A Look at Disney Halloween Episodes (2016)



Gamer’s Guide-The Ghost

Lab Rats Elite Force-Sheep Shifting

KC Undercover-Virtual Insanity

Best Friends Whenever-Night of the Were-Disiel

Bunk’d-Camp Kiki Slasher


Walk The Prank-Prank or Treat

Liv and Maddie-Scare-Rooney

Girl Meets World of Terror 3


Sheriff Callie’s Wild West -The Great Halloween Robbery/The Ghost of the Scary Prairie

Pickle and Peanut-Trick or Treat

Star Vs The Forces of Evil-Hungry Larry

Elena of Avalor-A Day to Remember

Future Worm-Reeman

Hello, Spongey here.

October is in full swing here on the blog. I’ve already covered the Disney Sitcom Halloween Episodes, as well as Mostly Ghostly 3. I’ve got more stuff for ya, but for now, it’s time to be a bit more timely.

I’ve now covered all the Disney Holiday episodes, we’re all caught up. I’m not sure if I mentioned this last year, but that means we will still be covering Disney every year along with whatever I do for that year.

Later you’ll see the Live Action Nick Halloween Episodes, but today we’re looking at what Disney gave us this year. Yeah, it seems a bit early but Disney always gets their Holiday stuff out of the way so they can rerun them endlessly.

Meaning, Nick is waiting until this weekend (mostly, Harvey Beaks had another Halloween ep already) and Cartoon Network is basically waiting until the last minute. However, this year Disney decided to wait a tiny bit.

They had a DCOM on the 7th, ( a Non Halloween one they could have aired in November) meaning only a few eps aired, meaning the rest had to be on the 14th, Lame. Disney XD aired there’s on normal days.

Monstober is always a fun time for me, so let’s see how this year goes now they’ve basically chopped up half their lineup since last year. They’ve added new shows, at least. So with that short into, let’s do this.

This, is A Look at Disney Halloween Episodes (2016)

We’ll be doing the Live Action and Animated ones on their own, to make things easier.


The Ghost [Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything]

Season 2, Episode 9

Writers: Devin Bunje, and Nick Stanton

Airdate: October 1, 2016

Conner and Wendell accidentally unleash an evil spirit. Meanwhile, Franklin helps some kids stop some bullies from stealing Halloween candy.

This episode was decent-ish. I say ish because it does start out slow, with some weak humor. But once the plot kicks in, it’s mostly enjoyable enough. The weirdest thing about is that there’s no twist where it turns out to be a dream.

Nope, ghosts just exist in this world now. It’s not a big deal, it’s just odd. Then again, Suite Life had canon ghosts so eh. Anyway, the evil ghost Jasper provides most of the laughs with his wacky personality.

The bullies in the subplot have their moments too. Plot-wise, it’s nothing too special and Conner and Franklin are kind of jerkish at the start. Things kick off when Ashely’s Grandmother dies and she supposedly could talk to spirit, and Ashley thinks she might have the same gift.

Spoilers, she does and it is kind of interesting. Speaking Ashley, I haven’t watch a new of the show in a while, so it’s interesting that she’s a stronger character instead of the shy weirdo she was early on.

As for the Halloween element, it works even if it only truly factors into the subplot. The subject matter and music is enough to make it fit. As for the subplot itself, it does factor into the main plot in an amusing way and the bullies…actually get motivations for their actions. Huh.

Overall, this episode is nothing too memorable, but it’s mildly amusing. It starts off slow but becomes fine in the end. I think it’s a fine enough start for our 2016 lineup.

On a final note, a lot of the writers and production people from Kickin’ It work on this show, which explains why it has a similar feel sometimes, and Franklin is pretty much Milton. This certaintly handles a recent death better than that show did..

Sheep Shifting [Lab Rats Elite Force]

Episode 12

Writer: Maxwell Theodore Vivian

Airdate: October 1, 2016

Yeah, Disney XD made their own Crossover Spinoff, and so far I like it enough. It has the same pros of the shows it came from, with some dark elements but it also has some of the cons, like characters being jerks and Chase being a Butt Monkey but more details on that some other time, hint hint.

So let’s see how it’s Halloween episode goes.

When Oliver skips out on their tradition of pulling Halloween pranks in favor of a date with Skylar, Kaz continues on his own. Meanwhile, Perry enlists Bree’s protection for the night.

