The Best and Worst Things I Reviewed in 2018

Hello, Spongey here.

It’s time to close out another year on the blog. I got out my negative thoughts on 2018 yesterday, with an emphasis on trying to look on the bright side. So this year we’ll just cut to the good stuff.

2018 was actually quite the landmark year for me in a few ways. I started trying to improve the blog a tad (which you’ll read more about next week) and I somehow got 3 thousand subscribers on YouTibe and a random Wimpy Kid video I did hit 1 million views.

Not even kidding. Too bad I also became too invested n the blog to do many YT videos, ah well. As far as the blog is, we did pretty well. I once again finally did a few more really good movies and I think the reviews turned out pretty decently.

It was business as usual in a good way, with a few experiments here and there that I hope to also do in 2019. I wanna try to balance the usual stuff I do with some fresh spins, at least best as I can. And also I did my 300th…and 303rd review.

But before we look to the future, we must first look at the past. I reviewed plenty of things as always, so let’s see which ones stood to me, for better or worse.

Both lists will be…fun to discuss, to say the least. So let’s dive in.

This, is The Best and Worst Things I Reviewed in 2018


I won’t talk about Misc things as I didn’t touch on too many aside for some just simply bad stuff like Flushed in Space or Doogal. Maybe next year I may just put it all together instead of just covering the bad movies I did in the Scene by Scene reviews, we’ll see.

The bad stuff was about on the same level as usual, with a few surprises. You all know what the number one will be but for fun, let’s build up to it anyway. 5.

5.The Treasure Planet

We’re sadly starting what will be a weirdly positive section on a downer note. The director Rumen Petkov passed away a few months after I did the review.. He was lesser known so that’s why this death didn’t trend on Twitter or anything.

But man, that timing. He proved with his Cartoon Network work that he had plenty of talent and his style is certainly unique. He made a few shorts that I found which are more or less the same thing as this, even with the same sound effects.

This movie is pretty bad on all fronts: The animation is extremity only, the tone is confusing, the story is even more confusing and the ending is just…what. I got a slightly better understanding of what it was going for when I reviewed but there’s still so much that makes no sense or is very poorly explained.

I’m still not sure how much of that can be blamed on the dub. Some comments on both the movie and a couple of reviews say there was more of a sense humor that either could not translated well or was not translated well,

But the movie also seems to be trying something somewhat deep at times, and the dub does have some jokes like “You don’t turn me on, that’s for sure!” that feel a bit out of place. Or maybe it fits perfectly, I feel like the dub can really only get so much blame.

The Bulgarian version is on YouTube but with no subs, so if someone could make some, that would be great. But either way, this movie could honestly also go on the best list because I don’t think I’ve had this much fun with a bad movie n a long time.

The crazy animation and sound effects really keeps the laughs coming and the strange tone and atmosphere do keep me invested in a weird way. If only to see if starts making sense.

And on top of that, this did feel like people trying to make a unique and cool movie, they just didn’t have the experience or budget to make It…work per say. So as bad as it is, it at least likes an attempt at a movie, which is more than I say for other animated movies of its kind.

So for all the entertainment it brought me, I have to give it credit that puts it above the other movies on here. Thanks a bunch of Rumen, this movie was certainly a…treasure of sorts.

4.Yoga Hosers

I flip flopped on this one’s placement but regardless of where it fells this is sitll one of the more disappointing bad movies I’ve reviewed.

This review is more fresh on my mind than these others, so I’ll keep this short. Kevin Smith has made some pretty flawed films but they usually have some decent things to keep them from being bad or even mediocre.

 Tusk and Red State were Average movies bordering on Meh for me so Yoga Hosers jumping straight down to Bad is really surprising for me. Kevin Smith is someone who I keep gaining respect for as time goes on so this movie is especially sad.

Even taking that aside the actors are all trying and can score some laughs that the script does not provide on its own, even when they are forced to have really bad accents.

But outside of that, this was a hard one to get through, which makes me glad it was short. Even in the review I got a bit repetitive at times because the movie just wasn’t going anywhere.

