A Look at Disney Cartoon Christmas Episodes

Hello, Spongey here.

Merry Christmas, everyone! I know Saving Christmas was my official Christmas review…but do you really want that to sum up Christmas? Of course you don’t.

I want to do things that sum up Christmas perfectly. Something that can be commercial and weird, but also cheery and emotional? …Hmm…oh yeah, CHRISTMAS EPISODES!

God damn, do I love me some Christmas Episodes. While they can be a bit forced, they tend to bring cheer to any show, no matter how bad. I’ve talked about a few over years, and as you know, PieGuyRulz reviewed all the Classic Nick and Cartoon Network ones.

But the other big kids network remains unrepresented on that front: Disney. Yep, we’re doing this again. Back in October, I reviewed every Disney Cartoon Halloween Episode, and recently I did every Disney Sitcom Christmas Episode.

Now it’s Disney animations time to be jolly. Disney’s TV Animation brings so much cheer to us year round, from the Disney Afternoon to Modern fare. So it only fits that they would make a few Holiday episodes.

And we’re here to talk about them before. This works the same as before. I review every official Disney Cartoon Holiday Episode in the order they aired, at least from what I can gather. It’s hard to tell what’s actually a Disney Cartoon, so I am sticking with only the ones everyone can agree is Disney.

But like on the Halloween one, I am making an exception for Rolie Polie Olie because of…how odd it is. And again, only sticking with episodes about a winter holiday, mostly Christmas. No “Winter” episodes, here.

And yes, I will gloss over the ones I’ve already talked about in other posts. With that said, let’s dig in. Let’s see exactly how Disney brings us that Christmas feeling on our small screens.

This, is A Look at Disney Cartoon Christmas Episodes

Naturally, we should begin with the first one that ever aired, to my knowledge.

Jolly Molly Christmas [Tale Spin]

Season 1, Episode 43

Writer: Libby Hinson

Airdate: December 20, 1990

Christmas Cliches: Making a little girls Christmas wish come true, Santa magically saves the day



When Baloo learns that all that Molly wants for Christmas is for it to snow for her mom, he takes Kit and Rebecca on a mission to make Molly’s wish come true.


This episode is alright. Yeah, we’re off on a strong emotional note, right? But seriously, this one was fairly decent. Nothing amazing but it gets the job done. It hits every beat you expected, but it’s fairly nice in the end.

It’s another one of those stories that feels a bit padded, even though they didn’t do 11 minute stuff back then. But they manage to fill it up with some nice stuff. Most of it has them trying to get Molly to belive in Santa by making it snow and having Louie dress up as Santa, and of course it involves them almost failing, and eventually having a nice moment in the end.

I was a bit worried that Molly would be really annoying, while she was a bit….cutesy, she was at least tolerable here. Not amazing, but not horribly unlikable either. This episode mostly just does what you expect, and given the period it came out in, there’s really nothing wrong with that.

There aren’t too many huge flaws, aside from things they just can’t control. They can’t always fill up the 22 minutes perfectly. Although did we really need Don Carnage in this one? He’s awesome but he doesn’t quite add anything to this plot, but it does lead to a cool air fight scene.

Yep, our first Holiday tale has a Ariel battle, Merry Christmas.


Naturally, the sweet ending makes up for a lot of this. Call it forced, but it is rather nice. It ends slightly abruptly, but it’s still nice. Overall, this episode is nothing amazing but it’s nice. It’s a cute little story with some amusing and cool moments here and there.

It’s a nice note to start things out on, I’d say. It’s not huge but it’s nice, and sometimes that’s all you need. Would I have liked something bigger? Sure, but this is good enough, I suppose. It’s cute, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

And the air battle doesn’t hurt.

This isn’t a huge recommendation, but it could be worth checking out if you’re interested. But If you want something truly amazing, you’ll have to elsewhere. But for what it is, I thought it was fine.




Winnie the Pooh and Christmas Too [The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh]


Season/Episode N/A

Writers: Karl Geurs and Mark Zaslove

Airdate: December 14, 1991

Christmas Cliches: None


Two days before Christmas, Christopher Robin writes out a letter to Santa Claus for him and his friends in the Hundred Acre Wood, asking for the presents. He sends the letter off into the wind, but the next day Winnie the Pooh realizes, after Piglet informs him, that he did not ask for anything himself, so they go find the letter and eventually take matters into their own hands.

This special was solid. Of course it’s nothing amazing, but it’s what you would expect from Pooh. It starts off a bit slow, but by the end it becomes really nice. Like, they pull out all the stops to make you feel as nice as possible, even while it could be seen as forced, it worked on me.

It has the shtick of them misinterpreting up stuff, but it doesn’t take too long to do other stuff. Again, it does nothing huge but the simple-ness of it makes it work. It’s these charming characters doing what these charming characters do.

Don’t expect complex development or anything, you just kick back and enjoy it. Naturally, the ending is the big kill you with diabetes sweet part, and it works pretty well. They do fit in some interesting stuff, like how Pooh goes on his own to the North Pole to devlier the letter, and everyone gets all sad.

It’s surprisingly effective. This special was more interesting than I expected, as it gave me some nice Christmas Feels, despite a sort of small plot. I don’t even think I wanted, I think what we got was fine, at least given the source materiel.

The entire ending just gives you a nice feeling. It only two specials on December 1 to get me in the Christmas Spirit, that’s pretty impressive. Is it anything groundbreaking or new? Nah, but it’s very nice.

There isn’t too much to say so be glad I even said this much. I can only hope our other offerings are even better.


It’s a Wonderful Leaf [Darkwing Duck]

Season 1, Episode 41

Writers: John Behnke & Rob Humphrey & Jim Peterson


Airdate: December 23, 1991


Christmas Cliches: An Ass kicking Christmas (The title is just a lame pun)



A crowd of pushy holiday shoppers rub Bushroot the wrong way so He decides to ruin Christmas by taking control of all of St. Canard’s Christmas trees.


This episode was decent. It’s another “simple” one and it works out well. It doesn’t’ try to do some big heart warming plot and instead just gives you what you want: The action and humor you’ve come to except….but on Christmas.

There is a nice sweet ending but it’s not overblown and it’s not the focus. The focus is the action and humor, which like I said, works. That means you might not be quite as invested as if it had a bigger plot, but it still enjoyable.

They don’t really do anything with Bushroot’s reasonable motivation but that’s not a big problem, since it’s just an excuse to get him to do evil stuff. But really, can you blame him for wanting to do all this crap?

There isn’t a lot to say about the actual plot. Just them trying to stop him from doing evil stuff, while we get a bunch of Christmas jokes. Simple, but again, it works because it’s funny. Not every episode needs a big complex plot, after all.

Of course, there is a sweet ending and it indeed does drive this one home. It might have blended into the background if the ending wasn’t there, honestly. At least compared to other episodes.

Goaslyn was being slightly annoying in some bits, but the ending did end up making up for it. The ending isn’t treated as a big thing, which is nice. It ends on a sort of cruel joke, that I thought was kind of funny.

I think that’s really all there is to say. Yeah, like I said, it doesn’t do anything too crazy. It’s just a fun little episode, with a nice ending. Nothing amazing but certainly works. While it isn’t high on my recommendation list, it is worth checking out for pretty much anyone.

If you do want something bigger, you’ll have to go elsewhere but if you don’t care, you’ll dig it. It’s not great, but I would call it good. It’s close to okay, but I’ll be nice this time around. I’ll have plenty of chances to be harsh, after all.



Goof Troop Christmas/Have Yourself a Goofy Little Christmas [Goof Troop]

Season/Episode N/A

Writer: Jymn Magon

Airdate: December 5, 1992

Christmas Cliches: No big ones



Pete gets tired of Goofy shorting out his electricity and blowing up his Christmas decorations house once every year, so he takes the family and leaves for Aspen, Colorado, leaving poor Max alone with Goofy.


This special was another enjoyable one. While it may have some plot flaws, I enjoyed it too much to be too harsh on it. It’s one that has quite a bit of humor, as well as quite a bit of sweet-ness, and as forced as it kind of is, the emotion behind makes it hard to be mad it.

This kind of does the whole screw up cliché but it doesn’t go too far with it. Goofy does realized he tried a bit too hard and he should have kept things simple. So Max isn’t exactly viillfied for not caring for Goofy basically screwing things up.

Also, Max doesn’t get mad or anything, so there isn’t a chance to make Max look like a jerk. Nah, Pete calls him out, which makes way more sense. They really pour on the emotion near the end with this but it works decently well.

It might seem slightly rushed….and it is, but I think it works. It’s just nice. It helps that Goofy I pretty much always likable in everything. Speaking of things that are funny, there is some nice humor.

My favorite part is the bear that keeps showing up and harassing him. I don’t know why he just cracks me up, especially when he first appears and gets involved in a bunch of slapstick. I just love how he keeps showing up, just as you think they are done with him.

None of it is quite hilarious, and the heart isn’t the best, but it all works out. I was close to being harsher but it won me over in the end. Again, not sure if it’ll be top 10 worthy but it is fun. I think most people will enjoy this one, although I could see some just not liking it.

But hey, I did so who knows. It’s sweet, funny and just overall likable. Again, the emotion behind does make the more forced moments work, and there’s nice humor throughout. Also, that bear is amazing.

So yeah, it’s one to check out. Not my favorite, but I had decent fun with it, and hopefully you will too. Man, I’m having good luck so far. …Can’t wait for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Lloyd in Space to ruin it.

In the meantime, we have this goofy but well meaning special. It’s enjoyable.



Miracle at the 34th Precinct [Bonkers]

Season 4, Episode 14

Writer: Ralph Sanchez

Airdate: November 27, 1993

Christmas Cliches: Taking over for Santa

This is one of those ones I’ve never seen, and I haven’t heard any reason to fix that…but maybe the show is good, let’s see if this episode makes a good case for it.


With Father Christmas missing in blizzard over California, two of his little helpers recruit Piquel to take his place until he can be found. While Piquel struggles to do his job, Fall Apart socialises with the real Father Christmas.

This episode was actually okay. Nothing too special ,but given what it is, it’s not too bad. I suppose I can focus on the bad stuff first. Bonkers has a few annoying moments, and of course the jokes can be hit or miss.

They kind of waste this Santa Amnesia sub plot. He spends most of the episode with the rabbit and when Bonkers finds him, he suddenly has his memory back. They pretty much do nothing all that interesting with it, and it’s mostly just an excuse to get him away from the plot, when they didn’t need the amnesia thing.

But that’s not a huge problem. The main point is that Santa is lost and Piquel must take his place. Yeah, they take some random guy who doesn’t even want to do it because…he’s fat.

They should be lucky it sort of turns out well. Anyway, there actually is some kind of emotional core, as Piquel’s daughter is questioning is Santa exists, and he wants to give her some hope and all that. Of course it all ends happily, and gives a few okay moments. I wasn’t expect any attempts at stuff like this, so it’s nice to at least see this.

Although it is odd that this episode has pretty much nothing to do with the main character. He tries to find Santa but that’s about it. I suppose not every episode needs to be about him, but it does show how pointless he is.

Some of the jokes are kind of amusing. Nothing amazing but there are some moments, like a lot of parts with Piquel training to be Sana. Nothing in the episode stands out as brilliant, but nothing is too awful either.

It’s alright. In the very least, it had more to offer than I was expecting. I’ll never watch it again but I had a couple laughs, at least. It at least tried to be nice, which is all I ask for. Fans will enjoy this in the very least, although I would recommend it too hardcore.

There are so many Christmas episodes, that something just okay isn’t gonna cut it, but if you have time…eh, maybe, but we have plenty more goodies to get through. It’s okay. Nothing awful, but nothing too amazingly special.

It’s at least better than I expected. I hope the other sort of weak shows give me the same luck…



Doug’s Secret Christmas [Disney’s Doug]

Season 1, Episode 15

Writer: Ken Scarborough

Airdate: December 14, 1996

Christmas Cliches: None

With a new baby on the way, Doug’s family is too busy to have a traditional Christmas and Doug wants one. So Doug and Porkchop decide to have their own secret holiday celebration in his room.

This episode…was actually kind of Decent. Yes, really. Would I call it good? …Almost, actually. It didn’t blow my socks off, but it did what it was supposed to do, and has some nice moments.

But first, the bit everyone likely remembers: There’s a joke where Doug’s Dad tries to tell him about….the bird and bees but it turns Doug already knows and Doug ends telling him all about stuff we never knew.

