A Look at the My Little Pony Comics Part 1: Specials

Hello, Spongey here.

When it comes to My Little Pony Friendship is magic, I think I’ve covered everything. I’ve listed my favorite episodes of each Season, listed my favorite songs, and even generally reviewed the first two entries in the Equestria Girls franchise.

But there’s one little extra thing to cover….the comics. Yep, after testing the waters with LPS, we’re finally doing these.

When a franchise is popular, it’s only natural it gets an Expanded Universe. We’ve already had plenty to chew on, from these comics alone. Besides that, we also have chapter books, the writer of which is now on the actual show.

I haven’t read them and I have no interest in looking at those, although I will try them out someday. I’m mostly in the Daring Do books she did. Shut up and give my money indeed!

But for now we’re focusing on the big one: The comics. In 2012, they started an official comic series as one of the first in a crazy line of cartoons getting comic series. And this and Adventure Time are the most well known ones, and so for good reason.

Primarily written by Katie Cook with art by Andy Price, these comics have caused quite the stir due to their nature. With these comics, they have done some things they couldn’t quite do on the show which means certain character spotlight, but it also means doing ings some people have not liked.

But overall, people like them due to mostly being show accurate and doing things the show has not done yet. But here’s the thing: I can’t do them all in one posts, because there are least 4 series of these Comics to cover, with tons of issues across all of them.

So I’ve decided to do separate posts on each of them. I’ll do one for the main series, then one on the Micro Series and Friends Forever. But that leaves one mini group left…the specials. Besides doing annual specials, they also did a 5 part mini series.

These deserve mention and since they have no place elsewhere, and there are enough for a post, we’ll do a post for them. Which you are already reading. Right now. I figured I’d get them out of the way since it’s a nice way to ease into the bigger stuff later.

With that said, let’s dive into the comics, starting with some special stuff.

This, is A Look at the MLP Comics Part 1: Specials


We shall began with..


May as well start simple with the annuals, and other one offs. And of course we begin with…

2013 Annual: Equestria Girls

Oh boy. Talking about Equestria Girls isn’t crazy anymore, but this was made BEFORE Rainbow Rocks, so people we’re still very much split on the idea thanks to the mixed aspects of this film.

So this story has a lot riding on it. Let’s see where it goes. This is actually a prequel, further explaining how things before Twilight showed up. It’s split into two stories, the first being “The Fall of Sunset Shimmer” which goes a bit more into her backstory.

The full version is that Sunset was Celestia’s star pupil but she was kind of dismiss of everyone around her and considered her studies more important than socialize, to the point where she turns down a lunch offer by a bunch of ponies…including Moon Dancer.


Anyway, Sunset starts thinking she should be more but Celestia wants to teach her humility and stuff. Eventually Sunset starts prying and discovers a bunch of secrets and sees that she can be more, maybe even an Alicorn Princess.

Celestia finds out about that and is like “lolno” and bans her, leaving Sunset to get mad and jump through the mirror, which had discovered earlier. The story ends here, as the rest is history.

Now this is interesting, because they skimped on the backstory in the actual movie but here we get the full story. It’s on the cliché side, but it gives her an actual motivation to be doing what she does, and just makes her more interesting.

It also makes a bit more evil given how much of a bitch was was at the start, which does further contrast with her quick redemption in the movie. But whatever, she becomes Best Human in Rainbow Rocks.

We even find out Celestia had possibly been grooming Sunset to be a Princess, which of course fell through. This kind of puts the whole Twilight thing in a new light, doesn’t it?

Also, Moondancer looks very different from how she would be later on, but…i prefer her look here, so I don’t care.

I do kind of wish they went into more detail, maybe showing how Sunset started to gain control of the school and how her whole fling with Flash Sentry happened. But eh, that’s not too important.

Speaking of which, Flash does not appear at all in this whole comic. That’s another thing in it’s favor, I guess.

The main story has The Humane 5 entering Canterlot High for the first time and deals with how they became friends and dealt with certain things before Twilight arrived. This main story is pretty solid. We get to see a bit more of each human mane 6 member here and it just gives us a bit more info on certain things.

