Top 5 Regular Show Season 7/8 Episodes

Hello, Spongey here.

In late 2015, I counted down my favorite Regular Show Episodes to celebrate the release of the movie. And now Regular Show is over. However, it’s thankfully a case where the creators chose to end it ala Gravity Falls.

It certainly left a legacy behind it. It, and it along with Adventure Time helped bring both Cartoon Network and TV animation into a new golden age. In that last,i went into more detail into the show and why it’s so good, so you can there for more detali.

It’s not exactly perfect (as you saw in both my bad Episodes of Cartoons I like list), but It’s stll really good. I even liked the points where some fans were not as impressed. Honestly, despite some kinda wonky romance bits, Season 6 was fine, better than the same Season of Adventure Time honestly.

Back when I did the list, I planned to cover my favorite episodes of Season 7, the current Season at the time. However, I was going to combine it with a list of the best Adventure Time Season 7 episodes, as I also did a list for that show.

But CN took it’s sweet ass time airing AT season 7 and by the time it ended, RS Season 8 begun and I think it’s ending was announced. A bit too late to that idea by that point, and I figured this idea was better.

Adventure Time will likely get a list for Seasons 7-9 all together when the show ends, okay?

But back to this idea. Even with some rocky moments, I am glad Regular Show ended on it’s own terms, and before it went on TOO long. Honestly, I wish AT did the same instead of getting a 9th Season but ah well.

I figured the best way to celebrate it’s run is to discuss the best episodes from the 2 Seasons I could not cover there. Yep, we’re listing my fave eps from Season 7 and 8. But here’s the thing; doing a list for both season separately wouldn’t quite work.

For one, I don’t have enough to say about all 10 episodes that would go there, I had enough trouble with some of the 11 on my first list After thinking, I decided to just put the two lists together.

So yeah, these will be my favorite episodes from both seasons combined. I thought it was a good idea, even if there’s a chance one season may get more spotlight than the other.

Before we get into it, let’s go over the Seasons themselves. Season 7 was considered a return to form and I agree. It’s one of the better seasons, I think. There were a lot of stand out episodes and the arc they did with Rigby, which we’ll get to it, was really good for him.

They also dumped the romance and ended the whole Margret thing on a good note. CJ’s pretty much gone forever though but ah well. They also set up that crazy ending, which we will get to as well, well with episodes we thought were pointless.

My only issue with the season was that all the development Rigby got meant Mordecai didn’t quite as much. Otherwise, it was a pretty good season. Season 8 wasn’t as good though, but still decent. They went to Space which is a bit of a shark jump but it was decently handled. It did have some kind of purpose once the arc of that season begun and it was very interesting.

A bit odd but I’ll give my thoughts on it as we go on. My thing with Season 8 was that the episodes themselves were mostly just…good. Not quite as many stood out as previous seasons, mostly because quite a few were dedicated to the arc.

And in general the Good episodes didn’t stick out as much as in other seasons. However, it was still good, and the best episodes managed to leave a solid impact. And it ended the series well.

With that said, which episodes in these seasons were the best? Which kept up that Regular Show spirit the most and did the best job in closing out this great series? Time to find out.

This, is the Top 5 Regular Season 7/8 Episodes

5. California King (Season 7)

Writer: Ryan Pequin

Spoilers, there’s a tie later down the last and the episodes were originally in separate slots. Once I combined them, that meant there was an extra slot open for my new number 5. It was hard to pick as all the eps I could put were about equally great in some way.

But in the end I went with one that would be a good way to start the list, as is it’s greatness is somewhat typical but this show’s standards. That’s not even an insult, but let me explain.

Rigby throws away the Trampoline he sleeps on and gets a real bed, but he soon misses Trampy and goes to the dump to rescue Trampy but he finds that it’s harder than it sounds, because the dump is now ruled by a dude named Ziggy and the place is like a maze.

Or should I say…Labyrinth. Yeah, let’s cover that first. This episode has pretty much everything needed for a great Regular Show episode, including the 80s’ homages. This is all an homage to Labyrinth, complete with a Discount David Bowie.

And it had …interesting timing sadly, but it made for a really nice tribute. This concept leads to good jokes with the maze itself and just much Ziggy is like that character from the movie. It gives the episode a unique feel and gels with the other elements nicely.

