A Look at Weird Al In Cartoons

Space Ghost Coast to Coast-Banjo

Eek the Cat: The Fugeekitve

The Brak Show-Fued

Simpsons-3 Gays of a Condo

Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy-Toadblatt’s School of Sorcery

Lilo and Stitch the Series-Tank

Johnny Bravo-Johnny Makeover

Robot Chicken-The Munnery

Trasnsformers Animated-Garbage In, Garbage Out

Back at the Barnyard-Get Bessie

Batman the Brave and the Bold-Batman’s Strangest Cases

Adventure Time-The New Frontier

Wordgirl-the Learnerer


Wordgirl-Hard Learned Money

Adventure Time-We Fixed a Truck

Mad-100th Episode Special

MLP-Pinkie Pride

Wallykazam-Mustache Day

Uncle Grandpa-Pal.0

Gravity Falls-Dungeons,Dungeons, and more Dungeons.

Wander Over Yonder-The Boy Wander

Teen Titans Go-Two Parter

Adventure Time-President Porpoise is Missing

Bojack Horseman-Old Acquaintance

The 7D-Shapeshifter

BONUS-Milo Murphy’s Law-Going the Extra Milo

Hello, Spongey here.

Here’s a rather odd project for me to take on. Usually if am reviewing many episodes, it’s tied to a Holiday. But here, it’s tied to an man. The man being “Weird” Al Yankovic. At this point, everyone knows this parody songwriter.

Before he was known for his catchy and hilarious songs, and now he’s doing known for his appearances in many cartoons. Seriously, first it was just a few but not he pops up in a few each year, sometimes even more than once on one show.

I can see him going the way of Mark Hamil, with all the voice roles he does. The main reason he does them is that he’s good at it. He’ s shown from his songs that he has a good voice and can be pretty wacky.

So animation just seems perfect for him. It’s hard to have a celebrity of any kind of in a cartoon without it just feeling forced but Al manages to work in most examples I’ve seen, since you aren’t expecting him to play a complex character or anything like that.

Ever since I’ve noticed all the cartoons he’s appeared in, I’ve wanted to look a bit more into the ones I haven’t’ seen, or futher think about the ones I have seen.

Then last year it was announced he would finally star in his cartoon series on Disney XD. It’s called Milo Murphy’s Law, and before I knew about Weird Al , I knew I would be excited for it because it happens to be created by Dan Povenmire and Jeff “Swampy” Marsh, as their follow up to Phineas and Ferb.

Yeah, shut up and take my money indeed. This is especially cool because Weird Al never appeared on P&F, even though it’s a match made in Heaven. Maybe they made this deal to make up for that?

Anyway, that show is what made me want to do this. I wanted to do this before it aired, but the Disney Sitcom Halloween Stuff got in the way out of. I guess that’s good since a new Weird Al Appearance came in October.

So, I shall be reviewing every cartoon episode Weird Al has been in it. Well, almost every one. There are cases where he appeared in the show again, but sometimes it’s just a cameo. In those cases, I won’t cover them.

For example, he appeared as Screwball Jones in another Wander episode, but that was a cameo so I’ll just cover his major episode.

But I’ll still cover every original appearance, so there. As I said, this is an odd idea for a project but I thought it would be fun. It’ll be interesting to see how his roles vary and how good the episodes truly are.

With that, let us look at what happens when Weird Al enters the realm of animation. Will they be mostly be good, or insert Weird Al reference here? Let’s take a look.

This, is A Look at Weird Al in Cartoons

Banjo [Space Ghost Coast to Coast]

Season 1, Episode 6

Writers: Chris Feresten, and Matthew Maiellaro

Run Time: 11 Minutes

Airdate: September 10, 1994

We start off with an appearance where he himself isn’t actually animated, we’ll get to that. Anyway, Space Ghost Coast to Coast was one of those wacky Adult Swim Ideas…before Adult Swim even existed, because this was a regular CN show. (The very first fully produced CN original actually).

I barely remember it but it’s certainly a fun idea. Being a talk show, it had guests and yeah, he made it. Let’s dive in.

Zorak tests out a mind control spell on Space Ghost and the show’s guests. Meanwhile, Space Ghost nurtures a special pet, Banjo the sea monkey, which eventually turns into a giant monster that threatens to destroy the studio. ‘

I’m not sure how I go about reviewing something about this, all I can say is I enjoyed it. Weird al is one of two guests and his bit is smaller. The other guest is some Rapper I’ve never heard of, but let’s focus on Al first.

As I said, it’s a shorter bit in the episode, but it is also when the “plot” really kicks in. There’s the expected banter and Space Ghost asking about Superpowers. Nothing too crazy but it’s as amusing as it needs to be.

Weird how the rapper got more to do. I mean, all he truly did was just smile but the stuff Space Ghost was doing got pretty crazy while the Al bit is a bit subdued. Still, it works for what it is.

The episode itself is what you expect. Talk Show Stuff mixed in with other wacky stuff, with Zorak trying to control Space Ghost and Banjo becoming a monster and spoilers, dying. R.I.P. Banjo.

Nothing crazy or amazing but that’s the show this is. Just dumb fun which did manage to make me laugh at least. My only real compliant is Al’s bit being shorter than the Rapper no one’s ever heard of.

Otherwise, this is alright. As far as Weird Al Appearances, this is a skip since he’s not in too much. But as a starting point for this show, it works. Overall, there’s not much to say. Weird Al is short but sweet and the episode itself is just good fun, even if it’s not exactly conventional.

An okay start for our marathon.

The FugEEKtive [Eek the Cat]

Season 5, Episode 11a

Writer: Savage Steve Holland. Wait, the director of the Live Action Fairly Odd Parents movies, among other works? ….Huh.

Run Time: 11 Minutes

Airdate: July 25, 1997

I know very little of this show so this will be fun to dive into.

Sharky the Shark Dog ends up losing his memory after being accused of robbing a bank, and Eek must find himself, with the help of Amercia’s Most Wanted. And Weird Al.

This episode is decent fun. Weird Al appears as himself in cartoon form to tell them where he last saw Sharky. It’s a short bit but it’s the highlight. I wasn’t expecting him to literally just show up as himself like this.

He gets some good lines, like not wanting Eek sing anything for fear of having to pay anyone for the rights. There’s jokes like that all over this episode, actually. Weird Al seems to be a perfect fit for this show.

The episode itself is enjoyable. The plot isn’t the focus but it is interesting enough and gets us into some good gags. Eek and Shark certaintly have a Spongebob/Squidward thing going on.

And here Sharky is certainly a bad guy since Eeek doesn’t do anything actually terrible to him and Sharky just overreacts and comes up with a Wile E Coyote esque plan to get rid of him. Everything that happens to him is his own fault, which works.

Since this is a wacky comedy, the plot is rushed sometimes, especially the ending but it’s not a huge deal. I didn’t come here for anything complex anyway. This ended up being more enjoyable than I expected.

Nothing crazy amazing, but it was good thing with a nice cartoon-y style and quite a few good jokes. Weird Al was certainly the highlight though. Again, since he’s small here, this is almost a skip of that level, but it’s fun enough to watch the episode for.

