A Look at the My Little Pony Comics Part 3: Main Series

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, we’ve finally made it. After some warm up, it’s time for the big one. If you recall, I’ve been looking at the My Little Pony Comics because my life has officially hit that point. I covered the Specials, than the Micro Series and Friends Forever One Shot Comics.

But now it’s time for the Main series. This is where things will get interesting. I don’t remember how much exposition I’ve given on the Comics as a whole but I’ll repeat myself anyway.’

The main series was created in 2012 by IDW, with various writers and artists, most notably Katie Cook and Andy Price. They have become a pretty big deal, offering us some big things we will likely never see in Canon…but better or worse.

This is the most mixed of the series, due to risks it takes. But most people seem to like it for that reason, as well as all the good things it’s given us. Now unlike the others, I have read some of these. I made it to a certain point until I decided to do this.

I won’t say what point until we get there. Now, I actually wrote one section back when I first read it, because I just had to discuss it. So if things get weird at that point, that’s why. Spoilers, I mostly like them but who knows, it’s been a while since I read one.

The main series is certainly interesting, mostly due the art being a bit more …exaggerated than in the show. It was weird at first, but I got used to it, and it’s my prefer art style for the Comics. It gives it a unique edge, especially in more dramatic stories.

So after all the build up, it’s time to do this main series. Not too much else to say, so let us finally begin.

This, A Look At My Little Pony Comics Part 3: Main Series

Now most of these are split into Arcs of more than one issues. Four Issues for the big stories, like the 2 parters in the show, 2 for the important but still lesser ones. And there some one shots thrown in there too.

Let’s start …at the beginning .

(There will be some spoilers, the extent depending on the Arc. Another warning will come if it’s especially heavy)

#1-4: The Return of Queen Chrysalis

Here we go, the very start of the MLP Comics. The plot is actually pretty simple: Queen Chrysalis comes back and kidnaps the CmC, so the Mane 6 must save them, facing many dangers along the way.

In a way, this is like a pilot for the comics, so certain things happen just to introduce certain elements, or in this remind of certain things. I think this story would have been two issues if they choose to do it later on.

Which makes it slightly awkward re-reading it after being more familiar with the comics, but aside from that, it’s a solid start. It doesn’t have too many issues on it’s own. Although the CMC do kind of bug me here. They are Flanderized slightly, as they don’t care at all that this evil person has kidnapped them, and just make quips about getting Cutie marks for bieng kidnapped. Most of it is kind of funny but the best in terms of writing.

But that’s not a big issue. Some of the dramatic elements in the middle part do feel tacked on for the sake of having conflict, but in the moment it does work. Again, most of the problems come from it’s status as the start for the comics, meaning some elements have to be stretched out or forced in.

Otherwise, it’s pretty enjoyable. It did set the stage for the Comics, with mostly being accurate and having some fun stuff we’ve yet to see in the show. And it’s references. There’s TONS in this alone, from Star Trek to Invasion of the Body Snatchers to The Shining. I’m sure every kid will get those jokes.

Okay, some of them work but some of them are a bit forced. Thankfully, the Comics did get better at this as they went on.

The best part of this thing is Queen Chrysalis. She’s so damn evil and powerful here with her presence, even though she doesn’t actually do too much. Just the way she’s drawn in some scenes, makes her really threatening, even more so then in the show.

She also happens to be a straight (wo)man in some parts thanks to the CMC, and it works. Speaking of comedy, there’s quite a bit and most of it works. Some of Pinkie’s bit can be overbearing, but most of it is quite funny.

As for the story, it is fairly basic. Nothing too complex, but it works for our first Comic Arc. They do put it in some drama which kind of works in the moments. Some of the Challengings turn into the Mane 6, to insult them and split them apart.

This works but they eventually make up after they bump back each other. That’s the extent of that but it is nice when they make up, at least. And it sort of pays off in the awesome climax where Twilight defeats Chrysalis and tells her about how she’ll never get love and such. It’s awesome.

But in general, this is mostly a fun adventure instead of a more complex and deep one, which is fine. But that does mean I will prefer some other later Arcs by defaut. Still ,this was meant to just be the start, so it’s allowed to have flaws.

And as a start, it’s very solid. Most of the characters work, the story is nice to follow, the art work shines, and there’s plenty of amusing jokes, as well as an awesome climax. There’s even a quick backing story showing where spike was the whole time.

He was helping Celestia deal with something in Canterlot and it involves him ridng her while holding a trident. That’s all I need to say.

So overall, this was a pretty solid and fun start. It did everything it needed to do, and it showed just what these comics can do. They can mostly capture the show well, while giving us more than what we could in the actual series.

Like most starters to long running series, it’s weak in places but everything has to start somewhere, and this was a pretty solid place to start. It’s a fun adventure with plenty to enjoy, especially the villain. There really isn’t much to say, as it does nothing complex that I can analyze.

It’s just a flawed, but still pretty solid starter adventure for this series. Nothing amazing, but still quite good, and a good place to begin with. It’s pretty good, but hopefully the next one will give me more to comment on.

#5-8: Nightmare Rarity

The Nightmare forces that helped Luna become Nightmare Moon in the first place, return and terrozie everypony, and they must stop it, especially when they get to Rarity.

After the first Arc, this has had a lot to prove, as it had to keep the quality, but do something a bit bigger and prove the comics do more for complex stories. Thankfully, it worked out. This one is a bit divisive, which I mostly don’t get, because it’s great.

Of course, it’s not perfect, but honestly, my only real problem is that the ending is a bit Antic Climatic but that’s not a big deal. There are other minor things that could be a problem for others, but that’s the only thing that bugged me personally.

Otherwise, this one was really good. It’s a bit more dramatic, but of course there’s still room for jokes and such. There are thankfully fewer references, but a few snuck in. Most notably…this.



The humor works out fine, and the CMC are thankfully way better here in their small role. But it’s the story that makes this one work. Now, the explanation of the Nightmare Forces is a bit weak here, which is another problem ,but her Fiendship is Magic issue fixed that a bit.

It mostly works for the story, and Luna’s development is pretty strong. Actually, Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep eventually had similarities to this story, down to having some actual nightmare scenes in there?

And honestly…i like this one way more. It goes into her regret, but here she just mopes a bit. She doesn’t punish herself or anything like that. It doesn’t go overboard, it’s deep without trying too hard. And it doesn’t feel too redundant in the context of this story, due to the circumstances.

She gets some nice moments, and while it amounts to her learning the obvious, it works very well for the story. Rarity also her moments here, although it is a bit more typical. The forces turn her into Nightmare Rarity, which is amazing, and in the end she is turned back to normal in the way you might expect, especially with Rarity’s issues that caused her to be manipulated to begin with.

But in the story, it works to give us some nice moments. Surprisingly, Spike gets some of the best moments. He helps quite a bit here, and his whole Rarity thing leads to some sweet moments. Spike has a pretty good track record in these Comics so far.

The whole thing is just a very solid dramatic story. Luna and Rarity get nice development here, and it a lot was pretty dang engaging. I’m a bit burned out on Luna but this managed to get more interested in her again. It helps that this came out before I kind of got sick of her stuff, but even now I quite like this one.

I’m not quite why some didn’t care for this one, it seems obliviously good to me. It has issues, but nothing that gets in the way in the great stuff. Ah well, more love for me, I guess.

I thought I would have more to say…but I don’t. I mean, quite a bit happens but it mostly builds to the big two things, instead of a bunch of little things like the last one. I figured I would at least go on longer about the things I did bring up.

But there’s not much to say about that stuff, without just saying what happens. Yeah, I’m getting less long winded in these kind of things, because I think I’ve learned to get my point across better.

