Top 8 Steven Universe Season 2 Episodes

Hello, Spongey here.

Last year I counted down my Top Steven Universe Season 1 Episodes, where I said I’d do a list for Season 2 when it’s done. I figured that would be down the line and I’d have 52 more episodes to choose from.

Things changed. Yep, as of now, Season 2 has wrapped up and Season 3 is coming soon. What happened? Well, Cartoon Network decided to split up the seasons so that it has more Seasons than it really does.

It didnt’ change how they made the show at all, and honestly I don’t mind this too much. It does mean the finale didn’t exactly feel big, but I like having decent sized seasons. I have no idea why but starting with Adventure Time Season 5, CN gave their shows extra long Seasons.

Which meant the seasons took too long to air. AT took a bit of hit due to having too many episodes, but that’s a story for another time. So that means I had to cook up a list from these 26 episodes.

I thought I had time when they said it would come back in June, but then they said it would now start back up in May. Thankfully, I was already re-watching the Season for the sake of the list, so I could be able to do this in time.

With that said, how was Season 2? Well, what we have is just as great as before. Now that things got more serious, Season 2 was more story driven with episodes building up to an arc a bit more often.

Season 1 was pretty episodic for most of it but this ditched that, for the most part, especially after the whole Sardonyx thing. It wasn’t all perfect, but things got a lot better in terms of storytelling.

And of course, it got more serious and went into deeper themes. In general, it was as better as you would expect. I will admit I have a soft spot for the nature of the first Season, since we have variety in how good the eps can get, while Season 2’s gems are mostly similarly great.

Which is fine, it just makes harder to do. I did it anyway since my top 2 are flat out amazing enough to get into it. With all of that said, it’s time to dig in and see what episodes from the short 2nd Season stood out the most.

Which did the best job of keeping the series humor, charm and heart? Let’s took a look!

This, is the Top 8 Steven Universe Season 2 Episodes

Yeah, with 26 eps, 11 would seem too much and there’s only so many ones I can talk about anyway.

  1. Full Disclosure

Writers: Raven M. Molisee and Paul Villeco

We’re starting from…well ,the start of the Season. I didn’t plan for it to be fitting, it just kind of happened. Anyway, this starts right where “Jailbreak” left off, with the bad guys defeated and Connie calling to find out what the hell happened.

Steven has a hard time telling her, to say the least.

This episode is quite notable on it’s own but the reason I like it is exactly how it uses the 11 minute format. Sometimes people say that with the story stuff, Steven Universe shouldn’t be an 11 minute show since it seems more fitting for 22, like Gravity Falls.

And sometimes I get it as the story can be slowly than it should on a longer. But honestly, it mostly uses it right even as the story gets deeper. I’ll go deeper on another episode, but let’s focus on this one.

After that big finale, most shows would use 22 minutes to explore pretty much everything that happens afterwards and make it pretty big. That or they just move on. Here, due to the format, they have to keep it small.

So they just focus on one big element, and subtly address other things in the process. This episode is all about how it affects Steven but we see other minor things, like how the City is still in shambles and is trying to fix things, and Greg’s reaction to Steven going through all this crap.

Instead of feeling like a big payoff to a big event, it’s a slightly more down to earth look at how things turned out after something big. It’s kind of small in that way despite having big emotions.

The big stuff works but the use of the format makes this one stand out and adds to why I think this show uses it better than not. The bomb format also helps some arcs go by faster, which is one good thing about it.

As for the emotion, yeah that’s great too. I will admit that to some Steven may be over dramatic. Connie has already been through some stuff, she’ll be fine with all this as long as you’re okay. To be fair, he is a kid and this is all new to him.

For all he knows, she can’t handle this danger and may leave him. I’m sure if I went through at 13, I wouldn’t think straight either. That is why I’ll let it slide. That and it works emotionally. You really feel what he’s going through and they use those great small moments this show is known for.

Especially with the song. It’s emotional with how Steven is mulling everything over, but is also catchy because of Steven’s ringtone being used in it. It’s a great balance and an awesome moment for the episode.

Even Ronoldo is good here, as he gives Steven advice about being a lone wolf. It’s not very helpful but it gives him a nice moment that is interesting and later funny. I like him in general but I think this one of his better cameos.

