The Best and Worst Things I Reviewed in 2016

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, 2016 is coming to a close…

NORTY: Thank God!

Actually, this is better

ELI STONE: Fuck 2016!

Yeah, I don’t think I need to say this year was rough….but it was rough. Every year is said to be the worst year ever, but 2016 was especially bad. It’s easy to mention celebrity deaths but those sadly happen every year.

It’s only notable this year since so many unexpected ones happened, most very early in the year. It got pretty crazy towards the end. But even aside from that, bad things just kept happen. Many people say that their personal lives hit plenty problems this year, and that includes me.

I won’t go into that because I like to keep my personal life out of this blog, but yeah, I had my own problems. I think the nail in the coffin this year (for America, for me it was…a personal Thing I can’t mention) was the whole…Trump winning thing.

I like to keep politics out of this blog because just…no, but this isn’t a politics thing. It’s a we “We elected an asshole for president, what the fuck America”, thing. I still have no idea how that happened.

Even saying that might get me in hot water, knowing the internet so I’ll leave at that. It’s just weird how this year turned out, with all this bad stuff happening. Wait, this year saw the premiere of a cartoon all about Murphy’s Law, which is all about whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.

Coincidence? ….100 percent yes!

On the bright side, there was good stuff this year. My favorite thing to come out of this year? What I call the LazyTown comeback. See, Stefan Karl, the actor who played Robbie Rotten on that show I haven’t mentioned on the blog in years, got cancer. …That’s not good, but what is good is the Go Fund Me campaign he started.

See a song from the show called We Are Number One had started getting popular around this time so when news of his cancer out, people started memeing like mad, both to share their love for the actor and character, and to spread aware-ness so people could donate.

They reached their goal fairly quickly. On top of that, things turned out so well that Stefan and the other people from the song performed it live on Facebook for everyone as a reward. No, really. Then the composer released the official instrumental for the song among other stuff like the isolated vocals and rejected lyrics.

Allow me to repeat that; A silly preschool show not inspired tons of memes, but those memes essentially helped someone with their cancer….Just…wow. Nevemrind, 2016 was the best year ever.

Hey,at least it was interesting, Especially for the blog. Hey, we’re on topic now!This year I stopped doing weekly scene by scene reviews, and instead switched to doing them when I feel like it.

This lead to more Misc Projects such as lists and more general reviews due to being able to get out to the theater more often. This year for the blog was…actually pretty good. I was able to stretch myself a bit more and doing more general reviews meant I got to be more critical.

I didn’t do as much as I wanted to do but it was nice not having to do a review every single week at least. My reviews in 2016 were much better than last year, and I got to do more notably bad movies.

Despite some problems, the blog actually did okay, all things considered. Although there was one issue…i barely reviewed any good movies for the scene by scene reviews. By my count, I did like ..3 or decent ones, and none of them were flat out great.

Yeah, good things just aren’t as interesting to talk about in this style. I hope to fix this next year, but with less slots to review things, I make no promises. At least I did some good stuff in the general reviews to make up for it.

Despite the lack of good movies, I’m still doing what I did in 2014 and looking back at the best and worst of what I reviewed this year. But this year, we’re not just doing movies. I’m allowing any THING I reviewed.

That’s right. TV Episodes I reviewed on their own, Episodes from Lists, Episodes from the Holiday Reviews, the Horrorland books, films from general reviews, if I technically reviewed it, it’s allowed in this look back.

The Worst list will focus on film while the best will focus on anything I want. This will be so much as I did a lot of stuff this year, some that I love, and some I want to kill with a rusty pitchfork.

So to close out this weird, we’re bidding farewell to some gems and crap.

This, is The Best and Worst Things I Reviewed in 2016

Since I want to end on a positive note, we’re starting with..


I didn’t look at ton of bad things that were not movies so I’m just doing a list for the scene by scene reviewed movies. But for fun, let’s look a the worst stuff from the TV Reviews. By that I mean, the 3 notably bad ones

iLostMyMind: I went into big detail on this one but in short, it starts a couple that hsould not have happened, in one of the stupidest plots I’ve ever seen. It’s not funny either.

The Puddin’ Party: Just….why. How. This is a Drug addiction Allegory where his friends make him go back for their own personal gain. This could work in an Adult Cartoon as a Satire of this kind of story, but in a Disney Sitcom, it’s just horrible. I suppose it’s not as personally painful but the 2nd half and the writing makes this one of the new worst Disney Sitcom Episodes, yay.

Babe’s Fake Disease/Scared Tripless: This shows how far Dan Schinder can fall sometimes, with the former having some bad writing that has no focus on telling any kind of story, and has Babe just get away with doing something horrible, and the latter has someone trick their kid into thinking they are dying. Seriously. If I had seen Scared Tripless, I would have reviewed that in place or Tiny Pickles, it’s that bad.

I did some tamer Tv Reviews this year but those turds still managed to creep in. And I already got a new low for January or so but I’m getting ahead of myself. With that said onto the maion feature.


