Give Yourself Goosebumps – Little Comic Shop of Horrors

Hello, Spongey here.

It’s time for another Stine review you all voted for. This time around I had some Goosebumps entries to pick from. They were Triple Header Book 1, Creature Teacher, Jekyll and Heidi and this.  Creature Teacher had an big early lead but then near the end, this one just jumped ahead and kept that slot until the end. That’s impressive. I figured this standing out from the others would help it and it sure did. …I was personally rooting for Jekyll and Heidi though. (So I side with you, Cartoon Hero lol)

Anyway, today we get to dive into Give Yourself Goosebumps. I talked about one of them way back during the Goosebump a Thon but this time we’ll get a review that doesn’t suck. These are basically Choose Your Own Adventure books that tend to be pretty fun. They vary in terms of how good they are as game books but at least are usually creative and wild.

R.L. Stine actually previously wrote game books back in the 80’s, from licensed things like Indiana Jones to stuff like Twist a Plot. I’ve actually read a couple of those and they certainly share similar qualities. I feel like he wrote at least a couple of the Give Yourself ones. I say that because yep, at least one has been confirmed to be ghostwritten and I imagine plenty of others were as well.

I’ve been wanting to re-visit this series and it looks I get my chance to. I won’t be doing that many as their nature makes them hard to really critique for me. I picked this one because I’m fairly familiar with it. I read it a fair bit back in the day so it made sense to do it.

Goosebumps stories about comics have been iffy, generally. Even the best one in the main series, Attack of the Mutant isn’t the tightest story. They can be fun at best and Dr. Maniac Will See You Now at worst. It says something that his best superhero story is Shadow Girl, a non Goosebumps book. But this is a Give Yourself Goosebumps book so that gives it an excuse to have a nonsense story.

So we’ll see if that makes it a cut above those. But before we get into it, I have to say how I will tackle this. I could just do it normally like I did last time but I want to…experiment. I might make choices you may not make and you might want to take the reins or see another option in more depth.

So you know what? Let’s allow to pick whatever you want. This review will be a bit different. I will be covering every single option the book has to offer and each section will be parked Page Whatever Number the Book Gives. When you get to an choice, just CTRL F to that number.

Essentially, this will just be a cut down and snarky version of the actual experience of reading these. If I’m not doing a good job explaining it, you’ll see as you go on. The sections will be in rough order of where they appear in the book proper and the final thoughts will go after the last one that appears, rather than after any endings.

You can play however you usually do when you read these, but I hope you don’t quit after one ending, there’s plenty of review I put here lol. Anyway, this is an ambitious idea and I will never do it again so hopefully this works. Can you make it through this comic shop alive? Find out in this review that is packed with over 20 scary endings!

All that said, let’s see if this one is super.

This, is Little Comic Shop of Horrors

Outside of the first one, the covers for this series in the first half were done by Mark Nagata. This one is decently drawn, with a memorable looking lizard hero monster. It is only seen in a weirdly specific part of the book but hey at least it’s in the book. That is all.

We begin with you at an after school club. Uh oh, watch out before you’re taken a dystopian future to to fix their climate! Actually, this is a comic themed club which you thought would be fun but it’s being run by Horace Grumbacher, the dullest kid in school with a hell of a last name. He just drones on about the worth of them, and even manages to make a horror comic called Tales from the c-I mean the legally distinct Cellar of Scary Stories, sound boring.

He drags you down so much that you end up being late for the bus. Because there’s no way to get someone to call your parents to get you for some reason, you just take a shortcut on foot through a part of town you’ve never been down before. I’m sure this will turn out well.

Eventually you discover a comic shop and head in. The owner guy is pretty stand off-ish but otherwise you’re impressed by the cheap prices of their valuable items. You then see a rack of comics with a sign warning you not to touch, as well as a sign pointing you towards the basement, warning trespassers not to go in.

Well, who’d let a dumb threat keep them down? The only problem is, which one to go with? Time for our first decision. As usual, it’s split into two different storylines, so choose wisely. Spoilers, only one actually relates directly to the comic stuff.

If you check out to the rack, go to Page 12. If you go downstairs, go to Page 51

Page 8

You get out your keys and poke the monster…but it fails, wah wah. Yeah, this thing ain’t no balloon. He eats you. …Yeah, that one was pretty simple to explain. Catch up on your Goosebumps reading next time! THE END.

Page 10

You jump in after him and suddenly you are back in what seems to be the real world. You even see the bus you missed at the start. Not looking a gift in the horse in the mouth, you hop on. Then suddenly a breeze blows a comic panel your way.

The panel shows Dr. Doof, frozen in the act of jumping through a hole through space. So you’re safe but that happened to someone. Not sure which kind of ending this is but in the words of Marge, it’s an ending, that’s enough. Also the wiki calls it a good ending. The End.

