General Review: Ice Age Collision Course

Which means we’ll likely be seeing ice age 5 in a few years. Something tells me it’ll have aliens in it”-Me, 2013

Hello, Spongey here.

There are some franchises where every time they announce a new entry, you can hear the world’s collective groan at the idea. Blue Sky’s Ice Age series is a perfect example of that.

If you recall, back in 2013 I reviewed 2012’s Ice Age 4 which I was…not impressed by. To recap, the first adventure with Manny and the gang was a genuinely good family film that managed to take itself decently seriously, despite a wacky squirrel subplot.

The sequels have progressively gotten far away from that. The Meltdown was a solid sequel, and while Dawn of the Dinosaurs was flawed, it had the best Scrat subplot and the best visuals.

Then came Continental Drift. To recap my review, it was pretty much a rehash of the previous films, with a very weak and cliché story, even if Scrat was still top notch. At this point, this franchise is a cash grab.

I don’t like to say that too often, but it’s clear these only exist because they make money. While even Part 4 has it’s moments, I thought they should pack it in before they really push it. Then they announced Part 5.

Now, I’m open to anything but even I groaned at this. Honestly, this was my least anticipated film of the Summer simply because I want this series to end. Do more Scrat shorts, like the one in front The Peanuts Movie, and just end this franchise.

It didn’t help that the trailers didn’t’ say much about the real story, and this currently has the worst reviews of all the films, with a 15 Percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Having one of the directors from Part 4 doesn’t help much either.

We have have a writer from the original film, but also have two from the weaker sequels. But like I said, I’m open. Maybe there’s some great twist they aren’t telling us. And hey, as long as it’s better then previous one, I’ll consider that a win.

So screw it, let’s see if 5th time is the charm, or if this franchise should finally go extinct.

This, is Ice Age: Collision Course


The quality of the writing has always been spotting, but the team of animators at Blue Sky still try their best, for the most part. In the 4th film, the animation was good but the locations were very bland, and there was nothing special about the look the film itself.

Thankfully, they at least fixed that here. The character animation is mostly pretty standards. The models look good, but aside from the villains, they don’t stand out too much. The characters do move pretty well, as these animator as great at slapstick as shown with Scrat.

The highlight here would be the locations. It’s technically just the same, but they add in little details in the backgrounds to make them pop up. Even the typical bits they walk on for most of the film look nice, thanks to some pretty solid lighting.

Scat’s segments feature the best animation, as they have fun with the spaceship and what it does. There’s also a really cool bit with Buck that’s all in one “shot” and it’s very dynamic.

The animation is hardly Pixar level, or even Epic level, but it’s still quite solid. The characters don’t look too special, but the locations are nice thanks to little details and good lighting that makes the film quite pretty looking.

There’s not much else to say. Regardless of how the rest the film is, at least the animators tried their hardest, and improved on the previous film and it’s bland animation. It looks pretty, at least.


Manny is worried about the upcoming marriage between Peaches and her fiancé, Julian, but he has bigger things to worry about when an asteroid is headed towards Earth. Now they must survive and/or stop the upcoming apocalypse.

To boil it down, Manny has to deal with accepting his teenage daughter, while also dealing with a big disaster that causes them to have to get away, and it’s all started by Scrat.

…You’ve gotta be a kidding me. IT’S THE SAME DAMN THING AGAIN!? It was bad enough when they rehashed Part 2, but now they’re doing the same thing twice in a row? Hell, each film has had the same basic concept of them trying to get away from a disaster.

But whatever, maybe they’re just using a formula that works and the details can make it stand out. So how’s the main conflict? …Pretty weak. First off, you remember Louis? Peaches’ kind of love interesting in the previous movie?

They developed their relationship to the point that you are at least meant to care, even if you don’t. …Well, screw that, he’s not in here.

At the start of this one, she is engaged to a new guy. That’s right, not only do they introduce a new love interest, but she is engaged to him,with no explanation or trasintion. You pretty much through out a perfectly usable character for no reason!

And because he’s so out nowhere, you don’t care about their relationship. At this point, they already engang and in love, and they have no problems of their owning, meaning they never develop.

So how the hell am I supposed to care about them? Speaking of caring, this movie doesn’t care about it’s main story. It treats it like a footnote, spending most of it’s time on the whole apocalypse thing.