Given how late in the run it was, there might be better introductions for the show, but on it’s own, it works. Also, this episode takes place on Arbor Day, so Best Arbor Day Special Ever made?

So yeah, this was fun, but I hope we get more substantial appearances soon. For now, this is alright.

Feud [The Brak Show]

Season 2, Episode 7

Writers: Jim Fortier, and Pete Smith

Run Time: 11 Minutes

Airdate: November 10, 2002

Well, we did Space Ghost, so now for the short lived spin off. Let’s see how it is.

Dad and Thundercleese are in the midst of a neighborhood feud. This episode was decent. Weird Al finally plays an actual character, Petroleum Joe, a guy they find after being eaten by a monster worm thing.

He comes in near the end, but gets a big enough scene and is once again the highlight. The character is a bit crazy being in here for 10 years, and he has amusing lines, like he’s obsseed with Naked Ladies. When he appears, he’s there to the very end. As in, he rambles over the credits.

So on that level, at least you get plenty of him when he shows up. As for the episode, this show is meant to be a parody of sitcoms and this of course riffs on the fued plot. The spin being that one guy is a robot, and the humor is from an adult swim show.

For this show, it works. There’s some fun escalation and good jokes. Although it starts a bit slow and for something called The Brak Show, he only has a cameo near the end. As someone who hasnt’ the show, maybe there’s a real reason I’m not getting.

Either way, this is another one I can’t say much. It’s a fun take on an on plot with Weird Al giving us a memorable ending. Already you can tell he can play wacky characters right and we’ll see it more as we go.

That’s pretty much all I got. If this sounds appealing, you’ll be able to enjoy it.Since Weird Al isn’t til near you end, you can skip it, but if you just skip to his part, I think you’ll get enough.

Overall, just another fun little episode. Not much more but you don’t need much more.

3 Gays of the The Condo [The Simpsons]

Season 14, Episode 17

Writer: Matt Warbuton

Run Time: 22 Minutes

Airdate: April 13, 2003

Hey, a show I’ve seen. Given the show, this will be interesting.

While searching in his closet, Homer discovers an old letter from Marge that states that she no longer loves him. He begins to think that she only married him because he impregnated her and moves out. He finds a new apartment in Springfield’s gay district and moves in with a male homosexual couple.

This episode was alright. Weird Al’s Appearance is pretty small this time. Marge calls him to sing Homer a song which is supposed to show her love for him. It’s amusing and our first point in this post where Al actually sings, but it’s pretty brief. He also sings over the credits for an extra gag. A slight waste of an appearance given the show though. The episode itself is what you expect from Modern Simpsons, at least in this Era.

The comedy is actually pretty good, with a few laugh out loud moments here and there. I don’t think it got too stale in the humor and I at least wasn’t crazy bored. However, it’s one of those plots I’ve seen a lot, even by Season 14.

We know Homer and Marge are going to stay together despite all odds, so there’s basically no suspsne. I’m willingly to let that slide if the story works, but here it’s just okay. A bit contrived too because they do talk it out when Homer finds the letter, but Marge fails at comforting him in this state, making him leave.

At this point, you can’t really blame him when Marge is still focusing on his flaws even while trying to assure him she loves him. At the end, we find out that night went a bit better than Homer remembered, and Hibbert has a tape of it…because plot, and of course Marge never mentioned that part.

There’s also the expected Jerkass Homer moments, like when he misses a dinner with Marge to get drunk with his gay friends. There’s also a part where Homer jokes about Ned’s Dead Wife. Dude, not cool.

Also, the usual unrelated 1st arc that could have been trimmed to write the main story better. Now as for the whole Gay Thing…eh, it’s mixed. There’s some bad stertpyes, but some of the jokes work. The roommate guys do at least have a personality, and don’t seem crazy offensive.

But it’s hardly the most accurate portrayal. Also, there’s a scene where one of the guys kisses Homer and it goes nowhere after that. Infact, they vanish from the plot at the end with no explanation.

Also, har har, Smithers shops at the gay district. Overall, you can skip this one. The plot has it’s cute moments, and it’s funny in general, but it’s a plot we’ve seen before, nad it has it’s share of problems. Plus, Weird Al just has a cameo and while it’s amusing, it’s nothing crazy special.

And yeah, he did later appear in “That 90’s Show” but it was short. Like, just a really quick gag about how Homer knows he’s made it because Weird Al did a parody of his song. It explains why Marge could get him so quickly here, but that’s all I can say about it, so we’re skipping it.

So yeah, sucks that I can’t recommend a Simpsons episode, and while it’s far from bad, it’s nothing too great either.

Toadblatt’s School of Sorcery [The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Season 1, Episode 1a

Writer: Ben Spergel

Run Time: 7 Minutes

Airdate: June 13, 2003

Don’t think I’ve spoken of this show in general on the blog before. Yeah, it’s fun for the dark humor, the 4th wall breaking and all that. It could be hit or miss sometimes, but in general I do like it. And this episode is special for being the first episode of the real series, after Grim and Evil.

So this should be fun. It also counts as my tie in for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Grim sends Billy and Mandy to a sorcery school so the latter duo could avoid boring summer camps they were supposed to go to.

This episode was good. Weird Al has another cameo this time but it’s a memorable one as he plays the Squid Hat, an obvious pairing of the sorting hat. His bit is pretty funny with how he comments on Billy’s Hollow Head and is afraid to latch onto Mandy’s.

As for the episode itself, it answers the question of what Harry Potter would be like if Hogwarts was closer to something from Animal House. It’s kind of an amazing idea and while they don’t do a ton here, it is done well.

The biggest hurdle is the short runtime, since that means they have to rush through some things and only focus on the main plot of Mandy and Nigel Planter pranking Gunderstank house.

It’s not too big a problem since I like what happens. It allows for some rapid fire gags and at least it’s never boring. This episode also features torture that works because Nigel keeps taking credit for Mandy’s idea, so sure, he deserves what he gets in the end.

And Billy and Mandy still get what they want, so the ending mostly works all around. There are some episodes where Mandy doesn’t quite deserve to win but here it works because of how it’s written.

The amazing concept just makes it all better. And now I suppose I should mention that they did more Nigel Planter episodes, meaning Weird Al made a few more cameos as the Squid Hat. We’re skipping them to make things easier, but those were fun too.

Most notable one was in One Crazy Summoner where a love potion accidentally makes Dean Toadblatt fall in love with Squid Hat. Yes, really. How did we end up running into gay jokes twice in a row?

Anyway, these episodes can be skipped since it’s a cameo but with this one, it’s worth it since it’s short and good. Overall, a fun concept done mostly pretty well.

Tank [Lilo and Stitch the Series]

Season 1, Episode 15

Writer: Madeline Paxxon

Runtime: 22 Minutes

Airdate: November 10, 2003

Lilo wins tickets to the Elizabethan Fair and invites the hula girls to join her. Mertle refuses to go because she does not want to be with Lilo, and Stitch is not allowed inside because no dogs are admitted. They team up to catch a metal-eating experiment.