It has a funny premise that it refuses to do anything with, which makes me wish they waited a year to make this cuz you know it would have more nazi killing now. Instead they focus more on jokes about Canada existing.

The leads are unlikable in the annoying way and a lot of the scenes either drag on or serve no purpose ontop of not being funny. It was just a lot of noting and when it tried to make a point, it did it so badly I thought it was an Anti Critic thing when it actually wasn’t.

Or at least, not as much as it seemed. Usually this would be higher since it’s a a bad modern comedy, but honestly the respect I have for it keeps it from being higher on this list.

It isn’t offensive for the most part and I can tell they were trying something new, even if failed. That doesn’t excuse it from being bad of course, but if it had a lesser crew working on it, it would be so much worse.

Nothing to really add, I think i said what I needed to the first time. It’s an annoying mess from a director who is better than this, but it could have been worse, eh?

…Sorry, had to get one in. Moving on.

3.Maximum Ride

Movies that are merely boring don’t usually get much scorn from me. Even when they are poorly made/written, I just call them dull and move on. This movie however went above and beyond to annoying me.

It doesn’t piss me too much of course but it still sucks. There are elements of the premise I kind of like but I feel like they’re all from the book and were likely far better executed there.

Aside from those ideas, the only positives are things I find to be funny bad, like the actor playing Ari or some of the crappy effects. And that’s the thing, this should be a hilarious movie.

But sadly only a few moments are funny, everything else is drop dead boring. It should be funny bad due to the acting and script, manages to be the worst kind of poorly made movie where it doesn’t even get so terrible it becomes hilarious.

It comes so close at times, like with the incredibly stiff dialogue and such, but it just can’t get there. So much of the movie is so flat and dry even though it wants to be “deep” at points, or get into some interesting ideas.

But it ends up hitting a lot of the YA bullet points, made worse by dull/sloppy directing that also creates some really bad performances that suck you out of the movie even more than the script does.

The thing that gets me the most is that studio clearly wanted to put the bare minimum into bringing this book series to the screen. They knew it had a following that wasn’t quite even to Percy Jackson levels and decides to just give it a small budget and throw it in onto VOD with a limited release, and a crew that didn’t have much experience.

Oh and then they only adapted half the book for good measure. At least with most bad adaptation, they go all out production wise and just had weak writing or some executive meddling here and there. Every aspect oft this one just screams “we didn’t care”.

I hate saying things like that but I’m sure the crew did what they could, the studios and executive just clearly wanted to get this out so they can say they made It.

The only reason it isn’t higher is because the next movie annoyed me more and this at least has a few hilarious moments. It’s not like that overall but at least it has its moments.

But despite those moments, this felt like a cheap cash in that did not care about giving this book the treatment it deserves. Even if the book sucks, the fans deserved something with real money behind it.

But instead we got a rushed and poorly made mess with a few funny parts thrown in. Yawn.

Oh and yes, Brad Jones did indeed cover this through a Patreon request. I do not know the requester but thank you for spreading the word of the ride.

2.Show Dogs

You all saw this coming. From the first trailer, I knew I’d review this and I ended up seeing it on the big screen. Honestly, I expected it to be a tad worse but boy is it still pretty damn bad.

When I look back on the movie, I do wonder if it’s really that bad but when I watched it again for the review, it all came back to me. It’s more or a slow burn kind of bad compared to other animal movies but when it picks, it’s truly something.

There’s not much I can add to this one, me and so many others (like IHE, thanks) went into why this movie sucks. It’s another direct to video quality movie on the big screen for bad effects, a confusing world and dumbed down writing.

The humor is juvinile, the actors were given no direction most of the time, and it hits so many cliches in such a stupid way. Not to mention being annoying with an unlikable lead.

Oh and of course there’s the lovely ball fondling scene that may be “child grooming” but its still just…wrong. It’s so stupid in every way you can think of, and once again only has a few funny bad moments.

