Spongey’s Favorite Episodes: Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends

Hello, Spongey here. Welcome to another installment of Spongey’s Favorite Episodes. I didn’t expect to another one so soon (a few months is soon, right?), but here we are. This time we’re looking at a specific show, as I don’t think I could do the best full list for it.

I’ve only mentioned the show once, and I feel like it gets a bad rap. Although with the episode I discussed last time, I kind of get why. That show is Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends. Created by Craig McCracken, this show centered around …well, a foster home for Imaginary Friends.

This takes place in world where imaginary friends are real. Kids can just create life, and no one bats an eye. Yeah, this world never made sense to me. I mean, are Imaginary Friends legal citizens? Did the plot of Ted 2 ever happen here?

Whatever, you have to suspend your disbelief. The show was mostly about Mac, who is forced to put his friend Bloo at Fosters thanks to his Mom, but he visits Fosters every day to make sure Bloo doesn’t get adopted.

Man is this a divisive some. Some like it for it’s creativity, while others hate it for it’s mean spirit-ness. Even fans hate certain episodes so much that they are often brought up regarding bad episodes of good shows.

As one episode mad a list about shows I usually like, you know I do like it. And recently I decided to re-watch it and see if maybe I was wrong, or if there are some gems. Now I can say that I like it, man is it a mixed bag.

For the most part, it does work. The premise is used well, and it can be very funny with a lot of a creative jokes. It also has a lot of memorable characters, to the point where even the background friends can be fun.

When it works, it works quite well, and some episodes (as I’m about to mention) are a blast. However, it only has two major problems…which sadly manage to take over some of the show. Actually, they sometimes go hand and hand: Bloo and Mean Spirited-ness.

I’ll go more into Bloo later on, but he is a mixed bag. Right from episode 2, he’s shown to be kind of a selfish jerk and can be a bit annoying. He can also be a huge assholes as seen in episodes like I Only Have Surprise For You.

…But he’s jerk-ish ness can also be funny, where he’s so over the top selfish that you can laugh at him. He’s quite hit or miss that way. I can kind of see why people hate him, but he has his moments.

As for the mean spirited-ness, that stuff can be funny but this show did not know how to do it well, most of the time. Usually it amounted to characters being put through the ringer for no reason. This show also suffered from bad endings, most notably in Fosters Goes to Europe.

So this show can be mixed. However, I still say it’s mostly good. There’s like like 4 or so actually bad episodes, and even those can have their moments. And when an episode was good, it could be quite good.

For the most part, it rarely got the point of being amazing, and even at it’s best, it’s still Craig’s weakest show (I’ll get to praise him when I do my Wander list). However, there’s nothing wrong with being good instead of great (contrary to what Pixar fans might say), so I still quite like it.

And I want to prove it can have some great episodes that I can watch more than once. Even with the garbage in some episodes, others can still stand tall. Today, I’ll present 5 or so of them for you.

Now, I could do a list but this one of shows where I may not have a lot to say for all of them, and this is a show where I want to point out the episodes that represent the best of the show, rather than list a bunch of ones I like.

Thankfully, My top 4 is in here, and only 5 is one I’d have lower on a full list. Without further ado, let’s see what times this mixed show got it really right.

These are my favorite episodes of Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends.

Crime After Crime

Writer: Lauren Faust

If there’s one thing I learned from doing TV Reviews on here, is that endings are really important. How many bad episodes fail do the ending alone? It’s the last thing we see in the story, so will linger on us more than anything else.

So getting the ending right in some stories is important. Fosters often forgets that. I already mentioned Fosters Goes to Europe, but let me explain that. The concept is a good one, but nature of it means it will be a bit receptive to an extent.

Thus, you need to make the ending good to make everything worth it, so when you re-watch it, you’ll enjoy most of it because you’ll have the ending in mine. But instead, they screwed it up and it’s a frustrating mess.

That’s where this episode comes in, as it’s everything that one should have been. It has the same nature of a plot that could have failed, but the ending mostly makes it really enjoyable.

Herriman tries to hide his carrot addiction by sending various friends to their rooms to stop them from finding his hidden goods, while Bloo tries to get out of eating a disgusting dish for dinner.

Yeah, this episodes focuses on a drug addiction allegory. See what I mean when I said this could fail? It comes close to being awkward, but they keep it funny. Msotly because they rarely linger on.

Herrimen mostly runs around trying to his hide his carrots so no one finds out he stole them from the kitchen to feed his addiction to begin with. We have slight moments of him wanting to quit, but they ditch that to focus on the comedy of it all.