Yeah. It’s weird, especially for this show, but it’s pretty funny. I actually saw this one clip on YouTube a while ago but I had no idea it was from this episode.

Anyway, this is another one that tries something smaller, which of course fits for Doug. It basically works itself to a moral about how it doesn’t matter how you celebrate Christmas. They hammer it in more with this minor bit with this foreign kid, although he is a bit pointless outside of the moral stuff.

It’s a good moral to learn and they pull it off fine, with a pretty nice ending. Yeah, spoilers the baby ends up being born on Christmas. Babies are just the way to making your episode work, I suppose.

It’s rather nice, and the whole thing is nice change from the Halloween episode I had to get through. I suppose the only thing holding it back is that cuz it’s smaller, that means there isn’t a huge …hook, I think is the right word?

It works but there isn’t a huge conflict, and Doug just kind of sits around and rant to himself about all this. Everyone can kind of tell he’s upset, but there isn’t a big blow up or anything.

I suppose that works in it’s own way, but that may make the episode a bit dull for some people. I thought it carried itself just well enough, but it could have been better. It’s somewhere in between “Okay” and “Good”.

I do like the moral and ending, but it’s nothing too crazy and while it is amusing, only ….that joke, stands out as amazing. That and the Grinch parody in the opening. It doesn’t quite that have that push to truly become something special.

But they at least tried, and I technically enjoyed it. Doug tried to be one of thoes really releatable shows, but stuff like Hey Arnold kicked it’s ass later on, and that was out by the time Disney got it.

So I think even it’s best could get outclassed by everything else out there …but for Disney, it’s pretty nice for them to try with this one.

I suppose I could recommend it if you like Doug, and if you’re curious. It wouldn’t hurt to skip it, but it has a few nice moments at least.

Honestly, you should just look up that birds and bees clip, cuz that’s easily the best part. Everything else is just alright. Take that for what it’s worth.



A Christmas Cruella [101 Dalmatians The Series]

Oh god, anyone actually remember this show? I don’t, and I haven’t seen it, so I have no idea if that was for the better. Let’s see how it is.

Season 1, Episode 12

Writers: Ken Koonce, and Micheal Merton

Airdate: December 20, 1997

Christmas Cliches: A Christmas Carol

On Christmas Eve, three spirits visit Cruella to get her to change her ways.

Well, it didn’t take too long to do A Christmas Carol on here. And this take is….rather decent! Yeah, I’d call this one fairly good. It’s not perfect, but it was better than I thought it would be. I mean with how evil Cruella is, it would be hard to have her change in a natural way.

So you think you would have to do a parody to make this work, but they actually play it straight with her changing in the end. I think it works because in this movie, she is way downplayed and less evil.

She’s still Cruella, just a bit less of a monster, so there’s more room for he to change. Of course, she probably goes back to normal in the next episode, so that’s another factor. While it’s not super emotional or anything, they do tell the story decently well. The only pacing issue is that the Future segment is too short, as we only see that Cruella’s stuff is being sold and she’s dead.

…Well, that’s a bit dark. Oh, and she’s buried in a pet semtary, because she’s a bitch.

I’m not sorry.

They could tightened certain things up a bit to make it flow better. If Suite Life on Deck could do all segments in 22 minutes while still having time for the setup and wrap up, then this can do it too.

They do it well enough, I suppose. The first two segments do a good job of hammering things in for her, and showing us a bit of why she is like this. They do have the typical excuse of her parents being dead beats, but it hits fairly hard here with how it’s done.

Oh, and she wanted a puppy for Christmas but never got it. Yeah, there’s your sort of explanation for that. They don’t really go into detail on it, but I assume the anger these memories give her made her want to skin puppies.

It happens!

The pacing is pretty solid in those segments compared to the rest. The Present forces the tragedy a bit too much, like how Roger and Anita can’t afford an operation for one puppy. Even Cruella is like “Come on!”

But it works in context. As for the ghosts, they are of course established characters, and they get some amusing jokes. My favorite is the Ghost of Christmas Future just for who they picked to be him.

Nothing too emotional happens in the end, but it is nice and we have a few interesting moments. I suppose it could have been better, but really I’m surprised they pulled it off playing it mostly straight.

While it’s not one of the greats, it was mostly enjoyable. It told the story okay with some nice bits, decent humor, and all that good stuff. The pacing might not be perfect, and the concept is odd, but it was enjoyable enough.

Not a high recommendation, but it’s worth seeking out. Not sure if I would like the actual show given it focuses on the dogs, but eh, at least this was decent.


Yes Mikey, Santa Does Shave [Recess]

Season 2, Episode 24

Writers: Mark Drop, Holly Huckins, & Phil Walsh


Airdate: December 26, 1998


Christmas Cliches: Not sure how to word it, but it’s the story where a kid questions if Santa truly exist.



Mikey is ridiculed when it is discovered he still believes in Santa Claus so he tries to prove that Santa exists.


This episode was pretty good. It goes in some of the expected directions, but it’s done fairly well. It’s a bit similar to Foster’s “A Lost Claus” with it’s themes, but it ends a bit differently.

Here, they pretty much say that you don’t need to see or hear something truly to believe in it. Santa does sort of appear, but it’s done in a way that isn’t too dumb. It is the OMGIT’SREAL thing, but it’s subtle and the point is still made.

It’s a decently releatable one, as I think plenty of kids know when it’s like when they found out Santa isn’t real. Here, Mikey desperately clings onto any proof he can find, since he finds this pretty hard to digest. It’s portrayed fairly well, I think.

They tie this into a plot about a pagent or something, which naturally makes the plot a bit more complete. There aren’t huge stakes and it’s a bit small but it works. The pacing works out fine as well, even if Mikey is told the moral maybe a bit too quickly.

There isn’t a whole lot going on, but what goes on is good. They have plenty of good jokes, especially when he’s running around trying to find Santa and stuff. All that good stuff you want is here, really.

But I think we all know what the big atrract here is. See, the twist reveals this one kindly neighbor dude is Santa. And not only is he black, but he is voiced by James Earl Jones. Yes, James Earl Jones is Santa Claus.


He doesn’t exactly do a lot, but it’s pretty cool that they got him and of course he does a fine job. Anyway, there’s not a ton left to say. This episode is nice and has a nice releatable theme at the center of it.

And of course, the moral is pretty spot on. It’s funny, and has a nice heartwarming ending, as you expect. It’s pretty solid, even if isn’t the most mind blowing original thing ever.

This is an easy recommendation. We’ll see how it stacks up in the end, but it’s still pretty solid. Honestly, James Earl Jones alone makes it worth while, but the rest is fine too, I guess.



Don’t Be Elfish [Timon & Pumbaa]


Season 3, Episode 28a


Writer: Tracy Berna


Airdate: July 9, 1999


Christmas Cliches: Mall Job


Timon wants a video game for Christmas, So he and Pumbaa get jobs at the mall.

This episode was alright. It’s exactly what you would expect, and it works. Nothing too special, but it’s good fun and had some fun jokes. It’s typical Timon & Pumbaa shitck but I like that shitck, so I found it enjoyable.

It didn’t even really drag or anything. It stays on certain segments too long but it mostly keeps up the energy and the simple plot works fine. Most of the stuff I complain about in these “not much to say” episodes is not here.

Not to say it’s amazing, it just works at being simple and funny. Sure, maybe it could have had more but it works at what it”s trying to be. It’s a nice bit of Christmas Comedy. It doesn’t have any sweet moments or anything, but it does have Christmas-y jokes to make it work on that level.

There isn’t a lot to it, which means I can’t say anything deeper than that. That’s the hard thing about reviewing a Comedy. All you can say about is that it’s funny. It’s even harder in this case where it’s funny but nothing too amazing.

So…it’s funny, nothing crazy but it works. Review over! …But seriously, this is another one I wouldn’t put on my must see list, but if you got 11 minutes to spare this December,

there are worse choices out there.


It’s alright. That’s all I can say.


Starry Starry Night/Snowie/Jingle Jangle Day’s Eve [Rolie Polie Olie]

Yep, we’re still going ot do this show despite it not being a real Disney show. You saw me rant on how odd it is, we can just get into it.


Season 2, Episode 11


Writers: Nicola Barton, Nadine Van der Velde, and Scott Kraft


Airdate: November 16, 1999


Christmas Cliches: Rhyming


When Zowie breaks Pappy’s star named Starry, Klanky must fix it; Olie plays in the snow; Percy reads a story about his day.


These episodes were alright. Yeah, like a lot of Rolie Polie Olie episodes, they are just simple plots and don’t have a whole lot to comment on. Either it’s enjoyable, or it’s not. And for me, these episodes were enjoyable.

The Christmas element helps a lot. There’s some nice music and some diabetes inducing heartwarming moments. The plots are very simple but mostly work. The first segment has a nice version of Santa Claus, and an nice ending. While the 2nd segment is pretty much just them playing in the snow with a Snowman brought to life ala Frost, it’s still enjoyable fluff.

Then the third segment is basically a Night Before Christmas type of thing, which works because I love rhyming. Plus it’s short and sweet. While these episodes might be a bit too simple, they at least have good heart.

Sadly, nothing too crazy happens. Except for their explanation of snow: Sometimes Mr. Sunny just goes out, allowing snow to happen. Yeah, it doesn’t’ cause instant night, it just causes snow. There’s no weird myth to Klanky Klaus…he’s just santa.

I guess they knew they couldn’t top Spooky Oooky’s epic origin.

So yeah, simple shorts but they are fine. They have that good Christmas feeling to help elevate them, but it’s nothing I’d watch again, honestly. Typical stuff, but it’s enjoyable, I suppose.

…That’s about it. Usually I’d feel bad, but we have two more things to cover later on, so there’s plenty go over. So yeah, an okay set of shorts. Not too special, but sweet enough for me.


The Ice Moose [PB&J Otter]


Season 2, Episode 31

Writer: Eric Weiner

Airdate: December 9, 1999

Christmas Cliches: Making a kids christmas come true


The kids put on a show about the fabled Ice Moose, while the duck guy tries to help out a kid with his holiday wish.


I think we’re finally hitting a rut with these episodes, as I tend to say “it’s alright” and fine for what it is with nice moments, and me not calling it bad at all. Because yeah, this episode is the same thing.

It doesn’t anything all that special or memorable, but it is nice, like it’s supposed to be. The plot does kind of messy sometimes as it took awhile for me to realize what the actual plot was.

But it does settle on a plot, and it’s nice. It does feel a bit more obligatory than some of the other ones we’ve been doing, but it does have the right cheer we need. The little kid isn’t annoying, even when he has a sort of forced song. It’s even slightly effective.

Most of it focuses on the duck, which is fine cuz he’s my favorite character. He gets some funny lines and it’s a bit nice to see him do some sweet stuff in this. Honestly, there isn’t a ton more to say about this one.

Not because it’s simple like some others, I’m just not passionate enough to crituite it further. It’s not quite as well written as some others, but it is fairly sweet and captures the spirit decently well.

It’s nothing special, but still enjoyable. It’s interesting how strong the Christmas spirit it. It can make almost any episode slightly enjoyable with it’s sweet-ness, which is why a lot of these aren’t bad.

And while this one does stuff I’ve seen, it wasn’t too tiring back in 1999 so I can forgive it. It has enough sweet bits and sort of catchy music to make it a tolerable watch.

With all of the episodes we have, this isn’t one a would hugely recommended, but it’s not an awful choice. It’s well done enough, I suppose. Yeah, you can tell this didn’t quite hit me too much.

I watching it and was going like “yeah, cool, whatever’. So yeah, it’s fine, so not my favorite.


A Kosher Christmas [Pepper Ann]


Season 3, Episode 6

Writer: Madeline Paxon

Airdate: December 18, 1999

Christmas Cliches: None


A school assignment prompts Pepper Ann to think whether she enjoys Christmas with her father or Hanukkah with her mother.


This episode was good. It’s definitely a more interesting than usual, and it’s cool to see another sort of Hanukkah episode. It sort of releatable to some people, and they pull it off fairly well.

It’s about as good as the premise suggests, in a good way. It doesn’t reach any heights, but it does what it needs to do. It teaches that the holiday you celebrate doesn’t matter and yada yada.

They mix in some other stuff, like a sort of subplot with one friend and give us a nice moment out of that. It’s just an interesting premise done pretty well. I do like that they don’t go too deep into either Holidays traditions, as not to make either one look better.