Despite how dramatic this one is, it still fits in comedy that works. Greg’s reactions are amusing, sometimes Steven’s attitude is played up, and of course there’s my favorite Pearl line ever:

‘You always say you’re going to be the crocodile but you never commit!”

It’s another example of how the show can do a lot at once while still being pretty simple. I will admit the story isn’t my favorite, as it is a bit smaller in scale than others. As a story, not a ton happens and I can see why some just see it more of a footnote than anything.

There are episodes like that, but usually they work due to packing in a lot of emotion. The emotion is just so good here and it’s not hard to be on Steven’s side here. Connie is awesome of course with how she handles it, but more on her later. Season 2 was good for her.

Overall, this episode showcases a lot of things that make the show work more than it should. It’s a simple story that serves as just a footnote and arguably could have been a bigger deal. But it works due to packing in tons of emotion, a solid mix of comedy and drama, and of course an amazing song.

It’s at the bottom for reasons I explained but it deserves a spot on here as a great way to start Season 2. It’s only better from here.

  1. The Answer

Writers: Lamar Abrams and Katie Mitroff

Oh boy, we’ll already getting to the fun ones. This is an episode plenty of fans were interested in, for obvious reasons. It has Garnet telling Steven the story of how Ruby and Sapphire met.

Yeah. Those two are interesting for a variety of reasons so of course an episode like this would have a lot to think about. And like a lot of episodes, it’s kind of simple but has plenty going on.

Basically, fusion used to just be with gems of the same type but during a battle with the Crystal Gems (then just being Rose and Pearl), a Ruby and a Sapphire accidentally fused and caused a whole bunch of fuss.

We figure some of this before but a ton was revealed here about the specifics, but does leave room for plenty of headcanons and fanfics. For example, we kind of see Blue Diamond, but not her face and Garnet narrates her parts so we still know little about her in general.

Meanwhile, we know that Yellow Diamond has a very meme able face.

Natrually, the highlight of all of this is the 2nd half after they finally fuse and start to become Garnet. Like Alone Together, it’s just fascinating to see this happen. This is new to them and they aren’t sure how to handle this new form but they learn that this feels right. It’s especially interesting on Sapphire’s side, as she has future vision and could see her whole life and just went with it.

But now something has thrown everything off course and now it all looks new and scary. But of course she grows to prefer this. Things like this make this one just so interesting to watch and think about.

This show is great with making you think while still giving you something to enjoy on it’s own. The animation is especially good here, mostly during the song when they explore Earth a bit after having to kind of leave their former pals.

The song itself is a nice debut exploring their new discovery, although it’s not my favorite or anything. Good but not one I listen to a ton on it’s own like some other SU songs. Still, it works very well in the episode itself.

At it’s core, it’s on the basic side. Forbidden love? Seen it. Forbidden Love with gay subtext and aliens? …Not so much. Again, it’s that Steven spin that makes it fascinating to watch and think about.

It’s like something you’d see in a storybook which is why it’s charming. And also why there is a children’s storybook of it coming out. Fitting. It helps improve what could have been a weak story.

And I will admit it’s not the best story ever. Really, we don’t see much of the two actually falling in love and finding that strong bond that Garnet would be made from. But I think that is the point.

It sets the ground work with them first finding each other. The song alone really makes me like them because of how they interact. There’s way to this story, we’re just seeing how it begin. And plus, you can argue they aren’t even sure if it’s love yet, since Homeworld doesn’t seem to have a lot of it to begin with.

Hell, the titular answer is love, apparently. That’s so cheesy it’s ….well, it still is but I like cheesy sometimes.

Anyway, this lands low because as you know, I prefer more involved stories. This is nice but a bit too simple in places and not exactly the most complex episode, as something Alone Together had a bit more to it arguably.

It’s my own preference, so that’s why I didn’t leave it off, as there’s nothing too wrong with it. Above all else, it’s just a lovely episode. The new information is great, the animation is beautiful, the music is just as good, and the main relationship is very nice while not giving away too much at once.

It’s an episode we all wanted to see and did disappoint to due to just being so…nice. Whiel I’m sure it lands higher with others, for me it’s just number 7. But hey, it’s still pretty great. Also, it gives me little to discuss compared to others so it’s not like I was passionate enough to put ith igher.