It works because he’s kind of an asshole about it, and not in a tragic way. He punishes people for dumb reason just to hide his addiction. Then later on when Coco takes the carrots for ransom as payback for punishing people, he double crosses her when he thinks he has the carrots.

They make sure this is all funny, and Herriman is jerk-y enough to deserve any punishment he ends up getting. And with everything else going on, it works. As for Bloo, he tries to get in trouble on purpose so he won’t have to have Supper.

This means he trashes the house a lot…only for Mr Herrimen to not punish him either because he’s not looking, or things happen that make it seem like Bloo helped. See, that’s funny and it just gets crazier and crazier.

They even get small things right. Bloo tells Mac to help him, since no one at Fosters can really punish Mac that hard. Instead of telling Bloo he’s full of crap like he should, he gives in and does something horrible….jump on the bed.

Again, funny.

Because of that, it works when Frankie throws him out. Heck ,even when he gets in slight trouble after that, not much comes of it due to what I’ll get into later. Speaking of Frankie, she tries to cook this dish that’s a family recipe, but keeps failing due to roof stuff getting into thanks to Bloo, and later Mac jumping on the bed.

This mostly has Madame Foster slapping Frankie, but in the end, when this is cleared up, Frankie gets it ride and Madam Foster congratulates here! In a bad episode, it would end with her failing but nope, they get a sweet moment out of it.

This episode basically has a simple situation spiral out of control with a lot of fast paced comedy. It seems repetitive at first, but they shake it up with what Bloo exactly does, and some crazy plot bits later on, like the police showing up for reasons I won’t get into.

It gives the episode a real energy that makes it mostly enjoyable. But with the main subject, a bad ending could have made this all crap, so how do they nail it?

Basically, Eduaru catches Bloo and finds he’s trying to get out of dinner. So he’s punished by being forced to eat the disgusting dish. To recap, Bloo ruins the house to get punishment on purpose to get out of doing something, so he ends up being forced to eat it as punishment for even doing that.

Granted, he would have had to eat it anyway but he should have sucked it up and instead of going through all this pain. You have to idea how satisfying it is to see Bloo be punished like that. He is punished sometimes, but this was the best example of that.

The ironic nature of it compliments the set up perfectly. Although Madame Foster mocking him is a bit much.

As for Herrimen, he called the police when his carrots vanished, which was a dumb move and that combined what what he does to Coco, is why he deserved to end up in Jail…along with Will, who turned himself in due to one of Herrimen’s silly made up rules. Wilt ends up in jail a lot for some reason. Jail is a bit much but fits. Although the very ending gag is a bit much.

But otherwise, they get everything right here. Yes, they more or less did mean spirited humor RIGHT for once. It just amazes me that they got it this right, when they get this kind of episode wrong so often.

The characters get the right punishment, so the crazy nature works very well. As I said, Fosters Goes to Europe tried to same thing with it’s format, and failed due to unfair punishments and bad irony.

But this had fair punishments and good irony, so it complements the rest well and makes it all work. To be honest, this would be lower on a full list as it has minor issues, and I prefer others, but it is the episode I respect the most.

It manages to get mean spirited right and is just a lot of fun because of what they did here. Really, that’s pretty much all I have to say. It’s more notable for what it avoids, then what it is on it’s own, but on it’s own it is still a solid episode that gets most of it right.

It’s not perfect, but it is a pretty fun crazy episode where the ending is done right, giving punishment to the right people, mostly. They certainly deserve a lot of what credit for getting one of the shows weakness right this time.

Not quite the best, but damn does it get it right. Very good.

Bloo’s the Boss

Writer: Derick Bachman

We covered an episode that did mean spirited right, so let’s jump to one that did Bloo right. While his jerkiness can be funny, there weren’t a lot of episodes where he was flat out likable being a good person and all that.

Which is too bad, because those tend to be good, and this is the best of it’s kind. When he feels neglected, Bloo starts his own Foster home.

From the premise, I was pretty worried but they actually pulled it off. First off, the episode starts with Bloo telling them about a friend that needs help, and he’s actually telling the truth and tries to help!

And it’s not out nowhere, as he still fails and they point out how weird this is. And he goes back to being Bloo was Madam Foster ends up having to save him, and she gets most of the credit.

But Bloo isn’t really bashed like in most cases of this plot. Frankie does indeed thank him but says what Madam Foster did was more important, and no one is really a jerk to him just to praise Madam Foster.

