iCarly-iLost My Mind

Hello, Spongey here.

It’s time for a surprise TV review. Well, not quite a surprise since it’s something I tweeted about when I saw it, but I didn’t have plans to do it at the time. Since we’ve been doing newer episodes lately so let’s go back a bit…to 2011.

I can’t remember what review it was, but I think I said I hadn’t found an iCarly episode I could review, that hasn’t quite been covered in detail yet. Well…i found one, and I knew at the time that at least one ep from this arc could fit, but I wasn’t sure at the time.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. My friends, it’s time to talk about the Seddie Arc, but first some backstory. First off, not too much to say about iCarly itself that hasn’t been said. I feel like it’s the transition period for Dan Schneider.

Early on, it was good enough, by the end it was…not, mostly. You can just see where he started to lose his touch a bit as the show went on, and the episode we’re talking about really showed that.

Anyway in the show Sam and Freddie had sort of a rivalry. I say sort because while it was fair at first, it quickly turned into Sam just bullying Freddie for …no reason really. He has his nerdy aspects but as the show went on it, it just got….bad

Hell, even early on we had the Fred episode that shall not be named.

It basically turned into full on abuse. Yet early on, they hinted at a possible romantic connection with iKiss. And because that actually turned out well, it became a popular ship. That’s where the trouble began.

No matter how bad they got, the Seddie pairing was still popular to the point of starting big ship wars with Creddie, the ship that makes more sense. It got to the point where they made iStart a Fan War to tell the fans to calm down, as the show is just about silly dumb and mostly not romance.

Which is fair enough…then…they decided to bow down to the shippers and put these two together. And they did with a special arc. There’s a lot wrong with this even before we get into the episodes.

The main problem is how it just doesn’t work at this point. Their “Rivalry” had gotten so bad, them actually liking each other seemed like a thing of the past. It would be hard to convince us to like this idea

They basically didn’t even try. This arc lasted about 5 episodes until they just broke them up and didn’t go back to it again. Honestly, I can say a lot about all this but I want focus one certain episode, and the main issues here.

I can rant on how it was all pointless and whatever, but my biggest issue was the set up and the middle of it. Now, the starting episode iOMG was…okay. It’s biggest is introducing this idea. And also that title.

At the end, they find out Sam likes Freddie and they have a moment where they kiss and Carly sees it. No explanation of why she lieks him despite all she’s done or anything. That would be fine if that was fixed in the other episodes.

Now I could have covered any of the other episodes since they each have notable problems, but I’ll go over them near the end. I decided go with the 2nd episode in the arc, the one were they officially got together.

This is for two seasons: I have less crap to explain if I do an earlier one, and it pissed me off the most. Ican’tTakeIt has more problems with these problems bugged me more. It’s more important that they screwed this one up too.

So without further ado, let’s really dive into why this arc was a mistake with an episode too stupid, even for this show.

This, is iLost My Mind (What an appropriate title)

Writer: Dan Schneider and Matt Fleckenstein

The episode starts with Carly walking in on Spencer doing some random silly, possibly unscripted, thing. Carly informs us that Sam has been missing for a few days and her Mom is in Tijuana for a dumb reason we’ll get into later.

And yes, Sam’s Mom is the kind of Mom who would just leave Sam at home on her own like that.

I’m not gonna talk to Freddie about Sam until they admit they kissed”

These pants are squeezing me in ways you can’t understand”

…That was not the right follow up to the line about kissing. But seriously Carly, perhaps they aren’t going to just parade around the fact that they kissed their sort of enemy?

Freddie comes in and Carly just admits she saw them kiss. Well, at least we’re getting it out of the way. Freddie says he didn’t tell her because he doesn’t really know of it means anything. Okay, fair enough. This seems like an okay start…but oh boy, just you wait.

Then they just change the subject to finding sam. They use some website to track her location through hear Pearphone, which involves a joke about her dirty password. It’s, kind of funny, I guess.

So where is Sam?”

Trouble Waters Mental Hospital?”

..Oh here we go. I’l have a rant on that once we confirm why she’s there. Then Gibby enters.


Oh yeah, he has that condition where he has to say his name or or he’ll forget it. At least, that’s my theory because I don’t want to think the writers believe that saying your name is somehow a joke.

