General Review: Suicide Squad

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, it’s safe to say DC is in a spot of trouble. I went over a bit of this in the Batman v Superman review but the problem has gotten worse. Taking my feelings out of it, their attempts to catch up with Marvel have met with mixed results.

Batman v Superman was especially messy, due to harsh reactions and a big box office drop in the other weekends. It did make it’s money back of course but it was still a mess for them. They still seem to be going through with Wonder Woman and Justice Leauge, which had popular Comic Con trailers.

But honestly, even I’m not sure about all this. There’s plenty of effort put into things, and they can’t be fully cynical if some things work. But the people working at these studios can be kind of stupid especially with how much they cut out of BvS.

Speaking of, I haven’t seen the Ultimate Edition yet. Maybe someday but at the moment, I don’t want a longer version of an already overlong film. Again, regardless of how you feel this whole thing is a messy with the behind the scenes trouble and how the films have fared with people.

But in spite of this, I’ll go into the future films with an open mind. Maybe their attempts to fix people’s problems will be genuine. We’ll just have to see. So our first entry from them after BvS is something that is currently getting negative reviews.

God. Damn. It.

Okay, to be fair, I’ve had different opinions than critics tons of times, even this year. I even like one a bit less with Hail Ceaser! And yes, the whole Rotten Tomatoes Petition thing is stupid, and you don’t need me to say that.

Let’s ignore that and judge this fairly. I thought BvS didn’t deserve it’s low percentage at all, even with it’s flaws. Anyway, this one looks interesting. It’s about a group of villains this time, and while I’m familiar with some of the baddies, I’m not too familiar with the group itself.

So it’s a nice middle ground. The trailers basically made it out to be DC’s big Comedy film after some more dramatic ones. As such people were looking forward to it, even after Reshoots were announced.

I certainly was among those people. After Batman v Superman, I was hoping for this one to help give DC a boost. Even after the early reaction, I think I could like this one. The director and writer previous has worked on films like Training Day and End of Watch, which I’ve heard are excellent.

Add in some great casting choices, and you have something that sounds awesome. Will I think it’s a fun bright spot in DC’s lineup, or will it make me want to commit Suicide? Let’s find out!

This, is Suicide Squad

(Gonna try something a bit different. Sometimes the quality of the script may be differently from my personal enjoyment, so I changed things to reflect that. You’ll see)


After the events of Batman v Superman, government type person Amanda Waller gathers a group of villains to help with more danger matters, including an even more evil threat who wants to destroy the world.

In this section, I’m focus’s entirely on the script. The narrative, pacing, general development, and such. More subjective stuff goes in the next section. Anyway, as you can tell, this is DC’s attempt to show they can be more subversive and funny.

It stars quirky villains and focuses a bit more on humor, and tries to have more character moments compared to the more “epic” previous films. And for what’s it worth, it knows more about what it’s trying to be, and it’s more focused.

When it’s focuses on smaller moments, it tends to work okay and be a bit genuine. These DC films can do small subtle things right when they want to, usually. These movies aren’t the best with plots sometimes…and sadly this continues the trend.

The actual plot is pretty lackluster. An evil witch chick is doing evil stuff because reasons, and has a portal thingy that is nothing like the avengers at all. They have a bit of something regarding the villain, but that’s it.

I get that they are trying to keep the plot smaller, compared to their other films, this is just a lame plot. I can forgive it some places, but it’s hard for me to care sometimes due to this. The actual writing isn’t the greatest movie.

It is hard to do a team movie like this if you haven’t featured the characters before, since you have to introudce them in an organic way and make me care about them. And to be fair, they tried in some parts to do this.

But they clearly only care about Harely Quinn and Deadshot because they get the most development. Despite some shoddy editing at the start, they are developed passably with their backstories being shown okay.

The rest are kind of thrown to the side, with their backstories kind of just being told randomly in the 2nd half. This kind of thing has been done worse, but it could have been done better. People have been complaining about the editing and while it’s not as bad as people say, it can be shoddy.

It’s clear a lot has been cut so some scenes don’t flow that well because important parts are missing. There’s a part where Joker just…appears. He pops in with no build up or explanation, and it’s not written like that was the point, it’s just bad editing.

On the bright side, the script isn’t awful per say. It makes just enough sense in some places, and it didn’t piss me off like some bits of MOS and BVS. Some of the characters are written well enough and there is some good humor. That kind of goes in the next section that plays into the writing being not terrible.

The only thing left to mention about the writing is the concept itself. With this premise, you have to make them real villains, while also having us root for them. Here, they can be too heroic. Honestly, only Harely seems like a bad person, and that’s mostly due to her connection to the joker.

This goes in charecters, but it is minor quibble here. So yeah, an underwhelming script in places. There wasn’t much to say because there’s not much to it, aside from things I can’t spoil.

I understand making it simple, but it ends up being too bland for the kind of film they want to make. It’s not awful writing, just nothing special. I’ll take this over some of the bloated writing in BvS but it could have been better.


I’m not sure if this will be in every review, but sometimes I need it to make my full thoughts clear. While the film could have been writing better, it’s not a hard sit. On a personal evel, it’s just in the middle.

The humor mostly works. The little comments from the crew can be funny and there is plenty of humor. DC can do humor when it actually fits, and it can fit here. Sometimes it clashes when the film gets boring in the climax, but ah well.

