Top 5 Littlest Pet Shop Season 4 Episodes

Hello, Spongey here.

So far, 2016 seems to be known for many things. But because I don’t like being grim, let’s focus on all the TV show finales. I mean, we have plenty in 2015, most notably Phineas and Ferb but this year so far has a fair amount.

And when I tried to think, I only thought of a few. But they are happening around the same time, so there. Besides today’s topic,. Wander’s end happened, (as did Gravity Falls, but that was planned) and The 7D is supposed to end soon as well.

Yeah, Disney is just getting rid of their lineup or some reason. They ended Randy as well last year, as well as I Didn’t Do It, making it one of their odder shows. Outside of Disney, Uncle Grandpa is ending production, on Nick, Sanjay and Craig will end after season 3, which is fair, but Breadwninners will meet it’s end after Season 2/.

(And nothing of value was lost…)

I’m not sure what is going on, but we better get new shows to make up for it. Dsiney’s got a few, including a new one from Dan and Swampy, which will star Weird al.

SHUT UP AND TAKE MY RATINGS. Seriously, what’s next, a show helmed by Aaron Springer, with Merriwether Williams on the writing stall? …Wait, that’s happening too?!

…Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, I’m not sure what this is about but it meant the end of Littlest Pet Shop. I did a whole post for this show, then reviewed it’s new worst episodes, so I don’t need to repeat myself.

While the show was far from amazing, it managed to be a decent show that managed to stand on it’s own, out of MLP’s shadow. However, it was only mildly popular. It had a good fandom but not one crazy enough to keep it afloat.

So it was canceled after4 Seasons. Of course the creators had more planned meaning the show ended randomly. I’m worried about this channel, but I’ll talk about that soon enough. Not to be fair, the show had 4 Seasons and 104 episodes. (If it took place all over summer, this would be perfect).

That’s more than most get. Certainly more than Pound Puppies got. But yeah, it should have been treated better. At least it got to do some cool stuff, and ended on a good season. We’ll save the sappy stuff for later, for now let’s go over the season.

This final season was good. Yeah, it may be weaker than Season 3, but it has the same pros and cons as 1 and 2. On one hand, perhaps the good ones could often not be as good as previous seasons, and it had my two least favorite episodes.

I think the biggest problem is that it set up a lot of stuff,…that it never paid off. I can lt some slide due to it being canned, but some make no e sense. There seemed to be a family theme with various characters’ parents being revealed, but nothing comes of that, besides one certain Mom being mentioned after a twist.

In previous season, everything they set up is resolved in the end, but this season that doesn’t really happen, which isn’t a cancellation problem. Various minor things didn’t quite come back along with that big thing.

I’ll get a bit more in this later, hint hint. But even with that, it was still good. Two things made it work, along with the usual things I like about the show. First is the focus. They did a better job of balancing the Blythe and pet stuff. Most of the eps had a plot for both, with the pet plot using being the main one.

And they were usually both important. Even the worst episode got that right, kind of. And in general, each pet got a major episode in some way. Granted, some were better than others but it’s better than nothing.

The other thing is The Biskits. I went into them and how they got better in Season 3, but Season 4 perfected them, and they finally nailed down who they are. They are bitch-y but are able to be nice in some situations, while still not liking Blythe.

I’d say also one or two episodes have them being the villain as the focus and even then it made them funny. We had more of their good side in various ways, with it being jarring. Yeah, this makes Guilt Tripping so much worse.

Their appearances were also spaced out a bit more, and they weren’t major all the time. This season made me realize I do mostly enjoy them, which makes their bad appearences hurt more.

So while the season was a bit mixed, it was mostly good. The only other to mention before we go is the writers. We had more new ones, and since I did this with MLP Season 5, we’ll see how each writer did this season, new and old.

Guy Toubes: He was really good this season, the best returning writer. All of his eps were notably good and had some real gems, and got some important episodes, doing the premire, the mid season finale, and the actual finale. Nice job.

David Shayne: Favorite new writer, due to how good his best ones are. His first was merely fine, but the rest were notably good and quite interesting. He had the most consistently good output of the new guys. Although he seems to have an odd for vilifying established characters..

Roger Eshbacher: He had a weaker run this time. All of his eps were merely decent, and while they all had highlights, none were quite THAT good. Even his best one had a weak subplot. On the bright side, he got much better with the Biskits the two times he wrote them this season. At least his final one had a good song.

Eric Rogers: A rough start with a mixed bag but got better with two very good ones. Would be the best if Senior Day wasn’t as flawed as it is. Great subplot though,. Guess it’s better than when he was on Brickleberry. ..Wait, what?

FM Demarco: He got on my good side after his debut, and here he kept it up, but eps kept getting weaker. Still solid, but not up quite the crazy good-ness of Back Window. His finale one was surprisingly bland-ish for one of his eps. Ah well.

Nick Confalone: A bit mixed. I reviewed his weak debut, his 2nd was great, and his third was good but flawed with the moral. But both his good ones had great Biskit stuff, so there is that. He at least ended on an okay note.

