A Look at the Blogger Days

Hello, Spongey here.

On December 27, 2010, I posted my first blog post on the blog I had created. 5 years later, I now have at least 535 posts in total.

Yeah, It’s safe to say I’ve come a long way. While I didn’t quite the blog seriously until 2011, and didn’t do big reviews until 2012, 2010 is still when I got my start.

It’s still hard to believe I’ve technically been at least for at least 5 years. Actually, that wasn’t even my first post! I started with an introduction post just saying the typical stuff. I have no idea why I got rid of it, but I can’t find out when I made it.

Ah well. It’s still been quite the crazy ride, as I went from just doing crazy posts sometimes, to doing a review a week, and a bunch of more ambitious posts. It’s weird to think that this is almost a job, as I more or less have an obligation to bring you something each work, along with all that bonus stuff.

It’s not quite my job…although I want to look into getting something out of it, but that’s another discussion. It’s still important to me, and I really like how the blog has turned out. But of course, I had to start somewhere, and I started on Blogger.

It was the popular one at the time….and by that mean I like Blogger Beware and thought that was the big one to do so I dd it. My decision to go WordPress was oddly due to one dumb thing that was my fault, but I’m glad I moved.

To be fair, the reason my Blogger stuff isn’t the best is that I was just starting out. Of course I wasn’t as good, and tried out ideas that failed. This kind of work is about throwing stuff at the wall, and for everything that sticks, there are tons of things that just fail.

So to honor my roots, I’m going back to the place that started it all. I actually wrote a good chunk of this last year or so, and it morphed into the Review LookBack thing ….i have not doing in a while.

See what I mean?

Since I noticed my 5th Anniversary was coming, I decided to complete it. Now, the way this will work is that I will just go over each Non-‘Review” post and look at, and see how it holds up today.

Expect a lot of cringing. I’ll do my play by play reviews in a different post, and same goes for the General Movie Reviews, although one or two might make it here. I didn’t do tons of posts (only 56 overall, counting the stuff I will skip) so this shouldn’t be too long.

Without further ado, let’s hope I wasn’t as bad as I remember myself being at the start.

This, is A Look at the Blogger Days

First off, the boring backstory part. I went into how my play by play reviews began, and I went into inspirations n RAQ, but that can be stated again. Before I would only ramble on Deviant Art, but I wanted a more controlled place to do it.

And after getting into Blogger Beware, and every other hip reviewer out there, I decided to try it out. I was kind of serious about it, since what I did was beyond the quick things I did before. Me going this is a big thing, because I had attempted blogs before but none of them stuck.

With this one, I really wanted to be a lot more serious, and thankfully I stuck to it and we’re still here 5 years later. The original name was “It’s Okay I’m A Doctor” because…a guy I knew suggested it for kids.

Yeah. He also gave me the far better name of Crossing the Streams. And on WordPress I’m…Spongey444. How amazing. By the way, I haven’t talked to that guy in a while because he just kind of dropped off the face of the internet.

He helped quite a bit, so I gotta thank him. …Also, he’s kind of the reason I gave MLP a chance, so there’s a reason to hate him. …Wait…

With that said, let’s finally get into it.

Top 12 Christmas Specials

Here we go, my first real post ever. It’s a top list, so let’s read it.

One reading later

…That hurt.

Mostly because I don’t explain most of the choices well, and a lot of them were random. I don’t think i’d have the Billy and Mandy special on there today. Nor would Ernest be number one. I just wanted to be funny.

I have no idea what would be number one today, but I will say the original Grinch special is probably my favorite…along with Die hard. Cuz fuck you it’s die hard.

But eh, this isn’t the worst first blog post ever. At least I did do an okay job at putting usual and unusual choices. I’m mostly proud of how I had Polar Express on there, cuz I really do love it.

Speaking of, I don’t plan on reviewing the movies on here aside form that, cuz I either have nothing to say, or I’m just not up to it. I should have elaborated a lot more in this post though, but hey, it was my first.