It annoys me, but not quite to the extent that some other movies do. It it is easily the worst films of 2018, but it doesn’t touch Meet the Blacks, Jack & Jill, or even Madea Halloween 2.

It has a better idea of what it’s doing than those and was easier to watch, so it at least has that going for it. I can’t even really be bothered to hate it that much, especially since Big Momma’s House was a harder sit, even if this is technically worse.

It’s not funny bad, nor does it have enough good stuff to be simply meh, so it’s basically useless. Raja Gosnell has made some bad movies but even for him this felt like autopilot.

It’s just a stupid and bad dog movie for little kids that isn’t even that appropriate for them. With all these “qualities”, there really is no winning this dog show.


10. Elektra: A pointless and dull spin off of a far more enjoyable Superhero movie.

9.Pup Star Better 2gether: About as good as the first one, can’t wait to review the 3rd…and 4th.

8.Furry Vengeance: Possibly the worst environmental movie ever made simply because it made me want to root against the animals. It’s insane but at least kind of funny bad.

7.Harriet the Spy Blog Wars: Furry Vengeance is technically worse but this gave me less enjoyment and a far more unlikable lead. While it’s not quite a DCOM, it’s still the worst one and I can’t see them “topping” this.

6.The Swan Princess A Royal Family Tale: This movie was honesty far more enjoyable the others on here because of how crazy and oddly ambitious but the story is such a damn mess that it belongs this low. Can’t wait for 6!

And my-screw it, you know what it is.

  1. A Frozen Christmas

Well, duh. It’s the movie so bad I had to change my format to describe how bad it is. I went on for awhile about how this…thing reached a new low I did not know was even possibly for anything I’ve reviewed.

I don’t even want to g on for too long because I went pretty deep into why this movie is so wretched. I don’t like to truly hate movies because most of the time, the crew tried their best or it will some things that work.

Or in the least, the creators will try to make something reselmbing a film with substance. This movie goes against everything I stand for as a film fan. There’s nothing wrong with Yule Log type stuff but usually it tells you up front that this is it’s purpose.

Honestly, this generally is “Better” than Ms Paint Alice and Braver/Tangled Up but at least those count as movies on their own. Well, not Tangled Up but at least each segment it has counts as a full story that is at least trying to do a spin on a classic.

This is just children reading public domain stories while you look at a bad screensaver, with reused CGI models that change all the time. Yes, the trailer does try to tell you the nature of it but I thought they would at least try to actually put the stories against some actual animation at least.

Cartoon Network’s YouTube Channel put up a video that is a Christmas Screensaver with audio from their shows. I bring this up because tells you it is indeed a screensaver that is clearly to be a yule log you can put on while you do things.

This proves what I said about how they could have put some of these contents on YouTube and they would at least be honest about what they’re doing. But okay, now I wanna touch on the company who made this.

They are WowNow Entertainment and they make even more things outside of Evan’s work. I already talked about how some of them are basically the same as this, with some having less substance than this movie.

You heard me. You know that Gingerbread men dance segment? It seems like some of their movies are just that kind of stuff, with one example being Haunted Transylvania 2. Christ, these titles.

Unless my good pals rope into a Rabbit stream, I don’t plan to sit through those things but what I skimmed through somehow managed to sink lower. They are slightly more honest but they are sitll over an hour long and are sold as movies.

Having to pay for shit like this should be a crime. I know I’m going on about this but this really pisses me off. Even movies like Norm of the North are still trying to be movies and even the Video Brenquedo stuff like Rapunzel can either be funny bad, even if it is overall trying to cash in on a real movie.

No one sets out to make a bad movie and even some of the mile shit I’ve ever seen can have some value. Rip off movies tend to be the exception to the every filmaker tries” thing but this manages to make those look good.

It has no value on any level. Even for kids who don’t demand much will catch on very quickly and frankly deserve something made with at least SOME effort. Speaking kids, those kids (who again, make up the films content) not being credited has to violate some law, right?

The creators clearly only cared about rushing out something to trick grandma’s, but didn’t even bother putting any effort in the most basic things.