Each character has something kind of interesting to do and they mix them all decently well. The more important “Arcs” being Rainbow’s deal with the Wondercolts and Applejack dealing with peer pressure.

It even involves Human Babs Seed….who is a teenager. Well, it makes as much sense as the adult Mane 6 being teenagers. Oh, and Babs is not redeemed here and the conflict is sort of resolved by just standing up to her.

I know I keep harping on One Bad Apple, but even Equestria Girls is doing it better!

Anyway, there’s nothing amazingly deep here but it’s just a nice story with all the characters being enjoyable. It’s done under a nice framing device of them being interviewed for the school paper.

And there’s even an awesome twist with it I won’t spoil but you may see coming. This story just gives a bit more life to the Equestira Girls and makes for a nice companion piece to the movie, and even improves upon it.

This kind of showed the potential it has on it’s own, before they really ran with it in the sequels. Kind of makes we wish they’d just do that spin off show instead of moving on with a 4th movie, but whatever.

While I doubt it’ll totally hook you if you’re just not into the Equestira Girls thing, it’ll still an enjoyable comic that does give you more if you do like it. While it likely worked befter before the series improved with the sequel, it still stands as a fine story, with a better Sunset backstory and enjoyable stuff with the other characters.

And no Flash. That is also good.

I think these specials are off to a solid start since they even managed to make Equestira Girls solid before Rainbow Rocks came along. Not the best MLP comic ever, but still decent enough to check out.

2014 Annual: Power Ponies

Yeah, this one had to happen. When you have a whole episode taking place in a comic ,and the show gets a comic series, this has to happen. A full Power Ponie comic had to happen, so let’s dive in.

While the Power Ponies seem like an unstoppable team with a strong bond, it turns out they are all kind of jerks to each other and just put on a show for everyone while they stop villains. Some of their biggest foes then team up to stop them and they succeed, leaving our heroes to discover the power of teamwork.

This one was pretty enjoyable. It certainly takes advantage of the superhero setting and has quite a bit of fun with it. I like the various villains, including a pharaoh and and a mime. We even have a cheesy narrator, who sadly only breaks the 4th wall once. The story on the cliché side but it has fun with it.

There isn’t much in the way of development, as we don’t get much from the individual Power Ponies, but this story clearly isn’t meant to be amazingly complex. It’s just meant to be simple and fun, so it works fine.

Of course we have forced but amusing comic references such as Balkham Aslyum and the story ending with “Same Pony time, same pony channel!”. Yes.

Speaking of references, Humdrum says he learned about friendship from a TV show that goes on about how it’s magic. If it’s not that weird enough, we actually see it and it’s called…My Little Donkey.

I can’t make this stuff up.

There aren’t as much as winks to the audience than I expected, as it’s mostly a straight forward story, kind of like how these comics must be like in universe. Which is nice, I just wish it even further.

But as it is, it’s good fun. Nothing more, nothing less. Yeah, not a ton to analyze. But thankfully, there’s actually a 2nd story here called “The Return of Mane-iac”. It’s…best to fully recap it.

The Mane-iac escapes from prision and goes to old warehouse HQ, where she finds…a mirror. She goes through it and ends in a world full of…humans, only she herself has not changed.

She finds a human version herself hwo also has powers and is thwarted by super powered brothers. Having found a brand new best friend (that is her), Human Maneiac jumps back through the mirror to try out this other world to see if it’s worth taking over.

What horrors await when world’s collide?”

It’s a curious thing, bet you never heard a robot and a caveman sing…

..Then it cuts to Equestria Girls Rainbow Dash reading this all in a comic.

A four legged Mane-iac? This comic is weird”

The end.

.Well, that happened. I’m really confused. I’m assuming she went to the Equestira Girls world…but she is still a pony while Twilight and Sunset became Humans when they went into the mirror. How is that mirror even there in the Power Ponies world?

