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You know who else is reviewing Regular Show The Movie?

Hello, Spongey here.

I think it’s time do something good again. I swear I’ll try to mix things up with good movies but as you know, it’s easier to explain why a bad movie is bad than the other way around. Not to mention picking films that aren’t over talked about already.

I typically keep the positive film reviews to the General Reviews or other places like my new movie battles series. Still, I have some positive review ideas and here’s one I wanted to do.

A few days ago at the time of this writing, I put out my Top 5 Regular Season 7/8 Episodes. For those that didn’t read it, it was a follow up to my list of the Top 11 Regular Show Episodes. If you haven’t read either list…well you should to know my feelings on the show , as it’s important for the movie.

But for those who only read the main reviews, I’ll copy paste what I said in the top 11:

Created by JG Quintel, this series centers around the surreal adventures of a Blue Jay and Raccoon named Mordecai and Rigby that work at a park with a gumball machine named Benson for a boss, a ghost, an immortal yeti….and a fat guy.

This show, along with Adventure Time, helped make Cartoon Network great again. This show in particular got quite the adult audience because of how….strange it was. Even by Cartoon Network standards.

The main shitck of the show is that it starts out with a fairly normal situation that somehow becomes crazy and supernatural, most of the time with no real explanation. … love this show. While Adventure Time may technically be better, I always enjoyed this show more, because it appeals to my sense of humor more. But much like Ed, Edd, N Eddy, I SHOULD hate this show.

I mean, the two main characters are slackers and are often jerks to each other, and never seem to learn their lesson. Not to mention Benson seems like he could be the Squidward type who can’t stand them and is punished unfairly. How does it still work? Well, it’s mostly because they do a good job at making these two very likable.

They have good chemistry and you really see their bond. They also get a lot of development later on. The writers do a good them at making distinctly different characters despite often doing the same things.

That’s something a lot of the ripoffs can’t get down.

But while I love the humor, surreal visuals and characters, the real reason I love the show is how …emotional it can be…As the show goes on, it becomes more focused on telling good stories that really dive into these characters. They even go story arcs where things change. Not to the extent of some other shows, but they still exist….”

I said more than I remember. But yeah, I like the show, enough to do 2 lists. Thankfully, it was popular enough to warrant a TV Movie in 2015, which my list was a tie in to. I’d talk about movies based on cartoons and how I want more but that will be discussed when I do a full review of the MLP FIM Movie next year, as I want to focus on other stuff in this review.

It is interesting how this got the movie before Adventure Time, I guess they I figured the Mini-Series they do now is close enough. I have kind of spoken about the film before, in a post on Deviant Art along with a VLOG.

But that was after my first viewing and I haven’t re-watched it since. I also couldn’t spoil anything, meaning I couldn’t go into detail on certain aspects. Two years later,it’s time to give it a full review and look at how good it is now. I was really excited to the point where I bought it on iTunes when it was released early on there, than got the DVD as well. I liked it and imagine I still will, but I’ll get to be a tad more objective.

No use going into the creative team, the writers happen to the creator of the show and one of it’s main writers, and said creator has directed it. It’s time to truly close the book on the series and give it my own special fare well, and see how it’s made for TV Film holds up.

With that said, let’s tackle this film and be more positive for today.

This, is Regular Show: The Movie

The movie opens in “The Future” as Rigby is piloting a space ship going after a TimeNado. It did not take long for this to get crazy awesome. He leads a crew consisting of the other park workers, including a Pops that somehow has just now showed signs of aging.

There’s another reason seeing an older Pops is weird but that’s a spoiler for the series. Also High Five Ghost has a Mech Suit because why not.

They storm some base and find a “Temporal Crystal”.

Now to let our guard down for just one second”

I see the movie is at least self aware.

Some of the crew is shot down and Mordecai comes in….as their foe.

Hey traitor, how’s the hand holding up?”

I see not much has changed at all.