Page 11

You get him to talk more so that he has to face his own breath. Eventually he does that so much he suffocates and dies. Well, actually, Wendy bent down so that Jellyjam tried to pick her up, he smelled himself and keeled over. But eh, same difference.

When Milo dies, his magic maze goes with him.With that, you exist and head back outside to safety. You go home to rest…and take a bath! Ha ha. As for the missing kids…eh, screw them. THE END.

Page 12

Yeah, let’s actually look at some comics. But whoops, touching it causes the comics to glow and you are suddenly sucked into one of them! You now find yourself outside in the crowd of people…running away from a robot.

But then the robot starts talking to you in the voice of a kid from class named Wally. You realize he hasn’t been in class lately. So wait, this kid vanishes and the reaction clearly wasn’t huge since it’s only now hitting you? Geez. He tells you you are in the comic world and by saying “Guest shot!”, you can  jump from comic to comic, but if you do it too much you will turn into an ink blot.

He also says perhaps a mad scientist villain can help you get back to the real world but for some reason he hasn’t tried it himself. Now you gotta think of a certain comic to go in to find one. Which totally clever parodies will we be visiting?

If you visit the world of SuperM-I mean Super Doer, go to Page 104. If you like SpiderM-i mean Ballistic Bug better, head to Page 66

Page 14

You’re gonna fight! But how? You gotta remember how Wendy defeated Jellyjam in the book. Oh nice. Some books just make you do a trivia thing but this sort of combines the two. So, which do you do?

If you poke Jellyjam like a balloon, go to Page 8

If you try to get him to suffocate on his own breath, go to Page 11

Page 15

You shout the words and thankfully the adventure you are put into has you as Ballistic Bug himself. Although you are now to face to face with one of his enemies, who is a Dr. Doom parody since Stine couldn’t think of a good Fantastic Four pun. This parody is named …Dr. Doof.

…Oh boy, you don’t know what you’ve unleashed.

He starts attacking you with his electric powered fists (…Inator?) You want to use one of your attacks but you aren’t sure how close you should get to do it.

Turn to Page 56 for long range sharpshooting

Turn to Page 92 to make it close and personal!

Page 17

You turn to the rest of the group, which includes Wolfen-bean and Jean Greene. Yes. You’re not sure her power is but you think it involves coming back from the dead. Apparently there’s a direct in-joke to something and something that sort of specific tells me Stine didn’t write this one lol.

They ask him how we know they’re evil but he just says his mind powers say so aaand you’re the one, uh oh. But wait, he then turns to one of the others, then eventually all of them! Are all of them kids like you?

“Great googly moogly!”

Okay Monogram.

You attack Y with your laser powers and the others join in. After a bit, you all kill him. …Well, that seems a bit harsh. Like geez, I get why he thinks an invader would be dangerous, you really could have calmly explained things.

Wolfen-bean confirms that he indeed is one of you. You explain the troubles with saying ghost shot too much and doesn’t believe you and tries it. Sure enough, he turns into an ink blot…and the others stare at you. Even then it was his own damn fault.

Although you’re not helping your case by making lame jokes at his expense. Perhaps them tearing you apart is deserved. The End.

Page 19

You go through the Doorway and end up back home…but you’re still Ballistic Bug. Awesome! Less awesome is that your the size of an actual bug now, so trying to ask the owner what is going doesn’t go anywhere. So he swats you, wah wah. THE END.

Page 20

Eventually, Russell comes out and says you are the right size of what they want. That sounds bad although it would be weird if these kids were evil. He asks you to bend your right leg until you can catch hold of your ankle with your right hand. And you gotta do it in real life, bub! Wait, that makes more sense in the other path.

If you can do it, go to Page 79

If you fail, go to Page 133

Page 21

The goo is gross but easy to get through. You reunite with your friends and that detour was mostly just padding. You go on but hear something. You then see some big footprints. You run away and get away from whatever was going on there. You end up in a room that’s actually nicely decorated, so clearly something evil is afoot.

Cammie notices a mirror that she reach through. There was actually a book in this series before this with an entire mirror world subplot so this is just rehashing, lol .Anyway, perhaps it’s the way out.

If you let Cammie go through first, go to Page 118

If you push through first, go to Page 78

Page 22

He smashes the tube and some pink clouds come out.They hurt and….okay, this leads to a page that you can also get to through not catching that first tube. So basically that choice was pointless because you need to get there either way. Whatever, just go to Page 105 to get to where you need to go.

Page 24

Let’s stick with a part of the maze they are least somewhat familiar with. You make it around the monster and eventually end up in a brick room. And there’s a tunnel in the wall that could be a way out! It’s a bit small which is where you come on.