This episode was decent. Weird Al voices a Minstrel in a cameo but he appears a number of times throughout the episode, singing about everything that happens. It’s small but it works because it happens a few times, and it’s funny how the characters get increasingly understated. Plus, it lets Weird Al sing some more.

I think it’s one of his more memorable appearances so far. The episode itself is fun but has some issues. It’s the plot where they get new friends and start shutting out the old one, and while it kinda works here, it has the problems you get with it.

There’s not much of a transition to her shutting Stitch out, and Myertle’s friends are never mean to Stitch, or anyone else for that matter until they ditch Lilo. It’s worth noting they actually bonded with Lilo over things she likes, and even went with her of their own accord to begin with.

Just saying, the story has some issues. But In general, I like it. Mertle losing her friends lead to some neat stuff with her, and while the experiment is a basic idea, it makes for a fun threat. Mertle also shows herself to be useful when she tricks 625.

So while the plot has some kinks, it works and the setting is used pretty well. Jumba and Pleakly are kind of side linded though. Overall, I’d recommend this one. The plot has enough that works and while Weird Al is a cameo, it’s a very funny and memorable one.

It’s worth it for him alone, I think .Also, get used to seeing him on Disney, especially when we get to the later ones. But yeah, this was solid.

Johnny Makeover [Johnny Bravo]

Season 4, Episode 13a

Writer: Adam Pava

Runtime: 11 Minutes

Airdate: August 27, 2004

This episode just keeps getting weird and weirder”

Another show I havent’ quite spoken about before. I think it’s pretty good. It was just good silly fun and was always one of the more memorable Cartoon Cartoons. That’s all I can say about it. This episode is interesting because it was the first segment of the final real segment, so let’s see how it is.

Johnny Bravo becomes the target of Don Knotts, “Weird Al” Yankovic, and the Blue Falcon for their reality show, Cartoon Makeover

This episode was good. For this one, another guest joins Al, and this time he’s a huge part of the episode, meaning he has lines throughout. As such we’lll focus on the episode itself more here. It’s pretty funny with how they start by making him more likable to ladies, but then try to make him a better cartoon star.

This involves making him Edgy 90’s style, and making his life more of a sitcom, complete with laugh track. There’s tons of good jokes here with everything that happens and all 3 guests manage to stand out. Al is about as funny as the others so there’s not much to say about him on his own.

There’s a few neat references in here, some slightly subtle (Johnny is forced to wear Square Pants. This one can’t be a coincidence with the subject matter…), and some just have them suggest making over The Powerpuff girls. Yeah, no, the internet will irrationally hate you.

And also Johnny’s Wacky Robot Neighbor turns into Ned Flanders. Man, this show got weird near the end, but here it works because it’s funny.

There’s not a whole lot to say. With it’s varied gags and satire, it’s worth watching on both levels, as Weird al does quite a lot. Also, he can fly because “We’re Blue Falcon, Don Knotts, and Weird Al Yankovic. We can do anything!”.

It’s an odd one, but pretty funny. As such, I’d recommend you check it out.

The Munnery [Robot Chicken]

Season 2, Episode 12

Writers: Hugh Davidson, Mike Fasolo, Seth Green, Dan Milano, & Matthew Senreich

Runtime: 11 Minutes

Airdate: September 24, 2006

It’s back to Adult Swim for a Sketch show. As a Sketch Show, it is hit or miss but I mostly enjoy it for what it is. Let us see if this one is a hit.

This episode was decent. Weird Al appears in 2 skits here. One is actually a music video or his song Weasel Stomping Day, which feels like it was made for this show, unless it actually was. Funny song, as cruel as it is. The other has these kids getting their wish granted and Al voices a kid that becomes a robot. Nothing crazy hilarious but mildly amusing, especially the punchline.

The rest of what you expect. Some hits like the ending skit involving Star Trek, some misses, and some that are both, like the Krakken one which is both sad and awkward and how depressing it is.

One of the misses includes a cop show starring a mentally disabled man. Yeah, this had to have been bad even in 2006. It’s almost funny with the set up and how no one at least mocks him but it’s just…weird.

There’s not much to say, if only due to it’s nature. It’s full of weird ideas and shock humor, and some will find it funny, some won’t. Even I am hit or miss with it, sometimes the shock jokes work and some just fail.

So I can’t recommend this too much because it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. I suggest skipping to Al’s parts, as they are the highlight. The episode itself at least goes by fast but if this isn’t your kind of humor, you can skip.

But those who like it will mostly enjoy it. I think there’s more hits than misses here, but aside from Al, nothing is crazy hilarious. So yeah, it’s what you expect from this kind of show. Sometimes it’s funny, other times it’s not, but overall it’s mostly.

Al is fine here, rest is just decent. That’s all I got.

Garbage In, Garbage Out [Transformers Animated]

Season 2, Episode 4

Writer: Marty Eisnberg

Runtime: 22 Minutes

Airdate: May 10, 2008′

Okay, when it comes to Transformers shows, I’ve only seen Prime so I know pretty much nothing about what I’m getting into here. Let’s just hope I don’t get lost here.

I am Wreck Gar. I DARE to be stupid!”

During Detroit’s garbage crisis, energy from the Allspark creates a Transformer from a pile of junk. This Transformer, named Wreck-Gar by Angry Archer, causes problems for the city.

This episode was good. Weird Al voices Wreck Gar, meaning the whole episode is about him and most of it is from his perpsective. That makes this the most Al Centric one so far, since he plays a real character that evolves.

His characters makes this episode. Having just been….born I guess, he doesn’t know what he really is, and he accepts anything someone tells him, and he keeps bumping into villains. Even with them he doesn’t quite please them with how he repeats what people say and gets things wrong.

And of course, by the end he realizes he doesn’t have to do what others say and be what we wants to be, and he saves the day from a mess he made. This is spliced in with a plot about Rachet learning to not be such an asshole in general.

At first I find this part uninteresting compared to the main story, but by they end they mix it with the main story well enough. Although the part where Rachet yells at Wreck Gar was a bit much.

Wreck Gar himself is pretty likable, if only because Al helps make his funny lines funnier. The part I quoted was so forced it’s funny.

Things do start a bit slow but once it gets going it’s fun and the story becomes enjoyable. I also like the ending which is quite nice, being kind of sad actually. The final bit brings it around to being funny though.

I can’t really tell what kind of show this is from this episode, since it seems Filler-y but the episode did have an obvious moral what the characters will learn and focused a bit on the Autobots saving people so I’m assuming it’s not one of the more serious shows.

That works for this episode. Oh, and Wreck Gar does come back in a cameo but like That 90’s Show, it’s too small to include here.

Overall, I can recommend this one. Weird Al is in it a lot, his character is funny and likable,and the episode in general is decently written and solid. As I proved, you don’t even really need to know the show to get into.

So yeah, go ahead, it’s a solid one. And now we enter the 2010’s for the only Nick show on our list. And it’s..

Get Bessy! [Back at the Barnyard]

Season 2, Episode 15a

Writers: Tom Sheppeard, Gene Grillo, and Jed Spingarm.

