy is fun too without he tries to get a win out of all this. The ending is a bit weak though. Not bad, fitting enough but not as wild or funny as I would have liked. Overall, a fun little wacky comedy where Al gets to be an alien. Not a whole lot to dislike, and it’s solid for our first live action outing.

The Case: Off the Record [Square One Television/Mathnet]

Season 5, Episode 3

Writer: Unknown

Airdate: October 5, 1992 

A record company was producing hit records, all bad. Pat & George go undercover as a music band to find out what’s going on.

This is an odd one. This is a segment from a kids variety/sketch show called Square One Television that focused on teaching kids math related things. Never heard of it but I’ve seen stuff in a similar vein so I kind of get it. This segment is a parody of Dragnet and has aired/been released on its own. The version of this one that I watched is from what it was aired on its own so…yeah.

Square One aired Mondays through Fridays with a Mathnet segment in each one, and each week was basically one story split into 5 parts and so the re-aired version would be all of these in one, with segments from Square One as commercials to fill up a whole air. I mention all this explain how the version I watched was a full hour, and still ended up being long even as I skipped the “Ads”.

I also go through all that to make up for how there’s nothing to say otherwise. It’s okay but kind of dry. It captures the style well but to the point of being dull. There’s some attempts at humor that actually work but the rest focuses on the educational aspect which is fine. But a lot does drag even taking that aside. I ended up skimming through a bit, mostly because Al’s appearance is short.

He plays a rude disk jockey called Murray the Mouth and he is fun as this brash personality, but he’s not in it for long. He appears for a short bit early then has a longer pat near the end. Both bits were fun but don’t last too long. So it’s kind of a skip all around, but it is fun seeing him play this kind of character.

It’s alright but not worth seeking out given how brief his appearance is. Still, it was interesting to research at least. That is all.

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Hamster [The Weird Al Show]

Episode 1 (production order)/Episode 10 (airing order)

Writers: Steve Lookner, Ron Weiner, and Al Yankovic

Airdate: November 15, 1997

Yeah, we had to talk about the whole show starring him during all this. Honestly, the history behind it is more interesting than the show itself.  I’d suggest reading about it on Wikipedia but the short version is that they butted head with CBS quite a bit and that lead to a show that did not last long. While it see how only had like 13 episodes, I figured it would be easier to just review the first episode to get a taste of it.

The first in production order that is, because this was aired later for some reason. Anyway, let’s see how it is.

Al bullies Harvey about doing a death-defying stunt, and must make amends.

This episode was fine. The production troubles can be kind of felt in the very essence of what the show ended up being. They wanted a Pee Wee’s Playhouse kind of a thing mixed in with Al’s style of humor but they had various mixed ways of trying to do this. This episode has a moral lesson for the kids that Al has to learn, and there’s some wacky skits inbetween.

The stuff that’s actually telling a story is the weak link here. The moral is straight up told to us at the start so it’s obvious what Al is doing wrong by not being supportive to Harvey. There are parts of this that try to be parody, like the end of gag of Al telling kids to avoid speeding locomotives, which was pretty funny.

But it mostly doesn’t go all the way with it. This could have worked well as a parody of kids show but it plays things just a bit too straight most of the time. As a result, Al isn’t quite as funny as he should be during the main parts. The skits and such are better though, like an for sports shoes that just tells you it’s not worth it and you’re a loser.

There’s also a channel surfing bit including a show called Sabrina the Teenage Fish. Yes.

There’s some amusing stuff in the story, like with Emo Phillips as a doctor. Otherwise, it’s fine but nothing that special. It’s fine to watch but a bit disappointing given Al’s talents. Of course this isn’t surprising given what went on behind the scenes so frankly I’m glad there’s anything to like at all.

Overall, it’s alright with some decent highlights but the production troubles do show. Still, worth a look for those who are curious.

Salame [Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!]

Season 1, Episode 4

Writers: Unknown

Airdate: March 4, 2007

Oh boy. After reviewing the movie, I got to sample some of the show. Did it manage to impress me more? …Nah, not really. I’m not one to admit I just don’t get it because hey, it’s a dumb comedy show, what is there to get? But man, I just don’t get it.

It’s not meant to be reviewed which leaves me with not much to say. There isn’t a theme tying this all together, it’s just some skits. I guess the main one has a guy and his puppet doing a doing a song about an alien race’s way of saying hello, hence the title. It’s just kind of drags and it is awkward. The same can be said for the rest. I guess I like the low rent quality of it all but otherwise I didn’t laugh once.

