DCOM Month 3: Kim Possible So the Drama


Can the Possibles make a better movie than the Prouds? So not the drama! (Again, not sorry)

Hello, Spongey here.

Welcome back to DCOM Month 3! Today we have another animated one, and our last one based on a show. Sort of. I swear i didn’t plain this, this is what got voted on.

This one is based on Kim Possible. This was  one of Disney Channel’s Flagship cartoons and it’s one i like. I went into the holiday episodes before but now to discuss the show further.

It was a super popular show and i also like it. Because…

CR: A girl fights International crime, giant robots, and super villains, by jumping around in revealing outfits, occasionally running into a super-powered villainess wearing a skin tight jump suit. And in her off time she continues to jump around in her incredibly short Un-Disney-eque Cheerleading outfit with her other hot classmates.

…Uh, i like the writing. But that all helps too. Re-watching it, it did have flaws, mostly early but it mostly worked. It had a nice mix of releatable situations for kids, good humor for adults, and great animation, action, and characters for adults.

It’s a good example of a show that can appeal to about everyone. So naturally it was a big enough to get a DCOM…more than one actually. Sort of. In 2003 there was a Sitch in Time which Disney saw as one at one point but now they don’t, as it technically is 3 episodes strung together.

However, i watched the full cut where it all flows together as one story, even if it’s clear where each part begins in end. I’m kind of with most people on it: It’s pretty good in general with a fun time travel story and good drama with how Ron has to move away,

However, the ending is lame. No spoilers but it’s huge cop out that really ends things on a weak not. Not bad but it prevents the movie from being really good. It’s just Good instead.

So in 2005 they tried again, but this time they went out all out. It’s a full movie complete with upgraded animation. The writers were the creators and the director was one from the show so no need to go into that.

This movie was actually written to be a Live Action film, but Disney passed on it in favor of Sky High. OMG, they canned an adaptation of something popular for something cashing on trends? Worst thing ever! …Okay, this situation isn’t comparable, since hey at least the original choice did happen.

Jokes aside, Sky High was pretty good at least and while I’m sure this would have been a rare good Live Action Adaptation, getting this was a fair trade. Plus, they did get to make fun of this in an episode, amazingly titled “And the Molerat will be CGI”.

Before we go on, I should mention that the DVD version is “Extended”…by like a minute and I don’t recall what part was added but it has no bearing on anything. The DVD 2 deleted scenes so short, they may as well have thrown them in.

This film was meant to be the end of the series, but the fans really wanted more anyway so they gave it to them. I’ll say how I feel about that at the end as I’m wasting time as it is.

Oh, and as some may know, I tried to do a review a few years ago but the ASCII monster ate up some of my progress. It’s 2017 and that asshole is still a problem, so I finally ditched Open Office just before I start doing this.

Fitting. Now I get a chance to take it on. By the way, Cartoon Hero got to it before I could so look at his review for even further insight. With that said, was this a good end for the series, for the time being?

Let’s find out.

This, is Kim Possible: So The Drama

The movie opens in Japan as Shego and some goons have targeted the head of this toy company. Of course there is where Kim comes in.

“This is impossible”

“No, but real close”

Now THAT’S how you make an entrance. And already the aniation in this opening is better than all of last week’s offering. This leads to some action which involves a big fat ninja which Ron ends up giving a wedgie.


It goes for a bit but I don’t mind because it’s highly enjoyable and has good humor that fits with the characters. It’s a really good opening that both sets up the tone and the story well.

Speaking of openings, we get our opening credits which is done in a sort of James Bond style with a remix of the theme song. And yeah, it’s pretty awesome. But now that I’ve seen the animated DCOM’s I find it odd that AT2D does NOT have the “A Disney Channel Original Movie” text anywhere in it.

Yet the one that was just a 54 minute pilot does, go figure.

After a quick scene on a jet, they get home and Mom of course asks where she was. She turns on the Tv and the news is conventionally reporting on what happened. Okay, that is the best convenient newscast in the history of film.

By the way, I like how the cool the parents are with all this. They are still actually parents but stuff like fighting sumo ninja? Yeah, that’s fine just be back in time for school. They’re cool.

We cut to Drakken’s liar where we are introduced to his Syntho-drones that will be important later. Not too much else happens except for finding out Drakken wants to find out Kim’s weakness.

Drakken also starts thinking of his plan. This is a solid set up, not much else to say.