(If you think I’m leaving anything out when I describe the products, then look at my original reviews of them where I went into detail)

  1. The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation

Yep, we’re starting with a sort of recent one. I wasn’t sure which one should go here but since I basically just did this one, it’s bad-ness is still fresh on my mind and it just pained me more than the Runners Up.

But yeah, 2016 was the year or being shocked by things. Plenty of movies and episodes ere so much worse than I ever figured, especially in terms of writing. It surprises me even more after watching the original film which was nowhere near this bad.

I’ve seen some bad kiddie Animalpslotion films in my lifetime but this is up there. The main problem is that the actual conflicts are lame or poorly done. For one, the dog falls in love but she’s a bitch. Then she turns around after he saves her at the end.

That’s it, there’s barely any development for her and the romance takes a backseat to the other crap in the middle. The dog feels like a supporting character in the DOG who saved Christmas Vacation!

The conflict with the Dad is stupid since the Dad is too much of an unfair Butt Monkey, and that other guy who name I forget is just a jerk and I’ve already forgotten all the details. I suppose that’s why this as the bottom.

It’s bad but you’re likely to forget it as they just put no effort into creating anything that sticks. This is a perfect example of a kids film that just doesn’t try. The story is paper thin, and basically turns into a rehash of the first movie, which itself became Home Alone but with a dog.

But as bad as it is, it’s not really offensive. It’s…somewhat harmless I suppose. The writing is messy and doesn’t do much right but…I don’t know why I would expect anything more. This film is almost too easy to make fun of.

So is everything on here but really, the others on here were either more offensive..or were not TV Movies. Yeah, it’s a TV Movie about a dog, would you expect anything more than bad? But still if the first movie managed to have some things I liked, than there’s no excuse for this one.

Will I return to this series? Well the only one I can do is the Easter one, and I will look into it as I wanna see if these movies get worse…if that’s possible. Oh, and there’s a THIRD Christmas one I may look into for next year. Yay.

As poorly written as this film, it’s status as a TV Dog movie makes me slightly less mad at it. While it is still pretty bad, it gets to be a the bottom of the list. This poor dog got off easy, this time.

The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation: Why are these 6 of these?!

4.That’s My Boy

Yeah, no surprises here. Just that it’s lower on the list then you might expect. I have my reasons and I may say less than even the previous section because the reason the film fails is pretty simple.

The film relies on lovely topics like Pedophilia for it’s humor, and Adam Sandler’s character is an unlikable douchebag who doesn’t have to face any consequences and wins in the end because fuck you that’s why.

I give it credit for almost having him learn to be a better father and in the first half he is seen as in the wrong, but it doesn’t make up for anything and the ending pisses all that away. This movie is bad for all the reasons you’ll think it’ll be bad.

I don’t even have anything to say. It has tasteless humor and an really unlikable lead. What’s more to say? For once, my review said it all. I suppose that’s why it’s not higher. It’s bad in the way I expected it to be, as offensive as it is.

The ones higher shocked me more with how bad they were, but I will admit this one is objectively worse than the next one on the list due to how offensive it kind of is. But in terms fo writing there are some worse ones, even on Sandler’s resume.

But this is up there for him. Seriously, what happened? The Do Over was at least better than Ridiculous Six but it was still not very good. Now you’re giving Netflix a bad name! Sigh, maybe you’ll make another decent movie someday.

As long as you avoid crap like this.

  1. Smosh The Movie

This is one of those films where objectively it’s not the worst, but I ust had a personal problem that made it irk me so much. (Sorry IHE but how the fuck is Fred is anyway better than this? This is at least a movie).

From what I’ve seen of Smosh, at had energy and for it’s time was at least different from the usual stuff, even their stuff is now typical. So why is the film so freaking boring?! To be fair, there is some of that Smosh humor with certain jokes and the plot element of them going inside YouTube.

But that stuff isn’t crazy it needed to be and there’s the other problems. I get that they needed this to be an actual movie and just simply just a long YouTube but in execution both the film elements and YouTube elements clash, making the tone confused.

The real story is incredibly boring, safe, and predictable. It’s full of cliches we’ve seen almost every modern comedy and it’s so clear that this was written by Hollywod writers, and not the duo themselves.

This doesn’t feel like a real passion project, some greedy guy saw how much Smosh makes and just put them in this dull movie. It feels like that, at least. Yes, on the surface it makes sense to give the two a typical dynamic, since it’s tried and true, but it’s also really cliché and I hate it.

One is to one dimension and sad to care about and the other is an annoying prick who wins as a result of how terrible he was being. I thought this would have unique problems like Fred, not incredibly typical problems ala 21 and Over.

I can at least say the makers of Fred kept their movies on TV where they belong, this was a theatrical release. Not a huge one but it was treated like a bigger deal than the other “Internet Movies”:.

So it has no excuse to be as bad as it is. On the postive said, the acting is fine and there area few chuckles. It also has it’s tolerable moments and okay ideas. Meanwhile, Fred had almost nothing going for it and was wall to wall annoying, with only maybe a decent actor or two, and John Cena going for it.

