General Review: Baby Driver

Hello, Spongey here.

Time for another general review of something did not plan to cover, in the vein of 10 Cloverfeild Lane and Split. In this case, I just found the extra money and when I found out my theater would get it, I got hyped.

This time we have the latest film from Edgar Wright. A lot you are hopefully familiar with his work, especially the “Cornetto” trilogy. (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World’s End). He’s got a unique style that not everyone be it, but most are.

Now that I’ve finally seen his major films, I can say I dig him as much as everyone else does. His films have this charm and it’s clear he knows what he’s doing, especially when it comes to Comedy. Everyone has gone on about those films and how they are funny but also good examples of their genres, with good stories to boot.

So of course, most were hyped for his latest film. It has an interesting concept and certain details I heard about made it sound pretty cool. At the moment it has a 98 on RT…so I imagine it’s pretty good.

But will it stand up to his other works? I hope so but guess we’re about to see.

This, is Baby Driver

A young and talented getaway driver named Baby relies on the personal beat of his preferred soundtrack to be the best in the world of crime, as music heightens his focus and reflexes to extreme levels.

He is preferred as a driver by Doc, a mastermind organizer of bank robberies and other high-earning heists. But then he falls in love and it’s all downhill from there.

I’ll make this somewhat quick as I don’t have much to add from what others are saying. This movie is great. It has flaws like any movie but it”s still highly enjoyable from start to finish. Let’s get through the flaws.

The main one is that it runs a little long. The gimmick doesn’t wear thin thanks to the writing but I do think some stuff could have been shaved off. The film is so well paced that it sticks out when it slows down or seems to go on a bit too long.

The 3rd especially can drag at times. It’s not a big problem but it clashes with the pacing enough to dock a point. Plus, in can lose focus in the midsection as it forgets about the waitress for a while although the ending does make up for it.

Otherwise, the movie was as good as everyone in saying. When you look at the story, it is a bit typical with the guy in crime who wants out of it and falls in love, but it’s executed so well that I don’t mind, plus it gives the film a classic feel.

Which certainly fits due to the soundtrack. As you can tell from the summary, music plays a big part. All these songs play a part in the film’s story in every way. Even the editing uses it and it’s the main thing that sticks out about the film. And thankfully it fits into the story and the writing itself is good enough to carry the gimmick.

As I said, it’s not hugely ordinal but it works mostly because it makes you care about the characters and situation. Baby is likable with how he is clearly is not a bad person but is doing all this to make money and of course his love of music is extremely releatable. He has a reason as you can see and that helps flesh out the character and story.

I even like the romance. He and Debby have good chemistry and right from their first interaction, I wanted them to get together. It’s not the deepest romance but it is a sweet one. Debby herself even manages to be a good character and isn’t just a love interest for the sake of it.

I can’t really go into a lot of detail without spoiling anything but the story is well told with the help of the other factors. As everyone has commented on, the editing is excellent. The music fits with the situation so well that it makes said situation more enjoyable, especially the car chases.

Edgar Wright’s films have always had great editing with how everything is balanced with many parts being very rhythmic. Fitting that this one tackles music. The style very much is the substance which I think works because there are moments where you care about Baby and his dilemma.

Everyone else works well with their roles from the criminals he works with to his boss played by Kevin Spacey, who clearly wants us to forget about Nine Lives. On a side note, Monsters inc is referenced twice which I of course dug.

(Oh and Jon Hamm becomes the standout by the end.)

The film thankfully can slow down and even when it does, it’s engaging. Even in the bloated parts I pointed out it stays enjoyable enough, even if I still think it could have been tighter.

Everything works together to create an incredibly fun experience. The music, action, and likable leads, make it a blast to watch. It’s another film where I just enjoyed it and didn’t think so hard about everything.

It is a film to be enjoyed for all it’s aspects and it works extremely well. Could it have been tighter to become THE best film of 2017 so far instead of the top 3? Sure, but everything else works so well that I don’t care.

Sorry to pretty much join in on the choir with this one but sometimes a move comes out that I agree is as great as everyone says. I like it for the same reasons most people do and I don’t have a lot to add.

Hence the short review. The movie is better if you go into it not knowing too much as it’s just that kind of movie. It’s not like it has a ton of twists and turns, but it’s hard to say in words how good the movie is, you have to experience.

Needless to say, fans of Edgar Wright will enjoy this a lot and anyone who is into this kind of thing will enjoy it. I’d recommend it to about anyone who is old enough to see it at least. If you are, please see it, I don’t want another Nice Guys.

Overall, Baby Driver is a really fun ride that uses it’s style to create a great experience with a story and characters worth caring about. It can run a bit long but that’s forgivable. I’m not sure how it compares to his other works, but every film of his I’ve seen has been at least “Very Good” and this is another great film in his lineup.

So yeah, it’s good.

Grade: B+ (Subject to change)

Well, that was fun. Tune in Friday for something a bit more despicable.

See ya.


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