You get why I liked this one, right? Rarity’s stuff was sweet enough to make it for being a bit typical, Spike is awesome, and they did Luna’s stuff in a nice way that was better than whern the show actually did it.

That’s pretty much all I have to say. As a whole, this was a great 2nd outing. It has the usual good humor, mixed in a pretty interesting dramatic story, with good development for everyone involved, and manages do pretty much everything right. Yeah, the ending is slightly weak, and it’s not my favorite Main Series story (We’ll get to that one), but it’s still a very solid.

This is certainly one I’d recommend, especially if you want another very good Luna story, and some good moments for Spike. Her Fiendship is Magic issue is a nice follow up as well. It’s a very well done arc with plenty of great and sweet dramatic moments.

So yeah, it’s a good one.

We won’t see a 4 part Arc for a little bit, as we need a few simpler ones after those monsters. Starting with…

#9-10: Zen and the Art of Gazebo Repair

Big Mac needs some nails in order to fix the Gazeo, but the only way to get them is at the Summer Wrap Up Festival, which sends him on a wild goose chase.

Before Brotherhooves Social, this was our Big Mac story, and thankfully, it delivered. This is meant to be a smaller, more comedic story after those big ones, and man did they do well on it.

The whole thing is just Big Mac running around looking for nails, but they pack in so many jokes, that it’s a ton of fun. There’s jokes pretty much everywhere, from Big Mac’s inner Monolauge, to the expressions, to all the little things in the backgrounds.

There’s almost little subplots going on the background, like how each of the Mane 6 seems to be recounting some wild story. Little touches like that make this fun. I also dig the references, both to episodes and other media.

They are subtler this time, which makes them work. My favorite is how one of the balloons at the thing is of Mare Do Well. They knew exactly what they were doing when they put that there.

(And yes, they do have a version of Winter Wrap Up because this is Summer Wrap Up)

The CMC is back to being annoying, but it’s mostly funny here and it is implied they will get punishment at least. As for the story, it’s simple but it works. Even with all the craziness going on, they still fit in a nice moment at the end with a nice little moral.

It really helps elevate this one, and it fits in the context of the story. Oh, and Big Mac does shine here with how determined how he is, and his reactions. He, as always, only says his catchphrases, but he has an inner monologue to give him more to say, which adds even more humor to this.

Oh, and there’s ship teasing with Luna. No comment.

The story manages to mix in all this story fairly well. As a story, it makes perfect sense, and there’s so much detail here, as like I said, jokes are packed into the background. I suppose the only real problem is that the very ending is a bit, but it is kind of amusing in a way.

Otherwise, this one works. There’s too many small funny jokes to mention, but some bits I especially like include Flim and Flam’s cameo (where they promise a musical number), and Bulk Bicep’s appearance, which is just hilarious.

Overall, this one is simple but that’s why it works so well. It packs in tons of jokes, that make it a lot of fun to read , and those bits make it very re-readable. This is arguably that one that could work best as an episode, even more than the other smaller stories in this series.

That nice moment at the end just helps make this one even better. So yeah, it’s one I would certainly recommend, especially if you want a lighter one that proves they can do those kind of stories too.

With the solid simple story, and all the crazy stuff going on, this was quite the enjoyable one. Very solid. There, I think it’s okay I didn’t go on a huge tirade for this one.

#11-12: Neigh Anything

Shining Armor and Cadence tell the story of how they meet back in High School. This is one where I was solid on the premise. Even though Shining Armor and Cadence aren’t exactly the most complex, I do like them fine, and I think a story like this is the perfect chance to develop them further.

And while this doesn’t exactly make them complex, it does make more likable. This one was really enjoyable. First off, this takes place in the Pony version of the 80’s, so there are a number of references, most of which work as they are subtle enough. Although there is a very odd Quantum Leap reference near the end…

There’s also a Rick Astley reference, because that’s relevant. Oh, and Part Two is subtitled “Presentable in Periwinkle”. Yes.

Anyway, this whole thing is intentionally kind of cheesy and cliché. It turns out Shining Armor was a nerd and Cadence was previously dating a jerk jock, and all that good stuff. I think it works because it’s supposed to like that, and it’s enjoyable.

Mostly because they do manage to make Shining Armor and Cadence likable., They aren’t too complex here, but they are so damn cute sometimes in next. The nerd thing does give Shining Armor a bit more of an edge, and thankfully the nerd jokes aren’t too insulting. Most of it is kind of amusing.

Cadance is a nice person right away, and is shown to like him from the beginning. While it could have been more interesting to build up them liking each other, I do perfer this to them hating each other and doing the slap slap kiss crap.

And did I mention it’s cute? Because the artists especially help make this as cute as possible. Just the way it plays out makes me want to see them together. It never gets too cheesy, as there’s some humor make it easier to digest, and there aren’t a ton of super dramatic moments or anything.

The whole thing is just very enjoyable. The fact that it’s mostly just cute and cheesy is both a strength and a weakness, as I know a lot of people would prefer a more complex story where we could deeper reasons for them liking each other, instead of what we got.

And I will admit it certainly could have been better in places. However, I think it mostly works for what they are going for. The characters are at least likable, and there’s some cute moments and good humor to make it fun.

If this sounds appealing to you, you will likely enjoy this one. If not, then you won’t. Simple as that, really.

Overall, this story is cute. The whole 80’s thing is neat, the characters are likable, and the humor is pretty solid. It doesn’t do anything too complex, but it’s fun. What’s wrong with that?

While this didn’t make me see these two in a new light, it did make like them more, to the point where I shall ship them. Now we just a bit more of them in the show. I mean, they had a baby but we still haven’t had a lot!

Either way, this story is good enough to tide me over until then. Just a pretty cute and fun story, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

#13-14: My Little Pirate: Friendship Ahoy

The Mane 6 joins a Pirate’s crew.

Before I move forward, I’ll get the elephant out of the way: Yes, this is the fist comic with Alicorn Twilight. This was a big deal because this was before people got used to it, but now one cares. Doesn’t even have much impact on the story, so let’s move on.

Anyway, this is a bit of a weaker one, but it’s still good. It’s much less ambitious then the others, but that is the point. Just kind of a simple story, that still manages to have some interesting elements.

My biggest problem is the whole set up. This pirate randomly shows up and they just join up with him without really questioning miuch. Pirates just…exist in Modern Equestria, with no explanation.

It’s a tad bit jarring, to say the least. And the story ends just as abruptly as it begin. But that’s my only real problem with this, otherwise it just happens to be less interesting than the others. The highlight of this one is just the whole pirate thing.

They go all out with the speech, the action, and Hoofbeard himself. They even a bit a Sea Shanty in there, which works because it’s Pinkie. I quite like Pirate stuff, and this captures that perfectly.

Oddly enough, there aren’t as many references as you may think. Maybe there’s a Pirates of the Caribbeans reference, but I didn’t catch any obvious ones. I did however catch the Hulk reference.

Also, at one point Spike says a Starfish looks familiar. I don’t get. He’s not pink, so it’s not what I jumped to in my head.

Speaking of Spike, he’s the Parrot. Now that’s funny.

As for the story itself, it is good. At the start, Fluttershy is struggling to let go of this fish named Gil that she seems to like, but loses him in the shuffle when Hoofbeard shows up. Long story short, she learns the whole “if you love something, set it free”.

Nothing great, but it is cute and ends up tieing into the main story. Hoofbeard is apparently kind of crazy and his hold crew jumped ship because of that. We do learn why this is the case, and what he’s looking for, and it’s interesting.

Won’t spoil it, even though I kind of saw it coming. But it does help make him character more interesting. HE is the biggest highlight, as he’s just a cool pirate character, and his nature and the twist makes him quite enjoyable.