There’s a bit where Tim and Eric have a seminar on how to make it in Hollywood, which again was just awkward and not as funny as it sounds. It’s very much that weird Anti Humor that clearly a lot of people got into. I guess I can’t be snob-ish about it but man, usually I can get into all kinds of humor even if it’s not my thing. How is this my limit?

Oh and as for Al, he’s in a bit where he’s walking some women down the aisle, then Tim and Eric pick one of them and dance with her. Just like the rest, I don’t get it. Al doesn’t have anything funny to say so it’s kind of a waste. Maybe that’s the joke. Either way it felt so much longer than 13 minutes.

So yeah, I don’t recommend it unless you’re already a fan. If you haven’t’ seen it than perhaps this could be a way to see if you’d like it but I imagine there might be better ones since this was so early on. I doubt I’d like the rest but who knows.

Either way, this was really not for me. Sorry.

Circus [Yo Gabba Gabba]

Season 3, Episode 7

Writer: Scott Schultz

Airdate: March 8, 2010

I remember watching parts of this show ages ago and being like “What”. It’s an out there one but strangely enticing for that reason. This episode wasn’t quite as “What” as I expected but maybe my standards for weird-ness have changed since then.  As far as something for kids goes, it’s okay.

It’s one of those shows with a bunch of segments tied together by a theme, in this case being…well yeah. There’s some fun musical numbers, and bits with kids dancing. And one where a kid lifts another because…sure. For 22 minutes, it can drag but nothing was really annoying enough to bother me. Again, keeping the target audience in mind.

Al plays the ringmaster and while he doesn’t do anything funny per say, he does do a good job. There’s something about the way he plays him that makes him fun. I quite like the dramatic way he says “Circus” at one point too. He gets a song about being a clown that I enjoyed.

He’s in it a fair amount too. He’s not so good that most adults should seek it out just for him but for kids, it’s not bad. And…that’s about it. Pretty simple. The nature of it should bother me a bit more but there was a certain charm to it and it wasn’t as “talk down”-y as some other shows can be.

So yeah, it’s okay for what it is.

Nortetta [How I Met Your Mother]

Season 7, Episode 7

Writer: Matt Kuhn

“I’m a real lucky guy, cuz I married my dad”

Kevin helps the gang realize that their partners remind them of one of their parents, depressing and embarrassing Marshall and Lily. Meanwhile, Barney and Nora’s planned romantic evening is ruined by a string of horrible events.

Hey remember when I did a post on this show in 2013? Of course you don’t, and it was bad but I did it. For a show I ended up getting so into back then I don’t remember a ton of details because it’s been so long. So this did job my memory a bit.

I’ll actually get Al out of the way first, as he just as appearance in an end stinger. Ted wants to go a Weird Al concert with someone and Kal Penn tags along to make him feel better, even though he is not a fan of Al. That treason aside, it’s nice. Ted tells everyone some story about a letter he sent and the stinger is a flashback to Al reading it. It’s pretty funny for a quick bit and the punchline is good.

I’m sure the clip is up somewhere so go ahead and watch that. The episode is itself is fun though. It mostly runs on the gag of everyone seeing their partner as one of their parents, and they go pretty far with it in pretty funny ways. Especially in Marshall and Lilly’s side, it almost crosses a line but in a good way. And being reminded that Marshall’s dad is Patrick Star just makes it better.

It’s an accessible enough episode as far as this show goes but if you’re getting into it, start at the beginning since it’s better to look up Al’s clip then watch the whole episode for it. Him being a cameo would usually mean  I skip it…but it was too long by the time I realized this and really it’s not a big time. It’s fine to cover at least one of his sitcom cameos of which he’s had a few. Hopefully the rest will be more worth going over though.

Fun cameo, fun episode.

Kidnapped by Danger [30 Rock]

Season 6, Episode 14

Writer: Tina Fey

Airdate: March 22, 2012

“I turned down intercourse with Harvey Weinstein on no less than 3 occasions…out of 5”

Jack and Liz have creative differences over the Avery Jessup TV movie project; Avery’s mother returns to oversee production, rekindling her chemistry with Jack; Kenneth copes with his new job as an NBC janitor; and Jenna reacts poorly to a Weird Al”Yankovic parody of her new single.

This episode was decent. This is the first episode I’ve seen from this show but it did make me wanna see more, as this was generally up my alley. Granted, I’d like it more if I had seen some of the stuff leading up to this since I feel like there’s backstory to the events this in universe movie is portraying.

I was still able to enjoy this without getting super confused but perhaps you should look more into it before you jump into this one. There’s solid funny moments through-ought, like when Kenneth says he only dislikes the sound guys, but a dubbed in voice calls them lovely people. That was unexpected and great.