This guy shows up as he is the villain behind all this. He reveals to Benson that Mordecai and Rigby created the TimeNado but he doesn’t care as long as Rigby can fix this. He’s a lot more trusting of Rigby in the future.

Benson jumps in to give Rigby time to escape but Mordecai chases him down.

What about your friends?”

We’re not friends. We haven’t been friends for a long time/”

Yeah, I could tell based on your “friendly” meetup back there.

They shoot each but not before Rigby sends his ship back in time. Well, that was a cool way to start us off. In Media Res can be tricky but here it’s an epic and surprising way to make us wonder how the heck we got to this point.

After some neat Video Game Style opening credits, we cut the present as Mordecai and Rigby are getting Coffee. This involves Eileen’s only appearance in the movie, boo.

They notice they are late for work, so they Homage Ferris Bueller to get there. This is a really cool scene, mostly because the cuts to the park give us small bits of the supporting characters.

You know who else has a meeting in 8? My Mom!”

Unfortunately, they get to work late which pisses of so much that he finally fires him. Oh no, now they’ll have get sad for a bit, get new jobs in the same scene many times, than get back in a way that makes everything pointless!

Man, I stretched for that reference.

Thankfully, Rigby gets them out of trouble by saying the Breakfast Burritos they got were for Benson which changes his mind. I kind of wish they actually got fired, to start the plot off but whatever, what we get is good too.

As they work, they discuss their future when Rigby sees a fireball coming towards them, so he runs away,

You can’t run away from your Future”

Haw haw.

The fireball crashes and it turns out to be a space ship. It opens to reveal Future Rigby who is not in the best shape, since he kind of got shot. He point blank tells him who he is and that he needs their help

Mordecai and Rigby tried to make a time machine in High School and it was the genesis of a massive TimeNado. Sharknado 5 plot leaked!

A Timenado is exactly what it says on the tin, and their old teacher Ross is using it to suck up Earth’s timeline. He’s that guy from the opening. They need to go back in time to stop Past Them from trying to make that time machine to begin with.

A typical day for Mordecai and Rigby, really. Jokes aside, our plot starts really quickly but I think we get just enough set up of who the characters are before we truly get into it. Plus, there’s down time later as well as development.

Future Rigby also mentions that Future Mordecai shot him and before he can explin further, he dies. But not before giving Rigby some advice.

You have to tell the truth, even if it means losing Mordecai”

Man, this is heavy. And that’s my Back to the Future Reference, can I go home now?

They go to the house where Mordecai explains that Rigby got into College U and Mordecai did not so they wanted to make a time machine to fix that. But it just causes an explosion, they got expelled and yada yada yada.

Okay, I thought we’re caught up, Monologue Johnson”

Benson is in disbelief (even though this isn’t even their first time related adventure) but he gets over it. It leads to a funny MuscleMan moment I won’t spoil though. (Even if I’m gonna spoil the whole plot as usual).

With that, they gear up to go the past. The controls of the ship just so happen to be like a controller, so Rigby gets to drive.

He doesn’t even have a license”

You don’t need a license to drive a spaceship. They fly off and we cut to “The Past” at West Anderson High School, nice. We see Past Mordecai and Rigby (Oh, this is going to get confusing) meet up and say they applied for College U, which allows pretty much everyone.

And since this is High School in a movie, Rigby is bullied by some Jerk Jocks. Rigby ruined their Volleyball Championships so at least they have some kind of motivation. Rigby is called to Mr Ross, and the Present Crew lands in The Past.

After a gag with Past Benson having a mullet, Ross tells Past Rigby that he’s failing science, but he will let Rigby do a last minute project to pass. Rigby asks for an example of one he could take ideas from, and Ross shows him a time machine he is working on.

You kind of jumped the gun a bit. I know you want Rigby off your back but perhaps showing students you dislike a super secret project isn’t a good idea. Spoilers, it isn’t. He even tells them what he plans to do with it; Go back and win the Volleyball Champship and –

Get Revenge!”

He would be such an obvious villin if we didn’t already know that from the opening. They shrug that off because all normal people make time machines to get “revenge”, right? This is before crazy stuff every day for them.