Sadly, it does get boring sometimes. When it’s focusing on the antagonist, I simply don’t care. There’s no flair to those parts, so I just nod off. The actions are also shockingly underclothing. I’ve seen waaaaaay worse but there’s not much to them,

Aside from a few bits, there’s not much style to them. The writing doesn’t make them more exciting either. So on an enjoyment level it is better, because it is kind of watchable with good humor, but some lackluster action bits and boring parts lower it’s grade a bit.

But hey, at least it’s not painful.


WARNING: Some consider the villain to be a spoiler so here’s your warning

The big selling point in a movie like this is the cast, and Iin some ways they divd well, but in other ways, not so much. Mostly because the writer clearly only cares about two characters.

Let’s start with Harely Quinn, played by Margot Robbie. She’s easily the best one, cuz while her backstory is rushed, she herself is fun. The character is portrayed well with her crazy nature kept intact.

She also gets the best jokes and has the best chemistry with her co-stars. Any issues with her can be blamed on the pacing and writing more than anything else. So good job on her at least,

Next is Deadshot, played by Will Smith. He has the biggest arc, as he has a daughter and isn’t really too bad of a guy. Because of this, some bits can be slightly engaging , even if the writing isn’t always the best. Will Smith manages to be charming the roll.

So yeah, he’s fine enough too. Sadly the rest are pretty meh. Although I do kind of enjoy Amanda Waller, played by Viola Davis. She’s cool as the no nonsense person who set all this up. There’s not much to her, but she’s okay.

And I may as well discuss the joker, played by Jared Leto, while we are here. Its already well known that he’s not in too much because a lot of his scenes were cut. I’m mixed on this because year, it’s clear some of his bits are gone, like the one I mentioned.

But at the same time, we’ve had Joker at the center of films a lot by now, I think it’s okay for him to take a backseat this time. But yeah, they should have kept some of his scene’s in. As for Joker himself…he’s fine!

Yeah, he’s written to be a bit crazier and less dark, and it works. Jared Leto does a fine job and he can be enjoyable. Far from my favorite version of the character, but I think he’s done well despite not being in a lot.

Then comes the rest of the squad. Chato Santana/ El Diablo, played by Jay Hermandaz, has neat pyro powers, an okay backstory, but that’s about it. Like the others we have left, he’s not terrible but a bit dull besides his powers.

Then there is Captain Boomerage, played by Jail Courtney. Not too much to him besides being tough, but Jail Courtney gave him some life with his toughness. Wait…Jail Courtney gives a character life and is good? Huh?!

To round out the Squad, we have Killer Croc, played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. He’s the weakest because there’s nothing to him. He barely says anything memorable, honestly. Given his character you would think he would be more interesting but ah well.

Lastly, there’s our Antagonist, Enchantress, played by Cara Delevingne. She contribuesto the weakest element of the film, so I didnt’ care for her, She looks cool but otherwise she’s evil because reason. There is one element with her but it;’s weak in execution. You think a film about villains would have a better baddie.

And again there are some I forgot about and have to mention at the last minute, Also kind of on the team is Katana. She’s a badass chick with a sword, and that’s about it. She has some cool moments at least but otherwise, eh.

And finally for real this time is Rick Flag, played by Remake Robocop. Once again, he’s just there. His acting has gotten better at least but otherwise he’s just kind of okay.

Most of the characters are just there, but at least the acting is good and we have two solid characters in the line up.

Final Thoughts:

The current DC films frustrate me, They aren’t bad and tend to be fine, with plenty to like. But they usually end up being middle of the road with too many flaws for me to like, even though they come so close.

Sadly, Suicide Squad continues that trend. It’s a set up in the right direction, with two solid characters, and good humor, but it’s weakened by poor editing a weak story, with mostly empty characters.

And once again, it’s not even bad! It has plenty of effort and it’s almostt there, but it falls short. This one /I’m even more mixed, because I almost enjoy it, but the problems take away from it.

It’s nowhere near as bad as people say, and again does to deserve a 27 on RT. Seriously, that’s lower than Brothers Grimsby! (More on that at the end of the year…).

They almost have it, because it has it’s own feel sometimes, with decent humor and a director’s unique vision. But they need to either improve their writing, or fire the excuses who keep cutting these movies!

Like their other films, it’s close to being good, but just falls short. But eh, still not bad at least. I’d recommend it to those who think this looks fun and don’t mind a weak-ish plot. And those who liked the other DC films, since there’s no reason you would dislike this.

Others, should just stay away or wait until you can rent it. There’s some good here, but not enough to be fully good.

Ugh, at least this is a filler so it won’t hurt them as much as BvS. But man…please let Wonder Woman be good.

Writing: C+

Enjoyment: B- (Also applies to production values)

Characters: B-

OVERALL: C+ (On a Critical Level at least)

Usually I’d tease next week, but the next General Review shall come…Tomorrow! Because I will be watching none other than…Nine Lives. Just kidding, I’m doing The Little Prince, the film yanked off the theaters and put into Netflix.

Should be good, has a 90 something on RT. But seriously, my theater oddly doesn’t carry Nine Lives and I don’t wanna go out of my for it, so you’ll have to wait til DVD for me to tell you how I feel. Sorry.

See ya.

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