2014 Review Retrospective

Hello, Spongey here.

We are now almost done my look back at my old reviews. We’ve gone through the rough start of 2012, and the great improvement of 2013. But now it’s time to round it off with 2014. While I said 2013 was my favorite year, this was close too.

Again, I had a better balance of good and bad, and my comedy and critiquing skills improved decently well. That year fared slightly better for me since I started doing a lot of things I’m known for now and it was a good year for my in general.

2014 was mostly good, but it had problems. I moved this year, causing a bit of break in review and as you all know, this is when I got real schedule slip and had to change to one a week. I went into detail on why that happened before, no need to say it all again.

So my personal life wasn’t too perfect, and that’s not even touching stuff I’m not comfortable with discussing. But as far as the blog goes, things were mostly good even if the 2nd half was a mixed bag.

With all that said, let’s dive into this year and see these reviews fare. We’ll see the joys of Muppets and Spider Heroes and the horrors of Adam Sandler and Tucker. I had fun this year.

This, is the 2014 Review Retrospective

To Boldly Flee

And right away, we begin with one of my most interesting reviews. It’s rare to do a multi part review, much less a 3 part review of an internet movie that some would say barely counts as a film.

But it’s my blog, so I don’t care. I thought it would be fun to do something a bit irregular like this. I count it as a film since it’s 3 hours and is sold on DVD like a movie. Call it a Mini Series all you want, if NC can do a Mini Series like a film, so can I.

All that aside, I still enjoy the Channel Awesome Anniversary films. I can why they stopped doing them but this was a fun trilogy with a good ending. Yes, it has plenty of problem with jokes that go on too long and tons of plot points that just didn’t pan out very well.

But the good points make up for it. The story is ….well more of a story this time, most of the jokes hit, and the ending is great, being a sweet send off for the Critic. Even after …that stuff happened.

As far internet movies go, it’s thought out well enough with great moments to balance out the weaker parts. Not all of it works but it has the needed heart to make it solid enough. But man, I agree that it’s too long at like 3 hours. The Hobbit justified it’s length more.

This was strange to review due to it’s nature, and being the only one where repeat actors will not happen. Unless I did Road Chip, of course.

It was fun to review for that reason, and I mostly like t. I say that because…somehow, part 3’s spacing not messed up so that it’s impossible to read. That happens sometimes but usually not with full posts like this. There’s no way in hell I’m going back and fixing that given how long it is so….you can never read part 3 again, whoops

Which is too bad because I like the review. The nature made it fun to look at and I do have amusing reactions to the odd-ness of it all, with solid critiquing where I take it seriously despite it being a web movie.

I have dull spots since the film itself can drag in places, but it’s mostly a fun review. Although it does make me wish I could do long review in one post, because this is a weird one to do a 3 part review for.

But it needed it, so there you go. A strange but good way to begin the way.


In hindsight, should have been on my worst reviewed films of that year list. 21 & Over is bad but it’s better made than that. I only put that one there because it was fresh on my mind. While this one isn’t quite on the bottom 10, it’s still pretty bad.

The whole thing is just a mess with any of the redeeming qualities I tend to find in most dumb blockbusters. The premise is a decent one, and there seems to be effort put into the stunt work. It’s too bad the writing is crap and I can’t see the hard work on screen because of the crappy cinematography.

This thing just makes no sense, which is pretty bad with how simple the basic plot is. It hits the ground running so it doesn’t even have time to be tolerable before getting into the bad-ness.

Pretty much goes wrong from the lackluster performances, to the frantic action, to even the dialogue, which is often really stupid or just bad. It’s also boring on top of everything else, meaning it can’t even be fully enjoyed ironically, for the most part.

The only excuse for why it’s not hated more is that it sunk so fast that people missed it, compared to something like Movie 43 or whatever. But man does it deserve the reception that “Better” films get.

I tend to hate insulting comedies more, which is why it’s not quite among the worst things ever, but it’s still bad. Especially since poor Selena somehow got roped into it.

The review is a favorite of mine. There’s so much wrong that I had plenty to work with, and I have tons of great moments and reactions because of that. I was even fair in some aspects, although I was too harsh on the ending.

I get what they were going for, but with hwo bad the film is, it came across as stupid. But yeah, very enjoyable negative review and great as our first negative review of the year.

Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

Huh, two Selena Gomez films in a row when you cut out the other parts of TBF? Weird. Anyway, I really wanted to do this one because I quite like the film and thought it needed some praise.

And I got get angry at a website for no reason. Yeah, it made from some amusing moments but I got a bit too worked up over nothing. I even did this in the Disney Sitcom thing so it’s not like I say anything new.

I almost go on a journey, bitching about the TV Tropes stuff only to find something good from there that backs me up. I did intend that as I happened to find that after complaining. It’s okay to bring it up to say why I like the character, but I g a bit too far.

Anyway, not much to add to this one. It’s flawed but mostly works. The parts it does right are just so good especially with dramatic scenes. It ends up being a bit more pointless than some of the other Sitcom DCOM’s but the story is a lot more interesting and the best parts, again ,are just so damn good..

It’s not exactly amazing, but it does work pretty well for what it is. The review is fine. The usual good moments and solid critiques as I explain why it works and make jokes about the flaws, as most DCOMs have things to mock. It’s a nice balance even if there are dull moments here and there.

Oh, starting with this, I credited the owners of the images I use. Don’t really need to do it that but I want so meh.


Time for a mediocre movie that I don’t have many extra things to say about. As hit or miss as Pixar’s recent slate is, this is the worst thing they are indirectly responsible for. There’s a reason they let DisneyToons make it, because even they wouldn’t make this thing up.

Again, it’s not horrible but it’s even more generic and by the books than the others Cars films, with a poor plot structure to boot. It has some amusing bits and decent animation, but the weak parts are too weak to really recommend to anyone other than children.

Which is sad,since even the Cars films have something for adults in there, while this has nothing. It’s hardly offensive but it is pretty weak. And yeah, it shouldn’t have gone to theaters, even if payed off enough to get a better but still mediocre sequel.

The review is fine. It’s one of those where I don’t have anything great, but I do fine at pointing out the problems and making amusing quips. I do have to use some critiquing here to explain why the story fails, so it has that going for.

It’s a solid enough review with good reactions. That’s about it.

Dead Sushi

Here’s one I went into, when I covered my top 5 films I reviewed that year. I explained why it “works” and even how I got Martial Horror. There isn’t much to comment on but the review itself.

This was a fun review to do, with a lot of awesome stuff to react to. It’s just a movie with a lot to joke about, and it’s awesome.”

…Eh, there’s more to say. It’s the kind of movie that lends itself ot funny reactions. With how intentionally goofy it is, it is fun to make jokes about and I went into more or less blind, so my reactions were great.

This was an odd one as it an obscure foreign title, the kind of thing I rarely cover. But once I heard of it, I figured I’d give it a shot to mix things up on the blog. It worked very well, making one of my favorite reviews. See that list for more info on the film and the Martial Horror cameo.

Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance

Not too much to say about this one. It’s another movie I’ve mostly forgotten about, as it’s just kind of weak. It has some enjoyably dumb stuff but it’s mostly by the books and just…meh. Nowhere near terrible or anything, since it has Nic Cage at his finest, but it’s still not all that hot.

It is fun to tackle big blockbusters like this at least, no matter how mediocre they turn out. They can be hard to review so sometimes the reviews aren’t the best. This one is alright. There’s some dull parts, but also some good reactions and jokes here and there.

Typical review I guess, but nothing too bad. Just a drop in the bucket, honestly. Oh, and yes, NC did this movie after I did. His review was better than mine, which isn’t too shocking.


Here is the other part of my Nic Cage double feature. This one I was more interested in doing as I had seen the film for the first time and thought it could be fun to defend it a little, since it has gotten flack and sadly didn’t do well.

First off, yes it turns out the butt rockets were in the original. Forgive me if I assume a joke like that in a modern animated feature was added in for cheap laughs. Guess the original guys had a similar sense of humor.

Anyway, the movie is still good. It’s no masterpiece or anything, but it is fun and even has some decent emotion to it. It does certainly deserve a bit more attention. It ain’t great, but it has a lot to like .

It’s always fun to spotlight underrated films on here. The review itself is alright. It can be on the dull side, but I make some good points to make up for it. In the middle ground for my positive reviews, but that’s okay. My next one more than made up for it.


This is another entry from the list, so there isn’t much to add on the film. It’s fun while also being smart and having plenty to like. I’m not sure if this will be up before or after I do the review of the 2014 one, so I won’t say anything here. I won’t even edit it if it goes up after, I’m that lazy. (But not THAT Lazy). Anyway, the review was interesting to do since it is meant to be a bit dumb in places and any possible issues are for the sake of satire.

Yet I was still able to have fun with it since the “dumb” parts can still be made fun of in some way .It’s always to go back to a “Classic” to see if it holds up, instead picking on another random modern film.

I did an okay job here with a few quips and good notes. Nothing too crazy but I had fun with this movie in general. A fairly decent positive review. Oh, I may do the sequels, we’ll see.

After Earth

Not a lot to say about this one either. This is a prime example of me expecting something terrible after everyone built it up and being very disappointed The film is not very good as it’s often dull and wastes some good ideas.

But it’s nowhere near terrible. It’s just kind of boring. At least it has good ideas and I can see why someone could appreciate it, which more than I can say for some other movies, even from M Night.

It’s very flawed, but not terrible. I can see it being bad but horrible? Hardly, especially after the directors previously film. Speaking of, I gotta see The Visit sometime, I’m happy he’s getting some praise again.

The hate for AE has gone down a bit, which is good. The review is another okay. Plenty of fine jokes and points, but you can tell I didn’t have too much to go off of. It’s just kind of a dull film with some interesting bits, in a bad way mostly.

But I’m not too bad here, just not at my best. An okay review, just not the best materiel. And it’s another one I beat the NC too! Not that it’s a contest, I just love when he’s late to things and I’m early.


This is another one I can sum up pretty quickly. The film itself is good fun. It has it’s share of problems the badass-ness of Liam Neeson makes up for it. It knows what you want and does a good job on giving that to it.

Even it’s flaws make it enjoyable. The reason the sequels failed is that this kind of thing really only works once. You can half ass your story for the sake of action once, but when you do it again, it gets tiring, especially when each film gets less awesome.