(If you came here from another path, welcome. Don’t mind the above stuff)

You go through and after a struggle, you make it outside. Yee haw. However, it might be not quite right as all the people you try to talk to seem to be bee monsters. Whoops. Why a random tunnel brought you this where this is, I have no idea.

You try to tell them you are peaceful but that pesky language barrier gets in the way. They are as scared of you as you are of them so they all just jump back. You think you can just make it back to the comic store, but all the buildings look the same. Okay, we’ll just keep trying until-oh wait, this is THE END? That’s dumb.

And wait, spoilers, but the other choice has a bad ending too. So what the hell were you supposed to? The main choice that got us to this path is us actually listening to Bob and waiting. …Are you supposed to be win by being a dick? Yeesh. Whatever, go back and do that.

Page 25

Well, it’s not so much you reason with them so much as you tell him being a monster is better than being a dumb sidekick. He agrees, as now he can do you in! See, that’s you pick your words carefully but also Wally’s just being a jerk.

He does explain that Tex also made him his slave and he must defeat Super-Doer, so your pleas are pointless anyway. You are forced to use your magma vision on him and this makes him just try Guest Shot and get out of there. But whoops, he becomes an ink blot.

Even worse, this happens while you are still in his iron gripe, so you get melted too. Whoops. This is what you get being a reasonable person, reader. THE END. (Seriously, that’s just dumb)

Page 28

You try to go around it but a creature that is not described that much pops out of the goo and eats you. I feel like this would have made more sense if you tried go through it. THE END.

Page 30

You try to explain what is going on, but he’s too mad to listen. You call him an idiot which is a bad idea as he keeps onto you and basically strangles you to death. They keep it vague but that’s basically what is going on. Yikes. That’s what you get for trying to be nice. THE END

Page 31

You fly super high up and try to asks the comic gods what is going. But whoops, you flew too high up and after gasping from the effort so flying so high and fast, you start seeing stars and you plummet to the Earth.

Suddenly it cuts to sometime later when the new issue is meant to come out and Horace (remember him?) finds it isn’t there. It’s gone out of print but there’s a new one to take it’s place called Powerful Pancake aka the new you. Ouch. Not sure how you can get a whole comic out of that though. THE END.

Page 32

You admit you are quite scary and he seems happy. Then he covers you and you black out. When you come to, he says he has no plans on killing you…as you are gonna be his partner! See, he has turned you into King Jellyjam and he plans to turn you into a TV star. Yes, I’m sure there’s a big market for a snail sweating monster on Tv

Well, here there is as you hit the TV circuit and become big stars. You even get movie deals and become famous the world over. You also start a snail farm with your sweat. …This was a random turn. I don’t know what to say about this. THE END.

Page 36

You try to veer away and you do, but you go up and are going so fast you end in space and crash into the moon. Here’s a classic GYGB staple: The obvious choice screwing you over! THE END.

Page 37

You stare as hard as you can, but the Magma vision seems to fail you this time. However, you start to smell burning paper. You randomly the time that you used a magnifying glass and the sun to burn a comic for some reason, as that’s basically what is happening now. You managed to set the comic on fire. I’d question this but it makes as much sense as anything in this series.

So yeah, you burn baby burn for dumb reasons. THE END.

Page 40

You ask him why is he doing this and he gives you the deal: The networks want to make a TV Show out of Cellar of Scary Stories (just to make the homage obvious) and they want to see if he’s still got it. So he made this maze with old monster buddies to see if he’s still scary. There are logic questions here but in this series, you learn not to question anything.

You admit that between the toothless wolfman and sleeping mummy, his monsters are kind of lame. This pisses him off. He uses his magic to make the others vanish and is like “You think you can do better?”

You boldly answer yes and he asks you to picture the scariest monster you can think of. You do so, despite this clearly being a trap.

You close your eyes, remembering a horrifying creature from a book you read. A GOOSEBUMPS book

Oh yes, finally we reached my favorite staple of the series: The self promotion! Well, based on his powers, I think it’s obvious what our reference will be.

The creature—King Jellyjam–was a huge quivering balloon of purple slime

…Really? That’s the one you go for? And not the most obvious one? The weird thing is that GYGB has a camp book where this would fit better…and there’s no camp book references in that one. I don’t get it.

Whatever, Milo turns into Jellyjam. While you shiver in fear, you think this over. Maybe he just wants you to admit your scared and that’s it. But perhaps you should try to take advantage of how he doesn’t know much about this body…

If you admit you are scared, go to Page 32

If you go against Milo, go to Page 14

Page 43

Whoops, looks like luck is against you and you don’t make it. Don’t worry, life can go on as the boy just attacks the monster with a slingshot. I’d say this choice doesn’t matter but it seems like none of the good endings involve you getting that option, I guess?