There are a few side notes that don’t git anywhere else so here you go: There’s a Tumblr called “Ask Pirate Dash” that was made long before this. And just guess who’s the most interested in being a pirate. Creepy.

This comic as Sea ponies! ….Okay, they are called Meremares, but they may as well be called SeaPonies. Same thing, really. It is cool to see them either way.

There isn’t anything too complex here, but it’s certainly meant to be a more fun one compared to the last two. This gets crazy, but nothing especially heavy. Just a cool little pirate story. So while the set up is kind of forced, it makes up for it by being a fun adventure.

There isn’t too much else to say, really. It’s not the best, but it has enough swashbuckling adventure to be enjoyable, along with some cute moments and fun one shot characters. Won’t get my highest recommendation, but if you like pirates and ponies, you will certainly get a kick out of it.

…Yeah, this one was especially short but shut up.


…Yeah, this one has no name. I checked everywhere, this is a no name. I have no idea why, it just sticks out with it’s no name-y ness. It’s about books, so make up your own lame pun here.

Anyway, when bookworms starting eating Twilight’s Books, The Mane 6 goes inside the books to stop them. This one was pretty good…but I may have even less to say about it. As crazy as it is, it has less emphasis on a complex story, than even the Big Mac and Pirate ones.

There is a lesson at the end, but it’s mostly all about the crazy fun stuff. That’s fine but it doesn’t give me much to review. But I’ll try. They certaintly made up for the lack of references in the last one, as this one has a ton, that fit due to the plot.

The stories go into include parodies of Star Trek and Lord of the Rings. The latter has a joke about how they spend two pages just walking. Yeah. There are tons of parodies here, and they all work.

One is an noir parody…starring Rarity. Hilarious in Hindsight strikes again!

To add to the conflict, book charecters escape into the real world, includng a queen and Daring do, The latter is kind of amusing given that Daring Do is infact real, so there’s like two running around…which they never point out. Even when Dash meets her, she acts like they’ve never meet.

This was made after Daring Don’t, which I know because they reference Power Ponies at one point, and that was after that one. Weird.

In the end, The Bookworm has a motivation for doing this, and it’s …interesting. I’m not sure how much it works logically, but it is kind of amusing and leads to a nice moral. But mabybe it’s slighty forced.

Oh, and the ending is even more abrupt than the last one, and it really shows how story focused this one is. But neither of these things are a huge problem. This one is all about making references and jokes about books, so I can accept some problems, like how the book worm being able to go into books isn’t really explained.

This story is mostly just fun. The homages are really well done, as the art work changes to match the tone of that thing, like in the Noir one. And there’s a ton of funny moments with the references. And it overall has a sense of fun with all this crazy stuff going on. It’s nothing too complex, but it’s fine to have a fun one.

And don’t worry, we’ll be back to deeper ones in a bit, but this is a good one to tide me over with. It at least goes all out, with tons of references and some art shifts, so it’s not just lazy filler.

It’s quite a bit of fun, even if the story isn’t exactly the best, and the ending is rushed. Overall, it’s just a fun story with lots of great moments. Nothing really more complex than that. I told you I’d have even less to say.

Hey, if I went on further I’d spoil all the jokes, and you don’t want that,do you? Like with the last couple, if you just want something fun, then this comes recommended. Just know it’s not exactly perfect.

Don’t worry, I’ll have plenty to say for our next one…

#17-20: Reflections

(The following section was mostly written a while ago, so it may read differently than the rest of this. Also, it’s way longer then the other sections)

And now we’re back to the heavy stuff. And this one is…infamous. And Divisive. More so than the Nightmare Rarity one. I doubt anyone will call it the worst thing ever, but it is rather love it or hate. Either it’s amazing or you hate it due to the very concept.

And …just like the Nightmare Rairty Arc, I love it. Like, almost to Twilight’s Kingdom levels. Okay, maybe not that much but…holy shit, this arc is amazing. It’s dark, it’s mature, it’s complex, it has development..it’s awesome!

Just like the Nightmare Rarity one, I wonder why it’s so divisive, since people should like something this epic. …But I kind of get it, due to the…twist.

Luna calls the Mane 6 to Canterlot, as Princess Celestia has gone Missing, and all evidence seems to be pointing to a mirror. As it turns out, Centuries ago, Celestia and ….Starswirl the Bearded created a mirror that leads to a variety of other worlds. Now it seems like the Mirror is back and Celestia has gone through. And they must figure out what is going on. The truth may shock you..

That’s really all I can say without spoilers. Even mentioning Starswirl is pushing it. I’ll just say that this is an AU story, with an Alternate Equestira, and it’s awesome. It has a lot of fun with the concept, but it also has a mature story with interesting character development and some damn heart breaking moments.

And the ending…damn. It’s amazing, and you should go read it. Like…now.

From here on out it’s SPOILER central! Even more so than the other ones, this has My Little SPOILERS!

SPOILERS are below. Go now if you don’t want SPOILERS. SPOILERS!

Okay, are those losers gone? Let’s get into it.

Years ago, Starswirl and Celestia were partners, doing tons of crazy stuff. Upon building the mirror, they visited tons of weird worlds. One day, Star Swirl discovers that Celestia had been visiting one particular world numerous times. He scolds her for visiting that world too often, and before Celestia’s actions put two kingdoms at risk, he closes the mirror permanently.

As it turns out, that world was an Alternate Equestira, where everything is kind of the opposite. Celestia is Evil, and the ruler is Sombra. Only here, he’s a kind and humble king. Celestia took a liking to this Good Sombra (This is before she met our Sombra, which doesn’t make a lot of sense) and the world itself.

See, this was around the time where Luna was going through that evil phase that we all go through. In Equestria-2, Luna was still good, so Celestia used that world to escape her rather unhappy current life. She kept coming back without Staw Swirl but as it turns out, the more she does it, the more the world start to collide.

As in, small changes happen like books vanishing from one when somepony borrows the same back in another world.

Star Swirl banned Celestia from visiting the world, but she kept doing it anything. Which lead to their friendship going downhill, and the destruction of the mirror.

Now, what is the true reason Celestia kept coming back to this world, besides what I mentioned before? She fell in love with the good Sombra.

…Allow me to repeat that. Celestia fell in love with SOMBRA.

…Holy shit. I did NOT see that coming. This is the reveal that divides people…and I kind of get. I mean, Celestia is in love with SOMBRA!

Besides the head canons this mercilessly annihilates, some just can’t get into the idea of deep Romance in this series. Much less Romance with SOMBRA. But you know what? I loved it!

It’s far from the most complex romance ever, but the amount of development it gives Celestia makes up for it. As I said before, Celestia was in a complicated position at the time. Her sister was becoming distant, (and kind of evil), so the idea of a world where everything is much kinder to her was appealing.

And it’s not like the Romance happened right away. It may be a tad rushed in the comic, but it happened over the course of like a year, I think. I really liked how this was handled, as it gave a lot more weight to her character.

Keep in mind, doing this sort of screwed up the two worlds. In the present day, the battle against evil got a bit out of hand, and Celestia got wrapped up in all this. Oh, and Equestria 2’s Luna turned evil when ours turned Good. Yeah.

Celestia caused all this bad stuff, and she really regrets her foolish actions. It not only caused 2 worlds to get messed up, but it also ruined her friendship with Star Swirl. Now, if you recall, in Magical Mystery Cure, she said Star Swirl did not understand friendship. But here, we see she and him were friends.

Which means him not understanding friendship..was her fault. OUCH. This really gives her more depth, as it gives her actual flaws. She did screw things up, but it’s understandable given the circumstances. And she did regret her actions and she more or less makes up for it by being Celestia.