Adam Beechen: What the heck happened? I’m not sure how he randomly came to do one, much less how it ended up being so poor. Too bad he ended on such a lame note, given he did my all time favorite episode.

Julie/Tim Cahil: The creators don’t personally write too many recent ones, but they randomly did Seeing Red which was solid.

That gives you an idea of the hit and miss quality, but to be fair the shwo could be hit or miss sometimes. And the gems made it worth it. So let’s look at those gems that made this season well worth watching.

This, is the Top 5 Littlest Pet Shop Season 4 Episodes.

…But like with MLP, let’s first go over the best songs. This time i’ll do a quick short Top 5 songs list since I can organize it better this time. By the way, way less songs this time, but the ood ones stood out

5. Cinepetmatic [Littlest Pet Street] A good final song. It’s fun and nicely goes through a few film genere, my favorite being the Kung Fu part because Minka’s words are out of sync. Nice.

  1. Can’t Give Up [Un-vetted] Went into this in the review, but yeah in spite of the concept, the flow is really good and both parties are great here.

3. The Guilty Tango [Guilt Tripping] Also went it but man this would be at the top if the episode didn’t basically make it weaker. Still a good song though.

2. To Tell You the Truth [On the Same Page] A nice emotional song with some great singing. Alsleigh Ball just nails that final note.

  1. Dude is a Vampire [Littlest Pet Shop of Horrors]. This one is so plain awesome in how fun it is. I like how it mixes horror music with the funky tune. When it’s on point, the flow is good, Sam Vincent is great as always, and it’s “stuck in your head all day catchy”. You can argue the last few are better made, but this one stuck with me more.

You can go to my Deviant Art a bit later for what my current overall song list looks like with the new additions. Same with episodes. Speaking of, let’s start. But I got another note: This will be more like a Spongey’s Favorite Episodes, where I don’t go into as much detail.

This show has always been one where I can’t go into a ton of detail on the episodes in text. Sorry in advance if this list is lackluster on that front. Let’s FINALLY start.

  1. A Doggie Biskit

Writer: David Shayne

Oh boy, we’re starting with an interesting one to talk about, for various reasons. Let’s get something out of the way: Yes, this episode was known as “Leigh Rose by another name “ for a while, on every sit I could find, but was randomly called this in the episode itself.

I have no idea how this happened. Or how it happened AGAIN with Bake it Til you Make it, previously called Bake Boss. Even happened with MLP’s Saddle Row Review, previously called Saddle Row and Rec. To be fair, in this case I like the new title more because of the pun.

Anyway, in this episode, Blythe and Zoe help Mrs. Biskit train her dog for a dog show. …And from that you have the main interesting thing. Yes, this season finally introduced to the Biskits’ Mother.

How that happened is a long story, which I may or may comment on later, as I want to focus on this episode. But yeah, she happened and she’s quite interesting. For one, she’s voiced by Shanon Chen Kent, who also voices the Biskits.

She’s got quite the range. I mean, Eliza Biskit is a lot more upbeat, in contrast to her daughters and husband. As in, she sings a lot and is generally annoying to others. And yeah, she’s awesome.

She should be annoying but the actors delivery, and the contrast make her hilarious, especially in this one. But before we move on with the main plot, we gotta talk about the subplot, which is also very good.

Wiggles the Alligator returns, having gotten into a self help book full of meaningless positive sayings, that the other pets get into. For one, it’s nice to see him back, given how I feel about his first appearance.

This was a nice way to bring him back. I like it when shows make fun of this kind of stuff, and they do some fun stuff with it. It’s mostly just fun but it gets interesting when Wiggles reveals why he’s doing this.

It’s slightly cliché, but quite nice and leads to good Be Yourself moral. I’ve bitched about those but it works here. He was already well done before, but this made me like more. It’s a pretty solid subplot to compliment our main story.

Now, I wasn’t sure about putting this on here, as Petnapped came close to getting this slot. As I said before, the first slot on a list is always hard. I really like both about equally, but you can argue this one’s issue takes from it slightly more.

See, there’s a minor point about how Mrs. Biskit pays a bit more attention to Poppy than Whitney and Britney. They seem to be bugged by this, as at one point they dump water on Blythe and say not to help their mother’s dog. This is dropped until the Biskits actually comfort their mother when Poppy seems to have left her. It’s a really nice moment,and is another case of the Bikits being good this season.

But soon after they hug her..

I got her wallet’

MADAME FOSTER: I got everything I needed out of that hug.

.Yeah. I wasn’t sure how much this took away from the episode. I mean, my one problem with Petnapped is less serve than this, even if it has a bigger impact on it’s main draw. I mean, it undercuts a whole minor arc, and seems to be another “the writer hates the Biskits” moment.

.But to be fair, it was only a minor arc, and is a small moment in the grand scheme of things. Certainly less of an issue o the endings of those episodes I reviewed. And I can just skip that bad moment to enjoy the good moments and such.

And it’s my only problem ,as the rest is great. For one, it’s full of amusing moments on both plots. My favorite part being Blythe having to be the test dog as Zoe trains Poppy. I don’t know, Blythe acting like a dog is just funny to me.