Why are the humans here drawn so sketch-y? Why do some look actually normal and now like the Equestira girls humans? How does a supervillain exist? Who are these brothers?

How is there a comic like this in the Equestria Girls world? Apparently IDW exists in this world too, what the heck?! I can’t even really review this because I don’t even get it. It’s so simple yet so confusing.

VAL KILMER BRUCE WAYNE: It just raises too many questions

It’s kind of amusing and the twist is funny but just so confusing. It’s not bad or anything, but a bit too strange to be called good.

But the main story is enjoyable enough. Maybe not quite as strong as the 2013 Annual but still plenty of fun. Not much else to say. Let’s just hope we’re done with EQG for now.

Equestria Girls Holiday Special

…Damn it. This one also came out in 2013, and it’s going to be weird doing this in march. All I know about this one at the moment is that it has a lot hate. …This should be fun.

Someone under the username of Anon-A-Miss (subtle) starts posting secrets about people,especially the Mane 6 and everyone is wondering who the heck it is. And because the first couple secrets were revealed at a slumber party, they begin to suspect Sunset.

First off, this isn’t much of a holiday special. You could have set this any time of the year and it wouldn’t make a difference. They do have a couple nice moments involve winter, but that’s it. I was hoping it would have more given this is our first winter in this world.

Speaking of which, they just call it “The Holidays” in the human world, while Pony Christmas is still called Hearth’s Warming Eve. Strange. AppearntlySunset has not spoken with her family in a while, even before she become evil that one time.

That opens up a lot of questions but I guess that can be explored in EQG 4: The Search for more Money.

Two more notes: I haven’t commented on the art so far, as I’ll comment when I talk about the main series and while most of it is has been fine so far, there is some wonky stuff in this one. …Mostly with Rarity, who has such a strange looking face in a lot of parts.

I can’t describe it, but she kind of looks like a dude. It’s weird. My last stray note is that we have some oh so amazing modern references such as “lol”, “Selfie” and…MyStable. I’m more offended by the MySpace reference being made in 2014.

But onto the actual story. It’s…mixed. I think I see the problems people have it, although it’s not really that bad until the 2nd half. Most of it is kind of enjoyable, with Sunset hanging with the others and the little sweet moments.

They at least try to have nice stuff and a cute ending shot, but there’s a few problems that come with the ending. (That means SPOILERS, by the way.) Most of my other issues are nitpicks, like how they act like Sunset has never been to a slumber party before, even then they had one with her in Rainbow Rocks, which this is set after btw.

Them blaming Sunset isn’t too bad at first given that seemed to be the only option, but as it goes along it gets way too harsh. At one point they just flat out an assume it’s her on the spot despite her pleads, which leads to them leaving as she is clearly seen crying.

…Jesus, that’s going perhaps a bit too far. Seriously, the execution makes it too harsh and they jump to conclusions far too quickly. Aside from that moments, things go fine…until the end where they figure out who Anon-a Miss is.

Keep in mind Anon went on to spreading secrets about everyone, even Diamond Tiara and Silverspoon. I point that out cuz I just found that amusing. Anyway, it turns out Anon-a-Miss is …the CmC.

…A story about someone spreading secrets where that someone doing it is the CmC? Gee, that sounds familiar and not a rahash at all!

But that’s the least of the issues with this. It started with just Apple Bloom and it kind of went overboard from there. Yep, Applebloom spread embarrassing secrets about her sister and her friends and then everyone else.

Why? Because she was upset that they spent just a tiny bit more time with Sunset than her, and she was not invited to their slumber party, and wanted to get back at her that one time. That’s her excuse.

That’s dumb. For one, we get no indications AB is upset at all before the spreading begins, so this comes right out of nowhere. Plus this is just a dumb excuse to spread someone’s secrets over the internet.

And of course, they forgive her right away despite how bad and dumb this is. It’s all a happy ending from there. The nice-ness of the ending kind of makes it better, but what’s the takeaway from this?