Speaking of which, her being this heroic person whose life is a good deed, is cool but kind of weird given she can quite the trickster and sometimes does heroic stuff. No, I’m not letting the ticket thing go.

This is a good mix of funny jerk Bloo, and actually likable Bloo. At some points, he should have just accepted what he has, but I do get why he keeps going. In true Bloo fashion he goes pretty far, but in a funny way. He even acknowledges he went too far and feels bad about it.

Yes, this all actually happened. There’s a nice big happy ending where Bloo does end up doing something and is thanked for it. You have no idea how surreal this is all is. But don’t worry, there’s still a litle joke at the end of him going back to normal.

And it does fit, since a little too much nice Bloo and I would think we entered an alternate reality or something. Also, it worked better than in Cuckoo for Coco Cards. All of this would be enough for me to like the episode, as Bloo is quite likable, and even a bit relatable here.

But gets on here because ontop of all that, the episode is pretty funny. Especially the scene where he pretends his Foster Home is full functionol, so he dresses like a pirate friends and has fake friends of his own in the form of Sharkhead and Purple.

The latter bit is hard to explain, but damn is funny. They go far with it too, including the credits scene, which I won’t spoil here. Some of Bloo’s antics here mange to get many laughs, and scenes like that really help this one even more memorable.

This episode shows what happens when they get Bloo right. When he’s jerkish, it’s funny and he manages to be decently likable while not feeling totally out of character for him. Perhaps a few minor moments could have been handled better, but the fact that this was done well at all is amazing.

Overall, this episode portrays Bloo very well, and is a solid story on has own, with Bloo being likable and having many really funny moments. If you need a perfect example of Bloo being written well, look no further.

Challenge of the Superfriends

Writer: Lauren Faust

We all have certain TV Show plot lines we have a soft spot for. When they appear, we tend to like them, even if they aren’t always done the best. I have a few, most notably Superheroes episodes.

I don’t know, every time I show I like does a Superhero episode, it tends to be at least semi enjoyable. From The Beak to any Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy, they can pretty dang creative and fun.

I think the inherent silliness of the genre lends itself to creative ideas so cartoons to take advantage of, and you can bet the creator of the PowerPuff Girls does just that.

An imaginary friend hero (voiced by Cosmo himself) takes Mac in as his sidekick, which eventually prompts Bloo to become a Super Villain and team up with Imagnary Man’s Nemeis called…Neme Sis.

I don’t have too much to say about this one, as it’s not one to analyze for the plot. It’s just plain FUN. Everything is fun, from the general plot, to a lot of the jokes, to the fighting and villain.

And yes, there are some PPG references. Heck, Tom Kenny gets to cameo as the Narrator. These references are thankfully few, so it doesn’t get too crazy. As for the actually, story it’s fine.

Mac ends up neglecting Bloo a bit to be with Imaginary Man which causes some friction. This is another one where Bloo is likable as he just wants to hang out with Mac, so you get why he goes evil. Although there is still that Bloo-ness as he goes evil after thinking he’s been disfigured…after being hit with hair gel.

Yeah. This does have my only problem, that Mac is a bit too dick-ish to Bloo. He does try to help them at one point and fails, but he is trying. I think they could have done that scolding scene a bit better.

Otherwise, the story works in how it compliments the action and jokes. There’s a real energy to this one with how it parodies Superhero tropes. They have fun playing with elements, like how Bloo turns evil, and the reveal about Neme Sis. Her name kind of gives it away though.

There’s just a lot of enjoyment here, making this one of the most fun episodes to watch. Even where are no real jokes, there’s a sense of fun here. Some elements are great jokes, like Evil Bloo.

Who is still less evil than Bloo in some episodes.

I also like the running gag of Mac trying out catchphrases, some of which are amusing references. They do a good job mixing in some of these elements, and doing them all well. Again, even when it’s not really parodying enough, it’s fun due to just how they do it up.

They crack up the silliness, like how Imaginary Man’s weakness is girly flowers. Neme Sis in general has girly stereotypes as her powers, and it’s all very over the top and fun. The twist explains why it’s like this too.

It’s pretty much making fun of how brothers and sisters fight, and is certainly relatable on top of being funny. I’ll admit my towards Superhero stuff is why I like this one, but I do think on it’s own, it is fun to watch ontop of having good jokes and such.

I would liked this one even more if it weren’t for that minor story issue, but as it I can overlook it to love this one. It showed just how much fun the show can be at the best at times. It’s not the MOST fun episode, we’ll get to it later, but this is still great.