And of course, Eliza’s singing gives us plenty of fun moments too. It’s not exactly hilarious, but it keeps up the enjoyment with tons of little funny moments. But of course, the main element of Eliza and Poppy makes this one good.

Poppy is usually good at dog shows, but seems to give up during the inspection. Eliza actually really does care about Poppy and doesn’t just want to win dog shows her with, and Poppy really likes her too.

Which means she has her reasons for not doing well at the end of these. It’s not the craziest twist, but it makes sense and adds more depth to the story. It also has a be yourself moral, which is done even better here.

It’s nothing too complex, but seeing Mrs. Biskit have a nice relationship with a dog is just really nice. She manages to be very likable here, even if she annoys others with her singing. Poppy is cool too with her nature and motivation.

I’ll admit this episode is on here purely for subjective reasons. I’ve recently learned I have a soft spot for good Biskit stuff, no which member of that family it is. Even with that minor weak moment, the other stuff with the twins still manages to be nice on it’s own.

Most people like this one, but will say that prefer the episode I passed up for this slot, because most people prefer the kind of story that episode tells. And that’s fine, we all have our biases.

I’ll get into Pernapped’s pro and cons in the Honorable Mentions, by the way. I just feel more passionate about the best elements of this episode vs that one. I really enjoy the way both plots play out, the jokes, and the general sweet-ness of Eliza and Poppy’s plot. I really like seeing more of her, and having her be given a sweet plot is even better.

It’s odd that I’m slightly mixed on our first episode on a best list, but as I said, it’s a personal thing. I’m willingly to look past that one problem to enjoy the parts I really like. If you don’t like that, you can pretend Petnapped made it here. It was very close.

But in the end, I went with this. It must have one nagging problem, but it makes up for it with a well done main conflict, an equally solid subplot, and some enjoyable comedy. And giving us more development for a fun new character is cool too.

You can debate all you want, but I think this one is great for what it does, even if one small moment is off. Even with that, it’s a very well rounded and nice episode. A strange but still solid one to start our list with.

Don’t worry, the rest are better choices.

  1. Littlest Pet Shop of Horrors

Writer: David Shayne

Remember when I said I had a Halloween in July thing planned for this year? This,..isn’t what my idea was, but it’s a nice bonus. And yes, this is our official Halloween episode…which aired in November. I’ve ranted on this before but seriously guys, get your shit together.

Also, I’d like to point out that the closest to a Christmas episode we had just called it “The holiday season” and didn’t do anything too specific, yet the Halloween episode goes all out. Weird, usually it’s the other way around.

As for our plot, you know how many times now I’ve commented on how a lot of shows lately have been doing their own take of Simpsons’ Treehouse of horror? Here’s yet another one! Yep, Blythe and the pets hold a scary story contest on Halloween.

This episode is simply fun, the most enjoyable episode in the season. Others are written better, but I had lot of fun with this. I have a soft spot for this format, which is why I keep praising takes on it.

This one will be hard to explain because…it’s funny. You can’t go deeper without spoiling all the jokes. But I can try. Now, this episode does admittedly having minor pacing issues. See, there’s actually 4 stories instead of the usual 3…AND a subplot with Roger being so Jet lagged he mistakes all the costumed kids for monsters.

When you this, you run the risk of making it a mess, and while it mostly works, it does lead to some bits feeling slightly uncooked. And as funny as Roger’s plot is, you didn’t need it and the end to it is abrupt. Funny for that reason but still abrupt.

Only one story really suffers from it, but we’ll get to it. The odd thing is, the pacing wasn’t a big issue for me outside of that, because I was having so much fun. That’s a sign of a good episode. Let’s go through the stories.

Blythe goes first, and let’s get this out of the way:


Yeah, that happened. Moving on! This story has the pets becoming zombies. This one starts the episode right with some good jokes about how they became Zombies. Not creepy though. I mean, when Penny Ling asks if it’s supposed to be scary, you screwed up. At least Vinnie and Sunil found it scary.

Next is Russel, and this is the weak one I mentioned. A bat arrives at the pet shop. Everyone crushes on him. Russel thinks he could a vampire. Song. The end. Yes, it literally ends right as the song does. It gets no time to really do anything interesting, and without the song it would have no reason to be here.

Hell, even Pepper says the song felt gimmick-y. Amazing song though. I think what makes it is the funky beat, combined with creepy organ. Such a fun song. But yeah, the weakest one. And the creepiest part is how Blythe is in love with Vlad too.

Ew. But hey, I’m on Team Vlad too. (Can’t let a modern vampire story happen without at least one Twilight reference)

Pepper gets my favorite story, which is a Misery parody with Penny Ling as the crazed fan. See Kirby, this is how you do a kid freindly Misery parody. They manage to keep the creep factor, while making it kid friendly by not making too disturbing.

I just love the idea of this one, and Penny Ling as a crazy fan is scary as it is funny. With the horror of it all, Pepper should have fun. But instead the winner is Sunil’s Frankstein parody with Vinnie as the monster.

This one has the best jokes (“His first invention…color!)”, and is arguably the best due to that. Along with Buttercream’s amusing cameo. The in between stuff has good jokes to, including that great Pepper line.