During this whole arc, there’s a side story with Twilight dealing with being compared to both Celestia and Star Swirl and she wonders if she can live up to either of those, as a ruler and as a pony. There’s a great scene with her talking about Sombra about this whole thing.

In the end, she realizes that Celestia is not perfect…but that’s fine. Nopony is perfect, and having flaws only makes them more human-..well pony, in this case. Twilight is no longer afraid of being imperfect, as there’s really no such thing as a perfect ruler.

In other words, the moral is that Nopony is perfect, and flaws only make us who we are. That’s….kind of an amazing lesson. This arc really goes above and beyond in so many ways!

We’ve seen this lesson before, but never quite like this. Usually it’s just “noone’s perfect” the end. But this shows that even if we screw up, that’s fine as that just makes us human.

Apparently Celestia got some hate for her actions here, which completely misses the point of the story.

Yes, she’s flawed, but that makes her 100000 times more interesting. A lot people have been wanting Celestia to have more character besides being …Celestia. And this does just that, and it’s amazing.

Celestia is 2nd Best Princess. Sorry, but Twilight still counts. Suck it, Luna fans!

…Whew, that was a lot to type. And we’re not even done. Before we get to the ending, let’s talk about other stuff. While the other world is your generic evil world, it’s pretty interesting. And yes, the Mirror is the prototype for the Mirror from Equestria Girls. They directly mention the events of the movie.

As if this wasn’t pissing off fans enough. Yeah, the world doesn’t make much sense….but Pinkie Pie put it best:

Our world doesn’t even make sense! Why should this one? Who needs Continuity?”

Best line. In that panel, they are in a room with a bunch of clippings and writing on the wall, and one part says this:

If you’re reading this, you may be over thinking this comic book”


The thing to keep in mind with this story, is that it’s very Celestia Centric. The mane 6 are pushed to the side here, except Twilight. The others get lines and moments, like the one I quoted, but it’s mostly Celestia. Some don’t like that, but I do.

The plot is so well done that I’m cool with this. Celestia gets a lot of much needed depth here, and besides, not every story needs to feature the Mane 6 a lot. We get plenty of them in the comics already.

By the way, in this other world, the mane 5 are Flim, Fliam, Trixie, Chrysalis, and…Derpy. Yeah. Also, Trixie is an Alicorn. And Discord is a Knight.

.Wait, if Luna turned bad when our Luna turned good, shouldn’t the same thing have happened with Discord? ..Whatever.

Let’s see, is there anything else to say before we get to the ending? …I don’t really think so. Oh wait, there’s one: Evil Celestia is amazing. She’s just an Evil Celstia but she may be the most EVIL villain since Tierk. Not quite as awesome but close.

See, if Evil Celestia and Luna are hurt, than it affects Good Celestia and Luna. So in the climax, Evil!Celestia wants to lure Good Celestia here. She does so…by hurting Evil Luna, thus hurting our Luna. Yes, she’s willingly to hurt her own sister. Infact, what she does almost could have KILLED her!

You can’t do that, this is a kid’s comic!”

…Pinkie’s words, not mine. Day-um! Evil Celestia is a bitch!

Oh, and we gotta talk about Star Swirl. What’s he like? Well, when Twilight tells Sombra people compare her to him, he says he was more like Pinkie Pie. Yeah. And he’s not kidding.

While he’s not as…Pinkie as Pinkie, he’s close. He’s a bit kooky at times and he’s far more insane than they made he sound in the show. Actually, seeing him here, it’s hard to believe he was this awesome guy Twilight described him as. This guy almost did a huge spell? No wonder it was unfinished. I don’t think friendship had anything to do with it.

But yeah, it was awesome finally seeing him, and I liked his relationship with Celestia. They never tell us exactly what happened to him, but I suppose some things are better left a mystery.

So yeah, that’s all I got so let’s get to the climax. Long story short, bad shit is going own and they must find a way to stop Evil Celestia, and save the two worlds. They plan to encase Evil Celestia in this Crystal Heart thing so she can be stopped without being hurt,.

As Evil Celestia is being encased in the Crystal Heart, Celestia starts to get encased too. Celestia…decides to sacrifices herself. Because neutralizing the Good Celestia is the only way to stop the evil and destabilize the universes.

She tells Twilight that she is in charge now.

A wise pony once told me making the decisions you don’t want to make is part of what we have to do. I’m making this decision for you. I’m sorry. “

No! I’m not ready for this. There has to be a way to save you. “

I’m so proud of you, Twilight. I know that you will be an amazing leader of Equestria. Goodbye.”


Yeah, I’m skipping the routine. This is fucking heartbreaking. Yeah, I used that F Word. That’s how serious I am. This is the closest to emotional I’ll get while reading a comic.

I mean…damn. There have been a lot of emotional scenes in the show, but this is..a new level.

We have someone about to SACRIFICE their selves! As in, she is ready to more or less die! …Or turn evil. Either one is horrifying!

This is still MY LITTLE PONY, right?!

But of course, Celestia doesn’t end up doing It because this comic isn’t THAT balls-y. Besides, we have to consider Canon and all that. But Celestia is fully ready to do this, so if the following didn’t happen…damn. I think the kicker is the last line. Imagine being in Twilight’s postilion, being unsure about being a ruler. Then suddenly, your very idol sacrifices herself and makes you ruler.

That would be…damn.

Instead, Sombra sacrifices himself. By that I mean he uses the elements and stuff to take the evil out of Celestia-2 and Luna-2 and put the evil into him. That means Sombra loses his humanity and becomes the one we know and….bash unfairly. Yeah, the heartbreak never stops.

Sure, making Evil Celestia/Luna is good a bit of a cop out but making Sombra evil makes up for it. Before anything can be said, Sombra disappears and they must leave as the the portal is closing for good.

Once they get home, we get that moral, and Celestia tells the ponies to keep all this a secret, and just pretend it never happened. Some of the fans are cool with that.

So how does this end? We cut to Equestria-2, as Sombra, now turned evil, says goodbye to Celestia while holding on to the crown that she dropped as he sheds a single tear.

Yeah, that’s an amazing ending. Again…holy shit. That’s an incredibly emotional and mature ending. It ends with Celestia losing her one true love as he has turned evil. That’s a huge downer ending.

And to think, if this was the show, this would be followed up with cheery music and MY LITTLE PONY. This is a mature and somewhat deep ending …in MLP. Someone compared this to Batman The Animated Series…and yeah, that makes sense.

This series has shocked me, but this is a whole new level. There’s more I could say about this arc, but this is a good place to stop.


Yeah, it has flaws here and there, like wonky pacing, and stuff like that. Also, where was Cadence? She was pretty involved with our Sombra so you think she would have something to say here. Whatever.

I see why someone wouldn’t be into the whole concept, but there’s really no reason to hate this story. It’s dark, it’s complex, it’s Mature, it’s heartbreaking, it has a great lesson, and it gives great Depth to Celestia.

Yeah, some of this is cliché but it’s done so well that I don’t mind. The Canonocity of the Comics up in the air, but if this is canon, I’ll never think of Celestia the same way again. That’s a good thing.

Overall, this arc is pretty amazing, and it’s easily the best one to date. I really love it.

(Man, I was long winded back when I wrote this. Now I can go into detail without quite spoiling it, but back then I loved it so much I had go into detail on why I liked certain things, so there you go. I only did this section because I was so just awed when I read it, I just did this first. Pretty sure it was back in 2014 at least, by the way)

#21-22: Manehattan Mysteries

After…that, I think we need something lighter. But really, the only way to truly counteract a story that sad is with a Fluttershy/Pinkie story full of rainbows, but instead, we have a Mystery. …Yay!