Anyway, you try again and the boy grabs you. He introduces himself as Bob and says he has other kids with him who will be glad to see you. This place is some sort of abandoned subbasement for the whole block and for some reason it has monsters in it.

A monster with a snake body attacks and you both barely escape it. You make it to the camp where the other kids are, but you gotta check in with the leader, Russell, first. Bob asks you to wait.

If you wanna be a jerk and follow him, go to Page 131

If you wanna be a good little kid, go to Page 20

Page 44

You all book it and discover a doorway with a D scratched it. You are informed that this means you’re in the Danger Zone. Make your own obvious joke here, I’m tired. You rest on the wall behind you but it turns out to be a Scooby Doo style one, as it flips you to the other side.

You don’t worry too much, as you think the maze might come back around to the others. you keep going until you find a room that is covered by a big puddle of what looks like ink. But hey, Jack and Cammie are on the other side! What to do about that puddle though..

If you walk through it, go to Page 21

If you try to get around it, go to Page 28

Page 49

Doof basically shouts CUT to the sky and says he’s talking to whoever is in charge up there. You think perhaps trying to find whoever is in charge would be a good idea. And already choice time.

If you stick with Dr. Doof, go to Page 95

If you’re rather go “over his head” go to Page 31

Page 50

Yeah, let’s get out of here. You keep running but the noise keeps coming. So I guess it doesn’t matter what you do. Anyway, you eventually look back and see that the creature looks like it mashed up from different animals, including the head of a lion. You hear someone yelling, then look up to see a kid peering over the wall. He tells you to jump up. This isn’t the choice, you just do it…but do you make it.

Here comes another staple, doing real life things to see if you make it. Those are not always fair. In this case, you look at the clock and see where the hour hand is. Don’t worry, this is based on what hour it is so this can work for digital clocks too.

(I wrote this part at 11 AM so I’d do the first one, if you’re wondering)

If it’s close to an odd numbered hour, go to Page 43

If it’s near an even numbered hour, go to Page 80

Page 51

Eh, comics are lame anyway. You head downstairs, but the stairs suddenly turn into a slide and you start going down. You end up in some dark room, with no way back up. You try to make your way around but it seems like you’re trapped in some kind of maze.

One room you find has a bunch of copies of that issue of Cellar of Scary Stories and you realize that the guy on the cover, Milo the Mutant, looks a lot like the store owner. I have a lot of questions that will either not have answers or said answers won’t make much sense. Then you hear a noise coming for you.

If you go back to see who is following you, go to Page 89

If you’d rather get out of there, go to Page 50

Page 56

You fire your Insect-o Electric Hornet’s Sting from long range and when it hits Dr. Doof’s electric gloves, it causes a black hole which he says tore a rip through the the fabric of the universe. Sure, why not.

But hey, maybe that’s our way out. …But maybe we should let the bad guy test is first, in case it’s dangerous. Man we’re mean towards those we dislike.

If you can through the Doorway to anywhere, go to Page 19. If you let Dr. Doof go first, head to Page 100

Page 61

You think about which comic to jump to, and you think of a group  mutants called the …Y’s Guys. That pun is doubly amazingly terrible! Puns aside, you tell the worlds and thankfully this time you’re one of the heroes, called Ray-Ge and the others must speak to Professor Y. He’s not bald and infact has bright red hair, because Stine just couldn’t resist.

He tells the group that his mental powers have detected that an alien from another universe is among them and because he assumes they are evil, they must be destroyed. Harsh. Of course you think he’s talking to you and choice time!

To ask Y more about these aliens, turn to Page 17.  To try to talk him out of his planned battle, turn to Page 63. No, I don’t know why you can’t do both at once.

Page 62

You wait before you strike. You discover he plans to get out another monster to attack the city and you won’t let that happen. Eventually to strike and grab him. Before you can make your demands, Wally stomps in. But you tell Wally he likely isn’t being controlled anymore and sure enough, he his free wall back. This is why you get the long lasting slave-monster maker.

After your threats, he promises to turn you and Wally back to normal. However, Wally doesn’t know if you can trust him…even though he’s the one who said you need a mad scientist. Despite that, he tries Guest Shot and now he’s an ink blot. I don’t wanna say I told you so but…

Tex ignores that and does some experiments on you. He can turn you back to normal but he has to get rid of your powers. Totally not suspicious at all! He makes another test tube but you aren’t sure if he’s on the up and up. Btw, he has turned you into a lizard monster with tusks. Ohai cover!

If you trust him, go to Page 22

If you don’t, go to Page 64

Page 63

“But professor, why?”


“No, I mean Professor, why-”

“That’s my name, don’t wear it out”

Okay, but who’s on first?

