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2 4 2 Furious. Wait, what?

I Really Don’t Care Who Owns This Shit

Hello, Spongey here.

On January 22, 2012, I uploaded my first Scene by Scene Review on Blogger. I had been blogging for a bit and reviewed some films but this my first time truly doing a sort of Nostalgia Critic style review.

That’s right, it’s been FIVE YEARS since I started doing this. That is…insane. I didn’t quite thing I’d still be doing them in some form this far in but here we go. I like to think I’m improved quite a bit since that first review, but I don’t wanna toot my own horn or anything.

It’s been awhile since I hit a notable milestone, so I figured I’d so something for this occasions But what? Well, my first Scene by Scene Review was of Freddie as F07, a Foreign Animated Film. Granted, it was still in English but it counts.

Thus, I think I should celebrate with another foreign animated film. And boy did I have my pick, as there are tons of Foreign Animated Films, both famously good, and infamously bad. It was a bit hard to decide and originally I was going to watch a few films, but as soon as I watched this one, I knew I had to cover it.

Oh I found a ripe one, guys. See, last year I Hate Everything covered 8 Disney Ripoff Films for his Search for the Worst Series. The films ranged from the usual Video Brenquedo disasters to ripoffs of Planes.

Of all the films, this one caught my attention the most, and I was more interested in it than the others. Mostly because not many people have reviewed it, while the rest had their share of reviews.

I’m not even sure what this is or where it came from, and I’ve seen it now. Apparently it’s a Peruvian film from 2012 (Released in 2013 in the US), by a studio whose only done one other film and by directors and writers have done pretty much nothing else of note.

Even the title is confusing. The original title translates to “ The Illusionauts”, but in the US, and Netflix, it’s called Freedom Force. But in the UK it’s stylized as “”4antastic 4orce”. Because ripping off one of the most mocked titles ever is a great idea.

Unlike the other films in IHE’s video, this is technically not a mockbuster despite some familiar ideas here and there. That’s the only credit I can really give it. IHE called this his “favorite” from the Not Disney Collection, mostly because it didn’t quite offend him and at least it’s original and is what the box says it is.

Which just tells you how bad those films got. But honestly, aside from that, I don’t see why this wasn’t a bit higher on the ranking. Because while I can give some credit, this is objectively the worst, of the films on that list that technically count as a movie.

Yeah. I’ve watched it now and this movie is just…wow,. I’ll go into more detail as we go and at the end at how this ranks and just how bad it is, but trust me, it’s a terrible train wreck.

Now,I’ll warn you that my summary may not be the best, because this film is really hard to recap due to the way it’s written and structured, and paced. You’ll see what I mean when we get into it, but I thought I should say that now.

With that said, exactly how bad could this be? Oh boy, you’re in for a treat.

This, is Fantastic 4orce. I’m calling it that because it’s funny.

The movie opens with 4 kids and dog standing on this big machine, as narration pipes in.

I know what you’re thinking. Some sort of Science Fiction Movie, right? ..This is not fiction, it’s all real! …No one’s a bigger Sci Fi Fan than me, but I never imagined I’d be going into some of my favorite stories of all time on a secret mission called Operation Freedom Force”

.Yes, that is the full pre title sequence, save a couple lines I missed because it’s information I’ll tell you later. Where to begin? First off, roll credits! 2ndnd of all, an In Media Res Opening is not uncommon for a film and yet somehow they fucked it up with the execution.

There’s no time to let any of this sink in before the kid pipes in and then we’re taken into the next scene. We see these kids we know nothing about and this narration which for now means nothing.

And you gotta love that opening sentence. It’s funny because this actually is a movie and he’s taking out of his ass! Yeah, notice how this takes something that’s technically conventional and normally easy to understand and somehow messes it up to the point of being incomprehensible?

That’s the movie is a nutshell. We’re only a minute in.

We cut to a…place where we meet our for now unnamed villain, talking to his Master on the phone.

Something is about to go very wrong for that wretched writer Jules Verne”

Yep, you read that right. Oh boy, we’ll get into that. He laughs evilly but a moth flies into his mouth and he chokes. It’s not funny but it’s a running gag so you better get used to it….End Scene.

We cut to the president of France as his wife is bitching to him on the phone.

I guess you don’t love me anymore now that you’re so busy being the president”

Because this whole shtick of the controlling wife hasn’t been beaten to death by now. Also, WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!