While Rarity, AppleJack and Babs Seed are visiting Manehattan, Trixie is accused of stealing a valuable diamond, and they have to figure out who really stole it.

First off, I should say I don’t care for the art on this one. Don’t worry, it’s not Jay Fosgit and it’s not quite that weak, but I don’t know, it just feels off. It’s a bit too simplistic, especially in slightly more dramatic parts, and in some panels that are zoomed out, everypony gets YoungBlood’s disease.

It’s not terrible, just slightly off. That doesn’t get in the way of the comic, as it was fun. Pretty simple (meaning another short one) but still enjoyable. It’s more interesting for the character stuff as the mystery aspect isn’t too amazing.

You can kind of tell who did it, and there’s no epic twist. The actual thief doesn’t even appear as themselves for that long. It’s fun as it’s happening, but nothing amazing. But it does lead to interesting character stuff with Trixie.

She wants to get over her shaky past, and bonds with Babs over this since she can relate to that. It’s never really too deep, but it does lead to some cute moments. And Trixie is quite good here, being a lot more intelligent and resourceful than usual.

It’s worth nothing that they mention that she’s the former queen of Diamondia. Yeah, a reference to that Friends Forever issue. Nice.

Speaking of references, shockingly few of theses but there are small details like how the Safe Combination is 4-14-84 (April 14 1984, airdate of the G1 Pilot) and there’s a Newspaper called Equestria Daily. Given this is a Trixie story, that’s actually doubly amusing.

There’s nothing especially great, but it’s nature and some cute moments keep it afloat. The mystery is slightly weak, but engaging enough I suppose. Trixie is very solid here, and her development is solid with her and Babs getting some nice moments.

It’s overall just a nice breather. It has some “moments”, so that it’s not filler, but is still rather light, which is welcome. It’s about on par with the pirate one, which isn’t bad as it also had just enough solid stuff to be called Good.

It is another I wouldn’t recommend highly though. It’s not the first one I would pick anyway. If you like Trixie it’s one to check out, but normal people should go through most of the other ones before reading this one.

But hey, it’s still good, and is solid fun. That’s pretty much all there is to it. It’s good, what more do you want from me?!


That’s right, another no name. It’s our last one for a while, but come on, is David Lubar writing this stuff?

When everypony seems to have vanished, their pets take matters into their own hands…or paws, in this case.

This one is notable for being our first first one shot in the main series. There’s a few of these, most likely as cute filler to tide us over until a more serious/interesting story. I think the format works, and it allows for more experiments. For example, this one is all in the pets POV, so there’s almost no dialogue until the very end.

That’s rather unique and works for this simple story. But man if you thought I had nothing to say about the others, you haven’t seen anything yet. This one was fun but there’s not a lot to talk about.

It’s mostly a cute little story with the pets doing stuff. There isn’t exactly an epic story to analyze, or characters to discuss. All I can really say is it’s amusing or not…and it is. Mostly due to format.

Having no dialogue forces them to tell this visually, and they do a good job with that. There’s some amusing slapstick-y moments and plenty of fun moments with the pets. I quite like Angel takes charge here and proves to be a decent help.

I actually like him in general (because he’s so douchey it’s funny) but it’s nice to have him be a more helpful. As far as the story goes, the only thing to mention is how it turns out this is all due to a water sprite…thing, that is doing this for good reasons.

Yeah, the excuse is a bit lame but I guess it works as far as last minute twists go. We have seen this kind of thing a few times in this series, but for a quick one shot, I can accept it for now.

For quick one shot, this is pretty enjoyable. It’s nothing that amazingly special, but it’s cute. The pets get some nice moments, Angel is cool, and the unique format makes it stand out. It’s not one I’d read it again, but it works for what it is.

It’s too bad it gives me nothing to talk about, but I guess that fits for this kind of thing. All you need to know is that it’s a simple, fun story with the pets saving the day. If that sounds appealing, you’ll like it. I would recommend this one if you just one something quick you can read very easily.

But there are better one shots coming up, so maybe those will be better. But hey, this one is still good for what it is. Not my fave, but still good. …And that is all I can say without really padding this, so let’s move on.

#24: Discord in Time

Discord takes Fluttershy and the CMC on a field trip through time. Based on that title alone, you should have bought this already and don’t need me to say anything. …But I kind of have to, sorry.

This one is just as fun as it sounds, and it has everything you would expect. Yes, there is a Doctor Whooves cameo, and even Discord has to sigh at it.

There’s enough references in this bit”

Nice. And before I forget, I must mention that they reference the Discord/CMC Friends Forever issues. Once again, nice. With Discord on board, you know there’s going to be a ton of good jokes and this one certainly deliverers. As far as story goes, there is a bit there as we find out Discord has had other friends and those friendship tend to do not go the best, although he still seems to bond with them fine,

It doesn’t go anywhere too deep, but there are nice moments that add to Discord’s development. Although once again the ending is abrupt. I would stop saying that if that stopped happening.

As far as time travel goes, it’s simple so it doesn’t get too complex, and they do lampshade how confusing time travel is. Discord says they can’t change time with this machine as it would cause a “Bajjilon continuity issues”. Make your own joke about Cutie ReMark here.

There’s also the obligatory “when are we comment’.

STEWIE: That’s such a Douche time traveler thing to say.

I’ll never get tired of that clip.

This is another one that’s simply fun, and like the Book one, happens to just be more interesting other fun ones. Outside of the ending, I don’t have too many problems here. It does what it does to and is a lot of fun.

The references are funny, the time travel is done well, and Discord gets some nice moments that work quite well. It’s exactly what you think it will be, in a very good way. As I said, the premise is enough for a recommendation, but thankfully the execution is just as solid and fun.

I’m not sure if this will end up being the best one shot, as we have more coming up, but this will be one to check out either way. Once again, not too much to say. It’s Discord in time. That’s all you need to know, it’s good.

Now we’ve reached an interesting point. I said I had read some of these comics before, and now we’ve done all of time. I stopped trying to keep up around here because I knew I would be doing this. I’ve read the ones so far before, hence why I could talk about them so easily.

But from here on out, it’s uncharted territory, so let’s see what I missed.

#25-26: The Good, The Bad, and the Ponies

The Mane 6 visits a town in the west and have to take care of some bandits that have invaded.

Hey, remember how in Friends Forever #8, that outlaw guy said he’s be back in “Another Issue”? He kept to his promise, because this is that issue. Yes, a whole story comes from a Callback to a Comic. That’s neat, I guess but it has no bearing on anything.

Anyway, this is our first Main Comic I had not read beforehand, and it’s an interesting to start with. Because this is one of the more infamous, up there with Micro Series #4 and the EQG Holiday Special. Oh joy. I’ve agreed with people on those, so I wasn’t looking too forward to this one. And it was…okay. Yeah, it’s okay. Honestly, I mostly don’t get what’s so terrible about it.

It is a weaker due and has flaws, but nothing is flat out done terribly, and plenty of things work pretty well. It has more major problems than some of these others, but it’s nowhere close to being as weak as the comics I mentioned.

I mean, it’s not pushing a moral as hard, so no moral is bad as in Mirco #4, and speaking of Micros, the story makes sense so it’s also better than Mirco Sereis #2. But anyway, let’s start with negatives.

The Shrerrif/Mayor/IDK of the town, Chili Pepper or something like that, vanished which caused AppleJack to want to come to begin with. And they never explain what happened to him and he never appears again.

It’s implied he ran away due to the bad guys, but we never find out for sure. It seems like it’ll be important, but it’s just a plot device. It’s not like having him gone affects anything, the plot could have happened to the way it did, mostly.