They show just enough to have her see both as equal. Besides, the debate just ends with “it doesn’t matter” so it doesn’t matter either way. It has a bit more humor than the Halloween one, just makes it a bit more enjoyable for me.

The highlight is this Christmas Tree and Menorah popping up to get her to pick one. It’s funny.

Overall, this episode is another solid one. It teaches good messages, and has a pretty nice conflict where no side is really wrong and all that. And of course it has nice sweet moments to bring it home.

It’s not too amazing but it is good. Another easy recommendation, even if a few more are slightly more enjoyable.

Just another enjoyable holiday episode. After a couple average ones, it’s good to back in business.



A Dog For All Seasons [Teacher’s Pet]

Season 1, Episode 11

Writers: Michael Price and Ford Riley

Airdate: December 16, 2000

Christmas Cliches: A Christmas Carol (sort of)


Spot tries to find out if dogs have any holiday traditions. Meanwhile, Mrs. Helperman has to write up a new holiday school play that includes all the kids’ religious traditions, but finds it harder than she expected.


This episode was pretty good. It managed to be about as sweet and interesting as the premise suggests, and goes a bit deeper on the interesting themes than the Pepper Ann one did, although it reaches the same message.

This has a bit more heart and of course plenty of humor to make it better. As you can imagine, the sort of subplot makes a good point. Wallace Shawn just wants the play to only have Christmas, while Mrs. Helperman wants to be inclusive, but has trouble trying to fit in a ton of Holidays.

In the end, they emphasis the holiday season in general and saying it’s a good time of year no matter what you celebrate. They do include everyone but in a more general way. It’s a pretty nice comprise, and I imagine this episode works way better now than it did 15 years ago.

(Man, those who grew up with this show must feel old now)

This does feed into Spot’s dilemma, as he realizes he doesn’t need special traditions since still has good times with his family. It leads to some nice moments, and I do like the points it makes.

Now, while no major stories are replicated, they come slightly close. One of the ideas for the play is A Christmas Carol story, and a magical dog (who actually just says he’s a magical dog here to show him something) does take spot to see something, and it is a past memory, so it’s sort of Christmas carol.

So I put it up there to be safe. I like that they didn’t just go out and say what it is, they were a bit more general.

I think my favorite joke happens during the song at the end, where the show various parts of the world, and for Korea they show an animator making that very scene,


So yeah, this was another really solid one. It makes some good points about trying to be inclusive, and has good humor and some nice heartwarming moments. Like the Halloween one, this was more enjoyable than I expected it to be.

It’s another recommendation. It’s fun and rather sweet and interesting. Another solid surprise, I must say. Check it out, it’s very enjoyable.


There is another Teacher’s Pet Christmas Episode….but I couldn’t find it. Yeah, it’s buried pretty good, and I could find it in English .I found it in Russian but I don’t speak Russian so that’s useless to me.

So I sadly must skip one. I doubt it would be as good as this one anyway. If anyone finds it in English, I’ll be glad to go back and do it.


Holiday Time [Buzz Lightyear of Star Command]


Season 2, Episode 10


Writer: Mark Palmer


Airdate: December 16, 2000


Christmas Cliches: Guy hates Christmas because Santa didn’t give hm the gift he wanted


Some people kind of forgot about this show, and it’s sort of a shame. As the title suggests, it’s about Buzz’s whole show in a movie, and it was a good concept done pretty well.

It gave them the chance to whatever they wanted with the character, and from the episodes I’ve seen, it was enjoyable. It did well but not many remember it. So how does it do the Holidays?

The team meets Santa Claus and find out how he does what he does, and they must stop Zurg from doing his evil stuff.

This episode was decent. Really, threre’s not a whole lot to say about it It’s just a good vs evil plot, with amusing moments and a could sweet bits here and there. Nothing too groundbreaking or amazing.

It’s typical for the show, but like Timon & Pumbaa, it’s in a good way. There’s some cool ideas and action, along with a nice Holiday backdrop. They only call it “The Holiday”, I guess to be Pc…but that goes out the window when you involve Santa.

By the way, Santa just freezes time. That’s his secret. Well, at least they explained his time travel use, unlike Saving Santa. Of course there’s a holiday scrooge in the from of XR, who just doesn’t get the holiday.

It’s cliché but it works fine. There isn’t a whole lot to anazyle here. It’s just meant to be a fun little story with some action and a bit of heart. And on that level, it works. It’s not one I’d watch all the time, as we do have better ones out there.


But this one is still okay. It’s got the usual humor and stuff I expect from the show, it’s just the greatest holiday episode ever. It’s good fun, just not my favorite. I suppose I could recommend it, but if you are pressed for time, you can skip it.


There, another short one.




Mickey’s Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse [House of Mouse]


Season/Episode: N/A

Writer: Thomas Hart

Airdate: November 6, 2001

Christmas Cliches: A Christmas Carol


Hey, remember that House of Mouse movie that was barely a movie? Yeah, they did that before, but this time it’s shorter and didn’t have hyped behind it. So I assume this being full of filler won’t be a problem.

Also, remember when I complained that the proper Halloween episodes took clips from the movie?

Well as I found it, it’s the other way around. The episodes were made first and the clips were reused for the movie. The episodes aired a year later, so they had plenty of time to actually air them first, but whatever. They did the same process here, so it’s odd they made the same mistakes twice.

Anyway, onto the movie.


The club is snowed in, while the staff tries to get Donald into the Christmas spirit.


This “movie” is about what I expected. The same as House of Villains, except even less of a movie. Infact, the only reason it’s an hour is that two of the shorts are extra long. Seriously.

This doesn’t bug me as much sense it doesn’t have a promising plot like the other one. Just a normal story, so I can’t say I was expecting a lot. The plot is pretty minmal, and I can honestly say most episodes have a deeper story.

But if you know this going on, it won’t be a huge problem. It’s just a short showcase with a minor plot as a wrap around, and for that it’s not bad. Honestly, I would skip the movie and watch the shorts, because they are pretty good.

They use the classic Mickey’s Christmas Carol (the short that put this over an house) but there’s also this Nutcracker short that’s really funny mostly because half ot is Ludwig arguing with the narrator. It’s pretty amazing.

I actually hadn’t seen the Christmas Carol one until now, so at least that came out of this. I get the feeling this was supposed to be a normal episode, but they wanted to put in those shorts, and since they were too long, they just made it a movie.

I wasn’t quite as surprised as with House of Villains, but I do just wish this was a normal episode. It’s amusing, but I would just prefer watching the actual Christmas episodes, which of course I will in a bit.

It’s cute with a nice ending, but since the shots are the best part, I’d just watch them on their own. It’s alright I guess, but nothing too special.




The Worst Holiday Ever [The Weekenders]


Season 3, Episode 13


Writers: Evan Gore, and Heather Lombard


Airdate: December 2, 2001


Christmas Cliches: None


Tino, Lor, Tush, and Carver end up trapped in an RV and tell stories about their worst Holiday experiences.


This episode was pretty good. While the Halloween one was a bit funnier, this one was also fairly solid. You can tell what the moral is right away but it’s still done fairly well. Pretty much all the stories have a silver lining, with them still spending the holidays with caring parents.

Like a lot of episodes, it’s a typical moral but I liked the execution. There’s at least variety. In some things are bad but at least the parents are there, and in some they are fine despite what odd thing the kid did.

Speaking of variety, it is cool that they were diverse with the holidays, but didn’t go into specifics. Hell, even the Christmas one is pretty general. That’s smart as it shows that the holidays are special no matter who you are.

Of course, it all comes together to make a sweet ending, as well as a great moral: Don’t mess with wild Turkeys!

As for the stories, I think they are about equal. It’s a nice mix at least. Tino’s is the most heartwarming with the ending, and it has some sad stuff regarding his Dad. Apparently his parents are divorced.

There’s something you wouldn’t expect to see in a Saturday Morning Disney Cartoon. The Kwanza one is the funniest, because the whole thing is treated as a joke since it’s a dumb thing, and not the worst Kwanza ever.

Don’t read into the fact that the Kwanza one is treated like a joke.

Speaking of humor, it’s pretty amusing like the Halloween one, it’s just not quite as funny. Most of the humor comes from the characters, as well as this one characters’ Grandma or something.

She’s the one pushing the moral and she tells her own story. Although it has a happy ending, meaning it wasn’t the worst Holiday ever. I think it would be better if I was a genuinely bad holiday, but ah well.

The episode does a good job being entertaining so it’s not all just a big cheesy moral show. It has some other cool stuff with the stories, and has plenty of amusing jokes. I think these writers are extremely good at Comedy, but can do competent stories as well.

It’s like Seasons 1-3 Dave Polsky combined with Season Dave Polsky. Their LPS episodes show this pretty well to, and even their fully dramatic episodes worked for the most part.

It’s too bad they haven’t done too much, aside from just dumb things here and there like the recent Care Bares show, and Fresh Beat Band of Spies. …Wait, what?

Anyway, this is another solid recommendation. It’s funny, has quite a bit going on, and has some nice moral stuff that works pretty well. It’s just a good and fun episode that captures the spirit of the Holidays really well.

I will certainly have to watch at least a little more of this show at some point, because both of these episodes will really funny and interesting. And these writers have done more episodes, yay!

There are two things I forgot to bring up about the show last time:

  1. The theme song is sung by Wayne Brady. Awesome.
  2. The creator is the same guy who made Dave the Barbarian. ….That explains a lot.


So there you go, solid episode.




Seven Days of Kwanza [The Proud Family]


Season 1, Episode 11


Writer: Wayne Stamp


Airdate: January 11, 2002


Christmas Cliches: None


Oh man, we get to do this one. If you think Haunnkah episodes are rare, Kwanza gets it worse.

There are no movies to my knowledge and this and Rugrats are the only full episodes I’m aware of. To be fair, this could be because it’s not quite as big as those holidays, but it’s seen one of the big three, so there isn’t much of an excuse to skimp out on it.

Let’s see how this show handles it.

The Proud Family is taught an important lesson about the true meaning of Christmas and Kwanzaa by a homeless family.

This episode was alright. It certainty has all the needed heart, but it is a mixed in certain aspects. Mostly due the structure. Most of it hammers in the fact that this family is full of saints and everyone else is oh so Scrooge-y and clueless, than the 3rd act is all about them teaching about the 7 days of Kwanza.

I feel like it would be stronger if the whole episode took place over the course of Kwanza, so the lesson could be learned more gradully and the pacing would be much better.

It’s kind of fine as it is, but this would be better. The message becomes less anvilcious later, if it helps. Although before then Oscar’s dick-ish-ness gets a bit annoying because they use it so much due to having to put in that lesson.

But most of it is amusing I guess. And of course, we do have the interesting culture and the nice lesson at the end. The heart is very much there, and we have a sort of twist ending that’s…confusing but kind of cool all the same.

I a bit mixed on what to rate this. While the message is a bit heavy handed, thus affecting the pacing in the first half, the 2nd half handles it better with some nice moments.

After thinking, I decided to just play it safe and call it okay. It’s on the upper side, but the issues do drag it down compare to other good episodes. If this bothers you….just remember I do still like it, I’m just not rating it “good”, you know?

Either way, this did work as a Holiday episode, teaching us about the holiday and it’s messages quite nicely, despite the pacing issues. Not the biggest recommendation, but a solid one nonetheless.

Also, according to the credits, Samuel L Jackson was in this. What.


Rating: Okay



A Little Jingle Jangle Sparkler / A Gift For Klanky Klaus / All’s Squared Away Day [Rolie Polie Olie]


Took a bit to get back to this weird crap, but we made it.


Season 6, Episode 3


Writers: Micheal Stokes, Nicola Barton, and Elizabeth Keyushisn


Airdate: May 4, 2002 (Okay, that doesn’t even make sense)


Christmas Cliches: None


The Ollie family picks out a star for their house, even though said Star seems too old.Zowie gives a present to Klanky Klaus; Olie celebrates a holiday Billy’s planet celebrates.


Once again, these episodes were alright. I suppose they are better, as all the segments have complete stories, unlike the first set of episodes. Each story is nice in it’s own way and I think people will appreciate that more.

The first segment is a typical Rudolph story, but it is interesting. Appearntly in this world you can just go out and grab living Stars to put on your house, so Klanky knows where to go. Because he’s blind, I guess.