But did I really need to only do like one or two paragraphs for each section? At least 4 whole sections can be viewed on one shot when I scroll down!

Hell, I don’t explain some of them. Granted, I later go into detail the P&F one, but still. But I have not done so for the Spongebob one, and while I plan to do so, the fact that I don’t bother here sucks.

But this list isn’t that bad…cuz you can read it. Yeah, my first blog doesn’t have that many spelling mistakes. I couldn’t find one that sticks out, and I usually find those quickly.

…Also at the end I tease a list I still haven’t done…and I have no plans for it. Wah-Wah. As far as first blogs, it could have been a lot worse, but I still think it didn’t quite cut it.

I have some Christmas Special list ideas, along my now annual Holiday reviews, but none quite like this. If I made this now, I would just include TV stuff to not make it too weird. Also, the big thing I would include is Arnold’s Christmas from Hey Arnold, because it’s amazing

Anyway, I guess this is….not the worst start ever?

Book Review: Gooflumps Stay out of the Bathroom

My first review of any kind, and it’s goosebumps related. I sure set up some foreshadowing. Anyway, not much to comment for this one.

I wish I hadn’t done this so I could do a play by play review but I guess the damage is already done. I think I did okay on this one. But my opinion has slightly lessened since then. I still enjoy the book, but it could have been a lot funnier, and spoofed a lot more.

I’d give it a regular B now, as opposite to the score I gave it here. Also, I misspell satire. How did I do that?

A Review of the worst movie i’ve ever seen

This one really came to bite me in the ass once I saw more movies. This is no longer the worst movie ever. It’s not even in my top 11. I just let my anger at the film get the better of me.

I’ve grown as a critic since then and realized there are worse movies, that are much worse at having plots. Not to mention this was only Disaster movie slam number 654.

I don’t quite regret doing this, but calling the worst movie ever was a tad extreme. After all, I’ve done Jack and Jill and Movie 43, so I know this is small potatoes.

There’s nothing that special about this review, and I even had some glaring spelling errors here.

The Last Airbender. was bnag”

How the hell did that one happen?

I don’t 100 percent regret doing this one, but it was stupid\, get pointless, and just…meh. And you know what the worst thing is? I…uh…actually….had not seen the full film at the time.

Yeah. I was really that scummy. I had seen so many clips I thought I had more or less seen it, and thought it would so cool and funny to name it the worst thing ever. I deeply apologize, and no I still have not seen it in full.

Top 11 things I Like that others hate

Ah, my first blog to actually get somewhat of a response. And…it kind of sucks in hindsight. Most of the choices are fine, but some were just dumb.

For one, I put too many so bad it’s good works, or Guilty pleasure things on here. Why the hell did I think putting Captain planet on here was a good one?

Though I don’t 100 regret putting High School musical or Disney sitcoms on there. While they ARE Guilty pleasures, I still technically like them and I do feel they are over hated to an extent. So i’d keep them on the list, but I would explain my reasoning better.

I think I explained HSM fairly well actually, I even said it’s enjoyably bad and all that. I even say 2 was the weakest, which I would later say in it’s review. But I didn’t give enough credit to some of the songs, since I do like the rest of them.’

Reading that section again, it’s actually the best part of this list. Who knew? Anyway, I should have replaced Cars with something else. I stick by it’s placement, but if I put something MORE hated, the list would work better.

And don’t even get me started on Cars 2. It looks great to me, and even better then the original.. But the bitching is jus stupid. This is the first Pixar movie where people bash it before it comes out….ou can have your opinion, but don’t bitch about something you have not seen, even if you don’t like the concept or any bits of it you’ve actually seen.”

…Yeah that part was awkward.

The Disney sitcom section covers the ones that are mostly well liked, which made it’s placement rather stupid. Though I did undersell how…not bad Suite life is. Thankfully, I made up for that awhile ago.