This episode was decent. Unfortunately, Halloween is more of a plot device since it doesn’t quite have that feeling outside of the spooky version of the transition music,. They never mentioned any pranking traditon in Lair Lair.

On it’s own, it works fine. It’s kind of cliché but I think it works to strengthen Kaz and Oliver’s relationship. Both work well in this, which is good because Oliver has been Flanderized in some episodes, but here he’s mostly dialed back.

There’s even some sweet moments near the end which aren’t ruined by the dumb joke! The subplot is nothing special there, as the conclusion is kind of dumb. Why did Perry have to be included in the spinoff?

So yeah, this episode is fine on it’s own with a decent plot and nice moments, but as a Halloween episode it’s not the best. It doesn’t really effect much and I just don’t quite get the Halloween feeling.

I guess Curse of the Screaming Skull is the most fitting Halloween episode across both series. Still, on it’s own this is fine, but not the ideal Halloween episode. It’s mildly recommend as a normal episode, but as far as Halloween episodes go, the one I mentioned is a better option.

Either way, it’s okay.

We’ll go back to XD later, but now time to begin the Disney Channel stuff!

Virtual Insanity [KC Undercover]

Season 2, Episode 19

Writer: Darin Henry

Airdate: October 2, 2016

When K.C. goes into a virtual reality game to rescue Ernie, it becomes the craziest Halloween ever for the teen spies as they try to tackle the alternate universe and enemy agents Darci and Damon, the masterminds behind the evil game.

This episode is the opposite of All Howl’s Eve . That one fit for Halloween but had average to weak writing, while this has actually decent writing…but does not fit for Halloween at all. There’s a Halloween dance, but that’s it.

This could have been a freaking Valentine’s Dance and the episode would be no different. It’s clear the network forced them to just throw Halloween into a random episode as the writers didn’t have time to make a real Halloween episode.

It doesn’t help that this is part of the show’s plot, so you’ll be lost if you haven’t seen much of the show. I know because I haven’t seen much of Season 2 beyond the premiere so I had no idea who these bad guys were. Are they new this ep, or what?

It’s sad because otherwise, the episode is decent. The concept of a virtual world is always a good one, and they have some fun with it. Ernie is unaware he’s in this world, and here he’s popular, while KC is Fashionista and Marissa is a nerd.

There’s some decent jokes with how this world plays out, and the plot is rather intense for a Disney Sitcom. Yeah, the show is taking cues from Disney XD is being more plot driven, and from what I can tell, it’s working surprisingly well.

As far as joke highlights, I like the banter Darci and Damon have, especially with Damon having a crush on her in one joke. Speaking of crushe, Ernie has one on Marrisa which is news to me. Then again, I’m not caught up with the series so maybe it became a thing, it was only teased on one episode in Season 1.

Speaking of here, there’s a part where Virtual World Marisa and KC (who might I add are played the psychically attractive Zendaya and Veronica Dunne) fight in a kiddie pool full of frosting. Uh…no comment.

My only issue with the plot is that it starts a bit too quickly. At the start, Ernie has already been kidnaped and they ready for KC to jump in. This made things even more confusing for me. I know you want to avoid filler but maybe pace yourself a bit better.

So yeah, this is a mixed bag. As a normal episode, I like it, but as a Halloween episode, it fails. I can recommend this is a normal episode but not as a Halloween one. There are episodes out there not set on Halloween that feel more like one than this.

As solid as it is, I sadly have to suggest you skip it if you’re watching Halloween episodes. Not that most people would want to include Disney Sitcoms in their yearly lineup but this is all theoretical.

All Howl’s Eve may fit more, but it has problems so if you want a Zendaya Halloween, you’ll have to stick with Haunt It Up. This is decent on it’s own but as a Halloween episode, it’s just forced.

Night of the Were-Disiel [Best Friends Whenever]

Season 2, Episode 6

Writers: Rick Willams and Jenna McGrath

Airdate: October 2, 2016

When Cyd tries to protect Diesel from Barry’s wolf serum experiment, she accidentally gets the serum on herself and turns into a menacing werewolf. Now Shelby must try and figure out how to get her best friend back before the she-wolf destroys their high school’s Halloween carnival.

This episode was decent. It fits well enough and is fairly enjoyable spooky fun. The plot is a bit odd but it works for a Halloween episode. There’s even a nice moment with a “They’re in there somewhere” fight

Is that weird or creepy?”

A little bit of both”.