Oh, and Spencer steps out of the apartment is his undies, which makes an old lady pepper spray him. Hey, he was in own house and clearly didn’t plan on leaving from the context so-why am I nitpicking this.

After the theme song, they arrive at Troubled Waters and confirm that Sam is there. Gibby is confronted by one guy played by Jim Parsons. I can tell it’s a famous guy because the fake audience went nuts when he popped up.

Spoilers, he serves no purpose and isn’t funny. Yes, this episode has a lot of LOLCRAZYPEOPLE jokes which is a bit…off or obvious reasons. Gibby distracts the nurse so they can visit Sam, who is finger painting…a painting of a finger.

It would be funnier if it was a middle finger. Knowing this episode, might as well be!

Sam gives us the first, and biggest, problem with the episode: She put herself in here, after she started to like Freddie. After says that AFTER more stuff with Jim though.

‘I Lost my Mind!”

Roll credits!

But seriously, Sam checked herself into a mental hospital because she thinks she likes Freddie. …There’s so much wrong with this, but there’s two major things to mention:

  1. If you hate Freddie so much that you think you’re literally mentally ill for liking him, then maybe that’s a sign that it’s not to be and that this arc shouldn’t even happen
  1. But more importantly: I’m not sure if you know this but uh…takes more than just saying you’re crazy. Being mentally ill to the point of ending up in a mental hospital, takes more than just being a bit weird. I mean, we saw an example of what you need to be in here with Jim.

As an extension of that, why did they let this girl in here to begin with? She has no legal guardian with her and I’m sure if you’re underage you need one for confirmation that you’re mentally ill enough. They never explain how or why they let Sam in here, which is important especially with what happens later.

This entire situation makes no sense on either level. It’s just an excuse to make a bunch of of crazy people jokes, and they aren’t that funny. Somehow, it gets worse.

Carly leaves so Freddie and Sam can talk things out. This moment is of course sometimes interrupted by lame jokes with Sam eating hospital food or whatever. Sam basically says she doesn’t know how to feel about liking him,

Perhaps if you tried to figure out Why you like him, we could get to the bottom of this. Or not, we can skip the interesting parts of this to just make more jokes.

‘Let’s talk about the kiss”

Actually, let’s never talk about it”


You’re not anymore mentally unstable then you have been your whole life”

Huh, come to think maybe she does belong in here, just not for liking Freddie. And she agrees to leave, just like that. Wow, that was quick, episode over!

But seriously, if that’s easy to convince her she’s not crazy, then this plot really was poorly thought out.


Back with Jim, he claims to be from the future and he says California will sunk into the ocean. With how 2016 has been, I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already.

And also Carly will be Vice President. There’s a political joke in there. They try to leave but Sam is not allowed to.

You’re under 18 years of age. You can’t leave this place without permission from a parent”

…Then how was she allowed in here to begin with?! You just pointed out how broken your plot It! Told you it gets worse.

We’re filming iCarly tomorrow night”

I what?”

It’s a popular web show”

It can’t be popular if I never heard of it’

This guy is basically me.

Carly, Freddie and Gibby are kicked and go home to find Spencer with his bookclub, which is kind of funny. They tell Spencer what happened and he just rolls with it and gives them to idea to have someone just pretend to be Sam’s Mom., t

Yes, that someone is Spencer.

I’ll get my boobs”

After hearing Jerry Trainor attempt a Jane Lynch impression, they go troubled waters and their plan works because everyone is stupid. It only fails because one of the people there just happens to know Spencer from his 3 days of law school. Contrivance ruins the day again.

This will put a damper on their iCarly plans and the patients cheer when they mention it.

See how many mental patients love iCarly?”

.I’m not touching that one.

They decided to just film iCarly here. This whole episode was just made to build to filming iCarly in an actual mental hospital in universe,wasn’t it?

After a few jokes, it’s time to actually get back to what the episode is about: Sam and Freddie. Carly has the fans pipe and say if they think they should get together. One of the guys litterly just shouts “SEDDIE!”

So yeah, if they end up together, it’s just because the fans wanted it. I knew that was the only reason this arc happened, I just didn’t know they would admit it! Really, those bits just show me how dumb and crazy even the in universe shippers are.

Freddie comes out and wants to say how he feels, since no one has asked him. Hey, that’s a good point, let’s hear from him. …And he just kisses her. …How do you feel? That kiss only says you like her.

