Top 5 Amazing World of Gumball Season 4 Episodes

Hello, Spongey here.

Time to do a list for a recent Season of a show I follow! Yeah, this is now a thing I do, sometimes. Just remember that I’m not obligated to do these kind of lists every time. Only if I have enough to say, or I am passionate enough, will I do a list for the Season of a show I follow/did a list for before.

This is why I have no plans to do a Steven Universe Season 3 list. Yeah, sorry. You don’t wanna see someone praise Mr Greg for the 1000th time anyway. I wasn’t quite up for doing another SU list, but you bet your ass I’m going back to Gumball!

Yeah, back when I did my Top 11 Amazing World of Gumball Episodes list, I planned to do a list for Season 4 because I was passionate about some episodes, and was actually sad I couldn’t put them on that list due to my own rules.

Yes, even before I get into this I am telling you some of these would have been on that list back when I did it, not even factoring any new ones since then that could make it. Man, Gumball is weird.

It can go from “pretty solid” to ‘BEST THING EVER” very often. Like with Wander, it has episodes so good that the show can be close to the quality of insert whatever show people see as amazing right now here.

Season 3 onward has kept the show mostly “very good” to “Great”. Yet it’s not a show you would think would be like that, given the problems it can have. (Not to mention having one of my least favorite “Dud” Episodes…).

You can read my previous list for my details on the show in general and such. I’ve noticed with some shows Season 3 is either a weaker one, or the best one. And in the latter case, Season 4 will be not quite as good, but can often pump out some of the best episodes ever.

Happens on CN a lot. Happened with Kids Next Door, Adventure Time, Regular Show, and now Gumball. Season 4 is fairly close to great with how good the best episodes, and how it keeps raising the bar for the show.

But it’s not quite as great as Season 3, since it has more lulls between awesome eps, and a few more weaker ones. Season 3 had none that come to mind (even if some could be a bit mixed) but I can think of some in Season 4. Not a big deal, that’s gonna happen.

Season 4 did up the ante by having a minor arc. By minor I mean there’s this guy who is a sort of recurring villain now, who appears like 3 times in the season. Nothing huge, but man, even this show has an arc of some kind.

But yeah, Season 4 was pretty solid. Here’s hoping Season 5 will be as good, without dropping too much. Some of the episodes impressed me so much that I’m here. Today we’ll look at the episodes from the past season that I liked the most.

Which ones would make it on my current Top 11? Which ones were the most interesting, funny, and creative? Am I rushing this to just go with the list? Yes, to the last one! Let’s do this.

This, is my Top 5 Amazing World of Gumball Season 4 Episodes

(This was almost a top 8, but I decided to lighten my workload, as I just finished something that took 20 days total to do. Yes. Look for that October 1st)

5. The Origins

Writers: Ben Bocquelet, Mic Graves, Louise Coats, Andrew Jones, Ciaran Murtagh, Daniel Berg, Nathan Auerbach, Joe Parham and Tobi Wilson

Oh boy, we’re off to an interesting start. This is the obligatory big one that everyone praises, or at least was until another episode we’ll get to. And yes, my usual reasons keep it low on here, but most of my choices are about equal as it is hard to rank these episodes as they are great for different reasons. Except the top 2, they are my top 2 episodes.

This episode is the first true double length episode of the series, although it’s done like two 11 minute eps, with part having it’s own title card and brief funny recap. As the title suggests, this is as flashback to show us the secret origin of Darwin, how he came about and all that.

This is an episode that works more than it should. See, the story focusing a lot of Gumball and Darwin’s love for each other, a lot. To the point that it pulls out a lot of cheesy tropes you expect in a story like this.

By the way, I mean Darwin literately only survives off Gumball’s love, to that point that it’s because of a comment from him that Darwin grew legs. Seriously. A lot of this isn’t directly parodied…and yet the whole is just as emotional as something like this is supposed to be.

I can’t pin down why. One reason would be that it’s still funny. They still have tons of jokes, and it’s not a cheese fest all the way through. There’s great moments like the reason Sussie is the way she is, how Darwin comes from the Van from The Puppy, and tons of other little asides.

The comedy doesn’t distract from the drama, it actually makes it easier to digest. This show tends to be good at mixing the jokes in the drama, most of the time. If I’d compare this to anything, it would be The Shell.