I’m not sure what the question was, but The Answer was mostly satisfying. I promise the next sections will have me say more.

  1. Nightmare Hospital

Writers: Raven M. Molisee and Paul Villeco

This is a show that can manage to do many impressive things at once, and I think this episode serves as a good example. It’s cute, intense, dramatic, heartwarming and…kind of creepy. Let me explain.

Connie’s Mom discovers a sword that Steven gave Connie, and takes it away and goes off to her Hospital Job. Steven and Connie follow her there to both get the sword and investigate something creepy that seems to be going on there.

I suppose I’d address the creepy element first. It takes place at a Hospital at night. That’s just a creepy concept right there but they take it further. Some of those weird fusion gem experiments from a previous episode ended up there after being found on the side of the road and cause a bit of havoc.

No, I don’t know how they got mistaken for human patients at all. Just roll with it.

We got a taste of how creepy these things are before, and while that was even more intense, it’s still really creepy to see them in a normal Hospital like this. The designs are interesting and just their presence combined with the location makes this one creepy.

Perhaps it’s not quite as freaky as Keeping it Together or Frybo but the location gives it can edge over those, and it has a slightly better to back it up. Which of course leads to the more important aspect of a SU episode.

The basic story comes down to the typical “over protective parent” thing, which I guess had to happen with how Connie is doing this sword stuff behind their back. And it’s done pretty well. Honestly, the use of is is my only problem with this episode.

It’s safe to say most people would find swordplay to be a bit dangerous for a young girl but they don’t quite make her a villain or anything. She realizes that being so strict on the rules isn’t very good, and they make sure she defends herself fine.

Connie has to prove herself capable for a reason. By the way. Connie is awesome here but my analysis on her is for later.

As cliché as this ordeal is, it makes sense for the characters and is done well. It’s important for her to learn to not be so overprotective and see that Connie can handle herself now. This naturally leads to some great moments between the two.

And yes, it’s all as heartwarming as you would expect. This turns this from an interesting episode to a really great one. The execution and the dialogue makes this story engaging to watch instead of just bland like it could have been.

It’s another episode that starts off as just kind of amusing with Connie and Steven goofing off, and hell the creepy element could have been where it ended. But the story itself made it well rounded, like the best of this show tends to be,

Each element does well enough for pretty much anyone to like it. I know I love all these elements, so this one was especially enjoyable. Again, the only thing holding it back is that I have seen this conflict before, so I kind of knew where it was going.

But man, was it still great. Overall, it’s heartwarming, interesting, fun creepy and somehow manages to be all at once while still being a complete package without any element being done poorly.

It’s the kind of episode that makes the show what it is. It’s a ton of creepy and sweet fun.

  1. Chile Tid

Writers: Joe Johnston and Jeff Liu

In this episode, Steven and the Gems have a sleepover, and the plot is only moved by an intch. And it’s a ton of fun and really re-watchable.

That statement being possible is the mark of a great show. Granted, I do have a soft spot for Bottle Episodes of this nature since they tend to lead to some creativty, but whatever.

The reason they are having this slumber party, is that Steven got tired while they were searching for Malachite and Garnet decided to do it on her own since she wasn’t as tired as the others. Don’t worry, she gets great moments to make up for being left out of the party.

This episode is totally useless like it could have been, as Malachite is addressed again and we find out that Lapis has some level of control but things are obviously not doing too well. The way they do it is good enough to give us more fanfic fodder, at least.

But in general, it is pretty laid back and only reveals a tiny bit, as it’s anything smaller one in scale. But that’s kind of what makes it so good. It’s so relaxing with it’s tone and pacing that it’s kind of interesting to watch it.

The dramatic moments add to it as well with the whole scene with Lapis, as it makes you worried about her and it’s very well executed. But the real reason to watch the episode is for the humor.

Right from the opening bit on the boat we have amusing quips, then go into the sleepover proper with how they sleep, and some crazy dream sequences. Especially Steven’s weird sitcom complete with laugh track and Garnet declaring the title.

I have no idea what Chile Tid means, or if t even means anything. Still funny though.

