General Review: Wonder Woman

Hello, Spongey here.

DC, we meet again. We’ve talked about DC’s films before, infact I’ve reviewed them all at this point. So far I think they are all okay, with some good to even great things, but also a lot of flaws that prevent them from being anything above okay.

In the least, they have all been interesting with a lot to discuss. And honestly, I’d take that over something that is just wall to wall bordeom with nothing to talk about. And boy is there a lot to talk about, mostly thanks to the fanboys.

Fanboys in general are annoying but DC has some of the worst. I know people who enjoy these movies that are decent people which makes these guys even worse. Remember when some people asked for Rotten Tomatoes to be shut down?

That was dumb. I will admit some people can be too harsh on DC’s films, as I don’t think anyone are even close to as bad as people say. I agree with Good Bad Flicks when said he’s baffled that people call Suicide Squad one of the worst of 2016 when Meet the Blacks exist.

But that’s no excuse to be rude about the fact they didn’t like it and maybe you did. So yeah, DC is not in a good position. On a side note, yeah Zack Synder having to step down due to his daughter’s death does suck, but it really shows how good of a person he is. Just shows the people behind hated movies are human.

Anyway, people did have up for this one though. It wasn’t as connected to the other DCEU films, meaning it may not suffer from the same problems. That and people have been wantin a true movie for the most iconic female superhero for ages.

Like mos, she’s been on TV like the time she wanted PANTS TO BE DARKNED. But no film until now. Most people thought was decent in BvS for what little screen time she got. Plus, her little theme thing was awesome.

Now it’s upon us and the reviews are….good. Yeah, as you know by now, DC/Warner Bros finally made a film people like. Not everyone loves it but most people do enjoy it. It has a 90 something on RT which is impressive. That’s higher than the most recent Marvel movie! And today I shall see how I feel, given I don’t hate DC to begin with.

The director is the first female to direct a female lead Supehero movie. Why it took long to figure out maybe hiring a female to do one is a good idea, is beyond me. Isn’t that right Catwoman.

She’s mostly done smaller films before, which is cool. They seem to be picking up smaller directors to do big movies lately, like the upcoming Thor 3 is doing. Interesting. The writer has mostly done TV and Comics that I am not familiar enough with to judge him on.

With all that said, will this be the good film DC needs, or that guy running around in his underwear gonna be more dignified? Let’s find out.

This, is Wonder Woman

An Amazon princess finds her idyllic life on an island occupied only by female warriors interrupted when a pilotcrash-lands nearby. After rescuing him, she learns that World War I is engulfing the planet, and vows to use her superpowers to restore peace.

I don’t have as much to say as you might think, so this review will focus a bit more on the bigger picture than the little details, for the most part. The first to get out of the way is this: yes, what you heard is true.

After 4 tries, DC finally made a movie in this universe I can full on call…Good. This is a good movie. It’s not great to be honest, but it is good and it is easy for me to call it good, vs the other movies.

But why does it work? Well, I won’t compare it too much to the others as I do want to be faiir, especially since the others weren’t even that bad. This just happens to be good while they were not.

We’ll start with certain details that are either smaller or less important. Let’s begin with the problems. I actually don’t have a whole lot of them, as most of them are either nitpicky or don’t get in the way of my enjoyment.

As usual with these kinds of movies, some parts don’t make too much sense or drag on too long due to it being 2 hours. Some parts can drag, even if the pacing is mostly good. As some have said, the plot does remind me of stuff like Captain America 1 and it does play is somewhat safe in terms of the story itself.

And yeah, the villains Not bad, or even embarrassingly silly but they are just there. Could have been good but ah well, they aren’t too bad. Yeah, these problems are small but certain parts as well as personal preference prevent this from exactly being an amazing movie.

But back to positive/neutral things. The score manages to be decent at least in the moment. It can elevate certain scenes and her awesome theme is still there and used well when it shows up.

The cast is small but used well. The smaller characters like Etta Candy are enjoyable for what they get to do. Chris Pine makes for a solid love interests where they do show them growing to like each other more with some nice slower scenes.