The 2nd segment is likely the best, since it does bring up good points about how Santa never gets a present, and has a moral about giving gifts from the heart. It’s very heavy handed and cheesy, but I can’t resist that kind of stuff sometimes. (Even if Sofia did the from the heart thing better)

The 3rd episode is nice too, basically being a stand in for other cultures. It becomes a more typical story, but it’s interesting and nice. Not too much to say here.

These episodes try harder to tell varied stories, which I like. Like the first set, they aren’t too special but they are nice and sweet. My recombination is the same, but this could be a better choice if you want more substance.

Only the first episode has crazy stuff, but it has some okay stuff to make up for it. They are targeted a young audience, but I’ve seen much worse. That’s about it for this set, really.


Cheery Threelap Lloyd [Lloyd in Space]


Season 3, Episode 10


Writers: Mark Drop, and Cate Lieuwen


Airdate: October 31, 2002


Christmas Cliches: You Mean Xmas


Lloyd tries to get out of singing holiday songs to read his comic book by claiming he celebrates Theerlap, even though he knows nothing about it.


This episode was okay. Yeah, it was a major improvement over the Halloween one. There was plenty to appreciate in this one, even though it wasn’t anything amazing. It wasn’t all that funny and this show still feels kind of stale, but it has some decent heart.

It’s pretty obvious what Theerlap is supposed to be a stand in for compared “Droimatz” and it’s actually kind of clever. Lloyd later finds Theerlap to be kind of boring compare to Droimatz, and wants to spice it up for this friends.

You could find implications all you want, but this is an interesting idea too since some kids might find their respective holiday traditions to be less interesting until they find out about the true meaning behind the holiday.

I like the moral of this one. Holidays aren’t about the exciting traditions, it’s about the real meaning behind them and the people who came before you to establish these traditions. Theerlap sounds a it boring until Lloyd actually gets the meaning of nice.

That’s actually a nice angle, and leads to a nice ending. And also the great Holiday song known to man. ….The real one, not the godawful rap Lloyd comes up with.

This episodes does interesting ideas and a good holiday moral at least .Most of it is a bit boring and predictable, but it’s never too painful. Also, Grandpa is voiced by The Flying Dutchman. Now that is amazing.

As a whole, the episode is fine. It has decent heart and some okay writing in some places. It just wasn’t too exciting or anything like that. It’s an alright watch. Like a lot of others, it might be worth a look but there are better ones to recommend.

I’m just glad I watched a tolerable Lloyd episode after the Halloween one. Wait, why do they do Halloween but need to make up a space version of Christmas?

Anyway, it’s an okay episode. Enjoyable but nothing amazing. I appreciate it more than I like it.




Clarabelle’s Christmas List [House of Mouse]


Season 3, Episode 24

Writer: Tracy Bera

Airdate: December 2, 2002

Christmas Cliches: None


Clarabelle claims to have Santa’s Naughty or Nice list, and adds anyone who tries to sneak a peek at it on the Naughty list.


There’s not a whole lot to say about this one. It’s alright. Like some of the other House of Mouse episodes, it’s just a simple story with not a lot to it, along with some funny shorts. This has even less to discuss than usual, since the conflict is solved very easily.

I could bitch about it but I can’t say I expected much. They still fit in some decent comedy, and all that good stuff. It just doesn’t do anything too amazingly well. It’s just a typical House of Mouse episode.

It’s a decent time killer, but that’s about it. Onto the next one!




Pete’s Christmas Caper [House of Mouse]


Season 3, Episode 25


Writer: Thomas Hart


Airdate: December 2, 2002


Christmas Cliches: Stealing Christmas-y


Pete tries to steal everyone’s presents when he volunteers to play Santa at the staff’s Christmas party.


Not a lot to say about this one either. This one has less feels, so it’s less interesting. The plot may be even weaker, cuz most of the time is filled by the Nutcracker short. Here’s the plot: Pete steals the presents, he is confronted about it, it turns all the presents for him, and he accidentally stashed them in the furnace.

…The end. Yeah, they don’t act all sad for Pete or anything, it just kind of….stops there. …Weird. Not really the most gripping story, and the pay off is a bit confusing.

It’s amusing, but nothing special. I prefer the other Christmas episode and movie, just felt a bit Christmas-y and they are funnier, at least to me. Not really much of a recombination from me.

It’s okay. Personally, I’d go with the “movie”, if you just watch some awesome shorts along with a couple sweet moments. This is a good show, but it gives me little to talk about it. Oddly, the normal episodes, at least from what I remember as a kid, had more to them than these holiday episodes.

Ah well. That’s all I got for these.




A Jingle Jangle Wish [Rolie Polie Olie]


Okay, one last round with these guys. This is an odd one, as it was a one off special released on VHS in 2003. Let’s see what it even is.


Season/Episode N/A


Writer: Nicole Barton


Airdate: November 4, 2003


Christmas Cliches: None


So here’s the deal with this one: It’s just another 7 minute episode. The rest of the VHS is just older episodes, they just slapped a random new one on here. A bit dissapointing. The plot is they they visit Kankly Kalus on his planet (so Santa is an alien in this show…) and Ollie gets worried when Zowie does not tell Klanky what she wants.


Because apparently in this show, he doesn’t see you when you’re sleeping or whatever. Ollie at least thinks you gotta tell him yourself. This whole set up is a bit wonky to me. Also, Klanky just shoots the presents down the chimney with a thingy, and now he doesn’t need any stars.

This episode wasn’t as interesting as the other ones, honestly. Because we know how Santa is supposed to work, we know that in the end it turns out that he knows everything and thus knows what Zowie wants.

Kind of a waste of an episode, really. It is cool to see Klanly’s planet, and has some decent heart, but it’s mostly just average. Not bad, just not anything worth seeking out compared to the other ones.

That’s about it. Ugh, I hate simple shows sometimes. At least we’ll get back to business with the next few. Shortest review ever.


A Very Possible Christmas [Kim Possible]


Season 2, Episode 16


Writer: Mark Palmer


Airdate: December 5, 2003


Christmas Cliches: An Ass Kicking Christmas-y


As a gift to Kim, Ron decides to foil Dr. Drakken’s Christmas plot himself so that she can enjoy the time with her family. But when he and Drakken get trapped in the North Pole, Kim, followed by the Possibles, has to go round the globe to search for him


This is pretty good. While the plot doesn’t sound quite as interesting as some others, it’s actually really enjoyable. The plot isn’t the most involved but it plays out pretty well, and runs off the usual charm of the show.

There’s plenty of humor, action, and nice moments to keep you happy. First off, I like that for once, the teenager actually likes the family traditions and even joins in on them. They could have easily gone the other route, but they didn’t.

And of course, Ron going after Drakken for her is pretty nice. And while he sort of screws up, it’s not that kind of story and really, Drakken is equally to blame.

The episode is just really nice all the way through, with how the characters act and all the nice moments. It’s cheesy but it’s self aware. See, Ron loves this special called Snowman Hank which is an homage to old cheesy Christmas specials.

They pretty much say it’s a bit cheesy but the still love it. Ron is sad when it gets canceled in favor of something called “Xtreme Xmas” …Huh, Disney must love that title, between this and the Lizzie McGuire episode.

Anyway, this was before internet streaming, and I guess it’s not on Dvd. The episode kinds of plays out like one of those specials, just with more battles in the Amazon.

It’s just a very enjoyable episode with sweet-ness, good humor, nice action, and some good Christmas atmosphere. It’s not exactly deep, but it is a lot of fun. Another very easy recommendation.

That’s all I got for this one, moving on.


Topper [Lilo and Stitch the Series]


Season 1, Episode 14


Writer: Thomas Hart


Airdate: December 5, 2003


Christmas Cliches: None


It is Christmas Eve, and Lilo is trying to teach Stitch how Hawaiians celebrate Christmas. However, when Gantu has an experiment pod giftwrapped for Dr. Hämsterviel, everyone mistakes Stitch’s hunt for the box as a selfish attempt to hoard presents for himself.


This episode was decent. Like a lot of them, it doesn’t anything too amazing but it’s still enjoyable. Of course, it has some action-y elements and has a sort of sweet bit at the end. It just doesn’t do anything crazy with it.

Which I’m fine with, it just means it won’t be on a top 10 list anytime soon. I like how it breaks from the formula, and is about finding the experiment rather than the usual stuff. It does mean it has to rely on an original plot, and eh, other episodes lke that do it a better.

It has enough in terms of solid humor, like Pleakly becoming the Christmas tree and stuff like that. Although I do think the bits with them thinking Stitch is being evil is kind of pointless.

I know Stitch isn’t much of a talker, but he could have at least tried to “tell” them about what is going on. And this stuff doesn’t even last too long, making it more pointless. But whatever, the episode is okay otherwise.

The sweet stuff isn’t huge, but it’s there, and of course it has Gantu being nice. The experiment is basically a homing beacon for the alien armada, making it an experiment who really isn’t evil. This one is just doing it’s job.

That’s another nice change, and you can guess what his true place is. Yes, there is a quick joke regarding the armada and it’s pretty funny.

Overall, the episode is enjoyable. Nothing amazing, but decently solid, I suppose. Sadly, it won’t quite get the good rating because it is a case where it’s a typical episode, and doesn’t go above and beyond.

It didn’t need to, but just that’s how I work. Not the best, but still enjoyable. It’s worth a watch, just know there are more interesting options.



On Whiskers, On Lola, On Cheryl and Meryl [Brandy and Mr Whiskers]


Season 1, Episode 16


Writer: Russell Marcus


Airdate: December 17, 2004


Christmas Cliches: Delivering the presents for Santa


Here’s a show no one really remembers. It’s another one of Disney’s attempts to be “wacky” and it’s mixed for some people. As for me, I thought it was just okay. I did kind like of the wacky humor, but it could be a bit annoying, and the set up is pretty cliché.

It was kind of an interesting experiment, but clearly not interesting enough to be remembered. But of course, we’ll look into it’s Holiday episode to see if it can be any good.


Brandy is upset because Christmas is coming and she misses spending Christmas at her home, surrounded by her family. However, since the jungle denizens don’t understand what Christmas is really all about, Brandy explains it to them, but then remembers about Santa Claus. Brandy believes she’ll be able to get Santa to give her a ride home, so she starts spreading the joy of Christmas around the Amazon in order to get Santa’s attention

This episode was alright. It’s pretty much what I expected, and for it is, it’s not too bad. Although it is predictable and doens’t do anything too new. Of course Brandy will have a change of heart and decide the season is about giving or whatever.

The shtick with Mr Whiskers hating Santa is a bit played out too. It’s not painful, just not too funny. Speaking of humor, there’s a few okay bits here and there, but nothing too special.

I think the biggest problem is just that’s it a bit standard. It comes down to some of the typical stuff you expect. It’s also slightly rushed, although that may not bug everyone. I’m not sure if the show did a 22 minute episode before this (it’s usually just 11) but it’s a bit clear they aren’t too great at them.

But again, it’s not bad. It has some amusing bits, and some nice moments. I wasn’t too bored or annoyed at least. It’s got charm, it’s just not the greatest plot and it’s nothing too new.

For what it is, it’s fine, and I suppose if you like the show it’s worth it, but there are better options out there. I recall the show having better plots and humor. Heck, one episode broke the 4th wall and referenced the theme song.

So yeah, not too bad as far as Christmas episodes go, but nothing special.



Hairy Christmas [American Dragon Jake Long]


Season 2, Episode 16


Writer: Chris Parrish


Airdate: December 16, 2006


Christmas Cliches: An Ass Kicking Christmas


Jake, feeling humiliated by his family’s Christmas traditions, leaves them behind to hang out with his friends and ends up chasing down a baby Sasquatch that’s lost its mother.


This episode was good. While it reaches some typical morals, it does it fairly well. It’s fun, has good action, and a decent amount of heart and humor. Basically, what you expect from an episode like this.

The set up with Jake is typical but it’s done for a solid moral about how you should be happy with what you have, since a lot of people have it worse. Trixie’s Father can’t even make it, and this Baby Yeti was taken and is being chased by people.

While other episodes have covered this, this does give it it’s own American Dragon spin, which makes it pretty enjoyable. And while the ending is predictable, it’s pretty sweet. The plot doesn’t do anything too amazingly new, but the heart and humor pull it through.

Speaking of humor, Fu Dog hosts this special, giving narration and such and it’s all really funny. I didn’t expect that going on, so it was fun to see.

It’s just another one of those nice and fun episodes. It’s another that manages to work with cliches and make them work, since it does have a good point. It’s a good and fun episode. Maybe a bit typical, but in a good way.