This episode is just plain. It’s a great set up and allows for some interactions and even some insights, like how Pearl dreams about being with Rose, which of course becomes hilarious. They use this concept to do a lot of fun and interesting things, and the story bits fit it. It seems like they can contact Lapis through Steven’s dreams, so it fits with the story they had set up up so far. Granted, they could have done a bigger dream episode from that, but we have is good.

Usually it would be lower due to not having the greatest plot, but it’s so too much fun to be lower. My own tastes make my enjoy this one a bit more than a few others. I like the little reveal here, I like the set up and I love the relaxing nature combined with the great funny moments.

This thing is just fun even with the plot stuff. It’s a nice middle ground, as it goes from plot, to filler, to plot again, all fitting very well even if it shouldn’t. Even if it was more flawed, it would still be enjoyable for the jokes were as strong as they currently are.

I guess I like episodes like this, which is odd given how much I also really big stories. I seem to like anything if it’s done right, and this was done right.

It’s not exactly the best written episode or anything like that, but it’s just a ton of fun from start to finish with a little bit of everything sprinkled in there. It’s certainly a slumber party worth hanging at.

  1. Friend Ship

Writers: Joe Johnston and Jeff Liu

Yeah, time for an obligatory story one to have on the list. This one wrapped up an arc that did it well enough to get in the top 5. I’m not true how much I will say on the details, as I do have any episode from this arc later in the list. Yeah spoilers, but I have to be truthful on why this may be emptier than you may want.

Anyway, they go on another little adventure to capture Peridot but end up getting trapped and Pearl and Garnet must face a little problem. Now to explain that problem. In short, Pearl tricked Garnet into fusing with her many times.

This…was bad, to say the least. Garnet is a fusion and thus is a bit pissed when Pearl does something that heinous just for a sick thrill. It was so bad it was not resolved there and it lingered over the next few episodes, even the filler one.

And just when it starts to get a bit dull, they resolve it. Now that’s good writing. Also, it was all put in a Steven Bomb, so that you don’t have to be depressed for a whole month.

This whole arc really tested the characters, and showed that not all problems can be solved in 11 minutes. Nah, sometimes they have just 5 days. Jokes aside, I really liked how they handled it. Pearl screwed up and really faces the consequences.

And in a way, you get it. This episode explains that she felt strong while being Sardonyx and pretty much became addicted to that feeling. This one goes even deeper, as Pearl explains her feelings. Like usual, the wording is so perfect I can’t capture it by just summing it up.’

It’s another of those great moments where the two share their feelings and opening up some complex stuff and make their characters even stronger. This is exactly what we needed to wrap this up, as we already have been told how bad Pearl acted and now we see her side of things and perfectly showing everyones feelings.

On top of that, this episode also happens to be a fun adventure. The way they do the Peridiot stuff is great because of how much fun it is. There’s real energy here and Peridot is just an awesome and memorable character in general.

This element is actually why it ended up here. Having emotion is fine but if it was only that, it would just exist to wrap up the arc and that’s it. But this makes it a more complete story, and make it almost more fun in a weird way.

All of the elements make it such a complete fun package instead of just one thing. Now with that comes some flaws. At the time, it was tiring to see Perdiot escape yet again, even if they got her foot. They didn’t quite…defeat her.

I am not sorry.

But this became a non issue since Catch and Release happened not too long after. Again, that’s good writing. As for the other problems, I can see some feeling that the big scene is slightly rushed.

It happens as the two are trapped and may be crushed by the walls closing walls, meaning it has to cut to Steven and Amethyst’s reactions and stuff like that. It can happen slightly too quickly for some and maybe not be htre hugest moment ever.

It can also be slightly weak with how the episode functions, feeling ever so slightly formulaic in cartoon terms. But honestly, that’s not too big of an issue as the dialogue itself makes this scene emotional and great.

The bits I praised explain why I think this mostly works, and the episodes structure just make it a more fun package. But I will admit it’s not the most perfect story ever. Also, how did they fuse so dang quickly without much room to dance?

But aside those minor things, this one is great. It ends an arc very well with tons of emotion and great character insight, while also being a really fun adventure, making it well rounded. You can tell I like episodes that are well rounded instead of just one thing well.

While it’s not perfect, it’s still great and did a lot very well. Also, the way Steven says Good Morning confirms that Say Uncle is canon so it’s 10/10 by default.