He tells her she’ll run National Literacy Day where they are honoring Jules Verne. There are doing a Jules Verne themed celebration because…reasons. Yeah, they treat him like he’s huge in this and it doesn’t make sense in the context of the story. But as I said, we’ll get more into that as we go on..

That scene ends and we go back to the villain in front of the machine from the opening. He’s going to use it to…mix up Jules Verne’s stories….That’s his evil plan. Really. This makes no sense.

For one, how does mixing up stories provide any real threat? For a kiddie movie used to teach kids about these stories that’s okay but this is trying to be a bit more and this actually has a “plot”, and there’s no given reason why we should care about books being a bit different.

And for now, I have no idea why this guy cares so much. Why does it matter to him? We actually do get a motivation at the very end….and it’s something, but that’s for later.

Let’s see if Five Weeks in a Balloon makes sense without it’s main character”

It has to make more sense than this movie so far.

We are taken into the story where these guys in a hot air balloon are being chased by terribly rendered lions. The main character vanishes in front of them.

I knew from the start this was a perfectly terrible idea. It’s about as insane as someone trying to travel around the world in 80 days”

Haw Haw.

And again, that’s the whole scene as we move on to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea where the scene goes on for a tad longer before the main character vanishes.

Otherwise, not much to say about the next few bits, as the bad guy mixes up the leads of various books. The only thing to comment on how the main characters have no reaction to randomly appearing in different settings.

He starts to use elements from “Jules Vern’s imagination that he never even finished”. Not sure how that’s possible but okay. This big scene doesn’t even end, it just randomly cuts to this one guy at one point. Yeah, the editing in this is trash.

This one guy is reading the books because…why not and notices all the mix ups. He tells this other guy about and he’s all shaken up over it. They say they must cancel the Jules Vern event because…the books read differently now. Yeah, this makes no sense even in the world of the film.

If they cared to explain why this matters, maybe I’d care.

They must go to “The Professor” (That is the only thing they call him, he has no name), who this guy’s assistant is scared of. Look, I’m not gonna bother remembering names so just bare with me.

Oh please, who isn’t crazy these days?”

…He has a point. Anyway, it turns out The Professor is voiced by Christohper Lloyd. Yes, really. Besides this being another amazing carrr movie, I’d like to point this came out the exact same year as Foodfight and The Oogieloves.

He had an amazing year. But guess what? This is the worst of his 3 roles, taking the actual movies aside. As crazy as his roles in those films were, at least he did something and was memorable.

Here, his character is just…a scientist. That’s it. And he gets nothing to do and does very little, and is never funny or memorable. What a waste.

He tell us that he made that machine and the government shut it down and now someone is using it to do evil stuff. We do finally get some reason to care about this problem: If they don’t fix this in 48 hours, the changes will be etched into history. But that’s all we get.

Does it somehow change time so that the books were always that way and thus didn’t become classics, or the books simply just different? In the former case, how does that work at all, and in the latter case, is this somehow stopping you from just printing new copies with things back in place?

Even when they explain it, it makes no sense. Speaking of no sense, Mr Clipboard here says that Jules Verne somehow hid a reset button in his books and they will send someone inside to push it so the stories will turn back to normal.

I don’t need to explain how this is just not possible and makes no sense, despite being the main plot point in the 2nd act but whatever, I don’t care. While they’re talking, the assistant guy is being tortured with this machine for…no reason.

Of course, this mission requires a team, and this guy tells the president about this. Also, the villain is actually the presidents assistant guy pretending to be good, because that’s never been done before.

That has got to be the craziest thing I’ve heard in my whole life, which is saying a lot since I do work in politics”

…Okay, that was funny.

They will indeed use that machine to go inside the books, and I wonder how they found it and why the villain didn’t do something to stop them from getting to use. Like I don’t know, shutting the machine down for good after using it?

Anyway, they got some guys to find the members of the elite team they are looking for. The president decides to go for it and is happy….because his wife can help with the Jules Vern thing after all. I see he has his priorities straight.

After all, a happy wife is a happy life”


These guys head out to find the team members and now we get introduced to these kids.

That’s right, we are 17 minutes in and NOW we are meeting the main characters. That is …amazingly bad writing/pacing. But here they are. We’ve got Peter, a fat bookwrom who gets bullied by stereotypical bullies #44454.

The chase is interrupted by those guys coming in and taking Peter, and taking out the bullies. Uh, this is top secret right? That crap is not being secretive at all.