I keep going back to Fred but it was just that bad and makes me less mad at this film. I think I’ve ranted enough. Smosh the Movie is a soulles cash in that’s incredibly typical and very boring, with a script that offers little laughs and no logic whatsoever.

This is why the internet should just stay online, as I can say the Channel Awesome Movies are all better than this. And the fact that nobodies on almost no budget made more lovingly crafted features than real Hollywood writers is …sad.

  1. Norm of the North

Yeah, I’m not too shocking with my choices. This one I’ll leave short because really, what more is there to say? Tons of reviews have come out since mine that tore this thing apart even more. The logic is nonexistent, the characters make dumb decisions, the animation is weak, and the whole thing exists for the sake of a dumb down environmental message.

But you all know that. Other reviews spotlighted more problems like how the plot would actually be better if you removed THE MAIN CHARECTER due to what occurs thanks to him .Norm doesn’t plan to stop the bad guy from the inside until that little girls tells him to do so.

I’ll say that I’ve seen more actually offensive films but in terms of the writing, it’s up there with the worst animated films of all time. This film just has almost no effort put into it. There was no attempt to give kids an interesting story.

They just to spread their dumb message and don’t care if the story makes no sense. I’m still dumbfounded by how stupid everyone is in this thing. The fact that this made it into theaters when even the Disney Cheapquels had more of a theatrical flair is just …wow.

But the thing is, if it was direct to Netflix or someone, no one would care about it. Most people would swipe it away and it would take a while for it reach Alpha and Omega Levels of infamy. But just by putting in theaters, they got people to talk about it.

That’s more devious than anything Greene came up with.

I got nothing, except that my upcoming worst of 2016 list will only have live action movies because spoilers, no movie in 2016 was worse than this. Well, one came close but you’ll see come that list.

I agree with Mr Coat, if you’re making a Worst of 2016 and have not seen Norm, change that because it will look empty without it. As I said: This movie is bad


Normally I’d list off my Runners up but I’ll just stick to one, as it came close to being number 5. As it all the problems of the other movies on here: Lazy writing, ripping off a better movie, weak animation, and poor pacing that makes the writing even worse.

It’s a pretty bad animated film but I’ve seen so many films like it that it doesn’t piss me off AS much as some others. Still, it is a bad movie with very weak writing and pacing. The only thing I can add is that recently, the guy who voiced the villain admitted he did this for a paycheck and then he said “Dear God, Netflix”.

I am not making this up. If only everyone involved with these movies was like.

And the worst film I reviewed in 2016 is…

  1. Bluberella

I make movies and focus on the movie’-Uwe Boll

I thought for awhile about what would be number one. For the longest time, I wasn’t going to rank these as I viewed the top 4 as equally terrible for various reasons, mostly due the odd nature of them. I knew this was objectively the worst but I thought it was too easy as this is an Uwe Boll film and he’s an ass who doesn’t care about film making, especially with this film.

…Then I realized that’s exactly WHY this is the worst film I reviewed this year.

On it’s own, it’s incompetent on every level. There is no direction with scenes going on forever, the characters have barely any personality to speak of, the jokes either go on too long or barely exist, and the “story” goes nowhere. It couldn’t even be competent enough to do tons of fat jokes.

But it gets worse when you look deeper. This is a “parody’ of Boll’s own Bloodrayne 3. Not the first one, the THIRD one. This was actually filmed back to it with that one, having the same sets and actors.

Most of the scenes have a Bloodrayne 3 equivalent. I say most because…remember the part where that guy randomly said they were playing music over a scene that was “really boring”? That’s because that scene was from Bloodrayne 3 and they didn’t film a “funny” version for this movie.

So they did that instead of just…cutting it out. Seriously, this film is just that lazy. The fact that it’s just filmed back to back with another movie using the same assets would make me less mad at it…but it actually makes it worse.

The film already wreaked of laziness but knowing more about it after watching Phelous’ review , but wow this is…yikes. There’s literally no reason for this to exist in the state it does.

Every single film I’ve reviewed made with some kind of vision in mind, no matter how misguided it was. There’s some exceptions but almost everything from Bratz, to Norm, to A Serbian Film was made with some kind of effort, in an attempt to create something people will enjoy.

Brartz and Norm at least tried to have a message, A Serbian Film was attempting important political satire. If those films were good, even with the people who made them, they would have added something or at least had a reason to exist. I know most of the people hwo make the films I trash are okay people, at least I assume since I’ve never met them.

From what I can tell from this film and how Uwe Boll acts in general, is not like that at all. When he made this, he quickly threw together some crap with assets from a movie he had already made, and clearly didn’t care at all about giving anyone something good.

Even as a simple comedy it fails, because even simple comedies need to…you know, make sense on some level. The movie feels like a big injoke but I doubt even those who saw Bloodrayne 3 get it.

This is marketed as it’s own movie. It’s not called “Bloodrayne 3 the funny version” or whatever, you wouldn’t know what it is unless you looked it up. A parody needs to work on it’s own and as I showed this does not.

It’s bad enough that it fails on every level, but it’s obvious that Uwe Boll doesn’t care about his audience or even the art of film making. His films tend to show this but I’d say only Postal seems insulting on this level. And even that has some stuff going for it, even that tried!