And I do like Bailey (In both ways)”

Some things never change. I explained my reasoning for enjoy Wizards and GLC well, but I should have defended suite life or even some others better. Stuff like Shake it up wasn’t out when I did this, so that was out of the question.

And yes, I do regret putting Fred on there. At the time, I did like him somewhat. But it’s okay, I made for it when I reviewed the movie.

It was dumb to put Streets on panic park, as it’s not a hated Goosebumps book by any means. Most people who read it liked it. So I should have put Egg monsters from mars on there instead. I plan to review SOPP in full detail.

And yes, I do regret having Shrek 3 and Chicken little on here. But in my defense I DID still like Shrek for some reason. I had watched it before doing that list. I don’t know why I didn’t see it’s issues, but when I saw Doug’s review, I had to re-watch it.

Anyway, I actually do a good job defending it here, and I made it sound so much better than it actually is. And since them, I have seen “Shrek Forever After, -er the Final chapter- er Shrek 3D, er Shrek Goes to white castle- er whatever the fuck it’s called. “. And I liked it.

Chicken Little is one I only re-watched a few weeks ago, and i’m now incredibly apathetic to it. I may review soon, but for now I’ll only say it’s pretty lackluster. But not as bad as people say.

I don’t back myself up that well here, but at least I had my reasons. Perhaps the ones I stand by the most are Fanboy and Chum-Chum and the number one Spot. I explained Fanboy quite well, and I think I backed up SB okay.

I still think it deserves the number one spot, as it IS incredibly over hated. I explained it…fine, and I never said anything stupid while defending it at least.

Overall, this list actually wasn’t that bad. My biggest issue is that I either put things I don’t like enough, or I explain them poorly. However, the placements are good and I still like it. Though the spelling is pretty atrocious, even for me.

This was a fun one to do but I don’t plan to do a follow-up, as I plan to do separate blogs on what I had planned for this list. I also don’t need to do a counterpart for this list, as there is literally NOTHING I hate that people like. Except Bridesmaids. That’s the only thing, really.

But anyway, this was an okay list.

Movie Review: The Last Airbender

My only note is that I really regret doing this, just as much as I regret doing the other review. But other than that, this one was okay.

Blog Shout outs: Blogger Beware

This was an experiment and I think it turned out well. This was a pretty good tribute to my favorite blog…but I haven’t done another BSS since then, and I have no plans for one.

Show Review: The Problem Solverz

Here’s another experiment, a full review of a recent TV Show. It was….mixed. I stand by my opinion on the show itself, but I was too harsh. I honestly just did this to be cool. Yeah, now I am very much against just hating the latest target, even if I do mostly agree.

But taking that aside, this is still mixed. I do explain things well enough, given I was angrier back then. I just seem more dismissive than I am now. Then at the end I basically rely on someone else to say stuff I could have said myself.

That is the guy I was talking about, at the start, by the way. Most of what I say is true, I just don’t seem fair. There are positives to be found. Let be me more constrictive:

The Seizure visuals aside, the biggest problem with the show is that it just tries too hard to be weird. Give Uncle Grandpa credit, it tries a lot harder when it comes to creating memorable jokes and characters, and as a set up where the craziness just makes more sense.

The world and it’s rules are not defined at all, and a lot of the times things don’t make sense. And they can’t bother to make it nonsensical in a funny way. It was mostly just confusing and annoying. For every interesting thing or funny jokes, there was Alfe being annoying and unlikable.

It tried so hard to be “weird” and creative, that it ended up being uninspired and annoying. And it hurts the eyes too. It can have good jokes sometimes, but otherwise, it is bad. There, that’s a much more balanced review.

CN got it’s act together and decided giving more variety, with shows like Clarence and We Bare Bears. It’s worth nothing that Adult Swim rejected this for being “too cute”.

Given their output, I kind of see what they mean.


…Whoops, I forgot I did this when I eventually reviewed NFL Rush Zone. Thankfully, everyone did too so no one called me out on this. This was a fine idea at the tie, and to be fair, I had no idea I would do review s and eventually do this.