The mood is set pretty well, since this is set at a Halloween Carival, and each involves Halloween. Speaking of the plots, the other plots aren’t quite as good. Barry’s setting up as a maze that is itnded to trach people ala Justin Russo. It ties into the main plot so I can forgive it not being too funny.

But Bret and Chet’s plot…isn’t even a plot. They wanna got the Carnival now that they are 1. They do. They don’t like it. The end. Such an amazingly written story. There’s some good jokes, and it’s harmless but pointless.

Thankfully, the main plot is enough to make me like it. Compared to Cyd and Shelby’s Haunted Escape, it’s about equal. The mood is better here and the humor is more consinent, but that technically had a better plot, and there was only one subplot which was good. I like both roughly equally I suppose.

Despite the sort of weak subplot, I’d recommend this more. The plot is silly but the package just works slightly better. Either, this is a fun Halloween episode for me regardless.

Camp Kiki-slasher [Bunk’d]

Season 2, Episode 7

Writers: Mike Montesno and Ted Zizik

Airdate: October 7, 2016

Things get scary at Camp Kikiwaka when the campers start disappearing one by one. When they finally uncover the culprit with the axe to grind, he takes them on a thrill ride the campers will never forget!

This episode was alright, but on the upper side of alright. That’s surprising given what show this is, but is one of the better episodes I’ve seen. It’s mostly due to the mood. It captures the mood of a slasher film with people being picked off one by one.

The episode starts witrh them watching such a slasher fil (because thgat’s what you show kids at camp?) so Ravi points out the cliches happening around them. This actually leads to some amusing jokes, my favorite about how an entry is the horror franchise they were watching was a musical comedy.

‘It was the low point of the franchise’

A character in Bunk’d shouldn’t be talking about low points in franchises but whatever.

So what bring it down? Besides the usual weak jokes, there’s one thing that’s techinally small but was a sort of big thing for me. Spoilers, this turns out to be a big prank byt Timmy, who is doing this as revenge on Glady for kicking him out of camp.

We never saw this character before in the episode, or saw this action. See the problem? Now, it’s likely this is from a previous episode but I haven’t seen that one if that’s so. As I keep saying, relying on continuity in Holiday episode is bad for new viewers.

And even if so, he was never in the episode, so no one would think it’s him. There’s making your twist surprising, then there’s pulling something out of your ass. Since I don’t know of backstory of Timmy being kicked out, I don’t know if it was unfair and this is Gladys desrerved it..

It’s amazing how many problems can happen if your viewer is out of the loop. Besides, one small joke at the end makes this all pointless. Which is sad because this was mostly decent due to the mood and how amusing the prank ended up being. It gets rather dark, even if no one is actually dying, which is cool.

Overall, if you’re a fan of the show and have seen whatever episode is being referenced, you will likely enjoy. Most others won’t, although you are more likely to enjoy it if you’ve seen that episode. If it turns out I’m wrong and this is new to this episode, my point stands taller.

Stil, it’s from from the worst Bunk’d episode, that has to count for something.

Halloweenvark [Bizardvark]

Season 1, Episode 12

Writer: Eric Friedman

Airdate: October 7, 2016

Oh boy, this show. It’s the latest one and also the latest to become popular to hate. And I don’t 100 percent don’t get. Oh, what I’ve seen so far isn’t that good, mostly because it’s made of elements from other Kidcoms (especially iCarly and ANT Farm) but is just kind of…eh. There’s nothing horribly offensive so far. I get why it’s seen as a weaker Disney Sitcom but horrible to the extent of some others? Nah. Anyway, hopefully the Halloween ep will be good.

The v-loggers have to make a scary Halloween video for Vuuugle’s homepage, but they can’t decide whose video is the scariest – Frankie and Paige’s tale of the ghost of Hollander Prep, Dirk’s haunting world without dares, or Amelia’s zombie apocalypse.

Yes, another Treehouse of Horror style episode, and this one is…kind of decent. Yeah, this actually managed a better episode for the show. It’s not amazing but I actually mostly enjoyed. Mostly due to the different format and not being quite as dumb as usual.

I’ll get my main flaw out of the way: Bernie is useless. From what I’ve seen, he adds nothing besides being the Butt Monkey. Hell, even in the intro that’s his only roll! All he does is get killed in the stories, and he’s mad about it.

If he wasn’t useless otherwise, this would have even funny. Also, of course some jokes do bomb. Each manages to be decent enough with an interesting angle. The first is the most straight forward, but I thought it was the funniest.