Runtime: 11 Minutes

Airdate” January 2, 2010 (Was this one of the first cartoon episodes of the 2010’s? Huh.)

Yeah, of all shows, he picked this one. A middle of the road movie was made into a middle of the road show. It was kind of dumb but it could be amusing sometimes, and was at least self aware. So maybe this could work? Let’s see.

The animals wonder what Bessy does when they don’t see her and try to spy on her.

This episode was alright. Weird Al voices himself as the animals try to rob his house before Bessy can. It’s pretty random but that’s not new for this show. He’s the best part because it’s so random and he is used for some good jokes.

According to this episode, Weird Al is actually a horse. Well, wouldn’t be the last time he’s a horse. But yeah, that reveal did get the biggest laugh out of my.

The episode itself is actually kind of enjoyable, just in a very dumb way. The plot itself is nothing special, because we know Bessy isn’t actually some kind of theif or anything. But they do take in an interesting direction when Weird Al gets involved.

There’s actually a lot of good jokes here, some of which are even clever. There’s a narrator that gives us the passage of time, and at one point the other female cow starts narrating their exploits, and in the next time card, the narrator starts doing it. Now that’s funny.

The episode starts with them randomly coming out of the ground on a drill thing and talking about how they met mole people. Yeah, it’s that kind of show. The only problem with the humor is that there’s so much of this that it gets overwhelming and feels like they are trying too hard.

Sometimes it’s legit funny, other times it’s only funny in how dumb it is. But in general there’s nothing too offensive here, and this episode works a bit better due to Weird Al.

As for a recommendation, Al only shows up at the end but it’s a funny enough role to make it worth it. I suggest skipping to his parts, because they are mostly funny. The episode in general is a skip unless you like this kind of humor or don’t mind the show too much.

It’s kind of enjoyable but in a rather dumb one, even Weird Al’s parts. He’s worth checking out, the rest depends on you. It kind of works but it’s nothing smart by any means. So yeah, take that for what it’s worth.

Bat-Mite Presents: Batman’s Strangest Cases [Batman: The Brave and The Bold]

Season 2, Episode 25

Writer: Paul Dini

Runtime: 22 Minutes

Airdate: April 1, 2011 (Figures it aired on April Fools).

Here we have one of the more interesting Batman cartoons. It takes him back to being sillier, but it was in a very enjoyable one and they actually managed to do some good stories. It’s hard to explain but this oddly combines everything great about Batman. I like it. This episode is an odd one, but let’s get into it.

Scooby Doo, Batman, and Weird Al! It’s the holy trinity of pop culture!”

Bat-Mite hosts a look at two other incarnations of Batman:

This episode was good. It’s split into segments and Weird Al takes part in the 3rd one. He’s just a cameo but it works due to how it makes fun of celebrity cameos in older cartoons. But the real attraction here would be the segments.

It’s a bit like that Batman TAS episode, exploring different versions of Batman, each one being some kind of homage. The first is a recreation of a MAD Magazine parody called Batboy and Rubin. It’s fun but goes on a bit too long since it’s the cold opening. The rest is the real attraction.

The 2nd segment is a Manga parody which of course makes fun of those tropes, and is even a neat little plot. Also, I love the villain’s name: Lord Death Man.

But the real highlight is Al’s segment, where Batman teams up with…Scooby Doo. No, really. It’s a parody of The New Scooby Doo Movies and it’s so stop on ,i think it was an actual thing from that series and not something these writers made up.

But it is, and the animation is done really well, to the point of having errors Bat Mite is quick

to point out. The team up is fun and Al mocks the cleb cameo well. Yeah, it’s sad that he doesn’t do too much but he at least sticks out.

But of course, the real attraction is the segment itself, mocking these Scooby Doo cartoons and all that stuff. It’s a lot of fun. This episode is an odd one but it works with how it looks at different takes on Batman. The different takes are fun homages.

That’s really all there is to it. A fun look at Batman in other mediums with the last segment bringing quite a few laughs. Weird al is the icing on the cake. This one is an easy recommendation. Al’s bits are short so on that level it can be skipped, but in general, most people will enjoy it.

Not much else to say. It’s a lot of fun, even if Weird al is just a cameo.

The New Frontier [Adventure Time]

Season 3, Episode 18

Writers: Tom Herpich and Bert Youn

Run time: 11 Minutes

Airdate: November 28, 2011

When Jake has a prophetic “croak dream” that illustrates his death after coming into contact with a mysterious Banana Man. Finn tries to make sure that it does not come true.

This episode was good…on it’s own. Weird Al voices Banna Man but unfortunately, he doesn’t get anything to do. Seriously, the character doesn’t say much and none of it is that funny forn the most part. Al doesn’t really act much to the character.

Which is rather disappointing for this show. Otherwise, the episode is fine. It’s an interesting set up and it’s interesting to see Finn trying to prevent the dream from coming true while Jake has accepted it.

Of course, Jake doesn’t die or anything and it turns out this will happen again just without Finn, and the dream shall really come true. I don’t think they’ve come back to this, since Jake is still alive and stuff. (It kinda comes back in The Comet but that’s another story).

It’s nothing amazing but it is enjoyable. Really, the only problem is that Al’s casting is rather pointless since Banna Man doesn’t do much. I’m not sure why he was cast if he didn’t do much.

They do bring him back and trust me, he’s used better there. But that’s coming up later. For this episode, it’s a good Adventure Time episode with a decent plot and some amusing moments, but for al, it’s a skip.

It’s as simple as that. It’s not even the best of AT so there are better options for getting into the show. It’s a good episode, but not much more. Slightly disappointing for our marathon, but they make up for it later.

Not much else. It’s good, just not one to watch if you want a lot of Weird Al.

The Learnerer [WordGirl]

Season 4, Episode 10a

Writer: Jack Ferrailo

Funtime: 11 Minutes

Airdate: March 23, 2012

Now we have a wild card with a PBS show. I have seen some of it, and I actually like it. It’s another one of eductional cartoons that manages to be pretty funny thanks to some clever writing. I mean, the fact that they got Weird al to begin with shows that.

Plus, it has Tom Kenny doing his Ice King voice before Ice King was a thing. (The show premiered in the late 2000’s). Anyway, let’s dive in.

Using his talent to see things once and learn them immediately, The Learnerer is able to steal the giant Santa Tortuga diamond from Ms. Von Hoosinghaus. When WordGirl arrives to save the day, all of her moves are thwarted by The Learnerer, who has been studying her every move. Will she come up with a new move or will The Learnerer get away with the diamond?

This episode was good. Al voices the titular villain, making this another big role. And get used to him voicing villains, it’s oddly common .He gets plenty of amusing lines and his main gag of adding suffixes does work.

I love how he learns how they work but keeps doing it just to piss off WordGirl. Now that’s funny. As for the episode itself, there’s not too much else to say. There’s a subplot of Word Girlshowing up at TJ’s fan club meeting. Not much to talk about there, but it works fine as an extra plot.