At school, the prom is coming up and Alpha Bitch Bonnie (who may I remind you is voiced by Zenon) is giving her crap about not having a boy-friend. Kim tries to shrug it off as usual but she starts to think she might have a point.

“I’m weirding guys out. They see me on TV, roundhousing some goon out of a window. It’s a vivid image”

I imagine for some it only makes you more attractive. Er, I imagine anyway. Meanwhile, Ron finds out someone bought Beuno Nacho which is another thing that will be important later. Yeah, they’re quite a bit of set up that is well done once you see the pay off to all this.

Drakken goes to Night Club to meet up with someone and Kim and Ron follow his trial. I should probably mention the part where Kim has to slip out her wet suit thingy. It’s um, very Disney.

…So anyway, Drakken meets up with Maurice LaMarche here to get a thing. Some of this whole scene is kind of filler, but at least enjoyable. And it leads to Drakken finding out Kim’s Dad has what we needs, we’ll get back to that.

Sometime later at school Kim is still thinking about what Bonnie said and Ron is trying to drum up support to Naco Night back. Basically Kim isn’t sure about going with Ron the prom and honestly all this stuff is more interesting to watch play out than read someone sum up.

So I’m going hom-ah I’m just kidding. But yeah recapping some of this stuff is harder than I thought, but easier than if I hadn’t had seen the movie semi-recently. The next day, Ron meets the new kid Erik, voiced by Ricky Ullman. Because why not.

Ron introduces him to Kim and they seem to take a liking to each other. Yep, we’re doing that. If I had one complaint about this movie it’s that this starts a bit too quickly but it does end up serving a good purpose and you only have so much time.

We even already get a montage of Ron being left out things while kim and Eric bond. While that’s going on, Drakken kidnaps Kim’s Dad and did all of it without anyone knowing yet.

But it doesn’t take long for Kim to be alerted as she calls Ron about it. Also, Ron is interrupted while talking to Mandark here about Beuno’s New Management which has only gotten worse.

They go to rescue him but while they do, it’s not before Drakken got the info he needs out of his brain. Kim can’t seem to figure what the big picture of his scheme is this time. She contemplates this later while trying on dresses.

I think that little bit kind of sums up the whole show. We just need Ron there to drop his pants or something…..Actually in that situation, that would be awkward.

….And then it turns out he’s right next door in this mall place and when he comes out he forgot his pants. I WAS JOKING!

Anyway, Kim happens to run into Erik here just to remind us that’s a thing. Beuno Nacho starts selling kids toys, which of course makes the place a mess of kids. Ron…doesn’t take it well.

“I’m losing everything I ever cared about!”

….Dang. I like some of the conflicts coming together to affect Ron and this part is pretty much part of the payoff to it. A news person happens to be there, so Kim sees that and decides to talk to him.

And since she actually finds out before it’s too too late that Ron is feeling bad, this is better than most of other takes on this kind of thing I have seen. Ron thankfully happens to be their childhood treehouse.

This part is kinda short but really nice as Kim sees that Ron thinks Erik will change everything but she assures him that’s not the case. They reminisce about old times a bit and it’s a really nice scene.

Speak of the devil, Erik shows up and asks her to the prom. I guess she says but we cut to more important things like later on Prom Night when Ron talks to Rufus about his rather complicated feelings.

Erik picks Kim up and I will say I like that he’s overall nice in a somewhat natural, It’s a small thing but worth noting.Ron goes to Beuno Nacho and Ron finally snaps…when we realizes they got rid of the Bendy straws.


This makes him call the CEO himself who turns out to be…Drakken! Yeah, I kinda figured that one. And then the new Diablo toys come to life and attack. They fail because you know, small things aren’t that useful.

They still manage to take chase as Ron rides away and he shows up at Prom to tell everyone. Of course they vanish to make him look crazy. Kim is skeptical even though she sees weirder stuff than that like everyday.

Thankfully, the more he goes on, the more she thinks he’s onto something, especially when he mentions Drakken. You go, Kim! Erik isn’t as easily swayed but he’s new to this so I’ll cut him some slack.

They figure out used Kim’s Dad’s Tech to make those things and we learn they will strike at midnight. And I guess it’s Midnight because they start growing and of course Jim and Tim have some so that’s bad news. (Oh yeah they’re at home now, by the way).

