General Review: Spider-Man Homecoming

Hello, Spongey here.

Time for the 2nd of three Marvel Cinematic Universe films for the year. This time it’s a bit more interesting due to who is in it. At this point, I’ll talked a lot about Spider-Man. I reviewed the 2nd film in the Rami Trilogy, and I did a general review for Amazing Spider-Man 2 back when it came out.

Spidey has a an odd film run with ups and dons, with the final film in both series being big disappointments for some. At the moment, I still haven’t seen Spider-Man 3 but I can say I like all the others.

That’s right, I still love Amazing Spider-Man 2 and still don’t get why people hate it so much. But I’ve gone into that before so i’ll skip to the important stuff. As much as I wanted more, Sony felt the need to turn this into a much bigger franchise with tons of spin offs that they teased at in the film.

Because of how much stock they put into it, it ended up under performing so hard that they were forced to give Spidey back to Marvel. Honestly, with what Sony was doing, they don’t deserve Spidey.

Marvel got Spider-Man quick enough to insert him Captain America: Civil War. While I’m still not sure if he needed to be there, he was still really good on it. He was a highlight in many ways and it seems like they got the character right.

But now he’s got his in movie for the MCU. At the director’s chair is a guy who has only done 2 movies I’ve never heard of. And for our writers, we have 6. …Yikes. Between them we have mostly comedies like Horrible Bosses 2 and episodes of Community.

One took part in Lego Batman from earlier this year and another other has the previous films the director did , as well as Robot & Frank. A bit an odd bag but at the moment the film has a 93 on RT, so clearly this is turning out well for others.

But will I get into this web slinging adventure, or will I advise you stay away from this homecoming? Let’s find out.

This, is Spider-Man Homecoming

After getting an internship with Tony Stark, Peter Parker must balance his hectic High School life along with his life as a superhero, and he’s not that great at either yet. And also Micheal Keaton is doing bad guy stuff.

So far this year, I find that I repeat what others have said about a film for the most part. I may not like some as much as others, but my reviews for Logan, Wonder Woman and Captain Underpants are about the same as most, with me liking them for the same reasons most do.

This…is not different. I really liked this movie for the same reasons most did. But let’s go into the minor things first. For the flaws, I didn’t have too many as this is the least flawed Spider-
Man film yet.

In the sense that nothing bugged me as much as MJ in Rami’s 2 or the forced set up in Amazing 2. The flaws are minor. Some parts go on too long, story isn’t the most unpredictable thing ever, and Flash is the lamest bully ever.

He’s not even in most of it, he has two small scenes and that’s it. Oh and as usual the Marvel villain isn’t great. But to be honest, I thought he was fine. He’s on the typical side, but I liked hiis nature of being a Blue Collar worker, as well as Micheal Keaton’s performance.

There’s also a twist with him that I liked.

But anyway, since I’m the Disney Channel guy i wanna talk about how…Belinda from Kirby Buckets/Fireside Girl Ginger is in it! Okay, Zendaya is in it too but I was surprised she appeared as well in a small role.

I’ve railed about Zendya vs Bella Thorne before but man. Bella gets a bunch of roles in mostly crappy movies and no TV Roles while Zendaya has her own show and her first actual theatrical film role (Yes, really) is in a MARVEL Movie.

Dang. Jokes aside, she’s pretty good. She’s just a snarky student but she’s enjoyable in that role. And her final bit hints she may be important in later films which should be fun. The other non Spidey characters are rather minor but play good roles.

His friend Ned could have been annoying but he’s mostly funny and helps him out nicely. Aunt May is solid and provides nice support as well. By the way, I don’t mind her being “Young” (Marasa Tomei is 52, guys) her as it makes more sense.

I mean, if my brother (god forbid) knocked someone up and had a kid, I’d be an Uncle and I’m only 21. Anyway, she works and gets the moment that made me laugh the most.

I was worried Tony/Iron Man would take over the film but thankfully he does not. He’s in it enough to leave an impact but he only appears when he needs to. He’s learned his lesson from his own sequel.

He’s more good support and adds to Peter’s arc in the film so I liked that. I’ve heard complaints about the action but I thought it was pretty good. The action isn’t exactly explosive but rgw situations are a bit more intense, focusing on how Spider-Man is going to get out of this.

One involving an elevator was the highlight for me. Some dislike the climax but I thought  it was good, I had no issue with it, although the very final action bit was a tad shakey. Otherwise, no problem here.

Oh, and Stan’s Lee cameo was amusing. Happens earlier than usual. And while I’m on Marvel staples…stay til the end of the credits. Seriously, You won’t regret.

Okay, now onto the big important stuff. More than Spidey movie before this, this is very much a High School film. It really focuses on Peter as he juggles everything which we have seen before, but not to this extent.

This IS a Spider-Man movie, everything revolves around him as he’s rather inexperienced and he’s learning the tools of the trade. Tony gives him a suped up Suit which is a bit odd but pretty cool and I like the odd relationship he had with Female Jarvis as I call her…..OTP? Anyway, it does a really good job of showing all this, especially how he grows during the film.

And let’s get this out of the way, Tom Holland IS Spider-Man/Peter Parker now. The others were pretty good but damn if Tom isn’t PERFECT at every turn. He’s good at being an awkward teen, he’s good at being wise ass Spidey and he’s even good at being a hero.

Spider-Man himself is easily the best thing about this movie. They do a really good job at showing all the aspects of him and his journey was really solid. I like that he’s not great right away, hell he messes up a lot but in a natural way.

He’s very much like a teenager. He’s awkward but very competent in his way. He’s also really excited to be a hero which is excellently shown at in his first scene that I won’t spoil. We see why Tony wants him but also get it when he screws up.

It’s pretty rewarding in the end as a result, with how he’s written. He also provides natural humor. Speaking of comedy, this movie is pretty funny. More so than I expected. Some parts made  laugh out loud pretty hard, thankfully my packed theater did too so I didn’t look like an idiot.

But yeah, Spider-Man really pulls this movie together with his personality and how he is handled during the run time. This is the best protrayl of the character on screen so far, and I don’t hesitate to say that.

And because of that, the movie works. Perhaps it’s not as complex as other Spider-Man films can get, it is more consistent than all the others with less bad things. There’s not a whole more to say because others have gone into it and I don’t want to spoil too much.

Overall, Spider-Man Homecoming may not be as “impressive” as some elements in either Spider-Man films or Marvel films, but it is very consistent with fun action, a solid simple story that  is thankfully more toned down than most, and the best Spider-Man we’ve ever seen as screen.

If you’re a Spider-Man  fan you will like this movie, at least for him. If you only know of him through certain places, this is a great introduction. It is a lot of fun and very enjoyable, especially for a 2 hour movie.

It’s not a film I have a lot to say about, but it’s highly enjoyable with it’s humor, action, and lead. Go see it.

Grade: B+ (Very Good)

Yeah, I’m putting in the word ratings. …Wait, there’s no J Jonah, never mind 0/10.

Anyway, our next general review may be a few days late due to real life issues but when I come back, we will go ape.

See ya.


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