So I guess we’re both insane”

You sure are, if you think a kiss means you’re instantly together. Why not have a real discussion about you’re feelings? Even at this point, Sam thinks she’s crazy and only turns around after this kiss.

To recap, they don’t really discuss how they feel and just kiss, and only really get together because the fans want it. Wow, they could not have botched this more. They had many changes to really dive into their relationship and explain WHY they like each other despite what has happened this late into the series.

But hope, they are together because fuck you, that’s why. Ugh.

So now what?”


I hate you all. They party and..The end! Yes, it seriously ends there. There’s some jokes in the scene I skipped, but after that joke and another small one, it ends there. Maybe the ending would have had more time if there wasn’t so much filler with Jim Parsons.

But whatever, we’re done.

Final Thoughts:

Arguably, this was the most important episode in the Arc, as this is where they get together. To get us buy any romantic arc, we must believe the moment where they get together. …And that’s why this is the worst episode in the arc, because my god did they screw it up.

The main problem with this episode is that the entire plot is forced, contrived, and makes no sense. Nothing here feels natural and all of it is played for laughs, even the more dramatic parts.

I know this is a Comedy Show, so some parts will be a bit forced and that’s fine but there’s a limit to how much we can buy. I mean, if you’re gonna make it so Sam can’t leave for a certain reason, make sure it doesn’t raise questions about how this plot is even possible!

It’s not even funny, as a lot of the jokes amount to lolcrzazyepopleareweird. Jim Parsons bits are especially stupid, I mean I should find some of it funny but something is just off about. It might be how pointless he is to the “Story”.

But the Sam/Freddie stuff is what ultimately sinks this one. I’m not expecting anything that deep, but if you bring up emotions and stuff like that, I expect more than what we got. I mean, we got some semi interesting stuff in iKiss and such so why does this episode have none of it?

As I said, they never really explain, or even try to explain, why they like each other. This is a huge problem with how they have acted towards each other in the past few seasons. You really need to earn this and just just don’t.

The moment where they hook up is so forced, and not really that rewarding. It’s even confirmed in universe to be fan service, nothing more. I wouldn’t hate this so much if the rest of the arc didn’t make this even worse.

In iDateSamAndFreddie (which sadly not does not just end in a OT3), the couple argues all the time and never really gets along. A great way to follow them getting together. It ends with nothing being resolved, as Carly yells at them about this and it just wraps up there.

In iCantTakeIt, so much crap happens I almost reviewed that one, before figuring that this is easier. Their bickering issues are magically better and the ending is beyond forced. Things wrap up in IloveYou where they break up because they figure out this isn’t working.

That would have been mature if it didn’t waste so many episodes getting to that point. If it was in one or two episodes, it would have worked giving us a mature story that perhaps could have showed the Shippers why this pairing isn’t the best idea.

But it was botched on every level. Besides, we’re suppose to buy it in this episode, since we don’t know it won’t work yet. It also doesn’t excuse all the other problems. The odd thing is, Dan Schneider managed to do this kind of thing before.

In Drake and Josh, Josh hooked up with Mindy, his rivival from a previous episode. The main difference is this happened after just one ep with her, meaing there isn’t Seasons of Evidence again them together. It worked well enough in that episode and they stuck together for the rest of the series and even kind of worked. Oddly enough, thos happened after Mindy returns from a… mental institution.

Okay, I’m noticing a starting trend here.

I’m not saying that one did it perfectly but it did it way better, and mixed in the comedy a lot better. So this maybe could have worked in some ways but man did it not.

Also, while Freddie did pop up in Sam and Cat, nothing got really resolved there either. Overall, this Arc ended up being badly executed, and this episode showed why.

It’s not funny, and the plot is forced at every turn. Nothing feels natural and the moment we’re supposed to buy into really fails. It’s just a mess and is probably the most poorly written TV Thing I’ve reviewed this year.

Even Babe’s Fake Disease wasn’t trying to start an Arc that needed to start right. It’s just…not good.

Grade: D

This will likely be the final TV Review of the year. I want to do another perhaps, even if it doesn’t tie into Christmas but in case that doesn’t happen, here you go. But yeah, this was just bad.

Thankfully, the next time I talk about iCarly will be the Christmas Episode and I’m just gonna assume that’s better.

See ya.


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