You ask why he wants to attack the visitors. He thinks if you have to ask that, you’re not a true Y’s Guy so he uses his hair to kill you. That’s a sentence I just said. It doesn’t say he kills you but it does say your fate is too hairy to describe so that’s The End. What an asshole.

Page 64

You ask if you can trust him (which is different from totally not trusting him but whatever) so he says we can test a Super Doer robot he happens to have.  He asks you to open a box where it is but it just contains Kyrpo-I mean Ziptite, the only substance that can kill Super Doer.

The substance goes through you and it works quite well. So questioning his trust is what screws you over, great. THE END.

Page 65

You start sneaking and soon you lose him. You then bump into two kids who are in your position, and introduce themselves as Cammie and Jack. Cammie has red hair because of course she does. They explain that this maze belongs to the store’s owner, Milo .It turns out he is the guy from the cover of that Cellar of Scary Stories issue. The comic was canceled years ago and he blames kids for not buying enough of them. So naturally he traps random kids in this maze. I mean, it’s only the logical thing to do.

They tell you there are other kids they can take you too, and they can help you out. You could argue but then again you could get out of here on your own…

If you go with Jack and Cammie, go to Page 124

If you go on alone, go to Page 112

Page 66

You yell Guest Shot and end up in the world of Ballistic Bug…but you are playing the role of a burglar trying to break into a safe. This Guest Shot thing is cruel. And dang, another choice already. Apparently you can decide a certain different issue which feels the obvious choice but we get a different one as well.

If you jump to a different adventure of Ballistic Bug,  turn to Page 70. To try a totally new comic,  turn to Page 61.

Page 68

You use your super breath to knock down the door and make it in. Tex has various defenses firing at you, but they barley affect you. Eventually you make it to Tex, who then throws a test tube at you. This leads to a classic GYGB staple: Having to use some weird real life thing determine your next choice.

This one is weird. You’re supposed to hold a ruler straight up, with your thumb and forefinger on the bottom at the one inch mark. Open your fingers to let the ruler drop, then catch it again. This is really specific and dumb. Anyway…

If you catch the ruler between the one inch mark and the 9 inch mark, go to Page 114

If you catch the ruler between the 9 inch mark and the 12 inch mark, go to Page 105

Page 70

You yell Guest Shot and you end up in a different Ballistic Bug adventure, but this time as his secret identity as the nerdy Pewee Parkbench. Cute. The problem is that seems to be before he got bitten by that radioactive bug that gave him bug powers. Thankfully, you’re on that school trip to that power plant where that bug is hiding.

You spot that bug but somehow the idea of getting bitten by a radioactive bug doesn’t excite you. Perhaps you should try a different adventure where you actually have powers.

If you use the words to jump to another adventure, go to Page 15

If you let the bad bug bite, head to Page 116

Page 73

You jump him and grab him. You try to speak but you’re a monster so flames come out and whoops he’s fried and dead. Eh, it’s a comic book so he’ll be back in like a year. Actually, that’s something to keep in mind for every death ending. Anyway, now the only guy who could help you is gone.

You try Guest Shot but you just spread flames everywhere. You stumble out of the cave and bump into Super-Doer’s superhero buddy Gnatman. I love these names. He speaks and it turns out it’s Wally…somehow. You can’t speak to him so he starts attacking you. And that’s it I guess. THE END.

(I don’t mind that catching the tube screws you over since it makes a sort of sense that it still be used on you. What doesn’t make sense is that in the other choice, Monster You can speak freely without burning stuff. Come on, you got screwed over by something that isn’t even in the case elsewhere?!)

Page 75

You step into the device but whoops, turns out it was a bad choice. He reveals this is actually a matter transporter and it’s set for the star Vega. And they’re hot so…yeah, you die. I think this is teaching us a weird lesson about trust. THE END.

Page 77

You demand he let you go but he informs you he is a mutant that can turn into anything. Hmm, mutant that can turn into anything. Totally not reminding me another comic centered book. He turns into a beast called The Glob and it basically smothers you. I have nothing clever to say about this. THE END.

Page 78

You push through and go into the mirror. There doesn’t seem to be any Evil You or Crab Monsters (…Don’t ask) but you do…end up at a place you can end up at during another path! This happens a few other times but it’s annoying. Whatever, go to Page 24 to continue this path.

Page 79

You do it but frankly in real life it’;s so easy I don’t get how this is hard. Then again, it may be harder for a 12 year old vs a 25 year old. Russel explains that they need you as the others a bit too big and they want a smaller person for this. That makes sense but the test was still a bit odd as you seem smaller than them either way.

You could be their way out and they want to just take a smaller group for now as not to draw too much attention from the monsters at once. That part makes a sort of sense. You and a couple kids head on through the maze and bump into a slug monster. Oh, and this part of the maze is called the Danger Zone, insert your own obvious joke here.