This one is just good creepy fun. Each story has at least one very funny moment that makes it worth it. Even the pointless subplot earns some laughs. (“I go through worse stuff than this everyday. I eat airplane food!”).

What brings it all together is the atmosphere. The music and lighting makes this one suitably creepy, and helps each story become even better. If it didn’t go all out like it did, it wouldn’t be as good.

I can’t go too much further as I feel like I quoted too much already. But trust me, it’s good. This episode manages to get past weak pacing with good jokes. Each story does what it needs to do, as even the weak link has a great song.

And honestly, other shows have paced through TOH style episodes worse. (Looking at you, Sanjay and Craig).

There really isn’t much to say. I hate covering Comedy episodes because all I can do is say it’s funny. But you get the point, this episode uses it’s format to tell mostly fun stories with good atmosphere, and a fun song.

It has pacing issues, but makes up for it by being so much fun. It’s certainly one I’ll try to put on every year. …Okay, we can move on.

  1. The Tortoise and the Heir

Writer: Guy Toubes

Yep, we’re going to the start of the Season, which really started the Season with a bang. There’s actually plenty to talk about this one. The basic plot has Blythe worry about what she’s gonna be when she’s older, and a an old Tortoise that visits the pet shop ends up helping her a bit.

Before we go any further, I have to cover my biggest problem with this one. The sole reason it’s not higher. See, Blythe talks to Youngme about how sometimes the pets can be a bit of a distraction. Then she randomly sarcastically says she’s gonna stop talking to the pets, and Vinnie only hears that part, making the pets worried.

Have I ever told you how much I hate this kind of misunderstanding cliché? Because I really hate this cliché. It’s often contrived and you always know what’s gonna happen, which takes out any drama.

And here they try to tie it into a deeper plot, but they could have done it with the misunderstanding stuff. And the pets find out the truth about halfway through, very abruptly and they drop it. If you’re gonna resolve so quickly, why even have it here?!

If I didn’t hate this cliché as much as I do, I may have been less hard on it, but here we are. The point it has could have been made without the lame cliché. The only thing I can give it is htat Russel does try to confirm it with Blythe instead of just jumping the conclsuons, another misunderstanding just happens.

But it’s still lame, and a thorn in the episode’s side. Otherwise, I really like it a lot. For the small things, I like Speedy Shelberg. Not only is he further proof Samuel Vincent is a great voice actor, but his forgetful yet energetic nature makes him very enjoyable and likable.

There’s other amusing moments like the imagine spot with the pets in the future, but this is a more story focused episode so let’s talk about that. Remember how in my look at LPS, I went into my theories as to how Blythe get her pet speaking powers to begin with?

This aired the very day after I posted it, and guess what? We find out she got it from her Mother. That’s right, after 3 seasons of not mentioning her, we find out a ton about her. For one, her name is Lauren, nicknamed Betty.

I’m not sure how you get Betty out of Lauren’.

But more importantly, she could talk to pets too, and owned Speedy. I always found it refreshing that they never brought up Blythe’s Mom at all, since sometimes that kind of thing can be a crutch in ‘Kid moves to new city” cliché, which the pilot is all about.

But when they do it go into here, it’s really well done. If you are wondering, she seems to be dead. The way they talk about her implies this, since any other option opens too much questions. Granted, there’s still stuff we don’t know and that’s part of that Season issue I mentioned.

After this, Betty/Lauren becomes more of a plot device and they don’t explore her any further even in the finale, or the episode where Blythe writes a story about her and Roger. But that’s not a problem with this episode on it’s own, so we can move on.

We still don’t know where this power comes from, and how it kicked in so randomly, but ah well. This is an odd comparison, but when I thought about it, it reminded me of how in That’s So Raven, her powers are never explained but just run in the family.

…Wait…her last name was Baxter…and she was kind of a fashion designer. …Moving on!

Through Betty, Blythe goes through the themes in this story. Wondering what you will do in the future is incredibly relatable. Or so I hear. I totality haven’t gone through this, especially right when this episode aired. Nope.

In the end, she learns she has plenty of time to worry about that, and what she’s doing now will suffice. Simple but effective. Especially with how they tie it into Betty. It adds a bit of depth and sweet-ness to the story.

It makes the episode more well rounded, than if either element was done on it’s own. It’s pretty engaging as it is. This episode really started the season right, introducing a lot of elements really well, while still telling a good story.

It even has tons of callbacks, as it pretty much starts with the pets fighting over if they should watch Celebrity Faceplant or Shake a Leg. This show really is surprisingly good with that kind of continuity.

While that big cliché drags it down, this episode still manages to be pretty great. It has a releatable conflict, combined with a big reveal of a series mystery and combines both to create a well written narrative.

Although it has it’s contrived bits, like how Speedy happens to have her journal, and how he can fit so much crap in his shell to begin with. But it’s still great. Usually when I put an episode like this on a list, it’s mostly to it being significant, more than it being one of the best told stories.

But I do like this one for the story too. Even taking the Betty thing out of it, it’s still well done story with a lot to like. That surprised me quite a bit. Overall, this is certainly a strong way to start the season, even with small issues.