I like that one better because it more directly parodies it’s tropes, but this is in the league. The story itself is also well written. It starts with them trying to deal Kid Gumball, who is very yperatic and he calms down when they get him a fish, but they keep having to replace the fish as they keep dying.

This helps really establish the family dynamic. Gumball may be hyperactive and hard to deal with, and they are doing this to keep him calms, but they clearly love him anything to go such lengths and all that good stuff.

Each step of the story showcases this well, and the character are all in top form. And while some of this is cheesy, it’s also sweet. You do see Gumball and Darwin’s connection pretty well, and the 2nd half especially goes all out in showing their love for each other. It’s a journey home story as Darwin is accidentally flushed and ends up in the Ocean. They manage to make this engaging with how sweet it is.

They go all out in showing their love and as over the top as it is, it’s effective. There’s a number of close calls where Darwin just barely misses them and it’s just as emotionally intense as it is funny.

So when they get back together, it’s really satisfying. Also, the music and animation are genuinely strong in the bigger parts. We even get a musical number about how Darwin is on his way, which is all big in how he’s going home, but it becomes funny with all the dangerous terrains he comes across.

Gumballw should do a musical episode, because it’s songs to be really awesome. My favorite is the one about Gumball wanting his ass slapped. That’s a thing that happened!

There’s just a emotional quality to this special that makes it, despite how cheesy it is. You can tell put a lot of effort it into to make it genuinely work as a story, even with all the silly humor. The whole episode is just sweet even though it shouldn’t be.

It just shows how weird this show is. Also, the timeline confuses me. The show seems to take place around the present, and Gumball is 12 so this episode set when he’s around like 5 or so should be set in the early 2000’s or so, right?

Well, wrong, it seems like the 90’s because there’s a joke about Richard creating “The Internet” which is literately just a bunch of nets. He also has a Nirvana parody shirt. Either time is weird of Richard is just that stupid.

I’m leaning towards the latter.

But yeah,it’s nature does prevent me from loving me, but it’s still great in it’s own weird way. It’s cheesy and cliches, but it’s done in such a way that makes it surprisingly engaging and emotional.

A well written story and tons of good humor makes this one better. It’s cheesy but gosh dang it’s loveable. I don’t know what more I can say so I’ll end this here. The Origins is a strong special that shows the strength of the show, as it can make something cheesy into something funny and sweet.

It’s good for their first special.

4. The Signal

Writers: Ben Bocquelet, Mic Graves, Joe Parham, Andrew Jones, Ciaran Murtagh and Tobi Wilson

Gumball is a show that does a lot of experiments, but there’s only so many experiments you can do. By this point, I thought the show couldn’t really surprise me with what experiments it does. Episodes like this prove me wrong.

It’s hard to really describe the premise, but basically Gumball and Darwin’s relationship is strained when some some freaky accidents makes Darwin think Gumball is insulting him. By that I mean, the world is glitching like a TV causing it too look like Gumball said crazy stuff.

Yeah, that’s the gimmick of this one. It’s kind of a more subdued version of that one Futuarama episode, but which it playing out like a TV signal going crazy. This episode goes all out with ,to the point where the title card glitches out.

That did get me, because my TV is an asshole, so it’s entirely believable it could have gone out at that moment.

This does start out a bit slow, mostly just having Gumball stuffier a bit, but later he it gets crazier, from having Gumball skip words and thus say something bad, to having them skip through time a bit and stuff like that.

Because their falling out happens due to misunderatanding, this could have been boring or stupid, but I think it works. Mostly because they keep it funny instead of just having Darwin be boringly mopey.

They make some good jokes with him being upset he is, and how Gumball is screwed over. Plus, from his perspective, it makes sense that he would be upset. I don’t get why this doesn’t’ effect Darwin until later though..

To be fair, this isn’t supposed to make sense. Nothing is ever quite explained, at least now why TV effects “real life”. This is an episode that exists so they just can have fun with a crazy premise, and it works very well.

Of course, the highlight is when all hell breaks loose, with time skipping all over the place and commercials interrupting life. It’s fast paced with tons of great creative gags. There’s tons of gags with this idea, including how this ends up affecting Richard.

This episode really took me by surprise with how creative and enjoyable it was. Even if this was somehow done before, this goes all out with the premise, and is a lot of fun. It also has kind of a creepy ending.

