General Review: Doctor Strange

Hello, Spongey here.

Well you got your first General Review of the week earlier, now you have the other. Dreamworks has serious balls to release Trolls the same day as a Disney Marvel movie. But here we are.

At this point, the MCU Formula is set in stone, but they can manage to shake it up or give us a fun coat of paint. Today we look at their latest effort, based on a character I know nothing about.

I just know he uses magic, which was a hurdle since Marvel tries to stick to Science, even when dealing with Thor. This was a big deal as the character is popular, but of course the magic thing was going to be a hurdle,and a selling point.

From what I can gather, he sounds cool and each bit of news excite me. Minus Tumblr getting butthurt over nothing. With the trailers and the solid reviews (90 on RT) I was ready. The creative got me interested.

Not really the director, who did Deliver Us from Evil, (but also Sinister so eh) but the other writer, Robert C Cargill. But as I know him, Carlyle from I only knew him from there, so him becoming a real film writer was a big deal.

I haven’t seen Sinster but I hear that was a refreshing Horror film. Now he’s doing a freaking Marvel Movie! From what I can tell, he has good writing chops so I got more excited.

But with all the usual Marvel, will this be a strange delight, or a Marvel Misfire? Let’s find out!

This, is Doctor Strange

(This will be another very general one with no sections. There’s not a ton to say so I’ll make it quick)

Surgeon Stephen Strange learns the mystic arts from the Ancient One after a career-ending car accident.

In terms of Marvel films, this one is comparable to Ant-Man. Both are somewhat by the books in terms of structure, but have one unique element that helps elevate to being memorable. In this case, it’s the magic and the visuals that come with it.

The writing is fine of course, just nothing too great. It has a similar set up to Iron Man with a jerk going through an ordreal which ends up changing his view a bit. It does enough different but hits most beats you expect in a Marvel movie.

The first half can be a bit slow for that reason, as they have to get us to the magic world. It sets up Strange’s character nicely enough and the introduction to the world is cool, but sometimes it’s not enough or is bogged down in the exposition. It’s not that big of a deal,because sometimes the exposition is interesting but other times it drags some scenes down.

In the n2d half, things pick up and become consistently entertaining. Strange’s character becomes more likable, there’s some sweet bits, and there’s more action. Speaking of, let’s be honest, the visuals are why the movie is worth seeing.

They do a lot with the magic element and use it to give us some fantastic visuals. It can range from some mirror tricks to using crazy stuff during an action sequence. The action scenes are a ton of fun with decent variety.

The script is slightly regular but the visuals and action are some of Marvel’s best in a while. Back to the story, it works, it just won’t shock you at all. One part with The Ancient One kind of did and gives us a nice moment.

The film is more focus on the crazy world and action, which is fine As for the characters, only Strange and Ancient One stick out and the rest are amusing sidekicks, or just fodder. And also the boring Marvel villain.

Strange is enjoyable with how douche-y he is, and he become decently likable by the end. His development could have been written better, but it works. And of course, Benndict Cummberbach does a good job with him.

The use of characters isn’t a problem since the important ones do work. I do wish the love interest got more to do and didn’t vanish at the end. Speaking of the end, there’s a rushed ending.

Not too big a deal but it’s a small issue.

The focus the film takes works because this world is neat and the magic is really cool. Again,the visuals and action help make this film fun. I wish other elements could have even just as good, but when the good stuff works, I can’t complaint.

I’m going to even less detail than I usually do in these really general reviews like I did with BFG. That’s because this is a case where I’m not crazy passionate and want to get this other with.

So there you, Marvel’s latest is a fun film which is light on certain elements, and hits those Marvel beats, but makes up for it with a few good characters, and top notch visuals and action set pieces.

If you just want a fun time with crazy visuals, you’ll get a kick out of it. If you want something along the lines of Civil War, you may want to lower your expectations. Either way, the visuals make it worth seeing on the big screen.

It’s not Marvel’s best, but it is a lot of fun when it works and is worth it for fans, and from what I can tell, it does the source materiel justice, as you’d expect. It has flaws, but overall I enjoyed.

Not enough to go into crazy detail like usual, but there you go. The structure is standard, but the unique elements make it plenty of fun. Check it out if you can.

Grade: B

Sorry for a very quick one but I just needed to do this quick. I had to do a review last night, so forgive me if I put more effort into the first one. Anyway, taking a break next week and coming back the week after that for….the thing I said in the previous general review.

Yeah, should have waited til now to say it. Anyway, hopefully that gives me more to say. Until then..

See ya.

(Oh and the mid credits scene is great, the post credits scene is okay. Stan Lee cameo is eh)


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