The way it’s written kind of takes away from whatever we’re supposed to learn. And you know what makes it worst? AppleBloom was the first to suggest it may be Sunset. That’s right, she went out of her to blame Sunset, who she knows has had…issues with people hating on her in the past.

What the heck? Now that is just going too far, and she’s not called out on for that bit. Seriously, this got so out of control that Sunset become hated by everyone, and there were mean comments alone everywhere.

I miss JD. …Always wanted to bring that back.

So yeah, this has it’s share of problem. I mean I like the nice moments and it has a tiny bit more heart than some other mean spirited stories, but this is mostly weak simply due to how dumb the ending is.

Apple Bloom spreads secrets and more or less becomes a Cyberbuly to an extent, and not only is it for really lame reasons but she is instantly forgiven. What a load. At least the CmC get 6 months detention. Sounds about right, really. The fact that it’s in a Holiday Special makes it even worse, along with how much of a rehash this is.

I wouldn’t recomend this one. The nice moments are cool but the ending pretty much runs it. I’d say this is the weakest MLP comic I’ve read so far. Hey, the Fluttershy Micro wasn’t this bad when it comes to characterization.

It’s not terrible, but pretty weak overall. Also, Flash is not here again. …I kind of miss him.

We’re done with EQG for a little bit…but not done with the Holidays.

My Little Pony Holiday Special

Yep, a regular MLP holiday issue, to finish out the annuals. This should be fun.

When Twilight and Spike get held up by a snow storm, they pass the time by reading classic holiday stories. Yep, it’s a segments thing and they are shot so flat out recapping them would be a bit dumb.

But here’s the gist of each: The first is a Rudolph parody with Rainbow but instead of havinga red nose, the thing they hate is…flying itself. That does not make much sense, as Luna points as the Santa equivalent ….She wrote the story, apparently.

The 2nd is a Nutcracker parody with Rarity and the 3rd is a Night Before Christmas one starring the apple family, mostly Big Mac. This comic was pretty dang enjoyable.

I’m a sucker for these kind of set ups, as it usually leads to a lot of creatvity and good jokes, and it really does here. Each one has a great set up with some really funny moments. The first one has some good Diamond Tiara lines, including her claiming to be good only being a bitch 10 minutes ago.

It’s funny because she later does become good in like half that time. …Wait, this came out after that, so it’s somehow funnier.

The 2nd one actually has Rarity refusing to take part in the story due to the mouse. That’s amazing. And the 3rd one is told in rhyme in and anyone who can do that has my respect, especially if still has a lot of jokes like this one.

It even has a special appearance from Smarty Pants!

The wraparound stuff is good too, with amusing bits and even sweet moments, including the ending. Oh, and there’s this:

It’s a harrowing tale of Friendship, hardship and dedication that will need a full twenty pages to explain”

Hey, breaking the 4th wall is my bit!”


There isn’t a lot to say without giving away a lot of the jokes, cuz a lot of the good stuff comes from the amusing moments packed in here. It’s not much of an epic story so I can’t crituqe too much either. I kind of wish it was longer as it does feel a bit short as each story goes by fast, although it does work for the 2nd one.

But it was meant to be just a quick fun thing, so it works really well. It just hits my good buttons and is very funny and enjoyable with nice homages. And a sweet ending doesn’t help either.

The fact that I find this the most enjoyable of the normal specials isn’t too shocking since I have a soft spot for this kind of thing, but it’s still really good. I would certainly recommend this one anytime of the year.

And that ends the annuals and such. Now onto the special little mini series known as…


Yep, they had a 5 Issue Mini series with each comic telling us the backstory of an MLP Villain. It’s a great idea and has a lot of potential, especially with the more one dimensional villains.

So let’s jump in and see how it goes.

(SPOILER WARNING AGAIN, as these stories are best when gone into blind. I’ll try to hide some of the juicer bits in the better ones)

#1: Sombra

Next you’re gonna tell me Sombra will come back and become a fully complex villain!“-Me, 2014

Oh boy, what way to start out. Sombra is seen as the weakest villain, so there’s a lot riding on this one. Let’s see if it makes him more interesting.