Thankfully, the focus is on the Learnerer and all the best bits involve him. I like how the narrator adds a suffix early on and when Becky questions it, he’s just like “you’ll see”. Yeah, this show has one of the best narrators ever.

Al ia pretty good here as a silly villan. He certainly like cackling a lot. He even has a neat power, along with being pretty funny. So overall, I can recommend this one. Al does quote a bit and the rest is just decent enough to be worth getting through.

My only issue is that the way they work one of the Vocabulary words is a bit forced, but that’s to be expected. Otherwise, this is worth checking out as it’s funny and Al plays a pretty memorable villain.

Not much else to say, it’s fun.


Runtime: 1 Minute Each

Airdate: April 7, 2012-May 19, 2012

And now for something a little different. This isn’t a single episode, or even a full series. It’s a short form series from DC-Nation. You know, that block CN Screwed over. They had some shorts made for the block and this is one of them.

I know nothing about the source, which is fine because it’s pretty much in name only. And they got Al for it because why not. The premise is that Animal Man goes to crime scenes…only to save the animals and not the people.

For example, he stumbles upon a Bank Robbery and just saves a small mouse, ignoring the robber. That’s pretty much it. There was like 4 or so of these minute long or less shorts, so there’s not much to say.

It’s one joke but I suppose the one joke is mildly amusing. I couldn’t see this lasting a long time but for these few shorts, there’s enough variation. Weird Al’s voice certain helps make the jokes just a bit funnier.

There’s not too much else to say though. For minute long shorts, they wor.k. There’s just nothing too crazy special and without l, I would likely kind of forget about them due to being short and one note.

But as it is, it’s fine enough. I suppose I can recommend them, since together they don’t even clock in at 5 minutes, so you won’t waste too much time if you hate it. Overall, nothing that special but Al doe add a little something to it.

And that’ all I got. That one was both hard and easy to talk about.

We Fixed a Truck [Adventure Time]

Season 5, Episode 39

Writers: Andy Ristaino & Cole Sanchez

Runtime: 11 minutes

Airdate: October 21, 2013

Finn, Jake and BMO decide to fix up a truck with the help of Banana Man.

This episode was decent. They fixed the problem with the previous one by giving Banna Man a lot do. He’s there most of the time fixing the truck and even has a sort of arc that is resolved. He even gets a song this time! So yeah, Al gets plenty to do this time.

The episode itself is fun, If a bit sloppy. The truck thing is kind of dropped and then the episode is about Bubblegum being replaced by a Lizard Replicant. Yeah. It’s hinted at but it’s still random when it takes over the plot.

Then there’s an abrupt ending after that is wrapped up. At least Banana Man’s thing is resolved and the truck is brought back in the very end. I’m just saying, the story is a tad unfocused.

Everything else works though. Banana Man gets good development, as you kind of feel sorry for him since it turns out he’s lonely. There’s also some focus on BMO here and BMO is always great.

There’s some amusing and nice stuff in here, even if the story isn’t the tightest. For the most part, it stays simple and even at the end, it’s still enjoyable as odd as it is. There’s a random Truck Lesson at one point but it’s by Weird Al so it works, and I like how Finn kinda pretends to know what he’s talking about.

Overall, it’s a nice episode. It is a tad unfocused but Banana Man is given good development, and it’s just a fun little episode, even with the random 3rd act. I suppose it isn’t as much as a must see as some of these, but it’s still worth checking out. Al isn’t quite as funny here but he gets more actual acting to do here, which is neat.

Not much else to say, it’s a fun improvement on the previous Al episode.

Mad’s 100th Episode Special [MAD]

Season 4, Episode 22

Writers: Unknown aka was too lazy to find an offical version of the episode with the ending credits

Runtime: 22 Minutes

Airdate; November 11, 2013

And we have another sketch show, this time being MAD. Like most sketch shows, it’s hit or miss but I did mostly enjoy it. It did go too far sometimes and could be a bit shallow, but it’s mostly fine, and it has it’s moments. It was able to make it to 100 episodes at least. Let’s see how it is.

This episode was decent. Al gets three voices in, most notably as Superman in a Man of Steel parody. Yeah, they make the obvious jokes but I think they do some amusing things with it. Al doesn’t add a ton but just having him here is nice. Oddly enough, there’s a song parody in this, but Al doesn’t sing it. He appears in that skit just before the song but that’s it. Huh.

The rest of the episode is enjoyable enough. The most notable thingb about this episode is that it’s 22 minutes, and not 11 minutes like most MAD episodes. For the most part,that’s a big help because it lets them have more time to refine some skits that would be a lot shorter in a normal episode.

The only downside is that there’s now a lot of little skits and there’s only so many of those you can take. On the bright, some small skits get more time than usual. The jokes are thankfully more hit than miss. Actually, there’s no huge misses here, some that didn’t quite do it for me.

My favorite skit was probably “Sanjay and Krang”. Yes, really. It’s just a funny idea done well. Al voices Krang here, at least I think so. Again, couldn’t see the credits. However did does a good job making him funny.

There’s other amusing bits, like a look at the company that makes those Bad Ideas we keep seeing, and the return of the MAD Anchor who they dropped by this point. It does a good job at being a 100th episode, with plenty of callbacks =.

All resulting in the final skit, a One Direction Parody about them being forced to watch MAD, the “Worst Show Ever”. Yeah, MAD quite often made fun of itself and this is the ultimate example of that.

It’s the only way you could get me to listen to One Direction more than once, so it gets credit for that. The song is funny and all the callbacks make it feel like a …’love letter” to everything that came before.

So while not everything works, this is one of of the better MAD episodes, and there’s a fair amount of funny parts. Weird Al isn’t used as well as he could have been, but his parts are the highlight.

So on that level, I’d recommend this. You can just watch Al’s parts and be mostly happy. I certainly enjoyed this more than I thought I would, even if it’s not all great. Once again, not much else to say.

This is a solid Milestone Special and Weird Al being involved just makes it even better. Oh, and there’s a slight small MLP nod. Fitting because next up is…

Pinkie Pride [My Little Pony Friendship is Magic]

Season 4, Episode 12

Writer: Amy Keating Rogers Story by Jayson Theissen)

Runtime: 22 Minutes

Airdate: February 1, 2014

Hey, I can skip this one because I’ve covered it already! There’s really not much to add about this one, except to put in perspective. Weird Al has appeared in some odd shows before this one, but this is freaking My Little Pony.

Did anyone ever think a MLP series would have someone as big as Weird Al on it? In hindsight, anyone who was on Back at the Barnyard isn’t a hard get, but it’s still big. It was big enough when some guy from Star Trek was on the show, but this is Weird Al!

And he ended up in one of the best episodes in the show. It works on it’s own with the well written story but Weird Al is used well here. He gets to play a real character here. He just happens to be silly like Al.

He helps make Cheese Sandwich more believable, and he can pull off moments like the opening and the part where Cheese tells his backstory. Oh, and he can sing too. He gets quite a few songs here and they’re pretty great.

(Although it confuses me how Hawain shirts can exist in Equestria…)

So yeah, this is an easy recommendation on both levels. There’s tons of Weird Al, he does a good job and the episode is awesome. On it’s own it’s just as great as it is as an MLP episode.