The other argue on what to do. Should we circle around The Spitter (yes) even though that means spending more time in the Danger Zone, or should we go through a certain doorway in the wall even though it leads to a part of the maze they’ve never been in before?

If you go with Russel’s idea to circle around The Spitter, go to Page 24

If you go with Bob’s idea to use that doorway, go to Page 128

Page 80

You make it and run away. But you see a whole bunch of plywood, with a voice calling from under it! You manage to rescue the voice, who is a kid named Charlie. He tells you to go find his friends and save yourself but you wanna save him. D’aww, finally you’re nice. You try to pull him out but it’s pretty hard.

You notice a horn resting one corner of this wooden slab, as it turns out that lion creature is back. And there’s nowhere to hide so…it’s THE END.  So wait, the way to win this part is to fail? Whoa, that’s deep. But you also fail due to being nice but at least saving him wasn’t a choice.

Page 86

You run from the monster but he somehow manages to pop up behind you once you are pretty far away. You figure he lives in the maze, he knows all the shortcuts to getting to you. Sure, I can buy it I guess. But your faster so this is no contest. But uh oh you get quickly cornered by the monster, with no way out.

And then he starts unscrewing your head. That’s gonna leave a mark. You’ve run into a dead END. Okay, I was joking, I wasn’t actually expecting the obvious choice to lead to a bad ending this time! Geez.

Page 89

Sure, let’s go towards the noise, always a good idea. You turn back to see who is following you and you bump into Frankenstein’s monster. Well okay then. You run away from him and start to loose him. But should you keep running or try sneaking away from the creature? …The correct one should be the former but knowing these books, it’s likely not the obvious one.

If you run, to Page 86

If you sneak, to go to Page 65

Page 90

You hold back and cry out for him. After no answer, you poke your head and see he’s fine, he’s just in your world and surprised to see how flat it is. Spoilers, if the other option his fate is different because continuity is weird in these.

He then says it’s a whole new world for him to conquer, whoops. You think you know a mad scientist. You try to go through but you get stuck in the hole, with no stepbro to help.  …If you don’t get that, don’t look it up.

With that, Doof runs off. While your top half made it home, the whole cut off your rear End. Yes, that’s an ending and that is how the book phrases it. Well, okay then.

Page 92

You get up close to hit him so hard he gets knocked down and…stops moving. But won’t worry, he’s just faking it so he has a chance to get you in in his grip.

If you try to break free, go to Page 119

If you try to reason with Dr. Doof, go to Page 30

Page 94

I expected this to be an automatic bad ending but instead this works and while you keep going, at least you still go through without a scratch. You come to a stop and head back to Wally, He whines that it’s not his fault as he was turned into a monster by the mad scientist Tex Loudsnore. These names, I swear.

You to Tex’s HQ to see if can help you. There’s a steel door blocking your way and while you have powers, which power should you use?

To use Magma Vision, try Page 37

To test your strong breath, go to Page 68

Page 95

Eh, Doof seems like a fine guy, let’s see if we can just use his help. You explain to him what is going on and he thankfully buys it. He even tells you that the whole black hole thing you made is your ticket our. His explanation does come with him speaking technobabble and you going “In English, please?” because we gotta fit that tired cliche in.

You help create another black hole and he jumps in.

If you follow him, go to Page 10

If you look before you leap, go to Page 90

Page 96

You’re not sure about this and you duck but the device hits you anyway. Turns out that not staying still screwed you over. Basically, you melt and die, and Tex will have to deal with the real Super Doer again. Somehow I don’t think he got the worst end of this deal. THE END.

Page 100

Doof tries it out and he gets sucked in. He reaches out for help and you actually do it because you’re a hero, come on! You pull him out and he shows his appreciation by attacking you. See, that’s what happens when you’re nice.

…And this is awkward. The page it asks you to go to where the next thing also the page the other choice can also lead to. There are books where are many ways to teach certain pages but this is just…odd. So if you wanna go on, go to Page 119!

Page 102

You go after Robot Dinosaur Wally but you’re still used to your powers so you kind of bungle some of your attacks and Wally ends up getting some hits on you. He takes a bar and hits you so hard with it you go flying. And you are about to crash into a building. See, this is what you get for being a jerk.

If you try to fly out of the way, go to Page 36

If you’re rather just rely on your strong skin, go to Page 94. Gee, I wonder which will end well.

Page 104

You yell Ghost Shot and end up next to office tower and now you have became the great Super Doer himself! You want to test your strength so you find a steel bar and bend in. But one of the works yells at you since they were using it. Heh, a small bit of reality ensues, that’s nice.

