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Hello, Spongey here.

I think it’s time for another live action general review. And of course, it’s a Comic Book Movie. I don’t have a lot to say going into this one. It’s an X-men movie and my relationship with those has been odd.

Just last year I wanted to do a review for X-Men Apocalypse but my first viewing didn’t give me enough to say. That’s the thing with this series, when I watch any entry for the first time, I like it enough but don’t have a lot to say or don’t have an extreme positive reaction. But when I re-watch them I have a lot to say or really love them.

Happened with the first one, as I reviewed it, and with First Class which I have seen 3 times now. I guess it’s good that Apocalypse fell through because my first viewing with these is never trust worthy. But that doesn’t matter as we are dealing with a spin off film.

And it’s with Wolverine. Yeah, everyone has complain about how Wolverine is always at the center of attention in this series, even in the best entries. He’s already had two solo films, that prequl everyone hates and The Wolverine which is said to be pretty good.

I haven’t seen either so I can’t comment. I just know some may be sick of Wolverine taking center stage, so I honestly wasn’t too excited for this when it was first announced. Especially with that horribly generic title.

But I got more interested when I heard about it. This was supposed to be a more serious take on the character even being Rated R. Yeah, we had our silly R Rated X-Men Universe movie last year so here is our serious one.

The trailers got me even more interesting, so now I was fairly hyped. Sure, I am weary about another Wolverine film and I still don’t like the title, but I was most excited. This is supposed to be Hugh Jackman’s final film as the character so there’s a lot riding on it.

It got an early release for critic’s and the reaction has been…pretty good. As in, 90 something on RT good. So far, RT is having a better track record with their high scores than last year. Hopefully this keeps that up.

With all this in mind, I was interesting in seeing this. As for the creative team, we have the director of The Wolverine which could be good given that one is said to be good. He’s also writer, along with people who worked on films such as Mary and Me and Green Lantern…Okay, an odd track record but ah well.

Will this be the awesome Wolverine film we all want, or was it declawed? Let’s find out!

This, is Logan

In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X in a hide out on the Mexican border. But Logan’s attempts to hide from the world and his legacy are up-ended when a young mutant arrives, being pursued by dark forces.

I don’ have a ton to say about this one, but in a good way. Because was indeed was very good. It’s not perfect but it’s high points made it really strong to me. Because I’m a jerk, let’s start with the flaws. This movie is 2 hours and it kinda feels it. It’s no super slow but it does slow at some points especially early on and near the end of Act 2. Not a huge deal but maybe some minor things could have been cut.

The other flaws kind of stem from that but there are some off moments, and the villains aren’t terribly interested. But they do work in the context of the film so I can forgive that. I can forgive the flaws in general because the great stuff shines through.

First off, it earns that R Rating. This film is really violent to say the least and it works well. It just fits with the kind of movie it is and even when it’s exploitative, it still works. Honestly my favorite scenes were the action scenes.

They are just so dang brutal and really enjoyable. There’s a lot of energy in these scenes and they serve the story pretty well too. I mean, man they did hold it back on the violence front and I’m so glad.

And the action scenes also work because the writing makes you care. If this is really Hugh Jackman’s final turn as Wolverine, then he ended it with a bring. He does a really good job of bringing this older and past and his prime Wolverine to life. You can tell he’s been through some shit, right off the bat.

It’s really interesting see him by so distant and deal with all this stuff going on. They do the usual “loner who opens himself up to others” thing, kind of, but it fits for his character and as the film goes on, the progressions feels natural enough.

I could nitpick moments when him growing to like X-23 is rushed but the general way it works up makes up for that. It helps that this girl is awesome. Seriously, not only does she has an interesting backstory as to why she is the way she is, but she kicks some serious ass.

Even with her not speaking a whole lot for most of it, the actress does a good job too. Trust me, this is one of those actually good child characters. Their relationship also develops nicely. Yes, it has cliiche elements but you can forgive that as it is well written.

The thing with the writing is that it mostly stays simple. There are extra bits like the backstories but it’s mostly just an old Wolverine having to go on a road trip with X-23 and Xavier. This works out well and doesn’t over complicate things.

Speaking of Xavier, he’s getting on in years in this too, which I didn’t know going on. I won’t say too much of what goes on with him, but his deals a lot and Patrick Stewart is as great as ever.

The element that surprised me the most was the emotion. Yeah, for such a brutal film it actually kind of sweet and emotional in some spots. I won’t spoil anything but one part did kind of get to me. Weird, I know but it’s true. It certainly fits given Wolverine’s story in this.

Then there’s the ending. No spoilers, but there’s a note I was really hoping it would end on, instead of adding something dumb or unnecessary. …It did no the later and it makes the ending really strong. I’m so glad they did what they did there.

I won’t act like this movie or amazing or perfect. It can be slow and most of is “pretty good” rather than really really good, but it had some really stand out moments than brought it up, especially the ending.

Because of the standout moments, I’ll be nicer to it and man, those good elements work very well. I can see some are loving it to the extent they are. I can see some not minding the slower moments or minor off moments.

Overall, Logan is a strong sendoff for the character. The sort of simple approach works very well, Wolverine is at his best, and the R rating is exploited well to give some really good brutal action scenes, and there’s even some emotion in there.

It goes without saying that fans of the character will like it, especially if you’ve been wanting a more brutal take on the character. It’s very much worth seeing for fans, and it’s a good enough movie in general for most people to get into.

Just…don’t take your kids to this one, trust me. I got no kids in my theater, which is an improvement from Deadpool and Sausage Party. So there you go, Logan is pretty strong overall, even if it’s still not my favorite X-Men movie. Can’t quite pick one but I do know I lke First Class way more than this.

Grade: B+

4 Movies into 2017 and only one Dud. Gotta say, we are doing well. But that’ just because I skipped Monster Trucks, I guess. Because of money, I have to skip some interesting looking films like Power Rangers, so I’ll see you at the end of the month for Alec Baldwin as a a Baby!


See ya.


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