Goosebumps HorrorLand-Weirdo Halloween


Still less strange than any “Sexy” Costume I’ve seen.

Hello, Spongey here.

Happy Halloween, my friends. Today you’ll get a special double dose of Halloween reviews. First up, next in the Horrorland saga. Seriously, it feels just yesterday I did the previous one. We’re blowing through this.

Anyway, our next stop is special. As in, it’s billed as a “Special Edition” and there’s a good reason for that. For one, it goes back to to Horrorland Tradition of having a 2nd full story, rather than the lame epilogues.

Only this time the 2nd story is bigger, but we’ll get to that. Speaking of big, the main reason this one is special is because it is the longest Goosebumps book ever, at around 212 pages. Yes, really.

The longest before this was like 140 pages or so, so this is a big deal. Other long ones have come since then, but none as long as this. Will it justify that? We shall see. This one also happens to the Arc 2 Halloween Special, making it even better.

Will this extra long book be extra good, or extra bad? It’s time to find out.

This, is Weirdo Halloween

The book opens, like the others, with our leads in HorrorLand. In this case it’ Meg and her brother Chris. ..Meg…and Chris. If their Dad is named Peter, I’m out of here.

They are entering the “Tunnel of Screams”, which is…a tunnel full of the sound of screaming. You can’t see this park lies at least. After a small scare, they randomly bump into a woman who calls herself Madame Doom.

Wait, wasn’t that the name of that machine thing? She’s somehow real now? She takes them to her tent to tell them their future. …But all she does is play with a doll that looks like Meg and vanishes.

Uh…great peek into the future?

Right after they bump into Doom…the machine version. Okay, this is the point, got it. The machine only advertises Horrorland stuff, so the kids shurg it off for now. Of course, they find Chiller/House and go on.

Huh, for the longest book, you’d think the opening set piece would be bigger.

This scene is pretty brief. They meet chiller, look around, but pick a doll that is a strange looking creature. That’s about it, nothing crazy special here, to be honest. Pretty standard start, but the rest makes up for it.

At home, they find out Mom and Dad will be out on a business trip on Halloween, leaving them with this old lady. An old lady who is so old that she just lets them do what they want. Great babysitter picking, guys.

We then find out Meg collects old dolls, because that is what the kids are into these days. This is only established so her getting the creature makes sense. Penny the babysitter visits and just kind of rambles.

Ghosts won’t hurt you unless you stare them in the eye”

The chick from Ghostly Stare eventually attested to that.

Later, they head out for trick or treating, and after some banter, they find what seems to be a kid in a bush. However, when they rescue him they see he’s too big to be baby but still looks rather odd. He looks like the guy on the cover.

My feeling is okay”

Yeah, spoilers he’s a weird alien. The worst ever if he gets caught in a bush.

He sounded a lot like SpongeBob!”

  1. can’t decide if that makes him the silliest Goosebumps villain ever…or the scariest.

The kid doesn’t really do much and the kids just move on. They go to a party to partake in more amusing banter”

This is the story of the headless ghost”

Heard it, it was decent.

Suddenly, a package is thrown into the room, breaking the window. They open it and emits a horrible smell. Someone’s taking their Halloween pranks a bit too far, geez.

They manage to clean up the mess, but don’t really try to figure out who did it for now. Thankfully, we get our answer when Meg goes to her room and finds the alien kid.

Did you get my message?”

Dun dun dun.

I sent you armona message to come home”

Bad Smell=Go Home. Okay then? Also, how did he get in their house?

He introduces himself as Bim, from “Weirdo Planet”. In case you can’t tell he’s a bit odd.

You saved Bim’s Life. Bim belongs to you now”

Really, Goosebumps is doing this plot now? Like a great man once said, the story is old, it’s a 70’s sitcom cliché!