The whole thingy with Trampy is just a way to get us into the plot as it is a basic “the new shiny thing isn’t always” better moral, but it’s a good way to get us into this. The best part of the episode is this talking can dude.

Yes, really. It starts as a gag but becomes important later on and even becomes heartwarming. Yeah, it’s that kind of episode. It takes typical things, combines them with weird things and makes it epic than heartwarming.

That’s what I meant by typical for this show. That’s not a bad thing, it’s why I like it so much. It: everything you need: David Bowie, 80’s homages, and unexpected heart with a can. Even if the cat comes in a tad later, it still fits pretty well and leads to a really nice ending. We never the can again but ah well, the show has enough reoccurring characters as it is.

The episode is fairly basic in it’s great-ness compared to others, but I like it that way. It gives you more than you may expect from the basic set up and delivers what you would expect from this show in terms of the execution.

And when it does it this well, it’s hard to complain. I really enjoyed the homage here and it indeed has the most sympathetic talking can in Media history. I won’t spoil anything but trust me, it’s nicely handled in the context of the episode.

This doesn’t build up to an amazing episode per say but a fairly great one. I like it just a bit more when I first saw it but given it”s on the list, I still really like it. The combination of elements gives me a tad more to say than my other choices for this spot and oddly enough, it’s basic great-ness makes it a fitting way to kick off the list.

Don’t worry, the other entries give me more to say. As it is, California King is the complete package with a fun homage and good heart. It’s got everything you want in an episode and it becomes a really solid episode with all these elements in there.

Yeah, let’s move on before I run out of ways to pad this out. Also, R.I.P. David Bowie, I’m a year late on saying that but it’s a fitting place to do it.

4. Struck by Lightning (Season 7)

Writers: Tobey Jones and Owen Dennis

When I first saw this episode, I found it to be great but somehow I thought I would like it slightly less upon re-watch. Thankfully, that did not happen and I like it ust asmuch. I don’t know, it just seemed like the kind of episode I would love slightly less later on, but whatever, here’s why it’s great.

Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost are, spoilers, struck by lightning, and now suddenly forget everything about each other. As in, they know everything EXCEPT their friend, as they were struck while high fiving each other.

It’s the most specific lightning strike ever. This episode provides a unique on this kind of plot. It mostly has to do with exactly what they do with the idea of them forgetting their friendship.

They try to just get them to bond over what they usually do jog their memories, but it doesn’t work. They realize just how different they are and they don’t have fun with the activities they used to enjoy.

They even try just getting struck by lightning while high fiving but it doesn’t work either. See, the whole reason they become friends (shown in a whole episode in the previous season) is due to a certain event, and they just lead to them becoming close despite being wildly different people.

This angle is really fascinating. A lot of friendships can be circumstantial like this. Sure, they are still strong and some come from two people with similar interests meeting, but in cases like this, it’s different people they were able to bond after a certain situation.

It’s not like they hate each other after the memory loss, they just can’t find that connection now that they started from step 1. Muscle Man even sees why Hi Five Ghost wouldn’t care as much for him now.

It’s a fascinating angle to take and it makes the episode. Everything else is pretty good too, from the amusing moments to the expected heart at the end. It’s just slightly of this type of episode.

But it’s that angle that bring it up and makes everything else even better. The moment where they reenact that event in a last ditch effort is very well done and emotionally rewarding after everything that happened.

The pacing is also too, with good build up, and decent time given to each part, from them discovering they can’t bond anymore to Mitch’s dedication to fixing this. The way it all comes together makes it a pretty engaging episode.

It’s not the most emotional episode ever, but it’s well written and nice in the right areas. I noticed I have a soft spot for a good Muscle Man episode. Even my all time favorite is one. Despite how mixed he can be, he can make for a good protagonist when written well, which is mostly is later on.

I guess a jerk-ish character getting well done episodes makes them even better when they end up being as good as ones like this. Especially if the character keeps getting more development/depth as the episodes go on.

Even if fans somehow keep saying he’s horrible and are shocked when he gets his like 5th good episode. But even about how I hate the Steven Universe Fandom/

But yeah, this episode is really good. It makes a kind of typical plot interesting with a fascinating scenario and look at how friendships get started. It shows the bond of the two very well with a well paced story and great emotional payoff.