But that is a nitpick. The big thing people complain about is Twilight. She’s not horrible, but she’s slightly hypocritical sometimes. She doesn’t want to use magic on the bad guys due to them being Non-Magic Users. Fair enough…but she uses magic on them later!

Yes, seriously. At this point they did use violence (on the land, not them) but it’s no worse than flat out terrorizing a land and driving people out. She doesn’t learn anything in between these actions, so it’s not like it’s part of any moral.

It’s kind of weird, and her not using magic is just a contrivance anyway. I’m not sure how else they could have explained her not doing it the easy way, but this was not the way to go. Otherwise, she’s not horribly out of character outside of these scenes, these scenes just happen to be problematic.

There’s other minor things, like Rarity being off due to falling from the new sheriff guy ,which is rehashed from the Pirate one. Also, a few references don’t fit, like someone being called Kemosabe, which makes no sense in this context. Also, Spike as at a Pony Trek convention. Pony Trek? That’s the best name you could come up with?

With that said, there are plenty of good things here. I like the setting, and there is some fun to be had with them trying to get rid of these bad guys. AppleJack is strong here, and I like some small dramatic moments like when the Serrief gives up.

It’s actually mostly fun, except when these problems creep in. The ending in general is slightly weak due to what I mentioned before, and it being abrupt…again.

So this one was a mixed bag. Twilight is a hypocrite and the plot had it’s dumb moments, but the general feel is neat and it can be enjoyable. I’m going to call this mostly okay, with some weak moments. As a whole, it fares better than the other infamously bad comics, and if you can overlook some things, maybe you’ll enjoy it.

But based on the reactions, this one seems to be a skip. But honestly, it’s mostly fine-ish, with some bad bits here and there. I’ve read worse, but it is a weaker Arc for this series, sadly. You can check out if you wish, just don’t make it your first.

#27-28: The Root of the Problem

The ponies must protect the Everfree Forest when a business guy wants to tear it down to build an amusement park.

This one begins with the Everfree seemingly invading Ponyvile. I was worried it would be a rehash of Princess Twilight Sparkle, but thankfully it took a different direction. A…strange one.

I’m…mixed on this one. In this end, this is pretty much an Green Aosep story. Seriously. Honestly, once that was revealed, I groaned a little. I groaned further when we meet the business guy.

There is a bit more to it, I guess. These deer people live in the Forrest and are pissed at the Ponies for destroying their home. This includes the Deer king and his son Bramble (subtle, at least there’s no Mom that dies).

But it mostly comes down to your typical save the trees type stuff, just with ponies. The execution is on the mixed side.

On one hand, it is important to protect the environment, and it is important to teach this to kids. And at least the bad guy is making something that could not be useful at all, vs the Highway in SpongeBob’s Last Stand.

And it is cool to see more residents in the EverFree and it is kind of awesome to see the ponies lead a bunch of animals into battle at the end.

On the other hand….it’s reaaaaly preachy and typcal of this kind of thing. It doesn’t go into more detail than most stories like this, and the villain is an obvious and incredibly one note strawman.

He doesn’t care about the environment at all and has no good motivation to do what he does, he’s just evil for the sake of it. He’s basically a less subtle Captain Planet villain. This whole thing is pretty one sided, like pretty much every take on this plot ever.

It gets the point across I suppose, and it at least we get hwy we should protect the environment in this case. But it still comes across as preachy and cliché. However, I’m not sure how I really feel about this.

I’ve seen it done worse, and this has some things going for it. It’s all well meaning enough, and…i don’t know, can I really get mad at something like this? As a story, it makes some level of sense and everyone is mostly in character.

Although we do have Rarity fawning over someone again, and it’s even more pointless this time. That leads to me maybe the biggest issue with the message here.

In the end, the day is saved by violence. Yeah, they basically storm the place and Well-To-Do (Yes, that’s actually his name) is eaten by a Hydra in the end. We see he survives down there, but…still, that’s harsh.

Not exactly the best follow up to Twilight using magic after she said not to.

I know sometimes people won’t listen to reason, but resorting to violence isn’t the great message for the kiddies. This one has to be done more for kids given adutls already know everything taught here.

Oddly enough, at one point a worker says he’s just doing his job, and at one bit they worry about some of those losing jobs…but that is dropped and never elaborated on. I was hoping they would point out those “Bad guys” are human in real life and such, but that’s all we get.

It’s weird how typical and one sided this is. I figured MLP could pull it off better than most, but it looks that isn’t so. It’s a better take I suppose, and I feel they tried to an extent, but it’s not qutie there.

It’s mixed, as the heart is there, but it’s so typical. And to be fair, I almost kind of love how over the top evil the bad guy is. Plus,he’s a Minatoaur, which is cool. Oh, and the guys from the Rarity Micro Issue appear again. At least it makes sense, since they are hippies.

So…yeah, I’m not sure about this one. It’s not bad, and it has it’s moments, but it’s just another preachy green Aeosp, that is one sided. I’ve seen worse, but this does highlight the problems with most of them.

If you don’t mind these kind of stories, maybe you latch into the good stuff and enjoy it, but most people should skip this one. It’s okay I guess, but nothing too special in the end. Readable, but that’s about it.

But hey, at least it’s not Rob Schneider preaching this time.

#29: Ponymania XXIX

Cheerilee tries to make up with her twin sister…who happens to be a wrestler. I gotta say, it’s awesome to finally see a true Cheerilee story. The closest in canon we ever got was Hearts and Hooves Day but now have a bit of limelight with her.

After two somewhat lackluster stories, we have a solid one again. It’s quite the decent story. Nothing too crazy but it’s simple and well told. Cheerilee and her sister never quite got along and Cheerilee wants to fix that, but an accident forces her to replace her sister in the ring for an important match.

Through this, they fit in some sweet moments, as well as wrestling antics. Actually, there’s shockingly few references here. With how big wrestling is, I’m surprised there was no pony John Cena or something.

Note to self: Review the Flintstones WWE movie that actually happened.

I suppose this helps, so they can focus on the story. The story is fairly simple but nice. I like seeing Cheerilee try to bond with her sister, as both characters work well, both alone and together.

The sister isn’t the most complex, but I like her fine. She is better as a tool for this plot than anything else though. This whole thing was just engaging and cute, with some fun moments sprinkled in.

There’s a bit of neat twist here, nothing crazy but I didn’t see it coming, so that has to count for something. While some may preferred a big crazy nestling story, I think it works as it is. It’s a well told Cheerilee story with some plenty of nice moments.

Although Rarity pretty much helping her defeat the bad guy in the end so quicly was slightly far fetched. So much so that Cheerilee turns into Troy Steele. But otherwise, this was a good one.

It gave spotlight to a character who needed it, and and gave us a solid and sweet story, along with some wrestling craziness. (Also, Pony Wrestling is mostly fake, go figure). If you want a one shot with a bit more depth than most, then this is one to check out.

(Oh, and Jay invaded the main series for this one. Had to point that out because….reasons).

#30-31: Ponyville Days

On a day celebrating Ponyville’s history, the citizens start arguing over who truly started Ponyville, and end up starting a little Civil War over it. Are you #TeamApple or #TeamRich?

This one was solid, a bit flawed in some areas. It’s hard to do a story about people fighting without making them a bit too irrational, and that is kind of here. Basically, they aren’t sure if Ponyvile was truly started by the Apples or Diamond Tiara’s Great Grand Pony, Stinkin; Rich.

Man, Flithy Rich, Spoiled Rich, now Stinkin’ Rich? Makes you wonder why Diamond Tiara wasn’t’ named X Rich. Anyway, Rarity is actually kind of Rich’s side almost, and this causes the big argument.