Next is the Smart One (most of the names are hard to spell so fuck it) who sees their helicopter thing coming and finds it cool instead of running for his life. Then we have another fat kid.

How come nobody wants to be friends with me?’

He farts.

Oh right, that’s why”.

Yes, that his character trait. Yeah, like in most bad kids movies, the kids don’t get too complex beyond one single trait, and for this kid it’s farting, which isn’t even a trait. His farts stink so bad that it takes out most of the guys who come in. Yeah, get ready for a lot of jokes like that.

They manage to take him and we meet the last kid who looks 16 even though they say she’s 12. She’s voiced by Sara Michelle Gellar because why not waste more talent. She’s the token girl who can fight, as shown when she fights off the guys who come on. Because calmly explaining why they need her is for weirdos.

…And they do tell her after they get their asses kicked.

Why didn’t you say so?”

My thoughts exactly. She goes with no further questions. And no, at no point do we see their parents and their reactions to this.

The kids are taken to the people, and I’ll call that assistant guy by his name, Pascal to make it easier, and the other guy will be the “Head Guy” since he runs Freedom Force I guess. They explain the problem to them and of course the kids ask why the hell they were picked instead of…actually competent people.

One reason is that they are all 12 (which is bullshit in the girls case as I said), and that’s when Jules Vern started writing. …Eh, fair enough, in the context of this kind of movie. Each of them represents a side of his personality.

The Tech Wiz represents his genus. That’s okay. Peter embodies his passions for literature since he’s read all his books, which is also okay. The other 2 are a bit shakier. The girl is a direct descendant of Jule Verne’s first love, which is part of his “personality”, I guess.

Oh, and said love…was his…first cousin. And they say that directly.

That was very common back then. She must have been very beautiful”

…Yes, you read that right. This childrens’ movie just had a conversation where they justify incest. But it gets worse.

PASACAL: I was in love with my cousin once too!


I remember that whenever I saw her face, my heart filled with joy!”

She haunts me to this day with her beautiful bald head, and her soft skin, and the way her diaper filled the room with a smell that”-

.He is nterrupted and thank god because…what the actual fuck!?


Okay let’s move on, what does the farting kid represent?

Jules Vern had serious gas problems”


The kids get these Tron Suits which can change their appearance in the stories so they can fit in. Pascal demonstrates and he ends in women’s swimswear. I want to die.

…Also, why are they letting the dog in? Is he 12 and dog years, or did Jules Vern have a dog?

Meanwhile, the president is with his wife as she shows some big poster thing she made for the event, which shows her in a very skimpy outfit.

Don’t you think that maybe it’s a bit too much?”

….I am a little overdressed. I’ll have to show them more skin!”

.This is a thing you can legally purchase and is on Netflix.

The kids are shown the machine and the villain puts a virus in the machine (without anyone noticing, somehow) to shut it down. If it doesn’t work, his goon who never existed until now, will go in. But as he points out, he’s not 12 and doesn’t represent a part of his personality.

Is that a hard and fast rule? If so, how does that even work? This flat out goes into his imagination and not just his books, which only raises even more questions!

Your brain stopped working when you were 12, so that’s why this will work”

It does eventually work so that’s their real explanation. Whatever. Then he laughs and chokes on a moth again because I don’t think you want to die hard enough yet. And a mere 30 minutes into a 77 minute movie, they start the machine and head in, which gives us the opening scene again.

FERB: Whoa, Deja Vu-ish.

Sorry, I had to be reminded of real animation for at least a small moment. Speaking of breaks, let’s take one to discuss the animation. It’s…not THAT bad. Compared to real movies, it’s bad, but on it’s own it’s…somewhat competent,.

The models look okay-ish and with a bit of polish, they would be almost presentable. There are some problems though. Most of the film focuses on their faces so much that they look worse than they really do, and while they are okay-ish, they still don’t look fully good, meaning it doesn’t’ look quite right.

And for some reason, they can never sit still. Every time a character speaks they are waving their hands around and making as much movement as possible, especially the adult characters.

Then there’s the terrible lip sync. This is more of a fault on the dubbing, but while sometimes it looks okay, most of the time they never match up what they are saying, and it never looks right.

So animation that never looks quite right with bad lip sync, plus messy writing that never explains anything makes for a…not so fun experience.

Getting back to the “plot’, the kids head into “From Earth to the Moon”. Oh, and I forgot to mention that Peter has a creepy crush on the girl because why not. I kept confusing him for the farting kid because they are both fat. Come on, a stereotypical kids movie team only needs one fat kid, everyone knows that.