It’s another great Muscle Man episode and another really solid story for our list. It’s a really solid episode.

3. Meet the Seer (Season 8)

Writers: Benton Connor and Sam Spina

Oh boy, this is where things get interesting. I almost want to say something about every little thing in this episode but I don’t have that much time so I’ll try my best to keep this short.


Long story short, it turns out Pops is actually an ancient Chosen One god dude, and his brother, called Anti Pops, is an evil dude. It’s their destiny to fight every 14 billion years and restart the universe because they are evenly matched. …Yeah, it’s complicated and weird.

I’m not how people feel about this whole thing overall, but I can someone finding it really odd. I’ll say more about it as we go along, but in general, it works. Pops is still very much Pops, and it is enjoyable in just how cliché and odd it is.

It takes over the season but the way they handled it makes up for it. They did some good episodes with it, like the one where the whole episode is about using the power of training montages. Yes.

Then we get to this episode, where they must go to Planet Neilsen to …well, meet the seer get help. Yeah, when I heard the name of the planet, I knew something was up so let’s get into it.

See, ontop of being another episode of the whole Pops Arc thing, this may as well have been called Format Wars 3. Yeah, if you recall, I have The Last Laserdisc player on my previous list which had this crazy story about a literal format war. The sequel upped the ante and brought up streaming.

I said the following about that little series:

And not only do they bring up Dvd, but they bring up Internet Streaming! (which must be hilarious if you watch the show off iTunes or something). I think they could have saved it for a 3rd one but I guess they didn’t want to do a 3rd one ala Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special. Although there is still Blu-Ray to talk about…”

Well I was wrong, they more or less did a third one and they do bring up Blu-Ray but it actually talks about streaming way more. Planet Neilson is a planet where all “Universes” can be seen under one roof, with analysts tracking the views of the universes.

Then streaming took over the planet and banished the Neilien workers, who try to preserve the old format.

Because, what happens when you want to watch your favorite universe, but the internet is down? Or if you want to see the glorious quality of a DVD instead of the poorly compressed video of streaming?”

You know, I think they might be saying something.

Yeah, this episode gets really meta and it’s pretty clear what they are saying with some of this. I’ll cover this part first. The commentary they have here is really spot on. Not subtle at all but it’s not the only aspect to the writing at least.

It’s not secret Networks these days have been relying a lot on streaming, ESPECIALLY Cartoon Network. They don’t rerun certain shows as much (except for you know what) and so many episodes are lea-i mean released early online before they air.

We won’t get into a huge debate here, but I’m not fond of the idea of streaming totally taking over. It’s useful for original shows on Netflix/Hulu and older shows that don’t air anymore, but it shouldn’t replace all new programming.

The networks have been trying to replicate the whole Netflix Binge thing which has had mixed results. Streaming a lot less reliable than DVD/Blu-ray and live Tv for the reason that qoute above showed pretty well.

Streaming is cool and all but it shouldn’t replace regular TV. Oh and on a side note, stop bombing every single chance you get. Please just have a normal schedule, this especially goes for the shows that ONLY seem to air on bomb format.

Sorry, I was on a roll there. Anyway, that’s part of why I like this one so much, I personally agree with the commentary so much.

The only issue I have is that when you look into it, the Neilson System is dumb. Ratings only count for those with a Neilson Box which everyone. So for most people, tuning in live does nothing.

Yes, it’s incredibly stupid but I don’t know about the details enough to really say more than it just sounds like a dumb system. But anyway, they are right about the whole psychical media thing,

They bring DVD back (now upgraded to HDDVD) and bring Blu-Ray in too. They are both good guys which is kinda odd given the previous episodes but it works in it’s own way, with the whole streaming thing.

They have this bickering sibling dynamic which gives us the best comedy in the episode. I don’t know why, their back and forth is just funny, especially with how superior Blu-Ray acts.

Then we have the Seer (voiced by Yyvette Nicole Brown), the watcher of the universes. She goes on about the Regular Show universe and how it started strong, got wonky with the romance, but got more interesting recently.

This episode is so amazingly subtle.