The humor of the characters is enough to pull it through. So yeah, I recommend it. There are better ones, but you can’t be too picky around the holidays. If you can tolerate the slang, you’ll enjoy it okay. It’s a pretty solid episode.




Mickey Saves Santa [Mickey Mouse Clubhouse]


Season 1, Episode 21


Writer: Leslie Valdes


Airdate: December 16, 2006


Christmas Cliches: Saving Christmas


Mickey and Donald dash off to rescue Santa Claus for Christmas.


At this point, what do you expect me to say? If you read my thoughts on the other episode, you know exactly what I thought of this one. It was…meh. The best one so far, but only because it actually had a plot.

But said plot wasn’t very interesting. Just a generic saving santa plot, mixed in with the show’s formula. Although that is thankfully reduced this time. Don’t expect much in terms of themes and morals.

There’s a bit with Donald learning not to be too anxious or whatever, but it doesn’t amount to much. There’s nothing too bad here, but nothing for adults. Honestly, even for kids it doesn’t give them too much.

Look, I know a 20 year old man shouldn’t be even watching a show for 6 year , lds, but if even Jake and the Neverland pirates can at least keep my attention, then there’s no excuse. Episodes like this are harmless, but don’t really kids much of anything.

Even other preschool shows give them bigger morals beyond this. Although to be fair, in this case they don’t need too much. It’s just a fluffy Christmas special, and doesn’t even have a complex set up.

It just seems like a general they didn’t think of adults. The only thing they will get is that damn hot dog song stuck in their heads. But to be fair again, sometimes it’s okay to make something purely for children, but with a great character like Mickey, they deserve better.

Because of this, I will never review this show again, because it’s just all the same stuff, and I feel a jerk reviewing this show to begin with. So yeah, I’d only recommend this to little kids, but there’s tons of better stuff to show them.

It’s not terrible, but not too good either.



A Very Handy Holiday [Handy Manny]


Season 1, Episode 15


Writer: Rick Gitelson


Airdate: December 16, 2007


Christmas Cliches: None


The gang’s holiday plans go downhil a bit thanks to all of the jobs they have to do on Christmas Eve.


This episode was decent. It was a bit more interesting than I thought it would be. Granted, it works itself to a typical moral, but it had a bit bigger heart than I expected. Although I should have figured since this is a 22 minute one.

It’s not even repetitive, even though most of is them bumping into people who need help. This is done not just to help the plot, but the themes as well. From the people they help, they learn about the stories behind Christmas, Hanukkah and Kawnza and say tha t while they are different, they are all about similar sweet holiday themes and such.

Yeah, I don’t know why the preschool shows get to be diverse, while I swear Rugrats and proud family were the only only Kwanza episodes for older kids ever. Either way, the sweet stuff is nice.

There’s naturally a bit of humor with the tools, mostly turner because he is amazing. The whole thing is just enjoyable. Nothing amazing special, but an okay preschool episode. It does give kids something, teaching them about other cultures and having nice moments.

So while adults may not get a ton out of it, it at least respects it’s audience. It’s a nice holiday episode. I won’t call it “Good”, since it’s mostly not all that special, but it is enjoyable.

I’d mostly recommend this to kids, and people who have kids, but it’s still alright on it’s own. It’s nice and enjoyable, a solid surprise.



A Giftmas Story [The Emperor’s New School]


Season 2, Episode 12


Writer: Devin Bunje, and Nick Stanton


Airdate: December 10, 2007


Christmas Cliches: You Mean Xmas, Saving Christmas


Kuzco wants to get off Papa Santos’s naughty list. But after Yzma freezes one of Papa Santos’ reindeers, Kuzco turns himself into a llama and guides the sleigh thus saving Giftmas.


This episode was okay. It didn’t do anything special, but it didn’t do too much wrong. It’s got decent Christmas jokes and has an okay plot. It’s typical but it’s the kind of plot that just fits in this movie.

It had everything it needed and was fairly enjoyable. But for some reason, it didn’t make a huge impression on me. I think it’s because the plot isn’t the greatest, but it’s totatlly fine. The comedy is all good, too.

I guess it might just too typical, but the getting off the naught list plot really fits with this character, and is done well. Maybe it’s the ending, where it’s just typical stuff and doesn’t do anything crazy.

Kuzo was a dick to this kid whose name I forgot, regarding Papa Santos existence (yeah potions that turn people into llamas is fine but discount Santa? Please) and has to make him believe again at the end.

This was a bit too cliché and while they do some jokes, they could have done something different. Ah well. Also, there’s a subplot with Malina trying to find Kuzo a gift, which doesn’t really add to much besides shipping fuel at the end.

Also, Melina’s little friend is voiced by Miley Cryus. …Movin’ on.

Overall, this episode is fine. Perfectly enjoyable with good jokes. It’s not the best, but it was fitting. By the way watching it again, I actually remember the subplot but have no memory of the main plot. Weird.

I don’t think I would recommend it too hard, but it’s not a terrible choice. It’s fine.



Dick Daring’s All-Star Holiday Stunt Spectacular V [The Replacements]


Season 2, Episode 20

Writers: Devin Bunje, Taniya Hossain, Jonathan M. Howard, Scott Peterson, Robin Shorr, Nick Stanton, Jack Thomas

Airdate: December 8, 2008

Christmas Cliches: A Christmas Carol


The Darings host their annual holiday show directed by Riley.



This episode was pretty good. It’s basically a 22 minute version of Phineas and Ferb Family Christmas, and it somehow works. I wasn’t sure how you could do that sort of gimmick episode in that time slot, but it turned out well.

Mostly they do a verity of skits besides just musical numbers and stuff. We have songs from pop stars, a Christmas Carol parody, and other things. This is meant to emulate a cheesy holiday variety special like that other, and does it just as well, if not slightly better.

All of it is funny and there’s a decent amount of jokes. Of course they fit in a couple nice moments but it’s mostly about the Comedy, and it’s very good. It didn’t even drag too much which surprised me.

While this show did start doing mostly 22 minute ones in Season 2, I didn’t quite think they should stretch out this concept, but here you go. It’s not really amazing or anything, but it is pretty funny, which is all that matters.

This is an easy recommendation if you have the time for a good funny Christmas episode. It’s a solid and fun episode all around. Not a whole lot to more say to really.


Well except one thing: Before I said Tasumi would be voiced by BMO is this was made today, but I changed my mind. Now, she would be voiced by Tania Gunadi aka Sashai in Penn Zero. When you hear her in that orle, you’ll totstlyl agree with me.



Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation [Phineas and Ferb]

Season 2, Episode 22

Writers: Jon Colton Barry, and Pierro Pilusso

Airdate: December 7, 2009/December 3 2010 (Extended Version)

Christmas Cliches: Delivering the presents for Santa, Gift of the Magi


Hey, I can skip this one because I’ve talked about it a bunch of times before! I went into great detail on it in my Top 20 list, so there’s no need to say more….but I will. As a Phineas and Ferb episode it’s great because of the story, and sweet moments, but it’s also great as a Christmas Special.

It manages to have that great Holiday feeling, along with a decently original set up combined with familiar elements. It’s more complex than your average special, but it doesn’t feel too cluttered and everything comes together perfectly, especially with that awesome twist.

I suppose I should mention the extended version. I think I brought it up way back in my first song list, but I can talk about it again. They cut out a song, they put it back in. That’s the extended version. Why they couldn’t put in the minute long song to begin with is beyond me.

If you only have time for just a couple of these, please make this your first choice. You may need to enjoy the show a little bit to get it, but it’s still great.


Although I have a couple nitpick-y issues I didn’t bring up. First, it was a bit mean of Candace to kind of blame the boys for this, saying Phineas was being naughty. This is dropped as soon as it’s brought up, which makes it even bizaree

2nd, I find it weird that Buford was labled as Naughty. We’ve before that he’s pretty nice for the most part, and he become a bully to protect his goldfish to begin with. Even if you only consider the episodes aired before this, it doesn’t make a lot of sense. As the elf said, everyone does naughty things, but it’s different from being a naughty person.

Ah well, at least he was nice in the end.

3rd, this joke from Isabella:\

Oh, um, we don’t celebrate Christmas. But I got the coolest stuff for Hanukkah. Eight straight days of dreams come true. I mean… I’m with you guys. Boo, no Christmas.”

Well, that was a bit bitch-y of her, don’t you think? A bit of an odd moment there. Whatever,

But aside from that, there’s not a whole to complain about It’s still an amazing episode, and a great feel good Christmas special. Perhaps the easiest recommendation I could possibly make.

It’s still awesome, moving on.


Flicker Saves Christmas [Handy Manny]


Season 3, Episode 17


Writer: Mike Robb


Airdate: November 29, 2010


Christmas Cliches: Saving Christmas


When Santa’s sleigh breaks down, it’s up to Handy and the tools to fix it.


This episode was okay. I didn’t enjoy as much as the first one. Mostly the plot wasn’t as strong. It’s typically helping Santa plot, and they don’t even even meet Santa half way through this 22 minute episode!

That’s another thing, this has some filler, and didn’t need to be double length. The filler is enjoyable but this could have been a normal short. As it is, it is tolerable, but nothing special. Doesn’t try anything big like the other one, it’s just okay.

It’s what you would expect out of the first one, not the 2nd one done two seasons later. There’s nothing too wrong here there, at least for kids. It’s just very average, although with some funny moments.

Turner hangs that lampshade on Kelly, which is always great to see. So yeah, it’s okay but not one I’d watch. Not saying the other one was amazing, it just tried harder, oyu know.

That’s all I got, it’s just okay.




The Ayalas Christmas Extravaganza [Handy Manny] (Wikpedia blatantly lies about the title for some reason)


Season 3, Episode 18a


Writer: Holly Huckins


Airdate: December 2, 2010


Christmas Cliches: None


Manny and the tools help the Ayalas with their Christmas Decorations.


This episode was also okay. Being 11 minutes, I can forgive it being simple. Just them helping a family out, not too much. In the end, the problem is that they used too many lights and cause a blockout, leading to an obvious moral.

It’s done well enough, I suppose. It’s a nice little episode, it’s just nothing too pecial. It’s pretty much a filler episode. This came out the same year as the 2nd one, so I don’t know why needed to do this. Just one big episode was good enough.

Ah well. Not a whole to comment on, because there isn’t a lot to it. It’s enjoyable, but nothing too special. For kids, I would just watch the first one, if you have time for only one Handy Manny special.

But what for what it is, it’s fine.



The Living Holday Lights [Special Agent Oso]


Season 2, Episode 11


Writers: Too lazy to check, i know John Loy is one of them though. Why is he better here than on TTG.


Airdate: December 6, 2010


Christmas Cliches: None


Hey, I did a full review of this one a couple years ago, that means I can skip it. I got nothing to add, but here’s the short version. This is likely the 2nd best Oso episode, as it has some really sweet moments, even decent songs but it’s held back by the usual dumb Oso formula. Although I like that a preschool show like this goes into Hanukah and Kwanza.

It’s also way too long, this did not to be 40 freaking minutes!

If it was shorter, I would recommend it more as a guilty pleasure, but as it is, you can skip it unless you just wanna skip the boring parts. As far as preschool episodes go, it’s not bad, but not great either.




It’s a Winter Neverland [Jake and the Neverland Pirates]


Season 1, Episode 24a

Writer: Mark Seidenberg

Airdate: December 2, 2011

Christmas Cliches: You Mean Xmas, Stealing Christmas

The gang discovers that Peter Pan has left presents and a tree for the crew. Unfortunately, Captain Hook takes all of them.

I don’t have anything to say that i didn’t say about the other episodes. It sticks to the formula and doesn’t do anything too crazy with it. It’s about the same as the Thanksgiving one in that regard, at least with the nice moment at the end.

There pretty much is nothing to discuss, because i went over the fomrula before. It was more tolerable here i guess, but it doesn’t give me much. It’s okay i guess, but nothing all that special.

I think the problem is that the main shtikc here is reptetive. Even at this point, I’ve seen Hook stealing their stuff and this doesn’t do anything too new, except maybe for him giving it back on his own merits, because it’s Chiristmas, i mean Winter Treasure Day.

Yep, gotta make sure no kid hears about Christ or whatever.

Tons of kids shows have a fomrula with the villain always doing evil stuff, but they tend to mix it up, while so far this show hasn’t done that too much, at least in the holiday episodes that have Hook being “evil”.