But here the formula works. The review was plenty of fun to do as it’s an example of a good film that can still be stupid, meaning there were plenty of jokes to make. I have good quips as well as good critiques due to it’s nature.

It’s a pretty solid review that I had fun with. Can’t ask for more than that. Moving on!

The Color of Friendship

Oh joy, we get to talk about race again. This was a tricky one since it’s very hard to tackle a film with this subject matter without …messing up somehow. Thankfully, my own nature makes it clear I’m not trying to be offensive or anything.

There isn’t a ton to add to the film. I don’t love it as it’s not cup of tea, but it is pretty solid in some areas. It has problems but it makes up for it by being decently mature with how it handles things and stuff like that.

I think I said before I perfer your more normal DCOM’s and not the True Story ones, so that plays a part in my feelings. But in general it is good if flawed. Honestly, I mostly wanted to do this to comment on…the N word being used.

Because it still blows me away. I still think they used it correctly but it’s so…weird to see it in a kdis movie that the network likes airing. And yet Tiger Cruise has been held off since 2009 despite not having anything too bad.

…Although it will be popping up again in June due to a DCOM marathon but whatever.

But yeah, it was an interesting move to do a film like this, which kind of shows the difference between these older DCOM’s and newer ones. Although they can do somewhat deeper stuff, it is on a more character level and not a…racism/911 level.

That aside, the review is decent. I’m fair and I personally think I covered this subject matter fine, but that’s up to you. Haven’t’ gotten any harsh comments yet so I think I’m good. Nothing too crazy but the film has it’s dull spots so it fits. It’s a solid one, I think.


This is another one I can go through quickly, as it’s one I don’t feel too strongly about and there’s not much extra to say. The movie is a mediocre kind of bad, where it really just has one big problem. In this case it’s the last of chemistry between the leads, because their bickering is more mean than charming or funny.

Oh, and ripping of Men in Black doesn’t help too much either.

They could have made all these elements work in some way but the whole is just kind of dull, with some amusing or cool moments. It’s mostly unremarkable even with it’s big issue. Then again these writers also did Ride Along, so they are used to doing unremarkable buddy cop movies.

But even that one had better leads.

As for the review, it’s decent. The nature of the film does mean it has dull spots, but I have good points and amusing moments. Another review that’s as good as gonna be, really. Again, all I got for this one.


Not sure if this will be out before or after Apocalypse comes out (turns out it’s After), but it’s still amusing timing. I’ll go into my strange history with the franchise in that review, if I end up doing it anyway. If not, there’s other places for that. (Turns out not, go to Deviant Art for my thoughts)

I did this one since I like talking about famous of ‘/Classic’ films to make jokes about them and seeing if they hold up. Given the nature of this film, I was interested to explore it. As I say in the review, I had seen most of the films up to that point, I just wanted to revisit one.

I planned to do some of the others, but that fell through and I don’t have plans to go back to it, sorry. Not to much to say anyway.

Not a lot to say about the film. While some of the sequels outclass it by a mile, it’s still a decent Superheroe flick in it’s own right. The themes are solid, the acting is good, and the tone is a nice balance of fun and serious.’

It’s fun to good back just to see where it all began, even if again, the sequels, improved upon it in a few ways. Still, this holds a special place in the history of comic books and holds up pretty well.

The review is good. Again, I’m willingly to point out flaws and make fun of it, while also explaining why it works what not/ It’s another fun positive review because it’s not insanely positive, but still positive, and there is room for good quips.

While I never did the others, at least I was able to do this decent review.

Fat Albert

And so we begin the finale to my Toon’d Out Month reviews, with the 3rd one. I tried to fill this one with films I wanted to do before, but could not. And we start with one that was voted on by my readers at random.

I wasn’t really expecting much but it was an okay surprise. It’s stupid but mostly harmless and honestly kind of nice at the end. It’s average but thankfully not horrible like I feared it might be.

It’s surprisingly heartfelt in the end and there’s at least a few amusing jokes in it. Granted, involving Bill Cosby means it’s now…very awkward, but whatever.

It’s nothing great or anything, but it’s honestly okay. Not the most memorable, but fine enough. The review is good. Again, nothing too crazy but I do a good job making fun of certain elements and going into the good parts, especially the ending.

So while it’s not my best entry in these months, it was a nice way to start our 3rd one. Especially with the crap I’d get into later.

Yogi Bear

I still think it’s alright. After reviewing it, I did see more of the flaws, but in general, it was kind of decent. It stayed mostly true to the cartoon, and has good casting with the leads. The story isn’t exactly great, but the film is still charming enough to be watchable.

It’s forgettable but not too bad to watch. For what it is, and the time it came out, it’s fine. Yeah, this isn’t my most glowing review, but whatever. Speaking of the review, I defend it well ,even if many times I have to admit it’s flaws.

Still, I have good moments and I do good job of explaining why it mostly works while mocking it’s flaws plenty. So yeah, a bit of a defensive one, but it’s fine.

Bonechiller-Teacher Creature

Not too much to add here from the previous review. I did this to figure out more of what the show is all about. I got a better idea with this episode, although it’s not as “good” as Frankenturkey.

We see more of the characters here, and we find out the male ones kind of suck. Our supposed heroes are kind of annoying and need I mention that very weak ending where the teacher is pretty much left to die despite him being like this being their fault?

I hope the other episodes don’t have that issue. Otherwise, the episode is still enjoyable in how odd it is. Will I get back to the show? Maybe, I just need to be sure the ep I pick gives me something to discuss.

The review was plenty of fun just like the Frankenturkey one, and it’s good for the same reason. Really, there’s not much to say, as I said. Hopefully I can get my bones chilled again. Now back to the crazy month.


Once again, there isn’t much to say. Really, I don’t remember a lot from this one. Just that it was lame and predicted Man of Steel. Even reading the review didn’t really get me that passionate about this one.

In the review, I do say it got worse when I wrote the final thought thing, so there you go. This thing has just slipped my memory mostly, so that tells you how good it was. It’s not the worst, it’s just kind of lame.

As you can tell, it’s completely forgettable. It’s there, I guess. The review is good. I have quite a few funny moments here, along with the critiques and all that. I guess it gave me a lot to work with in the moment, even if it doesn’t stick with me.

This isn’t the worst entry in the month, but it certainly didn’t leave any impact on anyone.

The Muppets

I took two other breaks in this month for some reason, and one at least turned out very well. I covered this in the list, and said it was the best film I reviewed in 2014, and it is. I went on about the film AND my thoughts on Muppets Most Wanted. So I can just comment on the review, which is alright.

Honestly, I didn’t need to do this one. I even say it didn’t add much, I just did it for fun. My passion makes up for the review being on the dull side, as there are weak spots and not a ton of great moments.

But in general, I tried harder than with other dull reviews. So I’ll call this one…okay. And yeah, I stand by my choice of this being the best film I reviewed in 2014. On the flip side…

The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It

Still sucks, moving on.

…Okay, there’s a …bit more to it. I said what I needed to in the list. This has all the same problem of most bad parody films, but is worse due to spoofing comedies, meaning they take already funny things and make it worse. The whole thing is just a muddle mess all the way through, and is thoroughly unpleasant, even by the standards of the “Genre”.

I’ve thoroughly explained why this one fails so bad. Arguably I didn’t need to do it since I already bashed 30 Nights for similar reasons. But I watched this one on a whim and I just needed to get it out of my system and this was the only way I could at the time.

While I did say similar things, I went into more detail, mostly because I bothered to watch the films being spoofed in order to fully get hwy I fails. I had seen them when I saw this the first time, so it was cool seeing that difference.

It payed off, because I mostly come across as well informed. I have good reactions and explain things well. Although I originally insulted Craig Moss I but too much. I’m sorry about that, now I’m very much again that kind of thing. I think I cut those bits it, but I’m not sure.

So yeah, a strange detour but a solid review, for a very terrible film.


This month was full of movies I just barley remember. This film is bad, but I guess it wasn’t the worst if I did not stick with me. It is a “Classic” bad adaptation, as it is not faithful on it’s own is just a typical stupid children’s movie.

Reading the review rekindles some of my negative feelings, at least. I know nothing about Thunderbirds, but I can tell they just turned it into this generic mess that is incredibly lame. I hear the director had never even heard of the property before he made the movie. That’s always a great sign.

But yeah, it’s the poster child of bad movies based on cartoons. Maybe I hate others more but it’s there. The review is a typical good negative one with good points and fun reactions. There’s quite a bit of good stuff here, and once again I realize more of the flaws near the end.

Pretty solid review, and a better entry for the month.

The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas

Now this I know I barely remember. It’s just so mediocre and forgettable simply because it didn’t even need to exist. Who wanted this?!

I can honestly remember nothing, at least not enough to drone on here. It’s just so mediocre and forgettable. It’s not really awful or anything, it just doesn’t jufisity it’s existence at all. I haven’t seen that first one still, but I imagine it’s more charming than this one.

That’s pretty much all I can say on this one. It just that …there, even though I said plenty in the review. It’s a fine review too but I just care so little about this film that I want to move on. The next few are way more interesting anyway.

The Smurfs 2

And so our month again ends with an infamous one, sort of. There isn’t too much to add. It’s kind of better than the first one, due to just being a little more interesting. But it’s still not very good, and they made NPH unlikable.

I am not over that.

Otherwise, fairly unremarkable compared to the first one. It’s yet another film from this month I just don’t care about, really. Oh, and yeah, we have more info on that all animated one for me to look forward to it.

There isn’t much to say about the review either. Some good moments, and I compare it to the first film well enough and explain the pros and cons there. Nothing too big, but it’s still a good one. It certainly did make for a good way to end the Toon’d Out Months.

I don’t plan to do too much other of the adaptions I have left, but there’s a couple I need to get to, go look out for that., I guess.

A Talking Cat

April Fools time again! I kind of went into the movie and the review in the worst list, so he’s a bit of that:

It was was hard to write for Monogram here, because doing Doof/Monogram stuff isn’t as fun in this context. In hindsight, I should have stuck to Doof. But ah well.”

Yeah ,that sums it up. It was still fun just like the MLP one does, but having to do Monogram too dragged it down a bit. Still, these Doof reviews are an interesting experiment, especially with the content of the films.