Okay jokes aside, this stuff is great too. They’re self aware about the ups and downs of the show and it’s pretty amusing. To be honest, this isn’t the tightest episdode or anything like that, it;s mostly a bit of action that sets up some stuff for the finale, like Blu-Ray’s introduction and how The Seer tells Pops that “doing something difference makes all the difference”

Usually that kind of episode isn’t my thing, but I really like this one. Mostly for how it brings back elements of the Format Wars series and serves as an interesting commentary on streaming

My own biases make me like this, I’ll admit. But on it’s own, it is enjoyable with the action and humor. It’s just not the most story focused episode ever, you know? But as it is, the small things make it a highly enjoyable one for me.

It’s the kind of episode that has certain I personally appreciate, which makes up for certain flaws or aspects of it. The nature of it won’t make it a fave for everyone, but I think it was really good with it’s commentary, action, and comedy.

It also did a nice job gearing us up for the finale, along with the following episode where they make a Blu-Ray Box Set of their adventures.

It’s almost like their telling CN something.

But yeah, a really good set up for the finale as well as providing interesting comedy and humor. I like it.

2. The Eileen Plan Rigby’s Graduation Day Special (Season 7)

Writers: Toby Jones, Owen Dennis(Graduation Day only), Ryan Pequin, and Minty Lewis

Yep, this is the tie I was referring to earlier. Discussing these two together just made sense, especially as a way to talk about Season 7’s Arc. Of course, we’ll go over the earlier one first to introduce this arc.

While the gang is chilling, Eileen reveals she made this list of things she wanted to do when she was older, back when she was younger. One of them was to marry someone super smart. Spoilers, Rigby isn’t super smart.

Rigby is bothered by this, since not only is he not smart, he hasn’t graduation high school. So he decides to fix that by going back to High School to get his diploma.

As you can tell, this really shows Rigby’s development throughout the series. He went from a slacker to a slacker with a girlfriend that wants to finish High School. The Eileen thing alone is interesting, given how he acted in her debut episode.

I wish they didn’t wait until the very end of Season 6 to hook them up but better late than never. These 2 ended up being pretty cute together and this episode showcases their relationship very well.

Eileen shows she finds her old list silly but Rigby still wants to improve himself for her. Eventually he goes on to do for himself, as he sees he needs to finish High School. This is also a nice extension of his arc in the movie.

On it’s own, this is a nice Rigby story and also some good humor. The jerk jocks in his class are amusing but I especially like the teacher who isn’t a jerk (not even close, really) but is pretty neutral to everything and has moments like when warns them not to fall in a pit in this cave they go to.

It may not prevent you from passing the class, but it will prevent you from being alive”

I don’t why, but I love that line. Anyway, Rigby’s studying conflicts with some dates which creates an interesting conflict as he doesn’t want her to know about this. You know what’s going to happen in the end but the journey is a good one.

Of course, there’s a heartwarming ending where Eileen says she doesn’t want anyone super smart but Rigby still wants to do this for himself at this point. It’s a really nice ending especially with a little thing they do that’s nice and also kind of amusing.

Overall, a strong episode in it’s own right but it becomes stronger by starting an arc. They had more episodes with him dealing with High School stuff, and they were pretty solid too in various ways.

Which bring us to the Season 7 finale, Rigby’s Graduation Day Special. You know, in case you forgot this was a 22 minute episode. Actually, they have to put “Special” in the titles of the specials so they can qualify for an Emmy. An odd rule but okay. The basic plot doesn’t need to be explained so let’s get into the details.

For obvious reasons, this shows Rigby’s development further by showing how far he’s gotten. He still has trouble, as he can’t think of a good speech which leads to some nice scenes. We see he still is far from perfect, but he’s gotten a lot better and when he does give his speech, it’s pretty awesome. I’ll even spoil my favorite line from it:

When you do the hard stuff, it becomes no that hard”-Rigby 2016

There’s some other stuff in here, tying into other arcs. There’s a small thing with Pam, a woman Benson fell for which is nicely done here. The ending of it…well, we’ll get to that.

The most interesting aspect of this episode is Mordecai. He sees Rigby doing well and gets kind of jealous as he liked being smarter than him. He isn’t really a jerk here though, you see where he’s coming from as it’s hard to deal with someone who is better than you in generally, but especially in a situation like this.