 Maybe I’m being too harsh, especially since I can saw I’ve been more annoyed watching shit like Fred the Movie but that’s because this has so little substance that it’s impossible to be anything but bored.

And like I said, if didn’t have a phone I would have just quit and skipped the stories, aka the meat of the thing. It’s the only time where pissing me off more with the actual contents would have made it better.

And this is all in the name of Christmas joy for kids. Fuck this movie, I put more effort in the review and this section than they did into the actual thing. And for perhaps the only time in any review, that hyperbolic statement might actually be true.

I didn’t care for it.


With those…gems out of the way, onto some real gems. I reviewed a lot of great things this year, thanks to a few new projects like the Requested Reviews. (Sorry not doing more, I’ll make room in the future)

So much so that it was a pain ass getting this down to 11. I really wanted to make it 10 to distance myself from You Know Who (Yes, I’m still calling him that) but I couldn’t life for the life of me cut off any of the things I wanted.

And that’s after I made a few of these a tie, so yeah. Without further ado, here’s a few things that made getting through this year just a bit easier. In order of when I covered them, here they are.

(Oh and general reviews aren’t counted again but spoilers, Infinity War and Spider-Verse would be on here if I weren’t saving them for later)

Get Out

It feels so nice to include something from my best of the year lists on here. I re-watched this one back in October and it’s still great. Jordan Peele packs in so many little details and bits of foreshadowing you won’t notice on the first viewing.

Blumhouse has been killing it lately with plenty of solid films that just let directors run wild, but this is great even for them. Upon re-watch it has some slow spots that prevent me from saying it’s like a 10/10 but that’s the only real problem .

It’s not often a horror movie this good becomes so mainstream but this really deserved it. It combines horror, thought provoking commentary and solid writting to create a well rounded and great experience.

And yes, I’m hyped for Us. I think it could be even better, especially since it seems like it will be pretty different in terms of themes and not just be Get Out 2. Either way, I’m looking forward to it, and plan to re-visit this movie a few more times.

Guardians 2 is sitll a bit more my speed but this is the best 2017 film on a film making level even over a year later.

Mary and Max

Starting these requested reviews was a pretty great idea as it lead to me watching some movies I wouldn’t have seen otherwise,. This would have been skipped in the 2009 post but thanks to one of my friends, I saw it and I loved it.

I knew very little going in so it ended up being a pretty pleasant surprise for me. It was unique, charming and pretty dang emotional with how the ending plays out.

Since this post, I’ve seen more Indie Animation and this still stands as one of the best examples of it. It’s allowed to do its own weird thing and it stands out as a unique and emotional ride.

I actually got the requester to watch some Indie Animation he hadn’t seen before one movie we’ll get to) and it’s neat that I got someone to check something out after he did the same for me.

I don’t have much to add from what I said to be honest. I knew nothing going on, and quite this unique surprise. Check it out.

The Avengers

It feels good to be placing Scene by Scene reviews in these best lists again. Superhero Month didn’t turn out that well because I just sort of padded it out with reviews I wasn’t totally happy with, especially Elektra.

But this turned out well, and it was fun to see how well this holds up. Despite being far from the deepest comic book movie ever, it does exactly what it wants to do amazing well.

It’s the ultimate fun movie but it isn’t stupid. It isn’t super smart but it is well written and manages to have themes and character depth. Said depth isn’t super deep but it is there.

The fun comes from both the well directed action and the character interactions, as we see how they work off each other. There’s some solid emotional beats and everything just works really well.

It checks all the boxes for a perfect Summer Blockbuster, despite a few elements being slightly shortchanged so they can flesh out other parts. It is the kind of movie that was impressive back when it came out but it still holds up.

Mostly because it takes me back to when stuff like this was less common, or there was less of a need for it to be super deep. It just needed to be big and big it was. We’ll see if Endgame beats this out but at the moment I do enjoy this the most of the MCU movies just for how tight and fun it is.