But you don’t have time to pay for the damages, a horrible creature is attacking! Said creature is a robot dinosaur. I love this book. Suddenly, it speaks and it turns out to be Wally.

If you try to reason with him, go to Page 25

If you wanna be a jerk and fight him, go to Page 102

Page 105

If you got here through the other path, welcome! But seriously, this is confusing and dumb.

You try to fly up and catch it, but you fail and it crash down to the floor. Suddenly smoke comes out and starts covering you, making you cough and causing your skin to hurt. Basically this stuff made you lose your powers. You explain to him what is going on and he buys it.

He says he can help you, they just need to do some tests. He asks you to go into his testing machine which looks like a coffin. Oh yeah I trust him. You ask if there’s another option and he suggests the Hazzafrazza device, but you won’t get as good of a reading.

If you step into the coffin, go to Page 130

If you try that device, go to Page 75

Page 112

Pfft, who needs help? We’re a lone wolf! You walk away and your hear the kids blaming each other for turning you away. You start hearing their footsteps. A descion based on if we should run or not turned out well last time so let’s do it again.

If you run, go to Page 50

If you try to hide, go to Page 125

(Note that you get to Page 50 through another path as well)

Page 114

You catch the test tube but it pops off and a purple cloud comes off, and it turns you into a monster. Just like Wally, but at least he got to be a robot dinosaur. This is so unfair. This also made you his slave so he tells you to stand still. However, while he works on some stuff, you find it’s starting to fade off a bit and now you have a bit of freedom. But how will we use that freedom?

If you jump Tex, go to Page 73

If you keep still and spy on him, go to Page 62

Page 116

The bug bites you and you feel something. However, that something is being slowly killed. See, you didn’t want to change one detail but you did. It was Peewee who got bitten and you were not there and you are quite fatally allergic to mutant bug bites.

Okay, that’s just stupid, this bug will give one kid powers and not you? What nonsense is that? Either way, you die and this is The End

Page 118

Cammie goes first Milo’s face appears in the mirror. You run out and try a different room that has a ladder but it turns out to be a magic trick from Milo. There is still a trapdoor in the ceiling though so hope isn’t lost yet.

You stack some boxes and use that to get to the trapdoor. And it leads back to the shop, you’re saved! Well, except for Milo being there…but you just run out without problems. You run to the cops and drag them back to the shop…but the shop is now boarded up, dun dun dun.

However, they recognize Jack and Cammie was they were reported as missing and of course no one ever checked the last place they might have been seen at. Soon, missing kids show up as escaping the place meant all the trapped kids got freed somehow?

No one believes your story, but you managed to snag that rare first issue of Super-Doer on your way out so you get rich selling it, so everyone wins! THE END.

Page 119

If you go here through making a choice, just know you can also reach this part in a different way for some reason.

Dr. Doof whispers and chastises you for not following the script. Apparently you were supposed to use one attack instead of the one you did. You’re surprised to find out that all these comic battles are staged and are like guess that’s why the heroes always win.

…That and these are comics, written by people. I’m not very smart, am I? Granted, I already knew that. Anyway, you apologize and he grumbles about how popular you are, which is funny. He asks if you should call a break.

To continue this fight, go to Page 126

To take a break, head to Page 49

Page 122

You stand still and it turns out having your atoms destroyed doesn’t hurt. You learn something new everyday. After being tossed through a bunch of trippy stuff, you end up back in the real world. And in a vaccume store next to the comic shop, but close enough.

You tell some guy you were in the comic shop but he says that’s impossible as the owner, Milo,  died three years ago.  You look at the comic shop, and it has been boarded up. Was it real? Was it not? It doesn’t matter, we got a good ending.

And you hope you’ll never ever find yourself in the comic shop of horrors again

And much like I Am Your Evil Twin, we get our Roll Credits moment at the end where it belongs, nice. THE END (As for the real Super Doer, eh, screw him)

Page 123

You all tackle Milo and manage to pin him down since there’s more of you.  Now what we do with our prisoner?

If you demand that he let you all go, head to Page 77

If you want him to tell you what plans he is up to, go to Page 40

Page 124

You decide to go with the nice kids who know more about this place. While walking, you bump into a sleeping mummy. Don’t worry, you jump over him before anything exciting can happen. Jack confirms this maze just has tons of old time-y monster as they are from his horror comic. Okay, so this tied into comics after all.

Also, they call the mummy Menes and one Google search later, I found out this was an actual Egyptian Pharaoh. Huh, who  says these nooks aren’t educational?

Anyway, a wolfman jumps out at you but it has no teeth so it goes away. Well, that was pointless. Jack says Milo is magic and that’s how he brought these monsters here.

“Wait, if Milo is magic, why didn’t he save his comic book?”

Finally, I say something I would actually say.

You then spot Milo, but thankfully he hasn’t spotted you. What do?