This quick thing is fine but it’s not useless.

Fanfic Review: Cupcakes

Oh god, this one. My first, and only fanfic review…and it’s cupcakes. I do regret this one, as I say I like it just so can I say I liked it.

The fic is okay but I’d hardly say it’s good. It’s enjoyable for how…weird it is, but I can’t believe I actually said I liked it. I only did this so I can say I reviewed an infamous fic.

But I did rightfully try to cover my ass and such. But reading this is weird, but I do not like this fic now. But I think what I say it’s true, it’s not terrible. But it’s mostly just needlessly dark and pointless.

It at least does more things right compared to other attempts to DARK AND EDGY GRRR. But hey, Cupcakes may not be good, but it’s better than Sweet apple Massacre.

Show Review: Secret Mountain Fort Awesome

This one is odd, because I only had one episode to go off at the time, making this kind of a dumb idea. I did watch more of the show when it aired my feelings stayed the same…

but I haven’t seen any of it since it was on, and that was quite a while ago. From what I can tell, the show is worse than I remember, but I haven’t seen any of it to know. And I didn’t really feel like tracking it down.

So I can’t really say if I was all wrong, but I guess what I say is fine given how I was back then. Weird how there was a time where I seemed to like every show right at the start, no matter how hated it would become.

In my defense, Teen Titans Go didn’t start out THAT bad.

Anyway, this review is just short and useless now, especially given how damn short it is. This is more like something I would put on my DA way back, not the blog. It reads fine, but with what I say, it’s just so awkward to read.

Even though the show may not so great, I do think it at least it’s quite the level of bad people said at the time. If I go back, I”m sure it’ll be mediocre at worst. Although I do clearly prefer the creators other work, Uncle Grandpa.

(Infact, this show started as a pilot….for UG. For whatever reason he didn’t feel like doing it, and got the idea to do SMFA from that, and when this thanked, he went back to it)

That’s all I got, moving on.

Top 20 Phineas and Ferb Episodes

Ah, my first pure Phineas and Ferb blog. The first of way too many. This was split into two parts, both written days apart from each other. This list was done cuz that movie was coming out, but part 2 ended up being uploaded a bit after the movie aired, cuz I had trouble logging into blogger that day.

Before you say anything, this is only for the original version, not the remake I did later.

I enjoyed paying tribute to P&F here,and this about what I expected to pick. Remember, the way I review this stuff was different back then. I would just like episodes more than others for simple Comedy or interesting ideas.

I didn’t tnink as critically, so every choice makes in hindsight. Although maybe I could have picked a better Season 3 episode. I explained my choices pretty well, and I usually said why I liked in a way that made sense. And I didn’t even make the sections too short.

This is better than my other lists so far, and it might be the most personal. Of course the remake ended up being even more personal,but I’m proud of this version,

Not much to say about most of the choices. I stand by them. Sometimes I cringe reading this one cuz of my spelling skills, and not explaining some things as well as I would today.

But as a whole, I’m still proud of this list, even If I did it better later.

Top 11 Worst Goosebumps books

Speaking of things I seem to blog about a lot! This is another list I liked, as I did a very good job at explaining why each of these books sucked.

This actually some of my more in depth explanations on a list. But at the same time, it has some of my worst spelling mistakes and shit. Plus, I think the number one section ended really abruptly

Also, you will notice my blogger posts have shit spacing. Some of the early wordpress ones have this too, but blogger had it bad for some reason. Given how I do my blogs now, I can’t remember exactly how I did back then so I’m not sure how I didn’t have better spacing.

I guess my switch to WordPress was more of a godsend than I thought. Anyway, the sections are short but I at least explain things. I did go into better detail during Goosebump- a thon but for this list I had to focus on the negative.

Thankfully, my points made sense. Looking back, the placements are actually pretty good, considering this is before I realized how bad say cheese and die again is.

This blog does seem pointless now that I’ve done Goosebump- a thon, but for it’s time, it’s a decent list. I had fun ranting on these books, especially Revenge of the living dummy.

