General Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Hello, Spongey here.

General review time, my friends. Oddly enough, I don’t have a lot to say for this intro, despite the subject matter. That subject would be Harry Potter. There’s no reason to really go that deep into, since Harry Potter is just huge.

So I’ll just say how I feel. I’m more of a casual fan, because I actually have only seen a few of the movies….and yet I’ve read all the books. Weird. I enjoy the world and such, it’s just not something I care deeply about.

Which is fine, but I do need to see the other movies at some point. As it is, Harry Potter is just a thing I like. I’m the same with the other major franchises like Lord of the Rings and such. Speaking of which, we now have a new prequel film in the series.

I found it a tad odd when they first announced it, as it has the name of Harry’s textbook. I honestly thought Hollywood had hit rock bottom and started basing movies off fictional textbooks.

Then I found it’s merely about the guy who wrote said book and is just inspired by the Decfiontizled Version of the book which J.K. Rowling wrote. When I found that out, I became pretty interested.

So here we are. I’m not hugely hyped, but I am looking forward to entering the world of Harry Potter was once again. The author just so happens to be a writer on the film so we know it’s going to faithful to the spirit, at least.

The director is David Yates, who did the the last few films, which is a good sign, He also recently did Legend of Tarzan but uh, I havent’ seen it so I can’t say If that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

With a 77 on RT, the reviews are solid enough. Will this be a welcome return to the world, or as fantastic as Fantastic Four 2015? Let’s find out.

This, is Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

(I know I’ve been doing this a lot lately…but yeah we’re doing the bland format again. Sorry, I keep finding films where I don’t feel going into a ton of detail on)

In 1926, Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) arrives in New York by boat, carrying a mysterious suitcase that is home to dozens of magical creatures. One day he bumps into a Muggle/No maj who winds up with the suitcase, and everything just escalates from there.

I don’t like having to do general reviews like this, but I like going into detail but sometimes I have to cut it short, and I still have stuff to say. This is one of those cases. In short, the movie was pretty good.

There were some elements in that writing that weren’t totally realized, but in general, I quite enjoyed this, perhaps more than I should. I mean the writing issues are the same I usually complain but here, it didn’t always bug me.

The main element that makes this movie work would be the fantastic beasts themselves, as well as Newt and Jacob. When the film focuses on that, it’s a lot of fun. The designs are creative and they get some fun action scenes out of them.

On top of that, I quite liked the main characters. I was afraid Jacob, played by Dan Fogler, would be annoying but he ended up being pretty likable. He has funny reactions early on, and he manages to have a romance subplot that I actually liked!

Yes, it has the problems I tend to complain about, but he and Queenie are rather cute together. I think it works out for the film. Although Jacob does kind of fade into the background in some parts, but it’s not a big deal he gets a good ending.

I oddly don’t have much to say about everything else. Newt’s female buddy is enjoyable as well, abiet slightly less interesting than the others. Newt himself I think is a good lead, even if he’s not crazy complex.

There’s other plot elements in here, some of which involve spoilers. It does kind of over complicate things, but some of it was rather interesting. Some of the stuff with the villain made for a cool climax, even if I wasn’t sure about as they were building it up.

This film does have it’s dark element, and some of it may feel weird but it mostly fits, especially having the director of the later, darker, Harry Potter Films. Plus, this has it’s share of fun whimsy.

The film has more to it than I’m making it seem, but for a review like this, this is all the important stuff I feel like going into. Plus, it is rather simple for most of it, which is why some of the extra plot elements might feel weird.

As for the ending, it’s not abrupt! It’s decently drawn out and very satisfying. I have no complaints about the ending. This has a better ending than the previous two films I saw in theaters, how is that.

So overall, I liked this movie. It’s another solid entry in the franchise, and mostly lived it up to my modest expectations. Sure, there are elements that aren’t done perfectly, and the writing has it’s problems, but it makes up for with it’s likable characters and the cool creatures.

It has issues I tend to complain about, but also has things I tend to like, so it all balances out. This film is just plain enjoyable when it as it’s best, especially with the interactions, and the fun action stuff.

It’s a welcome addition to the Harry Potter universe. It’s not p erect but I enjoyed myself more then I expected. It may not give me a lot to say, but I guess it’s cause I’m a casual fan and won’t have as much to analyze, at least on that level.

But hey, it was still a solid film. If you’re a fan of this franchise, you will dig it, even if a bit different. I think most people can get into this movie, but I can see why some might be turned off by certain elements here and there.

But not too much bothered me personally. So yeah, another short review for a solid fun movie involving magic. Weird how that happened with two general reviews in a row.

Grade: B

I might rethink how I do these, with how I keep doing these shorter ones. But hey, I never said these would be crazy detailed. They are general reviews after all.

Join me next week for a Disney adventure. Next…Wednesday to be exact. No, it’s not a pre screening, it’s the actual release date. I don’t get it either. Should be good either way.

See ya.

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