Too bad it’s another episode that doesn’t give me much to talk about. Not the episodes fault that it goes for Comedy over story, but hate making sections short, makes it seem I barely said anything when I said everything.

Ah well, you get the point. This is another fun Superhero episodes that parodies the genre perfectly with a cool villain, and a lot of good jokes, and Evil Bloo. The story has minor issues, but in general the episode is a blast.

The writers and animators did a very good job doing this Superhero homage, and create a fun Fosters episode as well. When I think of an episode I can just have fun with, this one comes to mind.

And all that is why it’s on here. Holy Haberdashery indeed.

Good Wilt Hunting/Destination Imagination

Writers: Lauren Faust and Tim McKeon(DI only)

Yeah, you all this tie coming. These Specials are pretty much the most praised episodes of this show. Even people who mixed on it admit these were great, even with Bloo being a bit dick-ish in both.

I had to tie them because I like them about equally, and have similar pros and cons. These specials showed that they can do great stories along with great Comedy. We’ll start with Good Wilt Hunting where Wilt goes on a trip to find his owner and settle something.

The first cool thing about this special is seeing the owners of some of the friends. For example, Edurado’s Creator is a cop who made him to fight some bullies, but made him nice so she could have a nice friend.

That’s just a really interesting explanation of why Eduarado is like this, and their little realtsnhip is funny and quite cute. The creator herself gets some nice moments too. Another example is how Coco was actually discovered by these two nerds, and no one really knows who made her.

And the nerds hit on Frankie because why not. Eh, it’s not as funny when Orlando Bloo isn’t involved. Also, they are named Douglas and Adam, and Adam has 42 on his shirt.

The whole theme of this episode is about how the people who raised you are the most important thing, as forgetting that lead to all the stuff that happens. It’s done really well, due to how it focuses on Wilt.

This episode is pretty much a character Study of Wilt. On the road trip, we see the kind of person Wilt he is and how affects others. For example, he finds a lost friend and emphasizes with her, and brings her home.

We see how Wilt is a really friendly guy who is willingly to help, even if it inconvincnes him. They did this before in a previous episode, but that was played for laughs and had a dumb ending. Also, it was paired with Bendy which didn’t help it’s rep at all.

These bits also have a bigger purpose, as each scene further peels back Wilt’s backstory, in an organic way instead of just dumping it all on us at the end. So when we finally see the pay off, it’s extra satisfying due to how well paced the rest is. Speaking of the pacing, I think the special format mostly helps this one.

Some parts can be seen as filler, but on repeat viewings, I noticed how it uses the extra time to develop the story better. It could work as a normal episode, but with extra time they can make it a more complex narrative with various elements.

They also nice split the time between Wilt and the others. The subplot also gives us comedy as a nice break from the more dramatic moments. I lvoe the running gag of Bloo thinking Wilt is a criminal, which is spaced out well. Even with this, Bloo’s willingly to help Wilt and doesn’t mention wanting him locked up or anything.

Seriously, if they even get him right in this instance, why wasn’t he like this more often?

Of course, the actual backstory is great. It makes a lot of sense, and the explanation of how Wilt crushed his arm his really heart breaking in it’s full context. I won’t quite give it away because the “fun” is seeing it all play at.

But it perfectly ties into the story and themes of the special. It really puts Wilt’s behvarior in a new light, and makes him more complex. His owning is even cool with everything that establish in the flashbacks.

Also, he’s pretty much discount Micheal Jordan, which is awesome. Speaking of, there’s a poster for “Astro Jam” at one point. Subtle.

Overall, this special does everything right, especially with how it gives a great story that develops Wilt and has some heartbreaking moments, and a heartwarming ending. It gets better each time I watch it, and it’s a really engaging special once you get used to the format.

Had to keep that short to make room for Destination Imagination. This one is way bigger, due to being a full hour without commercials, making it a full TV Movie instead of just a special.

To show you what to expect from this one, it opens on a dark and stormy night as two people and their kid get rid of a Toy Box, saying it won’t bother them anymore. Yeah, this one’s…a bit more serious than a typical episode.

Basically, there’s a friend who is in a Toy Box, but the friend is actually a whole world. It’s hard to explain but this box holds this whole world being contrlled by a friend just called World. Franke discovers him and befriends him, as the world gives her a break from her tough life.

But then World becomes a bit crazy and traps her there, leading Mac and the others to go into the world to find her.

First, let’s address the elephant in the room. At one point, Bloo says “You peeved him off, that’s what he’s doing!”. However, some hear it as…”You pissed him off”. Yeah. Now, I saw this when it first aired…and I totally herd pissed.