Twilight and Cadence try to find some records that Sombra may have hidden when he took over, and find his old diary which tells his story. As it turns out, he was found alone by some Crystal Guards, with no parents to speak of.

And of course he grew up, along with a new friend and soon discovered exactly why he’s so different…

This was…pretty damn good, I must say. Yeah, we’re start off strong here, as it handles this story fairly well. With Sombra, there’s not a ton you can do to make him amazingly sympathetic, so the only thing to do is just tell us how got this way ,in a way that doesn’t try to make him the hero or whatever, but still gives him a reasonable backstory or motivation.

This manages to do that. Without going into too much detail, we found out why he “Created” and more about his nature, and it’s decently tragic. We know about how tons of heroes in fiction are “destined” to be heroes, but this is the flip side of that, someone destined to be evil.

It’s pretty interesting and Sombra is actually made interesting here. His adorable colt self is likable enough, mostly due to his relationship with a girl. Yes, he kind of has a sort of love interest. Don’t worry, it doesn’t get too cheesy in that direction.

I was a bit worried about this one, since it could be easily to try to make Sombra look like the hero, or try too hard in making him sympathetic. But they strike a good balance with his whole backstory.

It’s pretty interesting and manages to make him interesting while still being evil once he’s gone bad. When he’s evil, there is no going back and he’s totally fine with being evil. No making him a woobie once he’s evil stuff here.

It works. It’s done to show even seemingly irredeemable villains had gone in them at some point, even if it’s lost at the moment. That’s just as interesting as trying to make us feel sorry for them or whatever.

It’s also a good serious story, as there’s pretty much no humor in this. Yeah, MLP can do straight drama to an extent. That’s interesting. I wouldn’t go as far as to call this comic amazing, but it’s really solid and has some interesting stuff going on.

It tells a good tragic story that manages to give us a good backstory for an evil villain, that still makes him an actual threat an. It’s a lot better than I thought it would be. I had to be a bit vauge, because I think it’s best go into this one blind to see what they do with the backstory.

I’d recommend this one if you want to actually find Sombra interesting. He’s still not amazingly interesting in his evil state but now he’s at least better than before.

This is a pretty strong start to this series, let’s see if it gets even better.

#2: Tirek

This guy happens to be my favorite MLP villain in terms of sheer entertainment value (some are better written, but whatever), so this has a lot riding on it. Better be good.

There’s no wrap around this time, we just jump in with Tirek as a Teenager, with his thirst for power as he bonds with this old guy who went to Equestria. This one was…okay. A bit of a let down after Sombra, in a way.

To be fair, there’s not quite as much you can do with Tirek as with others. The thing that made Tirek cool is his simplicity, and how powerful he was, rather than being complex. But this doesn’t really shed a ton of light on him.

He starts out power hungry and he just gets more powerful. Now, I get that it’s showing another side to villains, saying someone just start evil. But it doesn’t exactly make for an engaging backstory in this context.

With that said, I like learning some of the little things. It’s cool seeing Tierk’s parents and this sort of mentor guy. It’s just nice to see a little bit of backstory in some way and such. Oh, and two interesting side notes:

  1. Discord has cameo in one shot. That implies quite a bit and starts to show a bit of how he knew Tierk. I wish that was incluced. Speaking of which, Discord doesn’t get an issue in this series for some reason.
  1. Old Guy has captured a Unicorn at one point, and says he drugged him. Drugged him. This is My Little Pony, right?

As a story, this isn’t the most interesting compared to others. I mean, we don’t even see him go to Equestria. We just get a little peek at how his rise to power began, and that’s it. It’s not much of a backstory, nor does it really show the more important aspects, like how Scorpan came to betray him in the end.

Speaking of, Tirek says Scorpan would not betray him. It’s funny because he does.

Despite my complaints, I did kind of enjoy this one because it’s just cool seeing his world and all of the little things. I also dig the serious tone like in the Sombra one, complete with some very solid art.