Al gets a whole subplot revolving around him, although he himself only appears a couple times to show that he has parodied Jenna’s songs. Still, at least he is important even he isn’t on screen during the subplot and his bits are funny. Especially the end punchline that I won’t spoil. I will spoil that there’s a stinger with him spoofing the show’s intro that I liked.

Jenna’s actress was on Unbreakable Kimmy Schdmit and honestly they may as well be the same character at times. Oh and she gives us…that timely quote up there. Even Wikipedia calls it “now timely”, lovely.

So I’d say this is a rare case where it’s worth seeing even though Al’s not in it a ton, as his subplot is notable and fun. And as I proved, it’s a fine way to get into the show even with there being some stuff that may be slightly confusing. Overall, just a decently enjoyable episode.

Pilgrim Boy/Showtime [Aquabats Super Show]

Season 1 Episode 9/13

Writers: Tyler Jacobs/Christian Jacobs & Dominic Abeyta

Airdate: April 28, 2012/June 16, 2012

The Aquabats meet Pilgrim Boy, a fellow superhero and inexplicable Pilgrim who possesses the power to shapeshift into anything, despite causing him physical pain in the process.

Down on their luck and out of money, The Aquabats try to find an opportunity to re-establish their superhero status in order to help sell their surplus of merchandise.

Yep, we’re going over both at once, since they aired close together and it was just easier this way. I’m not familiar with the Aquabats in general but I did watch this show when it was on and it’s another example of The Hub just not wanting anything good on their channel since it didn’t last long. Anyway, Pilgrim Boy is alright. It gets a bit repetitive with them having Pilgrim Boy turn into things. And while I get that them being jerks is the point, they hammer that in a bit too much and even when Eagle Bones call them out, it takes a bit to truly sink in. But there’s some stuff like the climax and the cartoon, which I’ll talk more about with the other one.

Al plays the president (Boy do we all wanna live in this world) during some news reports and he sadly doesn’t say anything that funny. The joke with him is that he’s called President StunCastin. I love it. Otherwise, he’s a tad wasted.

As for Showtime, it was actually the season finale, and it does show. It has a even bigger scale conflict with this giant alien robot…person and it’s mostly just a big action sequence. That means the stuff with them struggling is forgotten, which is a shame. It being so action heavy means it’s not the funniest but it is still fun.

As I alluded to before, each episode has a short cartoon with the Aquabats in adventures where each one actually goes into the next. In this one, it ends with them getting into time loop where they end up doing the first scene of the first episode and the main story actually ends in a similar way to how the first cartoon started. That’s pretty clever and interesting.

Al plays Super Magic Power Man, a superhero that has been getting more fame lately. He’s got some amusing bits but soon after he and his partner, the villain kills them. Yeah really, they just get zapped like that. Kind of dark for this show but I like it. However, it means he’s not in for that long. Still, it is fun that he exists to be killed off that.

Neither are quite worth it just for the Al stuff but package is fun. Showtime is easily better but Pilgrim Boy was okay too. This show was just fun with how intentionally cheese and wild it is. It’s worth a look, all the episodes are on the band’s youtube page legally so there’s no excuse if you’re interested. And that’s about it for these.

Country Weekend [Children’s Hospital]

Season 5, Episode 4

Writer: David Wain

Airdate: August 16, 2013

Cat and Michael’s wedding weekend at a vacation house sees the doctors and their partners entwined in a murder mystery which Owen must solve.

This episode was decent. This is the first time I honestly got a bit confused due to jumping into a random episode. It’s a parody of medical dramas/soap operas, I get that much. Because it is that, I don’t know how much I needed to know about these characters but I feel like at least having a bit more knowledge would have helped me get into it more.

So for a bit of this I wasn’t that into it since I was confused but it did pick up. Some of the humor is spot on, and there’s some decent parody with how it seems like everyone is cheating on their spouse. Nothing too hilarious but there was some okay stuff here. The mystery part is downplayed but the payoff there was okay.

Al’s appearance is interesting. One character claims they are dating him but when he shows up it’s clearly just some guy, who has a hat to remind you who he’s supposed to be. Now that was the best joke in this but the real Al does appear in a flashback as a younger Micheal. It’s an amusing bit and it makes the other thing funnier. And in the stinger someone says he looks like a younger Weird Al, haw haw.

It’s again a bit too brief but the added bit with fake Al does make it better. But as I showed, it’s not the best one to just jump into. Still, this show seems alright as far as Adult Swim stuff goes. I enjoyed some of this, even if I was a little confused at times. Not one I’d suggest highly on its own but it was mostly fine.