But when I watched it again, I heard peeved. I also heard it when watching it again to write this. But when I saw this bit in a YouTube clip, I heard pissed. I’m confused too. I hear what happened is that the Closed Captions says Pissed, so that’s what I heard subconsciously. Maybe the voice actor’s inflections were a bit off, I don’t know. Either way, he doesn’t actually say pissed. That wouldn’t fly in 2008, we had to wait for Regular Show to hear pissed…and even that got censored on the Dvd.

Anyway, back on topic. There are two big ones that make this one great. One is the world it/him self. As a world, it’s incredibly creative. Anything is possible, so there’s a lot of cool set pieces like a river as a ballpit, a bridge as a piano, and a video game bit involving zombies.

They clearly had a lot of fun creating this world and coming up with fun stuff to do in it. And as a character, World is likable. Giving him the voice of a kid was a good idea, as it made him more innocent. Although is it me, or does he sound like Chowder a bit? That’s not the actor, but come on, I can’t be the only one hears it.

Also, it’s really cool how he can put his face on any object to take control of it, and become other characters. He’s given a reasonable motivation, as he’s just attached to Frankie after losing his previous owner, as he was taken away from him.

We don’t get the full backstory, but it is implied he kept his creator away from his family like what is happen with Frankie, and if that’s the case, we see he just likes having friends. A bigger backstory could have been better, but it works as it is.

The other big thing is Frankie. Like the other one, this is all about developing her. At the start, we see how she loves helping everyone, and we see the various she does. She even settles disputes in a clever way, including getting Bloo to do something nice. Granted, it’s through his ego but this action still makes her Jesus Chrust.

And of course, you feel sorry for her due to how she’s overworked and such. This ends up developing her relationship with Herrimen a bit, as this adventures makes him learn to appreciate her a bit more.

This cultivates in a big great scene that caps it all off, and creates a really sweet moment, which ties into the overall plot well too. It’s nice to see their little thing get a resolution like this. This is pretty much Frankie’s story, and they do a good job tying it into a bigger part with world.

Another interesting thing about this thing is that it kind of feels like a finale. I mean, it’s huge, has a friend concept not used before, caps it off major character arcs, and flat out ends with a reference to the intro.

I’d say this was made as the end, but GoodBye to Bloo was also clearly made as and ending, with how it ends, and has a joke about jumping the shark. Weird. While I really like that one, this is way better.

Speaking of behind the scenes type stuff (kind of..), Craig said an interview that they made Bloo more dick-ish in this one on purpose to add a bit of humor. That’s…fair I guess, but he’s a dick so often it doesn’t exactly stick out as anything new.

Then again, he also claims Bloo is never malicious, which is a big fat LIE, as we all know.

But anyway, as far as problems…well Bloo in some parts, but it ends with him being good. And while this isn’t a real problem, I do have a comment on the structure. GWH used it’s extra time to develop the story further, while this uses it to add more set pieces.

This works well in context, but it makes that one a bit narratively stronger in places. This feels like a 40 minute special padded to be an hour, but at least the padding is good. …Also, EuroTrish has a cameo. Ugh.

Overall, this special is great for it’s creativity, epic scale, interesting new character, and great development for Frankie with some really sweet moments. Which is better overall? Well ,DI is arguably more well rounded, with the creative world and a more epic concept.

But GWH is a bit funnier, and is can be a bit more engaging with Wilt’s backstory. I tied them since they are equal in pros and cons. Either way, both are fantastic in their own way. They prove this show can do big stories as well as small ones.

They both have some of the best moments, and development in the show with them having things that make them great in their own way. It’s worth noting that DI flat out WON an Emmy, so it has that going for it.

(GWH did too for a technical thing, meh).

Both of these are great, and worth a spot on here. And yes, the reasoning for them not being at the top are my usual excuses. Shut up, I have my own tastes. I was tempted to put them at the top as I almost like them the most, but I wanted to give the top spot to a more amusing one.

But we’ll get to that. Overall, these wonderful, emotion, and imaginative specials are both worth hunting for.


Berry Scary (Craig Lewis and Meghan McCarthy): Well, look who it is! That explains why this was the first great episode. The idea of someone crushing on Bloo is funny itself, and Berry is great with how sweet but creepy she is. Bloo is funny, and it’s just very enjoyable even thought out well as a story.

Squeeze the Day (Tim McKeon): IT’S HOT IN TOKPEA. There, I said it, happy?

