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I wasn’t are An Hour and 7 Minutes was BIG

Hello, Spongey here.

The day this is going up, July 14, happens to be my 22nd birthday. Yeah, it’s crazy I’m already that age given how I was when I started. I haven’t gotten any smarter. I don’t usually do posts for my birthday since it’s a bit egoistical but this year I thought I should do something.

It’s an excuse to do another positive-ish review, honestly. For this one, we’re going back to the first film I ever saw in theaters. At least, that’s what my memory and my mom says. Due to my age, I can’t see myself seeing anything before this came out in __ 2003.

This fillm is of course part of the Winnie the Pooh franchise. There’s not much you can about Pooh in general, it’s one of those things everyone has grown up in one way or another, from The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, to the NEW Adventures of the Pooh, to the 2011 film that seems to be the last hurrah for 2D Disney animation for now.

Winnie the Pooh is just one of those innocent charming things everyone likes, it’s hard for any entry to be that bad. Then again maybe there’s some obscure terrible thing out there, there always is.

Anyway, in the Early 2000’s Disney was branching out a bit so DisneyToon, the studio behind all those Direct to Video Sequels, released some of their films to theaters even though they normally would go Direct to Video.

Thus we get 3 Pooh movies. It started with The Tigger Movie in 2000 which was a decent enough hit to get this follow up. It was a hit too (abeit less though than Tigger) so there as another, but let’s focus on this movie. Reactions seems to positive enough to this as it has a 71 on RT.

Of course, I remember liking it as a kid, but as we’ve established, I liked some bad things. The writer has mostly done stuff like this, including the next Pooh movie, and the director has this has only real directing credit, although he did some small work for Disney before and after.

Will this piece of my childhood hold up, or will it fall apart like so many others? Let’s find out.

This, is Piglet’s Big Movie

The movie opens with a rendition of the Winnie the Pooh theme set to Piglet watching the others do stuff. Tigger is disguising himself as a tree while Rabbit is playing music for some bees.

They seem to like Bee-toven”


It’s all part of a big convulsed plan that would never really work. They are leaving Piglet out of it because it’s too “big”, which it’s really not. To be fair, all the roles have been filled I guess. The plan fails and the bees get pissed.

But Piglet is able to actually get them in their little fake hive. …But they somehow didn’t see that so they still say he wasn’t part of the plan. Seriously?

Piglet does a sad hulk walk which would be sadder if this wasn’t quite so contrived. We get another song as Piglet helps out around the woods, which is a pretty cute sequence.

Right after, their plan fails again as the bees escape and chase them. They safely hide out at Piglet’s house where they find his scrapbook full of memories that may or may not be callbacks.

They realize they don’t know where Piglet is and must find him. At least they aren’t acting like jerks in general and here we do see how they care for him. Likewise, Piglet has a hard time finding his friends.

They go to Owl’s place where he rambles on as is want to do. And that’s ti for that scene, I guess. They are using the scrapbook to follow his footsteps and locate him. Then they randomly stop the plot to take us into a flashback involving Kanga.

Uh…okay. With how it’s set up, it’s like a clip show for a show I haven’t seen.

This is about when Kanga and Roo moved on and they thought she was dangerous for some reason. These guys are pretty gullible sometimes. Rabbit comes up with a plan to kidnap Roo and they only give her back if Kanga leaves forever.

Wow, you’re an asshole.

They do their plan which works. That doesn’t mean Kanga won’t the notice than proceed to hilariously troll Piglet. Then she…gives him a bath and this leads to another song. …Okay.

After the pointless bath, Piglet goes to his friends but he’s a bit fuzzy from it so they can’t tell it’s him. I’m starting to realize these guys aren’t very bright. He fixes the fuzz and now that part was pointless.

He tells them that Kanga is actually nice. Also, Rabbit actually had fun with Roo onscreen so he likes her now. Yay forced development. Still kind of cute I guess. So ends that pointlessly long flashback.

They end up at Kanga’s house where they add Roo to their party. Then it’s back to the flashbacks. This is going to be the whole movie, isn’t it? This isn’t exactly new for Pooh but I was expecting more of a story here.

This story is about them, and Christoper Robin trying to find the North Pole. Christmas in July, yay! Although they oddly don’t mention Christmas at all, he just says “let’s find the north pole for no reason”.