There’s a tortoise pun I can end this on, but I can’t think of one. …Next!

  1. Littlest Pet Street

Writers: Guy Toubes and David Shayne

…Yeah. We jumped from the start, to the finish. ‘The finish doubling as the series finale, to boot. This should be…fun. Now, those who follow me can predict the typical reason this is only number 2, but honestly, there’s more to it.

For the finale, the obligatory big event that the Season sent up happens, in this case it’s te opening of Littlest Pet Street. As you would expect, complications arise, especially when they eventually get stranded on an island.

Oh boy, strap up because I’ve got stuff to say. Now, when a show is canceled, the finale tends to be criticized more, because it couldn’t get the proper finale it deserves. Finales in genre get judged more harshly, because this is the end. You have to go out on a good note, and resolve everything you need to.

But in cases like this, it being the end was forced on them. Yes, they could have planned for this given this is Season 4, and you have to be really popular to go beyond 4 Seasons. But still, you can’t judge this in the way you may judge normal finales.

I do get the frustration, not getting everything in a finale sucks, no matter what the situation was. But honestly, even on it’s this has problems as a season finale. A lot of the stuff they set up was not payed off.

Most notably, Blythe’s Mom amounts to one small comment, and The Biskits only have a non speaking cameo. There’s a subplot in part 1 with Twombly thinking Fisher will sabotage them but they srop it once we find out the Biskits are just hanging in Bermuda…for some reason.

Seriously, there’s no explanation for why they just happen to be there. I like that they addresses complaints and didn’t have them in the finale like the last two, but it actually makes sense this time!

They set up the Biskit’s Mom and did a sweet thing with it, just like with Blythe and did nothing with it. This wouldn’t be a problem, if the other finales didn’t have everything they set up. Expo Factor went into how Blythe was going up in the world, and Pet Fest went into the human/pet thing and both had sweet songs about it.

This doesn’t do that as much. It’s not a deal breaker, but something to notice. Hell, there’s no sweet song this time. We only get one and while I like it, you can’t have a finale like this without a sweet song, even the one part Season 1 finale did that!

I think some people may bash it too much for this stuff, especially if they forget this wasn’t meant to be the finale. But yeah, this is still a minor issue, and not having the more complex stuff from the season, means the story has to be simpler.

It works but it’s not quite as epic as the other Season finales. Actually, It’s the Pet Fest woks better as series finale, as it sums up the theme of the story, gives everyone something to do, and ends with the Biskits and Fisher being in their good state.

Oh, speaking of which, Fisher’s final real role is in Two Peas in a Podcast (I love that title) and in it he’s in his bad mode, trying to advertising LEPS, and appearnlty hates who he was as a young lad.

So he’s bad for good, got it. The Biskits finale real role was in “Paint a Picture, It’ll Last Longer”, where they ask Blythe to paint a picture for their grandmother, and even with some bitch-y in most of it, the ending scene is them hugging their grandmother after giving her their little present.

…So they’re good for good. Also ,D’AAAAAAAW.

Figured I’d point that out. Anyway, before we go on to why this is on here, I should mention the only actually scene I don’t like. Zoe must pretend to this celebrity cat for reasons I’ll get into, but bumps into…Dr Handsome Face.

Sigh, yes. She blows her cover when she remembers how he insults her singing, and gets pissed at him. …You know, they used an episode to pretty much fix What’s in the Batter, and The Biskits got better to make up for Guilt Tripping.

But with Unvetted, they used to make a good episode just a bit weak. Just….ugh. ANYWAY, why do I like this despite everything? Well, on it’s own it’s a lot of fun. The story is simple, but it works with the direction it goes on.

I can enjoy a good lost on an island plot, and it’s done well here. It makes the plot unique since it has a similar set up to other episodes. Actually, fun is why this one works. It’s more focused on humor than the other finales, which works.

As pointless as Twombly’s subplot is, it’s still my favorite part. Her going crazy over trying to stop Fisher is just hilarious. This is Even of Destruction levels of awesome crazy Twombly. Even when they drop it, she still gets her funny moments.

While she didn’ther own episode in the end, she at least went out still being the best character. Although Roger is close, since he went out doing something sweet. The pets making a mvoie also gives us funny moments, especially when their movie becomes Pets on a Pane.

And yes, they do make a reference to it’s most famous line.

I’ve had enough of these Rootin’ Tootin’ pets on this Rootin’ Tootin’ Pets!”

A Hasbro show technically made a reference to the F world …10/10, best episode ever.

Through this, we have out guest pet, a cat named Felina Meow who is a superstar bitch, who learns her lesson. She’s cliché but has her okay moments. This thing is plenty of fun to watch, with everything that goes on.

But it has it’s nice moments too, which leads me to the big twist. Blythe finally reveals her secret to Roger. The funny thing is this was teased in the previous episode, and I predicted this may happen. I love it when I’m right.

But there’s an extra twist: He knew all along! Yep, he didn’t tell her since he figured she would reveal in time. He doesn’t even find it weird because it’s another way she’s like Betty. Yeah, he knew her secret too.