You could say that both are being a bit stubborn, especially at the start. And yeah, that is a problem. It’s not terrible but is a bit distracting. To an extent, I’m willing to forgive it as that’s always an issue in this kind of plot.

Otherwise, this one is fine. It ends up having a fine message about working together, and I do like the issue is eventually fixed. Plus, this kind of feuding plots can be fun if done right, and like with Hoofields and McColts, it managed to be fun enough to make up for how cliché it is. And how, this did the friends feuding aspect better than LPS, so there you go.

The ending is a bit rushed though. I only bring up when it’s a real issue, don’t worry. After scrolling through comments, I found this is in the divisive pile and to an extent I can get it, but the problems aren’t that in bad. In context, the arguing kind of makes sense, it’s just the extent that is the issue.

And where they go with it is certainly interesting enough for me to forgive it. Also, the Labowski Ponies appear, with one saying “This pony Abides”.

So in short, yeah it’s good. Yes, the set up isn’t the best but it has a nice ending, and it’s a pretty interesting conflict. And it also has amusing moments and a nice moral. Not really the best, but it works with what it does right.

With some aspects of the set up, it’s not a high recommendation but the good elements make it worth reading. It’s not great or anything, but it is quite enjoyable and solid enough for me. Again, that’s all I got for this one.

It’s good, sorry.

#32-33: Night of the Apples

A Meteor crashing into Sweet Apple Arces bring some apples to lfie, who form an army to take over Ponyvile.

This one’s pretty boring and typical, as you can tell from the plot. Okay jokes aside, this one crazy and that’s why it’s good. It’s basically made to do an insane premise rather than tell a deep story, and it works in that way.

It’s basically a B Movie Homage, like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. I mean, the Apples can just take over without a lot of problems and not many question them being there. We get an explanation, but they don’t really think about it before just jumping into action.

It’s not even halfway through part 1 when the Apples have fully taken over the town. This takes full advantage of the premise, and does some crazy things with it. I’ll spoil one bit of it just to let it sink in:

They bring back Flutterbat, and turn the rest of the mane 6 into Pony Bats to battle to Evil Apples. Yes. It’s every bit as insanely awesome as it sounds. Even with the groan inducing names like Rainbow Bite, and Twilight Sparkling. Hardy har har.

It’s kind of hard to review this one, since it’s so clearly not meant to be taken seriously. Any compliments are kind of moot, but I do think this one geungely works for most of it. They take advantage of the premise, and fill it with awesome moments and good jokes.

There’s not exactly a lot of character bits, although there are minor hints here and there. Even with it’s nature, there is a moral in the end, which is nice in concept but is a bit forced. Feels like it’s there to give this some kind of point.

Also, I don’t think they needed to explain why the meator brings them to life. This is a classic B movie set up, I can buy that it just brings Apples to life out of nowhere. It’s just there to push the moral I guess, which I guess is a good one.

But I can overlook the flaws, since the whole thing is just so silly and fun. Also, there are some odd moments, like when one Apples tells another not to be so “Seedist”.


Those bits add to it’s charm though. The recommendation is easy for this one: If the premise sounds fun to you, you’ll dig it. If not, you should avoid it. It’s not a must read, but if you want a break from more complex ones, then this is one to check out.

It’s everything the title promises, and it’s just a ton of silly fun. …But it has no Zombie sushi so 0/10.

#34-37: Seige of the Crystal Empire

WARNING: Spoilers ahead

And after s bit of a break, we have another 4 parter, and oh boy is it big. It starts kind of simple, with a pony assembling some old 2nd tier villains to attack the Crystal Empire, but eventually it comes to be way more than that.

One thing I forgot to mention about Sombra’s Fiendship Issue, is that it had a cliffhanger implying it could come back. I mention it now because this resolves that. Yeah, this is poretty much an extension of what was established there.

And if you don’t read the side stuff, they recap it and put in more info if you had read it, so it’s not just a boring recap. As for the arc itself, well I tend to really like the really epic ones, so yeah I did think this one was fairly great.

But don’t worry, go gushing this time. I really liked it, it’s just not perfect. It has slightly more issues than some others, as well as things I know people won’t quite like. Not sure about the reaction to this one, but I bet it’s mixed like with Reflections.

There’s no way for no talk about this one with spoiling at least something so, there’s your other warning. It’s an bold so you know I’m serious again. I’ll bold it if it’s particularly bad, so just skip the bold text if you need to.

My first problem is the whole villain team up. It’s really just there for fan service, as after they help Radiant Hope, they pretty much vanish. They get some bits but aren’t too important. There are pretty much a plot device, and are also used to pad out Part 1.

They used 2nd tier Baddies since it would be weird to bust out Tierk. So we got Flim/Flam, Iron Will, and Lightning Dust. Because if you want someone to help you invade an empire, you get two con men who can’t fight.

Joking aside, it’s cool to see them again, but Iron Will is odd since he turned good in his Friends Forever Issue. They even bring it up, but very briefly. He’s evil again because…tomatoes. And he doesn’t turn back.

On a side note, in Iron Will’s first scene, we see one of the things scheduled at the place he’s doing his seminar is a canceled thing involving Well To Do. Heh. Also, a Bar Maitzah. Jewish Ponies are a thing, huh.

As for Lightning, great to see her back but I wish she had her own story, instead of being shoved into this one. As it is, she’s just…there.

The other big problem is the ending…sort of. Like Reflections, it’s the concept, and how some will love it and some will hate it. It’s understandable here. You can tell it may happen with how the story is set up, so it doesn’t come out nowhere at least.

I’ll have to talk about it while talking about the general stuff, as it’s a huge part of the story. But still details shall be in bold. This entire arc is all about Sombra and what was establish in his Fiendship issue.

We explore more of why he was made, his destiny, and his relationship with Radiant Hope. We get plenty of her here. And in general, I find it pretty interesting. It works for the same reasons his issue worked, as it explores Dark Destiny.

Sombra is still really good here, and has more chances to shine and show how he feels. As for Hope, she’s alright. On her own, she’s just okay but with Sombra, she can be decently interesting with how she ties into the themes and such.

But I do question why she assembled 2nd tier villains. She’s lucky they managed to be strong enough to help her. Yeah, everything about the team up is weird to me. With this issue, you are expected to be interesting in Sombra and Hope, since it’s all about them.

And to me, it works due to how the story is written. Also ,this one is pretty epic. It’s quite the intense and dramatic read, even if there aren’t any tear jerker moments like in Reflections. Like with that one, I didn’t take any breaks while reading and just went on to see what happens. Trust me, that’s a good thing if you know me.

There aren’t a ton of little elements like in other 4 parters, but rather one or two big ones, so this one does hinge on your investment. And for me, I quite worked. This one has a moral about shaping your own destiny, which they sort of did in the previous one, but this one is taken seriously.

And on it’s own, it is a good moral. It does fit with Sombra’s issue, as he did that stuff because he thought he had to. He could have prevented it, so this isn’t an asspull. Which leads to me to that element.

You know the one where Sombra turns good. That was sentence so chances are you got a spoiler by accident, whoops. But yeah….that happens. It kind of makes sense, as Evil Sombra turned Bad, so of course this one turns good.

And no, Celestia says nothing about seeing a Good Sombra. Golden Oopernity, wasted.

This does make sense in the story, with how it’s structured and the moral. But I imagine some may find it weird, given how dang evil he was in his debut. My brain says this is odd, but my heart says this works because damn is it heartwarming when he ditches his destiny and becomes good.