With all the development for Rigby in this season, it was nice for Mordecai to get some of it. There’s some nice scenes with them, like when they both sulk while one puts on their “Sad Songs Mix” which is great.

My only problem with this part is…well not quite an issue with the episode itself. This whole thing with Mordecai? Never addressed again. Once the ending happens, we never focus that deeply on his issues in general for the rest of the series.

Some other stuff is ditched in Season 8 but this was the most disappointing. I would have liked to go deeper into how he feels, maybe show him trying to get further in life or something like Rigby did.

But nope. At least they get some closure but that’s another story. Thankfully, this stuff works very well on it’s own. All this makes for a great special but then we have the ending. Okay, so early in Season 7 they had The Dome Experiment Special which has the park being put under a dome for an experiment and after shenanigans, the show moved on and we figured the dome was a one off thing.

But it comes back in The Button, only this time they can go in and out freely. It lead to some interesting episodes, including the whole Pam thing. This episode has the dome finally packing up but at the end, they get called there for something.

And then it blasts off into space. Yep. This blow everyone’s minds when it aired and it’s a crazy twist. Thankfully, it was handled well and even leads into the whole Pops thing. Infact, you can see Mr Mallered shedding a tear as this is happening, which is a nice touch and good foreshadowing.

Yes, that means the whole Pops thing was planned out in early Season 7. That’s really good planning there and it makes certain things worth it. The way this all came together makes it so this ending works even better than when it aired.

Overall, these episodes provide great development for Rigby, helping making fully 3 dimensional compared to what he seemed early on. They both do a great job starting and ending his arc while being good experiences on their own.

I like the latter a bit more just because of all the elements together and the ending, but they are about equal in terms of greatness. They do their job very well and are highly enjoyable for their solid stories.

These episodes really show how good the Season mostly was and provided us with a very solid arc. Overall, some great stuff.


I’ll have two per season to make it fair.


The Lunch Club: This is a good homage to Breakfast Club that actually makes sense on it’s own and provides good development for Rigby and Benson, it’s really good.

Guys Night 2: “Thomas” comes back and they close his little arc very nicely, makes his whole reveal worth It.


Space Creds: Another one where a simple situation becomes something crazy with a weirdly nice story that the leads couldn’t care less about. Nice and amusing.

Christmas in Space: I’ll talk about this in December (hint hint) but it’s really funny and has a neat format.

And my favorite Regular Show Episode from Season 7/8 is…

1. A Regular Epic Final Battle

Writers: Toby Jones, Owen Dennis, Ryan Pequin, and Minty Lewis

Look,you know me. I don’t like to be predictable or go for the easy choice…But come on! Not even I couldn’t keep this from being number one! And keep in mind, the Gravity Falls didn’t get number one on that last…because I had a bigger connection with another ep but that tells you how good this mostly was, even when compared to the rest of these gems.

Let’s get into, there’s quite a bit to cover. It’s split into 3 parts so we’ll discuss each part separately. Part 1 is mostly set up with the gang arriving on Loliland for the big battle. Yeah, the planet is a reference to JG Quintel’s original student short, which is really cool.

It works as a calm before the storm kind of thing, by nicely building to the fight. It also has some comedy with Anti Pops needing to hitch a ride with a space cab. Yeah, as evil and crazy as he is, they do some good comedy with him as he’s obsessed with giving services bad star ratings.

He’s voiced by Robert Englaund which is did know until now. His debut was about dreams. Subtle.

After seeing how each battle has gone in the past, they want to do something different. They plan a big prank to play on Anti Pops so the fight can end early, in their favor. Pops isn’t sure about all this, which I’ll get into later.

At the end, they pull it off and all sorts of bad stuff happens to him. But just as they cheer, he gets back up again.

That tickled”

End Part 1. Part 2 is pretty much one big battle. Seriously all 11 minutes of it is a huge battle, and it is glorious. But it also has good jokes, this being my favorite:

Do you think of how many people we’ve seen probably die?”

Eh, I’m sure they’re all fine”

The fight is just amazing. Besides Pops and Anti Pops ducking it out, every single person you can think of helps out featuring tons of references to earlier episodes. It’s the Duck Special turned up to 11!

