General Review: Boo! A Madea Halloween

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, after a break I’m back with a new general review.. To be honest, I wasn’t sure there would be one for this month because October looked so empty, devoid of anything I was interested in, and the reviews coming in for most of them didn’t excite me.

But I promised one general review a month, and since nothing interesting comes next week, I figured I’d put my foot down and see something this week. There’s actually an okay variety of things I had mild interest in.

There’s Keeping Up With the Jonses, which as a decent concept and a good cast, and Jack Reacher 2, a sequel to a movie I heard is good. Then there’s the ones I wasn’t as interested in, like Ouija Origin of Evil, I prequel to a movie so dull I couldn’t do a review for it.

Then reviews cam in and of them the one with the best review were…Ouija? With some calling it their favorite horror film of this year?! Seriously?! I mean, it is from the director of Occulous but…seriously?

And of course, by the time I saw that, I set up a poll on Twitter so my followers can decide what I see, and spoilers, it lost. As you can tell from the title of this post, the winner is…uh…interesting.

I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this, but it had to happen eventually. But yep, it’s finally time to tackle Madea. It’s one of those franchises I’ve kind of been wanting to tackle, as it’s an easy target, but its also an odd one.

Basically, Madea is a character created by Tyler Perry, first appearing in 2005’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman. The title should say everything, really. The reason I wasn’t sure about doing one of these movies is that it’s one of things that’s clearly for an audience I’m not a part of.

Yes, that’s no excuse for making crap but if the target audience likes it, so be it. However, these movies are clearly still…not good, and being for a certain audience has never stopped me before.

I’m clearly no longer part of Adam Sandler’s Audience but he’s still my whipping boy. So screw it, it’s about time I tackle this series. I figured it would be with a scene by scene review of an older one…but nope, I’m here to look at the new one.

Since Madea already ruined Christmas, it makes sense that Halloween would be next on the chopping block. According to Wikipedia, . The idea for the film originated from a fictitious Madea Halloween movie from Chris Rock’s 2014 film, Top Five.

Yep, Tyler Perry has reduce himself to taking joke ideas and making them real. Yeah. But you what, I gotta stop being grumpy. Not everything he does is bad, and …well, there’s a low chance of me liking this, but maybe it won’t be totally terrible.

No need to go into the creative, as Tyler Perry wrote and directed this, on a small budget meaning this is going to do be a hit regardless of what happens. Honestly, I’m surprised my theater got this since we didn’t get Max Steel last week. You know, maybe I’m only salty because Madea goes to Jail was a direct inspiration for The Ooogieloves. On a final note, there’s no reviews for this yet as I’m writing this intro the night before. Yay.

So with that said, will my first experience with Madea be horrific, or will it be…okay-ish? Let’s find out.

This, is Boo! A Madea Halloween

(I’ll be doing this in that loose style again, as there’s no point in breaking down the elements this time)

Madea winds up in the middle of mayhem when she spends a haunted Halloween fending off killers, paranormal poltergeists, ghosts, ghouls and zombies while keeping a watchful eye on a group of misbehaving teens.

So, where shall I began? Well, I’ll start with the fact the offical summary and trailer are a blant lie. Nothing supernatural happens in this. The “Zombies” from the trailer are part a prank. The concept of Madea fighting Zombies is a good one so of course Tyler Perry doesn’t use it.

But hey, as long as what they go with is good…It isn’t. Yeah, to the surprise of no one, this was pretty bad. Perhaps not quite as offensive as I expected, but way more aimless. Let’s start with the biggest problem with this movie.

Nothing happens for most it, and it goes on for way too damn long. There’s one scene in pairtucally that just has Madea and her pals talking, and it goes on FOREVER. I genuinely got anxious in my seat because it was going on for so long.

If any of it was funny, it would be fine, but it wasn’t. Honestly, most of the scenes Madea is in tend to drag because she won’t shut the hell up. Above all else, that is what kills this movie. “Jokes” going for way too long.

But then there’s the “story”. There barely is one. The actual plot has this girl named Tiffany whose Father is sick of her disobeying him all the time. She wants to go some frat party and tries to sneak out, and yada yada.