They don’t nicely combined the two stories, it almost feels like two movies on one. Only one scene really connects the plots together, and it’s too little too late. It’s not as ergicious as the last one in that regard, but still. This movie just fill of gimmicks that waste time. Besides Scrat, there’s these villains that add nothing, a Sid love plot that adds nothing, and a Neil Degrass Tyson cameo that adds nothing.

Oh yeah, Sid’s plot. Let me recap it: He groans about having no girlfriend after his current one dumps him due to him being clingy, they drop it for an hour, he finds a girl sloth who loves him right away and then that’s it. They hook.

Oh wait, she leaves to be with the people she was with but comes back to Sid right after, making it pointless. If you cut all the pointless crap like this, the movie wouldn’t even be 40 minutes, I bet.

Oh yeah, I forgot to wrap up my feelings on the main story. I dropped it like the movie did sometimes. It’s incredibly cliché and sitcom-ish. Manny went through this exact arc last time, so I don’t care. Even on it’s own, it’s been done so much and they add nothing to it.

And because of the love interest problem, I don’t care if Manny grows to like him or not. Well okay, how about Scart? Well, he’s still the highlights thanks to some top notch slapstick…even he’s weak this time!

That’s because he’s not in it as much. Long stretches go by without him this time, and he only appears a few times compared to before. Even his final gag is weak, and not nearly as crazy as Scratlantis.

As for the humor, it’s mostly tired. Some of it works, like a lot of the bits with Buck and Scart, but both get a bit tired after a while. There’s an okay amount of okay lines, but a lot of the humor ir is just lazy.

There’s a hashtag joke. That’s how far this series has fallen.

As you can tell, the writing is not good at all. The only credit I can give it as that the character actually trying to stop the danger, makes the stakes more interesting than the previous film despite still having the same plot.

But besides that, the writing is poor. The concepts are the same as before, and the story itself is very cliché and almost tries to make it so you don’t care. Tons of filler and less Scat does not help make the script tighter.

Oh, and going into space just confirms that we have officially jumped the shark. Technically there’s no aliens, but close enough. With writing this poor, why did they even bother?


With each sequels, these once charming characters have gotten less interesting, and by this poitn they are incredibly one dimensional shells of their former selves. The new characters don’t add much to the problem.

There’s a few that do NOTHING, and shouldn’t even be listed. Shira and Diego do nothing in the story, and could have been cut. Diego is at least here because he has to be, what’s Shira’s excuse? What, they cut Louis who was more important, so why not? I already talked about Scrat so I can move on to people who actually do something.

Let’s start with the new characters. There’s these flying dinosaur guy and his daughter, and their son, voiced by Nick Offerman, Steaphanie Beatriz, and Max Greenfield. They…add nothing.

I don’t know you, but I think an asteroid is enough conflict, why add villains? All they do is chase Buck and spoilers, they turn good when they realize how dumb their plan is! It doesn’t help that they are bland, and the son is easily the most annoying character.

He’s basically Andy Dick from Lion King 2 but worse.

Then we have Shangri Llama (Because that joke’s never been done), voiced by Jesse Tyler Ferugeson. He’s just this guy who lives in this asteroid already on the ground, along with some other people. He has some okay moments but is mostly useless otherwise.

With him is Sid’s love interest, who is bland I didn’t care to remember her name, voiced by Jessie J. She’s kind of hippie-ish I guess but that’s it. That’s all there is to here. Why is she even here?!

There are couple others with them but they are just note jokes, so we can move on. There is Neil Degrass Tyson’s Caemo as…Neil DeBuck Weasel. Geez, How long did that take you write on a napkin?

He’s…there. It’s kind of amusing to have a scientist in the most accurate film ever, but that’s about it. Our last new guy is Jullian, voiced by Adam Devine. I will admit the voice work gives him some energy, but otherwise he’s just an overexcited love interest.

And because he’s so out nowhere, I don’t care about him. Plus, he can be a little annoying sometimes. So all the new characters suck, you can only imagine how the old ones are.

Eddie and Crash are still here, to add in lame pop culture references and that’s it. Again, only here cuz they have to be. They make so many lame jokes, I’m shocked no one twerks in this.

They finally bring back Buck, voiced by Simon Pegg, a weaeal from the Dinosaur World. His eccirengtic mature made him the highlight of that film and he’s still good here…mostly. He starts off very enjoyable, but his shtick gets old.