They get sick of his shitck and try to find out who he really is, Scooby Doo Style. But of course, it’s not a costume. Atthe moment he seems rather friendly but we’d have no story if he wasn’t secretly evil. We find out he’s kind of gross, as he has to throw up 3 times before his food goes down.

Because…why not.

They try to get him to leave, but he doesn’t want to.

Don’t make my feeling unhappy!”

You wouldn’t like him when his feeling is unhappy. …Seriously, he turns into a huge scary monster. Which is actually rather creepy with how it’s described.

They manage to calm down…by rubbing his back. …This book is lovely. Thankfully, it doesn’t take long for him to get to sleep through this. So now they have a need alien who gets angry and sounds like SpongeBob.

Truly this is a horrifying novel.

They don’t try to kick him out or anything like that and just go to sleep. The next morning, Bim seems to be gone. Well, book’s over, bye!

Maybe he went back to his planet”

Bim died on the way back to his home planet.

Meg goes to her friends house and they find a dead rabbit in her bed. Man, this book has a lot of odd gross out for some reason.

Meg bumps into a friend named Carlos and tells him the Bim story and of course, he doesn’t buy it. But when she drags him home, Bim happens to be there to be seen eating a squirrel. That makes two HorrorLand books with Squirrel eating.


Carlos runs away making his inclusion pointless. It turns out Bim indeed killed that rabbit and left it as a gift. Hmm, I think I know what I’m getting my brother for Christmas!

Meg flies off her rocker and yells at Bim which makes him quite unhappy. Him calms down quickly this time at lest. Also, apparently TONIGHT is Halloween. Huh? But wasn’t that a Halloween party last night? Isn’t that why they thought Bim was a costume kid?

Meg goes room and sees that Bim has destroyed her doll collection…because reasons. They try to come up with a plan to get rid of him.

I’ve read some books with this plot”

Come on, it’s not THAT cliché.

They never even consider calling anyone. Come on, if you do the right stuff, you can convince people he’s real, it happened with Carlos. Bim comes in and asks for another back rub, and his pleased sounds are…disturbing.

With that, Meg and Chris finally decide on a plan. They plan to walk him around town and try to loose him, since he knows nothing about this planet. I just realized it’s never explained how he got here, or why he’s here in the first place.


Long story short, it works and they dump him off at a party downtown. But when they get home, he’s right there in Meg’s room. Damn, hes fast. He said he found his way back with his tracking powers, but he did he get here so fast?

My feeling ANGRY!”

He turns into another crazy monster with more decent descriptions. Penny comes in and has no odd reactions to a monster alien. She just yells at him like hes’ a little kid throwing a fit. Her insults manage to make him shrink, cuz he might be evil, but he’s as easily offended as the rest of us.

But this backfires cuz when he gets sad enough, he gets angry. So angry some of his dialogue is in bold for no reason!

They run outside where conveniently no one sees the giant alien monster. After a chase scene, we actually find out why Bim came here, as he sees…the little creature doll from Chiller House.

Bim been looking everywhere for you!”

Dun dun dun!

Yep, it turns out the creature was a toy from Bim’s Childhood and he came here to find out. How Chiller got it is never explained. With that…Bim just magically leaves. Yes, the big threat was just looking for a toy and leaves at the drop of a hat.

What an epic climax.

The kids don’t really react and just move on. Yeah, an alien came around and took a toy you found in a gift shop, nothing weird about that. After a break, they go back to their room…only to find more Bim-like aliens who have been invited here.

We come forever and ever”

MORDECAI: Ugh, don’t say it like that.

The end. Yeah, another rush ending. …For our main story. Oh, here’s the fun part. The reason this book is long (the main story is only 125 pages) is because most of it is taken up by a 2nd story.

Instead of the quick epilogue, we have a whole another story set at horrorland, way longer than even the Horrorland Segments in Arc 1. Why is this? I’m not sure but let’s see how it is.

We actually get to see how that cliffhanger turns out. They tell them Bim left, so they go home. …Thrilling.

