So Bad It’s Horrible Month 2: Disco Worms


Another title that’s way more interesting than the movie itself.

Hello, Spongey here and welcome to the finale of So Bad It’s Horrible Month 2!

This month has been…interesting. It has hasn’t topped the first one so far, but we’ve had our fair share of sequels. We have a messy film version of a book, a humor free Eddie Murphy movie, one of the most hated films of 2015, and a Larry the Cable guy movie. Nothing awful, but they were still pretty bad for the most part and just got worse.

I wanted to do special for the finale so I had my “fans” vote for what they wanted to see reviewed, using options from the So Bad It’s horrible Pages. I…got two legitimate votes after a see of lovely people who can’t read.

Well, technically three but I could not find that film and they didn’t respond back with a back up answer. So I just had to flip a coin to see which one I did and….well, this should be fun. This is an obscure foreign animated film from 2008.

I had never even heard of it til I read through the So Bad It’s Horrible Page and saw that Musical Hell had reviewed it. I didn’t’ watch it so I could go in as blind as possible. Which isn’t hard since there’s very little information on it.

I was lucky to find the damn movie itself. From what I can gather, it’s a french film and…that’s about it. I’m sure it has an epic rich history, but I can’t find too much information on it. Again, I’m lucky it actually has an IMDB page.

So I really have no expectations going in. I just know it’s a musical of some kind starring worms, with the best title ever. It sounds like it could be funny bad, and maybe despite it’s place on the page, it will be.

With no known people behind the scenes we can jump in. Will this be the biggest piece of shit I’ve reviewed in a while or while it be thrown in the pile of mediocre bad films? …Let’s find out.

This, is Disco Worms

The movie opens with an Earthworm crawling out of the dark, with a guy narrating over it, Documentary style.

Fascinating? Who the heck writes this junk?”

You know you’re in trouble when those are words that appear not even a minute in. Not sure who that guy is, but he leaves as we meet the worm himself, Barry. We find out right away that he is not really respected due to being at the very bottom of the food chain.

I’d talk about cliché this is, but I’ll focus on how he is technically being bullied for his race. Yeah, great family entertainment.

Barry tries to get a Berry to prove worms can do something, and he does manage to bring one back, after going through a bunch of danger through the opening credits. Danger that was a bit too short lived and somehow also too slow to be funny.

Despite this awesome feat, the bullies still mock him.

You didn’t think we were gonna hang out with a worm, did ya?”

These “undertones” are making me a bit uncomfortable. Weird, since most takes on this plot don’t exactly make feel this way. I blame Zootopia.

Don’t you ever dream about a different kind of life from this?”

Speaking of Disney…

Barry goes home as we see that his Mother wants him to go into the boring worm business instead of doing anything crazy. Once again, the cliches are just piling up.

On a side note, the female worms have breasts. Worm Boobies. I…just…WHY.

Barry goes to some thingy to start his inciting career in boring worm stuff, and I now long for all the subtley of Bee Movie. Wait….this one also stars a guy named Barry. And came only a year after….


Thankfully, this Barry crushes on a woman in his own species, but she’s not that interested because cliché.

It just can’t get any worse”

When will people stop saying that?!

I’m not sure what happens, but he sits on a thing which eventually results in big embarrassment for him in front of a bunch of people. Because I almost forgot he we were supposed to feel sorry for him, so this scene was necessary.

We then cut to their first day of work like nothing happened, as Barry finds out he has a chance to possibly become middle manager which pleases him. At least until he sees what the job did to his Father, basically making him the boring guy he is today.

Eh, this movie seems to be taking time to develop things in some way. It’s better than something like Leo the Lion already, I can tell you that much.

While digging through his Dad’s stuff, he finds a Disco record. Only took 13 minutes to introduce Disco music in this Disco musical. And it’s a normal existing song! What ,is this gonna be the Happy Feet of Disco Worm movies?

Barry likes what he hears, and he goes to his friend who is fat. Because of course he is, but how can a worm get fat in this universe giving how they do pretty much nothing?

Barry says he has an idea based on his new love of Disco.

Sunshine Barry and the Disco worms!”

Roll credits! …Please?

Barry’s friend thinks his dream of starting a Disco band is just plain crazy. Because it’s as crazy as this film is cliché. I mean they are trying to develop it slightly more, but it’s still as stale as ever. Nothing extra is even thrown in either.

Because plot, there happens to be a song contest coming up which will give Barry the chance to show off his stuff.


Cool Cat is very displeased.

We’re gonna do it anything!”