They set off and we get another song. At this point I should say that the songs are good, just nothing too special. That first one was the best so far.

Roo pops up and falls into a river and while that is going on, Christopher Robin is wondering where they want as he didn’t hear them fall behind.

Because he’s somehow deaf now. They save Roo and get back to Robin who says they found the North Pole. Oh, and Piglet made a suggestion that helped save Roo, that’s how he’s connected to this one. Lame.

End Story. Cute but kinda lame. I kinda like this idea to an extent but that one barely had Piglet in it. A storm starts brewing and they are worried about Piglet. So let’s jump into another story!

He seems to be the hero of every story”

That or they picked random stories that he was in enough instead of just creating more Piglet centric ones.

Pooh and Piglet were walking in the snow, signing another song but this one is too short to even count as one. Piglet realizes that Eeyore has no house. Speaking of which, at this point Eeyore was voiced by Optimus Prime.


A montage is the fastest way to build a house so we get one with another song. This doesn’t work too well so they just figure Eeyore can live with Pooh. But while they get Eeyore, Piglet actually manages to make his house, incredibly quickly I might add.

Now he has a house. End fo story. Well, that had more Piglet and was kind of cute so it’ll pas. Tensions start to get high as they can’t find piglet, and Tigger and Rabbit both think they can do so better.

They fight over the book and it falls into the river. Wah wah. At least something finally happened. They sulk over this which leads to a sad song. Gotta say, this is really effective. We see how they care about Piglet, and the song itself is really nice.

Plus, it’s raining and that makes everything sadder.

We even get a quick montage of things Piglet has done, most of which are made up and are done in a child’s drawing style which is really charming.

This perks them up and makes them start the search again and they find some pages of the book. See what happens when you drop stories and have a plot?

They even find the book which somehow ended up on a branch. Pooh decides to cross it to get the book, like the badass he is. This leads to a decent climax, helped by Piglet showing up out of nowhere!

It’s capped off the obligatory “totally dead but not really” moment. Everyone’s fine but the book is lost. Gotta give them credit for doing that, leads to a really nice moment where they show they don;t need a book to remember how great Piglet is.

They go back home and see the drawings they made earlier which is another heartwarming moment. I swear every Pooh thing I watch does this and it always works on me, damn.

With that, they have a party to celebrate the events.

Thank you, Piglet”

D’aww. And roll credits! Yeah, rushed ending but I’ve seen worse. This is only an hour and 7 minutes, which is pathetic for a theatrical release, but ah well.

Final Thoughts:

This movie was…good. On the slower side, I will admit. Honestly, I didn’t remember that much from my first viewing aside from the sad scene. Somehow I forgot about a lot of the details and I can kind of see why.

I like the idea of having little stories but some feel like padding, and the actual story is basic as a result. There’s not too much actually wrong here, but less side stuff would have been nice. Thankfully, they make up for it with the heart.

The main story is pretty basic but it is a good one for Piglet. It’s really all about trying to be heartwarming as possibly by showing how much he means to them. Some of it’s cheesy, but most of it is works.

I’m not sure if needed to be a film but for what we got, it’s nice. The nice moments are executed well through the iconic characters and how the execution is. It’s nothing that special, but the nice moments are too damn good not to be drawn into.

There’s not really a whole lot I can say. It’s cheesy as hell but also likable as all hell, in spite of some odd narrative choices here and there. Again, this could have been a half hour special, or going straight to DVD.

But judging on it’s own, it’s nice. The animation is too, I just don’t have much to say about it. It’s pretty simple but effective just like the film itself.

Overall, Piglet’s Big Movie is not much more than “Nice”, but as long as they tried, that’s fine sometimes. It’s clearly made for kids but not in the “let’s just pander” way. You can aim for kids and still make it well enough that adults won’t hate themselves while watching it.

Not much more to say. Not great but I think it holds up fine, even if some parts are skippable. Now I wanna re-visit Tigger Movie and some others which I will do for some upcoming projects, hint hint.

But yeah, Happy Birthday to me.

Grade: B

That was fun. As for next time…well, unless anything I watch soon is urgently bad, next review shall be in August. And in that month, something is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary. So…


See ya.


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