  1. Log Date 7 15 2

Writers: Hilary Florido and Lauren Zuke

This seems like an odd one to have this high, but I genuinely really like it enough to think it deserves this spot. And it’s good time to talk about Peridot. In short, she became a good guy in this Season.

Now, redemption’s can turn out kind of badly for various reasons to the point where I’m a little bit sick of them. But leave it to Steven Universe to pull off really well. For one, Peridot was already great because she was such a memorable character who you wanted to follow.

So her becoming good isn’t the worst idea since you actually care about her and she’s not just a dull villain. Btu the most thing is how they handled it. It was gradual with her being food. She did basically starting with them right away but mostly cuz she had to.

She had plenty of chances to just leave or even betray them but she new being with them was the best option. And they took a few episodes to fully develop everything, including how she gets over various predjucies and stuff like that.

She’s also still not perfect, she has some lapses and even with this episode, she does stuff like pushing Greg off a roof because she doesn’t know humans can’t exactly survive that. She isn’t just a perfect angel off the bat for no reason, and she’s still an interesting character.

Hell, this made her better instead of worse. Which leads to this episode. She’s been with the gems for a month now, and she records an Audio Log of her experience which Steven listens to to see why she seems to be getting along with Garnet.

That’s the whole thing, just a log of what Peridiot has been done. No big plot, or even much of a conflict outside of her wanting to understanding Garnet. And in a way, that’s actually better. We learn more about Peridot from this one small plot then we would in a bigger one.

It’s a Slice of Slice Comedy episode with her goofing and being silly, but the small details really add up. We see that she’s not sure of what is socially acceptable like how she pushes Greg, and we see just how reacts to various things like clothes and television.

This is all played for laughs, but it’s also interesting to see her interact with the world and get used to it. We also have her bonding with people like Amethyst and small bits that add a lot. We get episodes about her and Pearl, then Amethyst so it’s nice to see them just hanging about after all the drama in those.

Perdiot really shines here. The previous episode had her yelling at her boss, and pretty much joining the Gems. Right off the bat, she’s going crazy before she isn’t sure how to feel about doing that. Of course it goes it something simpler but this is one huge showcase for Peridot.

It honestly does a better job with her then any other episode, because it’s only that, not much else. It’s mostly from her perspective, which gives us a better idea of how she thinks. Naturally there is heart with how she bonds with Garnet, and how she comes to understand why she is a permanent fusion.

They address her…fusphobia for lack of a better term, quite nicely. They show that sometimes people who have those prejudices are just misinformed and can learn why people are like that. The fusion being a fairly badass person who is easy to piss off (as we saw in the last one) doesn’t hurt either.

Above all else, this episode is funny. There are so many good jokes in each scene with how Peridiot reacts to things, like her pushing Greg and her various interacts. Yes, the highlight is when she gets into a show and becomes a shipper…based on only episode, and on a pairing that is not the one they push, because she think it objectively works better.

You’ve all made the jokes and parallels, I don’t think I need to say anything. Except that the pair she likes better is Pierre and Percy. Both are very male names. Yep, that means she ships someone Pinhead Pierre!


This even plays a part in the plot as Garnet pretty much explains her fusion by saying she is Pieree and Percy. Yep, she used something she understands to explain what is more or less a gay relationship.

That’s a perfect metaphor for this show in a way,

This episode might be just a silly little story to most, but I really really liked it more than I thought I would. It sums up Peridiot better than any other episode, while also being hilarious and having a light enough plot so anyone to get into.

In a way it’s filler, but the way it’s done makes it one of the best filler episodes ever. Is it the best way to end the Season? Maybe not but that’s CN’s fault and it does nicely end part of the bigger plot with the Cluster.

Overall, that quaint but awesome episode ended the season on a very strong note.

  1. Sworn to the Sword

Writers: Joe Johnston and Jeff Liu

Yay, time to be predictable again. This one is …popular, and will likely rank high on other lists. It deserves it to say the least. Although I will admit I didn’t sucked into the hype at first, but I grew to love it to the point where it’s on here.

Now I can discuss Connie full on, as here she learns to Swordfight with Pearl which of course goes a bit too far. Connie is pretty awesome. She is Steven’s little friend and she could have been just a dull human friend that Steven needs to save or something like that.