I actually got a hilarious comment from the Deviant art post of this list bashing me for “disgracing” RL stine, and they also used hard swears. I explained to them what’s what and it was all good. Probably the funniest comment I’ve gotten so far.

Man, I cringe so much at these old posts, yet I never have a big problem with them content wise. My spelling did get so much better…

Well anyway, this was another good early list.

TV EPISODE REVIEW: Gooebumps-Don’t Go to Sleep

This is another strange one. I’ve reviewed plenty of episodes, but this was the only time I dedicated one whole post to an episode review., in a general way like I do certain movies. Once again, it make sense for me to do this since I had no idea I’d do Goosebump-a-Thon at the time.

This one has a backstory. At the time, The Hub had been airing Goosebumps mostly in order, and I had been tweeting my viewings of them, making jokes and insights. When they gotu p to Don’t go To sleep, I commented on it’s weird-ness, than the Toon Crap guy tweeted at me to mention that it’s so odd that he reviewed it.

I actually had been following and talking to him on Twitter for a bit….but had no idea he was the Tooncrap guy. Yeah, very odd and this is how I found it it was him. Afer looking after his review again, I did this.

It’s actually not too bad a review. I did an okay job explaining it’s pros and cons and all that. I have some decent jokes and insight here, especially for a Blogger post. Although now I would point out the odd moral issues that were not in the book.

There it was a case of just being glad with what you have, but the episode says you should never complain about anything bad or you’re just an asshole or something. A bit…weird, but too strange to really be damaging.

While this was a dropped experiment, it wasn’t done too badly. For once, I’m positive in this thing.

Short List: Top 11 Nostalgia Critic Reviews

Oh yay, those short lists. In my defense, I wasn’t ready to explain everything back done, so ofr some subjects it made sense, especially this one. I won’t be doing any full; NC review lists, because it’s hard to explain a review like his except that it’s funny.

(Yes, the same applies to newer, more ambitious reviews)

I really have no need for short lists anymore, although for stuff like Nc I may do some, but likely packed with something else, like I did in the LPS thing. As for the list itself, it was how I felt at the time, and I do agre with the choices now.

All of the extras I would add are ones that were not out at the time. Infact, Mouilin Rouge came out very soon after this post. Yeah.

So while Short Lists are kind of dumb, this one wasn’t too bad and the choices are good. Moving on!

Spongey’s Christmas Carol

Ah, my first attempt at something like this. See, this was my December 2011 special where I did short reviews of Christmas stuff, from movies to one off Tv episodes. I only did 8 but that’s a lot considering my lazyness back then.

I think I did good on most of them, though the first couple (Santa clause/Grinch movie) were a bit too short. Though for one of them, I actually did a VIDEO review of The goosebump book beware the snowman. I never did that again for good reason. I ended up reviewing that book again anyway.

Some of these reviews were better than others, but I liked most of them. Though again, I wish I had not reviewed Slappy new year, cuz I’ll be getting to that one in my horrorlannd reviews.

I enjoyed doing these, especially the Ghost of fear street one. This was the first time I brought I up, and it won’t be the last. I also liked doing the Alvin and the chipmunks one, as I just like tearing into terrible movies. And I would later discuss Alvin again, but that’s another time.

This is also when I first discussed The haunting hour, as I watched that episode in Synchtube thingy with friends, and some…well one, were less than kind to it, and I wrote this post to explain why it’s amazing.

And of course, this started my very complicated relationship with Eight Crazy Nights, but we’ll talk about that review some other time.

I don’t have much else to say about these reviews. They were fun and I think I did these subjects justice.

I did this again with Fright fest, and it too was cut short…but it was still better.

As a whole, this was a good experiment, and I had fun looking at Christmas stuff.

A look at important TV in 2011

Another thing I’ve only done once, and I had no plans to do it again. See, this was a little look at the shows I followed in 2011 and I said my fave episode that aired that year.