No spoilers, but the way things are resolved is interesting and a bit of a mindscrew, especially since it’s never brought up again.

I suppose there are better “experiments” episodes this is one of the most interesting due to how none it makes sense, in the best possible way. There’s honestly not much more I can say. When something is funny, it;’s just funny.

This has a creative slant to it, but it’s not the kind of creative I can ramble on about, you know? Still, it’s an out there episode with a great set up that they do a lot of funny things with. Doing a misunderstanding plot right is just the icing on the cake.

Oh, and it has a joke about someone being hurt by barbells that’s actually funny and not horrible! What’s not to love?

The Signal may not give me a lot to talk about, but it’s a creative fun episode to wa-

3. The Signature

Writers: Nathan Auerbach, Daniel Berg, Ben Bocquelet, Louise Coats, and Tobi Wilson

Hey, remember The Authority and The Man? I tied them on my Top 11 List because I felt they were thematically linked due to focusing on Richard and his mother. I bring them up because this episode is basically a part 3 to the “Richard’s family trilogy” and thus would have been on the list along with those.

(I even mentioned this ep in that section, something I forgot I did until I went to re-read it for this post)

When Richard finds out Louie and Jojo plan to get married, he adopts Louie to stop that from happening. Yeah, that’s the basic plot, and is the focus for half of it. The episode works at first due to how hilariously absurd that premise.

We get good jokes about Louie being treated like a kid, but then it becomes a story of escalation with everyone trying to fix this by starting a chain adoptions, starting with Louie adopting Nicole.

Yep.It’s a lot of fun with some good silly gags. Then it takes a turn. Eventually, it gets to the point that the person in the family with the most power is…Richard’s Dad. You know, the one who left him a long time ago.

Yeah, we’re going into that again. This time they track him down to get him to adopt Richard and fix this whole mess. This is where the episode becomes something special. To the surprise of no one, Frankie Watterson is a deadbeat who is kicked out of his residence and only visits Richard because he figured they’d give him a home.

And of course, it gets emotional as Richard and Jojo face the deadbeat they hate so much. Spoilers, this is one of the stories where the deadbeat dad is forgiven. I know I praised Blendin’s Game for subverting that, but just because I like a subversion doesn’t mean I don’t like it when it’s played straight, when done correctly at least.

I think it works due to the emotion, and how unexpected it is. It starts like a silly episode but drops this bomb on you. And it’s at a good point in the episode, giving them time to focus on it enough.

They don’t explain exactly why he left, but what they do here is nice enough to make up for it. I won’t spoil exactly how certain things play out, but it is very heartwarming. Yeah, it’s cliché to go this route but I think it works in context.

However, I kind of have to dock points because…well in the end his Dad adopts Richard again and is willingly to be his Father again. …And he hasn’t’ appeared since! This was early in the Season, so they’ve had plenty of time to bring him back.

They brought Rob back a few times later in this Season, so why not Frankie? I mean, Louie being their grandpa is addressed in The Check but not Frankie. This especially stands out because this show has good continuity, especially in this Season.

I loved this one a lot more back when I first saw it because I thought Frankie would become a major character but nope, haven’t seen from him since? Maybe he’ll appear in Season 5 but it shouldn’t have taken that long.

It does prevent this one from possibly being higher, but I still see it as great. It’s just very nice to see them address, and Frankie making up for his mistake is very heartwarming? Cliche? Maybe? Rushed….eh, sure but dang it, it just works for me.

Yeah, first few eps on the list have some cons that prevent them from being higher and I consider them to be interchangeable. This is just higher due to a better joke/story mix and the story being more interesting.

This is another episode where the helps make like it more than I might otherwise. Although unlike The Hero, the problems aren’t too big a deal. Frankie vanishing is the only one that really bothers me, and it’s not this episodes’ fault.

So yeah, there’s not much else to say yet again. This episode as a great entry to a sort of trilogy, and gave me something I was interested in seeing. It starts as a absurd premise turned into something very good, but becomes something pretty sweet.

While I hope they build on this, the episode stands as great for now. It’s another episode that’s just as funny as it is sweet, while having some interesting stuff in the sweet bits to boot.

Sorry I’m not saying too much but I think the top 2 will make up for it. But yeah, The Signature is another get angry in a sort of trilogy that isn’t a trilogy.