Will they come back? Maybe, I do have an idea but we’ll see if I end up doing that next year or not. As for this one, it was a fine April Fools post for the year, and it was really the only way I could do this film. It’s still an odd one…

Batman Forever

There are selected films and shows I will defend to the day I die, and this is one of them. I can see why people don’t care for it, but I do think Batman & Robin has made people think lesser of this one due to being in that same style. While it has problems, on a pure script level, it’s pretty solid. I really went into in the review, but in short, it has a decent story for Batman, even if the production design and acting often leave something to be desired. And yes, I still think this is better than Batman Returns.

Seriously, actually watch them again and tell me which one actually has a concentrate story and actual development for Batman. You can argue which one is more enjoyable, but facts are facts.

But yeah, while it’s not perfect, it is the most underrated of the live action Batman films. Also, people do remember that Joel has films on his resume than the Batman ones, right?

The review is another favorite. I really dig into why it works while making plenty of good quips, and commenting on the stupid parts. It’s another time where I strike that perfect balance between funny quips and solid critiques.

It seems to one of my longer ones but I think that time is used fine. Hopefully I explained myself well when it comes to this one, as it does need more credit than it gets. Then again, the hate makes more sense than with Dark Knight Rises.


Yeah, I screwed the pooch on this one. If you recall, just like back in 2012 days, I was unable to finish the film in the review due to technical crap. I’m too lazy to go back and fix that, by the way. It’s a good thing I had seen it before so I could still review it, at least.

Nowadays I would just scrap the review, which is why this has not happened since. But I’m sorry it happened at all. Enough of how much I suck, onto the film. I said what I needed to say. Yes, its’ cliché but it does what it does so well that it doesn’t matter. The animation is great, the songs are fun and it captures Rio pretty well.

It’s nothing amazing, but it just does certain things right, making it one of the better of the “Decent” Blue Sky Films. My mistake aside, the review is meh. It’s one of those where it’s clear I didn’t much to say, but I do make some decent points and okay jokes.

But in general, it’s one I don’t care for. And now where the part where I talked about Rio 2! It was meh. In general, it’s not unwatchable as it has even better animation and music but the story is just so….bleh. There’s too much going on and a random preachy green aesop for no reason.

Yes, it happens in the Amazon, doesn’t mean it fits the story you’re telling. It’s entertaining I suppose, but it’s still sadly a messy and disappointing sequel. Still better than Ice Age 4.

My Super Ex Girlfriend

This one I just barely remember. In short, it’s a mediocre rom com with a terrible ending. The idea is not bad, and there are good performances but man is mostly weak. The comedy is lame, and a lot of is just dull, before the insulting ending where it turns out this honestly terrible person just need a man and all of her flaws are forgiven. Yeah, this movie has it’s share of unfortunate implications, to say the least.

That ending really is lame. You can’t spend your whole movie showing us why this woman should pretty much be committed, then just have her be good cuz she has a man. Taking away the moral problem, it’s insulting to the story.

Otherwise, this is just a forgettable attempt to mash two popular genres, from someone who could usually do that pretty well. The review is decent. There are dull spots due to the film being mostly meh, but I have good moments, especially the ending.

Fairly average one, but that’s not too bad sometimes.

Rise of the Guardians

Now for the my 3rd and last Easter Special. Maybe I’ll do more, but we’ll see. For this one I stretched it so I could do a good film. Yeah, when I do good films for the sake of it, the review tends to be weak.

But first, the movie. It’s not my favorite Dreamworks film, but it’s still pretty solid. It’s creative, the charecters are mostly cool, and the animation is great. It’s flawed but it has enough good things to make it well worth watching.

I just wish it did better so we could sequels, or hell, even a spin off show. But whatever, the movie it still enjoyable, and techinally the best Easter Special ever. Unless of course the Teen Titans Go one has topped it.

As I said, this is the kind of review I just do for the sake of, meaning it is on the dull side. But I clearly care about the film in some way, so I have some good moments and critique it fairly well. So it payed off in some way, even if it’s not my best work.

But whatever, still better than Greaster.

Tinker Bell 1-3

Hopefully, the sequels are better.”-Me, 2014

I went into the 2nd half of this franchise in the 2015 one, but I suppose there is something to say here. I needed a series to do after the Buddies stuff ended, and since this only had 5 films at the time, I figured I’d do this, since it didnt’ seem too bad.

I still think the first one is just kind of meh. While Tink is a bore, and it’s pretty cliché, it has decent voice acting and really nice animation. It’s just kind of an underwhelming film, but far from the worst DTV Disney Product.

In hindsight, there was room for improvement in a sequel, since the first film had so many production issues. And while the first two sequels are flawed, they have things to like. The 2nd had a more interesting conflict, even if some of is poorly written, and the 3rd one has a nice little friendship, even if it can get pretty generic.

Of the sequels, I’d argue that Lost Treasure is the weakest, due to just not being quite as memorable. But it has it’s moments. It still surprises me how much effort went into these, in spite of their obvious flaws.

Even the first one is clearly trying in some areas. I keep saying this but none of the films are amazing, but most of the later ones try way harder than I expected. These first 3 could have been better, but there aren’t the worst start. It shouldn’t have taken 4 films to have a “Good” one, but ah well.

The reviews are hit and miss. There are dull moments, but also some good stuff. Some good critiquing can be found in these, especially the sequels, as well as some solid amusing moments. I’d say they are all tied, but they are solid reviews overall.

And they were a start for one of my biggest surprises I’ve had on here. I stil need to do that Pixie Hollow Games Special though..

The Lorax

Another one I will defend until I die. It’s very flawed, that’s true. But man are some people…harsh. I’m not saying you have to like it just because it has “heart”, but certain elements tell me they try.

So I sometimes cringe when people call it the worst thing ever…especially Cat in the Hat exists. Even the worst parts of this, show more respect to the auidcen then anything Cat. Actually, I said it better in the review:

You can dislike them all you want, but people go as far as to say they are disgraces to Suess and, worst of all, they demonize the poor writers and directors. If you read my Ted review, you’ll know that personally hating creators like that does not please me.

I mean really, judging by the production (and the fact that Suess’s widow approves of the animated ones and hates the live action ones), it seems like they at least tried to be faithful. Which is more than I can say for Scat in the crap.”

Yeah, what he said. I’m less bitter now at least. Oh, and NC’s review ended up being…..meh, I guess. Oddly enough, I hated Hyper Fangirl as shown here, but once she got written better in later reviews, I grew to like her a bit more.

But yeah, the movie needed to tone down on certain elements, because it’s almost there. It has great moments that get drowned out by some of the problems. I think the Studio can be blamed for a lot of this stuff.

Even with that, the film is FINE. The review is a more critical one which is why it works. I explain all the pros and cons very well and go into why it works. I think it’s another one with a good balance, even if it’s not the funniest or anything.

Even with Bitter Spongey, it’s a fine one.

Spider-Man 2

Another postive review for the sake of, but I was way more passionate about this than most. I wanted to share exactly why I really like this one, as well as maybe defend MJ in the first one a bit. And this film still holds up. Even with a few odd moments, it’s still a great sequel and a great film in it’s own right, being fun while also being able to be taken seriously, thanks to better writing.

If you are wondering, I think the best parts of this and ASM2 are tied in duality. That’s another movie that I can defend until I die, but we won’;t get into that here. But yeah, even with all the Marvel stuff,this is still up there with some of their best work.

Although MJ in the first half does prevent it from being just a bit better.

The review has it’s dull moments, but it’s mostly a good positive review, mocking the flaws even if I mostly gush about the film. Not the best balance, but I mostly did a fine job here. It was one of the more fun good movies to do.

And yeah, despite my feelings on ASM2, I am glad to see him in the MCU and after Civil War, I’m interested to see his solo film. But for now, I’ll always enjoy his better cinematic outings.

Identity Thief

Ah yes, part 2 of the “one character ruins it” trilogy, as I call it. First off, after watching Spy, I’m convinced only Paul Fieg can do Melisa McCarthy justice, as everyone just tends to just her do annoy crap as the script demands.

He has a good track record so far, so I’ll see how Ghost Busters turns out. This movie is certainly not her fault, as most people would be annoying in this role. The big issue with this movie is that she’s an asshole…when she didn’t need to be.

Stealing his identity should have been the worst thing she does. You can do this plot and still her be someone you want to be with. Instead, she is genuinely a giant asshole who does worse things that that and doesn’t really start to look likable until it’s too late.

You can make a character who does this stuff likable, but you have to give us reasons to like her, and not just use her flaws to get a ton of cheaps laughs. It just doesn’t work like that. And of course the pointless subplots here and there don’t help either. The film isn’t awful, as it has more heart than some others like it, but it’s pretty disappointing.

Reviews where I have a target are fun to do, so I like this one. I could have gone deeper, but I mostly make good points and have amusing reactions. As far as Comedy reviews go, this one is solid given how most people don’t care about this movie.

And hey, at least she’s not Tucker.

Family Guy-Life of Brian/Christmas Guy

Oh yeah…i did this. It;s another thing I don’t think I should have done, but ah well. I hadn’t seen these episodes before, and this was long before I decided marathon Modern Family Guy. So for fun, I thought I’d share my experience with this episodes with you all.

Is there really more to add about these episodes? I was perhaps a bit too fair, but I do think they have some good things. At some points they did actually try…but the flaws are too big. There’s too many bad jokes mixed in with the “Sweet” moments, and the whole thing was just one big ratings trap.

The fact that they brought him back only two episodes later, says it all really. At the end of the day, it was ust a ploy to get Brian sympathy again when he lost it a long time ago. Then he gave a baby herpes shortly afterwards, merry fucking Christmas.

It’s really that stuff that makes these episodes bad. On their own they are a mixed bag, but you once you factor in that stuff…yeah. As you saw with my list, Modern FG can get it right but stuff like this is why it should end.

Btw, I haven’t seen Season 14 yet, but when it ends, I’ll watch it because I heard some episodes were really good. Yeah, I’m too forgiving I guess.

The reviews are solid. I am pretty fair and explain what works and what doesn’t, without blindly calling it the worst thing ever, which I easily could have done. It’s not my best TV review, but I did as good enough job with it for it to be a better one, I suppose.

