The Cheetah Girls 2


Imagine if they meet the Cheetahmen. Best Crossover ever?!

Hello, Spongey here.

I think it’s time to go back to Disney Channel again. So far I think we’ve only done Descendants and only because I kind of had to. I have to do this one too but it’s older and I’m picking over it over other options so…there you go.

Time to do a sequel it’s taken me over a year to get it. Yep, we’re going back to The Cheetah Girls. I reviewed it from DCOM Month 2 last year and it was something. I don’t remember what I thought of it, that’s how amazing it was.

Jokes aside, it was alright. Roughly what I expected given it’s technically an older one. Falls into Guilty Pleasure but did have some actual flaws. Because of that, I was excited to get to the sequels.

Granted, I was also for Zenon 2 and it turned out to be the same as the first.

But yeah, maybe this can be like like HSM 2 where it at least me giving to get angry over. That’s likely because the director for this one is now Kenny Ortega himself. Yes, he cut his chops here before moving on to bigger Disney things.

Wait, this was August of 2006, so this would have been after the first one. Whatever, this should have energy in the least. As far as success goes, it’s the 7th highest rated DCOM of all time, and the reviews Wikipedia cites as better than those of the first film.

Otherwise, I know little about this one or the general reaction. My brother watched it along with the third one, but I don’t recall what he thought of them so he’s of no help here. Our writer is the same from the first one, whose credits are mostly on various sitcom episodes…and a Barbie movie, for some reason.

Not too sure what to expect, but I’m looking forward to it. Anything is an improvement from the crap from the last two weeks. So let’s so Kenny improves this franchise.

This, is The Cheetah Girls 2

The movie opens with the Cheetah Girls performing at a place. Well, that was fast and now we gotta wait like 2 minutes to find out the context of this. The song is called “The Party’s Just Begun” which is a very subtle way of saying the film has started.

After the song, we find out this is for some graduation party as they have vanished Junior Year. Pretty sure graduation stuff like this is for when you graduate an important grade. After that, Chanel tells Raven that her mother is planning a trip to Spain to meet her boyfriend which isn’t good news for her.

She fears that if they get married, she’ll have to move to spain and it’s first “dramatic moment”. Well, it does make sense and she doesn’t hate the boyfriend for no real reasons, at least.

After thinking, she tells Mom she’s down for Spain. Well, conflict resolved, the end!

Okay, there’s a bit more plot. She suggests letting her other friends come, a request that is denied. If they don’t go, we no plot, so can we just skip to that point?

That night, the girls…wish on a shooting stat, and at that moment a imagine opens to an ad for the Barcelona Music Festival, which has a competition for undsicveroed talent. …The deadline was last week.

Good, so this didn’t become incredibly stupid after all. But they won’t accept that, so they call them up (once it’s not 4 am in Span) and although they are told about the deadline, once they sing for the person, they get through.

Because they can just bend the rules if you happen to be good, I guess. But yeah ,that was an incredibly stupid chain of events. But nothing too shocking, really.

But it’s not all clear yet, as we must go through every single detail of this or the plot simply isn’t believable! They run it by the parents and after through so much talking, they are off. For a plot that starts right away ,sure took a bit to…start.

Thankfully, we don’t extended airplane scenes or whatever, as we just cut to Span, ready for whatever stereotypes await us.

What are we gonna do first?”


Different stereotypes then what I was expecting, but okay.

After a travel montage, they are hanging out when they see a dude singing. Well, we have our love interest. Trust me, it does not take long to figure that out. Then we get a song…started by the girls…out of nowhere.

Yeah, they went the Camp Rock 2 route. That’s fine, as it worked for that one and the song has some actual energy which is nice. It’s basically about them strutting or whatever, not too plot relevant but whatever.

It even just kind of moves on after the song, like nothing happened. They arrive at Luc’s place and get a look at where they are staying for the next 90 or so minutes.

It’s Cheetah-licious”

That will never catch on.

Chanel has an issue with Luc which means he will be a jerk, or she will have to learn some cheesy lesson. Both cliches are very likely.