The title is lie, it’s all the kiddie networks. I even changed the title to “some TV”.

 So if you actually watch smart, well written adult shows….WHY ARE YOU READING MY BLOG TO BEGIN WITH?!

This blog was okay. There’s not a whole lot to it, but I had fun talking about I don’t usually talk a ton about. There isn’t a lot to report on this one, as I didn’t do much wrong and I explained myself okay.

I covered every show I watched at the time, so I didn’t leave anything big out. I was gonna do one for 2012, but in the end, there were nothing noteworthy for me to cover.. But Nick and More did something in this vein, so it’s all good.

I had the usual spelling mistakes, but that’s just gonna happen But man, did I make too many glaring mistakes here.

(I found bring up regular show, but there’s not too much to say about

She is voiced by my celberaty crush of choice…”

By the way, Teen Nick had changed it’s logo since this blog so my joke is now defunct. Yay?

Most of the explanations were short, but sweet. Also, I think some guy corrected me on the Adventure Time section, but I can’t remember what I got wrong.

Just be glad I only discussed Suite Life of the live action shows…. But then there’s this from the Fairly odd parents section..

I won’t say too much, but this was a really good finale. I will miss fop a b it, but I’m glad it’s over, in the best way.

And it got renewed anyway. WHEN WILL IT END?!

By the way, I did mean what I said in the Victorious section…man, it felt good to get that off my chest. But it’s also the most embarrassing thing i’ve said on this blog. And that is saying something.

And I ended this blog with a joke about nick’s ratings going down. Yay. So this blog was okay, but the spelling was pretty bad here. I won’t do something like this again, but this was still a fun experiment.

The Best/Worst films of 2011

Again, this is the only time I did this. And that’s cuz I hadn’t seen a lot of 2012 movies by the end the year, so I had a good excuse there. This was a short experiment I did for kicks. Not much to say, but I stick by my choices.

Though the worst list is different. I hadn’t seen a lot of the bad movies, so I couldn’t put Hoodwinked 2, or Jack and Jill on there. So my list came up short,…and I later apologized for number one choice, so I won’t do that here.

…So yeah weird last blog of 2011, but there you go.


And now for the big one…my first A-thon..of like two. Where did this idea come from? I have no idea. I can’t remember. I think I was on a Pixar kick, so I thought it would be fun to look at every pixar movie.

I knew these movies had been praised plenty by other critics. But for each, I had my own fun thoughts for each. I do have a passion for Pixar, like everyone but it’s on a more PIXARCANNEVERDOLESSTHANPERFECT level but more on a “they are awesome no matter what” level.

For each, I tried to say something that I thought of myself instead of copying what other critics. I think I did that. I even think I said some insightful things on some of the films. I love how I said how Unique Ratatioulle and why it may not have clicked with every casual viewer.

For each, I basically , I just watched the movie again (I own them all now) but I found that one on TV). This of course is to refresh my thoughts, and I found new things to love this way. Don’t you love movies that are really re-watch able?

I think I avoided being overall redundant when it comes to praising these movies. Well, maybe I did not avoid it in the case of most but I think I had interesting stuff to say from the POV of a casual viewer and somewhat hardcore fan.

I rarely said anything negative because I do honestly not see many glaring issues. There may be small things but I usually see these films as flaw less. Which is dumb to some of you as there likely are flaws. So if you went into this a-thon expecting real criticism, then sorry. You only get gushing.

I did have come critiques for A bug’s life, cars, and cars 2 though. For ABL, I really empathize the great parts and only kind of mentioned the weak parts. For Cars, I brushed it off early on and only discussed why I loved it. For Cars 2….i was actually a critic but I still liked the movie anyway.

I did have fun doing small research and finding out things I didn’t quite know, at least. Heck, I had fun going through the movies again and analyzing them. Before this, I didn’t know just how genius they really were when looking at them through an “adult” mindset

I saw most of them either as a kid, or as a less smart person. Even though I knew why they rocked, I saw why I liked them, even the more simple ones like Monsters Inc. Doing this made me likes stuff like WALL-E even more.