Yeah, I still like it.

Mustache Day [Wallykazam]

Season 1, Episode 20

Writer: Adam Pezltman

Runtime: 22 minutes

Airdate: October 28, 2014

Okay, so I was wrong when I said Barnyard was only his Nick show, but Nick Jr doesn’t count to me. Yes, this is a preschool show. I’ve never seen it so let’s hope it’s a good one.

When Wally, Norville and Libby Light Sprite discover a Tremendous Treat at Wizard Jeff’s House, Jeff challenges Wally and his Friends to get the Tremendous Treat before it turns into Underpants.

This episode was alright. Weird Al voices Wizard Jeff, who plays a decent part even after the plot starts. He has some wacky gags, gets a song, and there’s a joke about an Accordion. Everything a Weird Al Cartoon Character needs.

The odd thing about this episode is that it’s…kind of a Halloween episode. Yeah, Mustache Day is a day where they go door to door asking for treats,and we see pumpkins everywhere. It’s Halloween…but with Mustaches.

I don’t get it. Well, that’s one less episode to review if I cover Nick Jr Holiday episodes. Anyway, this actually was enjoyable at points but tedious at other points.

This preschool show is about words and for some reason Wally’s wand lets him only use spells with certain sounds in the words, so every time he wants to use a spell, he asks the viewer how to pronounce a certain word to make sure it has that sound in it. It’s rather tedious.

Not quite to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse levels, but it does slow things down. On the bright side, there is some fun stuff, including this guy named BobGoblin who is such an unapologetic asshole who oddly doesn’t learn his lesson, at least in a typical way. This makes him quite enjoyable.

And of course, Weird Al steals the show. At the start you think he won’t do much but he gets a fair amount of wacky moments and Jeff is kind of an asshole. What guy makes kids go trough this crap to get Candy and then threatens to turn it into Underpants if they fail/

It does lead to a fun song. Yes, Weird Al sings about Underpants. I was not expecting that, but it made this whole thing worth it.

When Jeff and BobGoblin are on screen, this one is fun but when they are not, it’s just kind of typical. Al is in quite a bit but I imagine not everyone would seek this out just cuz of him. I guess you could just look up the Underpants song on it’s own (HANDY LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rN3wQ9D_b0I ) but it’s even better when viewed in it’s full context.

In general I wouldn’t quite recommend this, but the better bits almost make it worth it. Plus, the tedious parts aren’t too bad compared to other shows I’ve seen. Kids will likely enjoy this quite a bit, while adults should just watch the Al scenes, or look up the song.

So yeah, it’s fine, but it does have it’s moments at least. Any episode where Weird Al sings about Underpants is worth existing, I think. Take that for what it’s worth.

Pal.0 [Uncle Grandpa]

Season 2, Episode 15

Writers: Nick Edwards and Mike Chillian

Runtime: 11 Minutes

Airdate: June 11, 2015

I’m not sure I’ve spoken about Uncle Grandpa before on the blog. Well, I’m on the side that kind of likes. Yeah, it’s nothing amazing and has it’s bad episodes, but there is a charm to it and has improved. Let’s see how Weird Al fares.

The gang must figure out a way to stop the RV’s talking computer system when it malfunctions.

This episode was good. Weird Al voices Pal.0 himself, and the interesting thing about that is that Pal starts put trying to make everything boring and only becomes weird near the end. Al is kind of playing against type here, but it just makes it even funnier when he becomes odd at the end.

The episode itself is just fun. It’s like the Spongebob Episode Not Normal with the message but this has a bigger focus on gags and how the characters become boring versions of themselves.

Their boring faces are so off putting it’s funny. I will say I kind of lied about the runtime, the main episode is about 7 minutes and the rest is filled with shorts, which is how most Uncle Grandpa episodes are done.

The main short is New Experiences with Beary Nice and Hot Dog Person. Their shtick is that Hot Dog Person gets tortured a lot due to Beary’s stupidity and the latter doesn’t usually notice or care. Yeah, it’s not very funny, especially here. Just turn it off when the episode itself ends.

Being 7 ish minutes, it can be rushed but that’s not a big deal. Of course, Al is the main draw here. It’s funny hearing him try to make things boring but the highlight is the ending. I won’t spoil what happens, but I can say there’s a song and a perfect way of involving Al’s signature look.

So yeah, I can recommend this one. The main concept is used for good gags and Al is perfectly used throughout. Even people who don’t care for Uncle Grandpa may enjoy as the weird-ness fits more.

This is one of that works on both levels. It’s far from amazing but it a better Uncle Grandpa episode, and it’s just a good fun time. Not much to say, it’s worth checking out.

Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons [Gravity Falls]

Season 2, Episode 13

Writers: Matt Chapman, Josh Weinstein & Alex Hirsch

Runtime: 22 minutes

Airdate: August 3, 2015

Dipper finds his favorite board game called “Dungeons, Dungeons & More Dungeons”, and Great Uncle Ford joins him. However, when Grunkle Stan accidentally rolls Ford’s Infinity-Sided Dice he found in a different dimension, the characters from the game come to life and capture Dipper and Ford.

This episode was good.Al voices the villain of the game who captures Dipper and Ford, and while he doesn’t show up til halfway through, he makes the most of his time. He makes for a fun villain and he gets plenty of funny moments. (“How did you get past my one guard?”). He’s very enjoyable and once again steals the show.

The episode itself…can’t quite be recommend because it’s too deep into the show to be accessible to newcomers. I’m sure most people have seen the show by now but those who haven’t can’t quite watch it, just simply to Ford being in it.

Although if you’re in that position and are reading this…whoops. Just skip to the next section. Anyway, this one is important as it was right after Tale of Stans, being Ford’s first real episode, and it’s pretty good. He holds his own here as he bonds with Dipper, giving us a situation that’s very interesting. Dipper finally has someone to share his nerd stuff with, but he does get slightly carried away with it.

In the end, both parties learn a nice lesson, and get some good development. And also it’s pretty funny, including this famous moment:

Ducktective has a big mystery element and a lot of humor that goes over kids heads:


Even before Weird Al shows, this episode is solid and even without him, it’s a good one. Not quite my favorite Gravity Falls, but still a fun one that’s decently written. But of course, Al helps makes it even better.

I’m not sure how he keeps being a good villain in shows given his voice, but he can just be a fun silly villain, and this is one a slightly more serious villain role for him. Slightly.

Overall, while the place in the story makes it hard to recommend for newcomers, but if you’ve seen enough, or just don’t care, this is worth watching. Al isn’t in it a ton but he uses his time wisely and he’s very enjoyable.

This is another one that’s well done and worth checking it out, as Al is just the icing on the cake here.

The Boy Wander [Wander Over Yonder]

Season 2, Episode 3b

Writer; Francisco Angones

Runtime: 11 Minutes

Airdate: August 17, 2015

Hey, another one I can skip because I’ve covered it. This was on my Top 11 Wander Episodes list, so yeah, I like it. On it’s own, it’s a fun superhero parody that gives Wander a perfect nemesis.