Later, the girls head for their audition thingy. Which they were not ready for because they somehow didn’t think they had to properly audition for this. They are called out on that by the director, don’t worry.

They are still able to perform with their default song.


Yeesh, they aren’t THAT bad!

Welcome to the new Voices competition”

Oh, it’s a fake out. Why did he get all angry then? You gotta love how little work they had to do get what they want so far.

Luc’s Summer Intern pops up and says everyone in the competition tries out their materiel at some club. Luc then appears to give us Joaquin’s freaking life story, and lay out his cliches, including following his fathers footsteps and yada yada.

Since he’s a guy some girl has to fawn over her, and it is Sabrina Bryan’s character, as he is shown to kind of like her. Well, she is the hottest one after all.

Because we can’t quite have a plot yet, they meet a friend of Mom’s than dilly dally with him for a bit. During this, Raven is whining at them to rehearse which really isn’t too unreasonable.

Then we cut to Sabrina Bryan as she does some dancing with Joaquin to give us another song, which is in the background this time. I get that plenty of travel plots do this thing with having little things happen ,but there’s a barely conflict outside of Raven wanting them to get off their ass and rehearse.

I’m sure a conflict will begin soon, but it shouldn’t take over half an hour to get to it. Anyway, that night, they go to that club.

This place is off the chain”

Did anyone say that in 2006?

We are treated to a sung in person song now, by some chick who is said to be Barcelona’s best chance at winning. I smell an Alpha Bitch! I can tell because she wears pink and is more thsn attractive most of the main characters.

And we go from one song from another, as right after that, guitar playing pretty boy from earlier goes up. Well, he just plays a melody and Chanel and the possible Alpha sing to it. It’s all an excuse to pad things further, so I don’t care.

After chatting it up, we have a scene with Marisol and her Mom where we find out here Mom is the bitchy-y one, upset she has lost this contest twice already. Well, she was still be a slight hindrance due to her mom so…she still counts!

Mother says she wishes to help the Cheetah’s, and only Raven is suspicious at all. I can smell forced conflict later on!

Sabrina Bryan has a scene with that guy from the dancing bit which attempts to develop her kind of subplot. It amounts to them talking for like a minute and it cutting before they get anywhere. Riveting.

We continue Raven’s plot, with everyone going off to do their own thing right in the middle of rehearsal. Honestly, both parties are being unreasonable to an extent, but Raven is just enough in the right for me to to hate on the others.

We then get a montage of everyone dealing with little plot which is useful to me since I honestly don’t care about most of that stuff. Sometime later, some of the girls once again flake on rehearsal just in case you didn’t get the point in the last scene.

This time they go further by having Raven finally call out Chanel for this and she has to be a bitch about it.

You always try to control everything”

How dare she want you to what you’re supposed to do!

She then leaves before we can address this further. We join Sabrina as I get confused as to why she’s upset with Jaquin. She sees he has a life outside of her and dancing and that’s somehow an issue even then he’s nice about it.

Can we talk about this?”

‘No, it’s just too complicated for me”

By that I mean the writers were to lazy to justify this.

Raven tells Mom that she’s going home because of all this crap going on with her friends. I don’t need to explain why this is dumb, do I? Besides I’m getting tired at this point. Mom is okay with this because reasons.

Now that we’re an hour in and have an incredibly contrived reason for something sad happening, I guess it’s time for a sad song. It’s a nice song, at least. Despite the song having her indicate that she wants her friends, they still find her missing the next morning.

But she hasn’t quite left yet, so there’s still time for a dramatic train station scene, for when you can’t afford an air port!

And by dramatic, I mean they show up, say they are sorry, and all is forgiven. Could they at least have them work for her forgiveness? I’m really sick of contrived end of Act Conflicts that almost feel pointless in the end.

With that, they are back together and finally ready to seriously rehearse. For one plot resolved, let’s move on to another as Chanel talks to Luc. Oh yeah, she didn’t’ care for him. I forgot because they have brought it up in like…forever.