Winter Solider is at the top of my ranking but mostly for how it combines fun and a very solid script and real themes. This is the most fun re-watchable MCU film by far and I’m sure to re-visit it even more times.

Oh and the tagline for this review had my wondering how to feel about not thinking of a good tagline. I’d say I don’t feel too good. I’m not sorry.

At the End of the Worlds [Penn Zero]]The End and the Begiining [Harvey Beaks]

Okay, so I tagged Sam Levine when I posted the Penn Zero list and he actually read it and tweeted back but for some reason I can’t find that tweet, even with Advanced Search.

I’ve found other tweets he’s sent me as I have tweeted at his stuff before which is neat but I wanted to link to proof of him reading my work but sadly, it seems to be gone somehow.

But anyway, I had to this one so I didn’t need to make a painful cut and plus it makes sense as they are both amazing series finales that I covered in a list. With all the shows endng these days, we keep getting finales but thankfully they keep being great, usually.

It’s interesting how different these are, as they reflect their shows quite well. Penn’s is a 44 minute epic with a huge battle that involles many dimensions. It’s like Infinity War and Spider-Verse but on a TV budget.

Harvey’s is a 22 minute small scale story about letting go and finding family. Both work very well and manage to be emotional while capping of two solid seasons of animation.

Penn’s feels like a finale to a show that has been going for longer than it has but in a good way. It’s just as good as finales for longer shows which makes it pretty impressive.

Everyone gets a moment and there’s plenty of laughs along with the tears. Although it does partake in a cliche I’ve noticed that cartoon finales do a lot tese days,you know what one I’m talking about if you’ve seen it.

But hey, they use it because it works. Harvey kind of uses it but in a different way that caps things off well. When I first both, I was worried they may not hold as the best on a 2nd viewing.

But they managed to shoot to the top of the lists for me, because of how well they turned out. Harvey gets extra credit as it easily could felt like the forced ending it is but the way it plays out makes me totally satisfied.

That’s quite a feat for a simple show like this. While I liked Carence’s finale fine, I do wish it was more like this one, where it’s given time to breath and end well.

Both fit their shows well and had an emotionally satisfying ending to two solid shows. Harvey was a better show overall to me but Penn Zero was still a creative and fun show that ended on a great note.

While I wish both got more seasons, I’m glad they ended as well as they did. I’ll be covering 2018’s carton finales next year (wink wink) but until then we got these excellent picks from 2017.

Be it epic or simple, both these finales ended their shows on a strong note.

King of the Carnival [Elena of Avalor]

I don’t have much to add to this one. This episode shows off how surprising the show can be with its writting at times, even with some forced moments.

Those forced moments do bring down the show in many episodes but usually they make up with it with where the stories end up. How you view this show’s episodes depends on how much you like the destination.

This is why I dislike Party of a Lifetime, it’s contrived but doesn’t even have a good story to back it up. This episode does as it gives us a better picture of who Esteban is.

I love how they have Elena tell him exactly what he needs to hear despite her not knowing what he’s really upset about it. It’s a cleverly written scene and was a great cap to his dilemma, while leaving the door open for more development to come later.

Not to mention the fantastic song that goes into his feelings very well. This episode represents Elena perfectly: Does things that are like Sofia, but in a more mature way that has a story element, even if it has a couple clunky moments in Act 1.

It’s a strong showcase for Esteban and I can’t wait to see how he develops in the future. Also, Snow Place like Home was great too.

Coraline/How to Train Your Dragon/Kung Fu Panda 2

We’ve got a 3 way, because I didn’t want to pad this list with movies from the ranking nor could I pick a favorite. Plus, these 3 provide us with some decent variety.

These rankings have allowed me to re-visit some movies to see how they hold up and these 3 really did. Coraline was a very unique start for a unique studio that managed to be incredibly creepy along with a solid story and likable lead.

I actually flip flopped a bit on its place in that ranking but after really thinking it over and looking back on it, it guess got better even though usually this kind of movie wouldn’t top Up since I’m such a Disney shill.