But this was Season 1, so maybe they mostly fix it later. Also, there’s a mermaid voiced by Ariel Winter. Now there’s some hindsight hilarity for you.

So yeah, just another average episode. About the same as the other ones, no better no worse. It’s okay but not all that good. Hopefully the next one we’ll get to is better.



A Phineas and Ferb Family Christmas [Phineas and Ferb]


Season 3, Episode 17

Writer: Scott Peterson

Airdate: December 2, 2011

Christmas Cliches: Christms in July

Every family Christmas special needs a little forced Drama”-Ferb

The boys decide to put on a traditional family Christmas special featuring their family, friends and a few very special guests, including Kelly Clarkson.

Before i get into it, i have two things to mention. First, this episode’s production code is “317a”, but here’s the thing…there’s no sister episode. Seriously. Every time it airs, it is on it’s lonesome with no orginal episode to be paired with. Sometimes they’ll just put in S’Winter to fill the time, but that’s it.

I have no idea why this is. They could have made some other winter episode to put with, liek they later did with Happy New Year, or just put it with a normal peisode. Timon & Pumbaa did that.

I’ve been told that it’s typically put with the first Christmas episode to make a full hour block. That still doesn’t explain hwy it was produced without a sister. Did Disney just ask them to make something to fill the block? If so, why does the production have an a in it if there’s no B?

And remember how i compared that Replacments episode ot htis? …Well, the writer of this, was a writer on that episode.

…Well, that explains a lot, at least. And finally, one of the directors of this episode previosly directed Eight Crazy Nights.

…Moving on to the actual review.

There was no way they could top Christmas Vacation, so their only option was to do something smaller. So thus, they made an homage to old school family Christmas specials. Something that could be short but also leave an impact, and it works!

It’s supposed to be kind of cheesy, with all the forced musical numbers and ceblrate cameos. They do that kind of stuff very well, and get a lot of funny moments out of it. I get the feeling that a lot of people that complain about this episode and call it lazy flat out didn’t get it.

Did anyone say that about The Replacments episode? …Well to be fair, it doesn’t exactly have the fanbase this does, but the pont still stands. I think the only reason they say this is that there was a Holiday CD, and think this was meant to advertise that.

If that was the case, then they would make it a full year later. And even if it was, they actually did something with it, and made jokes about it. So yeah, those complaints are dumb.

The songs themselves are varied and solid. I kind of wish this was longer so we could have put it more, but i see why they didn’t do that. While i wouldn’t quite put them in my top 100 (besides “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, with Good King Wincelas as a runner up), they are pretty awesome.

My favorte was Perry Saves Christmas, but that wasn’t in the episode.

There are quite a few good jokes, and a slight nice moment at the end. Addmitdtly, the Doof subplot is nothing special, but for the most part, htis episode is good. Nothing amazing, but it’s nice filler.

If you have time to kill, then this is a good one to pop in. If you only have time for one P&F Christmas special, than you can skip this one, but it’s still a good one to watch. It’s a nice homage, is very funny, and has great songs. It’s pretty solid.

Oh, and I’m not covering For Your Ice Only, since it techinally doesn’t have anything to do with Christmas. Sorry.



A Cousin Kyle Christmas [Kick Buttowski]


Season 2, Episode 17a


Writer: Patrick Andrew O’Connor, Joe Liss and Dave Lewman

Airdate: December 6, 2011

Christmas Cliches: Gift Exchange

Kick gets his Cousin Kyle as a secret Santa but when Kick has a change of heart he goes to great lengths to get Kyle the perfect gift.

This episode is really good. It could have been forced, and i suppose it is, but it’s surprsingly sweet and enjoyable. It mostly has to do with Kyle himself. He’s the typical annoying Cousin, and he is annoying because he follows Kick around and never shuts up.

From that, you think he would be The Scrappy, but from what i can tell, that honor goes to Wacky Jack (Dog with a blog totatlly ripped off that name, btw) and people to seem like Kyle.

I think the main reason is that he’s at least not trying to harm Kick or anything like that. Honestly, when Kick is nice to him, good things come out of it, like here. Although the plot line of Kick learning to accept him has been done, but this one does even better.

Also, being voiced by Tom Kenny might have something to do with it.

This episode does hit the expected beats, but it’s done pretty well. There are quite a few sweet moments, and there’s a lot of heart here. There’s also some decent humor from Brad and this weird puppet guy.

When Kick does see how much Kyle deserves a decent present, I can’t help but get sucked into it. The atmosphere is decently strong in this one. You just have to appreciate the lengths Kick goes to for Kyle in the end.

They do pull some tricks to make you feel bad for Kyle, but it works since Kyle himself isn’t asking for sympathy. He just really likes spending Christmas with his Cousin Kick. They also make sure that Kyle doesn’t do anything bad ,

The whole thing is just sweet. Yes, it’s not unpredictable at all, but the heart pulls it through. It’s just a really solid episode. It might not be as crazy as some of these episodes, but it’s still really well done.

As much as I like it, I wouldn’t recommend insanely highly, because some people could easily be annoyed by Kyle, and it’s huge like some of the these others. But if you can tolerate him, you should check it out.

It’s a pretty solid outing. Oh, and the sister episode is snowed themed. It’s alright, but stick with this one.



Merry Fishmas Milo [Fish Hooks]


Season 2, Episode 7a

Writers: Sherm Cohen, C.H. Greenblatt, Carson Kugler, & William Reiss

Airdate: December 9, 2011


Christmas Cliches: Delivering the Presents for Santa


Milo and Oscar send a holiday request to Fish Santa when they need help throwing a Christmas party.

This episode was decent. I think most of it’s problems could be fixed by being longer. This one really needed to be 22 minutes to be better. While it tells the story competently as it is, it could have developed things further.

There are actually 3 major plot threads here. While Fish Santa is helping out, Bea gets a job as a Mall Elf, with Santa being Randy Pincherson. Then later on, Santa is injured and of course someone has to take over to help him.

With how it’s told, it’s a bit rushed and if it was longer it could develop all of this better. It could also give Bea’s plot more purpose outside of being an excuse for her to want to be Santa.

But as it is, it’s fine. It has some nice moments, and some ufnny bits. Santa is voiced by Bobcat Goldthwait. That’s all you need to know.

This episode doesn’t really do anything that crazy in terms of plot or sweet moments, but I suppose it works. I just wasn’t too engrossed in it compared to other episodes. The Halloween episode was a bit funnier and more interesting to me.

It’s always odd when a show’s Halloween episode is better than the Christmas episode. Can you name any other shows where that is true? Anyway, this one is still fine, it’s just not quite as surprisingly good as that one.

It’s totally fine, as it’s nice and decently funny, but it’s nothing too special, and it could have developed parts of the plot better. But if you don’t care about that, and you like the show, you will enjoy it.

But there are better options out there, so this can be skipped. As a side note, Chelsea Kane, the voice of Bea, was on an episode of Rick & Morty where she mostly interacts with Morty, who’s voice is closer to Oscars.

That cannot be a coincidence on the casting director’s part.

Rating: Okay


Silent Punch, Deadly Punch [Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja]


Season 1, Episode 8a


Writers: Russ McGarry, Jed Elinoff & Scott Thomas


Airdate: December 3, 2012


Christmas Cliches: None


Randy travels to the forest to retrieve a sap from a sacred tree in order to restock his ninja gadgets, but McFist beats him there and snags the tree for his holiday party.


Randy travels to the forest to retrieve a sap from a sacred tree in order to restock his ninja gadgets, but McFist beats him there and snags the tree for his holiday party.

This episode is pretty good. While it may not be the ideal Holiday episode, mostly using Christmas as just a setting, it still works pretty well. They mix in the two main plot lines fairly well, the other one being Randy finding out why Howard has been acting weird lately.

They still fit in some nice Christmas elements, mostly at the Holiday party, and some snowman robots thingys. But if you want an episode about the meaning of Christmas or whatever, you’ll have to go elsewhere.

The most noteworthy part of the episode if the Howard stuff. Yeah, the Smoke Bomb stuff is fine, teaching Randy not to use weapons as toys, but Howard is actually the highlight.

Despite one joke near the end, he’s completely likable here. See, we find out that his Dad’s company got bought out by McFist’s company, and for obvious reasons, he didn’t want to tell Randy about it.

While this isn’t a huge shake out, they do some nice moments out of this, especially at the end. There wasn’t much of a need to make a big show out of this revelation, since there’s not much they can do, and it alone doesn’t cause issue.

This actually does become important in other episodes, technically making an important episode for the “story”, but you can still watch it on it’s own.

So yeah, this isn’t exactly the most jolly Christmas episode ever, but it is a very good episode on it’s own. It mixes plots decently, has the usual action and humor, and even some sweet moments that become important to the story of the show.

There are a few weak moments that prevent me from recommending it to Non-Fans, but I thought it was pretty solid for what it was. Not, the best thing ever, but still good.




A Very McStuffins Christmas [Doc McStuffins]


Season 2, Episode 11


Writer: Chris Nee


Airdate: December 1, 2013


Christmas Cliches: None


An elf named Tobias needs help after accidentally breaking Donny’s new toy, Commander Crush, so Doc and her friends go to the North Pole to get a new part. But Stuffy gets separated from the group and it was up to Lambie and Chilly to rescue Stuffy.

This episode is alright. There really isn’t a whole to say, since it doesn’t do anything too crazy, in a good way. They do go the North Pole, but it’s not like an epic heartming story or anything.

However, it works most of the way as it’s simple and enjoyable, without lacking the needed substance. It’s a bit too typical in some parts, but for kids it’s acceptable. We have the usual funny jokes with the characters, and nice moments.

There isn’t a ton of substance, but we have in it’s place is acceptable and enjoyable. The best parts are just the usual kind of jokes we see, since these characters are still pretty memorable and fun.

I do kind of wish there was more, so I could have more to say. As it is, it’s just a fun little episode. It didn’t need to be anything more, and thankfully it’s nothing less. I do wish it had more, but what it is decently nonetheless.

Once again, I would mostly recommend it to kids, since there are better preschool episodes for older people. It’s fun, but not something I would go out of my way to see…even if I had to to do this, but whatever.

Sorry I didn’t say too much, but there wasn’t too much to say, even though this had more pot than some others we’ve discussed. It just happens to have a plot I cant’ critique too much.

Also, Santa is voiced by Jefferey Tambor, which is funny because he was a Discount Santa on Robot and Monster.

So yeah, that’s all I got, sorry.



Holiday in Echanica [Sofia the First]


Season 1, Episode 24

Writer: Craig Gerber

Airdate: December 1, 2013

Christmas Cliches: You Mean Xmas, Might not be home for Christmas


Hey, I get to skip this one, because I already reviewed it in detail in my Sofia post! …But I suppose I can recap my feelings. While the Princess Summon is weak, the episode itself is very good. The strongest point is the atmosphere.

You really feel the emotion here, as all of this is going it. It is kind of typical plot but the emotion makes it work. There are some strong moments, especially the ending, which is naturally very heartwarming.

Maybe it’s a bit overkill, but it works. They really capture the “Christmas” feeling here, and they do a good job with the story. The only thing that drags It down is the way they do the princess summon.

The only connection is that she need animal help. That’s….too weak, especially since her and Sofia don’t make an emotional connect like the others. And she doesn’t need a song, as the others that don’t sing were able to do that!

So while they at least put in a line to try to connect them, the still could have tried harder. Despite this, is another sweet Holiday episode I would recommend. We’ll further compare it other one when we get to it.




Happy Hugglemas [Henry Hugglemonster]


Season 1, Episode 22


Writer: Chris Nee


Airdate: December 6, 2013


Christmas Cliches: You Mean Xmas


Henry almost misses his chance to turn on the Hugglemas lights for the first time when he’s trapped inside Estelle’s house, where everything is gigantic.

This episode was decent. Easily the best Henry Hugglemonster episode I’ve seen so far. Of course it’s nothing amazing, but it’s alright for what it is. Oddly, I liked the crazy parts more than the sweet parts.

Most of it is a Honey I Shrunk the kids type thing with Henry, and later summer, running around this giant house and most of it is fairly amusing. I do tend to like those kind of plots, so this was up my alley.

The sweet stuff is a bit cheesy but well meaning at least. I like that they used as way for Henry and Summer to bond, but it did go slightly overboard when they were talkng about how they sibling love each other and what not.