Personally, my other FG review was better, but we’ll get there. But yeah, man I wish Brian stayed dead…which he did, if you’ve seen Road to Vegas. Don’t ask.

The Suite Life Movie

The finale to the Sitcom DCOM Saga, not counting the Even Stevens movie. There isn’t too much to add to this one, really. It’s a solid one, but it is flawed. I think it makes up for it some sweet moments and such, but some of it can be pretty dumb.

But of course, it’s harmless and mostly enjoyable. Not the best thing in the franchise, but still solid. Like I said, not too much to ad, I said it all in the review. Which is another decent review. Positive DCOM reviews tend to work since those are still dumb when they are good meaning, I can make jokes.

But I have good critiques and here explain why it’s solid. It’s a fun one overall. Yeah, not too much to say.

Miss March

Now this I have some stuff to say about. I almost want to hate this one more, because…a certain element, almost makes it bottom 10 bad. But the rest dates to be just…mediocre. Oh, the rest is no very good, but not awful and the main arc with Eugene is..okay, I guess.

I hate that I’m actually fair. But with that said, let’s rant about Tucker some more. This is yet another movie is that is so focused on making every little thing funny that it doesn’t care if it clashes with any attempt at heart.

His incredibly awkward acting doesn’t help either. He’s unpleasent to watch in general, making everything he does even worse. Not once did I think he was nice at all, even when he was “learning his lesson”. And seriously, how did he end up with Candace?! How are we suppose to buy them making up if you never explained how they hooked despite her hating him?!

It’s amazing how much one terrible character can sink a movie. I think the real problem is that he takes over the movie. It’s supposed to be about Eugene and how he deals with all this, but they barely focus on him with Tucker learning the big moral.

  1. ranted about him more than I thought I would here. But yeah, most of the movie is just mediorce bad, but Tucker takes it to a new level. If the rest wasn’t so meh, this would be on the bottom 10.

The review is another favorite. Sometimes I love getting angrier, and it was so much fun ranting on Tucker here. I make good points and yada yada, but man, is it funny to bitch about Tucker.

That’s the main reason I love this one. That’s all I got, Tucker still sucks.

Dog with a Blog-Freaky Fido

Oh boy, this is pretty much the “pilot” for my current trend of doing TV Reviews on not so good Tween Sitcom episodes. There a few factors that lead me to start doing these, and Freaky Fido was one of the first eps I recalled for being notably bad in a moral way, so re-watching it I decided to tackle it.

It is interesting looking back on this, as I’ve now seen way worse in terms of morals and stuff like this. In hindsight, this one is fairly tame as it does some funny moments, and honestly, it is kind of well meaning.

Compared to something like Lindy Nose Best, the moral is well intentioned, they just kind of got it wrong. I pride myself in only really raging when something does not mean well at all, or the effort doesn’t show as much.

So yeah, Love Ty-Angle is now the worst Dog with a Blog episode. I still don’t get how they get away with that subplot. The review is fine. Even if I overreacted to the moral, I was still fair enough to see the good points and say the episode is just meh.

I explain why it fails and all that good stuff. Not my favorite TV Review, but I do think it’s a decent one, and it lead to them better ones later on.

You Don’t Mess With the Zohan

Ah yes, back to the Sandler well. This one is…still weird. Of his bad ones, this is one I’m willingly to give a pass because….at least it’s different. It’s not very good with Sandler having another annoying accent, and plenty of dumb gags.

The main problem is that it can’t decided if it’s an actual movie or not. It has an interesting style to it, and some action but the “plot” is as aimless as usual, going on for far too long. I give them credit for shaking it up, and I can see the appeal, but it’s just not very good.

The review is alright. I was left speechless in a few parts, but I mostly explain why this was a weird one to do, and of course we have good reactions. It doesn’t stick too much compared to my other Sandler reviews, but I think it’s still interesting, due to the materiel. …Next!

Fun Size

Now here’s one I barely remember at all. I said everything in the review and I don’t remember enough to add anything. From what I recall, it had some moments, but was mostly just them. It tries, but just doesn’t leave an impact in the end.

Even after reading the review again, I don’t care enough to put a lot of effort into this section. It’s not really the most mediocre thing ever, it’s just….there, you know? There is a reason no remember this despite the negative reviews.

I’m not sure what Victoria is up to now, but here’s hoping she has more memorable projects lined up. The review is fine, but you can tell I didn’t have a lot of materiel in some parts. Still, I make good points and have amusing moments.

A pretty average review, but I suppose I have done more boring ones. Eh.

Cloud 9

This one is weird. By most standards it’s another one that’s just forgetable but somehow it becomes notable for two reasons. One is the abrupt ending, which has been a punching bag for me. It’s one of those endings that really drags the film down and becomes the main reason for most of it’s flaws, oddly enough.

The other reason is the effort. Unlike other okay DCOM’s, this one almost seems to be trying to tackle deeper themes, and you can tell they put quite a bit of effort into it. It doesn’t turn perfectly, but it makes one more respect than most.

Otherwise, it’s…fine. Dove is fine. The plot is mostly fine. Everything is fine. It’s a fine DCOM, but nothing I’ll go back to, really. Say what you will about her other DCOM, but it’s a lot more memorable.

It’s fine, just nothing too special. Like he said, it’s decent but sloppy.

The review is also decent. Another one that isn’t my best, but as a DCOM, it has plenty to riff and I critique fairly well here. Notice how my critiquing started to get a lot better than my jokes this year?

So yeah, I wouldn’t remember this one if there was no rushed ending, but eh, it’s still fine.

Adventure Time-Wizards Only Fools

Let’s get the review out of the way: It’s pretty good. Doing this episode despite being shorter what I usually do was needed so I can go into detail on it’s failures. It worked better than it would for Crocker Shocker later on.

There isn’t a ton of room for jokes, as this is critique heavy. But it works as I explain exactly what is wrong with it, and it’s a decently solid review due to that. I went through that because I just want to go deeper into the episode.

After re-watching the whole show, I’ve found more wrong with the episode and a better understanding of why it fails. There are other “bad” episodes like Jake Suit and the like but those at least make some kind of sense.

This episode is just contrived from Step 1. So you want to do a religious debate…in a world where your version of religion exists. Automatic fail, at least with how they wrote it. In this episode, Bubblegum seems to be bothered that Starchy is into magic at all, not just that he’s relying on it to heal.

She has an actually attitude problem and is quite frankly a jerk about it. She’s the only “Atheist” in the show. Whoops. Now, they do try to be fair to the religious aspect. They show that some people go to far, like the people in the Wizard City, while some people like Starchy rely on it too much.

But the Atheist side is not presented well at all, and it doesn’t seem like PB learns much. I kind of get the ending now, as it’s supposed to be a case where no one is actually right or wrong.

Fair enough, but PB was being enough of a bitch for them to be right. Again, whoops. Of course, I do get the sense they were trying with this one, and it at least has ambitions, meaning it’s not the worst.

But for a show like this to mess up a story like this is just…yikes. It doesn’t even make sense for this story to happen the way it is. Magic exists, there’s no question about it. So why does she not believe?

Better yet, why did she slap Finn in Wizard Battle for “ruining the sanctity of Wizard Battle” of she doesn’t even care?! Yeah ,this ruins continuity on top of all it’s other problems! They wanted to do this debate so badly they decided to just throw away logic to do it.

And when it’s for the sake of Comedy, like in SpongeBob, that’s a fine. But this is for a story with heavy themes. You can’t do that!

Reading stuff from the writers, it’s what they were trying to do, but it doesn’t exactly come across too well. If I didn’t review it, would be on the bad episodes list roughly around where Mastermind of Diastermind is. Where it’s mostly just a poorly written mess, but at least it has ambitions.

So yeah, this an example that should not have happened in the state it did, but they have mostly learned their lesson. Had to vent there, but good review, messy episode. Moving on!

(Oh, and now both grades would be about the same around C or so)

Freddy Vs Jason

This should make up for the last one, as I don’t have much to say. While it takes a bit to get to the fight, it’s still a pretty fun film. It gives us exactly what we needed, and is just a blast. It’s really nothing more complicated than that.

As it is, it’s one of the better Friday films I’ve done so far. The review is pretty good. As usual, these movies give me so much to make fun of, and I just love doing these reviews. They are fun and I hope it rubs off.

There, not too much to say, like I said.

Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie

I can make this short as I went into it in the worst list, but man is still weird. I can’t decide if I’m missing something…or there’s just nothing to get. I think the problem is that this kind of humor only works in small does.

Which is why they should have just made a sketch film that played up their strengths. Instead they went the Smosh route of making this strange plot that is just a mess. Although this one at least kept their style of humor all the way through.

Honestly, even if you like their comedy, it’s better to just watch the show instead of paying to watch a 90 or so minute parade for it. I can’t exactly hate this one too much as it’s just…not really my thing.

I don’t know, it’s just a style thing but I feel it makes actual mistakes, like trying to be a story at all. It’s….weird. The review reflects that as I just had nothing to say. But I make pretty good points and try my best.

Perhaps I was a bit harsh but I stand by what I said, and I am allowed to not like this kind of thing, and while my review isn’t the best, it’s mostly fine. And hey, it has more substance than Blubberella did.

Radio Rebel

Here’s one of those reviews, I just had to do. Again, I think I said what I needed to. It’s kind of like if something like Cloud 9 was fully realized. This also tries to go for deeper themes under a generic backdrop, but puts more effort into is and more of an actually decent film.

When it comes to Debby, I think I realize what her strength was when I saw her on Girl meets World. She can actually play subtle really well, as in that episode, she’s a convincingly slimy person all gthe way through.

And here, she’s good as a likable shy person. I don’t think she meant to be all crazy and over the top. She can do that sometimes, but she’s better like this. I hope she does more stuff like that. Oh, and I have nothing to say about that whole DUI thing.

Sadly, celebrities doing dumb shit is not the least bit shocking. Especially since everyone has already forgotten.

But yeah, not much else to say on the film, it’s not perfect, but it’s mostly decent. The review is also decent. Not one of my best DCOM reviews, but only cuz it’s not as dumb as others. But hey, I get some funny bits, and a solid critique.