How to Train Your Dragon is the ultimate proof that having cliches won’t bring the product down if the writing, direction, and visuals are working together to create an amazing experience. Yes, it has a few that can bring it down and I’ve complained about cliches before but simply having them isn’t bad.

I talk a bit more my love for this franchise when I discuss the sequel in the 2014 ranking which has already been written, so I’ll just as I love the world they created her (with the help of a book series) and move on.

Kung Fu Panda 2 basically represents everything good about Dreamworks. A well cast lead, beautiful animation, and some real emotion while making sure that the comedy that is there is actually funny and well placed.

.Dreamworks can struggle with these at times but with the Kung Fu Panda movies, they basically nailed it. The only issue they have is a lack of development for the rest of the furious 5 but I do think most of them at least have a few memorable lines that almost makes up for it

Coraline is the most unique mainstream animated features out there and the latter two combine some typical elements with excellent exeuction very well. KFP 2 is my favorite of these but that’s just because it ticks all my boxes, so to speak.

All were a delight to re-visit though. I’d also like to give a shout out to Persoplois for being a indie movie that topped a Pixar film for likely the only time ever. And I still really like Rataouille so that’s quite the feat for me.

So yeah, I go to look plenty of solid films through these rankings and these stood out as being especially creative, engaging and even emotional. Good stuff.

Shaun of the Dead

This was a very interesting movie battle indeed. I had seen each film exactly once and thought Shaun was the weakest. But then after re-watching them and taking my notes, my mind changed and here we are.

All the movies in this “trilogy” were great but this has everything that made them great without too many of the little issues the others had. There’s still a few nitpick-y things that prevent it from being full on fantastic but it’s still strong.

Not too much to add as I went pretty deep into why it works, as well as why the others work too. It’s a fun zombie spoof with great direction and solid drama on top of all that.

It started the trilogy on a strong note and it was a note that couldn’t be topped. …That is all.

Dream Boat [Clarence[

I’ve been wanting to talk more about this one since it aired. This post more or less existed so I could talk about it, only with a few others. This show had its strong stories but this one really hit me.

Sumo is super likable here and it was interesting to his home life and how he ends up building this boat. It’s just a nice and emotional 11 minutes that gives Sumo a great story that easy to love.

This is one of those “lists” where my top pick was pretty easy to choose, and hopefully you see how it’s like that for me after I went into it. This little show told some good stories over its wrong and in the end this early one was my favorite.

I will say I like some of the list toppers from this year a bit more but one is still great and my favorite episode from this show…as you can tell by now.

Fish Out of Water[Bojack Horseman]/The Ultimate Enemy [Danny Phantom]/Most Improved Player [The Good Place]

Ah yes, more marathon goodness. Not the best selection but these episode are all time greats. These episodes/shows already get plenty of praise but they do really deserve it.

Bojack is one of those shows I keep expecting to have hype backlash but it never happens which is shockking for something so beloved. Where’s it’s bad fanbase or overly long video on why it’s bad?!

But that shows how great this show is and this episode shows off a lot of why without me needing to go into tons of backstory. It’s amazing while being simpler than some of the other episodes.

Not to mention telling a story without much dialogue. Ultimate Enemy shows why people like it when kids shows get dark. There’s been a backlash against shows like this being dark since some don’t do it well and I totally get it.

Maybe even some think this one goes a tad too far given how dark it gets but to me the writing is strong enough to make it work. . It has solid themes to back it up alongside a cool guest star and an awesome villain.

That one plot hole is a bit annoying but otherwise this special is great. The Good Place episode is interesting because it’s easier to talk about the series as a whole so really picking any episode is a tad pointless.

But this one was easy to discuss and talking about any episode past Season 1 would be pretty hard given Season 1’s twist. It’s the Cabin in the Woods of TV…complete with Drew Goddard as a producer.

That actually explains a lot.

But anyway, this episode shows off the shows strength and despite not being the most epic ever, it is my favorite of the main marathon episodes I had on there because of just how much I enjoy what the show has to offer.

