General Review: Deadpool

Sounds like a fucking franchise”

Hello, Spongey here.

Superheroes are huge these days, especially in the world of Cinema. We get tons of Comic Book movies every year, and it’s great because a lot of them are fun flicks with a lot of effort and heart put into them.

…But it’s also bad, because some of them are either poorly thought out cash grabs or just plain disappointing. People say they are starting to cannibalize each other, and soon the whole thing will fall down.

I’m not worried because this happened in the Late 90’s but it got better. We have our Fantastic Four 2015’s in the form of Batman and Robin back then along with the good stuff. But it does seem like this will go down before it gets better

One reason is that they are starting to blend together in a way, but I think things will look up. Producers are going out of the box and adapting proprieties no one thought would see the light of day. In 2014 we saw a Raccoon and Tree hit cinemas in spectacular fashion, and last year Ant-Man finally his due.

These are really out there ideas, but because they put effort into them, they were hits, regardless of how you personally feel about them. Now we’re here to talk about the latest attempt, that again no one thought could even happen.

Of course, we’re talking about Deadpool. I’ll skip the history lesson because that’s what Linkara is here for. The short version is this guy is an Anti-Hero who is a smartass that breaks the 4th wall.

He’s pretty popular for that reason but since he’s a bit out there, we assumed no one would try to do him justice. Then it actually happened…in X-Men Origins Wolverine. Everyone hated it and from what I hear, he was handled really poorly.

This set him back even further, but eventually they announced they would try again with his own stand alone film. With it’s production history, we thought it would never see the light of the day.

But now in 2016, it’s finally out. While I’m not hugely familiar with the character, I know enough to be hyped as all hell. I’ve been looking forward to this, as many people have. Even with Ryna Reynolds reprising the role from X-Men, people are hyped because he is a good choice, he was just given a bad script.

That’s been happening a lot with him lately. Now that the movie is finally out, does it do the merc with a mouth justice and give Reynolds something to work with, or is the end of the current boom coming sooner than we think?

Let’s take a look.

This, is Deadpool

Before we begin, I’ll say that for my live action film reviews, I am using a format similar to the one I use for the animated stuff, to keep things organized. Let’s start with the easiest one.


Not sure what the name for this could be but this sounds right. This covers the production, such as effects and action sequences. This is a Comic Book film so there are things to say. This movie isn’t exactly on the level of Avengers, and the action technically isn’t the focus.’

But it’s very well done. The effects, what little we get, are fine. Nothing special, nothing awful. But it’s the action scenes that stand out. They have a lot of energy to them, as well as humor and solid violence.

The solid directing makes them really enjoyable, and the writing is done in a way where it all fits fairly well. You won’t exactly get anything on the level of The Avengers, but for what they had to work with, the production value is solid and the action scenes are a blast to watch.

…That’s all I got.


The film tells the story of Wade Wilson, a sort of troubled guy who finds the love his life, only to be diagnosed with Cancer. From there, he becomes a mutant superhero who winds up dealing with his girl issues even more, while facing a big baddie.

So far, this is sounding pretty generic. It sounds like they took a pretty typical and added just a couple self aware jokes and called it a day. …But as it turns out, it’s far from that.

This is a Deadpool movie. That’s the best way to describe it. Every aspect of the writing plays into his character and his sense of humor. It not only mocks itself but plays around with the things it does.

For example, this is an origin movie but in the first half it switches between the flashbacks and scenes in the present day, so that we get the Deadpool we love right away along with his backstory.

Some people don’t like that it’s an origin, but this is a character not a lot of people know. Hell, even if I’m not aware of his backstory, so this is needed. And at least they have a little fun with it.

Before I move, let’s just get critical for a minute. With all of this said, it does succumb to some of it’s cliches at points. Some beats are very predictable, and it gets a bit too self aware for it’s own good.

That’s just going to happen but they could have toned it down. It bugs me that they still had him go to save his girlfriend in the end, with no irony. She gets one hit in but that’s it. Lame, but it’s not a big deal.

I can forgive some of this given how long this film spent in production, and they can easily fix this in a sequel. Back to the positives, I like that while it has a sweet edge, it keeps Deadpool who he is. He doesn’t become a goody two shoes in the end, he’s still the merc with a mouth we all know and all. It doesn’t get too cheesy, even when it has it’s nice moments. The story itself does nothing amazingly new, but the style makes it pretty solid.’