How did he figure it out, and when did he do so? …I don’t know. As cool this is, it’s rather rushed and a bit forced. But I can let it slide since it’s really sweet to see. It’s nice to see them being sweet one last time.

And I bet they wanted to go into more detail in the next season. Yeah, writers should stop assuming another Season will happen, it usually never does. But yeah, this is nice, as is the ending itself.

The final shot is of curtains closing. Very fitting. While the big epic sweet stuff of previous finales would have been nice, I still like this. The plot is engaging enough, and has enough comedy to keep my entertained.

And to be fair, it has better character balance than some other episodes. Each pet has a funny moment, and they do so something notable to help the plot, along with Blythe. I’d argue this is better done than in Expo factor.

At least there’s that. Now you see why this was number 2. As good as it mostly it, it falls short compared to it’s type, then what I picked for my favorite. I typically don’t pick the obvious epic one for my favorite, but I do genuinely believe that as an LPS episode, my favorite is slightly better.

Actually, this would have been lower without the extra good bits I mentioned…and the bad part of the previous episode on the list. Despite all this, I swear I like it. I just to mention the bad parts because it’s important, and I’m a critic so I hate everything, even mars bars.

And aisde from the Handsome Face cameo, nothing is bad on it’s own. It’s all solid and very enjoyable. The plot is cool, it has sweet moments, and is just a lot of fun. It may not be the ideal finale, but I think it was a good note to end on.

After all, the show wasn’t always about epic plots or anything like that. It does it’s own thing and relies on comedy a lot of the time. So in it’s own, it’s a perfect ending, even if it’s not. Overall, it’s a blast from start to finish and ended things on a good enough note.

I just wish it was number one, so I could do my goodbye speech here, like with Phineas. Ah well. So yeah, good enough finale.


Pump Up the Panda (Eric Rogers): I really respect the moral about body positvity and all that,and I like how both major plot deal with it. Although it is on the Anvilicious side, and I’m not always into this kind of stories as much as others. Still, a very respectable one, and was a great palate cleanser given it was after Un-vetted.

The Tiniest Animal Store (Guy Toubes): The concept alone is good, and the structure makes it pretty much one big journey to a hilarious punchline. A bit typical in places, but still quite funny. Also, Roger’s cameo was freaking hilarious.

Game of Groans (FM Demarco): Lame title aside, this is a fun ren faire plot that ends up being a solid story with a good atmosphere to it. Plus, decent Blythe plot with further Josh Sharpe development. Yeah, he appeared a lot this season, and now he’s officially better than Flash Sentry. Yay?

It’s a Happy Happy Happy Happy World (Eric Rogers, story by Julie and Tim Cahil ): I really like the structure with the pets ending up all over the city, and it’s tons of fun. But I think the ending could have been better, as it’s slightly rushed as it is. If that was fixed, it may have been on the list.

Petnapped (Guy Toubes): Time to explain .My main issue is that Youngme’s connection with her pet she gets could have been better. They meet and she already feels that connection, instead of it happening gradually over the course of the plot. It’s not a big deal, but still a problem. Otherwise, it’s nice and a lot of fun with the nature of both plots. Also, it ends with Vinnie nitpicking the previous scene. Nice. Also, this came right after Guilt Tripping, so I was extra pleased by it being mostly very good.

And my personal favorite Littlest Pet Shop Season 4 Episode is…

  1. Steamed

Writer: Nick Confalone

…Okay Nick, you win. You are officially forgiven. Actually, this episode makes me forgive almost every writer on the show who has helped contribute to one flaw with the series, but we’ll get to that.

On the outside, this doesn’t seem like the best choice for number one. The basic plot isn’t anything too complex or new (even to the series), and others provide more obvious great-ness. But this has one element, done so well that it almost gives me tears of joy. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Twombly is opening up a Coffeer shop for people and pets on Littlest Pet Street but of course, things go wrong, the most notably problem being that they need some baristas (Or Pawrisstas as they call it. Boo), which they may get…in the most unlikely place.

We have to address the less interesting parts before I start gushing. The main cincept has been done previously in episodes like It’s the Pet Fest, but it works okay here. It’s always fun to see things go wrong, then right in this context and they put in some things to make it different.

Like how Sugar Sprinkles latest song makes Pepper emit a Coffee scent that attracts customers. Weird, but still amusing. Although Snipmates still had the best Sugar Sprinkles appearance ever..


The song is pretty nice. Not the best, (nor as good as her ditty in Snipmates) but still fun. If it stuck to being about this, it would be fun but nothing special. Especially with one of the weaker guest pets in Fuzzy Gumbpaws, who just annoys Russel without realing feeling bad for nay of it.

In the end, he only ends up being good because he inspires Sugar Srinkles to the song, meaning he’s only good when he benefits them in some way. I can let it slide because he’s not too annoying, and his voice amuses me.

So as you can imagine, another element makes this one great, and that would be the Biskit’s role in this. Oh boy, there’s a lot to talk about. It begins with Fisher wanting them to get jobs. This was his first format appearance this season, and he’s good.