(Apparently Al showed up on another episode but I didn’t feel like going over it, just know that I know about it)

(Oh and on a side note, the show had a Netflix spinoff called Medical Police which came out in January of this year, and part of the plot involves….a world threatening virus. Oof, that timing)

c [Drunk History]

Season 2, Episode 1

Writers: idk, proably a bunch though

Airdate: July 1, 2014

Another one I can’t put a summary do the nature of it so let’s just jump into it. This show feels like an adult version of an educational kids show. The gimmick is that it has people telling us history but as the title suggests, they are drunk. The general info is actually accurate from what I can tell, just presented in a crude way.

And I liked this. It’s not super hilarious and perhaps the joke can get old, but it mostly works. It’s split into three segments and I think the 2nd one used the drunk the best with how she kept stumbling over her words and stuff, even more-so than the others. The third segment does have the presenter doing boxing with someone though, so there’s that.

The reenacts are done by actors but the presenter is actually saying the dialogue meaning the actors are just mouthing to them. That means Al doesn’t actually speak here, it’s Morgan Murphy as Al, basically. But we see him so it counts, and here does body/facial acting.

The segment he’s in is about the boxing match of  Joe Louis vs. Max Schmeling, and Al plays Hitler. Yes. It’s pretty amusing. He does some amusing facial stuff but nothing wild as he’s not in it much. So overall it’s nothing to great but it is amusing enough and I’m into history so this was up my alley. I didn’t know any of this stuff so it was actually educational, and it being accurate does help.

Al did appear in another episode called Heists and like Childrens Hospital I’d just not go over it…but then I found out the presenter in his segment in it is Rachael Bloom so I had to go watch at least just that part. It has Al as Adolf Eichmann, who “literally planned the Holocaust”. and he’s the focus this time. Thus there’s more of him to enjoy, even if weirdly likes playing nazis. Not to insult Morgan Murphy but Racheal Bloom doing it makes it way funnier.

So even though Montgomery was the focus here, Heists is the one to watch for Al since he does more. Both are enjoyable in general, one is just better for our purposes. So there’s that.

And I agree with Rachael and that guy with her, “[Bleep] the Nazis!”.

(In an interesting coincidence, on the same day I typed this one, it was announced the show got canceled. Oof)

Staycation [The Hotwives of Orlando]

Season 1, Episode 5

Writers: Dannah Phirman & Danielle Schneider

“Aird”date: July 15, 2014

I could make a joke about how one of the writers/creator sounds like Rule 63 Dan Schneider but instead I’ll mention that the other one was the voice of Wordgirl. Yes. So this is a parody of Real Houswives that premired on Hulu, which I had never heard of. So I figured it should be interesting.

Shauna finds out that she’s losing her house due to spending all her husband’s money, and Veronica loses her dog in a tanning bed accident. Then they go on a staycation or something.

This episode was fine. It seems fairly spot on as a parody, as a lot of deal boil down to how awful rich white peeople are. There’s some good bits, like those captions describing the people. Kristen Schaal is in it so that’s a plus, although she doesn’t do a whole lot. I like the husband of one of them is clearly being cucked big time but he’s so obvlious. Otherwise, there’s not a lot to say. Maybe jumping into episode 5 made it a bit confusing but given what kind of show this is, it wasn’t a big distraction.

Al plays this guy brought to help them as a group, and he swears this is not at all a pyrhamic scheme. He was decently fun in this sort of role but that’s about all I got. He enters a bit later but gets plenty do once he shows up. Not an amazing role for him but he was funny enough. So …sure check it out, he’s good.

It’s just that otherwise there’s not much to say. It works fine for what it is, I can just see why I hadn’t heard of it. It’s nothing great, just enjoyable enough as a parody of these kinda shows. Can you tell I’m tired at this point? And we’ve got quite a bit to go, woo hoo.

So yeah he was good and this was fine. Also, I get that it’s part of the parody but the previously and next on segments are played straight enough for me to question why they are in a streaming show.

Completely Mad…Alena [Galavant]

Season 1, Episode 5

Writers: Casey Johnson & David Windsor

Airdate: January 18, 2015

Galavant, Sid, and Isabella stop at a monastery of monks that have all taken a “vow of singing”.

This episode was decent. Because it seemed like this show has a story, I watched the first episode before this since I hadn’t seen the show before and weirdly it both helped and didn;t. As in, Wikipedia told me what I needed to know and it seems like not a ton happens between the first ep and this one but actually seeing it play out gave me better context for this.

