General Review: Rouge One

Hello, Spongey here.

It’s been a bit but it’s time for another general review, our next to last for 2016. And our final big live action one, so it better be good. So…what can I say about Star Wars?

Nothing really. You all know what it is, and the ups and downs it has gone through. I can only say my own experience. Like most classic movies, I never got a chance to see the original trilogy until a few years ago.

Again like most Classics, I just didn’t have the chance to see it, rather than not having any interest. Some people don’t have the same childhood you did, okay? So shut up commtners on the Tamara’s Never Seen Videos.

(Although even I had seen Back to the Future before her)

I decided to finally sit through the prequels on the same week I watched those ordinals, then last year I decided to marathon the Clone Wars Cartoon and then Star Wars Rebels, which I now watch regularly.

I don’t quite need to give my opinion since they are roughly the same as everyone. 4 and 5 are great, 6 is great but has some flaws, 1 sucks, 3 is good, 7 was a fun return even if it was rehashed.

The animated Clone Wars Movie was meh, but the actual series was good, as is Star Wars rebels. My only original opinion is that Episode 2 is honestly okay. I put it on my old Guilty Pleasure list for a reason.

It was pretty magically seeing Force Awakens in theaters last year. It’s nice to have Star Wars back. I do think Force Awakens wasn’t quite amazing like some say, but was still pretty good. Along with this new trilogy, we’ll also be getting a bunch of new standalones.

Which is slightly divisiveness for some. Some say having so many new films kind of “Cheapness” Star Wars, which I think is kind of bullshit. Why?

The Star Wars Holiday Special

The Ewoks Cartoon

The Driods Cartoons

The Eweoks MOVIE

The Clone Wars Miniseries, film, and full cartoon

The Prequels

The Special Editions

The entire EU in general

If all of THAT doesn’t cheapens Star Wars, I don’t know how a series attempt to branch out in terms of film does. Not all of that stuff is bad of course, but come on, by that logic Star Wars hasn’t been pure since 1977.

As long as they are good and have creative effort put into them ,i see nothing wrong with it…for now. With that said, now we have our first real spin off film. This is one about the rebels who originally stole the Death Star Plans and how all that went down.

All I know is that they don’t knowledge the very important role that Perry the Platypus had, I quit. (Hey, another thing to add that list I just had).

Jokes aside, I think this sounded like a neat idea, so of curse this was one of my anticipated 2016 films. I think it’s a neat way to begin our “Anthology” films. The reviews so far are pretty solid, although time will tell if it’s just hype or not.

Then we have our creative team. The director is the guy who did the 2014 Godzilla, which I still haven’t seen. With our writers, one brought us The Bournce films (minus the newest one), and the other has The Golden Compass and was the director of…Twilight New Moon.

Okay, a bit of a mixed bag. Speaking of mix, one of the story people co-wrote After Earth…but also a few episodes of Star Wars Rebels that were good. So we know he can do Star Wars fine at least.

Will this new another welcome to that galaxy far far away, or will Rouge One barely get a 1 out of 10? Let’s find out!

This, is Rouge One

(From now, I’ll just have every live action general review be in the quick minmal style. Partly because I’ve done so many lately and also to give it more of a general feel. Animated films just give me more to say.)

This one might end being even shorter than the previous few live action general reviews…even though I liked this better than those. I guess I didn’t look as deep into it as most would.

I like Star Wars quite bit, I’m just not obsessed or anything, so don’t expect me to go into a ton of detail on any SW film I discuss on the blog. But seriously, I quite enjoyed this one. It did a good job of showing us how the start of A New Hope even happened, and is a solid ride on it’s own.

I just can’t that much aside from that I enjoyed it. It would be odd to call it fun since it is kind of a serious war movie, but it is fun when the action really ramps up. I’ll say right now the production values are fantastic.

First, the score does a great job of using cues from the other films while being it’s own thing. There’s a certain piece that gave me chills whenever they used it. And of course it looks great.

It has a darker look than the other movies, but it’s pretty to look at. The effects are mostly strong, and the whole look is just great. And yeah, the action scenes are really well done. They are fun and very intense especially the climax.

Thankfully, the writing is solid as well. I will say nothing on that level blew me on, but I don’t it’s supposed to quite amazing. It’s just telling us how they got the Death Star Plans and is simply trying to give us a good reason to care. The main character, Jyn Ursa, played by Felicity Jones, is likable and goes through some interesting stuff. I saw some of it coming but she was still a strong enough hero. Although I did like the previous strong female SW hero a bit more.

The other characters are fine too. Honestly only a couple stood like this guy who is basically a space Zatoechi, but none were unlikable at least. And yes, the droid voiced by Alan Tdyk was my favorite. He was such a snarky asshole that was funny. Star Wars has trouble making these kind of guys funny (for every BB-8 there’s a WAC from the Clone Wars Cartoon. Ugh) but he’s pretty great.

This film is certainly kind of dark, but it earns that by doing a good job setting up the situations. Because of how it’s done, you do care enough about what’s going on, so when things dire, I am invested.

Plus, it’s dark in a way we’ve seen before in these films, so it’s not out of nowhere. No spoilers but there is at least one death here and it honestly made me sad. That hasn’t happened in a while.

As far as criticisms, my main one is the same one I keep hearing: It can be a bit slow. It’s never too boring but after the prologue, it does switch between very interesting and a tad slow. Sometimes it takes too long to get back to the more interesting stuff.

Once it hits the mood point, it’s a lot more consistent. Although the 3rd act go on too long, but the climax itself made up for it. It’s not a big deal but since everyone is pointing it out, I may as well too.

Most of my issues are personal things, since I can see some loving the character I was neutral on or enjoying the slower moments. There’s nothing too wrong here, I just happened to not flat out love all of it.

But I still very much enjoyed this. I appreciated what they did by making this a more serious War film, and they really tried hard to give us something special. It’s far from perfect, but I got plenty of enjoyment out of this.

It also connects to A New Hope very well, by the way. Spoilers, it ends when the goal being reached and basically ends where that one starts. That was a nice way to both connect the films and helping making this a stand alone so that they don’t just repeat this again with a Rouge Two.

Overall, this was a solid start to our anthology films. It’s slow at time and not everyone is interesting, but the production is great, the leads are likable, they balance tones well, and it’s just a thrilling film for the most part

I’d put it on par with Force Awakens. This brought more new things to the table, but I will admit that had better characters and I had more fun with it. But this really isn’t trying to be Episode 8, it’s own thing and it does a good job at being that.

It’s got it’s flaws, but it’s a pretty solid flick nonetheless. I may not have said too much but I did enjoy this. I think most Star Wars Fans who want to see more will very much enjoy this. While same be bugged more by the small things, I can’t see anyone disliking this too much. Except for the whole “Rey was a Mary Sue” crowd but they don’t count as people.

So go ahead and see it on the big screen. Like with Force Awakens, this was cool to see on a big scree with a packed audience. It’s very much wroth seeing, as it is a solid film.

It’s good to have Star Wars back for good. I really can’t wait for more, not just Episode 8..

Grade: B. Most likely subject to change, but we’ll see.

Only one more general review for the year, and it’ll come on a Wednesday as they did that thing again. Let’s just hope Illumination can end they ear on a high note. …Literally.

See ya.


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