You’d probably change your mind if you knew who I was getting revenge on”

Okay, you’re terrible at this. To be fair, all that is part of the joke, and yeah, it’s kind of funny.

The Present Gang sneak in but Benson and Pops take some jock’s jackets to do so and they aren’t happy when they find them. They do see Present Mordecai and Rigby and don’t question why they look older. I guess everyone is stupid in the Past.

Like the great people they are, Present Mordecai and Rigby leave Benson and Pops and they get beat up. At least stuff this is kinda almost in character, at least in context,

Meanwhile, Skips is fixing the space ship and while he’s gathering supplies, Muscle Man looks for a bathroom. They are scared by the future space toilet (That was a strange sentence) and leave to use the bushes.

However, Past Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost find the ship which they immediately want to use for a crash pit. We’ll get back to them later but honestly, the whole scene with them is completely pointless. It’s entertaining sure but it adds nothing to the story.

Not a big deal but a notable criticism I have nonetheless. I don’t have too many real complaints in general though, so sure it’s doing well despite getting into the very quickly.

Present Mordecai and Rigby find their past selves at the local Pizzeria and they discuss the ramifications of them meeting their past selves, leading to a pretty funny exchange.

Future you came and talked to you and nothing happened”

Well, he died”

That was only because I shot you”

Oh yeah!”

I love that they say something like that so casually.

They reveal themselves to their past selves and after some proof, they believe them. Once again, they accept a crazy idea because why not. They help their past selves make a Volcano, which is the right choice as they are really good at poetry.

Helping them gives them access to Ross’ room so they can take care of the time machine. They destroy it. Roll credits! Okay, kidding. For once, I’m happy it’s not the end.

They leave, along with Benson and Pops who are reasonably pissed about earlier but at least it’s funny with how they comment on it.

Muscle Man goes back to the ship only to find that it’s gone. Thankfully, a shirt informs him that his past self took it. He catches up to himself for an exciting enough sequence that has him hitting himself in the man boobs. Yes.

Next time, use the Space Toilet”

They take the ship back a bit before the Present Gang comes back. And that whole scene is never referenced again. Again, it is enjoyable but it adds nothing to the story and could have been removed. The DVD has a few Deleted/Alternate scenes, why did this stay in?

They celebrate a job well done, but Rigby suspiciously has to take care of something. Past Rigby gets a response from College U…. but he didn’t get in. Given this contradicts what Mordecai said earlier (/later, I hate Time Travel) , you know something is up with what he said.

Rigby is of course, in a bit that suitably sad but doesn’t get too mopey. Mostly because he hatches a plan. He looks through Mordecai’s mail and sees that he got accepted. He changes it so that it says he got denied.

Yeah, that’s kind of scummy but that’s kind of the point. We see hints of this with the way Rigby talks about the past at certain points, and that he does kind of regret it. It’s bad sure but for a good reason and it leads to some interesting stuff later on.

Although he shouldn’t have told Mordecai he got in, because his whole reasoning in doing this so they at least both get rejected. But we wouldn’t have a story I guess. Past Mordecai gets the idea to fix Ross’ time machine to fix this, as explained earlier/later.

And given we know this causes the Timenado, I can safely blame all of this on Rigby. But in a good way, because it makes for a good story. Present Rigby wants to tell his past self to tell Mordecai the truth because as I said, he does regret all this.

Future Mr Ross appears in front of Rigby and threatens to reveal is secret to Present Mordecai. By the way, there’s a running gag where he chokes when he laughs evilly, we saw it both Past and Future Versions of him and he lampshades it the 2nd time.

See, That’s how you a gag like that, Fantastic 4orce!

Future Ross plans to plant a time machine in the lab so the whole TimeNado thing can happen. He leaves, because it’s more dramatic if he address Rigby’s whole thing later. Rigby goes back to the others, just as portals start appearing and tells them about the 2nd time machine.