But instead, she’s an adorable badass. Early on she was mostly a friend but their bond was enjoyable and she served well in episodes like her debut. In Season 2, she got even better as we went into a bit already.

This one starts off with them jamming out which really establishes their bond very well, with a fun song that kind of reminds me of the Little Butler song. …What, is it just me?

We get to see her dedication to Steven how far it can go thanks to Pearl. Pearl’s teachings tell her that her master is nothing and she is nothing, which how thinks worked when she served for Rose.

This not for the best. Before I dive deeper into writing, I must say that the main song in this, Do it for Her, has to be my favorite song in the show. It has all the things I loved about previous songs like Strong in the Real Way but is made better by how it progresses and goes deeper and the darker undertones it has, when it starts out as normal and sweet.

I love it, as it compliments the story perfectly, like any good song should do. And it really furthers the themes I will now discuss. We have more insight on the whole Rose thing here, and all the issues Pearl is dealing with.

There’s some unresolved issues there, as Pearl was pretty devoted to her but clearly there were problems here and there as they explore a bit here. This is used to go deeper into a seemingly basic teamwork moral.

It does have the typical stuff with Connie working better with Steven than blindly protecting him, but they do deeper on the meantilty of standing up for someone a bit too much. Connie is told that she is nothing compared to her master or whatever, which gets a bit out of my mind.

With all my praise, I should stop to make one complaint: It’s a bit predicable. When Connie starts doing this, Steven is a bit worried. Gee, I wonder if this will go too far. You know, like in that other episode where someone teaches people to be stronger in some way.

Yeah, that was more or less my reaction which took away from the story slightly, as I do perfer episodes where I don’t really know where it’s going. But it’s a minor complaint and it goes away on re-watch.

This episode is another one of those great heavy ones. It has some interesting themes and great character insight, as well plenty of other great things like Connie in general. It’s one that’s simple and pretty complex at the same time, getting a nice balance down.

Of course, the big moment with Pearl I won’t spoil is damn heavy stuff, and another awesome moment. The words carries so much weight and end up saying a lot about Pearl and her attitude in this.

/This Season wasn’t too kind to pearl, between this and the Cry for Help stuff. But it helped make her a more complex character, and showed why she’s pretty great. This episode happens to get extra points for the cool fights and Connie being amazing.

I can see why it got so much praise, even if it took a bit for me to fully appreciate it. The themes are really interesting, it’s fun in the right places, and carries a lot of emotional weight as well as an amazing song.

It’s another complete package that is just awesome all around. That’s pretty all I have to say about that.

And once again, we need to go through Honorable Mentions before hitting our top spot. Not as many as before but still a few.

Story For Steven/We Need To Talk: Two very solid stories about how Greg meet Rose and discovered fusion. I like the 2nd one a bit more though.

Keeping it Together: Very creepy and interesting with the revelations.

Back at the Barn/Message Received: Great episodes that helped make the whole Peridot thing work as well as it id. I liked the Peri one I picked more though.

And my number one Steven Universe Season 2 Episode is…

  1. Keystone Motel

Writers: Raven M. Molisee, Paul Villeco, and Rebecca Sugar

When making any list, I try to at least be a bit surprising with my top pick. Or just be slightly different. It’s always true to my opinion, I rarely force it, I just happen to have odd tastes. But sometimes, you have to give in to the hype and pick an obvious choice that you love for the same reasons as everyone else.

And that is what happened here. Also, there was really was no other option as this stuck out the most of any episode, at least when it comes to the key elements of a Steven episode. When people pick a favorite, they tend to go with whatever story stuck out the most.

Whereas others, like me ,really think about the best of the best, and think about many factors. But in this case, I’m going with the former line of thinking. This episode is just plain interesting and incredibly emotional.

And it aired on my Birthday. A nice bonus, I think.

After Cry for Help, Garnet tags along with Greg and Steven on a road trip to a motel. This is okay until she gets so angry about Pearl that she splits up into Ruby and Saphpire.

Okay, we can’t move on without addressing the…elephant in the room. Yes, as some of you recall, there is a real motel called KeyStone that people sent fake reviews to referencing this episode.

If it was a photshop thing, it would be funny but people actually put in these reviews which is…yeah, not good. It’s not the worst thing the fandom has done (cough cough…) but it’s a bit off.