And this aired the same day as Two Peas in a Podcast, where he was bad. They’re just trolling me at this point. Anyway, he does this at the request of their mother. Yep, this was Elica’s Debuet, and her introduction is….interesting.

First, she comes in with dramatic lighting, making her seem like some sort of intimidating figure. But she opens her mouth, and sings happily. This on it’ own is a hilarious misdirection, but it gets better.

You may have a lot of questions, and they ….kind of answer them. Just look at what happens next.

‘Mother, where have you been the last three seasons!?”

You mean Summer, fall and Winter? Well, I’ve been in the East Wing with a dreadful headace since summer”

…I guess that makes sense?”

.Yeah. I’m not sure what to say other than….yeah. This show isn’t one to break the 4th wall. It’s learned on it a few time. Hell, the episode after this has the Biskits comment on how weirdly proportioned their bodies are.

Huh, between this and their shtick in Hamster Hoods, I think the Biskits are aware we exist and are thus and the smartest characters in the show. That’s…creepy. Anyway, everything about this part if hilarious…but it kind of doesn’t need to exist.

I mean, when I heard The Biskit’s Mother would appear, I figure she and Fisher were divorced or something. That makes perfect sense. So they pretty much contrived a dumb thing for them to lampshade!

…But it’s so funny that I don’t care. It does explain a lot. I mean, if you’re Mom was off sick and you’re only parent around keep changing his morality, you would be messed up too. Anyway, as I said before, I really like Eliza. Her nature is a lot of fun, and she’s even better here.

Mostly because of the novelty of her debut, and being with Fisher, who is a bit more no nonsense. I do find it odd we have good Fisher given their mother is enough good Biskit-ness for one episode.

They balance that out, when she has the twins NOT take the job they get. This was all about acing the interview to learn a lesson. She says Biskits don’t do work. This is kind of odd with how she is before and after.

This proves once and for all that not deciding on your morality runs in the family. Before I move on, I should comment on another small issue…the editing. Let me explains. The Biskits get the job at the coffee place, but we don’t quite see that.

They can’t find anyone else and while the Biskits failed the interview due to being Biskits, they show that they know how to work the cofeee machine, and Twombly figures that’s gonna have to do. She says that and the next scene, The Biskit Twins says they got it.

We don’t exactly need to see every step, but it does feel like there’s a small scene missing. Later they go their on opening day, after having quit and after stuff happens, we cut to Fisher and Eliza outside commenting on this.

Where did they come from? Maybe they drove them there, but why would they allow them to go the place they were told not to work out? Maybe they pleaded with them but the way it’s presented makes it kind of confusing.

It’s not a big deal, but it’s clear some parts were cut for time. I had to point that out since it would be dumb to do it after I gush.

And it’s time to do that. As I have spoiled already, they apply for a job at Pawrissta’s Coffee as it’s the only place hiring. And also like I said, they get the job due to being their only hope. However, Eliza tells them not to take the job for reasons I explained.

This…kind of makes them sad. Because they actually liked that people thought they were good at something for once. They found something they are good at, and people like them for it. Granted, they phrase in a rather Biskit-y way but it’s clear they like being accomplished like this.

This, along with them being sad over having to quit, would be enough on it’s own. But we’ve down this road before. Like in Door Jammed when one of them just goes back to normal, to keep up appearances. And especially Grounded, when we get some of the best writing I’ve seen from this show, along with the best song…only for them to be bitch-y at the end, ruining it.

That one really bugged me. I still call it good for the good parts, but it’s so painfully obvious that executive meddling forced that ending on this. It did have story by credit, so it’s not unlikely.

If that one was fully realize, it would turn the Biskits into more interesting characters, and create something special. So of course, this one makes the same mistake? Well, as I spoiled again, they go there as costumers, but the line is slow because they settled for Madison.

Christ, they should have called this the Shanon Chent Kent episode.

They take matters in their own hands, and end up being very good, to the point that decided to just say screw it and work there for this one day. Fisher and Eliza see this and while they wonder what got into them, Eliza seems to be okay.

And….this is where it ends….This is an episode where the Biskits show a good side…and are good at the end of the episode, while still keep their mean side to an extent. ….No single letter can describe my joy.

Not even incoherent happy ramblings can sum it up. Remember how I said one element almost gives me tears of joy? This is it! It sounds silly, but think about it. We have a story where the Alpha Bitches are indeed jerks for the most part, but find something they are good at it, and are reconized for their talents.

They are saddened when they have to quit but in the end get to enjoy the job anyway, feeling quite accomplished for once. Isn’t this far more interesting than typical Alpha Bitch stuff, or them just going back to normal in the end?

We all know things will be reset at the start of the next episode. You don’t need to a dumb cop out that ruins the story to show that. In some cases, it makes sense to keep your change even though it will go away.

In my examples, you could have them keep their lesson, yet still have be their normal selves. Hell, Door Jammed kind of did this. It could have been shown slightly better, but that was their intention.

This further proves Grounded was forced to have it’s ending, because this is the same writer, Corey Powell. On it’s own, this is very nice to see. Seeing is not only refreshing, but makes for a very solid and well done story, that leaves you with a happy feeling at the end.

