George of The Jungle 2


Watch out for that….forgettable sequel.

George of the Jungle 2 is property of Disney

Hello, Spongey here.

I think it’s time to do a movie I should have done a long time ago. It’s a sequel to something I reviewed way back in 2012 during Toon’d Out Month. I wanted to do that big sequel people may have wanted me to tackle…but I don’t wanna do Garfield 2, so you’ll have to settle for this.

If you’re wondering, I have plans for some of the few live action adaptations I haven’t done yet, we’ll see how it goes. For now, let’s look back at George of the Jungle. Like I said, I covered back in 2012 and for what it is, I enjoyed it.

It’s one of the cartoon adaptions faithful to it’s source materiel while still being an enjoyable film. It’s nothing amazing by any means, but it’s a fuck flick with likable enough characters and good humor.

It made money and it was the late 90’s and now early 2000’s, so they made a direct to video sequel no asked for. Oddly enough, I remember watching this on TV a long time ago, but I only have vague memories of it. I was younger so that could be why, instead of it’s quality, whatever it is.

It got bad reviews, and no one ever talks about it. I’m sure it’s great. I really don’t know what to expect going in, or if it’s going to be any good. The kid on the cover has me worried, but we’ll see.

Our director has mostly done TV work which is another great sign. The writer did Like Mike and that’s about it. Never seen that one so I don’t care. Without further ago, let’s just see if this sequel is as solid as it’s predecessor it’s any good at all.

This, is George of the Jungle 2

After a logo joke, the movie opens with an animated title sequence featuring that ever so catchy theme song. The animation is nice, but it doesn’t match what the theme is saying, which kind of throws it off. It doesn’t even end with him slamming into a tree!

At least until the song starts to recap the first movie to avoid any possible exposition later. When that ends we truly start with our amazing narrator as he explains that everything is happy and the jungle, and George has a kid played by that kid from Two and Half Men.

Because of course we need a kid for the sequel. Then the narrator is horrified to see that George looks nothing like Brenden Fraiser anymore.

Me new George. Studio to cheap to pay Brendan Fraiser”


George and his son, who is already like 5 or so because seeing him raise the kid from birth would too interesting, play fetch with a CGI abomination they call Shep. He is grooming the kid to be the heir to the jungle throne.

Okay, let me guess: He won’t want to be prince, right? Am I on the money? While we wait for that, George plays Coconut Ball with some apes because why not. He ends up missing lunch with the wife because of this.

…No. Please, don’t do this cliché. I hate it so much, I’m sick of it. Please let this be a one time thing. Also, her actress is different but no one jokes about that for some reason.

Roger spend whole night with Ursula”

…Please, don’t do it. I beg you.

The kid has no interest in vine swinging, which I also hope isn’ a cliche they explore. He prefers tree surfing, which is way more dangerous if you ask me, but ah well. This is an excuse to put in another tree gag.

New George takes a tree as well as Brendan Fraiser”

Good to know?

While that is going on, we join Ape, still voiced by John Cleese, playing cards in Vegas….for a quick gag. Eh, it was mildly amusing. George goes to help some animals, and the narrator stops the movie just to tell us they will translate the animal sounds.

Uh…you’ve been doing that so far and you did that in the first movie. Why tell us this like we’re all idiots? He fixes their problems but says he must spend more time with Ursula, which they don’t like.

…They seem to be going with this. ….Let’s just hope it’s quick and painless. And yes I hate this cliché that much. Thankfully he does spend the night with her so at least we’ll have to wait for him to do something bad.

They have a romantic, and we cut to that morning as the narrator introduces us to our villain, Ursula’s Mother. Yeah, we got returning villains. The Narrator even recaps the stuff with that dude from the first movie.

Eh, I’m not the biggest fan of just bringing the villains back in these kind of sequels but if they are still passable, I’ll allow it. They plan to steal the deed to Ape Mountain to get their revenge and Ape happens to have it.

Pretty generic plan, but this movie didn’t promise to daring or anything. Ursula’s Mom’s goons fantasize of killing her, but the Narrator says if she dies, we don’t have a story. Time will tell if that would have been a good thing or not.