By the way, they first have trouble due to the virus the villain planted but that ends up being a non-conflict as they take care of it very easily. So that scene may as well not even happened. The kids end up in space and they are told the Reset Button is on the rocket.

They send the fat kid out because…he can stand the cold temperatures. There’s no cold in space, just the absence of heat so this would not be an issue. Come on, I know this shit! (I know it’s more complicated than that but it doesn’t work the way it does here so that’s my point)

Also, the dog’s name is Houston so..

Huston, we have a problem”


There happens to be a kid sized space suit which the farting kid uses to get out, but he ends up stuck on a terribly rendered asteroid. They try to save him but they run out of gas. The kid is able to get back by jumping on little meteor bits and…propels himself with his farts.

..What am I supposed to say to that? They ripped off a bit from Space Buddies and it was stupid there and it’s stupid here. Anyway,he finds words on a ship saying “Adventure Star Tours”. The letters to spell out Restart are in those words, so he pushes them and it works.

.Look, there are only so many ways to say “This is stupid”.

With that, the story is fixed and they are taken to the next story, which we spend most of the middle portion of the film in for some reason, 5 Weeks in a Balloon.

I have a video game just like this!”

With this animation, I don’t doubt that.

A lion jumps onto the Balloon and then the girl kicks him in the face to knock him out. ….The stupid awesome-ness of that almost makes for everything else. Almost….Then they ruin it when another lion jumps on and the farting kid farts in his face.

You took the only awesome part and ruined it, good job. And yes, they are at a decent height when the lions fall, and yet they survive. They escape and Pascal tells them they must go the Munchi Muchi tribe, and they think they are cannibals.

FARTING KID: “That’s cool, everyone has a right to be want they want to be when they grow up”

…How are you so stupid.

Nicole jumps onto an Elephant to solve their problem (I don’t know, there was some spiel about this one guy wanting to kill it or something) and it just cuts to the very next scene, with them camping out and Nicole away from the rest of the group.

No explanation as to what she was doing, or how she got back on the Balloon. Good editing, what’s that? Peter thanks her for whatever she did, leading to an awkard romance moment which is just odd with how much older she looks.

The villain’s goon is there (which means that bullshit theory worked, but I would liked to see how that all went down or how he got the machine to get him in without anyone noticing) planning to do evil stuff.

The kids are eating, and the farting kid eats something really bad, leading to the greatest Netflix Caption in History.


Yes. Also, before he does that he says “That’s why I’m in this story”. There’s a barely a reason for it, so I assume it’s a lame attempt at Lampshade Hanging.

It turns out he shit on the goon…then an elephant comes and shits on him. It thankfully cuts away before it turns into The Brothers Grimsby. …But seriously, I’m so glad we have the scene of the guy being shit on twice, it was needed in lieu of actual story development.

The next day in the balloon, they get chased by a group of random bad guys. The farting one tries to lighten their load by jumping and just turning his suit into a flying one, but apparently it can’t do that and he hits the ground, but reacts as if he fell off a dresser or something and not a balloon from many feet.

They have to leave him behind in the chaos of all this, which saddens me because he was such an interesting and complex character. They figure they will meet up with him in the next story once they hit the Restart Button.

They reach the Munchi Muchi tribe, who I would criticize as being racist but they may have been like in the original story. But knowing this movie, I doubt it.

Back with the head guy, they notice the Goon there and we see that maybe the villain has his own machine, which was never established.

Then an Octopus escapes because why not, and that ruins the machine. Pascal says to look on the positive side. …Uh, at least it’s not Foodfight?

Do you realize that the price for fresh Sushi Grade Octopus is over 12 Euros per pound?”

.Moving on.

The kids find a statue with the temples name on it and notice that the words “Off” and “On” are in it. That’s the Restart Button. …At this point, I’ll accept anything as long as it gets the movie other faster.

The Farting kid conveniently shows up just in time for the Reset Button to take them to the next story. Meanwhile, Head Guy and Pascal visit the professor again where they have a really unfunny routine that wastes time.

The kids end up in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea next, where the Goon pops up and Nicole fights him. He overtakes her almost immediately. I got nothing to say, that was some epic fail right there.

Back with the Professor we get more unfunny padding, he says he has a prototype of the machine they could use. …End Scene. Have I mentioned how god-fucking-awful the pacing is in this? I actually haven’t focused on that in favor of the general writing problems, but man does it make it all worse.