I have nothing else to add to it onto the actual episode.

This episode is a perfect continuation of Cry for Help. That one did explore how everyone felt but this is shows the aftermath. It begins with showing how Pearl is sorry but Garnet is more than a little upset, hammering the point in, in a good way.

Then the rest really dives into how Garnet feels, even when it turns into a Couple Break up story. But of course, it still has comedy with Greg going to talk to an “internet Man” and the Square Pizza. Also, Sorry Steven, but I actually prefer Square Pizza. The tone is balanced here, as nothing is too goofy once the plot kicks in.

The Comedy adds to the drama like how Ruby gets really angry the point of evaporating the pool and exploding at the diner. There’s also Sapphire’s dry wit (I see where Garnet gets it from) and other bits like that.

Ruby and Sapphire were good before, and in The Answer but they are at their best here. We really see their personalities here and how they deal with what Pearl did. Ruby is angry and Sapphire just wants to keep her feelings bottled up thinking it will get better on it’s own.

It’s a great contrast and their relationship is great too. The whole thing is just a nice look at this couple who is angry at both someone else, and each other. The pacing is good too, as it spends just enough time in each scene from the opening, to them spliting up to, to the resolution.

Everything just flows really well and is as dramatic as it needs to be, with the right amount of humor. This is also another one that uses the format well. Each episode between Cry for Help and Friend Ship nicely has a tiny of piece of after math with how people deal wirh from Amethyst bonding with Onion’s mother to something like this.

Getting a small piece that they go into detail in sometimes works better than cramming a lot in and Friend Ship finished it so well that it was all worth it. But no episode from that week stood out more than this one.

The main thing that brings it number one is the ending. Ruby and Sapphire getting back together is the sweetest thing ever, especially with a line so cheesy that it’s just great. Especially after a damn emotion scene where Steven starts to himself for their fighting which makes them realize how stupid they are acting.

Speaking of that, I like how no one is the bad guy. They were both angry enough to get split up and no one is really acting better than the other, even if Ruby clearly shows it a bit more. Everything is so even and it makes the ending even more sastyging.

It captures some really real emotions near perfectly while also doing everything else you need for a good story. I suppose other stories are more complete, but this one stands out more and…yeah, the ending is the main reason this is my favorite.

The Season had plenty of good emotional moments, but none were better than this. It hit me the hardest because it was the most interesting conflict on a both theme and character level. It’s just so well done and incredibly interesting.

How does it compare to Season 1? Well, i’d call it the /’best” one so far…but Joking Victim is still my favorite. It does everything this one does, but on a more human level and with a character that is usually less interesting.

But this one is still amazing. It’s gripping, it’s funny and provides awesome character insights and is emotionally satisfying on so many levels. No amount of cruel internet jokes will ruin this one for me. It’s not only the best episode of that arc, but it’s the best episode of Steven Universe Season 2 for pretty much representing everything great about the Season.

And those were the best SU Season 2 Episodes. I apologize if this isn’t my best work, it was hard to rank episodes that are equally great and there isn’t a ton to say about some of these compared to the first list.

With Season 3, I’ll now only do a list if there’s enough to say. If not, I’ll just mention favorites on Deviant Art or something. Or just do some of quickie on Sponge’s Favorite Episodes along with some other show or whatever. We’ll see.

Either way, this Season was very good, even if it was short. While I do talk up the show, it isn’t the most perfect ever, and I don’t want to build it up too much for those who don’t care for the hype.

But it’s a show I just like quite a bit. When I watch an episode, there’s just something magical that prevents from caring about any of it’s problems. That magic just makes me love all the good episodes even more, and even keeps the “Bad’ episodes afloat.

So that might make me talk it up more than I should, but this is all true to the quality of the show. It’s that strong. Can’t wait for Season 3 starting this Thursday! We’ll get In Too Deep soon enough.

Hope you enjoyed this list, and there’s more to come. Usually I’d just hint to my next one but to be nice, I’ll throw oyu a bone.


See ya.

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I'm 20 and I'm a slightly below average man who can barely spell. I mostly spend my time watching TV and movies, hence why i ended doing a blog all about those things. I tend to have weird tastes, but I like think I'm just fair on things.
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