Dirk’s had a neat concept and an honestly good twist ending. Surprising for the dumb character. It does go on too long which mean Amelia’s fun zombie story is too short. Each story has a unique and a manages to be an amusing.

The mood  isnt’ crazy creepy, but it works enough for Halloween, I think. So yeah…i guess I enjoyed this episode. It’s flawed and nothing great, and still has issues the show, but it’s not bad. It has a fomrula you just can’t mess up, unless you’re Girl Meets World.

Yes, this show did something better than GMW. 2015 has been an odd year.

So if you can tolerate the show, I would recommend this. There’s better options, and if you want Disney Stitcom doing Toh, I’d pick the Austin & Ally ones, but this isn’t too bad either. Detractors, of course, will hate it but it less bad than the other eps, so there is that.

It’s a surprisingly passable episode from a show that isn’t really that good.

Prank or Treat [Walk The Prank]

Season 1, Episode 15

Writers: Adam Small and Teor Moore

Airdate: October 10, 2016

This show is an odd one. I thought it would just a prank show (because Prankstars turned out so well) but apparently this is a scripted show that has pranks thrown in. I’m not a fan of prank shows to begin with it being scripted did catch my interest.

An interest that both went up and down when I heard it was co-created by the guy who played Tucked in Miss March. The universe hates me.

But hey, I haven’t seen the show yet, so let’s see if it’s Halloween episode is any good.

The gang is in deep trouble after a prank they pull on Becky Snyder goes horribly wrong. Meanwhile, Dusty sends a target on a roller coaster ride while posing as a popular mascot for an Italian restaurant, and Bailey and Herman trick a target into believing he has uncovered a buried treasure.

This episode was…eh. Yeah, it about what I expected. It’s basically a prank show that happens to have a story in the background. The pranks are the focus and the ‘story” is an afterthought. So let’s talk about the pranks.

They are so obviously fake, but I’m not sure if I should complain since it’s better than if they actually played cruel pranks on people. But these situations are so clearly fake that it’s hard to believe anyone would fall for them.

I mean, some of them I can suspend my disbelief for, but there’s one where this guy breaks this important trophy case, and his reaction is so understated, it’s clear that this is an actor. I will that some of these can get creative, but most of them are clearly fake and a bit cruel.

I don’t even get the “world” of the show. The prank parts feel distant because the parents ground them for one prank that is honestly less bad than the ones see, so do they know of the prank show? This is a prank show in universe, they even show off the clip to each other, inside the story.

It’s confusing. As for the story, it’s supposed to be simple so I can forgive that, but there’s still nothing to it. For one, it has them grounded on Halloween so of course the mood isnt’ there. Heck, only 2 of the 4 pranks are spooky themed.

The prank they are grounded for is kind of cruel and they don’t really feel sorry for it. However, Bailey (thanks for reminding me of a better Disney “Sitcom”) does apologize, but it’s…awkward.

It’s hard to describe, but I’m not sure what is even going on. Spoilers, it turns out Becky Snyder is the principal, which makes the cruel-ness even worse. She apologizes but Becky ac ts…weird. She says it’s all good, but in that awkward way where it’s clear she isn’t telling the truth but is saying this because she likes Bailey, or something?

Right after she compliments Bailey in really awkward. I don’t get it, what are they implying here? As a result, the story just fails unsatisfying.

So yeah, I didnt’ care for this and I wouldn’t recommend. The mood isn’t strong, most of it is dumb pranks and the story is very weak. If you actually like prank shows, you may enjoy this but I bet there’s better options out there.

Someone must like this, because it’s getting a 2nd season. This means I’ll have to talk about this show again come December, yay. This wasn’t that good, even by the standards of what I was expecting.


Scare a Rooney [Liv and Maddie]

Season 4, Episode 3

Writer: David Tolentino

Airdate: October 14, 2016

Liv takes Ruby to a spooky dinner and runs into an old acquaintance and Maddie comes face to face with the real-life “spider-sprayer.” Meanwhile, Parker and Joey must convince their classmates to celebrate Halloween.

This episode is decent. Don’t really have much to say about it though. Each plot does it needs to do, and has a nice mood with some decent jokes. Not much more than that, and that’s all I need.

Seriously, there’s not much to say about each plot. Maddie’s plot has a good twist, Liv’s plot has a neat setting and fine ending, and Joey and Parker’s plot has a nice sort of moral. Nothing too complicated, but fun.