And in mediocre animated films, that means we’re destined to be stars! With that, Barry holds auditions for another member, as Boogie Wonderland plays because this cheap flick blew it’s budget to get these songs, so damn it, we’re gonna use them!

As luck would have it, Gloria, his love interests, shows up for the audition. At one point he says she will be the…sexy backup girl. Yes, he says Sexy. What. She’s even on board with it, meaning she won’t be a bitch at least.

They avoid that cliché but go for the one where she can’t sing even though he just said he wants her to be backup girl. And of course he’s too love struck to tell her the truth. Because who wants to be original or creative in any way?

We then cut back to work as some of the business people find Barry’s poster and rant about how Disco is MOST UNORTHADOX. Barry covers it up by saying the poster is a prank by some other guys, and they buy it because whatever, I don’t care.

Barry realizes his Mom might see the posters, so he takes them down and then they go to the Hard Root Cafe. Kill me now.

They are here to get some annoying rocker dude to join their band, because he would be a perfect fit for a Disco Band, right? He joins anyway because he actually has no gutiar and Barry says he will get him one if he is in the band.

So a guy who is not fond of Disco joins a Disco Band simply to get an instruments related to Disco cuz he has no instruments. This is completely logical and makes perfect sense to have in the narrative. Also, Rotten Tomatoes is completely all the time.

Now they must fiful their promise and buy some instruments since they were filthy liars. Seriously why would they try to hard to get a rocker who doesn’t like Disco to be in a Disco Band? I miss the logic of Witless Protection!

But first, Barry asks the fat friend to be his base player and he’s not sure because he thinks he’s lame.

You’ve just got big bones”

Worms don’;t have bones”

They don’t have Boobs or hair either.

You may have been blessed with wild ideas…and personality-”

Haw, good one!

Eventually he says he’ll show up to audition just this once. Great now they need money. Wait, what do worms use for currency anyway? It doesn’t matter because to the first rehearsal with the instruments, with no explanation as to where the money came from, making that little worry completely pointless.

They sound bad at first, but it’s still better than INSERT POP STAR THAT’S POPULAR TO HATE HERE.

Because they are doing this in some random place, they are randomly caught by the boss lady from work who then randomly decides to help them and get their shit together. Because I suppose it turns out she’s okay with all this in secret and yada yada.

This cliché bit I’m more okay with but it’s still a bit lame. Let me guess, it turns out she was a funky Disco person back in the day?

I grew up in the backyard of a DiscoTech”

…Close enough.

They are overheard by this slimy guy who I think is running the song contest and I can already he’s the villain because he’s not a worm and says they look stupid. Then he leaves, meaning we’ll deal with that stuff later.

You know, I do have a soft spot for the whole band plot they are going for, but it’s done in a pretty dull way, and I don’t care about the characters either. Yawn.

Later on, Barry gets a letter saying he has not been selected for the song contest, so he goes to the people to fix that. It turns out he was denied because he was a worm. I am not kidding. They aren’t even making an illtgent statement, it’s just here because the writers didn’t think for a second before calling it a day and getting shitfaced.

Eventually they a strike a deal where Barry will send them a demo to see if he likes him enough as a musician in-spite of his whole worm thing. Because entering a major contest wasn’t enough conflict.

Then to show that the rocker is still scared of Disco, he has an imagine spot involving the YMCA song. Because movie.

After that, Barry talks to Gloria and finds out she kiles that sort of villain guy from earlier, named Tony Dean, just as he shows yep. We’re gonna add the jerk boyfriend onto the cliché pile? Sure, whatever.

This starts the seeds for a little argument at the next rehearsal, then because Gloria told Tony about the hold Disco thing, this one boss dude shows up and is super made. Yeesh, they barely got to exist before all this stuff happened.

The others run off and while Barry catches up them, they are suddenly picked up by a human’s shovel and put into a box. I was wondering when the human world would become involved, if at all.

The worms end at what I think is some guy’s house being sold as live bait. I figured the scary conflict would happen later, not just 40 minutes in. This film is over an hour by the way, it’s not a Video Brendqundo film or anything.

Being put in danger like this, causes Barry to feel a bit truthful and spill the beans about Gloria’s voice and the nature of the demo video. Gloria cries which is somehow supposed to make us care about this very dull character. Cute.

This whole scene seems to depend on us caring, but I don’t. The characters weren’t developed anything and in general I didn’t care before, so why should I care now?

Then they quickly band together in order to break the glass placed on the top of their prison, because forget pacing or proper development or their current problem. They have Gloria sing loudly because lol she’s that bad, although she somehow becomes okay as she sings I Will Survive.

Which has nothing on the Rio 2 version, by the way.