The top 2 is where the list gets interesting because these are the ones that are in my current top 11. Sure, Signature is but tied with two others. These would have their slots, and these would be roughly in the overall top 5. Yeah, let’s do this.

2. The Routine

Writers: Ben Bocquelet, Louise Coats, Nathan Auerbach, Daniel Berg, Andrew Jones, Ciaran Murtagh, Tom Neenan, Andy Wolton, Joe Parham and Tobi Wilson

When it comes to the major characters, Richard is one of the more divisive ones, at least early on. He’s another example of a dumbass Dad, and you either dislike him before of that, or like him in spite of that.

Recently some have lightened up on him since he has been getting better episodes here and there. Episodes about him can be divisive, most notably The Hero although that’s due to his treatment more than Richard himself.

I’m in the camp of mostly liking him but I will admit his episodes aren’t always the best, although there’s a few on my top 11. But I don’t think he had one I could call “Amazing”….until this episode.

The plot is that Richard goes to the store to get Mayo. Yeah, that’s it….oh, and it’s done in the style of an epic fantasy adventure. That part is important.

This show is really good at parody, and making mundane things surprisingly awesome/funny, and this one is a perfect example of that. I’m not sure what to say without spoiling everything. This episode hits a lot of notes parody various fantasy stories, most notably Conan.

I mean, it even begins with similar narration from Discount Mako. There’s also a bit of Neverending Story with the Car being Richard’s Steed, called Cartax. Spoilers, it also meets a similar fate in a swamp.

The thing that makes this one work so well is the tone and scale. Despite being a big joke, it really captures the feel of a big adventure, being really epic. Especially with the music, and animation.

I’m starting to realize how good the music is on this show, when you really listen to it. It can set the mood so perfectly. Like any good parody, it captures the mood of what they are parodying, which makes the actual jokes even funnier.

Most of the humor comes from Richard, as the concept of him being an fantasy adventure is funny enough. There’s plenty of good jokes that come from his interaction with fantasy tropes, like the “Trolls” at the Toll Booth, and the Witch.

Along with the humor, there’s slight emotion when Cartax sort of dies. You didn’t exactly get to know it or anything but just the way it’s done makes it just a little bit of sad, with how Richard reacts.

My favorite joke is the reveal of who the narrator is. I won’t spoil it, but it’s hilarious, and awesome at the same time.

Which sums up this episode. Character wise, it’s good for Richard showing he can be competent. Sure, he’s not perfect but he got that mayor is and I like how the family doesn’t know he got it.

But it’s not done in a mean way, it works for how the story is set up. One detail I found interesting as that it starts out as mundane as it sounds, and Richard just treats it like an epic adventure.

But as the episode goes on, it becomes more like one for real, with the obstacles he faces and how the big bad is an actual villain ravaging the land. I think it works to give us a taste of both ways to do something like that, and the escalation is neat.

This episode is just awesome. Not only did it do good things for Richard, but it serves as a great homage to classic epic fantasy adventures. It has the feel of those epics to make it even better, and the whole is just a ton of fun from start to finish.

I was impressed when I first saw it, and I still love it with each viewing. This is the kind episode that makes this show so good, and it shows that Richard can hold an episode on his own if you do it right.

Overall, this is a very strong fantasy adventure parody, that is also the best Richard episode, and is just awesome all around. Yeah, that’s all I got, it’s just good epic fun.


  1. The Uploads/The Love: I think they need to cool it on the compilation episodes, but they still can be good, and these were the best of the four we saw this season. Both take simply concepts (internet videos, and love) and makes tons of joke with the format. Some highlights include an Up parody, and Richard’s game review. Also, a sort of gay joke that’s actually funny!
  1. The Detective: In love mystery episodes, and while they did one before, I like this one more since it’s less like clue and more like True Detective, being a bit more gritty with an actually solid comedic mystery. I dig it
  1. The Nest: This is a sequel to the Puppy and it’s even better, being more messed up in the best possible way. This was the closest to making the list, but I guess the ones that made it just had more to them.

And my favorite Gumball Season 4 Episode is…

  1. The Disaster/The Rerun

Writers: Ben Bocquelet, Joe Parham, Andrew Jones, Ciaran Murtagh Nathan Auerbach, Daniel Berg,, and Tobi Wilson

Okay, let’s address something first. The latter episode of this two parter is technically a Season 5 episode. Yes, this takes from one season to the other, and they just aired together. But it’s impossible to talk about one withot the other, and it’s the package as a whole that makes it my favorite.