I guess that is a problem. Most of the plots go through the motions and don’t do anything crazy. It’s fine to stay simple but that does mean not much really sticks. It’s a fun sit but nothing that will stick with you.

But I guess that’s fine sometimes. Like I said, there’s really not much to say other than that this the first ep of the Season I’ve seen and it seems fine. The new character they added was enjoyable here, which gives me decent hope.

I think Helgaween is the best Liv and Maddie Halloween Episode but this worked fine too. If you want something simple but nice, this is a decent one to check. Just don’t expect anything amazingly special.

And our live action roster ends with..

Girl Meets World of Terror 3 [Girl Meets World]

Season 3, Episode 15

Writer: Joshua Jacob

Airdate: October 14, 2016

Auggie tells a story of what would happen if Riley and Maya never met.

This episode…continued the tradition of of Girl Meets World of Terror episodes not being that good. Thankfully, it’s better than the 2nd one, and has only one clear story, but it still has problem. The big one being the…Halloween element, oddly enough.

There is no reason for Halloween element. Hell, without Auggie you wouldn’t know this is a Halloween episode. In the main story, it’s just decoration, it’s never involved in the episode. And Auggie’s role is…so confusing. Okay, so there’s a classroom scene at the srtart where Riley and Maya say they are too old for Halloween.

Auggie comes in to be our ghost, and says he’ll tell the story of …well, what I said. ..What does this have to do with the opening bit? As it is, the opening bit it useless…mostly because they never come back to it!

Yeah, it never comes back, making it pointless. As for Auggie, he appears in the story he’s telling…and can interact with it…and is worried about how he’s never born, and has a conflict due to that.

I’m so confused, how is this happening? Is this happening? The others were clearly not canon but this is…unclear. As for the story itself, It’s a neat what if story, but nothng special. It’s nice to see what happened,. Although there’s nothing crazy.

If they never met, they would become Flanderized versions of themselves, same with Farklee and Lucas. And somehow Auggie would not be born, I don’t get that. There’s some little things I like, but as a whole, it’s just …alright.

Mostly because the resolution isn’t that special. I mean, there isn’t much of a big moment which brings the world back in check. They confront each other I guess, but the thing that makes things normal is small, and it doesn’t feel as important as it should.

As a what if story, it’s mildly interesting, and I have a soft spot for these, but it doesn’t do anything crazy. It’s amusing, but that’s it. As an overall package, this thing is confusing. The Halloween element is pointless, and even makes no sense.

Why can’t this show just do a Halloween episode right? Either go all out, or do a normal ep, just on Halloween? I can only blame executive meddling, but here they don’t do the 3 shorts format, meaning they could just change things and be normal!

Fun Fact: When Auggie pops up and says he’s gonna tell a story, the class groans. At this point, I can’t blame them. Each ep has it’s moments, but so far, the first felt the most complete, which is sad.

The show is usually fine, so it’s sad to see it’s Halloween episodes be…confusing. Not one I’d recommend, sadly.

And those were the Disney Sitcom Halloween episodes of 2016. I’ll give my full thoughts at the very end, but yeah, the usual mixed bag. Now onto the sadly lacking in numbers animated bunch.


The Great Halloween Robbery/The Ghost of the Scary Prairie [Sheriff Callie’s Wild West]

Season 2, Episode 16

Writers: Steve Sullivan and Andy Guerda

Airdate: October 3, 2016

Bandits hide the giant jack-o’-lantern full of treats for the entire town/Peck tells Clementine a tale about the Ghost Rider of the Scary Prairie!

These episodes were alright. I’m not even sure what to say because they were just kind of…there. They were nice to watch and had their moments, but nothing crazy memorable. The Christmas ones stood out just a bit more.

These did have their charm but there’s not much to say about the stories. The first one is pretty simple, and the 2nd is predictable. The first one had the bandits to bring things out, as they were amusing.

The 2nd one had some enjoyable moments, with how Peck and the others think there’s an actual ghost chasing them. Neither do anything wrong and are good for kids, but I doubt anyone my age will get too much out of them outside, of sme amusing moments.

And good songs. Yeah, both episodes have a good spooky song, and the first is even a villain song!

There’s a nice Halloween mood, and fair share of amusing moments. But there’s not much that’s insanely interesting. There’s nothing too wrong, so I can recommend this to young kids, and while adults won’t hate it, there’ better preschool options out there.