She says she can sing well now become she can really feel what she is singing. Sure why not, I don’t care anymore. It doesn’t even matter because their plan fails. Well, I guess the song was nice at least. Mostly because I am singing it to myself as I watch this.

Someone does come for the worms and long story short, they attempt to rescue Barry but it results in a fake out death. As in, he appears right after the fake out, meaning they couldn’t even try to fool us for 30 seconds!

With that, they manage to make it back home in time for the contest. I suppose we had that climax there to make room for the contest, but it could have been paced a lot better. Besides, they have no Demo video so we can’t even do the contest now.

Barry’s Mom is so angry she runs off to…do something I guess and tells Dad to talk to him because it’s his fault. Wow what a bitch. You won’t even try to talk it out with your son in a civil way. And you are arguably more to blame with how you treated him early on!

Dad says he was a Disco Star once and actually wants Barry to get back out there. And I suppose that’s all the motivation he needs. Man is this so cliché and dull. He and the others show up, without showing us how the others got convinced because even the movie just wants to be done already.

They couldn’t get the fat friend because he is busy doing a test at work. I’m sure he will realize he doesn’t want to do the cooperate crap and come join in about a minute or so. Also, Gloria now realizes tony is bad because….reasons?

Barry kind of said but in one sentence and he never backed up and we never saw her finding out the truth for real, what gives?

Back at work, fat friend makes middle manage but finds out it’s not fulfilling at all and he gets sad. I suppose you needed a scene like this but in execution it’s just kind of rushed.

Then it is revealed that Tony is Mili Vinili (meaning he lip syncs, because even I explain jokes), and he actually can’t sing. Eh, I guess it makes for a fitting defeat for him. And because they don’t have their last act, the guy puts Barry’s band up there.

That was….insultingly easy, I must say. How did Gloria even find out he lip syncs anyway? Oh yeah, she revealed it and it wasn’t mentioned until now. Then fat friend shows up and they go on stage despite the audience being racist little shits.

And of course they end up blowing them away. Despite this, they don’t win. Before I actually praise this movie, they reveal that Tony paid them to give the award to someone else. Like right after with no tension.

Also, way to ruin the one thing you may have had going for the story. I mean they still loose, but only due to narrative contrivance. The result ends up being the same with them learning that winning doesn’t matter and yada yada.

For the result I can give them credit, although this is almost a cliché in itself sometimes. And of course the crowd actually loves Barry more and applauds them. Mom even pops up to stop being a bitch because I don’t care.

With that, Barry and friends give them a performance and of course, this musical bit is what the movie ends. Of course there’s a rushed ending including a rushed kiss despite a weak romance.

Why wouldn’t there be? Oh, and there’s a message at the end of the credits saying “No worms were harmed during the production of this movie…except for Barry!”


But whatever, this month of crap is over.

Final Thoughts:

To be honest, I don’t think this is the worst thing ever. I actually think Leo the Lion is worse….but this is still bad. What do I even say? The problems seem obvious and I went into them.

Well, I can say the animation is actually okay. Nothing special but the style is nice and I can at least look at it. They at least tried with it, even though the designs can be …baffling sometimes. The lip sync is …passable. I didn’t notice anything really terrible compared to Leo.

As a JukeBox musical, It’s kind of weak I suppose but the songs are the best part so I can’t complain too much. And I feel that they at least tried to tell a coherent story with heart, which puts it above so many children films out here.

With that said, it still fails because it’s so boring. It is boring because I have seen this story before and they add nothing to it, and they try too have to be “Sweet” in some parts resulting n some really dull parts.

The writing doesn’t help since there are some sloppy parts that just make no sense, and the 3rd act is beyond muddled. At least it has a coherent ending to the main arc but it muddles everything else.

All the characters are bland and one note, with none of them really sticking out and some even pretty much being wasted. I can’t say I hated anyone but they were pretty weak. The whole thing is just a cliché snore-fest with the attempts at effort just make it more underwhelming.

I can give it more credit than some other films, but it’s still a bad one. It’s mostly boring, the execution of the story is nothing new, it has random Racist undertones and the characters are not very interesting.

It’s just…bad. Not horrible, just bad. And it is the worth thing I reviewed this month, as even Witless Protection held my attention more. That’s pretty much all there is to it.

Grade: D

So ends So Bad It’s Horrible Month 2. It was okay. Nothing Bottom 10 Worthy this time but they were bad and kept getting worse. At least I finally got to tackle Pluto Nash and Fantastic Four. Not too bad for a final theme month in the weekly run.

Next time, we go back to 2015 Cinema to see the end of a trilogy that should not have been a trilogy.

See ya.


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