Just knowing what happens in the pilot is enough, but you do gotta at least know that since I feel like I’d be a bit confused otherwise. All that aside, I like it. The setup is basically that this knight had his lady get captured by an evil king and when he went to rescue her, she decided to stay with evil for the fortune, so Gal sadly goes home. Then he learns she seemingly changed her mind and wants him to rescue her so he heads off to do it along with some friends.

But one of said friends is Princess Isabella, who came here with the news that Madalena wanted rescue when in reailty, she is using this as a way for the evil king to get revenge on Gal or something and Isabella knows this and here she struggles with that. Yeah, it’s more story/drama than I expected and honestly it’s the highlight of what I’ve seen so far.

And it is interesting and there’s a surprsing turn that happens at the end, and it’s weirdly early in the show to do such a thing. Guess someday I’ll watch the rest and see how it goes. I like how Madalena is basically the real villain here.  She even has a song about she is the person who knows her best and her reflections sing to her.

Oh I should mention this is a musical show, so of coruse that was appealing. That leads me to Al, who plays the head monk. He also gives Isabella advice. Once again he doesn’t do much but what he does do is funny. Just having him as a singing monk is enough and that advice does add to the story.

This isn’t one to watch for him just due to the story elements but it is early enough for it to not be too confusing. However, it’s best to just watch the show in general since I did like what I saw. More for the story than the comedy but the comedy was fine too.

Overall, not the most accesible as far as Weird Al episodes go but it is the one that made me wanna see more of the show the most so that’s not bad.

(Also, Al is in the finale too but for obvious reasons I didn’t want skip to that point and I didn’t have time to go through it all, but it is only only 18 eps total at least.)

Enlightening Strikes [The Odd Couple 2015]

Season 1, Episode 10

Writers: Tucker Cawley & Emily Cutler

Airdate: May 7, 2015

Felix guest instructs a yoga class and brings along Teddy, Emily and Murph to attend the class. During the session the people start to get irritated with Felix’s forced teaching styles and walk out. Elsewhere, Oscar and Dani get trapped in the Subway and begin to get annoyed with the people on board.

This episode was somewhere between eh and okay-ish, but I’m mostly not a fan. This seems like an odd reboot to do given how the formula is so overdone that every other sitcom is a Odd Couple reboot. While perhaps the other episodes are better, this one was pretty typical sitcom stuff that somehow aired in the 2010’s. The humor isn’t awful so much as it was just kind of lame.

There isn’t a whole lot to either story and they go in the unexpected directions, but that’s fine for a show like this. The subplot come out as better since I do like the plot type its doing, even if it is weirdly common. The better jokes come from that end as Dani starts off being cheerful but gets increasingly frustrated. The main plot kinda peters out although it does have a conclusion with Felix and this woman who likes him, I guess.

Al plays one of the people in the class, and he complains about how the usual guy isn’t here. That’s…about it, he doesn’t end up doing anything important and only has a few moments. I did them funny just because it was Al doing it. He’s not even the only guest appearance, Regis Philbin is here as a guy who likes flashing. …Yes, it’s….actually funnier than it sounds.

So overall, it has its moments but its pretty skipable. I get you don’t want your guests stars to overpower anything but Al doesn’t do anything to make this worth it. Regis got more to do. That’s about, just kind of a middling sitcom episode. Also, Phill Lewis ska Mr. Mosbey directed this. Neat?

Auditons [Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp]

Episode 4

Writer: Micheal Showalter

“Air”date: July 31, 2015

Claude helps Susie find new leads for the musical. Gail tries to discover the truth about Jonas.

I watched the original movie a bit ago just because I knew I would be doing this but enough time has passed that I forgot the details. Whoops. Anyway, this episode was okay. I thought jumping into episode 4 in a show like this wouldn’t be an issue but I was a bit confused and thus wasn’t fully into it.

Even aside of that, not much was that funny or interesting. Not bad per say, it just kind of dragged. That might be because all streaming shows are required by law to be longed than necessary. Seriously, I think only the animated shows are free of this problem, and yes I’m including Big Mouth in it. It wasn’t a horrible problem here but 27 minutes is a bit much.

The main stuff wasn’t that interesting but it wasn’t full on boring to watch or anything. Some stuff was sort of interesting but honestly I’m already forgetting what happened in this. Outside of the out there stuff, like one character finding out there’s more to her fiancee than she she thinks. It was honestly the most interesting stuff only because it’s so odd and doesn’t fit with everything else.

Al plays a hypnotist and say it with me now: He’s amusing but not in that much. He’s also more amusing than straight up funny so yeah, not quite worth it for him. Although there is a plot twist at the end with him that was….wild. Again, unfitting but I like it for that reason.