We get an exciting chase scene which ends with them destroying the signal which was in the big Beuno Nacho sign thing. Well, that was quick, the end!

Is that joke getting old?

Drakken calls and tells Kim she won’t stop him despite that. He managed to kidnap Erik because it was only a matter of time before we use that cliche.

Desperate times call for Desperate measures so Kim takes an experimental battle suit Wade made. Oh boy we’ll talk about that thing later. They break into Beuno Nacho HQ and Kim ends up testing her battle suit on Shego.

It’s pretty much god mode to the point where it grows up when damaged. .She takes out She-Go and gets to Erik. And then..

“Actually, here I’m known as Synthodrone #921”

WHAT A TWIST! That’s right, they just Hans’d our asses! Jokes aside, that’s a good twist. Mostly because they don’t make it too obvious as Erik wasn’t a jerk or anything like that.

Perhaps you could have predicted it but it’s not as obvious as other twists of this kind. It’s rather brilliant. Kim is knocked and captured along with Ron and she’s pretty bummed out over this.

“What’s the plan?”

“I…got nothing”

This is a great moment here. I like seeing characters get to their lowest point like this and with someone Kim it’s especially effective. Also, Kudos to Drakken for this surprisingly smart plan that almost actually worked!

That puts him above the other Disney Dr D at least.

With the help of Rufus, they escape and Kim ends up in a big fight on the roof. It’s Rufus who defeats Erik by simply biting him which makes his Syntho-butt melt. Gross, but effective.

They are able to get rid of the signal thing which makes the rest of the toys go back to normal.

“Okay, maybe she is all that”

Nice. Not as nice as Ron being a badass and making Drakken say his name. It was a running gag, don’t ask. With that, Drakken and Shego are arrested until Motor Ed and an Alien save them.

Again, don’t ask.

“Deal with it dude, it’s over”

Until the fans want another season at least.

But we’re done yet as Kim and Ron head back to prom…with each other. And everyone applauds them!

As tired as the “Friends become love interest” thing was at the time, this case works because the characters are strong on their own and this moment is just really satisfying, especially with the pop song playing.

After all they went through in the series in this movie, it’s nice that they found each other. And heck, Season 4 continued it pretty well without making this pointless or too lovey dovey.

And with that, the movie ends. A slightly rushed ending that works due to emotion. Nice.

Final Thoughts:

Before we go further, I should say more about that Battle Suit as I said I would. Now, while I think it should have ended here, Season 4 managed to pretty good once they got past those “We’re back” jitters. But they had to do something with the suit since it was pretty much god mode.

So they just had it damaged so they could stash it for the rest of the season. A tad cheap but they created a good story around it that addressed Ron’s feelings about dating Kim now and all that.

That whole Season 4 Premiere was pretty great at addressing what they left on and the fan’s concerns over the show changing. They had a jumping the shark joke. So yeah, the show went on fine.

But as for the movie, I really like it. There’s not much to complain about here. There are pacing issues here and there like when Erik comes in, but that’s about it. And on the Kim Possible level, there really is nothing to dislike here.

Everything you want is here. The characters are likable and memorable, the already strong animation is bumped further, the action is highly enjoyable, and the villains are awesome.

It’s also decently funny. It expands on the show by putting the characters through a lot and giving Drakken a big plan but it’s also written in a way that newcomers can get it just fine.

But oddly enough what I like the most is the writing. Think about it: Drakken’s plot was created basically to not only get him power through the giant toys but also mess with him using the fake boy which also really effected her best friend since his favorite restaurant was being effected along with his friend.

They perfectly combine the external conflict and internal ones, to make for something both enjoyable and emotionally satisfying. It’s really smart how they did that.

Add on a really nice ending that shippers will enjoy and you have something really really good. Everything it works on both levels’ and I enjoy just as much reviewing it as when I watched it casually a little while ago.

While my own personal stuff makes it like AT2D, if we’re talking objective quality they are on the same level. Some stuff works better in each but I will say the flaws here may be less of a turn off in the end.

But that’s up for you to judge. And like that, I thought this could have worked in theaters. Just beef up the run time a bit and you’re good. But as it is, it works despite wonky pacing here and there.

A nice upgrade from last week.

Rating: Great


Wow, how  long has it been since I reviewed something I can call Great? ….Not counting me literally covering Citizen Kane. Next time, we finally go into live action with a more recent one.

See ya.


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