The Goon throws Tech Wiz and Nicole overboard, and we see the other kids ended up in a different location, some underwater place that Peter says is Atlantis which might be part of the mix up, I don’t know.

They are talking when Peter notices the other kids right behind them through the window.

They’re right behind you!”

And I’m behind them too, one hundred percent!”

…I’d bitch about that, but I’d like to point that before that bit from before, he was never this stupid. If you’re going to give him the brain of Patrick Star, make it consistent!

Their suits have a Diver Option and the two activate theirs and go out and do the same for the others. That was easy. Back with The Professor, they get a prototype version of the machine and hook it up the Pascal so he can pretty much be a human movie projector. Yeah, he’s a huge butt monkey in this for no reason.

Is this going to hurt?”

It shouldn’t, I’m at a pretty safe distance”


They do the obligatory fake out death thing with Nicole which of course fails given I don’t care, and she wakes up immediately after. They get contact with Head Guy back, and Goon got eaten by a shark,so it’s all looking up. We’re an hour in, we’re almost done, thank god.

The Restart Button in this book are the CNTRL, ALT, and Delete Buttons on the places computer thing. Again, why not. They push it and they’re off…and they’re done as they end up back with Head Guy and Pascal. Well, good thing the villain only got like 3 stories.

But hey, if it gets the movie done faster, I won’t complain. But of course we need a climax, so they have to deal with the Octopus which can survive on land for some reason. Then the villain reveals himself because of yeah he was pretending to be a good guy.

That plot point ultimately had no purpose but nothing in this movie matters anyway. And it’s tme to dive into his motivations. You might wanna be sitting down, which you probably are, because…this is…wow. But first..

Not even under intense torture would I reveal that the grand leader of our brotherhood is a famous rap artist whose name sounds exactly like a delicious candy coated chocolate treat”

..We never see this leader that he was talking to earlier and this exact line is never referenced again. …His leader is Enimen. …….If he actually just appeared and took over as the villain, this movie would be totally redeemed.

But that’s not the craziest part.

It’s a conspiracy. They want to have us all disappear”

Have who disappear”

The Lefty’s!”


All of those geniuses, Da Vinci, Napoleon, Chaplin, Beethoven, Seinfield-”

Someone liked Bee Movie.

All of them left handed!….And HG Wells, a lefty, was the true father of science fiction, not Jules Vern.”

But Vern wrote his books before Wells was even born”


You read all that right. He’s doing this because…he thinks HG Wells is the true father of Science Fiction and hates Jules Vern because he’s a righty. I….j….whatever. The weird thing, is, he’s explicitly shown to be crazy. The characters call him out on this and he’s clearly meant to be talking out of his ass.

They pretty much had to make the villain actually insane to cover up their asses. That’s just…amazing. I’d give them credit for having his reason be that he’s insane instead of having no reason but frankly, it just feels like they are covering their asses.

And besides, it doesn’t explain all the other crap in this movie. Anyway, Nicole flips him and the very next shot, he’s tied up on the top of the car. ….I shouldn’t complain about him being easily defeated at this point but come on!

The Octopus feels like an arbitrary climax but here we go. In the middle of this big action scene, we get a bit with a drunk guy. No, seriously, he acts very very drunk and the Octopus gets him. Whatever.

Also, the bullies from way earlier get saved because we gotta justify their existence somehow.

Long story short, they use the machine to get the Octopus back in the story after a bunch of action.  Oh, and we never see the villain again.

The last we hear of him, he’s still rambling about that conspiracy but that’s it. He was a terrible villain. But here we’re almost done, as Peter pipes back in with narration. Oh yeah, another thing they established and dropped.

That’s our story, with an ending even better than any Jules Vern ever wrote”

Fuck You.

Peter gets the girl, because I was invested in the romance, and he tells us the rest while text also informs us. Yes, a fucking “Where are they Now” section, I’m not kidding. They have a dance party while this happens, by the way,

Tech Wiz invents an App and gets Rich, and the Farting kid starts the Gas Appreciation Society.

He doesn’t date much”

So he gets a sad ending? The hell?

Nicole becomes a Martial Arts star, and Peter goes on to write books and movies.

Just like this one”

.So you’re to blame for this travesty?!

And so the movie ends with…the Octopus coming out a Portal,with Text saying “The End?’. ….No, fuck you, we’re done. Not even gonna bitch about the abrupt ending, we’re fucking done.