Only Mordecai questions but Rigby deflects it so he can rush them along. At the high school, they bump into Future Mordecai along with Ross. He explains his plan; Get revenge, Destroy Earth, Watch 25 years of TV in space.

I don’t know about you, but that’s my retirement plan right there.

A fight ensues and Past Mordecai and Rigby end up creating the TimeNado, meaning they’ve lost. Because I have to say something, I’ll say I like Ross, his plan isn’t exactly complicated but he has a motivation and is enjoyable.

And here is where my favorite part of the movie comes in, and where the characters arcs come to a head. Ross reveals the truth, that Rigby didn’t get in to College U and he forces Rigby to read his real “Acceptance” letter he happens to carry around for plot convenience.

I was going to type the whole letter but this is one of things I simply cannot do justice. The short version is Rigby was rejected, hard, from a school that accepts everyone and you only have to do minimum work. At one point the letter says “if You can even read this”


The way Rigby reads it, the character’s reactions, the music make this scene so good. It’s pretty much a liar revealed story, but the payoff is done so well I don’t even care. Yes, it’s a dumb cliché but it works for the story and as I said, this scene is just too good. It shouldn’t be as emotional as it is but dang.

Mordecai is naturally pissed but before they can mope, Ross tosses an exploding volleyball at them which hits Future Mordecai instead. And now both of their future selves are dead. This show really earns that TV PG Rating some, I mean all the time.

Remember when you ruined my state championship? Now we’re even”

I love how much he just doesn’t care that he killed his lackey.

Actually, no one cares either but we move on to Present Mordecai being upset. Okay then. He’s incredibly pissed because of what Rigby did and how all of that is the reason they are stuck in this dead end job.

Who better to be stuck with than your best friend?”

You’re not my friend”

Again, ouch. I shouldn’t care as much due to the cliché aspect of the set but the execution really makes me invested. And NOW they care for Future Mordecai, who says he regrets everything he did/will do.

Work isn’t everything, it’s not worth shooting your best friend over”

Fantastic moral of the kids.

Future Mordecai dies, after having regretted turning evil and killing his best friend earlier. Dang, everything just goes wrong here and it’s great. Well, not so great for them, but it’s great for the story and the emotion.

And yes, a sad song plays but man is it earned. The pacing of film does perhaps cause too much to happen at points, but here the emotion makes it really interesting.

Rigby takes the ship and runs away, while the others are mad at him and wondering what they will do now. Though this other ship I think was Future Mordecai’s, they learn the Future TiimeNado is getting worse.

Meanwhile, Rigby stopped at refueling station but got knocked out and wakes up in a room with Father Time, who is mad out of clocks. Because of course he is. They have a nice chat about the situation.

He point blank tells Rigby to just apologize for what he did. A bit easy for sure, we don’t have a ton of time left. The others went to the future to battle Future Ross and Rigby goes there to fix his mess.

We some quick epic battle stuff which is just as enjoyable as you think it would be. Rigby shows up and looks for Mordecai in another intense sequence and finds him face to face with Ross.

I’ll be finished when time is erased and you two are dead!”

I love the way the actor screams the line.

Another fun fight ensues, as Ross refuses to let go of the whole Championship thing,

Do you know how it feels to dedicate your life to something and have it ruined?!”

Oh, I get it now., it’s a parallel. Eh. They throw him off the platform and he pretty much dies. I’d use the PERFECT FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT PICTURE but this movie is too actually good for that.

Rigby apologizes to Mordecai for changing the letter and starting all this. It’s really sincre and as such, very effective. Rigby started all this yet he remains likable because he knows he messed up.

He accepts because while things could have gone differently, he prefers the way things turned out with best bro, which is very nice. Rigby takes this box of…stuff that I guess will fix the TimeNado and goes to toss it even, because he wants to fix his own problems for a change.


Also, Rigby asks for a Statue of him in the park so his heroic sacrifice which is interesting for spoiler reasons.