Bloo Done It (Craig Lewis, and Adam Pava): The concept of Bloo thinking a beloved friend is up to something sounds bad, but they make it really good with the friend being likable, and the twist that I won’t spoil it here.

Cookie Dough (Adam Pava): I don’t have a deep reasoning, it’s just really funny, and it’s another case of Bloo being funny with his nature, and he even has a few okay moments.

A Lost Claus (Lauren Faust): I’m doing a look at CN Christmas Specials next year, so I’ll go into more detail then for now I’ll say it’s a great special with a relatable concept, and a really satisfying ending.

And the episode I would pick as my favorite Foster’s Episode is…

The Bloo Superdude and the Magie Potato of Power

Writer: Craig McCracken

Since picking the TV Movies would be too obvious, I had to choose my favorite normal length episode. Usually that would be hard, but when I had to do that I knew exactly what that was, as soon as I re-watched it. It’s not exactly a great story like Bloo’s the Bloos, but it’s super fun like Challenge of the Superfriends, and has so much more to it.

This is an odd choice, but god damn, is it awesome in so many ways. Basically, Bloo tells an epic story of the Bloo Superdude, and how and a bunch of other people tried to get back a powerful object from a dictator who hates fun.

This episode in a similar vein to ExcaliFerb and So Interesting, and is honestly even more impressive than those, at least for this show. Craig McKracken said that each of the shows he’s worked on has had at least one episode that was so much fun that “each step of the creative process seems to flow with effortless joy”.

For Foster’s, it was this, and it shows. Every part of it is done so well, and is incredibly fun and funny. First off, we have the show’s character filling in the roles in this story, and like in those cases, they end up being funny.

Most notably Frankie as a fairy trapped by the evil guy. I don’t know, that idea is just funny, especially with her THREE TASKS OF DOOM. We also have Eduardo as a little blue, and Bloo as this big buff overpowered dude.

In general, there’s a lot to like here. Even the animation is really nice with all the designs and action going on. Being a fantastic comedy ,there’s some fun references like the “Most Nicely Bar”.

There’s just a ton of funny jokes all over the place, with everyone getting at least one amusing moments. Highlights include the THREE TASKS OF DOOM, a lot of Mac’s reactions. Actually, I think Bloo telling the story is what pulls this together.

Other examples of this plot do cut to the storyteller sometimes, but here it’s a big part and adds a lot to the humor. They play around with the format a lot, like when Bloo takes a break then gets his story confused with a show he saw, and us seeing how Bloo is enacting this to Mac, and Mac’s reactions.

In a way, it’s a bit cute as they are genuinely having fun here. Bloo’s nature works so well as it wouldn’t be as funny without his attitude. And in the end it tuns this story is a rather silly version of something that actually happened, and you can kind of tell with how the story is told, but the reveal is still pretty funny.

This turned out so well that they did a sequel in Season 6, where Bloo was sick and seeing this world again in his head as he walked around. That one was slightly mixed. It’s still pretty good, because the angle lead to even more great jokes. However, the angle isn’t as interesting, and it has Bloo embarrassing Mac at a party, which I do NOT need to be reminded of.

As good as that still is, it can’t top the first one. This episode is just a blast from start to finish. Even when there aren’t a lot of jokes, it’s still fun due to the action and visuals. There’s been some really fun episodes of this show, but this takes the cake.

Ontop of the jokes, it has a great set up and an sort of epic feel in places. I can’t say a lot without spoiling a lot it, and I said a bit too much already. If you need proof this show can be as fun as the best of Craig’s other works, look no further than this.

While it’s not deep as something like Good Wilt Hunting, it is the episode I like watching the most and is the best normal episode. With it’s humor and set up, it’s a great choice for my favorite episode, if you ask me.

And those are my favorite episodes of Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends. Overall, it is a flawed show but I still like it. Even with it’s flaws, it could be very creative and funny, as these episodes prove.

And honestly, if you take the 4 or so terrible ones away, the lesser ones are just mediocre in general. I do wish it was better, but I still like what we got. So if you haven’t given the show a chance in a while, watch some of these, you might be surprised.

I was happy to finally re-watch the show and find some gems to prove it can be good, as not many people really talk about it positively these days. Hopefully I can change that, if only slightly.

So there you go. Don’t expect a ton of SPE for one show, as I do try to do lists for those. Speaking of, expect a few coming up in the near future. Until then, check out some of these if you wish. Even the most divisive shows can have their awesome gems, you know.

See ya.


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