Overall, this was fine to watch I guess but something about it didn’t fully click with me. Maybe if I watched the first 3 episodes I’d be more into it but as it is, it’s okay at best. I’d suggest watching the movie than the show from the start to get the best experience, and see how you feel. The movie was good at least. Perhaps the show is good. But this episode was just sort of there.

Weird Al [The Goldbergs]

Well, the title is direct at least.

Season 3, Episode 15

Writer: Lauren Bans

Airdate: February 17, 2016

When Dana comes to town, Adam wants to spend a romantic weekend together and starts with their “greatest hits” of their childhood toys and food. But when that doesn’t go over well, he announces they’re going to their first concert. But, thinking it’s a rock concert, Dana loses interest when Adam gets tickets to his favorite “rock god”, “Weird Al” Yankovic.

Honestly I was looking forward to this one just because I knew having a whole episode about Weird Al would be welcome after so many where he doesn’t do much. And I am happy to say that the summary and title not only doesn’t lie but this episode was pretty good!

It’s not the freshest story in the world but it works for a show like this. It mainly focuses on relationship drama which I thought would drag it down but while some parts were a bit dull early on, it managed to work well. We see how they struggled to connect with Dana outgrowing some of the stuff she sees as childish and how the mom helps out later on. It’s all pretty nice and well.

And the ending is surprisingly mature and a bit unexpected. Granted even a certain Disney sitcom episode I talked about last month did this but it’s still effective. It was a well handled and solid ending. There’s also a subplot where Barry and Erica think dad has depression and I swear it’s less tasteless than it sounds. It’s even more sitcom-y but it was decently amusing.

This easily is the live action episode where Al has the biggest impact. Dana says she has outgrown Al so Adam being so into him is what represents the thing that makes them notice they’re drifting apart. So Al isn’t just a gimmick here, he plays an important part even he’s not on screen. But when he is he gets some good moments, like the end stinger which reminded me of the same one from the How I Met Your Mother episode, weirdly enough.

So his appearence is funny and leaves a good impact on a solid story. Overall, I quite enjoyed this episode as it has basically everything I want in one of those. Not all them can be like this I know, but it was still nice. And I hadn’t seen any of this show before and I still got a good grasp on the charecters fairly easily.

It’s certainly an easy one to recommend.

(Also, Barry looks kinda like Ben Savage, am I the only who sees it? And when he wears this one shirt he looks a bit like Gibson from ANT Farm. idk my brain is weird)

Amir vs Dean [Bajillion Dollar Propertie$]

Season 2, Episode 5

Writer: Alex Fernie

“Air”date: October 13, 2016

So our next two are similar in that they were both on a streaming service called Seeso. Never heard of it? Same, it went under and basically suffered the same fate Qubi will, just you wait. Thankfully the shows got put elsewhere so they weren’t lost media. Somehow Al ended up on two shows for them so let’s look at them.

Amir risks it all by threatening Dean with knowledge of a devastating secret. Chelsea enlists a deep cover expert to help her rid a property of raccoons, Victoria deals with a delusional dog owner.

Ths episode was mostly eh. Even taking aside that I’m not as familiar with the kind of shows this is parodying, most of it fell flat. Not horribly so, it’s just that a lot of it just drags. The humor tends to go into rambling and it’s not that funny. The better parts a lot the comedy to get weirder, like a lady who wants to screw a raccoon. Yes.

I do like the ending where Dean gets a leg up on Amir, but otherwise this is pretty middle of the road. The other highlight is Al, who plays a dog owner who carries around his dead stuffed dog. Yeah, it’s so out there that it was honestly pretty funny. He was good but he’s only in the one extended scene and that was is it.

This could be worth watching for him but he wasn’t in it enough. So instead it’s skip-able. Watchable with Al being a highlight but it’s mostly just kind of dull. Ah well. (Also, Amir is played by Phil from Kickin’ It. Of course I knew that)

Candlenights & Vape Ape [My Brother, My Brother and Me]

Episode 6

Writers: Not credited from what I could see

“Air”date: February 23, 2017

An attempt to help a viewer with their vaping problem is suddenly interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Candlenights. After telling the story of the holiday’s origins, the McElroy brothers must band together to organize and prepare for a Candlenights live show in just three days.

This episode was decent. It’s based on a podcast  and you can tell but it mostly stretches okay. They balance out the podcast stuff with slightly more plot based stuff okay. It does get a bit weaker later as it stretches a bit too thin and some of the ramble humor doesn’t always work. But it generally does, and the three have decent chemistry.

It being a holiday episode certainly helps. It even has sort of a nice ending, as they acknowledge this is the last episode of the season. Although them mentioning the possibility of a season 2 is sad now since that did not happen. Although the picky asshole in me was annoyed they kept calling this a TV show since it’s a streaming show and is certainly made like one. Not that I really care, just had to mention that lol.