And on the Weird Al, he voices a great villain who as I said, is perfect because he’s so silly. He doesn’t quite enter the story until then but he makes the best of his time. He’s clearly having fun and he gets an awesome villain song.

Plus, this doesn’t involve Season 2’s Arc, so anyone can jump into it. With all of that, this is another very easy recommendation. It’s one of the best episodes of the show and is one of Al’s most memorable roles.

It’s still pretty good.

Two Parter [Teen Titans Go]

Season 3, Episode 17-18

Writers: Micheal Jelenic, Aaron Horavth, and Ben Gruber

Runtime: 22 minutes

Airdate: November 25, 2015

…You’ve gotta be kidding me. I promised myself to never talk about this show again because I got sick of the talk about it. But here we are. Can Weird Al make this show better? I hope so.

The Titans must save the members of the Justice League from the clutches of the supervillain Darkseid.

This episode was…alright, I guess. It turns out Darkseid sounds like Weird Al when he cure his sore throat. Al is the highlgiht as just hearing him in this hsow is amusing. Too bad he doesn’t appear until near the end and isn’t in it much. He is amusing, especially when Darkseid rants about…Weird Al. Yeah.

The rest of the episode is…typical TTG stuff. I mean, it’s not too bad and it has it’s moments, but it’s just kind of …eh. For one, the usual bad attempts at self aware come in. Robin starts the episode by suggesting that today’s adventure will be “Special” and take more time.

They’re aware of the fact that this is a double length episode. That’s the joke. Just in case you missed it.

The whole joke is that this is not that worth of being a two parter, but it isn’t worth of the two parts. Most of Part 1 is pointless and there’s quite a bit of padding.

There is some okay stuff here though. The Titans messing around in the Hall of Justice has some amusing moments, and there actually is a nice-ish ending where we find out Cyborg joins the Justice Leauge in the future.

Yeah, there’s a slight arc about that which is used more humor so it’s nice that the ending isn’t too ironic. However, that’s not qutie enough to make the episode. It’s…bearable, but nothing too special. Midly amusing at best, stupid and eye roll worth at worst.

There are far worse TTG episodes out there though, and even the worst isn’t crazy awful. There is some enjoyment and at last Al brightens things up. Overall, I’d skip to his scenes and skip the rest.

It’s not bad, but not good either. Very …middle of the road. Like a decent chunk of this show can be for me, when it isn’t bad or mediocre at least. It’s not something worth checking out, as even Al’s parts aren’t his best work.

It’s…okay, but nothing that great. Al is fine here but not at his best. There, now let’s never talk about TTG ever again.

President Porpoise is Missing [Adventure Time]

Season 7, Episode 18

Writers: Sam Aldena and Kent Osobrne

Runtime: 11 Minutes

Airdate: January 12, 2016

Yes, another Adventure Time episode. Banana Man has a big enough role in it that I must review, Let’s see if they can top his previous appearance.

Finn and Jake receive an emergency newsflash stating that President Porpoise has gone missing. They then decide they have to find Banana Man so they can get underwater before Vice President Blowfish takes over as President of the Ocean.

This episode was decent. This time Banan Man joins Finn and Jake but once we get more into the plot, he’s regulated to a subpot where he falls in love. He doesn’t quite as many funny lines (Although I do love how he just happens to be Finn and Jake’s house) but he does get some character moments, and another song!

The episode is enjoyable, but a bit messy like We Fixed a Truck kind of was. It is focused on the president plot but the subplot takes up time. Yeah, there’s another subplot with Ice King and BMO playing submarine.

It’s pretty adorable but could have been cut. The main plot works out fine, and the ending is amusing in how anti climatic it is. Still, it’s nothing too special. Al’s stuff is fun too, it just feels weird because there’s no ending to his subplot.

He sees a girl he likes, he sings a song about her…and that’s it! They don’t even reunite with Finn and Jake, they leave without him and just kind of forget about him. What great friends they are.

The rather abrupt ending is what drags this one down, because the rest is nice enough. But then it ends with only one thing being resolved. And no, nothing has become of Banana Man’s love stuff yet.

It just feels a bit incomplete. Overall, this episode is fun but the story is a tad sloppy and the ending is quite rushed. I can sort of forgive that to enjoy it, but it means I can’t quite recommend it.

Al’s stuff is fine but in the end, if you want Weird Al on Adventure Time, go with We Fixed a Truck. The story is a bit odd but he gets a lot to do, and the episode is very enjoyable. The New Frontier doesn’t give him much to do, and this episode is a bit sloppy.

There, we’re finally done with Adventure Time. Not the best note to end on but ah well, we got a few more Al episodes to go here.

(Also, now was now was not a good time to watch an episode that involved presidents…)

Old Acquaintance [Bojack Horseman[

Season 3, Episode 8

Writers: Alison Flierl & Scott Chernoff

Runtime: 25 Minutes

Air”date: July 22, 2016

Oh man, this one is gonna be interesting. We’re finally talking about a Netflix show on the blog. You’ve probably kept hearing about how great this show is…and yeah it’s pretty great. There’s no time to get into it here, but it’s very funny while also being very very very depressing and complex.

I like it. Having Weird Al in it seems oddly fitting so let’s take a look.

BoJack is up for a part in David Pincher’s latest film, and Princess Carolyn competes against Rutabaga and Vanessa Gekko to secure a deal. Diane meets Mr. Peanutbutter’s brother, and Todd takes the business in a new direction.

This episode was good. Weird Al voices Captain Peanutbutter who is silly as you’d expect Mr. Peanutbutter’s brother to be…at least until he starts acting weird around Diane. Don’t worry, not in that way, he just gives weird speechs.

Al isn’t in it a lot but he is fun and actually fits the role well. And he gets quite the dramatic moment at the end, which works. I won’t spoil it but yeah, he’s good here.

Now, like the Gravity Falls one, I can’t suggest this to newcomers due to it’s place in the story. Honestly, this show HAS to be watched in order due to the strong continuity. Thus, this can sadly be skipped if you haven’t seen the show.

But it’s still a good one. It’s typical Bojack stuff in a good way. Some fun silly gags, ending on a big downer that works. Except here we see the POV of someone who got a happy ending through this situation and it oddly works since that character was likable.

There’s a few plots going on here but the focus tends to stay on Bojack and each plot works pretty well. Todd’s bits are a bit useless here compared to everything else, but it provides decent humor so I can let it slide.

Like always, the highlight is the ending due to how much of a downer it mostly is. This show is good at those kind of endings, since it can mix in a few happy-ish things sometimes, depending on the episode.

This one has a happy ending for someone at least. The only downside is that Al doesn’t do a whole lot. He does well in his parts but it doesn’t take up much of the runtime so I’m not sure if this should be watched for Al.

But he is good here, with even some dramatic-ish parts, Overall, it is a very good episode on it’s own but while Weird Al is good, it’s not qutie enough to recommend on that level alone. And the story means newcomers shouldn’t start with it. Too bad, because the episode is pretty darn good. So I guess that means you just watch the show. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Al’s character does pop up again but I stuck to this one since it’s his first and there was more to say. Anyway, not the best stand alone but still a very solid episode.