Then we have the jokes. We get all the 4th breaks and in jokes you’d expect, and while a few really die, most of it is really funny. They keep up the variety and it has a lot of good moments on all fronts.

They even make the other characters funny, while making sure Deadpool is the only one to break the 4th wall…except for that quote up there, but that’s one moment. There are plenty of laugh at loud moments, including some expected but welcome stabs at Renolds’ past carrer choice.

Your opinion of the film will really depend on how you view the jokes. You will either like them right away and be able to forgive it’s flaws, or not care for them and let the whole film fail in your eyes.

That’s a fair judgment because the whole movie is based on Deadpool’s humor. For me, it mostly worked as it’s just refreshing to see a film like this in this day and age that just it what it is.

Oh, and it lives up to the R rating, thank god. Although that not stop kids from showing up at my screening. I know I said this on Twitter, but gee, it’s like the rating won’t stop kids from seeing it anyway if they wanted to.

As a whole, the writing has it’s problem but it makes up for it it’s unique spin of certain elements, as well a refreshing and incredibly solid sense of humor. This is certainly what I wanted.


This should be quick, because they thankfully keep the cast like short compared to other big comic book movies. We’ll start small with the villain, Francis. He’s…like a lot of Marvel villains. He’s decently intimidating, but overall just a bit weak. They make a lot of good jokes about him but he himself is just….okay.

A bit disappointing but not a big deal. Then we have Wade’s friend Weasel, played by TJ Miller. He works as the friend character, who does not get in the way and is pretty dang funny. He’s not deep, but he works. A vast improvement over his role in Transformers 4.

Next are Colossus, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Yes, that is actually her name. They are members of the X-Men. That’s right, this is in the X-men world which makes things confusing but it mocks that. They don’t a lot but they help some of the elements I mentioned before, and give us some decent laughs, especially the latter.

Next up is Deadpool’s love interest, Vanessa, played by Morena Baccarin. The romance here is pretty decent, as they have very good chemistry with her being pretty funny with her quips. Despite some issues in the writing with them, they have enough charm to make me root for them. She’s a strong character…until the end as I said, but she’s not too bad even then. ‘

A lot of the movie is around how he loves her, so it’s good that they mostly got her right for the most part. There are a couple other minor people, but they aren’t important. Oh, and there is a Stan Lee cameo which is another amusing one.

And finally, there’s Wade Wislon/Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds. Wehn I said this is a Deadpool movie, I meant it. The whole film revolves around him, so you better like him. Thankfully, I do.

He is instantly likable with his quips, but he has a human side even after he becomes Deadpool. That side is mixed in pretty well, making him a really solid character worth rooting for. Even as he kills people. And I’m happy to say Reynolds did a great job handling all of this. He’s really charming, and pulls of the slightly more dramatic moments well.

Since the script is actually good this time, he gets to show off his talents and he passes with flying colors. Overall, while the character roster isn’t the best, it doesn’t matter because the character the movie is all about is handled perfectly, which makes up for all of the minor issues.

Final Thoughts:

As a whole, this is the Deadpool movie we all wanted. Sure the villain is weak, and it can get a bit too cocky and succumb to the cliches it mocks, it more than makes up for with with energetic action scenes, very funny and clever writing, and great care taken to perfectly capture it’s title character.

This is an easy recommendation for Deadpool fans, assuming you didn’t’ see it at a Midnight Premiere already. There’s no reason that crowd should avoid this. Non-Fans should enjoy it too, but if you don’t like meta humor, you should either avoid or be careful when going on.

Otherwise, most people will enjoy it if you keep what I say in mind. It’s no Dark Knight, but one of the most solid Marvel films in a while. I dare say it’s better than most of the MCU, but maybe repeat viewings will change this.

It has shortcoming, but it’s still a solid first entry in a hopefully excellent franchise. It’s good to have a solid February movie again.





This took me almost no time to write compared to the Kung Fu Panda review. Weird. Not sure what the next general will be, but if things end up being what I think, Zootopia shall be up next.

See ya.


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