Sorry if you’re picky about that kind of thing, and yes if I do a Season 5 list, The Rerun can’t qualify. Anyway, we need some context before I get into the plot. Rob was a minor character who was dropped and they took advantage of this starting with The Nobody.

See, in The Void they discovered…well a void, where the world’s mistakes vanish to. Rob apparently ended up here and escaped after he failed to Gumball and Darwin’s attention when they went there in that episode.

Long story short, he’s a nobody in the world now and before finding out his backstory, Gumball and Darwin give him the role of the villain since all the other character types had been taken.

And now Rob is their nemesis, complete with backstory. Then comes The Nemesis, the Season 4 premire, which further explored his villain role, He also appeared in The Bus but it’s not important to this episode.

The point is, Rob is their enemy, and they know it as this is the shows way of parodying stuff like that. This is the minor arc I mentioned, and oh boy does it come to a head here.

Rob gets his ultimate revenge when he gets his hands on a Universal Remote straight out of Click, as in one that actually controls the universe. This comes from the same van Darwin and the Evil Turtle came from, by the way.

I’m not even sure where to begin with this one. When I saw these episodes for the first time, I was blown away beyond belif. I know this sound weird but a cartoon episode hasn’t quite affected me in a long time, at least when it comes to big event episodes like this.

But let’s slow down a bit. When you get down to it, the concept is pretty simple, just one using a magic remote to get revenge., The show often takes simple concepts and takes advantage of every possibility.

But usually it’s every comedic chance…but here, it’s every dramatic chance, along with the usual comedy. There’s tons of great jokes with the idea, especially in the parts where Gumball and Rob finally have a big fight.

The creativity and humor is exactly what I’ve come to expect from this show, just turned up to 11 due to the scale. The Diaster is mostly spent with Rob ruining Gumball’s life, which is funny, interesting, and really heartbreaking.

Most notably, he makes Darwin think he’s been insulted, and he makes Richard and Nicole gets a divorce, and it all just gets worse from there. I mean, it’s insane how bad things get for Gumball and it’s cruel in the best possible way.

It’s heartbreaking watching all this happen, andit never really goes overboard, as the chain of bad luck stops right there it should. Although Penny falling to her near death may have been a bit much. At least Rob pauses life before anything crazy happens there.

This is like a souped up version of The Signal, as this has also life becoming like TV in order to screw with Gumball. At the end of Disaster, Gumball ends up rewinding time back to the start to the episode, giving him a chance to fix things, which is what The Rerun is mostly about.

Yep, it’s Gumball’s take on Groundhog Day, pretty much ,and it’s one of the more unique takes I’ve seen, since it’s done on purpose and we only go through the day one extra time. This time he’s aware of Rob and tries to thwart him but things only become worse.

Mostly because long story short, Gumball accidentally makes his parents way younger which through complicated time stuff, worse things happen, let’s say. This time it gets rather dark and I won’t spoil it here because it’s…yikes.

Okay,so the episode is hilarious, intense, and creative but what really makes it amazing is the story, and Rob himself. Before he was just a silly parody of a villain, but here he becomes a real threat, that you feel sorry for.

Let’s think about it. As he said, he didn’t want to be the villain. He’s only that because Gumball and Darwin made him into a Nobody, and this was the only rule he could fill. They really screwed him over and he has a good reason for being mad at him.

They really take advantage of all this, to say the least. Instead of just stopping him and forgetting he has a reason, Gumball eventually takes pity on him and is able to apologize for what happened.

There’s way more to it than that, but I don’t want to just recap everything. I could do a full review of this episode to explain why everything is so awesome, but I don’t have the time for that.

They turn all this into an engaging and emotional story. You feel bad for Rob and the writers thankfully know this, so he gets a happy ending in a good way.

Well, sort of. I won’t spoil the very ending but it’s slightly bittersweet ending. But a very good one, since it still ends with Gumball having apologized for everything and all that. The way the ending works just makes this episode even better.

Since there anything wrong with this episode? Uh…well one joke near the ending is a bit off, but the follow up to it makes up for it. Also, some of the 4th wall jokes have references to the full credits, the full theme and even CN’s bumpers.

The first jokes will fall flat for some because CN shortens the theme in America, and the credits are pushed back. And Bumpers are always changing. Yeah, that’s the biggest nitpick ever but whatever, it’s something I noticed.