I’ve always know this about him based on how he acts (Just watch CuteFuzyWeasel’s Feeding the Trolls on him for more proof, or the just the mere fact he once fought his critics) but this just proved it.

Even at it’s best, there’s no effort to create anything worthwhile. If this was a short film or a sketch I wouldn’t mind it, since this is a one note joke, but we’re forced to pay money to sit through an hour plus of it, and the only thing I liked was the main actress who deserved so much better than this.

Not only is it the worst film I looked at this year on every technical level, but on a moral level. The person who made it and how they made it offends me as a fan of media. As I said, even films that offended me like A Serbian Film tried harder. Even creator of other Direct to Video films such as The Buddies film or any Video Brenqudo film try harder and the latter people directly rip off other products!

This is even lower scum than Amazing Bulk because that director can actually take criticism! This has more original assets than that one but hey, I respect that guy, more than Boll at any rate.

So due to barely being a movie and going against the art of media creation on a basic level, this is the worst film I’ve reviewed this year. And one of the couple that’s on my overall bottom 20 or so.

Fuck you, Uwe Boll.

…Okay, let’s brighten up a bit.


This list will be different from the worst list. Instead of a Top 5, it’s a whole Top 10. Yeah for once I’m not going one step beyond. Just looked better this time. I wanted to be more positive, so we’re look at 10 awesome things I looked at.

Due to a lack of good movies, this will focus on the TV Episodes from lists and other Misc Things I looked at. Although a film from a General Review may pop up. I looked at a lot of good things this year in my various posts. It’s time to honor them. Oh, and this mostly be in no order. I tried my best to rank them but it still looked weird so keep that in mind:

Streets of Panic Park:

We’re already starting with a Misc Item. Now this is one of the more filler-y things on here, but I think at least one of the Horrorland books deserved it, so why not the big finale to Arc 1?

It does has flaws as a finale, but by Goosebumps Standards, this was pretty damn great. Okay, it’s mostly due to the Villain who is awesome. He’s actually a real threat, with a rather cruel plan, who has been confirmed to kill people and not care about it.

Everything him is just great. Even the silly parts with him that go too far work to create a big threat. His plan is quite clever with how it uses fear and creates solid stakes. This finale managed to create an insane and creepy situation that made me invested in the story.

That’s no small feat for Goosebumps. Yes, as a finale and on it’s own it has plenty of problems with focus and logic, but I can forgive them because the stuff that works shines through.

I was impressed by this book when I first read it and I still think it holds up fine. In general, the Modern Goosebumps books are middle of the road, with few being some of the best or worst of the series.

With it’s situations and villains, this is one of the best. That may not say a lot, but I still like it. Let’s hope Arc 2 ends just as well.

Zootopia/Kubo and the Two Strings

Told you general reviews were allowed. I’ll go into more detail on why I’m allowing this here, in my Bes/Worst of 2016 post, but for now, let’s go into why these were the best films I did general reviews of in 2016.

Civil War is close but I’d need to re-watch since my first impression was based on odd expectations.

Zootopia has really grown on me. I always liked it but I didn’t see as flat out great but after thinking about it, I realized how good it really is. I stand by my criticisms, the plot structure can make it predictable, and the ending is a tad rushed but everything else works.

Besides the usual spectacular animation from Disney, the main characters are great. Judy is instantly likable and she stays likable and interesting throughout the entire film. Nick is fun with his nature and his backstory makes him really interesting.

Speaking of interesting…yeah those themes as interesting. We’ve seen stories of prejudice before but this film tackles it more directly and directly equates to …well, any word that ends in ism of phobia. (Well, not the real phobias that actually mean being afraid the ones that mean you are an asshole).

It even all makes sense with the world they’ve created. The writers are smart to not make Judy above it all, as she her own prejudices, but are simply more under stable due to her experiences.

In these stories, it seems like only assholes fall prey to judging other people, but really, anyone is able to do it, even if by accident. It’s a very smart script with a lot of layers. Almost everything here can be equated to different things and still make sense.

I almost want to find it amazing due to all the good things it has, but those issues do take away from it, just a tad. Including the like 50th “Twist” Villain. To be fair, it adds to the themes fairly well but the character stops being interesting once it is fully revealed, and they barely do anything with it.

I want them to stop this twist villain thing. All of them serve the story but as characters they tend to fall short. But my problem is how often they do them now, ever Ralph they kept doing them until Moana, thank god.

Hopefully their next film, whatever is (Disney has real films slated for 2017 at the moment so idk what’s next) will avoid it as well. Or do it as well as Ralph did. Still, Zootopia is a thought provoking delight.

Kubo, meanwhile, also minus issues preventing it from being amazing but is still great. I have less to say as you’d need to watch it to fully see how good it is, as it’s much easier to spoil it due to have the film is done.

So I’ll uses qoutes from my review as I stand by them:

Minor elements of Kubo and the Two Strings may make it underwhelming to some, especially compared to Lakia’s other works, but for me, the film is incredibly engaging from start to finish.