Sorry I didn’t have much to say, but there’s not much to say, especially given the audience. Things I normally complain about aren’t too bad here for that reason and it doesn’t do them too badly.

It’s totally fine, but nothing too special.

Trick or Treat [Pickle and Peanut]

Season 1, Episode 21a

Writers: Ed Skudder, Ryan Gillis, Sunil Hall, and Kim Roberson

Airdate: October 10, 2016

…You’ve gotta be kidding me. I thought I was done with you! I guess I should have known they’d do another one…but this is Season 1, who does two spooky themed episodes in one Season? Yeah, it’s bee n over yeah and the show is still in Season 1.

Now, this is an actual Halloween episode, meaning the spooky themed episodes I reviewed last year officially don’t count. I haven’t seen a single new episode since the Christmas ones. Has the show improved? Let’s find out.

When Pickle and Peanut get caught trick-or-treating by Lazer and Hot Beth, they try to cover it up by putting together a last-minute Halloween party.

This episode was…actually on the upper side of alright! This is honestly the best Pickle and Peanut episode I’ve seen so far….i know that isn’t saying much but it’s true. The main reason is that this episode actually has a story!

Yeah, Pickle and Peanut go through a situation that makes them learn that it’s okay to go Trick or treating as adults. It’s a basic story that I’ve seen before, but it is a story with a good lesson.

What prevents this from being better is that story is still nothing special, and it’s not really that funny. Oh, there’s less bad humor and I did laugh a few times, it’s just not funny enough to make it flat out good.

Still, I don’t have as much to complain about as usual. Even some dark jokes work, like how the Demon fries Hot Beth for being a jerk. So yeah, it’s still nothing that special, but for this show, it’s kind of decent-ish.

Fans will certainly like and people like me may get something out of it. In general, it’s nothing I’d go out of my way to see, but for what it is…it’s not too bad. Huh, maybe Pickle and Peanut is getting better..

Hungry Larry [Star Vs The Forces of Evil]

Season 2, Episode 11a

Writers: Mark Ackland, Dominic Bisignano, Riccardo Durante, and Aaron Hammersley

Airdate: October 10, 2016

While I don’t quite love this show like some do, I do like it. There’s a certain charm to it makes up for some of it’s flaws. Anytime it fails, it brings itself back up with a sweet moment or some good laughs. So, it’s nothing amazing, but it’s fun. Let’s look at it’s Halloween episode!

Star and Marco help Mr. Diaz create the scariest Haunted House on the block.

This episode was good. It follows the format of “Star uses magic to solve a problem and it backfires’/ but it manages to do something neat with it. It’s not quite the funniest episode, but it has it’s moments like how Hungry Larry is just kind of a dull guy until he goes into monster mode.

It is another episode where Star is a bit careless, but she does it for a good reason and it doesn’t focus on it too much. The focus is on Mr. Diax who shines here. You do feel sorry for him with how lame his haunted house, and he saves the day in a pretty badass way.

The climax is the highlight for two reasons. One is that Mr Diaz is awesome and the other is that it’s…honestly kind of creepy. Larry eats almost everyone and it’s shown in a legit creepy way. It’s the atmosphere that makes it so creepy.

Kudos on the animation team on that one. So overall, I’d recommend this one. There are better Disney Cartoon Halloween episodes, but it’s still a solid one. The mood is good, and the plot is solid enough with a cool climax. The ending is abrupt, but ah well.

Not quite my favorite, but still a good one.

A Day to Remember [Elena of Avalor]

Season 1, Episode 9

Writer: Silvia Olvias

Airdate: October 16, 2016

Interesting stuff has happened with Sofia the first since I did my post on it. Most notably this spin off. Well, it technically functions as an original show that is just linked to Sofia, but whatever. It’s still rather early in it’s run but so far it has the same charm of Sofia. Not quite as good, but again, it’s still young.

The lead being a teens gives it it’s edge, so I say it’s fine so far. And with it comes a Dia de los Muertos episode! This should be fun.

On Dia de los Muertos, Elena discovers her ability to see ghosts and sets out to help the spirit of a woman mend the rift between her grandchildren and save the family restaurant.

This episode was good. Actually, I was surprised at how much I liked this one. This one moves out a bit and focuses on other characters outside the main one, but still contains the sweet family stuff some episodes have.

I’ll get my problem out of the way: It’s not quite about Dia de los Muertos for most of it. It’s an excuse for her to see ghost, so we can get into the plot. However, it is thematically linked to the overall theme of lost loved ones, since the main plot has Elena helping a family’s dead grandmother.