Al plays himself as the celebrity guest they try to get. It’s standard stuff for this kind of thing and it was amusing enough. Not big enough for to be a big recommendation but it was a good cameo at least.

Overall, a fine little episode with a decent Weird Al cameo. Not much to add, really.

Little Manila [Lady Dynamite]

Season 2, Episode 8

Writers: Theresa Mulligan Rosenthal & Pam Brady

“Air”date: November 10, 2017

When the plans for Maria’s second wedding hit a snag, her new friends in the Filipino community step in to throw her an unforgettable party.

Thia one is interesting as it was the season finale, which became the series finale once it was canned. I had never seen this one before so I was nervous and wondering if I should have at least skimmed more of it beforehand. However, I actually didn’t have a hard time getting into this.

Sure, there’s things I get more if I watched the rest but as it is, it was surprisingly accessible. It clearly does build on things but it worked on its own for me. It’s over 30 minutes long and I mostly let that slide since its a finale but some parts do drag, like this otherwise fun fantasy sequence.

There’s solid drama with what she’s going through and some amusing moments, like a sort of fourth wall break that happens at one point. It also had a nice and satisfying ending although I can’t say if it works as the series finale it became.

Weird Al appears as himself during that fantasy, telling Maria she has to go to the center of the Earth. He has some funny lines but his appearance is naturally brief. A bit funnier than in some of these others but he doesn’t add a ton. It’s weird he even showed up this late into the series. And even if it was worth watching for him, it’s better to watch the whole series first to fully get it.

Still, he was alright and even as someone who hadn’t seen the rest, I enjoyed this well enough. Frankly, I found this one of the least confusing to get into it lol.

Adam Ruins Games [Adam Ruins Everything]

Season 3, Episode 3

Writers: Adam Conover, James III, Rasheda Crockett, Brian Frange, Zac Oyama, Andra Whipple, Alison Zeidman

Airdate: January 22, 2019

Adam misunderstands a shopkeeper into revealing that video games do not correlate to violent behavior, how Monopoly was originally conceived to explain how capitalism damages society, and discusses how the Olympic Games economically harm almost everyone involved except the International Olympic Committee.

So this episode was good but I don’t have a whole lot to say about it. For those who haven’t seen this show, it’s basically Adam Conover telling people the truth behind various conceptions and such, generally in a fun way. It’s not perfect but they’ve done a couple episodes adressing their mistakes so I can let at least some of it slide.

This one is of course about games and I’ve listed above what he goes over. It’s all solid stuff and quite necessary to point out in the case of the first thing. But that segment mentions Fortnite so 0/10. The second one was the most interesting, seeing how something became a symbol of what it was calling out. The olypmics one was interesting but I found the others more so and yet this one got the most attention it seems, which I get.

It’s not the most standout episode of this show I’ve seen but it’s a fine one. It’s interesting how each segment has a different person he’s explaining this too since it’s usually one during the whole thing. That brings us to Al, who plays the mysterious shopkeeper that turns out to be the devil.

Yes. It’s really fun and Al is highly enjoyable in this role, especially as Adam refuses to even listen to him.But he’s sort of wasted as he’s only in between the segments and thus isn’t in it a lot. He makes the most of it but it does feel a tad wasted. I get why they had different people in each part but it would have been fun to have Adam explain all this to him or something. I mean, you can’t have Al as the literal devil and not do more, come on.

Otherwise, it is still worth watching since it has interesting stuff in it and Al makes more of an impact than in some of these others. It’s not the best use of him but I’ve seen worse.

19 Hours and 13 Minutes [Happy]

Season 2, Episode 5

Writer: Ahamdu Garba

Airdate: April 24, 2019

Nick is severely intoxicated from eating the Wishee’s blood and has self-reflective hallucinations, forgetting about Hailey’s birthday.

So this is a weird one. This is a show that aired on Sci-Fi about an Ex-Cop that can see a cartoon character voiced by Patton Oswalt and they team up to save the guy’s estranged daughter at the start. I had heard of it but didn’t look into it until now. I assumed it was just a simple dark comedy farce but it turns out it’s a full 44 minute episode show that is more dramatic and story driven despite the absurd stuff.

And I had no idea what was going for some of it, as I jumped into a season 2 episode. The previously on recap left me with more questions than answers. I was able to grab onto certain things as it went on but there’s some things that still left me a bit confused. There’s some stuff with a guy in a prison I think and I had no idea what that was all about.