The animation is outstanding, the characters are enjoyable, and the writing manages to stand out with certain details that make it very interesting. Add in a lot of heart and you have something I find greatly enjoyable.

Now, on an objective level I consider it to be very good, with how it flesh out certain things and all that. But man does the personal enjoyment add a lot. I had a blast with this one and really got into it.

And really, the weak elements aren’t too bad. They are just minor quibbles more than actual problems, because the heart and good elements stand out that much. The problems with Zootopia bothered me more, really.

So even if some elements may not be hugely complex, what they do with it is great in the end.

If you like classic epics like this, you’ll get a kick out of this, along with fans of Laki’s other works. If you need a more original concept, then perhaps you could maybe to rent it depending on how this all sounds to you.”

Kubo really was great. I’ll need to re-watch to really fully know how it compares to the other Lakia, but at the moment is at least their most ambitious in terms of scale. This film did so much right that I’m willingly to ignore it’s problems.

I do find it interesting how people, me included can let generic story or elements slide in some movies and be bothered by them in other. I’ve people who critize this movie for that, also give positive reviews for stuff like Secret Life of Pets.

What. To be fair, execution is important. To some, the execution if that was charming while to me it was average. To me, Kubo was executed very well and worked due to the little details and how emotional it was.

It’s the same reason I liked Sing a bit more than Pets, it pulled it’s story off better than it even with the same problems. It’s also the same reason someone such as Mr Coat find Epic amazing and others find it just okay.

While I may make jokes about people’s tastes, I get it. Yeah sorry about that, this year just got me thinking about that a lot as I gave a ton of B-‘s to films people might like more, or less in certain cases.

Either way, these animated films were great with one being a fun look at bigtory, and the other being another beatifically piece from Lakia. One made tons of deserved money, the other underperfomed While Pets broke records.

Okay, I’ll stop making fun of Pets. It was okay but that makes it worse. Although I do giggle at it making 69 mil. But year, that’s a shame.

I got to review a fair amount of slid films that I saw in theaters, and these films certaintly stood as pretty great.

The Giving G [Sanjay and Craig]

We begin the TV Episodes with…Sanjay and Craig. Yeah, read that post for details. Just ignore the intro, Nick just rendered it null and void, but that’s another story. Either way, their content is improving, with this show’s improvement showing that.

The show has had it’s great episodes, but few reached this level. I still can’t believe I got emotional this show, much less an inflatable Gorilla. But damn, they did it. As I said before, they actually proper build up the ending and make you care about what’s going on, before doing what they did.

Despite the silly concept, you see how the kids connect with the thing and it’s done in a charming way. They also throw in some humor so the whole episode isn’t too sappy, it knows it’s a silly idea.

I like the story element of them fighting with the Dicksons over it. It makes the ending work even better as it’s nice for them to settle their difference, and when you think about, them fighting is what killed it to begin with.

It adds a nice wrinkle to the overall story. As “Sappy” as the entire ending, it manages to really emotional, which is still shocking. I was certainly not expecting this ending and that’s another part of why it works.

So much, this show was an odd surprise sometimes and this episode really shows it, with the characters being spot on, the humor being on point, and the ending being an emotional gut punch I did not see coming.

Hopefully Nick’s business decisions will become more on par with their content in the near feature.

Dad’s Dungeon [Adventure Time]

Speaking of calling out Networks, thank you CN for not advertising the Season 7 finale at all. That aside, this list was daunting as going on, I wasn’t sure if I could find a number one that isn’t predictable.

After re-watching the series, I found a few eps I like more than obvious one. It was between Princess Monster Wife and this but we have some ties later on in this list so I just put my number one choice.

This episode represent all the best aspects of Adventure Time, as I went into in the list. It has a fun adventure with a cool dungeon, it has decent comedy, and a real heart to it with interesting dilemmas for the characters.

There are episodes with deeper conflicts and whatever but this has the fun adventure factor to make it the complete package. It’s a common theme that the number one on my list iis one that “represents/’ the show, rather than one that has the most impressive elements.

I stand by that since it fits, and this list shows that the most. Princess Monster Wife is more impress but this captures the show so damn well, in every way. This is one I can’t say too much more about.

While other episodes feature more impressive elements, with how it combines everything that makes the show great, it is still my favorite episode of Adventure Time, so far at least.

(Oh, and I would be sadder to see it go if it was ending soon and not after a NINTH Season!)

Bloo Superdude [Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends]

I really liked doing this Mini-List because I always felt people gave Foster’s too much crap just because of those bad episodes. It had problems, but I can’t hate it, with episodes like this. Like the above, you can argue for some being better, but I love this one for just how much FUN it is.

The concept of Bloo telling this fantasy story leads to some many creative ideas and a lot of laughs. Having a wrap around with him telling it adds even more jokes and even the ending makes me laugh with how the story was inspired by “real life” events. This is honestly Bloo at his best, being a bit mean-ish but it hurts no one, and he’s really funny. Him bonding with Mac is even kind of nice, and again the ending doesn’t do too far.