It’s there, I guess. Hopefully in the future we’ll see Debby tackling more rolls like this, because she certainly has potential. Hell, she appeared on an actual adult TV show. It’s a fairly meh one but she’s good in it, and of course it just got canceled.

At least Bridgit Mendler’s adult show isn’t cancle-damn it!

…Moving on.

Transformer Prime Finale Movie

Even I sometimes forget I did this one. It’s yet another one where there’s not much else to say. For the most part, it’s a fun way to end a solid series. There’s nothing hugely groundbreaking in it, and there are better “episodes” of the show, but it’s fun for what it is. There really is not too much to say about it except that say it figures that the first Transformers film to lack humans, would actually benefit from them.

I could go into Robots in Disguise. Yeah, we already have a new Transformers series, only now it’s on CN because Discovery Family does not wish to have more than 2 quality programs on it at once.

It’s in a different animation style, yet is actually a direct sequel, referring to how Opttimus…ascended, pretty much. I’ve only seen the first couple episodes, so I sadly can’t common too much.

It doesn’t interest me too much but to be fair Prime took a bit to get going. Maybe I;ll give it another chance, but for now, eh. Btw, you can blame CN for me not watching it too mcuh because for some dumbass reason, they put it on at like 6 am.

If I recall correctly, it once aired at 5:30 AM. Seriously? Litterly NO ONE is up at that time except people who shouldn’t be watching a kids show to begin with.

Wait, I’m always up at 5 AM…

It’s a miracle this got a 2nd Season. But anyway, the review is pretty meh. I have the usual good bits, but it’s clear I did this for the sake of, and there’s nothing that memomable. It’s one of my most forgetable reviews, honestly.

But I don’t mind that, because I spent most of my time getting ready for one of the weirder things I’ve done on here…

Elseworlds Month

This was…a strange experiment. I’m not sure how Cartoon Hero got the idea, but I thought it was a neat idea so eh, why not try it. Now, my options were limted as there were only so many reviewers I inmate okay. So I did all the ones I really could. Some would be waaay too hard (Cinema Snob) or are sadly to close my style for it to be different. (Cartoon Hero, guess our crossover made up for it). I did consider a TV Trash but I got busy and didn’t do it. So I won’t do another one, as my only option is that, and perhaps a Peeking at the Pilots.

I do have an AVGN Idea actually, but that’s neither here nor there. If I get one other idea, eh maybe but don’t hold your breath. The best part of this is that I only had to do a few, and I had no schedule so I could do it at my own pace.

That was nice. But anyway, let’s actually get into it.

Nostalgia Critic Rescue at Midnight Castle)

I knew I wanted to do something a bit special for the NC, but just some random film. Doing an old MLP thng came to mind, and I considered a G3 Special of some kind. From there I thought of the pilot, which I had not seen.

So eh, I figure why not. The thing with these is that I combined my thoughts with what the reviewer would likely think, meaning I didn’t talk about MLP in the way I would. See to me this AU is basically what would happen if somehow I end up creating these reviewers instead of those people. It was the best way to explain some things.

But my thoughts on the actual pieces being reviewed are true, as shown here. Honestly, G1 in general is fine for what it Is. It’s harmless and enjoyable to riff on sometimes. This pilot has some pretty bad pacing, but at least it has an awesome villain.

I do think it’s not exactly FiM quality, but given the time period, this was as good as it was gonna get.

Of all the reviews for the month, this was the most fun to do. I can do NC’s style of humor fairly easily when I try, so I have some pretty good quips. I also made good points, but I mostly like this one for how fun it is.

So yeah, very enjoyable start to this month, as I think it’s where I captured the reviewer’s style the best.

Atop the 4th Wall (Micro Series #4)

I went into the comic further elsewhere, so I’ll quickly go over the review it. It’s not the best of the month, honestly. I think I got in some good points, and the style is done well, but the comic didnt’ have a ton to comment on.

I had to resort to nitpicking at some point, moreso than usual,. There were better options, honestly. Maybe I could have done the first Main Series Arc or Mirco #1, which has way more to joke about it.

Even if it was out at the time, I would have done the Equestria Girls Holiday Special, but alas I was a bit too early. Ah well, the review is still fine, just wasn’t my best pick, I guess.

(Oh, and of Linkara made a joke about the LPS cameo himself in one video a bit later on)

Norty Defends (fightingleaf’s review of The Spongebob Squarepants Movie)

This was the oddest one. For one, instead of a somewhat well known reviewer it’s a slightly more obscure one, although I bet he got a bump after Cartoon Hero showed a clip of him in his Legend of Korra review.

I’ve known about him since, around 2013. Infact, him doing a tie in for the MLP Season 4 Premire is what made want to do the Mare Do Well review. No comment on that. On the flip side, his review of Sheep Thrills made me want to do Theater Thug, starting the TV Review Marathon of ’15.

With his many shows, I figured I’d do him twice, although I wished I would have waited so I could do Peeking at the Pilot, a better choice than this. Figured I’d do a Norty Defends. I picked this one because it was more fun.

My other choices were a bit too weird for me to talk about, and I didn’t have the best arguments. So I picked something I found that would at least be fun. Look, I’m sure he’s a fine person, but his main reviews don’t do much for me.

His points are drowned out in the annoying gimmick and some not so good points. Now, the main guy did get better, but that Wolf puppet is still the most annoying thing ever. That thing is never funny, and he would frankly be better without him.

Now while he did ditch that series, he has brought it back and he seems to have improved. Also, he did a counter series for good kids movies, so at least he’s mixing it up. Still not a fan of Wolfie here, but whatever, he’s mostly better.’

So, what is his most recent review?


..I’m not touching that one.

The points in this review aren’t even as bad I recalled, but sometimes he takes it a bit too seriously and also acts like it’s worse than it is. Something the internet is good at in general. So yeah, sadly not a fan.

Anyway, my review of…his review, is okay. I mean, maybe picking this wasn’t the best option, but there are some okay moments and I make a good point about the reviewer in general. This one was just done for fun, really.

This was the oddest in the month, but it was at least fun to do. It was cool that I kind of did Norty more than twice but oh man, we’ll get to that.

Kids are Smarter than This (Pair of Kings-No Rhyme or Treason)

I knew I had to do a KASTT, as it may as well be his flagship show with how many there are. Plus, it’s the one I had the most ideas for. Most of them I ended up doing on my own elsewhere, so I settled on this. It didn’t need to be done on my own, and it wasn’t an obvious choice.

In case you are wondering, the only ones he’s done on this show from my list are Dan Vs Dancing, and Keep Beach City Weird if you wanna stretch it. Although he he said he may do White Elephant Gift Exchange, which would make him my best friend forever.

By the way, he later did a Peeking at the Pilots on POK and found it average. Eh, fair enough. Oh, and he did on request due to this very review so….there you go. With this episode, I had found it by accident when I was getting back into the show for that XD post.

Somehow I forgot about it when writing it, so this was my chance to tackle it, as man did it got worse on re-watch. Honestly, of the bad episodes of Disney Sitcoms I technically find good, this one may be the worst.

I think the main problem is that it’s yet another episode that is so focused on making jokes from it’s premise, that it forgets to make anything good. Brady being creepy at the start is okay, but he’s like that all the way until the script says he has to be sympathetic.

From how it’s written, he’s only repressing his urgues because she’ll cut it off and he won’t be able to creepy anymore. Hell, he barely tries at all, he doesn’t think he’s doing anything wrong. They just try to make it as “funny” as possible, resulting in it being really annoying, and Brady being beyond unlikable.

To be fair, it ends up being the point and he is punished, by the very ending ruins that with a dumb joke. Maybe they were implying he didn’t hear her in general, but he will learn his lesson since it’s not like he relasped.

But it doesn’t change her incredibly backhanded “compliment”. So even the good intentions are snuffed out. Personally, I would put her dropping him a bit later, with him actually TRYING to hold it in and show a single bit of a brain like he does near the end.

I know that leave less room for Comedy, but the story would at least make more sense than it does currently. This could have been interesting, but sadly it’s just a mess.

The review is my favorite of the month, as a review anyway. I didn’t quite need to spoof a style, so it left it room for normal stuff. I make good points, and have amusing reactions. I think my better TV Reviews are some of my best work, and this is up there.

So yeah, this was a lot of fun do, and it was nice to take care of this episode.

Animated Atrocities (Newcorn Cuties)

I have no celver way of commenting on the contrevseal aspect of this guy so I’ll just skip to the imporat part. I knew I had to do one of these, and I had a couple options, but not a ton. Of course I did write one for the Brickleberry pilot, but it got lost.

Which is too bad because I was personally proud of it. But interestingly enough, I said stuff about Adult Cartoons that he later said when he did Mr. Pickles. Anyway, since at the time he hadn’t done Newborn Cuties, and it was short, I figured I’d do since I actually had seen them before.

And of course he would later do Newborn Cuties himself and did it better than I. Ah well. But man, these shorts do happen to piss me off. I’ve seen things with no effort put into them, but this takes the cake.

Even by G3 standards, which is bottom of the barrel. Even normal MLP at least had somewhat appealing animation and was at least completely produced. This is just…wow. Nothing works about it, like at all.

It is worth getting angry over, because quite frankly even the youngest kids deserve better. As I said, even regular G3 had some form of effort somewhere. There’s not much to say really, it’s just trash.

I think I did fine on the review. I captured Enter’s style pretty well and combined his kind of anger, which how I actually felt. I put in the best balance in that regard. Even if he did it better, I still had a lot of fun with this one.

Admirable Animation (School’s Out the Musical)

I also had tons of options for this one. At one I was gonna do Dan VS Dan, and there’s some I would cover later that I would have done here if I knew of them. Then I got this idea, and figured I’d do it since it’s easy, and it thought it was a good example of a musical episode is done.

I’d probably get to cover it normally some other time (If I get around to a Normal FOP list or at least a SFE) but for now I’ll add that it manages to tell a good story on it’s own while also being a great musical.

A lot of Musical Episodes can’t do that, even ones I technically like more. Plus, ALL of the songs are great, which is quite a feat. There are minor flaws, but the great stuff makes up for it.

FOP’s classic animated TV Movies were currently better than SpongeBob’s, but more on how amazing Channel Chasers is some other time. I think I did well with the review, with good quips and explaining why it works.