Which is too bad, because he’s arguably more important than anyone else despite not really changing. He’s here cuz he found a prophecy predicting this, even though this was all an accident by Scart. Unless they predicted that and it’s all fate..

Then we have Sid, voiced by John Leguismo. He’s useless (Guess what the word of the day is!) here despite getting a major subplot. They at least drop the screw up thing, but he’s dumb and pointless otherwise.

His grandmother, Voiced by Wanda Sykes, has some amusing lines, but otherwise she adds nothing.

Next is Peaches, voiced by Keke Palmer. She’s grown up a bit and she’s…uh…a grow up who is getting married. That’s about it. She has one cool scene where she proves she can handle a baby (oh god, I think I know what the next one will be about), but that’s it. She’s more likable now but far less interesting.

Which finally brings us to Manny and Ellie, voiced by Ray Romano and Queen Latiffah. I forgot to mention that there’s a plot point where Manny forgot his anniversary. Yes, they are seriously resorting to that even though it adds NOTHING.

It does give Ellie something to work with at least. She has one slight bit, joining Manny in worrying about Peaches’ possibly leaving them but they drop pretty quickly, making her bland as ever.

Manny is the worrying father, and since he learned this before, I have no reason to care because I know this won’t stick. He’s so generic this time, and honestly a dick if he still cant’ trust his own daughter.

Notice how almost all of these character are either one dimensional or pointless? That’s a problem. Of them, I like Scart and Buck but both are weaker than before. We have new charecters that mostly add nothing, and our old ones are shells of their former selves.

Some can have some amusing moments, but that’s it. What they did the two characters is further proof this franchise should just pack in, with one generic and useless they are.

Final Thoughts:

Just when you thought this series couldn’t get any more useless, Ice Age: Collision Course proves you wrong. It has strong animation and a handful of funny moments, and a few decent performances, but otherwise it’s not worth it.

The characters are mostly one dimensional, and the writing rehashes all the other movies, with a main conflict that’s both cliché and written in a way that makes you not care. What happened?

The first film was an honest film, and a very good for families. But not this series is purely for children. How does it compared to the 4th one? Well, the animation is better, and the nature of the diaster makes it slightly more engaging than the land breaking apart.

But if it’s better, it’s only SLIGHTLY. Everything else is easily worse, due to how pointless it all is. A lot of this movie is just filler. Some of it can be enjoyable, but nothing in the writing works. It’s fine to make movies for fun but can you at least try with your scripts?

This series should just go Direct to Video. The writing is about as good as Direct to Video films, honestly. Or better yet, just turn it into a show. It’s a sitcom already so why not go all the way ? Either way, just stop putting Ice age Films in Cinemas.

This series has officially gotten old. I’m not one for crackpot theories, but remember how Scrat died in Ice Age 2 and was brought back by Sid? I think he did die, and the rest of the series is all in his head. That would explain so much, wouldn’t it? Seriously, am I the first one to come up with this?!

But yeah, even if you actually enjoyed the 4th one, you should skip this and wait until you can rent this. Only those people would enjoy it anyway, everyone else shouldn’t spend their money on it.

Please Blue Sky, end this series now. It’s hinted to possibly be the final one, so hopefully we’re done he-



Writing: D-

Animation: B

Characters: C


It’s not even the most painful ever, but on principle alone I have to call it bad. Our next animated feature should be more mature, but that’s up in the air.

Before I go, I predicted the next one last time, so let’s see, they went in the space, so what else can they do?

Well, there’s two things they can do:P

  1. Time Travel. You went to space, might as well jump the shark even further. Yes, they did a Scart short with this already but they clearly don’t care if they did stuff already. Actually, one of the orginal ideas for 4 was for them to be frozen and thaw out in a museum, so maybe they can do that.
  1. BRING THE BABY BACK. He was such an important thing in the first movie, as he brought the gang together. Why are we on Part 5 with not even a mention of him at all?! It would at least be interesting.

The article says they will make a 6th one if people want it, or prove they want it. Well, at this point no one wants it, so I guess we’re done. I know I am.

I’m taking a break next week because I need one, and I don’t have time to catch up with 4 movies just to see Jason Bourne. I’ll be back in two weeks to see if DC can get their act together.

See ya.


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