This episode is a delight from start to finish, and it proves this show could do plenty of good when it wasn’t mean spirited. As I said, the show had problems but it deserves more credit than it gets.

Bloo isn’t even as bad as everyone says. He was hit or miss but he wasn’t ALWAYS a problem. When he was, it was…bad but it’s not like he sucked in every episode, or it was always an issue. Just saying.

This doesn’t have as much “Artistic Merit” as some of the other stuff on here but it’s here due to how much I enjoy it, especially given how hit or miss the series could be sometime. I’m so glad I revisited the series or else I wouldn’t have been reminded of how good this episode is.

If you don’t have time for the TV Movies and want to see the better stuff from this show, this episode is a must see.

Amending Fences/Crusaders of the Lost Mark [My Little Pony Friendship is Magic]

Yep, a tie because they were very close on that list. Before I move on, I’ll talk about MLP Season 6. Yeah, sorry for now I’m still doing a list for it, I don’t have as much to say. At the moment, the episode I enjoyed the most was A Hearth’s Warming Tail but I do a few such as Gauntlet of Fire are objectivitly better.

Sorry I had to skip Season 6 on a list, hopefully I’ll do Season 7. Especially if it’s the final season. But back to Season 5’s gems. These episodes show the main reasons some episodes tend to be my favorites for this show.

Crusaders of the Lost Mark is the emotional one. It managed to be my favorite by hitting my emotional sweet spot. It had reflection, looking back at how everything the CMC did led up to this. It uses great music to tell it’s story which makes the emotion even stronger.

It hits every emotional note it needs to, and was the most fun I had watching an episode in Season 5. Even objectively, it does a very good job juggling all this and comes up with a great way for them for get their cutie marks which carried over into Season 6 with On Your Marks and The Fault in Our Cutie Marks. (Horrible title, good episode).

It does that problem of rushing Diamond Tiara’s development, but it at least works on an emotional level. It doesn’t bother me as much due to that, but yeah Gravity Falls later did this so much better.

Amending Fences tackles interesting subjects and is the objective best of the Season. It has a very interesting situation of Twilight meeting a friend she accidentally screwed over, and dealing with the consequences.

It does a great job of exploring that and fleshing both parties out. The result is an emotional ride where my only problem was that Moon Dancer looks too much like Twilight, which is such a nitpick.

Both episodes show the ways this show can be great, and they were a lot of fun and gave me great feels. I think they kind of represent the show in a way with the emotion, callbacks, and development.

So yeah, I really like both episodes. That’s another reason I didn’t want to do a Season 6 list for now, no ep quite reached the new heights of these and I think I shouldn’t do something if I truly don’t think it’s worth it, or I have nothing to say.

But still, S6 had gems, just none as great as these two episodes. Some people have various issues with the show (some rational, some …not so much) but as we get episodes like these, the show will always be a cut above the rest.

…Even it is now the only good show in Discover Family, now that they’ve canned Transformers Rescue Bots. Seriously, these guys are worse than CN and Nick Combined. (CH Greenblat shit aside)

(I talked more about the show then the episodes themselves but there’s not much to add, really)

Reflections [My Little Pony Comic]

Another misc item shows up! First off, yeah I won’t do MLP Comic recaps on the blog. I’ll just read them and if I find one interesting, I’ll discuss it on DA or here if I can find a way. I haven’t read any past where I got, but they did an Election Themed one. No comment.

2nd, Linkara did TWO MLP Comic Reviews this year, first of the main series issue with the preachy Captain Planet moral, which deserved it even if he didn’t ate it. Then he did the 2015 Holiday Issue for fun since he found it okay.

Oddly, he did read that Equestria Girls Holiday Comic and didn’t give him much to talk about for no. I have to disagree as it’s still my least favorite MLP Comic at the moment, there’s so much to complain about. But whatever.

With that out of the way, here’s my favorite MLP Comic so far, at least in terms of the bigger story. If this were an episode, it’d be close to my top 10. It’s that good. I get some of the problems people bring up but I don’t care because the rest is so good.

This shows what the comics can do. They let you tell this grand stories you just can’t do in the series. The show wouldn’t let Celestia fall in love with a Mirror World Sombra which let to friction between her and Star Swirl the Bearded.

Even saying that is saying a bit too much. I had to go into spoilers in the post because I had too much to say, so I won’t spoil anything here. But the story gets Celestia the best development she’s ever had, and tells a great story with one hell of an ending.

Everything works to create a good whole with an interesting message about how our flaws make us who we are and tons of emotional moments, including the closest a comic will ever get to making me cry.

Am I overselling it? Yes. Yes I am. But I don’t care because it had a big impact on me, which is amazing for a medium I know little about. The best moments in this hit me even more than of the best episodes of the series, which is very impressive.

It’s problems are so small that I can ignore them to appreciate the hard work that went into this insane story. So yeah, I may be over selling it, but if a comic hits me the way this Arc did, it must be doing something right.

Blendin’s Game [Gravity Falls]

While it was sad to see Gravitas Falls go, it went out on a high note and left a legacy of great episodes, with this one being my new favorite. This is another one I explained pretty well so this will be quick.