But of course, Ross wasn’t actually dead because of a confusing time collar thing he has. Why not. So Rigby just breaks it then kills him again for real this time. Well, that was cool but pointless.

They toss the thing in the TimeNado and leave as things sort themselves out. We cut back to the past as things went the way they were supposed to: Past Mordecai and Rigby caused an explosion and Ross got fired. And is going to jail,which he failed to mention before.

But this time, Past Rigby apologies for ruining the State Championship Game.

That’s all I’ve been waiting to hear”

Huh, that was easy. At least they make a gag of it with him wanting to get burgers but having to go to jail instead.

The Present Gang goes back to the Present as time sorts itself out, getting read of the dead bodies of their future selves.

I guess that wraps a neat bow around everything”


The next day, Mordecai and Rigby are late again. But that’s an issue because they have a Space Ship now, even though it should have vanished along with-okay, I don’t care.

We’re never gonna be late again”

Actually, you will because this ship is never shown in the series afrer this. But okay, fly off inot the credits.

Yep, that’s the end. One of the more rushed endings to a good movie I’ve seen in a while but ah well. The main focus got a solid closure and the ending bit was amusing. This movie was only an hour and 7 minutes which is an issue but more on that in a sec.

Still, an okay ending in spite of the whole rushed thing.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, this was just as good as when I first saw it. I will say right off the bat it has problems that prevent it from being as good as something like ATD or the like. I’ll start with the problems,which aren’t huge but do exist.

The biggest issue I can point out is the pacing. It’s not too bad but sometimes it goes a bit fast, causing a lot of things to happen at once. There’s a lot details here and there which can bog things down as they have to explain it all. The plot can start too fast and I think more time was needled to flesh things out before we went right into it. The blatant filelr in the middle kind of makes you wonder why it wasn’t cut to give extra time to stuff that deserves it.

As I said, the DVD has Deleted/Alternate Scenes that add some neat stuff I wish had made it in. As a film, it has this issue that prevents it from being truly great. There’s other things I can nitpick, like some characters not getting enough to do and some wonky CGI, but that’s my main point.

But at least most of the characters do something at some point, and the focus is supposed on the two leads who are handled well. There’s also Ross who is a fun villain but these two are more important.

This has everything you need for an hour long Regular Show adventure with some epic battles and good humor. The extra elements keep the story engaging and it expands nicely on certain aspects.

The animation isn’t that much better than the show but it was already really good anyway. Perhaps some beefing up would be nice so that could perhaps work in theaters but there’s nothing wrong with a good TV Movie.

There are plenty of things they could have done but they did well for what they gave us. Mordecai and Rigby’s friendship is put to the test and it’s the highlight of the film. As I said, what Rigby did was bad but you see why he did and he feels bad all the time.

So when it gets sad, it feels earned. I wouldn’t call anything tear jerking but there’s nice emotion which works because the characters are mostly strong. Yes, some of is cliché or odd but the execution makes it engaging.

It’s nice for Rigby to own up to his mistakes and fix his problems for once. Between this and Season 7, the character really grew up. It’s not the deepest thing ever put on film but it is well handled and enjoyable.

Overall, the movie is pretty good. As a Regular Show product is it mildly great with the focus on their friendship but as a film, even a Tv Film, it is mostly just pretty good due to some mild pacing issues.

I can see new comers being turned off by that problem, but if you can look past it, you’re in for a fun ride, even if it’s not exactly the tightest script ever. It at least is never boring and is always fun to watch, with some parts going beyond.

If you’re wondering, I would put it on my list, somewhere in the middle. The minor issues preventing it from being perfect but as an extended episode, it works very well and would go on the list.

So yeah, it’s solid.

Grade: B, with it being B+ as a Regular Show product but I gotta be Critical here.

That was fun. I think this a nice way to honor the show. Thank you Regular Show, for all you’ve done for us and being so good. To quote Pops, Jolly Good Show.

Time to tease the next review. And if I know me, I’ll pick something that looks/is bad for next time. So give it to me.


Yeah, I expected that.

See ya.


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