To tackle Milo, go to Page 123

If you just run out of there, go to Page 44

Page 125

You hide and at first it turns out okay. But then Jack and Cammie manage to find you and block your way out of the room you got into. They invite you to dinner…with you as the main course. They reveal fangs so I guess they’re werewolves for some reason? The Wiki makes it sound it like they are still normal kids, just resorting to cannibalism due to being down here for so long.

I like that one because of how dark it is. Either way, THE END.

Page 126

You move on with the fight and just wing it since you thrashed the script. It turns out he’s more powerful than expected in fighting as he picks you up and swings you a lot. He throws you towards a brick wall and boom, that’s suddenly THE (CRUNCH) END. I love when these are phrased differently.

Page 128

Going around a monster could be dangerous, so let’s try that doorway. You go along with his route and notice grey stuff on the wall. It’s just pepper-y enough to make you sneeze. Your sneeze blows off some mold and it circles you in a grey cloud.  It turns out this is actually a ton of bugs, and they attack you all.

Even worse, they start sucking the life out of you. One of the kids keels over first and you’re like…well, it’s my turn. THE END. (So the route from the nicer kid who didn’t wanna test you as much was wrong, wah wah)

Page 130

You step into the coffin and it turns out it is indeed safe. He detects that you are indeed from the real world.  He thinks he can get you back and also get rid of Super Doer forever. This is running off the assume that the “Real” one is just gone forever and wouldn’t return if you went back to the real world.

Actually, when you use Ghost Shot to become the comic characters, where do the real ones go? Maybe it’s the same as whatever happens to the heroes in Penn Zero

Anyway, to escape this place, every other atom of Super Doer must be destroyed and that free you of this world and Tex of him.  Just stand in front of this machine and don’t move!

If you wanna screw over the real Super Doer but try this method, go to Page 122

If you don’t wanna destroy any atoms, go Page 96

Page 131

You follow Bob and seem to lose him until you stumble upon a trapdoor. You end up in what seems to be a freeze and you find it hard to move. Some voices pipe in reveal that this was all a trap and say it is better for a stranger to get hurt than one of them. What a group of assholes, but it’s also your fault for disobeying.

You fall throw a hole and black out. When you come to, you are on a table with scientists all around you, Somehow, you ended up in an iceberg all the way in Antarctica and these guys happened to be there to save you. Sure, why not. You are seen as a medical miracle and are sent home.

You become famous and rich. You have so much money you don’t know what to do with it…except make a trip a comic store, perhaps. Haw haw. THE END.

Wait, you disobey and screwed over and still get a good ending? What the hell?

Page 133

You fail, so they won’t let you in. They kick you out and you gotta face the maze alone. These kids are kind of awful. Sure enough, you bump into the snake creature again and it vores you. This is treated like your fault but again, it’s those damn kids. THE END

Final Thoughts:

Okay, first off, I am not doing a review this way again. It was kind of fun but also a real pain in the butt, as I had to cover basically everything when I usually skim over a lot of the dead ends and such.

That aside, I think this one was pretty good. As a gamebook, it’s a more basic entry but not bad. There’s a couple choices based on real life circumstances and a few touch choices. But there are a fair few dumb ones where you get screwed over for doing the most reasonable thing.

The flaws here are mainly flaws in the series in general. There’s things that change depending on what to do and weird choices. I don’t think there’s any problems that are uncommon for these and they stick out more when you go through everything like I did here.

That aside, this is a fun one. The A story is easily the better of the two as it has a lot of fun with the comic stuff. The puns are dumb but in a fun way. It’s a solid homage to comics and there’s some fun twists and turns as you are go into these adventure. That one side bit with discount X-Men was pointless though.

The B story is one I barely read when I was younger because I didn’t like that it didn’t relate to the comics stuff so so I only skimmed some bits. This time, I thought it was better than I gave it credit it for. It does pay homage to classic horror in decent ways and it has its own neat moments. But it also has some weird turns and it being clearly shorter means that it could have been better fleshed out.

Still, it’s fun in its own right. It even has more good endings. Overall, this isn’t the best book in the series but it was a favorite of mine to re-read (you can tell as my copy is beat up I had to use the ebook for most of this) and that’s still the case. It is clearly more focused on being creative and it does that pretty well. There are entries I hold more highly but this still managed to be a fun and memorable one. Easily the best Goosebumps comics book.

These are generally hard to rate but this is one I can rate easily based on its clear pros and cons.

Rating: Good

I’m not sure if I’ll do this again but it will sure be done differently cuz..oof. Sorry if this was too long, there was a lot to go over.

Next time, it’s October so it’s time for a Halloween review. And this time we’re veering away from Fear Street but staying with YA horror.

See ya.

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