It’s hilarious, it has good continuty, some neat stuff, and a pretty powerful scene where Soos decides it’s not worth it to deal with a father whose kind of an ass who never tries to visit him. I’ve now seen that this kind of common but it’s still great to see, and it’s really well done. I still love that scene when he pretty much says “Screw him”, as Dipper and Mabel did more for Soos than his Dad ever did.

It’s a powerful moment without being sappy, as they did the sappier stuff earlier on. This episode just has everything you could want. And as I said, the only issue of it focusing on Soos more than Belndin isn’t an issue since there’s still a lot of him and he gets a happy ending, thus fixing the main issue with his debut episode.

I’m really not sure what I can add about this one. It’s a wonderful episode that has everything that made the show great and then some. Giving even more spotlight to Soos isn’t bad either. It’s pretty great.

Keystone Motel [Steven Universe]

Like with MLP, I’ll go over the previous season that went by very quickly. I didnt’ do a list because my favorites are everyone’s favorites and I have nothing to add. Mr Greg, Earthlings, a third thing. The only wild card would be The New Lars but that’s it. I don’t have anything to the other favorites so it could be a boring list.

But yeah, the ones I mentioned stuck out the most to be, especially with the stuff they bring it up and Bismuth and then Earthlings, and I love what they did with Jasper in it. But that’s all I can quite say. But hey, I said something at least.

Can’t say too much extra about this episode though. It perfect shows what Garnet is going through in this situation, and Ruby and Sapphire are amazing. I especially love hwo they show anger here, it’s not always just yelling.

This is another one that has all the great aspects of the show, by perfectly showing emotion and being a good self contained story while being part of an arc. SU handles arc stuff mostly well. Almost every episode, either to the story or to character development.

Sorry, but no matter how much people bitch, Steven Universe has real filler exept for Say Uncle, the episode they flat out say is not Canon. The episodes people call “Filler” contribute solid development to side characters or attempt to tell a nice story in some way.

I’m starting to hate this belief that if doesn’t have anything big, it’s filler even though it’s not that how that works. By that logic, Log Date, a very beloved episode, is filler and it’s one of my favorites for this very reason, it says more than any big episode ever could.

Sorry, I just had to say that.

Anyway, shitty internet prank aside, Keystone Motel is a wonderful episode that shows why this show is great, even after over 100 11 minute episodes. While we’re on great CN shows, yes it’s sad Regular Show is ending but it had 8 seasons, that’s a great run if you ask me.

…So yeah, it’s good.

The Flower/The Good Deed [Wander Over Yonder]

Tie time again! It is interesting how I did a full on Top 11 for this show when normally I would do a Spongey’s Favorite Episodes, but I liked Season 2 that much. Plus, I wanted to spread more word about it, as it went under the radar during it’s run.

Of course, spreading awareness didn’t quite work out for Penn Zero, which bothers me. But whatever, let’s stop bitching about networks and praise the great work they air sometimes. These episodes have everything that makes both seasons of the show so good.

The Good Deed has a situation that leads to a lot of good gags and is able to test Wander’s character, giving him more development and not just making him happy all the time. This was the first time they started showing the downside to his nature but it says that no matter what. Optimism will win out.

The Flower shows how Season 2 pushed these things further and has the same themes but puts a deeper spin on them. I love that cartoon shave started teaching kids that it’s okay to show your weaker emotions sometimes. First LPS, than Inside Out, now this.

And this episode shows that very well. That scene at the end gets me every single time. Yet another piece of media that got to me when I did not expect it to. I had hard time deciding which one would top this list, and they are so close they may as well both be number one.

The Good Deed only topped it due to being more accessible and feeling slightly more natural as a story. But both are amazing and stand as further proof how far we’ve come in the 2010’s.

While I liked the show from the start, I was not expecting it to begin as a good as it did and while I could have seen The Good Deed coming, no one was expecting an episode as good The Flower.

These episodes where just great and showed how strong this show could be. By the way, the fact that I happened to marathon two Craig McCracken shows to do list their best episodes was actually a coincidence, at least mostly.

I don’t have plans to do PPG to found out the trilogy, but you never know. Either way, he’s got mad talent as all 3 shows prove.

So yeah, these episodes were great and was another pleasant surprise from Disney.


Dawn of the Peck [Bob’s Burgers]/Dan Vs Family Thanksgiving: Yep, these two were my favorites from that list so I put here. One is really funny with it’s creative premise, and the other is an interesting situation for a rather complex character. Both are great Thanksgiving Episodes, as odd as they are.

Salty [Pound Puppies]: This show was mostly just good but this episode stood with it’s likable character and engaging situation. I go into more detail on good this one and how it reprsents the reasons I like the show, so go there. But here, I’ll just say, great job Merriweather Williams.

Steamed [Littlest Pet Shop]: This is the “least” good thing on the entire list but I still really like it due to how it actually developed the Biskits in a natural way and actually has it stick. So many shows, even this one, fail to develop characters like this so I’m glad they pulled it off. It’s sad to see the show go but as least they gave us episodes like this.