It’s not a more serious Admirable review, but it still works in explaining why it all works. Perhaps Dan Vs Dan would have been a better choice, but maybe I’ll get to go into it someday.

The quality made this one fun to do, so I’ll call this a winner.

Critiquing the Critics (Spongey444)

The minute I thought of this month, I knew I was going to close out with a Critiquing the Critics. It was just perfect idea, and I especially knew I had to do it when I found out about Spongey444, who was just incredibly annoying and stupid. A bad speller too.

…Okay, I’ll drop that. Like I said, I had this idea from the start and I just had to do it. For one, it was short so I didn’t have to put much effort into it. It was an odd idea to review myself, but it was a lot of fun.

I was able to really look at myself, but thankfully with this reviewer I was able to keep it funny. I got the style done perfectly here too because we have similar senses of humor. Now I was being true, I do think most of this about myself.

I do think I was slightly too nice at some points, which is an odd thing to say in a post like this but whatever. I did fairly point out the pros of cons of my work ,at least as of July 2014. But overall, I really liked doing this one.

It such a fiting way to end this, and a bit deep with my reviewing myself. This and NC did the style the best, so I ended on a great note.

Overall, the month was a bit rocky but a ton fun. Maybe I’ll do it again if I get some ideas, but maybe not. We’ll see. I see why Cartoon Hero did it twice, and Rowdy C did it once. It was a fun experiment that mostly payed off.

Now this was a bit of an odd time for me, as around this time I was moving and it was a bit rocky, meaning I had to take a break as I settled in. This lead to some issues, but thankfully I came back with the next two reviews.

Family Guy-A Fistful of Meg

I don’t have a lot to say about this one. I did this at the height of people really bashing Modern Family Guy so I had some solid timing. I’m not quite as mad at it now, but what I say about this episode certainly stands.

Maybe I was looking too deeply ,but it’s still not funny and just a terrible overall episode. It may not be the “worst’ episode but it’s my personal least favorite, as a lot of it sums up the problems with Family Guy in general.

The review is fine. Plenty of good points, reactions, and jokes. I think I nailed the problems I had and all that good stuff. I feel like I needed to do this one since it was an episode I hated, and it was a nice contrast to how lukewarm I just was at the other FG eps I did.

I made it up for it with the best Modern Eps list later on, but that’s another story. So yeah, episode still sucks.

A Fairly Odd Summer

After a long wait, I finally got back in the swing of things with…this. This was a fun one to come back to. This one bothered more than it should. Except for the ending, it’s no worse than the others yet I more pissed off.

I think I was just finally sick of all the stuff going on. There was not only too much going on, but a lot of it was just noise. It’s just all so tiring, especially with all the subplots, including that weird one with the kids. Then there’s the incredibly stupid and insulting ending. Before that, this was only weaker than the others due to not having that special, then this happened.

It’s rather odd how far this series has fallen, and knowing that this is more or less the ending of it all is just….lame. It’s not the worst movie ever, and the first one had more flaws, but it also had more charm. This is just…pointless.

The review is interesting, since it’s clear I’m just tired and don’t care, which at least makes for an amusing review. I make good points and got pretty angry in a good way at the ending. I think I did fine on this one, even though these kind of reviews tend to get dull.

But yeah, the only positive thing about this trilogy, is that we never to see a crappy CGI Sparky. Shudders…

Princess Protection Program

Get ready for a bunch where I don’t have much to add. This is a DCOM I don’t think about too much, because it’s one that’s in the middle. It’s an enjoyable one but nothing too memorable. That’s fine, it just means once I talk about it the first time, there isn’t much to add.

It’s an even mix of stuff you can talk about, and just normal stuff that isn’t too memorable. It’s just decent enough to be called an okay for me, especially with the funny stuff like the villain. That is all I have to add.

Again, a DCOM review has good point along with plenty of stuff that I make fun of well. Element of it’s nature make this one stick out a bit, but otherwise, not much to comment on. Also, apparently this and the Wizards Movie were back to back on the DCOM list. Weird.

The Nut Job

It’s funny looking back on this one. It was hated as the worst thing ever back in 2014, but no one talks about it and everyone’s up in arms over Norm of the North. Kind of like how everyone called Pixels the worst thing ever due to Stuff like Fantastic Four comijng out.

What I mean to say is that usually dumb bitching doesn’t matter.

I still don’t care for this movie, but it’s mostly meh. It at least has good animation, decent slapstick and a good premise. It’s just let down by lazy humor, a kind of average story, weak characters, and fucking Psy.

Yeah, Surly’s on the dick-ish side but sometimes it works and he does kind of learn his lesson. Overall, it’s just kind of an average kiddie flick. It’s flaws aren’t even the worst thing ever. And hey, at least Psy is only in the credits.

It’s most just forgettable., which makes the hate it got even dumber. At least no one kills several people at once, or twerks in this.

The review is okay. It’s another kind of weak one, as you can tell there was just not much to say. There’s good jokes and points but it’s mostly in the middle for me. But hey, the movie was pretty middle of the road, so it fits. There’s…not much else to say, really.

The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl

This movie is still weird. It’s so confused on what it’s even about a lot of the time. It clearly has a lot of ideas, some interesting and creative ideas too. But man does it not pan to form a coherent narrative.

Nothing makes any sense in this, and it seems it’s being made up as they went along. Like I said, it’s clear a kid came up with this story. And yet an adult didn’t try to, you know, spruce it up a bit so it makes sense.

I can say firsthand that kids can come up with fun and creative ideas, but for the most, they aren’t exactly the best and making a coherent story. You need to combine it with a story that makes sense.

Look at the Lego Movie. That’s supposed to be a big story a kid made up ,but it’s still good for adutls because it has good humor, and actually creates a story and characters you can get invested in.

This movie, not so much. The comedy is lane, and it struggles to make sense of any of it. But as I said, it’s kind of enjoyable for how crazy it is. It’s so innocent that you can’t really be mad at it.

It’s very much So Bad It’s Good, so if you get some friends and drinks, it might be worth watching…once. The review was a lot of fun to do, for obvious reasons. There were plenty of good points to make, and amusing jokes as well.

It’s an easy movie to make fun of, but it was interesting looking at the real problems with it, it’s a bit more complex than typical dumb kids movie. So yeah, I’m done with this guy for now until he makes Spy Kids 5: I really need the money.

Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior

Not a lot to say about this one. The action element keeps this one afloat, as the actual writing is nothing too special. But it’s another fun Guilty Pleasure DCOM due to how crazy and dumb it can get. The action isn’t the best, but it’s mostly fun to watch.

Nothing too complicated, really. Fairly typical but also fairly fun.

The review is okay. It’s oddly a weaker DCOM review with more dull spots. There’s plenty of fun to be had, but I guess it just wasn’t dumb enough to get good jokes out of. Still, I have my moments and critique well enough.

Onto more interesting ones.

The Simpsons Movie

I had this in my Best List, so I won’t have too much to add. But while the movie still isn’t perfect, it’s still pretty solid. It had a hard balancing act to do, pleasing hardecore fans as well as normal people, and it’s mostly done well.

It’s funny and has a decent plot as well some sweet moments. I think it represents the show rather nicely, which is good given what show we’re talking about here. More detail on that list, like I said.

The review is alright. It’s a positive review where there are dull spots, but the best parts are the critiques and praises rather than the Jokes, as it’s hard to be funny at a movie that’s already funny.

But hey, I had my fine moments here, so it’s not too bad a review, I think.

The Lone Ranger

Now for the other 2 part review from the year. This one is…weird. It doesn’t feel as big as the other 2 part reviews, because when you get down to it, not much happens in this movie to warrant this treatment.

It has enough plot for a 90 minute movie, 100 if you wanna stretch it, but not 2 freaking hours. It really does feel like a shorter movie stretched out. Most of it’s flaws come from being so long. The contulted story, dull stretches, plot holes etc.

It would still have issues if it were short (The titular hero isn’t that interesting, wonky tone) but would be easily to stomach and enjoy the good stuff, like that awesome train chase climax. It’s just too big for it’s britches.

Disney tried too hard to make this into another Pirates instead of just giving us a good movie. It’s not horrible, but it’s a boring, overly long disappointment.

The review is decent. Thanks to the film’s nature, it has dull spots but I had fun looking at it’s flaws like the tone shifts and the lengths. It is the most pointless two part review, but with how I do this, I could not do this in one post.

After June, I’ll be able to do reviews when I want, and hwo I want, so there will be less mutli part reviews unless it’s running REALLY long, which I doubt will happen. No, I’m not doing any future Bayformers movies because I’ve said my piece.

So yeah, the weakest multi part review, but you can blame that on the movie so damn pointlessly long.


Here’s one I’ve been wanting to do from the start, just to see if it holds up. And I still like it. I think the main problem it has too many bad jokes, where it has typical Sandler humor. Because it’s mostly better than his usual stuff, with some great moments.

I’m willingly to look past the bad jokes, but some people aren’t, and I wish they could have made it more accessible for those people. It does some touching moments and bits of good writing. I give Sandler credit for doing something like this at all, a lot of times his Comedies can not pull off Drama too well.

And while it could have been better, it mostly works. If the comedy was better, it would be liked a bit more. This was actually a hit, but somehow it didn’t lead to more stuff like this. Go figure.

The review is good. It has it’s share of dull spots but I mostly do fine in explaining why the film mostly works, and all that good stuff. The hightlight is my little embarrassing story. Yeah, that’s part of why I wasn’t sure about doing this one, but at least it’s out there.

So yeah, not my best Sandler review I guess, but I think it’s good with the nature of the film. Oh, and if you are wondering, the other movie option was Garfield 2.

I think I made the right choice.


This is another one I will always defend, just not as much. No one really talks about it either way now, and it’s not like I think it’s amazing like Mr Coat does. But they deserve credit for at least trying, and putting in some stunning animation.

When it comes to Blue Sky, I think they are at their best when doing their own thing, even if adapting someone else’s materiel. The Ice Age Sequels have “Studio Mandate” written all over them, and the weakest elements of Epic and Robots feel like bad studio decisions.

But then you have Horton Hears a Who and The Peanuts Movie where they mostly tried to stay faithful to that source, and felt like they worked with the studio better. Horton has off moments, but it only has a few Studio Made Us do His moments, and is said to be the best of the Seuss movies for that reason.