She visits her daughter, and sees that George is late for his son’s birthday party. He shows up right after that, and he’s late due to his duties, showing he is just trying to balance things, at least.

Something tells me the movie will see him as horrible anyway or something. Mom doesn’t like the son being with George so part of her plan is to tempt Ursula into coming Mom. The cliches are piling up, and knowing these kind of movies, I think it won’t be good.

She talks to George about Ursala and how happier she might be without George. Oh, it’s this aspect of the cliché where he thinks it’s best for her when really all is well. So I CAN be angry and rant on it even though they are at least trying to make both parties likable!

George seeks “professional” help but it doesn’t help, so he asks a bird to get Ape from Vegas to help. Speaking of which, Lyle enters the poker game in an attempt to get that deed. The bird arrives and tells Ape, but he says he’s busy sitting on a hand…then he pulls out a fake hand he was sitting on.

I don’t even think the crickets liked that joke. I like the joke with Lyle’s bad disguise more, thank you very much. But yeah, Ape got the betting bug but that doesn’t really help since he tells Lyle that George has that deed, making most of this pointless.

To be fair, I see why they think a smart guy like Ape would Ape Mountain over George, even if he is dumb. He calls Mom and tells her this, and she asks George where it is and he just tells her. Come on, he’s not that du-…okay, you’ve got me there

With that, George is off to Vegas to help his friend, which puts him right where the villain wants him. Or you could just take the deed now and save yourself a lot of time. Just saying.

At least now Ape can help George with his problem. He says he can just help balance George’s schedule more so he can help the jungle and his wife at the same time.

Well, that was a short movie, see ya! ….That’s never gonna work, why do I even bother. Meanwhile, the animals in the jungle think George has abandoned, because he didn’t bother to explain anything before he left for some reason.

The lion thinks he should be king and to make the joke even more subtle, just take a look:

LPS Comics Scorecard

Gotta love subtly…and mediocre green screens. Anyway, the villains sneak into the hotel George is staying at to get the Deed which he brought with him because he puts it in his underwear.


He finds it right away and he has one of his goons put signs in the jungle telling the animals to get out. Well, that was quick and makes the previous scene with the lion kind of pointless, unless it gets a point right after this.

In every other story, the lion is the king of the jungle, not a human”

  1. was joking! ..Wait, this doesn’t give it a point, it just adds more conflict for no reason. Back in Vegas, Ape is performing. If that was established before, I missed it. Lyle pops up and tries to hit on Ursula, and claim he’s not so bad after all. Mom decides to bring reinforcements in the form of three girls, who briefly talk to a guy named Charlie.

Here’s your towels, Angels”

Keep those subtle references coming. This one doesn’t’ even fit in the context of the movie! They basically exist to pretend to be friends to Ursula and brag about amazing Lyle is. I don’t know why they needed the lame reference.

George walks and overhears them talking about lame George is. Oh god you went there with this cliche. Shame on you movie, now I care even less than I did earlier. Ugh. And right after he talks away, she realizes George is awesome and everyone is wrong.

Yep, we got a misunderstanding on our hands. Kill me now. Although I will say I like that Ursula came to the conclusion herself, makes her kind of smart. But because we’re only 43 minutes in, Mom hires a guy to hypnotize her into forgetting George.

The plot is getting more jumbled as we go on. Can’t say I expect much from a direct to video sequel though. Mom tells George about this and now he is sad. Hmm…i still don’t care since it’s contrived, but….good try, almost.

With that, he leaves Ursula and the kid who still exists. Wait, they made her forget about you so I assume that includes the kid, so you can just take him since I have no idea how these kind of laws work in the jungle.

We get one bit later of the kid being angry at Lyle, and wait he still remembers everything so why doesn’t he try to tell Ursula that what knows is a lie?!

George decides he will get her back, but then he is told about the jungle being torn down so he must go there. Wow, they switched 3 plot points in the span on a minute. That’s a new record.