If I followed the show, I wouldn’t mind being more connected than stand alone but alas. All that said, I did like this, generally. It is well made and I appreciate that it goes for a more dramatic approach to this silly idea. The better parts were with Nick as there’s some amusing stuff and some good dramatic moments with Hailey.

But that isn’t focused on as much for some reason and a lot is spent on this guy played by Curtis Armstrong who is part of some Teletubbies parody. There’s some fine stuff there, just takes up more time than the most interesting stuff. It doesn’t even have a super conclusive ending, it ends on a random note with Nick along with a cliffhanger.

Oh and Weird Al is in it too somewhere. At one point Patton goes to a bar with other cartoons and gets hit on by a woman whose jealous boyfriend is a smoking baby voiced by Al. He is fun as this kind of role but he’s only in the one scene and doesn’t do much. And he enters fairly late so despite his role being fun, it’s not enough for this to be one I recommend.

It seems like the show in general might be worth a look but this one should only be watched along with the rest. A fair few of these have been hard to get into on their own but this is especially the case with the story stuff and it’s so odd compared to the cartoon episodes.

But I’ll talk about that at the end. Still, I wish Al was in it more to justify being here bur whatever. Overall, a well done enough episode even if I was kind of alienated by being thrown into it and not knowing what is going on. It was an…interesting experience.

And finally…

162 [Work in Progress]

Episode 3

Writers: Abby McEnany & Tim Mason & Lilly Wachowski

Airdate: December 29, 2019

Abby and Chris plan to have sex for the first time.

This episode was decent. It’s another one of those kinda sorta auto biographical shows starring a comedian basically playing themselves and it is a fine one. It’s pretty mellow and I like that. Some may find it dry and at times it is, but it mostly works for me. It has some amusing moments and it works for what it is.

There’s nothing terribly hilarious and exciting here but it’s not really meant to be. It’s just sort of a basic and enjoyable little story. There’s not even much to it, it’s mostly them meeting some family and then at the end they have sex. Where we hear most of and it’s something.

Also Julia Sweeny is here as herself and there’s a discussion about her Pat character from SNL and how it uh…does not hold up. That was interesting and reminded me of that It’s Pat movie that happened for some reason.

Anyway, Al plays a version of himself that is actually quite boring which is decently funny. Probably the highlight of the whole thing. It’s an amusing take on him playing himself and he has a decent sized role once he shows up. He doesn’t do a ton but he does more than in some of these others.

Is it worth watching for him? Sure. There’s enough when he shows up and the rest is accessible even though there is a recap at the start. It’s not anything great but it was pleasant and I enjoyed it, especially Al’s bits. After quite the ride, we get to end this on a solid note, thank god.


And those were most of his live action appearances and the cartoon ones I needed to catch up on. The main thing I learned is that the approach is different in the animated ones vs the live action ones. It’s like for the animated ones they know people like me who haven’t seen much of the show will watch it for him and so make it generally accessible. The people behind some of these live action ones don’t make as big of a deal out of him and put him smaller roles. Thus, they pluck him in random ones and aren’t expecting people me to just hump in leading to some weird viewing experiences.

I’m okay with that, just feels like a bit of waste of Al in some of these. Some will use him well anyway, others not so much. I just feel like there’s no point in using him if he’s not even going to make a huge impression. Quality wise, I liked the animated ones, in both posts. The ones this time generally fared well, I think my favorite was the We Bare Bears. Least favorite has to be Blaze and the Monster Machines, and Star. The latter was messier but at least it wasn’t boring like the other one. It’s wild that I like the Mr. Pickles one more than those.

The live action ones tended to be more middling. They were usually fine at least, just didn’t strike my fancy as much compared to the animated ones. There were some solid ones though, my favorite being The Goldbergs. I wasn’t sure what to expect from it and was pleasantly surprised. Shout out to the Amazing Stories one as well. My least favorite was Tim & Eric, just not my thing at all.

A fair few of those were just okay on both ends but it was an interesting variety at least. It was fun to dive into all these different shows I wouldn’t have seen of otherwise, much less talked about them. Even with those lesser ones, it was an interesting experience. I do wish some of these were better, but at least none were bad.

It’s cool to see how Al is used in all these. We’ve seen some fun variety and some enjoyable roles. I feel like he should play villains more, those tend to be my favorites since it allows him to stretch himself a tad and be more of an actor. But even when he’s just playing himself, he tends to be fun and memorable.

That about wraps it all up. In case you are wondering, I won’t do another one for future episodes until it’s been a while and enough pile up. That will take a few years, I think. For now, we’re quite done. Hope you enjoyed this, it was a lot of work but also plenty of fun.

See ya.


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