And with Peanuts, it was completely driven by people who wanted to do it justice, which is why there are no pop culture references, the style is unique, and it kept it G. Rio also feels like a personal project, even if it’s not perfect.

But each of their films still has great, inspired moments, even the Ice Age Sequels. So I see that they are always trying, and honestly Ice Age 4 is their only “bad” one so far. But we’ll see how Ice Age 5 goes. (I can’t wait for it to come out just so I can stop getting that trailer)

So yeah in short, they deserve just a bit more respect, and this film certainly shows some of their stegtnsh and weakness. And honestly, the weaker parts aren’t too bad. I’ve seen way worse Dads like ths (Just wait til I review Dadnapped) and in my line of work, I’ve seen characters worse than the Slugs.

It could have been better, but I still like it. The review is decent. It has a mix of dull and interesting, as it has weak spots but I manage to explain all of it’s pros and cons fairly well. There aren’t a ton of jokes, but there really wasn’t too much to mock.

It’s another one I did for the sake of, but given how I feel, I think it needed a positive review. Hopefully from Blue Sky we can get more like The Peanuts Movie, and less like Ice Age 4.

Bruce Almighty

And now for out brother birthday review. Here, he picked a really good one instead of one he thought I would not care for. And it’s one I had been wanting to do. As I said in the review, this one of my favorite Jim Carrey films.

When I think of a Comedy that can also have good heart, I think of this. While in something like Click, the comedy can be a bit too much, it fits better here and the story just flows a lot better. It’s also funnier.

And it has a pretty kickass God, too.

It’s a fun mix of Comedy and Drama, and despite the concept, it’s not trying to be offensive while still making jokes about the topic. So yeah, I think this one holds up pretty well, and is a good example of how to do a more dramatic Comedy.

Still haven’t seen/reviewed Evan Almighty. Can’t be worse then Son of the Mask, or even Dumb and Dumberer.

The review is fine. Like most positive reviews this year, it can get dull but I clearly care about the movie, and that shines through. I explain why it works and have a couple quips, not my best work by any means, but totally fine.

Vampire Academy

It’s funny how this comes before the Halloween reviews, as this kind of fit in…because YA is very scary. I don’t know if I did a YA movie before, but this was a big early on. And yeah, it’s not very good.

Unlike some others, it has it’s charm, and some decent acting but it suffers from the flaw most of these movies have. It tries too hard to cram in all the plot from the book, so it feels stuffed and has tons of clunky exposition.

It’s hard to get invested when so much info is dumped on you, for the sake of starting a franchise. But again, it has it’s charm and honestly, it’s not too offensive outside of mediocre writing.

It’s just another weak YA film, just with better humor. As for the review, it’s good. I explain it’s flaws well and have some amusing reactions. It was my best review in awhile, since it was negative instead of positive, and I’m more interested.

There are dull spots, but otherwise, I think this is a decent enough one.

(Oh, and I’ve been wanting to bring back that Atheist line but I either haven’t had the chance, or keep forgetting about it)

Mostly Ghostly: Have you Meet my Ghoulfriend?

Now we enter October, the lowest point in the Blog’s history, and what lead to the big change. So the reviews weren’t the best here, but I did what I could. There isn’t a lot to add to the film,. Honestly.

If you take away the actor changes, it’s on the same level as the first film. The ending is a bit better but otherwise it’s just okay. It’s funny but not quite as funny, and while the acting is still good, it’s not AS good.

It’s done well, but it’s just kind of there. I think I would enjoy it more of the first film didn’t exist. I’m just baffled that they even bothered to do this movie after all this time. If you have to do a soft reboot, it’s not even worth making.

But again, it’s fine on it’s own. And a 3rd movie is happening so I’ll see you with that one come October.

The review is fine. It’s another one that is kinda dull, but also plenty of good parts. There just isn’t a lot about this one in the end, really. But overall, it’s a fine review, just not my best. With this review, I actually myself making one bit as a Behind the Scenes thing.

The video linked in the post, and it didn’t turn out too well because I got distracted by my brother watching stuff. Ah well, it was a fun experiment either well.

When Good Ghouls Go Bad

Yes, I saw Bobsheaux’s review. I don’t have much to say because he’s entitled to his opinion, even if he’s wrong. I just have to comment on this: In the credits, he says he has not Goosebumps in years and does not remember it being this poorly written.

He latter statement proves the former statement.

Anyway, the movie is still really good, and easily the best of the Stine films. Yeah, it has it’s plot issues can be pretty stupid, but it makes up for with it’s sense of humor, heart, and Christopher Lloyd.

For a Stine product, it’;s really well down. The story is interesting and even brings up interesting things, with a really heartwarming ending. It manages to be a smart and fun family film, that anyone can enjoy.

It’s not perfect, but with what it does, it’s decently remarkable. This needs some kind of re-release, as it needs a bigger following. Hopefully it can get that in the future, as it’s mostly a solid and nice Halloween flick.

The review is good. It’s another solid positive one that explains the good parts well. Positive reviews are fun when I hadn’t seen the movie before, as it makes for a pleasant surprise, and this is a nice example. I think this is a good one.

Scooby Doo Franken Creepy

Speaking of pleasant surprises. This is a B Teir Scooby Doo movie, so I wasn’t expecting that much out of it, especially as it began. But in the end, it was pretty solid. It’s pretty flawed, and isn’t my favorite, but it is good.

It has a decent plot, and even some character depth along with the funny moments. Again, it’s no classic but it’s pretty well done for what it is. I think it’s worth checking out for fans, even if it’s not likely to sway others.

The review is good. It’s fun to go into a movie not knowing much, especially when it’s surprisingly good. There’s plenty to make fun of, and there’s amusing moments as well as decent critique. Another one that’s not my favorite, but still solid.

When it comes to the Scooby movies, I may do a look at them at some point the same way I’m doing for certain things coming up. It’ll give me an excuse to look at that WWE thing. Seriously, that was a thing that happened.

But for now, this was a nice introduction for them on the blog.

Kids Are Smarter Than This: Poof De Formage

Okay, this is an odd one to include. I usually don’t include my appearances elsehwere…because I haven’t many. I did pop up on that /Fear Street blog once but it was not a review, so it didn’t count.

As of I know I’ve only did a sort of review on someone’s turf once, which was here. Before I got into the backstory, I’ll keep up the tradtion from 2015 and let my guest, Norty, have the floor.

“There are two things I remember vividly from making this review. One, trying to fix the audio, since this is one of the early reviews I did with my new camera. And getting notes from Spongey on ideas for the script. In the end, he probably created some of the funniest jokes. The Family Guy clip after Jean Louie says the name of the episode. His idea. Saying “you got that right,” after Jean Louie says that there is nothing funny about Le Poof de Fromage. His idea.

This was one of the hardest episodes to watch. The episodes that are bad because of being unfunny with wasted potential are the hardest to write for. Badly written, awkward comedy, and overall just plain stupid. And yet the premise was really creative, it’s also so cheap in how it doesn’t once leave the house. (Except that one time with the real Jean Louie, but I’m not convinced they just didn’t film that in the studio basement.)

The review is still one of my favorites, and while I may have put it together it was Spongey that really came up with most of the points. And I worked so hard to make sure everything in the review was perfect that I forgot to mention him as a co-writer in the end credits. Oops.

Do I have anything negative feelings towards the review? Just one, because of it, I found Macboy Redux’ review of the episode, and because of that I saw his video, “Is the Animation Community That Bad.” And because of that I made my rebuttal. And we all know how that turned out.

Other than that, this still remains one of my favorite videos to make”

Well dang it, I’m blushing. So yeah, thank you. This was certainly odd. He had a list of upcoming reviews, and this happened to be on there. I just loved that he knew of the episode by himself, and suddenly, I had the idea to maybe help him, since this episode is a bit of an odd one.

Basically, I just sent him a bunch of notes and jokes and it was up to him how much made it in, and thankfully quite a bit was there, including some critiques. I think there was a nice balance there, we collberted fairly well.

Although he clearly dislikes it slightly more. For me, this is the most harmless thing he’s reviewed on KASTT. It’s just a failed comedy, really. If you find it funny, then the other issues are forgiven.

And I can at least get through it okay, so all the actual bad ones he’s done, it’s the least bad. With that said, I just still don’t like it, I’ve disliked since it aired and I’ve ranted on it plenty on here.

I mean, the other Comedy episodes tended to have solid plots, regardless of how funny you thought they were. This one however, makes no sense when you think about it. Also, they usually didn’t for fart and dick jokes.

The whole just felt out of place. It can do dumb ideas but they are reasonably dumb like a killer teddy bear. I explained why that episode did this stuff better, so I won’t dwell on it too much. It doesn’t hurt the show too much but it’s still pretty weak.

Is it fair to talk about the review if someone else did it I only helped? Don’t care, doing it anyway. As I said, he combined our thoughts well, As usual, he has fine jokes with decent critiques too,

Although a couple line reads make it obvious someone else wrote that line, but that’s just gonna happen and he mostly makes it work. Overall, this was one strange experiment, but I mostly worked, and paved the way for the Cartoon Hero crossover later on.

I am open to doing more stuff like this, and maybe I have some planned with others, maybe not. You never know. So yeah, thank you Norty for the awesome opportunity.

VHS 1 and 2

And we close out with two films at once, since I don’t have much to say sepeeratly. I just did this at random and I glad I did. I don’t usually do sequels right away like this, but I was bored so eh, hwy not?

And yes, I’ll do the 3rd one this Octoboer. I almost did it earlier, but I wanted to do RoboCop 2014 instead.

There isn’t much more to say about these movies. They can be a bit rough sometimes, but they are mostly solid flicks that are a ton of fun. Some segments are weak but the great ones manage to be suspenseful and sometimes insane. The 2nd movie is especially solid, while the first film was a bit hit or miss. Also, the first one basically did the Skype gimmick before Unfriended , meaning that one really has nothing going for it.

These movies are mostly just fun. They really know how to go all out and give you something really creepy, creative, and memorable. The endings end up being the highlight for this reason, and the sequel amps it up.