It’s just that I wanted a bit more. Tierk just starts evil without much motivation and the story itself isn’t too deep. You could have done just a bit more in some areas, you knows? With that said, it’s still enjoyable enough to check out if you are curious.

But if you want something more, than this may not be the best option. Still, it was cool. Strange how of the more more mixed villains got a great comic, while my favorite got a merely decent one.

#3: Sirens

Hey, I only said we were done for a little bit. No wraparound again, although there is a narrator with a reveal of who it is. The backstory is…pretty much what you heard in the movie, just with slightly more detail.

They were just regular sirens wanting to get power through singing, and they they need to get some new trick in order to target the more sophisticated Canterlot. So they invent Pop music.

And that is when Adagio became the most evil villain in the series.

This one was…okay. Honestly it was even weaker than the last one. We find out nothing really that interesting about them, as we just begin with them as full grown evil sirens. The scale isn’t even that high as they target one place and don’t do much when they have power.

Even when Starswirl comes in he just tries to outdo their music. He doesn’t call Celestia or anything like that. In the end he just banishes them with the mirror. Seriously, he does it so easily that it’s just silly.

I found it weird to begin with that he just pawned them off onto some other world, just because it happens to have no magic but it’s even dumber here. They still have small magic that they later use to kind of control a school. Good going, dude. Also, there’s a small tie in to one of the main series comics with this bit, which is nice. I’ve read that one and oh boy, it’s gonna be fun when we get to it.

We don’t really get any real insight here, and we do find out isn’t anything special. It’s actually smaller scale than what we heard before. I mean, the backstory in the movie said they lived on negative energy and almost took over Equestria.

There’s no mention of negative energy here, and they pretty much stay in Canterlot the whole time. It’s strange. Also, through Starswirl’s attempts to stop them with music, they invent various musical instruments, and Starswirl invents Rap.

Now I don’t know who the real villain is!

Speaking of inventing, apparently this takes place one week after the invention of Sliced bread. Okay. Also, they talk about clapping at one point, except it has to be ponified. So they say….Clop.

…This writer is really out of touch.

With all that said, this one wasn’t bad at all. It has amusing moments and some cool bits. I’m not sure what you really could have done with these three, but I was expecting a lot more. At least with Tierk we learned a bit more about his rise to power and stuff.

Here we learn nothing important, and some stuff is even left out from what we already knew! There wasn’t really anything hugely wrong with this one, as it’s at least a competent story that is readable.

But as a deeper backstory, it kind of fails and it’s just a bit disappointing. It’s not bad, just not really anything special. I’m noticing a trend: The more interesting the villain is, the LESS interesting their backstory will be.

Which means if they did one for Abacus Cinch, it would be the best story ever. Either way, this one is…okay. Let’s move on.

#4: Nightmare Moon

I was a bit skeptical about this one, because I think I know about Nightmare Moon and her deal. I mean, they had so few villains they had to go for someone who’s backstory we already know?

And it’s about what was she up to while on the moon. That’s not as interesting as hearing the backstory of these other villains. But it had potential, so I gave it a chance. And yeah, it’s actually surprisingly good.

One thing froze me off though. After going to the moon, she meets the Nyx—moon creatures that have the ability to shape ponies’ dreams and dispel their nightmares. …Yeah, moon creatures that control dreams exist, and Luna knew about them.

And I did not, because this just comes out of nowhere. I thought maybe I was missing something, but as far as I know, they are new to this comic. Also, if the scene was see was her visit , then she takes the whole banished thing very well.

That is one issue with this one, nopony really reacts to some of the strange bits going on, wej ust kind of skip those parts. But that’s fairly minor.

This basically explains how Nightmare Moon came to get her whole dream powers and all that. It even ties into a Main Series Arc so it has more meaning if you’ve read that. But on it’s own, it makes for an interesting twist.

While the story is a bit rushed, it works where it counts, with one Nynx being fairly amusing. While the first two were super serious and the Siren one was silly, this is sort of a mix and it does it decently.