But the heart is certainly there. Naturally there are no epic twists, but that’s okay. I don’t quite think needed to be 22 minutes, but it never felt like it was dragging, at least. While it’s not something I would seek it, it was passable for my own viewing.

Although it is odd that the other holiday has the discount Christmas Tree, while the one named after Christmas does not.

It doesn’t have a big moral but it does kids some nice stuff, and nice mix of heart, comedy and even a bit of adventure to an extent. It’s still on the average side, but that’s okay sometimes.

This is another one I would just recommend to kids. It’s totally fine but it’s mostly for kids and families rather than older folks. But hey, sometimes kids need something just for them that’s actually…somewhat passable, I suppose.


Also, the Dad of this other family is voiced by Brian Blessed. Yes.



Happy Hanukah, Howard Weinerman [Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja]


Season 2, Episode 10a


Writers: David Shayne, Jed Elinoff & Scott Thomas


Airdate: December 3, 2014


Christmas Cliches: None


Howard finds out about the true meaning of Hanukkah by saving Greg’s Game Hole.


This episode is fun….but it has pretty much nothing to do with Hanukkah. Yeah, it’s not even used as much of a setting. This story could happen pretty much nay time of the year. We have a couple Hanukkah jokes but only at the very start and very end, but that’s about it.

As cool as it is to have Hanukkah be represented, it’s kind of dumb that it’s pretty much pointless. It doesn’t take away from my enjoyment, but it makes reviewing the episode pointless.

And this could have been avoided if they didn’t involve Hanukkah or anything like that. Now, on it’s own it’s a fun episode. There’s a bit more to the plot that I left out: McFist tears down the Game Hole to make room for a shoe store, but the game hole can stay open if it has one working game, and Howard must keep playing that one game until Randy can get more.


It’s at least an sort of original plot, and it is pretty enjoyable with the action and “stakes”. There are no sweet moments or anything, but it is fun. As a normal episode, it’s one of the better ones.

But as a supposed Hanukkah episode, yeah it kind of fails. I’d just skip it as a holiday episode, but on it’s own it might be worth watching, if you wanna see some of the show. It’s a good time waster, but certainly not a worthwhile Holiday episode.

Also, this has a snow themed sister episode, which is also worth seeing….but only if you’re watching the show, because it kind of has that really important cliffhanger in it… Yeah.

So on it’s own, it is good, but as a Holiday episode, it’s not so special.



The Gift [Wander Over Yonder]


Season 1, Episode 19b


Writers: Francisco Angones & Amy Higgins


Airdate: December 4, 2014


Christmas Cliches: None


..giving gifts to everyone we’ve meet over this past season…of our lives!”


You might recall that I said the Halloween episode was paired with, and takes place at the same time as this one. We saw that The Gift 2 involved a zombie outbreak, but how does the other side fare? Let’s look.


It’s a special holiday time of year, and Wander and Sylvia deliver presents to everyone they’ve met. However, it later gets shook up when Wander decides to sneak onto Lord Hater’s ship and give some to he and the Watchdogs as well, hoping to spread happiness to an evildoer’s army.

This episode is pretty good. It’s a fun contrast to the Horror themed sister, and makes that one even funnier. It’s kind of fitting that they put that one first, since it’s funny to see Wander’s real reasoning behind this after seeing the horror he unleashed.

Also, this one actually continues after the ending of The Gift 2 so you kind of have to put it 2nd.

Like a lot of episodes, Wander makes this one. He’s so cheerful and likable here, that you can’t help but love him and his attitude. And from him we get the expected sweet moments.

The ending is the best part, ending things on a really heartwarming note. It’s one of those episodes that leaves you with a good feeling at the end. Despite not technically mentioning Christmas, it’s still really Christmas-y.

We have decorations in some place, tons of snow, and Christmas songs playing in the background during a lot of scenes. It really captures the spirit of the Season, especially at the end, and the parts where Wander is giving the presents.

It puts a cheery spin on some rather dark scenes from the other episode. And of course that sort of twist comes in before you think Wander is kind of sick. The Gift 2 kind of explained that this only happened because The Watchdogs aren’t used to getting gifts, and nothing is actually wrong with them.

So those bad implications are gone. The Gift 2 had a sort of sweet bit but this takes it further with Wander’s reasoning. While not quite as funny as the other one, this is one just really sweet and enjoyable.

Far from the most daring original, but it is one of the nicest ones we’ve seen. Pairing it with a Halloween episode was really cool, and this was fun, had plenty of callbacks, and was very sweet and Christmas-y at the end.

This is another pretty easy recommendation, although I don’t know if you need to watch the other one to get this one. Either way, it is very good and worth checking out. Also, this was the Season finale in airdate order.

Definitely a good way to end the first season.



Gingersnap and Grumpy Snaps/Jolly Bells [The 7D]


Season 1, Episode 18


Writers: Cooper Sweeny (GingeSnaps), Deanna Oliver & Sherri Stoner (Jolly Bells)


Airdate: December 2, 2014


Christmas Cliches: You Mean Xmas


After he saves an elf from drowning and Gingersnaps pledges to be Grumpy’s servant for the rest of his life. Then As Jollywood celebrates Jolly Day, the Glooms have their own celebration of Gloomy Day.


These episodes were alright. Jolly Bells was easily better, but let’s talk about Gingersnaps and Grumpy Snaps first. Yes, it’s THAT plot again. It’s done…okay, I suppose.

See, the weakest takes on this plot tend to use established characters and somewhat dumb them down to make it work, while the better ones use new characters where it fits better.

This is one of those latter cases. This is the kind where the problem is that the character means well but just goes a bit too far. It works okay. They do have a sweet moment in the end that makes you kind of like Ginger Snaps, and mostly isn’t THAT annoying.

The way they get rid of her is kind of clever, although you have to go through the really typical stuff with them trying to return the favor first. As a whole, this episode is fine, it’s problem is being too typical, but at least it’s done decently.

Although I have no idea why they included it with the Holiday episodes. Yes, it is actually set on Jolly Day, it’s not just a winter episode. Aside from having little to do with Christmas, the next episode flat out contradicts this one in a few places.

So I’m confused as to why they did it this way. Ah well, onto Jolly Bells. This one is just fun. Most of it is the Glooms using a machine to suck out joy, and while it’s not exactly new, it is enjoyable enough.

The Christmas element is just there enough for me to say it makes sense to have it as the setting. It doesn’t do anything to sweet, but it works as a piece of entertainment, and has at least one dramatic moment near the end.

It’s nothing special, but it’s alright. Not a whole more to say, really. While I did enjoy these episodes, I wouldn’t recommend them too highly. It’s another one where you might enjoy it, but with all of these great episodes to choose from, this one can easily be skipped.

So once again, the Halloween episode stands are superior. Weird.



Captain Scrooge [Jake and the Neverland Pirates]


Season 3, Episode 25


Writer: Thomas Hart

Airdate: December 5, 2014

Christmas Cliches: A Christmas Carol

Jake tells the story of Captain Scoorge, who had a ghost visit him to teach him not to be such a meanie.

This episode was alright. It’s easily the best episode of the show I’ve seen so far, but with this story, it’s hard to screw up. Considering the auidence, it’s about as good as it could have been.

It’s not exactly allowed to go darker, so I’ll take what i can get. It’s still nothing amazing, but it’s nice enough. First off no fomrula! Yep, it’s an actual story and that pesky fomrula is nowhere to be seen.

Something tells me any episode without the fomrula is good. This episode hits the beats you expect, and doens’t go too deep. I do like that there’s just one ghost, even though there’s no explantion like in Merry Merry It Up.

The past segment doesn’t exactly explain why he’s a scrooage. He was selfish like a lot of kids and decided to just stay that way. Like i said, it’s not too deep. But it does a few nice moments at the end to make up for it.

The future segment is a bit dissapointing. It covers the near future of like a week or so, saying that the kids just didn’t go to some feast. No mention of what happens to Scrooge or anything.

That’s kind of weak, but it does get the point across. The present segment is fine, nothing different to mention there.

As a whole, this does the bare minumun, but given the audience, that’s fine. It still shows his development, and has some nice moments. It also has more references to the story than i expected, although obbviously it doesn’t go too deep because it’s for tiny children.

It’s alright. It at least drops the formula and has good parts. It’s just nothing amazing or anything. I wouldn’t reccomend either episode too hard. Kids will like it, but there are better ones out there for kids.

But even the other episode is pretty harmless. Just not the greatest. And that closes the Jake Holiday Saga. At some point, i will watch the specials and see if they end up good, but in the meantime, the show seems just okay.



North Pole Down [Penn Zero: Part Time Hero]


Season 1, Episode 1


Writer: Jeff Poliquin


Airdate: December 5, 2014


Christmas Cliches: Saving Christmas


This episode is in a very interesting position. See, it’s not just a Christmas episode, it’s also the pilot of the show! And unlike that really famous show, this was made to be the first. I plan to talk about show in detail some day, so this is actually good for me, because it means I can briefly go over how the show introduces itself, so I can just elaborate on my feelings later!


Don’t worry, there’s plenty more to say about the show itself, and it’s place in the Disney X D line up. For now, we’ll go into how the pilot does things. So let’s do this.

Penn doesn’t want to celebrate Christmas because his parents won’t be there. However, he is sent to the North Pole to fill in for Santa Claus to save Christmas.

For whatever reason, I didn’t catch this episode when it aired, even though I knew about it. I ended up seeing the official premiere as my introduction to the show, and while I liked it, I did have some reservations.

I eventually tracked down the pilot, and….if I saw it first, I wouldn’t have those issues. This is one of the better pilots I’ve seen in recent years. Hell, I’d go as far to say it impressed me more the Star Vs Pilot.

(Not saying it’s necessarily better, mind you)

I’ll go further into the reservations I had based on the characters at a later date, but I will try to explain myself here. Boone is toned down here to be more helpful, and Penn is quite interesting and likable here, even if would be further developed later.

There are plenty of questions regarding the premise, but for a pilot it tells you everything you need to know. His parents are trapped in an evil dimension, leaving Penn to be a part time hero, jumping into other worlds and replacing their heroes to help save the day.

Think Quantum Leap, just without the time travel.

This pilot showcases the creative aspects of the show. While the basic idea is nothing new, this episode does creative things with it. We have the bad guys being Ginberbread men, and tons of crazy action, and a backstabbing snowman voiced by Henry Winkler.

Huh, that’s the 2nd time we’ve seen him this month.

And at the center of it all is Penn. While it’s nothing too deep, it does get decently emotional as to face his first Christmas without his parents. He isn’t quite fully developed yet, but this alone makes him more interesting than I expected.

He also gets good quips here to at least make him funny.

The Christmas does fit here. The idea of him missing his parents on Christmas fits perfectly well, and gives us a plot that makes sense with the holiday, while using giving us a good introduction to his character and the main conflict of the show.

And on it’s own, it gives us some very nice moments. As a whole, the writing is pretty solid here. Most of the problems do come from it’s status as a pilot, as some bits may not be up to the quality of later episodes.

But this shows all the good aspects of the show, from the heart to the funny characters. Also, there’s a Christmas musical number because of course there is.

This is one of the few times where I recommend watching the pilot first. It has enough of the show’s strengths, to the pilot where if you don’t like it, you won’t like the show. You have to at least tolerate or appreciate this episode to like the show, as it’s mostly more of the same.

I know I would have been sold on the show more if I saw this first. The only downside is that it is a Christmas episode, so of course they won’t show it very often, leaving people to be introduce through the first few official episodes, which aren’t quite as good.


But if you can watch it, do so. It works as a pilot, and even better as a Christmas episode. It has tons of fun Christmas imagery, a song, and a nice ending. Also, this takes cues from Nightmare Before Christmas, as Santa is from another dimension or something.

Overall, this is one I would certainly recommend, whether you’ve seen the show before or not. Maybe it’s not quite as great as other Holiday episodes, but it’s still worth checking it out.



Winter’s Gift [Sofia the First]


Season 2, Episode 19

Writer: Micheal G Stern

Airdate: December 12, 2014

Christmas Cliches: None


Another one I can skip, but must go into a bit more detail anyway. This one has a better summon, because while the connection isn’t really there, the characters do make a decent emotional connection, and she gives us a nice song and better moral.

On it’s own, it can argued for being only on par with Holiday in Enchancia. That one did have better atmosphere, was perhaps a big bigger on the Holiday spirit and stuff like that. Some may slightly prefer it for the atmosphere.