Thematically, it works in general, but I imagine some just won’t like the idea on a logically level. So I can see some are mixed, and while I kind of am, I mostly think it works well enough.

Overall, this one is very good. It has some problem, like a pointless team up and one odd element, but is still fairly great due to developing Sombra further, having interesting themes, and a pretty epic tone.

It’s very engaging and just all around cool with what it does. It doesn’t hit the highs of Reflections, but I’d say is one of the better Comics so far, even with it’s problems,. It was just so cool and it’s best, and kept me interested from start to finish.

This one is a must reed, if only for how big it is. If the idea isn’t your favorite, you may have to skip it but most people should give it a shot. It’s not the best, but it’s still pretty great for the most part.

A solid return for the 4 part arcs.

#38-39: Don’t You Forget About Us

The CMC, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, and Snips and Snails get lost while on a class trip. We had a heavy one, so now it’s time for a lighter one. Although It’s still has it’s moments.

This one’s pretty good. It’s not exactly funny, but the story is pretty solid. As a follow up to a heavy one, it’s more dramatic than I expected, but it’s still good. This set up can be done well and they used it well.

They mostly use it to develop these characters a bit and it’s pretty interesting to see. Yes, this had Diamond Tiara development before the show got to it…Kind of. This was in production before it aired, but ended up coming out way after. Whoops.

Still, it’s pretty neat and a lot more natural, with her turning back in the end, in a way that isn’t too insulting. Mostly because the development wasn’t too deep. They just bonded a bit because they had to.

The insights are minor but nice. Hell, even Snips and Snails get something, and they end up being helpful! I always thought they got too much hate so hopefully the show can take notes from this Arc and go into them a bit more.

I kind of think this should have been a one shot, since it’s mostly a simple story, but I guess the extra issue allows them to develop the story further, as they do have to set up them being lost.

They get lost while breaking away to look for this legendary creature. Spoilers, it ends up saving them in the end, which is pretty predicable, oddly enough. Still, it’s a decent plot device.

Overall, this one was pretty good. Nothing crazy but it’s a good follow up to the previous one, which was pretty heavy. It’s a fun set up that is used well with nice character development here and here.

For a smaller but good story, this is one to check out. It’s better than I thought it would be, as I was not expecting Snips and Snails to be this good here. Not a ton to it, but it’s pretty good for what it is.

Ah nice to be back to the short sections.


Yep, another no name. It’s our last one…cuz we’re almost done, but come on! Anyway, this one tells the story of how Twilight first started to take care of Spike.

I’ve been interesting in hearing this story, since I wasn’t sure how Twilight went from hatching the egg to raising it. Seems like something we’d need to know. We don’t find out why hatching a creature was part an examine, but how Twilight came to raise Spike was addressed.

Celestia was his “Mother” so to speak, but when she got busy ,she had Twilight help out and eventually Spike became hers from there. That makes enough sense, I think . And we get an adorable story about it.

Yeah, I figured this would be good and cute, and it was. Nothing too crazy, as it goes through the motions of someone dealing with a baby (we saw this in Baby Cakes after all) but manages to still be interesting, by having someone having to juggle it with something else.

It being a kid in school is certainly a metaphor for something..

Writing wise, it works on concept alone and when Twilight does explode, you get it so everyone is fully likable. But come on, you all know the cute-ness factor of what makes this one good.

Especially the ending, when it all comes together. That’s done well, and is really sweet in execution. It’s all pretty simple, but effective. That’s how I would sum this one up: Cute and simple. Nothing too huge, but that’s the point.

As it is, it’s one of the best one shots so far, with what it gets right in general. As far as recommendation goes, if you have a heart, it’s worth reading. It’s a quick one so it wouldn’t hurt to put this high on your reading list.

So yeah, not my favorite, but still’s pretty solid.

#41: Rainbow Dash and the Bad Day

When Rainbow Dash has a bad day, her bad mood spreads around Ponyville.

This one is pretty unique, as the whole thing is done like a children’s book, down to it being told in Rhyme by Zecora. And that’s the best part of it, as they get the style down perfectly. The art is really detailed and expressive here to compliment the tone they are going for.

The story itself isn’t anything too special but that’s the point, it’s supposed to be kind of a simple. It works to a simple moral about keeping a good mood even on a bad guy. Granted, I think everyone being punished for Ranbow Dash being mean once is a bit off, but that’s not a huge problem.

The charm here is all in the style. The story is fine but the way it’s done makes it memorable. The rhyming makes it charming, and they have some amusing jokes with it. Everything about it is just so charming, that it makes up for any story problems.

This is a pretty easy one to recccomend. If that seems appealing, go ahead it’s a quick fun read. But if you do want a better story, there are other options. But still, it’s quite fun and solid. The only other thing to comment on is that Shining Armor’s Nerd friends finally repeapar. I wondered what the heck happened to them.

Oh, the Rarity Micro Ponies cameo again. Whatever.

So yeah, not too much to say, it’s pretty charming and unique. Thank god we’re almost done here. Speaking of, last but not least we have…

#42: A Pinkie Pie Story that Pinkie Pie Kinda Sorta Remembers

Pinkie Pie has Rarity help her recreate a book.

We end things for now on another very simple one with art shifts. Only this one has …a few more than the last one. This one was really enjoyable. The set up means we get tons of jokes with their ideas of how to make the book.

They even got Mutli Media, with live action sock figure…things. Yeah, it’s weird but used pretty well. It’s about as crazy as you’d expect, and you’re enjoyment will depend on how much craziness like this you can take.

It’s another one not too focus on the story. As a story, the ending is a bit forced but works well enough for what it is. Does make me wonder why this wasn’t Pinkie and Twilight though, given the whole book thing. I first thought this book was for Twilight, but then Pinkie reveals it’s for Rarity (I’d ask why she’d pretty much spoil the gift by having Rartiy help but…it’s Pinkie Pie), so whatever.

It would be better if certain elements were slightly better, like how Pinkie can get a bit too oblivious sometimes. But as it is, it’s a lot of fun. The simple story works with how much they pack into it, with a ton of varied and amusing jokes.

Overall, it is pretty good. It’s another where it’s recommend as a quick read, if it sounds appealing. Which means we’re ending on a short section. Ah well, saying more would spoil a lot of the jokes, which I don’t wanna do. You just need to know it’s crazy and enjoyable, if a bit weird in some places. It’s a nice place to end this little journey on.


And those were the Main Series MLP Comics. …Sort of. There is a new issue out, but it’s the start an arc and I don’t wanna cover an incomplete arc, it would be odd. Overall, this series is pretty solid.

It’s not always great, but they mostly work. With these, they manage to do some crazy things the show couldn’t do, while still staying mostly accurate. They’ve told some fun and sometimes emotional stories. Reflection alone justifies this series’ existence, but some of the others are very good too.

I hope we get even better stories in the future. Not sure how much longer it can go, but we’ve made it to 42 with no signs of slowing down, so we’ll see. It was fun to do this and finally catch up at least.

Now, as for future comics, I wasn’t sure what to do. One idea was to do a Catch up post every 6 months (Meaning in late June/early July, and late December). I’d still read them as they came out, I would just write a section on it then to put on the post later.

That is the plan, but I can just not do that and only cover future Issues in Deviant Journals in the like. We’ll see, but in the meantime, we’re finally done with the Comics. And before you say anything, I’m not going crazy and doing other shows’ Comics like Adventure Time and the like. Doing this was enough, and it’s slightly harder to get my hands on those anyway.

This is all you get and I think it’s good enough. So there you go, hope you enjoyed my look at these comics, and hopefully no one kills me my opinions, so thoughts on these can heated, sometimes.

At least I got another of my million and 5 blog projects done.

See ya.


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