Final Thoughts:

…Yeah, what the hell do I even say? I suppose I’ll talk by going over how odd this thing is in terms of overall production. It has the ambition of a real movie, with a plot that spans many stories that is meant to tech kids about Jules Vern while still having some action and a villain.

That makes it more than just a normal Cheapo Kiddie Flick…but it has the actual quality of a Video Brenquedo. Naturally, that leads to one giant clusterfuck where nothing makes any sense.

There at least some…tolerable things, like the animation almost looks okay, there’s some actually amusing moments and I suppose the music and voice acting were okay. I suppose those small things put this above above something like The Little Panda Fighter.

But on an objective level, it’s almost as bad. The characters are all one dimensional stereotypes and aren’t that likable or interesting, with the villain having to be insane to cover up bad writing. That farting kid just…farts. That is all he does and it’s not funny.

Th humor often tries too hard, the animation doesn’t quite look right, and the Lip Sync is usually garbage. But of course, it’s the writing that kills it. At best, the “story’ is bland and predictable, and at worst it’s nearly incomprehensible.

As I went into, the main concepts don’t even make sense in context, and they don’t give a reason to care about Jules Vern’s stories being mixed up. Speaking of which, from what I can gather, the info they have is mostly accurate (Yes, even the Cousin thing but he just liked her, she ended up with some other guy so she was such a small part of his life that mentioning her was pointless) and I did learn some things I didn’t’ know…so there is that.

There’s so much that make no sense, and the dialogue is so poor at conveying all of this. It shouldn’t be hard to make a film with a typical structure like this but somehow they screw it up, big time.

Oh, and like any bad kids movie, it has no idea who it’s aimed at. I’m sure most Jules Vern fans already know all this, Kids will have no idea what’s going on and it’s sometimes too complex for small kids, and adults will of course be repulsed by everything I’ve mentioned.

It’s another movie that tries to appeal to everyone, but appeals to no one. Don’t you just love those?

With that said, why exactly was this IHE’s favorite despite everything I said? Well for one, it’s at least original and has some form of Artistic Integrity, while everything else was a completely shameless ripoff or totally unambitious and Frozen Land, I mean boring.

Which I suppose is fair. But on a writing level, I think it’s up there with the worst of them because as I said, nothing makes sense even on a base level. I have an easier time buying into the premise of What’s Up more than this, because at least it didn’t’ quite try to be more than what it Is.

Ambition is always nice but when you have a small budget and writing this bad, it’s better to go small or else this shit happens. On an Artistic Level, I suppose it’s not as bad as Little Panda Fighter or the like, but in terms of making sense, it’s…pretty terrible.

And yes, I do find it worse than Norm of the North and other such films on a writing level. With that said, is it So Bad It’s Good? For the most part…no, it’s not crazy in a funny way for the most part.

However, it’s so odd and nonsensical that I would suggest perhaps watching it once just because it must be seen to be believable. It’s not fun bad, but it’s just something you have to witness because of how baffling bad it is.

I will of course go a tad easy with it being a Direct to Video Film and all, but even on that level, it’s a total mess where very little works, and the writing is just garbage. Regardless of how it compares to other films, it’s still very much a terrible movie and I hate that I had to watch it twice for this review.

So yeah, I’d rather Re-Visit Freddie as FR07 over this.

Grade: D (Not higher because of the positives i mentioned and to be fair, others have pissed me off a tad more)

It’s only January and we have a contender for worst film I reviewed this year. But hey you know know what could happen. But there you go, this was a …memorable way to celebrate 5 years of this crap.

I’d like to thank you all for helping me get this far. The support I do get has been nice, and certainly gave me more reason to press on. It’s crazy that I’m still doing this 5 years later, since I tend to give up on big projects very easily, as this blog itself has proven.

But here I am. It’s been a fun ride so far, and even with the odd schedule, I have no intention on fully stopping any time soon. All the snark aside, I do appreciate the fans I have and all that.

And as long as I’m motivated, I’ll bring you plenty of craziness. I almost want to try to get to 10 years, and hey, if I at least do a scene by scene review every year, I’ll technically do so, but that’s far off.

That’s all I got. This movie is on Netflix is you’re…interested, and again, thank you all. It’s been a wild 5 years and no I won’t do something in March for 5 years on WordPress in General. This is enough for now.

Okay, now that’s all I got.

See ya.


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