Chuckle City [Penn Zero]: Another one that represents it’s show well with great use of the best character, good humor, and a well written message. Also, WHERE’S SEASON 2?!

Morning Rush [Kick Buttowski]: Yeah all of the last few here simply represent the show well, in this case being a high octane take on a situation we’re familiar with. Very enjoyable.

Evil Spirit Week [Randy Cunningham]: And finally we have another of my favorites from a show I like, with Howard being very good in a fun story.

And the last of my favorite things I reviewed in 2016 that we’ll be discussing is…

The Disaster/The Rerun [Gumball]

I wanted to end this with something that is my favorite episode of a show, so here. Yes, I still call this my favorite episode. I keep saying this but man does Gumball surprise me. It from good to great almost overnight.

Seasons 3 and 4 brought the show to such cray new heights. I thought I had the show totally pinned, even after The Routine. …Then this 2 parter happened. Normally the big epic episode wouldn’t be my favorite but still somehow has everything that I love about the show.

I went deep into it but I just have to repeat myself. It’s creative with how the villain ruins Gumball life with a Click remote, and it uses that concept for tons of hilarious creative jokes but milks a lot of drama out of it.

This episode gets really intense and also tells a great story with real emotion in the end. As a cheery on top, it pulls from previous episodes, and has an element that pretty much fixes my problem with my least favorite episode.

That last one is more of a bonus since they only just happen to have one thematic similarity, but still.

I remember my reaction when I first this episode and I was quite blown away. At the time, I did consider that it could be my new favorite, but of course I knew I had to wait and see. Thankfully,it held up and it’s now my favorite.

It is the reason I did that list. I considered doing it before but watching made me want to do it JUST to cover this episode. And spoilers, Season 5 already has an episode that makes me want to do a list for it when it ends.

I may be overhyping these episodes again…but I don’t care, I loved it that much. There’s so much to love on every level. It’s dramatic but they never forget it’s a comedy show, and both elements balance out perfectly in the end. The way the ending plays is strong and hits a nice balance I did not quite expect. Needless to say, it was a fantastic surprise.

And that’s why I put it last. 2016 was all about surprises, good and bad. I’ll go more into this when I look at the best and worst films next week or so but I noticed that a lot of the best stuff in this year surprised us.

TV included. The Flower and Steamed were two examples from this alone which were great on a level I did not see coming, especially from those shows. This applied to whole shows with The Loud House, and certain episodes like this.

That’s why I put it last. I’m not sure if it’s the best thing I reviewed this year. Even more so than The Flower it represents surprise. I was surprised how good Gumball was, and how amazing this episode was.

It surprised me how it could combine every great aspect of this show into fantastic package. So many of my favorite thing in 2016 were things I didn’t expect to happen or be as good as they were, and this episode proved it.

2016 was a surprise for better or worse, but if it gave me this fantastic episode, it can’t be all bad. And that’s why I put it last on my list of best things I reviewed in 2016.

And those were the best and worst things I reviewed in 2016. Sorry this post is a rough, I couldn’t start until after I posted the Elf review so I could be done with what I planned to review in the year.

But I hope you enjoyed this. I hope I can do this next year if I review enough stuff, this is always fun. I enjoyed doing the best more since it gets boring bashing Uwe Boll so much.

2016 was hard but it had good stuff and I think the blog did well, and my personal life had it’s ups like being the last person to get a Blu Ray player. Even if I only did it because so many DVD’s leave out the Commentaries.

I do want to say more in that next post but I do want to say something before the year actually ends. I can bitch as much as the next guy about how 2016 sucked if only because Trump Won (I will NEVER get over that), but I try to be positive.

Really, certain persona life things is the only reason I’m on that bandwagon. If we focus on the positive, we can find plenty of great things from this year, even taking aside media. For every bit of stupid fucking drama over fucking movies, there’s that ALS Ice Bucket thing actually working, or that entire list that’s been floating around on Twitter and Tumblr.

And again, a meme helped with someone’s Cancer!

That’s why I put the best list 2nd even though I had more to say about the worst stuff. I try to focus on the good things no matter what I sat through some crap this year but everything I mentioned above made it all worth it.

So yeah, Stay Positive. We’re all gonna need to do it for the next 4 years. I agree with Eli, let’s #MakeAmericaLaughAgain. As I said, we all need it.

That’s more or less all I have. 2017 might be rocky for the blog as I have tons of ideas but I’m not sure which ones I’ll go through with and I need to fill this place with even less scene by scene reviews than this year.

But there’s plenty to look forward to. A few more lists of best episodes, general reviews, a special celebration of 20 years of DCOM’s (Oh come on, you know I had to) and so much more.

No matter what I do, I’ll try to do as much as I can. January will be mostly a chill month with not too much, (No General reviews planned, gotta save money for the moment) but the rest of the year will be as packed as ever.

I hope you all have a great new year and cheer up, no matter how your year was. Come on, 2016 had a cartoon about being optimistic despite having the crappiest luck possible. Let’s be more like Milo this year.

See ya.

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