And now for your final episode. Well, not really but you’ll see.

Shapeshifter [The 7D]

Season 2, Episode 18b

Writer: Paul Dini

Runtime: 11 Minutes

Airdate: October 15, 2016

An evil villain named the Shapeshifter calls upon the Glooms for assistance on a plan to take over Jollywood, that starts with stealing sapphires from the 7D’s mine. This causes Bashful to pose as a secret agent, called Agent Bash, and along the way, he and the 7D try to use a sapphire powered laser to stop Shapeshifter and the Glooms.

This episode was good. Weird Al voices Shapeshifter himself, who in this context is a parody of a Bond Villain. He makes for another fun villain and yes, he has a villain song, like right in the first minute. And there’s another accordion gag.

I didn’t know much about the episode going on, since I don’t quite follow the show as much as I should (guess that’s why it was canned) and Disney did a shit job of lettining us know Al would be on This show.

So I was surprised to see that it was a Bond parody, and it was a lot of fun. Weird Al isn’t in a ton of it but even then it’s still enjoyable. I’ve seen plenty of bond parodies and while this doesnt’ break new ground, it’s still fun.

Bashful makes for an interesting bond here, and Queen Delightful is the bond girl which fits here. There’s a lot of good gags and there’s just a sense of fun with all the Bond action playing out.

Al steals the show, but there’s plenty more to enjoy here. I like how they subvert the whole “villain leaves giving the hero a chance to escape” cliché here. Another good gag is when there’s another song and Grumpy says they’ve reached their song qouta. Nice.

My only complaint is that the ending is a bit rushed but it’s not a big deal. Overall, this episode was a fun little Bond Spoof and is another one where Weird Al is just the icing on the cake. And it’s better than anything from Spy Hard.

I can recommend this one. Weird Al isn’t in a ton but he makes the most of his time,and the episode itself is a fun parody that serves as one of the more enjoyable episodes of the show I’ve seen.

Now I’m a bit more sad that it got canned because I do tend to enjoy it and episodes like this show it can be very good. Ah well. So yeah, I suggest you check this one out if you can. It’s a fun episode that makes for a good way to end the proper marathon

However, we are not quite done yet. Remember how I did this all to celebrate Weird Al starring in a full series? Well, I think we need to discuss that at least a little. So as a treat, here’s a bonus review:

Going the Extra Milo [Milo Murphy’s Law]

Episode 1a

Writers: Dan Povenmire, Kyle Menke

Runtime: 11 Minutes

Airdate: October 3, 2016

Zack Underwood, a new kid in town, meets Milo Murphy, the unluckiest kid in town. Because of Milo’s misfortune, he and Zack both miss the bus for school, so Milo shows Zack a “shortcut” to school, while attempting to avoid wolves, bees, fire, and more.

You know I had to comment a bit further on this show here. I mean a new show by Dan and Swampy sound good, as does a series starring Weird Al. But both? That’s just amazing. I won’t comment on any other episodes here, I’ll just focus on this pilot.

But so far, the show is pretty good. But as always let’s discuss Al first. Milo is an interesting role for him not just because he’s the star but also because Milo is less wacky than you’d expect from a Weird Al character.

Also, Milo is 13 and Al is…not. I think this actually works pretty well. See, Al is good at playing odd charecters because he can sound like belvies all the crazy stuff he’s saying. We’ve seen from Cheese Sandwhich and the like that he can just commit to a crazy role, and act like weird stuff is normal.

And that’s the main shtick Milo has. He goes through crazy stuff but doesn’t bat an eye and just moves on. Al captures that well, and he makes any jokes involving him even funnier. So while the casting seems odd, it does fit in with his roles.

As for the pilot itself, it’s good. It does a good job of introducing to the concept of the show and it’s pretty fun. There’s a real energy to this episode, as once things start up, it’s very enjoyable and high energy up to the end.

There’s also some good jokes, my favorite involving Coyote Woods. There’s also the subplot of Melisa taking bets, and the part where aliens show up. Yeah, they are pulling the alien card already.

It’s your basic pilot set up so there’s too complex here but that’s the best option for a show like this. You a basic feel for what the show has to offer and I quite enjoy it. It’s a pilot where it’s safe to use as your introduction, since it’s mostly done right.

There isn’t a whole to say about it though without going into other episodes and such. I can say this sold be on Melisa’s character with her running gag. And they touch on slight drama when Milo explains why he doesn’t mind all the bad luck.

It does everything it needs to and is plenty of fun. Weird Al especially helps this one, giving life to Milo in the more amusing and “dramatic” scenes. Again, odd casting but it works. So yeah, I’d recommend this pilot.

It introduces the concepts well, and is fun with some good jokes. And so far, that quality has been kept up. It’s a big deal for Weird Al to get his own show and it’s good that it’s with creators this awesome and that the show is turning out well so far.

That’s all I got. I had to look at least one episode to roundup this marathon, since I did this after it premiered. Overall, this is a good pilot for what is shaping up to be a good show. Check it out.


And those were Weird Al’s appearances in cartoons. Overall, this was fun. It was interesting to see how different shows can handle Weird Al. I don’t think there was a bad one, as even in the weaker ones (cough TTG), he was the highlight.

Even when he’s not given much to do, he can be memorable in some way. It’s also interesting how he got bigger roles as time went on, as people realized how good he can be at voice acting.

My favorite part of doing this was the variety. With the Holiday reviews, I usually see the same things, even with the different shows. Here, we had a Scooby Doo Crossover Parody thing, a Bond parody, a super duper party pony, and so much more. I’ll try to do other “Alternative” Episode Review Marathons like this someday as this was fun.

Some of my favorites here include The Boy Wander, Pinkie Pride, Batman’s Strangest Cases, and Shapeshifter was a fun surprise too. We had plenty of good stuff, I must say. These episodes were mostly enjoyable, and rather unique.

I guess that’s another reason he pops up in a lot of cartoons. Unlike other Celebs, there’s more chances to be creative with Weird Al. And he does have the talent to carry himself in these roles.

It is weird how he only sang in a few of these, but when he did, it was glorious. And yes, he’s already had a song on Milo and it was awesome. So yeah, there you go. Weird Al is pretty cool and most of these episodes really proved that.

I can’t wait to see what other stuff he appears, and I’m really looking forward to more Milo Murphy. Let’s hope Disney doesn’t screw with it. Wishful thinking, but a man can dream.

There’s really not much to say. These kind of posts take a lot of work but they are certainly fun, especially this one. I just wanna say I’ve spent at least an hour writing this wrap up at this point and I’ve only written this much.

Yeah, that’s my cue to leave, as there’s nothing left to say. I got a few neat things left this year for the blog, including a Thanksgiving special. So yeah, should be fun.

I’ll cover in future Weird Al Episodes on DeviantArt and the like, since now that I’ve seen them all, may as well keep it up. As usual, I hope you all enjoyed this. It’s a bit different but hopefully it turned out well enough.

See ya.


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