Through him, they show how she reacts the world in some smart ways which we’ll get into. As for Gal Gadot as Diana/Wonder Woman, she’s good. She’s not exactly super expressive but she sells all sides of her and does a great job of looking heroic and badass when she needs to.

This brings to the real meat of the film, the stuff that makes it stand out and be solid. One thing to mention is how they handle the story. Despite the length, it’s not nearly as bogged down with subplots and details as the other DC Movies.

Yes, it has certain things like establishing the world and certain backstories for characters like the villains but it mostly keeps the focus where it should and most of the extra elements tie into the bigger picture.

The stuff that makes the film two hours belongs here or could easily be trimmed out without needing to make tons of other changes. It wasn’t overly simple but not overly complicated either, at ist not as much as some other movies.

They do a good job at setting up the world a, the characters and why they do what they do which gives the action scenes the impact they need. The action scenes are really well done using slow mo effectively. Wonder Woman gets to kick butt in enjoyable ways that make her worth rooting for.

I’m going to act like this is all excellently but it does it better than expected . But the most important thing to me would be and the tone and how Diana herself works. No, I won’t go on about how “dark” the other DC films are but by thing is that the writing on them wasn’t good enough to really make the darker tone of the films work as well as they could have.

I mean, there’s a reason Chris Nolan’s Batman films worked for people and these didn’t. He did things a certain way that made the tone work really well, while the DCEU didn’t get it. This film does.

It doesn’t try to become a comedy or even too much like a Marvel movie. It just takes cues from them in order to do it’s own thing. The film focuses a lot on Diana’s reactions to the modern world of World War 1, in both the typical comedic ways and in terms of how her views differ from ours.

She thinks just killing the big head bad guy will end all war forever, and she’s very hopeful and stands up for everyone. However, she learns it’s not that simple. Sure, we should kill Hitler and such but that won’t stop Nazi’s from existing to be bad.

As recent times has somehow proven.

The film is grounded as it shows how war really is but puts an optimistic spin on it so it’s not depressing. She sees how things really are but stays true to herself as a symbol of hope. The ending shows this very well, and is how you do a slightly rushed ending.

That’s the big thing I like about this movie. It’s not hopeful and optimistic for the sake of it, they show how things are in real life but chooses to stay optimistic about it. You can argue the ending is a bit too clear cut of a happy ending but it was earned, I think.

It’s quite admirable with how the themes are executed. This IS still a DC movie, it just happens to be a bit happier in terms of how it does things. It would be easy to just copy Marvel in order to do well, but after Suicide Squad, they know it’s better to simply to take some cues and go their own direction.

And that is why Wonder Woman works. It is a Superhero Movie with good action scenes but it does realistically show how War is, while still remaining hopeful with a true hero at it’s center. It’s well rounded and I enjoyed watching most of it, which is a contrast to the mixed-ness of the rest of the DCEU.

But even on it’s own, it’s a refreshing addition to the list of Summer Superhero Blockbusters we see every year. Oh, and finally a good Female Superhero movie that works in terms of giving us a strong heroine but isn’t preachy about that fact. No one cares that Diana is a woman and it doesn’t become that kind of movie.

Mostly because it’s more focused on that other big element. I’m glad because we can have a good strong female character without needing to announce that we’re doing that. The film is still an important one on that front, the film itself just doesn’t try to hard t give us a “Strong Independent Woman”, you know?

Overall, not only DCEU finally make a movie I can call good, it’s good on it’s own merits. It has the typical pacing and villains issues you may expect but it makes up for it with it’s strong action scenes, backed up by decent pacing,a strong heroine and solid themes that make it up a grounded, but optimistic as far as Superhero movies go.

I’d recommend this one to those wanting a brighter DCEU film, as well as a good in general. And if you like the DCEU at all, be it just one of the films or all, you will certainly like this film. Some may take more issue with the smaller things and some may be so damn stubborn they can’t accept any DCEU films but ah well.

Wonder Woman is a good movie that I mostly enjoyed and appreciated, and no one is happier to say that than I am. So both Superhero movies coming ut today are worth seeing, just for different reasons. Enjoy them.

Grade: B

Summer is off to a good start, I think. I quite enjoyed both films got to review this week,which is good. Next time we’ll tackle Cars 3 which should be interesting.

See ya.


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