I did a DA journal going into my thoughts on Season 2 which says more about how the show works, without giving too much away so go there for more:

(Side note, the latest episode was so good and D’Arcy Caden needs all the awards)

So yeah, all these episodes are highlights of solid shows and made me glad I do these marathons. The pickings weren’t as strong as last time but these were still great episodes of television nonetheless.

Still not sure if I’ll do a Marathon Edition next year but if I do, hopefully the episodes I cover will be as good as these.

A Pinky and the Brain Christmas

I knew this would be the best of the batch going on and I was glad it held up so well .It has all the makings of a classic with the great humor and incredibly emotional ending.

It’s up there with some of my favorite Christmas episodes, if only for how even it is. It has so much going for it without too much I can nitpick. Maybe flaws exist but I personally didn’t have any real issues with it, especially compared to some of the other other episodes I covered.

It’s a well balanced episode that shows how strong these characters are and the ending is a very nice bonus. So yeah, a great Christmas episode that made me glad I did these to close out the big Holiday Episode reviews.


Bambi [Ranking the Disney Animated Canon: 1940’s]: Still not totally taste but still a solid slice of life with the ever famous death scene.

Superman [Requested Reviews #2]:  A highly enjoyable classic Superhero movie, can’t wait to check out the sequel…and maybe the others if I’m brave.

The Breadwinner [Requested Reviews #4]: More really good Indie animation. Cartoon Saloon is really killing it,  as you’ll see more of in the 2014 ranking.

The Cabin in the Woods [Scream Vs The Cabin in the Woods]: Very well written horror satire, not much to add here.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: A few pacing issues doesn’t cover up the amazing creativity, songs, and animation.

And since we’re going in order, that means the last thing we’re covering is…

The Faith [Gumball]:

To you I just reviewed yesterday….but I actually wrote the review about a month ago to get it out of my system. And also because I knew it would end up here and I wanted some distance.

What more can I add after all…that? This episode coming out when it caused me to get more personal than usual and that alone makes it an interesting one. But even taking aisde, this episode is sitll great.

I will admit Gumball get slightly bogged down in thos edgy jokes to get points from people who don’t expect that from a cartoon, but I do think it’s those people on Twitter who just make the show seem more based around that than it really is.

This episode is a perfect mix of that kind of humor while still being positive and sweet. I’ve always liked the show for mixing those and this episode really sums it all up, while also being a perfect reflection of what a lot of us are going through these days.

There are a few episodes that are “better” but this is my new favorite Gumball episode just for doing all this and helping me a little bit. That sounds corny as hell but it is true.

But again, taking all that aside it is a very creativity, fun and uplifting episode that shows of what makes the show work, even 6 seasons in. It will be the last season so hopefully it goes out on a high note, after giving us gems like this.

It’s a great episode that made for an interesting final proper review of 2018.

And those were the best and worst things I reviewed in 2018. I had to rush this at the last minute but hopefully you enjoyed this. 2018 was an odd year for the blog but I covered tons of things I’m glad I finally looked at.

2019 will also be odd as shift some things here and there. The monthly Goosebumps reviews are ending to cut some fat, and that animated film ranking will end with 2015 in February.

That gives me more room to do some things I want. I hopefully plan to experiment a bit while generally being the same as always. I’m trying to fix certain issues I have which you’ll hear more about in the first post of 2019.

But either way, I hope to cover some neat things in the coming year. 2018 has been pretty mixed to say the least but at least we can go into 2019 with some hope and at least one of the changes I’m trying will stick.

With that said, I hope you all have a great new year. I don’t have as many eyes on me as video critics (thank god, to be honest) so I’m happy with whatever I get and yada yada yada.

That’s about all I got. Join me in 2019 for whatever gems and turds come my way.

See ya.


About Spongey444

I'm 23 and I mostly spend my time watching TV and movies, hence why i ended doing a blog all about those things. I tend to have weird tastes, but I like think I'm just fair on things. Actually nah, I have bad tastes.
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