And they link it to Elena in the end. This focuses on the sweet side of Dia de los Muertos rather than the spooky side. Meaning, if you want a spooky October episode, it’s not the best choice. But for a just plain good episode, this fits very good.

I’ve oddly seen the whole save the family restaurant plot before, but this is a good take on it. Mostly because they develop this family and we even see some flashbacks. We get an idea of what they were like before, and are like now that Granny’s Dead.

Through Granny, we seen their connection and get some nice moments. It’s well done and fairly interesting to watch. There’s also some amusing bits here and there to keep things from getting either too dull or too sappy. They don’t exactly pack in tons of sweet bits, they build up to them.

Speaking of sweet bits, the ending is…well, no spoilers because damn, it’s incredibly sweet. It’s what we made me decide that I really like this episode. Perhaps the main plot and the ending bit could have been connected better, but ah well.

Oh, and the song is nice.

Overall, this is one I recommend in general. T shows that this show will be able to stand on it’s own and be pretty solid, with a well written plot and nice moments. However, it doesn’t embrace the spooky side of Dia de los Muertos meaning it’s not ideal Halloween viewing for older people.

But if you’re younger, or want something nicer, go again. It’s a nice way to end this years’ offerings….At least at was until I randomly found out about..

Reemen [Future Worm]

Season 1, Episode 9b

Writer: BrianWysol

Airdate: October 17, 2016

Yeah, this one came righto ut of nowhere. See, nowhere on the Disney XD October 2016 Press Release did they mention that this was a Halloween episode. Seriously, nowhere. So when I left the TV on after tonight’s Milo Murphy, and it got to this ep, I happened to looking at the Tv, and I was shocked to see Halloween stuff going on.

I managed to record another showing going on that night. So thank you, for telling us ahead of time that this was a Halloween Episode! …Anyway, Future Worm is following in the heels of Pickle and Peanut, being very not Disney.

Thankfully, it’s way better. It’s still not my thing, but it has some actual heart sometimes and sometimes they actually write stories! Again, still not my thing, but it has it’s charms. With that said, let’s look at the Halloween episode.

Monsters that feed off fear attack the neighbor hood, and it ends up being up to Danny’s Dad to stop them.

This episode was alright. Everything was technically fine, but I guess it just didn’t grab too much. I think the main problem is that it’s not that funny and the shitck of Danny’s Dad saving the day has already been done, even this early on.

And here it’s worse, ebcause Future Worm has to put him down like a dick for some reason. The episode ends on a joke like that. Can’t let Danny Dad have a moment, can we? I think the real problem that this episode is only 7 minutes (yeah, one of those kind of shows) so there’s not as much time to juggle some of these element.

Why the Halloween episode wasn’t the main feature is a mystery.

Outside of that, this episode is harmless and at least somewhat interesting. But with that issue I mentioned, it ‘s just nothing too special. It was neat to have Doug overcome fear again but those jokes kind of ruined it.

But it’s short length means if you like the show, I can somewhat recommend this. But for the most part, it can be skipped. I was hoping the strong Elena one would close us out, but nope.

And those were this year’s Disney Halloween Episodes. Overall, slightly underwhelming, honestly. Even taking aside the short animated lineup, this year seemed a bit lackluster. Sure, each year is equally hit or miss, but after last year’s stunt, this felt a bit weak.

The quality of episodes is, like I said, as hit or miss as usual. But we did a few more unfitting ones, most notably KC. Thankfully, most of the episodes were fine, with only Walk the Prank really bombing.

None of them wowed be, but that’s not a big deal given what shows we’re talking about. I think BFW and Bizzardvark stood out the most, which is kind of sad when you think about it. For Disney, nothing too noteworthy here, Prank aside, they were equally.

As for the animation goes, Disney proves that they seem to only care about the preschool stuff at this point. Thankfully, by this time next a couple new shows will premiere, and Milo Murphy is confirmed to have some holiday episodes in the works.

By default, Star and Elena win this year. They were very good. This year was slightly underwhelming in some ways but mostly the same in others. Not much to really say.

We shall be doing this next year, along with next years Live action Nick offerings. I realize that they more of these I do, the more work I have to do every year, but ah well. I like doing these anyway.

So there you go, more hit or miss content from Disney. Join me on the 30th or so for some Live Action Nick Halloween fun.

See ya.

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