But others may prefer for the story. The plot of this one is more involved, clever, and character driven. This has a likable one shot character with a compelling story that ties into a moral Sofia needs to learn to give her and Cedric some nice development.

As much as I like the story of the other, this one is far more interesting. Although I will grant you that it had better songs. The usual heart combined with the solid writing makes this one just more engaging, not to mention the moral is better.

While it had some talk of family stuff, the real moral of the other one was just animals can help you. Yeah, I can apply to that my every day life. This one has a moral about the best gift being from the heart, which is not only applicable, but has more to do with the Holidays.

So while the first one had a bit more when it comes to holiday atmosphere, this had way better writing. But really, they are roughly equal-ness in greatness. I just happen to enjoy the character driven plots in this more.

This is another easy recommendation. If you only have time for one…just pick one randomly, you’ll likely enjoy either one.



And with that, we’re in the home stretch with the 2015 offerings! Starting with…


Toby’s Christmas Critter/A Very Tricky Christmas [Sheriff Callie’s Wild West]


Season 2, Episode 5


Writers: Andy Guerdat & Steve Sullivan (Christmas Critter), Holly Huckins (Tricky Christmas)


Airdate: November 28, 2015


Christmas Cliches: Stealing Christmas


I’ve been kind of interested in this show based on what I had heard, but didn’t really care anything to check it out. Guess now I have to see what it’s all about.

Tobey mistakes one of Santa’s Reindeer for a prickly pony. Then Tricky Travis tries to steal the town Christmas tree.

These episodes were alright. I’d put it in the same category as Henry Hugglemonster, except I may actually like it more. While this show doesn’t seem perfect, it has some decent heart behind it.

Being Christmas-themed, there isn’t a ton of wild west action, but we do get bandits, which is more enough. I like that this show seems to have actual villains that tend to stay evil, at least based on these episodes.

Okay, one turns good in the 2nd episode, but apparently he’s showed up before and he wasn’t good there, hence why don’t trust him. And in both episodes, the villains are pretty enjoyable.

I love how the bandits in the first one refuse to open the presents they took until Christmas. Even evil people know that isn’t cool.

While neither episode is original, there’s enough heart to make it tolerable. The first one has that typical “letting a pet go” stuff but it’s fairly sweet. Although they never explain how Santa’s reindeer crash landed, and Santa never shows up.

Actually, I have another weird observation: Tobey (yet another character voiced by Flame princess I have bumped into) is a living Cactus. …That raises a lot of question. To make it worse, he hugs someone at one point, and somehow doesn’t hurt anyone!

Speaking of voices, we have Mandy Moore as Callie, and Rob Paulsen as Tricky Travis. That’s cool. Oh and there’s a character named Dirty Dan.

…Moving on. Of the two, I think the first one is a bit more satisfying with it’s typical moments. The 2nd one is a bit more predictable with Travis’ change of heart. Although it still lead to a nice moment.

By the way, there are songs in this show. Infact, there are these 3 pirare dogs that recap events through song. That’s kind of a cute gimmick. The actual songs are fine. Nothing amazingly memorable, but decently varied enough, they aren’t all just country stuff.

By the way, tell me if the basic formula of the 2nd one sounds familiar: A bad guy steals Christmas stuff, but the citizens end up not caring and still sing in the center of the town, causing the bad guy to change his mind and give everything back.

To be honest, it is an okay homage since it fits in this world. Although before that, we have Travis making people think he has turned good, making us go through that stuff, which I don’t like because usually they turn out to be still evil, making the wait to the reveal fairly boring.

This isn’t the worst example though, so I’ll be fair.

As a whole, these episodes are fine. Nothing amazing, but they are nice and enjoyable for kids. I doubt adults will go crazy over then, but they are good for kids, and are perfectly acceptable and harmless.

Not something I’d seek out, but I got some enjoyment out of this, so I can say these episodes in particular are fine. The rest of the show is likely the same, which is fine. Not much more to say.



The Very Special Henry Hugglemas TV Special [Henry Hugglemonster]


Season 2, Episode 22b


Writer: Robert Vargas


Airdate: November 28, 2015


Christmas Cliches: None


Henry hosts a variety television show with his family and his friends on Hugglemas with laughter, jokes, and favorite carols.

Yes, we have another Family Christmas type episode. Before I say how this one, let me complain about a minor thing. There’s a gag where they actually interrupt the theme song to give us the episode. Now that is a pretty clever gag….except this is the B episode, meaning we already heard the theme at the start of the show, so people would be more shocked to see the theme, than to see it interrupted!

How do you screw up such an easy gag? The Replacements actually did that same joke, by the way. And yes, I know it’s probably the App’s fault the episodes were switched but shut up.

Anyway, how’s the episode? It’s alright. It does similr things to the other takes on this, it’s not quite as funny since it’s not allowed to be as clever. It’s mostly played straight, which is nice but doesn’t make it quite as good as some others.

It was decently amusing with the “Musical guests” and minor jokes, but it was nothing too amazing. Also, the big dramatic stuff P&F mocked is present here, with Henry being sad that Santa might not make it.

Yeah, here Santa just exists, no questions asked. Meh.

It’s done competently enough, to the point where I would call it enjoyable. It’s just hard to top these 2 episodes on a preschool show where you can’t be really self aware. If you’re open to a straight example of a cheesy family christmas special, you will enjoy it.

If not…then you will not. For what it is, it’s fine, but nothing too amazing. I do like that they at least did this. I would expect a slightly smarter show to do this, but here’s a rather okay show doing it. That’s cool.

My recommendation as the same as the other one, although it’s a bit higher cuz it’s shorter. It’s fine, but I’d rather watch the Replacements and P&F ones over this, sadly.

Also, Joan Rivers is in this (according the credits, and my ears picking up her distinct voice), making this her finale role for real. …Well, now we’re all sad.



A Cabbage Day Miracle/Springtime for Christmas/Yellow Snow [Pickle and Peanut]


Season 1, Episode 9

Writers: Ryan Gillis, Nate Cash, Benny Crouse and M.J. Sandhe (Cabbage day), Sunil Hall and M.J. Sandhe (Springtime), Joe Horne, Ryan Gillis, Victor Courtright and Ken “Monkmus” Wong (Yellow Snow).

Airdate: November 30, 2015

Christmas Cliches: Giving a Child the unusual gift he wants.


.Look, I don’t wanna talk about this show anymore. And not really because I don’t like. I just don’t think it’s worth talking about anymore.

It’s found it’s niche and obviously won’t change. And that’s fine, I get why it has an audience, that’s all fine. I just want to leave it alone…but nope, they had to have a Christmas episode. Yes, I don’t have to do this Christmas thing, but it would be silly to not do it due to one show I don’t like.

So we’ll have to just get through it. It doesn’t help that we have THREE shorts instead of 2, ala Sponge Bob Season 5. Let’s do this.

The boys, unhappy that Christmas is over, start a new holiday: “Cabbage Day”, then The boys turn Christmastime back into springtime, then The boys have a snowball fight and find a “yellow snowball” that is set on wrecking the town.

The boys, unhappy that Christmas is over, start a new holiday: “Cabbage Day”, then The boys turn Christmastime back into springtime, then The boys have a snowball fight and find a “yellow snowball” that is set on wrecking the town.

These episodes were…uh…mixed. Yeah, Let me explain. A Cabbage Day Miracle is easily the best episode I’ve seen so far.

Now, it’s not good by and means, but I see the appeal it. It’s very crazy and odd, but lacks any of the dumb gimmicks the show has like live action and whispering. And the one live action gag is actually funny.

Speaking of funny, there are enough amusing moments here. It still a decent amount of bad jokes, but some of the weird-ness was amusing here. On top of that, it has an actual story.

Granted, it’s nothing new. A new holiday, then having to pay off some russian guys, with the help of an epic guy from the past hwo has lost his way. But it works due to the style they go for, and the ending is one of the few attempts at hear in this show, and while it’s played for laughs, it still kind of works.

Also, the head Russian guy is voiced by Patton Oswalt. Yeah.

So that one actually has appeal with it’s craziness, even if it’s still not exactly good. Springtime For Christmas, started off pretty weak with more live action, and taking too long to get to the plot, but they made up for it with the ending.

Most of the episode was fairly typical, and had a weird version of My Favorite Things for some reason. But the ending…well, I won’t spoil it, but it’s the biggest laugh I think I will ever have from this show.

Yeah. I can’t even say the nature of it without spoiling it. Yeah, everyone’s worried about Force Awakens spoilers, but I frankly must not ruin Pickle and Peanut!

That one may not appeal to as many due to the ending but at least surprised me. Yellow Snow is…uh…um…weird. Even by this show’s standard. You know how some Spongebob shorts used a different style?

This does that. This is a silent short….done in Cgi. ….Really really bad CGI. Like, think the South Park N64 Game meets Joshua and the Promised Land.


If that wasn’t enough, the “Story” is just a mess. If it was just the two fighting, either themselves or a bad guy, that would be fine, but it turns into this huge mess that makes no sense, with a WTF ending.

It’s…just….i was saying “WTF” a lot while watching it. It’s so weirdly animated, and so bat shit insane that…i might actually recommenced it. It’s one of those things that has to been to believed.

It’s So Bad It’s good all the way. I think that was the point, and if I so….Mission Accomplished. I think by being so ….weird and crazy, it is almost the BEST episode of the show, because it’s just that weirdly fun to watch.

Plus, it’s only 4 Minutes, so at least you won’t waste too much time.

Overall….while I would not recommend this episodes to people who just can’t stand looking at the show, I think they may actually be worth if you like some crazy shit like this.

The lack of gimmicks and competent story makes the first one worth it if you tolerate this stuff, and fans of of certain types of humor will like the ending to the 2nd one, and the 3rd one is so bad it’s good.

I actually farther see the appeal with these episodes. But I do think it has no place on Disney. If this was on Adult swim, it would be fine, but man is not up Disney’s Alley, in a bad way.

But if you forget the Disney thing, some people may at least like these episodes. My own tastes prevent me from enjoying them more, but fans of crazy surreal humor will enjoy it.

The other episodes are a different discussion but at least these have appeal. ….Well, I think this is the true test of how amazing the Holidays are. Even something crazy and stupid can’t ruin them!

RATING: Okay (Yep…)


Snow Globe [Miles from Tomorrowland]

Season 1, Episode 29b


Writer: Greg Jonson


Airdate: December 4, 2015


Christmas Cliches: None


The Callistos’ Christmas trip is interrupted by Commander S’leet (voiced by Will Wheton) when he causes it to snow inside the Tethoscope.

This episode was decent. Yeah, it’s not much in terms of morals but it was an enjoyable adventure. Mostly due to the villain. He’s this guy with ice powers, with two amusngs goons. He’s just a lot of fun and is just very….cool..

Ugh, even I hate myself for that one.

It doesn’t exactly have a hugely deep plot, but that’s what a lot of the shows episodes are like. Doesn’t try too hard to have a moral, it just gives us a cool adventure. You might expect some of the moral stuff in a Christmas episode, but it’s cool for a preschool to just kick back, so to speak.

And it has a sort of sweet bit at the end, so that’s good enough. As a whole, it’s nature means it’s no classic, but for what it is, it’s enjoyable. Don’t think I could recommend it too highly, but eh it’s not a bad choice.


And that, was every single damn Disney Cartoon Christmas episode reviewed! …I gotta stop doing that. As a whole, these episodes were more consistent than the Halloween ones. Hell, I can’t say I disliked one this time. Even Micky Mouse Clubhouse was just…eh. Granted, there are pros and cons to these.

The Christmas ones tend to follow similar themes compared to the Halloween ones, making them a bit more predictable. But the extra element of sweet-ness made them more enjoyable, and made the average ones far more interesting to review.

And the best ones were just amazing here. Besides the obvious ones, some favorites include North Pole Down, A Very Possible Christmas, Dick Daring’s All Star Holiday Stung Spectular 5, and Holiday in Enchancia/Winter’s Gift.

While this was a lot of work, it was also a lot of fun. I will be back to do the 2016 ones, and next year I will be mainly doing the Live Action Nick ones. Oh, that will be fun.

With all that said, I hope all of you have a great holiday Season and all that dumb mushy stuff. Expect a couple more posts to round out year, include the annual end of year blog lookback. This years’ will be…interesting.

Happy Holiday/Merry Christmas/Happy Shut the Heck Up!

(The accurate version of the reference is too vulgar for this post…)

See ya.

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