But think about it further. The writers have struggled with various things, and have learned with what works and what doesn’t. They’ve fixed most of the problem the shows had, to varying degrees.

The Biskits has been one such example. They were fine in Season 1, but Season 2 was mixed with them mostly being just bland villains rather than real characters. And when they started to get better, they screwed it up as I said.

Season 3 was much better, and even ending on a good note. But that’s more of a step in the right direction than anything. Then up to this point, they got even better with Senior Day showing they are so nice to their Grandmother, that she praises them quite a bit. They were kept to a minimum in Spendtrhity, and again showed an okay side in Snipmates.

…Then came Guilt Tripping, which almost seemed to show that they did not learn their lesson and everything was only a fluke. This not only did this happen, but they still passable until the end. Go Figure had them wanting to get Fisher a birthday present, and their finale role ending with a very sweet moment with them.

The writers had finally fixed their biggest issue, and showed that they CAN listen to criticisms and learn their lesson. This is the episode that showed that the most, with how well done it is. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is for me.

So often shows like that don’t learn anything and keep making the same mistakes. Sometimes they can fix their biggest problems, but usually this won’t be the case, and it’s not always for shows on this level.

Especially with an element that doesn’t seem important, like an Alpha Bitch. MLP almost got better to an extent, but you know the problems that came with Diamond Tiara’s redeption. But hey, better than just keeping her a bitch.

Between this and Gravity Falls, I think writers ar finally learning that you can make them more compelx. But this episode shows you CAN have both. Shows don’t want to fully develop some characters because they think it will ruin what makes them enjoyable or interesting. And sadly, they can be the case.

But here, they did do something good, but they are still rather bratty in general. They are good deep down, they just have a funny way of showing it, and they show more and more all the time. Their final appearance showed this, as they only made Blythe stop painting so their gift can truly be one of a kind.

On it’s own, this is a fun episode that is also the best written Biskit appearance yet, proving they can very interesting, even with minor editing issues. But in a sense, it shows how someone can learn their lesson despite it seeming like they always go back to making the same mistake.

It also shows you can have it both ways, while not being lazy or just bad at writing. Wait a minute, that first first applies to the Biskit Twins as characters, and the writers. Whoa, this is more meta than I intended.

It’s not the most obvious choice, but no episode from this season gave me more joy than this one. I don’t care how typical the main story, or the slight issues, I flat out love the stuff they got right.

Maybe I seem crazy but this is how I feel. Steamed isn’t perfect, nor in my Top 5 (currently at number 10 now, which is still not bad) but what it does right it almost downright amazing in a meta sense.

Plus, it’s just a nice little story, and the show is good at those. Like it or not, this is why Steamed is my favorite episode of Littlest Pet Shop Season 4.

And those were my favorite Littlest Pet Shop Season 4 Episodes. Perhaps not my favorite season, but it had it’s great moments, as I just proved. It was mostly a nice season to go out on, and heck, it ended up by fixing it’s more consistent problem. It sucks that had to go like this, but ah well, stuff happens.

So ends Littlest Pet Shop. In the end, it’s in the B tier for me, not being great, but still good enough with plenty of great-ness on displays sometimes. I only really looked into it, since I feel it got neglected or wasn’t treated fairly sometimes.

While it didn’t quite stand up to MLP, it ended up being fine in it’s own right. And when you look at it, it could be better in certain elements, especially with the Alpha Bitches, as I went into.

It showed that even if something it’s quite as good as what it came from, it can still work. It was hit or miss sometimes, but at least they got better in some areas. It’s one of many shows that I think proves that the good elements of a work are worth getting through the weak elements.

Yeah, the writing wasn’t always consistent and the modern setting can make for dumb reference, but the character were often solid (backed up a great voice cast) and the often great humor made the writing work.

Great songs helped too.

It was mostly just a ‘Good” show I happened to overthink (especially if Fisher Biskit is involved) but I will admit it kind of has a special place in my heat, with what it could do. It has one of the best bullying stories I’ve seen in a recent kids show, and same for the critic story.

And now it has one of better written Alpha Bitch stories out there, at least of this type. (Shanon Chen Kent said over on Twitter that Biskit Twins might be her favorite characters that she has played. I now see why). Maybe it’s good it ended here, because maybe they would screw it all up. We’ll never know but as people say, it’s best to end before you become certain shows I can name.

4 Seasons and 104 episodes is enough, as they told most of the stories they could, even I wanted to see a few. It won’t go down as one of the all time greats, but sometimes being good is fine as long as you try as hard as this crew clearly did.

There isn’t too much else to say. Sad to see another show go, but at least it didn’t flat out end badly. And again, it ended by showing that they can improve. Littlest Pet Shop was never my favorite, but hey, it was still good.

Really, I’m more sad that Discovery Family has dug themselves a bigger hole…but more on that some other time. Actually, I’ve now gown into most of their well known shows, and two of their Hasbro proprieties.

I think it’s time the even more unknown member of this family got the spotlight. So check in eventually for A Look at Pound Puppies!

Until then, I make my leave. Tomorrow I look at pets again, joy.

See ya.


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