She apologies to him and he says he’ll take care of her mother and yada yada yada. This was so underdeveloped that I don’t really care. Then he asks said mother to marry him. Oh yeah that was a conflict I skipped over since it wasn’t too big of a deal until now. At least we didn’t go the route of him being a jerk.

While we’re resolving underwritten plot holes, Sabrina makes up with that dance guy (Do you expect to keep up with all the damn people in this thing?) and I don’t care enough to analyze any possible problems here.

At least we can focus on the actual main story, and see what comes of Marisol’s Mom or whatever. To celebrate the plot coming together, they rehearse to give us another song. At the end of the song, they are that club having performed it through use of progression via song.

They are a big hit and are ready for the festival. Ah, the wonders of a musical montage. Sadly, their dreams are dashed when some guy tells them that they are apparently professionals due to some technicality, and can’t enter this amateurs only contest. Because we need another conflict for Act 3.

Marisol’s Mother finds a way around this by suggesting the girls sing with Marisol so that in this case, they aren’t actually “The Cheetah Girls”. Of course this means only Chanel (the only to know any of Marisol’s Spanish songs) can be up on that stage, leaving the other girls out of this.

Evil plan by the Mom, calling it now.

In the next scene…Raven’s Mom suspects Mom as well. Wow, that was quick. It even turns out to be true, as she arranged for the girls to be payed by the club, which made them “professionals”.

Some dude shows up to confirm that and put The Cheetah Girls back in. Well, that was conflict was kept for a whole 5 minutes.

The girls don’t bother calling her out, as they are busy running out to do their big performance. Marisol even gets to join in on it after calling out her Mother. And once the song ends…ROLL CREDITS!

  1. know you are sicking of hearing Cloud 9 mentioned when it comes to abrupt endings…but don’t worry, because this movie will replace it. I mean, I guess they resolved most stuff….but it in such as rushed way!

And the crap with the mom amounted to…Marisol talking to her once and her frowning a bit during the song. What an amazing villain she was. There’s no wrap up after the big song, it just…ends there!

This is just…yikes. All the wrap up stuff we do get is beyond rushed and once again, the ending really hurts it…The song was nice, though. You would think a 90 minute film would have better pacing than this.

Final Thoughts:

Well, I was disappointed..sort of. I mean, should I have expected good writing in a movie like this? But come on, Camp Rock 2 managed to be an improvement while still having weak writing for the most part. I don’t remember enough about that first one to compare it, so I’ll just say this has better songs, in the least.

I can’t put my finger on it, but I don’t quite enjoy these Cheetah Girls movies as much as I should. They just feel kind of …dull compared to other DCOM’s. Even with the girls chatting it up all the time.

Of course, there’s still enjoyment to be found, but this one has it’s share of problems. I do see where they are going with a lot of this but in the end, the script ends up being jumbled. There’s too much going on, yet also not enough.

Most of the subplots add up to nothing, and the main conflicts feel underdeveloped as a result. The girls never even suspect Marisol as a bad guy and they never conflict the real villain, with her getting no real defeat at all.

Raven’s deal is resolved pretty quickly and she’s mostly right. And of course, the ending makes it all worse. Oh, and the other black one gets nothing to do compared to the others, who at least get something important.

It falls into the trap plenty of these kind of movies do, and the main conflict boils down to a group arguing, which I’m sure the first film had plenty of. As a sequel, it’s pretty typical and I don’t think it adds too much, honestly.

As entertainment, it has some fine parts, but aside from some catchy songs, nothing too amazing here. I find it odd that I’m being so negative, when plenty of films I’m more positive on can be seen as worse.

Technically, it’s no better or worse than any other below average DCOM, this is all my taste. It has enough heart to be acceptable compared to some other stuff, but this writing is still pretty weak.

Still, like all DCOM’s, it’s mostly harmless and not really bad. It’s just a bit disappointing compared to what I was expecting. If Camp Rock 2 can be better, there’s no excuse to try harder, really.

But whatever, in general it’s another average one, with inexcusable flaws here and there. Hopefully the 3rd one will be better.

Grade: C

We’ll be back to Disney Channel next month but for now, next time we’re doing a remake no one really cared about.

See ya.

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