I think I’m proud of this project as a whole. I payed tribute to Pixar in my own way and they deserve all of my praise. Did pixar go downhill? I’m not one to say, as I really thought Brave was the same great-ness they usually do. It’s no more flawed than their other works. And the ending of MU more than made up for the rest.

Will I do the rest as a proper pixar-a-thon? I might do a big catch up post for Brave-Good Dinosaur, just not sure when. Although I do have special plans for Monsters U…

I’ve been thinking of doing one about the shorts, from the ones attached to movies to the “Mater’s tall tales” shorts. It’s pointless to “review” shorts but I think it would be fun. Will I do it? Maybe, but don’t hold your breathe.

Oh, and as for their next film, Finding Dory, I wasn’t interested when I heard about it, but now that we know now more of the plot, I’m actually excited. The title seems to be metaphorical and it may actually dive into her back story and show some character growth.

So I’m excited, though I wish we had gotten to see John carter 2 instead. WE don’t know enough about the other announced ones, but I think they could work. Although I thought we already had Cars 3, it was called Planes.

So to wrap it up, I’m proud of my first marathon. I had fun analyzing these movies, and I liked revisiting them. I look forward to everything Pixar has in the pipeline. I didn’t add anything new to Pixar praise, but I had my own take on it which I think panned out pretty well.

Batman Under The Red Hood

And now we’ve come to the last post I did on Blogger wasn’t a play by play, or general film review. …Well, this is a general review, but more or a Tribute like I did with Lilo and Stitch. I wasn’t too dedicated to the play by play reviewing thing yet, so I just called it the film’s title but I should put “A Tribute to” in there.

Anyway, this was spur of the moment, as I just watched the movie and had to talk about it. I was mostly joking when I claimed it was better than Dark Knight, but I will say it is one of my favorites, at least personally.

By the way ,i have seen Mask of the Phantasm now, and it’s a favorite too. Anyway, since was near the end of Blogger, I got a lot better by this point, so this one is actually pretty good, although I’m not sure where the spacing is.

I do a fine job explaining why I like it, although calling it perfect is a bit of a stretch. It is great with few issues, but I’d say other films are better just due to having a better impact, and such. But hey, it’s still awesome.

Not too much else to say. I got into fine detail, and given what I was like at the time, this is some of my better work. You can tell I was passionate, and those kind of posts are the most fun to do. The ones I clearly did out of passion.

It makes sense that my final Blogger Post would be like this. It shows how far I already had done since 2010. I still had a lot of work to do, but I had gotten a lot better as critic for the most part.

I think is a great place to end it, don’t you agree?

And that was most of my Blogger posts. We all have to start somewhere, and I did start out very interestingly. I at least had plenty of good ideas, and seeds that would grow into…a slightly better tree.

As much as I like to joke about how cringe induing my older stuff, I’m still proud of it. After all, we all start badly before we get better. As the Nostalgia Critic said, we shouldn’t exactly glorify our post, but we shouldn’t be ashamed of it either.

We should properly learn from it, and grow as people. I had to say that since I’m sure most people were too busy bitching to see the heart felt message in that review.

For all my flaws, I did plenty right, and I’m proud of all of it. And hey, at least I’m not a video reviewer and thus had to make my viewers deal with shitty videos instead of just shitty written pieces.

So there you go, I had my ups and downs, but at least my start was interesting. It was a lot of fun going back to the very beginning. I’ve loved every day of these 5 years, and despite anything that may happen, I hope to do stuff on here for years to come on.

So thank you Blogger, for giving my start, and helping me to become just a little less crappy. Tune in December 31st, for my annual end of year retrospective.

See ya.


About Spongey444

I'm 20 and I'm a slightly below average man who can barely spell. I mostly spend my time watching TV and movies, hence why i ended doing a blog all about those things. I tend to have weird tastes, but I like think I'm just fair on things.
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