Now, all of this is totally great. It uses a concept to give us something very funny, creative, dark, engaging and emotional with an awesome villain. But there’s one thing that makes this even more amazing.

Think about the basic plot. Someone is mad at Gumball because he screwed him over in the past. Sound familiar? …Yeah, that was the plot of The Promise, my least favorite episode.

And this episode….does it right, by acknowledging that Gumball was the reason for everything going on from the start, and it takes pity on the person who is mad, giving him an actually good ending,

They took my least favorite, and not only fixed it, but made it into something amazing. Okay, this episode really only has what I mentioned in common ,and this was likely unintentional but still, they did this kind of story really well this time!

That’s just the icing on an amazing cake. I was worried I’d like this one less on re-watch, and I only loved it as much as I do because of the hyped, but nope, I still love it. It just blows me how how they put so much into these two episodes.

At it’s core, it’s a genuinely great story, that happens to have tons of creativity and humor to it. I said The Shell kind of summed up every aspect of the show that is great, and so this does one, but I like it even more.

Mostly the basic story is more interesting me. I know I don’t like to give the “favorite” award to the “Big” episode but sometimes they deserve, and these episodes are perfect examples of that.

But you know…being my favorite of the season isn’t where it ends. I considered this when I fist saw it, but I needed to wait a few weeks and come back to it be sure. And now I am. This episode combines everything I like about the show.

The creativity, the humor and the animation are all here, and it has great story and heart to make it even better. In an odd way, it sums up the show in a nutshell, with how unexpectedly well written it is, beyond just being funny.

I know this is a bold thing for me to say but,…i think this is not only my favorite episode of Season4…but my new favorite episode of the show, topping The Tape.

…Yeah, I may regret saying that but at the moment, I seriously believe this. It seriously has everything I personally like in the show, and on it’s own is just mind blowing. Maybe not everything feels the way I do about this episode, but it’s like Twilight’s Kingdom

I start of loving it, before deciding it is my favorite episode because it is nearly perfect. Am I overhyping it? Maybe but I don’t care, I genuinely think that, at least at the moment. I think I’ve said enough.

With all of this and more, at the moment say The Disaster and The Rerun combined makes up my favorite episode of The Amazing World of Gumball. Because it’s…well, amazing.

And those were my favorite Gumball Season 4 Episodes. Not my best list, but I think my top choice made up for it. And yeah, those episodes solidified my decision to do this list. There’s not a whole lot more to say, this was another good season for the show.

It’s so weird how the show goes to simply pretty good, to being something truly special. This is the same show that has one of my least favorite “Dud” Episodes ever. Usually, it is just pretty good/mildy great with just bits of Amazing-ness here and there, like plenty of other shows.

So I guess it’s not too weird. Will I do a Season 5 list? If I’m passionate enough sure. Honestly, don’t be shocked if I don’t do MLP Season 6 list for that reason. Season 5 should be interesting, as the creator teased a crossover special with another CN showing.

I guess that’s just gonna be a thing they do now. 2015 had Say Uncle, 2016 has TTG v PPG and 2017 will have Gumball and…hmmm….the upcoming Ben 10 Reboot? Hey, they keep doing these with divisive shows after all.

We’ll just have to wait and see. I guess you want me to adress the show ending, since I’ve talked my anger for the current trend of shows I like ending. Well, see, the show is going to end after Season 6.

The show will have had 6 Seasons. That’s more than enough, and as long the show ends the way the creators wants, I’ll be happy. Also, we actually don’t know what’s happening. He said:

Also you know, I’m the one leaving after season 6 but it is not necessarily the end of The Amazing World Of Gumball’

He has yet to elaborate on that. Who knows what this means but I honestly hope it doesn’t mean he’s leaving and the show will go on, because that would be way worse than if it ended without getting a real ending.

But I suppose we’ll have to see. There’s plenty to look forward to in the meantime. As for what’s next for me, Part 1 of my big Halloween 2016 Special hits on the 1st, and the next Horrorland review should be up before that.

And a scene by scene review will be soon after both. I’m gonna be busy the next 3 months, Holiday Clusterfuck indeed. Either way, hope you enjoyed this, list some of your favorite below or whatever, I don’t care.

Guess that’s all I have to say so…

See ya.=


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