The best part is when Nightmare Moon faces Celestia in the dreamscape, as we get some nice moments like showing more of how guilty Celestia is. Seriously, she might have more baggage than Luna in that regard.

The ending is better this time, having a good cliffhanger while still completing this one story. The past two felt really abrupt, but this felt right. The story itself is nothing amazingly special, but it’s interesting to see this happen.

Nightmare Moon is far more enjoyable than she was in the show, but I blame that on pilot writing. We get interesting ideas and some nice little moments here and there. As a whole, this one is enjoyable, even if it’s not a story I was really begging to see.

For what it is, it works, even some things happen a bit too quickly. Nothing too amazing, but I can say I mostly enjoyed it.

#5: Queen Chrysalis

And now this series ends on a fitting note, with the villain who helped start the comics to begin with! We’re back to having a wraparound, as the Mane 6 visit Chrysalis in her prison to check on her, after the events of The Return of Queen Chrysalis.

Except this one isn’t technically an origin story. She recounts various stories of her past exploits that serve to show off her personality further. WE do get an origin later on, but the other stuff takes up most of this.

I think that’s a good angle, so the fact that we don’t get a deep backstory isn’t disappointing It’s advertised right there. It also fits her more, and the origin is interesting in it’s own way. And of course, the first story begins 1000 years ago.

Why is it always 1,000 years ago? That must have been one heck of a year…”

10/10, best Comic Ever.

Each story we get is interesting in it’s own and shows more of what Chrysalis is like. We see just how evil and manipulative she is. It helps show how interesting and threatening of a villain she is once you just let her loose.

We even get a more human side to her, but it’s just as a side as she’s still very much evil in the end. We just see that it’s not all black and white. It’s a nice balance, I think. Also, the artist is really good at making Chrysalis look as creepy and evil as possible.

This one is a nice mix of seriously and silly, as there are quite a few jokes, but also some nice dramatic bits. Nothing too epic, except maybe the ending which I won’t spoil, but still has it’s moments.

One tangent with Rarity goes on a bit, but otherwise everything feels nice and natural. As you can tell, I really liked this one. I’m just being vague since most of the enjoyment comes from things I don’t want to spoil.

That and recapping all of it would just be boring. While we don’t amazing revelations, what we do get is very enjoyable and gives us a better idea of who Chrysalis really is. Even her backstory is interesting, for reasons I still won’t spoil.

It strikes a nice balance of all of the elements. After some stories that failed to really do so, it’s great that we ended on the most “Even” of all of them. Overall, this is a very solid one and a great way to end this Mini-Series.


And those the MLP Special Comics. Overall, things were hit it or miss but overall quite interesting. The Annuals were nice little one shots for the most part, that gave us some interesting things. Granted, we get one very weak story out of it, but ah well.

Fiendship is Magic was a mixed bag. The idea is good but the execution shows the flaws of it ,as some villains don’t have as much potential for deep backstories. The Siren one shows all the flaws with the idea, while Sombra shows all the strengths.

But they were all perfectly readable, and some were very enjoyable. Overall, I’d say it was a fun experiment, even if it wasn’t all perfect.

These were mostly enjoyable as a whole. I think I’ve given a decent taste of what these comics trend to be like, and what they can do. I like doing these comic reviews, it’s a nice break from big lists and such.

That’s pretty all I got for the Special Comics. I’m going to take a break and so other Blog Projects, but I’ll see in sometime later for the Micro Series and Friends Forever, before we finally get to the Main Series.

I’ll explain the reasoning for doing the former first there. For now, I hope you enjoyed this little thing. Also, if things go as planned, I’ll have two posts on the same day because I didn’t want to wait til Saturday to post this.

It’s weird but whatever. I don’t have a clever segue way so I’ll just leave.

See ya. (My sign off is kind of lame, isn’t it?)


About Spongey444

I'm 20 and I'm a slightly below average man who can barely spell. I mostly spend my time watching TV and movies, hence why i ended doing a blog all about those things. I tend to have weird tastes, but I like think I'm just fair on things.
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