Pretty much everything happens here and it is energetic and incredibly fun to watch. There’s even jokes during the fight itself to make even more fun. Going into further detail would spoiling the fun so ‘ll just say it is really entertaining.

I won’t even spoil how it ends an dhow part 3 starts. They do something so funny I won’t say anything about but trust me, the start of part 3 is pretty crazy and really funny. But that brings us to part 3…

SPOILERS AHEAD. I can’t discuss part 3 without going into the ending which I usually don’t spoil on these lists but I have to give my thoughts on it so if you just want to skip to my overall spiel on the finale and such, just skip to where it says “End Spoilers”, okay?

There isn’t much to say about most of part 3, it has the same energy as part 2, along with something really neat at the start. I especially how the fabric of reality breaking is shown as storyboards, kind of like Gumball’s The Money turned up to 11.

Now, Pops hasn’t liked the idea of having a real battle with Anti Pops as he isn’t violent. He even tries befriending him which fails miserably. And how does he stop him? He gives him a bug hug which makes him shrink and causes him to change as they fly towards the sun.

I haven’t heard too many opinions on this but I can see some being mixed as a huge solves the problem and Anti Pops becomes good. It also kinda of clashes with that episode where Pops attempt to be friend him fails.

Stories like this can be mixed if they go the easy way out like this but here…it mostly works. How so? Well, besides it being not overblown they do something rather interesting.

This is the biggest SPOILERS so if you were somehow still here, go away unless you’ve seen it or don’t care. Pops dies. If you stayed here, that’s your punishment.

But yeah, he and Anti Pops go into the sun and they both die. But it’s in a Bittersweet way as Anti Pops changes rather before than and Pops assures Mordecai and Rigby that everything will be fine.

So while a hug solves everything, Pops still makes a heroic sacrifice and Anti Pops does die. I like to think it’s to show that he was still bad but he can change his ways in the after life. Spoilers we don’t see where either is now, but we do hear Pops…

But yeah, this was the most shocking part of the finale. Killing off a character in what is technically a kids show is just crazy. I suppose they only got away with it since it’s the finale and Pops is already pretty old.

Jokes aisde this moment is incredibly emotional and so is the ending itself. It’s just a montage showing what happens afterwards but it’s really well edited, gives us neat information and it’s all set to David Bowie’s”Heroes”. The song pick was perfect by the way for obvious reasons.

The entire montage is perfect as it shows us the fate of the characters to make up for how not all of them got a big detailed send off. Some did get episodes beforehand like Thomas in Guy’s Night 2.

All the peeks we get make sense and the final note…well this won’t be totally 100 percent spoiled but it’s really awesome. It gives us nice reflection and a perfect ending line. It’s an emotionally satisfying ending that is anything but regular.


Overall, this finale is fantastic. Yeah, the payoff to the battle is slightly mixed but they make up for it with tons of epic energetic action that makes all 3 parts fun to watch, and an incredibly emotional ending that gives the characters all a nice send off.

The ending line is also almost as perfect as Phineas waving goodbye as far as ending moments go. There’s also minor thing in the ending part some may take issue with but I agree with the writers on that it’s more fitting.

So yeah, this was a strong finale full of action and emotion. I’ll say right I kind of perfer the Gravity Falls Finale as far as recent cartoon finales go, but that’s more of a preference thing. It’s still a great finale.

A great finale to a great show. I think it’s easy to see why it’s my faorite episode across both Season 7 and 8.

And those were my favorite Regular Show Season 7 and 8 Episodes. It wasn’t my most detailed list but I wanted to do this to talk about the finale and say goodbye to the show. It deserves it.

It was a very enjoyable show that also manged to have some emotion to it here and there. It helped get CN out of it’s rut and I’m glad on a nice note. ..Even if it needed an real marathon to send it off.

Yeah, I’m upset about that too.

Overall, Regular Show was very good, full of solid episodes, even if it has it’s flaws as we’ve discussed before. It ended on a perfect note, as it should.

So yeah, this was fun. But you know, I’m not sure it’s enough. I want to do something a little extra. There’s gotta be something else I can do that I haven’t quite done on the blog yet. But it’s not like there’s something you could say, scene by scene review, that could tie into all this..


…Oh yeah, that’s perfect!

See ya.

Jolly Good Show”


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