This takes up the first 5 minutes and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I was waiting for Madea to show up. The actual plot is so dull and cliché. Nothing new is done and the charecters don’t bring it up.

Tiffany is a typical whiny teenager, and she is never likable. I know she’s going to learn something but it still doesn’t make her more likable. Dad is more level handed but still fits into a cliché.

Oh, and Tiffany is played by the 2nd voice of Fireside Girl Holly from Phineas and Ferb. Why. Speaking of people I’m losing respect for, Bella Thorne is in this. Seriously.

She’s one of Tiffany’s friends who turns out to be a not so nice person ,and that’s about it. She’s also meant to slightly order so she gets to be fan service up. Yeah, And yes, this is a worse role for her than Blended and Road Chip.

I’d go back to the story, but there’s not much more to say. The concept is very cliché and the film wastes a lot of time on dumb stuff. Even scenes where things happen go on too long, like the prank I mentioned.

This thing drags so much. As for the comedy, I guess that wasn’t quite as awful as expected, but it’s still not very funny. The humor relies on sterptypes and people rambling about nothing. I will admit I did chuckle every once in a while, which I suppose puts above some other comedies out there, but it’s not enough.

The only real source of laughter is one of Madea’s old people friends, who is genuinely amusing for the most part in how he just doesn’t care. The other characters are throwaway. Honestly, the only ones that matter are Tiffany, Dad, and Madea.

As for Madea herself, she’s not quite as unlikable as she seems to be in some of the other movies. Honestly, I can kind of see the charm in here, but the writing does her no favors. She’s often a joke and just never shuts up. As I said, every scene with her drags so much.

I’m kind of struggle with things to say because there’s really not much to say. Well, except for the abrupt ending, which reaches Wild Life levels. I mean, the finale scene goes on too long and hardly wraps up anything, even though the film was pretty much over by the end.

Yet it still had a bad abrupt ending. Honestly, this whole film feels…cheap. It’s shot like a TV Movie, and there’s no flair to it whatsoever. I have no idea why this is a wide theatrical release.

That in itself would be fine is this was an actually good TV Movie, but it isn;t. Honestly, it’s more like a half hour sitcom episode stretched to over 100 minutes. Why is it that long?

Are there any positives? …Uh, well like I said, that one character was amusing. Outside of that, I can only say that at points it was less painfully, mostly in the middle where creepy things begin happening.

It’s still dull but less painful, at least. But otherwise, this was bad. Maybe not offensively so, it barely feels like a movie as it is. It takes to near the end to start feeling like it’s about something and it’s too little too late.

At the moment, this now has a 29 on RT…higher than Jones. Okay, that doesn’t look that good, but it has to be better this that. That looks like it has a consistent plot and looks like an actual movie!

Perhaps this isn’t the worst Madea movie, but it looks one of the laziest. There’s barely anything happening for most of it, the actual story is cliché, the characters are unlikable, or throwaways, and almost every scene drags on for too long.

Making a movie for a certain audience is no excuse for such incompetence. Some parts, I can excuse but the empty writing is not one of them. Sorry I’m not going into a ton of detail but there’s not a ton to say for a movie like this.

It’s just empty, and not very funny. And not even that fitting for a Halloween film, really. For a TV episode that could be fine, but again, this is a full length film.

This is a fancy way of saying I would not recommend seeing this. Even if you’re a fan, just rent it. It doesn’t look good enough to see on the big screen. Now, if you are part of the target audience…i guess I can’t judge you if like it.

As always, as long as you’re not a jerk about it, I’ll respect your opinion and yada yada. But sorry, this movie still sucks.

Grade: D

An aimless review for an aimless film. I should have seen Ouija. Will I ever revisit Madea? …There’s an animated one. So yeah, maybe.

What’s next for the general reviews? Well, I’ll see you in two for weeks for something special. See, Dreamworks in a ballsy movie, is releasing Trolls on the same day as Disney Marvel’s Doctor Strange.

I gotta see the animated stuff and Marvel movies are always a must see. So…two reviews for the price of one! Let’s hope they are good.

See ya.


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