General Review: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

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Hello, Spongey here.

It’s been a bit since a General Review of a Live Action Movie so let’s do one. And of course it’s a Comic Book Movie. The latest from the MCU, no less! We’ve got 3 this year, and our first is a sequel.

I talked about Guardians of the Galaxy in my look at Phase 2 here on the blog but in short, it was a really fun break from the formula with a unique style, a great cast, and even a bit of heart.

It’s become one of the more beloved entries and while I do like others more, it’s still really good. With how popular it became, of course we have our sequel. There isn’t a whole to say before we start, since James Gunn is the sole writer/director here thus not much to say on that front.

Most MCU sequels tend to be good with how they really dive into the character development, with all the backstory out of the way. Heck, some of my fave MCU films so far like Iron Man 3 and Winter Solider are sequels, so I have high hopes for this.

The reception has been pretty good, but some people have been slightly mixed in terms of the story. Interesting. Will the guardians wow me once again, or will it fail to hook me on any kind of feeling?

Let’s see.

This, is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

The Guardians travel throughout the cosmos as they help Peter Quill learn more about his true parentage. There’s more to it but that’s the basic gist.

Marvel sequels can sometimes be mixed as for every Winter Solider, there’s an Iron man 2. I am glad to say that this one is more on the latter side. This is a really good sequel that I honestly enjoyed just as much as the first movie.

Yeah, it has some problems when it comes to the script but the first film had it’s minor faults too and they make up for it by being just damn enjoyable. And sweet but we’ll get to that. Let’s discuss the flaws first.

I will agree with some people on how this movie can have a bit of excess sometimes. Not that it has too much going or whatever, but sometimes it can have breaks between certain important things to focus on something else, and even if the other thing is cool, it can go on too long before we get back to what I was more interested in.

It perhaps takes a bit long to get into the real plot but the opening few minutes do set things up well enough for that not to be a huge problem. It’s hard to really describe but the script could have been tighter when it comes juggling the plot elements, you know?

While the humor still works, there is one or two place where they could have a cut a joke like when Mantis wakes up Drax and they have to remind us he finds her gross before we move on.

But my problems aren’t too big and as I said, the rest is so good I can forgive some minor issues here and there. This has everything that made the first great and then some. The humor is still there, to the point where it can compete against Lego Batman for funniest movie I’ve seen so far this year.

Granted, I haven’t seen a ton so far but whatever. The dynamic with the characters is still strong and they provide many funny moments all over the film. There’s also the general sense of fun, with the added addition of the action scenes and of course the soundtrack.

I was just flat out enjoyed this one, which doesn’t always with how critical I can be sometimes. It also wisely doesn’t rehash the first film, it just takes what made the first film worked and ramps it.

Especially in terms of the story. The main emotional core is Starlord meeting his father, played by Kurt Russel and dealing with his feelings. Now, they do go in a direction most stories like this do which I usually don’t like, but it works really well here,.

Without spoiling it, what they do isn’t made too obvious and it hits me in the gut like it should, and like it does for Peter. Ego (subtle, by the way) is very charming and what they with him ends up being very engaging.

They tie this in to themes of family and they pull it off. Especially on Peter’s side, I totally side with him here as he goes through all this stuff with his Dad. There is one scene with him and Gamora just kind of made me roll my eyes with how cliché it was, but other wise this story was good.

The other characters are still solid with the writers fleshing them out more. They all are funny and each one good moment. Drax meets this woman raised by Ego who can feel other people’s feelings, which is mostly well done and again, gives Drax more development. Although I could have done without the gag of him finding her gross or they could have hooked up a bit more.

I don’t know, maybe less romance in this kind of movie is good. They managed to avoid anything too serious with Peter and Gamora after all. Speaking of Gamora, she has a thing with her sister that’s nice and Rocket gets his good scenes among his funny asshole lines.

Baby Groot is cute. That’s all there is say about that.

They also surprisingly flesh out Yondu very well. He’s given a backstory and he gets some real development. Him and get Rocket get an especially good scene together. I didn’ think he would be one of the best parts of this movie but there you.

This brings me to the heart. The first one had it’s heart and this has even more of it places. That’s another reason I don’t mind a lot of the stuff going on, it leads to some great emotional scenes.

The most notable part being the ending. No spoilers but it really works well with the themes present and it has just a great note to end. It gives you the feels so to speak. The excess works better when it comes to the heart than the humor and even action to an extent, I think.

The small issues in terms of writing and coherence do exist, so like the first one it’s not objectively the best MCU film, but also like the first one, the great things make it one of the most enjoyable.

Although we really didn’t need FIVE post credit scenes, only one of which is important.

There are some cracks here and there, with a bit of excess in places, among other minor things, but overall Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 is a really strong sequel with the same humor we’ve come to expect, along with great visuals and action, alongside the same strong cast of character and quite a bit of heart.

I really liked this movie, being really enjoyable and even really sweet, in the same way the first film was. I say it’s on the same level as the first, with the strongest parts being better, but the middling parts being about on part, which evens it out.

If you liked the first one, you will enjoy this one. How much depends on you, but it’s more of what you liked from before, so you’ll at least get some enjoyment. If you didn’t like the first one, you may like some parts more but overall you’re better off skipping it.

But if you do dig the first one, check this sequel out as it’s very strong on almost all fronts. A solid start for Marvel’s 2017 slate.

Grade: B+

Wow, 3 B+ and it’s only May. Either I’m getting nicer or 2017 is off to a solid start with this first quarter. Can’t wait for Summer Movie Season to start in June. No, it hasn’t started yet, Summer isn’t in may, duh.

Anyway, I’m not sure if I’m seeing anything else in May. I’m interested in some films but I’m not 100 percent on anything. So next might be an animated Superhero who runs around in his undies, but we’ll see.

See ya.

(Oh and Stan Lee’s cameo was great…as was Howard the Duck’s. Seriously, we gonna get that Howard reboot?)


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