This is a cool concept of a movie in general and they use it fairly well in both films. So even if the 3rd movie is lackluster, it has to have some highlights at least. So yeah, these are still well worth checking out.

The reviews are good. There are dull spots, but they were mostly fun to do, due to their nature. The Horror ones end up being some of my funnier stuff, even if they can sometimes be dull, depending the film.

The critiquing is pretty basic, but the fun factor holds these two together. So I’ll say they were a good one to end my schedule.

Which finally leads us to when the schedule slip got to be too much. After thinking, I decided to just switch to weekly like most reviews. Was this a good choice? Well, it is easier on me, but oddly 2015 was one of my weaker years and it was my first year doing that.

Maybe it hurt me somewhat, but my god, with my current living situation, I wouldn’t be able to do it the old one, so I’m glad I changed. Of course now the pressure happened again but whatever

21 & Over

And we begin the new schedule. After all that stuff, I needed something simple to come back with, and this fit the bill quite well. This one was way worse than I expected. I knew it would be typical, but I didn’t think it would be THIS tired and cliché.

It’s not the worst in terms of humor or acting, but at least stuff like Miss March had some originality somewhere! It has every trope this kind of movie has, and has some especially bad writing and pacing.

I’m starting to get sick of a lot of these tropes in general, ESPECIAILY the one where the main characters are a wuss with no personalty who is butt monkey and an asshole friend that is unlikable. I think Smosh doing it was the straw that broke the camels back.

It can work but usually the “friend” is a total asshole, and the main guy is bland AND unfairly tortured. Do they ever do anything to deserve it? Nope, and the friend is usually not punished enough. While Miss March had that worse, this one does it more generically.

It’s not the worst, but it’s so…dull, and bad. The review is pretty good. Usually I may struggle with this kind of movie, but due to how bad it is, I was able to get something out of it. I mostly have amusing critiqiues here, as I explain why it faisl.

This thing managed to fail in odd ways, so it was fun to take it down. I think it’s one of my better negative comedy reviews. A very solid one to begin the new schedule.

Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd

Once again, there is not too much to say. This is far from the worst thing ever, but it’s just…pointless. Seriously, who was asking for this? The story of how these idiots met adds nothing we needed to know, and isn’t even funny to make up for it.

It’s just so…pointless, and too stupid. The first film did sit on the line between dumb and annoying, but was mostly amusing enough, mostly due to the strong actors. This does not have that, so it falls flat.

Pointless really does sum this film up, a lot of the scenes are pointless, some arcs are pointless, and because none of it reveals anything interesting, the whole thing is pointless. Far from the worst, but still dumb.

I haven’t seen the sequel yet, and I was gonan watch it before doing this but at the moment I’m too busy watching other stuff (mostly the 100 DCOMS thing) to get to it, but I hope I like it.Gotta be better then this.

The review is fine. It’s a solid enough review, but I do get too repetitive, but that’s only because the movie often is. You can’t say much outside of “that was dumb and pointless’. Still I explain most of it well enough.

Insert catchy way of ending this section here.

Free Birds

Now for oddly my only Thanksgiving Special. There has to be more Thanksgivings movies out there, as I don’t want this to be the only one people know of. This movie is just disappointing. It has a good set up and the first quarter is mostly amusing.

But it make the poor mistake of trying to be taken seriously. It just gets boring with how it uses cliché and such. It doesn’t the writing needed to be taken seriously, and the laughs become fewer as it goes on.

It’s certainly not awful, but it’s just a waste of a funny set up. It’s just do dull, when it needed to be off the wall and crazy. Mr. Peabody and Sherman managed to strike the balance between crazy fun and an actual story, so why couldn’t this one?

Ah well, at least Reel FX did way better with Book of Life. Seriously, how do you go to from this? They must been working extra hard on that one and just used the money left over to throw this together. That’s the only explanation.

The review is fine. There are dull parts because not much happens in several parts of this movie, but I do manage to make good points in the end. I was pretty fair and explained why it almost could have worked.

For my only real Thanksgiving special, it’s fine. But I greatly prefer the amazing FrankeTurkey.

Rocket Monkeys-There’s No Business like Money Business

Here’s an interesting one. I don’t usually do TV reviews on random bad animation, because that’s what Mr Enter is for. However, sometimes I just have to do it, and he hadn’t touch this one yet so…there you go.

It’s another one where I don’t know if this was the best idea. It an interesting experiment to look at a random bad cartoon, as I don’t get to bad mouth full shows too often. It did pretty much turn me into Mr Enter again (I hadn’t known of the show back when I did Eleseworlds Month) which is the downside to this.

I was a bit harsh. The show is bad, but some complaints I had were a tad forced. But more more words on the episode before we get back to the review. I may actually dislike this more than Mr Enter. You may recall he found nothing new to complain about, leading to the obligatory “Needlessly controversial Mr Enter review”.

And while it’s made up things already done bad, I actually think it’s worse than claimed. The bad stuff is done waaay worse. The characters act way worse, to the point of KILLING people, the animation is a lot cheaper, and the creativity is even more nonexistent.

This has one of the worst cases of Designated Hero EVER. I’ve seen characters do bad things, but I don’t think seen anything to the extent of I Am Not a Banana. Just…wow. I’m not one to call any show or episode the worst thing ever…but yeah, this is up there.

Yeah, it’s bad. The review is actually pretty solid. I mostly do a good job explaining why it fails, and I even have funny reactions. Most of the weak bits are in the intro, the actual review is fine. I’m not too bad here, but you can see I just stick to live action with TV Reviews.

There’s enough people who covered bad animated episodes, and while there’s people who do live action , I find it more fun to do full reviews for in the end. Still, a fun experment.

Santa Paws 2

We’re in the home stretch with the Christmas reviews! And we began with an entire review being eaten. Seriously, this is the only time I finished a review and it got eaten. I still don’t know how that happens. So sadly, you will never see me review the Cailou movie.

Anyway, I’ve said I barely remember these films a few times…but I really do not remember this one at all. I recall certain snippets more than the actual product. Even reading the review again, I don’t have much more to say.

It is one of the better ones, but man is it forgettable. There’s really not too much notable to it, after you’ve seen it. It’s just so very….meh, really. That makes it up a step up for this franchise, sadly. At least there doesn’t seem to be more coming up.

The review is fine. Once again, there is a lack of matriel but being a Buddies movie, there is some stuff to comment and I do it well. There’s even good critiquing giving how meh the whole thing is. It’s a review that’s as good as the film deserves, really.

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever

Now here’s something a lot more memorable. This movie is still so odd. It’s trying waaay too hard to be self aware, that it wraps around and becomes just a So Bad It’s good ad it would have been without it.

It’s kind of impossibly to fully hate, as it basically bashes itself the whole time. It’s very odd in that way, the way Aubery Plaza plays Grumpy Cat makes it all the more stronger. (Still a more dignified film for her than Dirty Grandpa).

Either way, I don’t think anyone working on this movie took it too seriously, which is something to respect.

So yeah, certainly one of the stranger Christmas movies out there.

The review is decent. The strange-ness of the movie gave me plenty to talk about it,and the films nature of mocking itself lead to some amusing reactions. And of course I explain a lot of this pretty film.

Certainly an odd highlight for my 2014 Christmas Reviews.

Saving Santa

…So before I go into this, I have to explain that whole…Agony Both joke at the end. This is embarrassing but I gotta explain it. They posted some article I disagreed with because I didn’t quite get it, and I wasn’t exactly the worst, but I did act a bit mean I suppose.

In response, they said something to the effect of “Looking at your blog, you know something about bad articles” or something. I do swear they did insult me in that manner. Now, while I certainly could have acted better, perhaps doing what they did wasn’t the best way to react.

It’s one thing to insult me, it’s another to go to such lengths to do so. Quite frankly, whoever runs their Twitter Account was being a jerk. But than again, so was I. Ah well ,they went downhill after they became a Discount Channel Awesome anyway.

Anyway, onto the movie…which I don’t have much to say about. It’s another one I’ve kind of forgot about, really. It’s a pretty middle of the road film. It uses it’s concept more than Free Birds, but isn’t crazy enough.

It’s just so…mediocre, and forgettable, which is sad for a time traveling movie with Tim Curry. It’s just so middle of the road. It does nothing horrible, but nothing great either, and it wastes some good actors.

Pretty lackluster for my big Christmas review, honestly. The review itself is fine, but the film doesn’t give me a lot to talk about it, so there’s dull parts. Of course there are amusing moments, and good critiques, but nothing worthy of the big Christmas review.

Not my worst, just on the weak side. Thankfully I made up for it in 2015.

The Ultimate Christmas Present

And finally we reach the end…with something I don’t much to add to. As far as older DCOM’s go, it’s a better one. It isn’t the most remarkable in terms of plot, but it has enough heart and humor to be a decent watch.

But as I said, I like Twas the Night more, it stands out more as a Christmas film. But this has it’s charms too. But yeah, there are better older DCOM’s out there. The review is fine. It’s another one where the materiel isn’t the best, but I do well with it, having amusing moments and all that.

It’s not my most remarkable final review of a year, but it’s still fine. I wish I had more to say about the final review of 2014, but there you go. I think this was a fine way to close out 2014.

And those were my 2014 reviews, official closing out these retrospectives. Overall, 2014 was good, but it is hit or miss. Some of the reviews were my best work, but there were also some lackluster ones.

Notice how I didn’t have a lot to say about some of these? This was the height of me doing some films for the sake of, and while it did lead to more positive reviews then usual, it did lead to some weaker reviews.

This lead into 2015, but you all remember that. Still, it was mostly good, even if I didn’t ever really say too much about the reviews. At this point, there wasn’t much Behind the Scenes info to give out, but ah well.

It was fun to look back at these reviews, and no I don’t think I’ll do one for this year. I’ll just do the worst films I did list, as there’s already plenty to choose from. Still, was cool to do the other years at least.

As of this writing, the final month has begun, so it’ll be fun to close the weekly reviews out. Trust me, I got special one to close out on. Not to much else to say, we’ll see how it all ends on June 29.

See ya.

(Again, thanks to Norty for the cameo)


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I'm 20 and I'm a slightly below average man who can barely spell. I mostly spend my time watching TV and movies, hence why i ended doing a blog all about those things. I tend to have weird tastes, but I like think I'm just fair on things.
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