Because we need conflict some of Lyle’s goons pop up to give us a chase scene. He escapes and ends up in Ursula’s room to get her back. She is confused but admits he’s way better than Lyle and is willingly to go with him.

That was quite speedy of this film, if I do say so myself. He collects his son who is reading Tarzan. Subtle.

If Jr wish to surf and not swing, it is okay with George”

Oh yeah that was a plot point that was mentioned once and is resolved the next time it’s brought up. Amazing writing, this film has. With that, the family is off to the jungle. They arrive and bump into Shep, who is wearing Nikes.

See If you can spot our discreet product placement”

Oddly enough, I didn’t notice until he pointed it out. Nice joke either way. They find out about the Lion wanting to take over, and…George takes him out. But the others won’t join them him for now despite a speech, so when they help in the climax, it’s more dramatic I guess. Oh, and he mentions “PlayApe”. Sigh.

Just like the Magnificent 7, if they weren’t so magnificent”

So, The Ridiculous Six?

It didn’t look good”

Heh, that matches with my previous joke. Then the other animals join because the narrator says they had a delay reaction to his speech. So you made a pointless bit for the sake of a weak joke?

With that, they all attacking the incoming bulldozers, with involves a poop jack and a hit to the nuts joke. It’s not a mediocre comedy with them!

Eventually they take them all down and save their jungle, but of course Mom and Lyle pop up. Ursula was knocked out during the climax by the way. Stay progressive, guys.

She’s awake and Mom wants her back. Ah yes, there is still the case of her hypnotized amnesia. I’m guessing something does it. He kisses her and she’s back to normal. Yep, called it.

Mom runs away, but how will Lyle be defeated? Well, after he bashes The Narrator’s alliteration his hand comes down and plucks Lyle away.

.10/10, best defeat ever.

With that, George and Ursula renew their vows because a dance party ending wasn’t cliché enough I guess. George announces he has new hours, with dedicated time to both the jungle and Ursula.

Well, that was simple.

With the obligatory rushed conclusion, the movie ends with George and Jr going to lunch via swinging and surfing on a terrible green screen. And of course, we gotta end on him slamming in a tree.

Gotta say, I’m sick of that joke after two movies. Good thing there was no more, although if I decided to give that 2007 reboot another shot I’l have to face it again.

Final Thoughts:

This won’t take long, as this was exactly what I expected it to be: Forgetable, but harmless. It’s a pretty typical sequel, it’s just a tiny bit better. It’s certainly better than Inspector Gadget 2, which is amusing because a writer on GOTJ 1 was also on IG 1. That writer is currently on Henry Danger.

Yeah. The movie is just kind of dull. I can forgive the plot issues since the first film wasn’t exactly Oscar worthy, but it’s still made up of lazy cliches and weak plot points that add up to nothing. The characters are somewhat passable as they at least try to make them likable or funny, so I can’t complain too much there.

My biggest complaint is that it’s just not that funny. There’s a few good jokes, but there a few stretches but barely any jokes. Most of the actual jokes are fine but it’s a bit too plot focused sometimes, in a movie with a weak plot.

I’m not really mad, because I wasn’t expecting much and it’s not like the source materiel is anything special to begin with. They were just lucky the first film had people who cared enough on board.

At least it seems like they tried with this. It has a few cute bits, and it’s rarely painful, just kind of dumb and dull. It’s not a huge waste of time, it’s just kind of meh. I’m at least of glad I got some materiel, since there really isn’t much to it.

It’s totally bearable, but it’s still everything I was worried the first one would be. Harmless, but still pretty forgettable. Meh.

Grade: C

Usually I’ll hint at the next review, but really, I’m just relived I can finally say we’re doing Descendants next.

See ya.


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One Response to George of The Jungle 2

  1. Deepthroat Ghoul says:

    I agree it’s annoying that this film goes on and on about Brendan Fraser not reprising his role, while at the same time not being bothered about Leslie Mann not coming back either.

    Then again, that’s probably because she hadn’t married Judd Apatow yet.

    Just saying.

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