As usual, late that night the little horror glows and Meg is taken back to Chiller House. While the other kids fates remain to be seem, he summoned Meg to play a little game on Halloween. This fits in with what we find out in the finale but it’s still odd once we get the full story.

He cryptically says to win the game, you have to prove “you are you/” and sends her out to explore HorrorLand. She tries to call home but of course it doesn’t work. Meg wanders around and just does stuff for a while.

There’s a nice mood here at least, with the creepy park in Halloween and such. She gets a mask at a shop, because why not.

I saw a sign pointing to HalloweenTown”

Awesome, then we can uh…insert clever reference here.

She finds a Haunted House attraction and we get a spooky set piece out of it. Cool but I bet it’s pointless. It seemingly as she escapes fairly quickly. She bumps into a masked girl, who takes off her mask to reveal…Meg.

Yeah, he meant the prove you are you thing literally. Neat. She claims to be Meg and knows nothing of a game. Chris randomly shows up as he says Chiller brought him for the Halloween games.

The clones confuse him, as you expect. Meg tries to prove she’s real by answering a trivia question…but Chris claims she got it wrong. He even claims to not know Kelly, the friend I have barely mentioned

Okay, this is a unique spin. The “prove who you are” plot when the confused guy may not even be him. Makes a nice moment when Chris walks away, leaving Meg alone. She chases him into another neat but pointless set piece.

After chasing him some more, Meg realizes her phone as her info on it, which basically makes it her ID, which proves she is her. But of course her contacts are magically gone, so that plan fails.

She meets up with Meg-2 and fights. Then we get a part where they fall into a giant pie. Because…HorrorLand is weird. After that, Chris magically appears and takes them to Chiller, to see if they finally settle this.

We get more trivia, and Meg-2’s first reply is right….even though it was the same wrong answer from before. Meg 2 happens to know the answers, which raises the tension nicely. Yeah, there’s mostly not much to joke about here.

Meg attacks Chris, so we can find out he’s only a robot. Yeah, saw that coming. Neat twist though. With that, Meg has won the game. Chiller explains how and why this is all went down. He used something to can Meg and Chris memories to put inside the robot, and set up this complex game.

He compares the robots and dolls and says that’s why Meg was perfect for the game. Eh, that kinda makes sense. At least they TRIED to explain it, and it’s almost in tune with what the finale reveals.

After a pointless fake scare, Chiller sends Meg home. And he actually does…but Meg finds none other than Meg-2 in her room.

How did you get in my room?!”

The end. Yeah, an okay ending but slightly weak given what came before it. Also, given the finale, it’s odd that he took the other kids once, but with Meg he let her come home before dragging back in for the ending.

Either way, so ends the longest Goosebumps book ever.

Final Thoughts:

Eh, this was fine. Like most of the others, it’s nothing special, but nothing too bad. This has a better idea than some others, but so far Ghost Dog is my personal favorite. Honestly, the 2nd story is the only reason this is as long as it is.

And while that part is more enjoyable and interesting than the first half, it is pointless. In the end, It doesn’t end much and too much time is spent on just running around. Fun but pointless.

The main story has a good idea, that it could have pulled off better. I like the idea of an Alien being indebted to a kid but being a gross nuisance who turns into a Monster when they try to kick him out.

It mostly works but the payoff is weak and there’s a bit too much filler. There’s not too much wrong with what’s here, but as it is, could have been a bit better. (Getting sick of me saying that about Arc 2?)

Not the best Halloween book ever, as this could have taken place on any day. For what it, it’s enjoyable and decent, but ultimately it’s just kind of alright. More interesting than previous few books but mostly just…fine.

Enjoyable enough, just not a favorite.

Grade: B

Arc 2 is going….okay, still. Tune in next Month for our next entry, which is a comic story that doesn’t have Purple Rage, meaning it already sucks. Also, my other Halloween Special should be up soon, or now by the time I bother to link it on Twitter.

See ya.


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